Newspaper of Evening Star, June 5, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 5, 1876 Page 3
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DRY GOODS. Heact rri, lmvns BLACK GRENADINES LL ACK CASH HEBE. BLACK MLK8. BLAnK ALPACA. SPBI.N (i DMLiS GOODS (Alkl EITS, 101 Mark* Apaco. llict a-sorts; it of beantifcl L??n? reduced from 3IC. to UHc . Ulack Grenadine#. 2k , 24c , 31c , 57c .Si* . Black tVhuifr-, 79c., 97c , 91. AH of cur Bis- k k- *? c. ?t 9V . gl 19, 01 37. |IU 91 ?*. B ?< - H hair Alpaca reiucad from 79c. t- roc AH .f iir ( MMinere* for man and boy'a w<-ut' I'lwcaM.jre.' KW.i Oc. All of oar Bun I'tnbr I ???????' fl> ^ 1.19 91 90. A i 73. 91 Cal icc 9c , 7c , 9c. Every yard of oar b?anMfnl Par :ot Ire** Oooda reduced to raal c *t. I?c. ?c . 39c . >?<? 97c . !Ce Lonsdale fine yard ?U? Oaro tirlc redoctd to 19 mmi. jil-tf jji'vrv Down :; po w* ::; jo c*t* r' aii kird. domestic goods, from tbe big i>"? Tork i ?action sales of lMt wtck. whtc' w *bali offer at price* fully 19 per cent, aa <J?r itgular picea. NOW IS TOCB TINS! 8PKC1ALTIKH 10 ?|.c?s handsome Silk and Wool GBEHl DIM Kb for Overdraw AO piece Plain Black GRENADINES. 5/0 ptee?s ."???mmer hll/KS. from 7?c to 91. 90 pWf? Freuc& Organ 11* LAMBS. In batd a ?r |or ? a?.d flne mllties - ci -ces TAMBiSa ana i p>ce* Black CA9H AIM 'JO 11 ce* B1 ?ck TSILk*. from 75c. to fj. "Ib*ab<*e,r dailies we are cow ?Mling at fn'ly toe p r cent b*rlow wholesale pitci^ ihrea woeki ago. A *a'l ft -f Foreign and Domestic GOODS a prlc*?w?rr* ?<lo|l>aw V Etrnx r i i r l citloa w. n rhowm, j 3 tr No. 31-4 stn atr-> t norihv??t, ^FiS T!MN~ AUCTION rRlCEb! bevii s a 11 a .lU ut.uinal -n'? e*? dai-icg tho put lacrtb.v e pr< pose to continue our great Closing ?it t"al* l. T lliI&TI DAYS L0N3IB, AN3 MALI. ?5 MONDAY, JI NE 3, Cliff car :a-c suck of DBSts GOODS, iacladin? b'lLKS. GbENADlNES, 510 11 A IBS, ALPACAS, Ac., At SIO FEB CENT. BELOW C03T. GeODS MUST BE SOLD. DtUESHC AND HOUSEKEEPING G"ODS V III be cffir (1 at price* which mast secure purcha per*. Poeitite'.j til g"cds not closed oat by July 1, will La se 1c at acc ion. J. C. WMWALL * CO., j#3-tr SIO 7tb at., aear Pa. av?. | A S V CASE. One more c% e <f the Whi.e Victoria Lawna, in ahcrt l~t.?'ba. at ISHc . worth 37>fcc. 100 White CusoleipMea, at 91 90, reduced from f ' loi?? BMbron Ho*e. at 93 per bo* 10 p?c<- eatiu ctiiped Greaaome*, at ll>ic., worth 26c Pialn. Plaid ? i Striped Black Grenadines, from 29c t. >1 29 10 case* Wtl:i and Bn wa Cotton*, from the late ancti- u, fr m 4c to 50c , lowest prlcei ever be fore kr-an Oor White Liica B som Bhlrt?, flaished, at 91.23. Frank Leal.e ? cat p?p-r PATTEBN9. CKO J. JOUKNON * CO., jcJ eo Til Market Spaes. ^PICIAL liAKGAI^a IN ltRESS GOODS. Jo-t rfi "1 *0?? piece* ha?id*>ne aa.l stylUh I'UE^uvti S.raLjmg in price (iuo 12*o, to J9c. per yard Black Greiia^lc^. all *i^k and wool, Layn's make, at 9i c I ? i 1 per jard, cheap H?lC? me ? ?ipe asd Pl?ld (irer.artiaea.fine Black < aebmerta, TW '?e ClcUu, H hur an> Alpacas, ?11 at d' l o pr?c?-s. Black I'teee MH fT^ra ,?! to 03 per vard. A f ? p!ec><ch?ap Sninn er Si'k< ?t 75 and S7?jC. S? pi*c,a t'rfi.titol Percals at.1 La- n? at 12:4c., with a full ?i < ? < I Domestic Staple ?;>_>di, all at leaeat market prices. J W. COLLET, my SI tr C or Sth street and M\rket Space. yUE LOWIbT PRICES Y?T rorSD IN DRY GOODS. Cjetirfai t rl t3c Beachcd Cotton, wjrth 10. Larc-?fn > i. wn- .a the city. 13X: litttiaev r i 11 Percale* in city, I2i<c. Far*-ota ai d ? :ti t'tub-i las r?do<"ed in prica. Llama Lace >. c ,Ct?, .*5 up, worth threo times the more) Yict< na ?;)<. 1?-1'. 3), 25c., cheap. A It 2-'c l '?- G -oc? now 2 e AHS7SC. It -'J cd? now J9c. The 1 r?--? G-t?' i k f-ar>nllT cVip. Lar"le*' S Ti:c? * hiie Bkirta. 79c 1?diep' Vwlbr ircan Ho a. 29an1!0c. pair. Menard B ;- '.'ariiMmatCMI. S raw Ma t r a',?,8ul 39c. Carpet* at c < t c:oae on: ? n MAI'DVI^, mySC tr 7 09 MABEKT SfACE. |VOBl ?HO KNOW BEST, PaTIIo^tzb the OBE PBICE. GASH, i>k r goods nousi or wn. niRi> wylie, 1014 7th street northweat. VSPECIAL BABGAINS HOW OPKKBING. ?/"Arrcr t?r Mme Pemareat a reliable Pat terasand* ire fc-tgle shirt " tayTf tr ^HE MLK AND DRESS GOODS HOUSE or WASHINGTON We Ictlte tVje attention of the pail c to oar tm b.ebre iMtru*tt of newest st>i-.-s BtZUU SILKS AMD GBENAD13ES Cf all shade*, ib Stripes and Plaids Large ?t .t uLACJk BILKS of all celebrated BaAee. ti:-..m?i DkE iS GJOPS of all the latest prodac * LACE W E3 and SB AW LI of the richeat dr?iKT? BILK I >:h- V LAS, fine HOSJBBY. and La i i*e LIN ' N -1 IS la great Taiiety, at le^athan hn Ycik filers. K??L?VUD A HIIILBEKO, "?!7 HAKKET SPA<"E, ir.y27 tr Third deer from 9th etract. KA1 E MTGhTUXITYI TEN VEfl CENT. DISCO INT! LKOUIIEAD A CO., 939 hiM Avj., between 9th a-d 10th sts , W 111 her ?'??? ' w a dtaccaat c.f 10 fEUCk.NT. c a all aa'e> el IMPORTED UHa=' OOOliS, (ln ciadicgSil* t?r i adinee, Liuen L?*n*, Aipo as, M ofcair* L . . ' - if . Ac . > a u LI > a N l'A H LK l'AHAfeK" i -v 1L?, B*"KI?8, ic. A1 B > MESTir GuOif, UOSIEBT, H^NDKEB C I! 1E ? > f ^ liADIWaaO OENTS' I N I> Eb\\ EAB a.- d BuTiONS of a'l a>ttt wiU bes-^id ? t toe L> ?e?t Market fr fe Thi- !s a rar - ppcrta&ity to eecare Bargains In first clan Acdn*('t ? - i 4 BLEA^aEO C 'TTON.iOc. 3 Bn't >li K If. in at. colors, 013.*, Bilk Cluck Ml BaLBBlGGAB livSE, 91 a box. KHANCH STOtE, 1402 f ibui, bet. 13tb ted 13th sU , old stand.) BKODHE.1D A CO. myW-tr ?39 Pa. asa.. bet. ?-h a^d loth ?ts. JOHN T Mill IIKLl. 931 TENNbYLVANIA AVENIS, Mas jost irt?ii?<t, and I* n?w opening, another tn yciceclCtoXIt KABKM 8!>i Buniiii-r w 'tr. Gr?t.adi_'s in black acd all toa n*? shades, to Blatcb Mill 'r- <n 79 caats to 91 00 Brocada Grana dmea, all colors ard ahades, very c..:e n ?.ds jBrocwdes is biiaa auull'siirH. Gcipare Lacee for OT?rdra?' - < alrntta Poin<ees and I d a Go <d*. S?mm?r Silk* ir, Ct^cks, Stilpea aud Pl*ida. French Jaconets a u (> gai.die Lawn*, n-w at) U* Printed Linens ai d Ll?w Lawn*. T< t> Boca and Lioan Matiste. new *t)iea. for C>Terdres*ee 8 .its and ?rerdraaes*. t, French Cambric 7-phyr Cloth, JSatista. and Lii*n,*roa 9-i iw t j J ii Wraap rs ?nd I?r-?*-lt.g >acKs at all pri'^s I iuea Dn*tars and lie --truer Wa'er p-*,[ Cloaks. Prsoeh Nit'l n I?"??#es *'..d Orerdre?e* A large Stock of Lad sea f od?rw-ar, Bulnni ?nl 6ae, u aery low price* Ocr a'ock !n all (Ia?*<m of goods will ba lotitd fre*a ?aJ t'lr* -ire, in ?t<las and prices A11 ilit- rorelltea of the ae ?? n wLl be a-ldad ?a i.ionisll' * .1 r-'s' tn 'he market. tyOSE 1 Ll_k ONLY JOHN T. Mlf-HCLL. my24 tr 931 PannsylTaaia avenoe. CUfTH ?\MliOTII* DRY NOOIM. WkitaC .-d"d PuneaatUH'! ; baaatlfol Oolorad figured P:an?a at While Gooda, ? .ct aa Mar red P:aine at He.; White Goods, ? .ch aa Mar ?. Pla .. StrlM, and Pialu Nansooka; Victoria ta and ( abbrioa.from ?c. to 90c.; SAW yard* tnrg Edrl. g* from 8 to a>c. per yard, Sartag tGoo>. "U J, Plain, aad Striped, from lIKe. i.;tk?b- t tSo. and S7i^?. Black Alpacas In tosra; all natabers cp to 75c : Spring Cas*la>eraa, for boys and recta, 29c. to 91. acotbar lot cf thaar It Kid* Agent7 for !Iie> Damorast AOO ?. 7tfe aad r sts. aowbttart. apl t* FAMILY SUPPLIES. MO'KING BIBD FO )D. pr.-p%r d br Cherle* B-cbe A Cro., Si cents per box; ?i?Q per C> 7. D. 8ILTIRK WATER. 10 oeat* per jug. CINCINNATI HltK. 91 per dozeu. CHAMPAGNE CIDEB, in pint* a?d ina-t*. O. WITMBB, jcl-tr Qrccerle*. 191* Peon*-. Ivania avenn*. ORIENTAL TJIA bTOHK. s*4| "^409 9tl St., T. M. 0. A. Bnuixo.'^ TEAS TEAS' TE*8? FBAGBANT' FBESH! PUBS"! Hloe Imperial, 4rt*.,80c , ?|, f I SO. Pwwt Ooiouf. 40c.. so;. ftc , al lo. Pine Japan. SOc . 