Newspaper of Evening Star, June 6, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 6, 1876 Page 3
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PRY GOODS Bim t rix BLACK GBESADIBE* BLACK CAbllKKBI, BLACK MLKS BLACK ALPACA. bPKIMO DBE J3 GOODS. (AITLB H, 707 Market Spue*. c* *?scrtat*nt of beantifnI Lawn* red-iced from I*?** ? Black Ureaadinee. ?*! . 20c , Sic , I'C 'mi k.t C*?h?fT". 7?c., 87c , 91. All of ?? ? 1 k* ?? ? ?? ?? Bl W. tl 48. f ?2L* ?? ? Bhair A'pai* le-laced from 78c. ' fOc. All i f ? cr rtoiB?rN for men tad boy'i ?'?re*p mK r ??,*?., M?e.. Oc All of our Bun I m?r< I a. atj0i, ? l.jt, 91 jo. ft Cal ico. Ic.,4c.. ?? , Sc. Iitrr rtrd of ov h??a>lfal '?"?? ? 'V* 0,^d< 'ednced to rwj cost, lie., 90c 28c .-Oc . i.c .Sfc UMdi|?lg? 7 srd wide dam tikrt4s?du>Uo*?li. j?|-tr jJ5w]T poww:; pown : j i POMBSTIO GOODS, from 2f. *'* !*'? Yorkieoetloe e?lee of lest week, whlc.i w* offer at prices fully IS per oeot. un der rtgular r icee. NOW IS TOCB TIMS! 8 FECI A L TIMS. KiwwlV'JjSSi!!?* 8U* ^ Wo?l OHIt X1MS fjrOt?rdrw? SO piece* Plain Black ORBNADIBKS. ilO pKMh-'TiiairrelLKS lrum7Jc to Bl. 9Vplec<s I rmcl ()ritn>tl< LAWB8, la haod some color-aud One mdUise. BI^T" TamBiBw ana i p (cm Blwk CASH SO (I t? El ??* 'SILK*, from 75c to ?j 1 h- ? f deities we are cow *elltng et fu'lr Pt cem Ulo* ih.lMlt prices weeks Mo A full st fk if rcrefgnaad Domestic GOODS ? p?l??? wirrt inj to |I>md. S^~ Kernes., ter location. sr. n. brown, I"' 'r Ho. 3t4 9tt ttrnt uorik*?<t. LEfcS THAN jrCTION PRICES! Besi- ? c*t ? itb anastial tucce*s durlr g th?s psst 'h: v.' to continue our great Closing I i;t rale lor 1H1&TT DATS LONGEB. AND SBALL, OK MONTAT, JI'BB i, OH r our la-t" ft ek of DBEi S GOUDd, lacl idles SILKS, GhBNADlNES, ? MO HAIE8, ALPACAS Ac., AT ao PEB CENT. BBLOW LOST. GCODS M 1ST BE SOLD. DCME5T10 AND HGISBKEEP1NG G'H)DB ^er?' ^ M ltl?i*hich mast secure purcha fMJtlwlT all g-.ods not closed ont by July 2. will MKld ktttC.lOB. J. c. WIXWALL * COM leitr SIS Ttli 1.. near Pa. iw. A A T CASE. ~~ One more ca e of the White TJr'oria Lawni. ia "*?rt I't-.tha. at I2*c . worth S7Se ICO w^bt-e Ciui?t#,??of|, at 31 M, 1 educed from fO b??e? Balbrigan Hiw?, at S3 per bo* JBc,t*U* fctl,*?d Ur?"dints, et U>?c , worth Plain .Plaid ?,< Saiffd Black Gr?nad!nee, from XdC V* ? t w JO CUM *!!!? and B" wti Cotton*, from the late ftuciioc, from 4c to Wc ?lowett trkci ever D? IOr# |WQ Onr W btte Linen Bo?<?m Shlrta, SoifihaJ, at ftl J5. Praak Leaii-'? cat paper PATT EBN9. CKO. J. JOHXM)!l 4k CO^ ^?*0 Til Market Bpaoa. J^riClAL UAKGATNS IB DRESS GOODS. T.i- ,tW ?'<*??". handsotrc and *tyli?h I' UIB: OoO? 3. raiiCiog m price ftom iJjae. to /Ac. ) ftrd. Black Gr?natfine?, all *ilk an4 w>ol, Lapln'a tta.f at Si 0 tc 91 per yard, cheap. Hitif* cjf S.ripe and PI GrenaHinea, fine Black < a?hm?r**, Taia^ae Clulhj, MJh?ir atf Alpacas, ai! at d< va prHe?. Black L reM MIAs from .*1 to S3 per ?ar?l. A fvw piece* chtap ennimer Silki at 75 aad 97'ie. 9.j pi*c?? t ?'iti(al Peicals ai>l Lmir,4 at It'ic , wi'h a full ?.'i 1 of Domestic btapie Goods, all at lowest market price*. I W. COLLET. <r Ctr ^'.h street and Market Spaoe. "J HE LOWIbT PRICKS Y?T FOUSD IN lJli Y GOOD?. Opening aaotMt lot Sc. B.eachrd '"otton, wsrth 10 Laciest ?lt? L?wm ia the clt7. U.'?e Pite-t as or m- nt P*re?le? is ci?T, 12Sc. Psiwoliud 8 ;a DabrfiUsrodnrfd in prfce. ""bo' ' s,c<l?*S> S5 up, worth three timea tl? a!f ?"* ,2>?> "? W ?, J5c , cheap. All Xc i)r?* G -n.1 now 2 c All 37Xc. Dre*- Guod< cow 25c The 1 re?? Cud St. rk fcar'uliv cfcesn Ladies' 5 H Lite Skirt*. 7Sc Lad (? Cjllr t^ic Ho e.SSaoaiOc. p?ir. Men ard Bi t- i aviwrn at c^st B raw M.u: r;#?, A, 23 an39c. Carpeu at co?: w c.oae oat _ . T. S MAI'DAIB, "f>to; 70a MABKET SPAfk. THOSE V liO KNOW BEbT, Fanosiza tuk ONE PB1CB, CASH, It BY GOODS HOUSE OF WH. LSI RD WTLIE, 1014 7th street northweat. ?VSPECIAL BABGA1BSBOW OFFEB1BO. . Apency tjr Mme. Demurest s reliable Pat tennaarf "?t* Kag'eehlrt m>27 tr SILK ABO DRE9S GOODS HCU3E OP WAMllNOiuJi We latIte it,e attention cf the puhLc to onr Jm tteDK- iMcrnxM of new eat st> l.s SLBS1AB SILKS ABD GBENADINBS O' oil shad'*, in Strives and Plaids Large suck e LACK BILKS of all ceiebnited tnakea. ^^cimer CBB? GOODS o'all the latest proCac LACB SACQL BS and SHAWLS of tbe richest Seaigr s BILK I'M B K< LL AS, fin* I10SIABY, and La ^iecl lN*N "TITS in great \aiiety, at le^thaa new Krk pnere. WOLI VBD A SUILliEBB, PIT MABKET bPACB, m** 'i Third door from 9th street. A fcAl fc OPPORTUNITY! TEX FER CENT. DISCOUNT! lSi:oi>HCKI> A CO., 939 PBXXa. ATA, between 9th and 10th aU., Will uart-aft, r aM >w a discount of 10 TEBCBNT. oa all aa'e* tf 1MPOBTKD LBCSi GOODS, iu cl adlng Silk* Gr<?iad;c *, Linen Lawns, Alpacas. Mohairs litb^ce*. Ac , Ac.,) a?a LINesi TAULB DAMASK?. T 'WALfl. N A f K 1N 3, Ac. All O > MBBT1C GoOIP. UOSIEBT. HAN I'KEB CHIBrs. Gi.O?KS. LADIES' atd GENTS' 0B DBBVk BAK aid NOTlOBS of all salts will be soul attb?L< w??t Market Price. Thi? i? a r?re oppcrtoaity to secure l irgilns in flrsl class gooC* AidroK ftiii 4 i BLEACaBD Cf?TTOB, Wc. 3 Button K II". in all colors, (| S3 Bilk civekad BaLBBIGuaB UOBB, S3 a box. BRA9CH STOtS, ISOft r street, bet. Uth acd 1Mb sts. told stand.) BBODHEIO A CO. my?-U 939 Pa. arc., bet 9th ard loth sts. JOHt V MirCHELL. 931 i'EMBi&YLVABlA AVBBl'B, iiscju*t and i* now opening, another In voke of CtoOlCS FA BUIC8 for Bommer w-ar. Greisdi .<s la black aad all toe n*w shades, to Match Sua* *rosn 7s cents to B2.00 B roc vis Urwaa* dines, all cc'< -s aad shade*, ssry ch< .* g ?<ds Brocades la Biibs andlPonpee*. Guipure Lac** for ?*erdr?-??? cs.rutta Poi.?ee* and l'dia Oo-^ds. Bnnisaer Silks la Checks, Stilpes aud Plaids. K rench Jaconets >*0 O gaoJie La-*ns, new styles Pri ted Linens ai d Lta?a Lawne. Tolle Bets aad LIoen Batiste. ?t) lee. far Oeerdrerse* Snits and Orerdreaats, it Vrench (asabric Z'phyr Cloth, Batiste, atid Lni*s,!roa |4(Bt) flv Wrtpp rs aad DreosiLg ?ncks at all pri'e*. bh?s Onute's and Ulster*. Gossamer Water peo>f Cloaks. Frsach Butlln tlrriies asd Ofirdrseci A largw ?dock i f L*di?-? C;i4erw**r. medi'j<?i and doe, at wery low price* Onr *?ock In all cla**< <>f goods will be ton ml freeh aad atirac'Jre. tn *t\l*s and prices All tbe t,>reltiee ef the se'? >q ?til fe? addtd a* *onn as lhe\ appear in the market. t/*OBB PUl'y* OBLY JOHN T. BITCHBLL. my3l tr 931 Pennsylvania avenue. ttODTB f AAHlNHTO.t DRY liOODB - H Wkits 0<>r4^ Piq nes at 12^c ; bwaatlful Colorad tared Pl jaes at lie.; White Goods, soch ae Mar iles, Ptai. Btrlpe, ead Plain Haaaooks; Victoria <awas atd Ca-rbrics, from 99c. to 90c.; tv900 yards iambnrg Bt!<l gs from 9 to tie. per yard; Serine sGoods, PUid, Plain, aad Strited. fme I3Xc. ?.; the beet lie. aad ftta. Black Alpacee la STS ?Uitib^n mm to Tlf : Bpr1i| to j wr?M \mmm I; Mother loci AUCTION SALES. TMIB AFTKR^OO!1. cALl or REAL estate. ?L' 01 * *S*~ cf the Suprem* Crnrt ^ J:J}*yiMrd in Kjnitv ? ?h? 4iM.9- ,a wtole*? Johu A t < an-ld-r -.-JL a ?,?"** L?* eT A. Bartlett is plalntlfT, and 8. ?, , V rrd l,h ? ?rr defendants, I Will Mil, in front of th" premises, on Tl'ECD A Y. the 6th da/ . I?j' i ? . Is" ?t i? dock I B All th? inter * est of defsidant.Satnu'lIB. Hmr.ln tb- lots 6 end wee!.'ugtoD, Dis Colminl? ascribed tccordiLff to tu# crr -nnrl ,%issir^ iris tbeace Mtt leu fe*t. to ,i?c of begia lncbM linlhS"^ C*'^- A depo-lt of on* b'laired dol .? ?ii l>e r?i o I r?d wh*n the property 1* struck C3BT?> IBCiM It IVrctlMt'l cost If terma arena* compiled With Id Are d.ys t\* tr ostsls ^ ^7*' jb* 'jl'l to resell the property at the risk ?ad cost of the d?fnltlg|?irtMMr. 1 HOMAS DOW LING Auctioneer. MAHDSOM B TWO STORY rBlll nvil. LINO ON TBI BAIT 81 OB 0? 11th PTKllVr BBTWBEB BAND BBTEEET8 BOB rilWEST' BBJNG No. 17d7, ATAUCriOH * T* on Tuesday' itfnuuoi, jbh cth. w I87$x In front of tfc* irwibH. mi 6 o'clock I flA ?hal\?ll Lot J, In L. S Chapman's recorded JEH i?b<lirltioi of the notth half of iquare Ho uj, tavlng a iront of 16 feet, and ronn'n* back 9J feet S Fr^rie7llr*FUleT,,?Pr0,*d "7 * CO"f#rt?We b*,mnc* ?' '?