Newspaper of Evening Star, June 5, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 5, 1876 Page 4
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EVKMXO STAR, ROSDIV Jon* 5, W. H eather rrobabUitie* To-day* Orr:rt or Cnrtr sto* al otetcee, I WlBiisvToa, June n, leig. ( For tbe middle states. northeast to north w??t winds, cooler, partly cloudy, followed by dear * atrer, rlalrg barometer. and pos sibly ilgl.t rati en the coast attending tie development ol a low barometer to Uie east ward. LOCA L NE H'S. (??Mnraii. *?-, T*-al|iit /Vr?f? il'Mtf?The cant * t* of 'The Flower <laew TVn/T amu^ue.?"Gargautua, the Nation's On#?L" MomUghl ?rrurnon fifty mlN down the rlv?r, ?j the young folks of the Fourth Pres byterian church. lou?leusf<l li?eala From Beliew we na?e.\a 4.5 of the ijak - < 1e L-hrnry. containing Griffl'ii Gaunt, by Charles Reade. United States pensioners are beiDK rapidly C.<i c fT by Cox, at the ageucy ou G street, day. Ye derday, Whit-Sunday, was observed In tbeCathoitc and Kplsc.ipal churches la i"on memorHtmn of tLe descent of the Holy Cihoat on the apostles ou that day. Tte Y. P. A. of me Metropolitan Presby terian church intend having an excursion on tbe ?'.earner Mary Washington t< morrow evenn g. A good boat, a Cue entertainment, and ei ioynhle company. A figuitook place Saturday night, corner of lltn street and Penusy Ivan la avenue, be tween David Hires, David l.'yau and Tuoma* Flanigan. who were ail captured and locked up by O Hi cent Breen. JeiTries arid Snooot. A grand dramatic and musical festival will oe given at odd Fellows' Hall Wednes day nlgiit, under the auspices of the vestry of Grace (P. E.) church. It will be a very pleasant entertainment. Tbe first meeting of the Federal !>clldlng association will be bell this eveniug. a' Davis' ball. The first payment of dues will take place, and persons wishing t > take atock will have an opportunity of subscrib ing. Tbe U. 8. steamer Dispatch left the Wash ington uavy yard yesterday morning for Annapolis, to tow to this yard for repairs the frigate Saratoga, which nas for th<? past few years been used by the Naval Aca lemy authorities as an ordnance ship. The Mexican-war veterans met Saturday evening, when the death of Gen. Willis A. Orrroan, at St. Paul, Mlun.,ou tbe -'1st ulU was announced. It was reported that tbe arrarxt rnenta for attending the Centennial on the 4tb of July are not completed, but it Is expected they a 111 be completed this week. At a meeting of the New York republican association, Saturday evening, the cam paign committee was Instructed to make ail necessary arrangements In connection with other state ssMM-iations for a _:ran<l rat!fic tion meeting after tbe Cincinnati nomina tion. Hon. Nelson I. Norton, Representa tive from the 33d district, New York, made an eloquent address. The revival mutin'i to-day at tbe efcapel in the Lincoln hall building, was led by Mr. Stuart, of the Y. M. C- A., who read Jsainb, f5th chapter?the prophet's call to repentance. Mr. Hou*e reported from the 15th street Presbyterian church meeting that Messrs. Nye. Buchanan and others delivered addresses last night, and twosoui" were con verted. Air. Pet.dcli reported an interview he bad with a family In the northwest ern section of the city, and asked prayers for them. Mr-Franklin said that he beard tbrongh Kev. Mr Nice that the meetings at the l^tb street M. E. church were sti.l In progress; that they nave crow.led houses, and there Is a very solemn feeling In the cocfcr. gallon. Mr. Brooke, from the North Carolina avenue mission, reportci that the meetlrgs were still in progress there, and over fitly have united with the mission, and others have joined other churches in that neighborhood. He staud that Mr. Wolfe, who has conducted '.iie meetings for several weeks, has completely broken dove, aud Is now unite sick. He will be sent to bis home In Pennsylvania to-morrow, but they pro pose to keep up the meetings all the summer if necessary. Mr. Stuar* read a number of requests for prayer, and Kev. Dr. Noble r>flered a petition for tbem. Kev. W. S. Hammond reported that the young converts' meeting on Saturday ni4bt was an exeeoJ Ingly Interesting one. In wnich there w; s i new departure?several speaking of re? *i made as to certain o: li e converts ha*. ? fallen. A gentleman related how some sm-b reports had been In circulation about him. "The Flow be <jr*E.N,' at Ford's Opera House this evening, will t>? a ereat mnslcal treat. Tbe hl^h reputation of the solo.sis and the fine combination of maicbes, music ami song. give promise of a most en l >yable affair. The title role is to oe filled toy Miss Kate Goolall. our most popular aoprano. Her gifted sister, Marlen, will preside at tbe an 1 play the accom P?; n.ei ? wi'h her isual ex* res don at: l Utste. Mr. Schaitcra flute ohiigato will foi m one of tbe gems of tbe evening. GAR'iANTCA, THE NATION"? Ol't^T written by Mr. hrnest Harold, from inci dents consentient npon the arrest aud con finement of Ilallet Kilbourr, by 'he House of Representatives, la the District jail, is tbe title of the grand comic fairy extrava ganza which In to be produced at the Tneater Comlque evt-ry night this week. Tua? it will, with Mr. Harold In the title role, sup ported by the pretty sisters, Emrac. and Nettle Walte, prove ? success, is a foregone conclusion. Fits CErrs and a CoriiDE ?Same excitement w?? occasioned Saturday on P street, near ~th. by a street car roudu. u>r rarred John F. Randolph eowL'.dlng John C. Parker, news dealer. Farter had written I a note to the president of the road charging mat Randolph .ad remised to give him five cents change from a sliver dime handed ?d the conductor to take one rare oat. The lat ter denied It ar.d tons thts wsyoi getting even. Flower Mission?This beautiful char ily. tbe otject of which Is to distribute fruit and flowers to tbe patients In tbe hospitals In this city, which waa no successfully started last summer, will reopen to-morrow tnorr ;rg at ? o'clock. In the lecture room of tbe New York avenue church. As this is purely a ladies' charity, the co operation and assistance of ladles generally Is ear neatly solicited, and donation# of fruit aud flowers. The Pcblic schools ?The written ex aminations of the public schools commenced this morning and will be continued to mor row ard Wednesday mornings. These are under the superintendence of toe sub boards of trustees, the superintendents aud the prin cipals. and are not open to the general puo lie. Tte "closing days" will r?e from the 13th to-'1st Inst , when the exerc sea will be public. ElectIOH ok OryiciKS -At the annual meetli g of the I'niforiued Patriarchs, I. O ?? F.. the following w? re elected officers for the en*uirg y?