Newspaper of Evening Star, June 6, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 6, 1876 Page 2
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. EVENING STAR W AaHllTOTO N: 1 |'F>n % Jane ?, IH7?. Beading Matter on Every Page Average Daily Circulation over 15,<JOOt?being more than three times thai of any other daily jH7j>er in Washington. The MM for the Mummer. fermm* iraeHtg the city may Save Turn 8ta* tent to thewr tnktreu by mad, postage prepatil. for MtcA period of time a* they may desire, at the rate 0/15 cents per week, fio cent* per month, SI 73 foe three months, or 93 for iix month*. 9T The money to pay for the time rojwred mutt in att routes accompany the order. Other, true the paper cannot be tent. The District At ( iDt'lnnnll. On the auppoettlon that tbe republican District debate* to Cincinnati have no vote Id tlae convention. and bold merely an hon orary position, tbe public here have been a little at a loea to understand why there baa been such a fierce scramble for tbe place, ' resulting lnthe,,electlon"of tw > sets of dele- I gate*. An a matter of Uct, however, tbe District delegates, under tbe decision of the national republican committee, really have votes Id the Lat'onal convention, hence tbe ta^rrr.em displayed la the matter. Messrs. Sayles J. Bo wen and Resolution <ireen v? re early In the field, claiming to have been elected In some spontaneous man ner to represent tbe District republicans at This claim was botly content ed. and the local nominating machinery has bee* set In motion to elect another set of I delegate*. Thif> District convention meets to morrow, and it Is understood that the i delegates and alternates selected will b9 Mes?rs. A. R 8hepberd, K. P. Broous, Fred. ! Dougl*ss and Prof- Langston. The Bowen delegation, according to report, Uvor Mor ton for the Presidency, and the contesting dele^at ou will champion Conkling. Some of tbe gentlemen named above in tbe two delegations L"~n. It injuuderstood, already gore to Cine It .at! to break ground in behalf of thfcii caDdl-iate, or for their own recog nition as tbe ilmoi pure republican delega tion from the Dlatrlct of Columbia. As Brother Bowen it not apt to give np an of ficial position without a tussle we may look out for lively time* when he meeta the "Boas" at Cincinnati. Tbe trip of the fast mail train from New York to Sin Francisco is generally concede! to beamrxt extraordinary feat, but the New York Fitmmy Port styles the whole thing sensatiora:. and say* It develops nothing, proves noibinv, aungests nothing, and there Is no reason why the feat should ever be nn dertakt ii ?fcSln. Tbe cost of running trains at such a rate of speed for such distances, tbe danger, and tbe uselesaness of doing so, combine to d< prive the recent performance of 8lgn?Lc?n<?e as tbe possible beginning of a new order of tblngs. .?^.-fOU,,^Uiegenenil IOpJc of discussion to day. ?, it was last night, is the astounl inner in which Mr. Blaine has onoa Z?rJr <d aPP*reM defeat lDto victory. p J^terday is compared to that ?uraiU nhLCVfa? Wlceh?l". where he In^ ^ ?dversaries when they were the? V,Ty f?* 0t gorgln? themselves with inrJt !'f Wbat eurPo?*i was an as f J, ^ry',.The Q?*stion now comes up SST W forty-four million people he addre*s*-d yesterday will be wrought upon ?stuece^/ullyaswas the Immediate aS? e*t'r1,y' ar lcr th? of his person al magnet m, resonant voce. and the thrill ing Crorratic effect of the successful ?? points made The opinion of veteran roiltic *ns 19 that his ,p^ch Jm? >1 rrore emotive with ^count? ,ba* ,U"'u tue House;?that it establishes for ? that quality of leadership which the I rniir ^ Dot KBe*n 3 ears, act that while ii juti..g the charges against htm it lnci leu t ..y makes an adroit appeal to the Union S' n timet, t of the country which will help ? m amazingly. it ? pretty evident, how Lis 1'oTech /r U effeCt" aH tb" ?r not- th? ! L ?! . stOBhow lhat tbe time has to. come for his ad versarlea to administer upon his effects. He has life enough In him quite evidently to *e able to make bis will at least, and say who shall be his heir. ?.T DOW 8ot^? "indications that the ?f ^ een the Honf e and the Senate will cot be of long duration after all. The Beuate exhibit* a disposition to concur in ail reasorable reductions, and it is to be hoped the House will meet that body half way, in order that some agreement may be reacbed. The New York Tim*.-* sensibly takes the view that It la absurd for the Houae to exaCl ch*n?"" ?* baa made, and I the threat that the Government should be stopped unleaa these were conceled was L ?? J1 ?ne' *cd Mr- K*ndail knew y*' "* ?">? The ant Ject of licensing what is known n_a I the aoclal evil, la oeing a<\taie-i in New jiork, and yesterday the graad jury came Into court with a pr?sentment embracln* a resolution to the effect that tbe legiai?ture ?e earnestly requested to adopt as early as practicable ^omeaystemof laws calculated to confinefconses of prostitution in the large c.tles of the -tate within cerUin sp^iaeJ limits, and to subject them at all times to he careful an.l vigilant supervision of the boards of nealth and police. Tula of course looks to tbe licensing of such houses, a ay?t?m which Is atronply opposed by many wto have given time and atudy to the aub. J*01- 11 '? weI1 enough, i.owever, to give JSU*; resaona of the New York grand & ,h' ^ 5ooeloMon- They contend that there la lack of poser to properly deal 16,11 convictions are difficult; JJ*t If broken up by the police in one local- I reaPP<ar in another, that even if all honaea of tt^ kind c^uld be sup. pressed the only reaoit would 1* that their W?.ald h*rbor ,n dement houaes and other dwelling* inhabitej by respect LtT their example and con mucl? more to deprave the youn? than they do at present; an l fluaily, that by tbe system which they propose the spread CT disease_wwUd be almost it not entirely ?topped. They conclade by sajing that it w*ma wholly unwise to forego the benefits that may be derived from aucli a aystem through a aentlmental dread of appearing to countenance evil, in this city the auppo sltioo ttat our Board of Health were In cilMd to favor a licenae system for houses oi this character, elicited a verr decided ex pression of pnblic opinion adverae to auch Project, It will be remembered. It looks aa If the tight agalnat the elevated "I **3* ,n N*w ^ork would finally be de l? 