Newspaper of Evening Star, June 5, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 5, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAR WASEIHGTO H: MOKDAT Jul* -1, CRMKT k. KOI ?>m. Editor. Beading Matter on Every Page Average Daily Circulation orer being more than three times that of ant/ other daily jHtper in Wash in*ft on. Ihf kUr for tlie Hummer. Persons leaving the city mny /iow Tui Star wmt to their mUtr'is by maU. prtstnge prepaiil. for such period of time as they mtsy desire, at the rate cf 13 rents per week fiO rent $ per month, ?1 75/or thret mmtha, or %% for six month*. mr The money to pay for the <??? required ***** *n aU rasej accompany the order. Other fc-ue the I'Tper carmot be sent. Partisans of some of the Presidential Candidates are ruehlng in to administer on Blaine'a effect* on tbe supposition that the Jr. wreckf,rs '?*?? effectually icattled kit political crart. The names of Conkling. Brlstow,* aenburne. Morton. lUym.ete., are Bhouted in turn for the place of alminlstra lor; but the Blaine men scout the idea that his FJ**??01* have b*m materially injured by *he Mnlllgan treachery, a:.d some of them even express the conviction that it will really give him strength by shoeing him to *>e the Ti? tlm of a conspiracy to break him down, it it noticed, too. that several pa^rs Mt especially friendly to Blaine foresee that Le may be persecuted into public They lave stopped lying about Bris tol aid turnetl melr wuole ait-ntion to Bitt.ra.' The Indiana poll* Jourmi e cr two Mulllg.E8, if toore ni1-1,1 reserve, ludicionaly used between tow am iLe nth of June, will be almost certain ,o make Mr Blaine the man of Cln clnnati." The T/oy (X V > Whig thinka "it 1* ratter tcoe*,iy for the New York Ti tus to whistle Blaine down the wind. He haa BOt jet been proved guilty of doing auy dls c;ealtat > act, while bis assailants have feengri'ty t' -rfs meaner than petit lar c The i itUshurg 0azette aaya ?'Tne persecution of Blaine is being carried to a me*t indecent liml?. A man named Mulli gan shows Lis utter untrustworthlness by * to ,!"e P|,fer6d private letters." Tue Phlla.., j.i.ia j-ress maintaina that Blaine ?'deaeiv?* credit for being the first public man In Amerl'-a to defy tue storm oi defa. matio:. on* political leaders which baa set .:, ever since me demoralized demo cratic j ?rt jr. by an accident, gained a ma jority >t< tu House ? The Troy (N. Y.) 3TW? sar9: "A witness tamed Mulligan has been dt>rot. red, out cf whom the lnqulai tors ti. 4.t some information. It Is cvideL ? .t he Is flilel wliii hatred of Mr Blah -'rams the t-utis to the utmost' even is i ed, ?.* not commit tlat perjury, in' the b< pt , : b j irirg that gentleman." Tbis is t?... :enor of tue views of a large lumber c; papers scattered throughout the country. C':i tie other hand, the New York Clt> lap'rs .juitegeneraliy express tiieonin Ion ILm Mr. Blaine's chtnces have been destroyed by the Mulligan reveiatioaa. It remal: s to nc seen whether they or the out alde paj.? r> quoted from represe it the most neariy the pub lc sentiment of Uie country. The attendance at the Centennial exhi bition increase*, and win probably continue to increase unUl it* close. T:,e total attend ance in May wa9 5.?,_>iS and this was but lor two thirds of the month, since the exhi bltion did cot open untl! the loth of fia ??r,U' ^h? average at tend;,no 3 of ?Is.tors tfcualto L^abcen a. Thedally xpesise% o; the exhibition are a little less ltto*?"?*?el tliM tbe profits dorm? k4le month of May between v - l .id Wi.Owi. ? u4U'. MTJ^i to send emt anotlier ?- to treat with the Sioux for the ? I i tfit- . .hi-k and the question ' ? T*. j arisf*, ? ? W";11 ti *? members of the ?? n m-.ssion retcrn with their scalp locks in l " fO' ?l^ring the disturbed condition of ? ms in the 8ionx crxiutry just now."" v a,;'J r?" H?-rehere ? fo ,a k *?^?ut selling their hunting Stalk* M*,,1" N' bruska-aiJ*1 Ib^ir title to the tlacfc H.lia eoantry. the latter was askei price- for Uie l?*t name>d region. "Vfy prlte. ? ne promptly replied, through the in ' would le too high for tie Great iuV?t ^pIi-ltP 18 u?*ln?10 ta:& ^ J*y- Tue com uission which vis"?j them last s immer was unable to make a:iy ?IE?l!Jf?t0tla,JOfc fur lhe Purchase of 7 g re^ion'a?'l It Will be re infmbered narrowly scaped the fate of Gm. Canby and Lieutenant Thomas, who were ir^ rtJUSly "Iaa?b'?r*1 by tne Molocs. If the government 1- faily determined toob ^.n po?s(i?ion of the cjuatry, it c\n only be done by force. KedCloul aril Hpottei Jfule HioaT1^1 Ctltfi ?'t>ie ^'^ana and Brule Wioux, have be -ome sn^rannuate.1 and Lave lost control of their hot-blooded young men. Tuey are longer authorized to treat, and no treaty made with them vould proiably t>e sanctioned by their peo p!e, who are tbirating tor tiie blood of the tr? 8p&s?fr?. The New York H<ral! (Conkiiog mper) Comes ojt today with various vicious i>ara firaphs against Erlstow I.kc ta.-following r.ominat r?n of Brlstow w.,u'd be ros ?eriice wo;'lT?W?0r tne detective t^efcotertiueat*^ ^ 1,"POrUut u,ljer -OQli'??" ? Bri?>ow fail, behind. The people do not X*uc> a B\ q11 myii(a!vc- c*%iidnidte." i.T,te t*c',aa 11 ?urgeuts appear to be as a- they were thre years ago. and, ac cordn g to a report fre?m Spanish Source*, *?cent.y atta?kid tl;e town of Ciego d? ^vila, tut were repulsed *ith.the loss 0: *;;led a; d wot nde-d, wi.iie the Spaniards lost two otactrs killed and thre, men Wounded, it m::?t always borne In mind *enC*?f t,ie ^U'f-aryop-ratlona ?f Uh. in-unjen^ must neceKsarliy come through tne:r enemlea.and tnat due allow ?nce must be ma le for reports belittllug the Ttbe;:ion. Certainly an Insurrection stronz crougb to e: aM4 its promoters to ii->ld oue Ihird of the lsUad of Cuba for seven or e.ght yeara against thea*iau!Ls of the S^aa Jth military |>ower. Is not to be deapised. m Dcobtlesa Ab'.ul Aziz. Pultan of Turkey ?as. e< a ndtted suicide, as stated b/ the tc.egrajh. Still, the fact that he only died &t lo c"!ock in tbe mr.rnirg ar.d was laid *waj *i?o hla fathers by i e?'clex'k the same ? :ay reggesta the Idea tl at he might have cad tl e aid of frietidly hands in his taking cff. 1 hey have auintnary ways of getting Jld of triubie*om" p. orie in Turkey. The " spiritual medium"ca>e In New York la t veiling a good deal of luterosL It U a ?oit to compel a so call^l spiritual medium f ^ V1 * Ur?n?e aa a Juggler, and Is con leauu by L e me-linm oa tne ground that her ? I hencmt na'' are prod -ced, not by phyalcal rsestiB, but by the Intervention of d:sem <>odied splrlta. Her accusers swear that they ?re merely tricka of led^rrdemaia. Tae 1 ?? adj mrned tbe case In order to give ti ? - ' uer a very careful coualderat.on. In iLlngit however he intl iwte-1 ta*? he anould ct-r,alder the whole question In a lather practical light, *agg<s::ng t.'iat there w aa no e * 1 Je re to prove that tUe splrlta h?d M.,a ^"^?rporting tua medium s nt i h,ui ? worldlyair ^ c>n'lJ"red in " Whether Uie me Eilbn b" WaJhfca?JriI*JbcJ^J^ f rrn to beat at Cincinnati, m ano'her MULfc him with ha^lrg rece?veS ^ 'oilars improper j fr,?m tnaTrans fcJa:!.' "Iai aaUw*y fan"u It" lUiaai 1SOOO YARDS HAMBURG EDGES FR'JM AUCTION, 3 3, ?>, 19. 12 15, and IS certs il-VOOO Y \BD3 > *? CiLItor.8 W ltd ()t aeuts ptr yard. One hnadr.d pleo* BLEACH CD COTTON at i*c. I:LAC K GKFSADIS E9 from auction, p'atn, itr m and pUida.frcm 12*. 15, IS, e c. IOO NEW STYLES PAB\aOL* mi hf?o handle. So. 7# 87, ?1, ?1 25. ? 2 10. (3, Etc. ,.,d wJ!S5"i" ,A"C* "*"?? 11, t>.U.Ku. VI0T0BI4 LAWS8 I,?"?"-'"" "SCIS rLAID DBMS ;00.?03 ?? IE cents, sold at 80. n? V0.0 ?M?W MATTIHO la, 20, U. Ety. PLAIH AND 8TBIPB LINENS FcrSul'a, aith lace to match. a* WIDE SHEETING COTTON? He. All kin?