Newspaper of Evening Star, June 1, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 1, 1876 Page 3
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DRY GOODS. q ufi LO\VI >T PHI CSS YET yOUSB IX DRY GOODS. . iwnlr * Mothw lot 5c. Bleechfd Cotton, worth 10. L*riit?? :ii.e ia tbe city. HSf I c?t M??r i;i?nt Percales ia city, IJXc. r?rtoleaid ~ jn tsibrrilu reduced in prlea. LlsOia Lare Sec ,QM. ?J np, worth three ttH tho boi *y V'rtrrt* lt*H< WH, u. M, 20 , 33c.. cheap. * I! lie Di>? Gxkis now to. A'l S7HC. Pr~' flood* now Jtr. i he I r-? O Strrk fearfully cheap. S Tee? White Skirts. 71c. Lad.eaPelt.. cast. Ho e, a and (Do. pair. Menard B Ce^-meree at cott. S r?* M? ' ! *?.*,25*n<J3#c. < triet* ?l cw?I iu clow oat. f. n. NAUDAIN, ?,jejr 199 MUgt Tick [ AT*>T FKOM TUB FKONT. II E HAVE JVST RECEIVED V&OM THE AUCTION EOUM 13,000 YARDS UA9RI ?G EDGE ton 1NSEBTINO. direct from ih? nucii. n r-.m* in New York, at 33 cent* on the dollar; pric>? ranging from 3c, ?, 6, 3, IV, 13, U, IS, etc. . Also. *5,000 YARDS of Ten t'?t CALIGOBS. nt IS, 4 ?. ?x cents, til frcm tbe auction room. 3.000 TABD8 ULBACIIBD*COTTON at 4*. BLACK GRENADINES FB )M AUOTI03. PLAIN GBAJi \D1NC. 12 2d, 2.'. J5, 3*. W. htbipk ghunadinb, w,?.r..*to. i LAID GhkNAOlNS. IS. 30, 23, eto. 3.000 YARD* PTBIPE LINEN SCI lING at 12* cents; one-half tLt If imI ??in#. 100 PIECES Yird wide FANCY LAWNS at IV. 100 fr>w i'ii PARASOLS, miih fancy handles, 91, 9123, ?l?.?2.BISO,etc. 31(10 YARDS PLAIN L'NiS si 11INGS, , Itemolor.) only U cel. to. N ATT I: AT. COLOR LINES far ladle*' suits, with lace tu raKb 3,000 YARDS NEW MYLk rPKING DBES ? GOODS. PLAIN !???>?< G?M.|>8,(?. is.?. et" PLAID 1'Kl'S Ont?L'S.8. 10, 12. 16.20,33. fcTBlCB 1'KaisS CODS, all pric e I LA' K MOHATB ALPACAS, 11.1*, y 25 B\ 37,50, ail from auction. VICTORIA AND BISHOP LAWNS, 13. 13,30.25. BLACK SILK5, He., 91,91B, fiao.tJ.etc. LADIES ABD GENTS' GAL/.I INL'BRWBAB,?.M.75. lOO ROLLS f K KSI1 CHIN A MATTING. Bed Cherk. J5. etc W lute M.?t.iug, 18. 3D, 25. etc. C. X. TOWHOX A CO., ati>29 2w >36 Penn s ave . r ar 7ih street ? THOSE W HO KNOW BEST, PAinoxiza trs ONE PRICE, CASH, DRY GOODS EOUSE OP WJL BIRD WYLIE, 1014 7th etreet northwest. ?/-SPICIaL BARGAINS BOW OFFERING. WAfvtj tor Xme Demo rests reliable Pat tern* and "i>? Eag'e Bhlrt " my37-tr ^HE tlLK ABD DRE8S QOOOS HCU8E or WABHIXOTOM. We iTiTite ?he attention cf tb* put l'c to onr Im mense a*?< r ni?nt of neweet ?tj lea 81 BMAK SILKS AND ORENADIBES Of all abadf*. la Strinee and Plaids. Larue it it iiLACK oiLKS uf all celebrated B*tW. (imiMT LBS 3d GOODS of all tbe latest prodnc tlofil LAi I SACQt K3 and SHAWLS of tUa rlcbeat Ceeicia. SILK I'M BRILL AS, fine HOSIERY, aad La f see L IN AN i>riTSin great Tatiet;, at le<.athan N?w Yotk pric?-?. WOLFOKD * BH1LBERO, MY MARKET SPACE, r.ij!7 tr Third door from >ta street. ^rKCIAL NOTICE. J cut onen?d. fr^m tbe late B?w York acctlon, TWIMK PIEUBS BLACK GUBNaOIBBS, at23cebuper ?a*d, Eic-w?rrant?<l to hold tbeir cuior a.- ?, jo4 as anjthing ever eold at Mounts. ALSO. TEN PIECES SUMMER SILKS M 79 cttta, very cheap, and EIGHT PIECES BLACK TAMISB at 71. S7K. Bl. f 1 US. ard ?1 *V Plaid ac<l S>rip<-d G BEN A DIN ES from 71 cell's to 01.10, ia bard?om>- styles for overdrew. A >nll stock of ell fciudi of s-t? nable BUY Qt'Ors. to wbich we invite tbe att*utt >n of all. Polite ard o'oirpt attention at all tlmea. ?^?RrtLesnt ir location. W. N. BMOWM, Ko. 31A 8th street oor'hw?>?t. P. 8?tf'B t overlook tbe BLACK GBBN.A D1BES at 2* '-nt< p*r yard. [my3?-rr| W M B. A KABE OPPORTUNITY! TIN rER CENT. DISCOVNT! BKODHEAD A CO., 939 P*ssa. ivi? between 9th acd 10th ata., Will hereafter allow a discount cf 10 PERCENT. o n all aales ?f IMPORTED DRESi GOODS, i in el nding St.ks. Gracadlnee, Linen Lawns, Alpicaa. M chairs l>?l>*ge?. Ac., *c..) ard LINEN TABLE DAHASKe. TuWELB. NAPKINS, Ac. All Bi ll EST 1C Gl-Ol'f, HOSIERY, UANORER CH1EIS. GLU\>:S. LADIES'and GENTS' UN DBBWEAR. and NOTIONS of all aorta will beaoid ? ttbe Lowest Warkst Price. Thi- Is a rare opportunity to aeenre Dargalna In firat class goc<"s ALdrjKofk'ln 4 I BLEACHED C'TTON. 10c. 3-Bur?oti K it*-. In aii colors, Bl 35 Bilk L'lvtfctO LALBR1GGAB HOSB, flabox. . HAZCH STOEE, 1*05 F ktriet. Let. 12th ai.d 13th sta (old ataad.) BROOH EAR * CO. myK-tr 939 Pa. ave., bet. Qth acd 10th sta. JOUS T. n ITCH ELL. 931 PEBNbYLVABIA AVENCB, Has jn?t iec? n?<1, and is now opeaicg, another In voice cf CtoOICE FAURIi'Sfoi Bcmm*r w-ar. Grenadibis in b'.ack and all the n*w shales, to Mntck bilks 'r m 7S cents to #2 (JO Brocade Grena dines. all co'ors and shade*, very choice n x>da ?ro?*des ia ci:k* andiPongev*. Gni jure La. ee for Orerdr*?> * ualcctta Pouueea ar.d l>.dla Qo^ds. Bummer Slik? it Checks, Stitpes and PUida. French Jaconets aLd O-gan. ie Lawns, n<-wat>le* Printed Linece and Liu*a Lawn*. Toile Nets and Linen Batiste, new it;lee. for Overdresse* Suits and Overdrew, iu 1'reLch Cambric Zephyr Cloth, lutlste. ai.d Linen, Irom 0* 00 to |23. wrappera mad l>r'?-i:iK racks at all prices. Lic<>n Disters and Cleter" Gosaamer WaterprtM.f Clcaka. French a Dreeeee aLd Overdrew,?? A large ?tcck ?.f Ladie, i nderwcar,metllum anl fine, at ?erv low pric s Onr a'ock In all clasv-s of goods will be i< r.i.d Tresh and atira> :ire, iu strlea and prices All the coveltiee ?f tbe se??,->n will be added aa soon m tbe, ?pp*ar in the market. B/"ONE PK1CB ONLY JOHN T. MITCHELL. ?tM tr B31 Peansjivaaia avenne. I^ISSO LLT10N or CO-PARTNERSHIP. STOCK AXO riXTIRlN I'OK SALS Tt.e c- ps-*?er?bip of J.O WISW ALL * GO. iryirtsi it .--lAUalum on July l?t.our stock MUST BB CLOSED Ml or before that dag*. IF* a La li <flr to morrow, ard oontlntw to aetl 'ar 30 1<*>-*. ear large and compete stock of DRY GOODS At OBEAT PACRiriCB ON ORIGINAL COST nod all go*4? rvuiaiaiug oa naad June 1st, will be ?old at ACCHON WITHOUT KKSBBVB. In order to Uom is 30 Deal. A REDUCTION OF FIFTY PER CENT, will be made ?? a large portion of o?r atock. Prist*. 4.5 ?u4l\ ceata per yard. Brown LVtt.-rs, 4 ceata per yard. Figured GriD%dleee. , 10 and 12X eta. ^ -? 1 _ J.-J- ? . ?A riaebia-k Kress Silka. 8?ct? , worth |1B Wire!*. M,*?k Alpacaa, UBi to 37? eta, PARA^"L.? at e< et. Large lot Tah'e Damaeka. Napklna. Wine Clotka, Piasc Orvers. Ac . a> le?s < ban N?w York Oust. B**ttfiKAI BARGAINS la everytfclng. J. C. WIIWAU B OOL, SIB Ttk at., aear Pa. ava. ttVOTH BMHINttTON DRY HOOIM - O Wkite Got ..q !'14uea at 12*c.; beaotlfal Colored Figured Pi<iue i at 15c ; White Goods, such aa Mnr ?eiuea, Pla?^ Stripe, aad Plain Bauaooks; Tletort* Lawn and Ca^brwa, from 3Uc. to kOc ; 3400 yarda Sbnrg Edsiuga. from 8 to B)c per yard; Spring ? Goods, ??! iid. Plain, aad Striped, fToa Ux2! I.; the beet J5e. aad rHe. ? ^ " - towi; all nam t*?re ue to Tic ; SpHng Oeeslmereo, tor boys and g?nta, 26c . to Bl; another lot of thooa &&i.?K^JfnJ?SSSm.'