'iT<>r of the protestanta, that la the property owners aloLg the line of the road. TheCourt ojf Common Pleas baa joal sus , Injunction granted some time ?incs against the New York Elevated Rail, road, on the ground of proprietary rights under an ancient lease, and that the laws ender which the defendants invaded street opposite plaintlire Louse are unoon ?i iL .onal; and that the proprietors have * f * to the etreet in that part of tbe cltr ???' ject to its public uae for ordtiary pur.' 1-oaea of trsfflc and travel. ArgumeaU were Legun yesterday In New York fur an injuue. ^,!?r company from orsiatirg their real in Ninth avenue, and tae prospect la that some other meaaa of nlUmau>1y to be ^ **w Tork. Who oecu J: i. ..M m. i^jrr hot that they were mad7 to JEH -randalon. j,ba. Ths J?v^or ?ttit;ore withheld hla aignatu?! ?0T*rnor ()"LV FRKH(H RPOkCI. J CMS, JOLT. AUGUbT. AND SIPTBY 3EK. THREE G HAVES OF CLASSES. FBIPABATORT, INIIftMIDUTI, ADVANCED OPES I NO DATS FKM, JUNE 19. IS, aa4 17. Term-: (lL\arUMy ia afsatce.) Ob* 42W. T?o miBtb*. 93.20. Tbre* swaths, 9*?50. LIC1EX W. COLLI ERE, jiil* 419 9th ?treat i.t . b?m F rrw. r|" B K OLD RATIONAL EACB TRACK. BORSES KEPT AT LOW BATES AT OLD RATIONAL TRACK. Acrrsstbe Eastern Brinrh. b<* ond tbe Waahlrg Un Inaau* Apt lam lk*lnil?Pl|Hd,ktTti(|Mi ii|Ml?K? jwi his tl.ratt3?hitk? kwyinf sad training cl Trotting, Ksttiai end Pacing B**?. Alto to the kw|>ii| of ko.mi of p?r-ons wbospaad t> ?'Wmmmr cat of tbe dtr. Bor?es bought and sold. Pera no waatlag floa Coach Tram* aad Roadote.s ikntM *lTe turn a tt'l. j?N* THOMAS OOLLINB. N IW PUBLIC ATI05I. CENTBBBIALOFKBBIBG Ff publication of tb* '* Principles aa<l Acta of tha Bev< latlrn la America.'" Dedicated to the Young Men of tb* 0tltt4 State*. Ifir-f)?r year* ago, by the late Bes*kiah Biles, editor of tb* Emitter. Published by ?. 8 RARBES k 00 . New York, and f r sale b/ MOB l* S BRCTH BBS ard j*6 ?t W.B.AO H. MORRISON. /kLIVBB Or * Bl MILL. A Tale By la* > " author of Ministering Children. > ew V' lames of Bp ?h* ? f History. TbeOr?efe? and the Fenian*. 1 he F *11 of the Stuarts. ? smtlar Talk* to Bey*. By John Rail. Polynesia and New Quints. By Hoi. A W. Mar ray. All the new bock* a* yntllnhel. At BX. BILLA!ITT!lt'l j 4tr 4*9 SEVENTH BTBB1T. TB E Ct ?PARTS EKsUlP OF 8CHK0K k HAIL. Me-cbat T?t'ori Is this oay diwolved b. mntuslco seat Mr JOBN BO HECK will con t tue tb*- AiiMiim*. at the nortbwe-t corner of H aid 4th streets rortiire?<. He io authorized to col lect a'l outstandirK debts, ALd will nettle ail iodeht tdnesa if the Dim. JOPB BCHECK, H HKlIi. Wat hit etor. D C., June 5,1874 j?4 3t* h 11 it; H MkRCHAUT TAILOR, t>33 N street, bit 4th and 7th (treet* n All work done in the n*aUst n anner. fatt.fac tlon gna'ftiiie? d. Term* vary moderate. je? St* 4 Fattsfac je4 St* (H>< D FA8TUBAQB. SOUS MILKS FBOM F Washington Apply to B. T. BW akT, Si"\?m BtiAbtwocd, p. c. j g st* AcyS. UM FERGUSON. B KICE LAY BR, JOBBING A SPECI1LTF. AII orders satisfactc rily execute). To be left at George L. Sheriff's Wood and Coal Yaidi. 3*9 Peaosyl.ania avenue and 1114 Penn ayltanla avet n* northwest. je5 It* JOS. J MAT'S PARIS KID GLOVE DEPOT. 949 PtHn'v ivt hi * Arenvt. ?We will offer tbi* week a large lot of Wbib> B id Glove*, be*t quality, at 71 ct*. a fair, j -? ft JOHN T. MITCHELL. 931 Pes5stlva5:a Avin: 5. PURE LINBB LAWN.~J.000 yarls opsned this mornug, at ZScsnts; former price 50 cants. BLI E, BROWN AND BLACK FOULARD CAM BBIC at rednsed prices. 1'CO yards Gordon * be?t SCOTCH GINGHAM, ll'j c> Ll?; ledortd frcm 25 cent*. Ls'ge stork of DEEtS ROODS at aid 25 cent* j?6?t 1876 CLOTHING. 1876 IkON'T PrECHASB! UNTIL TOU EXAMINE 1 " ttat handsome Albecnf Cm* Bait for Mli, for merly 415, at A. BTBAUb'. Abeautifdi- ?bitb Marseilles vkbt, siLglerr doable-bteA*ted, for |1 U, at 1011 PenLaylTALla areme. Hi KD T1MEP'?Pnrcha?frs want to *fcve money, *0 lock at the >10 Worst "d 9mt at A. STB A US' flGBT COLO BE l> AND FASC'T DRESS j PANTS, 100 different pattern*, at lOll I'ena ?yivatia Avenue. I'HK ORIENTAL SILK WORSTED 8CIT for I 920 is most dreery on: this season, at A. BTBAtS'. PB1NCB ALBERT FROCK COVTS. with Vtsts ti. match. Beautiful pattern for ?iO,a: 1011 P? e tsj l? anla a* eiio*. 'I'HE GBEAT HIT OK THE 8EA?ON -A 1 Litui Dnster, very long ai.d nicely m?3e, Lr SI, at A. BTRaL's'j 'PR* DELL1BABBE PLAID CA^S SUIT re I cuctd to ?U, at 1011 Peun^ylvaLia avtnne. A FULL LINE of Children * SUITS, hand comely tutcnud and made in the very latest s:|le; frcm #5 upwards, at A bTBtl'B'. rHE FINE BLACK CLOTH DRESS SUITS for tbonld be a^en to be appreiiated, at 1011 PenLsy ItaLia arecoe. FENGLISH STRIPE AND PLAID CAS8 SUIT j that acid for 914. sailing bow for 9Li, at A. tTBAUB. ? MOHAIR DUSTERS, PUm and Ulster style. A mat varietj of colors, at 1011 Pounsy lrania aieme. jVORTH HOOPIC CASS SUIT at Ell, If only toUh*datA.8TJ?AUSr_ IJOI A' f CBOOL SUITS, well trimmed and ntcely 1> mode, fcr 94, at loll PennsylTanla avenn*. VOUTB8' DBE88 AND BUSINESS SUITS in a 1 girat rarit .y of style* and pattern*, at A. STRAUS'. |\fOBAIR AND SILK LUSTER ALPACA i'l CoaTS, at all price*, at 1011 Pennsylvania avenoe. ^AULfBURT BROKEN CBECK CASS SUIT, C? frock *t> le, well mad* and trimmed, for ?i, at A. bTRACS'. THB LARGEST 8IZE MAN can be fitted In J Suits or separata Coats. Pants or Vests, at 1011 Pennsylvania avenue. HAVB TOD BEEE THAT SUIT for 06 At A. STRAUS'. F AST BUT EOT LEAST -A genalaa Middle li sex Flannel SUIT for BIS. at 1011 Pennsrl vauta avenne. mvM tr A8K TOUR TOBACCONIST rom a FREE SAMPLE BOX. OP 1HB "HIGHLANDER." It ts made of the Flaaat Selections of Virginia Leaf, and Is utxtjaalad for Purity, Richness and Delicacy tf Flavor. JL GEJTERjtL REMARK. 