*a of WHITE GOODS fir ladiaa and miMi* aulta, at C. n. TOWSOS * CO N , 636 PINSSII.VaNU AVIRI K, J ''?otr Eocth >id?, Near Its Btrk?t. IS AT TAN'S CRYSTAL DISCOVERY FOlt HIE IIA lit FOH P>FT'?HIH<J GBAV OR FADED H \TB TO I r J NATURAL am> youthful colob. It n ?k< t brash, dry aid "If y hair amocth and glo? ry. It era' ica'rs I>?udi tiff, and its nc ;a,i.iuai ap ll ra ion [ e-.iLts aad *U-pi the btir filling. ? ? re???-re tf eclv r lu ihrte to t. n days. r<..[,tfcira natm-g ak<U<w of an nobsal'D, r p.-i? t,. i;? i atnre Dor* not rtyn-re sticking; d>** u ? s ii H'cr or tho tii ? ail-: n >r, in fact, h?? it ?tr (f the objections * ? jtml- nr&ed sgalac t e t^lphi r tiid Lc?u Ke?i r |r. the m irtcti II .8 been u-ed for n? ?i I j eight j tars now aith cjns;aa. !? Increasing d< mand. AKTHI'R XATTAXS, Uruggiit, l*ropric'or, J<5 tr ]<1 ? id D struts north<*?t. ?N'N!U>Lt,T V, THE CHEAPEST STORE |* THE CITY, ?0? NINTH bTSEET. Opposite the Patent Offl^a ltUck Pllk*, 75c , 30c ,'>?c. and ?1 i a- if- filk sod Umbrellas to IS. Linen Lswls and Madras Uinghaaia redaced to It* All Wool Debege. SI to WV. L> Lace Shawl* ai d S*C|t]fs. f5 to ?30 \Ictcrla Lawn and K ianookt, tucked Tor Sacks, Siitts and Dres*e* Fine men Napkins. 91 a dozen. Fnll line of Embroideries. Kino Plovers, from auction F av-of all styles, vb I Kale and retail. Latfiea' and Cent's Gwnze I'nderaear jeJ-tr johx t. Mitchell! 931 PEMS^TI.VA^ta Avian. f'I'KE L1NBN LAWN. 1.WU0 yarIs opened this morning, at 2dcjnts; farmer pilce 50 ccnts. ?ri:,.,fv?BB0VyS AND BI-ACK POUL ABU CAM MBIC at reduced prices. l '?: yard* Gordon'* b?x.t BCUTCH QINGUAM, II,'? crnte; ledncrd frtm 25 cents. Large st?rk of DBESS GOODS at 12)^ a id 25 cents Jjtt, RM * AKGIPON. BHICKLA T KR. JOBBING A tPICI IbTT. A II ri'lrrs satisfactcri^y executed. Tf> b?- left at George L Sheriff s W ood and Coal \ m- d?. 3 <*? Pennsj I. am* ayeLUc and 1114 PeDn ?j 1 aria since north*est. jej-2t* n^'K; \ JOS. j M AT'S L- PA RIS KID GLOVE DEPOT. 039 P(nnt<jlvini<i A venue. ? W ? will offer this week a large lot of White 111 best qnaliiytat ?5 cts. a pair, j B it A>f'BY DBPABTMKST. 1 Offick of Sl heeimishest or BiriLDixu, Washim.tos D O., Janelst, W76. t?alMl P rpohalsto lurnlah the Trcasnry Depart m?' t with h-e h^rnlrert t,.cs iwore or less) h?st nu?llty WlilTK A811COAL. Balnmore vtin, ftir ia.-e will be received at this office until Till Bhl.A*.,lane 15.137?; iNetfnctit &a to bidaers will be furnish-d on ai> pi tatl. r to a E WHjS'iN. J.a,7.!'i: II Chief Clerk. I)fcOPOBALt) VOB M EL. Na?t Pkpartm^xt ? ? ' I ur .ipij,*: I Pf rm i< ? a llUf'l II' < II Al, JlI/ 3, lo fci:pily the F?avy Of p^rt i dLfllcta tLtrtof iu Wathicgion wi h melt Wa%T Pkpartm^nt / v t V ^H!XGT?>,l%r.. Juu?5, 1176.( . ' i r. I r. p ?al?,inl r-"-d a* d ad^rt?^fd to the E-TVY^V'1 J 1+ rwindaur l mcon "i * ? Z' I' A ? i XI *IXa I*LC I'.Y ;:ui. i. 2 % 0 lbs to the ton.'beat <m?lhy white asti ess c >al. Ii* tot s 12 ill) lbs. to the ton'best ^nality white a?n nnt roal 175 cords (12^ cubic feeOcf will aeason^d.good kzm?I?w4, 10 cords (12i cubic feet) *ell jetwaneC taters' pit* word. * 1 (t * hirh alii be Wilgbed, meaanred and in bj th? Aavj Departui'nt Inspect' r, at the ? Xf> i:-> ( f th* contracior according to the r^inire i ? f? ot the act of Congress approved Jn v 11, lo70 1 Ii ?e -C ppiies BGSt te d'lUerfd at the ft'ary D' p rir < nt, or office for which re^cir- d, by the auth i Jt.l ne?t, to insure w Lich bonis wiilba r.-.inirsd 0 ill ?n cessfol bidder. tiids n a> I ? mad- tor either w.od or coal, or for ? ?h I ut n nst state ao much p-r cord or ton. as t eca-. a a> le, witbru* diatiegulsLiug as to s /? 01 c< ?l ot kmd of woC'l. , , GEO. 51 BOBESON, ^'.-mttli-lw Be, f-.ary of tha Navy. |)LCl'OSAL8 KOB 8TA1 Hixyv Nivt Depahtmett. / . Wj'HiKtcs, Janes 1-75 < t-eale l Pirp sals, addreaxd tc the Secretary cf tne H? y, r fu Lifting Stati men f,>r the Nary Ue p? tMerr. hj d bnieaua and c.Bccg thereof, in Wash ii g on, d.irirg the fi ^aj >< ar ending June 30. WT, *''be recti ted until 12 c'clock m. cf the 3d op Pitpo.als ninut be tubmitted on the fjrms fur nt h-d by the U< p irtm nt wun the gaaran'ee and ce titaaiti anntitd. and must tmbrace all the itemi tberno I'rojc?ala from parties not engaged in business In ajLirgton, or wno havo not a ?uppl,-depit in snrb city, a ill not be considered. The schf-dule imbia* ea t-?o general classc ? 1st. pspe. a d ernel >pe? 2J. mi c-llane ms artistes; and the cottract a ill be a^a'ce l In the wh ile or by c m>h, as may be c n>iderea the m^re advantaea cu- t ? the government. The Department re-erres tt? right to rajnlra a ft a'er *r 1< -lauintlty cf any articlpin the schedule triHTi at gptc'fiHl, tte ^ aLts of thv 8&J16 msy n.i.ue * 1 u- articles will be c lied for from time to ?in? mi 0 I'.el, and innst be in accordance with tho sch? rtule and satisfactory to the bead of the efflea or t>ur.?: t r which re^nirtdimust be delivered with out i 3L'*ces-art de'ay. and at the expanse of th? c ?! t actor, in detanlt of any of which re mirem -n a the t ep irtmcpt rr>.rves tho rinht to purchase tho articles ?la?where, or t>. arm 1 tne contract In wh ie . r in put a-d will L Id the cantiactors re *lot ?!bi?- f< r aay additional exptnae tt neceaiarlly iiifcrs thereby. I i is tr jierly approved, accruing under the con tra t v ill be r?ld -laart, ri> . <? EOKGE M BOBE8MN, j? ! ni th.'w 8ecretnrr ot th.< N ?"y Ifs7(i oLoijuiso. fg7(; n> N T FUBCIIASE UNTIL TOP EXAMINE t? at I ;?id?cn " Rlter.ut Ca-.e Suit Ijr Blf, L?r n.eii, ja, at A. BTBAl t* . XPEAFT1P0L W MlTi M .\B3EILLB3 VFST. Ml g e ? r (J cble Inasu-d, for ailo.ut 1011 P,-i. syi?at la ayenue. H* KD TI2I Kf? Pnrchas*r? want to aave mnenr, ?u lo. k at the 911) U rst'-d gait at A. S ihAUS 1 lyHT COLOBED AND FANCY DUES"? I * t ANTS, 110 Uiflerent patterns, at 1011 Penn sylvania avenue. THE ORIENTAL SILK WOB8TED SUIT for 1 $.'ti is most drts~y out this stason, at A. 8T Ba16 , PBIIiCI ALt'EBT FBOCB COATS, with Yaata i' t a'fii B aititul pattern f?r loll PtCLs, Uania a\enue. 'FHE GBEAT fcIT Or TI1E BEATON '?A I Linen Duster, very lung and nicely ni ?je, f^r ? l.atA bTBith^ rI,Il E rELLE BABKE PLAID CASS SUIT re E finesd to 9 .8, at If II Peiin-ylvama avtnue. AIILL LINE of Children'a SUITS, h?nd s,f .tly ti i iluhd and mace in the very lale?t sTjie.f.xn. ?5 upwards, at A bTB'l a'. The fine black cloth dbess suits for CIA th'.c.d be sten to be appreciate, at 1011 Penns) Ivania avenr.e. PNQL1PU t-TBlTk AND PLAIO CAS8 SUIT ?' ajld fur ?16, selling now for (11, at A. !\1 B A1 d DUSTEBS, Plain and Ulster atyia. A great i-rut) ol colors, at 1011 Peansy ivania avenue. IV'OBTH HOO"IC CAt-S SUIT at 011, U only 1* to be had at A. STBkUS\_ BOTH' ICHOOL SUITS, well trimmed and nicely Kada. fcr 04, at 1011 Pennsylvania avenna. Y'OUTHS DBESS AND BUSINESS SUITS in ft STEAL'S*' C* at'lc* Aad PMterna, at A. Mohair and silk ldbteb alpaca . Co ATS, at all price*, at iHl Pennsylvania I avenue. WAULJHfEV DBOKEN CHECK CASS SUIT, k frrck at> le, well made and triauted, for $$. at A. 6TMAIS . 'T'HB LARGE9T SIZE MAN can b* fitted In or Coata, Pa^ts or Vtau, at 1011 Penasy Ivania avenno *TBACS? MM ,HAT ,DIT ,or *S " A V A9T BUT MOT IUBaIsT:?A. geottlna Middle I j sex Placnal KllT for ( 1011 Peoaayl va- la avenna. ? mylltt |^T0T1C* TO THB^EBTotlS OP MtKUBOT. This la to nrtify tbedtt ioraof McBlroy. Balrd A O- tuat the u.ideraign'd waa on the let of Jjne, L-76, appointed by the ftcpreaaa Court of ths t?.? trict ot Columbia, kokliag aa Bqulty Ojurt, B* Celver, with anthorlty to dTsp^aa of the partnsrahla property and ccRtct tha deb's dua the enwn all paraoca InCeLted to the aaid Ira are war^ad a-it to pay ta aay other thaa myaelf or my authxla-d ayeat, and that la a few day* tkey will be nHiflad of the aaiaet sf tbelr ladabtadaata. je2 St GB0BGB W. PEIIaLIPS, B cclvar. H WANTS. \V*ANTk D?Getd M ILL1N KK< at 130?> 7 h " ' rtxW northw at: tonthiTi n*td tp>l;. j5 3 \\r ANTED?A yoan? HAN of tw.i yttrt'exr ? ?' rtoiM In tb? Dnu bi?i imi. Address ?' Pn?r tt?C ?t," Star cffioe j?5 It* W'ANTBD? A GiHL.12 to 14 ri,?r? od t > go ' ' korb s ? d cuooiry h mi off ted C?M?i'J 6ta iLeet. 