Newspaper of Evening Star, June 2, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 2, 1876 Page 1
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Tlin EVENING STAR. Dili!, Sunday* excepted) at the *tar buildinga, riiui|,aiia (Miff Uth itrttl, ?T Tj}# Ereairf Star T^wmaper Oorspany, g a. AAV FTMAKM, Prft. ? tfrl rvT5ixn PTA9 U vrr**f by rirrvn ?? m^^rxb- ? t4 per wr?k,or Forty jt :r Or.ft P*r month. O?.**% ni t\e coun'tr, two C?nt? eacn. By mail?pottos prtixad? Blity Onl* ?? month; oi:? y?tr, ??. TE* WiEKL* Ntar j " on Prviff^? f3 a j ear. prf-prid. tTA 'l KtbMrrii<wnt i.naiiaJMjj tn ?&?**?#. IT w* of on anSy.xtvn. SUMMER RESORTS. RT, Ho??i i&l ? a i ui \ !SSl1 ol if BATH 1 W Q Vcisr i"' Kerr bomm ee?ort, ho?-i OriN Jl Sfc I'JTH. t . r^i lower #>otO?a. ?reamer*. . JAi* M'LBl KJ?, I'rowr! p2-tm* f nk' in ?S Al <n ? Co , Md. 7~r~:. . : - : > :? rira??at H ? 1. * ?a< . ! ?i fa? Jutj.n'.i r*verJ" >B.- , . i . ?? rtllro >*i, I* i * ' ? i a. ?.?. t*. r if rm?. vc , , o\SrTi ?pofr? . 'n * & ta ?'?t. Fe-rt c <in?y. Pa. < ? >Jl > 1J l>?. MB V 4SV4>-. |rJ , ?i'aVf NkI "ii i:>9 M .ManJ rai' ri.'>- t ? m Washing: , . *ihj r | ?|4 ever .iig trtiL* each M -* ?t i 9 1 '3 T ho H ? 1 l?^? ? ?Bh lk'* p r b<? th* *:.t ir- I u*tB 1 u? -r -t > 'I t i: ni 1 ed. *r d rbe einln* room cool i . 1'"fi 1 ttr is*? lir?lib n mi In th ? ? *i.i ?i ? r??'? ih>b:o:'|1.U'i Uu*rctr< mr* (I i . ? I M?frT'?l ,,1-ln.* I KiliCIdJ. CABBOB. Prop-let :>r 'I'd:, ii 1GX1A HOTEL. FOBT MOIDI. ~ 1 r,'.i> nan comfokt. rj T '? <!. IUItful fn-?Ter K??> rt. c bitId I i{ ? . ? n r ? \< l>J on ?(. ? Atl? ?im I a 1 ru iifT v - * Plt'- i. ? nl tl ci' c li< M mry^_ i i ?'i) * ?*? r on *rt ry floor. ?n'l c?p*b>? ct ?u t nil; f ??!?.? .'iW prrr.r*, ]< now o?~n fort^o r* c??m o' f>r Hi* PuiriD*r ???4?> n. Wh%rt ki.' kid< ifttitnl, U ?h<rh 19 to 20 rtouii rt tuac.'i c*i ). ever opportunity ' I c?i.i nautca tii' v? .tl. ?.l t 'fctn < I lb# cou:,irjr Hnw i r b'tch ;rr t i- hlLf ?! :'i? a- J~ r -lep-?from K*7 ortii > 'inn tLanal fa<.iliti>'a tor Boitici md y->iL?. I* rr ?? SlT.fn r*r v?rk *ti<i n?w?ril?, ?cor.ling toKrvt c. J*p?v *1 Itinii to p?rtio4 r*ta?i nuc a ? '?til- or |i'D(*r. & 1'[fm j*l lm 11. PBtlBTP, Pro? iutor. 'I'tii. ITAHl!?H UOTSU J CHAKLOl I ESVJLLB VA . lifi' rt h',n.m?-r U- aidrr* superior acccmnnd* . trr? Pticm *try m< 4er*t??. F * lcriU*r p?'ticul rs Miilrcss. r.??*<? J*? J. M Pa<;K A CO., Props. |)UU?M?r HOT EL. 1 br. UJtOl.uK 8 ISLAND. Hear Pl.Mt POINT, M.I Tb?? >?ron report *iil t? Ofa for rtoption of thi- eJeoelO'b. I alter hy Potoir?c ?tMUBtr* ?>t ?r ?rtlT at Piney Polr>? or Mar?hall'?_^_ vha-f aitb con**yanca. Table always ? ith MhHtalf tb? MSHB. Boat* fdr fiehlBg ab'l aallirr irte i f I I. ?.'?? A1dr?? K J. Al> A MS a BB09., miTV ltL* P1n?T P tcl P O ? ?t. Mary'aCo . M<l. | UI LU1.1 >111EKAL IfHI.iai, HAMILTON, VA. Tbl* ?l< %??tt Summer Beaort will ba ofCn for th? r^rrp'iou (.IfuNttmi tbe lit of Juno. r Ttr ciLl-k.., ;y to tbe depot and trlr?rapb^ ? Bee. t< *? itit ?i!h the ruraliva ?r ip T tlea of tb^ wai<-r. renderaibia one of the noal d' -ir abl? eftna'ioD* i a the conntry. for a*raoa* x'iklag net. recreation at J health. Terai moderate. Ad<*re?i. B S BUSB. Proprietor ? } %) ln>- llaniilton, London Conety, Va. SKA liBOVB, OA PC MAT POIST ?Thle d* Iijchtful Snir.mer Heeort i* bow open ?nd pr??er'* ncnrnal attric^tone. Cot tagee fnriuated or ai fi.rnt*h?Ml, (or e?l? or rent. B. K. W1L905, m: 29 lm All /th etreet. TBK AL1L>MKIC rXMALB INSriTL'TB, Va , K'Ct'ed lae' fa'l ?nn ei'-gant new fnrvi tnr? at a eoet of *12 OW.will recelreSl'.M- , MIX Ht'AKI lli.1 from the l?t of Jnnetol the ?'f teptetnb- r Ho ex'ra charee f r hoi o ? cold l>atb?. nor fcr n-^ rf pew tec ptn aM-r*. my?9 Of B I.1UN IPKI.IOI. Zuuatetlon the ll'ritrrn &ly*o/ the Grt<tl y<>rth At'.antain, war B utchftter, Va. OPCB JLXB 12, 1976. A. 8 PKATT. frofrittvr. VkM H. BOSS,M D , Kttidtml Pkyiuui*. T>rire. ftl f.->r f^nr v.t-ek?. Special ratee will be B'^r f r Ucnlliee e: ?*gi ,f for lb? *^a?on f V le t tte fprftg. an<1 r*mrn. by t?alt-l I 1 : I 'r ?. I r 11 f - L - ?? " . ? ai hington at ? 13 a. m .and arrive at tb<.-spiia9* tbr aL.e at:ertooa lt? air f tti< m nn'aln retreat I* pnre ani brae In lite *ccutry la pratd and rrniantlc, the cjID f. rt< (f bfine may. !? a lara? extent, be enjoyed, aid -be finli's aid ?trengtiiai.iog pjwerof tb? M " > ral W atere are not sorpawed. ll.:abHVllli>Uii lb'1 5t Imsienr* S?tmtlig Pec' and a r ue B-iwiic# Ali^y auU Billiard Boos tn tae grcoEd# N B,-Ho Bar. F r par.pb'ets and Information ?rply to A. 8. PKATT Jt S'JS. corner Ihh and D etreets. mylMw ccmmiaa M T, M.I >a for rto ptlon of will arahall (UuHJL alwaye auau led II ?I win ?M t Bfonn th? ll^rSfu? WlllOTT ar?IH?.-Th* enb*? riber e hon*e a^ i* <p?c for toardera daring th turn li_i A tn ?Hk.u; 3 a L ;n county, ? hbALL, VlcuIb, " |>LIB RIDflB It MBIT.T welre or I> I:teen Boarders caa be aco mtno A ?. ? A a reaefaable frmi at the aHoveVpl^Y t < e. fr. Bt tbe F1BST M 'NDA Y IB ?I''M ? jr> E Tbe attractions ve- C ol, pcre ni laiaiu air. wi'h a tine paik fr ctir? the h m-s. This le the ?Metelevated -topping point on tba Western Mary lati' railroad. b> three hundred feet, acd ie wlthla tbrfebtnrs rid* l'.altim re for p?Micnlars apt > to JOHN LSKOU * PMAN. Blie Bidg* Scm l t P. stl'ffi e.Weefern Mary'and Rail.-t ad m23 lm WTOt KT?1 HOTEL, " UPBBAV, N J. Aga A GtlMS JIXE 13 *. 1471. Eal CHARLES DITFT, (Of Cottiae:.tul HcUlt Phila ,J Proprietor. tn;SVlni |1T1/bl RI^OB HOTEL. Tie rew tr.anagerncnt beg leave to iBfonn ths rrr n? cce?ta aad pat rone of Uua weli { itcwa acd poenlar El lBBK BK80BT w Tlv 'he Hotel h*e twea most th^r^nthl/ aahe<l aad rem .deled from top to bv.tto3?. A lleial pat.-' rage is eollcitsd TBLMtJ MODKUATB. Anly to AMMOB * J400BY, ?=tX lm Ll'lr. Per.aaylvaBla. 'I'hK 1JALT1MOHK AND OHIO BA1LBOAD I LOMPABI 8 UOTKL, _ AT DBBB PAKE. ,?MlbeOPBB ros VUlTOBdoatbe 1BTB OB Jl N K. and their NEW H"T*L at Oak-A Wbdon the 1st Or JCLT. Appllcanu VMV m r K>-vn * or Infonnation addreee the on *?r?ifi!?l, at Oakiand, ttsmtt ooodiv. M1 ??g Ml* JOMB DA1LBT, Manager.^ I/EJTS WE AH. SritING GOODS. NEW STYLES FINS GOODS, TO MAES TO SBABUBS. SUITS TO ORDER, IBOM ?3? UP. READY MADE SUITS, TBOM #14 UP. BEAUT MAOB SPRING OVERCOATS. ? BIO DP. OBVLIN * OO.J lioe r tiaiiT. ?? it tw IV AT Ta*'B Vt(.?.ftHLM TAT II kHflC ll A^U A1TI HILIUU PILL* Tte demaad for these pule hae largely lucrcaead. We therefore call aablic attealion to the!.- n.orite ma a geteral family pby?lc Pr par-d with tbe great ?et rare, thev preeeat tbe f -(1J wing good _iua itlee Ti.ey are wa.