Newspaper of Evening Star, June 3, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 3, 1876 Page 2
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V?. 47?IS2. 7,23"). WASHINGTON, D. C.. SATURDAY, JUNE 3. 1876. TWO CENTS. ft THE EVENING STAR. friLTSHCD DtILT, Snnday* excepted, AT THE HI AS BUILDINGS, Pennsylvania Ikim, ciraer 11th street, BT The Eteniag: Star Newspaper CJotnpany, M. U. K.ACFF1HSS, Prf'i. TBI KVPNTNO KT%8 II 9j? wjrrVri '? ?AvnV't rU Ten Onti per wee.*, ?r Forty four Outs per rao.i a. lr',rits at the *oun>'r, Two Cent* tAeti. /?'v wu: il?potiao*. preptiui? Sixty Cent* ? raoct.i, m.ejwr, ?<>. Thi Wiiklt mta b - i**Uu/i.'d on Prulau? 97 ? year. po*!ru)* prtpniti. mr A 'l meftsrrlpftoess tuiftrvtVv ft SUMMER RESORTS S I h, K II A T h 1 N G ? D * B| * t&i ft INT LCI EOI'T M M511K BESOKT, H >?el n.l ?"< tt |? pl?"? or* N Jl N K I '.1 T H *'CM fM h?ff f s*e?r-.ere J AS. It aiLUl K.N, PropnTTT i*. lm * Pi tv-ek at rt ,tlsrr s<;o.,Md. <'*Mt h? i?? ?!??# II j!- I. p tt< ~ * ikltf ?"n i o-> : he JwMit tiver I . . A and P-a?- Ha ? a 'ro ?d. Is n w ptii' ;.a r. ei goite. Por t- , ?<* . bantt a -pniTT j?l * Sn ?ort, P?'Tt county. Pt. <' 'IVSVN Hel'M. MAX iS*AS. f_A , Pit ,*f,l o> the o's'i- ??> P tot on the M i11m4 rtll r *1 . W ? - ? ?;> ?!-||j Ml '? ?> I H'Miif i rsins rub w* Par r u d ti: * ? 1 7t. 1 ho B ? I t? J p rcbe? fie et>lir? I nsri. ir rcB'trn II fM>ni4nl lint 'li'm roon rmil er<i?i ? Th?e?' ?lr l? ?? hoi I w i-.ny lath" - ?i d ther** are ho tc--e , * il'iarotrt wi h Cit'f h'l.I.n fr-f- r t'l <?l im* PKANClJj J. CANSO*. Prop-Mjr. f|?n HOTEL, rOHT IHBM, * OLD FOI9T COMFOS.T. TA T 4 l > r !???*> rt. r nn in ! at a *?t'r * Mr ll?d on the AtUot:cT '' ?: ? T: In ?! t. i' t>r *? I Mrii an i Kiicirie Mil m ?-Ter\ r i and WaH r on evf ? > >l ?or. and ? *pab>e i ? a^ r n m<da'i(g fu4 prr*. D-, is no* open for tho re rep'lin of gmsty fur lli* Ptitr. mri -eam^n. Wharf it* . ant* *1?tant, at which 15 to 9 st'"?ni"rs touch eaily, afordipg ?-*er\ < pp- rt'imty of eornunnlca Ik* wilh all p htl of III (MNlff 8np? v r b??rh for t?*hieg at tli* door *t*p??g." J frc n< Vm nntil >' ' titKr I facilities for Boitii)|t tad Fti-'-iog. T' rii*??17.f> per week acil n??nr?l'?, ac->r'Mag to h^^tt >t. Sp? 1*1 term, to p%rtie* rcn ilnoif ? Kontli cr l"DR?r. AiVre^s jal !m H . PHQgBrP.Prop ietor. I^HK rAKt^U UOTIl> I'HAHLOI I'SS TILL M. VA . I flVri Stiarmtr Boarder* ?apcricr ?ccqnini')ds tioas Price* *ery in< derate W <T fnrther portie^l .rs address. ni'jDl't J M PA'.K t CO., Prop*. P01UM*( HOTEL, bT OlUkGK S HLA.ND. Sear PINE* POINT, M l This ?nnun?r re?ort will be open for r<c*ptlon of st-itf t-Jane loth. f ~ Tiaitor* t> Putoirac ?famer* will I.el ? -t pro?p'i? At Piuey Poln' or Marshall ?J wharf ?:tfc coBTeyaace. Tablt- always w rh d?lic?? t?? of tae s'a-< n Boats fsr fllh'ng ?n l ?allire free cf ch?rvs. A1dr?? K J. ADAMS V HBOS , ? T*> )m ' Pines Point P O . Bt. Mary's Co . M l. JJH0015I MINERAL IPHI5iaS, HAMILTON. VA. This pltsaaot Bummer Beaort will be oyeT> for the r'-rp'i. D cl sce-t, n the 1st ot June r- ~ Tte CoH'stii'y to the depot nnd teleirraphl ? ffice. UKtlher witb the < r.ratiTe proper- mm ties cf the wat- r retidrra (his one of the must i. .. able sttaaiioo* i a the conntry. for persons ^e^king rtat. recrewtion aLd health. T-rms moderate. Address. E ? BUSS. Proprietor my31' i'k* Hamilton. London Con ity, Va PLIU.I.VIUI TH HOl ?K. I'l SPKIHO LAKE REACH. MOXMOVTH CO UM TV, v J. This new and rnagmflcent !?eit-ide Hotel will be e?eo UNE-.1876. f ? . ataiLioa ISO hand-' mtly tnrt i*b- d' r-Km- g?? - atrr, alevat .r. electric tells J atfi all the modern cont>'Si?i.lcs Ample catacity for.V4> ^Qest? mithc.t crowding. 1I.?B< tel is 200 feet f.-otn the beach, where the ?ta'btnjr i? nnsnr?as?> ! on ||,e coaet ? bile a macni f.e?nt tr-sh water !ake ts with n *'<i f-?e? of the \e raiwlab ibIsimI, aboaudiog lu fl b au-I splendid fur rowit>a and ??Hire Ac elegant bar.o if nin?ic will bf in .itteadjace the en'ite uv n i four manrhr I. W.trni SaltaLd Fre?h W ater Bit lis 1' the 1^ h-nrs from N-w ?? rk city. J>6 hours froa Sf-t P ti'lsdelphla, without change of cars. Per cirrtlar* aptly at the 8t. Clond Hotel. PLilS dtlphla. cr at the H ; m >nth Hotel. Ml LLIN A Mi k INN IE. Prcprietcrf. <?. W V' LLis.of St < lond Hotel, Philadelshia, Hixiv M.hi>N k. of Depot HuttI, Port Wnyna, ltd. S? E?j?a I A Bn* li\?-rj iu attetdaLoe for use of guests. BtJi So 1 n I II! Ill Kim M T, M l c*ptlon ol m ?llfpIrT! [f ^ir? \l AWLJkV SPKIM'.V NEAE HABK190NBCBG. LOGHlNi'HAll COUNTY, VA t fj W LL9KEB. Of WASHINCiTON, D C , MAS AG EE. ci asw?a m Tht- wr-||-kn-wa atd p^po'ar Fnmnver Besort will tr open J n e lp>r, 1J*? Tii^w^tersi I j aa>lj ?'?(? r.par? tav, rally wihttM rsiustol ch? ybeate waters of Europt* , It le the s'roi --ot chM^t rateia the Uaitelbta ?s. lo a?.'dr.i L t j ibe wat<-r, th?- lo.. atl-u. pare sni "X EileraiiLg atai sphere, plctnre?iue ic^nery. fine wa %?, dir.M. tmottng. tinbiog. *c , all tenl to Bake Bawlty the m.j-t attraciifi as well as THI m ?? braltbtr.l report in Virginia The Oooapaoy has at grta' expeu-e eree*??l tb?* most. u,ta >*li >us ?tdo iciortal'ie tu'ld-i g? in the -late, and du.'icg tbe i ast wtut? r c? n.?VioO a p- rfrct -ysleui of terra cm ai.d ? !id< rd; atnltir. Per ttrtL- atd paxphlets sp?ly to A. B. IEIOM, PsiaKiat, tt^^ e?'.tni Harr1>ont'ur^, Virginia. wu i.b \ a. tAi'i M.\* poini-iiiis ! 1 1 ghtful sncimrr Besort is now ind pr< sects ut-catial attric'lot". tasea farcistieu vl ni.furi.l*ht-d. for i real E K. WILSON, ?1)29 1m ? 11 7th street 'JEfMl THE ALKEMOtll raatALE INSriTUXE, C*arLotit\KtlU. V* , tUltted las* fa'l wtto ao gant new fural-S??A tnre at a cost of <>124W. ?ill receive Ml M- IflBV M I K Bl>AKl'ltt!< m>m tbe 1st of June to IgjU the 25tb < f ee|teB>l<er. Ho ex*n charge t ,r ho- o cold Latba. nor fcr nse ct new ten piu alley*. my29 fSram BOABD1NO - Krsoaa wishing to i ?p? tid the summer at a delightful place. A ? ? A atd at kw rate* for g od tire, shouldWfvTl^V writs to L * DON\ D V Princtaal P P H':M ? iLi-ti n e Warrenton.Va , as this building i? u<>? open for bf arders myM tu > ?,3w Y" A TtOS ?Asa Sunisrr Besort for Waahlns loi tans. lATTON.attbe Bin- BldseE . ? A Mosi.-alns, <a l>cndouo conntr. Va.; oiffMI tbe line of tbe WashiPKtoa and Ohio rail- I "W I load, i ffers flee attraction*, and 1- o<>w ope ? ou.g tire Duantea walk ficm tbe dep<t. rifty miles frotu the cily. Pare mountain air and splendid scenery; plect . ol fruit, ntilk. hotter ar l ??*s. niosibade, I'leaes: t walks ? 'i drife- everything for health and ccmfcrt Teima *ery reaannaMe. Por roon a, terma. Ac., address G. W WEIGHT, Bound Hill Depi t. W a no O B B . Va m>* ? " ULIE SUMB ?I M>1 IT."-Twelve or 1> Itteen Bcardars caa be ac< nitno E. a Al &fe! Eated.on reisoaable Uraaa. at the ahovet r??t-1et e. fr m tbe K1BST MONDAY IN JINE The attricti'ns are Ci o|, pure m uuuiu air. with a nee paik ft otlng tbe bon->e. This ts the ?o?t ele^attd stopping t><iit on tbe Western Mary land railroad, t>> three bacdr.-d feet, and is withla thr?e bcors' rid* from Haltim ire Por p^'t'.culars apply to JOHN LIECHApMftN-Blne Bilge Bam I r I 'A ' Ms- > ?"i il? k4 ?:.!! 1.U WTtlVktiS H??TKL. * CAPE MAY. N J. OfhMS JUXK Uin. W76. < orrrr, (Ot t'oLtitenai Motel, Phili ,) Proprietir. mytVlm niorm tne m | itiz irtiJiea hutkl. Tte eew manasemetit beg leave to inform tbe hhit. I.