1-land. It" \VTA? TFD?Several >TB\W 8KWIR". only * ? ft r?t cla*s hai.d- need apply at ta? Saw T > k Ble&chtr) , ?2*J 9t<i sireet northwest It* \%"AN TED?HEAD M -1KB, and dTEWABO, ?' ard HOCeEaKteKK je#-Jt* CONTINENTAL HO rE',. \V AST ID A first claw BAKU *B. Apply a: S\ " Cloud Hair Dree-ing daloon, co.uer J.ti end ?' itrxtr torthweet. it* WANTED?At So 109 E str-et gortbirMi, i WoM AN to do tbe housework and washio* of a small emily g >od ref. r*ncee retired ja>-5 * W ANTED? To Beat, a fu<nisnej BOOM by tbe " jtar at a moderate rent. Addraaa H . Star office. jeC-lt* WANTBD-A good COOK, WASHE* aad No. 8 Cooke's Bow,Georgetown. Pe a sices r? |iilred It* WA"TBD?MAS with a little capital, *?i*s or v? commission, also, a Light WtTOHKAl f>r a Hotel A paly at Employment Bureau, Sj. 3 ?9 ? w * ? ? I r,v/ ?? "??? wuivaU 1 ? ?? ? t*euii?}l\abtaav Honrs Still < p m. It" \1tA8TtID-?b American WOMAS to fo six ' ' in the country to do the housework for a I ?mtly oi fite. Apply at |ft05 9tb street north wcat bet?e?n t< *pd? ocl>ck a. m jgj It* II' AN TiD-At DtVi Q street northwest, aw bits '? OikLtido chanWrsork ?u1 plalo M*ii>g; n t.e ne<d apply without good city reftrrencea )'i It* \\" ANTEt-A MTDATTOBbr a y< uu| Wotnaa vT ?? buiihtkr- p? r or ciilidreu'a iiurte *o travel <i tie f-m'U f >r the summer: good ref*r-,nt"s Ap> ly at 913 '-Jth -treet. jas v 11 AN III?A -ettleO Cul >re4 UtbLi o o.? k, vv ?a?h and iron. also, a h?'f-?rown colore,* G11 L 1?r boos-work, iu a fatally of two t-rmi-; rt'i r qnir?d j>5-- It \\ i>'l ti -?i a re-p ciable wmt ? Wo-m-i a * ' ? 11 CATION ?? c-M,k or chaxberm It, aid wi.l a*?ii?t In washing and iroalng. good rclerejs?. App \ hi itOil'i L?tr?Miti?jrtd*''it. It* \Y A sYkl ? H> a youi g tnau a 81TU ATTosTii * ' <te Gr< e.<-ry or Comm'ssi >n b>isiues.. j yesrs ejp-ntiic iu the for uer: sati?fartorv reference gi-<r>. / diiresa "A. B Bj* 193, A'exardita, VitgiLla. It* W'ANTED-Tor Philadelphia, good Un'tl SSB * f V 4 N T8 for all kind-t of work, als >, S5 for pri \a fatutlijfl. houef are waitlnur iu for this ciry aid Kiir bciroa,Coati Fani'lt?* snpp'ied at the Eireka Etrployoient Offlc?, SO7 O street j 5 3i Mr*. LjL'ISS 0 BUTLlll_ \? aM'KD-AWOMAN, to go ais mitra In th-i conrtry, to do plain cookioi: and geLeral h(D>ewnk App'y at So. 14 11 IF ?treet nr.r'li w< -t Good references retired j?3-3 * %%r?KTED ?By a cartful hd?I competent gfotle ' ' Ir an the me of a gentle lIOBaK aad CAK UlAGk tor tbe'r ket-p daring the ?aiua:rr. Ad dr?*? *? ROY," Mar office. je3-<i.* 11 Ah'Tlii?Ladies tnexatuine onr GA9HK AT ' ' IKG proceed of Tiaiting bilks, Grenadines, Ti rcale*, Liren and Alpnca Goods Ho di colora tirn or buralEg. Call at 100t? T atreet. j*3 3t* \1' Aft T El' ?A LOAN Or StfOO for wlifh a ' ? pleaaant apartment, lurul-li-d, on Id floor, frort.wltb dremio* ro>.m attached, will b? given with iuteir?t till paid;snp*rior location; family prl va ?; r?fere? ces exctanped. Tb? ab jve w nld ad tritably ?n:t a Dentiat. Address B. A. C. Htar oflice. je3 it* \\7 ANTED? A Patent Attorney of long practice, '? Idltor, Civil Engineer and Draught-run, a t?li? a Ell PLOY MEft T in a Lawyer's offl -e or in a: y o*b?r w here his service*can b* tnado avail >ble; can iLflarnce l>asin*ts in New York; salary re orl-ed. ??() a Kontb; references satisfactory. Ad dr>t> O.W. W.. Poet office ja3 St WANTED?A lot of empty printing ink H\B v v BBLB. Address Box 1, Star office. jej 3t WANTED?A TENANT for a thr e room Brick Hjqm. Apply next djort 1019 13tta street northwest JeJ-3i* W'ANTED-50 I'N KL'BN I8UBD KOO'iU Hotid " ?1 (for reglstra'ion), witn Ick ati >u and fn'l descrlptim, to DOBSBY*8 Boom Agency. 9|t> K ?tnet. jei 3'* \1'ANTED?An UNFL'KNISUEO HOC9S tn vv Capitol Hill, five to e*gbt rooms; having all m^Mlei n I aprovemfnts. Address T. W . J., Jr..ii07 3d street IWBg t, city j?| St* V\T AN TED?An experienced colored WOMAN to v v wasb, iron and a<> bousework ImmHoiately, at No. 'Ju | street, cppoiite St. Aloysias church; g < d W * M lfti-*r* rac >Y J?2 'ANTKD?A white NDB?K to takecharg?of 1 twocbil lreu? t or.! H years old. O-ty ref?r e rca rtgnited. A Pro'.estant preferred. Am v at 31??"> C s reet rcrtlm e-t. j-2 3t* W AN TED?A colored WOMAV ?o cook. wa?h ?? andiron, ftoone not st.-orcenough to w^rk atiO to't wil'lng to tske charge of tti?? hons,iiith? ah ?t,re cf the mlatreas ufed applj. la tniro at I 4 1 ?* t^ stre?t northwett j.>2 3t* \\ ANiED-io experietice<l Udy t -act?. r fi.-m ? * BalfiEO'e wist es to have a t w more SCH9L A for th? piar.o. > or ?ur'h?r psr'ioulars pk<a e r <.'tisaH bUMMZliS, 07 liii ge streot, G?orffe t. * n. 1>.C. 3i" \\ AKTKD-Io.m-dia^ly-T<ro Srit-cl>t>s MIL " LI NEKS and TKIM Hklf). ?o- d g'v.-ti t' > xperienced batida. also, two APP^K.NCICKS ? : tiyto Mr* D E.YoCftG, 113 iirldge street, G riftoiD, D C jel St W'AMII'-Id APKKH.NT1CC In tho Ph4o II graph l<u"lness Must piy and give ?ix p 'litL'S' m n ice. * ill gnaraijtee a position in Oa 1<.y. Ml-ALL16TLB. 'JO'i P.u^ttjl-ajl* ave nue^ jci Si." W'ASiTAD?X< ery Drewniak'r t.? call at I00~i V v? street hi* *? e our Q \ti 11K\TISG KNIVK PLA'TiKG MA''I11N K. No bj? d., to wet cl ,ths t <rtroL?rs'd do your w.orii wbil? yoti wa t, a three centl per yard Machine, f .r a tie, jej 3t* W* ABlTED? Properiy owners lia\iti? U0J8KM v? for rale in any part of the city, or BITILOIN'1 L' '18 or large F rotts mil a Me f.r tl.cksot houses, * i I fit d it to i heir advartag" to plactbe name in my l.i. ds for aile, ?sl bave daily appl catlons fr iru pHr ies seeking homes, and tbose s-eking snit^^le to ?t. btii:d npon. M. M. BOHBEB. i' l lot | B'-p.] a 13 7th street. 4 V ?NTir?A few good P?T,.nd band~BTNOETt FAMILY 8* W1N(} MArHlNtSforea^hnrin e? hange. McEEHNEV A GL'BV. 4 J7 Jtb stn et, bi w ?l D and E. B-ntlrg mud Bepa*ring a aoi ci?"y. mv3i eolt* U'ANTED TO Bl'Y-A few HOBSE3 for atr^t ' ' carpurp ae*. Apply at Sttbleeof the Uapitol, N<rtb O and Bonth Waahiugton Bailroad Com par > BtySO-gt W ANTED?YOLNG MEN for laitroad and " tusinesa onrpoaes. Good salaries wneu quail fieri telegraph, phonograph, tanking; business tnatrrctl'ns sen* free. Addresa Hupt. Polv technic Co., Baltimore, Md. my IS lm \\ ANTED?OentlecMB to know that WILLIAM i' MOO BE. Merchant Tailor. 1011 Hew York averse, nakee a specialty of cutting garments to b? at home. novlP-ly \Y AMID-CAkPKTH TO CLEAN at Hut's vv s.-.nm tS'iiim Works, 490 Maine aveune, betwen 4S and 6th streets southwest. Called for and delivered without charge. apU ly BOARDING. C^l NTENNl aL BO^BDIMG.-A lady from y \\ arhingli.n will acrommodtte n fewBOABD B B - <>u r? asonable terms App!\ at or addreas No. >41) North 2U<h street, Philadelphia. Centennial cat? pia? the door. jej #** ('IM KNN IA L B<<AB1<1NG - StIO'i Chestnut J afreet Philadelphia; house newly furnisDed ?i<h baed<tBe walnut furniture; en direct car route to the ground*; convenient to ail placa of an.i "-ment; rooms ?li:g!y cr en suite. LOI<GIN<l au<i IUABD fl2 per day. Address Y. X ,8ta- of lice j'-3 fit* SINGLE LODGING BOOMS, 50 c?nt? per night, or from f? to 93 per week: B'4AHM or UK \L8 a: r ?a nabie ratia, at No. 49ft Penuaylvanta ave nue apW-3.ii* PLI.a?ANT IHHOIp and GOOD BuaBD can l>- obtained at 10(?9 Maryland avenue, a' mod erate rate*. In a private family. mart? ljw* ( COUNTRY BOARDING. HilMBV B 'ABU WANTED?near Washing t'T>, with eouveciHiit aud daily access to tho cm . by a aiLgte geutlenc ia, AdJress, with p >r Ucnlatr, B. T. L' . Mat office. Jb5 ?i* CiOrN"! B? BOARD^May bo obla'n'd la a pri / ia'< family by apply i ig :?r the t ur:h h nsob- - T' nd the 7th street entrance to Soldiera' Home. Ca*s pa's the dO' r. ie5-3t" /^Ol NTltY BOABD-Se.en miles from city, oa v tropolituL tra> ch si A ?? railroad, n?nr 8il vti ^r^l: g btation. iL.juire at 31 I 7th street. jfB it* (^LIKTOB HOCSE. Faiiftr County r?,? H-nt y t*d. First ?