Newspaper of Evening Star, June 6, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 6, 1876 Page 4
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EYK.MNG STAR Tt"f*0 % ? Jna* ?, 1?7?. Weather Fto'Hibilitiet To-^ay* Owe* or chirf 9ro*Ai. Owcbb,) Washi>??to*. June*;, i87? \ For tfce D'ldd e At'anflc states, northwaet airi's. ticktovmmfr souib*es\ sta Pin ery rsrorreter, l-ceas'.cg r'nu^lnws and |o-?lt>l> occasional light rslr*. LOCAL NEWS. >????????, A?m ro-ulgHi. F,.rrf i nf.rm y/w*.-"Bo* and Cox" Bad "Pucihoutl*." _ TVn.'rr tr?f*qme -??Garganta*, tiie Nation-" CiuesL" rtrfr*rr CAojW, (New York avenue and 4th Street-)?LmIx t??-tl',?l. 4 ouUeuse*! L>M'?iS Krtgbts of St. Joseph, No. 1, see advt. A o.loied girl. named Jalia A.'e?, was ran r,vrr yestcday by a <rt*nn at thu coru-T of 17 th ai d K street* northwest, and oraised about tie !?e? and hand?. Mr. Arthur sw^MM nas been rhn?en a delegate to the i ;-i?f>M<*an convention to n orrr w, ro icpt**?nt the lSth l?t{ul?Uve dis trict, \i? ? E C. Pretus. decline 1. ct-dIlk ? mki c( Mr. John Frejm!?i, No f jS N sire ?t. was severely Injured ftloal ireLesdhy belrgtbrnwu f'om * ??iin m ?tb. r far Rourdary street. Dr. A. B. Adams jendeTt J medical assistance. The ?elect exmrs'on by Uic Chnr<*b of th? Ir>esrrn?lon. to Glymont. Thurelav. will urdonbtedly he a most ei joyaMe atTair, as giea* effor's hivf been maJe to tual end. See the advertisement A new council of the order of tbe Srv ?reigns of Industry has Ju*t been o'ganlzed In W ssbli ston. U n<,moer? *nou <n mfm ard Its * fTirers S'e-pregMent. J. Van V'.ecfc ; secretary, A. Van Rath; ani treas urer. Mr UevKiin. The corner atone of the new school-hone? for the girl* or St. Aloysius parisa, ou tae comer of North Capitol and Mvrtle stree's, (lo charge of tbe Sisters of Notre Dame) will be i*ld next Sacday we>*k. tbel*h in stent. ?-?. B. A. Magulre, 8. J., late pastor of St. Alovslns church, and now engage I lo a mission !n the New Euglaud stale#, will preach on Uie occasion. Grand ahi? Petit JcaoaS Kraws? Yesterday afternoon tbe following Jurors for tbe June term of tbe Criminal Court, wnlcb alii be convened o:i the tiilrd Moult/ (l'Jlh) of tbla by Judge MacArtnur, were drawn at tbe office of tbe clerk of tae court: _ _ . ? O'rcml Jvrvrt - Albert B Jack*on. George town; Aioert Manntrg, s?n st. s. w.; R N. Cox. G sL n. w ; Andrew G?ldard, 7th sL n. s?.; W S. Rooee, Pa. av. n. w ; Geo. Frauds, Mass. av.; W. 8. Thompson, N. Y. av.; Jos. <iawler. Pa. av.; T Edward Clark, La. av.; "W.H. Dougall, Georgetown; C. F. E. Ricb ardaon. L al. n. w ; Frederic* Schneider, H at. n. w ; L. H. Schneider, Pa. av.. T. G. Valient, Georgetown; George W. Adams, K at.; Joelah W. l>eeter, Georgetown; George W. Dunlop. do ; H M. Coombs, 8th and K st 9. e: Michael Wllllan, Pa. av; W. H Myers. 3d ?t. ?- w.: R. C Lewis. 7tb at. n. w.; J. T. H. Hall, Mt. Pleasant; a. M. Deillager, G at n. w. pt it Jvrort- John T. C. Brown, \ a av. a w.; John Jett. 3d at. s. e ; Tnoraas Weaver, Georgetown. Thomas A- Brown. La. a v.; H. A. Willard. K ?L n. w ; Alex. < .ardner, Pa. av. d.w.; M. H Homlller, Md. av. n.e.; J. W. Freeman, N. J. av.; John C. Baefcett, Georgetown; James Nonrae, county; John H. semme*. 8t. Marc hotel, A. R. 8hepherd, Coi n, av., G. P. Hopkins, P *U; T. W. Riley, Jr.. Island, James Dunn, st. s. w.; Jacob Kengla, Georgetown; H- 1). Cooke. Jr , do ; John G. Auld, 9th st. n. w ; JohQ L. Vogt.TLh at. n. w.; J. D. Harris, do ; George M. Bar ker, Mow. av. n. w.; Wrn. H. Jobnson, K st. n. w.; George Green, county; John Rover, F at. n. w ; Joseph Gasfclns, Georgetown; Jos. 6. SiettlLus, I st. ? TorRJAMIST IS MoHIOOMtRY CoeWTY. There was a tournament and festival given on Saturday, tbe 3d lest,near Jacksonville, Montgcroery county, Md., for tbe benefit of tit. Mark's Episcopal Church. At the tour nament nineteen knights contested, some of whom dUplayed very fine riding. Mr. Cal vin Brown crowned the queen by takl' g eight cut of nlre rings, lelet-llug as nis choice Mha Minnie Highberger. of WashlngU?n. The crowning of the maids of honor wan con; tested for b? four knight*, all of wbom too* cn equal number of rlLgsard were entltlei to tie rides, wblcb resulted In favor of following knights: George Mulllcan, k;.i? i rf '-Love among the Rosea," first mai-J; %?