? rJt?K DRY GOODS. <$r?CJAL BAliGAi>b n DRESS GOOD*. Jn?t cp?a?d. ICO tlec?? haudaome and ttylish PBB83U00LS, ranging in price from 12*e, to 79c. per yard. Black Grenadlnea, *11 silk and wool, Lupin* makr. at 60c to 91 per yard, cheap. HtD<!Km*8trtp*tDd PUid Urenadinee, fine Black ( eshmeres, TamaM Cloths, Mohair ail Alpacai, all at down prices. Black Dreee Bilk* from 91 to 93 per yard. Af?w pieces cheap Bummer Sllka at 73 aud 87 Sc. 200 Pl'cea beautiful Percala and Lawm at 12*o., with a full et<>ck of Doneaic Staple Goods, all at loweat market price*. J. W. OOLUT, aytl-tr Cor. 8th atreet and Market Space I^BOM THIS DAT WB HAVE BBDCCBD THB r PB10BS OF ALLOCS PBT GOODS. OiBim, 707 Mmrbet Bpmo*. Our very heat Merrimack Calico, which we did sail at JO, reduced to 5, our fine quality wide Cambric Percakt redaoed from 12 to 10; our Pure Lineo Table Camaek reduced from 63 to SO; our fine quality Victoria Lawn* rtdacrt from.S3 to 18; our extremely fine quality Pure Bilk Black Mohair Alpaca reduced ? ,0J? -r.,uJ aeeortment of Spring rtf* Goods. Silk Pod gee, Silk Striae Mohair, Si* laid*. Tai led De Bage?every yard of these gx>d? SV1 W. 18. 20. *,,30; B ack Alpaca, double width, reduced from 31 to 23; Black Gretedine IS, 31.37,30,62?all of tbeee (ooda P''c?; Caeslmeree for men and boy a. 37, 50,62. 78,87. ?all of these foods r? diced In price; faiaaol*. Its.,2.2 S3, 2 8??all of tb?ae gocda reduced In price; Bed Tick )2f 13. 20, 23: all of cur Black Silk and Bla k Cash ajre we ?U1 sell at actual coat-73,87, ?1,, 1 73^3 nntttr V ROM AUCTION 80 dozen Meu> Linen Handkerchiefs, at 12){o.eaeh. SO " Ladles'H<m*;ii?b?d ' So eaca. 900 yards Blue Striped Grenadine, at 10c.; farmer price 25: 1 caee Wbt'e Victoria Lawna, abort lengths, at 12*, worth srxe. 10 pieces Ccl red Striped Sllka, at 73 and S5o.; for mer price 91 H pieces Straw Slatting, at *5, 25 and 33c., extra cheap Alec, 4 4. 8 4, ? 4 acd 8 4 Flocr Oilcloth, new pat terns. Plain blwk and Striped Grenadine*, from 28c. to Si 28 Our Be* Vork White Finished Shirts, at 91.25, are the beat sold at the price. Prark Leslie's cu* paper PATTEBNS. %JT Our Ptices are the Lowest UKO. J. JOHNSON ? CO, B)>20 eo Til Market Spaoe. RAILROADS. |?AI.TI.noRB AMD QUIP RAILROAD. MAT 89th, 1978. A.M. ? . LBAVB WASHINGTON. 6:43?Baltimore. Annapolis, and way stations. Point of Sock* aud intermediate stations, main Stem. 7:10?Baltimore and Alexandria Junction. 8:00?JVrir York, Philudtiphia and Boston Ex press. Pullman Parlor Care. Leavee at 8:10 a m Sunday, atopeat Way Stations, and connects for Annapolis. 8:13? Cincinnati, St Louis and Pittsburg Mx jw Frederick, Hagerstown, and Valley 8:9?? Point of Bocka and way stations. ?:3n? Baltimore aad way atatlons. 9:95? New York Limited txprese, Baltimore and p ^ Philadelphia. Sunday to Baltimore only. 18:14-Baltimore. Way Stations, EUicott City and Annapolis. 1:40? York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Mm ?'"*? On Sunday, all Way Stations and Baltimore only. 3:30? Baltimore and way stations. 4:30?Baltimore and Laurel A'-rprist. Blllctt City, Frederick and Way Stations, via Be lay. 4:30?Frederick and Point of Rocks, (via Metro politan Branch). 4:4 3?Baltimore. Aocapolla and way stations. 4:99? Chiearo, Cincinnati and Louisvillt BrprefS. Except Saturday,daily to Columbus. Louie IsAille by ll:34jp. m. train on Saturday. Hag? rrtowa and Wlncheater. Sleeping cars ti < bicago, Cincinnati aofl LovuvilU. 4:3.~>?JHa'timore and Philadelphia Hzpress. Fred erick and Way Stati >na. via Belay. (Con peers tor Annapolis Sunday.) 4*40? Baltimore. Bladenaburg, Collage, Belta vi I-. Laurel. Annapolis Junction. T:00?Baltimore ant way atatlons. 8:10? Baltimore. Bladenaburg, BeltsTtlle, Lan r?l, belay. 9:90?Pittaburg. bet no connection beyond Mar tinsburg by trein leaving Sunlay night Way Stations on Metropolitan Branch. 9:30?Hew York and Phtlmdelphim Huhl Sxprut Sleeping Cara to New fork 9:30? Hait ruiire and principal way stations, 10:30? Mart it -berg and way stations. Metropoli tan Branch. 11:30?L"wtj Korpress. CMcago, Columbus, S .nii-dky,Newark. On Saturday for Loais rio. *. 00, 8:13,9:99 a m : 1:10,4:83. 3:33, 4:40, 7 oo, 8:10, 8:90, 9:30 and 11:30 p.m., nail) ? All olh?r trains dally, except Sunday. No connection on Sunday tor Hagerstown or Val ley B>anch. or for New Vork anu Philadelphia at 8 a m. and 1:40 p. m. For fnrther lalormatlon apply at the Baltimore and Ohio Ticket Offices. Washington Station, and 4*3,601 and 603 Pennsylvania avenue, where orders will be taken tor baggage to be checked and received at any point In the city. THUS. B. SUABP, Master or Transportation. It. M. COLC. General Ticket Agent. GEO. B. KOOMTZ, General Agent. apl3-tr J/OR THB CKZITBIlMlALBXHlBlTlUil FJVM TRAINS DAILY, MXCEPT SOU DA Y. VIA BALT1MORB k POTOMAC BAILB0AD. Oymv\rncing Wednesday, May 16/h. The Baltimore aad* Potomac Baflroad Company will run the following trains tl rough to Philadelphia with out char ge of cars, lea* leg tb dep<t, Pennsylvania avenue acd 6th street, dally, except Fundsy: 7:30 a x , and arriving la Philadelphia at 1:80 r. x., dally, except Sunday. 9:93 a x , acd arriving In Philadelphia at 1:99 p x., daily,except Sunday. 1:30 p x., and airlvlcg in Philadelphia at 6:90 p x., da'ly.except Sunday. 3:30 p. at., and artlvlcg in Philadelphia at 11 r. x.. daily. 9:10 P. x., and anlrlng In Philadelphia at 9:39 a. x .dally. Sleeping cara attached to the train to Phlladel Elila leaving at 910 p x ; and persons securing ertba can remain in the car until T o'clock a. x. fcecare your tickets at theofflceof the company, nortbeaat corter 13th street and Pennaylvaula ave cue. aud cottheaat corner of 6th'street and Penn a>l\ania avecue. and depot of the Baltimore and Potomac Bali road comtany. KBABK THOMPSON, General Manager. it? 16 Irn P M. BOYP. Jh . Gen. Pas. Agent IJII1VKMAL R. a. TlCklt officm. BAILBOAP T1CBBTS to or from all points boosht. exchanged or sotd at < a nduction of oitx dollar J upon any other office or depot* In this city. Tickets good till naed. Baggage checked through. Apply to M. 1). WH1TESIDB, tal ly 997 Penn. ave.. Candy store. 1876 FII^sVlVAIIIA 1876 MOB TM ft tkt Borih, West, u< loatfeWMte OtfwUe Truck, Htntl Rail*, bplendid Hoen vry, JUaQni/lc+nt Equipment. JLNB lar, 1876. Trains leave ^asbingtoa, city time, from Depot, ct rier of 6th and B streets, aa follows: Fct piruburg and the Wcet, 6 a. m. daily, with Parlor Car to Pittsburg; 7:40 p. m. 4aUy,wltb Palace car to Ohicaco, anC 11:90 ?. a. daily, sxc?pt Sucday. UALTlMiJHK AID POTOMAC HAILBOAD. For Caaandalgua, Bochrrer, Buffalo, Niagara Falia, and tbe North, 0 a. m. daily, except Sna day; and 7:40 p m dally, except Saturday, with Palare Car* to Watklna For Erie, Cananaalgna. U< Itaio, a^d Niagara Sails, 11:40 a. m. daily,ex cept bueday F<r Ne? T?rk and the Fast, 9:10 p. m daliy, wlta Palac? Cut. aitacbed' Limited Express of Pull man Parlor Cars, 9:93 a. m. daily.except Sunday. ?cr New Vork aid the Ea t. 7 50 a m. and 1:30 p.m. da-'ly, except Homey, with PariorCars at |g( . Fji PoUadelphla, 7:30 a m. and 1:30 p. m. daily, extern e> co?y. and 4 30 and 9:10 p. m daily. Limited Bspraee. 9:93a.m. daily,exoept Saaday, Ac.niiro'atioL for Baltlmera. 7:30 a. a. daUl. and 4:90 a. m. dally, exoept Sunday. For Pop*'a Creek Line 7:40 a. a. aad 4:90 p. a. dally, exoept Sunday. Wjt AnsapoBa. 6 04 and 11:30 a. a. aad 4:90 p. a-, except Sunday. ALEXABDB1AA FttBPEBICKPBUBG BAIlt WAl AND ALEX AN 1) 1U A * WASHIHOTOB BA1LBOAD. For Alexandria, 8, 7,8:44, 8,10, 11 a.a., 1,9, 4:98,4,6. 