-la<? atc<>moiodatl<>na at m -derate price*-; ?alcl r.ons climate; g>? d shoottug; iiue diiv e?; 15 milea f oDi Wa?hlng'on. Apply at 3-iU IpdiM.:: avecue. Wa-hipgtoa, D. C. j 1 it* t^U'NTBY B?<ABD? N?ar the Plains, la ? / h alih. and pl-???tit jn. Conveyaaceto nuet b->atdors Hef-rtuces, if d??ir?sl. A ?dre?s Mrs MABGABBT 8 M1TH . Tne Plains, Fan ia?er C4ii ty.Va. jeI3t* (tuUNlBt WUAUU ?1> . d BOAttD c?n be had ' at the i> i.tderce of tb? Minaes V KITUH. three milt a frt m Washington, on Bladensburg ro*d Lo c?ti d is high and healthy. Fruit, shade aud de light: u. water. jel 3:* CM'I NTBK BOABD. with use of Carriage; pUce / lilah, health), and roma itit. Address M? i. HAW LI* G^, Baud., bprlcgs, Montgomery county, n ]3U fit* f^l'UNittHkD COIN'BY UOMK-Uoi tntle frcm horse ctrs t.e?r Mon-'t p!??'a:it. wt.l either re ranged to aftmily.or f >nr b<i?rde-s can club with tb? ?r><prletor v d keep h >nse, horse a'id carriage Addrtua i. YOBK, Treasarr Dep rp ?icut. my23 Iw* ? klfrCLITTION - AOT/CK-Th* oa-tn-rship IF heretofore exl?ti> g bitw>ei CHABLE4 H SUMkBa and BiCHABD T. SMITH, undir the tame aid ttyle of 80MEB8 A SMITH, *l>di.vlvid on the lllh day of June, 197S, by the dta'h of Charles 8 Pcno rs The executrix of aaid d< c> a?d haa this day eoltf, aasigned aud transferred to JuFEPH H LEI all of said dec-dent's Interest in the late firm. All debts due the old flim are to bs patd. and those due frcm the same discharged by tbe tew flim of SMITH A LIE, at No. 97 Water street, Georgetown D O.. where tbe business will be con tinued by BICHABD T. BM1TH and JOMEPH H. LEE, under the firm name of SMITH A LEE. BICHABD T.SMITH. OYBTHIA B. BOM BBS, Executrix of Char lee B. Somers. June 1st, 1874. jel St* FOR KENT AND PALE. FfCR BENT?7 3 H rtr-et n"thtft.B?Ir;&. eUht roobi in c~.n pl-te irUer; a#?r P?" i: i Office. Inquire *1? jeS-Jt* C*JR8U B-A BRl^ HO'.SE ?ix io r wat-r |ai.K,'?r<g',Kc, Appiy oa the rf-1"! j ia?e,NJ 4? * 4'? atre-es a. jSl*' F^OB BEST?At 9lfl L atr^-t north* e t. ?j ?tj I FB'NT CHAlUtS, furUahel; iv? *b'e f ,r I one or i* .? p>riiii It* L'OR EINT-Twn Ltet-lf furi,iatj<d C'lnanai l ct'infi AKONT BOOMS, 94i I ?ir?-t nur'li tfl!. J*-3 ft ? IPOB KENT? i. ?n *11 BHl'K HufSE ?e ? beck Id the rail. on 8.n atr- est, between N ar.d O -'rwiBortbimt Ii'inrti o! JAMES LACKKT, 998 F street Bort>nrt-;t. t?*5 1m ? ???? l^OB RENT-THIRD FLOOR of 91*t? IVn?yl r vania avenue, two rooj?. pea and waier. Bout ?25 THOd. E WAGGAMAH, jefl 3t H9 7tb nrfrt, |^CB BEN!?Convenient two-ptory DMCLL1NC, B ho 4 1 1 3d street, betwen, D ard Enortti??*( eight Die* room*, modern improvement; cardan and stable. Inquire next door. j*8 St* FOR BBHT?Api* room BB1CK HOUSE. water and gap. also, a HOU8B of tlx ro^mi, watr, also. one ten-room HOUSE, water, gap. Ac. Apply 11 06 L street nort-we?? j'S * ChTb bKNl-A fine auDurban RBSlUE NOB, with r AO acr?a of | nl, an abundance of frnit. Ac A pi If to JOB M ?11 IBM AN, Beal Batate A (rent, g> Olond Building. je^ At* I/OB BENT?A aix r?o? HOI'S*, mojorn im r proxemetta. l'JIO H Ptreet. near 12 b north wet. Bent $18 Apply to J BALTER S. rorn-r ll h apd T a^reeta imnhweti j >5 1 n r Li'OB BENT?To geutlemen only, eeveral fu. . r it-hed BBDBOOM8, delightfully sitnered, lac In* north atd aoctb; 1107 Mamchow'ti avenue, near corner of 11th street. convenient to ce's Ref erence required Pilvate family jeg :lt* KJ'Oti RENT?Three atorj BUCK, tea roomn, " water. can. batn room. miKtue r kltrbea, cellar, yard. Ac.. Ac.? Ko.10'1 New York a"n<ic. c irn-r ti?i, ,i.ui ?"i""" " - - - ? -. .v ? ??-?? Aormvrnfie, orD"l la tli street Also, 81 (>RE. Ho. lo t Bridge atree: Georgetown Ir ^n're 1 3 J'J G ?tr?et n w. j-5 St* F,Ot'BENT?A neeiiy furntabi d HOUSE f t thru monhp a'a luminal rent *o a email femMv ll-pe\en c-nv-intenee. a-.d facing a cublic park, ir mediate p p?e-ai n. Addrt-e*, with r> lt-re-ir^g, "Rtivie,'' etar offire. j-i6-2t* F'auR BENT-TWKSlV lOOMS, uu'i.ui-ne.1, aultalle for first class ofllcus or a boa-ding bouse. btlr g oi<p> r atorie-s of uuiidiDg corn r F and II li streets ucrtlure-t; b?i r?w? Beat, $lt? per nioLtb Apply to T. F GATOHEL. j'5-3t Ccrner K ac.l 11th gtraeta cortftw<.-iit. F'OB SALE OR BSCN r-8.<u?b?-a?t corner of 8 >ntb Carrlli a ave' cc a'id loth a'reet amiti- ?<?. a 1 ,e KBAME DM ELL1NO HOl'SEn. 10 rberSTORE fiit< d with f hcUitg, c onttr? and large dry c-il'ar, onitable for groc< r> or m4rktt ptirp-^ea, liariU4 largo > ard :ina etable oil premta??. A poly to TH^S. B . Mi GO AM AN Bo 519 7tb p'reet n w j-56:" L^OBSALE?D(f IraMcnewBR10K BEsTTTaNUK a with "late rov.f. on a,ntb groouda of Cjlumbi% ? Ct'i\erai?y, cortaioiog eleven room" liath r >'tn, ani all mrdern improvemeLta; ba? g?s and water la each ftorv an<t if in every reapect a first clad Re? ideoce Lot cortafn* nearly !?'CO iijuare feet or f'onnd, ai<d the l'>*a*ioti nn?ur??n??.! t>j any In tbs Utrirt. eilALLWOOU A MOKHIsiiN, j?B im 31 j 7tli atreet, opp PottOHi <*. FOB RANT?ROOMS. Ii..iaire at 7~bTl?t afreet ncrthweat j-3 ii* 1, OR RENT??i??. :ta?? and 330 ?th alref.t north P eaat, atove E-at Capitol atreet, BrUk HOUSES ~ith si? rtomp and celNr; rent >1S. j%3 3t* t"? I; BKNT?Cool anfnrnlahed BOOMS, tr ?, r Lattrotm, b >t and co!d water, p-inth'rn p\p-> PM'e. A ppl) , with refereacea, at 915 G street n >rt a ww?. j>s at* F't'R BENT?One or two tur(,l<h-4l or uof'trniab ?d BOOMS; wl'l rent* pa-atelj; bon*e h?? a'l m<v*?ro in provmi nta; dilightful neigbbirhood. Appl> a* 1319 V.-rnjOTt a^nni'. 2t t*OB BBNT?On* two rtory BB10K HOUSE, Pix V rocms. hall, water and gaa. Ho. ISO** 5th atreet. b* tween P ai d Q; rent 92S per month. ln<inlre at 4 03 71b ttreet nrrlhweet je3-1w yOB BCIT-Om large BOOM, lii3) feet, trf^et F f piling, aecond floor, north tron?,river TEBL'A, No. 93d Pennsylvania avenue. Apply t"> W. 6. TAF.L. je3 St* F*t>B BENT?With B ard, a n<oety-fnroiahed BOOM in a prlva'e family, p\i'table for two y< nr g n en, at B>nt:avllle Aidrcsi Lock Box *J0, M afrhlifftoii. D. 0 j'iS 3i* |<*OH"b^HT-P\BL<?B, BEDROOM. D1NING* i I ROOM and KITCHEN. f-irnMied or untnr i rlal ed; water and gaa; gocd location. Apply 4 50 M arreet norths eat j -3 If R BENT?Large, nicely fam!-li*d FRONT I BOOM, aecond fl K>r, with all mod Tn improve rei.ta; Icra'li n eleaaan'. c?rtral and cv 1 f,ir sum m r; in piivatt family; Sj. 7 05 9th ttreet tor'h ( weft. je3-3t* h~Vli BP1 NT?A firat cla?s BRICK HOUfE. N'T 931 (! atreet T'-rthwest. ha i 'g g?i. bathroom r.rn h 11 modern ImproveiL' nU; 12 rouins and fln^ Em k Etablt; rent ?12-'. j? 3 S' THOS E W AGO AM AH. 519 7 tut F*el{ REST?HOUeK N< 4 11 M street north *? at, aix rooms and all tu .detn conveLlence*, v rh privli?ge of n ntlug or ba> lag p irt o! tli- fur ii'ture ro^cs^iub giten l?t of July. Applv on tb- pr< mlaee j-4-St* IVOR BKNT-Three Mory BHMK HOUSE. No '.004 H str?et northwest; contains 11 ro<<m? ar d n!l mod< rn In provem^nt" p i???"lon giveu lia r ?('lately. Apply at Store, corner 2;th and H t-ts, t< r i ve-t. jf-3 3t* L'l'it BKNT?Tha: pltasactly lcratel COTTAGE > HOUSE on I street. No. 3'J 13. aontb fr^nt, ?i b apacloua balla and ten large etid airy room", ???. laihr^cm; will be rented ftirnl?b"d or nnfur ii plied, and p> s'ewion given by June 15; reat low li 'jure on prej>iaeg je3-3t* 1,'OL SALE-"mall UOUwE on aide d Wtb I atre< t, beiwren B a"d 8 ata., witll 3 00U leM uf eif i.ld; rapklv imp osing and pleajwnt location; cmi! i n door Tumi. Sin cash, acid ?15 monthly. M . W. METOALF, k 3 6f Ccrrer IStb at and New York avenge. BENT? KuUf B -OM8 on third fl >or at Bo 1411 r street nouhwert: a ?,mall ijnan ity of Curr.itn; e for f%le if deaired; will rent t!ie B >onn fu-ntrbeJ or unfotiish'd to a fam'ly without chii i'r-ii. cr will rent a large Boom tmnish?d, s .n'li tr <i t. t<> ladi'P or ge^tlenen; gas and ? at-jr on the floor. Apply ai abovrf j?3 Jt* L OK RENT? No. 10 Grant ?tr<-et, 11 rooms; ?70. Kl. 1913 I street torthwest, 9 rooms; gtn ^o. s224 lat-treet southeast,? rooms; #12 50. t o. 30*2 7th atreet sontbweat. 