Newspaper of Evening Star, June 1, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 1, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAK WASHINGTON: THriNDAT..... Jam 1, 1H7?. Beading Matter on Every Page Average Daily Circulation over J5,ffOO,?being more than three time* that of any other daily paper in Washington, The Star fer the Hammer. Fersons leaving the city may have THK Stab sent to thetr cukbrtu by mail, postage prepaid, far such period <4 as they may de-tire, at the rate of 13 cenls per week, SO cent* per month, 9175 for thru months, or %Xfor six months. The money to pay for the time required tmut in ali cases accompany the order. Other wise the paper cannot be sent. Mr Md the WHi?? *alllK?? The scenes In the House Judiciary Com mittee room to day were highly sensational, especla.'.y while ttoe fluent witness Mulll nu wri telling bit astounding story ?boot Blaine going to blm end dropping upon bis knees and offering tilmaconsul ?blp If he (witness) would let op on blm (Blaine) and threatening to commit suicide If be didn't. The story was told wltb volu blllty and eagerness. aDd his manner re minded one much of that of the fluent wit ness Harney against 8peafcer Kerr. At the same time bis face wore a sort of un pleasant grin that may have been only a habit of the mmc'.es meaulag nothing, butwbub bad the look of vindictive satis faction over the execution of a meditate i blow. It was suggested. Indeed, by specta tors in the committee room, who professei to know him personally, that he was such a bitter fanatic in his religion that he would esteem It a most meritorious deed to bI*ak down a Presidential candidate like Mr. Blaine, whose sectarian views were avow, cdly so hostile to his c> vn. Of course this may do the witness great lrJustioe.bat the lnferer ce Indicates that h!s manner ol testifying, as In the ca?e of the wit ness lUrncy, is very much against him. Mr. BUlne l .ufctted the allegations of the witness wltb great promptness and direct ness, and tbere would seem row to be a con flict of statement between the two requiring oorroboratlve testimony on the one side oi ttoe other to enable impartial people to reach a conclusion. The enemies, or adversaries, of Mr. Blaine are undoubtedly greatly elated to-day. and do not hesitate to declare that bis aspirations for the Presidency have been effectually allied by the testimony of the witness Mulligan. On the other hand, his friends say that the Mulligan story will re sult as all ?he other scandals put out against Blaire l ave resulted. In glvlr g him greater popularity wl'.h the people, In showing him to be the victim, as the leading candidate for the Presidency, of a concentrated attempt to break him dcWB.^^^^ When will the authorities s e flt to inter dict break-neck trapeze performances? A Mile Leraux was attempting to swing, head downward, from a trapese, in New York the other day, when one of the ropes broke, and ?berella distance of forty feet. Four men were holding a small netting in the center ol the ring, and into ttols netting the woman partly fell, but her Impetus tore it from the bands of the men, and the violence of her fall was scarcely lessened. It Is now an nounced that her Internal lrjurles are of ?ucto a serious character that she will not be able to aj pear for six months, If Indeed she does not prove to be permanently disabled. The attendance at ttoe Centennial Exhibi tion Is steadily Increasing, and on Tuesday last the vMtors numbered 40.00O, the largest number yet on any one day ex^pt on the opening There can be no douht that the attendance will continue to swell every day cow until !ts close. As the New York Woritl says, the exhibition will grow dally better v .tb the seeing, and every visitor from this t me forth will become a volunteer trum peter of Its merits and Its attractions. If the bote'.*keepers and restaurant mea will but treat blm decently. Mr Fraik Moreyfex Representative from Louisiana, yesterday rather put his foot in It when in making a personal explanation ?*be acknowledged that he had quietly sub mitted to a blackmailing process and had paid several bus .red dollars for certain damaging documents in the possession o. his accusers- Innocent men do not so easily submit to the demands of the blackmailer. The House took this view of the matter and ousting Mr. Morey seated Mr. Spencer, his contestant. m Every bejdy may now quaff lager with im punity and point to the decision of a second Daniel in the person of trial Justice Porter, of Rutland, Yt, who decided a few days ago that that beverage is not an Intoxicant, and ordered the restoration of a keg of It which bad been seized under some prohibitory law. This Is an opportune decision coming as It doea at the beginning oM:be heated term. The PnMlr Debt. The recapitulation of the statement of the public debt of .the United States for the month of May, l*-6, Ju*t Issued, Is as follows: m f***' * $9*4.999 MO 00 IMMIUXI IMbt btarrmt ?mltftl in lawful mom*. Ka*y ptu-k>n fund at 2 per ceut U .000.000 00 Debt on which intfrMt liw ceaaed siuce maturity ?5 135.oy.21 D~'?