* uii a j pm*. with Df?tw bHriof lLt?*r*?t m 8 Mr cent per , and atcared by ? deed of tnut on the pro ?Tm*ComeTarclus at purchaser's cost .*5 *w r?-qn!r? d ml time of *?!e. *>?? d THOMAS rOWLIN J. Anct. THIS ITIXIH6, y HOMAS DOWLIBG, AnctiouPer. CATALCOrH,DF A VERY LARGE AND YALU ABLE COLLECTION or BOOKS, 4?rn* ? b,cl> ?re two Prlva .? Libraries, containing Many Scarce and ValuaM- ?,>..*?. in ?iue Pmd iMa, enihracfrg H'u,trste! Wort*. Biography, Poetry, Travels, and Genet al Literature. Al*o, L'on-ptet-Srtof I Htell's Livicg Ace and Hyper's ? egezine, An> als and Debate* of Congress. Con st.-at. nai Glabe, State Pac?rs, Ac. To bo a ,d at my auction r>>m* a nthwest m'/?? r>a Vi'v-?i'l'J ?**??* ?'"J 11th -treet . *.OBDA Y B\ IlNING. Jur e 5, i-7?, and fol T?rnii^ca?h' ? njme,lclD* *' * 3* ? clock. a>?'t THOM%8 DOWLTBO. Aartloneer to-morrow. \N 1 A8"". " ILLIASIS. Auctioneer. iOOl uurtharcat curntr 10 h and D str&eti. ;j ' ? ^ri?oS; FINK mVbbIe TOP t\ ? Tdl* K I8d KO -KK KS AND f < hry C HA IB*. II'HOUTI An IN f," TEL INK FKFM< I! HttOBZK "oCK# ?ITH T ?ft JO HATCH. FAWCT rtABf> TAhLIH- )2r DINES BaST LAKE M\BBLE topo'h A?' TOP AH?0* ?BBLB TBBM^CTe 4?Th'Vu PIULLO^?atN80 VI. bTEBS: UAHDROMB KBCNCli PLATE Mrit BOH; WALBUT H tT TKir WalHI'T iv' c5S?RS^ mIiat>B^rna'?' DIKING BOO* i iKTiwi TO' SIDBBfMBD: CY n?fp 1>ADIB8* WRITIBO DESK S RRrail ? 1 w?AA5nBBC88BL9 OABPETs; BBl'FILI1 AND OtI1EB CABPETfl ntcn TOILET SETS' CHAHHKR HITT*J I'LATKD Wake, outglabs WAM DBao' HATED TKA BBTf, ?c, AJtB, OEOO OnWEDBBiDAT, June Tth. l-t7?, at 10 , odxka m . I shall aell at 11 Hi Uth afreet hn'tiir?' th* *boT# collection of superior Terms, cash. j*3' WASH. B. WILLIAMS, Anct. |)OWNHAN k 0&BEB, Auctioneers. Thl'STBE'f 'ALE OF TWO B BTORY rhick I ID B oV T?bT BItT. ?R|tLWII a ?u ?? a N D ?' Tjrt??*} deed of trust, dated October U i?i i . dnly recorded In Liber Ho. #!? w3?1mh> MB, oie of the land record* 'or the MLjL District of Colntnbla and at the rej^nt of th" party jeenrtd therebr. I will ?ell at public auc lin. In A?D lvr?* Pa'i'/T"' 00 W,DN?DA Y ? J 7 th, ftt. Jr.'. *3? ?* Jn>? ?H'boae certain pieces or m.trPcf '.j !1 in O'ty of W aehtngton. ia said known as ,ot? numbrred one h iadrel ?Jd thirty seren. (1S7,; acd one hnadreland thir ty eight, : IS",)Darrow's subdivision of paitof Uiiui u'u' bnidred acd si* (2'M I ?. -aid s'.t di?l?ton is recorded In surveyor's f .rftiiH U !>? t'o-ke No hLlio 1 J??>al,'h^ iwproT?nwnts Iherena. T^iwoliik: On? third CMh?(of which ?76 on . each h..o?e must be pa d at time of sale ) at.d the balance in sts and twelve months, with iDter?st at r-ent. from day of sals until psid, to be se cured by purchaser's note and a deed of trust on ^ A" e?Bvey?nclnc anl record ttg at purchaeer s ciat. If terns of s?!e are not complied with In six days after sale the Trmtee< re- I >erve* the r.gbt tr resell at rl-k and cost of purchaser ! lD?iDJt- HOLTZBAH, Trus eST I ro*" d Ho. 1.1ill F street northweit. V'OLNO ? MIODLETOft, j -* Heal Estate Auctioneers. TBT'TFES SALE or A rABM OF ill Arvra FHOM TO,w5B?POI'1TAa "? B 'TW0 MILES of trn?t tt us, dated May ?!?* VTt' ?nd recorded in Liber No 7sl I l'l of the iftod rec >rds for tbe District, of Oo--3? ! lumt .a. aid at tke r^jtcsTol the holler of the note j^cureo .iLettby, we a ill sell at pab'tc anctl n, on "Iv''^-oClock p m , oa WEDMS'* I A l Jute 7th Lo; No 34, la the recorded subdi I s?iA ,rfCt k"own ?? Metropolis Vie?, Situated iite c" e, Jurice'c^.ne,r lh? rfc*id?C? <>t the Terms: One third e?f the purchase money in ca?h. ? dep' sit of ?k0wiilbe rcgoirelat the Ll^'e !?*' tbe balance In two qual payments ?t Sar.d IS months, seemed b? a deed of tru-t ot> the property atd tbe pi.rcta-er's notes b?aric? 8 ??r cent, interest. Oonveyai c'n^ at purchaser'! coat. !i ? *r* *M't tulfllied in 7 day* the ar ip^rty w.U 1* reaoW at ihs ri?k aid c >,t .f dsfauititR pur cbaetr. J * SSE H. WHITAK IB- < - . KM vr cox < Trustee*. tn>29 dAdb4 YOCXG A M IDDI.ET1' B . *urtg. 'pBOMAS DOWLING, Auctioneer. TBC8TBBS SALE OF THE STEAMER " 1 S-OBBIS AT thb whahf mVa" th* *OOT OF 7ih STBEET EOL'THWEBT. Jyvirtneota deed of trust exren- s?*? ted on or about the 3d day of March. lfc7?. recoidt.l iu M. B. No 1. folio. r in Georgetown, O. 1 ?,.? n? i.r<*' ?r tbe Parti"? seen red thereby. I will sell at paNic auction tbe "teamer E. Morris, in fittitof tbe same, on tbe wharf, near the f*?t of .?b1 street Southwest, on tbe 7th dsy of June next, nt 4 o clock p in , or 10 nioch thereof ns miv topsy tbe liabilities set out in the said deed ef trust, inclulii sf the interest and ail ex l>e>bte? of unit - i1 CM?>; ths balance In two final iratalniects at t and II [ninths, with 8 per ceut inter'st op deferred payments. If terms not coa'p.i<u ?nh la foity eight hours afterdate ..faala the uu.tee reeervas tbe rintht to resell at tlsk aud ??t of defaullltift pcrchaeer. B. P LOWE. Trustee. ^EO. 1BCESDELL. bOi 7th street. ???**., J,r81NK83 PBOPEBTY OB B between 13th ABO 14th iT8. B"BTHWB8T. COB818T1NG Or A NKW mt.lim \ J1,?1; 'K B'^LDIBG FINISHED fo* ACTION Oirivia, BBIBO No. 1303, AT On WEtiBESDsY. June 7th. DCo in frout 1~A of tbe prcn^i>es,at 6 o'clock p m? I shall sell v tbe al o%c uirtiousd property, bcias par: o'a^JL origi:al Lot No. 1, in iqnare No 251, fronting i5 feM or E street, and extending t ank 10 feet. Tetuia; One-fjurth ra>b; rcmsi(t)fer lo foureoaid pa j nif l(? at 6,12. IS an* 21 montba. with Interest at ??s'/r.'lir,<e1r.''dcnLbe.?rt',>*'rl'- A dtp lit of ? rt<jnireo it tintf of i%!e. . ^ Bl'KCDitLL, B^tl Broker. J?1 toAds a H. OOX. Anct. ||l'NCAN80N BK03., Auctioneers. SALE OF TWt COTTAGE FBAMB HOUSES AND lillLI'ING LOT!* OS Nh'V IKUSKY AjlN' B. BEAB K. STBEET SOUTH, AT A Ul? J 1' ' ^ <?a THl'BbDAY AFTEBNO JN. JuaeSth, at ti o ci ck we Will sell. In front of the prem ' 1 - part.; lot : ia ?u'isre 7^'. laiprjiej by? two go.^l $ rame Cotfarw. Al< >, all of Lot !#. n ssn.<* a.jrare These lot* are according to Blaeden's >ub<:u >n rf a.4nsre 7J8, and will pay e?od Interest on 'l> in?? stinert. Ten??: (>ne half cssh: balance in 6 and 11 months' not*-* I 'arit g (merest at 8 per c -ni.. and -eeured by deed of trn?t co tbe premises. Conveyancing. Ac . at purchaser's c< *t. 3e3-4t DLNCANSON BHO ' . Auctioneers. ?rjns at man it tact oiakbi1 lain pm???b. ?4 Ladies' sad (Jeafl TBAYEL1BO TBUBB8, wf fe BcMnrray s fatent Trnak Stay attaobed LADIES TBAVELIBG 8ATOHELM. ??AWL STBAF8 aud POCKET BOOBS tfOUBLB aad SIHGLB BABBES8 LAP BOBK8 aad HOUSE BLAB&BTB SADDLES. B&IDLES and WHIPS. fnaki Covered aad Repaired, us made 10 srdei AllWtnklBiH. f ???DEEAT, j*U B BO? Market Saece. LUMBER! LUMBKBJ 9MMAT REDUCTION 119 JfMUVMM, MUST SELL AHD WILL BELL. JSttFzt "us .?sr" ?" GOOD V1HGIB1A FLOOEINQriBB par CBDAE POSTS, SB aad SB cenis All otBer kladsof LUMBER, Drseeed or leaathaa market ptIce*. A small lot of OAK, ABB aad WALE CT taat I will Mil at oa* half ttaa ?seal arlM. AM MAAbf CALL WILL bMCU&M BAM vii.VS. _ BMBfil H. JOHHSOI, '?M-U Corner 1Mb aad B strata nortbw**!. ^OMIMPTIOR, 1KDI6BET10H AND WAST IKS DISEASES. Th* moat ap proved REMEDIES are pANCftKATICftMIJLSIO* AND E PAMOHEaTINE. The Orl ginal and Genuine prepared only by EAVORY ft noORI, 14.1 New Eona-etrset, Lond i Sold by th*m and aU'cfbemist* and Storekeeper* throughout the world. ir 7 -anlfiaepS^ov 10 ,decS ^*bl4oar li^pC j*7. AUCTION SALES. " COX, AoilioLttr. ? . ? OlOOMUg iT iCCTIOS n. ilni S .1' June the "*th, at 10 ^ ? I 'HI mU, it Stor* 931 Mirv Itt l iti 221 *2 "l..' ? "fl.*11,D? of Or x^erlfijSrvj ,n <>PCk-rr. fixtures ???( lot pale. Store with uUw tor ren* '?* * B. N OOX Aanton?r. >* ?. WA(jOAIAI, " Beni Kstato Auction.*. 019 Ttk street n. w. TH?*4 A 8 ' CB1 KICK, 8a L* OF 993 A HTBf KT On FHM?iTBBA8rvCArJTOL Ul^ i% "&*VJK*?