* ?os?'? atd pat ns bf ilis weilj Imwc and popular S?l MMEH BESOBT Thst the Hotel hsa b*eu ni -.t thor <nglil/ r?fur ali-t e l acd rem- deled fr<>s top to bottoaj. A literal pitrota?e is soltciW TEEMS MODERATE Aptly to AMMON A JACOBT, my It lm Lltii. Peansylvanla. 'run BALTIMOKR and OHIO BA1LBOAD 1 COMPANY'S HOTEL, AT MSB PARK W ?'l be OPPN P?'K VIBITOBS on the 1?th OP Jl XI. and their NEW HOTEL at Oik . A land on tbe I<r of JL'LY Appi'csuit Vc?V f> r B . n.s or l^f naitioti a.: Jrcss tbe ut>- UJm d?r?, at Oakland, Uarrett oouutv. Md apjy 'jyU JOHE DA1LEY. Manager. \MTTA?? VEiiKTi ULB CAT II AK TIC > ARB AAYI-BILlUlt PILL*. The demand f- r these PIPs baa largely be, ,,,.. W e tfer^f- r- ri I public attention to their merits as ? gstxral family physic Prepared with tbe greit s-t care, they prewnt tbe following good ml ltl-er Tbey are warrant' 4 wbtily trtatalls. Taetr ac I oi le irisipt, certsla and eilectusl. Ther are I ' ?~'tog to the ston ?ch Tr.-y s'srt th ? liver is a J althy and arti\c o rvton. Th?y c?r* b'Moas l e*s. sick bead v ? a c?*tiv?nt M Tbey era li ?* ? : ? |? (or l.idl;*- el .i ?nd dys?e|st-t 1 , yi&T ? ??t. -???in Tney da n >t gripe ? e paia Sam t ' -?r ee' Tb?-y art adspt>d S t K<-nem nee ? tildr* n I'll deltcUe pepsons caa i - tbeen ie well ae the etrous a i 1 r i'.iu-i'. H m wisdi. they are it wars freeh, t while patent pills a?oerally *r ? r >? aid loeequrntip inii >rmly ef 1*(tr?l. Prv-r ?? rerfs per bo* Por sale onlr by tUTIIl K NATTAME. Pharmartst, ?tV tr Corner pit acd O streets nor hwest. t~ h"k a o~ THIS, Pr n this -las I sba'l give a DI8COCMT* of v>? PEE CENT, off the ciet price oi all PIE-tfeuLS, g>? d or|j tor 14 diys As I ae\?r id veftHs to n.isr*pr?eeut auytbiaE, 1 lasiU all tt) sail li.-1 tea vires tfcsmselvee. CHAM I Kt R \ f S(. jel fit 40*? Tril STBEKT B W. Fa""'VrKl? Be I?*T Piw>riui:? Atim.v ?eaaia* Braailiaa Pebble apsrfclse. derf .. ls.Uta NUiirS~ABEIVE DAILY AT THE V ?OLE OTSTEB DEPOT, 641 B *?tbwea?^Boft Hird Crabs, Ops 1. WHITE A OO SrECIAL NOTICES. r~a? riKST BAPTIST CHURCH, Rev. Dr. Cuthbsht. pastor. Services Mornicg ?wl Bvening. All welcome It* IV'^WBSlIyTThaPEL -bey. Wm P. Stows, Pre-iding SH,?r, M ilwankee District, will p.-, acb *111 o ciock to morrow. If raTYlV-DB RILE7. Biebop el?ct of the l>47 f'hnrfh of Jfioi in Mexico, will preach io Ascensicn Ctnrch to morrow morning. It* |V"S?1>T PAULS ISO LUTHERAN CHCR^H, corner Uth and H streets ? Prea-hing To morrow meriting at 11 a m. by Be*. A. Mtkrs. AH welcome. deals tree. It 51EMOKIVL CllUR* H.ltth .treet circle. U^-y P*stor, J. G. Bi'tlbh. Centennial and anni vnssry at 11 a m Twilight eervlc?s aid Doris Suprer at 6 p. m. Beat-, ail free^ " UNIVERSALI9T SEBVICI8 will be bell U-r-y io T.?litn%<!ge Hall, T<i morrow, at 11 a. ai C'.ndar School ai.d Bible Class at 9 *5 a service In the evening " cIMPBL or THE HOLY ORoB*,P. B ? corner Ma?sachusein avenue and lb!n street T??,ftbw<?t ?feivlces at 11 a m. and 6 p. m. B. B* v Blstop focTBi?AT?. P D., will preach at 1! a. ^ Suuday, (To morrow^ ^ H ARROLD. n?==? STJ AM ES' CH IPEL,!?I 9 H street n. a^-7 To morrow,! Whi suoday.lthe rector. Bf*. j. # Wtf?Lo\v. will resume h.* d'ties. Sermon and Bcly C.nmnnl?n at 11 a in lufaot Baptism and Address to Children a? 4 p m. Theeveniog M-rvlce will be omitted. Kloral offering* accept able. H CHURCH <>P thc EPIPH\NT-The Hisbop Elfct if Mexico. Re v. Dr Bilk v. will dtliver an add'e^s In this Church on ?he Refor mation if th" ''hrrcli in Mexico. TO-MOBROW (Sutc'ayi EVENING. Perxlces will begin at 7 IS r'rk rk. The regular afternoon service at 5 o'clock will' e cnitted for tc Morrow. It* Till JACKSON DEMOCHATIO AS90 CIaTION will meet at Rtck's Hall, Lonisl a i avenue between 6th an I 7th street-, on TOSS DAT EVENING. 6th Insr .at 3 n\ 1 *-k JOHN E HUBRIS, President, je3 3f | Mornlrg Hews copy-1 |HOT I OB?Ml the mem hers and represen talvesofn. G LODGE. Ho 3. I. O G S ?mT D. 8 , a?e hereby notified to ma*t at Green s Hall. Pennsylvania avenne, at 6){ o'clock THIS >.\ ENING. Jnre3<l,to make arrangements for the fnneialof Siitfr A. P*?sf?, P.P D.ofD. O l. By order of R. W P. O. H. R. PEALE. It* rai GEOl:9ET"WN and TKN N ALL YTO WN RAILROAD COMPsNF a mesting of the stockholder* of the above-named crmerny will be held at Lang'* Hotel, Georgetown, on MONDAY. 12th install*, at 4 o'clock p in., for the purpose of electing a Board of Director*, an<i tor other boniest. _ _ . je3 61 A F. rABDQH, Sec'y. NOTICE ?K TTr P ? The members of H ABMONY LODGE, No. SI, K ofP.,w.ll nt> el at their Castle Hall. SON DA Y. at t:? o'clock, in attend the funeral of our late Brother, W. H. Kvr.Hi. Members of *l*ter Lodge* fraternally incited. witb> ut uniform. a* the Lod|e will attend I. carriages. By oider of *e c. J. H LIW18, K of R and 8 It rrj? THE PKK8ENT rOBLOUGHBO BM I PL0YB*01 TUB BI BEAl' OP BHGBAV IJ O AND PRINTING will bold aa adjourntd n-eilrg next MONDAY NIGHT, June S, at 8 oMct k.a 8h< a s HaU, No hi* Pennsylvania ave nue. A fall afcendsnee is detlred, ?nd e*ch one is r? quested t-? lurri-h the Secretary, W T. JOHN 613 7th street, with name hi* and P it ofll Wddie's. It NORTH W&i>lI(MGTOH ltDlLDING AS BOCIaTION ?Th? fourth amnil and f irty ninth r^galar monthly meeting of tne N-^rth Wash i r'on MuiMirg association will be held at Davis" H II. No rtb ?t. noithwest. on TCCbPAY, 6tn instant, at 7)4 o'clock p. m. Tlia 8,cretary will >nl>n I h:s an iUtl report; amenlnieots to the cm s <?uti>n will be presetted tor consideration, at. I officer* tlocted for the ?nsnin? year JNO. W P >BTKR, Acting Preei i?nt JNO. A. PBESCOTT. Secretary. j?3-3t VETERANS MEXICAN WAB'-Begnlar monthly meeting on SATURDAY EVEN ING. Jane 3d, at Ills Pa av , at d o'clock. Im p- itaut b'i?iuesx. JAMES W.PENVEU. Pre* A. I KEBNADAY, Sec. jel-3t' 'SPECIAL AND IMPORTANT. I^! MAINE REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN CLUB. Th?. irnEtera of i hi i t;lr.l> ar* re.jnested to ruePt ? ?. SATURDAY EVtSlSO NEXT, Jun^ Sd. at their Booms, "Le Droit Bniidiig." Special and ?n.p<rt;tnt bntine^sdtn ar ls the individual attend a: ce ot each mttLber. at 7V% p. m , sharp. J. W 15AB80M, Preside.t. WM. 8 DODGE. S?c.e:ary. jel-St (V^? bOME MCTDAL BUILPINO A9SO CJATION. (trreaHiz'.'i January. 18?6 )? >< urth regular meeting for subscription t?stxt and p?