( tdtrtn* no tmtrrtst. 4>I<1 ? l and l>-(al uud r ?370 191 707 SO Certificate* of df p->-lt - SI 1"3 UW Ml fractional cum-iity?__._ 37,SS9,47? 30 Cum certificates. - ? 25 71? Mi W $ 157.650 ,?79 30 Total debt 92.1*142/.MU 08 Interest 911.78* 787 32 T^tai deM. principal and inter-?L 32JU.6iS.xl7 38 Pij* i? the T"<trwTi ? Com / ?0*,421.766 37 Curn-ucy ? 9,138,703 46 bpecial d>-p.?it h'-ld f r i> l?-:ii|>tt.>n of certificate* of aa wu\ ld ed by lav 34JS'.nOO 00 ?1W,?96 47? 83 Debt. lesa ca?h la the Tr..i*ury, Jaa*1.187& - ? J.WJJIOJUW Debt. I*-"* each In the Treasury May 1,1576 a2.10rjM.Ml 33 Decrease of d<bt during the m?uth 94 617J13 ?i Decrease of debt since J oat 30, 9.5 *7.9-3 ;7 Bonds Isetied to the Pacific Eailwsy Companies, liit?r??t in lawfnl m<<ney?Principal ..ut ataudiitx. A04>23.?12.u0, interest arcrned and not yet pai<l, illllJCilO; interest paid Ir the United StttM. IH.UUU US; Internet repaid by transporta tion of ?Mila. etc.. $6 JB1 J4j 77; balance of Interest paid by the United States. 9a 2tt).163P. DBKBIS MaKIPU -Mcurnlug Salts a ?p?ciilty, Paity and gibibuion 1 r?aa?? made on ?h rie? ?LotICS. at Mr*. C L BIMP60S A OO *8. *o. S?0 Mh atr*?t northwest. A Dressmaker wanted tmne Clately. j?l St* RClhD T91P TICKBT Tu rUstlMrlg alaL roa *o ciats A roead trip ticket to the Centennial can be hsd oi every Tneaday evsalac for 9* cents, at the CfcAMD SHCOriHli MlTLH, 1*1 M* 33* PennsylraalasTSBBS. WA?HlJOT?>B.D O , Josel. liT6-Th?flr? cf JilMBT S UOOk Is this day dlaaolved by (T.otntl ona*Bt. W. 8. Hose will sontiaa* th? tivlsMii the old staad. 930 Louisiana araans. Pi 1 CCIKO B1AD FO<?D, pre par* 4 by Char lee ?a Mck?A Mro., m seats per box; fSwM per tforsa. FBLTT** WATBB. SOoeats perjuf. C1B( 1S N ATI BBBB. 91 per doxra. CH1BPA6I1 C1DBB, la plats aadaaarta. O. WlfXBB, jel tr 0?K?T?i.lll? feainlnslasftsQ'. tft*AD_IMia. ^ Frm this day I tha i gleeaDlfOOUBT T Sf 26 TBI CBBT. eff tee eeot price oa *11 * rs BABoLP, good saly for 14 days. As layered isttlse to a> >er* preasat aay thiag, 1 la Tits all to oaU ^dcoa^hcstBsMM^,, m jal c: 499 Tva SrBBBT ?. W. ABk IOf* TOBACOOBIBT rtq fltfrti box "bisbIlaVvik.** is a-ade at IBs Flassl SiIssMsbs mt TIrg'als l"ja*maakd lor Parlry, BkhaM eod ft&tcj (rf flavor. THE BIST IN THE DISTRICT. CINCIBBATI LIOI LltiEB AID PIUESEB BEBB, With Pit(Dl(,Li(lilolt|8t?tKrii " ? i bO JW'.'yg" ?w d' csa Allowed for Bottles wl h siL&f'Sf ?*?PP?r? ' *?>?? rstnrned. Other Bot um bought it cnrrat prio<s. at*l? "*l* b* Uu"oa?b?nt ths District; ar DEPOT, ST GBBENB RTBUT, GBOBOB TOWB, D. 0. J"1 rT ?ABI EL C. PALMER. ! BRICK !-4 Centennial Rteoiut' on ' mar kin' Bnrks at Low PrteetOoawud aes the groat triumph la the maaofa^t ure of Bricks at the Oataaaial Brick Fard, corner of 13th and D street northeast. All kinds of molded bricks at oae price. Cheep for cash. Order* promptly tiled, T?S\?tgt2!??-'?n" ? J~' I. P. CBILOB, JACOB CBIL9S. , . . JOSBPH WILLIAMS. ?^CoatracU mada for furnl?hiog aad laying brick, and for all other classes of h?ns* building, JOiBPH WILLIAMS; Smi he est corner Bew Jersey avenue and D street aortb- asySl am L??K1 LOOK! FOB OFFICES, LB DBOIT BUILDING AND ST. CLOUD BUILDIBG. FOB BOXES, LB DBOIT PABK. LB DBOIT PABK. Apply to tbe owners. A. L BARBEB A CO., ?"y31 4t LK DBOIT BUILDIBQ. gPKtlAL NOTICE. We have a very large stock of JCVBBILB BOOKS, Le'teT'r from tLe Holldsy season. Thfse Bo ks are enitab'e for pretuina* lor e< hools. We will Uist*pu r*' ,rcnl the regular prices for Teact ers aie invited to examlre this stock. BROTHERS, w?3' tT 1013 Peuna.avenna cor. 11th s ree*. fJUlTEll AND EGGS. p.( 00 pcnn<s One fresh VIrgiuia and Obio BDTTIK in ?irs. pa*Is and tab*, part in store an 1 arriving. m)31 COBBBB 10th AND C pTRICETw. RB A D THIS! . 91 T BIGHTH STHXET, ( Na*r Yard I Sir. JOSBPH WALTEMEY KB and WM K1LBY dti most respectfnllT call the attention of their many j needs that they ara now argsged In the Clothing I'QsiLees. at 91T 8th street, Bary Tard, where will be fontd constantly on band a Una stock of Gentle wen's Clothing, in the latest styles, ready made or made to on*er, in prices to snlt the times and wa b< pecnr friends will give n? a call before anrchas* Ins elsewhere. JOHErtI WALTBMBTBB, niy30 ?t* WM. B1LBY. aJ GEJTEliM REJIJtRK. 