&*:Ss?f IVf** Brick ntl't Houne is a 'I ? -- -* '* *~f' ,',B rooms, and fitted out with ?\*1fyao,l*r'? convenience: e brick Stable la rear Term eVey* of Vale''' L?' M *' ??* jeddAd* THOB B. WAQQ?MA?, Anct yyA8U. B. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer. TTITW?\t>WA2V* A.L.0A* B*AL E3 Tf^"oXBBEv"A?SBY1' H>ABTUB &X^pA%\&isffh.rgi!,su- m 4W kc ' "D-2 bJ ,B* written?1 direction of toe party - cnred thereby, I will tell ?t publicJjucii-n. on BBIDAY. the Kith darof J?* " ? o-cl. ck p dj , In front ot the ?IA'?"' C7i,i*in **rt* cf t?t< numbered ?li <4i ^2TO,.5f^,oV.U * -hibiteu^d rrlW 5*,e.' ?P? ,h,"l in c*?h; of which ff? ?Jj >*<d it 'tlrf the deferred pi; m?o ? to be !at?re*t h?? H??, ? j**"1 mf'7 d*> of "?|p- ? i?h ir .LI ?. ? ?nS' '?cored to the tatisfactim Within iw'JT?' TfnB* to b# fnllf complied with ?e?r\e. ?"'??otherwise the trnste* , ?'? "* right to resell the nron -rtr ?f,?, lbe rt*'i *n<'co#> fir?t'?nrctiMer All conveyancing at th< purchaser', co?t ",rcBM#r ^ wa.s5mb I^UOMAS DOWLLHO^Aactloneer. SKCOHD HAND BUILDINO MATBBIAL3 AT r 9iDr??^*\ MOBBINO. Jute 9th, H76. it 11 Butler's*? ) ??Hoothn premi-e**, (General i>Ltlor 8 tnlldingfl.)coro^r c*f ^outh ( .1 j ? *?!??*? ?f Bui.d4 \IB ?at?r|?l(, consisting in tart of Marble and Fa'l^1l!nk' Brick.8io-?e, Slate, Do >n, aiL* Bltnde, Moulding*, Iron Fencing Ac . Ac T?ni?en?b * an<1 8tone Cotters' Tooli. J.? - THUS POWL1NQ. Auct. jJUBOANKOll B KUS , Auctioneers. r?'Mi*v.)?/1MlBBO,i'* pJ"PrRK li'Ve L?h,N"' 8K*rlHO * V?lUN^,rAc ^c*' ?tock contained in stire No 40 1 wm* atrlh*e" wd 4 0* loth aireet north ;?Y,vrr-r,.x!;"' -"" ?"?i? ???>.?' M lrro'a Picture Frane^, F'ne Steel *r.gra?iD|re, Oordt. ? . Taa?*l?. Hooka, Ac. Ac, ntuallr foutd in a Picture Frame e?tabli?tmeut. *s ? i v Also, ?AC r*J\ T '1?*!!? dmy'?l 40^ 10th street, T?rn>. t Monldinge, Machines, A-. Ternuch. OKOAOK W. 1'HIlIiPS, -Je8 " I Bep ) Becei v er. rjj1HOMAS DUWL1AO, Aactioneer. TTATB1!^8UABL* KK%L K8 IhdVi^Wt^oolumSiJTVo"^ ItttfoV0** 0H "B KOBTHWABT. Ix .i?' of /onr ccptrate deeds of tru?t fi h V? 7? fc*"?rtng t*a?e reapectively the Ma, SL L r^n*ryl ,,9W-tho i??i 'lay o'il JiVrfT?' A Jl' ?* J?o??ry, 1M69, and the tsth ^"J,'1 recorded re?tecttvo!r In fc Url'ud R ??H 1? 'i?; h,'^' 6o0, ,otl 3 juio?r T iid K , No 5 fclio 3o2, Lib^r T aLd K Conntw miS&SAfr VatiK4Bac?rdi of Wash! #r on iu - ?^J vQ,b,'*' w" ,h%11 ?e,l< at ?Ob i? ?r? iS'?K DAY. the ibth lity of Jnue, a. m ? ht tbe hourof 5.30 o clock J'J j'iJ? ? j I '\,ur ?tV?ral promiaeory r.oten ri liit h Mm ?f .fin'' 4 re?i Qe?t In writing rt ltie h^lder ?f said pr mlseorr note?, tlnfollowiaS described p-oprrty, viz: All th?ttractor landcon tiguona to Georgetown, in the Ooonty of v> ton District t f Oolnmbia. lyirg w'rt of "ayette atrtet aiid north of aid a<*joinieg to 7tii ?tr8et cd t.nuel, and alj .loiug "Tne Owfars " oa tM wB?t . BSp*rl ?* ??ract called "Berleith." 1 ,a,n?' ?t*t?-thr?e iacr*-?t. or I?m ioi ,* Urgedtubln Brick dwelling House, Mable, Orcha d. Ac . Ao.), le-? that p->rti >u there.,} itrjch^lr'ry Md!, C0Xt0j0aatf 8m:4il Terms of FII to; Ore flth(l 8. cash; in six <?>. twelve I 1J..? iKhUen ( l-ji, ?,.d twenty f.,or i III uipi<the, ?I?ferrt.| p?>rcentsta be stciir d by 0' tes. ^nh interest, aiul deed of trust oa pioi..'rt> <11 interest: ravaVle semi aaantlly A dep Hit cf .*v6 required at time of sale. All conve> aucing nt cost ?I?V|, Pri. , t6r?* ofsalo ?ro But :on:plis,l with wlthir, a we- k a ter day cfsale, the Trn-f -s r, <.m. .? to resell tLe proprrty, stter (i?e f5? d-tis' the ri-<k and cm cf the d?UulrU?Vur < 1 a^?r A plat of th<- proper'y will be exhibited on the grcni-c!* at the time ot sale WAbTIHS. f!OX,l? . 1U1MAS0 (!OX. Trustee*. ??TS8 d THOiWAa DOWLXNO. Auct. Y'OUBO A MIDDLKTON. * Heal .Estate Auctioneers. TJ*I'^TFI'S BALK Of VALUABLE HHKW. BUT PBOPKBTY ON K H&TU KE.N Jbra AND W7th STttlCKTs MuiiTUV.'B?T. ^'"o90^ adfed of trust <lau*l March 17, ??i st.d recorded in Liber filO. foil >* 474. I'5 vT? *?'!,, ?P? lu<! '?r<' records for the \ "? of Ouluaibin, and at the writteii rt<iutst ot tne F"rty secured thereby, 1 wllisoll a' public auction, infh "tir? Ihe premi^. on BATCttDAY, inus ^ i 51 A ?> c!o?-k p. n., the following de jcubed real estate, *)tuate la the city c| W^ lus i n, District ut Columbia, to wit. Ail of l^ts Liiniberfd futir. (4,) five, ,5.) six, ,6.) seven, (7," eight,(8.) atil all those pirts of l^t nambeted t ine L#| ' a'n,.Vqf*r? nnnjt>ered lour. (4; I one part of lot Dj e<y' hegti.ning at tb6 aotitiiwest corner of lot ? 8?|9-I ?,id ruuniag theuce north witn the esst 2tr,'M twenty i H t feet, thency east ISO feet to the back line of said lot, thencs south id !,?LthAnf',w'?' 150'?*??'o the said 27th street, and clsce of beginning; for the other p%rt of lot nine. < 8) begicning at the southeast corner of lot 1U. In said S'jnate, thence ?outh 31 teet, thenc- ea<t 75 feat }bSD,t?ai feer. thecce along the rear line of lots 12 and 13. 7# feet wept, to tbe place of begin pii g. and ?ppurtenareoe. beitg the ?h ?'e property lately ki.?'wn as the Washington Brewery. Tern.s: ?s.600 cash: S3 &>j ia six . 61 months, with Interest, and balance in twelve i lj) months, with Interest. Th- deferred payment* to be eecured by notes of purchaser sod de.d of trost on prop. rty sold. A deposit of S2S0 will be required of the pur chaser at the time of sale, otherwite an immediate resale. Con veyancing at cost of purchaser If ofher terms cf sale are not co?r||ed with within seven (7) days !he Trustee reserves the right to resell the ?roperty at the risk and cost of the defaulting nnr chster, after five (81 days'adv< riisement. _ . BAM'L L PHILLIPS,Trustee, n>}14 <1 fOCNO A Mll>l)LBTOM. Ancts. rpHOMAS DOWL1BO, Anctioneer. TS' 5,TKEB' SAL? or V\LDAI!LB IMPBOVKO Tioa lsl w*^^0KlO\VN, AT AUU By virtue of a deed of trust dated tbe 7th I iJ day of Jnie, 1878, and dcly itcjrdul in Liber Bo 7?, folio lis. ote ot the land records ' 1 '? w ashiLgton connty. District of Columbia, and by dlrlhtP1"1 y ?'cured thereby, we shall seil on IHUBtDAY, th* 9th day of June, 1X76, at 5:30 oil'xk p. m , in front of the piemi'tus, parts of lots cumbered forty nine (49) and nlty,(80,) in II j| ; mean s addition to Georgetewn. District of Oolum bla. begiuLing at a pJnt In 'he north HneofOou bartcn street, filty two feet (82) went of Monroe | street, and run thence east with north line of Onu farton street eighteen feet, thence north parallel to Mouine street, eighty feet, theuce west pira !el tj Dunbarton street, eighteen feet, thence s iuth iu s straight like to the bcglnnirg, together with tne lri:pro?emenu, which oonsist of a Irarne dwellmu Terms; One third cash; the balance )n two e i ial payments at 6 aLd 12 months, and seenred by d*"*Gs ol trust, with notes bearing iut?rest at S per centum per annum on each niece of property. If the term* < tsale are not complKd with in five days the Trus tees reserve the right to resell the same at the risk and cost of the deltiilting purchaser, after giving ten days' nutee in aojje newspaper published In tbe ci'y ot Woshicgt^n. i'oneeyanc'ng nt purcha ser s coif and a depxtt ff S>00 will bo required nt t me of sale on each piece of ?rop*rty. W M. D. C1MBIN. WM A.O()B')OS,{Tr",,w,? THUS. IIOWLINO. Anct. ' J'HOM AS DOW LIS! A nctloneer. tlcbtbis*salb or impbovbo pbopbbty I H UIOEtilTUW N, AT AfTCTlON. By virtue of a deed of tr?st, dated the Hih^* day of October. 1-73 and duly recorced In Lib. rSI <11. folio 38,. one or the lacd record* for Wastr^^ Ugton county. District of Colombia, aid by tbe re l,irJJnii.h"J"krt3 ?<-ciir?d thoribt. we hall sell, on THL'BSDA I. th* Mlh day of June, 6 "cl .?k p m . in trout ot the pntuisesabe w ?t bail part of L.01 numbered sixty two (62?. in Hoimead s addition to Georgetown, District of C lurnbis, th* *am. fronting twenty feet on the *onth liu* of West street. wtth n depth of one hardrtd and twtnty fret, to ff ,h" ImprovementK, which consist of n Brick Dwelling. Term* of sale?r#: One third cvb; the residue in two equnl payments, nt *ix and twelve months, nod seemed by n deed of trust on the property **ld,*ith note* bearing Interest at 8 per cent, p.r annum m*nfJ?nelDK at.