Newspaper of Evening Star, June 3, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 3, 1876 Page 4
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DRY GOODS. ?<riClAL llAKUAlNb IB DRESS GOCD8. J u?t rp?u- 1 !C0 pi?cee handsome and *tyli?h 1 'KAS- COOLS. rar?in? ia price tiom 13*e. to 75c. per yard Hlack Grenadine*. ell (Ilk an1 wool, Latin's make like to 91 per yard, cheap. H*l?? u e Sirtpe and PUld Or?.nedin*e, Am Black < MkB>rM, Timw Cloth*, I^Hiir eal Alpaca*, ail at *? wu pr're*. BlKk I re*? si its from ?1 to 91 per yard. A f- ? p>f * i heap summer Sl'k* at 75 and 87-,c. 3tf pi- c- ? beeoWai P ?rcals eal La? a* at 13*C., ? ith a foil ?' o? of Dcmeetlc Staple Goods, all at lowMt market pricee. J. W. COLLET, Mill tr Cor *th street and Market 9 pace rfllE LOWIbT PRICES YET FOUND 11V DBT GOODS. Opening aactber lot <c. Bleached Cotton, worth 10. Lti|Nt lis* L?vo< ;n the city. USc Fineat ee?cr m?Dt Percale* !? city, 13*c. Para*ols ud Sun I'Bbrrllu reduced in price. Lliat Lac* Sac-iues, 93 up, worth three times the BOtcl Victoria L*>ni. 12X> U> 18- XI, 33c.. cheap. A II ttc D??< Gvmi now 3 e All 37He DwCoodinowBc. Ilia I i>'i O ld Strck fearfiillr cheap. Laidie*' S Tucs W bite Skirt*. 7ic Lad es *<*ll>rigsac Ho *, SS and tOC. pair. Men ard B<" -' fa?i??rM at coat. B raw Mattnr*. *?, 19 and 35c. Carpel* at coal to clo*e oat. T. n. NAl'DAI!*, m>? tr 709 MABKKT gPA< B. | ATf >T FftOM THE FKUNT. WE HAVE JVST RECEIVED FitOM THE ALCTlUN ROOM 12.000 TABDS HAMBl KG EPGK and 1NSKBTINQ. direct from the aucii' u n is* in Mew York, at S3 c*ots on the dollar, pne ? ranging from 3c, ft, 6, J, lu, 13, 13, IS, etc. AL9?\ J|.'?,000 TABPS of Tery beat HLICOI8. at 3>i, 4"?, ?X cents; all Ire a? the aictloo room. iOOO TABDS PLEACHED COTTON at 4 V BLACK GSKNADINES FBOM AUCTION. PL A I > Ct.k V \1>!N?. 13 20,35.31,37,40. STBlPfc ??>? NAD1NE, 18, 20. 3... etc. PLAID CLIN aDIN E 18.ID, Si, eta. 3,000 TABDS &TBIPE LI MS sClrlNG at 12* cents; one-hair taetl real value. 100 PIECES Vard wiJ. FASC1 LAWNS at 11c 100 Hew ?!v! PARASOLS. with fancy bandies, #1, SI a, ii a..?3, #2 50. etc it 000 TABDS PLAIN L'NfcS bCITINGS, Ecru olor.) only 13 ceat*. HATCBU ' OLOB LIBEN for ladiea' suits. With lace to catch. A.OOO TABDS NEW PTYLK PpKING L)BES' GOODS. FLA1N I'RES-" G<'ODB.8. 13. 35. etc PLAID Dtifcf-i or,< >1)8. 9, 10,1J. 15. 3), 33. feTBirS DBkhS GOODS, all pries*. BLA"K MOHAIB ALPACAS, 13. IS, SO, 23 ii1. 37, SO, all from aacti jd. Vlf'TOBlA AND BISHOP LAWNS, 19. 19, 3U 23. BLACK SILK?, 79c , 91, 91 ? 91 30, 93, etc. L * PI BP AHP GENT 3' mAC/ E I"N jIKWIAB,SO, 62. 73. 100 BOLLS rxr.SH CHINA MATTING. Bed Check. 39, Me M hite M.tiiug, 18 ?. 23. etc. C. W TOWSOS A CO., m>39 2* *36 Penn a ave . near 7ih street fHOtE V IIO KNOW BKST, PalsoMzi THE ONE PI.ICE, CASH, DRY GOODS BO USE cw HM. Ill R l? W V I.I K, 1011 7th street northwest. B^-SPKCIaL BABGA1NS MOW OFKKUIN J. *y"A#<-ccy t>r Mm*. D'mirest's reliable Pat tern# and " i bf- Eag'e Uhlrt my!7 tr fHE bILK~~ ABO DP ESS Q003S H C USE or WASIIIXOTOX. We Invite the attent:on cf the puMic to our Ira xtP'e wtrrnifLt of newest style* fcl UllAB SiLh.8 AND GKENADINEs Of ali ?h? l,? in Strip* ^ aixl PlaiJ*. Lur.c- *tfck aLACK elLKS of all celebrated n. ?a<?. frenmer TBEJ3 UCODS of all the latest produc tion* LACK S4CQCE8 and ? II AW Li of the richest de?>gi a. SILK I MBKELLAS, 9n? HOSiEBY. and La ^ie*LlNIN ^ClTSin xrt-at vaiirty, at le*s than Kew York prices. ho),; ohi? ?niiilki:ro, SIT MABKET SPACE, mj*7 tr Third door from *tb stiMl. ^ liAJ E (>rrOKTL'MTv7~ 7EN PES CENT. DISCOUNT! BROPH?AD A CO., V3V Pm>^a. A vs., between 9th and loth eta., Will hareaftt r all'<w a discount of 10 PEBCENT. oaalla*lr* if IMPOKTfcD L'BiS- GOODS, (ln ll ndtnc St'k*. Gru ad mm. Linen Lawn*. Alpacas, 91 obatrs D.I ?*-?. Ac., Ac..) at a LINEN TABLE DAMASK.*- T vVt KLS. NAPKINS, Ac. All t? > MBbllC GOOLP. HOSIEBY. II AN :)KtS CIIlEr?. GiOVkii, LADIIS aid GENTS' I N DlkVt EAB. aid NOTIONS of aU *0it* wUbepo^ st the Lo*e*t Market Price. Ibi- t* a rare opportunity to secure B^rfalns In first ciaaa aoo^-* Ardntc trii 4 I BLEATHED COTTON- 10c. 3 Bnttrtt, K 1 !??"?. It all cilor*. 91 33 b.i% Ci a.O ; .M l Ul< AN IlOSB. 93 a box. HtlANCH STO&E, 1*205 r ttrtet, let. 12th and 13th ?t*. (old stand.) BRODHEAD ? CO. my?-tr *39 Pa. at*., bdt. 9.h and 10th sta. JUhS I iniMtLt S31 I2MNSVLVAHIA AVlai'l, Ha* jn?t t i -d.and i? now openl -g. another In volcccfCBt !CB K AIlUli S for Bonim'r wt-ar. GreE*din?* '? Mack aud alt the n->w shade*, to Blatch Bill* *i m 73 ceata t'.> B3.U0 Brccade Jrena D?**, ail ct ? rs and *had**, yery c*s<-iee Kxxl* Brocade* iu cut* hlh^Ko- $'?*??. Gnipar* La- es for Orerdr?~'>? t' crtta P< Li:ees ai.d 1 tlia Qo-^l?. 6amm>-r Silk? in i.hrcks. St, tp- ? ?nd Plsid*. French J ac ? e'* ?lo O'can ii- Lav?u<. n?w ?t> Ir* PrUted laineti* a::d Linen Lawn* Toil* !?-?? and Linen 1'atlate. trw ?t>le?. for OTer-Pt-e*** Suit* and 0\erdre(w*, i t French r*nabrlc Z'phyr Cloth, Lati*ta. a:.-l L; ,ea, roil S-'OOto jzv Wra?p?rs acd Dre-'in* racks at all prires. I lum Dn?t?'* ?ud U'l-t'er* G- ?am<r Water proof Cloaks. French 31 >irl u Dretws and Orerd'ew-* A lar^e stock <f La I'e-t Ctderwear, or-linn and line, at Terv low pri.r* Our stock In all cla**t s ol good* wlil be ion-id fre?h tad attractiv*. iu stile* aud price* >11 ',e roT*lti^* of the *en?oB wlil be added cm *o?>u a* tL- appear in the market. Ay-ONK FklCE ONLY JOHN T. MITCHELL, mi *4 tr 931 Pennsylvacta avenue. oriH v? ashib?t?9Tdry huiiui - Wkite C. iu%-d Pijues at 13*c.. beautiful Colored Bleared P' j>--a at 15c.; White G'<oda, such a* Mar tellies, Plaid Snipe, and Plain Ban*ooks; Tlctcrla ~ iwns and ( -rnibric*. from 3ttc. to toe . 3jDD0 y arte at r.rg Edfl^ft. fr >m S to 0>c per yard; Serine ieC- >1?. S'Utd, Plain, aac Sir:p?d, fr m llSc. ftluc.; the be? 35e. and ST^o. Black Alpacas In town; all numtx-rs o* to 73c Sprluc Caaslmeree, for boys and grnti, 39c. to 91: another lot of thoea ?i-c Kide. Acencv for Mm'e Demoreet. JOS. B. BA1LET. earner 7th and t *ts soathweet. api-tr INSURANCE. OFFICE or The Mutual Protection lire las, Oo. or THB DISTB1CT OB COLOMBIA, ICHAtTllU Bt ACT OF C03G1XSS,) 14?'i Paacsylvania avenue,(opposite 0.8. Tree*?. OBO?;k TAFLogV10**? 0*?rf? TmIo^ a.TKCSTBES Tr#* 255"Sssi. st fi The abore tympany is now fully orcanlted for Lcstaee* acd pr?*ared to iasu* policies of lesaranoe oa moat favorable t-rms Paaiphlets conlainlM tbe act of lc< or p< ration and br-law* will be fur Biahfd oa applkatioB. JAMES B. FITCH, ay 15 la Secretary and Tre?rw. IOHB T AKMS. D W kItOHAM HMtlEEAL IJISVKAXCB AGKXTB ATI C SHOE MRS, JUB Dion Bt Lome, eorner of B and 8th ptreati 1BSPKABCB of BTBBT DBSCBIPTIOB WBIT -tr TAN OB THB BEAT TEBMS. DBMOVAl II Tte office of the LTOOMIBO F1BB IBSDI ABCB compabt bee been remcved to Booes Nc , LeProlt BnlldlM. corner of V oU eoespany baa been in a FAMILY SUPPLIES. Mf'BlKQ BIBD FO')D, fr*|?nd by OktrlM A tor?., M Mtti per bos; |IJO per BILTIIH WATBE, H> cent* per jug. CINCINNATI MB UK. ?lper dozen. CHAMPAGNE C1DBB, in pinta and anarta. O. WITMBB, jel-tr Oro?t1?i, 191* PcDHilngtitirant. stfjfe OKIAN'TAL. TaA bTUKJC. ?^^409 911 Br., T. M O. A. BriuiXj.^ TEAS' TEAE" TB4B!' FBAGBANT' FBKS'd'' PCBE"! Bice Imperial. 40s., 40c . ?1, ?1 tiokng. 40c .,t?i . ftc , Bl.tO. Vine Japan.loc .7lr.,9Sc Extra Gutpowder, Uc , 90c., ?1 10. COrrEEB! COFFEES" COFFBE?'!! KKESH AkOHATIC!! PI BE !! BoaeteU dally In onr new Oriental Boaster. AT LOWEST FBICES. BCGAB-" A" Clarified 10 pounds for ?1. " Granulated, f pound* for II. " Out Loaf, 8H pounds for CI. spices spices:: BPIc?a,?? In every variety. nr to J. WAtfEE Pt'TALl, Prop. '"pE LITTLB BiOBE aBoUND THE OUB J. EAKin OADSBT. DEALER IN UN a FAMILY GROCERIES, WINES, LlQVORS,_kt Mo. ?U TWENTIETH STBBET, N W., lit twee a Penna avenue and I it., ayfi lm W aablngton. P. O. WALT BALT ! -iO.OOO Back* Liverpool Ground ^ Alum and Fine Bait Asbton's, Deakin's. Ver din*! and Evaaa' brand*. 