7 00, and 11:40 ?. a. On Stu^yS 9 a. a., and 1 and 7 V^r tbe South, via Blonmond, 11:40 a. a. dally, axcMt Sunday; and vis Lynchburg, 8:00 a. a. and 11:40 p. a- dally. Trains leave Alexandria lor Waaklagtoa, 4, T. 9, 9,10,11 a. m ,1,3,4, 4, 4, and 7 p. a. On Banday at 7 and 10 a. a., and 4 p. a. ? Tickets. InformaUoa, Sleeping aad accomatodatlons can be procured at I Bortbeaet corner of Thirteenth stre< >4 Parlor OH t tbe Offlo**; ? street and Pean sylvaala avenue, Northeast corner of Sixth and Peansylvania afeaue, aad at tbe 0 orders oaa be left lor tbe checking of deetiaetlon from Hotels and Bseldei D. M. BOTD, Ja.jGenl Paeeeager AgeM. FBABB THOMSON. Oenl Maaager. ianS ly EDUCATIONAL. ^OOTHBBN Ht ME SCHOOL, 197 A 199 B. CHABL998T . BALTIMOBB, MO. Establishxd 1849. B0AB01KG AND DAT BCHUOL FOB TOOBQ LAP1B8. Fail sewlcn begins THIBD WEDBBSDAT In Sept. mber. I Mn. and Mas. Wilso* m. Oaxxt. PxisciPALa. ^ MAS Oaa Jons PackAX. Freacb the langaage spoken To accoaaaaodate partiee vUltlng tbe Centennial, young lad lee may be entered prior to tbe beginning of school term. seyll-eolw w isssw; |ae Haves, Ooaa. Bead tor circular. aar3 4ka 90B, FrtacHal -TbeMs gb anaaal Mafcab* AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTMRMOOW. \V A8H *? WILLIAMS, Auctioneer. balk of an ilvo \iitthwi 8T0BY AND BiBmiT RKirr nw!??" I NO, NO 50 I BmiT HOKTBW.Rf S^;tpp'^rSS I cltT ?' Wasbirgton, D 0 ? All ?>3"Kv" *c.. Mutit u of u I|.nni .w ? "o.'TJ"'1 brick dwelling ? t tbn9' .A' (JW- vM-lhlrfl otih: bilince In six. twelve turn *mor^Bt "?nth"' *S^i.tatorN< *t t?n per cen ?Th^ ?eenred by d??d of trust on tb? omK rf fM WlU *>? required a&fflar3r??iisas. s^uwo'ssa purcha?Tr rtak Md cort of ^ defaulting my22 dAdi MIUHAJCL QBEEM.i Trmtees. Tbalm of A DB -1KABLE LOT ?f, i jyP.O".p 8TBEBT, BETWBEH IfiH A8U 16th 8TBBETS n6bTHWE8T theUrirtHrtU> V^c'i6* ?K,th? Court of^_ ??k f,o-? ,?n,bU' pM"<d ln ?P?cial*|? MmLfi J l8'?-'? * ??"? * herein Bophia*^ Millerlacoinpjalnant, and Margant B. Miller is d'feiiikiit. 1 offer at public sale, on the am D1.?|l,<"' on TH l'Bt? J'A Y, the 1 nt of June. 1874. at 6 v . 'vi p, n, ;,Lot,9,,n lb<l ?ubdlvtsloi in square ft et i^t'p * g 21 feat on p street, and being ltxi One-tbird of the purchase money In herensaliBderiu equal instalments at? and II % ,hp <Jmi 2f *?'?' the deferred payments to txar interest, and be secured by ? llsn up n the property A deceit of *60 will be V q "irM ?i tbS time of sale, and one week will be allowed the pur f??'J !" c"?p,'r w?th the teroiH. |n defsnltof which the property may be resold at his risk and cost. All conve) fencing at cort of purchaser " JAS.O. PAYNE, Trustee, cbster L?w Buildiuf. myBI-eoAds B A. WABNK8, Auct. fHOMAS DQW LIBQ, Auctioneer u7A,?LK J^2hT0BY dwkl B*'NG No 7 0? Ud STBKKX O^ Vh itrInT?' v N.D L0,T' AT ADOTION. On THUBPDAY, June 1st. 187?, at S p u m ''.n ?rOBtpf ihe pren ises, I will sell Lot run berrd thirty-five, in Hill's subdivision orJEm K'JIS?J2W* i<vPn Intdrrd and nineteen, iroLting 17 feet od the went s de of 2d street ea<t hv y?InrelDVeli?,.Pgr0ho^eby * co,uro???>le twe .tor, ort&wV&wr Convt"?uciu? *< the cost "?*B7-?t THOMAS DOWLINO, Anct. TO-MORROW. | JUHOANBON BBOS.t Auctioneers. L5L-?i0 GBOOEBIE8, SHELF O O O O 8. iwili BUCKETS TUM-i, OftSKS Of A N il B D FKUIT8, MEAL. FLOUR FlUKLlS, 8ABD1NES YBAHT POWkBRh' ? AL8o, LOT OF OLOTU1HO iiiir GOODS. Bib QLOVBS. bH^UCo. l'LATBD WABB. CI TLKBV. Ac . AT Anf'TUtiv On FBI DAT MOBNlWO Sid June, n < iir,Lg at )O o clock. within onr vaiti I icoics, 9th and D ?tr?ets northwest, a gene-1 *' ?' 'he above ttent okoj" g<>oda will be sold wtthont re*er?e n'>31 at DUWfcANhQN BBQ8.. Ancts. H. WABNBK, corner 7U? and F streets. ACCTION E * LB OF A BBAITTTFTTT* wttttti IF* bVJT, 8UY07S?M>?"""?? rt ' tb9 south Bftrt*"* UBdi- f'ODilDgiVfeet on by ^epth oflflO feef. "trWt' LW 141 h B,reot' At7i can 0I>? w>U two years, at 8 M h!L;^ .erft- ,ff?r,db? m ot trust, and T balance to be paid In cash. #<0 down at time of sale. ar <l all conveyanrin* at purchaser'* c.wt. ni)M f m.wAtttt J T. OOLDWBbb. Baleauan. rpHOMAS DOWLlNO_Aactione^r. " Bs!g0ss 'THWjrsr.r, w* *?&?? iSii?",,?T'i?',ffi^ToSouruWMT: ? iJl r' Vl Chsjmac'i recordedCJL srbdnirion of tbe north half of ii|?are No. 3j3, tariLg u front tf 16 leet. and running buck 'JJ feet C *"ejr' lmpr?ved by a comfcrttfcle , ba,anc? at >.B and 3 )e?rs, with noU-sbearinc tbterent ai 8 per cent. p< r Twr'tV^.n "*7" by 8dtoed of trust on the pro perty roia Conveyarciu? at purchaser's cMt gwo reonindattiiiieof s?l". purcuM8r ? CJ? n>>9 J THOMAS POWL1N1. Anct. fpHOMAb DUWLLBU, Auctioneer: VALUABLE RKAL KS TATK IN i UK ( Or NT V ok W sNnri^v ANI? Dl8TItK;T OJT COL CM til 4 D loIMNr 2?V.0WW 021 mosthwbst.'at By slrtne of four sepsrate deeds of trust jl? ffaring ?tato respectively iha fZ M h "L K,etr"*ry. I8W, tbe ittli lay mat, is?8, tba 1st d*y of Jancary, 18?9, and the 16th ? ^ ard recordwl re?iectlv6iv in Liber E. O. E , No 2> f0.|o 119, L.ber wXlio tU, 111. i T'i^ill '? ?' V H'l,*1! Lib*' T. ar.d B.a No. 7, folio 104, of t he Land Beoords of Washington h2 ? Cu,rtct"f Columbia, we sh?U sell, at pub n wi FBIDAY.the 16th d*r of June, A. D. Id.#, on the pretjilses, at tbe hourof 3:30 o'clock ' ,t? several promissory notes se c?r.d by said aetds. and at ths r' iue?t in wrltlas of ihe hulderof saK ?r missorr notes, ths following described property, viz: All th?t tract of land con tiguous to deorsetowa, ia the County cf Wa^hlne ton. District cr (Jolnmtia.lyicg we*t of Fayetta ?fnne t0^ *Dt? a^J'-'ioiog to 7th street con tlnuel, and adjoining "The Cef?rs ? on the west ?art of atract called "Berlelth," and containing aixty-tbree acns, more or lersftm kr ?* *5rK? double Brick Dwalling Bouse, stable. Ore ha. d. Ac .Ac.), less that portion thereof at?jth"H?Btrry rd 8" Cox to Jolla H ^aU of '?20; ??? 8^ (J ?> c*sh; balance In six (61. twelve (lj/, eighteen (18), and twenty-four (24) ???,tht, deferred pay ments to he secured by not?s, wilh interest and deed of trust on property sold; interest ravjUe semi annually. A deposit of SSCO required at time ef sale. AH conveyancing at cost ii.MV cha*?*r: If terms of sale are not complied with k anaAday Of**1*' the Trustees reserve if?P?ny, after live (S) days' not' ths risk and cost tf the defaulting pur V?" vryvrtj will be exhibited on the grouLds at the tlnio ox s^e. WALTBB 8. OOX,| m . THOMAS O COX <TrMt*?. THOMAS DOWLINQ, Auct. V"OLNO A M1DDLETON. Beal Estate Auctioneers. TSITRTFE'S SALB Or VALUABLE BBEW BBT PBOPEKTY ON K, BETWEEN 116th AND >I7thSTBEKTs BOttTUWBST. " ,JP> *i?ne of adeed of trust dated March 17, U . i\.?d 'ecofded In Liber 6*0. folios 474. 479 iff* and 476, one of toe lard records for the DlstrlctUiUL of Columbia, and at ths written rr.jufst of tbe inrty seenrtd thereby . 1 will sell at public anstion! inth ?7? X'sK*"}1"?' OD aATUKDAY, June iqib, lg7?. at & o'clock p. .m, the following de scribed real estate, situate fa the city et WasBing ioston. District of Columbia, to wit: All of lots onabered four. )4,1 flve, (5.l six, (6.) seven, (7,) 'if ,'i " those p%rts of ljt numbered nine, (9,) a<I Id square numbered four, (4;) one part of lot Di ' J beg'nnlng at tbe southwest corner of lot pi-e,(9.l and rnunlng thence nortMasitb the esst V^M'ft^,h"trtet ?***< twenty (JO J feet, thence east 1-0 feet to the back line of said lot, thencs south 30 tSO fent to the said 27th street, and f?v the.oth?r P?rt of lot nine, (9) beginning at the southeast corner of lot 10. in said sguare, thence south 31 feet, thenoe east 78 feet theDcs north 31 feet, thence along the rear line of lots 12 and 13.75 feet west, to the place ofbegin PJ.'lfiV ?Pfurtenarsss. being the whole property UV'L.kB0J.,,.f!5,h# Washington Brewery. 