-raat*d ahoUy rneuMt. TaeJr ac ties le pet* f ? rrtsia an) r;:ectu?l. Tkay ara Mltg t. the st.mach They ntrt the liver ta a Itailtii aod Kti>? up- rati >u They care bUlon* ten. sick h?a<l?che. and ooetiveaeae. Tbe; are la saleable for iiidigietton and dyspea^a. They tfc*r t eghly clean** th* eatire ?Tstem They do aoC grip* <-r give p*ta dnrtr.? th*tr actloa They ara adapted for fteLerai uee Children aad delicatc pereooa caa take teem at well ae the strong and robust. Horn' ??A thay are alvar* fraah. i while pateut ptlls y*aera.l/are n-'t ; erJ oocae<ioeotly aail^rmly ef fectnal. Price, a e*o taper box Por ?al* oaly bp AKTMl'K HATTAMB. Phar?iacl?^ ' Birtt tr Corner B aad P ?tr*?|a aorihweet. \v ATCHrs, J EH SLUT. 8 I L T B B ABO v v PLATBP W a BR. *T (iBBATLT BB OK ED Phlt kS. FOB TUB EEX t SO fKi I'ati. JUM W. B. TAPPAM, ^ Jeweler, SO* ? >tre*t, Maeublc Temple, irji^i Mb.*. Deaicrept'aBellahl*Fa>*a?Ba. STECIAL NOTICES. r?? THE OHIO REPUBLICAN CAMPAl**# 1*7 Ctl'BwM! b< 11 their next regular tnejtmg at * o'clock THM (FiHar) KVtNINO. Jane I*. W6, it Oo?i<t? Hall. MIJ K ktrwt northwest. It* CONVEYANCES WILL LEAVB TUB Ij-?/ ccrter of ?th street and Pennsylvania *ve I.ii.. < o SATURDAY at 10:30 a. ni , for ARLlH 1 TON C rtribuiione of flowers will be received at Boatd cf Trad* room* uMtl 10 o'c'oik a in. It *ttintio?.i.bwtobkbbi ?-*?*. Ur-y' r'artrreMDi: of the HKW Y? RK RBPL'B l t< AS ASSOCIATION al'l te beld at G^n/sgs 11*11, 913 F *t'eet. Tl-ilOithOW |8itard>r) EVENING, at 7:C) o'clcck B. H.DUELL, Pretldest. .1 H CABMIEBCKE, Serretar/. It fT^j? VKTEBaB* MEXICAN W|B'-*enUr r.oalhly tceMiog on 81TUKOAY EVEN ING, Jme 3d,at 1114 Pa av , at jn'clnck. Im P' rtart bu?lnees. J \ M ES W. DEB VBR. Pree A M KBBNADAY, Bee. jel 3t* FOtNDRl H B CHUBCH. ciroer 14th aid C "ireetii?A Centennial Festival and 1^* Partr. THURSDAY ar.d FRIDAY EVEN INGS of this week. Ladies bavins; ch*rg?, lieu c" nt coetnrie. On Friday evening singing by the "Old Folk " jel-2t AN ENTERTAINMENT will Its given 1? U*^ the JKFFEHSON I.'TERARY A*?0 DE H ->TINQ SOOlfi Y. at Jtfferson School Buillir 7, for the pt>rrhaa" of first honerai?del? f>rthe Pablfo Hfti* It, 4th <?i>tiic.?, on FBI OA Y EVENING. Jane Id, Wt. at 8o'clock. Admi<~ion.38 cents. jel at* SPECIAL AND IMFOBTANT. M SINE REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN CLUB. Th > r mil <-rs of tlili ' lr.b are repeated to meet -v SATURDAY EVaNlNG NEXT, June Sd. at their Booms, "L? Droit Br.ildl.'g." Sp-clil and in portunt business dtmands the individual attend of each m?Ll>er. at l\i p. m . "hirp J. W HABSON, Preside; t. WM 8 DODGB.Sfc.e;ary. jel-Jt HPBK MUTUAL BUILDING ASSO" 1^-r-r < IATION. (tntnniZ'4 Jiitifar*. 19*4 >? f ? urthregnlar meeting fcr subscription t ?st-ck ard ?e> m?-nt of du?s ?ill b? h<"d MONDAY, June 3th.att? p m , at 8.F.NMEBBUND HALL,cor n?t 8tb nt d E streets r.orthwest Entrance on 8th ftrret. Ttis as?r< lation la crgarued upon the beat plan, and present* rare advantage* both to the fa \?M?T and borrower. Shares #JU0. Thn- #1 a;r on nth on each chare. No premirtn nntii t anner f tic. EDWARD olVkK, President. j-1 4t IBV1NG WIliHA M3QN. 3ecretar> ? At*'HON NOTICE. w, Saecl peclal notice i* railed to the autlcn Mile of Un it de?tn<d Pledgee and Commission Goods l?ft with b Goid?tein A Co., Loan and Commission Brokers, wtich takes place on SA1UBDAY, Jnne 3d, a: 10 a. m ac! 7 p m , at our paction rooms, corner 9:h ai.d D streets. A large assortment of O^ld and Silver Watc jes, I limonds and other Fine Jewelry, Ac , Ac., wil'. be ? Id to the bigheat bidder f ir cash fale p<?ltive witbont reserve. Every article fn ly warranted as represented. All Interested are resaecifnlly Invited. j l it | K>pl DPNOiBijoN BBQ3 . Atlcts. STBAWBBBBY FCSTIVaL. UBION M J. CHTBCu. authstr??t ard Pennavivan?a avenne. WEDmBSOA Y, THDB3DAY and FRI DAY EVENINGS tb<s week mySl-Si* COLUMBIAN I'BlVKBSITY WILL sive th' lr annnal excursion to Olymont on ibe Tth or JC5B. Extensive preparations are b< ing made to aeenre one of the happiest tripe ever taken ilosratbe Fefnnac. mv31 AT AC('TI'?N ?The ENT1BC STOCK of H. H. HKMPLEB, OPTICIAN.433 Penn lylvanla avenne, BVEBY EVENING at TH o'tlick. tnj J6 tr OFFICE OF KBAHKLIB INS. CO^, WA->niIt0TU!?, D. O., May 22. 1876. he StockboMem of the FBANKLIN 1N H KANCB COMPANY of %'ashlacton and George town. D. n., ere requested to meet at tblsoflireon MONDAY. JnneStb,between the boars of lOo'clock ? m. and 2 o'clock p. m.. for the purpose of sleeting twelve (13) Directors for tbe ensuing vear n>23'*oA4 OH AS BBADLBY, Secretary. T. M. C. A . OPXN AIB M CITINGS Every Bvening.at8 o'clock, corner 7tb street and Pennsylvania avenue. SABBATH AFTEBNOONSCBVICB IM LINCOLN HALL, At :<h o'ciosk. ?^Everybody In-, ite-l mv26 tr THE BEST ? ILBCBN'S SODA WATER. EATUBAL SPR1BO WATERS on Dranght IOC-COLD TEA, COFFEE asd CHOCOLATE. 1449 Fl.txsTZ.VA.liA Aviin, tpU tr near WUIard'a. f^BTw WHITAB.ER, ? , W (i'nTal Claim and mixtion J'?sJ, No. 719 lAtb street, near Treasury Dopartaient. District Claims, Pension aud Bounty Claim*. ? nwMtf. . . kp.i fa? NERVOUS BXHACSTION.-A Medical hfy E^eay, comprising aseriee of lectures deli? >red at K aba'a Mas* tun of Anatomy, New York >n toe canse and cure of Premature Decline, show t Indisputably how lost health may be regained, L-rding a clear synopsis of tbe Impedimenta to Darriage, and tbe treatment of nervoos ard phytl al Mobility, being tbe result of 30 years' ex perieooe. Price. 33 cents. Address the anthorOJr. L. J. Kahn, ftice and re^tdecce, i\ Bast lOib st ., B. T. apl-4m r^?H D. OOCKB, Jm. A OO., BABKEB8, ayU tr 1499 F tret. STBATFOBD fbbdall, 1^7 343 4H street, iana? ATTORN Ml-AT-1A W. 'LEW 18 JOHBSOB * OO., B A ? K M R St tmnm tj VOtk Strict and Finmylvmnim Ismsi, Dealers fa Government aad District Secnrltlea foreign Bscbange and Oold. sepiS ly ?SAMUEL O. TOUBQ, BOTABY PUBLIC, oetl7-tf Ornc*?Bram Bvtl?im. 187() CLOTHING. 1876 IIOBT PUBCllASB' UNTIL YOU EXAMIBB iJ that haadaoiue Elbeonf Case Bait for #18, for merly ?33, at A. BTBAU8'. A BEAUTIFUL WB1TB M ABSBILLE3 VEST, single or doable- b Pennsylvania avenne. slugle or doable- breasted, for flic, at 1011 ylv " ARD TIME!!? Purchasers want to save money, so lock at the ?10 Worsted Suit at A. STKAUS . H ? IGHT COLOBBD AND FABCY DBESS 1j PANTS, 100 different patterns, at 1011 Peon cylvaLia avenue. TBE OB1ENTAL SILK WOB8TBD SUIT for ?30 is most drea-y out this aeasoa, at A. STBALB'. PB1NCB ALBERT PKOCK COATS, with Vests to match. Beaxtitui pattern for BUI, at 1011 Peansj Ivania aveaae. The obbat hit of tub season -a Linen Daster, very long aj-d nicaly maae, f?r ? 