10 r? ms; ? n>. F M MILLER A CO , j"3 3t* Mo 915 F street northwest. P'^R BKNT-The thipe-ttory and basement PRICK DWELLING at the southeast c.?rn r oi (' ?nd 1st atree'.s aoatheast containing 10 room^, m?.<!erii conven'e'Bce^; reit 5#) per minth. BRICK BEB1DENCE, No 1534 8th street, six re cms, water at d gaa; B20 per month in advaaca. No 153* ith stre*et, aix room".water and gae; 920 per month in advance F11CH, FOX B CO , je3 3t 1509 Pennsylvania avenue. F j*. B BENT?A ten room HOUSE; water, gts, bath a d ball; 1003 11th strest northwest; rent 040 Ap|ly 110(i L at northweet. jef-3t I^OR BEN! ?STOREROOM and FIXTURE", 1 c rrer jst aid B streets porthwedt, No 9-JO lr unire on premises. Mrs M FLVNN je2 3t* l/oi BaiCBEAP-A aplencld STORE FBON r, r nearly new, with Krei.cti plate flaps, a 11th pi le Pennsylvania a\enue, be.weeu 4S and 6th ?tre?ts noittiweat. jeg 3t* F-OK BENT?Very low. the three p?ory BHIOK fcoUBEN- y 1 a3 K ptre t northwest; lo r<vrnj, ga?, ? ater ani beater. Appl/ ai99 Fatreetnor'b w? at. j?2 St* |VOR BKNT?Four moderate al/.ed Uutiiriiia*ied A ?OOMS. auitabl9 fur hcuitlepiug, to a anull r?mi'?; locatloa g'>od. Ho. ltflti 1th atr<*et.n-ar M Mr?et t?rr-r west. j 2 Jt* FM>R REM-a 7 room HOUSK, on East Cap tol ?t ee' No 911;ua?erand ?a?; cars run to ttie <?ocr; r< nt low.. Apyly to PETER DONN SLKY, c ri er l'dti and C a*s northwest. j-2 3t* t^'OR RENT?Four ROOM*, In a neat flve-ro >01 brick (the o?n?r uses one bwdroL'm tor h'm el it. to a rar- fu! family,on tneir own t<' m?; n > d i.rirard reed ca'l. App yon preaiaes, 27 |-i k etie.t noithwest. near Georgetown. j<-2 3*.* I^OB BENT?The DOOR E KB 1MB HO09B 1 No. tail IC1I1 st'eet Lorthwest, at B35 per m nth. the adjotiiii g HOUSE, N > 1 a 1 3 ICtb street u itli?e?;, at 52J per month Apply to J 2 Iw t t HUME, of Hall A Home. LI'H BKNT?Six ro-^m BRICK HOUSE ?a? 1 Jt tn Mrict nor hweat, water, ui?tM->m*iitel<. Ac. Arply Lext d. or or at patntst^re, iai7 E atreot, between iJth and 13th streets ,i< J 7t* Wll BUTHERKORO. IVOR LKN1-A 7 BOOM HOUSE; gas. wu'er, Mwertqe, m*rMo mantele. latrolii ato-es, c-^n cretnl cellar; oily ?.*(i p-r nioi ih Appiy to J * MES H . Sit GILL, Arctiiect, Room 33, L^ Droit 15 Hid ing. jtll:' L'OR-BE NT?Handeoine SUIT 2, c n?iiting~of I three Room< on r.ri.r fl K>r. eleaant v furDisiie<l; h m>e all vocern conveniencea. location u i?ur paeaed; l.w rent for summer; No liai ltth atreot northwe?t. jel-St* FUB BKNT?A suite of UNFURNISHED R.-OMS.Sd atorv tbr ugh, in uew honae; south fu n*. hot anet c> Id water: w <ier cl jaet on tl Kir; gas anet b>ated by latr. be; suitaMn ft?r light h lusekwp ii g for h*\ ing ni children?"location, n irtb W'-taeetion, near streetcars. Addreta 1). 8., Star Office jei 3t* LOU BEN T?Two large furni?h"d HOUSES at a P *ery n:ex!erate renr?jne on Capitol HIP. rent tak< n in toard if de>ired; or e of iS rooms a id Han I a riitlv funiabi d; w ill br leaced fjr a year or more for 91CU a mo> th Hii' anite or Ho >ius reat < iu i he winterffor ?H0 per mouth. Addtoas TR AVE LtR. P> at Office. jel 3t F^OBtENT-A fine OPFIOB ROOM, with (as and water aiunted <n 'd tl or; *151 t atreet. op pe>?tte Patent OC:-e. Ben; reasonable to a reliable terant. jtl At* F~^OR BENT?One I rooPl FBVME HOUSE. No. iait> lt'tb atr.?t beweea M and N nortbwe?t; alao. 8 r< oil Brick Hoiiae. No lAia Mtb atreet ? onhwest. Apply to JOHB F. GREEN, Bo 15a0 ll'f. atteet nortnweat jel H* fj>OR BERT-9*pral.e JodictaPT Bina'e, No. #09 fth atreet between E and F. HOL'SB of eleven r ?'?ana bath-room, Ac. Bent reduced from 075 to |U. In advance _ _ _ rOR BENT?Large RTOBE B30M, with fine ??Low w.i dowa. Ac ; No. 461 PenaaylTania avenue, bttween 4H and 6<h streets northweet. A. a. DCVALL, Attoroey-at-Law, j?-l im Corner 4K atreet and Lonlalana avenue. E^OB BEHT-A two-?tory BRICK STORE, with n m>dern Impiovementa. alp 1, a a tab I- attached, aitcated at the cor-e? of 11thand Beta, sorthweft. Appiy at Mo. 514 B Pt northwaet. aySl lm FOB BXMT OB IALI-Om of the nlc-et and Beet convenleat HOUSES la the DUtrict, In thorough repair, with all modern Improvements, ecntatniag twelve roocna; al'uated corner ?th and G atreet* aoutheaat. Will rant er pell low. Apply to L. WM.OUlMAH0.hfl3 LooiPiana avecue nartb weet. myB lm P.K BENT?A verv deelrable FarnUhed PRl YATE BB8i DBBC81 or a choice Suite of Fur P?ni - ? OOft Bf ^-^A ? " * 7 f ? Mhpa/mpvwivi ? VWHW DUll? Ul f UF* ???"??^Boonae. 1999 M atreet. Mar the cornirof 13th atreet. myM lAt* F'B BBBT?BOOMS, fWrnlabed with everything for honeekeeplng At Ho. 344 Pennsylvania avenue, aontheaat corner of 4K atreet, m>n eolm* FOR RENT AST) SALE. fl'OK EFNT?That aew ard f.imnj.-1 ioa* three story Iron-front WABKHOCBB. No. 313 8th s"r?e#. th*ee <*.>or? i-rih of Pennsylvani t avenne. \? ith fatt?' pftt. rt fV * aior. gvs, wat?r. ac., all to complete orfie>, terms mo^.-r *te Apply to nr. BKiiLow. m;t4 lm Nations' B?r,k R-snblle L^C'B BKNT?fT t?o gectlemsn can Hod 1 pleasant BOUMf, with Burtttcr-r. a -1 snathera Hiotcrf. on Cifltul H 11 and tbf Ift^ioliUa lin* of car*. Tli* ruomi can be mftifd f >r the turn f-r or r>? References exchanged. Address H K C., Putt ufflM. my 11 3** IfOB BEST-A n-w HOC3B ?... A09 D ft afreet i o'h i<t, 10 roxn< and all modern <m provments In-iuire 900 Sth street *. e mtl l?* F~C? BKNT-A two story BU1CK HOl>K. c ?n talrlng nine room* sitcated on U:b ?tr?-.-t,be I*<*i M and N ?Ji<- ts northwest, om'a'ulrg all awderr. improvement*. Inquire at 1103 M rm?! north w<it. null lm FOR BKKT-A six ro,<m BRICK HOISE, pl*as antly located, water, Ac : 1within two a^are* of 7tb and 9th r.r*-*t csrs Bet-t a?> p?r month. Inquire of K. A. BACON. corner of 4* and F ?*r?^u - ? ,h?fit my** I n FOB BALK-a HOUBB and GABl'KN. at Bla den?burg Depot, B and O. R R , Ave minnt?a' walk from the station: good stall* and carrtaga h .une. frnlt trees and sfcrubtxrr Wi>l tx> sMJ oa MM tt rms or traded for unincumbered city prop erty. Apply to J. W.SOOTT, Mo. 1493 S'b strict northwest. mjl-Mm* |OOB BIKT-A pl?a-ant ae^en room COTTAGB. r with ten acres of around, one and half mile* from city limits. Goo* stall, and on' ful'dl 'ss on Bladetstnlg road. Address " Kara," Star office. m> i? lm* ffOiTBEST-PM AUL F ABM.-U Acres-near this city; pl*nt? of lruit, six room h--nse l< -ckluu p< rfectly healthy. U A. PHU.Ll P.*. mylH lm 6c .i 1A h strict. l^OB BKNT?HOI'SC '290? H street ft P< sseaslon J one lat. Apply to M.TB1MBLR, _tnvl7 3w 61 4 1.1th street. 1/l'B BKNT?Uufurnl-hej BOOM:*, en scl'.e or ft stifle. aleasantly located for suaitner; new horse, with modern conveniences, one sjnare f m oa s. Apply 1134 18th street. m lit** F'OB BALI-* new and bandnmf OWKLLINQ, 10 r-xms. a few mlnutea* wall < f Ue>ay ; a^iu'ra M? mited to any MtMHMM iu WashiiigUik Tetnts uucsuaby tasy. Apply to J. P BIOUARDSor myll lm' Old Hotel, B. lay. B A O E B. |70K KENT?BOOS]8. furnished aril unfuml-b I ed. in all parts of Ih? ctt?. fr->m AS t > Al i' p^r month. Apply at I>OB8Br'8 BO -M AGENCY, No **16 F stieet northwest. milO-ltc* F'OB SALK OB KXi'H ANG K? For city prop'rty, '?Anglci nrt" FABM of 1'3 acr??, highly iru B-ov?d, with One orcl.ard of iuiportel f: ait tr--os, aw.Dir g honsx and liarc.'atrratwl on New ' at B *1, one aile from lu??n? Asylatn. l i-jnire of E JAI'OB, No. 990 17th street, between 1 ai d K streets. mv8-lai* f^OB B* NT OK SVLF-A UOltj?E tc the cona try, fl*e m'li ? from Wa,bi^(tt ?n. will Ue a :dor exchanc<Hl for City pr. porty. or re-.ted famished or nnlurni^hod. <>0 acies of Land, cc?r tv-idi. re Hon>e. on the Point of Bocks Uailrtad. At ply *? 1 .H4 1 street northwest. m>?-l>n EH>B SALE?HOUSE 1006 H street northw^ .t r eleven rooms, range, hot a*>d <x>ld wt,ter in l ed rexm*, marble mantels, every modern convenlc-uce. Price ACJtO. I tion re of FttANK LIPBET, Lumber Merchant, mjft lm Cor. (rb street at.d Now York ave. F^Oh t*ALK ? In the Country ? A comfortable DW'KLLINGof 13 roosts, within five mlnntes wtlk of Immendale, Baltimore andUhlo r-.llr-.