1 hav* marked down alins of Caa*1m*re Salts, seme o' tLero made of the finest English goo Is and formerly aold a* higb as S30, to a njifortu PRICE or ?10. Beys' suits, also marked down, to close, some as low as E4. A U.-gi lite of CMaimer* Pantaloon* for 93. Wcr?ted Ccats with Vests to match, El? 50, 9-0, 92i 923 AKD E30. Cddtasjimere, Wonted and Cloth Ooats. dowx. Very fine fabric, English Oanzt- Shtrta, ?LIE. Gocd Domestic Gossamer Shirts, Tt Oenta. Ecglish Merino Bbirts, 91 *JJ. Bordeied Linen Batdkerchiefs, 32 Oeita. Faitcy Half Hosa. from 33 Cents to EI SA. Handaosa* Plaid Snita, 9'^^ St? ii*b Caulmete Suits. 016 Fin* White Veat*. all Llaen, front and back, S3. Alp*ca Becks, Marie Stuart brand, 0&. THE WAMSUTTA MUSLIM SH1ET. ALL REALT, FOR El <>0 OR ? 1.44 SET CASH ON* TRICK OXLY. CASII DISCOUNT TEN PER CENT. QEOROE O. HENNINQ, til EETE5TE ITBI1T. my 29 tr B10E OF THE QOLDBE FLEECE. WATCBES, JEWELRT, SILVEE AND '? PLATBD WAEI, AT GRBATLT RB- *v DLCED PRIORS, FOE THE EEXT 90 #90 DAI 9. JUM \? . B. TAPPA*. ? J*w?ler. SOS F (treet, Maaonlc Tempi#, Agent for Mb.*. Demonat'a Reliable Patterns. ubio tr " BTB UUASSES AND SPECTAOL 'Jo tfT*? variety. A large atock paid to repalrlsg I^m W^UbJa' a^J^mlry M?lr Nrw NU KM ml rt^ in WANTS. \\ ASTID-A ent cIm LACNDBBB3 *t tbe ?' Calon Htt l,Qeorg*tewa. yt M* \\A H T ED?!! 0 D Y HAND* -a Dree* n.ktig. A??If MHi4 YAB BKCX'S, 912 1Kb str?t I taibwwt. fruUlD t'|3>r? it* iHIID-4 |oo4tlKV*>r la ikiuuMrr snd li r (tiers) bo-is-wotk Apple, v Ith rec cnaat'tdstlon*. at |T3? I atrest je4 3t WANTED?Rya ml'ldl?-i<wl Worn in a fOII TiOR as seen street In a genteel fstni'y; U< h?r c? ii Mwiug macliiL?. AMicm 1 I D , 8t?t office^ j<| * WANTED?To PUB HABEforceeh.Uood Wur aid Fixture* of a email, well eetahlltb^l BlSTa I B a NT. Address, static g terms, Ac., 4. M . rtar effice. )4I * WANTED?A food, reliable colored MAS to cook Apply at the Green Mountain Dialog Rocms, n?ar 7th street jaactlon of Center Mar ker yd 3t* 11'iMtD?At tbe National Diuiag Bx>au,cor PoUfljlviki* avenue, a WOMAN t) work in kitchen. If WM J. MABTIN E^ABTED?lly a Girl rwepeetaMy ooaaectmi U YY ibecity aSlTCATIOB to attead to childrea; ? t*?k? flceutiy German and Bi g'isb.and does ma thine sewing. Inqalre at 936 L street a. w. It* \v VJWJfe Bjr * w??aciahle cclorad Girl a 8 If "* CATION ae nnne or lady'e ma-d; will travel 0T*? ID eoaairy; good re'ereacea Apply at 1??? H at. acrlhaeat ftott t? ? u*>?.m. U* WANTB1'?A colored WOXtk to cock. wash aid trcn; alio, a "TRSI accustomed t> the charge of a young baby; referencaa required, Ap ply at 1341 t:orc< ran atre?t j?f St* WANTED?By a Lady, H'?\BD with borne ?" con forte In a private family, convenient to lb? I rptrtmeDW; terms seasonable: reference* es char |M iiddrrntL IC B S'aroffle. U* WAN'BP?Touag Men?Several actira young 81 EN of ? od aodr ae wtntei to m>U an an - eie cf ready purchase; al?j. a GI kL for geierat h ta work, rtfrrencta. apy 1y at 90s East Capitol airee' |(? ?4 Pa>ACA as nuiBJ ia a family yv either at home or to t: a*el, wnu'd p-eferotn *''h f-?nstly golr.g to Poila^elpbia. also, aoi I ? lubes employment a? rhamterrnald. g 1 relet ? n;ea Addrees A. B., tOS lUh street north w'" J 6 3.* WANT1D?Orcd MILL1NKRH at 130H~Fh Yv ureei northw M; do others need apsly. j% .if WANTED?A yoaag MAN of two years' e?p - jet-It* CONTINENTAL Hnrc.. \V'AN1ED-A GlttL,12 to 14 eeari oil t? go vv k'orh. g> d country b'm? iff red. Cell 4 29 6tb stieet. Island. it? \VA.JiTiD?At No 1 0 H B aire at mrthwes*, a ? v t\ t?M AN to do the housework and washirieof a amall 'amii?; 8 >oJ rgf. r^ncea rainired. j??-3." YY'ANTID?An American WOMAB to go aix V* mi.ct In the ooaatry to do the h?nM?ork for a Unsily or fire. Apply at 1ACA 9th ?treet norih ? e<t. between S and ? o'cl.>ck a. m je6 It* %V ANTED? At 9101 G atreet nonhseat.a whitt OtHLtodo cha<nber?ork and plain aewlng; nrl.eJiaid ?>thout good city reference*. j?# tt* \\rANTBD?-A blTCATIOB b/ a yonag Woman a? bonaek*. per or CLlldreo'a nuree to travtl wl lit be fam'ly u?r the aommer; good ref"renc?? Apply a* 913 Mth atreet. jeg WA FTBT?A Kttled a Ijred QIBL o co k, aaih and iron; also, a he'f-grown colored GIRL Tor boost work Jn a family of two ?:raon> rtftreccee r qnlnd. Apply at 1315 New T rkar etio> norlbwaat. je8-eo3t W V.VJi-/0' S '??gJod HotelSIB r ?MTB for all kind*of work, ala>, 15 for pri vate ramllies; hoses are wattlag; JO for this city a d NewjUni;oo,OoBn ram'ltea aopplied at the luieka Eir ploy men t Office, 907 D street ) S3'* Mrs. LvUISB 0. BPTLEB. tVAKTBD? A WOMAN, ta go aix Bailee In the ?? conrtry, to do plain cookIoe and general hca>ewrik. Apply at Bo 1411 f street north wift Good reftrebcea required. jaS-.Hi* \Vr ANTED?By a careful snd competent geutle 7 ? man Ike use of a gentle HOBsE and CAR K1AGE for the'r keep daring the sutnaer. *d dr<sa '?BOT." fctar office. jeS-6i* WANTED? Ladies to exavine onr GAS HCAT .7 1KG aroceaa cf Ptaitirx Mlka. Orecadinee, P? rc?le?, Lit en and Upeca Goods Mo di colora tt- ii rr bcrtilcg. Call at 1009 T atreet. je3 St* ANTED? Proper,y-owner? havinc HOOSEH for tale In any part of the city, or BUILDING Lf*7 8 or large f ronts suit:ible for blocks ol houees, si ) fli d it to i heir ad vac taee to placet be same in my nai od for u I bave daily appHcatiouc from par ies*<ekin? homes, and thou- seeking unitaMe lo'? tc boi.d npon. M. M. BOHBEB. _J"U? IBep.J 313 7th street. \V ANTED? VOL NO MEN for taliroad and . . busmeaa parpoaee. Good salarl** when <g':ali fled. Telegraph, phonograph, bankicg; busloeas liiitrnctlc ns sen* free Address Bupt. Polytechnic Co., Ualtlmore, Sl^ my 14 lm \lTANTED?4}entlen>en to know that WILLIAM >? MOOBE. Merchant Tailor, 1011 Box? York avenue, make# a specialty of