*ar Edwa.d Dunn, com mander, Jobu T Chancy. 1st lieutenant; H. C. Stevers. J I lieutenant; Jooepb Burroughs, secretary and treasurer, Wm. H. Frazier, r?gb> guide; Alex Scott, left guide, James "W. Hughes, alandari t>earer. C. T. Yoder, right file closer; A. H. Jones, left ftle closer. ? ?oar.EST AND ATTESI t'TED I*CE*DT Aki-.m -rome time between 9 and 11 o'clock last n'g'it tbe house of John Biggins, on G street, between isth and 1Mb streets north weat, was entered In the absence of tbe /am lly, and *52 stolen. A portion of the carpet was saturated with coal oil and set on Are, to^t fortunate'y it burnt ont without com munieaUrg to the building. A SHoorn?<. avprsy.?During an alter eatlou between two ooiored men named Jim Bowser aud John Cioskey. last night, on C street, between North Capitol street and New Jersey avenue, Bowser drew a pistol and shot Cluskey in the thigh, inflicting a bed wound. Cluskey was sent to his home Jn Nicholson row, and Bowser escaped. Dr. Beale was called In, but failed to extract the Mil. Removal ?It will be aeeu by their card slaewtiere. that the enterprlalng aud reliable flnnofYounK -v Middleton have takeu en larged and Improved quarlera by moving Into the corner room of LeDrott Building, ?woere they will be better prepared tbsu ever lo attend to the wants of me public. MARRIAGE licbrmsm have been iasual to Frederick R. Klots and Emma V.Scberer. <of Cusoberiand^ Chas A. Brickwedds and Hei rietta Volgt; Wm. G Fox and Mallnda P. C'arr. (both of Albemarlermnn?T): Ro?>ert I 'onglass and Emily Hail: Wm. K, Pearson ?nd Grace D. Spalding. Deowwet> while Bathi?A colore! boy, 12 years old. named Pbiltp Hnonard, while bathing in the Eastern Branch Satur day afternoou, cot beyond bis depth and waa iirownod. His body was recovered yes terday afternoon. e Psino'a Jewslst store received lo-day some beanilfui atjlea In onyx, gold, sliver, let. and Lake George tiamoi d jewelry, No. 4J7 Pennsylvania avenue, near 4^ street. Bots' A2rr> children's white and brown IJne Knits. B- Robinson a Co., the Boy*' Clothiers. 909 Pennsylvauia aveaoe, next to M- Wllllsn's -{Advt. A Whit* Wham for the S*ithsch ia!*.? Both of the white whale* brought re cently to this country from the lalaod of Aui Ccudrea, on the coast ol Labrador, for the a qoarl nm row preparing on the corner of 35th street and Brotdway, will most likely be 'oat to the scientific world before their projected home Is completed. One died last Wednesday and the other is now snppose 1 to be bleeding to death. These two whales were captured with considerable difficulty ?t d brought to New York In a large tans. On their arrival here they were transferred toa tank about thirty feet In diameter whteh had been constructed especially for their pomfort. The tank was kept constantly sup plied with a fresh stream of salt wafer and ?bey were fed with live eels and Osh. Tne female whale, a monster, measuring sixteen f' *t, cut herself in the Cuke on Tuesday last and must have burst an artery, as the blood Rowed so freely that on Wednesday morn ing rfce rose to the surface, turned over and di*d. Her body was raised out of the tank with the asMftianceof a derrick, and taken to a taxidermist's, where it was prepared and has siDce been sent to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. The male flsh Is about eleven feet long, and he also ap pears to have cut hlmseirin the tank, as the water is much discolored with biool. He, however, appeared quite lively yesterday afternoon and swam around the tank with considerable vim, rising to the top every ? ~ery row and then to "Mow." The work on the building is rapidly progressing, and in about six or eight weeks the large tanks will be placed In the main buildings of the aquarium, which Is to be devoted to theblp. popoU'irm, sea llonn, seals, walruses ami o/ber lar^e amphibious creatures.-f iV. Y. Beraltt, Mh. ? A Grand Time at Ford's Opeta ?>r8k?The Knights of Pythias g<ve a grand dramatic entertainment at Ford's Optra to-morrow night. "Box a*id Cox," and the burlesque ol - Pocahontas," witl a concert, will afford ample entertaln n e-it for the large audience which will be preen, sixteen hundred tickets having oetn sold already. Bots'colored Half Hose at B. Koblrsoa A. Co., the Boys' Clothier*", 909 Pennsylvania avenue, next to M. Willlan'a.?fArfvt. Clergy Imrroglio it appears that a question of "right ami propriety" baa arisen between Kev. John T. Craig, of the High street Baptist Church, and the Kev. Father Dausch, of St. Vincent's Komau Catholic Church, in regard to the burial of Annie Mc Donnell, 14 years old, who on Monday last was burned to death by a coal oil accident at Na 5fi Albemarle street. She was buried according to the rites of the Catholic church, aid Mr. Craig made a statement from his pnlpit yesterday In reference to the matter, claiming that the girl had attended his Hun day school for years, and, having been Quite r? gular In attendance at church service, he never dreamt, be said, of any "prior claim'* his Catholic neighbors of St. Vincent's would make upon her dying moments. He (Mr. Craig) had called upon the girl at her urgent request, and heard from her dying lips her hope in salvation. Father Uauscb, he said, was however sent for by some zealous friends, not relatives, of the family, "and In the course of his duty" came, and having asked her "Do you wish to die a Catholic-."' and claiming that she so signified ne ad min istered the rites of his church to her and in sisted on burying her, despite,?ODtinned Mr Craig, the protestations of her mother, who was lying In a most delicate state of health. Mr. Craig stated that he had called ou Father Danscb In reference to the matter, and the father said he attended the girl at ber request, and as she wanted to die a Catholic and to be buried according to the rites ol that church, he had simply carried out her request?f B<iU. Hun, 5<7>. Death ok a Miser?William Riley, the man who died near Pohicc last week, leav ing a jug full of money, was known as a miser, and among the $1,170.75 in specie tnat were found after his death was the first piece of money he ever owned-a dime. The cau.