> ment of dn?a will be held MoNDAY.Jnne i; 9 p m . a- S.KNuEBBUN D HALL, cor n -r ?lh aLd E streets t,. rthwest Entrance on 3th -tre> t TLis aascelailon Is organized upon the best plan.atd presents rare advantages both to the la vts'or and borrower, f-hares ?3)U Duex |) p r month on each phsre No premium until farther Kii(*. EUW.ARD I1IAKK, President, jel 4t 1 BVING WILLIAMSON. S?cret%ry. AI CI ION NOTICE. special notice i< railed to theant1< n sale ol Cn ? Pdetmed Pledges and Commission Good* left wliti S Go.dMeln A Co., Loan and Commission Brokers, ?ti< b takes place on BaIURDAY. June 3d, at 1 0 a. m and 7 p. m , at our auction roooi*, corner J.h aid D siieets. A large assortment of Gold and Sliver Watches, I i <monds and other Kine Jewelry, Ac , Ac., will be m Id to the highest bidder lor cash bale poeltive without rtserve. Every article fu ly warranted as represented. All Interested are respectfully Invited. jel St | Rep| DUNCiNfloN BROS , Aacts. jr^? COLUMBIAN UNIVERSITY WILL 1*^ give their annual excursion to Glymont on *be 7th or Joxb. Extensive prep^rattoos are btlngmade to aecure one of the happiest trip* ever taken ?lowolhe Potomac. mv3I AT AUCTION ?The ENT1BB STOCK of 3^)? H. H HEMPLIB, OPTICIAN.443 Penn sjTvanla avenne, EVERY EVENING at T* o'clock. myM tr orricE or pbah&lia ins. co~T WA'amsTOI. D. O., May 22.1876. .he Stockboiii?rs of the EBANKLIN IN 6URANCB COMPANY of Washington and George town U O., are r?inested to meet at tblaofllceon MONDAY. June5'n, between the hour* of 10 o'clock a m and 2 o'clock p. m .. for the pnrpoaa of sleeting twelve 112' Directors for the ensuing year. m>22 eoAd CH4B. BRADLEY, Secretary. FEDERAL BUILDING ASSOCIATION The first monthly meeting of the FEDERAL BUILDING ASSOCIATION will beheld for the Jayment of due* on MONDAY EVENING, June tb, 1876. at Davis' Hall, No. 612 7th street north west, at 7>* o'clock. Book* for atbaciiptlon to stock fshare* one dol!ar cam I are now open at the following places: Angust GersdoifT, Vice President. No. 1*04 7th street nerthwtst. Directors. joe. R Ed son No. 711 t* s'reet northwost. Jamei 8. Edward*. No. 4?H Louisiana avenne. C W. Be boll, No. 311 D street. Job Barnard. City Hall. M P Oallan, No 614 7th street northwest A. B. Kelly , \V aahington Gas Cooipan* Office. C. C Daneanson. corner 9th a*d D streets. Bernard Kilmarttn, N3. **10 New Hampshire av. Henry Straaburger, Hos. 904 and *06 7th street northwest. And also at the offices of? _ John Joy Edson, No. 711 O street northwest, ('has. E. Praser, No. 4>B Louisiana avenue. Gen Wm. Henry Browne, La. av. and 4>4 street. MiltonC. Barnard. No. 4?*6 Lonlsiaaa avenue. JAMES KB&SER. President. No 617 G street northwest. W. O. MIDDLKTON, Hecretarv, Metropolitan Back. JOHN A. PBAsCOTl". Treasurer, Ro< m No. 66, Ssc^nd Comptroller's Office. myM BMSl J9Junel 3A5 T. M. O. A . OPEN AIR MEETINGS Every Evening, at 8 o'clock, corner 7th street and Fennsi Wanla avenne. BABBATH AFTERNOON SERVICE 131 LINCOLN HALL, At 3tt o'clock. KV^Evsrytvody Im ited ui>i *r THE B B 8 T . ? ILBURN'8 SODA WATBB. NATURAL 8PR1BO WATERS on Draught ICE-COLD TEA, COKEEB and CHOCOLATE. 1488 PmaxsiLVAMA Avimc*. apU-tr near Wmarl's. W.WH I TAKER. _ timrrnl Claim and Ceiltrtxon At mi, to. 714 Uth street, near Treasury Department. District Clates, Pension aad Bounty Claims, a speelalty. apll NERVOUS EXHAUSTION. -A Medical ?v7 Easay, comprialug aeerioa <-f lectures dellv sred at Kaha's Hu#*uni "1 Aaat>mv,New York on the cause and cars of Pre^ata e Decline, show tig indisputably how lost health may be regained, affording a clear synopsis of its tmpsrilmsnts to it ot Lervoas and physl t of ? years' sx perteaoe. antbor.Dr. L. I. Eaka, it 19th st.. N. V. apt-Hi 1. D. OOOKB, IT. A OO , apg-tr 148* E BTRATfOBD FBNDALL, Jjj 4lt street. ATTORNB1AT LA W. ?LBW18 JOHNSON A OO.. I4MUH* 0. TOUBO. BOTABY FUBLIO, r OFPICE-BVAE BVILFIM. EVENING STAR Washington News and Gossip. OOVIR53IJ5T Receipts To-dat.?Inter nal revenue, ?369,973 40; customs, <130, !?>'.> 00 Postmaster General Jewell has gone to Philadelphia, and fr >ua thence will go to Hartford, Conn. He is expected to return on Tuesday next. TheInsanb asylum The congressio ia! committee investigating the U. S. Insane Asylum, visited the asylum at rt o'clock this morning and spent a great portion of the day inspecting the same. Confirmations?The Senate yesterday confirmed the following nominations: G. W Griffin,of Kentucky, to be U.S. consul at Apia, Friendly and Navigators Islands; Ctias. K. Mayer, to be U. S. attorney for the rorthfrn and mid-lie districts or Alabama, Wm. G. Ritch, of Wisconsiu, to be secretary of the New Mexico territory. National Banks.?The Treasury now holds ^W.ijso.sso in bonds to secure national bank circulation, and *18.573,000 to secure public deposits. U. S. bonds deposited for circulation for the week ending to-Jay,; U. 8. bonds held for circulation withdrawn week ending to day, *768.000; national bank circulation now outstanding, $.534,208 588, of which amount ?2,0!)8,i93 are gold notes. Receipts of national bank notes forwarded for redemption for week ending today, as compared with corresponding week of last year; 1875, ?5,455,000; 1876, ?4, 357,000. ' Naval Orders ?Medical Inspector A. C. Gorgas, ordered to report to Rear Admiral C. R. P. Rodgers for temporary ?luty as mem ber of.the board of which Medical Inspector A. L. Gihon is president. Medical Inspector A. L Gihon, ordered to report to Rear Ad niirai C. R. P. Rodgers for examination for admission into the Naval Academy as cadet midshipman. Master Karl Rohrer ordered to Washington for examination forpromo lion. Lieutenant Commander G. R Haswel' to Washington before the retiring board. Surgeon G. A. Bright to report to Rear Ad miral C. R. P. Rodgers as member of the board.of which Medical Inspector A. H. Gi hon is president. Slaves for Rio Janeiro in a British Vessel.?Rev. Emanuel Vaoorden called this morning at the British Legation and communicated to 8ir Edward Thornton, that the "Nellie Martins," a steamer of the Star Ball line of steamers between New York and Bio de Janeiro, belonging to an English company though styled '-United States Mail steamship Co.," arrived in Rio de JaLeiro on the 1st of March. 1876, carrying 11 slaves "to be delivered." The British ambassador conversed very freely and at some length with Mr. Vanorden, and said that be would iuquire into the matter and rf-port to his government, and that no Brit ish vessel is allowed to carry slaves. Mr. Carpentkr and the Senate In addressing the Senate sitting as a court of impeachment, Mr. Carpenter, of Belknap's counsel, sometimes speaks with a freedom which very naturally annoys certain mem bers of the court. Just prior to the adjourn ment the other day Mr. Thurman, in the course of a few remarks said, referring un doubtedly to Mr. Carpenter,that "the Senate has teen treated with scant respect and the law with less." Soon alter Mr. Carpenter walked over to Mr. Thnrman's desk, and laying one hand on the Judge's shoulder, extended the other. The Judge declined to accept the exiended hand, and begantalk li g very earnestly, occasionally bring li g his list down upon his desk in an em phatic manner. Mr. Carpenter took the matter good-naturedly and finally got forci ble possession of one or the Judge's "flip pers" atd shook it heartily. Subsequently Mr. Carpenter returned to Mr. Tourman a-.d familiarly placed his hand on his .-houJder apparently saying something i !?a ant. Tne Senator who was apparently *;ill gieatly anrojed,rather roughly shook it off, a'jd Mr Carpenter despairing of a re conciliation at least at that time, withdrew. It is a circumstance which hai been not?