78c., 85c Extra bubpowder, 88c , 90c., 81 30. COFFEES! COFFEES' COFFEES"! KBESH AhOMATIC'! PUBE ! Boasted daily in our new Oriental Koutrr. AT LuW EST PBlCKS. BUGAB-" A*'Clarified 10 pounds for 81. " Granulated, 0 pound* for 81. " Cat Lot), 8fc pound* for 81. SPIKES! SPICKS" BPICBB"! In every variety. ?>?7lr J. WALTIK Pl'VALL. Pro?. " T'LIK LITTLE BTOBS ABOUND THE OOB 1 NBB." J. EAKIil flADSBy. DEALER IN UN M FAMILY GROCERIES, vriNMn,LI(JUOHS,*r. ? o. 9^1 TWENTIETH PTBEET.N W., Between Penna. avenue gnd I it., myS-lm We? blag ton. P. Q? WAiT : SALT ' ? 90.000 Sack* Liverpool Ground K5 Alum and Fine Salt Aabton'a, Deakln'e, Ver diu'e and Evatta' brand!. lu WW bushel* Turk'# Inland. I0/XI0 Bae. and B ;xee Dairy and Table Bait; fur sale id Iota to ?n1t: delivered In Depot. Washington, about Baltimore price*. By A L1X. KKBK A BBO. 41 South atieet, and JINK INS A KEBB'S Wbarree, Baltimore mtP fro MINNESOTA FLOUR. Wwtlcri Mill*. Minnesota FLOUB.not Mnalled or excelled by any In the ?ouut?y. It 1* onr Inten tion to keep a supply of tbi* celebrated Floor a! war* on b?rd. AH we a>k U a trial to satisfy the most fastidious. For tale by J. B BBYAN A BBO., apJ7 tr 609 Pennsylvmla avenue. RAILROADS. yALTlXOER AilB OHIO K ilLHUAP. JUNE 4TH, 1*?76. A M. LEAVE WASHINGTON t .?5?Baltimore. Annapolis, and way stations. Point or Bjckaand intermediate station*. Main Btem. T: 10? Baltimore and Alexandria Junction B.00?A??e For*, Pntladt'pkia and Boston Ex press. I'ullman I'arl r Car*. Leave* at 8:10t m Sunday, stop* at Way Stations, at.d connect* for Annapolis. t 14? Ci*< mnni. St Lotand Pittsburg Bt grederick, Uagerst<>wn, and Valley S:90? Point of Bocks and way station*, p 30? Baltimore nod w;?y station*. N. ? York L.tmi? *x?re??. Baltimore and Philadelphia. Sunday to Baitiiii jre only. p n. I i 15? Baltimore. Way Station!, EUicott City aud Annap< lie. 1:40? i?et? l?r*, Philadelphia and Norfolk E* rw. On Sunday, all Way 8t*Uon* and Baltimore only. ? 30?Baltimore and way *tat1on* 4 JO?Hntumort and Laurtl Exprtft. Bllloott City, Frederick and Way Station*, via Be ta* ?:30?Frederick and Point of Bock*, (Tla Metro politan Branch). 4:4 A?Paltinv re. Annapolis and way atatlona. 8:-S ? riiiraro, Cinnnnali and Lomsvi'lt E-rprgst. Excep: Batarday, da'ly to uolambns Lonie intille by 11:3<> p.m. train on Batnrday. Baft' r-t wn and W i^oheater. Sleeping car* to < t irajjo. Utncinnati and LovisrilU. ? i>i timer*and Pki 'tatlrMa Erprtss. Fred erick t>nd Way Stations. r1a Belay. (Con rects tor Annapolis Funday.) ? ? 10? Bitltic.ore. Bladenabnre, College, Be Its *i I . Larrel. Annap lit. Junction. 7 oo?RHliiiuore and way station*. 8 ^0 ? ritisLcr*. tut no cnutctlon beyond Mar tinsbu g by train leaving Sunday night V ay Stations en Metropolitan Branch. 9 00? Baltimore. Bladenaburs, lMU.Uie, L<aa rel, Ke ay. ?:.'?8?Baltim >re and principal way stations. 1C:0?? Nfir York and PMln tr/phm Nit lit Erjnut Sleer'Eg Cars t < New Fork 10:30?Alaitir.xt org and way *;atiom, Metropoll ? t' ? II 30? bt Leuij frprt**. Chleaijo. Colnmbn*. fcHnduskf. Newark On Saturday tor Lonis Tile. ? :10-^00.,,lJ,9 35a m : 140,8'J5.S:35, i ill, 7 oo, S?.ao, 9.00,9:30, lo 00 and 11:30 ( in ,dan,. All ?ta?r trains daily, except Sonoay. N ? connectb'U < n Snnd?? tor Hagerstown or Val !??. B.anch. or 'or New lork ana Pb.iidelptila at as in. and 1 4 p a. ? ... For fnrth^i information apply at the Baltimore an? Ohio Ticktt Ofi<-ea, W a-hln*ton Bti*ti >u, and 4*>5,(j01 ai.d 6C3 Pent sylvama aveni", and M 3 l.ii t Htit et nor'baert, whrit ord->r* will be tak n to; bacsage to b** co> eked and received at any point I ?u. city. _ _ THUS ?.8UABP, Master of Traufportttlon. 1. M. COLIC. Oe-.eral Ticket A#ent. GEO. 8. KOONTZ, General Agent. aplfl tr |^tR THE CEilTEIMlAL EXHIBITION H YE THA1NS VAIL F, EXCEPT SUNDAY. VIA BALTIMORE A POTOMAC BA1LBJAD. Oommfnring Wr'int&lfty, M^y IMh. Tbe BaitiUiore and Potcn?*c Baur^ad Company will rco th* lillrwlrig iraia- e? tt r i:cb t-> IM.iladi Ipbia with i-iwIH cut cha: geof cmrs leaving tht",t?t:*:i" dt I t, !'?-cMlvaiiia avenue and 4tb street, daily, e\r,-pt Fnoda>: 7 3o * v - and arrirlr* la Philadelphia at 1:20 p. 3t., dally, except Sunday. 9:43 a m . a' d arriv ing In Philadelphia at 1 :'2t r daily,except Sunday. i r.O r M , ar,d a rtrl^g In Philadelphia at 6:80 p x.,da'ly.exi?pt Sunday. 8:30 p m . and artiviug in I'biladtlphia at 11 P M.? daily. 9:10 t m., and arilvlag In Philadelphia at B:38 pie?Ap>nVcar* attached to the train to Phllad?l Bbialeaviig at 9 10 p m ; and pareon* securing crths ran remain In the car nn'il 7 o'clock a. x. C?cnre your t'ckMa at the offlce of lU<? coinp?uy, northeast rornc r 13ih street and Pennsvlvania ave ane, and north?a?t co-ner of 6th"atreet and Penn sylvania avenue, and depot of the Baltimore and PoU'Ujfcc Ballmad cotnaany. > HAWK THOWPPON, Geceral Manager. m>lS lni 1? 31. BOVD. Ja . Gen Pai. A?ent. ? JHIVEASAL R. R TICKET OEFICM. B?iLBOAD TICKETS to or from aU point! br opiit. exchang-d or wld at a ndaction of o??k dollABi o ar y other office or depot1 1u tbis city. Tlck.t- good till used. Baggage checked tbrongh. AU!yte M L*. WHITKSIDL. apl ly aaT Penn. ave . t-'aody st >re. 1H7 G ria m'sVl varia 187 6 toon T* th? Rortk, Wtft, bo4 loatkTHti j^uN? truth, Mr*I Hniln, hi>ltnrtitt Rrtm ery, i'??si/irfa/ Ah/uipmmt. JlNfc 4th, 5 *76. Trait* leave W asaing on, city time, from Depot, corner of 6ih acd B irtreet^, as follow!: fir Pittsburg ar d the Weet, 6 a. B. daily, with : ar: -r Car tr Fittsbnrf; 7:40 p tn. daily, with laiaoe Car to Chicago, and 11:40 a. m. 2aUy, s--c* st Snuday. LlLTlMi-f'K A3U POTUMaU BAILB?.iAD. for Canatidalgca, B?ct>eater, BuOaIc, Niagara > s!!s, acd the .I ttD, b a. ci. daily, except Sun da?; ana 7:40 c m daily, except Saturday, with T a'are Cars t.' Watktn* Fot Erie, Canandai^ua, Ifi flalo, acd Biatara Falls, 11:80 a. m. dailj, ex c-pt eardav. fct M(? V 'tk an? :h* E*?t, 9.40j m daily, wlte Palace Oai- a 'm Li<; Limited Express of Pall nil Pvirr l ar? vt -J3 a m dails. except Bnnda*. s ,r f- -? 1 urk at d tin- Ea t. 7 20 a tit. ard 1:30 p k. da ly, evcept ay, with fauor Car* at U( h'C r .r PM'.ad-lrkfa. 7.30 a m as.l 1:30 p. ca.^aHy, except e< n. y and 8 .'0 and 9 40 p m dally. f E'Pi ? ? 4 i3 a. m. dai'y,except Snnday. ra 'atlon 'or 8sl<lui?r* 7:.^0 a. m. aalij. and 4:UO P. & da'ly. evcejt Bn: day. fin P-,p ? I r k Line TiVa a and 4 10 p. m dally, except Snudav. f. i Aui aao ?. f 00 and 11:80 a. m snd 4:iiO p. m . sirrti tsccday. AICXAM'BIAA FKCDiltiv&SBUBG B/.iL ?, .? l UNO /LEXAMIBIA .% w INul'OJ BAILBOAD. . . , fur A!e:.auirll, 6. 7,S:1I. 9. lO, 11 a. o., 1,3, | k|,8, b. 7:C0, and li.40 p ?. On Sandayat ? a. m. ar-1 1 and y p. o f ,r tbe South, via Klcamond, 11:40 p. m. dal.y, except Snuday; aod via Lyucbburg, S'OO a. w and 11:80 p m daily. Train* leave Alexandria tor W kshiugton, 6, 7. 8, 9,10.11 a. m , 1. 3. 4, *, ? and 7 p. m. Ol B-aday at 7 and 10 a. in . and 8 p. m. 8 Ticket*, tnforiiiatlon. Slipping and Parlrr Op* ?rrr?na?" drTV- - can be arocurotf at tne Ofllca*:? S'-rtb^ast corner of T'llrte-'nth strert and Penn sylvania avenne, Nortbeast oorn.-r jf Sixth *:reet ai d P?nn*yltanla avennu, and at tba Depot, wber* ^rd,"? can be left for the cbfx-kin? of Baggage tc iMtlaation from Hotel* and BestJeocee. D- ? B"TD. Ja.,Gen I Pa?aeager Agent. FRANK THOMSON. Gen l Manager. ;au3 ly BOOTS AND SHOES. ANOTHkBJOl LOT SUOEs.-Laliea* Laitlug Bcskin*. Co cents: better, 78 cents nn l 81 Ladies Lasting Balm >ral?, 9i: better, S? | fits and 81 SO Ladl'*' Ftx Gaiters. 81 K. ^k| better. 81M' to Ladie*' Fox Bu*ton do.. 81 SO; txtter. < ' to J.H.JW). Baae Ball SHoei, 8175: Boy*', 8iA Misaaa Sobael. 