<e of bis death was an injury he received a week before he died by falling through the railroad bridge over Pohlck rcn. It was known by hla neighbors that be had money ?'onceared somewhere, for he loid ihem so, and said that none of his kinsfolk should have it- He selected hla burying place, and us It was nowhere rear that of any other member of bis family. It was supposed, and as it tamed out rightly, that he wanted to >>e put close to his treasure so as to guard It, and a search resulted in finding It a short dlstarce from his grave. His treasure was Juried in a Jug. from which the mouth had l pen knocked off, ar-.d the hole in it covered by the half of a's canteen, an?! was divided equally among eight heirs, John Hall, who made the division, charging each of them fifty cents?[Atwamtria Gazette, 3?>. THA5C9 to Capt. Chandler?The Bos ton u'ob* aays: "The Uerman Minister at Washington has forwar led to Capt. Chand ler. commanding the Waba*n at the B >nton ?nvy yard a letter of thanks from Prince l.Mnaick forseivlces rendered to the Ge expedition to observe the transit of Venus. Nothing had been heard from tee expedition for four months, and the German Consul at Melbourne v^as con?l lerably alarmed for their safety. Capt. Chandler telegraphed that he would go to their as sistance He found them t7ith their ohro nomeiera irregular and in 'juite a denior j Kued f tate. He let them take his own chro nometers, thirty in number, acd, thus re- I Iteved, they proceeded wl.h much satisfac tion. At the time Capt. Caandler was In comnrard of the IT. s. stea. ier Swatara, i which was on the mme errand as the Ger- I n an exr^dlflon. The Kr??at F.incehas ex pressed his granted* for the service rendered in a moat cordial and complimentary let ter." The Coal Trade?The quautity of coil ! aentftom the Hchuyiklll region for the past week cas, by rail. jO,OJ1 tons; by canal, l-.ikjj loiui; total, 108 954 tons, ag&lust 23,54s I toi - for the same week of last year; in- , crease, d5,4io tona. The quantity sent I for the year was 1.52S.C15 tons, egalnst 6ss.f23 tons for the same period of last year; in- reasv K3?,7H tons. Tim quan tity seut from all the regions for the week wa*: Anthracite 391.412 ions; bituminous, M0^39 tona; total, i72,281 tons, against tons anthracite and MJM3 tons bituminous; total, 424, uo tons for the same week of last y?ar. Increase of anthracite. 8<S,5.>5 tona: ? decrease ot bituminous, 17,704 tons. Tt? ' Muantlty sent from all the region for the year was: Anthracite, 073,774 tons; bita mlnons. 1.278.C12 tons; total, 7,352,3*1; tons I against 5,W C 39n Una anthracite and 1 Hi fly, tona of bituminous, total, 6,24t,4^2 tona for the corresponding jerlod of laat year. I-i. crease of an thra? ite, 1,070,337 tons, increase of bitiuolnous, 35.510 tons. Totallncr?uae, 1 ,lo5,a^S tona.?[Po'Cs'iUe Miners' Jt.vsnal, The New York Trades Uificjrs, it Is ui<derstood, have it under consideration to a*k the National Board of Trade, at its ap proaching session, to give them a hearing throegh a special committee, on the subject , of the interference of these (Trade Union) bodie* with the system of apprenticeship. The board. In Its published programme, has announced t^at as one of Its .topics of discussion, and as the Trades Unions consider that the question la one that has two sides to it. they desire to be beard In order that the public shall be fairly and fully Informed, it is an unusual thing I for an outside organization to make a re quest of this kind, but If the board sees tit to comply with It, no one will object. There Is nothing like free discussion to enable people to arrive at juat conclusions on subjects wbere there are, or have been, as in this case, radical differences of opinion. Ex-Gov. Ramsey's Position.?The SU i Paul Minn.) Pioneer-Press says: "Thereap pears to be some apprehension that Gov. Kamtey may secede from Blaine to Coukling alter a ba.Iot or two In the National Con vention. We have the beat of reasons for be- ; lievlig that personal friendships or predllec- I Hons will not weigh with the Governor In the ducharge of hi* duty, but that he will respect the wlshea of the republicans of the state as embodied in the concluding resolu tion of the convention, which accord, more over, with his own preferences, ao long aa 1 ihere are any reasonable chances for the suc cess of tne candidate of Uielr expressed pre ference." ?????? Hydrophobia. ?Salvatorle Belmontea, aaed 10 years, living at No. 56 Crosby street, >ew York, died :rom hydrophobia last Fri day morning, after three days of Buffering ' About three weeks ago a pet dog.wltn whicn the cbl 14 frequently played, but which exhl b IWd no aigua of hydrophobia, bit him on the band. < >n Monday last tne child commenced to show symptoms of the tenrlnle disease. Shootihu Himself oh his Wife's Grave?At Wllkeabarre, Pa., laat Friday. John G. Rhone, a respected citizen, shot himself In the head, in Hollenback ceme tery. on the grave of hla wife,who died ahont a year and a half ago. Passionate love prompted the act. Deep melancholy seized him alter her death, and the u?e of chloral heightened the malady. He lies In a critical condition. Mtrad Errant. the new Sultan of Tur i married a few years ago to a beau tiful Circassian alave, who waa purchased lor the sum of *i2.onn. Sbe la reckoned one of Ibe moat beaatirui and accomplished i*. dles in Turkey. Several children have been born to the pair, and the father baa devoted much care to their education. Nearly Killed while Sweii-iho ? An 1 fehkoah lady, sweeping up the litter 'of ber boya from the floor, happened to include a pistol cartridge, and wn? n the whole went Into the stove there was ? smash, a piece of the copper case struck the lady within a sixitenth of an inch of the Jugulgr vein The woqikI la amaii, bat the escape pt>t. THE COrtTB. 1 CRIMINAL COURT?MtvAriAur. THE CASK OF ClAKLtge. PI3HCB PJ3T- I _ , POKED. This raornlrg, in the Criminal Conrt. Judge MMArtbur, the r??of Charles G. Fisher, I charged with abstracting conrt paper* and ! 1^,rc??jr WM called-Qen. Henkle and Mr. I Warden for the defendant, and IUstriet At- I tortiev Wells and Assistant District At tor- \ ney wells for the government. Mr. Henkleexplained that they had sent ; to Cumberland, Md . a commission to take the testimony of John Curran. and it had been tkken. and that the District Attorney had sent cross-Interrogatories which Curran refused to answer. Ifthls testimony Is taken, and If a material witness? Gaylori?e?n he procured, they would be realy for trial. The whereabouts of this witness they had recent ly ascertained, and had written to him. Mr. Wells said that the crosa-lnterro*ato rlensent to Curran were as to whetuer he had not been, at certain times, convlcte I of felor le?i In Maryland, Vlrgtnla. and the Dis trict, and Curran refuse! to answer them. He then notified Mr. Henkle that he would ob ject to the testimony in chief. The Conrt suggested that the defendant could introduce this testimony an 1 the gov ernment could attack the credibility of the witness. The District Attorney said he would no? object to the case being set for Monday next. The case was set for next Monday. ANOTHER POSTPONEMENT. Mr. Henkle called attention to t ie cas? of ; Jobn Gorman, charged with murder of Al b rt Leede, and said he would he ready on Wednesday morning. Tue< *-e was set down ; lo* Weiutsday. UTHFR CASE* James Lee, burglary, plead guilty, sen t*i.c?