7 i?T? r: ?s-<??.cafh: B3 SOjin six 16) months, witfc Inttrest, ard baiance in twelve (Ui months, with interest The deferred payments to be secured by n0,!f,0J {"'chaser and deed of trust on property sold. A deposit of A200 will be required of the pur' chaser at the time of sale, otherwise an Immediate retale. ConTeywnclng nt cost of purchaser. If other ??" P??P?ed with within seven (71 days the Trustee reserves the right to resell tha rroperty a, tbe rt.k and cost of-the dsfaolttng p^f chaaer, after five (6) days' advertisement. T1"r&flff rSirSaffoS'iSifi*, fsiZ'tf. tk 2.?i?^,?n??M!cord* of Washington Columbia, and by direction of tbe boluer auci^^' in,f^Urt<l 1 will sell at public auc^n, in front of the premlres, on MON P,i o* Jnne, 18/6, at i o'clock a m . trlrt nf fi!^,?0Ki,,0J1,i ,n w?*ahington city, Dls know* acd designate! asorigi n??lot4.of r.juare south of sqnara 104, improved by ? two storv frame dwelling house. Terms of sale: ASOO cash; balance in six and twelve mouths, secured by notes bearlcg 10 per cent In tent and deed . flrnst cn the /roiwrty U>nvi?. nnciig at anrchneer's coat. If the terras are not et muled with. In seven d*ys ;r ?i sseitba trnUeo reeei ves the t ight to retell the property at the risk a'jd cost of the purchaser. #100 to be paid in cash wbf u the properly Is ?trnck off. WM L. PUBLOP.Trustee. m>M 1HQ8 DOWLINQ, Anct. QHANOBBT BALI OF BBAL ESTATE, Bv virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court W of tbe District of Columbia, passed In E<inhy f*?J* Bio. s349, in which John A. Fchneider KiJL to the ufe of Lester A. ttertlett Is plalnUff,?nd 8. #Ln.BV* ?rd oth'? we defendants, I will sell, la front of the premises, on TUESDAY, tbe 6th day ? # ? ? J ? 'J 1871. at A o'clock p. m , all the Inter est of defetdant, Samuel 8. Hunt. In tho lots 6 and ?<jwe 763, in tbe City of Washington, Dis Ctnct cf Columbia described according to tnsgr und at er plan of tale city as brgliiuiag at a p >lnt on rreet east one foot axd one and one-balf Inches eoitbof said lot 7, an* miring thencs s<-nth 18 feet 3 Inches: tbeece east 96 feet; thence north 4 feet: ? he.ce east 4 feet; tbence north 14 feet B inches: th?cce wast loo feet, to place of beginn ng. Teimeofsaleeasb: A deposit of ons hundred dol be required when the property is struck ctf. All convevanctne at purchaser's cost. If terms ?re net eo spiled with Inlve days the trusteY? mTg wld. waaH. sNricciAMlfTuS: AUCTION SALES. G IO. 1BUESDELL, 603 7th street. VALUABLB BUSINESS PROPERTY ON B STbElT, BITWIIN 13th ABO 14TB 8T8 N? ?BTIIWB8T. t:O??I3TlS0 Or A NEW .TMObY BHK'K Bi'ILDI NO F1N18HBD for 81 ORB AMD OFFICES, BEING Mo. 1305, *1 AUrTIOW On * EDMBSD AY. Juue 7 th. 1E74. la front, of tbe premises,at 0 ? cluck p m.. I shall Mil the above mentioned pr.?p?rty, beinf part of "rigical Lot Mo. f qnars No Bi. fronting 24 feet on B street. And exteudirg back SO f?et. Terms: One-fourth p?<h; r*m?iodcrio four eqnal payments 6. U. 18 en* 24 month*, with interest at HMrreit..MCnn4onibe property. A deposit of ?SCO n.juirea attime of title. UBO. TRCESDELL, Beel Estate Broker. jel-eoAds R M. COX. a act. B. H. WARNER, Corner 7th And JT street*. "m M asd ?xboutors'sali or val .U?Bfc* 1 * * * O V B O BBAC E8T vTB ?2eA??BT1iJt-'rB,BT.l BBTWEBM 14th AMD liTB STKEK1S, WIST, 1H TUB CITY Ot WA8HIMOTON, D C ' * U1XI By virtue of the 1mt will And testament of Femlcatd Butler, deceased. and of the order ff-W And dtcree of the Supreme Court of the -*""M t' Irt of Columbia. passed in Bqulty cause Mo. 4,937, And of a teed of oenveyance la troat. the under a gned will tail at pnblic auction, 1b front ?f the premise*, on FB1DAY, the 93d dAv of June. 1876, At th* hour ol 0 o'clock p m , Lot Mo. S, In square iaj.according fo said Butler's subdivision InsAid i >iuare, with the Improvements the. eon, consisting ct a large, comfortable frame Dwelling, containing twlve rooms. T rms of sale: Oae third cash; balance in 8,13 And In months, the purchaser or purchasers gUing his or their Httg. bearing 4 per cent, interest frem d .y of sale?a deed given ana a deed of trust taken i n the piojxrty to secure the deferred payments. A I conveyancing at the coat of the purchaser or tu-rimers. A deposit of 8SO required when the > r p- rty Is itiuck off If iha terms of sale be not ron pil.d ?i?h within teu dayafromday of sale, the u: ?'.eloigned reserve the right to resell the property ?? tb? risk eri< c??t or the Cefauiting purchaser or run bast rs after ten days' adv?rt1ee>i>eot. . ANDREW J JOYOB, Corner 14thand Bstreet*northwest, _ THOB. J MYEhS, Pnytr astir General OCioe, Mo. 1021 9 hsi.n w? ? ^ . Trustees and Executors. Y. D. CLEABY, 8ale<man. jel roAds |'H0MAS DO WL1NG, Auctioneer, CATALOGUEOF AY RRY LARGE AND VALU ABLB COLLECTION OF BOOKS, Among which are tw? Priva'e Libraries, containing Many Scarce and Valuable Rooks, In fine Hind irgs, embracing Illustratel Works, Biography, Poetry, Travels, and Genei al Literature. Al?o, Complete Sot of tittell's Living Age and H*rp?r's Oft|9ziDet Am als and Deb&tea ol Congress, Con prt'fsional Globe, Plate Papers, 4c. To bescld at my auction ro<<m<i.s nth west rorrer Pennsvlvania avenue and UthttreetJ MONDAY EVENING. Juue 3,1-574, and fil lowing B\enicgs,c mmencing at 7:3? o'clock. Terms cash m?31 4t THOMAS D0WL1MQ. Auctioneer. 'J'BOJliS DOWL1KG, Auctioneer. f.V.MSllSE B..B8 Ho. on HONDAX AFTERNOON, June 4<h. 18.6, is tmut of the premise*, at 6 o'clock, I 1 stall ff II Lot lettered A, ot the tubdlriti ,rj of J part i f Pquare No. 133, having a front of xo feet by a c< pth of 93 feet, running back to an alley. Term*: One third ca?n: balance at 1,3 and 3 years, with notea bearing interest at 8 per cent, per ai.nnm, and srcuiea by a deed of trust on the prop eity *old. Conveyancing at ooeiof the sutchaaer. 8 HO dfpesit leupired at time of sale. up*? d THOMAS DuWLlMQ, Auctioneer. Y OUMG A JtlDDLETON, Real Bttate Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALS Or A EABM OF 91 ACRES ?*??p0LlTAM B.B., TWO MILES By Ttrtue of a feed of trvt t? us, dated Mayssa 7tb, 1876, and noordtd in Liber No 7d4. folio l'J of the land records for tho District of Oo-**^ Inmbla, and at the reqreat of the bolder of the note st . urea theieby, we will sell at pnblic auction, on tie premises, at SXociocKp. m., on WIDNn l'AY Jute 7tt, Lot No 34, in the recorded subdi vision of tract known as Metropolis View, situated in Waal ington connty, near the residenco of the late Cblef Justice Cbat>e. Terms: One-third ol the purchase money In cash, of a hich a deposit of SliOwiltbe repaired at the tin'e of sale, and the balance in twor<iual payments at -J and la months, secured bv a deed of trust on the property and the purchaser's notes bearing 8 per oeiit. interest. Conveyarcing at purchasers cost. 1 tbe teras are not fulfilled in 7 days the property will be resold at the ri'k a*d cost of defaulting pur chaser. JF88E H. WHITAKEB,i-?a!?. WM W COX \ Trustees. n,y29 dAdba YOUNG A MIDDLBTOM, Auct* qpaOMAS DOWL1MO. Auctioneer. TS18TKEB 8ALB Of VA 1.0 A It LB IMPROVED PKOPERTY 1M GBORGEIOWM, AT AUO T IC'M. By \irtue of a deed of trust dated the 7th <!ny of Jnie, 187S, and dnly itcjrded in Liber! Bo 7?8, folio lU.oicol tn? land records for* Wtsbirgton county, District of Colombia, and by dtnctfou of the party secured thereby, vie shall sell on TBURtDAY, the Mb day of June, 1376, ai 4:30 o' lock p. in , in front of the piemises. parts of Ids nuabered forty nine(?9)and fifcy.