81 aad up; Boys'do., 81 and uawarda. Calldren s Bin s, W U. r~ a: , ?1M) to m j tny18tr U CKNTEXNIAL BARGAINS AT DEIlJlRnrB SHOE RTORE, 409 1 TU STBBET NOBTHVt AST. White tor May Ball*, at cmmi ? S.U0 Idi's elite bed Gwltara and Tie*. 8? AU French Kid, front ?osbi. tcrt. a. ItM> Aid, Button: #1 tu Foxed, BaUon. 81. Laca Oatter*; 8T *0 side lace. OOCi tigr- ss; Ml centa Bt<t1 s. tJ M Lar lug Front eeain, Batton. r 1.00 Boy*' atd Mi**i s' School Bice*. II 00 Fore* H altnora'?; JU cents li.fa?t*'. ,1 ? Men * Gait era. 8* SO Ca'f B ts Jocksktc. Kid aid Lasting 8al'?r?. N. b ? Look for " OM Womi w1U? M OhUdean " la window. apM-u HousEFURxisniyg goods SPECIALTIES FOR THE SEMOX. BIFB1GERATOBS, ICE CHESTS. ICE PITCHElRS?" C">t>LEB3 FRIITJARS. J ILLY TUMBLERS, Ac WEBB A BEVERID6E, IMPOBTEK3 OF CHINA AND CROOK RB Y, 1009 P?sx?ylvaxh Arzxri. tr Between 10th and Uth atreeta, WECOMDlliND FURNITURE, ... . . . _ . SroVES. Ac . BOUGHT, pricea Mid, aud aold at re duced priew, for cub. W. RUTHEBFOBD, ?yU-lf Cor. Uth and O sta., bUi northwest. A CHRIS. RIESSXER, 4% ^*T1? AND TIT Tth 8TBEET N. W la Bole aceat forth* District of Colombiator tbe 8 T. O E O R G ? The only RELIABLE HEATING BANGS In the Market. Mr B*ls,n*r ha* pat up huadrede of tbeee B*ng?* to this city, and 10 all casea ttier have given the utnioat aatisfaction. Be baa tbe largeat and beet stock of SLATE MAHTRL8 Id Waahlnctoa. at price* from #13 op war-} a Mr Blee*ner la bole Agent for the *' I RADIANT HOME FUBNACR, V blch ha* Men thoroughly tested. and pronounced by experts the beat furnace now in u?e. LATBOBE8 AND GRtTES Iu (treat variety. at greatly reduced price* THE 8UMMEH QUEEN OIL COOK STOVE la tbe best and ?aftwt oil atov* lu tbe wo'ld . w 1B"N AND TEBKA COTi'A VASES. Fmbrsciry all the latest design*. a.A'5r?u*^J^rP^,?*tock of BE FBIGEBATOBS, WATER CtKlT.KBH, STANDS, OUTLEuY, Plain and fancy TIN HARI. whole?e?e and retail. Beat three ply RUBBER HOSE, only 16 cent* per Toot TIN B00F150? 8P0CTINQ, tc ? done prompt It Ij the but workmen Ord^r* Id _ . chbin Tny 10-tr 7 13 and 7 1 T 7tfr gtre*r northwest. d thk & IMPROVED KITCHENER W U! do the f&mlly cooking with one h*lf the coa: rejul.-cd t<y any other Range la the market; coat* one half a* much aa other Bidim of same capacity; will aav? it. price to a few years In the items of re pairs, and save tu price every year tn the coal bill. Is modeled by tbe best skill known to the art, with avitwtotbe greatest convenience; la what every family wrote, and, having, would not part with. We hare Small aud Large family, Beataarant and llctel Sizes. The largest assortment of SLATE and WHITE MaLBLE M AN IELS and PARLOR GBATJCd lb tbe city. HATWJRD ? BrrCBIJrsOM, 317 9th STREET NOBTHWEST, my? tr STO VE and PL VU B1NG HO USE. REFRIGERATORS AND WATER COOLERS. Large stock of good mak?e, at' low price*. GEO WATTS* CO., apaC-ly 314 Tth etreet, above Penn. aveima. STEAMER LIXES. ^FECIAL NOTICE. Cn and ufter MONDAY, 6th, until fn-ttaer notice, the terry Boats will run ipwi letwten the two cities ax f jllowc Leave Washington 6. 7:30, ? 30.*" ?' >w 532: 130'a#0 .ffaw Alexandria 6. 7 30, %>10. 9:30, in 30, 1130am, 111:30,1:30 4:30.3:30,4:30,5 30, 6 li? fttll 7 p rn. Sundays.* 30.9:30,10 30,11 30 a m 18 30. 1:30.2 30,3:30,4 :30, .V30, 6.15 end 7 p in. jt3 lw | Republican! W FECIAL NOTICE. Cu atdsl'Ur Jn-ie 4th the fast and commodious tt user i r.f'l KEYfOIiT At.** M i.l kite 7th street wharf, dally, at SEVEN O'CLOCK A M , Making cJ? se connection a^ (Jiantico f?r Pr^-r lcltborg, Blcimoud, aLri all p.>iuts south. II F. l>OOI?, A;-ent, J1 w 7th Strrkt Wh.rf. (ji-VDE LI>E fOJt 1'lllLAI/ELl'tilA EE DICED KITE O.V HOUSES. Freight reeeivtdon board Stealer on MONDAYS an ' PltlDAYe nntil 7 p. m >>5** freight recched in Warehjngo at any'vix t ** time. O r. H Y DE, m;24 lm 6U Water street, Georgetown, D. O. 'I'HE STEAMER ?'HABBINOEU" LEAVES A1*1 W Iiaarf at 7 a m. on -or M^ttni Orp^k. ?iifi jj W fcLNESDAiS (same b^uri toi' Nominl. Toncbea all landings each way, In'ludlag Grind er ?. Litile terry and B^s'tr'a. P^i^ tr -M E GUEGQ. Captain. ff,?,V^4.",l?Vy K*PH??8 L I.?'IE between alelphia,Washington\geobge i!ti7.N~8tl,,kmerB leave FhUadelpala WE DUES DAY and SAIL BDAT, at 1U m. - "".MONDAY, Leave Georgetown, DC,'. i_ and PB1DA Y. at b p m. Freight tec^f^^SHy until 6 p. m. Throngn bills of lalen given for Bos ton and Pr?*ldt,nce Cotaigneee wishing their g-ioda larded at Georgetown, will order them marked1"via Georgetown." Q P BYDE,?9 Water st , Ge-rg?. town,D C. ^M.P.OLYDE A C(5., lii 8 Wbinei, Philadelphia. mayl ly N JEW DEPAHTIKE ?< LYDE S W ASH t!Jo1NGt0N, PHILADELPHIA, BOSTON. AND PBOV1DENCE SKJ11 < WEEKLY STE\M<H1P LINK.-On' and after WEDNESDAY, Aptii Uhli.the Steamers of the above line, with direct connection with Boa tun and Providence, will aall irom Philadelphia for JiTiBih v Du WEDNESDAY and 2 itnr.^v- /',e*T,*,WMhlngton MON Hil? a FliII?Al trcrn Johubon ? wharf, foot of Ltth 0tr*-?tftouthweet. Ihruagh Biil? Ladlac is ^ J?,.mud rTflm 'he.*b0Y P''rtB. rrelght received and delivered dally flotn 7 a. m to 8 p. m. Orders fordeitvery of fr ight, A?.. received at 1 *0-J r st and lll'J Jtti fciroet northwest. W. P. CLYDE A CO., No. I'J 8. Wbarvth. PhlUdelpula. .... - J H JOHNSON A Co., *P" *m Agents for Washington. L'OH NOH FOLK. " r BTEAMEB LADY OP THE LAKE Leaves IM.WBJWJ a wharf, foot of 6th s'reet e",r\WEDNESDAY - "jCT*% ?i.<l 1B1DAY, at 3 p m , for Nor I ik. beturmcgi leare Norfolk. Tue^u^^^7 IV 4 ? ??: trip, b?. Tlcfce's good until used FOBPOT<<WA<1 KIVKB LANDINGS. Stostr. r J NO. W. THOMPSON leasee <;..J1pary't w arl, f-<ig of 6rb street, every TUESDAY,at 7a tn . lorJ u'ri-n.aii and tnUrmedlate landings, and It fl? til * 111 ' 'tr B!ver,at<^p4,ii.| at !Dt? t DlrKliatC For laformaltnti apply at tbe office of the Com pauy, ULdsr the Mttropolltan Bank, 14th str*ct oppoaite ma Treasury, or to tbe Agent, at tba ma:?ly " OEOPLaS' LK t ?om HOMINI. IsaTTQZ CKK!fK. 9PT&K MA CHODOCASD IMKMEliU: ? LAfJDiybS. Tte aldcsriioel Ste;imer "L. MOBB13," ^.M1 ?Japf?lii T. A BaLOVlR, ??-ii t- ir.r>.-nco running to thi ntsjti cl ,;i>,.jS.*ich 8lh> ???vlug fr-m^^.4ikJTUi ri?v *treet t-,er. f*i*Tl DA V and THl'Kfci; a Y at 8 a. m. a-dTBiii/ViiV^i* "e" TUISDA* ft;5 B. FIT/.HCGH, Agent (1 ? ? * ? ?.? & iji^i"; If OliC E. j:*"* "MtnlnishlD* t>j-t'h?&5r* ct Ls;> u, lUe -g of this Line take a Decile" :ocrse for ali aes^ons of th* year. Ov tbe outward i^aatu,.- fror; yu cetsto to New r rkor L^iot, croaet:?* M?nl'.u of 40 at ?S tat . or oot^ir.g f? lit north of tj. 'i*.1 tbe baneward Mssago, croati^g tr. Mtn.t:.. of tu at tl !at ., cr notLlug to tbe aur:n of al. tHK BKIT1HM ANI? NOKTH AMJCRICAB KOYAL mail steamships. between .\jtw roKK and lJv&h POOL, CALLMW at COK K UAKIiOH, riagliiw fail . ^ ' J,nne ,7 ? W?<I., JUly 11 J.UB#i4 ocrtLla Wad., July 19 S!fhrJ* W^., June Si Algeria Wed.. Jaly 24 Bothnia Wed . June W Both .la ,.???1? Aug. 2 Abyaalnla .Wad.. July 6 Aby->?lcla ..Wad., atg. 9 ot yV:^1^. tUT^R Stealers oarkad * do not oarr/ (teeraga aa*?*a gera. Ratho* Pa?a*?-Oabla. f?, fltt and AIM. < l?a<co?-ini I '.ttiaa. T.-.kets tc Paria. *>?, gold. adUnloual. Ketarr ticket? on favor*M? cenna. Steerage ucE*tai to aad rroaa aU /arte of Eerow ai S5.1 T^30?l> fclUi ofladlaj given fox BeLWOIaagow, Havre, Aatwerp and jtoerp< r? ? tbe Continent, atiA for Mediterranean porta. >-pt bright aad pasaage apply at the Com pany-a offlae po. 4 Bowllp? Ore*a* or totb itocr%it mit*i cafj'r v.v.