*d to;)years in the penitentiary. Henry Williams and Robert G'xxtman. do, sen j fenced to four years do. Same parties on a similar-charge were convicted and se^te ice suspended. Epliralm Duckett. larceny, was ' convicted an<i sentenced to Reform school during minority. George Johnson, false pretences (2 CH?es>, plead guilty and sen ; tenced to one year In each. Circuit Coprt?Judy* H'tmphrryi. To day, McCarthy ant. wholly; Judgment ?9' a-'de. U 8 agt. Fix; vent let for plaintiff j for ^!M!l r?7. (This was an action to recover a duplicate payment made to defendant as captain of the .Wh Onto regiment In 186.) ] \oung agt. District - action for damages for Irjurles received by falllDg into an excava tion near the workhouse about two years : since?on trial. POI.ICE COTTRT?Jlt/'QG 9nt!.I. To-day, J ? hn Early, loud and boisterous; I f-5. Thomas Bowie was labelled for the ! chain gang as a vagabond. Jobn Constan tlne, uproarious on the street; 35. Daura HawkiDS and Jenny Weasels, loud and bols tercus; *5 each. Henry Smallwcoi, an able bodied vagabond, was pressed into the chain gang. Franklin Beat, forfeited collateral for trespass on parkin*. Samuel Johnson, street blasphemy; ?5. George Smith, a lum ber yani lodger, was sent down to the chahi gang. Peter Poylan and M?ke Brady, two white youths, were sent down for vagrancy. C. B. Bradley, street cursing; *5. John How ard, market house cursing; ?5. Park Wash melon, alley cursing; *5. John Burdick, a Joliy Jackjar, too much Jollity on Bunday night; ?5. Agnes Wnite, pleaded guilty to street cursing and Indecent language, and was fined *5. C. B. Bnrcb forfeited collate ral. N. Smith, same. James Jones, do. Edward Johnson?"Uncle Ned"?charged with swearing, said he "never damned onct." The officer told a different story, and Ned was taxed $3. Henson Beak, cursing on the connty high way and fighting his wife; a rum fight; ?5. Page Beverly stolea basket of provisions from A. B. Davidson?his Sun day stock?two weeks a?o. Mr. I). a day or two afterwards recognized his basket in a street car in possession of this colored man and had Beverly arrested; restitution or dered, or ten days' In Jail. William Jones, larceny of a shoulder of bacon; sixty day* In Jail. Albert Kendrick, larceny of several articles from a school house belonging to the District of Columbia; sixty days in Ull. Cornelluk Cole, larceny of #31 CO from John King, pleaded guilty and was tlnei *60, or ninety days in jail. George Carter, assault on A. B. Bradley, a private watchman; *1. SINGULAR CASE OF ASSAULT ON A WO MAN. Samrel Bruce was charged with a9?ault ; on Catherine Brown, a white woman, who fesMfled that she had business with Mr. Young, who lives near the race course across the Eastern branch, and while on the road there the man Bruce, with another colored man, approached her and asked her where she came from. She replied that she be longed In Wat-hlngton, and had been to Mr. Young's place and was now on her way to Mr. Wheeler's farm on business. They said she had not, but charged that she had es caped from the Insane asylum, at the saim time they caught hold of her and dragged her against htrwlil to the lnsan< asylum. The court stated that It was an outrage that such Irresponsible parties as these should seize on a citizen and attempt to force her i over public roads to the insane asylum; they did rot appear to possess common In telligence. otherwise the fine Would be greater. He lmpo?ed a hue of *10 on Bruc-j. The other man-Williams?not being folly . recognized, was discharged. OTHER CASES. Edward T. Hine, assault on Officer Brown, wlio testitled that a party of roagns were . righting on Pennsylvania avenue, and the officers had a hard time In arresting them, and defendant assaulted him; *10 Thomas Hicks, larceuy of thirty-flvecblckens, worth i cents each, from T.G.Davidson; restitu tion ordered. Christian Engel, tureats to Hannah Engel, his wife, pleadeJ guilty, and bonds of $.00 were fixed, or 30 days in Jill, l- rank Foreman, assault on Frank Harris, rorcman Is an old offender. He male his escape from the workhouse the other day. after first serving out a term In Jail, and jesterday made this assault. He was or derert to be returned to the workhouse to serve out his lime, anti pay *5 fine, or 10 days In jail in default. Thf War Cloud is Europe?Tue Porte i? drawing up a very liberal constitu tion, which will soon be promulgated. Tae North German Gazette says that owing to the acta&cnlsm of Russia and England, all Europe is placed In a most critical situa tion. England is reported to have foimed an alliance with Turkey, and will guaran tee the Integrity of the latter. Dispatches from Berlin say that war Is Inevitable un less Russia recades from her position on the Eastern question. The Bervian troops are prf paring to cror.s the Bosnian frontier. Tn? Brazilian Slave Trade.? The agent* or the Brazilian mall steamers In Kew York state with reference to the asser tion that their steamers between Rio and K?w York are transporting slaves front one port to another In Brar.ll that It Is incorrect; that their steerage could not accommodate 106 slaves at one tltue. The highest number of colored persons taken at any one time from one port to another of Brazil was twen ty, and tLese. they say, were b<*ly servants to cabin passengers. A nd now another greai engineering task has been begun. Preliminary work on the proposed tunuel under tiie British Channel is to be pushed forward toadeptb of three hundred and ten feet below the sea, and to a iergth of two miles through the chalk, and then, if the experiment succeeds, England and France will be united by an under ground passage?which can be blawn up by either party whenever the old animosity breaks out In another war. A Murdkrer Confesses?Moses Sliug, a member of the Laros family poisoned at Easton, Pa, last week, died