(SO,)ia llol m?ad s addition to Georcetewu. District ot Colom bia, bey Ini. lug at a In the north line of Din baitcn street, fifty two feet <53) we?t or Monroe i-tii-et, and run tbence east with north line of Dnn barton strtet eigt tQen feet, thence north parallel to M^nrce street, eighty feet, ihence west parallel tj linnbartoii Mreet, eighteen feet, aonth in a straight lite to the oeginni.-g, together with the Injjprovements, which consist or a frame dwelling. Tttms: One third cash; the balance In two eiual jaj ments at 6 and 13 months, and secured by deeds of trust, with notes bearing lutertst at a per centum p?T annum on each piece of property. If the terms otsale are not eomalitd with in Ave days the Trus t?s rtseive the right to resell (be same at tbe risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, after giving ten da) s' notice in soxe newspaper published In tbe city of Wishlngton. Conveyancing at purcha ser s c< <t. and a dep.xit t f f 100 will be required at of sale on each piece of ?rop'-rty. WM. D. CAHSIM. t Triia(?Aa WM. A. GORDON.<T^nittes? ?t?d THQ3. DOWL1MG, A net. r|,HOMA8 DOWLIMQ, Auctioneer. TRC8TEE8' BALE OF IMPROVED PBOPBBTY IN GEORGBTOB N, AT AUCTION. ' By virtue of a deed of trust, dated tbe 13tb^? 8a> of October. 1F73. and duly recorCed in Liber "fifB 731, folio 3S7, one of the land records for Watb ** ington county. District of Columbia, and by the re MU'-vtof the party secured thertby, we shall sell, on THURSDAY, tbe ?th day of June, 1876, at 6 o'cljck p m . in front ot the premises,tbe west half part of Lot numbered sixty-two iIIMd 11 olmead s addition to Georgetown, District of Cclumbia, ths aame fronting twenty feet on the south line of West street, aitb a death of one hundred and twenty foet, to gether with the improvements, which consist of a Brick Dwelling. T? r.-ns of sale are: One-third cash; the residue In two e.tual payments, at six and twelve menths, and seemed by a deed or trust on tbe property seld.with notes bearing interest at 8 per oent. ptr annum Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. A deposit of ?HO will be required at the time of sale. If the terms of sale are not complied with in ttn days the Trustees reserve the right to resell the ssae, at tbe aid cost of the defaulting purchaser, by fire days'advertisement In some newnpacer published in the city of asbipgton. 9 WM. D, CA88IM. {Trnrtl WM. A. GORD >N, < Trustees. my23 d TUQ8. DOWLIMQ. Auct. q^lIOMAB DOWLIMQ, Auctioneer. TlirSTEEB SALE OF THE STEAMER " B. MORRIS" AT THE WHARF. BIAB TUB FOOT OF Tin STBBBT EOL'THWBBT. Iiy virtue of a &,eed of trust exccu tf d on or about the 3d day of Msrch.J ie7C, recorded Jn M, B. Mo 1, folio** 99 and 99, at the C'estom Hoase, in Georgetown, D. C . ai d by direction of the parties secured thereby. I will s< 11 at public auction tbe steamer E. Morris. In fit nt of tbe same, on the wharf, near the foot of 7.b ttreet southwest, cn the 7th day of June next, at 4 o'clock p m.. or so much thertof as may He necessary to pay tbe liabilities *ot out in the said deed of trust, includir^ the interest anl all ex penses of sale. Terms of sale: #1 900 cash: ths balance In two ?iual itaUlmeits at Sand 1J months, with 8 per cti.t interest on deferred payments. If terms not con pii.d with in forty eight hours a!ter date of kale tbetrurtee reserves the right to resell at risk and cost ofdofaultLg purchaser. _m;27_<o B. P. LOWE.Trustee. JOWNMAM A QBE EM, AocUoneers. TKCSTEK'8 "ALE OF TWO 8 BTOBY BB1CK DWELLINGS. WITH CELLARS. ON SOUTH MOB <>r T bTREET. HETWBBN 14TB AMD 10th STREETS NORTHWEST, (5th and 6ih Houses Irom ISth street ) By virtue of a deed of trnit, dated October U loth, A.D. Is7l, dnly recorded In Lioer Mo. fljS 093, folio 1SS, one of the land records for tnelSJL District of Colombia, and at tbs request of the party secured thereby, 1 will sell at publio auction. In lroLtof the preatises, on WEDNUDAY. June 7th, A. D. 1874. at 3:30 p m., all :hose certain pieces ur lots of groend in the city of Washington, la said District, and known ai lots numbered one hundred aLd thirty-seven, (137.) and one hundred and thir ty eight, (138,) of Darrow's subdivision of paitof rquare numbered two hundred and six (SIM,) as said sutdivtrfon is recorded in rurveyor's office of said city, la liner H. D. Cooke, No. 1, folio 140, together witn the Improvements thereon. Terms of sale: One third cash, (of which f 74 o* each bouse must be pa:d at time of sale ) and tbe balance In six and twelve months, with Interest at 8 per cent, from day of sale until paid, to be se cured by purchaser s note and a deed of trust on the property sold. All oonveyanclaf anl record irg at purchaser's coat. If tenas of sale are not compiled with in six days after sale the Trustee re serves tbe rght tores* 11 st risk and cost of purchaser in defsult. WM. F. HOLTZBAM,, my?4 d Bo. 1891 F street northwest. fpH08. DOW LIBG, Auctioneer. TKUBTBB'S 8ALB OF VALUABLB FBOPBBTT ON DUMPA BTON AMD BBALL 8TBBBT8, IM OEOBGBTOWM. By virtue of two the 1st and 3d days ooidedla Liber B.C. T. Bo. 34, at folios 134 and 141, tbe undersigned will sell oa MONDAY, the 29th day of May:A.D. 1874. In front of the pre Dc 'two deeds of trust, Bearlag date i days of February. 1844, aad re >er B.C.T. Ho. 34, at foDos 130 rsigBed will sell oa MOMDAF, xvtossrui May,A.D. 1874.1a front of the r.w mires, on Onntarton street, at 8 o'clock p. m.. the east half parts of Lots Mo. 73 aad 87, la BeaU's ad dition to Georgetown, the same front1 ng thirty (30) feet on Dunbarton street and extendlag bask of that width aorthwardiy oae hundred and twenty feet, improved with a coalortaMe d we'll ng hjuss and other out buiidinss, the premises being Mo. 99 DnnbarVn street- ana tbs other parcel being a va cant lot fronting 30 feet oa BeaU stmt aad having a depth of 130 'est. Terms of sale: One-third cash; residue la two equal payments at six and twelve month', with in terest. to be secured Or deed of trust. 03OC deposit whea tbe property Is struck off, which is to be for feited If tbe terms are not complied with srithla five days after sale. All coaveyaaclng aad recording at , Surviving Trustee. IBB A80VB 8ALB IB UBAVOIDAVLT a o.t poised until THU BSD AY, June 8th, ^^tl^'PIOBBBLL, Sur^tvlas Tree my30 eod THOS.DOWlslBG.Aact. EVENING STAR. THCBBPAT Jaae 1, 187*. H1W YORK FASHIONS f?B J (THE. Sf?MNiabl? BlrlM-Ra?n?r Fabric*, Blew C*o4* ud tVorel Dwicu tCBBlal Hndil-Wbal thn ?rtroyoliM Sbow their PAtrou-Tntellni Mid beaalde Toilette*. [From Our Own Corretponrtent.] Niw Yobk, May 29.?New summer fabrics have long Indian names, which have to be translated here Into Anglo French or Saxon. Imagine a New Englander asking for twenty yard* of Resbmlna i gulrez-l-ajra, a polo naise of Heshmina-i-iehlan, or the latest novelty, Bannat 1-blnd ! These, of conrse, are ont of compllmeat to the Prince of Wales, In whose arrival from India we are not so much Interested as we might be, because of our own Centennial. But the arcecslon of Indian dignity to the Crown of England creates a new Interest, at least for England, In everything that relates to that country, revive the furor which onee existed for Oriental styles and fabrics, and naturally, as we follow 6ult so closely to the old country In design, restore tneru to us. It was when the Prince of Wales was in this country that the ?'Arab," a burnous draped at the back, was at