ratting garments to be irads sabome. novlt ly \\ AM AD?l!a i?PKTB 1U CLtlH at Kttt't *? Sit>im Bfitint Works, 4 90 Halne avenue, between 4* and #tb streets aonthwvat. Calhd for and delivered without charge. apll ly LOST AND FOUND. I*'bT?On the Sd laatant.ln the northera part cf j WarhUgtcn. a Kittn Ari\ Ourai BaDGB. Ohaae, B (> M , k<\ A lite ral reaaid will be paid if retcruoo to Ko. 11*24 II h i ti eet_not thwe3t. jeg tt * Cf E BBWABD?Loat, on Erliay last, at tli? Oapl tol, a email WHITE tell \WL with fl*n?d border. Beturn to 14 tO O atreet n w. j?9 3t* IOST?May 30th. a PACK aUs uiarkod McKim & J Hogg, care O. M. l'oss >l .V Co. A liberal re ward will be paid If reiurntd to (>03 P.nasylva?ta avepqe. corner <th atre?t jet-'t* QP BE WARD?Strayed away ou tne 4tn Instsni, OOatla<-k and tan EEMaLB HODHD;^-qJ b tb eara cut: rope around h-r neck. Th?a*^V a^x verewai <1 will be ptid lf returned to No. bu 7 Msryland avenue aou'liwest. jeS St* ^TBATBD OB bTOLEN?From W^odle's pss > tore at Chain bridge, aa IBON CBAV mV^ ?1 ABB, 4 years old, snitil size. bliaUrtu on /QV both hind l?g?. A liberal reward will be pail f >r her retnra ot information leading to her recovery. jeS-Ot* I P. BAk K B B. con er 13th and Bits' UTUATED OB STOLEN?Juae 3d, froa pasture ? near Meridian Hill, a DABK BBtf COW., M uI'll torus turneJ Id, short black teats, alltP iff i n one ear, w hlte stri pe on bel 1 r. Liberal re- JUk v srd. Apply to N. Li BOIfl, College U 11, near 14th 'treat jtr fOST?May Slst. dark BAT HOBSE, whi.e race, ? two white hind feet, mark below left KW b'n I iberal reward paid lf retarned to H. B KODSE, 7th street road, bear Scbaetxen j?3 St* BOARDING. (^ENTENMAL ACCOMMODATIONS for ten or ^ Often aereons. at M. MBTTEE'P, ISOtt Par ri>li street, Philadelphia. 1; IPOABPIBG -Nealy furnished BOOMS, with I' riBST CLASS BOABD, transient or perma neit, at aunmer prices, in a p easant and central locality ; COB 13th street northwest. je6 3t* CENTENNIAL BO \BDIBG. ? A lady from v- Watblngton will accommodate a few BOABD EBS on reasonable terms Apply at or addreea No. 14 0 Fonh ZOcb street, PMla.elphla. Centenaial can pase the door. j?3 4t* CENTENNIAL BOABDINU - 320*2 Chestnut / atreet. Philadelphia; house newly furnished baLd<H.B.e walnut furniture; tn direct car tcute to the groucda; convenient to a>l places of smo??n.ent, rooms singly tr en suit'*. LODGING sno BOABD $1 per day. Address Y. X .Star of ttce je3 gt* SINGLE LODGING BOOMS, 10 ceuU per night, cr from ?] to B3 per week; BOABD or MEALS at r< asonable rates, at No. 46ft Pennsylvania ave nce apf0-3m* Pleasant booms and good boabd can be obtained at 1009 Marylekd aveaue. at mod erate rates. In a private family. marST lJw* COUNTRY BOARDING. C'Ol'NTBY B 'ARD W ANTBD-near Washing / tr.D, wlib convenient ana daily access to the city.ty a aicg'e gentiemau. Addreea, withatr tlcclara, 8.JT. D^^etar uSce. jei 3t' porNTB* BOABD?May be obtained In a pri V> u'? family by ?pplyi'>g at tbe f ?urth h use b? y nd tbe 7th atreet eatrance to Soldiere' Home. Care ja?a tbe ?o r^ ja8-3t* NTBY BOABI'?Seven miles fro? city.oa / Metropolitan brancii B A O. railroad, near 811 v?i faritg Station. laqaire at SI 1 7th street. j^ir |.H)H BtNT-Wi.b Board, a nteelr-faraishbd r ROOM la a private tamilr, su table for two yeni e aea, at Hyat:svllle. Aidrtsi Lock Bix'JQ, M asbiatton.P O. ja? it* (~*LWTOI HOC8B. Fnxrfai y r?,-Rs8t J ted. Flrat c'aat aocommodati >as at m>darate prices; valubrlous climate; good shooting; tioe driiea; ?? milee from Washington. Apply at 3*2t> Indiana avenue. Waahiagton, D. 0. j 3 St* I^rSMSBBD COL'N f BY HOME-One mile r from hone cars, near Mount Pleasant, will either be rested to a family, or four boarders can dab with tbe proprietor acd keep h >nee; horse and cartiage Addreea J. YOBK, Treasury Dea.rt aent myt9 lw* JHE GKKAT ANODYNE AND NKBVIN1. BELT'S 8TOMAQH AND T0N10 BITTERS. "? vi ia i mm mmq i 0P1CM HABIT: tt ia a Mtnto. curing tit* tad ?rcyln? aU daatre fog tt. r*mrkUt* U ^ ********* ^ Oroctrt. Smd fm "V&iS3SP """?? WHOLB8ALB AGEBTT, 811 Wl stnals Waahlagtoa? DO, FOR RENT AXD SALE. "??fjitobte lonr mon r**\9 No i4t2? l "'??*,*?a. App'/ a?-*t d x?< F * J7 ""? ??!. COM.Iuljg lea Kl* 'WUV"?' khi.imm Pft5.ntifJfBi.Mfi 9 *T' ?' "^rthw-.t. d?l?ht B*t??fc"ViV? 1 'Q? *?-"-?"* r; ?'?r ?*? ?uJro^? )c4 tt TBU* ? ffiGHABAH.tl9 71 h St. F(a*ean?1'??77.Hr7 1,(1 TS ?*t?- ?n M^rrlaad rLtiiSKTmfa ^r**i' ?*?"??*' -??? end oo irtt rlU A?*l? at 313 12th street - .n'h ? J-6-#.* P K containing betweMi^ih^JPfifS"1 "?*?*? aitoa'ed oa M itr^t, F?Au?K Hora?d,M^iy.J[a;nUh^ 'hrr^.torr FO" BENT?>?t?i rtoj BUCK noaxi water. front yard. ire*,, *c ? ,,r.o.h t-meof hers*cmrs I nan Ire of R a * " ?M 4H and t streets ?3fhweff ?ba?,)?-1T F^oMSjrT-*?ta7J't','",:1?*'; ??'"? rur*lh,d ?"ME** twelve )??** TrtOI ? WA8Q<MtI.IHT,K^ F?? ?wr nto*. cool KuOM hmdsom" ly furnished. commnnieatfnc seoixlX 7,IvT2.? em improvements, with fl.Tt tllJa&Afi'!X2 summer prices; refere>oee; 941 M ftr^t , F ?rf. 'VfcAM E HorSVT* n 'rth '?*t. tbra* ... ? ? 0 Ls B, nine nvnn?, water ? n re1 ,??;v ?0fW^?^?iT3"a?::4sK"*s *?? drea? M*L. K .Star" ffle'b*1'* *' *' tt-'1 fnotttaMt ^<SS*rtT tf or bui .i .? u.t j?i eoSt*^ nc* ?* Apply at bou?>. F'?* BBBT?Five BO"B8. en suite, oa the first (parlor; floor cl No 104 W*? street, hTw"7a uongrsss et?a W*ahtn?t n, tiror#, t>*n. I) C fos ^?J'sD?* pr<nii?M. P>? BBNT?Bt'O^E No 1349 9 b s-ieet nor h west; 10 rc?me nxxtt-rn impr^N -man'*. Hrnt 1-w to a good tenant. F r terra*, Ac., i&iiuiro at fr eery store next door or to JaS. F. RBiBN. S-22 Bih street tortheasr Jeg St F?f?,n?f MTrA *?*. ?**'" rj-m turanhed BOUSE, located on Ge,>rg<-t.xrn lie'ehi*. and convenient to the atreet ca-s. will be let fur thrre tuontba fw.m !?? J alp io a tamily ?.rh r ut children. Brnt to b? taken in h>?fdtortln Ian. lord Inquire on the prenjiiea, n )fh?< ?t cor 2*,rn,lUMld '??*t?e?t*eta,or addrrM O. F., Bi* 7 7 9, Geo f?town Po?t Office. Bereren?? re <?n"ed jefi ?? ?