-id; also, fine Brlldiuc Pites; Boiling and B'atiti*tl Conntrv; watered. Address DaNIKL AM M F.N, Beltsvllle. M l. spU 3m ftj'OB BALE?At a (reat targain, LOT Six 113 on r Pih street northeast, between B ar<! C, clo<e to street care, would ir.ak > thre- g >J building l^ts. SMALL WOOD ? MORKISON, _m} 10 lm a i a 7th s'reet ft^CB BALK OB KXCUANOB FOR CITY PROP ft^ KRTT?In KUavllle, Prlace George's county, Md.. BIXT-IIN ACRKS of LAND, with d.mble Frame Hoose. good water, an abundance of frnlt tre?8. grap<-s, Ac.; high and healthy location; twelve Biluntes' walk to the Hyattsville depot, Baltimore and Oblo railroad. A ahotograph of the honse can bo seen and further information obtained from B H BTIMKMKTZ, 193T Pa ave. marT7 ft/1 OR BALK-HOUCKS for asojHK). r f 18.000. 916.000 ?U.000, floTlOO, t^-0W,?7rVV, 08 000, i>,000. ?44K?, ai.000, ai/KW Well I'>cat0d and or. easy ? rms. B. J. SWKKT, octt-tr | A11 7th street, UIAL CSTATE HtLLtTI.^ THUS. E. WAHOA>1Afl. A19 7th AL CHA NS *s X a II KVEkT WtD.inaiT i1D-i7vlj?t, Brirk HouMt for Hale. Pn'ldlrgton, with ex?ensi\e grona(*s. 12 rs B2-.0,",W C i ttn?t tal Hotel, Pa av. nw. .a. m.i ..lud rs 35,u 2.': iff Bd.ave, ? e , all mod Impt , 17 rs.. . 6i ot>' fte* Pa ave n w,all mod. imp*..10tr n?tl 9i# M st n. w . all m -d impa . 13 r* 93V K stn.w..all m<>d. iniDS., 11 rs. 15 .'*i 6AI ISthst. n w , a'lmod. imp- , 17 r?. t5 ?> 0 lilt 13th st n. w , all mod iu ps.. 12 is...?... .13 ii?i 72? 15th st. n. w.. all mod lmpn., 12 rs i2 >*) l?i F- st. n w .all m?Kj. !hd<.. 14 r<_ ? 11 2"<J 211 A st. s e., all mod. imps., 12 rs. ...... lo 5 v *fli t. st n. w., all mod. turn*., 10 rs. io-"*s> 13'h st n w., all mo1 iups , 10 rs 21I2 Pecn. ave n w . all wr-a. Imps.. 16 r? e UJ0 Ti'f) Story Brick and frame Hoiurs/ar & <lt. 71 I'etroesst. n.w.,( B.H.I mod imps 7 rs ?2,500 21 to ii M . ril? st. ( B. U m<>d In s.., 7 r*. l-'-m 1 M l'U7 Biggs st < B Hi mod i:up? . 6 rs 2.iui 617 4tt> et h. w (F. H.i.m-(J imps..6r?.._ 2.0n NVlist n.?r.(B.U i m-Td. imps , 8 is 2.<?.o 1 0J Kikgsst. n. w..( B.H.ioiki unp? ,? r? . t.soa 52' f?l 28-h tt. n. w. ( f. H i. mid Imps.. 7 rs... 1 - ?? 513 lo.b -t s.e.tF 11.1. mod. iaipj .7 ra ........ Iiij 2 <? B st. n. w., (F.H.) mod. imp*., 6 rs... I.suj 1813 Cedar rt. n.w ^F H .itnod.lmps .6 r? 1 7-?o .6Uf.:h-l n.w.(F II Imod imps . 1 r? ....... l.(fH Klo 5 2 a6th st. n.w ( F. H i, mod. imp-.. 5 rs... 2 7 ;vi st ?.?. iB.H.,'ni'd Imps ,8 rs l.*50 621 K st. sw.iF. H.I, nivd hop-., 4 rs l l.v Unimproved Property for 8 de. 2<1 st s e ?t.d N. Carolina ave , as-jiire f4<i.i'nQ 17ih s?., t?t L anl 8 st., n. w, ?....?.... i M 130 Hst . bet 1st ana 3d, n. w 1 fr?i bridge st . Georgetown l.-ts' Pnsp'ctst . Georsetown I,.'**) U st . b?t Is' and N Capitol st. l"?i 8-h st . bet. K at.d 8 st &K) lOtl: st , bet. V and W st frs.i 17th st. bet. V and Burd^ry st 5J l/ou?ei for Rent. Uon*e aad farm. 80 acres JO rs , a?r anncm. ....IM 9t> N . Y . ave. (turn..) all mod taps . 13 rs. .... 178 12i? N. V . ave., (furu .) all mol. uups . lu rs is >< N J ave.,ifare .tall mod. Iujis..9 rs IV) 9'1 G st. n. w., all mod imps.. U ra 12 12.7 G st n.w. mod. imps . 10 rs. 80 17 I Pa. ave. n. w., mod. Imps . 11 rs 60 222 A St. s e . ITod. liiips , 11 rs. - 73 dor. l*?b and K sts. n.w .mod. lmo-> , 12 :s 6) Cor.21st and F sts . mod. 1mpe.,l6rs r<8 66 2:i A st. ?a., mod. imps., lors ? AO Itsij f>*h st., m ,d imp< . lu rs 4t 1M3 14th st , mod-imps . 8 rs 4" i'l'.i ?1 st .mod. imps.. 10 ra 40 1314 v at., Ui-d. ln.p>..7 rs. 33 67 High st., Georgetown, m-sl imps.. 13 rs.. 3' 9 K s*. n. e . m<-d Imp*.-II rs - S3 L st , mod imps .6 rs....w. 3i IMA loth st , mod Irniw . V rs s > 2lOthst. s. e . m <d imps.11 rs 2s 3H3Va.ave s w , mod. imps . 8 rs 2S 27 A 31 K st. n. s? m./d. impe . 11 rs .30 4C-14 46atd48 Myrtle at., m ><1. Imp-., J rs 1 1414 tampsc-n st (j. w,. water7 rs 2-1 442 1st n a ., mod imps.. 8 rs....^... ftj Jjoant. One sum of #4,(KX), one of 01 800?1 per cent, for peg; tlattng jfl tr LOST AND FOUND. Cr ?! BAWARP?Lost, on Friday last, at th- Oapl lol, a una 1 WHITE SH \WL with fi,' irwl bord?r. Ktturii t.i 14 10 G s're?-t ii w. j-S J-* I OFT-May 90th. a PACK \GA iu?rk-d UcKim ,V J Uogg.careO M Tows in A Co. A liii?rai r? w srd ?ill b?; paid If retiirntd to Od3 P.nasy!v?iia a.tLce, corner G h stiest. It" IOST?At reetauiant coiner 7th str<-et and Li-mi j s-aaaaver:r.e,ou M jcoa* m-irninp a P<>CK K f 1H "K OOBtaialDA railroal ticket, private p.p rs and #5 The pern- n *bo found the saw e will pi<-a e I -an- ii at the btar oITi an-1 reta'n the m > .ev. I * Sf BE W AKl'?Str*j ?^1 ssar on the itn m-:sti*, ? .7 a I la k and tan FKM s LK HOt'NI*. b'jtb ear* cut; r- p.-around ht-rii'-ck. The^4*^5^ at^cvertwai-l wi<l b*- p?id if returned to ko. bji M?nlai.A avenue s uili,ve?t jr.tat* ttTBAl Kl> OR rT?'ljllN-> roii. W *.dlt- s pas l~ tv.rt at Cha'n brUlg". a?i IRON CRAY M A UK. 4 yeais old. -in ?JI si. e, blister, il on v both h i.d It gs. a lihersl reward will be pit t >r b<-r rttiirL r-t icfoT.ati-iti Itadiug to her r coscry. jeS-6." I P. BAb K 1 R,c< 12th at d E s's STRaV Kl> (Hi t i'ULEN ?J'I-it- 2d, from p uture ntar Li.ll. a l)A KK. BtyUOW.^ vi-li torus turned tb, sh<irt tl?ca teats, slitCjp in oneear, ubl.e st' p'-ont-e lv Libera: re-~^ " ? aid. Appl) to K L BOIS, College B L, near l?th street j 5 2.*J | t'ST-?la) SIst. durk BA Y HOB9E, wbl.eface, Mj two white bird t ot, mark below l. lt JTN ^ hir I il-eral resiarr" paid if returned to II AO h K"l>E, 7th street .oad, near SchaeUeu Pari Jt3 3T IOST?On the evrntre . l j?,iie l^t or the morning -A of the 2d, a Knt-i i Leather Pfl 'KIT tl IOK. c-i-tainiiig from one hundred ami fifty to tw i ban died ot liars?one fifty, two twenties, and s ime ten at d five dollar bills. Alto a Not? given by F. St* li' for one th-.usai d dt,liars, due Ju'y 2'th. \i7i The payment of sail note is stopped. A iberal re ward il left ac my office, 139? H stre.t northwest. Tt e said note eudorred by m*. j?2-2i2 T U WIoniCQMBE. Ic-sr?Last evfCUg. June l?t,on H s're-t, near J V-rmout a\enue. a Russia Leather WALLET. C -nlaiutrg betaee" sixty or seventy dollars Th? fiid? r will be rewarded by ltaviagit at l-il-'i H rtnet. j?2 3;* m XNOOUBAGS HOU tSDCSTBlEB TBL'AKA FOB LaUIAO. IRC NAS FOR S2B, TOT TRBBBA tOB tiHlU)BK? HATCHKL8 FOR LAL1KS, ^ " batch elb fob hbb. SHAWL 8TBAP8 FOB ALL CARR1A9B B'>BB8, HOBSK (loVl HP KINK WBIF8, H&BHKS9, SADDLK8,Br^ Trnuks of every style nad* to order oa the prrrr'isr ABA Tth Btabkt. (Adjotalng Odd Fellows' Hall,) Br J AMIS Sa FBACTIOAIi M ABDFACTC&BB. B8TABLIHHBP IV IBAA. T BnUM^Z TBDHKB oorawB. tobTZ-tr* OOKB DBLIYBBBD TO ALL PAIN OF THB OITI AT THM SAMS RATB. ?sw ?chednle?Fall load of St bwshsle lor || B. ?BaUar loateleaats per bushel, eanace, B) oeuu Apply to OTF1CB OT WA8H1HGTOB OABL1UHT OOB 111 MittWKrtkwea r to 11B BrMgs *reat, Oeorgatoaa. Mart-If BUSINESS CIIANTES. \t'aSTEI?To i-orcliase far ta?b?E'th?r ** whole i?f ? well located bALOON. ? r lh? tore* Burt b? of *u)Mlv?r wjrkni:?n?bip ? . dr??? < ASH . fta- off * It* L,X)B BALE?Tb" GOOD WILL an ? ?! \Tl BtS r cfcMoftb' noil d alraVe H retain * ??hla* t.?n contain '?45r,'0??. For parti ul?r? e CfCOL. AUXABPtK Q>'??v |<X>KBALE-Grt.t M il DtraJ." ? I H A: i * Also. ?ss a-res. ???.< IniproT' b?? at?. ?n?c- p ib ? cffMiioBirx^lrr.t l< ra'l a f >r .-"tr? Bui i*r *n^r. prvuij, Bovtr, n t r b ? frit-re C.n Tt+ ccnuty. M'V ]"+ S ' \OCRO A M1DDLETOB ACCTICHKBX8, HEAL ESTATt A>U t\ SI h t.M i AHtXlS We h?vf I' the ctopi room, ira-ml fl or. < t Lel'roit Br.tMltn Pi irate < flic* tor c >B^d? um%1 bii?ioess. M.n<> I *B' ! on firs' ? I?m Mcantl** only. Itll bll alltLtlob given to Bl. MCtl' b st|v?. ??HM? A >1 II'1>IKT<iS. j?6 3** Cor -lb aid P i!rMi a ?. F^OB BALK FOi~CASH-OEe h? ' larpe amount. t just claim* asitinet th*>' .'