1, at A. bTRaUb The dellbbabre plaid oass suit re tuccil to #11. at 1QI1 PaunsyIvania avtnne. A FULL LINE of Children's SUITS, band ton.ely trimnud and made In the very latest aryle, from #3 npanrds.atA STR\US'. The fine black oloth dbess suits for #18 should be seen to be appreciated, at 1011 Peiina)lvanla avenue. ?ENGLISH STBIPE AND PLAID OASB SUIT Es thai acid for #U. seUtng now for #13, at A. bT Kilo . M0HAIB DUSTERS. Plain and Ulster style. A treat variety of colors, at 1011 Peantylvaaia aveLUe. NORTH HOOSIC CASS SUIT at #11, Is only to be had at A. STRAUS'. BOYS SCHOOL SUITS, w. ii trimmed and nloely made, for #?, at loll Penaaylvaaia avenue. VUtTHS DBESS AMD BUSINESS SUITS tn a I great varie.y of styles and patterns, at A. 6TBACS'. MOHA1B AND SILK LUSTER ALPACA CoaTS, at ail prlcte,at 1011 Pennsylvania avenue. SALLJKLEY BBOKEN CHECK CABS SUIT, frock style, well made aad trimmed, for #8. at A. bTBAl'S . _______ rpHB LARGEST S1ZB MAB enn b* fined In 1 Suits or separate Coats, Pa it* r Y<.atst at 1011 Pennsylvania aveeue YOU BEBB Til ST SUi f for #3 at A. bTRAl'B'. Have STR 1A*T BUT HOT LEsbT'?A geualne Mid,lis a sex Flannel at IT for ?L3,a 1(111 Psnaavl vaiila avenne. mi3< tr MAJOR, cob, betmm* asd it srsrrn, HAS THE COLDEST AND BEST % SODA WATLB, IN THE WORLD. mylSta TBT IT. BI.133T *l??ILvaiiia Av EVENING STAR. Washington News and Gossip. Government Receipts To-dat?Inter nal revenue, S447.42-5 47; customs, 840J.657.10. Senator As ruoSY be* relume I worn hi* trip toRtode Island. Naval Ofoers ?Comuander A. W Weaver pnd Ensign Henry McCre*\ order* d to WssMrgtoa, D. C., for exa-nlnatloa pre liminary toprorpo.lon. The Fourth of Jusi falling on Snn lay, U:p qua-, ;rly payment of pensions will not commence be'ore the 5,vi 1* St., as payment before thePh, under the law, wi'l not be allowed. ThkSesatk special committee to In vestigate M'tMsslppt aflAlrs, consisting of Me?si3. Bout we'I, Cameron of Wisconsin, McMillan. Bayard and McDonald, leave for Jacsson, Missif.sinpi, on Monday aiweraoon next, to take Vit-noay. Nominations.?The President sent the following nominations to the senate to-day: Wm. G. Ritcb, of Wisconsin, to be Secre tary of the territory ol New Mexico, and Robert J. Alcorn, of Mississippi, to be re ceiver of public moneys at Jackson, Mia s' slppl. The Court of Claims has decided to appoint a receiver for the Hot Springs prop erty In Arkansas on behalf of the govern ment. He Is to collect, rent* equal to the amount paid by the occupants ol tue bulld h gs at the time the land was declared gov ernment property. amongtpe visitors at the Executive Mansion to day who had audience with the President, were Senators Allison, Mor ton, Clayton, Howe, McMillan, Ferry and Patterson; Representatives RusK. Wells, W alte, Williams and Lyncb; also, Lieuten ant Governor An* line, of Louisiana, and ex.Attorney General Williams. TBI WESTMINSTER REVIEW tor April, (Scott PubllshlngCo.'s reprint,Received from E. M. Whltaker, the Washington agent, has an article, apropos to current discussion in ibis country, on "Toe Legal position of Wo men," showing that the legal Inequalities of the sexes are Lot so mucn advantages con sciously taken by men, as survivals from savage times and necessities. Speaker KtRR has received a friendly letter lrom General Butler, saylDg there Is not a docent man, woman or child In the United 8tat9S who believes the charge against him (Kerr), e id he begs M r. Kerr not to allow It In the least to worry him. He characterizes it as an Infamous conspiracy. He closes by alluding to their long term of service in Congress-together, their opposing views on political questions, Ac. SIR EL ward Thornton?Under thecon ventlon between tne United States and Mexico the law provides a salary of f3,000 per annum for the umpire, and the Mexican kovernment appropriates a like amount, making 86 000. Sir Edward Tnornton has performed the duty In a laborious and falth uil manner, but refuses to accept any salarv. The Foreign Affairs Committee have msue a report, and recommend that the money be devoted to the procuring of a sultaole testi monial to the British minister. OCR Imperial VisiTO*s.?-The Empress or Biazil was at the Capitol to-day. A beautiful arch of e'.cgaut flowers was p?n?cd yesterday Jnst before the begin ning of the 'mpeacbineut trial, In the Senate, cn President Ferry's d' >k. It stoo.t at his rl;bt, on the de3k, out a lev minutes, waen ii*, Ferry, sent ?he beautiful gift with i is compliments to His Majesty the Empt ier of Brazil, reatr 1 in the diplomatic gal lery at the time. Sir Edward Thornton has issued Invitations for a tea party to the Imperial party. The confederate dead at Arling ton.?We are Informed that a number of Massachusetts soldiers will assist to-mor row in strewing flowers npon tne graves of tne confederate soldiers at Arlington. O-ir crowded columns prevent the publication of ? heir communication to the coinnaitt*.} hav ing charge of this ceremony and the courte ous resr >nse of Dr. Garnett for tba? a gentl- ? men. We are reqnested to Btate that fiere ?ill be r.o speeches upon tho occaslou?only religious services and the decoration of the iwvts. THE FOLLOW IHU REASSIGN MENT lS made of the officers of the Inspector Gene ral's department, viz: Headquarters of the Army?Inspector General R. B Marcy, lu chrrge of Inspector General's office; Inspec tor (ieneral JT,A. Hardle, assistant In In spector General's office. Division of the Missouri?Inspector General D. B. Sacket; Assistant Inspector General A. Balrd. Di vision of the Atlantic?Inspector General N. H. Davis; Assistant Inspector General R. Jones. Division of the Pacific-Inspector General Edmund Schrlver; Assistant In spector General E. H. Ludlngton. Confirmations ?The S9nate in execu tive session yesterday confirmed the follow ing nominations: Edward F. Beale, of the District of Columbia, to be envoy extraordi nary and minister plenipotentiary to Aus tria, vice God love S. Orth, resigned; Geo. A. C. Woodley, register of land office, Spring Held, Mo ; Charles N. Harris, ditto, Larson City, Nev.; Alexander P. Tntton, collec'or of the port of Philadelphia; Commodores T. P. Morgan and Daniel McDougal, to be rear admirals on the retired list; Charles J. Nonrse, te be assistant surgeon, and Henry R. Smith, assistant paymaster Iti tiie navy. Postmasters?Wm. E. Blunt, at Havers ? 