Saturday morn ing. The coroner's Jury rendered a verdict that the poison was administered by Allen C. Laros, a school teacher, and son of Mar tin J. and Mary Ann Laroe, who were the first to succumb to the effects of the drug. Latos has confessed that be gave the poison to bis father and mother and 8hug for the purpose of obtaining possession of their money. Reduced Railroad Fare to Cincin nati? The secretary of the republican na tional committee has been officially in formed that the Pennsylvania railroad com pany and the Baltimore and Ohio company have agreed to make half-far* rates for pas sengers to the Cincinnati convention from Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, and that the Erie Railroad company will make the same redaction from Boston and New York. The Sunday Row in New Yoek?Po lice raids on the violators of the Sunday ex cue laws In New York, were continued yes terday, and tiny arrests were made. The accused were all held in * 100 ball, which was promptly furnished. Rumors were that a great raid would be made on Gllmore's Gar den, which would be compelled to close. Flf. teen of the bar-tenders of the garden only were arrested and balled. Charge of Defkaudihg the State? Marshall C. Smith, a'clerk in the Pennsyl vania state treasury department, and Jobn A. Wagoner, formerly a clerk In the auditor k? terai's office, have been arrested, charged with conspiracy to defraud the state of *5,?00. K?~Tbe London Htaudard's correspondence at Paris reports that George Sand Is serious ly 111. *7~Mark Twain will, with due lack of solemnity, open the California bulldl ng at the Centennial on the 15th. ?yFltzhngh has written toaNew York newspsper-at least so that Journal says stating that his letter was "dambly muctla ted." ?7"Jenrle Marten, aged fifteen, was shot a?.d insiant I v killed by a eolored boy, aged twelve, at Coeyeni.e, Wyoming. It la not known whether he fired the shot Intention ally or not. "f TUB CRACKER ASD BURNT BOY"?I* the combination title by which the Nev York Tribune describes the amateur juve nlle oHebratlon of the "Fourth of July." As the Centennial anniversary may be a hun dred time* more noisy in crackers and vocal In cries of pain than any that have preceded It; ard as the conflagration of houses, and In ffiro* Instances lame sections of cities?like Portland, Maine, and Alleghany city, for Instance, have been caused by the careless spurt with Are crackers and fire-arms. It Is not too early to think of prevention. There are laws and municipal ordinances enough, everywhere, to meet the danger. Ordi nances. however, unenforced are worse than useless; and without theiupport of public opinion.the effort! of the municipal authori ties are wasted. 8uch displays of fireworks as are made by experts, w th authority, and in localities out of the way of doing tiarm, are pretty features of public holiday pro ceed ings; Impromptu flashes are always ac companied with danger. ?[iv?t/a. Ledger. A Drawback to Coal 8nirpERs by Railkoad?The complications In our coal trade seem to be dally increasing and the : prospect getting no better. It Is now pretty definitely settled that the Baltimore aad > Ohio Railroad company Is offering to give a ; heavy drawback to such coal companies as will ship their coal by rail instead of canal, and a number of companies have been re ceiving such drawbacks. This of course glVes an advantage In the markets to the companies shipping by rail, and If persisted in mnst result in disaster to t?ie c*nal and consequent damage to the business of this city. The canal company must recognize at once the existing necessity i".?r a redac tion of toils in order to retain its bu>luess, and there should be no temporizing in t'i?? matter. The Interest* of the state, public and private, require that this move on the rart of the railroad should he met in the proper manner?[Cmniterland ami m. He Turned I'p His NobE.?Waen tie charge of maladministration of his minis terial cfflce was read to Klder U M. L in ning, at the African Methodist Conf eree in Jersey City yesterday, he got un, turned up his lip, and walked out without a reply. An excited brother made a speech charging the offendirg elder with snubbing the con ference, by " turning up his nose and walk ing out as haughty as Lucifer when the charge was made, and," said the brother, "if he turns his back on us. we should expel him at once." Another brother said "Such con duct Is outrageous," and he was In "favorof fitting him out in hoop skirts worse than Jeff. I>avls wore, so be could not escape through the bushes." Bishop Clinton cut the matter short by putting the question, and Klder banning was expelled without a dis senting vote, because he would not stand an examination, and also treated the conference With contempt ?[^. Y. Herald, Sri. Ran Away wtrn His Step-Daughter. .In Sioux City, Iowa, last week, thero was a ripple of excitement on the discovery that Henry Schnltze, a hotel man, had run away with his step-daughter, 13 years of age, and with Is alleged, he bad for some months been criminally intimate. He is a yonng man, not over 25, while his wife is upward of 50 years of age. and was at the time of her marriage with Scbultse, one year ago, possessed of considerable prop erty. which Is supposed to have been to him her principal attraction. 8chultze has rela tives residing In Chicago, and It Is supposed the runaways have gone there. Bowen recently "admitted" to an inter viewer, after several apparent efforts to evade a direct answer, that Mr. H. B. Claflin had besought him not to reveal the bottom facts of the Beecher scandal In his posses sion, since he was very desirous that the Dame of the lady Implicated should not be made public. Mr. Claflin has since denied the statement, though In a vague sort of way, which leaves ample room for reserva tions. Now let Brothers Bowen and Claflin each swear to his statement, and there will te another edifying spectacle of a duel by aflSdavlts. ' On* Boy Killed by another ?An drew Moore, of No. M Vandam street, a boy , 13 years of age and of excellent character, quarreled with Frederick Lawler, a boy 14 years of age, at Hudson and Lalght streets, yesterday afternoon. Lawler began to strike Moore, who was much smaller than him self, with a strip of felt roofing, and the lat ter drew a common clasp-knife and made a lunge at his assailant. The point of the blade penetrated the heart of Lawler, who fell dead without uttering a cry. Moore Is In custody?