*^.rcb.Mtr'* Ieo,t . A deposit of ? )U) will be repaired nt th* time of sale. If the term* of *al* are not complied with in ten day* the Trntlee* re-i-rve the right to rewll the *ane, at the r>?k aid eo?t of the defaulting purchaser, by Htm flay* ad*trt<?, ment income newspaper published lb tho city of * ashinnton. WM.r?, CASSIS, I T ? WM.A. OOBD'N, J TrttsUei. __?i29d THUS P0WL1WQ.Anct. TfcCSf KB AMD KXSCUTOBS' BALB OF YAL I A BLR 1MPKOVBD BBAL EST *TB ON WORTH BPTBKBT. BITWIIN 14th ANI) ^.VoVoV.'o""1'" TUt UI" ur Fy virtue of the lnet will nnd te?tarjsnt of ' - r? rbinand Bntler. deceased, nod ut tbe order ffW and decree of the Supreme Court ot the 1U U.JL uict ot Columbia. paa*ed in Bqolty csuae Mo. 4^3/. aid cf ? teed cf ?< nveynnce In* under sifned will sell at pnblic aoctln.ln frost ef tbe prt-tnierr, on ?KI0.%Y,the 93d dnv of Jane. 1876 at the honr ol U o'clock p m , Lot No. H, In square i?.according to said Bntler'* subdivision tnssid Kiuare. with the Imerovments tbe-eon. consisting cf n large, ccmforvable frame Dwelling, containing twelve rcom*. 1 > m.s of sale; On* third onsh; balance In g. u Wmrntk*. tbe pnrchaor or porchaa-r* gltipg hi* or their notes, bearing ? per oent. Interest frea day of sale?a d?ed given and a d?ed of trust takes on the property to secure tbe deferr*! pa> ment*. All conveynncisg at the coat of the parebnanr or turrh**er*. A deposit <t 9HI required when th* property I* (truck off If tb* term* of sale be not cowplitd with wltbia ten day* from day of *ale, tbe undersigned teeerve tbe right to resell tbe property nt the risk and coat of tb* defaulting purchaser or porthaner* after ten Say*' adv?rti*e<rent. ABDBBW J JOYOS, Corner 14tb and B street* nor. hwest, Fnynneter General Office, Bo. 1091 (bscn v.. ? Trustee* nnd Bx*eut->n. B. H. WABBBB, Auotioaeer. Jel eoAd* EVENING STAR, TrwnAT. Jnwe A, 1876. THE BLAINE ENSSATION. The Seine in Ihe llonac yesterday. READIXa OF THE LKirEKM (h?r?e AkMbki ihf JaitlrUrr Com in II ire of Nupyrewlac n table m.Minh v. rvu pprntMi Cable In the Houw yesterday Mr. Blaine rue to ^e8.L?^?fprivlle*e' aad Prooeaded to ad . .?US? ?" the SQhJ-*tof tbeloves prl P?ni#,? eUn'on p*c,n? U1 North hLrt transaction! in which his name bfw?e involved. He read the res olution offered by Mr. Tarbox .Mas* > on at tlmifrt ^f?^U lb?r ?f Ul?*r??oHlUpo bid ioe lime disclaimed aoy DftrilcniAr Aiim & Mr BlaS^ Blalue)-? -'^cla?mer which i1.'rt,?n<?bvl?u* lhal tbe resolutton was solely at d only aimed at him, and that toe Union or auy other Incident to tne 8 Wa? secondary, inslgulflcvu : <?Tpon? He dld riot. complata o' l ,l^f wa* ready to meet It. Thegeutieman ' \fr t!^6. statemenI the accu^fou rest*i [ ?^??2 hHd been theOrat man cailel m' , Mr ?a.'.ea w|,.at be knew from rutnuc! f-^ ?r. Rollins, Mr. Morton, Mr. Millard ' Mr. Thomas a. Scoti were examine l and their testimony was complete aud con lUMveind sproof of his (Blaii.e si biviu ? hbC an\ thing whatever to do with tue trax" actloii. He nad expeoteu to have an early i l ? n from tne committee; out it had oeefi l>2i'longed, and prolonged,aud proloug,?j; Htid t.e had bft;n somewhat surprise,! ia,t wee* ><i being told that the committee would t!ie-i turn to Investigate the tran?aetlons of the Northern Pacific company on a newspaper iej*>rt that there had been some efiort, o i his l"*rt with a friend In Boston to procure tor htm some shares of that, compauy (which effort had proved abortive.) He had asked the gentleman from Virginia, the ctialrman of the sub committee ( Mr. Uuutou). under what authority he proposed to make that in vestigation, and bad been told tnat the au thority was a resolution offered by Mr. Lut treli (Cal.) on tue :i 1st of January. He ttiougtit that lhat gentleman (Mr Luttreil) would be surprised to find out that the first thing they Old under lhat resolution was to bring lis whole force to bear on a little transaction in B??ton which had proved never to be a trans aoiit.ij at all* That luventination wns bpguu hi d three witnesses bad testified Justprecise ly as the circumstances were. He had no sooner got through #itb that than, in another purl of the Capitol, without the slig:ite?t i otice or warning lo blm, tne Committee ou ibe Heal Estate Pool bad entered on an in vestigation specifically aira?d at birn, so il at there were three investigations going on at the same time without any of iham being completed. He understood that the gentleman from Virginia (Hunton) proposed this morning si ill another Inquiry about the Kansas Pa cific railroad company?a transaction which was l? >ears old, even If It existed, and this was alto aimed at him. Now, he wouldsay (and say It boldly) that under these general powers to Investigate specific railroad cam parlts, the whole engineering of the com mittee was aimed personally at him. Why did I hey Lot organize a committee to lnvei ? t.taie James G. Blaine? He wanted to meet the ihlng squarely. He didn't wlshtostlr up any blood on this question; but he would say that ever since a certain debate took place in the Horse In January last It had bten known that there were gentlemen here whose feelings had been exasperated against blm, and it was to be remarked that while tht-ie were 7 democratic members of the Ju diciary Committee, the chairman of that committee (Mr Knott) selected on the sub committee to which these matters had been referrtd, two members from tue south wao had been In the rebel army. KNOTT I.ITEHKtJPTS. Mr. Knott, of Kentucky word. Mr. Blaiue.?After a moment. Mr. Knott.?Allow me a word now. Mr. Blaine.? Well, go on. Mr. Knott ?Tue matter of that railroad investigation was referred to thj sub-com mittee before I ever beard your nama men tioned in connection wltu it. I had 110 act or part In lucitlu^ any Investigation lmpli catingyou at all. Mr. Blaine.?Then the gentleman from Vir ginia (Mr. Hunton) InMstet under that olutlcn, which whs obviously ou its faze nlU-d to the fcT'.OJU bond transaction wltu tie Union Pacific Railroad Company, oa gr icg into ail the affairs or the Little Rock and Fort Smith Railroad Company as tncl <!?ulal thereto, and pursued it to sach aa extent Hint finally I had myself, tnrojga inv colleague (Mr. Frye), to take aa appeal to the full committee, and the full coauuit t decided lhat the gentleman ( Mr. Hunton) b: d lo right to go Into It. But when ho camc baca be resume 1 the examination eiacily In the same way until it wa> stopped by my colleague (Mr- Frye) acting, not as my attorney, but as my friend, aod while tn fllly the witness (Mulligan) came here loaded with information in regard to the Fort Hmltb H-iilroad the gentleman (Huu toi.) drew out what he knew had no refer ence whatever to the question under investi gation, ai.d then and there insisted on all tny private memoranda being allowed to be ejtilbited by this man Mulligan, which had no more connection or relation with this in stigation tbau with the North Pole. The gentleman tried his best, also, until,I believe, that liiea has bten abandoned, to capture and if-e and control my private correspondence. This man bad selected out of a correspond euro running over a great many years let ters which he thought would be peculiarly damaging to roe. He carne here loaded witsi them. He came here for a sensation. Ha came here primed. He came here on that particular erraud. I was advised of it, and i obtained these letters under circumstances whirb have been notoriously scattered Ibiougbout the United States and are known everywhere. I have toem (holding up a package.) I claim that I have the en tire right lo there letters, not only by natu ral right, but on all the precedents and prin ciples of law. The man who held them In his i>osses8ion held them wrongfully; aad the committee which attempted to take thtse letters from this man for use against me proceeded wrongfully. It proceede d in the boldest and most defiant violation of ti e ordinary personal and private rights that belong to every American cltUeu. I am willing to meet the Judiciary Coiamlt tfeon that point. I wanted that comin't tee lo lotrnduee it. I wantel the gentleman In m Kentucky (Mr. Knott) aud the gentle, man from \ Irgiuia (Mr. Hunton) tointro Lee that question ou the floor, aud they did Lot do It. ? CROS8 PIKE. Mr. Knott (In his seat.)