^is.v. Ladle*' asd G.ot'a TBA YRLIPG TEtTBSB, w< k ?cMarray'? Pateut Trunk Stay attaobaU. LADIES' TRAVELING SATCHELS IB AWL STB A PS and POCKET BOOKS DOUBLE aad SINGLE HABNES8. LAP ROBR8 and HORSE BLABK.BTR SADDLES. BRIDLES aa? WHIPS. trunkj Covered aad Bepalrad. Ud Bada to erdtt McHCRRAT, ? ROS Market Saa^a. EYEGLASSES AND SPECTACLES>2^ VZ-^,n g eat variety. A larg > atock n.'Qy WATCHES and JEWELRY. Speoial attojtCa paid to repairing line Watches and Jewelry Hair Work maJe to order, at PKINOE A GOLD BMITB*, 917 PaaaayivaoU areaa* ntO-lm AUCTION SALES. THII AFTEKIOOJI." T}H STIfS 8&LK OF VALl'\BI E IM BETW*KMPflftPEBTJ ON *?**H K 8T , WMT.1T A*^?|OM. * 1>T 8Td HUtTH" vX ,ron- <5*^ March JrA *Dd recorded ii Liber 739, folio n.I^W of tbt Und record* of MLlostOa p nntv JtiiL of tVi?nC|?0clnlUl^U.,?fn<1 bf dir*cilJD (the holaer iBcMoif 'in (>oM t.h".lty* 1 W,U *11 " P^'10 ?cc^on, in front if the preml'.'s, on Mi)J( l'AI,tbA ftthdif Of Jvue l|f5 k o'clock ? m trlct\*f d ,n W.asjl,nttoc eftf. 1M?* . . UolniDbii, known &e<j dMif'Atpi avnri?t? r.l lot 4. of njnare tooth of LiaE J&7 1 "Vroved byntwoetory frame dwelling house Proved rn?<tkT2L!!?:.it40,CMh; *nd twelve 2?rt M?S25 notes bearlDg 10 per cent, in aiiei.? *? ?nik?iln? tD ^"property. Oonvey oSn?fl(id?PtK i. 1 c^ft- " ,he terms are not oompli^dwlth In seven daye r^meaie, the trustee reatrvee the right to resell the pro pert t at the risk and cost of the purchaser. ?10Ctobi paid in cash ?b?n the property is strock off n,,j? a ** I- DDIIiOP.TrtHt*. B'>*Lj 111 OS DOWL1NO. A net. 'I'IK'MAS DOWLING, Auctioneer. TK*hT^Mni ni?W PW*I*LINO. OS THE aNI) B Ltw?i ?9LH 8TKBKT. BETWEEN U 17 098AT a"T1 w*st' BAl*G a? I?V, *?*W * "E BHOOH. Jane 3 th k . ?? ***? premise, at 6 o'efoefc. |M i cL Lot ,etter?' A,of the DUbdlrlM ,|| ofOL r?w?h nt m ?rP.Wo hVic? ? front of 20 feet by a Jt " 01 W feet, running back to an alley. ?,Tkrr?^n"Jhird ca;h.: ?>?l?nceat 1.2 ami 3 years, ^iio note* be?rtiifr interest ?' tS per cent, p-r eliV/tiib? * <;f trout on she prop ?. VJ. Conveyancing at coe.of the pu chaser $ liO ?*? posit le.jnired at tini? of sale. u-yfc'd THOMAS liuffUKQ, Anrtl ?ceer. THIS IVE.IITIH. I'UOMAS DOWLIKG, Auctioneer. CATALOG!'* OFAVKKY LARGE AND VALU ABL1C CObLKCTION <?r flOOKB. A Pirns which aretw Pma'e Libraries, i-.utalr.icg M?t,y Scarce and Valuable H.nks. ia fiue Hinl lr>re, embracing I I'twrnt.-) W >r*?. I'.i..grapay, 1 uttrj, a ravels, and G-uei a! Lit?ritsit', Complete Bet of 1 ittell's Living Ace ard U<*rP'r'? Magazine, An- all and Deb?tes of Congress, Con vre?atonal Gl.,b?, Mate Papers. Ac. To be sold at tty ;?ucti. q to ui-i. ? uitbu tut V, {Xn2*AUi1"'* ?ve"U" o-t1 1Kb t?r-?t fiETj #lu^PAl k.V fc-MNG .lut e 5. 1-76, ?n,t f ,i ?>? it.e Kvetiit (,*, c UiUici.cing ar 7.3?< o'clock Tern>? carh " 3l 6t JIU^M \S POU LIBG. Ar.:tianeer. TO.MtiRHOW. OWN MAS ft GBEKN. Atictioneen.. Mo 4 I'J 7tn streot nortbwcit. S-lJXw?ZJt>T,,?K' HXTDBKB AND Ot>ni?. i vl t// P*Nf.SYLV?HIA GhOCKBt STAND fOH UUKiH Tl kvn^'i1 anctinn. OD/ Ttk.t>PA?. befim.irg at ia oVI.Kk tn I ? H ?' ,Jr.M "''ck of eo^ce c italnei in ? . Pfncsj lvania avenue, consistinc^^^^?" of i an Goo1(, Ac , e..t<re Batcher Fixtorta, Cotin trre. Ac., a very flue Ice Box: a'so.the lea?e, which t.ii* ? months tn mn This isoneot tin best baai of-? s'ards in Washington, atd is soli for no fault, U e party being compelled to W ave ?h>? cifv to at ?tet d toother btisintss. M. O. LUXTBEiib, J* '** Palesm in. |^VNCAKSON UKOB , Auctioneers. ^NI) CIIAMBKB 8CITE9 l!KD fJlFADS, BUBKsl'fi, W aStlSTANDS. ^Alil) *iABBtiK-TOP TaBLiS ItODttGK^ i hikVs KUiVl^, J)ESK; ?*W1?0 M ^ ?. r _ ? HITCHIN ISAFKS: Iiinim: 'il*JIB8. M AT rtJKPPKS- OABPhTS- OIL CLf?H*:COOKINO and HKA'IING STOVKS AUCTION ?^83WAb" 4? . Ac?. it' On Tl lf-DAT MOBKIKG. J tn?rth,citn F?\ mere t R at to o rlocV. we will sel:, ic Irfi^tiSL i!f rj'^<,Iore- a K^eral assortascut of Hetn? Y&t hold Forniture. / r | Also, Ore Lathe, in complete ord?>r J'3 2t DPNUABSON BBQ8 . AncN. pUAKCIBI BALK Or BKAL ESTATE. 15* virlne ol a decree of the Supreme Court 1 ' ol the District ofColnmr.ia, parsed in K jnitv cau-e (to. s,849, in which John A. Bchneider t-Jt t the t:-e of Les-er A BarHett is plaintiff, and 8. f Hntt ar,d cth rs ar. defendaits, I will sell. Its front r,f I he premises, on Tl USD AY, the tjth day L. V "a r J u *! 3 '.'5lcfk p m < ,n int- r eet of dtleDdant. 8anmel S Hunt, in th ? lots 6 and 7. in f<iuare 763. in the < ity if Was! ngton. Dio trict e x < <?.tm.r.ia dt'icribed ?icc<?r5inu to the^r.'HDd plater piar <t kai-city as b glntiin* at a p >nt on i s re?t < sst on'foot aid one and one halt inch ?s rt nh of said 7, an* running theecj s< uth IS feet 3 inches; thc?>ce east 96 l -.t, thence north 4 f-er tb. ce fast 4 fi-e?; tbenc-. ti- rth It feet 3 inch'-? tr< rce * e^t ltit' f< et. t<( place o* lesicn rg Term* of sale ca*h: A rf.-po it or on.'hiin.1r< d do' b?"^J"'rtd wli n the properly isstru'k ? !. All convejanclns a; pu-cbasers cost Itte.ri" re not co jiplkd with luhvo d?>? t ?i traii-es re i* r <?? theriffbt to r?s?'ll the pr> p>?rt) at tho risk t.tid cost of the defaulting purchas r. I G KIMBALL, Tros ee. n v27 eoA,|? WASH B. WILLIAMS, Aurt. 'I'UOMA.S UOWL1NU Anctlonetr. bANDSOMS TWO-SToKr ?"KAVE DWIL THC F-AS ? side or uth rt?k*.t, ! t iiV v N x-i\^??TBBKTflNOaru a ust. No. 17 *7 . AT a I C ?|?>N 11 kttDAM aUKUNuON, .lane, J. j?i?? in Trout t.| tbe preniifte*. nt f?o'c?ock, I H sh .11 -. II Li tiii L. 8 t'liapn ati's rt c rilr i-i srbuivieton of the notth h?ir < f ? ,-are Wo. 3J3. (?avir.g a tr< nt of 16 leet, ar.d rnnning back U2 fe?'t 6 inch** to a wide alley, improved by a comfortable # fame Dweillig Tem s: One ti.uith cash; balance at 1, J and 5 >'<r< with notesbextlug tMerift a' 8 per cent p^r ati ctn.atid stenred by a <lr.ed ol tru?i on the pr.> petiy Cii!iv?ianclijg at purchaser's cost ~ "o r^onlntl at time of s .le. J- >>'?' <1 TH'iMari COWLING. Anct. 'I'di-ifiAS DOW 1.1 NG. A actio neer. Tb I f-TKKf - SALE Or VALnABLF IMPUOVKD PHOPEU1Y IM GAOBGE'lOWN, AT AUG TiO?. fa> urtne of a died of trust dated the 7th >=A c.iy <1 Jr.te, 1375. and doiy lec^rded in Liber^ f ho 7c?, folio llj.oieot the :atul ret jr.ts f ' 3. Wt?biigtcn county. District of Columbia, and by d P*r,7 secuted theteby, we shall se,| orr THDiitDAY, t.V *?th day of June, 1576. at ,'?:30 0 ? 1.. k p. m . in frout of the p'etniies. pirtsof lots t,umbered f>rt> nine (49) and nl y.( W,) iu H >1 tiKa- s addition to Georgetown. District of <5olum bia, at a p int ia the t.-,rth line of Don barttn street. Blij two feet <52; west of Monroe rtriet, and run theuce east with north line of Dnu bartou strut ligt teen feet, thence north parallel to M -i r. e street, eighty fuet, theuce wost para lei t . Dcnb irtoa street, eighteen foot, thecce s^uth in a straight lite to the beginni >g tugether witL tai Improvements, which consist of a ?r?iu- d?. llit Tirmc One third c?sh; the balance In two e<ma! paj mints at (and IJ uoc'bs. scd secured by d>* x.s 01 tru t, w ttn notes b?-*riug int?r'st a! S p?r ceatutn l? r nntrr.m on each ei-sce ot propTty. It ih-. terms t-tsa'e are not compli-d with in ttve days the Trus t.-.s r>nve the light to resell ?hs same at tie risk andc. st of the defaulting pnrcha?er, afti-r giviag ?nirtajs' notice in sow newspaper pcMiahed lu tbe ci y of Woshington. C nfeyanc'ng at pnrcha s> '(,r-?.t and a d-p??it <f H100 will be required at t me of sale on each piece i f orr>p- rtv. w M D. C \^StN. Wfl. A. GOKtiON -1 TWOS. PIlWL - > Trnstees. ISO, A net. TUhMAF IM.WI.ING, Anctloneer Till STkfc8 fi.s LK Of J.M PROVED PB'IPKBTY I > G/OLGEIuU N. A'i AI CTiON By < irire ol a deed of tr st. dated the lull xy? on < i K,oi..-i Dia and duly recorce 1 in Lib-fit?