11, Mass.; Joseph R. Wlncnell, at Hannibal, Mo; Jeremiah Galvan, at Browusvllle, Texa3. The Memorial ok the Concession, al Printer.?The Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections held a meeting to day to eonslder the memorial of Mr. A. M. Ctapp, Congressional printer, presented to the Senate ou the ZUl ult?, asking for an In vestigation by a Senate oommltlee Into the management of his office. The oommltlee discussed the matter lor some time, but came to no conclusion, and It was finally laid over until Uie next meeting. The merits of the case were not discussed at all, the point un der consideration being whether the comnalt t**e ought not to ask that the whole matter be referred to the Committee on Printing, where many of the members believe It prop erly belongs. It Is not unlikely that tne committee will ultimately ask for such ref erence. U s. Mail Vessels Caret Slaves to Rio Janeiro.?Kev. Emanuel Vanorden, or Klo de Janeiro, Brazil, was introduced this morning by Representative Seeiye, or Mas sachusetts, to the President. Mr. Vanorden communicated to the President that the U. S. mall steamers between New York and Rlode Janeiro were contlunally transport ing slaves from seaports north of Rio de Ja neiro to that capital; that as many as 106 bad been carried by steamers of the United States and Brazil Steamship Company of New York, and mat this company continued doing so until Its very last trip in October, i5, when the contract with th? government. having expired the line was discontinued. * Heaisostated that be bad sent two comma nlcHtlouM directly to th*? President from Rio ?le Janeiro; that be ha? haJ some correspond ? -tee with the Post Office department, but ibat the evil bas never been remedied; also, that he sras informed by the United States Consul General in Rio de Janeiro that last year be received a communication from the State department Instructing blm to lnvee sate and report, but that be (the consul), i.ot wishing to come Into difficulties with ? ?' eniiai parties, has never reported to the rtment, though he acknowledged that 'be matter of which Mr. V. complatacd was ?n outrage and ought to be stoppf 1. Also, ?h?r the "Star Ball line of United States mall steamers." which recently enteral Into a contract wl;h the government, on Its very first trip brought eleven "slave* to be dellv ered" Into Rlode Janeiro, aud that the U. S. nail steamers are the only foreign packets which transport slaves "to be dellven 1" as so many tins of kerosene and lard. Tne Pre sident listened very attentively to Rsv. Mr. Vaoorden'e statement, aod said that this matter would be investigated at onoe. VWoman will hereafter be admitted as students by the unlrsmiy at Delaware, O. The Blaine Sensation. The tetter Question A</ain. Xallini Waited by the Real Eitate Pool Cammittee. The sub committee on the Judiciary, now investigating Mr. Blaine's connection wlih tbe Little Rock and Fort Smith railroad bond matter, met this morning at 10 o'clock, bntdld not go on witb the examination of witnesses. M?. W. E. Chandler, of counsel for Mr. Blaine, made a statement bafore the com mittee, that so far Mr. Blame has been uli able to have a conference witb the two law yers to whom he Intended to submit the question arising out Of the p->ssr-*sIon of the letters he took from the witness Mulllzan. He said Mr. Blaine would see them to d-iy, however. The committee then adjourned until 12 o'clock. MC1.LIOAS IN DIM AND. Just es the committer adjourno-l a snb cwLa was served ui>on Mulligan to appear before the Real Estate Pool Committee, It being understood that he has 6ome valuable Information in regard to the subject of their Inquiry. He will be cxaminel by that com mittee to-morrow. At 12 o'clock a further adjournment of 'he sub committee on tbe Judiciary was mide until 2 o'clock this afieruoon. MR. KLAI5E, CSDKR LEGAL ADVtCK, DE CLINES TO PRODUCE THE LETTERS. The committee reassembled at 2:l5o'clock. The chairman cf the committee, Mr. Hun ton, renewed the request that the letters taken from tbe witness Mulligan by Mr. Blaine be produced before the commlttce. Mr. Blaine said, as he stat. l yesterday, be would take the opinion ol two eminent lawyers upon the subject, be had done so, and he proceeded to real them a written opinion upon the question submitted. Tue *? Messrs. Matt.H. CarpenUr and Jere. Black advise him not to produce the letters on the ground that to compel their production would be unjnst and tyranical. They also bo>d, after reading tbe fifteen letters that Mr. Blaine submitted to them, that they nave no relevancy to the matter la hand, and that tbe committee would decide the same way ir tbe letters were shown them, MULLIGAN AGAIN. After Mr. B'alne bad refused to produce tbe letteis Mul"gan was qrestloned c.ju cern'ng the one in which ha says Mr. Blaine ae know led god the ?C4,ooo transaction. He was proceeding to tell all he kne w about It when our report closed. ? The Investigation of Tbe Star. HOW IT UETS ITS NEWS. The House Committee on tbe District of Columbia this morning resumed the Inves tigation to ascertain bow T*ib Evening Stab obtained an advance copy of Judge Buckner's views on District affairs. Wm. C. MacBrule, a reporter of The Star, Wis ilrst called as a witness, and was ex amined by Judge Hendee. He testified that he knew Mr. Wnltney, the clerk of the c jrn rolttee. but declined to state whether or not be bad furnished The Stab the report or bow it had been obtained. Mr. Hendee?The only reason why we de sire an answer is to exculpate Mr. Whitney and the employes of tbecommlttee room. The Witness?While 1 should like to ex culpate Mr. Whitney, my confidential rela tions to The Evening Star newspaper compels me to refuse to answer where the report was obtained. Q. But Mr. Whitney feels that he Is enti tled to exoneration, inasmuch as he thinks he is under tbe ban of suspicion. A. Well The Evening Star has not cast the first stone. By Judge Buckner:-Do I understand you to refuse to answer any question as to tbe means by which you get information for >?< ur rewupaper. A?Most emphatically. The getting of in formation is uiy capital in tra lo. Now, wtielto tell, upon tbe mere solicitation, *bo gave me information, it would toon clo.'t all the avenues ai. edible tor obtam ng It, and it would destroy that capital an J very rapidly send myself to the bottom of tie ladder In my professio n M r Crapo - You say your tource of informa tion is your slock in trade. Ho it is a pArt of the profession to get information honorably or dn-houora'ilj? A' never ;;et Information in a dishonora ble manner, The wltLt-f-K was questioned at length, but toall Interrogatories bearing on the question > s to how The mar acquir~ l lis report be declined to make answer, for the res ion t uat It would destroy the confl lentlai relations exit Mr g between a newspaper and Us sources of acquiring news. While be recognized and appieciated tbe desire of Mi. Whitney and others to be exculpated, he said it is manifest that if he answered in that instance, tbe committee would direct its Ipqn'iy In other directions, and where ne finally refused to answer?where the line of demarcation would be made, there suspicion would fall, and possi bly and very probably unjustly. Now, if The Star publishes anything against tbe character of au Individual, it is willing to defend it, if right, make the amende If it Is wrong, or dlsclexe the source of Its information. But In this instance character was not assailed, no one's reputation was impugned, and it was a confidential matter with The Star where it got lt3 report. Mr. Wlllard.?Are you notaware that the premature publication of the document, which was ordered sub