tb? height of its success, and in the thin, str.ped silk aud wool cloths, now used for over dresses and Prlncesse polonaises. It was used for opera cloaks and torfiesdu hoi. Shall we have the Arab over agein, and the wide-striped scarf? and will the numerous "cashmeres'' be stowed upon highness, and waicn he must distribute between his wife and his sisters, revive the fashion or shawl*? Certainly some change is imminent. La.l!es are be coming heartily tired and sick of the untidy bunching and massing in folds, which is mis called "drapery,"and would welcome almost any change which would give us simplicity of form. WHAT W0MFS FIND AT THIS CKNTEHNIAL. Nine-tenths of ibe wom?u who visit the great exhibition at Philadelphia will want to see, first of all, what foreign countries have to show in articles and fabrics ror u?e and ornament, and quite naturally. But If they are wise they will begin at the begin ning, and discover what the world has to offer In the shape of material upon which to base fashion, and they will be surprised to find how few in number the principal and permanent elements are Oold, for example, whlrb they will see In New 8outli Wales lu one enormous lump, perhaps five feet squire, slik, which they will fiud In the original co coon; wool, IIax. and cotton. Tnesa are the main sources from which manufacturers draw their supplies, and the permanent tex. tures are hardly more numerous. Why, then, should we be tormented to death with these incessant and ridiculous chauges lu fashion? In genuine fabrics there is, after all, very little change; there is vibration, but not total change. How can there be? We play see saw between checks aud stripes and plaids and figures, and, after ail, depend for our "best" upon tbegool old plain rich silk, which was the best ol mother and grandmother before us. Fashion Is very well for fools who have no brains for anything else; but the wise womau should not tie herself to it like fly papers to a kite, for it takes all her money and strength, and prevents the acquisition of really beautiful and permanent tulngs. One of the glories of the exposition Is the magni ficent display of pure amber, a gorgeous chandelier is made of it, pipes with ivory bowls, and the most beautiful of ornaments. A necklace of this, or a set of It, may not be fashionable, but It Is Infinitely better; It Is alwajs distinguished. It Is worth tons or pasty stuff like ''celluloid," coral, or base imitations of precious metals. Once ac quire a good thing and you have It; It is really a beauty and a Joy forever. Who has not some old ring or small antique broach, prized because the pearl or the cameo was real, and fine, and which acquired value day by day as it grew older-/ B it tuls is never the case with shams or Imitations. Looking at the cottons, the woolens, the silken fabrics from every quarter of the globe, we see how limited Is really the range permitted to good taste in clothing, and ho* i early In this respect it has been reached. We may overflow into old fashioned colors, and figures, and striking contrasts, but that is to go back, or we can easily see by step ping Into India or Africa, and from there to Japan, and observing the conditions which we have outgrown. There Is sturdy com fort in the dark, stout cottons from the NetbcrlaLds, the serges from Ireland, aud granite woolens from Scotland. One feels that thev are as enduring as the far-famtd Scotch "pebbles," which is readi ly mounted In solid silver, or 18 karat goli, and Is good foiwages. Then the lace! A queen or a prlncesse, when she has searched the world, or bau it searched for her, can find nothing better to wear than silk aud lace. Nor is there any possibility of mak ing anj thing more exquisitely lovely. A small piece of this precious fabric ennobles the possessor, while a profusion of cheap trimming only serves as a label to vulgarity. ART INDUSTRY. A gentleman said, after an examination of the woman's department of the Ceutenuial, that it testified everything the 8atur<liy Re ti11? had ever said about her. That was pretty severe, but It was almost true; yet, though, it stands as the very poor represent ative of woman'8 has a redeeming fen ture in the exhibits of the art Industrial school. The flr*>st of these Is the school of design from Cincinnati, and It is flue be cause it has a purpose to which it is true, and In the execution or which It demands the best energies or Its pupils. It Is good not only because It teaches women to put their racultles to a permanent and beautitul use, but because it teaches them to simplify torms, ir they would make them artistic and not throw away time and good work upon poor material. Girls educated in that school will never bny fringes flrty cents per yard for eighteen cent muslin, or muslin delaine; nor will they have so much labor put upon a cheap material as to make the cost iu strength, time or money for shaping It into a dress several times as much as the oost of fabric. Simple designs are better for cloth ing of all kinds, but particularly for inex pensive stuff, as then they can be renewed orten. Time spent in making over old cali co dresses is not wisely spent when print Is only six cents per yaid. Better give them away and get others. It Is no longer true economy to make over old clothes nor do machine-made clothes admit of it as hand spun goods used to do. They are qnlckly made, to be easily worn out, and readily re placed; but we cannot replace them if we are foolishly going to embroider them with our time and money. What would be tLoufcht of road makers who should strew precious stones for cartwheels to coll over.' Save time and strength to put Into some thing good to keep, and use as little as possi ble upon that which at the best is only for the day. BEADT-MADE SUMMER C LOTHING. A visit to the great repositories of ladies' ready-made clothing would Induce any man or Inexperienced woman to suppose that the problem of "what to wear*' had been satis factorily solved. Garments are there oi every kind, in dozens, and of the aggregate, In tons. How people can buy them and wear them out is the mystery, until you bny them and wear them, and then you find that ifaey have been put together easily, to be re placed quickly. That they have a way of dropping apart, and becoming demoralized to an extent which, while it does not really wear out the fabric, wears out human pa tience, and induces the owner to set out on a quest after something better. Aud it is becoming possible to find it, but not in the factory made cuticles which He In long rows, as like as two peas, labeled from 50 cents up to several dollars, the prices increasing with the amount of tawdry needle work and rows of machine stitching and tucking. No, it is in the French hand-made work that one finds solace. In a class or sort finished per cale garments, wUh much less work upon them, not at all so showy, but well cut, sen sibly made as to bands, and gussets aud seams, simply, and strongly button-bole stitched upon the edge, and leas exasper ating as to gathers, and fuluess In the sleeves, and body part or the robe, what ever it happens to be. This consolation does not exist, however, In outside clothing, then we have to endure the unendurable as best we may, or pay for the exercise of indi vidual taste. Wrappers of ordinary print, or fine cambric, are, it is true, an