?On, no, you want to he made a martyr of. Mr Blaine ?Yes; and you did not want It. There is ihe ditrerenee. I will go a little far tt:er and say that, you did not uare to do It. Mr. Knott ?We will not talk about "dar? ittg." Mr. Hamilton,-(N. J )?I rise to a question of ordf!*. Is the gentleman's language par liamentary? Mr B aiue.?Yes,entirely so. The bpeaker pro tem. (Mr. Cox, of New York, lu the chair.)?It Is for the caair to decide Mr. B'alne ?I understand the Judiciary Committee to have abandoned that issue against me. But there has gone forth the idea or impression that because 1 would not ptrmit that man or any man (when I could prevent It) from holding as a meaaca over my head my prlvaw correspondence, tneie rnuftbe something lu it most deadly aud dtsiruetive to my reputation. I would 11 &e any gentleman on this floor (aud all of them are presumed to be men of affairs, whose business has been varied and whose Inter course bas been large,! to staud up nere aad say that be 1b willing and ready to have his private correspondence for the last ten or twelve years handed over and made public. Does it Imply guilt? Does It Imply wrong doing? Does It Imply a sense or weakness that a man will protect bis private corres pondence? No, sir; il Is a man's first Instinct to do it, and It Is tne last outrage on any man to violate it. 1U1 1ETTER8 EXHIBITED AND READ. I have defied the powtr lo take the^e letters from me. I do it still. I speak with all re spect for this Home. I know its powers, aud 1 trust that I respect them. But I say that ibis Douse bas no more power to order what shall be done or not done with my private correspondence than it has to order what I stall do with the nurture and aimoultlou of my children?not one particle more. But I am not ashamed to show the letters (holding tLcra up In his kand). I thank Uod Al mighty that I am not ashamed to show them. There they are; tnere la the very original package. With some sense of humiliation, wilha mortification which I do not pretend to conceal, with a sense of outrage which I think any man In my position would feel, I invite theconftdenoeof forty four millions of the people, and I will read these letters. [Applause, which the Speaker pre tem. ea deavored to suppress.] Many of these letters bave cot the remotest bearing oa the sub ject, but some of them will requires little explanation. Some of them may possibly Involve humiliation, but I would a good deal rather take that than take evil auroUses. and, still more, evil Inferences, that salght be drawn If I did Dot act with thla ftrank n? TBI X.BTTSRS. Mr. Blaine thereupon proceeded to read and to make paaalng comments up an aad explanation of various polats In the several letters. The auction to the Ppemer entriet h? 1 sayloe UMl in th-?urnm?r of i^iLlr?yyy om eam-??Jo? grees, be bad bffn uked If b?crr I n<*t r?i an opportunity for the Inventor of toe apeo ff r rt-peatiDg rMle to hritig tbti iiear uroi to the attention of Uie Bfcrrurv of War lie ??id be thought be could, ard be had mne ?1 Washington and had an Interview with Secretary Cameron. Mr. f^^ given orders to hare It tested by the O-T nance bureau. It bad been thoroughly test ed. and the experiment* were so satisfactory U at a preliminary order for .o.noo rifles irai made. Tbe company bad immediately pro ceeded to erect an armory in Boston. He bad been paid, cot an extravagant, but a mod erate re* for his service*, which he bad Jost as much liberty to takea* any lawyer or agent bad to Use a fee. Subsequently be took and paid for gin ooo worth of stock In tbe company, which ba? aluce b??Q merged Into tne Winchester Rifle compauy. Tnat was the wboie story. There are the five let tere; there are the whole of them, and here is Mulligan's memorandum. I keep It as a TViffV*?? 'or myself, to .show tbe Identity of the letters in every respect. Mr. Glover (Mo.)?Will yon hare that memorandum read ? Mr. Blaine ?I will doao. Mr. Hale (Me)-Does this exhibit cover ?ry 1 ?a?e from Mulligan? JJr Blaine.?Every solitary scrap. y, oV*o t ^!.?veir_ ^et Lh*t memorandum be read at tbe clerk's desk. vi? ri?T,l,t^("Tn^tn* ? the clerk's desk). ST.' ^ glad to nave it read. The memorandum was read. u. ]*? MOTIVE ok THE ASiArI.T. ?I vo? .Vl",~>,ow'1 would be obliged for t-i^ifs ti,? J.1 wheube re*'1" Ul**? letters obvlou* lut*Qt wuich that KSSfalK'? I h?^TIir BoKD TRANSACTION. make ThIs*?'? V ?haei*atloos to the rt.m iT.IT c'1'fge wbich w-:,t u? >ue ?H>ti, ?,itip?. whr *t, >?.r i WRli _ nitrtv ln .J' JV^r, lb,e ??l,000 transaction, and 1 Hub mlt that up to this time there lias Lot h,.?n TbeMti!?f ,,r"?f to connecf me wlth^S ?T i were plckevl out of ? 1,J, man'Vxf f.1,e,""n* uver flfr-en years. Tne man (Mu.l gai ) did bis wont hi* v?n ?TVr?,o? ^ were picked out of the mo-a ! fL f hrbu*'tC8s correspondence or ruy L'~ i ^ Jon gentlemen,and I a>-k it wiin some reeling, if any ?r you could stand a closer scrutiny, a more rigid Investigation of jour correspcmdence'.' MR. KNOTT S TREACHERY. >ow, there is but one piece of testimony wanting There is but one thing to close the wiinnJ. WK ? I?r ,<*?Ulnooy- There is one witness whom I cannot have, but to who n ti e Judiciary Committee vot?d to se"d a cable dispatch-Joslah Caldwell. I a* it the gentleman from Kentucky if t?iat cable dis patch was sent? "r Knott?The gentleman from Virginia &r,, have both endeavored to get Mr. Caluweli s address, and have not yet jjO' 1(. Mr. Blaine ?Has the gentleman from Ken well7 recelvea H ca01e dispatch from Cald Mr. Knott-1 will explain that directly. Mr. Blaine?I want a categorical answ er. Mr. Knott?I have received a dispatch purport lug to be from Mr. Caldwell. How did you know I got it? (advancing down the aisle) \V ben did you get that dispatch? qi^Bsilon"flr8u"1 W&Ut y?U 10 an8,rer m* ^ Mr. Blaine?I never heard of It till yeater Mr. Knott?How did you hear It? Mr. Blaine?I heard that yoa tfot a dls patch last Thursilay morning at emnt o clock from Josiab Caldwell exone rating me completely and absolutely from this charge, and (with great vehemence of manner) you have suppressed It. [Loudao plause and cheering on the republican side of the House and In tbe galleries, which csuKcd the Speaker jto (tin. to lecture tbe gulleties and to direct the to clear the floor of all unauthorized persons i Arter some time spent lu having order re stored, Mr. Blaine again returned to the Charge, ai.d c em untied of Mr. Kuott ao a? swer to his question. Mr. Knott, (contemptunnsjy.)?1 will atswer when I get ready. Goon wits your speech. MR BLAINE WANTS TO KNOW. Mr. lilaii.e.?I offer the following reso lution: 6 That tlic Judiciary ( .injniilte? I. i.j ?trn t< d to rep rt f >rth? itb t.. the 11 ,u ? ? h.-th.-r in Ju liiig under the r< ~>lution or tin; II .us. ot M .v I n latiy- v. th, ^mk I. i- by th.- I ,,iUB l'vilic |L1' ,r;:;:, (i;.rr.-,'V : rv,-.n,) S s !ni"' ">?> i., i, tr vlif* ifuk aiitl Iort >iuitli k ii!r'?a 1 r mii.iin f?i<l conimittre lias st*ut aajr t<-l-?nuu to oik-.i.?.|.4h t aldweII Hi Kurope an.I r c i\. | a r.-pl> th-r-tn. ainl. it m>, tliat tin- coiiiniitt<^ report said t. l. -mni Slid reply,> wall tin- date when -ai l r.