roe a by the commit tee to be kept strictly secret. Is likely to affect the reputation of every member or the committee, and its employes? Mr. Crapo.?Yes, and who Is to ba the judge as to whether reputation has or has not been assailed. A. Well, In this instance I am tbe judge. Mr. Silver, an employee, who wauted to be exculpated, was allowed to put a ques tion to the witness. Q Did you get tbe report directly or indi rectly from me? A. 1 decline toanswer that question, and I will state to the committee that my dec'ina i ion Is one of principle, which would apply in were asked about any one miles away frr.m the committee room. Q. You don't mean by refusing to answer in any particular case to Implicate tbe per son about whom you are questioned? A. By no manner of means. By Mr. Hendee.?Did you get a copy of the report from any officer or employee of the House of Representatives or from any officer or employe of tbe Government print ing office? a. I must respectfully decline to answer that question on tbe same general principle with that above stated. Tbe committee then cleared the room for consultation. After a short session the sub ject was postponed until Monday next. The District la Congress. NATIONAL RAILWAY COMPANY. Mr. Cragln Introduced a bill In the Sen ate yesterday to Incorporate the National Railway company, with a capital of, and authority to construct aad eqterate a railroad between the cities of Washington and New York, with branches from Annapolis to Baltimore and from Greensboro', Md., to Lewes, Del., together with two lines from Brldgton, N. J., to the city of New York?one via Camden, Bor dentown and Jamestown to the Hudson river, and tbe other via Vlneland and Long Branch to the Hudson. The Chesapeake aad Delaware bays are to be crossed by ferries Tbe bill provides that the U. S. Government shall subscribe for at least one haif or tbe arooontof stock taken by private parties The following are nam d as the proposed in norroraU?rs: W B. Leonard, Add'son H. I.Mtlln, James N. Smith, Ward B. Burdect O if eon L. Walker, W. W. Walker and Hen ry Vincent, of New York; J. R. McPh?rson C X. Jordan. W. R. Sneden and H. R Campbell, ot New Jersey; Wm. H. Kemble of P? nnsylvania; John H. Rice, of Maine L. L. Lyons, Harbeson Hickman and G. W Cummins, of Delaware; G- W. Goldsbor ougb, Henry Gantz, Wm. H. Tuok, W. H and C. D. 8palds, of Maryland; A B. Appleman and Samuel Fowler, of the District of Columbia. In the American Social Science Association, In Philadelphia, yesterity, ronr.mntitration was read ,.-om Dr W. F Chanting on the "PeculiarConditionsAf feet lug the Homes of Factory Operative)." Prof. Archer, of tbe British Centennial com mission, read a paper upon "International Exhibitions," and the advantages they far upon civilisation. Messrs Lrr * Shipard have issued new third edition or " For Better or Worse* by Mrs. Crolby, the first two baring entirely exhausted. The Charges Against Speaker Kerr. Latcrcnce Hamey Re-examined, Ho Sticks to His Original Story. rut is Contradxted by a New Witness. Tbe Committee on the Expenlitnres In the I War Department coutinued this moralng at I II o'clock the Investigation of the charges I a.alnst 8p*aker Keif, who, on acionnt of I III health, was cot prescut. j Laurence H'trney ?u re-examlned. He tLought bis ilr^t Interview wi"i Green wai I In March or May, 1 and about tw ) woeks elap*ed before bis inte.vlew with Mr. Kerr. I Co Id ne>t recollect tbe date, but It was In- I si.e of a month. It took that time to see in- I dlvldnals who had the appointments; spoke I to Darling, and several other members of I Cor.gress, but could not remember all: could I rot state that he had not converse! with other members; could not recollect whether I he was present when Mr. Kerr Invited Green up to his room; Introduced Mr. Green to Mr. I Kerr; remembered that; Mr. Kerr lnviiel witness to his ream; noooeelse was present; did not know where Green was then; whea Green applied to witness for the appoint ment?at the first interview?he told uira he would do the best he could, and hunt a place; at the second interview witness sa'd that he told Mr. Green that there was then only one vacant place. Wit- I uess did not see Mr. Kerr opeu the let ters be handed him Id the House; did not tbink be desired to open them then; the rext day be asked him If they were satis- | factory, and Mr. Kerr said they were; was at Mr. Kerr's room three times on agree ment. Witness oould not recollect whether he introduced Mr. Green to any other Rep- I resentative. Witness'purpose in calling on Green in New Yorfc about six weeks ago was to tell him that a gen.ieman (Mr. Moore) bad called upon him upon the appointment; witness had spoken to one gentleman, a Judge in New York, about the law of the investigation, and to one lawyer who was with bim this morning to take care of his (witness') reputation; did not tell any per- I son that bewonld consult a lawyer except I the judge In New York; wben he asked Mr. Kerr bow much his influence would cost in i ecnrlng tbe appointment of Green, Mr. I Kei/ told him; did not tsll Mr. Green pre viously bow much the appointment would cost, as witness did not know the price; told Green, however, that be bopad It would not ccst more than three or four hundred dollars. In the first or second interview with Green witness did not recollect whether be bad mentioned the name of any member of Congress, although bis memory was as good as on last Monday. Green did not pay wit- I ness the amount (?500) which Mr. Kerr de manded, but paid all that be had. There I was no meeting at tbe appraiser's office in I New York regarding this investigation. Tbe I subject was discussed by himself and tbe appraiser, Wm. A. Darling, when the news- I pa per attack was made upon tbe appraiser's I department. Witness' first interview wltl I Bliss was six weeks a$o; Bliss sent for htm, I and he went to his office; Bliss asked how I he was, and complimented bim on his ap- 1 r earanee, and asked bim about the appoint- | ment of Green; refused to tell Bliss whether there was any mor ey in it; did not have any otber interview with Bliss on that subject; I did not know the relations between Wake man, Bliss, Darling and Davenport; their I characters always stool well to witness's Knowledge. BLI98 BID NOT UBGB WITNESS to come to Washington to make this state. I ment; bad no conversation with any one be- I fore he was subpteuead; when he ascomp".