10JU0 bu*bela Tark'* Island. WM Bags and Bjxee Dairy and Tabla Bait; for aale la lota to *ul?: delivered in Depot, M aehlcgton. about Baltimore price*. By ALEX. KEBR I BBO, 41 Boutb atreet, and JENK INS A KEBBS Wharves. Baltimore. my 8 lro 5J1NNE6UTA FLOUR. Vt aahtarn Mi!!*. Minnesota FLOCB, not equalled or excelled by anr in tbe country. It I* our Inten tion to keep a aupply of this cetebrated Floor al way* on bard All we a>k la a trial to satisfy tbe moat faatidiooa. For aale by J. B BBTAN A BBO., ap37 tr 60** Pennsylvania avenne. RAILROADS. IJALT13IORK AMD OHIO KAILHOAU, MAT 119th, 1??76. A.M. LBATB WASHINGTON b:44? Baltimore. Annapolia, and way atatlons. Point or Bocka aud intet mediate atatlona, M ?in Stem. T: 10?Baltimore and Alexandria Junction 6:00? ftrw York, Ptoia'hl-pftui and Mx r*t*s. Pullman Parlor Cara. Leaves at 0:lOa.m Sunday, stops at Way Btationa, aud connecta for Annapolia. 8:14?Cmemantt, St Louis and Pitt.ibvr* Ex jwj Frederick, liageratown, and Valley 8:90?Point of Bocka and way stations. 0:3O? Raltimor* and wsy atatlona. 9.-44?New Turk Llai'ed Exereo*. Baltimore and ^ ^ Philadelphia. Bunday to Baltimore only. 19:14? Baltimore. Way Stations, Elilcott City and Annapolia. 1:40? i>f? lor*, Pkiladttpkia and Norfolk Ex rre.'i. On Sunday, all Way Btationa and Baltimore only. 5:30? B?'tmore and way atatlona. 4:30? Ba!umor? and Laurel Arr'M. Bllioott City, Frederick and Way Stations, via be lay. 4:SC?Frederick and Point of Bocka, (via Metro Biltan Branch). Utimore. Annapolia and way stations. 4.524?Cttrato, Otncmna:i an.l Louisvillt B r"i Except Saturday .daily to Uolumboa. Loula isMlle by 11:30 p. m. train on Saturday. Hag* r?tcwn and Wiucbeater. Sleeping cars to t hicago, Cincinnati and LomtvilU. 4:3Z?Baitimoriand Pm 'aatlpkia Erpr'.*s. Fred erick and Way Station*, via Belay. (Con recta tor Annapolia Sunday.) 410? Baitiirore. Bladeaeburg, College, Belta Ti 1-. Laurel. Annapolis Junction. 7 OO? Baltimore and way atatlona ?:1U? Itaitimore. BlaOinsburg. Beltiville. Lau rel, Ke'ay. 9 5*0? Pit'sburg. but no connection beyond Mar tinabmg by troin leaving Sunday night Way Stations on Metropolitan Branch. 9:30? N'ie York and Pittade'p'iia Niikf Exprift Sleeping Care to New lork "*:30? Balt niore and principal s?y atatlona, 10:30?Martiraturgand way atatiwns, Mctropoll t-tb Branch. 11:30? Ss Low* tXTrat. Chicago, Colombns, b ndcaky.Newaik. On Saturday for Lotus * ll'?. *?'0 * 00. * 14, 9:'Ji a m : 1:10,4:24. 4:34, 4:40, 7 09, 0:10, S:U0, 9:30 and 11:30 p.m., viatli) ? All oth>-r train* dally, except Sunday. If cobcection oc Sonde) tor Ba?er?town or Tal le) rri. or for N?w Tork a&u Philadelphia at ?> a m. aid 14U p.m. For ftnh-r information apply at the Baltimore an?l OMn Ticket f?Wcea, Wasnlngton Btatiun, and 4*4, 60f ar.'l t;03 Pertaylvania avenue, and ?> 13 15tb ?tr*et northwest, wbete ord< ra will be taken <or bagrage to be cbtcked and received at any point I j tlu city. TB<>S g.SHABP, Master of Transportation. I M f'OLK. Oeneial Ticket Agenl. GEO. 8. KOOBTZ, General Agent. apU tT pcK THI CEilTEjlMIALMXHlBlTlOa FIVE TRAMS DAILY, EXCEPT SUNJJA Y. VIA BALTIMORE A POTOMAC BAILBOAO. Commencing Wedtxariay, May 1 Zfh. Tbe Baltimore and Potomac Btilroad Company will run the t< Mowing train- f?r" ti rough U' Philadelphia with out cbai g>? of cara. lea* ing tb- "*'"? J!**r M d?p< t, Paiioaylvania avenue and 4th atreet, dally, except hunday: 7:40 a *. .and arriving la Philadelphia at 1:90 P. M., daily,except Sunday. 9:il3t m . atd arriving in Pililadelpbla at 1:24 p >i., daily, except Sunday. 1:30 p x., and a,rlvl^g in I'tii'.adelpbia at 6:40 p x.,da'ly,except Sunday. 5:30 pm. and arilving tn Philadelphia at 11 p k., daily. 9:10 r. sc.. and art!vlng In PblUdeiphla at 9:34 a. m ,daily. Bleeping cars attached to tbe train to Pbiladel BhlaleaviLg at 9:10 p x ; aud p?rs<'na aeouring irtbs < an remain In tbe car nutil 7 o'clock a. m. fctcure your tickets at tbe office of the company, noitteast corner 13th atreet acd Pennsylvania ave tce, and northeast eontr of 6th"street and Penn ?yl\ania avenue, and depot of tbe Baltimore and Pctomac Bail road company. * KBANK THOMPSON. General Manazer. ptH lm V A1 BOYD. JR ? Gen. Pa* Agent |JN1YERSAL K R TICKET OFIKE. B ML BOA I) TICKETS to or from all points bought, exchanged or eoid aifv ? r^^n a reduction of <>nb coluiJm4hB cpt n any ctber office or depot"**3? In tfcia city. Ticket- good till n*ed. Baggage checked tbrocgb. Apply to M. V WU1TKB10E. apl ly 997 Peon, ave.,Candy at?.re. 187 6 r mm Vrnv aria 1876 MOOTS To ttao (forth, Wett, mu4 loalfcvcit. rK*uWe TrurA, Hteel Hail*, Splendid tfc?a try, Mmjni/lcent X</*ipm*nt. JIM 4th. 1B76. train* leave VS aanlngtoa, city time, from IHpot, corner of 4th ana B atreet*, aa foliowa : g-r rittsbnrg and the West, Ham. daily, with farlorCarto Pittsburg; 7.40 a m dally, with Palace Car to Chicago, *Bd 11:40 a. a. daily. exi*pt Sunday. BALT1MOBE ABO POTOMAC BAILBOAO. For Cacaudaigaa. Bocaeater, Bcffaio. Niagara F?!t*, and tbe Bortb, to a. m. daily, exoept San day. aod 7:40 c m. dally, except Saturday, with Palace Cars to Watkin*. For Erie, Canandalgua, Br tralo. aud Niagara Falls, 11:40 a. m. dally,ax es pt Sunday. * r New fork and tbe Ea*t, 9 4 0 p m daily, with Palaoe Cars attached: Limit?d Expreaa of Pull man Parlor Car*. 9:*43 a on. dailv. except Sunday, for New Tork ard the Ea t. T 40 a in. acd 1.30 V-?? da ly. aic<pt hr-Lfay, wltb Parlor Cars at Ul bed. F?r PMIad-ipbla. 7 50 a m. and 1:30 p. m. fall?, ex<ept e>Md?y, and 4 30 and 9:40 p. m daily. Limits Eipreea 9.5*3 a. m dally.except Snaday. ?xn^atloa for Ba.tim*re. 7:40 a. a>. aauy. and 4tU0 a. m dally, except Sunday. F". Pope * Cre^k Line 7:40 a.m. aad 4:90 p. a. Jai!y, except Sunday. F r a una col :*. fe 00 acd 11:40 a. B. and 4:5iO |, sb . axoeat Snnday. alexanubiaa bail UaT AND ALEXANOB1A A WAIHIBGTOB BAILBOAD. ForAiavaudrla. 6,T,0"OB, 9,10, 11 a.fli.i 1,3, 4:5*0,4, *>. 7.00. and 11:40 p.m. On Sunday at 9 a. aa . and 1 and 7 p. m t <r tbe South, vta BicnmoDd. 11:40 a, a. dally, exoept Snnday; and via Lynchburg, ? OO a. a. aad 11:40 ?. an dally. T.-ains leave Alexandria lor Washington. 6, T, 8, 9,10,11a. a., I, 3, 4, 4, 6.and T ?. a. On Sunday at 7 and 10 a. aa.,and 4 p. m. I Ticket*. Icforaatloa, Sloping and Parlor OH ^oevfuoKtaationa can be procured at the Offcaa:? Bortfceaat corner of Thlrtaentb atreet and Feaa rvlvania avenue, Bortheaat oorner of Sixth atreet aad Pennaylvanla avenne, and at tbe Depot, where orders can be left for tbe checking of Baggage to Saattaatlon fr >tn llotals and Residence*. U. M. BOTD.Ja ,Oen1 Paaaecger Agent. FBABE TBOM8QB. GenT Manager^ lanl-lF_ EDUCATIONAL. EST END INSTITUTE, family Btl?l /m tv?M La<l 1*1. Mrs. 6. L. Oani, Principal lev Bavta, Ooan. Band for circular. mart 4m F~?N0L1SB. FBBBCB, AND CLASSICAL 8B !i LBCT SCHOOL Fofc T00H0 LADIES. 914 NewToikaveaM a. w.-Mta. ANOELO JACE SON, Prtaclaal ?The eighth anneal ssaaloa begins ca the 14th ofBep "bar. U74. aag44-ly I^UMBEBI ~LUMBJUll GREAT REDUCTIOIt Jit PRICES. ? CBT BELL AMD WILL SELL. ? 1BGIB1A BOABD8. good. ?18 per M. JOIST and kengttoa aad . S1DIBO, #?? par M. foraerly ??? LATB. #9 40 per M.; tormerly f 3. GOOD v 1BG1BIA FLOOBIBG, ?94 per M. CEDAE POSTS, S? aad SO oaaiaT All other klndaof LOMBCB, Draaaid or Eoagb, at laae than market ptlcea. A atnall lot of OAK, ~ WaLMOT \feat 1 will saU at oae-h*lf ttos 75s1 IaEAF CALL_ WILL bECVEE MAM 14th aad Bi AUCTION SALES. THIS BTIRIRa. \v ASH. B. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer. 1001, northwest corner Utb wi O itiwti. LA BOB BANK HI PT SALE OF MSB C1GABS. We will offer for (ale, it public Mctioa. a cbotce lot of Cigars, the fill .iwtog well knosn brand* is Mock: Key Weet.Fler del Fumar, Trabucas. Beina > letor is. Ac.. Ac. Tbe Mlt to commence 8ATTBDAY, Jane 3,1879, at 10.30 o'e'ock t. ?.,< >?ud 7.50 o'clock*. D.,UHo 461 Pennsj Irani* avenue, betw^n 4X and 6 b streets northwest, jn?t below the National Hotel Tbe trade r.spectfally invited. The g?1s ra morrd to above place for convenience of aale. Tmb* cash. je2 VAIH. B. WILLIAM*, Asct. Y'Ol'BQ a M1DDLETOH, Beal' Estate Auctioneer*. TRUSTEES SAL* Or A F ABM 0? 81 A0BB8 OB TUB METRO POLITAB B. B., TWO MILES FBOM TOWB. By Tlrtve of a deed of tra?t to ns, dated Mar flt 7tb, lt<7S, end recorded In Liber No ZM.fullo^ l'l of the land record* for the District of Oo-? tumble. acd at the request of tha holder of the note eecarea thereby, we will sell at pubtlc auction, on the premises, at 3H o'clock*, m., on WBDNI1 DAY June 7th. Lot Ho 34, la the recorded sobdl ihion of tract kaown as Metropolis View, eitaated iuWaatlBfton county, near the residence of tbe late Chief Jnattce Cbaee. Terms: One-third oltbe purchase money in cash, of which a deposit of (kO will be repaired at the time of sale, aod tbe balance In two'qual payments at 9 and 18 months, secured b? a deed of tru?t on the property and tbe purchaser's notes bearing 3 per cent, intetest. Conveyer c?ng at purchasers cost. It tbe Iwe? are not fulfilled in 7 days the property will be resold at the risk and cut of defaultltg pur ct-r. ^88EwH. WHITAKBB.j Truste<-. | ni)29 d&dbs YOUNG A MIDDLEToN, Aucta. UANPSOM B TWO STOUT FBAWE DWEL LING ON TBB BAST 81f)E OF I 1th fT8KtT, BETWEEN B AND 88TREET88OBTH WEST, BEING N v 17*7, AT AUCTION OnTUKSDAY AFTERNOON, June 6th. , in front of the premises, at h o'clock, I 1 sliall sell Lot.3, 111 L. 8 Chapman's recorded < subdivision of tbe nottb half of t'jaare No. 3'15. Laving a front of 18 feet, and miming back 92 feet 6 Inches to a wide alley, improved by a comfortable frame Dwelllrg. Terms: One fourth cash; balance at 1,1 and 3 years, with notes bearing Interest ai 8 per cent per annum, and secured by a deed of trust on the pro perty *oid Conveyapclrg at purchaser's coat. MOu reoulnd at time of salt-. i!.)!!1 d THOMAS DOWLIN3. A net. ^jj*0. 1BCESDELL. 609 7th street. VA LI'ABLE BUSINESS PROPEBTY OS B t-TbEET. BETWEEN 13rH AND llTl STS N"RTUWEST. CONSISTING Of A NKW 3-PTOBY BBI< K BUILDING FINISHED ins STORE AND OfFlCES, BK1N0 No. 1305, AT auction Go V EDNESD AY. June7th, 1876 in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p m., I shall selt the at ore mtiitionsd property, beina part o'? otigusl Lot No. sqnare No 254, fronting 29 feet on E street. an?i < xt <ndirg back 60 feet. Terms Oca-fourth ca b; rem*iuder in four equal psj tuei.ts at 6,12,18 and 24 month*, with interest at 8 aer cent . m cured on the property. A iep .sit of S20t> rt'iuirea at time of sale. uEO. 1 RLEeDaLL, Beal Estate Broker. jel-eoJfcds R N. 0'>X. auct. ^UAM'IBI SALE Of BEAL ESTATE. B? virtue of a decree of the Supreme Ccurt of the Dibtrct of ColumMa. passed In K iui:> cause No 4,949. in which John A tebneider < to tbe u?e or Lester A. Harriett is plaintiff, and 8. S Huit and oth? rs are defendants. I will sell, la front of the premises, on TUESDAY, the 6th day of Jute. A. D 1876 at S o'clock p. m , all the int<r est of defendant. Samuel S. Huar. In the lots 6 and 7. in lunare 7*3 in the City of Waaliinfton. Dis trict of ColnitLla, described according to the ground plater plaii fi ale city as beginning at a point on 3d street east one foot aid one and one-ball Inches north of said lot 7, and running thence v nth 18 feet 3 Inches; therce east 96 feet, thence north 4 feet; theice cast 4 feet; thence north 14 feet 3 inches; thence west loo foet, to place of beginn'ng. Term? of sale ca-li: A depo?it of one hundred dol lars will bere-iclred whin the property is struck tfl. All convey anclna at purchaser's coat. If terms are not coaiplied with In five days tbe trustes re i3k strrts theftfbt foretell the property at tbe risk n* purchaser. I a. K1MBA.LL, Trustee. and cost of the defaulting pure I Cjr K niyI7-eoAds WASH 'b. WILLIAMS, Auct T UOMAb DoWLING, Auctioneer. TRU8TFFS SALE ??F VALUABLE REAL E3 TATE IN THE ( OUNTV OK WASHINGTON AND DISTB1LT or COLUMBIA. ADJOINING O?ohGIT jWN ON Till NOBTUWAST. AT AUCTION. By >irtue cf fonr *'psrate de?dsof frnst ii?A i>tn t us ai d Lenrliig rate respectively Ili ? ; ? :? h day of February, IVjJ. ttu iith <Uy cM, May, IMS, the 1-t day of January, 1869, and the ltUh d?v of nary, ar. i recorded re?iectlve!y in Liter K. C. E . N ? 24. fo io 119. L'bet SCO, folio 42S, LitxrT ard R . No 8. fclio 3t>2, Liber T aLd li , No. 7. foil:' 1C4,< f 'he Laud Bee of Washington Cornty. District cf Columbia, we shall sell, at pub ] lie ac? ti'.n, FRIDAY, the lfith dey of June, A. ' D. 1876, on the prealses, at the hourof 5:30 o'clock p ni , to eat'sfy f ur atveral promissory note-i se i cur.d by taid aetdj acd at ths KfMstllwrltlBC < 1 the h Ider of said ?r .mlseory notes, tin following described p'operty, viz: All th*t tract of Und rou ticuccs to Georgetown, in the County cf Washing ton Dintr'ct cf Columbia, lyirg rut of Fayette gtr??-t and north of and ulj initig to 7th street con tinue], and adjoining "The C<-dars " on the west ai.(I north, being part of atract called "Berleith," and containing sixty-three acres, more or le*n im proved by a Targe double Brick Dwelling Bouse. Mabte Orchvd. 4c . Ac.), l9??that pr rti in there >f h retefcre sold by BicUard S. Cox to JoLa H Small a; d John H. Berry. Tt'iw of sa'e: One flth 11 51 ensh; balance in six (6), twelve i If i, eighteen (181, and twenty four (21) months, deferred pa;meuts to be secured by notes, with in,t rest and deed of trust on property t* -Id; ittfiest patkl'le semi anamlly A deposit of re'iutred at time ?f sa!a. AH conveyancins at coat of i u cta?er. If terms oTsale are rot :om plied with wltblc a we< k after day of sal*, the Trustee* reserve the ii?h< to resell tbe property, sfter flee <S> days' notice, at th? rl-k and cost <-f the def?n'*iia pur cba->? r A plat of the property will be exhibited on the groctds at the tfnie of sa'e WALTEB 8. COX,{Tt_,fw,, 1H<?MA8 C COX.I l"1*"*' my26 d TBUlUS DOWL1NG. Anct. \^OUNG A M1DDLETON, Beal Estate Auctioneers. TFU?TEE'8 PALE of VALUABLE BREW ERY PROPERTY ON K. BaTU'EEN 46th AND 5J7th STHEETs MOttTBVYEST. By virtue of ade?d of trntt da'ed March 17, 1'71. ?Ld recorded in Liber 640. folios 171 4'5^ and 476. one of tne laed records for the District of Columbia, and at ths written request of the rarty secured thereby. 1 will sell at public auction, n front of the premises, on bATUuDAY, June 10th, 1876. at A o'clcck p. tr, the following de scribed real estate, situate in the city el Wasnlng iiittoo, Di-trict of Columbia, to wit: All of lots : ntmberrd four. (4.) five, (S.I six, <G.) seven, (7,> eight, 18. J atid all those parts of lut numbered nne, (9, i ail In sciuare numbered four, (4; > one part of lot nLe<9) beginning at the southwest corner of lot tL e. 19. i and running thence north with the etst line of 27th street west, twenty i'A > feet, tbencs east ISO feet to the back Hoe of said lot, thence south 2U fe< t. thence w? st lSu teet to tbe said 27tb Ktreet. and Slace of beginning; for the other part of lot niie. i V > eglniilug at tbe southeast corner of lot 10. In said square, thence south .11 teet, thence ea?t 75 foet, th'tce north 31 feet, tberce along the rear line of lots 12 and 13.76 feet west, to the place of begin ning and ?ppurtecare<>?. b?leg the ? h >le property lately known as the Washington Brewery. TettL": #5 S00 ca<h: ?:i in siv monthi,with Interest. a> d balai < <? in twelve 112) months, with Interest Th<- deferred payments to be tecured by notes of purchaser snd de?,l of trust on property sold. A d< posit of f 2i0 will be required of tht pur chaser at the time of sale, otherwise an immediate resale Conveyancing ai cost of purchaser If other terns cf sa> are not coonpHed with within ?ev?n (7, days the Trustee reserves the ri|Lt to rese'l the I rcyerty at the risk and cost of the delaaltitiK pur chaser, alter fire (5 days'advertisement. SAM L L PHILLIPS,Trustee, ttyil d YOt'NO A niliDLETON. Aucts. Trusties bale of valuable im PRHVID PBOPEBTY ON NORTH K 8T . HETWEbN 510th AND il .sT 8T8. NORTH WEST, AT AUCTION. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated M'trch 10th, 1^74, ana recorded it Lib*r 739, folio 3M, oftueland records of Washington county ? Listrict of Columbia, and by direction ^f tbe holuer of the toie lecnrtd thereby, I will sell at public acrilon, in front of tbe premises, on MON I'A 3tL day of Jone, IS/6, at d o'clock p m, atl that piece of ground in Washington city, Dis trtct f f Oolumbia. know a acd designated atorigi pal lot 4. cf ?iiuare aouth of sunare lot. Improved by a two story frame dwelling house. Terms of sale: AioOcash. balaace in six and twelve moi ths. secured by notes bearing 10 per cect. in terest acd de?d if trust on the property Oonvey ancii g at purchaser's cost. If tbe terms are not Ci mplied with In seTen days Ir >m sa'c, the trustee re??Me?tbe rigtt to resell the property at the rl?k and co>t of the purchaser. #lo*j tu be paU ia cash a h? u the property is struck off WM L DUBLOP Trustee. njtS d IHto DOW LING. Anct. | JO WN MAN A GREEN. Auctioneers. TRCST*E*8 PALE OF~TWO 8 8T0BY BRICK DWELLINGS. WITH CELLARS, UN SOUTH MDE <?F T STREET. BETWEEN 14th AND l 3th bTBEBTS NORTHWEST, ?6th and tith Houses from IMh street.) By rtrtne of a deed of trust. dated October 4 lutb, A.D. Ia71, duly recorded in Liber No. 693, folio 196, one of the land records for the Distr.ct of Columbia, aod at the re<ineet of the a t _ tarty eecnrtd thereby. 1 will sell at public auction, In frott of the pi ea iaae, ob WEDNIbDAT. June 7 th A D 1874. at 4 30 p m., all>ho?e certain pieces or lots of groond In the city cf Washington, la said Ills net. and kaown aa lots numbered one hundred acd thirty -seven, < 137.1 and one hundred and thir t) e'gfct, (IV,) ot Darrow's rabdivision of part of iiuare numbered two hundred and six (106.) as said ? o? dl<i?<on Is recorded In surveyor's office of said city. In liber B. D. Cooke.No. 1, folio 140, together witi, ths improvements thereon. Terms of sale: One third cash, (of which $7$ oi each b< use must be pa'd at time of aale land the in Mx and twelve mouths, with interest at 8 per cent, from day of sale untU paid, to be se cured by purcbaaet'a note and a deed of trust on ibe propsrir gold Ail conreyancint anl record it gat purchaser's coat. If terms of aale are not coniplied with la six days after sale the Trustee re ei<? tbe r.ght to resell at risk and ooet of purchaaer indefmlt. WM. f HOLTZ 8 AH, Trustee, n.> 26 d So. 1881 W street nc rthwest. Ladies' aa? toll TKAVBLUT6 TIUIKB, wffe ?cM array's Patent Trwak Stay attached LADIES' TRAVELING IATCHBL8. (BAWL BTBAF8 and POCKET BOOM. DOUBLE aad SINGLE BAE8E88 LAP 10BM aad HOUB BLAIEBT8. 8ADDLB8. BI1DLM aad Wllft. A, McHCMMAV, AUCTION SALE?. / 1 !iAhLItf 8 FORD Auctioneer. 639 O atitti, o<Ar 7th, north vest. ccn^cn J^T *0B*T*Q.y?<. sxb.jsrt. ? O't 'B rooms ?rw^fUrlLt" si" ?>?'"? a?^a * urci- ? i ? -', 1 15? ,l?lcl'thi. Oroekerr and I MOBNIBG. Jn*e 3th. 1876.R* it 10 ?>'?!< ?<?*. to froo? > f m- Ui ? I ?hsll t<] * large an t varied ''?WKl second bac.d r?rel M I " V, ,1*>ilcr ths. 0?e*ekerr and Furnttare of a family declin ing housekeeping. Ba'e positive CHA8. a. yOBD. Aoctioneer. JJCNCABSON BROS., Auctioneer*. PBTB?n<t *?S?.Ci!,.,MBIK 80ITM; Bin Rf i R* * JF.-V'A 8 U ST A N D8. W A R D S ai kV* V1%'.JOJP TABUS. L0nBl?K8; rnnisi* ? i'58K? B?Wl|IO MA ril/ina' m?*???L?.n 8AFE8: PINING OLDlSl' rn^JT5?88*8; CABPhr*: OIL, rEnrSi'r?^ n??a"BATING 8T0VBS; AU0T?0H' OLA83WAEB, Ac, Ac. A* MOBHIBO. Janeetfc.oom fit !!FT?J^ 1 ? t,ock- ?? will soil, in frontttL UKS^rmni'mMM of Hea" Jf\ One Lathe, in compltte"order. - J<3 " DPMOABFOB BB08 .A acta. nOWflMAJI A GBEEB, Auctions. Jo. 418 7 th street northwest. 8*LU i?o?BJ^.?S,K-,-,,XTU*M AND good AVasJi?/ 42? P???STLVaWIA gkocbby stabd fob gbebn Tnwena's? "w11'. **. *nbl,c miction. on erS?.*?? ??????'? ?? *8 o'clcxk m. w? ^ ?o ? *ck ?.f V*** ??Bt?lned In Store no t"a PtIiH?V v?t.i? inmx #1^,_ 10?J% i street \>L irerior !<? u. i fcl, D v p * JiBiue i jo rfftaJaj nf TfiMlI'MiU avenue, oonsisting^^*" ?* ml2 0o?t?, Ac . entire Batcher Picture*, Coun Ice Box: also, the lease, which n?? ? rn" 7his or,e01 th' be?it tnsl li? ? '.n *,,h'?",on. and Is sold for uo fault, compelled to lea re 'ho ci'? to at tei dto ether business. M. 0. LUTTBELL, Jf3n 8*1 earn mi. W WILLIAMS, Auctioneer. ? ? 1001. uortbwestcorner 10.h and D streets. FINE WALBT<T FK\MC P VBLOB Hrf rrn UPHOLBTEBEn la "ooV TllEI WITH ?1 rJlir/J*G8- ?*?"?aebIVtoT t" BLKH, Tl'bMSrt HO'KEBS AND ftNi V ?Sm?u UPHOLSTBBED IN OOTELINv JHIl'.H BRONZE ( LOCRB. WITH Ve^gf1* TfOMATCH: ITANrr nABl? TAHLKSl JAK DrNE 8 BAST LAK K M \ RBLE TOP HI] A ?l 81 ITKF; TUBER KI.BCANT M A B H L K rjS D5*W"*0 ' SniTKf: HAIB M \T IfSI S'.SmaSS11 HILLOW8 and bgl "0MB FBlt KCn PLATE M I H 5t5i,,Y'AL,~DT HATTBEB; WAI.BI'T E\ TIBf'0K TABLES AND PIWING BOUI i T0P fi?>En??BD: cr LTNDBB DISK; LADIX8' WBITIBO DESKS; ST*IB BBU8SBL8 0\bPKT?: sbtS; KkT^ViASBTC8DIc;L.A8S WAB,; DEJO On W'EDNEiPAY. June 7th. 1876.1 o i lock a. m . I ohall -?1I at 1123 lith t.IR:l, fort iior'*' "1* *',olre Collection of snferlor Terms, cwh. jf3 d WA8H B. W.H.MM!), Anrt. |^l NC ARSUN BBOS., Auctioneers. 8AAV.^?ifi fbamb hodsrs L(,*w OS NhW JEBSEY AUOTIO*' N1AB K 8TBE1T SOUTH. AT THUB8PAY AFTEBNOON. June ?th, at b o cl .ck. we will tell, in front uf the prem ' iscs, part oi Let 7 in s<jnare 73H, improved by*, two good Rrame Cottar.. Alio, all of Lot 9. in ? TbeM '"t" ?re according to Blagden's o"^tir 51T?stn.el)Ut4re ' and WiU p*7 l-'ood lnter<,at Terms: One half cash; balance in 6 and 1J months notes bearing interest at 8 per cent., aud ?eeur*d by al^urCchMer'.??r.t? prfcm',<'*- Conreyancing. Ac , Je3-4t PUNCAN80N BBO*.. Auctioneers. \VAii? Auctioneer, * ? no. 1001, northwest corner 10th nnd D Ms. PABLOB El BNITCB E, I" PHOL8TEKKT> IN K?H; WALNUT GUAM 111 tt FUKBITrRr SpL'^LS AND OTUEK GABPET8- WAL NUT IX TAB SIO S TABLB8- HALL AND ' OA NE-SB At* OH VIB8 AND hrt?KEBS; BEDsTKADS. HI KKVI'8 AND W ABH8TANR8; HUSK AND COTTON TOP MaITBASsES; ''C?TTAGB FUBNITLBE hlTCHEN ITENSIL8. Ar ?U?HiTLSB. On MONDAY, Juno f, 1876, at 10 o'clock TVfc ??r" < I ?hall s< U, at the rejilence of * aentle 7V\Dia" d'clii.lDg lionsekwpias. 1*0 7 10, h ? 1 ?sire?-f,cortier of p Htrf-et northwest, a sene rhl ass rtnent of Honithold effects. 'I erms cafh. )*'*?** WASH. B. WILLIAMS. Anct. r| ' ^D.8.T.K^ A. ^ .K X *<; 1 TO R3' 8 A L (C o r V A L 1 WKRiTrKi"T0Bf^t?VM\!ig ?ASem"AV: *f,r' '*TUE c"? <" Fy vlrtne of the la?t will and te?tam*nt of F? ruiuacd Bntler. dtceaeed. and of the order and d*cree of the Supreme Court ot the l is Trirt of Colnmb'a. pas-ed in E.juity cause No. *' 'J a. iif conveyance in trust, the und<>r f tnedwili sell at poblic anctt. front of the t remises, on PHI DAY. the i3d day or JuLe.1876 at th- hour OT li o'clock p m , Lot No M, In s.jnare 2-6. sccoroing to sail Butler's snbdlrision In said t'luare. wub the imsrov^ments tne-eon. cinsisting ot a large, comfortable Frame Dwellim.', cjntainiLS twelve rooms. T?-rms of sale; One third cash; baUice in 8, 12 and 18 months, the onrchtsrr or ptirchao^rs giving li:srrthpir*ct?s.beariug ? percent interest fron o?y (i sale?a deed given an<i a d?ed of trmt taken on the piopcrly to secure the del. rred paj ment^ A I conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser nr pn'chfsers a deposit cf t.10 re-inired when the t r p. rty 1* struck off If thi terms of ?ale be not con pii.d ? it li w ithia ten days from day of sale, the under fig oed teserve th? right to resell tho property at tht< ribk ai d cost of the defaulting purchaser or pt:rtbiL&<ro after ten days adrirtiseu>ent. AND BE W J JOYCE, Ccrter 14th and E streets norhwe?t. TBCS. J MYUaS, Pajmsstcr General Office, No. 10'Jl y hsr. n w , ?