-piv ?h- rr cei\ed,and the rca-..n why th ? p^iu has l?cnsun prj ?. d or wh. tlM r the coBimittc- h:? h :.rd tr in said Jtwiah < ?ldw<-ll in any otii.-r w.iv auil ? hat Jut) gentleman plr. Knott)'intended'to convey the Idea I bad some Illegitimate knowledge of bow that dispat?u was ob talnrd I have had no comiuunicatlou with Sir Joslah Caldwell and no meaus of auow ing fiom the telegraph oftkre when It was re- 1 ciived; hut I tell the gentleman from Ken tucky that " MURDER Witt OCT." at d that "secret, will le .k." J am prepared t j state to this House that at a <,'clock, or Uereabfiuts. last Thursday morning, the 1.1It-man from Kentucky received and re ceipted for a message, addressed to him, from Jcs.uh Calctweii, in Ix>ndoo, entirely corrobeirating and sustaluing the testimony of Mr. Thomas A. Scott, which Cald well had just read in a New York newspaper, aud eu t'ri ly exculpating me fr?im the charge,which I am t*ound to believe, from the suppression of that dispatch, gentlemen are anxious to fasten upon me. I move tne previous ques tion on the resolution. Mr. Hclmau. of Indiana, seggested that the resolution could only be voted for under a suspension of the rules. Mr. Blaine?Not at all. The resolution embraces the highest of privileges, and in volves the good faith and honor of the Judi ciary Committee. a democrat scpports the demand. Mr. Jones, of Kentucky ?The question put by the gentleman from Maine to my col league ie a proper question aud ought to be answered, and 1 have no doubt will be an swered. . Mr. Blaine.?I thank the gentleman from Kentucky. Mr. Hunton followed Mr. Blaine, and gave a review of the work of the sub-committee as far as It bad progressed. He denied that it was the .ntentlon of the committee to pro long the Investigation. He was speaking of the Mulligan correspondence when Mr. i/,e Jptenupted him and asked: I?id not Mr. Kialne oiler to submit those letters to be examined privately, and did not Mr. Huuton say mat he would not< examine them privately? ' Mr. Hunton?I refused to receive them privately. J said to Mr. Blaiue over and over again, ?'I do not want to see your cor respondence either publicly or privately. I have got no right to see it except as a com mittee man, and those gentlemen who sit on either side of me have the same right as L have. I do not mean to receive any papers which my colleagues oa the committee cau. not see and inspect with me." Tnea I bad the hoDor ofau Invitation to Mr. Biaiae's house to read those letters, but I replied in tbe same way, "I have no right to go into your bouse as a piivate citizen and read jour private correspondence. If I have a right to look at it at all it is as chairman of the committee. If I have no right to look at it ln that way I have no right to look at it all, and I shall not do It." It is for the House to determine whether the committee did right or wrong. If I have erred it has baan an error of Judgment, and I say to day it is a Job that I never fancied. THE CAtDWILL DrSPATCH. Mr. Blaine.? Does the geu'tle nau trom Vir ginia know of a dispatch received from Jo siah Caldwell ln Loudon? Mr Huntoa.? My friend, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, will reply to you in full on that ?unject. M r. Blaine ?Then I ask you to state wheth er on Thursday morning last the gentiemau from Kentucky (Knott) did not call you out of the committee room and acquaint you of tbat fact? Mr. Hunton?If my friend from Kentucky de*?e not answer you in full, 1 will. Mr. Blaine vcontemptuously).?Ah ! MB. KNOTT RISES TO EXPLAIN. Mr. Knott, (Ky.) chairman of the Judic iary Committee, said he had listened to im nutations upon himself within the last two hours, which, coming from a different source, he mlgbt perhaps answer very differently rroni tbe manner ln which be should now at tempt to answer them. Tnose who were in timately acquainted with him knew that be was tbe last man In tbe world to seek a per sonal controversy, and be assured the House that of all men in the world the rentleman from Maine (Mr. Blaine) was the last man with whom be would saek such a contro versy. That gentleman waa entirely too tm mente in bis proportions. "Why, man, be doth best) ide tbe narrow petty men. Walk between bis huge legs and peep about to And ourselves dishonorable graves." Personal controversy seemed to be tbat gentleman's forte. He reminded him of Homer's descrip tion of Dlomede? "I'iw was the ctani? and dreadful from i.far. Th# arm?d Tjrvt^tr* ru*hlii* to tlj?* w?r." As a friend of his would say, tne gentleman waa too bumptlons and too osurptious fur him. [Laughter on tne democratic side l TBI SUPPRESSED TELXttRAX. As to the cable dlspatoh from Joslah Call well, it is true that last Thursday morning Idld receive a dispatch. The gentleman from Maine (Mr. Blaine) seems to know precisely the hour at which I received It and Its contents. He seems thoroughly posted oa tbe subject, bat permit me to say with regard to the Insinuation that tbat telegram has been (oppressed, that aoy maa, high or low. whtfrtr be may b#>. who w,!l ?;?# ?berf n ase men an insinuation will fcav ? t > t%?* U.e eonMijueppM. 1 hurl the fals*b ol bwk It to the l?ih of toy rn*n who msk t??i| grstion ?? u> tbe iopprf?|on of t ?at dis patch. A; plause ou to* demoerarc *Ue.l I ncelvnj it. 1 did not suppress It at a'l. In ie*a than thirty minute* *fi? I reeelred it I read It to mv, ral g??tit lemon But tb*r* was M' Particular ailJmt Id London from whlcb It purported to come, and I did belier* and am rot altogether certain yet tbat 1 do not believe. it tu afitvlup jab ( Murmur* of dissent from the republican aide Mr- Hale tMe>?The dispatch purpTried to come from Undoii, and did not tbat in. dleate to the gentleman from Kaam;ky where to telegraph to Joaiah Caldw*ll7 Mr. Knott?I had Information toat Call well *aa Id Italy building railroads there. ai.d not Id Locdon. There being do point la lx>t.doo designated Id the dispatch It struck ice as beluga Utile singular. 1 should hare Men expected to addreas a reply to London where there are three or four millions of peo ple. I might as well have gone to hunt lor a crop Id the ocean. Mr. Hale?1 toes not the gentleman know tbat the telegraph effloe in Lonaon would have forwarded the dispatch to Mr. Cald well's address, and that this la the everyday method of ascertaining the addreas of per sons? Mr Knott.?The gentleman knows mare about It than I do. Mr. Hale I know anoogh to know that. Will the gentleman read the dlapatcb, In otder tn let the House fee what Is In It? Mr. Kiott?When I get readr I will. I have asked the gentleman from Maine, srho ?**mstobeso thoroughly posted ab ml It, bow be got hi* information, and fce ha* de clined to tell u.e. Now let the matter rest right there. Mr Fr>e.?If the gentleman from Ken tt-efcy rtfo*e* to prnduse tbat dispatch 1 will t?et tirelT satistied that Mr. Blaine ha* rot learned the whole of It, and Idealreto ask If the re la not something else In thatdls patcb which is kept bark? Mr Ki ott - No, sir; will that satisfy yon? Mr. Oarfleld and several other republi cans? Head H, read it. MR KJtOTT roMI'KLLtD TO KXPLMW Mr. Knott Will the gentlemen pw?ess fl.elr ^ouls In patlenre? I have not As t;? patch here. It is at my bouse. Tue con teats of It are substantially as stated by the gen tleman from Maine (Mr. Blaine). I do not know that 1 can re|>eat It in exact term*. The purport of It is that Caldwell baa seen Tt i.inas A. Scott's testimony in th< Now York paper* and that It wai substantia y correct; mat he had not let Mr. B:alne have any boL.da.ard that he would sand an affi to vlt to that effect, but that be was engaged lu a railroad enterprise over there ana coald not come to give bis tectlmony without ne rious pecuniary loss. This is substautlally w hat Is in It. and If the gentleman bad only malted the dispatch It would hava been pre sented to the committee for whatever nse the committee