1 haTa marked down a lias of Caaslmere Baits, seme o? them made of the finest Bngltsh gx>ls and formerly sold as high as 83S, to a uaiforui FBICB OF 910. Bors'raits, also marked down, to close, some as low as M A l irgt line of C Msimere Pantaloons for 83. ^ cr?ted Ocats with Vests to match, 817 5?, $20, 822, $25 AND ?30. OddCaasimere, Worsted and Cloth Coats, BOWS. Very fabric, English Gauze Sh'rts, ?110. Gccd Dome'tic Gcssazner Shirts, TS Cents. ?cglish Merino Shirts, ?1 2i. Bolder ed Linen Hatdkerchlefs, 33 "Teits. Fsncy Half Ilosa, from 3ft Cents to #1 ti. Handsome Plaid Suits, 91 i Styjisb Casslmete Suits, g] 6 F ce White Tests, all Linen, front and ba;k, 83. Alpaca Backs, Marie Stuart brand, f.V THE WAMSUTTA MUSLIN SHIRT. ALL BEALT, FOB #1 60 OB ? 1.44 BET CASH. ONE TRICE ONLY. CASH DISCOUNT TKXPER CENT. QEORQE C. HENNINQ, *10 IETEXTH STBEET. m)2? tr BIOS OF THE GOLDEN FLEECE. 1876 c LOTTING. J87g |y)BT PDBCHASE UBTIL TOU EXAMIBB n"rl^aiATTBACS,fCm"8U,t f?' f?r" A BEAUTIFUL ? BITS M ABSEILLBS VEST, siogleor doable-breasted, for #1 to, at 1011 rennay IVanla avenue. *w" HABD TIMES!? Pnrchastr* want to aare money, so look at the #10 Wor?t<-d8uit at A. STBAU&'. L1?" 4ND FABCT DBESS ?7fTLi^"eVM.dl^^2rM'"1011 p,nn TSJL?511BTAt SILK WORSTED SUIT for BTBalV m?*t dre*i' 0Dt this season, at A. pB!HCB ALBBBT FBOCK COATS, with VesU A t" natch. Beantiful pattern for BIO, at 1011 Pt a i?s> Iranla avenne. *w*4 H'HB GBBAT HIT OF TUB SEASON -A ?1, at ? MBaUb T# aLd ^cely ma^e, f?r DELLEBABBE PLAID CASS SUIT re duced to $ U, at 1011 PmniyiTSLia av? noe. A FULL LIHB of Children's SUITS, hand totbely tintmid and made tn the very latest st>le, from #8 cpnards, at A bTBAt'S'. The fine black cloth dbbss suits for Bia t bonid ba seen to be appreciated, at ipII PentsylTanta avenue. ' ~ PNGLISH STBIPE AND PLAID CASS SUIT WBAUS" f?r lor 8U,J? A. MOH A IB DUSTEBS, Plain and UMer stylo, a OTttJre,k* Tfcr,et> of colors, at 1011 Pennsylvania W'OBTH HOOSIC CASS SUIT at 811, is only to be ha>l at A. STBAUS'. ' ICHOOL SUITS, well trimmed and nicely Biod?,fu 8*,at lull Pennsylraniaareuoe. Y'OI TBS- DBESS ABD BUBIBESS SUITS in a ST SAC 8' T t * ? ,t>* *nd Patterns, at A. W<)!BA,Jl AND BILK LUBTBB ALPACA a*snn"A^IS, at all prices, at 1011 Pennsylvania ?<AULFBUBY BBOKEN CHECK CASS SUIT, A STBALS *' *eU m*d? ^ ,rifcIijed' tor 83. at ?T?HB LARGEST SIZE MAN can b? fltted In ,?P?r*u Cusu, P*i.t. or Vests, at 1011 FeDDiyUanla aTecae. H sauta asetioe. rarM ^ Vtbacs1' ?**" ,HAT 8U1T for t# at A r? ara aalllag, mt graatlj rtdiesd prlcaa. COITFBB Bad COVPELBIB. U8HT LANDAUS, Ml FALLING FRONT BERLIN COACHES mt tlm ImO Ovrtagm of thtdau, md for beauty <tf dp to both art (wWsB wr it patmitd,*) end am MM mm to Wt tntanmtm omt mrt to bt FIRST CLA8B pitflojriMM r nrinrf miiMiiB nguu, mdtr tht atxm H. KILLAM 9k OO ?p L ? wal< WANTS. YVAHT1D-A reliable Preuch HCBSB. At 133.'. " K itnH, Washington. D O. jel>t* kITU-it 1613 lotb itrMl northwest, I * bite WOJl AH to do the work of a small n* WAIlir -a &( lU? I l'*M t> do c i?a>Oer ? -i k ?? Of to ?**? csre of children. App'r to N >. 131*2 Es'reit It* VV V!IVrTi^n'.,1j L'Lf lIt!,w kO;MS, 0 VVV"^"1 ?p,,VBle Um,tr- AUTt" \Y Two *j>d MILblN.-vo 7^7 **i*?.?diBtelj *t Ml*. H. LOUIS' 101 ju r-u ?Uffl v?' "t? .r,Sd"."Sii5 Sif ????'V. ft jr.TOassstsg'" YViNTCD?4 whit* BOY ?s p>rteri4 a<tore* ?rl ?n th.?lt7T bT": tive and wltlli g. Add rem OBOCEB, Star of n{*_ j?l ?t? ????? unfurnished kT, .ify??..?* **?* floor, mi ??bl? for houto fiftC. 5'^2? t? ?Of*i tenant; bo chillren 'hohuw. Bo. ?l?ath treetaorthwest. It* \VVH?F?.?i* cempeunt white wimw. ? ? J BITCaTIOB ?? cook. washer ?nd IronVr. Hj?ret.ces given. Addrees'SATHABlHB.^ar AHTE1J?from al.UJO to Aio.oau in retted aa P r exhibit; will j ield double in tlx Boabs ri?h. Adortes or cb<I. Ha.NET FjA'LCR T3I t4 h street nort* west. amam* U A>TKi -l.riMliju.?n1 IMIm to celt aul r,t a sample of SIDE PLAITING dor,. by Vmi ffittwwl ** CM>U P*f '?rd'w 1009 r.trje* IV/KTIt-i 9?iiiUm?n fAHTNKK with . ?hont ty> cash, tn aa intelligence < fll?e Ad d;e?e ia mediately, Mi.* ?. V. 8 , Poet ofli-e, C,TT' |t VV ' * J' " A*' T. ore THAODLiITE J" and me MBVUOR fl LEVEL a)ii ??.ii BOl'SK. wi?h stabling Apply H. H HlUPLIi' ? B irian. 4 53 P>r,r.riT>r uYt ?nf itcs*:,'kv;?'.k."""1 \V A'T? 1>?Br-# practical operat or, a litni'-vl v * icmberof yonre Li> PIES and G KNTLKMEV *? kern the art of Term, tn >der at? Hoursfrom9 to 3 a. m.,7 to D p.m. "Op ret ir " M?4 )0tb ?treet northwest. p W 1 heTA MF Ru'I Mif -b" ,n' ' ?1 ? "f 0.