*i ?i a!l wb'.' h?ve h$arU iiiaj that Mr. Carpen ter /r< qu- mly the bounls of decorum n a idressing the court, and whether inten tionally or not, that he sometimes reflects on the fairness and impartiality of that body; and perhaps, urder tie circumstances, Judge Thurman was quite Just'flel in feel ing amojed at bis lejaarks a few days since. The Investigation or Speaker Kerr. THE WITNESS HARNEY IN NEW YORK. The Committee on the Expenditures of the War Department have postponed the farther investigation of tbe charges against Speaker Kerr until Monday morning. The witness Lawrence Harney was ex cused until Monday. He left for New York at 1:18 this afternoon for a "change of c'.othes," to return here Monday afternoon. Oar Imperial Visitors. Yesterday afternoon, Dom Pedro, ac companied by Vicount Ketiro and the Brazilian minister, visited the national col lege for deaf mutes, on Kendall Green. Latei they visited the Kindergarten of Misses Noerr and Pollock. At 4 30 o'clock, the Em peror?accompanied by the Empress and suite, 81 r Edward Tbornton, Chief Justice Waite, the Russian minister to the United States and wife, the Austrian minister, Gen. Sberman. Mrs. Taft, John Davis, esq., of the State department, and wife, Miss Freilnghuysen, Admiral Porter, and mem bers or the various legations-visited Mt. Vernon on the steamer Arrow, Capt. Frank Hollingshead. They were the guests of Madame Berghman, by whom they were gracefully received and entertained. Before breakrast this morning the Empe ror rode to Brady's photograph gallery, where he sat for his picture, and returning to the Arlington he breakfasted at nine o'clock. THE EMPEROR REVIEWS OUR FIREMEN. At about a quarter of ten o'clock the fire department was brought out to give an ex hibition before the Emperor. The new en gtde, No. 6, made its appearance first, fol lowed shortly by No. 2, the hook and ladder truck, and engine No. 5. The trial exhibi tion was made in front of the Arlington, the Emperor and suite standing on the portico of the Johnson House. No. 6 succeeded in throwing tbe best stream. The hook and ladder men in the meantime had erected the ladders on the opposite stdeof Vermont ave nue. Tbe Dom donned bla Brazilian slouch hat and with a bnndle of open letters in one hand and his silver handled ambrella in the other, wandered np and down the pavement, an interested and pleased spectator of tbe evolutions. At ten o'clock the crowd quiet ly dispersed, and tbe Dom proceeded to fin ish his packing preparatory to leaving on the 11.40 train for Niagara Falls. The fast train to 'Frisco left Chicago via the Chicago and northwestern railway at 10 45 p. m., June 1, and reached the Missouri river at Council Blum, opposite Omaha, at 0:27 a. m., June 2, having made the run of492 miles in eleven hours and one minute, actual time, which Includes all stops. There was one run of seventy-five miles, In eighty min utes, and another of forty five miles in forty four minutes. The train passed North Platte at 5:18 p. m., two hours and twenty-four min utes abead of time. It left Cheyenne al 10:41. The New England Press association arrived at centennial aepot, Philadelphia, yesterday. The party numbers about 141, many of tbe editors being aeoom pan ted by a>eir wive*. Tb*y were handsomely receiv ed at the Grand Exposition Hotel, and after an afterr oon at tbe exposition were at night riven a ball. Tbe visitors will make a sys tematic exploration of the exhibition during several days. Political Notes.?The anti-Tammany organization or New York have voted to send a committee to 8L Louis to attend the r at lonal convention, for the purpose of aid ing by advlee and consultation in the aeleo r.oo of a presidential candidate. ?The re port that the (ieorgla delegation Is commu ted to Gov. Ttiden is not true. It goes to St. Louis entirely uncommitted. ** ? Pp?? of??^00, but failed to h**U tnHtan 221X. . Holtselaw, late rsvsnus collector U *W?sd de.lelent la his ac counts to the amount of f13,600. Tti? Rlnlne Sensation. CONSULTATION OK THI FCLL JCDICIARY com v i rrEK. The full Commute? on the Judiciary held a secret meeting this morning, lasting two hours. No conclusion was reached as to what the committee would recommend In the ca<e or the rerusai of Hon. James O. biHtne to produce the private correspond ence which he took from Mulligan, the wil ling witness. TV.?IMOSY n*F?R* THf St'B COMMUTE*. The sub committee Investigating the bond transaction decided to hold a meeting at two oc ock [The important testimony before infs sub-committee, taken after our report pa el ye8t?raay* w111 66 f?und on the third was culled as a witness at 2 0 clock. Jle denied that he ever to'd Mulll ,hat Mr- BlaI?e ^ad sold bonds to Col. Scott An attempt was made to show that Mr. Blaine was connected with the Northern Pa cific railroad. Mr. B'alne denied that he ever had a business transaction with the Nojth Pacific railroad In his life. Mr. Atkins said that Fisher proposed on one occasion to take an Interest in the North Pacific. I said "If you think well of !t 1 will take an interest In it. My firm took a -15,000 Interest in it. but Mr. Blaine had nothing to do with it." The examination of the witness was In progress when our report closed. InmtlgBllng Judge Wylle. THE TESTIMONY TO-DAY?TUB JCDOt'M CHARACTER NOT SMIRCHED. The select committee investigating the charges or Capt. A. Grant against Judge Wylle beard additional tebtlmony this morn ing: Mr. Thomas i{. lityan testified that he pur chased the property (in rererence to which the charge is made against Judge Wvlle) of the Coltman estate without having any con sultation whatever with Judge Wylieelther in relation to the title or anything else. He submitted a number of telegrams and letters In proof of this. In relation to the sale of the Coltrnan bouse afterward to Judge Wylle, Mr. Bryan said he never knew that the property of the Coltman estate had been before the court*. He said further that there never was a more straightforward, legitimate transaction upon the face of the globe. Mr*. Sarah E. Moore testified that she was a daughter of Charles Coltman. deceased, and was one of the heirs In his will, and was a party to the sale to Mr. Bryan; when Mr. Biyan called upon her, and asked her In re gard to the property, she said she did not know that she had a right to sell; that there was some coutest about It. He said that she had a right to sell anything that belonged to her, and that he would stand all risks In the matter. She sold her Interest in the estate to him on December 19th, 1S0I. receiving at that time *l,ooo cash. Mr. Smith called upon her in 1873, and asked her to go into a suit for the property again, but she declined to <io so. saying that she did not think It was lair. Mr. Smith said the case was sure to come before the courts; that Judge Wylle would rule the opinion in the case, and that It would be "put through." She went to see Juoge Wylle Immediately afterwards, her rule being always to go to headquarters, and toW him what Mr. Smith had said. Judge Wylle said that Mr. Smith talked too fast, ard that he /Judge Wylle) did not intend to sit in the case. There was nothing In her dealing with Mr. Hryan that she found to be wrong or that she desired to complain of. The whole trade was be^un and concluded In one day. The agreement that she made with Mr. Bryan did not suit her husband, acd she wrote a letter the next day to Mr. Bryan withdrawing her assent to the agreement. Consulted her law yer and the trustee of the estate before she signed the cgreement. Mr. Bryan said he was about starting for Chicago. Her hus t-ard was nrese.U with her when Mr. Bryan 'alked over the agreement. Tne day afcer another agreement, satisfactory to h.