*HT?*''"5 H ?tri'et nortn?re?t. BBI^K. ht room*, la complete order: na?r Pi?t?ot Office. Icq aire TIT H street, K JR.BUI-A BBIGK H008K,*tx ro'ian,.iir?, rAV\V*?"g.%t e1.CK APP'' o" ???e prem u ?; ?j. <?? j}, street pcathwegt. j?i 2?* , ???^~rTwo nicely furniahtd comanui r cat leg FBOKT BOOMS, at 9?'i M street nor?h weL: je??t? F?.f I',;*? sxsst ? urs F?? RWT-THUD rLOOBof 412? Peniafi. rv. * eiiUB, tw o' rooaa: pa-< mod water. Bent *?.a ? TH0S- * WAOG %II \H, J":3? ai?7th?tiWt. ^*.1!,?7<;oaTfn.,ent two ?torx DW CLLIMG, * ?_,li1 M ''?reet. l>etwe< n D and B north *e?t ?J{* "2-: moaero ImproiemenU; garden ana stab'e. In^nIre next doer. jeo-3t* ??? ,v/ F'OB bbbt-a ?Ix room HOUSI, molern im ?roiraMkto, 1910 H itreet. near 12-h norVh n.harfr'i-tlS'i. A*PLr 10 J- BA*?T*A'3- corner I3'n aid T l.tWII north Went j In |^"UB BKBT?To geutleoien ouly, noTeral furo ^Sv. jDltOOMS. deilshtfullr sltaaU'd, fic lug north and Month; 110 7 Mt'^rli^Mit] aretint> near corn<r of lltb ktreet. crnrer.leut to ca-? (inf erence ri<)Dlrcd P? ivdte fasi^ly je5-3t* F -H.e?K^lJTJ,h?re* "tory t?n room*, *",er'?ap, tjatn rocm. nnoitncr kltchea. collar LVi, . . ii No. 100 I New Vorfcavetin?. cjraer lith street Ai?o, 81 ORB. No. lol Br.' ljfl Strtet. Georgetown. Irqmre 1 i d'2 G ?tr?et a. w. j?b .{?* ^Ot'BBNT-A i:eatiy fnrntsii A HOCSE I r ittr^ ?T IZom'r*: A<ldT'*" wi,h HBNT-TWKNIV tOU.US, nn'-ml he.f , V* i Ur?t-ciaa? nfBcej or a boa dlu? ! . ? . u'r B ?P?er btoriea of tnildiog corn r K and ? Jli ha? two bath r<?ms Reut gho eer mcLth Apply to T. r GVTCI1EI/ J>? * t at'l 11th ?'re^ta northw^. K'AR/^LI BEN r- 8oUlhta?t corner of S jut b '_ ivei-Of %od TU^h street sont heast, a fi e + ?\V* L,L,N0 H?USE at<l Garner STORE ? i ?? ? ?bel*lc*.-c /nnt?r? and large dry r-|iar, roitable for Krocery or market pnrp ues, havina jT'U ioGAM AN Apply toTH?^ r . v? ?W?AM AN . No a 19 7<h g r etn w. j"5 ji* pCiBS ALK?Dorirablenew UR1GK BEMlUSNOifi 1 * nn . late rovf. on aontb gronod5 of Colombia l I/a .m m'j' <fV1Pit|t ?*x'a roomt bath room, ?i>? ?!! riH'derb ini^rvv? mouts; has gas and water im f ?M . ^ ?Ten r?wI>?ct ? flrat data Bea ir^eBce Lot cottaina neatly 9.000 aqaare feet of g "iihd. ?Ld the location nnrorpaRaeo hy any in tha 1 rkr;.? eaALLWoou 4 MO BBI Soil, m A1A7'h itrwt.OBn Pna?rim>A F 61 a Mi afreet, opp Po?t OITl-'e. lat sirm j 3-Jt* ,,ft^rtL*e.T~B?OM9' it(,a,r* kt 701 Mfirett I' 'i?.tjd 330*tbafreet north^ i* **?t 0?pti?l atreet, Briik iiOfJSEd W'th six ret mi and cbll?r; reLl #13. je3 jj* 2v?a" F?2J.iR!Ur?" B?OH, 22.31 feet. U f^et iL flo?r.north troD',..ver TEIL'^, ???_*** FennaylTanla arenue. Apply to W s. v. ja3 3t? I^'Jlnicely farnl'had FBONT w' w,tl1 *" modern iraproTe " locatl(%?leaaeii'. oeptral end cor I for earn *? I* frtraie family; No. T05 8U> street n" h ?1 jeJ-Ji* F'1'1* flret clan ^BICK BOUSE, No" Ml G street porthweat, ha'fag gat, bathroom Brhk%lUbte'^iVirj6V~ento^r0MU "d j*3 St TB08.1. WAQQAHAW. 319 7.h at. KMT-BOU8I No. 419 11 street north ?vh?^s.r^adgsb?^M^ ?"??>?<* '??? FPB J?NT-Three atory B1I0K HOUSE, No. . ?tre?"t northweat; contains 11 rjomi l"pPr?iements, poaaca^lon given itn yedUtaly. Apply at Store, corner 2oth and U tti. nonmat. je3 3t* K'i?. ii55T~TtM aleaaaotly located COTTAGE -i ^ i.L?* ??I ?traet. No. 8813, south front. 'felons halla and ten large and airy room* fuh^1. Scm; wlH ^ r*ctod furnlrhedor nnfur l^ui>r/ondp^ff.?nglTenbyJane 'k*.-^Pmall BOOttB on east stde<>(auth A atrett, between B aed 8 ata., with 3 000 fost f ??d?nVir!?kILt?P,0TJn* ?Od pleasant location; card cn dtor. Tetmf. $iu caab, and fta monthly. 6t Corner lgthst.^andNew Tor^avenoo. t*t**T.~r?UT B 'OMS on third fl >or, at Bo ? 1411 r street noithwe?t; a (mall unan itr of rnrnitme for sale if desired; will rent ths R./.ml furnifhed or nafnrLi.hed to a family withoot chii l/e^t a large Boom famished. Si ^ or.leatle^en; gas and water on the same floor. Apply at abor? ieS-at* pOB KB NT? No. 10 Grant street. 11 rooms; $70. Jo. 1913 I street Lorthwrst. 9 rooms; #40. No. '22 < 1st street aontheast.9 rooms; #4150. No. o08 7ih ttroct southwest. 10 ra^ma; 040. . r W. MILLER A OO , j*3 3t No 9 13 t street northwest. L"<UR BR NT -T?e tbiee-rtory and baaement " BRICK DWELLING at the soatheart oornor ol C nad 1st streets southeast, containing 16 rooms, meoern conveniences; rait SW per m->nth. BBIt'K BBHtDBNCE, No. 1334 8th street, six re cms, water acd gas; B?0 per month in ad vane*. Also. No 133* 8th streat.six rooms,water and gaa; $30 per month In advance ? a. ..-JO0?* r0X * C? ' _J? ? 1309 Peanaylvanla avenue. C'OB BENT?The DOUBlB FBlMB BOUSE r No. 1811 lgth street northwest, at tu per month; tfce sdjolntrg HOTSB, No. 1913 16th street not th a eat, at #20 per month. Apply to J*? lw T L MPMB.of Ball A Borne. fc-OB BENT-Ptx room BBItK BOOSE, 1919 E. Jt th stnet northwest; water, marblemanttI'. Ac. wdLOi ,t3r*' 1917 B street, betaeea iith and 13th straeta WM HDTBBBFOBP. POB BBBT-A fine OPFIOB BOOM,with EM " ?aUr. situated onJd floor; 819 W street, op positsI Pau ntOffiwe. Bent reasonable to a reliable j?l <t* F'V.?,fl\?r-.0ne.1F?* *Bi*B HOU4B, No. 1810 MHb street betweea M and N northwest: aiec . on* ? r< om Brick Uonse No 1019 14th street jutes '"H*??;,??? j^SS^^??rs8iw-jf"-ss SST&Sft2S",*c* a*Bt ?"?? *Tt *o POB BBBT?Large 8TOBB BOOM, with flna ?bow w.t dows. Ac ; mio. 401 Penaaylvanla avenne. bet aeen 4H and 5th streets north wei ' . , A. ||. DCVALL. Attorney at Law, jel-lm Corner 4H street and basiri... aveane. P?E, two-story BE1CK 8TOBB. wtth toss isrvsis:: Apply at Bo. 314 B st northwest. myll-Im IfOBBBB* OB 8ALB?Oaa of ths atosst and thor??TLCS2ISSl*B??0u8?LU ^ DWrict. la Saafaaa^".'saiani?g8t KKnif? "?**?*"aatg." i^Ara^i?5surw-.oa'tat FOR RENT AND SALE, E*OR BBBT?That ?ew ard coosaodiya* three F story Iron from WABIBOIBR. Bo. SIS 9tn rr*et, thtee <rx r? north of P?unlrtal? iw.*, * nh litp?' Hunt ?l?