* <1 1 i;t ;.'i7. ire ot the ln>i! records f ir W a?h ti.ptor r. nrty, District of Colombia, aid br lt? re ir?.' f'h".r?rty secured I liar, b .werhallsil ,ca T L' I. I'bDA \ .the **th daj ul June, 1S76, at ?. o'clock p in sin trontol tbe prtml^ee,thf west ball pvt ? t Lot iiunsbertd slx'y t*o(C2?. it. U ,Sm?a?l's Addition t.. Georgetown, Li?tricr of < luaibla, tin saw. fronting t*enty feet on the south iiue ot Went slro -t. with a depth of ore huidnd tn.! tw. nty f*at,to Bether wtlh the Improvements, which consist of a Brick Dweilicg. Terms of sale are: One third cvh: therr?lduoia two ?'i?ia! pa.. nient?, at s j and tn elve m-siiths. and sifnia by a jeed f lru t on the pr. p?rty s Id ?l?n :? t-? b- .'tr .: li t?rest at 8 eer cent, p r aniiuai cii.g at pi rcha?er's ccst. A deposit of C ;< 0 vt,i I e rei|tili< d at tbe I bun of sale. It the term i t sal -arc not complied with in tin days the 'ir'Miecs r> -i i ve tie ri<ht to resell tLn saaie, at trie r fk a d cct of tb? deianltiug purchaser, br llvs dnji.'st'xirtin niei t in some nev? -pi?tei publishisl in tf.e city of V h> liuKton. wm. D. ? A?SIH. jT Wit. A. GOKD >N. < Tr.i?tcc?. n?)? a TUUS. DOWLING. Anct. 11. V> ABWEB. cornet ;th and I' streets. TKfSTEE fl SVLKOP VAftCABL* IMPROVED it^AL J-TATP IN a liE 400, AND I li1 NTING liN 9ik S1LS.H.T fav virme if tWod.e'so' tmst. dated No 11 \>: borM h,A. I> 1873, and 4nly rccordid in IVi.^ .. Tr *49- Ac., and in L-brr 74t. to lio 19. Ac , two of the land records for Washtneton coujty.U C'., and by the wnt'en d reetion of the 1 will sell at public ancti n, .... \V EDNESOAY, the U'h day of Jj-ie, A. D tf.8, at (> o clock p m , ia frout of tLe pnuilsee, lots nnmterrd si*te?n. (16.1 s-vectcen, (17,' an 1 the ?inihirn nslfof lot number'd eighteen,(18.1 in the rtc<>' ded subdivi-ioo ot mju ?r i nuoibereJ four hua dred. 1400,) lii the cliy of Washington, with al; the improvtnitnts th?*reop. ?f i rits of -ale: One th rd ia ca-h, of which gliO mn-t be palo st sa'e, tht def^rrid payments to be uisdi ini'ne and two yetrs fr.,m day of sale, with murest at I be rate .if ten per cent p?r annum, and sec red by dttd of trust au-l iosaranc?t?) the sa?n tntii.t ol tbe Tiu^tee. Teim< ?o b? lu'ly comp'ied ?itt> witbtu six davt after ^a> of ?%!?. ?-therwise the T ti tee reserves the right to re-ell the pr >pertv, af lei ot? w.ek's n >tice. at the ti-k ari?i cost of de r?tltitg pnrihascr. Coa*ejnnri g a* pnrcha cr's co?t WJH.H WaKD Trustee i> },n eoAi'? J T CJLDWELo, Sal^saisn. LD MBfiii S LUMttitB I WKKAT RKDUirriOH J A f Hit EC. MbBT BKLL AtfD WILL BELL r.tiUiMA BOALDS r >oi. CI? p?r SI. .'OlfcT and BuAKTLIaG, al lsugtU and s!s? C1S get M V W. P Ml'iHu. Iitll pat Ht. torveny A3* LATH, #'J.60 per X loriustiy $ GOOD VIRGINIA rLOOBlNG, per M CEDAB POSTS, 80 at.d 30 wots. Al! other h!:d?of LiJtXBSB, Drnssed or B. otb at l.??th*L market prices. A small lot of Oik. J.?n ard WALK CT that I ?L1 aeti at <>uc-ha.i ik? c?n*l p*1oe. AW siXiY CALL^WUL bSCORM SAS ?SOK?K If. iOKMKUt, taM-Ip Corner Uth and K ?1reet? nortasrai LL ElBDb Uf GENTLIMEN'S 0A8T OTT WEARING A ff AH/L can be fco)? to th* set) a^*aat*Rs If ad lr??.it.a or tali)at on JU3TH. It Datr**t,b?i.?tbaul7taa:ra?u aort'uweet. ?f toot as fcj anil itoanptij ?ttev4til to; 0?st mm. iaal7-lpj AUCTION SALE?. fhrHOABSOH I5UOS.AucU.WM, U Southeast coiner 9th nnd D ?t*. aorthweet. HCBSK. CABB1AGE AFD HAENESa AT AUC TION. On Tl ESDAY 19o'cl . k, t in front of cor tuition r<"^m, we will It? Due Family H r?e, Onn*> Rockawsy.and Set Harn<???. Turns cash. pfHCIMSOW HBQ3 . Ancts 'J'HOMAS DOW LING. Auctioneer SECOND HAND BUILDING 31ATEBIALS AT AUCTION On FBIDAY MOKMI SO. J ute 9th, 1^ II f clrek i m l ?bel' Mil on the premise*, General Butler'* bnilJin*v corn-r Sooth Capltjl and South B streets. atan? lot of second-hand Bai.d irg >l?t?rlal?. consisting tn tart of Mtrble and Wooden Mantels, Plank. Brick. Sioie, Sute, D?V*, Sa?b. Blind*, Moulding*. Iron Fencing Ac . Ac. Also, ? lot of St.Be and etone Cotter*' Tool*. T?rme cash. j 8 THQ9 PQWL1NO. An?t J^UNCANSON BBuS , Auctioneer. BK011YKR S PALI ?7f~ M1BBOB*. ?IO rrUK ERAMKa- kNUBsVlNG*. CORDS, TaSJELS. | MDl 1,1 INi;, S*-?INO MA H.NE, Ac., &r ; B. iti_ the entire stock coiu ntl in st^re Bio 4<M $th Mr?t n. tth?e*; ?nd 4 0? iOtn *uaet north ^ J On r BIDAY MORNING, Jon- <?'h, r-wn-oriie at 10 o'clock, I wi'l* II l>? rir ?e of anthvrity ??t?liNiu*??iet*inr, at 401 9h tweet BJitli* west, a 1 sr*? ft ck if Mirrors Picttirr } 're Stee, I' ?1 te , uiunlly foutd in h Picture Frame e-ta? Ii?lm -nt. A i ?o, at 1 p n. tS? e--:si? day, *t * ' * W' ?5re>t. A large Ijt tl M r>ri' M?/-hin??. * T'-rnncrtU GKOiGK W. i'uilii.iPS, j-S 41 |R > | ItKiner. /ASH Ii W ILLIAMS. Aoctnoeer. Ibitl u .r:n*e?t r. ru r 10 a at-i! W street!. FINE WALNUT FRAME PARLOR Sf"I TPS. DrHOLfTBRKP IS ?OVb TlUT. WITH hi i grrinKib Fiy- ^t \kb'_k t *? t> ELKS. TUI KIS.l ? O KB* AM) FAM'Y C?'AtU-. rrilOIATS SO IN O'lTKMNK; ?KKN H l?K> N/s" I I.PKS VlITIl VvS'CA TO MATCH. FaM'V < \K" TABLES: JAK DIKE'S ?'\<T L A k * M \l B jI TO? <:H \M fcEB griTKf; 1 H KKC Ki.E?;ANT IMKilLK TOP DBEoSlNG* \fK SriTT? HAIR M\T "IBEJ'SfH; KfciTIIKB PILLOWS aNP fl>L SI EBP: I1ANDK0ME FIU.BCII PLATK M I K bOK: WALMT II AT TitEK; WA| ?H'T E\ tensoon tables and dimno tio >m chaibs: makbletop suifb<*\kd: cv I TNDEB DESK l,? DIES' WK1T1SG DESKH, IIA IX AND STAIH BBCS4BL!? "\SPKT?; BKl ??CEL>* ANP 0~HKK CABI EIS DK' i> BATFO TOILfT SKTH; C8A HKKK PK TS, TLAT ED V ABE. CCT CLASS WAliE, DE30 hAl ED Tr A SETS. A< , On WEDNESDAY. Jon? 7th. l<"6.i o'c!: ck?.m 1 pliftll-oil At 1123 14th! n<rili? ofit, tlit al-ove c llectwu of enprior furi iinrc Term?, cach. j(3 d WASH B. WiLUMM^Art. \\ at mm i ?tr?t ip^rior M I> I NCANSON BBOS., Anctijcwa. BALK OF TW? COTTAGE FBAME HODGES AKD BUILDING l??TH OS NKW JKttSEY AVEKTE. NKAB K STBEET S<?UTU. AT AUCTION. On THl BSD AY AFTKBNOON. June -th. J ^ at (> o'clock, we will sell. In front of the prem - iscs, part o! l et 7 in H^uftro 73S, Improved b> two Rood Frame Cottage*. A Wo, all of Lot ?, in *kn.t- Kiinare. Tht ae hh are arc >rdit>e to Bl*cd.-n'* -ntxlivipjon of ??ittare 738. and will pay - xxl Interest op ?1? in?'fitirieiit Ternic One half c*fh, ba'ance in ? and 11 month*; notes t.'arlLR interest ai s per cent., and ?ecured br deed of trnrt on the premises. Conveyancing, Ac , at purrb&f< r't o ?t. je.V4t Dl'NC\NS1N BBO^., Anctloneer*. Y~ rOLNG k MIDDL.KTON, Koal Ettat? Auctioneers. TEC5TEES' SAL* OF A FABM OF il ACHES ON 'i 11K METROPOLITAN U. 14., TWO MILES FBOM TOW?i. B> virtue of aie^d of trn?t t">n*. dated M*vf%? 7tli, ls75, and r<cord?d in Liber No 754.1 !i)'# P2 of the land recorjs for the Di(tr1ct of lotnbia. acd at the r-yjTif.?t of the holder of the r te cwr.rea lliertby.we will *ell at pab'.ic aacuon, ou ttr pr<-tni???, at .'<;i o"c!oc\ p m , on WCDSC* IA\ June Tth Lo. No 31, In the recorded Mi'xli \l?ioncf tract ktown as- Metrop;liK View, Mtua'td in W ?s? itigton c< cnty, n?ar the residence of the late Chlel Jus ice C'b??e. Terms: One-third of the pnrcli??e rocn< y in ca?-h. of liich a dep?^il il $lu?illb? r. jQirodtl tim< of rale, acd the t a'n'ice in t*<>' -riftl pajni't.'^ ?! l' and IS months, fecund b? a de<d i f trn-t ?>i ibe property andiht- purcta er'B noli? b ?:lLg ? p r re:.t. interest. C< !.???> a; ctnif at purf '? c -t. I r the tern < Are * ot |i;lfi!l<-d i'l 7 d? * tl.? er .yty will be rca. 1" ?? *1. ri k a~d c>?t <-f .1 ? j> t cbMtr. JVPSK U. ?BlTAKaa.iTrmlt(M V. M Vk- cox I Tnn.ees. rj29 ilAdb? ?01 A SI 1 DDT ETuN. ^ccta T HOMAb DOW LING. Auctioneer Tlint-TEFB* SACF ' 1 VALCABLK K E % L K S T^TK IN THE (HI NT* OF ?i'S IN )T>*I AN'!> DISTRD top CtiH MJh. ADJOINING G? t't-GKTO WN ON TUk NUB'l'HVA 4Si, AT AL'< TlON b. virtue of f rr e^pirftte d?<i1sof rrn?t > f.: ? < r. t" U? ar d btarllig ^a'e re?p< ctieely ? !?' 