> ? u-.n.-.-o < Trmtees and E*ecut->rs. >? H W A UN I. H. Ancilone r. jt 1 eoddi J'lll JlAS DOW LING, Auctioneer. CATALOGrBOF A VKBY LAKGE AND VALU ABLE COLLFCTION Of BOOKS, Arn^ng whicn are tw.? Priv a.t Libraries, containing Many Scarce and ^ ainable Boons, in Plae Bind i!FV eDjJ>r*ci' K Illustrate I Works, Biography, Poetry, Travels, ami Geneial Literatnre, Complete Bet of titfell's Liiing Age and Hsr^r's ????7ins, Ant a!s and Debstes of CongTeas, Con *re*8U Dal Globe, Stale Papers, 4c. To be sold at my auction ro >ma s utbwest *venne ?nd 11th street I MONDAY EVENING. June 5. l<7d, and fol-4s lowing Evenirgs, c mmencing at 7.3o o'clock. Teims cash n,>316t THOMAS DOW L1I*G. An^tloneer. | HOMAS DOW LING, Anc?l5teer. TWO BTOBY FBAMB DWELLING, ON THE vnrK8iV5- K ,9TH 8TB*KT. BETWEEN B 17N0P9.8AbTT^ rBTUWB8T' in BONDAI AFTEBNCOJf. Jane 4th. i7?'. ".'.T11!?' "?e premises, at ? o'clock, 1 0ft sbaJ st-ll Lot lettered A, ot the subdiri,! ,n of CJL part tf 8qnare No. US, having a front or Ml feet by a tep'h of M reet. running hack to an alley. Terms: One third ca,E: balance at 1.2 and S years, wnh notes bearing interest at 8 per cent, per at.num. and seemed by a deed or trust cn the pr >p. erty sold. Conveyancing at cost or the purchaser. Blip deposit lectured at time or sale. m>y.t d THOMAS DOWLINQ. Anctlonser. 'puoMAH DOW LING, Auctioneer. TBU^TFEH-BAIB Or~VAI.nABLB IMPROVED Tll^N 1M ^WOKOW*, AT AUU B? virtne of a deed or trust dated the 7th '_"> J' Jtrne, 1873, and dcly recorded in Liber r?o 7t8, folio 113. ore ot the tand record* f rJUX w sshirgtcn county, District of Columbia, and by (lirecftoo of th?" party mcured thereby, we shall set! "J*. OKtDA Y. th? stn day of June, 1-76, at 5:3o 0 ? lo< k p. ni . In front of the ptemis^s. parts of tots numbered forty nine <??) and Qfcy .(60,) in Hol nieao s addition to Goorsetttwu. District of Colum bia, beginning at a p<?Int in the north line of Dan barton street, fifty two feet i62) west of Monroe Street, and run thence oast w Ith north line or Dan barton street eigttetn reet, thence north paralld to Mi nrce street, eighty teet, thence west para lei to Donbartou street, eighteen feet, tborce s .uth in a straight lite to the beginnir g, together with the Improvements, which consist of a frame dwelling Tetnis: One third cash; the balance In twoenial paj mtnis at ? and 12 months, and teccred by deeds ot trnrt, with notes bearing interest at-8 per centum p< r annum on each piece of property. I! the terms oteale are not complird with in live days the Trus tees retn ve the I'ght to resell the ^ame at the ruk and cost or the delaultiut parchasor, after girlnc ten days' notice in sooie newspaper pabliahed In the city of W nshinetcm. C.iu?e>atjc'ug at purcha ser s cost, and a dtp >'lt cf B100 will be required at t me or sale on each piece of prop- rtr. * M. D. CAK8IN. I _ . Wl. A. GOBOON.t Tr,lstpes. THOS. POWL1NG, Auct. f|'HOMAS DOWL1NC. Aoctloneer" TBCSTII8 8ALE OF IMPROVED PBOPBBTY Ih GEOKGBTOW N. AT AUCTIUN. By virtue or a deed or Irnst, dated the ljth^? day of October. lt>7S. snd daly recorded in LiberSK <31. folio 367. one of the land records for Wsab-^a trgton county. Ptstrict of Columbia, and by the re ilTf??qthereby, we shall sell, on THLB8DAT, the sth day of Jane, 1876, at 6 o'clock p m , In front ot the premises, the west half part of Lot numbered sixty-two (621. In Holmead"s addition i? trtct of C. Iwmbia, ths same rrontin# twenty rset on the sonth lioe or West street. .? * ?"? hand red and twenty rest, to firUk'pwelliog6 llDproTeuienU' *hich consist of a Terms ol sale ate: One third cvb; the residue in twotqnal six and twelve aenths, and seemed by a deed of trust on the property seld.with notes bearing interest at 8 per cent, per annum ? w.7 *Tf^Cvnt par chaser's cost A deposit or BUO vill be repaired at ibe time or sale, ir ths t?-rm? of Mie ar? hot compiled with in ttn dan the Truttees rcerve the right to resell the same, at the r tk ard cctof the deiaulting purchaser, oy 8ts ???? BO'srt?s*meat in tome newspaper published iu tte city of V nsbinston., CA8SIB. W M.A. OOBD 'N, \ Trusttes. _m'2S <! THOS POWLlkq.Auct. rpH0MAS DOW LLBO. Auctioneer. TBI'STBE'S BALK OF TBB STEAMER ?? ? OBBIfl'- AT TBB WHABF. BEAR THB IOOT OF Tim 8TBBBT fcOL THWBBT. ByTtrtneofa deed ettrnst execn- h^bb t?d on or about the 3d day ot March. K-* ft 1676, recorded In M. B. Ko 1, ro!i WandjB, a* the Custom Hosse.ln Georgetown, D. d if d r*,'on ^ eecured tUsroby. 1 will sell at public aactlou the steamer B. Morris, la Ucnt or tbe sama, on the wbarr, near the Toot of T.h ,treet?,ut?, on the 7th day of Jane next, at 4 o cloak p m , or ao much thereof as mar ka necMsarr to pay the llabllttles set oat in the said deed of trust. Including the lot? rest and all sx* penees of sate Terms of sale.- fl 90S cash; the Balance In two equal irstaimsLts at 6 and 12 moaths. with 8 per cent interest on deterred payments, if terms not complied with la forty eight hoars alter date ofsale the trustee reserves the right to resell at risk aud cost ofdefaihUg patch seer ?7* ?o B. t. LOW?< Trustes. EVENING STAR. 8ATT1D1T Jaw 3, 1M7?. THE RLAIXE HiTESTKUTION. Mr. Atkins and Mr. Eishcr on the Stand Mulligan Contradicted on Material Points After oar report of the testimony before tbe Judiciary Committee closed yesterday In the Blaine bond cue, James Mulligan, who bad been recalleJ, was asked whether te ooold give the contents of tbe letter to which he referred yeaterdar, *ldr*?sed to Mr Fisher, which drew from Mr. Blaine the answer bearing on Ihe bonda of tbe Little Rock and Fort Smith Railroad Company? Tbe witness said that Mr. Fisher bad asked Mr. Blaine for a settlement. A good deal of correspondence took place, and Mr. Blaine maintained that he had lent by those bonds. Mr. Fisher said that Mr. Blaine had sold a lot of bis bonds and received gCi.030 for them. Mr. Blaine replied to this that If Mr. Fisber was under the impression that be bal made money be was decelrei. Tae witness fur ther testified that Mr. Bialne, In conversa tion In Mr. Atkins' office, sp>ne of bow much be bad lost. The witness there mvle reply that be bad not lost, and that he knew where he pnt the bonds, which cost him nothing except In their negotiation. He knew what ha had stated atom Mr. Blaine's receiving money for the bonds through Mr. Atkins. Mr. Blaine here interrogated the witness with the result that there was nothing in the letters wtiicb had been in his possession, and which Mr. Bialne now held, relating to the Union Pacific rallro 11 company or Tuos A. 8cott,or tbe ?61,000, and tuat outside or tbo witness's memora.,iam book, which he yesterday produced, *4<>,uoo worth of the bonds of the Little Hock and Fort Smith railroad went to Mr. Blaine. They were land grant bonds, and the 21st of September, 1*72, was the day of final settlement bet ween him and Mr. Fisher. Fisber gave Mr. Blaine S40.C00 worth of the bonds, aui told him he must look loJCaldwell for [tbe remainder. The chairman wanted to know whether the *10,000 worth of bonds tbe witness handod over to Mr. Blaine were a remnant of the bonds alluded to by him la the memorandum book. Mr. Blaine remarked that the delivery of the bonds to him was after the Union Pacific railroad transaction with Col. Scott was closed and dead. Mr. Frye, an adviser of Mr. Blaine, re marked that Mr. Blaine had not yet received the remaining bonds due blm. tmsrxHoav or atkikh. Ellsha Atkins was recalled, and testified In answer to a question by Mr. Blaine that he never said in Mulligan's presence that Mr. Blaine was the owner of the Little Rock and Fort Smith land graut bonds that weat to tbe Union Pacific Hallr>>ad company. Nor had he ever said to any body else, four or five years ago, probably in 1*7.