- I uled Green to Mr. Kerr's room Green ex- I plained bis record in the volunteer regiment; Mr. Kerr was pleased with bis personal ap ptaraL.ce; nothing wasaaidof money in Mr. I Green's presence. Witness resigned bis of flee iu the appraiser's department on tbe I ."Jib ol April; has received no answer tohis resignation; has known Greei for thirty I j ears. Witness was bom in Westcaester county, near Harlem; his parents came from the place where all good people came from, 'Ould Ireland." Witness' relations with I Green were friendly, and every thing that I passed teiween them wss regarded as c >ufl- I dential by both parties; never had any in- I teiview with Mr. Kerr between I860 I and Monday la?t; couldn't fix the da'e I When he t?ld *450 to Mr. Kerr, but It was I between fhehou.sof one and tiiree; witne.i I tever had a bank account, but always kept I 'ibout a hundred dollars for every day use; I kept the money Green paid bim in bis I pocket less than a week before paying it to Mr. Kerr. WiUi'is repeated his direct tes timony that Mr. Kerr called him aside in I oteofthc halls and said ' Harney, I'll take that money now.' Kerr. Green, and wit- 1 ness were the ouly ones that kuewof tbe 1 money matters of said appointment; several I Knew, however, that the appointment was obtained by Mr. Kerr's influence; did not de- I sire to appear before this committee; the I principal reason of the disturbance of the .-onfldence J between Mr. Kerr and witness was tbe attack in the papers on the apprais er's department; witness' relations towards ' ihe democratic party are excellent. A " STBIKBB," I ?n New York politics, means "get all the money you can out of a man and knock him 1 down afterwards;" witness is not a "striker;" in the republican party witness always thought himself "first rate;" most every gen tleman of witness' acquaintance Is bis backer; cannot give all tbelr names at piea <nt; would name ex-Mayor Havemeyer, Hon. Wm. A. Darling and others?same as were given last Monday; witness acknowl edged that Mr. Moore, or New York, showed (dm a letter purporting to have been given to Mr. Kerr anon: nously; all that be re membered of It was the name "Harney," I *nd ?150. A QUESTION OF HAND WRITING. The witness was requested by Mr. R. K. Elliott to take a paper and pen, and be would be assisted in reealling tbe oontenu of it; witness declined. Tbe chairman asked if the purpose was to see if the band-writing of witness might lead to tbe author of tbe I note. Mr. Elliott said that he was uot par titular about tbe object. The chalrir an or dered witness to write. Witness signed bis name; but, upon being requested to take I down the dictation, refused for the present, I cmi tbe ground of nervousness. Mr. Elliott | postponed it for the present Witness, continuing, said be found out I from Kerr directly that be had a vacancy; when witness met Green in the Bowery he I said be was surprised that be (Green) was going to Washington, and told him be bad better wait for witness. Green sent presents of money to witness after bis appointment; saw Mr. Kerr onee on tbe Astor bouse steps between 1866 and *76: it took wltnet3 about thiee weeks to obtain Green's appointment, wlib bo other consideration in view but bis friendship for Green; was never requested r*y Mr. KAr or any one else to suppress bis stsiement before the oommlttee. In tbe In tel view witb George Bliss be told witness that be bad written to a Mr. Bass, a member of Congress; did not assign any reason to witness for writing to Mr. Bats; witness tel egarphed to Mr- Bass first, because the name was short and easy to spell. In bis telegram be simply said that be would appear before this oommlttee. [Tbe chairman said that Mr. Bass bad shown the telegram to htm after he had received It 1 Witness did not refer Mr. Moore to his lawyer, but did give his name, saying that if they kept anno) lng bim about this matter be woo ft seek legal advice; did no' tell bMn that Bflss was pressing bim, aud did not say ?bat ! BJLlhS AND DAYBNPOBT WERE D-D K48 oax.s and d?d scoundrels; never used that kind of langu> ?e; after leaving the committee room last Monday, witness wai loan I ted and booted at, and hurried to get out of the way of his aasailan'; then went to tbe hotel in a carriage; at tbe hotel saw Mr. Wakemau there and many others; left the hotel about nine o'clock and left the city; Mr. Wake man was ou the same train with wltnees: at tbe hotel witness bad a conversation with a cleiK behind the oounter; tb* clerk sa'd, "What are you doing making a row up at the< apttol;" witness was excHel, and said he*w as making a row, and the eooseqoence would be seen; oould not remeonber tbe worrs; witness afterwards apologized, aud said he was sorry be bad said it; weat to New York to oonsult his physician; no one gavebim permission; in New Yorkoonsulted a Dr. Freeman. Witness was asked if, as he stated, he endeavored to go In the best so ciety in New York, and said, "Yes.'* He wai asked If be knew one of tbe leaden of that society, named "Harry Hill;" said, "Yes; bat bad only one interview with bim, a long time ago,about a borse." Witness never baa been Indicted or arrested for anything, or never was la tbe custody of a pouee offloer; was married In July, v.7, ?t U 4?th street; married a woman named Anne Pryor: h?* wife la atlll living: Has always lived with witness. A imc<s was bere taken. HAKHIY'H HANDWBITIBO At Half-paid one the committee was again called to order, tbe witness Harney still on tbe stand. Mr. Elliott renewed his request that tbe witness write wbat be dictated. Harney compiled, ana slowly wrote as follows: "A rumor Is circulating secretly In New York tbat one Harney, now In tbe apprais er's department there, gave yon In 1"'V:, SlV) for tbe appointment of one Augustus 1*. Green, of New York, as second lieutenant. Harney may be summoned; does not want to be: has not yet been." Mr. Elliott looked at It as Harney had written It. and asked from wbat college be graduated ? Witness answered ?'none;" th*t Uie only education be got was in a Meth odist 8unday school, when be was from :? to 11 years old. The witness was then asked if w hat be wrote was bla usual writing, and ir he always spelled that way; witness answerel tbat he might spell ami write better nnder other circumstances, but tbat he bad done as r?quested, and that Mr. Elliott oonld use it as he desired. Witness bad not correspondei with any ore within the past three months, and could give tbe name of no one that he bad coire*ponded with previously; be did Dot recollect tbe name of any newspaper man In New York with whom tie had con versed upon thesntjectoftb's investigation; never told a memoer of Congress mat he could make money for himself by securing an appointment,or that bis salary was in sufficient for bis support. Mr. Harney was then discharged until to morrow morning. Mr. Elliott desired tbat Mr. Myer Strauss, of Pa., be called and sworn. A SIW WITNESS. Mr. Strouxc testified that he was a member of Congress, from tbe Hcbuylklll district, In Knew tbe doorkeeper, Mr. Lawrence Harney, who a number of times asked wit ness to use bis lrflneuce to obtain blm a po sition