-n AMEBICAN SEW lNO MlCHTNB Is at 34-Penriylvauie avekue. Machines soldo"easv i ? ? * larg<' discount made for cash. J'18* QEOEOE BOTDEN. Manager. \V^"T.BI,7^ A.IT,i:R:J "I P^BTEtts .or the ?" Ctntennlal-a'ao. two wbi:e B1K TENOEKS ilofnTJfi ' n? pW*d?"phia ?nd Washington Km-' \y"sssssssf&ns^ 'ffK'f; x^:i Colored. Tweitly (We homes are waittnx In the ?k th and the e^nntry for good servants. Apply at th** Ecreka Kmtloyment Office, 90T D etreet j*' 31 MB". IiOOiaE O. BPTLHB. ll'AdTED-Propeny-ownere having HOUBKH , A Jor In any part of the city, or BOILDINO ??M ?W* '?jr Mocks ot houses, J*j ' ?' J it to i heir advantage to place the same in my fcat de for sale, mI bare daily applications from PV I'VT.j and those seeking suitable l0,",'tt^1!<? ?*>?? M. M. BOlfEEB. jtJJOt {Bep.J <13 Ttb street. WVoVm".1 few SPECIAL IMPBUVBM ?nt IHoe- 5?W wb,te ?r co,or "? HarbZ Mkfi* tre"t' 0?o'8*town. feTABKE'd carper oncp myJl-Jt* %V'ANT?r?Ac^ttpetent HOCSEKEEPBB In a V P^vate family. Address Mrs JL g.?J office, tiring aame and referet ce. mj31 5t* \YAHTED-A yourg WOMAH to nune, and alM tr<L?0h??i^52r wt"h *nd lron- ^0Dl9 f"it tto?6 niTlDf good reference* neei &bb!t At 1611 7th street northwest. myM-fc* 5SS.V3 D.ViT?h?iirro"K"ricJ"j? i;<.y;u< AVrAJi1K,tD-:^ eoloted woman to cook. MB.K :fc"he "l081 c'me We" r?com STfrh fh--?iihkronfb,T nt><l?rstan4 the dnttes fir wf icli ehe will be etgaged. Apply at Ho. liJO* n sirett, betwren 11th and I3ih Bunhmt. myil 3t* W Sr ? M AH, 1!J or aiyears old, W^hVm'iTkrw Ain^ V 11 S; B?OB8? aod WffvJSSSMJK*'rsXffl 1.Vr'i.'U't'ivy1"? 7U"td' wvwifei?fww,isa^rsf3ja?i??| fi; bange. MrBEHNBY A OUBT, 9th st?e?t cieaiTi'D Md *" KfcnllD? ?nd Bepalriog a srs' n?3l \\wanted, a' -fry if'^; ' ' *W ?Dd ?'* ? jnths' Hon rf^nlred as oompm^atioD for instmc '^5 my30 3t * \V?jfiT!DrA HCTTON HOLE WUBKEK. on ? fln<-?hirts, non? nee.l apply but an exDtri?nf*d 1003 E street nortbwee?. "?TJ0 Mr,. L A? Mr LEAN. \VANTED TO Bl'T?A few HOBSKS for etr^e' f'. "S" mt st.bles of the Uapit .l ?a!fj * South Washington Bailroad ?:0tn tn > ?-?t \V 'or lar^e, newly-fur > I olthed Bcoma; rent very moderate: ?r wh/e honse of t?-n f om* would l e rented reason *ble to a responsible party. Ho. 914 mh st n w my30 3t? VV^SLj!P~MAN to learn the Photo ?"22: socable salary; hotel and traveling expenses aai.l situation permanent; rare chance u>r good men Ail app'icaats answered If stamals i 'clcied A^irT.. Monitor Manafactaring Oo . Ciccmnati. WANTED-VUUHQ MBH for lallroad and Addr-8o^ i\AHTED-CABPKTB TO CLEAN at KuT7, b!-w^na^ 490 Maine avenue, ^dWdeCgr4eWlt^nr^e,?0thWe* W VJ0lB?E~ M er^K ^VflTl ^?uTt home* * 01 "7^ LOST AND FOUND. TAK?i<HOM/3T^^-Ab0nt,,?1" Mtb' ?"?? Jt ^T.?I nO?8E. The owner will prove, pr^ petty, pay charges and take him. ' NICHOLAS BAHllALL, _ _ ^?-Ui Meridian Hill. 1 .(JwT"Z?n-Jue*d*7'JlV *?k. on board ihe Marr ? > Wa.hiigton, an OPEBa Qlahh. ^11 ?y In ra?e. The flrder will ba rewarda<iJ^J^^5l b' ? ?o Be. 133A Vermont avonue.^^ 21 H. B. WOQPWABP L^"kai? Hiio,dVn?1 b?.* ,'?u?re Bl<x^l ttoce ?V.i. " HINO A liberal reward will be n?u fSrv ?! r^n^tUrBA?? Ul? ,wne to Boom i, 8*cre tar\ s t'ftice, Navy Department. myilSt* Lt'ST? Sabbath eveniag. May "lath, at 7 o'clock k* iVcK hhaw rndVhr??rt ?Tenn? circle, a H. j t BHAWL The finder will be suitsblv rev. a,dcd on returning It to Ho. 930 P street north* w-? myil lt* [ ?8*~Veaterdar, on board the Mary Washing Ei tir. or cn the cars from the boat to No 13?3 t oicoran street, a ralnable BBACELET. with tne wTuZV^r"?/. u?on O.B.Bisdon. The ftnd^r Bit HARIit i^ss Q?1**1raec l! ,e*Tinl it with Z m H ABl'S, 1313 Corcoran street. niyJl-it* boarding. F T~9.49.K ?treet, corner 10th, BOOMS, i ainstle, with nice board; house hae oneI.maJ?'lfar*eJlne* of Curt withij transien refert nceS,^*** lbed^r- P<-rmatent;.nd S^Unn, BOOM?iW wots per night, ^ or from BS to (3 per week; BOABD or MEALS nn? rates, at Ho. 49i Pennsylvania ave ap?-to' Ph?AK??"LMOVM8 AND ?OOD BUABD can Li'r^w. - copxtry BOARDING. C^OUBTBT BOABD EOB THE SUHMEB AT ' tie tLKMSOH HOUSE. -!tnatM halr ? ,,m, ircmttlKblaid Station, Baltimore and Oiiln rail road ror particulars apply to B BOVIkS AD am* Itlf1 ;,t h *1'd Vtreet. oraddre^Mrs H * * *?* ?*'or*# c^nnt/iMd. pOOMBY BES1DANCBUBBOABO WAHTED v tear the city br gentleman, wife, infaat, aud nurse; the former dally la the city except Sunday. Addreee, a 1th terms aud full particulars, "H H Star Office, Washington, P V. my?l-3t /" 'OL'hTB* BOABD. utth has cf Carriage; place v htah. healtby, and romantle. Addreaa Mrs. BAWLlr 08, Sand; Springs, Montgomery county. H3U-d>* f^OOBIBY BOABD WaBTEH on Metrep^litan v Bransh B. A O B B ,for g ntie nan, wife and two girtg of lire ard two years, with aarae. Oentle* man In city dally,except Sunday. Address, with terms and fall particular*, P.O.Box 60S, Wa?h itgtoa, D. O. mj9Q St* fjTBHISBED COCBTBT HOME?One mi'e JT frca bora* cara. near Mount Pleasant, will either be rented to afamtlr.or I-ur boarde's can clab with the proprietor ?bd keep h /ose; horse and carriage Addreaa