*. Hopkins, knight of ' The Lone Siar.'' seeoud maid; P. Crawford, knight of tbe "Ladies' Cause,third maid. Miss Kemp was erowred first maid. Miss Keller second maid, and Miss Marlow third maid. The object of tbe festival and tonrnameut was to tiai&h the ctmrcb. aud we are please-1 to hear that Ice xPa r was financially quite a success, Realizing -*H0 clear of all expenses. TB* AJIACOSTIA A5D lit V KK RAILROAD. This tew s'reet rullroad is the one by which It is proposed to connect Unlontovn, the LRvy ;anl ar d lower part of South Wash n wtrh the ceLtral portion of tbec'.ty. Mr. Wllilam Galnand Is the president of the e>>mpsry, which will be able in a few Jays to open "at least a portion of the road. Mr Gtorge E. Ba'dwln a well-known railroad cor.tractor, who laiJ nearly tbe entire track of the Baltimore and Potomac railroad, has completed the track of the Anacostia rail mid from the eornerof Johnson and Moaroe streets, in fnlontown. acro?s tbe Eastern Branch bridge, aujl along 11th street ea?t and M street south, to the corner of ' th street east, and i<* now engaged in but lain? tbe stables and car houses, 30 by 75 fee', in 1'clontown. The company have ordered five ears, wblco are expected to arrive before tbe Wth ir.stant, and they will be itamediately put on tbe new route. Th* Ainsi AL El?ctio!?* or tsi Bo*rd ?r Health did not take place last nlgat. They were postponed to the middle of Julv. The reason for the postponement la not well nBderstond.bat It is biuteJ that tbe elec tloos will not be held until Congress ad journs. Tnis may cot be tbeohjec' of the p"*t f-onement, but the elections of last year were ?omewbat "peeaiiar," and tbelr results far from satisfactory to some of tbe parties con cerned. With only five members, one would suppose tbere ought to be oCces and com in it tees enough to go round, and prevent complaints of some of tbe members that a ccmbioatlon of two, or perhaps three, had RnoDf'pollzed the whole thing. The "deal" ?hit year will *te looked for with special Interest. GABCS AJtTCA. THE NATIOH'a GUIST was performed forute iir^t time In this clt7, at tbe Theater Comlqae. last nigbt, toa larce audier ce. The piece was satisfactorily pre sented with fine scenery and unique cos tome#, aid made a decided hit. Tne cast wss all tbat could be wished for. particular ly the psrt assumed bv tbe autbor of ?*G ir gantaa,"Mr. Ernest Harold, an actor of fine talents. The Misses Waites. Emma and Nettle, did much for the success of the play, ar.d Messrs. Parkhurst and Budd came in for a full share of tbe honors. "Gargantna'' st d in olio will he ine attrac tion for to-night and every nlgKt this week at theComlgue. Tbi Ftov. kb Qc***.?A laru'e an iience attended tiie presentation of "The Flawe. ?^reen" at Ford's Opera House last evening, and the vocalists acquitted themselves well, partlcnlsrly "The Rose"?Mies Kate Gooj all. Her solos were sung with decided ?