30 h da? of Febr??r>,^ iftti iiay o il Mij , 1^68, th . lrt d ?j of .'ft'i?arv. IS53, and the ltitb d-tr cl Jm< tmry. iS-j.t ar.d re<-?.rd-<l re?i?rtt* >j lu bfirt.C K.N U f> ii llt>. I ib.-r 8"'. toli>425, LiLtr T. aLi! B , No 5 ! Do 2<j2. Lib' r T ni.<l u . N?. 7, folio lt4, <<l il.e La:.d B_^cr3i of Warlii'igt n ( ounty. I i?iri< * ?-f ColtiTMa, v e shOl s-..'. at pab lie ?n? tl. n. < n F BIDAY, tli" 1 Oth it y of J :;n-, A. li lar6. ou ttie rreti l#es, at the h .nrof A .30 o'clock P ru , to sat^fy f- ur st^eral promissory note* *e cur. d by >aid deed< and at tin re.iae?t In writing i ltheh IJtrof said pr aiir^orr not-i, tlisbillowing de?rrItcNl p-operty, mz: All th*t tract of land con tifc'uuun to Georgelo*n, in the Coantf of Waihlne ton District cf Columbia, lyirg wi-it ol F^yeite sffet anrt north of and adoi-jjoir to 7tli street on tiniiel. and adj jlnlnt "Tne Cedars " on the w-*t a; (I north, beinp part of a tract c .llsO '?B--rU ith," st.fl c ct?lntne ?i*t? thrae arres, ciote or le^s* im proved by a Targxdottble Brick Dwelln.g House, Mabte. Ore ha d. at , Ac.), loss that p >rli o thereof h r-t?>!? re ?old by Uichard S. Cos to Jaba H fcji.iU a' <1 John H . Kerry. T^ 'ni? of sale: tjne fi^h1l 5)cas*i; balance In six (fit taelvo i 12', ? iklitten i IS), aLd twenty -foar (24) nonthe,deferred payments to hs secured b? notes, wiih iniereet aid deed of trustor pioi.-rtr * .Id; i. tel) ?t |s ?I'le semi aUlUlIlf A up Sit of J Vj r?. mred at time of sale. AH conveyaccine a* t at of in cba*er. If terms of?ale are cc t joinpli*d wita within a wet k a'ter day of sole, th-^ Trn^t s reserve tl e riih to renl! the pro?' rty. *?? r Cve i 5) days' notice,st th? ti>k tMeostof the dehnUiat pnr cU- r A pla* of the pr> periy will be exhibited on tL' glOULdj l?: thi t'lu-3 1 f S%'e. V'A'.TiBf" rox.i . 1U DIAljC COX.S T'c,t *? n.' 36-d TUOM \S DO WL1NQ. Auct. VOL'HG a MIDLLKTON. Be&l Estate Auctioneer*. XMSTFE? FA E t.1 VALUABLE BBEW r.r.Y pbopebi y < a k, b?.tweej? atrH AM> STTa but ETc Nut4TU\V?-<T. I>> virtu J of ad.?d of trtwt da'el March 17 1-71 Ri.d rociird d l'l Libei C*0, folijs 4"l. 1 f ard 476 OLeoftte la*d r-otds tor th? L'l*:r . .?*? ot Colo Tit ia, and at thi written r .ju ft of the j'irtj seccred thereby. i wills. 11 a'pat>:ie aniiijn, to fri'ut cl the preni?s on SATCkDAY, Jnue llith. Ii76 at A o'clock P. Ci, the foil >?lng da sci ibid real estate. MtuutP 11 the city ot \V4sT1iu4 l.j^ton, District cf Co'unibtm, to vlt: Allot Ijts 11 n: be red t nr. (4,) flie, ?5.) six, (C ) seven, (1,1 ti*:ht,i*!.> atd all tnose i\r'.sof 1 t U'lmliereJ rma, (it. ? a I In sijnari enmbeeed t"nr. 14; 1 one part of |.?t r'.eil'i bt|'M)li.e ?t t^f touthwe*t ctD'ToI lot ni e,19.) and ru-ibiig tljeuce nort'uwi h ibee?4t I'T.e of ftb street w -s:, : *111> > I* led, thence east I J) f?et to the bitk lite tf said I >t. thence s utb M b-tt. tli 1 c.. *it. 1SJ Ii^* ti the sal! 27th s're->t. a-,4 II :c--?i begiui.lng; f >;the otrier i *rt of I -t ni ??. (9 > bi i;!oi.i..e at the*t corner of l <t 10 in s?id s.iuaro, thfhce ?ou;h M feet, thmce ?a--t 7# fe-.-t, thi ree rf>rth 81 feet, therce alorg the rear lh . of iotsl2aud 13.74 feet west, to th? place .if begin iini.ud 1 ut ii>(!?.Uitgtki ? h .'e property lauly known u lbs WashiuctDE Bre? e-y. Tin $i SU' c* li: JO, in si* e miuth?, with I:.Krent, arl balance in tv. lve (I2) ni nt ?. ? ith lnierret Th-defemd payn.ept* tob? rured by notes of purchaser at'O daul of tru?t ft# >r>p"rty sold. A d< posit of ?2X) will be repaired of the pur rha-er at tne tiuie of sal ?, oth?'r? l-n an 1nni."ii*to r ??ale. C? uvejsnciut a c >st of purcha or I! othrr terms of sa'e ore not compiled wilb w ithio soveu (7> dats'lie Tr.j<t-e reeervit the ri|bt to rej< U the property at the ri-k a*id eo.t of th? d.-ffttltiu,; pnr Ci.aeer, ofler five (61 days' e.?1v-rliseiBent ' ? a M L L PHI Ll.l P-^.T-r.stee. a;y24 d fOCNG A MIT'DLETOW, Ancts. |)0W NHAN A GBEEN, Anctionocrs. ThCSTFK"S PALE OF T*0 3 3T0BY BSK'lv DWELLINGS. WITH CELLAR, UN HOC I II l-||il uF T STBhKT. ?KT?KKS Hn AND 15tk 8TIiF:*is NOBTHWEbCt <4tu aud li.h Hi us-s :rom lSib stre^'..) Ly \ir;re of a d d ot truif, date 'Octobi r a A.i*. 1 -7j* duly rec.rdea iu L ?t-r Wo. 6W.folio l&. one c! th* laud r card* fortLc ^ PtitriCt of Oolnmtl* hvA %t tb" re p?^t <?f tb^ pmttf ?< c*i 1 ? J t Lrr* b> ? 1 will m*U nt public ?uc i ?n, in lrori of the pi i^s, ou fcUN kfli/A \ J Jut 7 lb, \ l- ir?. at A 30 p to., all b i?e c.-rtala pieces or iols ot ground l i the cty ot Wasb!rgton. I* snld District, and known *# lot" numbered vne una 1red ?Ld tiilrtj -seven, (137.) ai d t ne huftdied a .d thir ty ?i? ht, (13f,? it D i?rro*'j sobdivteioacf part of i.jua-e numbered two bnndied a*jd s*x (2^1^ 'as ?atd stil di <lr)on ia tecorded in surveyor * ? ffloe of said city. In liotr H. D. Cooke.N . 1, folio 140, togtther witn the improvements thereoa. . ... Terms of sale: One third ca?h,(of which #74 on each h use must be pa d at time of a*le ) and ihe baiacce in six and twelve nianthe. with Interest at 8 per cent, from day of sale until p%id, to bese emed by purchaser"* note and ? d?*a of trust on the property ?cld. All cocvtyancinB an 1 record ing at purchaser's coat. If terms of sale are not complied with in ?i* <>??? ?f,?r ?*1" th* Trustee re serves the r.ght to resell at risk and cost of pnrchaaer in defsBlt. ?B. F. HOLTZUAN, Trus ?e, r d Bo. 1SH1 F street nrrtbwert. 1'HOB. DOW LING. Auctioneer. TBCSTEE'fi 8ALB OF VALUABLE FBOPEBTT ON dunpabton AND BEALL SfMEETS, la OEOBOETOWBT. . __ b> virtne of two d'eds of trust, bearing date M the 1st and 3d days of Fehrcary. list, and ie Mj din UUr H.C.T. No. 26, at f .lios 13S aua Ml lb* ui.dersigned will sell oj MONDAf, th* S'ttbdayof Mar,A.D. 1S76. in front of tha pre ini-e*. '-n Dumbarton stv*et,%t ? o'clock* m . th* la!f pirts cf I<ot* No. 79 and 87, In Btali * ad di'lon to Georgetown, the sane thirty <&>> on Dunbarton *nwet and extending ba:k of that w idih t>orihwardiy one bnndred anl twenty feet, improved with a cocnforiaMe dweMiag h >use and ? iter ont batldluga. the p ?bIbm being Mo. *8 Duijbaif.r street And the other p?r)?l b*lng a ra Mnt lot fronting 30 feet on B*all sireet auu having * Terms'Vf'saie' one third cash; residue In two equal puyn ents at six ard twi lve Months wpfc t*r**t- to be eecured b? 4te<l of trust. Sktf d*po^tt when the property 1* struck off. wbish ts to be for feited t' U>? tetma are nut complied with wlihin ftva d?> s after sal*. A.U conveyancing and recording at purcha?!r^e? pip**,KBJtl(L> Surviving Troataa. MJT" BE ABOVE S A LB I? CN AVOIDABLY tor-piitC ULtll lULLsDAY, June 6th, *au>* Lout at ctV*r* pj -gj; tbL.?uprivin?Trnnee. tn.Rwd Ta04,M0WAslli(i, 4*ft. evening star. HOXDAT H, 1871. IOM11 MUK1KI Ul?WKI C7??fM0 IVorcetfiNps Sat n rdat). HEN ATE ?After the of the b'll appointing a Suiux commission for the pnr chaseof tLe li.ack Hills. as stated IuThe t?TAI 1 he senate proceeded with the constdera tir.u ol the legislative, executive and ju Rppioprlatlou bill, the pen Una quMi.oa i*mg on the amendment to restore tue salary of the President to froD? and aiier March t, IsTT, which was agreed to by a vote ol : 1 to 11. The amendment restoring the ca;?ryof the private secretary of the Presi dent and of the i'eparlment of State wer^ al-o agreed to. a* were several amendments restoring the aMiar'.eaol clerks lu the vin >u? departments, and making appropriation for the sub-treasuries. the mtnU and mov offices. The section In the Mouae bill abol ishing the office of supervisor of Internal rev enue was non-concurred la. After finishing the clause lu regard to appropriation* for the War and Navy departments, the Henate went Into executive aesalon, and shortly aiterwards adjourned. HOl'SE-After our report closed ? The discua?ior. on the Iudiau appropriation hill was oonunued. A ? nmber of amendments were ottered ai <1 reject*d, among them one to forbl t tne f4 ii.i^tilt g of r- tlora to white men living with !? Ulan w men. which lei to a dl*cu? > on botweeh Mr. Harrlaon (ill.), Mr. s-d Mr Cox. In which the Utter gentlemvi rr?at?d co?