<M?r. im, vkifr, at., *u la complete order, terms XKtfriif Apply to Br. BlGftX>W. m}U la Natioaat Baak Bepabltc LH1! BINT?Oic .* t?o (ntkmii can Itj r pleasant BCOM9, with sort kern a?4 soothers fiMtrfi M Capitol H l|. u4 the Mo4ropolltaa Dm of can. The rootni c*n be en^??d I>r ih? ?t?rtiior or permanently. Reference* exchanged. Ad<*re*e B lOTPott Ufflf* mySS Sir* ."OB BEAT ?A n.w HOUSR Bo. i09 B rreet soathtast, IS ronsnv and *11 moder* im >wnawti. In<mire 890 Sth street a. a. m*J Sw* ?>OB r talc F BKNT-A two story BKICK BOOSB, _ talptng ntae rooms situated on 19th itwt.W t*fH II and B street* northwest. cotUltlif *11 Bcdern improvements. ln<iuira at 1103 M ??mt norlhwtst. ?>? las C'OB BALK?A BOCSR aod GARDBN, at HI a r densburg Depot, B. mad O B B , Bra Bin ate*' walk ft on* toe station: good stable and ctrriic* b' ose; fruit tree* and *nnibb*ry. Will ae *Ud on Hi) km or traded for ?liic?b?ra< city prop erty Apply to J. W. BOOTT, Bo. 1?43 S?h *?re*? aorthwaat. miV-la* I^UK BBBT?BOUBB iiiOT B street r Poeaaaalon J one 1st. Apply to M- TBIMBLB, idtIT 3w 614 13tfe street. L'OR BBBT-rnfurnl.bea BOOMS, an salt* or ? cltfle. pleasantly located far summer; new house, with nWern conveniences, ooe aqntn fiont ear*. Apply 11S4 18th street. m>ll 4w* FOB BALK?A ne? ?nd handsome DWBLLIBG, 10 rm-ms, a few miout**'w*lk of Me'*y; admira bly mi ted to *ni on* doing bq?in?aa la Washington. Trims uaoaa*lly ?*ey. Apply to / p BIOHABDSOB, myll-lm* Old Hotel. B?lay. B A 0 BB F'OH BhNT ? KOOBS. furnished end nnfurnish ed . lb ail parts of th? ctty, from SB to ? !?*> per tr.ot'b. Apply at L?OBSBY*B BOOM AOKNCT, Bo. t?lt> F ?l ?( northwest. mvMMm* LMTiSALB OB KXCH ANGK-Por city property, r ?? ALKtccnrt" PaBM of 1>S acres, highly im Jrorrd. witb fine orchard of imported f. uit tre?*, wt I It r k b"n?e and barn; situated ou Mew '"at Riad, Oiif mil* froir Ins-vne Asylcns. Icjuire of K. J A COB, Bo. 920 17tb street kertbwest, between I li d K streets. roygian* FOR BALK?Three d<?ir*t le I its of IM PBOVBD t BOPItoTY , aoou itiven'menu f r the money. Irqnl e of W K BOACB. at Oitixene N?tiot,al B?nk, 15th st . opp Treasury dt-partment m* e.ilm li'OK 8ALK ? In the Country ? a onuiforraMa r I>WILLING of 11 rooms, within lire tu'nures walk of Ammendale, Baltimore and Ohio railroad: alto, Bne Bnilding Pites; Boiling aud B*?uttfr.i Country; w.U watered. Aidreas OaNIKL aM M EN. BtltiTlll*, M.V apH 3m LVJK BALK?At a great bargnip, LOT 65x113 on I 9th Htreet i ottbeMt. between B and C, clote to street cars; would mak? th**? ??vi hmidtas I >ts. 8M ALL WOOD ? ?I"K:iIS<>N, my 10 lui >ia 7t*i street. FPOB 9?LK OB KXOBANQK KOKCit V PUOP KBTT?In Kllarille, Prlace Oeorge'a connty, Md.. Bl XT-KIN AOBKB of LABI), with doable Frame Honse. good water, an atmndance of frnlt vrame nonse. gooa water, an *i>nnaance oi trnlt tre*s, grapes, Ac ; high and healthy 1 nation; twelvs Biinnies' walk to the Qiattsvllle depot, Baltimore * llroad. A ahotograph of the bonse can farther Information obtained from B LKTZ, 1837 Pa ara. mar97 and Ohio railroad. bo *een and fnrth B.BTIHKMKT Z L'Ok BALK-BOCMS for tXjOOO, r f 18,000. BIS 000. fU.OUO. #107?00, B8iW0,17A00. ?? 000, IMW. tlMO, ?I4W, BIJUOO Well located and on aaay ? ma. K. J. SWBBT, oct?-tr All 7tb street. Rial mtiti rpuitiii or THOB. I. WAOOAMAR, Bl* 7th BW CBAJI8U MADI BVKAT WaD5K?CAT AflO sATVASAT. Brick Hoturs for Sale. Daddipgtor, with ? xtensivegronnds, lira C. Ltinet.tal Botel, Pa. av. n.w.,a. m.i.,luO rs DA'I 117 Del. ave. n e.t all mod inipi , 17 rs wv 628 Pa ave n w. all mod. imp* , 10 re t!0? ?'9 M it. n. w , all m >d imps . 13 rs ?.?..i7.Vo 939 K stn. w.. all mod. imtte.. 11 ra 18 iOJ SKi 13tt at. n. w , all mod. Imp*. 17 ra 15 IM) '30 13tb et. n. w , all mod. Imp* . IS ra ...^.....16 uuu 7ft 13th et. n. W.. all mod Imps.. IS rs 13 IW0 i*i I at . n w . all a?od. tm*?.. 14 rJ 11 >>u 311A at.a.a., all mod. Una*., IS ra. io mu TAi K at. n. w., all mod. imp*., 10 ra ? - io.Mii at iS'h at n w., all moi. imp* , 10 ra 3143 Penn. ara. n. w . ail mod. Imp*.. 16 r? <i uUU Thv Story Brick amt Prtimt House* Jor 6' tie. 71 Detreesst. n.w.,( B.U.lmod imps. 7 ra $:.J? SI to 39 M< rile st. i b. II )mod. in p?., 7 ra. li(U 1*06 1707 Biggs at ?B B > oi <1 imp*.. 6 rs iJOJU 6)7 4in ?t a. w ( P. imps.6 rs tjjfu 8tH Hat n.w.fU. B ). mod. imp* , 8 ra I.imo 1"(*3 Busaat. n. w.,( B. H ) moo impt ,6 r< i.-v) f2J Ml 26: li at. n. w.iK B I. mod. imp*.. 7 rs... 1 ?*?> 313)0 b et a. a.'P. H.). mod. ixps . 7 r1 ?00 2*0 B -t. n. w.? ( F U (mod. imp*. 6 ra I I8lv Cedar ?t. n.w j f B .mod. imp* . 6 rs l.ruu ibil 6:b xt. n. w , (t II Imod imp* . 1 rs ........ 1 6-jo 610 A 2 26th at. n.w ( P. B >. mod. imp?., i rs... l.*"tl 2.7 *1 at a w..(B. 11 , Rod Imps . 6 r?..? 1-&I 621 K et. aw.fP. B.),m>.d Imps., 4 r*.l.vo (JnimproiT'l Property fir S tie. 2d Ft a e and N. Carolina ave , * square (40 WO 17thst.,btt tlanit S st.,n. ~ n.,,, l.yjO low net . bet. lat and 3d, n. 1 fr?) Kndgest.. Ge^rgotown l.x*> Pro?p?ctat . <;<*>rgeto?n IJIIO O st . bet 1st and M. Capitol >t.._ - 1 . ?<) H b at . bet. B ai<d 8 at - Oki loin at , b?t. V and W sr.... ?eai 17th at., fcet. V and Boocdary st..__?, S3" House* for Rent. B<>nre and farm. 60 acres, SO rs , per annnm Jtvt pi> M. I. ave. (turu.. i all mod Imp* , 13 ra. 171 1214 B. Y.ave., il'trn .lali mol.tuips . Icia...... sn li* N" J. ave.,ifnrn .) all mod. Imta.. 9 ra 150 9*i G *t. n. w., all mod laps.. U ra ?. 12) )3-7 0at n.w.,tL04. imp* , ?0 rs.. - SO 1.' 0 Pa. are. n. w?mod. Imp*.. 11 rt.~~.~~ 60 221 A at. a. a . Kod. lap* , 11 ra? - 73 i-or. ltitb and K eta. n.w .mod. imps., u ra.~~_. 6>i ('or. 21st i?od P ata.. mod. imps., 16r*. ....*56 Zt A at a a .mod. lmpa .lOr* 6) loo? 26'b at., mod imps . 10 ra...__ ?) I5v3l4that., mod.tmpa.8rs ...? 4u l'< 9U?t, mod. Impso 10 rs ?i 1311V it., m.d. Intp^, 7 ra. 33 57 Blgb at . Georgetown, m>?l iiapa.. 13 ra 35 9 K at. n. e., mod. imps., lira 36 f*8 L M i mod. Imps , 6 rs........ 3) lUi lOtb st., mod tmaa . 8 rs 90 2 3 lOtbst. a. e , mod imai.ll ra -- 2) 313 V*. ave a. w , mod. imp* . 