-r lius r and. was <trnwn up and delivered to h? r. ./. I). IT. .tf<x<rc, husband or above witness, n stifled that he had bat one interview with Ji:dge Wylle In relatiou to the property. He lid not want to eo ioto the seco:;d suit?the ore entered in l*7{. Suits had been brought before that m which he was made a pp.ty tl e only knowledge or which be had was that the lawyei'd bills were brought to him for , 2jm<nt. The Oouimittee then adjourned until Mon ay mornlrg. Tbe Naval Investigation. -TKOXfJ TESTIMONY IN KAVOR OK SECRE TARY ROBESON. Before the House Committee on Naval A flairs yesterday Adm'ral Rodger? testified that during the three years he wa* chief of ihe bureau of yards and docks In the Navy department, Secretary Robeson never direct ed blm.or suggested or hinted to him to favor anybody, and never interfered with persons or papers In his bureau. He thought the Secretary's action concerning the Mare Isl and granite contract was correct and neces sary under the circumstances. Dr. Jas. C. Palmer, cbier or bureau or medicine and sur gery, and Chler Engineer 8hock. who bad at various times been acting chief of the bu reau of steam engineering, gave testimony to the same purport. The latter was inter rogated at length concerning the contract of John Roach A Sons, of New York, for ma chinery of tbe steamer Tennessee, and testi fied that the departures from the original contract were made with the concurrence or the chiefs efthe bureaus of construction and of steam engineering and of the naval con structor; that tney were of benefit to the government, and that the machinery was a crrat success, the Tennee now making i:;u knots per hour. Commodore Howard, the present chief of the bureau of yards and ?locks, gave similar testimony as to his freedom from dictation or suggestion on the part of Secretary Robeson in the matter of contracts, Ac. Geo. P. Cutter, purchasing paymaster at New York, and A. W. Ras sell, purchasing paymaster at Philadelphia, also testified that Secretary Robeson never attempted, either directly or Indirectly, to control or influence them In their purcha?es. The District la Cone AGAINST THE ABATTOIR BILL The District Commissioners have returned to Hon. George E. Spencer, chairman or the Sentate Committee on tbe District of Co lumbia, Senate bill No. 777, to which be called their attention in a communication or the 2d nltimo, with a report of the sub ject matter of tbe bill by the Board or Health, to wbom the committee referred it Tor exam ination, and a paper submitted by certain partiest in interest in opposition to the bill. The District Commissioners say: "In respect to tbe subject matter, we re spectfully invite yoor attention to the ac companying papers, especially to the report of tbe Board of Health. Tbe privilege asked ror of a perpetual monopoly for butchering within tbeDislrict is so extraordinary that we can bardly suppose Congress will grant It Certainly tbe Commissioners wonld not ir tbe decision rested with tbem. The bill as prepared, besides wanting in provisions for due governmental supervision, Involves In terests not connected with the slaughtering or animals, and, the right of Congress to amend, alter or repeal the charter, usually reserved In all similar grants. Is not pro vided for. If Congress be disponed to favor the establishment of an abatlolr, as recom mended by the Board of Health, we think this bill sbonld be thoroughly reconstructed end an annual payment inure to the District for the privilege. Aiv Ahbasbix'9 Work.?News has been received that Senator Twltohell. who was sbot some timesluoe at Cou?hatta, Louisl ai a. by a disguised assassin, and whose left arm was amputated at the time, was com pelled to have his right arm cut off also. Senator Twltchell received two ballets In bis left arm. one In his right, one In hit hip, and one In the back of bis neck at tbe time, bnt is represented as cbeerfal and likely to lecover. ____________ 9TThe Mammoth cave, of Kentucky, is of fered for sale, together with the hotels and other property. ?7~Tbe department of agriculture of Gertr gla have discovered the cause of tbe bltgbt of apple trees to be a beetle the size of a com mon flea. *7"Tbe differences between the Pittsbar g Iron manufacturers and the puddlers are yet unadjusted, bat It Is thought ? compromise will shortly bs effected. Bat very few of the paddling mills are at work. VThe American residents of Paris have started a subscription for the proper cele bration of the centennial Foorth or July, and Dor placing a commemorative slab on the to mo of ufhjetta. FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. fiATI EDAT, June 3. SENATE?Mr. Allison called up bill to pr >vide for an agreement with the Sioux ration In regard to a portion of their res ervation, anil for otber purposes. He said this bill ougbt to be acted on, as under the present condition of circumstances, unless something was speedily done to obtalu a new treaty with tue Sioux for the cession of the Black Hills country, there was Immi nent danger of a general Indian war. Mr. Paddock did not thiuk this bill should be passed. It was not acceptable to him aor his colleague, nor to the people of Nebra?*a. He ?ave notice of a substitute for the bill, authorizing the President to appoint a com mission ?f five, two. of whom shall be offi cers of the U. 8. army, to treat with the Sioux for the relinquishment of their res trvation in 1 ?? kota aud tlieir removal to the Irdian territory. Mr. Thurman objected to the bill as it stocd, because it left so little discretion to the commissioners. Mr. Edmunds fald ths language used in the bill was too severe; it was too much like forcing the Indians. He repeated that the invasion of the Black Hills by our citi zens was entirely unjustifiable, and It was very Datural for the Indians to undertake to prevent it by force. He moved a substitute providing for the appointment of a commis sion of five by the President, to be confirmed by the Senate, to visit the Sioux aud nego tiate with them for a cessiou of the Sioux reservation in Dakotah, or some po-tlon thereof, each commissioner, not a United States officer, to receive *8 per day and his expenses, and authorizing au appropriation of #50.000. Mr. Ingalls did not think we wanted the Black Hills country, but what we did want was peace with the Sioux. As this was the great object, he suggested that authority be given to the commission to conduct the ne gotiations without regard to the cession of the Black Hills. After further discussion the bill passed? ayes 3fl, noes 8. Tne legislative, executive and judic'al ap propriation bill was then proceeded with. HOUSE OK REPKESE NTATI V E S.