>slderaMe m*-rrlmeut by an imt t.-toner Mr. Harrison's recent ei*ech on ti c Marine band appropil*tton. Tuere was considerable debate ou the provision for the transfer of tli - Indian Bureau from th? la t?rior to tne W*r department, bnt with >at r? * _ an> < o i-iu-io- ;he committee ro?e. Mr Wood made a report on the Alaska far Bf?1 flf-Lery It-use, whicn was ordered to b?. l-rln'ed. Mr. Hanciaii reported an atienimsnt to n:ie 74. anthori/.lrv: the Cotntillteeon Bank Irg and Currency to report a: auy time, but oi'jtctiou was made, and the House ad j'-urnd without c<>mlng to a::y decision on It. I ? ? A I iiboj Nra York rinrtsMp A savings hauk cashier of New York city la low a nappy husband. Only a f<- w moi.t In ago lie was the engaged of a fascinating ti l oh (his preseDt wife), wlio is well kno vu In literary circles, and an attendant of the Norosta reunions. Purine the engagement an < vent occurred which made It neceaaary for the wlaow to change the Investment of some of her lunda NatuaMy, ahesought the advice ol her Intended husband. Hshasal waya had a horror of aeemlng to marry a woman for money, and frankly said to her on this occasion, that. a* they were shortly to r?e married and ne had sufficient property for both, she ha.l bet .er ex|?end fcer funds in any way that might please her- She disclaimed any desire to do so, and told him that the money had been left her by her firi?t hua bai d, ard she did not care to expend It fool ishly. At last a happy thought occurred to the cashier, and he meulioned It to the wid ow. As the money came trom her flrst hus band, why not expend it In erecting a han 1 some monument to his memory? Hue eager ly adopted the suggestion,and together they i egan to p'.an how It should be done. Toe i.ext day several marble workers were re quested to aend In designs for a monumert. The cashier actually wrote the epitaph, praising the x irtaes of the deceased, and It i- cow almost finished In a marble worker a shop on Thirty-second street. Toe Intention van to have the monument completei be fore ttier n arriage, but unforeseen delays pre x-ented. Tiie cashier has taken entire charre of tiie work, ar.d donbtless the wife loves him all the more for hla disinterestedness. Ballejana. ?A square meal co6ts a round sum on the centennial grounds. ?Tbtsefa^oni-. so far advanced that we may reasonably expect the glorious anul \er"-s?ry of our national lndei?eudeace to come off a bou t tiie 2?ilh of June. ?According to the Judgment of a New Miliord man, who had seven men to assist nin? to L.a ftet,"the hind end of a mule Is much uioit premature than tue Iront e id." ?'?1 could kill you for two cents," shoute l an enraged niau to an offending neighbor. 11 was an ugly threat but it Bounded good. II shows thai we are getting down to " ite hel ium prices. ?A Mck bed is a good place for observa tion We l?-ern some t?-iings there whlcj we could col x*ery well acquire elsewnere. One of them is tnat two women whispering in the ne\t room c^n be plainly hearl, wnile you might lay there a::d yell at the lop of your voice w ithout making either or even both of them together hear you. We don't pretend to understand this, bat we k low It Is so. ? [Ihmburp News. Tl 1 I'hoTl^TANT fcj-IsCOI>\L. Brsnop 1 i.k i or Iowa?The K?v. Or. William Htivtis Ferry ?leclod to the Protestant K | i-co|.*; Bifin pricof Iowa, (Dr. E see j ton l;a\;:ig withdrawn) has risen rapidly to ; :on.; ? t: ce In his branch of the cuurch dur i * id* last Jtw years. Only s'tnr aev-n x? rs auo lie was pastor of Ht. Michael's c! i icii in Litchfield, Conn. He was popalar v. i:o Lis congregation at that tinae. and his s?tm>.i.s wt-re elegant as well as elo<iaeut He afterward accepted the pastorsia of Trli lty chnrca In bereva. o .oof the mosi imi-?r 'nut churches In the I>i >ce<e ol western New York. It Ferry Is also tie Deputy ll'-eisiiar of t'.e House of Cler.cil and lay d? 1? sates 411 the general Prot'Stan" Kp.sco pal Conver t'on, and H:storlogr tpher ol tiie church. A lew weeks ago he was elected president or Hobart College In Osueva. Ue Is not forty years of age. His Hi.F.r plehrxkss ?"I'm habbinaheap o'troubU widsl^-eplessness dese nlgh's," re marked an old darkey at the suburban end of state street, the other day. "Ho ho. I reckons I ahows all 'bout d*t," said nrtother African near by. "Yo* knows noffia?dat's what yo'knowj," tcplied the old man. ? Sartir I do knows sutliln','? cliuckied tiie other; "1 knows well 'nuC aat yo' can't sleep o' r iphts. an' sHe* I knows dat yo' neiirhbo't can't nuther. ef dev's got auy chickens"' The old ('arkey looked grieved at these words, end as he "turned away he expresse 1 his opinion ol them by mumbling: "Ifdere's anxthlrgdat 1 hates It's to nee two called pemmen alius quairelln' wl I etch oth*r ? spec'ally wen dey's bofeob <i.esaaae profes tlon."? [ Chirayv raster. Hearsay Evidiscf.?Two literary lalie* were lately witnesses in a trial. Oae or ti.?m, apon hearing the usml questions a-k<:d, ?' what Is your naaie." and How old are >ou.'" turned t<> ner companion aod said: ? Ido not like to tell my age; not that I bar i*ny objection to it* being known, but I doa't want It published in all the newspapers." ??Well." said the wlttv Mrs. , "1 will tell you Low to avoid It. You have heard theob jecsiou to all hearsay evidence; leil them >on don't remember when you were b ?ru. and ail you know of It is by hearsay." Ttie ruse look, and thequestlon was not pressed. Thf Jt"?G? of the court of common pleis, st Barnwell, 8. C-. was informed by the col ored jury one day la?t week that they h*d bee! wiinout Uo\ for the whole day, and could get neither moaey nor credit, lie ac cording) v discharged tueui, and iu doing so said: '-Here we are in the mouth of M*y; I here is no money to pay your jaig-. to pay Jurors. :o support ttie prlsoiers in jail, or (gv the other expenses of the county. You coiored volcrs are responsible for this th'.ug, for t-y J of r x-o*ca the ba<l men who have brought about this lamentable state of al fairt. were elected." Mb. OLADsroNK o^ Comj'L'-sokv Vac riNATios.?Mr. GladsUine has written tn Mr. H. Pitman, of Manchester, England: ? I regard compulsory aud penal provisions, fruob as those of the vaf-clna'lon act, with mistrust and misgiving, aud were I engaged on an ltqulry I should require very clear proof of their necessity befon* giving tbein my approval; but I am not able to undertake to enter upon an examination of the ques tion." fsriciPK ? George E. King, a gentleman about forty years or age, residing near Damascus, Montgcmerv oouniy, Md , com mitted suicide last Friday mornlna by shooting himself with a pistol. Mr. King bad been laboring under derangement of nund for tome ume previous to the act lie leaves a wile and eight children.-[Rock vitle A dvoeaie. g^-Young 6well?"I should like to h^ve rovmudacbedyed." Polite barber?"Cer ts ii to'. Did you bring it with yen? fc/"The new stationery is called Dom Pe dro. Drm Pedro, bowex-er. cannot be called stationary.