[JV. Y. Post, 3d Bessie Turner's manager telegraphed to the manager of the Indlananolls opera house: "Give me one more week's time, and I'll have Bessie In Iodtanapolls or net 'mother one." This will tend to strengthen a belief that we have long held that there is a Bessie Turner factory somewhere In the country [Chicago Time*. *7~GodloveS. Orth once defeated Speaker Kerr for Congress in a democratic district. K/"The Knights Templars paraded in t'ie r KDlght shirts, the Philadelphia Bulletin says. Congressman Pierce, o'Boston, who Is so tired of Congress that he will not run again, is a manufacturer. ?VThe competition of the Irish riflemen for the selection of members to compose the centennial team was continued at Dundalk Saturday. ? WThe ex-doorkeeper's sentiment: "There is a destiny which shapes our ends rough ? Fltzhugb them how we will."? [Franklin Pu trid. *7"The proposed sending of the French w? rklngmen's delegation to Philadelphia threatens to be a failure for lack of the neces sary funds. ?y-The vicar of Kensington, England, In a recent address to female candidates for con firmation. requested them to so arrange their hair that the bishop might really(Iq small) capitals) lay his hand upon their heads. KT-Professor of Astronomy (having called tte name of a student who has bsen absent from several recttations)-"ls Q sick?" Class Kate (sotto voce)-"Yes, sick of as tronomy:" t^~We satisfied ourselves the other day that there was no real 111 in lite except severe bodily pain. Everything else Is the child of the imagination, and depends on our thoughts; all other Ills find a remedy, either from time or moderation, or strength of mind.? {Madame Uexitpie. 93~lt you ar.k me which is the real heredi tary sin of human natnre. do you Imagine I shall answer pi Ide, or luxury, or ambition, or egotism? Ko; I shall say Indolence. Who conquers Indolence will conquer all the rest. Indeed, all good principles must stagnate without mental aetlvlty.-[Z?//?m<Tm?;?. ?yE. Randolph P?obln*on has begun pro ceedings on behalf of the children of Robert W. K.el ly, who are the grandchildren of Daniel Drew, seeking the removal of tne lat ter from his trusteeship of the children s property, and asking for the appointment of another trustee. Alcohol as a stimulant has been dis continued for the last three years by the Wrexbant union board of guardians in Eng land. They substituted beef tea, milk and eggs where pauper Inmates needed extra nourishment, and have thus not only saved six shillings, annually per head, but the health of the paupers has greatly Improved ?67"Tbe Mexlean Dlarlo declares that If the United States "Invade Mexico on any pre text, the government will defend the soil with energy." The solicitude of the Mexican for his native soil Is so great that he habitu ally carries a large quantity of It around with him. In order that he can have It right where he can defend It In an emergency 1 Chicago Timet. JUST OPENED. CAIZE rXDEKWEAR AT VERY LOW F1GCBBS. LADIES'ALL KIHDB KBOM 40c. CPWABDS. HISSES' GAl'ZE IXDEBWEAB FROM 8* CEHTS llPWABDB, MEB'S UAIZE IXDEBWEAB FROM 00 CBHT3 UPWARDS. PARASOLS AT A8T0HIBB1N9 PBNR8, AT C. BACK'S, AOS Seventh Street. Major, COS. SEVENTH ASD B STRUTS, BAB TBB COLDEST AND BEST 80DA WATER IN THE WORLD, til IT. GEORGETOWN. SfDDKj* n*ATH -Mr Henry M. Taylor ^ Jf17 SQddeo y> &?? residence, comer blijgton an?l Olive streets, about half oolo^k Sunday morning, from ajoplexy. He -.vas In bis health wnen n* retired, bavin* beer to a festival that r Jrb.i Mr* Ta*lor vva* yeaia of age. was t?J[ captain. He was bora at PonfchJveepsie, N. Y., but baa reside-! ia Georgetown since 1861, being In government employ. He was of a sociable disposition, and will be much mused by hit large circle 01 Rltcdl. A*othee Death.?Mr. William Kiia?on died about six o'clock yesterday evening, after a Jong illness, aged 31 years. He was a machinist by trade and much respected. Cakal Trade?Boat Allen Brooks, with 1 >?o bushels wbeat, and Ronnd Top. with ? so barrels cement, consigned to J. G. A J. M Waters. The Lock?The work on the outlet lock Is completed, audit is expected that operations will be begun with It this week. ALEXANDRIA. Attempted Octrage?Louis Majors, a notorious colored rough, was brought before Mayor Kemper this morning, charged with tfce attempted outrage of a little 12-year old girl. The child visited Penny Hill oeme tery on the evening or the recent election for the purpose of strewing dowers upon the grave of her little brother, and while there she was attacked by Maiors, who would have accomplished bis purpose but for the timely arrfVal of several parties, which frightened him off", and he escaped, first threatening her with death If she tolJ on him. The child, thus threatened, salj nothing of the occurrence, and keptsiient until yesterday, when she commm Icated it to a colored woman In the house, who la turn informed her parents, and they rro ^?^aiWa?rarltfor^'aJors' arrest. It was placed m the hands of Officers Bettls and Walker, who arrested him at his house in 1,*ne- brought be fore Mayor Kemper this morning, but It appearing that the act was committed in r airfax county, the mayor committed him for the authorities of that county. He was taken out to be tried before Justices Kerhy and Brown. * Oely a Shavijso.?To show bow utterly dtad improvement Is in Alexandria, wo mention the suggestive fact that one of oar enterprising butcher* had to send his wa*on to U ashing ton this morning to get a lra< I ol for packing his Ice. none being found In this city. Straws and shavings may t>olh show how the wind blows, and the want of the latter shows how Jolly It is to be a me chanic In Alexandria. And yet our citv fathers tear up railroad traeks?iS^ifin.e/ 3d. Potato Bcr;a?A new means of getting rid of these pe?ts has been discovered by Mr. John Slater, the well-snown horticulturist. He had his potatoes nearly destroyed last year by the bugs, which afterwards attacked his egg plants. He sprinkled the vines with hydraulic cement, while the dew was on them, In the morning, and after two appli cations was troubled no more wltn the hu^s. The cement is much cheaper than Paris greeD, and is not so dangerous to use. wJim* Trade?The Hampshire and Baltimore Coal company expect to recom mence the shi pment of coal from their yard in this city about the eud of next week, when aeveral vessels are expected to arrive tor loads. The American company also ex pect a fleet of vessels during the earlier por tion of the week. The companies represent Agnew are making most of their shipments from Georgetown. Charge of Togs?The transferor pas sengers via Locust Point, at Baltimore, has caused the removal of the tug Convoy irom the East Alexandria transfer line. She will leave bere to-nlght, ard will meet the tug P.rewerton at Point Lookout, where the crews will change bo*ts, the Br*werton coming on to this city, and taking the Con !