-M r. Cate ( WIb.) offered a resolution, which was adopted, authorizing the special committee on whisky frauds in St. Louis to extend their inquiry as to revenue frauds in Milwaukee. Wisconsin, aud to ascertain if any offi-ier of the government is Implicated In said frauds. Mr Bland, (Mo.) from Committee of Mines and Mining, reported a substitute for the bill to utilize the products of gold and silver mines. Ordered printed and recommitted. A large number of Senate bills were taken from the Speaker's table and referred. Mr. Hancock (Tex ) offered a bill to remove political disabilities of Richard S. Kinney and Wm. R. Jones, of Texas. The Honse then went Into Committee on the Indian Appropriation bill, Mr. Springer in the chair. A proposition presented by Mr. Wells (Mo) to reduce the appropriation foraoouucil of certain Indians in the Indian Territory from *5,ooo to *1,000, was discussed wilu some bit terness. The members from Missouri generally U vored the amendments, and in their argu ments said it was useless to have these In dians assemble for days In tribal relations. Tbe sum that Mr. Wells propo?ed would be sufficient to allow them to meet lor a Tew days for short consultations, aud that was ail that should be giveu them. Messrs. Phillips (Kan ),Townsend (N. Y.), and others opposed tbe amendment, aud it was rejected. TheProiesta.nt Ej-iscohal conven tion closed its sessions In Baltimore last evening. Tne question of diocesan missions was Orally disposed of, and the Indications are tbat an Increasing Interest is being taken In the diocese in thislmp jrtant branch of the church-6 work, and tbat in western Mary land especially, where there is a wide field for missionary effort, new churches will be built up in tlie densely populated mining district*. Rev. Dr. Leeds, who has been ths mainstay of tbe Committee on Missions, re fused a lominatlon to the office of chairman rtfthat body, but after an earnest appeal from the assistant Bishop and several promi nent delegates be agreed to alter his de cision. An attempt was mule to change the system of annual elections of the standing committee to that of triennial elections, but the matter was fina'ly referred to the Com mittee on Cannons lo consider and report to Ike next anneal Convention. The New Orleans Investigation ? Before the Congressional Investigating com mittee in New Orleans, Edward A. Davis 'estlfied that in 1874 he was called unoa by J. Hale Sypher to take a contract for 11 nuthouse repairs. 8ypher too* him to Capt. Maise, superintendent of construction at the cus tom-bouse. and asked tor the contract. It was for S3,000. Witness accepted and signed It and gave it toSypher. After that he called for witness to go and get the money, saying the work was uone. Witness did not do any work at all, and was surprised when Sypher told him the work was done. They went to the cashier of the collector's office and got Ave one thousand dollar bills, which Sypher took. 8ypher was a member of Congress. He said he would remunerate, but failed to do so. His brother afterwards gave witness *125. Witness heard the *5,000 was paid for election purposes. Sentences op thi New Orleans Whisky? Ring?Judge Wood, in tne U- 8. Court at New Orleans, yesterday overruled the motions for a new trial In the Tehretfhach O'Brien distillery cases, and pronounced secterce, as follows: John Henderson, six teen months imprisonment and ?6,000 fine; Wm. M. Todd, sixteen months imprison ment and 91,000 flue; John R Beales, six teen months Imprisonment and *1,000 fine: Otto H. Karstendlke, Rlxteen months Im prisonment and 52,000 fine; Edward Fehr enhack, thirteen months imprisonment and *1,0C0 line, aud W. Q. James, six months imprisonment and 51,000 flue. The prisoners were all sentenced to the West Virginia penltentary. and were at once taken in charge by Marsha; Packard, but may not b? sent away from New Orleans before the 10th of J une. 8UICIDE FROM PREAD OKA WHIPPING. A boy named Faircnlld drowned hloa-telf, near Mazeppa. Minn., through fear of a whipping from his father for a misdemeanor at school. When bis father was notified that the body bad been found he went to the sp ?t. eared at the body, seemed greatly agitated and went away. Neither he nor anv of the ramlly went near afterward and the holy was buried by tbe neighbors. The next day be carrried a grist of grain to the mill, came back by the burying ground Just as the body was being interred, stopped and looked a moment and drove home. A Young Lady Badly Scared ?The frayetteville, N. C.. Gazette says: Last Sat urday night Miss Alice McDuffie, a daugh ter or Dr. W. C. McDuffie, awoke suddenly to find a negro man in her room, crouching near the bed, with bis eyes intently fixed upon ber, aa if trying to ascertain whether or not she was asleep. She was so dreadfully unnerved that for some time she could make no sontd, but at last she screamed, when the wretch leaped through the window and es caped. Owing to tbe shock the young lady has been in a critical condition of nervous excitement ever since. Proposed Fraternal Meeting op Soldiers.? Hon. John B Gordon, Senator In Congress from the State of Georgia, writes beartlly approving the suggestion of the Union soldiers of Pottsvilie.Pa., reoomm<-ui ing a fraternal meeting ou the 4th of July at Philadelphia, of the first defauders of the fovernment and the first defenders of the Confederacy. Acting upon bis advice letters will be addressed to the prominent ex-Con federate generals in the South, including Beauregard, Hood and Joseph E.Johnston. "Crooked" in New York?Christian A. Stein, who Is now In the Kings county, N. R.. penitentiary awaiting trial upon a charge of Illicit distilling, baa caused some excite ment by declaring tbat be paid the sum of *500 to pnblic officers to secure immunity, 11 eluding deputy collectors and an ex Uat ted States district attorney. The authorities denounce his story as nntrne and absurd. A Lady Chokes a Wolp?A rev days a lady In Howard county. Wis , kille 1 a ferocious timber wolf by choking It to death with her bands. 8be was two miles away from home, and alone, when it attack ed ber, bnt when It waa fully dead she shoul dered it and earried it borne, laying It in tri umpfa at bar husband's feet. A Boy Escapes prom Gipsrys James Molone,a 007 about 12 yean old, belonging to Owensyflle, Glbaon eoanty. In., escaped from glpaeya at Lafayette the otber day. They bad ibducted him and compelled him to steal for \hem. They Ml Iowa before they cooid be arrested. Telegrams to The Star. o FLORIDA REPUBLICANS. A Split in the Conventon. DANGEROUS COUNTERFEITS. THE FAST TRAIN. Eight Hours Ahead. ENGLISH CREW FOR THE CENTENNIAL HIE EAST OX FOlSOMMf CASE. I.OOK AT YOl'K KISU lill.l.V Tbc l(f?l (onalerffll Monrjr Out. New York, May 3.?For some time past counterfeit national ban* note* have tie tome very numerous tu Brooklyn. T;ie*< bills are the beet Counterfeit* which have bteu issued for years, and the manufacturer* find little difficulty In getting rid of them. They embrace the following: ?t.'O bills on the National bank of I'tlca. N. Yjfin bills on the Farmers and Manufacturer's bank of Houghkeepsie; ?5 bills on the 1st national bank of C'nlcago, III.; a."5 bill* on the 1st na tional bank of Paxtou.lll.; ?5 bills on the l?t national hank of Canton, 111.: ?3 bills on the 1st national bank of Peoria, III.; bills on the 1st national bank of Aurora; #3 bills on the 1st national bank of Galena, III.. -T bills on the National hank of Northampton. Mat*.; $5 bills on the Hampien bank of Wt^tfield, Mass., f 5 bills on tae Mechanics' national bank of New Bedford, Mass.; *" hills on the Trader's national bank of Chi cago; $5 bills on the 1st national bank of Louisville, Ky. Two men and a woman were arrested yesterday in New York for passing some of the above mentioned bills. Other counterfeit money was found In their possession. I LORIhl BEITBLICASil. A apllt in Iks CeaveatlM, New Yokk, June 3?A special dispatch from Madison. Fla., June says: A bolt was made in the convention yesterday?U. 8. senator Couover aud Congressmen Pnrman and Walls conducting it. The bolters secure<l another ball and efleeted a permanent organl ration. Senator Conover was then nominated for governor and Mr. Lee for lieutenant governor. The question of a >leUgation to Cincinnati waa soon dis posed of, it being determined not to semi any. The regular convention is still In ses