\ a project was started to reorganize the Little Rock and Fort Smith Railroad company. The wltnes* owned some of the bonds and knew some of the bondholders^ and Mr. Fisher knew some or tnem, and witness mentioned that the I ploti Pacific Railroad oompany owned shv enty-flve of the bonds. The witness could not have said, as Mr. Mulligan testified, that Mr. Blaine's bonds went to tbe Union Pa cific Railroad company, because he rill not know anything of the kind. The witness testified as to what took place at the Bugs Hanae about the letters In Mulligan s pos session. Mr. lilalnc asked Mr. Mulligan toglve him tbe letter?, as they were private property and had no relevance to the matter before the committee. The witness came lu as Mr. Blaine was receiving them. Mr. Blalnn en tered the room of the witness the last time lie obtained the letters from Mr. Mulligan. Mr. Mulligan followed him and demanded that Mr. Blaine return to blm tbe letter). Mr. Bialne asked him what he was going to do with the letters, to which Mr. Mulligan replied he would publish them if anybody should impeach his testimony, thm keeping the letters for his own purpose. Mr. Blaine asked the witness whether he had any knowledge before he came here to Indicate unfriendliness on the part of Mr. Mulligan toward blm. to whicn quest'.oa the witness replied that Mulligan appa rently labored unJer a sense of wrong. Mr. Blaine here said he wanted to estab lish tbe fact that Mulligan came here with malignity and bitterness. The wiir-ess further said that he hat brief conversations with Mr. M illigan at times, and that the latter's language left the im pression upon bis mind that he was not Blaine's friend. He bad a short conversa tion with Mulligan three weeks a^o in his own office. He asked Mulligan how his friend Blaine was getting aloug. Mulligan said In a general way that he did uot know much of Blaine, and expressed the opinion that Blaine was not the man for the Presi dential nomination. In reply to the question by Mr. Blaine whether he beam of any reaso i for Mitil gan not being friendly to him. the witness s dd that Mulligan thought that Blame did in l treat him right In his settlement of the e tate o' his (Blaine's) brother-in-law, St.vj wocd. Mulligan was Sianwood's confiden tial clerk, and said that Btalue went back ou him in the settlement. The witness s*< l, in to a question by the chairman, that he arrived here on Monday morning. He did not come in company with Mulligan a; d Fisher, thouzh by accident he went to the same he tel. Recurring to what was said by Mulligan in presence of the witnesses about delivering up the letters, the witness said that Mulligan's language was very em phatic. Mr. Bialne?Old he not say that he would not give the letters to God Almighty or bis fatbei? The Witness? He used language unJer great excitement on that occasion. His lan guage, however, w<u usually very different. Mr. Bialne?1 think that Is a new feature in theology. The witness stated that he had known Mr. Mulligan since 186-5. He never hearl any thing Impeaching his character for truth and veracity. Last Friday or Saturday Mr. Bialne telegraphed blm to come to Wash ington, saying:?"Come immediately, and you will do me a favor." He replied to the telegram that he did not think it would oe welx for him to appear without being sum moned. M r. Bialne then propounded questions to the witness, which were auswerel, the ob ject being to show the face ol the bonis was thesanae In Boston as those which went from that i:ty to Maine. StAIIMlST OF WARBKX FISHES. Warren Fisner recalled. In reply t ? Mr. Bialne he said he did not recollect ever sug gesting to him In a letter that be t B alue) had obtained money through Taos. A. s^ott by selling Little Rock bonds to tbe Union Pacific lailroad, nor of saying any such thing. Q. I want to know whether, after I ob tained the letters from Mr. Mulligan, I said to you in the presence of Mr. Atkins that your title to these letters was suparlor to mine, and that 1 offered them to yoa if you wanted to take them? A. I think there were such remarks made. By the Chairman:?Stale what those remarks were. A. He said to Mr. Mulligan that I had a prior right to those letters; that they belonged to me rather thin to Mr. Mul ligan. That was said In the presence of Mr. Mulligan. By Mr. Blaine:?Q- Did I not suggest to you that if you desired those letters 1 would surrender them? A. Yes, sir. Q And didn't you reply that you did not desire the possesion of them? A 1 don't think I salu that; I don't rememoerof say lLg that. Witness In reply to tbe chairman said he fot a teiegram at Boston from Bial<>e from Vashlngtou on Saturday, saying, ? Come to Washington without fall." llad not then got his subpo na. hut got it two aud a half hours alter. Uot to Washington on Tuesday. First saw Blaine Tuesday Afternoon In tbe barber shop, having just arrived at tbe boiel when Bialne made his appearance. Saw him af terwards at bis house; was sent for by blm. His note said: " You and Mr. Mulligan come to tbe bouae this evening." Q. Didn't I say In that note that I wanted to see you In regard to that Aqullla Adams' publication about tbe Northern Pacific rail, road? A. 1 don't know but you did, and don't know as von did; I almost forget about it. Mulligan did not go, thongb he was sent tor a second time. Mulligan bad always had the letters now In posaesslon of Blaine; wlt r ess knew that he was bringing them on to Washington. Q. He brought them, then, with yoar con tent and approbation? A. He did sir. By Mr. Lawrenoe:-Q. You had a settle ment with Mr. Bialne? A. Yes. Q. In that settlement was it agreel or ar. ranged that Mr. Bialne should tear up all pspera relating to toe subject matter or the settlement, Including tlieae letters In ques tion? A. I suppose that I gave up to Mr. Blaine all the uoeumenta ana pa pent that ne asked for, And as to theae lettara I didn't really know that they were in existence. By Mr. Bialne:?Q Your undemanding was that when we settled Bp I had got every thing? A. Every bualneaa paper. 1 think you did. In fact, I feel sure yoa did. I think they were destroyed In say office. By the chairman:?a. Yoa say be got all the papers that It was agreed be should have? A. That waa my laapreasion. By Mr. Lawrenee:?Q Wasn't be to have these letters also? A. If I had known of their being there I think I should have men tioned the fact, and If be desired them I should have given them to him wlthoat doubt. Q- Did yoa ever write to Mr. Bialne, or can j on reco'^ect 'bat yo i ?v*rdld so about a m ttkment b :*wn you and him? A. Y?, if. I>i<l be reply to yon that be had lost upon tl-ea* hoods which he had to take back from hla frieuda In Maine? A. He did not reply by letter- He said so by word of mouth. Q. Did you reply to Mr. Biatne that be had gotten off totnc of theae bond* at a gooi prtoe, or anything like that? A. I Ui.nk 1 dm. if. What did yon mean by that? A 1 meant that be bad reaoM them. S* .T? wbom ' A- 1 didn't know. if LMdn t you mention when that on %-er?ation took place mat they had bm sold 12'be I nion Pacific Railroad Compauy? A. That was what I Intended to convey. ik.i l.? ?