i. YOBK, Treasury Depart ment. myC la* DES1BABLB COCBTBT BOVBD-On Arling ton Heights, fifteen minutes' walk from train rat alng between alexanaria and Washington Lo cation healthyuteimt very mvlerate Addrei*. mtVW Mas J C. BOACH, AtHafon, Va. Il/AitTED-A few select BOABDEB^, at a mo?t it delightful country seat, one ru le from %>l diers'Hone; cars paas the door. Injuire *13 M strtet northwest. m>S5 OOXB OEL1TEBBD TO Aid. PABTS OF TBI CITY At THE SAME RATE. Bew acBadals Full laai of dl haahets tor || 40. Im altar Ma t eawm ar Ami rt UVFIOB OF WABBIWBT^B OABU9HT COM '^ifsffssn^ssr "ass" FOR RENT AND SALE. FOB BEMT?Sixroni it KICK BOOSE: gas and ? U"> >trMt northwest; rent, ?u *Mlf U>? L rt jet St tfOB BEVT-Three UKFCBBIbHBD BOOBS. E on third floor; ga-. water tod tath; rent |U u '?'"l< 9Urtj* w J'1 *?* F'SSni??*"'!' M street northwest, eight BOOM*: rear Pet no! Patent Offices; 040. In quire TIT H st. Jfi ?? fi'Sr* neat 10 ro,m HO00E. la First V&i ic ?t45 **T ??*th. DT KB ? I>AVlPBOft I|*2< Fl. IV?B06 ?. w. J6l U* P?'. 'W~HOC8l Mo 406 1st n'rwt eonth * east; tii room*, water and gas, in perfect ord-r. 1b intra of Mr. H ANElf, 303 7th at. nw. jel-3.* FOB BBHT?BOOSE No. 7.13 12th street north ?est; modarn <onvenienc*s; #55 n rmjuth Ap ply to L. r. OLA Bit. 1333 P?-ana. arenas. jel St* KRontt11!^^0 ir UMPOHwisaan ?.k 5?r ' enltabls for lijlll h timekeeping. 449 4th itrnt southwest. to* POBBBNT-UPPBB PABTOF HOOSB, 1**9 Tt ?TI?tAI2,n,le- '* th? more 184 40 ALIXABDIB. jf.] 3|* Fo? TrB?,1 hoobb. tier a street 2 Ek T. t' ,fnr?1,hed ?r nniurutihed. 4 p pi * at Bhcde Island armnt j-1 St* fl*mmnLV ? BOMMEB AOJOM MODATIOMS in one of the p etsantest houses M street, wlfh or althont Board; terms to suit Apply at Bcem 3,Bt. Oloud Bonding. j~i 3i* pOB BIBT-BiCK PAkLOB, with use of front, Ko/ma t"? 'urnt-hed lthont Bomrd Apply at ia<; D ? rfw Tiortow6?t Fob bbbt-a fine orrica nooM.with gT* and w ater . all u ited on .'d floor; *?1? r sweet, op posite Patent Office. Bent reasonable to a reliable j-l ?i* FOB BBNT?Three uofurnishtd BOOHS, can prising Brst floor, bouse l 40;! 5tQ atreet; r.n?, Hy'without ch'wwa^ * ??*?*>?"? fof *<?? I? OB BKIIT?Pix-rocm BBICK H?>USE. Nj ,f 7th ??, .'JZ/o'IfJ. uortn weet, ?it hin one aqua-a < i7tbi9th and Oitrrot liocs and mirkuf .. ,<1 water. Inquire 9.1T O street ' ITOB BBHT?Till October lftth- a sm ?|i. i?n T FUbNlSHED HOUBB, In the Fir.i wVd 7 T.PL* .kixttP d l'A?h room-to ? *1*1 tenant ???it will be low. App > at 1 T31 li st northwest. 1.* |^OB BBHT?BTOittB and DWELLING HOUSK, A containing five rectus, corner 8th st. mil BhoJe j:'a*d.^enn*:^*0; Storeroom ?nd Oeliar. corner ,?? ???? Sam lb. hoovek. J** I "31 I^OB BENT? One ? room fB\MI HOIMB No T 1316 10th street between M and N n?rthw"t: also, one 8 rtom Brick House Mo 1414 14th sfeet TH.r>hw?t. 4pp!yt..JoHM F. QBEEN, Mo. 1430 14th street nonr.weet. jel 9t* Kwlnlff T-Three nnfnrnuhe^.coainini-ating A BOOMS, second floor, aonth front: snltable for henaekjeptng; partially furnished, if desired. As PT before 10 and alter!, at 439 ? street north W?sh jeHi* K??S:f:N.T~Two UNrL'BSlBHBD BOOBS, i'J * "e?*tiem'n or ceatloman and lady, or wonld be reiitcd si? gle, very low AedIv 9??? D street, near Voung Men's Christian AnlZ' *"cn- jel 3t* FOB 8Ai'C?The niieit two-storr BtiK'K BOCbE in Washlnctan; has nine roonn. fur i.aoe, range, and evarr conTeuisno; a two stor/ b'icki able In rear. THEO. r OATCHEL, jy.-3t [B*p| Corner 11th and F siroets. r 6th street. bet*j?u E and ?, HOCSB of eleven #ei fn advance? nt rw,0'?<:l froal to FOB BE MT?tar go BTOBE B30M, ?lth fine *CJ Mo. 461 Pen^sj IranU arenue, between iS and 6ib streets northwe?t. . , , _A. B. DUVALltt Attorney-at-Law, jel-lm Corner 4X street and Louisiana a r op no. !? u.? BBHT?Fnrnlshed or Cnrnrnished BOOMS. E 9517H E ttreet northwest. myil 2t* L (|B BEMT?Two nicely furnished c nimanlca , "Bi BOOMS, at 934 aew York avenue. Ap ply at t nee. mySl tt? l(~OB BENT? Fonr BOOMS, famished for hot?3 1.) L*1 'J! * location. CaJ or address 1*10 o ?treet nrr hwest. ? myil-St* MOOSE n > 3i 2t* noithweet; modsra cenveniences. It1' B BEBT?Four Licely furiii?b'd BOOMS, on !*COMd *ndibir<1 floors, with Bjard; in a y: ref?r?Dces given and required. Ipqtnre 11 & Btb street northwest mySl 3t* K?B K'AT-A seven-ro. in HOUsB plainly but r e> nfortably furnished; Bo lBlff H street north * It'inlrj on the premise* until 10 o'clock ?. m .and t'ttrlpm mj3l3t*_ 1,'OK BAMT-Aflne RSMDENOE, 110 E street . BLX cbambers, saloou parlor, dining r Kim, kitchen .hath room and cellar; range and la tr< be. Apply *?01 Louisiana aTeane. my31 3t* L-'OBBEKT-A slx-rovm H0C?B, on Massacr u ^.,8. tts.