sion. and will be lor two or three days. Gov ernor Steams is the leading spirit of the reg. ular convention. The quarrel between the governor and Senator Conover is an old af fair, going back for some years in atate pol itics. It is a personal quarrel with the friends of each gentleman arraved in bitter boattllty against the other. The real con test was for the governor-snip, both leaders desiring the nomination. e T1IE EAKTOfl t???IHOM\4. CAME. Harder for Robbery. Earton, Pa., June 3?Moses Schurx another member of the family recently poisoned has died since yesterday making the third death?the corouer'r Inquest which is still in session ?elicits the fact tnat arsenic was the poison used, and that there was enough poison in the cofl'ee dran4 by the unfortunate family to have killed a hundred people. The money was stolen from the house while a large amount of government oonds and other securities were left un ion, bed?the fact that Jacob Young was murdered and robbed at the same place only a few weeks ago?creates a still greater feel ii g of uneasiness atnnr.t: the people living in that r.ei|ih?>orhood. and a large crowd Is gathered to day in the vicinity of the Laroaa Homestead. THE FAfcT TtAIX. Seven Hour* Ahead of Time. Omaha. June 3.?The -fast train" arrived at Green Klver, M" miles west of Omaha, at 6:2<t, and lert at 6.27, six hours and fifty min utes ahead of schedule time. Tae train reached Brldger Station at 7:58 a. m.. seven hours and sixteen minutes ahead of time. Eight Honrs Gained. The fast train arrived at Kvanston, 9T> nil'es from Omaha, at !>:15 this morning, eight hours and fifteen minutes ahead of time. I'OBEIUS NEWS. Giving the Hew Nnltan s Chance. London, June 3?The Ti?v*, in its second edition, publishes a special dispatch, dated Berlin, June 3d, saying: "It appears taat the powers have suspended action on the Berlin memorandum for a few days, la order to allow the new Turkish government to give unmistakable indication of their policy and their power of maintaining themselves. contradiction of the Indian Saaaaere Story. Chicago, June 3.?Dispatches reseived at Lieut. Oen. Sheridan'a headquarters indi cate that the reported assassiuatlon of the Cincinnati party by the Indians was a canard. Oue dispatch from Omaha says:? "The commanding officer at Fort Laramie reports that Captain Egan saw the Cincin nati party on May 21st twenty-eight mile* from Custer. They were ail right then, with the exception of one man, who was wounded accidentally. They numbered 39. ? A Tonng Wife JI ordered. St. Aluanh, Vt., June J?The wife of Charles Butler, a young fanner living near High gate Centre, waa murdered last ni^lit during the absence of her husband. H<-r skull was smashed aud her bead poundM so a? to prevent recognition of her features. Iv'ward Tatro, a hired man. aged 18, na* btub srrrsted on suspicion of attempting to violate Mrs. Butler, an<l killing her to pre vent discovery. He claims three men dered her. A Terrible Tragedy. St. Lons, June 3 ?Tne remains of a man, woman and gtrl, the latter about thrv.- years old, were found in the woods near Belleville. 111., yesterday. The woman and child were shot through the head and the man through the heart. From the position of the Oodles It la supposed the man shot his wife and child aud then killed himself. Persons living near by heard three shots abont sunset on Thursday evening. o An Knffllah Crew for the Centennial. N*w York, June 3.?A cahle dispatch says the members of toe First Trinity B iat Clnb have decided to send the followinK four to Philadelphia J. Jamesju, bow; G. H. Mann, second, B. Close, 3d. J. 8. Penroee, stroke. The crew wtll leave England early in July and commence train tng ou their arri val in America Death or Colonel Noore. St. Locis, June 3.?Lieutenant Colonel Treadwell Moore, deputy quarter matter general, U. 8. A-, died at Fort Glb?on, Ii.dian territory, May 28. The Centennial Regatta St. John, N. B , June 3?Br*yi*v fid Boas, of the Paris crew, have 40.: .Uj training for the centennial raoe. Baltimoxx. Jane I ?Oottou -inlet?m 1J tax 1J'? flour juiei and nachea?ed. nut dull Patau - nlrtaitml, US; Man lead red. l.lOalJS. otti*r fredes unchanged Oorti??onthern dull; wentern steady and arm?eonibern whit#. S6*S7, eoatherc yellow. MH; weeteru mixed, S7\. s*ot, 53 Job*; |S8H Jtlr Oats Sntl and lower?aaansto good 11 (lima. 41*42; western white, 57 ?* we iter u mn?J. S3 aM Bre n<>ni nelly Arm. 7*ed0. Bey dnj suj beer, nsryland ecd Pennsylvania. IT MC2. Pro Tielous ?lalet an<i easier,not gnjtebir I'twer. Pork, noe lDM. St) ?' berd nncfcsu?ed Batter dnq and ue?fc?weetern aocd to artate. 17ell Petroleum nominally nccbaL?eg. 'Vffea unchanged. Wbi?kr flall-lllH. B*c?f?t??Ktonr, a.aOO; wheat. 45/J, corn. S3 WO. u?W, 7 Saipxecte? wh**t, none: coil, IS K* h?Ltiyn?, Jnne 3 ?Yl-rinia sixes. deferred. 7 vtrftn* ooueoOdstad. at;,. do. earned e?>ia?, 90 bid tr-dav .t?a1y and Urn. tV?l'J S?W Toxx. Jaae S.-dtoeti active and ?uu M"aer, 1H. gold. UM. Bxckaaga, long. tfB. abort, l^a xT" Jnne *3.?now iMrWH athad'Arvr. Cora loud aal Ira Lo^tma, JunaS. 12JO p. a?C. flvaa, 166 Brie, ItV; preferred. If. baada. *TTbe Grand Duobeas of Meekldnbora Strellts ladead. "Daaiel Wabater's estate, known as I," waa sold yesterday for ?5,?20. LOCAL NE 1VS. iHBioircDBim bub #7er?il Tt ifute to thrir Dtr*rell*( (he OravM m Arlli To day the Southern Mraiori41 Vi lion of til* District decorated tM (ktm of tbe3?0 confederate sold!.-r? wbotr* burled at Arlington crmfWry. T'i* ftwrliti ?in o! ? Hinpl* btil t*-aut t il rakrxltf. Tovra were rr**?nt about *? persons. the ladies predominating Amouc tit# rniU?m?B pr?> eot were Hon. Mr. Caldwell at Ala, Dr. A. Y. P. U?n>ftt. Dr. O. P On'.rer, 8 O. Cu(h> mar. John Lynch. and T J Luitrell. Tu msw>rity of the party start*! from lije R >ard f t Trade Rooms In tiro large an t two small omr lbusesand a number of private carnages. Atwnit noon the utmiblitf wa? called to o?der on the |<orti(? of the mansloo, by l>r. Uaraett. who stated that Hot. I>r. Pttaer would offer* prayer,at Uie conclusion of E!hi! woul.l form a procession and mareh to U ai pnrtlou of lb* grounds where PM^-Toafld..,1?7?nl,*u*?T?TW, K**-A W. A ^T. theCautrai Pre?b\ terian cburcb, ?!,,Lw?L.l,Lwhlch h* **,'? they rec ognised that Uoi had raised mhm up and cast down others and that, often, hop? nearest their heart* ?,an been cast down. Tti?y returned thanks for the tiririi work of Ute Hun of Ood, who had taught them bow to live and l>ow to die bai given a hope of th? ble*e**i lire beyond the grave an I a reunion tn the world to come. He askad all present, as they stool to day la tne pres ence of thedtai, of those who bat given an everything dear and their Urea In defense of what they believed to he right that all woald be prepared lor that reunion. that all malice and all uucharltableue?< mikhi b* t >rg->u*a. Ht returned tnanks for tbe blessings during the ore hundred year* of our nat loial extat eno now closing, and prayed that all ? reaches may be ties led and that the rulers may fcare the fear of <1 ?t before ttn>m,and that the blesstrgs of Heaven woal.l be no slowed upon u? as a nation. Tne Una was then formed, an I on arriving la that pkrt <>i the ceroelcy where the confederal-dead are mirled It broke Into little gnapi, wbo pro c?ede<l to deposit flowers on the graves. * Hoard of Ilealih. the a a s it agb urrnno*. The Boaid of Health met last evening and a communication was read from H. K. Tur uer A Co. staling that they had received a communication from th? health officer or* derlng tbem to place upon the gart?age ser vice two extra wagons. Thev na I also re ceived from the secretary of the i. ?