>??.? Place'^h'le the latter proceeds to Baltimore?[ Gazette. Zd READING NOTICES. The Crown Combs I'abreakable. Ladles if you wisb a Comb tfca* will not ortafc ask for The Crown Comb Unbre&&a Die. C IT Y ITEMS. OtLYSCFSTANCES ALWAYS AOGKAVATK .LN Ointments are therefore rather hurtful than beneficial. Glenn'* thi' pfiur ooap, which opens, instead of clogging the pores with grease, has, as might have been expected, widely superceded oleagin ous compounds as a remedy for scorbutic affections. Depot, Crittexton's, No. 7 6th avenue. J till s Ittsfaitlanfutf Hair />.?/? produces no metallic luster. m,w,f-6 3"'' Headache. Lbroulc, sick or nervous headache is gen erally dependent on. or accompanied by. impaired digestion, by whlcn the circula tion and nutrition of the brain are deranged, and the Dervous centers vitiated. The Peru nan ayruf), by reinvlgoratlng the digestive powers, lays the axe at the root of the tree the brain Is duly nourished, the nervous symptoms cease, and the headache disap pi ars. _ Csrns, ttc? Tbeusanda of the elite of the world patronise Dr. Whites establishment, 1416 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Wlllard's Hotel, for the successful treatment of hard^soft and vascu lar corns, bunions, ingrowing aud club Dalis. Ac. I ee si per visit for attending the feet. .*I^.8Trcx,AB8 ScoubIwo Am> DTEHfO, A. Fischer enlarged his establishment by removing to his new building, 906 Gst. north west, three doors west of 9th street, very near his former place. By promptly adopting the latest improvements, whether of American or European Invention, be Is enabled to do any work in a manner not to be equaled by those not possessing these facilities. Dresses cleaned and dyed with out being taken apart. tBT Crape Veils reflnlsbed nice and cheap. Urease stains removed effectually. Gent's garments cleaning and dyeing a specialty. themes68 lower than ever ^fore, to salt 1 kHOB?8 r5f?*?,aUy to Inform the M. intlio that 1 btve tbit dtte f.rued a Oo-Dtrt mTw17w*&&.A'pIDDM.lSSr sLutaStto Mr. I KAZBK,of this city, and that we have moved cur t,fticen?m> new residence, ocroer of M itr?et and Massschnsstti avenue, on lltb-atreet Circle *h*re we will be pleased to see onr friends biDKITXKM A DIDPEN. JL GEJTER^tL REJSjMK. 1 bare marked down a Iin? of Gaaalm*re SniN acme oUbem made of the tlnest BagPsh ?,*>!, ?nj formerly aold as high as 930, to a aaifom PRICE OF ?10. Bora itiits, also marked down, to close, some as low a* H A large lice ofCissimere Paotaljoni for H. Wonted Cciti with Vesta to match, f 17 SO, #20, 133, |23 AND f30. OddCassimere, Worsted and Clotb Coats, DOWH. Very tine fabric, English Oaaze Bblrts, ?1.10. Good Domestic Oo?*amar Shirts, 7i Gents. English Merino Sblrta, fl lift. Bordei ed Linen Handkerchiefs, 35 9ent*. Fancy Half Hose, from 3ft Cents to Handsome Plaid Snita, $Ui. Btjlltb Casslmere Baits. #16. Fine White Vests, all Linen, front and back, #3. Alpaca Backs, MarieBtnart brand, ?&. ? THE WAMSL TTA MUSLIN 8HIBT, ALL BEADT, FOB llbO OB ? 1.44 met CASH. ON* PRICK ONLY. CASII DISCOUNT TEN PER CENT. QEORQE O. HENNINQ, ?10 BKVEXTH ITBKR. m}29 tT ?1QH QF THB OOLPBM FLEBCB. W 4TCMMM. BMOLJJSH, 8WIB8 AHD a?f?io>ft ALL THB MOOT OBLBBBATMO ais 4 Largs iMtlsai at Ysry Low AMUSEMENTS. 4M 7TB 8T 4S9 7ra 8t. ODD rui(*|t H a LL.,> _ i Kw 'he ot the ?"??n/i'in'. ?* ?Hl f. H' ?irN?fIUT. Jo?f T at?p. M t'tr-tmicz io c??t>: tbiKrn, 1ft cents -'*? ? | Rep ?r | |<~OHD'S ?PER A HOI |K Tr?gmv byebing. #?*??,v?*?. Vi' .*A ? * taibm ih r, iittdtr the *Q?t!c*?of 'b# kftK.H T% op PYTHIAS. Beadtrsrs, Yocalan* I o?trun>eBtai Barf:, aal tbs _ Burlee*** nf - 'oc^Mowrjs. 1 y|*' Krfor?4Bo? ensr^t w i? st pHl> ? UCKHA HlllU. ~ TUB rii<M|R (JI KIN. AOIlTtTi -II . Brfol ni<"d MONDAY. J no# 2th at ? ? ? 7 ti'tof St. Mark > vhiirch DHtlngni?a?d tli-tt A of flfty t%L mt 1T*f,yot.t * *n?,r *ton? . 7Soepts, general admission. Moetita myttZnaT' Thbatier cotfiqi B. Bieve.ta Itrt?v BUim fmoi'MM i?nw OPBW thb \_KAR HOUMi. Pertomane- EVERY WIGHT Matin** r<r La 8AT LED A ? ' A FTEB Bo* ? .WWfiMt,AT "*? HBST- CLASS INJVSK T RKSPKCT Variety. Drama. BnrlwmifHHl(V^r. I? Kxhtbitioa INiw Kg { and ) '?!_ A* f 7* MABRKITKB'K, ?*?. t? r?4 ????..,t:wr% i< ami ? mss.l. nii ,?to*? on Ff. .<>??*' E?u. Ctcln OII 1'ilEttnn, iDtrtTiiji, Ohr >mne te Alto. largest ? <>f Paper Hars'nss Vindow , ?/ p?ct?r?>?. frMim, PictureOorJt uj Tas "ifiS!"*"* Balls. In ths District ?*T??ms Oa?h. **-pie%?e rem-mbar Bame and Wtahw )yt-!? EXCURSION'S. PIC XIC8. Ac. CwV^P ?0Uiitl,oHT *X0l B8I??N?rth? Y klAN rnvv, *BTBOPOLITAB PKt'l'VTr ?i'J2 ?'?x-' utuD ? I87f> ilJTERSIIAL EX< ( RMOX, ? ONDAY, JUNE I J, 1<S7?. WASHINGTON LII1HT II* hANTHY ciKt'S cohi'any a " vars, STEABEK J ABB M08KLEY. Forty mile* down the Potomac. _ m iabdir l- at Marshall hall The l'oat win lea v. wha^s? sharp. returning at I a m. Jtreet ran charters! kT K-tr V 5#' ? e*t)?l?nian and l?m tobehsd^My wniwr ?f th?r.?rp.. ,?vu ?XOOB1IOIII. * A?HlNQTOSi vi'lmake gPy^U^BgH ALL M all", d ? Tiff roliiJfiVfljJ. ??* V* M ,b* T*rtou? Landing, vl? ?*?^ood-tt" Bona, White Heuae, Uod?! u ?b4 Brick yard, coir metric* SC8DA Y. June 4th a,Vor*?:C: ? Mi yj ? ha, f. at The f/ot i Tth ? ! ie'elodi^'? L4 ' ? * ?" a l*tarn,??? ?U>ot a Hnh/f?I l.h','ronDd ,rl?~eintl? Ticket.. SO cetti ^?r!^,^fiu?^lt?.P^rhn.,? 40 t?a,? C,?bi ?f 10 or"or' Familieacan take a ploaaart da? '? trta down ?h ? liZ.VLT* 'BJ?* th" heaithr freeh ri?er air, at rra tSJboat " intoxicating drinks a<. ld on boanl c*n b* chartered f ir Kra OM <Jru>r*luro for ???>??? that ??!.?il? ?at 2 th? above-named re toO v ATI i ? i^r, Jr,ber Inform at I jn apply 1 ^ 7ih ic.iOraB botril. FESTIVALS. I ^,02LTH%5rM -r*U'T FKSTIV^L Km T-t* ? ?inYw1?! .ISIV! Kaiaoopal Chnrch.oo ?BBD f.H PAT *BI'R8D\Y KVIMnos. Jnn-7 '? hooee on Harrtaon itreet. opposite He. LECTl'RES. I^BCTL'BB OM FLUB1 i'A. BY W. T. PIBRSU^I, AT M.MWXl'8 HALL, K 8TBEET. THl'BSDAY, JUBE 3, at 8 p m Tickets, M?- for ?ale at Brad. Adams'. ja? ?t* GEORGETOWN' APVER'MTS. IllATTIHHR, >UTTnii|, AUTTIAHA i'*1 . CHBAfBB TB AN BVBB * Good W hit* atid Checked Mattins a* to ct? J? JW.35. SO, iS. and SO eta 1 <M5 yards Victoria I awn at 12*, worth 20 ^t? tru0* "t0C 0t St"tLg l>rem ?' marked Uown ll:ent,drela?l>^, Wicds, for school ccntaitLc J 2 button Kid Giov?? for Bl, in all colors The '?Vicioria" B ??1 Gloves. J hntton. m 1 no a:6 tr BEBJ^MIH MILLER 103 Bridge ?t. JJ^PKIMG AB1> fllMMIto. " PBBMILM 8TEAM DYHN0 ATiV B'JOCBIJia, olmaSi ^;?ws?vvakj.? ,, r Ladies and Gentlemen can have their Hpria* and 7,"?