*v?1 "'?between 6'h and 7th sta.northwesr. Apply W39 Mew Jersey arenue, near de ??rj m; SI S>* POB BEST-A seven octave PIaNO. rtoe tone i. eft,e A * 4>*ner tas to use for it ?ill rent orf^.* mocel?te Price Add.ess M. L. K.. Star once- mySl 2t l^'OB BEMT?333 A stre?t southeast; all modern *nd br,ck (table; r< ut ?tfly mo11111- 11103. B. WAOQAMAM, 519 7th mell m> 31 3t KJ^B BENT?a tw?-story BB1CB STOKE, with i. n,'d.trn niprovtmeuts; also, a stable attached "?!bum1 at*H1?irr"'?of 1,tb ft0cl Bsts. northwest! apph at Mr*. E st ncrtawest. tnysY-lm ~ ^nfiP?isT7iIw5 oomp:et? iresefd brick r.?i ?lA'.?th *trc*t? between BI anl M, Moe w rrw'vfVrw' 1 to owner, B jli T W FIhWlOEs Boom 99i Le Droit BnKd ink*. ccrLOr 8tb fttid F iti niy31-3t hfC?"?ni.e lhr,'e #to'y BBIUK ?. i? cn Hill; all modern conveni ?? ? 1? rooms, and 2 story brick stable: will be i?,d??;acriflce- 1 HOB. B. WAQGImam, 419 iin street. iy3l-3t 1*1? ">th. between L and M iV.!J'*?Aort*T*,:Bllll<1K H008E.11 rooms and c -l ar.witb modern conTsnieiiCfs; in thorough r? '? r, haying be?n recently papered and painted in- w range, Ac. It will be rented low to a go-?d ten ant. key at grocery, corner 10th and L sts m31 3i" KOB BBBT-H008E Me. 404 Bew JeFaer av^ , n**r D B.,rtft northwest: Hreet cars and f harlots all rnn within one square; < rooms, ba'h !^m?T??s Vn !M' park and new Iron ' In froDt, all in gocJ order, nearly new. Bent i 30 Inquires 09, second dsor north, mj 31 It* FOB BEMT? Farntshed and unfurniahed BOO Bi. at Bo. 1301 H street northwest. my>' St* F?? ,4''1 r#?"? UOLflB, rfo. 333 t OIO Ii?.llortl,we,,: wlktw ?nd gas. Inquire at ?i?, same square. mySJ St' F0^?hiL1!UTrnrlii',h#d B?OM9, with or with t? ? Pleasant location. Inquire Mo 3b 1 street noithweet. my*J S. F"OB BENT-Onfnrni^ hed BOOMS, for Sonie keeping or otherwise; Mo. 611 F street, be iwcen 6th and 7th streets northweet. miSuSt* i 4 *-'ce BOUoE of f rooms, a 16 p r avenna^MlS^WfZ D S'iESSL' b?;ww,n ?t?ewiortleast^ northeast. Inquires M4? KSS-WJS*-?a.M,? .UOC8B- ?ix room. I # t ?'Ichen; A20 pe. n.otith; piazi* and a?rk Lunj" **09 iSilirtreet notthweat. appU at Viri: mySu3>* F?~ ?*? I^OB BB XT-One twcutory BBl' K BOOSE, six A r oils. hall, water an<l gas: No 1 io* 5th str-j?" 7?hTTtn-. wkQ; rtut #25 month. Inquire 4 03* <th street northwest. ??.*) s? F0.?^J^I!1T~Dnforn,,'he,, BOOMS on firit or second fl.x?r: rest moderate; all modern Im lu?Zi* 'nD,P,'h ?la * M1r.?tta between 6f? and 6th streets noithwest; suitable for light houaekeep my3c 3f BEMT?604 11th street, near F stree*, two r fnrLiahed BOOMS on aecond llo*r, balcony In [?y^lSVV'''f8.- .iUo' OIie front BJOM if Jl??r L1"'"d-/rom 1st June; terns niol rate, gentlemen preferred. mrSO St* EpOB BENT?A desirable new BBICK HOCSB J.?,'x_r<^'."s "CJ cellar; m?>dern coDveriencec fjO, two mn.'itea walk fr'm three lines of street H-'Mtol^rj^i, U AU**8. 633 F street, from 8.30 to 6 o clock. myS# 4i* ?4 O? BENT?HO08E Bo. 53 1st street, Oetrgc ? town; contains larae double parlor, seven chim beis, bathrovm, dining room and kitchen; #40 per lumth. Apply to W. H. OOUQAL, 133 Bri!?5 Wltl m>30 eq'k* fl'OB BIMT?Fonr six room BBICK a<>OSES, lVh li f ia\ tr' I1' *tt<1 b4tb- ?n T street. betw??n BBICJK Bnn'&F!lm?lt?Ze't s Ala., one flye r.K.m ? . ? ? 12th f>trM DerthwMt Annlv m, 30 3?*ATW?OD'1139 Uth reet northsreet. Fl '!,* ^W*T.r?r,'beeummer months, in the rnjst jtnSfl?*Mjrttuatlon In the city, two SUITES of ? ilu^ an 11 able for gent 11 men, being In the Itn yjlats Tlrlnlty of the Arlington acd Wormley'a a0^' A?P'y 151S H street, corner of Lafar*tte C inare. ^^3,, k. FOB BENT ?That rery doairable three-atorr ? f I OK D WELLlrfo H00B1, uroonds and Stable at'acbed, situated on the nortf of Oreeu and Oay atree's Georgetown P???tsalon can be had Jane Kth For terms apply Ior VTHOMAB DOWLINO, Anc' w? ' B,u*'VBttUaTenue Mi Uth atreM.Wash ln*toB ?ySOJt Fb* F>B BBMT OB BALE?4 new three story and ii"^5* SS1 K ^BI LIHO, on 532 oi M itr<et, between 2Ut lid S2d, containing 10 r' JMi rang#, gas, water, and modern conveniences mm? for rent, the three storr and k---? -* BBICK DWBI LING, with two story back knl d lns.onF street, between 4th and 7th. Bo. 619 Ik mediate posseasicn In either ea* . " _m&* l/o"p*w?yMfa^M. F^OC?^.- Dodwn'^proTemaatlr j4*ofc BBBT-Two good HOUSES, brick anA A. for boarders, in BockvUie; atM, terry eg iiK a new tnmm PwelUpg, lit Im wV1.' 51 . ?" to Sontg FOR RENT AND SALE. FOB BINT?Verr desiraMs furnished BOOMS, at 337 Bast Ua?ltol afreet, Capitol H1U. m?-3, I^oa RENT?Two furnished BIOBOOI'JtfJJ f udkirr; wo( (?? uitelbrooa; IJJ* t* month to unlet g nt:eme? Inquire 14, l? Peunsyl Tidt iTtin'i *>? wits Wiilard's Hot*l. mufflw fpOB BBIT-i nice rr?HI8HED H0U8B oon r talnltg 9 root. s.tnthe ?p??rpirt town, fcr rout from Jaif lit to October lUt it ATI per month. Al|lr to liVIBi DiVIDSOI^lJ. 1489 Penna. >"no? ?