8 ra 25 27 A 31 K at. a. e.. m<x). imp* . 11 ra SO ft'?14 46 and 44 Myrtle 3t . m*i. Imp*., 7 ra H 14;4 P*m??cn at. u. w., water 7 ra SJ 4431 at d. w., mod imps., 6 ra.~~~~ ? So L/xms. One sum of ?1,000, one of 01100?S par oast, for a?a*? ttatlnA- J?l tr PIANOS, Ac. TBK GKNl INK "PICKIB BltOS " PIANOS ?kd BurUett OKGABt*. *t the Soltm Astacpor Q. KI' IN. I 407 10th atreet noilbweet.' j?S ly near Pennajlrania avenue. OlAMOS AND OHflAM AT GREAT K BARHAMI. 40 PIANOS frcm #l? to f 100. 30 ORGANS and MKL0DK058 fronET^S ?s*toB2i?. irrsTi New PIANOS from ?300 and np; new ORGANS from 673 and up. at 1 F. ELLIS * CO.'S* 937 Pennsy Ivani* aveane, Pole Agents for Chickeriog and Weber Piano* and Bn lib American Organa. my29 lm W1 ^HK HCMM1MG BIRD (OOL1BR1) PIANO The amalleat and the cbeaaaat flrat-claaa taran-oa tare PIANO ever made. O. L. WILD BBC.. Bole Agenta, 7513 7th street,botweei Kju G and B street* northwest. "II \I I Plan'* and ail Instruments TUB ID and BB PA1BKD. febS9 tr HALLKT DAVIS k GO 'S GBAND, 6Q0ABB and VPB1GBT PIAtOB for *al* on2_?? monthly InatalBMnt*. Celebrated for an |sa rlty and aweetneaa of tona. Baa Agent. Bl 1 111 IV 1 9th *treet northwest. dec>? KNABE * CO.'B WOBLD-BKNOWNBD PIANOS, Grand, Square Grand, Square and Uprtohi, ^^TBB BKBT MADM. The fayorlta McCanunon Piano*; Shmenger'aeal ebrated organ*, new style. Also, a large_^gg^ assortment of Piano* which have been lil?ff w use a abort time, for sale and rani at rar? "J *' * low prices. Toning 4Pi FS?S?!fT tended to,at HBICBINd ACII'B PIABOWARKHOOMS, octis-ly 433 llth st..a few doors above INSURANCE. OFFICE Of The Mutual Protection Fire Ins. do. OF TBI DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, (CHAkTXlKD BT ACT OP COXGRK8S,) 1A09 Pennsylvania avenne,(opposite O.B. Tra*'y. OFFIOBBB: GCOBOB TATLOB, Prts. JAB. B PITCH, IM. BaLLABTYNB, V. Pro*. Bac. and Treaa TBUBTBKB: George Taylor, Wm Ballantyne, Chaa. F. Pack, Jontph Casey, JobnC Barkneas, A. B. Perry, Im. V. 8lbl?y, N.W BurcbeU, Jaa.H. Bavilla. The above Company la now fully organised for business and pre sa red to lasue policies of lasuranoe on mo?t favorable terms. Pamphlets containing the act of incorporation and by-laws will be fur Bishtd on application. JAMKB B. FITOB, my is lm Baoretary aad Tiaasaiai I OHM T. ARMS. *. W. ABTOBAM GENERAL lJISDRAJtCE AOEHTB AMD BROKERS, Lk Dboit BTODiaa, oorner off F aad Btk LH SO BAN OB of BVBBT DBBCBIPTIOB WRIT BMLrA-tr TBN OB THB BBBTTBRMB. HOTELS. RIQQS HOUSE, PLCMEI * SPOPFOBB, FIFTBKMTH AMD Q STRUTS, myl9-ly WisnmTos, D. O. ^IITRKRB OM THB HUROPRAM FIiAl business chances. t ,HkK. om L|I_ ' r,SAKT *ad * * ? rtl _ ht OM l? ? |?< Imlmi |,<nit,. OndrM. or? glTtn toe * Ding oct Addre?? B , M,r of " ' r? ^ WILL Pl'it UiM ohi or thi *> IBM* PIANO* lB th? ci y Caa ??t be/";??"??J rcr beanty Of I a, ?tyl-. j*4 S ' 111 IM 1*0 L jab?A Jew t:nell t^hta* to 1.*. n Cfco'cecit, property ApM* to i>aeoB ? THE" T OATCHEL J * w CVMiw-t F ?n?l .l:h ? i Li 81 ???* ?" ???'??! <* * ill eav fml10 '? ? b??*laea* that *rv* P ?smbs ^ 'IV r?j?M ?on contain:'.g *2 room* ?or ??]!?? 1 *" otcoL alexabuab?Uw.?J',Ji' LH)RtiLI-OrWi Mill Deellmt ant ij ? Ir ,fJ!Slff* *2S'if** Kc* ,?^r. ton rNUliittroo* ^Z27..I tcol. Atnuun qlSaffflKi1 wj'ly;!' HIL II As i I?r ** W rev*LI,, &w7e, Btr km" rn Fti'fe Gorfro'ssti, Md. * yoCBO k MIDDLEYOB. : AUCT10*EM*8, H*AL ESTATE ASU 7 V SI K*HCU aGKXIS i*botM fo ttc roriiPr room lifter. ? t Lelmt BniMiitg * ?roo?<? Private> c ffioctor c>n1o?nti?l bnatoaa*. ? on*) I ttid on flr*'-et*a* aecnritlee only. "'?""I SUeUloa (|T?B tO all S'UtMn Mkx ,?? ?? ? miuplbtum, Ctf ?th >tj r stree tt a *. K9" ?AL? FOE t'ASH ? Oo? half IntH'.dt id a f 1 *1,? "iM I J,,,1 cUilL* asMn.t th? M.trir of L?.Ittnbla. Ad'roa'^gfct, ' St?r oBw. j?JIt MONk v to LOAB-WO JU HOT AS ?A\f Laud ? trrrniu ? r. CLftstd, blfiltt It cltti p i ? givpn A'tl'bV O A?PLBMIN J'3 ?t ( BgpA?lirot 2t| Bo I4*J)? Penns *re IOFIU AT BB1VATK SILK MY isiAtb ^ 0r^u I' rm-flv t?ere.t ^ ? Hi!t? Hi< key Tni. p- perty r .n ?t*t? of tj ? ?cre? of exc-lient g ?d--n toil, witb *n? ?r|f brick r?iKl?ncf ?ud nil iiN>w?r) oax-b-itld It t? ID ?xc<>lLDt r> p iir. Pithu irl?i mK ?? |a,,?t of lli? Boat l-*Mittfnl c.-oo'r* ? *?? ti?>*r ?ie la? lt-d to lc*(M> I th<t pr.>D?rtT Tblw pitp- rtj l? en tic Hladfi tt'U'ii pike, 1)* r i>. Iron t* tniiLO* of C'olciitil* rtllrntd J*3 J HirK?T AtAEftl O fti t* \ L t Uf 1 1 .'i ai' \ i ?4 |u *,Kla,* C'rLltl'r\10 a ? IT* J *Hn< l<*fr. ?> lit ? Cpt<-r r?tu Church n <D the Middle lort'pit* * j >lcluf Mcrr?'? ant T*' '<"? ? 1 be i* pri\>o e0t, Ire ? l?rie ?'*?.? U? cw.mnnnl ro:f. Barti .,.d oc*Lai l.Ji,; l> l-?w; exc?-)l?i t pearti. aptlctEd D^arT^r-,^: 7mv?^tJr*<n? ?Cb,"4C"" r"tclr*r? III. farmlo. 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A,i!l,UnT??^lk,i'8 < HA*C? _r?ir rent or HOI hB Km. A1 f Uth street DrrthirMt A?it<* Vh Lt.l< *,tb f" n><H?rn iinprorameotn.' tl?e Furniture n >w In same being u-arly new afldHrn'e "J Fnruitnr? will t ?ell or reated tcgether or i"paraio| iloalre-t L'-cit'h.L bent ,0 cltrfH- p i,?,e rc.M'Sce^TJr renting ro- ma Ptic* aDd term* low acd easr fn qnireon preclaeg -mmediatel). myBI lm K^ko^Vktw01*!! *XCUAi,Qfc: fmb citt t viii .li -na?in# NBored to H'a*hfoffton RMintiiwSi^L'tJVL'^ fineat Oucatrt K?oil|K0vKD III tbe itite of Mirvltnd, ^ ot ? D'l.e ?<?ctb of H?|?r?town, containing 16 acr ?? l?u e?tor<e laud, 3 acre* of which ar- lu Gr?d?> .1 in Frni',the i?tnaitier la Grt?? Improved ?l;b a r^mVfc?m. "* 48 bT 51 rp*t>coatalnicg la h^HT' 1,?h,M a1d "?'??r ?"? all necMaary <? it ?eildlapi1 In escolent roniltloa. ?-ich aa *tat>!e? ^,V2?fe h>n*e, ine hctise. Ar. Addre** a. E tp. 1 LESIaM, Citizens Katuual Bank, Wa?iilr.'?t n. tn?9 lm W^ABTRD?To excharge i?w RECmGKR* ,V TOM and 8TOVB8 for Oi<i I^ 8-Ct,rcsr*?5 *r d?.K atreeta ncrthwewt. 