*v*y to Mr. Blaine tfeat be bad not loat much on these bona* because be bad rot a portion of them off at a good price to the Union Pacific? A. Tea, sir ? <4- How mscv did yon understand that be Kol off to ihe In Ion Pacific? A. 1 did not urdemtand any. Q. Prom whom did yon nnderstand what jou did understand? A. Through Mr. At kins. Q Mr. Atklna did tell youthen that Mr. Rlatne had gotten off aome of theae Little Rock bonds to the Union Pacific? A. No, sir. He didn't tell me any aucb thing. if How then did you understand It? A. That waa the li ference I drew from his re nark. if What waa that remark? A. I can't aay precisely, but give It to you as uear aa I can. Mr. Atktns wa? speaking about a reorgani zation of the Little Rock and Fort Hmlth railroad. The reorganization was that the old bondholders, the original bondholders, should go into thla reorganization on a cer tain basis. I did not remember what that t>a*la was. He spoke to me about the bond holders- asked me if I knew of any band holders that they atfn't know. He thought I might bo familiar with some of them, aod I KHve him all the Information In re<nrd to it that 1 had at lhat time. 1 sail: "Will von pet all the bonds in?" and be said that If they Rot three-quarters In It would be sufficient, or something like that. There w?? a ge jeral talkahout It. He said that the I'd ion Pa cific road had some of the bonds, and said that they would come In. 1 asked where the bouds came trom, and the inference that I got? if. Plate what he said. A. I dou'j re member what be said, but the Inference I got was that they were Blaine's bands. If. Did he tell you bow many the Union Pacific had? A. No, air, be did uot; that is I lb Ink he did not. Q Hid he mention the name of Tuoma* A. iScott? A.I dou't know that he did, and don't know but he did. 1 forget all about that. It Is four or five year* ago; five years very likely. Q. Then In this correspondence between you and Mr. Blalue. touching a settlement about Little Rock and Fort 8mlib bonds, you treated the matter aa if Mr. Blaine bad gotten off a portion of them upon the Union Pacific company at a good price? A. I don't know bow I treated it. I might have indirectly or directly referred to it In that way. if IM> yon recollect any reference to this matter in a reply that Mr. Blaine wrote you? A. No, sir. I do not. if. You do not recollect that he said la one of bia letters that If be had gotten tuem off at a good price be had not held the money long, but lhat it went tohlafrlends lu Maine? A. I beard that part of a letter read while I was on the way either from Boston to New York, or rrom New York to Washington on the present trip. Heard other letters read. In one of them Mr. Blaine said that if be did get these bouds off, as witueaa bad suggested, be didn't bold the money long, but that It went to bis Maine fr'enda. Have known Mulligan _*0 years Intimately. Hla charac ter is the best. Never heard bis veracity questioned. if. llave you ever demanded from Mr. Mulligan the possession of these letters." A. I have, sir, since I have been in this city. tf Had jou ever demanded them until Mr. Blaine got poasesalonof tliem.' A. 1 have, sir, since I have been In this city. if. At whose instance did you make that demand for these letters.' A. I made It at my own Instance. Q Was it not suggested to you. A. No, sir. if. Were you uot requested to make that demand? A. Not the first time 1 made that demand. if. Were you ever requested by anybody to make that demand after the first time? A. I Wft fi. ?i. By whom? A. Mr. Blaine. if. He asked you to demand tbeee letter*? A. liedid not ask me to demand them. if Well, what did he say? A. Mr. B'.alne asked me to get Mr. Mulligan to give them to me. if. What were yon to da with tb?m if yon i?ot them? A. I proposed to keep them If I got iheui. if. Was this after a reference had been mule in bis examination by Mr. Mulligan to tne letters? A. No. sir. but before that. if. When was H? A. I think it was Tues day night. ??. Was there anything said between Mr. H'atne and Mr. Mulligan about these letters until alter the first examination here? A. 1 tii nk rot, sir. if Then the request from Mr. Blaine to you to get possession of these letters from Mr. Mulligan was after Mr Mulligan hadspok-n or the letters In his first examination? A. Yt-?, j think that was so. Q. Then you bad better correct your first at ewer? A. No; I say I bad made tue re quest of Mr. Mulligan to give them to me on Tuesday tdubl. if. Yau tai? A. That was my first re qin st. <f. Was that after you saw Mr. Blaine? A 1 think it was. if. When you saw Mr. BUlne was It men tioned between you and Mr. Blaine that Mr. Mulligan had theae letters In bis possession? A. It was meutioned by Mr. Blalue that Mr. Mulligan had these letters. if. D.d Mr. Blaine ask you to go and get these letters? A. There waa one letter that Mr. Blaine was very particular to get. if Did be or not ask you to go down and get tb>>?e letters? A. Yes. Q And the request that you made of Mr. Mulligan to return these letters to you was alter and In oonsequenceof the request from Mr. Blaine? A. Yes. tf,. Btate what this letter was that Mr. Blaine was especially anxious to get bold of? A. A letter relating to the Northern Pacific ra.lroad. if. Was that the one be was particularly anxious to get? A. Yes. if. How did he know that Mr. Mulligan had such a letter? A. I think that Mr. Blaine may have asked me tbe question whether such a letter was there, and I prob ably told him that I believed there was; did not tell bim the contents of any of the let ters. Witness was not present when Mr. Mulligan delivered these letters to Mr. Blaine the first lime, and dou't kuow any thing about the delivery of them by Mr. Mulligau to Mr. Blaine; was In Atkins' room wheu Mulligan camu in anddemauded the letters from Mr. Blaine. Mr. Blaine re fused to deliver tbemup. 1 believe Mulligan said to Mr. Blaine that be bad gotten those letters up stairs In his room under a prom ise to return them. Blalno said that he had the letters. If. Did Mr. Blaine say to Mr. Mulligan or to jou that the letters should be delivers l up to you? A. Yes. sir; he said that no third party should bold them, lhat they did not be!o?g to them. if. Did you agree or decline to take th ? n ? A. I asked for them several times. if When Mr. Blalue bud them? A. No, sir, not when Mr. Blaine had them. Q Now I am speaking of the time after Mr Blaine got possession of those letters. A. No, sir, X don't think I said anything about them. Q You made no response when Mr. Blaine said that you might have ]>osscfesiou of these letters ? a. No, air. Q Yon would have received them all from Mr. Blaine? A. Certainly 1 shoulu If he ha 1 given them to me. if. Did he offer to give them to you? A. He did not. if If he had given thetn and you ha 1 re ceived them, what dlapo*ltlon would you have made of them? A. I should have kept them. By Mr. Blalne?Q. What did Mr. Mulligan say, if anything. In your presence about hla Intention reepccting theae letters?what he would do with them? A. He aald that be should keep these letters; that In eaae his a late men la were questioned or doubted by anybody be would have these letters to refer to, and he should publish his statement with those letters. Q. A good deal has been said about Mr. Mulligan's manner whSD Mr. tilalne got pos session of tbeae letters and refused to return them. Stats to the committee what was the manner of Mr. Blaine. A. I did not aee any thing different frosa what be Is at the pressut time. ? U ? He waa not excited? A. He waited the room a little. q. But was bis manner excited?were there any Indications at excitement other than of walking the room? A. No, sir. Q. What was his manner and state of mind when you west to his bouse the night before A. I did not aee any particular change in hi ? manner or state of mind. Mr. Blaine?I deaire to sail attention to a faet in this memorandum book. I auppose I am at liberty to do so? The Chairman?Not In the shape of argu ment. Mr. Blaine ?No, hut a faet. I desire to call attention to tha faet that there are but ?36.000 land bonds sold to state or Maine people, aeeoffllnc to tbe evidence in the memorandum book. (Tbe memorandum book produced by Mr. Molil?aa.) By the Chairman.