exception. Yeu can buy a calico wrapper, made ready for wear, new, for one dollar and ten cents. You can buy a better class, with a Spanish flounce and a batque for $2 SO, and a very pretty cambric morning dress for $3. Why that wretched little ten ceota Is .dded to ibe dollar for the lowest grade I cannot under stand, or why they do not make it twenty-five cents. There is something degrading in buy ing a whole wrapper for one dollar and ten cents. Suits and oostumss are at all prices. Technically the snit signifies aoompleteand uniform walking dress, while a cos turn? Is a more elaborate combination of materials, or an overdress composed of tunic and Jacket. The styles which now stare you in thefboe everywhere are linens, plain brown linens, embroidered with white, or dark blue, or black, or some very striking contrast. Who wears them is a mystery, no lady could buy then*. Why do you not bare them embroi dered in the same shade? is the question asked for the twentieth time. Yoa oould sell any quantity of them If you will only have them embroidered the color of the goods. But the attendant "don't know," and shakes her bead In a dased way: it baa never entered Into ner crimps to inquire why this Is thus, or why It oould not be dif ferent; she aocepts it as It la. Ulster* and traveling dusters axe sensibly made without the eternal trimming wuien Is piled upon every article of ?'obeaji" fe male attire. I dislike the word female, but I take a malicious t>l<?s?nn? in attscMng It tothl* corvlct-style of clothe*: II l? only fcma.'e* that ttuy are lit for. Still, oa the whole, wr have reason to he thankful, the ? stitch. atltch. stitch," thanks to the sew ing machine, la a thing of tbe pa?t, end so la that old-time virtue, patching. M uleru machlLe-made fabrios do not pay for patch Irg. and moo who make money four tiroes a* fas', aa they used, and congratulate idem, selvt* cpon the low price of the goods th-y buy, must remember that they are not made to wear like their mother*' homespun llceii; that making money mean* spending money, or else your investment will fly off with it for you. and leave you without tbe satisfaction of having had a pleasure. or given one, out of It. AN EXHIBITION OP COSTrMES. Looking at the oonvent lace, and the Louie model couple, and the churches In cork.and Queen victoria's etching*, "After Laod Mer" (and thereby hanga a tale) at tbe Cen tennial (woman'a) the other day, I wonder ed why we et uM not have something mod ern, aomethlng practical on exhibition, something that would help out of our mud' die about drees. At tbe Alexandra Palace, in Loodon. they have recently bad an exhi bition of costumes, for the beat and most original of which prizes were offerr J. It la rather remarkable that a claaa of hlatorlc costumes for whlcb the highest prise waa offered could not ba obtained, while the same thing ofTered to our "woman's" exhlbl. Hon waa lefused. Tbe stylea, therefore, aa iiUpiayed.all belonged to the present perlol, ami were more remarkable for the adaptation of taate to tbe spring and aummer atylea of to day than of any originality. A combina tion aud brown el Ik la mentioned with ap proval. wltb cord and tassels at the aide, and krotted fringe. Thia knotted and datey fringe waa <lecl<1?*lly the moat dis'injue trimming. The "Jane Grey" waa a nrowu silk with a light cream-colored mantelette, having cords which fell upon thedre*s. form ing a fort of tnnlc. aud waa In ' exquisite" taele. A soft clinging make of silk was need for the marUlette. which waa bordered wltu rlt?bon. The ?4l?amlebolT' waa another good example of the prevailing fashions In cream ailk, plain aud figured, the Prlnees>-e polonaise being made of the latter, the skirt of plain. Many dresses were laoed with mrd down the back. The "Princess of Wales," a myrtle-grain silk, bad a succes sion of closely-set and pendant pearls down the plait of the hack, and on the Trout or the bodice rich netted cream fringe was Intro duced across tbe front of the skirt. Tbe 1 adiea' dinner dresses were made with hlgli bodices, square or heart shaped, and a loug sweeping sglrt; a straw-colored da masse, a cream and black trimmed with cream lace, and the "Aloanl," In light blue, trlmmel with rich figured cream Teheran, made en prince**', and fastening diagonally at the side, were among the mo*t notable. A simple style of evening dress suited for a young lady, was a white tulle, trimmed wltb silver braid and Bllver butterflies, gar lands of whlth heath dividing the puffings at the side. There were also brides' dresses and brides maids' morning oostumes of washing materials, and sllgbt and deep mourning dresses. A charming exhibit waa that for misses of ten and little glrla of five; among others, a fish wife's dresa of blue serge, with a Laveuae tunic, whleh like the skirt and loose bodice, were trimmed with red, on which rows of white braid were placed. The "marine and yachting costume*" re quire, it is said, special comment, the dressea exhibited being of decidedly good style and make. A darx blue serge had all the merit of a tailor's cut, adapted to modern fashions. It was trimmed with rows of broad and nar row braid; tbe bodloe and tunle, cut in one down in front, had frogs and tabs, and at the back tbe bodloe described a deep basque, and the tunic nad the now fashionable square draped end. A white linen yachting dress waa made with loose bodloe lavender tunic, and sailor oollar, trimmed wltb a broad band of blue linen and many rows of White tape upon It. A light blue serge, with,a;bablt bodice, displayed white braiding; a white serge, black braidings; and a light, leather colored serge, dark brown braidings. They all evidently fitted to perfection, and were admirably suited for seaside and yachting wear. An exhibition of this kind would that we lack more than individuality of style, and distinctiveness of purpose in dress. Given a change from the ordinary routine of their lives, and women are all out at sea, they do not know what to do auont It at all. Above everything, they do not know how to dresa for It; and a complete display of oostumes In the twelve clasae* In which they were divided fortheCryatal Pal ace exhibition, would have been highly in tereetlng and valuable. There is one case of costumes on exhibition in the "Woman's Building," an after thought probably, for there la only one, and it is neither aenalble cor fashionable. It glvee us a dark, thick poplin for a walking aklrt, with thin da raasse for an upper dress, a combination welther wise nor happy. There was a sensible reason for the substi tution by fashion of all silk or soft pure woolen fabrics for poplin in the modern cjs tutne, aud it is because either of them drape ai.d clean so much better than poplin 'im portant qualities in an rndersklrt or tunic. bCMMlP. BONNETS ASD COiCHIKU HAM. I never remember a season when hata ar d bonnets were so striking aud important part of the costume as now. Ivory ch<ps or black chip trimmed with ivory gauze, lace, and flowera are the most general; bat thtsedo not represent high fa?htou. Fashion haa adopted the Gainsborough and the "Be locca," tbe former a large high crowned hat with a broai trim drooping low on the right and turned up high on tbe left; the latter a saucy witch of a hat pitched very low over the forehead, and turned up very hlgn be hind, all the trimming being maased at the back over tbe chignon. These styles are the rage for "coaching," and are displayed in Leghorn, Panama, "rough and ready" straw and coarse Florida chip which Is very light, and in black very hlgn stj le. Tbe trimmings are eoarse cream net embroidered with Persian colors, or edged with cream laoe, scarfs of cream ool ortd gauze, and garlands of grasses, Laaths, or wild flowers, small wnlte and mixed with berries. The "Ingenul" hat is very 6imple, it is a broad brimmed sailor hat of very pale ivory chip, Panama straw, or ooarse fancy straw, the first two trimmed with simple brown ribbon tied in a how with ends, the last wltb blue ribbon a fold of which is placed near but not upon the edge of the brim. Very stylish bonnets have a brim of chip and crown of checked cream gauze; gar landed witbpa'.e flowers or with half wreaths of currants with leaves and long trails. 