*rd a de mand that the firm strictly albere to the terms of their contract. They emphatically ?ay that they have aad are willing to do so in each and every particular, and they aak that the board, according to the provisions of the contract, take the ueceasary action to compel the public to place the gsrbige to ? place accessible by then men. Many houses had been visited where the people would not let the collectors have the garbage, and la some irstances the collectors seein*xl to be snubbed at Two hundred and thirty four houses in one district refused to deliver tbe ofTal. The comuiunlcatiou whs placed oo rile, and Mr. UiiKilon. from the committee on ordinances, reported revised regulation* in relation to garbage to be seut |U tbe form of a circular, addressed to the housekeepers, requesting them to co-operate with tbe gar. bage collectors in placing at accessible points all garbage to ne removed, and other wise to aid in carrying out the ordlnancea of the tioard In this respect. The report was adopted and the circulars ordered to be printed. VITAL STATISTICS. The report of the registrar o: vital statis tics for the week ending May 27, allowing that the mortality of tbelHstrlct of Oolam bio was TO (10 more taan last weeg), or at the rate of 22.750 per l,n?io per aunum. Decrease of the population by death* over births (re ported) 1, or at the rate of prr 1,000 per annum. Kate or mortality of tbe white population ll 017 per 1,000 per annum, and ot the colored population ?S 056 per l.OOg. Num. her of births reported during Ibe week, 6?? wbite colored 3:1. Hate of increase of the white population by births over deaths, 2.26! per l,ono per annum, decrease of colored pop ulation by deaths over birth*, fi stfi per 1,000 (?er annum. Deaths corresponding week 1*75, white 31, colore 1 ll? total 72, or at tbe rate of 23.too per 1,000 per annum- Of tbe causes K were consumption. 12 pneumonia, I infantile convulsions. 3 gastritis, fevers. There were 31 whites and 3'? colored (21 being inlrors); I wfcltes ai d 21 colore*, under 3 years of age. A Had Jlfgro na?l a Brave Woman 1IOW hHB SKCCKBO EVIDCBCB AUAIlTSr HIM. In the Police Court. this morning, Tlieo dore Walking. a colored man, was iarged with burglariously breaking and entering the private residence ?: Ueorgc M. Lock wot d, No. I Lafayette square, with intent to commit felony, yesterday morelng about 2 o'clock. Mr. Jjcrki"o>j>l testified that Waikins hat been a servant In his house, and had beea lodging somewhere la Scho >1 street. Yee? terday mornlrg witness was nwakened by Lis family with the information that there were thieves In tbe bouse a female mem ber of his family was awakened by some one near her bed; she reached out her band and caught boid of a negro s wool, when she made a grah and caught bold of bis sblrt front, and held on, but the fellow broke loose, making his escape from the house. 8ne. however, retained a piece of the shlrt-rront In her grasp. 8be gave an alarm, when the man threatened to cut her throat If she made a n< 1-e. 81 e got up to strike a match, bat be had removed the matches, wben she set ap a scream, and the fellow bad escaped. Wit ness got ap at once, and foand toe man gone, and both front and back doors open. (It seems that Watkins nat iaft the employ ol Mr. Lock wood about two weeks ago, not to return any more, and being woll acquainted with the premises found no difficulty to effecting an entrance to tbe hoose l Witness stated that be searched the house, and found the premises had been ransacked. Yester day alteruooii defendant cime back to get his pay lor a balance of wager. <lae bim, when Detectives McDevlll and McElftesb were sent for and took him Into custody. In tbe court the accused stoutly denied being tbe man who made the entrance into the house, and the officers produced the piece of shirt Trout, which exactly lilted tbe torn shirt he theu bad on. The case was sent to the grand Jury. ? e Cksteal DidPBXMARY The fourth an num report of the central dispensary, corner loth and ? streets northwest, shows that during tbe year ending May I, IN7fi, 2,677 sick poor have been treated, and t,l<3 prescrip tions dispersed. The dlspeusary Is now in its fifth year, and daring that time has treated *.913 poor, and dispensed 13,?hs pre scriptions, upon tbe small sum of ?l.MS.CT* The central is now tbe only general dlspen pensary In tbe city, and its hem tits are free to auy age, sex, or color. Tbe doctors In charge are: H. H Barker, W. 11. Koss, W. C Briscoe. Kalph Walsh, U. L Magruder, and John Waiter. Jr. STBOJfG (ikoruD cos 1>ivorc?_ Tester day Mr. L C. Wlliamson filed a bill for Wm. P. Hagadorn against Nei!le Hagadorn for a divorce. The parties were married in Troy. N. Y., on the lat of April. 1*3, bave had one cblld Krar.k T-, and be ctiarges that daring the years "74 and "7*. she committed adultery with one Wilson 8tarlori, and that she now lives with 8taff.ird in Missouri ?s his wife by Whom she has two children living. THE COIBTN. Police Cocbt-vmcips 9mu. To day, Henry Thompson and Geo. Hmith, Isrceny of some groceries belonging to the Woman's Temperance t'nion; 3<t, or 60 day* In jail. Appeal taken and bonds 0ted at 9W] each. Franc.s M. Hcbell, Assistant Door keeper House of Representatives, charged with assault oo Everett Wroe; continued, nnder personal bonds, until Tuesday next. Louis L. Bell, assault on Henrietta Brace, ? sins ll colored girl; tl. Joseph Wise, assault on Julia Washington, tS. Franklin Waller. a.Hsault and battery ou James Carter, a tea ant and employe in tbe county; ?20 and costs. Teresa Smith, loud; das. John son, malicious Ins pa as on tbs premises ot Mr. Younp; *.10, or *3 day* in Jail. John Wil liams, larceny of some knives and fjrks and saucers from Nace Shaw; *20. Jos. Kelly-. *5for profauity. Chas. Lewis forfeited col lateral. John Talbert, profanity: *&. Ueorge Board forfeited collateral. John Deacon. Nix, Btepney Brooks, Hotoart Kronch. Ramuel Driver, Margaret Ryan. Richard Jones and Ikelia Williams were ail fl. ed s3 for being disorderly and cursing. XlBIBKIirO WHISKY EOk TkM I'UA^CE 8 A KB. B. Hence, charged with keeping kls bar where intoxicating liquors are sokf, open oo The prasecatlng witness was Dr* George Gross, a cadaverous looking middle aged gentleman with green spectaclaa. who testified that be and bis mend, A. A. Wbec lock. went in and got tbelr nips. He said b?? went in there of his own free will, and tor humanity's sake, without fee or reward, and paid his own money tor tbe drinka. Mr. A. A. Wheelock, a venerable-looking tempe rance patriarch corroborated tbe evidence c Dr. Grass, and aald they bad been la seyets places last Sunday, and bad tonad the beti whisky at tbia bar, k'JO. It mhm a temp - ranee organlsatioo bas been formed hare i* opposition to tbe Liquor 1 >m?n' A?sov's tlon.tbe object being to eoforce the Uatr * laws in tbUDistrict, aud (AU Is um iwiy & WlliaiNf Hotel; Jobs A. A. Gordon, formerly then arraigned on tbe is?? charge and l u/al'the eTldeECe M

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