-Q. If yon had those letters now. Mr. rtaber. what would yoe do with them? A. If I get the letters, sir, I will answer that qusstloa afurwartls. Tie ChtlraMB? I notify yni now. W VIIMM iD^M-ntfd hfN? Uiia mnmttti thai ?f yon do g*f yna rami .Jwtmy Uitm. W1 luw -1 abaii oot deat th?m, air , Mr Bialr* -And 1 will nlelge rar?? aa a I witness l?* n this committee that I i? pec-1 MM bkTtnf Ibta will not iM?trojr UiM. Mr. riiMrMrtd lo mak* ? mrmtioo la bli t? alimony. whwipo- up vm farMNV cxamlred as follows Br Chairman ?u 1>M Mr. Kiatoe t>?er you Ukw letter* balbp jtw left y*ar nob or Mr. Atklne' room'.' H**t I Mk?d tm that qaeetloa alrea<t> V A. No. air. Mr BlatDe-Tbau ?u asked. Tb? Wltaaaa?No, I think oaL Mr. Fry* ?It ?u asked. I heard It. Tbe Chairman - I a?fc?l blm the ^aestioa w iietbar ha bad deman led a r*tm of t neea I ?ffr0? Mr. Mlil<M frtar la Mr. Mah ilgan'a mentioning bav lag lettera in tta first examination. (To llw vltnaaa.' Bat roa enn go on and make yoor correction Jir. Blaloa?The question waa. did 1 SKr t-jssr " M p~~<*" ?iid u"i w'i.""*" i*"*? *? r?* ?* tb*m to you with emphaaia. 'i?0* t0*41 Mr. Aikma' aiteji,oa la ! f^d Ui^t I now otlirfd u> foa itiom |j| 5Si2W you no* cbouae to take their cuatody I would? A. Tea, word, to By Chairman ?Did you agree - them? A. No. air" 1 woild .?!u lor*?*r* *ou declined to reoelve them" A.Ida to receive them. By Mr. Bieine Than dl.l I aot atata to you that 1 would retain them, aud would not give tbem u|> to anybody eiae" A An J jou would bring them back at ? o'clock or balf-paat x By the Chairman:-g Bring them back alien, a. At bull-past ? or ioo'clock that evt-uluic. A^Tbat or? orlD? ltl*m t>ack *l balf paat *t vj Waa that then rat time ha rot pi alou of ti.em, or me tecond.' A. Wu?n bad Uiem In hla (nickel. ?Li"*ln* ~11 WM tb? Onai time when 1 got piwatiuiliic. ' ""an he got them and refaaad to return them to Mr Mulligan1.' a Yea y Ha brought them back at half naat t* A. About balf past 9 to 10. *W..Ac? ."T11 wtM" aw h* do with them? A. tarried them away again. VJ. 1 'Id he oiler them to you again ' a. 1 do not remember that bo did agaiu. but Im did the 0r?t time. beiorebe leit tot- n>?tn By Mr. Uwrtuof -y. Was Mr. Mulligan present wben be offered them to you .' A Nu air, I think not. ' I'T Mr. Blaiue ?Wb Mr. Atklua prat ti. Did 1 call Mr. Atklna' attention eape 'act mat I offered toaiu to you'.* By tbe Chairman -ij. Why did Mr. Bialaa come back witb them at half paM 9 or in 0 clock? A. Because he had agreed to Agreed with whom' A. Mr. Mulligan, y Did be see Mr. Mulligan whoa be came lac* at bail-paat ? or w o'oock? A. Not that rilgbt. ii Who did be see when ha returnadat ha if paat nine or ten o'clock.' A. lie aaw Mr. Atklua ana myaelf. y. Why did he promiae Mr. Mulligan to return with the lettera at half paat niueor ten o'clock?was it to return lettera to Mr. Mulligan? A That waa the understanding, lgue?H. He aaid be would be back wllb the lettera In hla pocket at balf-paat nine or t?u o'clock. tj. And the understanding was that wbaa be came back about ban paat nine or tan o'clock he waa to return them to Mr. Mulll gai / A. No. air. +1. You aaid k? a while a?o. A. Then I did noi unutrhlan.i the question. W for what purpose was ue to return with lettera at half |>ast nine or ten o'clock*/ A. It waa a matter of agreement bet ween him and Mr. Mulligan. , M'bat waa the ma'ter of agreement? A. 1 do not know. H Then how do you know that It waa a matter of agreement? A. Because I heard them atate it. Q. What did you hear them atate? A. Tua fact that ha would be back with the lettera at half past nine or ten o'clock. U Wbat fot? A. I do not know. Wbat did you underatand for.' A. I did c<>t umlt-rManu at all. Wheu he went oil with the lettera that be bad grw from Mr Mulligan he promised him to come back with the letter* at half pa't nine o'clock? A. < >r tea. Q. lie did come back wutb the lettera at baif-paat 9 or 10 o'clock, but did not aea Mr. Mulligan? A. lie did not aee Mr. Mwllaaa to mv kr ou ledge. U la that all the oorrectlon yon wlah to make' A. Yea. air. By Mr. Blait.e -t| I dl.l not nee Mr. Mul ligan because Mr. Muillgau waa not In tua room? a . Yes. Mr Bialne.?1 went to the room where ha bad t?een. and 1 waa there bj agreement, but he was not. By the chairman?If yon know that fact you may alate It. A. That la the fact. Mr. Mulligau wa> not there Where was Mr. Mulll??n? A. I do not ki'ow. Mr. Mulllgan?I waa In the hoial all night, I waa in the room wben be came back with the lettera. and I atayad there for eom< time, and they began to Uik to me for a long time about tboae lettera, and I told tbem plainly that I would talk with them no louger upo.i tbe subject. He refuted to deliver me tha lettera and 1 went out. Tbe chairman:?That waa wben be came back at balf paat '< or 10 o'clock.* Mr. Mulligan ? Yea. Adjourned till 11 a. m. to day. roil y focmtm uivvtm Homing Pron-eding* Icaferdav. SENATE?After our report closed? Debate proctoded on the laglsiaUre, azacu Uve. and judicial appropriation bill, and Mr. Morrill, of Ma*ne. made a lengUiy apaecb In opposition to the reduction* iToiioaed by tbe llouae bill. The flrst vote taken waa oo the amendment to real ore the aalary of Sen ators, Representative*, and DalegatM to *5 000 instead of at.SiJO, and it waa agread to. TLe amendment reducing the aalary of tha President to 125,000 per annum waa reached, but pending diacuaalon Mr. Freltngbuysea introduced a bill to promote telegraphic communication between America and Asia, which waa referred to the Committee oo Foreign Relations. The senate tnea went into executive session, and anartiy alter wards adjourned. HOL'f+K?After our reoort closed? Conalderable progress waa made with the Indian appropriation bill, but the aactloa transferring the Indian bureau to the War department waa not reached wben tbe com mittee rose. < >i) motion of Mr. Lord, the bill for tbe die tributton of tbe Geneva award waa flxat lor coi.sideratlon on Monday next. Tbe House then took a recea* until 8 o'clock. The evening ae??lon waa taken up In general debate on tbe tariff. M ARKIf.U. BODCKINE-BHkfcHBT. Oa tLa lat of Jaae, m at tha Cbnrrh ?>f ?br lm?a< aiaM C? iic*ai; ?, b) tbe kr* ruber MvOanbf, Jt?-? rm S Uo:k>> mv- nod ai? Ho!> d , daaghU'f cf P. B Bt*a ber both of tills city. * EklSNKk?HkOADBK &. At A exaadrta, Va , April 16. IC>7S. Ii; the U+y. K 0 Prntck. Imm M (?kiK>aa t? lai A UK>lUilk, kvtlid Viatiiictm. ? MLB. Bt'KKB lane?a,ldr?, at <90 a n jinsaaa of l.A*rt and Mali bursa, aged 11 >cara. ) ui utka ana it da\ ? yen. ral wilt taka a'aca > 3) r ui Bundaj. ?tb Icatabt, fr^ai tbe reeidanca of bla a*r<N>l?. 3BI lat atre<l aouibaeat Fil?..d? <4 tka laaaitr are ra ?pecttnllr ta<Ued to attr&d. * Fl'GllT. Oa Juaa M, Ei ,k*t, tnf?ot aoa < t Cuk-s* an) Mart J Fuattt. ??? ?' T moatba and - Bia ?in coold bHabt or aurrow fade, I eaib caa>* al,k frtaado ear*-. Tit oaeiilufl t>od t- litatea ooaasyad. And bade it t^lonou taere Old la Bli wladuOi baa racallad Tb?- yrtclooa boon Bla lo** bad gives, Bat tkvagb tba body Monidara bare, The aoa) Is aafe ta iMavaa. Funeral froea reald?Bca. gl i ?H atraat aoatbaraat. oa Baadat, at ? a m Friaada r??a?rtfuii? Jn? lted toanend iBoi'day HK" ?laaaa oopy.J BBIieUT. V:um B ItMt.laU of the O. B. Coaat forvai, dlad Jaaa Id, U7C, la tba Wnh ?aar of hla aga. Faaaral Baadar at S a m . f roa bia lata ra>l?*aee. 1110 Manlaad atcaaa. Belatlvta aal trtaada ara tavltad ta attend. ?>" PAkKBB. Oa Thuradai Moralag. Jaaa let. Ifft, Baaaa aaa Paaaik, a?^ r" . _ as r*ara hi M jtlvaa aad f ' fatly re?aeatad to Hlfb atraet. iwrgaowa. o'clock | a., to ar.caed to Ibmiar Okarek. of tka faelly are ?aaaeet ba? foaarat Irutc Bo. 12i| >, oa Mcacar int at 1 UNDERTAKERS. ?. MAKVKV, WM. HACBBTT wrra R. r HARVET. It1 ?IB IIts IV iTitumiaD >a afoHU aad J BWBLkr. 1 mU to Tiaabtag Baa Watcbaa aa ??t aaaea W ordar, at rBl BAltbb, ?|T raaaeyKaala ara

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