might see proper to make of It. 1 hai no desire to Injure the geatiemtn from Maine personally, and especially not politically; but 1 desire the truth may be told. A a for myself, I had no knowledge of any transaction by the gentleman from Maine nconmstent with the higbett personal integrity. I do not desire that be shoult be injured in the least, but I do desire tbat if any person Is guilty of wrong we shall turn the gas on aud let the people see blm. i Laughter and applause J Mr Ulalr.e moved the previous question on hi* resolution, and attempted to make fnrther remarks, but was prevented by loud call* to order and by the Speaker pro tern, ruling that be was not entitled to the fljor for that purpose. The House refused to second the previous question, and then, on motion of Mr. Bau nlng (Ohio), the motiou of Mr. Blaine was retried to the Committee on the J uiiclary? >eas 124. nays ?7. The House, after a day of great excite ment, adjourned at 6 o'clock. The Letter*. The correspondence?fifteen letters In all covering a period from 1**<? to 1*73. was re t 1 by Mr. Blame, and commented on and ex plained by him as he wentaioug. lie tojk the letters as they happened to c ?Ti" to hit hand, without regard to order of dale or sub J>ct. Several of them were lu reference t-> proposed settlements of the accounts be iween hini?elf and Fisher. Some were In refusal of Fisher's application for money, siatiog Mr. Blaine'* Inability to comply with tbe itquest, but expressing his reali ties* (o have a full and complete statement. One was a relation by Mr. Blaine of how, during the first five weeks ol bis Speatrtr* ship, he had ueclded a point of order whteU t'ti.ved to be In the interest of tue Little K< ek and Fort Smith rallr.atd company, without his knowledge, however,tbat Fisher or ar>y frie: il of bis was lisely to t?e bene fited thereby. lu regard to ibis letter, his explanation went Into foil particulars. In cluding ouo'atlons from tbe O"i / ? ? ? 0'l?be. Another had reference to tn* con tiaet for sjM iicer rifle*; tola matter he ex plained folly. Tue correspondence ami the ruunlng comment* upon it, It Is entirely out of tbe reporter'* power to ki ve anything like an acrutate s> nojivjg of. The first letter is ca'ed at Augoxta. August Si, l"~2. aud is aiidresstd to Mr. Fisher. In It Mr. BUlue writes: ?'I have tw>en absent so much of late that I 41 I n ?* r c?-jve youi la-t letter until it ? ?? several ds\ s \\ bea I la-t a rote \ .>u I w?- <-\p- tln* to I. ? iu II - f..!i iu a political ? ? >tit<-i ??!?< ?- about tin- tnie-.l-u? 11?*i:i??! it iui|iu?il'l>' ti< bt' tbere. and it i- in* iia l> -- l it-1 r me ??? I -a*e h?-r?- until after our el -<-i>n. wlmli on Monday w -k.tli m(i. I will ti to ?at poaat tbe Parker II i)a? on tie* ItHli <*r lllli. I a\ml I lie lr.)>?lf ? X flit- lir-t p.?t .1 ? in >n-iit t"r Hi ?' rHiirpi.*-'. I eanni t, h ??? >?-r. nil w u r-'iumk in v ? I lirr t?? xvrlimit ?<>uiiu> ui. I'm mi iIimi ? u rim\e l*etn tr>ilia to get a K'ttlfin nt with In - f >r fifteen afcmtli-. Vi?i lia>e b<-en tr> ing to indite nt?? t'X . ui|>l) v i 11ntn .1. ntaitiN ?t hi< li > in nt* 1 I iii? n MewftbaSM taking tul'i arcmnt uuv<1aiiu-1 lime < f a coimt*-i kind Thi*ilo*^ ii >t fill my nl'-a a - Ml' in*'ni. i.?r .-i -i Hli-iiK'iit niu?t iiii ln?th -i.|. - No p> i miii could 1"* More auxt >ii> lira ?'tll?tucut than l um.aixl if ti|>-n out next interview we can not reach I'W.nliv then we mnxt try oth'-r imsm. hut m> jii.iiriii-i.i ii> tliat I khail mak<- you lite ral an offer of ?*ttl"**'Ut that >oucauu<>t ptMibljr re tn?- it. a* one of tIf i li-tiient- uliioli I *Uh to take into account i? tie n->te $l>UMU|[ivi-n InWi.t ir S(i nr r Mock. I desiri- tbat yu will furnUL tn ? with tlr-ihius of iiit?-p--t on that n.ite win. h \ .11 Mill hold that yon did not charg-- mi- iuter<-st. p>4<i bly oniittiin: oi,.-or two > I will li > oMlg-t if . > on will ei\e m. iut< nni>:i"ii i n thi- p-nut. t r 1 in tend to ?lit.iuit to >on a full and explicit flett|i-m<Mlt. ? 1.1 in making it > | it i> in-<?ai> that I ii ii 1 h?\?-tlii? tiiforniatio*. l'lo??- winl it as promptIv a- you ma> l?- aide to give it to me.' On tt e i'lh of June, l??j, Mr. Blaine wrote to M r. F lsher as follows. "1 iLuttk you lor tlii- article from Mr. Lew is. It ir good in it-< lt and will do jr-ml. Ih writes lik<* a of lari:.- iiit?-lllg<'iici- and v ? mipiele-ti-'oii. ^ -hi offer to admit me to a participation in tie- uow rail road enterpri?e is in evrry re-pect a- g'-aetvit* as I f-oeld >-xpe< l or d?*?ire. I lhan* you v?t> -iie erel) ter it. ami iu thi- connection I wi-lt to make a ?ug iji--tion of a sone-w hat snlflt-li character. It is thu: sea spoke of Mr. CaMwell di-i< ii-iiiit 't a-hat t I lii? interent to me. If le* r-all\ d > I wi-h le w ulii milk- the ptopo- tion definite*o tin* I could know ,in-t w hat to di-p^n 1 I'll. I* rhap-it It - wins tor tin lull ie\'-I'-piii'-iit f tie* ??nteiprt?? Ii minlit Krow reluctant to pari with the share, and I do notli> this ne-au any distrust of him I Jo it it f-.-t that I -Itall prove a deadheii ! i > , ? it I once <-iiiliark in it. I ?eei?riou? chautn-1- in v Inch 1 know I can be useful." THI 8IOCK TKAJSS4CTION?. On tbe lstof October, i?71, Mr. Bialne wrote to Mr. Flsber. saying: "1 nut doiiip all in my p-<w>-r t<> exp-dite aud h%? ten the di'bvcr> of tie* stock. The a-1*> Ita- l--< it occasioned l.\ circwantam hi wholly beioml m> c >ti tn>l, but I shall reach a oiuclaaiou within a fevt dayaatd wake a formal di-lii'-rc th- ii. It will le an luiettae relief to get it otl my hau l*, I assure idu, tar greater thau for von to re-eivi tt. YoO lun?t have strangelj mi-uuderst>M>d Mr. ? aldw -ll iu r> g?id his paying these rat ?? II" has pvid ne only Just gi'i.i*?i. leaving #1H.MM due, w Itich 1 am carr> - I tnz le r<- at 1 ami ?>> pet cent, :ntereat. and wiiich ciiiliarias-? - ne-|. -)oud all imagination 1 do n t reall> kic w which w:ii t-iturn 'or relief. I atu so prewsil and hampered with tie- l.ittl- B <ek and I' nl Smith matter, and if ) o?l audi allwell l>etw?*eu \i>a cannot pa> me that nineteen th oi-aud dollar* of hot ri w i d lu .lie* , I .I i not k'i w oat I -had do. Poljtii allj I mil ? Itarg'-d w ith le- nt a wealthy n- n , and per-oiiall> and pecuuiaril> I am l it. .ring u tuosl tearlul euiliai ia-siuetit-. nit 1 th<-creat<-?t t a I thesi- etiiliarra-snientii i? tie- liiai t"?-u lh iii-?n I i lai- v h I' Ii I hand -.1 m er und.-i > our ord>-r?, and n t oue dollar of w hick I bare ri-reitevl. ofth-tw -ntj fi>e thon-and d-'llar-original del t. Mr l alda- ll lia pai 1 six thou-and l illar-, aud siv th u-an l dollars ouly. I an >t-u not give me aomi hapc of reli-f In this niatterr It ie cruel lieyond tiea-ure to leave me BO expo-ed atld so sufteriug.7 On July 2d, litfO, Mr. Blaine wrote to Mr. Flsber: ?? Vou ask tne if I am satiafivd with the off,-r \ou made uie cf a share in vour new railroad - ut rprias. Of Ooiirx I am more than sattsfiid with the terms of the offer. I tcsitate Connected liberal m<de of dealing with me mail ?or tosin-ss transacti< n? of tte pa-t ei^lit jresrtt baa not passed without m> full appreciation " TBI. SAILVAY I10SDS The next letter read bears ctaie October i, 1871: "You iuu?t have strangely uu-uu let-t . Mr. raldwe'l'setatement in regard to hi? naming ail but 2U*> dollar- U>rrowed money, which 1 l .an-itl, ( nmpatiy through hill.- aud yoti la?t January. Mr Caldwell paid tie iit June and in July |;.%i' n.ore, accepting at tlM- aami- ti*?-* a di aft f >r #2,*)' Jul> in. ten da>?. which ilrafl n-waiua unpaid I have, therefore, received?>nl?" |<4*'fMtn Mr.Cald well. learing alP/lWi. bealdas the interest due m. ti> tlat f- rthat #li>uti. 1 am ndivMually h- ld anion sldcrin* ?1< the cirenm-taneeK. 1 think thai yo? aiti Mr. Caldwell should regard tt *s an honorary d lit, and Kit should not allow m* t4 suffer for tnotitr v hit h 1 i aised under pec attar circumataie a*, an 1 tlien again. 