>*? F'OB IMT-Bew three-story BBICB. 4113 M street. first clese in every l?rticnl?r; good eel ler, dt ep lot, aoath front: one of the highest p >lnts in the my. snd geareel mi?hb<,rh?.d. For terms atd t?| apply next door- 433 I atrset. m|S7-eo3t F"OB BBNT OB KOB 8 *LB?SU-room Frams HOUPB.Bo 339,enllth street southee*. at tUprr month rent or ?? ?> Bale. Aleo- Brick BOUSE. Bo 911, en 12th Btreet eowAweet. fo* rest it <30 per month or lor eels n a>*|i to B. P DODQB. aff Ot 1419 r atreef. W. IB BBBT-HOC8E8. Hoe 110*, 111*. Ill# II ctieet north vest, contalnieg ten room* each. Ho. 108V 8th street n w., coatalnlag leu room*. Ho. 1A?6 H?m. eve . ooutatning fifteen room*. No. 10H Uth street n.w .costelnlug tee rooms. Ho. 9*44 30th street n.w .containing nine r?m?. These house* are centrally kcsted, and are ia good condition; they contain in aed water and Bath rooms. All except Noa. 1011 Uth afreet and *J? SDth street contain ra?g a. Latrobea and other mad ern conv*nleuces. To good tenant*> theywill be ranted low. Inquire of ? JA*. W. BABKIB. m>27 6t 1100 H afreet northwest. IfOB B*NT?IlOt'B* XI3 D street northwest, hot r a--d cold wa er Apply on the p.e alee*, or at 616 B street ncrhwest. my>t-0t LTOB BBVT OB SALE-One of ths nicest and r not conv?tleot HOUSES i? the District. In tb?ror.fth repair. with all modern improvements. c* n atiiltf twel?e room#; si'usted oorn*r 4th and O stieets touiheeet Will rent er tell low. Asp'y to L WM GU1NAND. t 'J3 Loulsleae avenue aorth snt. ?'H i 8/t'R BENT?A *err desirable Furnished PRl A VAT K BBSIOBBOB. ?r a choice Suite of Fur bished B< (tLi. 1339 N street, n*r the corn-rof Uth street. tn,;? '.?;* l/t-K BEHT?One new three story Brick HOUSE, r contamti c nine rooms, bat n-room. concrete oltai ard all modern Improvements; No A3<>21d street n.w Inquire at the corner, or 403 7th st. n.w. The chariot running ti the b-use. my 14 tw liH>R BENT?Tbat new ard commodious three a story iron-front M AKIUOl'SI. No. 313 8th rtrirt, th>ee doers norbof Pennsylvania avenue, with Kates' patert elevator, gas, water, ac , all In c.mpUte order; ttima modern e ^ow tr^Jl lm National Bank Republic F'OBKFhT?M->st desirable location in the city fur private or bu-lness purpose?Flas large 1 ROOMS. sirsle or en suite: 34 and Id story?corner F? avenne an1 9th street M WILLI KB. mySS-ltu f'OB BKBT ? A n-w HOUSE. Bo. 409 B e'reet sou'h east. 10 rooms and all m?4ern lm provtments. Inquire 300 6th street s. e nil! 1w* 1/t'B BENT?0?e or two gentlemen can fled r pieaKant BOOM?. with northern ? -d southern expoanre, on Capitol Hill, and the Metropolitan line of cart, lhe rooms can be engaged f?r the or permanenMy. Befetencoa axchtnged. Ad. rtssH B P., Post office. myll 3?* F' -'OB BEBT-BOU8B No. 9 id. on F street, be tween 9tb and 10th. oontalning aeyenteea rooms and bwh-room. aith modern imjro>ements; s*ond flo r roi/taininsflvelargerooins.siiitableforoBloes. lnmiire No. 403 7th street northwest. nn*? 2m IT OB BENT-Atwo story BttlCK H008E, con r talcing nlre rooms situated on Uth twean M ar.d B streets northwest, cantatning all modern improvements. Inquire at 1103 M a:reat northwest. mtiu lm FOR'BKNT-A si* rovin BBICK HOUSE, pleas antly located, water, Ac ; wiihin two squares of 7th and ?ih sir'et c*rs. Bent ?90 per mouth. Inquire of B. A. BACON, corner of 4* aid f?'r?ti sonthaest. my*) lm_ FOB BALE?A HOUSE and OABDEN, at Bla den?bnrg Depo?, B. aad O. B II , five minutes' walk from the station: good stable and carriage h' nse; finlt trees and shrubbery. Wid oe s .Id ??? eas> terms or traded for unincumbered city prop erty Apply to J. W. 800TT, No. 1433 3 h stre-it northwest. m|2U-lm' fr*OB BBNT?A pleasant aeven room COTTAOB. a 1th ten acres of ground, one and half miles from city limits. Oooa stable and out balMirgs on Bladensburg road. Aadraaak'Farm," Star office. my 19 lm* i/OB BENT?HOU^B No lT41.rfrtheastc -rner f if O and 18th streets northwest. Kent fHKM) per ytar. Inquire on the premises. myid-e?7t ?/OB BEBT?HOUSE No. 17T9 O street north r west. Bent S3U0 per year. Inquire on the premises. my ls-eo7t F F BENT?SMALL ? ABM?11 Acres-near this _ city; plenty of Irnit; six room h^nse L<a:i>a ptTfec'Iy healthy. B. A. PHlULIPi, mjl8 lm 603 lfl'h street. Li'OK BENT?HOU8B 3307 U street, r rfsseasion June 1st. _ App'y to M. TBIMBLE, mv!7-3w 614 13th street. jL^OB SALE-EBAMB DWBLLINU, 7 iooos. r Lai, cellar, snmm-r kitchen, ba h. gas w?ter closet, bay window, *c ; near 14<h st. cars; 14*21 rkroe Place n.w., between 0 and T st*. m> 1) lw* F'OR BBNT?Uiifurnltbea BOOMS, en suite or slcgle. pleasantly located tor summer: new heese, with modern conveniences, one sju*re f<om ca a. Apply 1134 13th street. m il 4w* OB SALE?A