-?J*^r,D* Apparel Cleaned or Oolotcd lo i??. ff.1?*, Bjanner. also. Winter Clothln*, Oar nictly Gleaned and t*k?a ' ^ork ?**nt foran'l delivered wit bout extra chatee an v where in the District?re ceitod froBi aad return*d t >an> plar. in tbeoonntry b> mall or espreas offlre and w7?'k?. 49 Jeflerson ni?n^'?eor*elown- D f"*1 ??ce B>,x> "*** 0?ce hours?7 a. m. to 7% 9. m.. Batnrday, to 8 ' n< mr< T PIANOS, Ac. THK.?BNri!iB "DBCKBB BBOS " P1AMOB and Burdett GBUABb. at the f, ,_ ?. _ A*tn y of o. klBH. , . 407 lUth street northwest .'I I %T f JM iy n??r P' unsjlvanla avacwe, piAMOS A"|*.<^"AnB A* eKEal 4 0 PIA * OS frcrn J* to B100 _ B-to0fBa??AN8 ,Cd M't'ODBOBS from^Ts'aJd^i/a0? ?3?? and M r. ELLIN Sc CO % q... J37 Pennsylvania aveane, 8wii? i?n /rtLi-hl?kenn* aad Web#r PUn ?? ?d og. im AD^ertesD Orgaoa ni>^j lm I'HB BLBMLBG B1BD (UOLIBKI/ PiABcT" ^ th* flr?t-claas 1 ?Z?? i^?l(i?ver m*de> WILD a o a^d* 7^3 rth rtr?*' tatwaei ? JJ? " northwest. * ? v w v v PAi^*n*?^ 411 lMtro?>*nti TUNED and K| rAlKED. lebS tr HAw'pr?"HT *p.aa iBstalmantt t^lebrated for an LjE^ WB BNABB * CU.1 " ^??w?I1?.BLD "AN09, erttmd, Square G rand, doiuwe ana L _ , _ THB BIST MADB. *? *??WBm"n Pianos; Hhonenger's ea4 aerated Organs, new style. Also, a '-rr~_ ?? . aasortment of Pianos which have been Ti ITfi^ Ul^' *J* .aDd nnt UTtr)MI\n octl?-ly <a?:< llth st..a few doon*,?v" S,V. INSURANCE. OFFICE or The Mutual Protection Fire Ins. Oo. OF THB DISTRICT OF C0LCBB1A, (CHAKTIKKD BT ACT OF CO*6m??*,l 140? Pennsylvania avenue,(opposite U.8. Tres y OFFICERS ? 7a?TwS>Pwa'B JA8. BriTOH. * M. iSALLABTYNE, Y. Pre*. Bac. and Traaa. ? _ . TRUSTEES George Taylor, W? Ballantyne, Chas. F Peck. Joseph Caaey, JobnC Bark nets, A B Perrv Wm. J. Biblsy, H. W. Bnrchtii, Jas.H. 8a>ilie. ?he niab^onappucation. JOBH T. ABUB. D. W. MTOhI? 6MNERAL AOMNT9 AM* LB Dkoit BnutM, ooraar of V ial m atraaM "^a/ovsi wwzsp BMOTAXia TbeoAos of tka LYOOBIBQ FIBJ Baa kaaa rssacved to HOTELS. RIOQS HOUSE, FIFTBBBTB AID Q STBBBTB, aay?-Iy Wabbi?toh, D. 0. T. A PTES' OOOPS. TIT M. SILVER, 7!7 liitlTtrici A ft nod selection o4 Ltdiw1 KI.AD1 -M IDK NUN, UVERNKIKTM. BA?qi IX, III ?TUM AMI I UfKlll At very 1 ^w prtc-* Aleo. a I arc* ? rtam ol TMJMMKU HATS A HO MOMMK1*. Udm ?lll 4o ??!! to MMIM tk? Mnl b?4?n yi? ha>it.g >l?f?brf? m>M l? $ JU2ST RECEIVED. A l*rc* l^rtirnt at IHAPI HATS For Ladle* and Children osb V eLta. f K*% ELL1NO BoaBkTO For Led'ee. ml} 75 rr*Kk Chip. Lorrw. L>r.lee. kad ('leta. all new and <ery iwrable. ( all fttid eee ?ar W eent Jtr? w FIHB, with r?-?l xt^nj etick* the cbeupe*Fan. -?er aotd r r Wear* redoel'g the ?r(f ?? go -de dally aaU ladle* are Invited U> eei'- end eiauilne ? i% I. J. tit XT. mi?i tr ?01 O*l_*0SjDj|Ml IMLTIHUKE IlLtlMHI establish X F.VT< AUNA FBtEUEBI'll, 9^* bOHXMTS. NiLllS KK) A .V it fAM crvooos, S* No ?03 7 th e?re?t r?rth?eat. between 1 m|K Umb.Mii ?id<- V Miuactun. Ot.lf p ometlr et tn.ricd t.> mt .1 m: 14m ii.>* ?m*? 1 mtf hi * 1AOABI: U P.itAWmf ^ CM^iia* jti?? >tpMtwai vlBif TT-LH^kB BoNNFTB AND H.tUBP^^ h*TS.?hicl. VI I open . n Tt IIUAT. Hay tU aeit. H I iX1* Pwmi f> inlt r nw. aayl* tr UBCKITKP A Ltrcf ?nd Select Aae^rtnent of LINEN E.M BROIDERIES, n>B TKIMH! NO LADIES L19EE BDITC H-f Bekottoa at LB1LDRKXS LAC* CAPS <t HOXXK7H. At BUN NEIJIA It PPKBn, ? y'l tr tilt *treet,opp Pf iiHIIIlM #3 SUMMER STYLES & new na ta . TUB M IL1TA ! UB and HUM CT HAT, In' HIP. PANMO*.and STB4W, ju?t r.<elv*d BjH-claj ilitjUuii given to order*. J. P. FII.MKM. ayM tr Bo. IIP* r etreet, bet nth and 1WB |^| MISS B. A. nrr?Rni( i, ToToth NTKKKT. iBT. CLOID BClLDlBO.) Dally receiving Ml the latest Movettteala CHIP AID STRAW BONBBTt*. HATS, LACKS FLOWERS, Ac., Be. umw of we?hlngt?a ud vicinity art turned to call Hid eiamire agSt-tv ? 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Also, jcbt bbcbivkd. m i Dtitto* KID OLOVKB.all (bMiot. sad tbr bM? la lb* mar bet. for ?!. _______ WE 1NVITB THB LADIBB TO call AID examine our etoefc. bitK It W HELLBB 7 1 > Werfcwt gpace b^PKVIALTl LB. BPKCIALTIBB. roue labs'. ? IBTH KB* ?-BT CLOUD. 00K8KT8, BKIBTS, BUSTLBS, BBKBi H LAI HHBT PO*PADODBS. PADB, BHOL'LDBB BBAC AS aoBlBBT, LADIES' OC'TTUl ABD MBK1B0 CHDEBWKAK. KID 8L0V ES. Stock of Fancy Ooode oonplete. ?oraJtlee received Sally. A?eory for Doinxtlt Paehlona MB tl BANKERS. A-<?. K14H), txoo, BI.04HI. ALEK. FBOTUIKOHAH A tO . BABKEBf I and Bi' kera. Bo 10 Wall atr?-H. aiabe l -r caOoam Oeairatle ime-tmenu of larce or nil MMoali in etock* of a lafMaoBi cbariM.tar, wbict fre-jnently ??> Iroin 6re to tweutr tiaie* tbe amount ln?eeted every thirty dare. Stookt bona lit aod carried ae lon| h irwired oa depoett of fl*< per oent. Circular* and weekly re pcrU eent free a pU eoly 8100 pWuVja-rfltt 81,700 dcricR the pant few moDtba. under oar impmvaC ?y?'?ro of operating In Stock*. Kick* redaaaO to notmtial mm and profit* Increaaed. B00B 00btall ? ..g fuU lalortuatioBMAggjS-. w apP tr Banker* and Broker*. 0 Wail at.. I. f COAL AND WOOD. (JOAL AND KIXDLLNQ WOOD. Our stock of COAL to now complete, enbracfBji Ul the choice quallttae. and to which we Invite Ik attention of oooeutner*. Our PAT EM T Bl'MDLED KIBDL1HO WOOD, with a fire lighter la every bundle, I* the beat ta lee. For sale by all grocer*? try U. Ho ibartag*. ?aper or keroaene oil required. 9HBAP- SAtM. 9LKAH. ?Tl ?111 and Depot 7tb atreet Wharf, ?e?-W It Kranoh OfBoe 101" Pennaylvaula aiaaoc THE TRAPES. A LKXAMDEK BALL, WILLIAM UALL 1 i\ ( Lmu trtia (I. IF, A'areer.1 BALLS CO., _ ? anutactuiwa and Dealera la Door*. Saab mm* Blind*. Olaaa. Hardware and all Building Material. i?7 ttaeeacbueeto avenue, between tia aad Tt. street* north* eat. aeU $<?*)> B p~r cent, c be ape. y other bonee t;all arx* era>rlt?e. jrM ly R m mm w mm. JAMBS B. B K IBB. tL I'M b Ah AXU BAB HT1BH. tr ?u Tru bt. mobthwest, ^ w n 1 w e b. JOllH 0. HOOAB, T1J Jte'a.i Banufacturrr of a Bewly Patettod Bprtaf Botier aad VenUlatli.* Awuiue for Storea,H Jtela, Pub lie Hr.tiditim and Private Dwellings. Flag* and Teat for aale or rent Sole Agent for the ccly Mildew Proof Awalug If e'erfal MEN'S WEAR. 8PRINQ GOODS. HEW STYLES FINE GOODS, TO HAKB TO MBA8CKB 8UITS TO ORDER, fbom as* or. READY-MADE SUITS FBOM tl? DP. SPRING OVERCOATS. ? IS DP. 1SO1.J IJVT TAIA0A.

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