8malls veils can no longer be arranged with buocess upon these Irregular shapes, so large squares of tulle or thin light gauze are Im provised and used to entirely oover the hat and face in riding upon the outside of a "four-in hand"; the pretty scarf pins now in vogue for ornaments fasten them at the back. M AN TEL ET S. The newest thing in outside garments are small, round, silk, lace or cashmere mante lets. In Paris they have taken the form of the "vlslte," which ladles sufficiently mar ried may not be afraid to remember. Bat tbe mantelet is the prettiest and simplest (the "vialte" has sleeves) and answers every requirement of a morning wrap. Judicious women have them made en suite with their dresses, which is much the better plats but for an "extra" to wear with "anything" black silk, black cashmere and black or cream-colored lace will be found most use ful. In lace as In silk or wool they are male from the piece and trimmed wltb a border of the same kind and quality of fabric. Some, also, are arranged with a foundation of net and alternating rows of fringe and lace; these are very graceful and pretty. HEKE AUD THERE. A great deal of cost Is Just now being put Into neckties and hosiery. The avalanche or imitation lace and silk, and crepe trimmed with it, has lnduoed ladles to resort to neck ties or real old laoe, In order to obtain some thing distinctive. Half handkerchiefs are uted in this way, and immense quantities of wived r old laoe in pleoes have been received by real laoe houses, nearly all of whlcb Is being turned into neckties, and which cost from five to twenty-five dollars each. The exhibition will, It is thought, give an Impetus to the manufacture or real laoe, a school for which has been reoeatly formed In New York. High-heeled shoes and slippers have re stored to us fine open-worked as well as em broidered stockings, and they take very well with ladles who have pretty feet and a delicate Insteps. They are not white even when cotton, but usually cream or ivory tinted, or, brasher still, shows a milky blue ?hade, Which migbt be called watered milk. They may be worn wltb shoes made from a pit ce of the drees, but usually they are not; moat ladles prefer neat black aboes or walk ing boo (a, except for evening waar, and then they may be ivory white or the tint of the dreas. The coiffure has really beeome an art, in which tbe leas balr a lady baa of her own tae better, provided ahe haa money enough to an bra it herself entirely to the hairdresser*! control. "Invisibles,'* which form crimps and waves and fringes, can be put on over a bald h?-ad much easier than upon one bleesed with a stock of straight hair, and with the help of ercsm and valentine transform a woman so that her own husband would not know her Jeheie Jpwe. "Miss Gertrude Morehouse, of Port lead, v in that Mich., la tbe flret woman lawyer state who haa reoalved a cjmi tary public. white man, MeCarftie, Graham had Damonvllle, while sleeping in scamp in Iberville pariah, La.. wswe attaefced by a assi o who killed McCardle and Graham _ who killed ^ with an axe and woaaded DaseoovUle. The negro pic * JtALOr* Madman.?NMr *? ? gSSKas iirsssSss? s^tt^yrffriE^ar^ tte? wt^rT~ .JLL?nn" * *"**? U>Ilt?t l?0 iuru wlo wtrf looking on thtt if ?h?? 3* *??, LrSr me lnlo tbe doom And ftfiA. u. ' " U1* time, wu opt down It'iaenalble. hnt u'ftag * ? noth2. . **?? lAtter wu shot aid ,_!?}^ J captured. Ou Sunday the lntiaui tnSii JP ?red the 8wmn ?nj"l r? .w.ssFts tJv-^T E?^i? Iow.t than before the war. Thr^L^.j?**1* f*?* York ptoduoe excbance m biTaS tua^ address ipMki hopatally or ibeproi T^^ZnZ?,,.V?jrZZ,'??. ty convention on Ha to nJ a rl Mt | nf n tbroSgb^e tafia en oe of 'ooTOTior CWrotTto ?ffir,rrsS ??WnnjomT-l *?W< BlAmil OF THE Hi-kda r I aw a man could fet bit bottle of wtrie wiLh u>>T^h m? fcSSSSiTMwl'VSS! day, bot be eouid not ret a glaao af i>eer wilh a and r*1"'? ^ ."25? i**y yfa* ?h??tbioci ,re i i,p ??.? pie articles of consumption -(.V. y. &*?. Horkible ? Kredertka Bectian a rmm. 2^5^toe.:,a,s^{gta^ thlcato. Hunday, and an were dmtnlV *l Firfh^lV,16" Fl*5cl* Adam"-Jr ? ?? lb* r litQ avenue conference: <#Wimt I huki UBk cenunm.' year .. that? mJT.^ up and be counted." ??\>ry well " aTi 1? ?E. Graphic, "you've stood uj> aod been eout!? uLVSJ ?Kl "*? uo """ M&UIUD, w.u-HT. of hit Jo* nr,n;^iAV M ?.?MiL?T?i,cf raognler eo?aur; Va "*,,lk f* DIED. UGtiLBI. On tb? l?t of Jane, 1471 E:?e\ i?. H, N1? dso*bt*r of Bicbar.l K. aud 'o< rtrad* H H.f.S1** M*d3*of,ta. ud |g tan ?tE! MttSi ? hSSw ^ nnto *" * ?? &3S5 JtZtt.wZZmli* -, a VLJom^' C?W, "f.01 im' M ? ?.nttas ALK"' M*J JW >ear* aid < BflatlTM aod friend* of tbe faoiilr are n..m follf r*g netted to attend htt fntier?l fn?>?!^i P.tree. .onthaew, rrtda" a?? V lj'1 UNDERTAKER& HARVEY, ? fndrrtmker. WM. HACkCTT WITB n r harvet. JJtW. BAKkKR, Cabinet Maker ?M Fnilrrtak+r, ?ctiir INSURANCE. orucE or The Mutual Protection Fire Iai. Oo. or TBI DI6TKICT Or COLCHBIA, (CHABTtBEC BT ACT Or CORSBIO,) 1*09 Pt&n*xlvaaia avtmt ,<opn>?ite U.B.Trea'y. V2ELW8 ?/V*Pra.J4B#i, UI i-Kc2^T' J'KHvS'si,s's ;^r?. Wd. J.Siblif, ?. W. BorcLcU, Ja?.B. Battlia, b22^te ?>? *""T or?an1red foe BiaMM.^4 prewired to iaiae pallets*of laaaraaaa oa o.o?t favorable trriua. Paaiahlet* ontainih* ?b?*fIncorporation aad br-Tav? win b? fa? m^ia i?Mpl,CWion- J*M?S ? KITOHV m,M gwwtary aad JOHN T. *111. D. W. KBTOBAB. 1*1 Dboit BtiLiiM, tNMt at w aai Mb anta "?'.gyafoyggi gfg?.?a? ????? Ror^fiS^lK?!S??Jl?VSH SO. La Droit BnUdlng, corner of W and 8th ttrniti.' old oooipaay ban bJa KSifiStS taUty-five yean. Bet aaeeta,jtjusjtuc f HK GREAT ANODVX* AND NKBVIXI. BELT'S STOMACH AND TONIC BITTERS. ?f-wVSTi0?i? 11 V* ft* oal' car* 1ot ^iCK U k AD ACHE. It Deter fell* to relieve tn MiAflHATIti rBYBSS. PBVEB aod A?CB?00|5m?c It 2 a aa-itt and luariktie care of tbe DRHlLirw gJSSSS? 8i&"ti wf. ?ad'rv^iSrx: OPirMSlAFrf 4?sfd.toiU,<*#.a-ilcw<1 t0 th* fl HABIT. It Is A plftfcAAZit Slid BerfC'Ct inb? Mttnte, curlof t^te bad ? flk<cti ol ttUadroj aod de ?troylnc aU deaire for u. QrQ* ?* Pmm^hlu'1 01 ?** (i'Ktri, Stnl fm BB bLu^r^M?9 D*r0T' 13 Oamdra atraec Bwrt ttlu,^ M HOLE6ALI AOEHT, ayu ai" e?? rna tteet, Waeblaatoa. D 0. (SB " "KKH'"" 64 ruJSSIVZSSS?" LADIES' TBATBUI8 lATOBBU. ?BAWL OTEAPI Bad POCKET BOOKS. DOCBLB and UBOLB BABE EM. LET WEBt Bad BOBEB BLABKBTB. I^UMBXRI LPMBBBI ' MMDUCTJOB in PMli TB1E IE TO BITE BOTIOE. That tb> Mh. ^SlfgTOSTTJSr ^alaat Matf deBawd'aM

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