* Address *? A feat. ' fltar offlee. n Qk)fl filVIR P.fT"* 1 UST ci *OHK C?" ' MAS for > p if a? ? "Biecii. u?r it a b H, or coBf?cti <neiy 1b Washington^n P. M." Star cffif . joSli* j\i<?s? ^ ??? uv&x -hojd xarks irr\T 1*1 Fi>?This b ??*cf *lty. Laul MtrriiitK yir chB-?d. highest cash p ; ? n'veu A-'-l'L* G * "PliIM M, Jfj It BepAH.roi J?| ?f> I fj is Pent,* ?v?. 1 OrriB AT PfclVATE SALE Ml BSfATE. I fcBoWl: Bi' Or??Ii 1 nil rly t*?S reatleuce of the late Q. ti W Hl<"key. Tm? property coa ?l-t?cf XT'. itrM o: firaifbt S?-?1< b Boil, with In* larte t>ri? k resideuce eud ntl rnc-?*r> ont bti'ld 1. m Id ncfiKti r- pair. P *? 't>? w l?. mg to lm.?t It ire of tlie bi i' l>?*etitul c>bb*tt ????.? r.ear Wa-bt: (ten. ate m?it.d t.> tuspe I th* p ? p-, ?y. Tti?p-tp<it) l? i t il? MwSri ?t.u* pike. IS miles from t? ri^ii r? of Col urn: IIb T*iiro?a jb.1 ft* U M J AFABH KoK *?M.L **r 11.1 ACitES 'N f atr'its C' ui'f. V % , in b lii?h **?'?? ofwl'in ?i..n, 1H in i ? fr m ili- r?('t Kai't Churt lilti'l.a, cii ib" Middle lcrr.pikc ? >taloff Morr?'? Bid Tf ? i.q'i iBiid*. 1 lie l.i pr< t. o B i?r?? Km?, h n?*. niBncBrd root Itnrn bmI ontl ui .hoc*. ue?r 1? ; t*ceil*T.t pe?rh. *ppl!*Btd pfBr (irfi?r<?, w.iii other fruit?: *nl.'tmntl?l fecclrr, w itli ftr'nlw In p err ? Btf. ?'I|?..'W lo ?fr.coen.ic . Bi d '?rop- ell in, i'.?k iig it iu i-m r . t Bilr^ireble pr . >"ity Price. wi. tucJiidlrjt ?!?-. k. crof > r?i iterie. Forfurtb r It f"rnM*t?u ?p? > toC h. i;rnc?. r?ni ? turcb,ort.. Taot* po?* Lll?Q f'tr Bi.l'Uil g j-3 lai f^iiK fA l B?Oi eitte. I- -i !?%-.! K?i ' K_sfT TION KB\ Bid PkKli'l 1<'AL 8t< >UI? iu t!ie cltj: t<in)? liberal: n ?< d i?-e*..m lur -ellin* A>: dre-* "Poc kwoi ni.*'Mar i ffl t? j.-t S * lYOTlCB -sjpfci 1 \L IMI'U. V n?KT 1A\ 1^ I ^ paid at a *? r>-lew ri?:e. All kudo f l? ('. 8err ri ? i - I ?bt ?. d (? 'i t) H.P I? \ \ I J'2 1m* Ha'l l{' mi. Metr .p ?il*-?r> Wai t M .|H <. C'll > A P? P' r kichti m <>r -pi t.dii / LOTS on K street. Apply to I G. KIMBUL. je2-3t* Katrfet.opp k.l>bitt Hcuoe. ^EYBRAL ir?? or ?? All tr m !.??? to ^ BS.M.0 t>> itieit lug KHl ii >1 K? ?t-??i-nrnr 8 P. OODOK. )f1 lOt 1419 P ?tr?-et poit'i<n??t IV'aK ikl-Ai:? r. r? u c*'i (!<*?>?? B*??i a rn. i.t i II BPlilna cur LCTTkbCI'PVINO bJt'K Anp oi e that |.a* B letter r^> ? itte ? ill bnr it. S p-' ?s oi water u#?d Peiid f. r ctrcuKr tiw EX< Kl? MOtt COfilPAN *, 1 ?? Trlbuse Bcii<liD<. Cii'^t ?, 111 |??lni Pit*mii*m paid ios" ru?crioval ci b Btacv. i mm a rc>ck?. jr .? oo. ItlOMY TO LOAN AT - PbBOKHT ISTSK i"l e?t on firat cia?- imrn vei h a! Kn?t. IB W*?bii.**rn IP r IIaULINK A <u?.On ri: I He end Kir* liinri'aijce As?ol<, ilA7th-!r t toriliBtH, ^ BubingtoB, D. C. n.>80 <'.* FOB SaLE?COl'Ji I K? 8TOKK. ThnpropTlT fcr<..wii a* Harcey bi re. on tb~ Oe- rt-. (,? o a>.d B i(le Tarn pike, btinf one ot th- b? -t ?taud? In buj county; l^mnditte p >?*>??? .r: title petf ct. lent * eur. Apply to BaBB<">CB A B AM 1LTOK, Grocers nn2? m If TOO II AVr~MON"Elr TO LOAN. OB V\ A NT TO BOBP.OW ?Ob'I on JOHS CUtKH ? N. K Bi Ests'e Ar'iit. bt. Cloul ttui.'dinf. Minpplo*eed in sr.nia to vtiit. nn .'i in.* FTST~c.h?>s ash rniir mu. near tlie city, n ay l>- parcliaaed low, < r aultaMe c.ij pror-t rty excfeAujed tor 1?. A pj.iy to B.M.HAWIS, I'e'illft. trj2S 1m* Ho I via 1 P'-i-Bf' Ivsnia aieun* AGlthM Ml 61N E?B CM A WOK ? Por r^ut or ??!?, Il'>CbE b-..3l7 1.1th street north went, coiiUi..liia 14 ro n v with Bll m ? !em impr.>vemest-. Ai>.'. tMrcraitnt* rnvtaMi t i>?aarlyn<w a? d in perf. <t ord?-r Hkim and Pnenilure w-lll l.e st'!(! ?r rented t (j-ttir .?r s'pwB'el. . bj dn-lred. l.i <?' i.ri In-et id city fir s'i ate re-ul??uce or tor rei.tiLR rowels Price Bn l terms low Bndeaay 1 j ijiiiieic preaiis?Nin'tn<diBUly iny*i lm L'OB PALE. OB EVJHASJK P >B C!TT ? I'BOPLBTT ? Hbmh* retr r.-d ti Wa-Mnfu.u I will* I! or eichanpe one of the flr.-st C .nn're ITtll.L " ? * . , I'l I r ! ? SI I n'r? |:E*11>LKCES In t>?e atate of Slarj Uud, sl'.O*: 4 *< ct a n i'e sr.n'b of Hafeft * 3. coi-t itult.c 16 Bcr<-? I'u la: d. 3 sort-* of ? MsS are iu Orspns. I u P ruir, the r-n.?ii.c(er In Gra?s ltapr,?ved with a t.t* J-ster; B'l li H itM' t b, 32 f. ct.cot,tBinlt.c 11 Tr oti.t, with (as Bt>d ?ater.?u1 all c-ce?*?rj uu? binldlnf* in excellent e ncition. ?ucb bs stBb:es, c?trlace fc u ? i. b. n? Ac. Addi-ss A. B. AP l'l KMaN. -u iw.i. i.a! li?i W, W?>' liigt 1* C oil? lu 1\'aNTIU-Tu exe' n: c? lb* KhKUi iSnA 1? TCliS end STRIVES for Old One*, at BUT I h II >. comer 6th * d H streets n rthw. -'t. t:n Cl n ueyscnred.fMn #5U'#JSor Bo pvy apj' J>n* i t .a m els a iTvlrTir if! VM KrTnUELL-6, up'" Sm* 111 B utree: ? jsIIms"t. W flOLDPTElM * CO., iT. *OAX AND COKMISFinX **0K8/lo COBfiiKB lOia &M' L IsTBaETB. rO* ET LOAKID or APVAWES MADB on T*l-.Bi>ie pcrn^B-il prcperty to be; b?. .niit, Bad f r 8L- tliiie d< aired, on very terms. AIm , Oo< ds sold on Coir nilseios. At PiltBte f a'e?Very Cheap-^A Write lot of L b rf ' n.<d Pli-dpes b< d C ,i?.nii-*l..u Gx.ds. n- w b*_ 1 s r- td L-td Every Bet!r!? warrant-sl. *it bcs.neSB ttrlctiy cocCaential Iui iliS-el at! tte Kos* re 'sfcle boc? !n lie Bit DiB'lf tr ryjOSEY IO LOAB. ^43,o<>0 to l"Bn on cholee e?tate, ?? ?tur? of ? 500 to SI (S?0. Bt 9 ?iid lo p?r cetit A lew ar.n-s b? b pee o?r.t In from g? W* to ??.< B H. U AKNbli. n.trll corner Tth and P ?tr*-t? cTc rt TO ?? 00? IS VESTED IN BT'X'B 0.?" PKIV1LEGE8 PATS LABQK PBOPITH Vi pi*-for 72 pig- book. Hen arid Idioms of Wall st. avd V ail st.Bevtew PKNTtBEE. JOHN UI< K 1.1 NO * GO., oc*7 lv B?ct?rs and Brokers, 1'J Broadway, h T. GENTLEMEN S GOODS. [JA1S! lJATo! FresbsipjTy MACK1TAW ETBAM 1 til>e. B?av r a;id b.lvr Pe ?rl < a^Lnei e Hits. I'..)s' atil Children ? Nrair bats E.U I ti.brtlia-, Laiics at.d Rent'sne^'s KriSEMCI'Z'N, tr?S,!tr 1JI37 P< nn^yhania avena". II Nt'MHF.K IIA IS! X All *he l , I c styl s or CAB-1UEHK ii ATS. \ari. nsfciudtiof aTSAH H ATS, <; ENCl v c MACKINAW, MILAN UK \ I it. LK'iUOKN . Ac UAIb CLOTU B^d KNGL1M1 LlilkS LAIS AimriMu ar.d Kt g'ieb MLh. ALPACA ui GI M>i AM CJi PHP i?LA8 fiti*' SIS L M IJB^LL AS a d PAB *S'?L> I Ml:?ii:LLA8 atd PABaSOCO C-'ver^ and re ,ai,Ji.l,i,t,l,,%rtR4UKws# Mitt P#.A?>VL\^?Ia AVt?l I ir.iJSfr Abore wuiard'i H<;tel ?"jmvluH at HUFTY, ? 33 rKIIITLVAHlA AVE1I K BANC BEDI0E1* Tlit PBIGE^ OP IHflb CEl f 'IKATKI) t>(JL Hl.E TO KB NH1BT> as POL&iowa r i?ca.:u Kw. l, t>4 oo. r >ranri7 J'n ?? ?. f!J0C. M ?KM. " ?? I. ??.?; M ?<I.JC ?art] tr ?, IU W. ? a l ATtNT PARTLY-MADE DRESS SHIRT", The Oriaf'JKt Inrenttcn of the Ae?. f t tlo* Dres? Shirts for six d >11 %r?. i |(,i bot tv be bad In a:.? Other More iu this city V t are feolv w. w. Bi Kinm e 4t ro, Ho. Tib street n. sr. Bpff tr Ho. 7Qt> K str?;t e. w W E ABE BEv.EiVlHO LA1LY PbUSl CLL ?' P actcrp. In BaUitnorB. fi?*h sural.?? of tti ss ELEGANT 15 CENT UHPIS 1SHtD. aad ?1 PINlhBED 0R1BTB. Blade ot tbe BeM W am-ntti Bltulin and Twebtr-oue ttaidred Llnet, at tbr BB AN'H BALTIMOBB BUIMT VACTOBt. Bo IIIB f (tv?et, WMblnfton. J W. PEBB. Kana?er |T?1HB8T PBE88 BU1BT8 MADE TO OBDBB r of Uie Terr lest material and in tbe tn.jst eitj ^ manner for (BI M at tbe BBAIICU BALTiMt-BI SU1KT PACTOBT, lOl i W street BBrH-tr 4. W. DABB. KaBBfet, ~~HORSK FOOD. ?VBDOn FOOD FOB EORSKS AND CATTLE. aiOXOMr.flbOA.SfKKO HSM Af>rMAB AXCM.SU OX O HKALT. H, SS CVBMV BY ITS fJ*M. ibobedIebtb all i eoetaklb Btapll too Feeds fsr ?? H. Depot ta Waablnrton. Ml Loctstaaa btsbbs. ?cio-eoem e P. LACBKnon * M. IVT0 HDMBDO.?L. IIOI wfB pay a fair cask iM^r'asilBBdO^oatb FOR SALE. L'v K t ALt-t Tv I'-a- MoRM ltd I H t roi, I lalUM ( r ? . ? lim li Ik ? qWfr?M ITBB t'--. at j-A ?* hp< B~r MB-? tsbt ?> lliiia ?. KtiH da \J tioa. i t/ UbiI' iaei?iiii I ?r?., aiao, a St<a? It,*la? 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IVOR BAI.B^On* p?t of at) lUb Mark d>K*B* ?' B?|. U<,' r.d - > ???r? - u'llaa ; . a > .? .. ? N- MAR _ ... n? ?i ?