new and handsome DWELLINO, _ It' rorms, a few mitutes' walk < f Be'ay; admira bly suited to any one doing business in Washington. Teims ubtunaliy easy. A pply to? J P. BICHABDSOJT, myIl lm* Old Hotel, B?lay. B A o B. B. f~^0?TBENT?BOOMS, furnished and nnfurnish ed. in all parts of th" rttr, from #3 ti BbO per mor'h. Apply at DOBSBI'S BOSM AGENCY, Mo. 9i/0 K street northwest. mylO-im* t*OB SALE OB EXCHANGE?For C'ty property, ' Anutcourt'' FABM of 115 acres, highly ion arortd, with fine orchard of imported fruit trees, dwtlllrg bouse and barn;sltnated on NewCnt Riad, one mile from Insane Asylom. Inquire of E. JACOB, No. 930 17th street northwest, between 1 aLd K streets. my8 lm* FOB SALE?Three desirable lots of 1MPBOVBO fBOPBhTf; good laves', ments f ?r the money, leqni.e of W. N. ROACH, at Citizens' B?ti <nal B?nk, 15th st , opp Treasury-department m< aolm |JcB~BsNT OB SiLE-A HOUSE in the conn r try, fixe m'Us from Washington, will ba aold or ezebanged for cltr property, or rented furnished or untarnished. 60 acres of Land, near Soldiers' Home, on the Point of Bocks Railroad. Apply at 1534 1 street northwest. mys lm l^OB SALE?HOLSE 1006 H street northwest JT eleven rooms, range, hot and o ld a?teriat>ad rooms, marble mantels, every modern convenience. Price BBJltO. Inqnreof FBANK LIBBET, Lumber Merchant, mj 8-lm Cor, gth street and New York are. f~>OB~SALE-ln the Country ? A comfortable 1 DWELLING of LI rooms, within five minates walk of Ammendale, Baltimore and Ohio railroad; also, fine Bollding Bites; Boiling and Beautiful Conntr*; will-watered. Address DANIEL AM MEN, Belleville. Md. apM 3m L>0R BALB?At a great bargain, LOT 641113 on F 9th street northeast, between B and C, close to street ears; wonld mak* three good bntiding l)ts. SMALLWOOD I MORRISON, mylO lm dl? 7th street. FOB BALE OB BXCHANOB FOB CITT PROP ERTY?In Ellaville, Prince George's county, Md., BIXT-BEH ACRES of LABP. with doable Frame Hocse. good water, an abandanoe ef fruit treos, grapes. Ac.; high and healthy location; twelve minutee' walk to the Hiattsville depot, Baltimore and Ohio railroad. A photograph of the house can bo seen and further Information obtained from B. H. BTINEMETZ, 133T Pa ave. m%r?7 F?ob balb-boupes for BSB^oa. b?jboo, 1 ?18,UU0, f 16 000. ?U.0W,fl07in0,B|iX?,t7J(M, ?l 0U0, #6,000. 9*m, Well lotmiad and on easy ? rms, B. J. SWBBT, ocf-tr All fth street. DIAL ItKTATB BILLKTIN THUS. I. WA?OA3tA5i. Ill Ttfe Bt. CBaMBS H&DB t VERT WBbXEftUAT A KB SATCBD&T. Brick House* for Sols. 39 H st. n. w.. all mod. imps . B rs f 4.SOO l:i?u>ihst n.w .alimc-d. imps,9 rs 4,400 |?? Columbia st. n. w . all mod. imps.. B rs SiJUO 3.7 8*'.' C st. s. e., all mod. Imps.. 9 rs. 4jUK 7296th ?t. n. w., all mod. Imps., 14 rs. ^.S? 19K-I924 13th st n.w..all mod. Imps., a rs?SJno 349 3d st. a. w., a'l moo imps .7 ra. J'JW (9:8 llth st n w , all mod. imps., 10 rs 2 500 SS3 Va. av. a. w., all m >d. imps . 9 ra ? 4.500 Two Story Brick arul frame Hotitc* far Sale. 623 Mass. ave. n. e.,( F. H. ? moa. Imps. 7 rs..._Sl. OO 313 12tli st. s.w i F U.I. mod Imps.,10 ra 3 iKiO 3U6 H st. n. e. < F. H I. mod. Imps . 11 rs 3 WO 137 13tnst s.w.,(F H.,lmod. tmp?..8 rs 2 A30 4id N ??t. B. w.,( F. H.I mod. Imps .7 ra 2,S<0 1<520 17th st. n. w. <F. H..)mod imps., 4 r? J.50 Corner 10th and Bib. n. w..< im,6 ra. I 5t<0 IS Mjrtle st. B. H mod lir ps., 8 rs? J AX) Houses for Kent. 10S3 Vermont ave. n.w.. a'l mod. imps., 11 rs? ?173 1716 H sr., furs . ail mod. lmsa.. U| rs >00 1213 K at. fnrn.. all mod Imps.. Id rs.?_ 173 13.6 M st Inrn., all mod Imps., 10 ra ? 76 19V11 st. n. w., fura , all med rmss .llrs.?100 V?i9l4th at. n.w ,furn., all mod impa , 12 r*..... 1? 909 M s(. n. w.. all mod. tmaa , 13 ra?? 100 91817th at. a. w.. all mod. imps . 13 rs..?_ ?- luO 14*2 Pa. ave. n. w. ml mod. Imps., 13 ra 83 ss 207 B st. a. w., all mod. tmpa.. is rs.? ?A3.33 6o< H st. n. w.. mid. imps , 10 rs 66 6^2 l?t at. a. v., mod. imaa.. Id rs? loo 939 B st. n w., mid. impa ? IB ib. 109 1916 Pa. ave. n. w., mod. tmpa., 10 ra.?? so >21 Bat.a. w., mod impa . 10 re.? ? 60 136 East Capitol st, mod. 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L*dta* plarlai tbem*e*a coder tbe care of Madame B-*taU are gtiai*aia? iat aad a apaady core OtBo* ' of Boatb bbarp aa4 Doreran aepP-B BOOTS AND SHOES. CKNTX200AL BAKGAIN at BHOr. BT"' ... ?M Mk Blkiil ftukmbAal. tor Mat Bali*, at o.-.-, kJk laa * atltrbaa Oaitara aa4 Ilea .IB Praacb Bkd. frort aeas. ban ? BJi Bld.B?M: B1JP Posed. Bo.toa 11. Lace Baiter*; 1140 aide lace. M m Cot#rae? 4a caMa Baefcla*. ?Ia| Proat ana, Bcttoa a* and Mtaaaa' Prbaal Baoaa Trim* Batearala,^ Su ceau ^afaati [>?* ?Altar*. B?4?OaJf Boot* obmr^' >BB-1 Bug

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