1 have been uard w ith i- suttro , ru ltv hi regard to the l-ouda. 1 base your poaitire writ ten coutract U> deliver ate 91SJOI land bondf.asd t32-'*?i first mortgage bond*. The money da-.* y-xt on the contract wai all paid nearly a rear tn|:i half ago. Of tbat whole assount of bondi due me, [ h*\* r-ci ived but ?Ji?.'??' of laod graut-. leo lu t ?7Sj0ft> of them and ?a Vn of first saortgage bood< s'illdue I know tli*t jou ar pr.--sed andntru lile. and 1 do not wmh to be exactit?g. rather I wi?h to he very liberal in settlement. Now, I make thi offer: Pay me tl>s ra-h due on the borrow ad monev account- call it lltjtn In t\>nnd n*ml?*rs, aud In land aoigL, and wa will call It ?man-. ' ?7" A woman 1* li-ring serenely under tbi same roof with two husbands aear Oeoeva Oa. ?7" As tbe pickle season U approaeblnc tb< Infinsnce of *xe finnday-schnol Is begiuniai to b? w:d?H lell?[Aonrfcl #*Uet\n, I am more thau satiinto wtin ?t?e term- 01 I think it almost a liberal prop .sition If > at all it is from consideration* D'-way with the character if th.- off?. Y -ur Anew: ?? r*r r *? a e. ,the au? p ? nie Court r.'.-tv.l I . Id *? J'? l?* I'ramnn )?eierdey, in tbe rmgrrw ol s anil for tbe recovery oTthe atunui.l of ? ni?fl rurprwl icg to bare been certifled by a honk toiler, b?u Hie certification of which u rlainod to bar* been o forgery. A an let, birlLf dukrncd the court rmv for lb* par roee. prrkiuorvi on the wall -nnrmnompirn. tuie of tbe certified clinch. and on rjotptrl. son of It with ainttlar certifications. nck towledged to be In lfce ban twrlltut of to* teller, imwounced It to be genuine. Tbe evidence on thia point was. twwrm. ix? UlrttDr. ami Ihecaee. whlefc Invoice* ilitf tlirf* Uminrid .iollar* ti not je: oacla 1*4. IJT. r. HeraM.iJ t/*Whfn death met tbl* old man w* truM bt km Barot. d? Paint -I K<*c*rmirr /v?m t^Tbow who can't etc I.nw Blaine et** to be ?orieb should remember that be waa tor several 3ear* an alitor?[?oacwB CWht. Burlington Hawkeye It to rmtrkiM* tbe nntnbcr of heart ly-etnd, utii-oanforiabte looklng iwllnuan you can meet on IM atreet pow. who will confidentially intornt >ou tn a wbtaper. that they are weartug oat ttelr Winter clothes 00 a bet. B^Mr.^Plerrepnnt'n reall lired at borne In Connecticut ?*> Piarpont. [Hmrlfard Ttmr?. What of it? He had to lensUieu his pur or aeootinl of tbe iballoe i m* of tbe New York bar?(J'AabarttpAaa MMk l/-At thia season the question which in teiesta a boy I* not so much whether hie life will be crowned with (lory aud honor aa whether bis new inmmw ml is going to be made out of hka lather a old trouaers ?i Vor t'VcA Bulletin (/-ChKtto T:mea It la a notable fact that ? errrtlbly aurora horealla baa not l>een ob served In thla latitude for uoarly a year. It ha? been a season of extraordinary aenreity wiih the KM|Uimaux. atid U?ey have boon oblige to tat up alt their rani lea. MAKKIMI. G BAII AM ?WITCH ELL. la Ba<Ma?ore. *a the .Tit . I Mat. tba B-v J M B 'u>?e Mr P. y. Gssfaw.oI >karre*?. a. V? . ?bu Mm* h it L M icai ll < ?f Aleaaudrta, * a i?i ?:?. MK HIK. Ob ?? !? 1ST* Ma*. MatT Mae rtii* rMiiu.ila>4kifr <4 Join and tiiohik Brow it. The fnteral will tikr i ter from tt?e rao'd<*n?* >f >fr 1 tfvuu. 141*1 ?tre?t aortbwvt. afternoon at 4 o^l otk. * ELEINMHMIPT. In 0?,rrMo*i, oa tb-4th f Mar, 1<C(, Hi.ivtis. infant aoa of Pr 0. H a. aiil Joeepttbe P KlelnrcbniMt. En.erat Ir a lh? residence of tbe 1 %r*nta, 14 Octj'wtrtfM.M J?m ft*, at tan a. w I rleeds and relative* are Inv lied to attea l * Lt'CAB On the 4th of lane, lift, at 7 < clock a. B> .Join A . Lie *?< <\ 3* >aai ? 11 la rrlatl^a* at U frlMb ara raayerlfaltr r* aaat ? ad to an. nd ti? !nt??-ral from hi* lata ruatdaae*. 4 I X A atr?-". I?tw?n I'k aad Mb a*r*w?? loothtaM, Caettol Uli|. oa to otorrow, < W*da?*da? tba 7th iaataat. at i o'clock. * UNDERTAKERS. |J r. HARVEY, t'ndrrtakrr. WN. HACkKTT wtrn B. r. iiBVIT. sarliw W. UAKkEH, Vmblnrt Maker and [ atferfaker, ? IS 1 lTU Brim N<<ITHWB<V oetl-ly EDUCATIOXAU WBJI BbD IKBTITL'TB ><??/> Srk>?. fm \ -vn* La hif. Mr*. I. L C?m, Piiuclpal. >*? Haven, Obtt. Band for clrealar awl 4b h^NGLlfH. FBBBCH.4ND OLABMCAL IB 'j LB4T SCHOOL BOB VOISO LA PI IB. SIS b*-* York arranc n. w -Mia. AbOBLO JACK SON. Principal -Tba*l(hfh amnal aaaal >e txrlM on tba 14th of Scet?nitx>r. 1*71. anrSt-lr STEAMER L1XE.S. <FBC1AL M011CB. r? ? Cn aid ?r?r VOf Pll Jnn* Kb. until fothar rctica. tba lirrj biaii- wtd iuu Irtvicn tba two cltlia a* I >11 w? Li-a\ t ^a.iiljfcton b 1 30 ? .n,a ? :.o, in 34'. 11 so a. m , 1? .to, 1 so, S as, 3 30. 4 :??. A 30, t. IS aiHi T r a.. L^axa Alcxacd',a S. 7 30, ? in. ??:<?. 10 SO, ?11 30a m .IS 30,1:30 * 30, 3:30, 4.30, 6 i0. t I S m 'I T r m. Bucdara. ?? 3*. 9:10. 10 30. II 3?a B.lllJf, 1:3*. * 30, 3:30, ? 3?. A !? H1 at.d 7 1 m. jtl la | ft-poblicanl w; feci At, boticb. r? 0u andafur Jnaa 4th the taat nndoomtno<lloaa Ihantt IBTfOIT M 1 I lea- e 7ih ?tract wharf, dally, at BkYBK O'CLOCK 4 ? , M?knr cioar conuactlon at (jiattlM for Bradar 1ctnb1.1t, BuLmou^. and all point* aonth. li r. l?ODI?. Agent, j?7 lw Tth Btaaat Wwaar Ck.Wl>? L.KB BOR FH1LAU.LPH1A HMVCCBU HATH OH H0KSBS. Tr-'tbi r*ea|T?d rn t M Stcaacron H0VDATB an<i FblPAYc natil 7 a m T i-itibt r?c*lT?d In w arabonar at arr< O F HIDE. ?'74 1m ??< a atar atr?<<. fl?or>rto?L, P. O. rpBB BTEAMEK ? UABHlKtiBB" LB A YES 1 6th atreet * barf at 7 a a. oa MOM'AIB !or Mtttoi Oraek. and^ - a WKltKESDA*.-- oanaa for' Boaiai. Touch** all larvdtnin aaeb w?r. In'-l'^lat er a, L.lttie Berry and Boakar'a. tt) 17-tr M B OBBOO, Oaptala fUTDk'l MEW KIPkBBI LINK batwaaa CfHlLADBLPHla^AfBIBUTuBACiEOBOB TO*'B.-Btaaaiara laaaa Pblladrl.bia PAY aad ^ATl EPAY, at IS ?>. ? Laavc Oaoraatown. P.O.. HOB PA Y^_ _ and rblPAY at b r a. Bralabt raoat>.<J daily until f a m, Tlironab t-illa of latlaa rlraa for Boa toe and Plaiidanoa. Oenataaaaa wi-uiu> tbelr aooBfl laLdrd at GaL>rv?towB. a 111 order tbata markad *' rla Gc- rf. town." (1. T HYPB.PI W alar a: , O* 'r*a. t vn P C. V? p.CLIDB * 00-. IB B. H barrt*, Pblladatptiia. marl ly fV'tW DBPAKTl KK -4'LIPEV MABH 1 * I h OTOK , KHILaPELflll A. L0>Tt'B. AbP PB'iVlLEBCE bbEl VkEEELV B1 EAM?H1F LINE -On' abd after WBPKEHPAY, A pill 1*. tbi BkanM? of tbe above llue, with direct ocmnactioa with Bee ton aad ProMrtenc*. will aall Irm Pulla<t?labla for Va*binatoD. P *J., WEI>BEM>AT aad BATCBPAT. BetnrnlnR.l*aTe WakUrt^loa MOB PAYB aud FBIPAfb. Iron Johaeoa* aharf.foot of litb street aoutbweat. 1 broach Ladlue la m?d to and fma the above p>ru. FraUrbt rw-'ral and delivered dally fi,<B 7 a. ??. to 4 p B Or4an for deUrery offreurbt, Ac raeetred at 1SOM Bat. aad 111S Kb airaat uortiiweet. W. P. OLYPB * OO.. Bo. IS 8. Wbarer., fhlladelr'Ja. J. H. JOUBSOB A Co., apll-Ka Af nta for W?.bTurte*. run itoHroLA 1 BTEAMEb LAPI OF TUB LABB Leavea tbe Ooa>pai>r a wharf, foo? of dtb sti sat. etery MOBPAfT tkEbblipAT - . aT^a aud FBIPAY. at Ip a . f?r Kor-J^iZMHB f. Ik. baturctne. k*-? ?i*rlolt. Taaaaay. Thaaa ^ar acd oatrnvny. at 4 p tr. Far*. #4. rvuad trip, ?4. Tickets food oabl naed FOB POlvMAC LI> EE LABP1BOB. Btaamer JNO. W.TUOMFbOB l?av,, OmwI wharf, faot of 4th street. eTfry TCBSPAT. a*7a, ?? lor Currtouab aud interaadlats lauilsia arecy FElPAY at7a a ,fcr CoanBlvar, at intermediate tauomra _ , ^ Bor Icfonnattoa aop'y a? th* o?ee ?yf tba Ocm ny. under tba KetixMit** Ual IMki F o^poalta tba Treaaary, or to the M DEUPLEB LIBB ' * ?OE HOMim. MATTOl CB EBB. BFFBX MB CHOOOCANV IttThhkBvlBtB _LAHIHNQB, Tba sldawhtsl *B. MOBB18," . UaptaiL f7 B. Baldwin, Will aoaBeaoa running to tbai' Monday, March 4th, learlaf frets Wharf loot ot 4th street every MOM PAT aad TH L'BSPAT at ? a. m. Beternlna will lance Bonual Betcrnlna t aadjTElPAY at fa "B titwasssisetter.? E1T1BH AJ*U TAX MAIL HOI TMKN IfBW TO UK roou CALMIItQ AT COM ?sa^lA^ JLl i

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