-1Aort^A Bultein. ay a I cat a month ago a certain Wnite bali?r promised to get his wife a nloe. new firing Lat. H!s wtfe now says that shedoe i?,t relieve he has much respect for Geo g ? Washli gtor's leading virtue, for he h&Mi'. got the hat yet.? [R'Aitefcail Titntt. a^Hevera 1 persons who were In the Dewla Lon?e yesterday were surprise! to see a stranger who sat near the window, suldealy lay aside hla paper, haul up hla breecoes, cut a tooth pick off from a wooden lea. and ? hen quietly resume hla reading-?I Timet. *7-One of the stewardesses of the Canard llue la about to retire with a fortune estlraa ted at 15,00*. tne reault of ten 8he la a very popular woman, with a vast deal of tact, policy and times her fees nnio?n?J to om h^dred doi lara on a single trla. her hATioi oooe reoalv^d fifty dousrs fdr maoia ou% MUrt nlftxt What are Brfrlrthilan i?r Thla la ?fw> wt-en ? ' rerttaamwita o* rfir:|?rtU)r? >. a lee rliMit aprea t out in a nee *l*p?r like a moru?*? oil? small r >rr?er ? ?i*. s"'? "n Ui* Free )'rM? * Nankm farmer !????>: M nen be mentioned :tj? fact that he wuui l like a rrfrittrMnr, tt *V%r _ ' ' cheerfi* tybarfce.l thflf the ?tovw m Uifj flew around .."^ "I J?o look ?t thee* lw> rb*H>"'iski^ ?V^r,,*'UT *" !57 r,m* ?? ? ? *>? row what do I wart to keep ir# (?) a ci??i forgn>w)ed tbe farrier - What I waatta something k> keep provision* cool a: d ulca iu hot weatii.-r .** - f?U. here you have tu Hew is u>e biai refrigerator made." 7m>r ?l*n*rt tb* dnor. look# I the box *mix'isasxsus?- ",,n,-u"w ho?VTi y<?1 ,c* ,D *hui toa it??"* w<u ,.E,.ETJ lb* r*r?er w by, of oourae. Yon ean't ran a nrn.^ r.tor without loe oan yo^? refrtga down Mrx iss,^.TA1b? ivriuv 52 ffi?f AS- "" "M bat's the matter."' . 'J^4>rK 1 ,m * ?wr^'viiere-1 fooir* bowled tbe agriculturist ??!?.. you tuink I m going to buy thai high prioerl provision lben ke*r !<* UM" - /?"> >tf .J>00V* AK** Mim Ct-OTita. The* ??> \.'h\ lire*1 tailor, ia dead I'vl FtMd 1| 6 ftt|( |n g UPWhulbAr *<1 If nxxss; .v ?">,!?t.vsas t.1Ltlw r*l^ ?" *? plitn, uuvArol* ifst builder an'! V? ,hT ,JMl0r' ***"' ^?SS 11cdw u iTha v o.^y.\ ?on'n?ker. are eml Ir?, ?'?vlnt uie riae?t homes in Kmc Int.d. and lo* long a mm ?,r customer* <?>% you think Poole boLta? ao I'll (all you -u.onn l>?!aLx?"f'V??' l'farV*,T"k,r1Iy 1 : Ontbey7!S trary, Uiey are American and Kreneh lar^LTt <Fun,r>"??> ??"t the FrMttcli are our largest buyera, said ooe ??f l\?ole ? neat men tbe other day. They bo* flee tlme^t, "on'r ?' co,hf"*" the Rngllah. V.,u aee, our aristocracy feel that un-v cam to a -ar old clothed Here a a *5'^ are no longer parvenu, now tnat we are Kmyeara old and have a Workl a fair all to ourwelvea. can we not afford tn apend leaa money at I oolt - and wtutroid clotuea? I ve heard so much about the extravarauee of mr?ir,T?MWrtrVr ' **ka Inflolt-cm. fort In tclllt ? them wbat valo aitendtbrifia fuf?? noMiin* morecrAte ful to tba carnal mind than the rctor' of ^ ou n UMUierf-^lMtta 0>r. JV r. Jler ^?*" "ometirnea very particular. TLe otheraay, oue w?? aalied ui?on hy a >oung man who began br aavlnc ??m? father died and made a will ? " < ja ti |h??h| bie-. I never beard of auch a thing, 'a iawer ^ ,f ,W5er- thought it happened every day, *aid the young man; -bur If there la to be any difficulty about It, I bal ?**tt?r give you a fee to attend to the bn?lneaa." The fee vru given, and than the lawyer ob M-rved. ??? .h: l think I know wftnt voa mean. 'J ou mean that your father made a will a jd died?yea, yea; that muat be It." a^riiose balmy 8u ramer nlgbta a young enthusiast with an ac<vtrdaon c*u turu more | sou la from 7.lon In three boura than Brother Moody can restore In three montm ? > Iftn A r ffitx. 1 ^ lf you can t drink bad cotlee without ahualng me, how la it that you can always drink bat whlairy without !//""i"' t^rkeeper4.' "?| Mr.-. Blink of tir.., . o'clock a. m?Hoy ha? t-rrlbla tootbactie; can't go to acho*?l. Ha'f pnat ? a. m?A aolirary Tgarf' may be ?eeu skulking through the street* leading to the creek perch and chubs bite. Ilal' pa?t c p m J Mcetje. w<M?lsbed; dramatic p?r?03:< . tha old thercurltalnUlik 8lra?>'oa? W- Let t draw k^Slr Isaac Newton was onoe examining a new and very Hfce globe, wh.-u a gentle man catue Into h.s siu l> who did uot be lieve In a Ood, but dcclare.l.the world we live in came by chance. He was much pi<*?is?d With the haii laonte t;lobe, and aslvM, ?? Who mad* It? ??Nobody," answered Sir Isaac, "It happer.el here." The gentleman lookei tpm nina/tmeal, but he coon undersuiul what It meant. *^liere * hit ofadvlc ombraosd in the r.6iKJl1 tbe hiard or foreigu imssloi a, which If followed by American wiyea would cuuae a general "revival of re ligion" among husbands. "Do not *?k the money for your contributions from your husband, nor take it from the lucome of the f:?roily, but deny yoursetr; personally lav upon uie Lord s altar the sum yon nav<> ?avtd from your own wanfa." N4UIEB. i-tKiiLJr.",!< al7BCw OB of febraary. ut '"?'t* chnr???- *? tbe lt*v* ? is<-t Fk*m t- hn.t? to Mapt K ? (MltbSdally HMnHNNeow | ? istI1^1,^ fnc-obar. h'Tft, br tb?- Key. rattier J trnaauu. Mr. Tu > ma* VN ll ax> to Mi?a L \ Tri'i Mi'O ik*. ? i?i t:o. AfcCBIk At At'ianr, M T .on June ?'b, ts7?, e?c*t 'Ti iiVt*' tba?l?! |MTof bi? ag*. m"'W- -?" .8o"df*' '??" ?t Jnn*. HT?. y>.h ?? ?r oVktaMe ' 14 lh? fPPtra^WMI take Hy oa 6tk. at 4 J. p. g., fr .n tt? reaM uce of tai? briber. Jaa. khaao*, Ho. uti lib ittttl. Oa^rgetova. * 8WT On the 8th of Jate. 187?. at lo clock a **TTI" l?ivi*G?roXE Gut, agad 17 uautha 2b p of deiitiUoo ai.?t d>x*nitry. * ODwtl from the rHilencf of b?r r%reoU ^004 J . nemr *Ul aortliweot at? o'clock p tu , 6ta t.V-r1^ V *<*??? nlcabu-g. Pa , JuM ?tk. lv. 5, b \ m b I M . -F a * > ? *g , ? P'H3 1, ypir* r uLeral fr m 14 14 |> n rr*t lor'hwnt, 6*li la. ftaat, at Jo a. m. Krleada rxpMtfnllr la\it?d ta IIUL' 1. ? ,l!n*#Asf . ?n th* rn rnlag of Jati* 4.18T?. at M o clock Mr. JaxB" H 1 >S'. ax, ag?Ml }.? i^ui. a ha* tiveoftouutf l???n, Ireland, s^d for th? aa*t SI >tai? a r?uCei>t of the District ot Colatubia. The relative* ai d Irteod* are re-( *ct l ilt, lorlted to attend hi* fnceral from hi? late tasi leaoa. cor net of ater ajd Jelter* ti atreet* <;*?rget( WB. 01 Toeedar ?ora?M. At t w nvi.og. t?.-?<-? to Ht ?tephen'i Ohnrch. IUijuImb l?> will I.? aail at I ct clock. Keiaibacat ia pace. - UNDERTAKERS. K. F. HAH \ LV, ?S? r (TKIIT, I'ndertmker. VIM. HACkETT W.H H r H *?H VtT. tTT?t w f. UAKkEK. iuitlnct Maker unJ (mdt-rt hXur, #1< IItk Rviter Voktbwk-t. actl-lf u.w EDUCATION A Ta I'MVEKSLTV OK VIruin a. H tlMtK LAW LtCTl Uls ,nioe aoaklyl. b^glo :3tb Jnljr, KA an1 end lJth ??ptemSer Uava riortd of aigDal aae,?lot 10 Ato leuU wbuda*tgD to roiriM tb?ir studies At tin* or otb*r baa acbu J. ad, t? Ui<>?a wbo |>ro^?M to read #r>*au.g. and Srd. to practltiunor* *.I ? bar. t>..t tiatl tja adrati<ae#of ? > rUmatic ius'rtctt u K.?r cirrclar aprtf < P O. t ? lwrstty it Va.) to Jol\ B C-m. ?lA Ptat. baa .-I m.a.f.lM WKbl ISST'TCTk 1'mmtlt SrkoeT/m '* l"?? Mrs. 8. L CaiiT, Prlnctaal. ?<w HaTfp.Ooan, bead frr ctra-^lar. marS fc> F^VGLlbH, ruilCH. AND UbASblCAL 'j LE?T BTUOOb FOB T(/?j?0 bAUIBH. VIA New fork arenae a. w.?Mra. ABttBUO iACft tON. fnt^iaal ?Tbe algLtt >-"??? saaatoa txwtM on tba Utk ofttapteauber. W? aoglilr W a ara aalliag. at greatly raCxcad prtcea. j LASUAI?, LAUACLm. (XAKSSCEH, COAClin, coirn aad oorPEurva. LIGHT LAHDA VHi and FAXIaIXO FRONT KKKL1N COACHE8 org tKt Uort tno (JarrUun 0/ (Ac *%. and for txaut* oj de Hffn, *.t|Aca> aad 'J%orouphnem im aonsfrnettm, m* ummtrpa?rnl. T*4 fUUvy J***u to both org Mtrafe c**mtert>uta>**tl by a Bprtng, (wktoA cr. rtmffv-rn* u patmCsd,*) or Ad can mlhmm ta and mukI mua Urn firmer. Wt gyartm/m our work M be FI MUST r>r.^mm ??? H. KILL.AM Ak OO., ?? CHKMT*PT MTBKMt. UctmtUJj BIW EATU.OOBM.

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