In the army; witness being well satis tied as to Green's character, wrote a letter to Mr. Johnson, then President, requesting Mr. Green's appointment. RAD FOB HARNEY. A copy of tbe letter was produced, which Mr. Strouse acknowledged as a correct copy. Witness said tbat Harney said tbat Green was a friend of Ma (Harney's), and tbat be thought be would make four or five hundred dollars out of It. Hsrney irequently con versed with witness about tbe matter; did rot remember bavins any relations with Mr. Harney regarding tbe othec appointments; Harney waa ostensibly a republican, bnt bad democratic proclivities, as Johnson himself was a little abaky. Mr. Strouse was still on tbe stand when onr rej art closed. FOBTT-JFOUBTII CONGRESS. Friday, June 2. SENATE ?Mr. Eaton submitted a res olution calling on tbe District Commis sioners for a copy of the contract made with tbe ya/U>ttal Republican newspaper for the publication ol tbe delinquent tax list for this year, and whether tbe collector is charging tbe taxpayers more than the terms of said contract, and If so, by what authority. Adopted. Mr. McMullan called np the bill establish ing tbe port of St. Paul, Minnesota,as a port of appraisal. Passed. Mr. Clayton raited up bill for relief of Lieut Jas. B. Sinclair, which was amended and passed. Mr. Patterson Introduced bill for relief of Robert Small. Referred to Committee ou Naval Affairs. Mr. Morrill of Vermont, called uphill for relief of the families of John T. King and L. B Cutler, tbe former killed and tbe latter disabled for Mfe by tbe late gas explosion In the Senate wing of the Capitol. Passed. [It appropriates *3,noo for eacb of tbe families of tbe parties named. Mr. Cockrell called up bill for relief of Jud son A. Poet, of Missouri, late disbursing of cer U. 8. navy. Pass t. Mr. Boutwell called up tbe bill to provide , for a more speedy adjustment of the ac- I counts of tbe Treasurer of the Unltcl States, i Pasted. Mr. Sherman snhmtttet an order to pay W. F. McDanlel, a page lately Injured at the Capitol, tfce amount of his compensation for tbe rest ot tbe session. Mr. COnkllng called np the House bill ta authorize notaries public to take affl lavlts, &c., in the courts of the United 8tates. Passed. Mr. Jones (Fla ) called up the bill to on firm to tbe 6tata of Florida the swamp and overflowed lands granted under the act of September ->8th, lft'-O. Amended and laid lover. Mr. McMillan called up the bill to exempt ail vessel i engaged in the navigation of the Mississippi river and Its tributaries above the port of New Orleans from entries and clearances; which was passed. Mr. Tburman, from tbe Committee ou the Jndlclary, reported with amendments the bill In relation to tbe holding of tbe circuit courts of tbe United States for the fourth judicial circuit. Tbe amendments were ?greed to. and the bill passed. Tbe unfinished business, being the leglsla. tlve, executive, and judicial appropriation bill, was taken up. HOUSE OF REPRE3ENTATIVES?Af ter the reading of the Journal, tbe House went Into Committee of the Whole on the Indian Appropriation bill. Messrs. Mills and Throckmorton (Texas) advocated tbe transfer of the Indian Bureau from tbe Interior to the War department. Mr. Mills offered an amendment to remove the Indians on the Fort Sill reservation to the Indian territory. Mr. Randall argued that to do this would be a violation of treaty stipulations. The Chair (Mr. Springer) decided tbe amendment not In order, because It changed existing law and Involved expense. Mr. Mills then offered an amendment to authorize the military power of the United 8tates to keep tbe Indians on their reserva tion and prevent Incursions Into Texas. Inis was also ruled out. Tbe bill was still nnder consideration when our report closed. Democratic state CsavwtioM. MIBSOCKI DEMOCRATS NON-OOM MITT AL. Tbe MlHOuri democratic oonventiou put foim favors a repeal of tbe resumption act, bnt lcesmnch as tbe national convention Is to be held within thirty days it Is inexpedi ent to adopt any resolutions respecting tbe currency or flnanees of the oountry, but refer tbe same to such convention. A resolution Instructing tbe delegates to vote for Hen dricks was offered, but the convention re fused to allow it to be read, and much ooufu. sion prevailed for a short time. VERMONT DEMOCRATS FOR TILDES AN? HARD EOIBY. The Vermont democratic convention, at Moutpeller. vehterday, was the largest siuoe 1863. Hon. W. H. H. Bingham,of Siowe, was nominated for governor, and E. B. Baldwin, of Sharon, for lieutenant governor. Toe plat form is for gold and silver as tbe only legal tender. Resolutions were passed indorsing Governor Tllden for the Presidency. Mar cna D Oilman, B. B. 8malley, Jasper Rwd and P. 8. Benjamin, were elected delegates to St. Lome. THE ALABAMA DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION nominaud J. L. Pugb and J. T. Morgan as electoia for the s'ate at large, and E. 8. Shorter, L- P- Walker, J. F. Morgan and C. C- LAOgdon, delegates at large to St. Liuls. The delegate* to Bt. Louis are unlu?....'u ju>i. M1NB1SOTA DEMOCRATS FOR TILDE* AMD HABD MOHBY. The Minna ota democratic convention re commended Tllden for the Presidency and nominated delegates, and agreed tbat specie payments should be resumed as soon as the business interests of the country permit. In the Makyuxd Episcopal Con vemtioh. In session la Baltimore, j< i?er day, tbe report on the state of the oburoh was read, showing tbe number of clergy to be 157 ana communicants 16,223. Five new churches were admitted. Rev. Messrs. Gor <iou. Chew, Hoff, Btryker, Leeds, Lewin and Lrafcin were elected as tbe standing com mittee, and a number of reports were sub mltted on various diocesan subjects, that on mission* being the most important. Toe eccltsiastloai court for the next two years was nominated by the bishop and confirmed as follows: Rev. Or. Nelson, Rev. Dr. Hat ton. Rev. W. T. Brand, Rev. George 0. Stokes, Rfcv. Dr. Wsa. Hodges, Rev. J. A. Back and Rev. Wm. T. Johnston. At the Epsom maces ysstarday, says a London cablegram, the high level handicap was won by Oato. Tbe American bases Preakness, who won bis first vtotary bere at Plmllco, earns In second imssi tsn contest ants. Telegrams to The Star THE TURKISH QUESTION. The Ex-Sultan Caged. Servia Won't Recaflaize the New Oar A New European Conference. DANIEL DREW'S BANKRUPTCY His Qneer Way of Doing Itusine*. THE EASTON POISONING CASE. WHAT DiXIIL DREW DOI'TKMV Mia Klacalar MaUiwl aa u Mia Wax aC Kaiai Batlaeai. Nr.wYoKK.Juna 2 ? Toe examination of Daniel Drew, to bankruptcy, was be?iin yea tfiday, at bin residence. Hi* statement*, under oath, were substantially a* follow* I have transactoi no buslneasof any km<l f??r a year prior to the fim g of noy petition In bankruptcy. Tbeofflsce to which I did my busiue?s previously were those of Boyd Via cent, Johnson. Chase A Co., nickloatn .t Co.. and Whl tele* ? Wilson. I bad nobody In my employment. I always did my own business, and uai no book Keeper. I bad statement* of my acooants from theae bro ken". bill never had th*ra looked over. 1 bad collaterals with the?