* ? ' Addr?*?* H 8 .rvrarr 4S an-'R ata too hatai ?**L5L ('A KKl AtakS. I va*alA?iBt> WL> lb* U?<*tB?i?? KK?( >MU4 MMCt M tnatit of l*ta?t a?\' i<f ? arrtaa-a._?'<v,ip?-. u J ? ? ' "" R. ckaa aya. J atiit-*?*ata Park pti?ta>na.ifi^^^E? Jtifi-ra. " T Ul r "l? Hill Alao. wirra ?i*.. i?eor?d land Pant-- t'a-ri?**? % d P*jk*i?a * >,*?,<?%? P I' h'NNl TT A ?HV. t. a-13 ft 31* l*b at..!?' 11 ?'i P . t m L?k BAbft-BUV IB .rr TIME 1 t lirr,. ha <1 tfn hi-KlSU v i04>h*. HI ? ti tha 1 -at at; l? * itfc * f*r flat Id a i?t~! T paid ?>. li t ht (.til Kt> t.< aAl* .h r.n p nr ' !/ ps . r ' - r ? Pr>?|~v? ?l . fu'r? ?? n? Mrl. ff<* r* K rfc. ?. U r| f a c. 1? I' B ?ri ? * S t? K Pn??Ht* V fcl h ^ J M? PTlK'B.. ?H'h AM' fHP.LI.*h ?1B AXl.r^ CM-bi'S't. Tlikl .lit BIB A.M) i')l t *r '*ir ? 'i t ttor ?.?. ardth* ? r?l or'rii 'L It IbMthH atr t'j? CL.?>c?4 ?jd ?i V? ?(?v in U. <A ScvlB \TH. ?Ml S?i rnmt of (!??? M* a 1 I ft**! a ? P IV PROFESSIONAL. 'f'TI r -l?K IMKIiiU H Af BE -H^ ' I'KMAl. a<?)M - !<? tvo-'* ' r v Mil p ?! a ; <?" r? ?r-*t ot Uio'l < for. fc?-ar Ulli ?f j-1 I AI.HIhT H ?n?KH, AB< IIITB' T. BIcrntv i'*l I wai .htin?, tj!1 lit 11 on r. oir<?t nr s^i-i ?. t I IIA V K PKA' 'TICI at I !lt? I fit.?-i Mtili*" >? .x ic viiu J P ftlRIi!*. l>*i tut I" H NAKk?V. *. aTTOk> t V 4 T LAW. ccr L.a. art', asd <tc ?l , BaV A, ati to. ? i. I?. c; v<: I A.1T tlLt BITHaU J AW . C-<* C" ?! I>r A > C>n-IM ?HN lh* VT? li.<f,IAl It.kKrflB w. Alfp.tiold ri'llii|t4j(i at i?mwm>Ii atica,anJ aati-tacti (int. arM i-cSb,* Or. 1 HYBUS. t.m Bru. Ho |7r<4 P?ut ?> Ivai.ta artyiw. Kim U? Oltdr Can ?dmllilatovi^. ??I aoSoi^^^^T | TOWl?~KBBBN?tBA. I t JUSTICK Of THE rMACB Bo. ?t>? *4t Bt MlB w., oftmtti l'nit*d ?t?l? I'at^ui Offloa. (.'??? it Pair? Bv**n* f??a ?>?.? lar lM It v . TTLHTb lUkMKANl ' AKTlST* I til x I r< OBATIVK ai.doierr dt^-rlail^ol t<b* ASUMAL and IL A i Si I'AlMiVJ, "!J 7 9-h >trort i n?t ??-?t. P. f- 'I3ES kO< *1 7I? K ? r. -t I. rttatat,^:i It U AhHINGT?J?. l? O *7 P*K sjtT rvH Talki b. m i Hf h l > L.k A 9. PKaTT. Rradua't ?.f^ ' 'I l!il ?p-|?'-, ?i' . ni.?& m-d< alt' ll< r> of Ot.tcaf). |(*l 7tb?;r?--t. ?a-1 *:?!?. c rt>?r of A? Uai a^il ckK rv! nc iw? .o ! ? tir'b anctl lr PERSONAL. "II IS. Mi ?'llt"ON li <?!( liMrrt |. lut'e t ? l I i < ?!. ?t. a <i M id? it.-, cao t><> t ?- ???*???' y C I Jit< 1 at I jb C'.t. ?T' ft l.. r'llVi-M, If. tn ? a t:i ' 7p III . dtllf. lit r v,< i!lc,iir? ai<' ?>t< ail t'lml't. Advtcfrre. Call or writ*. j?-| Is* I i i /1 /1 tkW7 ?o~ l<' rr11: ~ir ? j N- w I |W"I' Irrl. tii />. ? ? i M 11 t C. "*?' < (jall:??? t Ua Wcldr.-v at. jar litr li ? nt ll. .rad|. t ' tb? ?r?"' ti..d? altf'.t fn. ul r - e. \ t r? ti. I u ?r |. r talk* ?.iL>. l?| alio ?? I|m i:- -? .jt fi-tir liilu# aid d>ai. ln'tii ?-ii! r.Krr'lati r^a?n. luc# jr 'nti'i-w Pirl?lac?l m or uj pn IIi nr-v# tc 4. I'fDDTlv acta a\? r. w j?.s St* \1 LL TUB CBBDITOBt* OP J. J FIWB will Ktwat ttrtr cli'm-at our nffiii*Uhlo :h< &?zt da>* Ir -ni tt> ndatt j. 2 V MA Bl'<H H A UAMTLTOH. Aa-f i'-a \\*.AMTrKGTtia. JiiLe 2 1-J4.-S non-rbat t * II I'lit I ai litn ?t rr?d "H a cL'-ckdrawr. Ij N ^ch? l?-r lit lavor<l .1 L j Maratiall I ?r #TH. r t.<J fti ? ) Is. 1*74. 0|. til-U ru??M Ba L. A!?ta'i d la Va . - .'d lia-Iti^ l t*Li lo?* la tb i cr>| or l""'t' nuiiuj. jf: J?MIH MARSHALL ,B7"r. b An!i< f'a> . yAR(?if Mirm")' H-a ??. Ko ?? 1 4 12' tl rfr- ? ? .1 ??!*?I to I ?lil h . Hotin, Itulit m ; iiuCt m. u. 2j 2?* y\ t?i?< Iv U V I, />'|/W*.>? nn1 T'*1 M' ''I'm. t Itfl 11th fti?? t li?.tw?-fti L ar?d M. rh>i 0LOO 1BT ? BBrm. |?K., ftll Pa. ?>? t.ur. tt-llf ?a?*. a"-**?t a-.d f?!tnra. I i t aad Ca'ii (( a* :Ott fi d-. 1' d-ad or l;? iQf. ?t p?-rtf I f i r ft i ti la c?nlt? th-rr?n't r.f al< n i luilat ? ii r? a l.t-rr to co |.?r ?ai c"a?. Itappi and li"ana II t L?1l??. f I. Oi Lt?. titi 61 O* ? dmi, 9 a r t. i?>.i;i, mrll->-. ir A ? T ft O It U C t . N&IUXI! m?1. TUswhbnttd Lndj Aatr >i. irl-t an1 H?a'"n* <?'? ?( ca he tf'ti'i.l'od at N. si*'I Ij a't'-^t t of Id Dortliaert (?hr ha? nfi atip^r: r It Q?"::i.?a u.? lite I a-l. Pn-ci lit and Piitur* lu Lie ut l>n?tut>M tenu^lct- I* luraluaMe. d<acttM t r sr trifU". potr tii k c at four a:iemt*a, and int .rn lu| roi of ltit Miia aa; la ia? t t:. ail i. ? 'oa '?m* ?? at? wit oocMwtM. Udlna. 01; t? ? le mi n. Bl M. ar?l It MEPICAI^ d c. l.MU TUB CI of: "K 1M I'uliN V.B<n< .1 I Vrtkn- : f re ?? -rL'?.?>r Lv<t Vu r.trj b I - ' a' it' /?' Ho cart*, l rat. For at itwti II aout&v<-tt. o?r "Iw rn.i;btoti*ti ui? ?' tm' DM h Brt hLMI JUNAS-T?ni(| ,'?it air.Ti ar oa ki |n?atnt, ln.?ulaii'.ti. O a rtaL 1 tatiTt? t.uar*ct?? sat* tartl >n,i-rti< char/<?. P-: i ?r couf Ituti.! It ? t;i ijt (ictanta l< l > B< ? ar-* .ir'- ?:. I<altlfcv r>_ niayti-li* I IH LOIiri.Ti',N, '-.-a Cn'.ii <, car. t* c k I / li?<1 et ? i* )"-h ?lf "t ti. rt ?..-r, op P' tite ttif tJ :? C*fl ??, tvarj- W tl'Ni.MIA) a:.^ tAl LbitAV. from B to a p m., tt all I?!? *-<* 4 i'clr i>r/ CtKatw, Ornortii'i*. tii~?t hirirtrr* -:t at -1 11 :* 't 'l-i, (VtniG i.!?? rtLaa fn rrl\ c. t.?riK-tad enrtrtf li. S t" f dart B) phili* in kill: ?'?*m gun l>i> corf J, at J t? ? > >u autlr<../ radua ?C(t.>ai tLt ?. nf ~u w. a . at ibt naa of b?-t mn. cprm,? jri t.i a. I.rutxbt ?>u t y tu>mi a?.d al . ? ? Ti-n^ft. rant.u* I ?t ?.! ?>er.i >r> acd lotaj -? t> f? ti ml d*-t; l.t ,otr**-1<" tteakWM.lHtf .* tw/, III * in it nt atvity it i: p' -Bit ot tot??o>upt:oii. it> jiatett. ij. pajpita'iut. . I tb. ht at , p^ic- In bfil, I *-+ >4 all . i| f.-rM. <diti*a. a? If itifTniat Ac . apf??litt ?-n->-3 I* nawif d??'. t^i?v t*X"i??iita. G< i.U U"b piaiu.f lb. mo- l'-a lb l>r. K i *_a: c c.kt r?l>ir-c Ih-Iu? ? v-j'' ?!r a-4 b r crablt ii*at?<! Ral^r* to b irh taatiwoala'a abirb lu Boa l>old? tr li the 1'a'ii.s pt >-icl?nt if EhUiiu.i* C&h 4^4 jJKBatra'4 a..riiiara* Tmo. Uto'^p IB niarBMi AH~CAKO.-To aU trbo art t " r'as T o t:,? rrrora ai.d Mbtrr'kitt ot toOtti. a? met at-kiiOtv. farir d caj , i ? f<bo >. 'f. l?l I a^tid a rrc'p? that wi.l crra j r.. I'laCK Or t' IA li C K 1 i'? irrrat r?>n:-^? tr? rt -t ? ? ?*r ?i t > ? iui>Ki. uai f iu t. u.b Atv rU . (? a ?all ai.Sr a- ?1 atv<' p? t Hie I1>'T Jiir-'l f*H T. 1>'M AN . fcta'iot. l>- BtbV B'Ut-a N?-w V rl city. m?~*^tn BKIM'BlPTltfK PKfB TV* THB>PB?rT Ctrt ot 6. z. '-..a! lA vak:>as*. Maiibaad a 4 all tflKrdtr- tro"*?bi ct> l>) lu re ~oa or as seat Aat Briu'i' "A* iTJJS* a A ldraaa liA?ir?S"!' * PP.. ittU B ?J lt MllVft h a fori *\ 1 A1*AHA UltllLL M H 7 a it. r >ncrl.l> tt~ J~l parinct^ and f La'.l -'Pbratctaa a .d Ji: 'uf< .it Jt' ??a ? r'bc'l'- ? lit*nd- lad ?? at tb<-lt l> U4i,rr Cotiib itubta prirata t*iOt:it. CA??fol t'lra lti?. ati<! tbf Li d.cai attaudati w at tU? I) >t ti-p-t\..' L*4l?a pi at a# ? ti- i?al vaa tir.dertt. a; ,^an.?-R'at> it at* *nar?yt~*rf a? :?Ltlfic trtanii-i t atid a tp?*dy cma. OU.oa a*id r c rttr cf?oU.b fbarp and Dot-r a;rr u. PaltiBirra aapl7l? BOOKS ANI> ST ATI0X KRY7 gl'EClAL NOTICE H't bare A vft) larft it?l of JinftlLS bOOliS. L?tot?rfr<? tba II. 114ay aaa-rn. Th*a? 9o ka ate acaal ia ( t t>r?-n 'u ??? li* akiK.U U"t tr'lt B:ak< a I ktaUiH vLiit Irotu tba tabular prlcea far l! nt r'.rioa* ItacUti at* U.t itad ton ami r? tbl? atock. MOHLK bK??TMBCn*. tnyS'-tr 10IS PmB?. bt?i.b? eer ll'katW, /ft H BABtb B) aotb. r of ?t k>a WaAa World w ACBfABr A Rta P ? ?ria'-.J l.l'aBtnSir. PBEB. ItTfoilGtNO IHUsi wS''Htl?S. PLATP'^ Ba?>T TH>'lt.HT!- by Bntklat. AbDBBSEKe bj l>. L kiOUUI. R.?Uc4. Br feitt.w if BIBKOIR rr ?AttL*Of?*. f* D fhACAMTAkl LBAUaCI or bJCSBB A|MCi?M Bwalakr WM BAbLABTTJlt. Wl tr ??? BBVtfcTU BTBBCT. A DIA AapcaBcBaa ?o?pia: loti. It la bartut a rar? itt|? ?Ui., Partiaa l& WaaBtart^-c o: Tkixiltj taalri?a Ibla Arvat work all I ba tr.ppia^. ta ?ii.tV| I ataU ar a* to ?raaa. froai tha Itaact, 41M Ttk .?Bar* ail at; la* of ktn*'9C aa( ?> ate 1 Hiaa Ml ftaUB

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