8ru >kT ( h.ipTityw cpr^d. from |S to $26 r?r no p%y ipj; l\I AMTELS ATCObTTat .y^_. WM KOTHWKLLB, ? pie Sm 1 It H atroet ?jnrhea-<t ^ OOLDBTK1K A Co., 'lOAH ABU Cr.MMiSSinn BROKERS OOIifcBK 10TB AhD I) BTBIBTS! LOAW1D ?* APTABCB8 HADB on ra'nable personal propertT to an) amoont, ati lor ^ deal red, on very reaaonabte tennt. Also, Good* acid on Coirmiaeion. At Pnjate 8aie? Verj Cheap?A large lot of L'a ndecmtd Pl?dge? and <J;--lot. ne* aud a. c-nd band Erarr article fiillr warranted. All bncmeM atrictlr coLfldenMai The <44*at mad the ?no?t reliable hca*e la the Mrlltr l^|OBKT TO LOAI. ? * A .ooo to loan on choloe real estate, ta soma ot from tMl to ?1 OM. at 9 and 1U per oent laterSt A ?ew au&a at ? par c?nt. in from t?^ta< to BViU ? e wabsIb, _ Ir "r11 corner 7th and F atre^a ?5? p^vK^Si w JOHN HICK LINO A CO., ort7 It Bankwi and Broken. Ttf Broadway, B.T. GEXTLEMEX S GOODS. IJATb ! HAT61 ~~ Freeh appHy 5IACKIVAW 8TBAW HATS, filter Brar?r and Stiver Fearl Oaaalsert "at? Rvii'and Childnu'a Strat Uata. fttik Cn-brellaa, La.he* ar t Qentlemen'a NTiSK?i:rrK. Pl,^*r 1B3T P?-nn?y Ivani* avenue. BrXIEB HATS! X All the leading atjlea of CA8?I>1CBE D11 Esc BATH^variouekTcdaof oTHAW U ATS, G UN r 1 \ K ? AUK1BAW. MILAM BKAlD. LXuaOKV. Ac HaIu CLOTH and ENGLISH LIS CM HATS American and ErgUcb (J1LB, ALPACA and GINGHAM I MBBEL.LAS f^J?!'8DB CMBBELLA8 and PAR mms I M ll&ELLAS and PABABOLB covered and re paired in the beat manner KIB * 6IEKS, 111* FEHBSTLVABIA avbbcb, D",)t5 tr Above wiuard1* Hotel ^AYJLAiB A HUFTY, ? S3 riNHSTLTANIA ATKRD& HAVB BEECCED THB PB1CE8 OF THB1B CELEBRATED DOUBLE YOKE BHIRT6 A> FOLLOWS ; vitality Ho. 1, ?M 00, rortaarty |SB M M ?, ?? ?. ? BMJM " ** fc t?A0. ? #U4i. * " ?? ??*; - I^HET'b PATENT l'AKTLY -MADK DRESS SHIRT?, The Greatest Invention of the Age. Blx fine Draw Bbirta for six dollars, (?(,; not to be bad In art other store la thia city. W Wears bolt Agents. W. W. BVBDETR A CO, ?fc *0. TO? K atraet a. w. WV?.M MOMTUiq daily FBUM OC'B Factory, In Baltimore, frseb anpalias ol thoee FIN ISHED SHIBT^Iade 'f^Be^wSinSi fit/'r *? If 19 W street, Washington. J W. Dill, P'SS? ??25 gH1?T* ?**>* *o oiDii J. W. DABB. XNCOURAQB """ BATCBELA FOB LADIES. Batch elefobmbb. w?i.bC^ TranEs ofevsry style made te order on tbe prsatlssa ~a#"?? jmsr. O O X s 0ELITBMBD TO all FAST* OF Til CITT i mt y* kirir ratb ArpiT'rs1, ?m"**" *mm OFF1CB OB VUIIWTOB OAS LIBIT OOB ?If ~ FOR SALE. ir >? rs v.rov rim >tii ir( >r. w *? IOKC HM( ktnk*M. *r to<v t*4 U ?dot kucthv* t h<6dk* plf haap-A ? NO, o?rnae if* l?f aftica fcaa B lb? dij *s? vvV App.> J ? t w( r n IK* t ?r |?Ok ltl.K-ttM4 L top Pll t T i Mh k< (Mi >1 ??< |'i ?>M< To toe aiab al OL?.?TT ablatio I r i?H. M??>? Hili ?"l !<?> j*lll L' K t A LB ? A til* B*l aoiot aad Pll I PUB r Bulla .?? f t ? ?<-l,'leui?b ? tatBill III qnl>? at I 7 > I I't *? joft'm j.l ?' LV-K **LI-ti|ki ??n..aa ctltl datli ? trca, n.y Lvodvlia F.rrr. atau, ? fitaaaa I. rrLTO>,b?aiiO^. j_J?" 11 ? p 1 3II> LM>E > A l I . and IM UII|1| 0 ah w I 41 jfif.r'lj "d>4 ft NV^ toe itmt-rr ta? a< uae 'or hin< . a-d w1.l>40* i(Mintritr? Add aas ' DRi YBB tot. V* 1 ?ar II oAc*. p'l ?ALB ?A Mir of ?er* baal Bttorh U"U(c. <id1 I yt^ri dd *|.| tth Mid faa?. aad wo?l ton kaa. ImTmAI 0?rk*r Itoi'r **'* ? ?r*ft tortkirwl jti Bi* IT<>? M of IKqI r U ? ?? ?1 a ?oot. ai I it I.* 7tc ale 4. ? Portable TOB'.R au1 IS I .at ot ?4al* I fi"B HP? M??t W.lmww wri>>K xll* L\ iMLH ?r?wM Bl'ttt.u *trr ta". I i-'d.r,,?inhif t.tvM.ntioi rw'., Akotl^Htflilu'f HtKICM alaoy i ice PMnina >mh-I *X)?0? at lo???*of |*? h???? ?la->. a ?.*.rVhB? ????> ?*'??- ?** of H4VKM, 8A1> Pl.B, Be. A ppl> ki i tor (ntlr, l?ll I'taatraat KOr<k?M1 .?] J|* L/'ok ?? l* ? a r ru.*".Tv> ?>? to?n? I.a.II HARK, |1 A Kb A*- kit hr ? ?rd-r ? r?b ??< J. B OuLLIMP Bergen ? *r.*r*l'a? fflca net* h^'ll fc.VI A?('?? pai. at l-iatk ntaktif4. 7 ted ** *???? tiki ? ii trd ? r ?> Baf?. Addr<a?U 6 ?on' batai. S>* UKI. 14 , ' m tl. ukto H * to 'L.I 4l. ?. * ?U. ' to?k> In C"AKBIAGE8. CABHIAGE9. CABBIAOBP - > The taiiNl Bud BOD itrMd t? ri nept of lataat rt) If of , Om r ? J B Jrnif aaat*. Park r!?L.|i?, J?pg?ra. Top and ? ?< T"p Bugctea. llM.Mirrtl bi? voocd band Pan*. UrtlM^ atid Kuii% um bar>dat r l> h' MKITIl"l m?U tr Rn IKt ?t . hat. ?? and I) . ? m F~'OB FALI-KOW IB tl!K Till* 1 h?"?r. hud W4I Pf KlNti WaOONB. Bill l Ir. -b* b?-*t ?s> I*. ? i l - ' K I I HI iJDIt* i ?* ) r Mi %' mi ii*m r*ctorr. 17 l'i'+|wci it , ?ntr?* on B;1ac?M. m*rA'*. OMrgMtMn. 1< < ? B PB^PIT jpAoiivelwauZ'bb ~ BCM BTOC&. I BUB ABD hUKLLBBBIB AX LB A CBK UUEBB. TWO Hl'BKB. TUBKB B0B9B AND rni'B HUMS WAUi'NS *#b?w rM HamfrcBof tk?w Bvu ud Um ?ecrru o?iai 'D m liiAt iM) mir tto* l>wiw| mm ^ tofon Id on _ D W. ?rOBATR. M>Sl In Ootimy of ? u> it? ?b4 11 PROFESSIONAL. I\J('TI'"B ? 1'B U\ Kfc*LL M AM klHdV <" 1 Af>T \ L KOOM> t. U it P*BI * orrr ?-? jt ? ?!.??. lj?t tf >r?. ? d>>- t* ??-t t f Li.. j . Be*, vmr lith ? Albckt ?" ???*?, illUtflOT. MtfPI* HI I R*l HT'Xii. r > si lie I inn K Birwt D"1 BKTI8TBT I HAVE BKfrMKl) PKA(1ICK( Bt 1110 r?Utct ntrili?n: > 0 )1 In. J B GIBBM. DMitiat HAK>f E.u North topfl Saa f lHWIfi EIIMHKR 1 ? JVSTICB OF THB PMA CB, Bo. ? "* ftB Bl'tobL" *?< ob^imiM Uulkad 4TTOKWBT AT LA W, am. Lb. ?*?. ?ud 7tb Bt . Kooa 4. W?MbHobP. C. ( Art? ft PmiT? P?t*-Bt OBo*. Pk*m? fVntM.) >40U It HI TTIK * H ABM CAM, AhTlSTS. rBrw?. r>ECX>BAT!TB BTid t**rj ?MrriM1oc t? CBBAftlfcNTAL and PL4IB PAIMiBU, 7*7 ?!*> utr^T l?PK? IM KM RlV'M 710 K irr^-t nartLanrt, jau2l U ? AtoblNGTHk. l>. O riKPBT run ncru. r.irHBB ?? ?? l)K A ?. PBATT. OraduBUof S7 l.y I OHo '?r?fr of p*r.tal and of I" ?li Mid' al l !|<*? of ri.lcn . 40| 7tb??t, ? a-t (id*, roriifl ot L> 6m a*d ctoiorof.irR: n??4 tto ?rtrtoct'o# tMlk. anfll lr PERSONAL. l?B Wlti'OB. an rine?i F'm?l? 1*1 fto>* laa aud M id * i . can be m? ' i eti?u!l?) tot (ill alrMt ii ?rlL?'-?i tr tuVa n: u 7 r ui . d-ily. Iler i-<('.tcicaa are bb(k ani rtMai'.f. Advif tr?*. Call or ante. j-l lx fro' hi ? a 1 mill kk*Ai:u- L"TTII? 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