-e brokers, but they did suriender them, they uimi th?m op to mere nothing. I dm.'i know what became of lite statements of sceouuts t:.ev rendered ma. 1 I gueM I might have to ne of uiem io the bouse. bat I can't tell; I don't know wh< coold find th?m t ow; don't believe siybojy could. 1 wan wall enough off a year ago. I never kept any check book, thai a small account wltn the Manhattan batik, but It was aettled up long ago. I never bad any other. 1 never bat a-iy bank account at ail that amouuUi to much, lu reply to tbe (juration aa to how he made naj menu, Mr. Drew said ??These moo would charge me in ibt se transact ioi>s If auytniog went agaloaf me, they would charge u. an J I alwavs Tkt-MTkD TO TifkIR HONkSrY." lie did not remeniber whether there was even a balance, which be pah! ofT. ' it ran along nntll the craah came." He waa not In to* babltof giving note*; ne used to give some and to pay tbein, and be mitiit have paid them by drawing checks. Tuose cbacka might have been drawn on aome <?r tbe brok en mentioned; but on no bank except Man hattan. He did not keep any record of any notes, and when asked bow he knew woen they were due he replied thai be generally CAKKIKD THOSE THINGS III HIS H C AD. He bad no booka containing the entries of securities aa collateral!, and kept no memo randum of aecarltleaoutstanding. He trusted tohi* brokers to keep aucb memorandum, and never took any receipt from them. He "trusted to their honest y" ? l once had a great deal of property,r' aald tbe witneea," ??and I can tell wben I loat it all." Wbon asked If be oooid t< 11 what property be bad bad, Mr. I>rew said that he baa several mil lions at one time, and that be could tell wbat It conalated or by making out a statement, in reply to tbe question aa to how ne would go to work to make out aucb a statement, be said that he ??would make it op from wbere be put tbeae things and loat them." He would not be assisted In that way by any paper* or writing, as he always "carried those things In hia head." rOBEIOS HEWN, The Npmi Hallaa t'aye< Lo? do if, Jane 2 ?The /*o?' says it learn* that Abdul Azls, the iate Snltu of Turkey, Is confined in a splendid palace called "Tbe Cage." The l*ott also says It ha* reason to believe that bis life is perfectly safe, and adds that It understands that Qu?en Victoria immediately on learning of the deposit ton of Abdul Aziz took steps to obtain satisfactory assurance of the personal safety of ber former guest. The Wow Soltaa Loit Do if. June 2?A dispatch to the Hea ter telegram company from Constantinople states that the of r*mony of girding Murad Rflecdl, the new Sultan, with the sword ot Osman, which is equivalent to a coronation, is ptatponed until next week. Herri* Won't aeesgaiss Him. Lordoh, June 2?A special dispatch to the fall Mall Uazete* from Berlin sars "It is stated here that servia refuses to recog nize tbe new Hultan of Turkey on the ground of his Irregular accession to the throne and declines to pay her tribute, two Instalment* of wbicb are In arrears. A**iher Earayma ( oaanltatlaa. Tbe same dispatch *ays thai Prince Bia msick will accompany tbe Kmpcror Wil liam to Etna, where a fresh conference will he held between Prince Bismarck, Frinee Gortschakoff. and Count Karoll, the Aaa tr'.an ambassador at Berlin. ? the raaT Taai\. Ahead of Time Chicago, June t ? J arret t ? Palmer'* fast train left here for Council Blurts, via Chicago and Northwestern railway, at 10:30 p. m?fifteen minutes abead of time. It lasted various stations on tbe road abead of time. The run from Chicago to Carroll, 4nn miles, was made in * hours M minute*. Tbe train reached Council Bluffs at 9:26-39 min ntes abead of tbe schedule time. TWO AMD A HALF MILIK Ilf TWO KIXtTTCl The fa*teat time made since the train loft New York, which waa oo tbe Chicago and Northwestern railway, waa 2* mile* In 2 minute*. a i THE KAATOM POMO&INO CASE. ?raw* Musplcloaa af a Crtaaa Ka?toh, Pa . June 2?The myaterioas poisoning of Uie Laro* family, uear tbis city, 1* creating an unusnal excitement, and subsequent appearances justify graver aua piclonstban were at first entertained. A sum of f.*0 Is misting, and other fact* lust de veloped lead to the belief that tbe poisoning was Intentions I. No arrests have been made. Martin Lams and his wife are dead, and tbe aeven others are still In a critical condition. A coroner's inquest la now be ing held, but a verdict will probably aot be rendered to day. Foar CMTleti Escape from Mag Nkw York, June 2?Voor desperadoes, Jame* Carter, John Murpby, Jonu Qulnn and Joseph Farreil, who were serving terms in Sing Ring prtaon. overpoweret their keeper thla morning and escaped. They sot oft by capturtn? a locomotive on the Hod son river railroad. Two have been is.a^ tured. a I at eraatlsaa I Plceaa NkMllBg. Kiw Yohk, Juua 2.?A cable <tlsp?tch sa\* a pigeon sbootlng match for a AM aside, half forfeit, 30 bird* each, and 27 yard* rls^ has been arranged between Ira Paine, of IT. Y , and Capt. Pat ton, of London. It takes place to morrow. a Bailar'a Nkw Vokk, June "pilot"boat picks* up mar tbe Sandy Hook UfbUbip yeaier.tay J< liu;8. Oranam a seaman of tb? boat Eliza McLiuyhllp, Cipt. DtnrlP, hence for AdI werp. wbo s?Ui be bad to J imp overboard to escape bad treatment from tbe capialn s?.^ mate. scd firm. wesWrs ataedr?aoathsr* white aotittors yellow. MH *A7. w eaters nnz?a, 6TV and Jobs. J sir OsuTiil S*T?*ioV^ waatero nilied, 54U7 Kre jdM tat Arm 7&a 225; 22* .?V" rib ald -a, ?Ka?. Bsoa-ahoalgae*. fa**: clear rib aides, liran l?*elMC <1 ?ull rsflscd, U. Better dill so* uontual. PMrairmn com I sal ?crr.d#. P*iS?S; reOae*. 14. Oe0r* lnw>-r? SST?r*.es. im>i;a.^*?tag,.j*sM^. Whisky dsll?IUH- lucaltts?riser ,iJM; wfceat, lv?; cots, im **r. osts, UiM. Baiaaesu-wbset, mm. . HkLTinota. Jene f.-vfwtata sizes, 7; sot.a^>AaMg. MS bM ao'e sctirs sad Ira.lK. ?aw Tot*. Juae 1 ?atocks at Usui's bstter; isat ste ly. BS. SzchMge, long. 4M. aSort scttisMd atroag ?aw Tost, June t?near gall sad aa chaagfd W best a all aad dsdlata*. Oora ??l*t aadafady. 1 mTJmmS*' " i>swJ. Utfa^ >yjt?.1?y?,,TI0AWOTr at Kiw Oaraairs. The LoQlalana Coogreasionai Atmailiir commenced its lnvastlgatioa at Nsw Or leana yatktei wilh member* " _ t>nni, wbo Ik'^Tjoal* to Washington bv orcerofS? " lned in ti Tn of Man,- "W? Work," and -How pieman t the Edneai HI jjw atATra will ba In tali?>wial Part. rMMMaMk ? Fourth of July, U?* m SMSBlMloeOTs atlam. Over fiftyMnglaaaadbein

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