<tl> tic ability, display i -g -.or line vol. e at ??? b??t. and exbibitli g a degree of culture hULly appreciate"! by her bearers. Her solo, *'Hai>p> ?:niling," wltb fiute accompant niLt t>y Mr 8*Luiter, was the ^em of tbe evtmrr- Miss (imlall's sister. Marlot. plsyed tte piano accompaniments with <o*i sflkci _ TBB Washini. ros MoXv HIXT 8 NXST1 wet yesterday and alop'ed a lasulilllon: That wb'le the ?ocie?y will tliankfully re ceive contrlbnt Ions towards the completion of the monument through any proper cban rel, they deem it inexpedient at this time to entfrr special autborityon anyone to solicit cootrltutiors in tbelr name and as their agent, and deem it their duty to state that they ha*e not conferred such au'horlty and cannot give official recognition to any ia 11 ?vtdn al pla<i or aetems for raising moaey for tbe o* J?ct In questlor1 Tbb Medical Society of tbe Alumni of Georgetown Uolversltjr met at tbe col lege building last night, ta? president, Dr. Theodore Mead, In tbe chair Drs. Wo?. K. Gcodw an. of tbe class of -n-t Louis H Rei^ class ~6. and Daniel B. Clarke, class '57.were nnanimoukiy elected members of tbe society ard Dr. A. B- Adams was nominated as a ear didste for membership. Dr. Bo rem an read a paper on "Gangrene," which was dis cussed by Drs. Murphy, Mead, Magruder. spd Young. Directobs Elected At fho annual ra eel leg of toe stockholders rf tbe Franklin insurance Company of Washington and Georgetown, yesterday, the following direc tors were elected Dr. lames C Hall, Henry Bradley, D. B. Clark, Jos. H. Bradley, Dr. J. * McCalla, J. Purdy. F B McGulre. J. C. IfeGnlre. J Key wrrib, Dr. J M Broadbead, atd W.J. Mcltocald. Tbb (ibard Dramatic ard Mi mical EjiiRmiss??T at Fort's Opera House r lehl a to-Llght, nnoerui^p ^'nr STe Knittu of P, thiae. will a <1^-^,^ S^i 'af ssiwrr,ir'sl'jj.'isKi Lweal Politic*. M.F-CTI02* OF DELXGATXS TO TUX DISTRICT UrrBklCAS COSVISTIOS. meeting* were held la ? aum btr of lb# old legislative districts or tie Di- - trict of Colnmbia to elect delfgates to toe Republican Convention, Wtlcd Wi?l m*et at 1> oclocK to moriow m'lrnturf, at Lvceum Hal , <E street, between lltbaud 12t elect uelegatea to tbe National R-publlcan ZuTZSPiZKSr"? *l C.aciouaii Tfnniputricr {Georgetown).-The followlr g Krlr^f. t? William* Ahi^r!?e,,, a Magrnder, E. Bro*n ?i rabam Snowt e?; and the following fciractarn' * ? ^LtLXXlty and Caas. A. Fwnth IHttriei (Georgetown).-Tbe repnV tbeVhautrict electel Henry H-r rrHni?e?rrt i'?? *bi' Wul H" Charles ?1 ? *r I"*1?" Lemon dele<ate?. hi ..v1 ? The republicans or this w? a r- Ci*a.,be fol>ow?n? delegates _ mf?' v'V??i ' .J,04,11 Sllenc?? W"m. H B?n wiTi: fLP* L o1,1*^ Samuel H. Wnite, ?nh Messrs. Wm. E. Nott and R H. Rtij erts as altertares. Resolutions Inuorslug toeAdministration arid the republican party f'T* ^0'>,f0'5 also a re*oi itlon expel I In < K! I * ,PcterH and Sidney Mc Far laud from the club for their opposition to the a-lrnlnls tiatioo and oue repudiating the A. M. Green convention. Avm/A DUlru-t.-la this district, R. W. Tuupbins, J w. Butcher, E W. Hall, Ed 4 > C ca^eaad Jodu H.Batcder were elected U' s Dutriet ?The meet eg was held at W 1 d P C. O'Neill. Dr. i no i.rooks. Samuel, Join Drew ata^Cliariea 8. Johnson were elected dele Ttir tfn h Di%li ict.?The foil ">wlng delegates r'w.l.r'wd Se?lr" 0eo 11 Boston, L A sllQl SO". Hiinou Wolf and Fcur'ctntft District?The republicans or the I itb district el'ct?d the following delegates: J Robl ?on, Morris Mnrpnv. James Ran nets. * orton Lewis and Gas. Nelson. Fftee.i.'/? / iatiict?Massrs. M. E. UreM Thomas El wool. W. McK. Wilson, Capt. b! / ^!7y,a.Dd MHj"r Charles E. B?hle were elected delegates, with Messrs. P. C. Brown and Thomas Kelley us altercates. JviyHtcrnth Duh let.?Toe following delegates elected : Messrs A. B. H Lncey, Geo \?Br,?0?: ".enry J' hnsoo. Wm. R Hunt ard R. T. Purris. with W. H. Bjjce an! Geo. Z Colisou alterna'es. ? Tltey,Ht'fx Lu -Messrs. A. W. Eaton, '? ?WC*,rro,ls. Wm" Te,ir?y? WnQ- McCoy and waiter Evans were elected delegates. At the close of the meet!eg cheers were Douglass Oovernor Sdepheru and Frederick TH* FrBI.Ol-?HED EMPLOYX8 OK T HK ThiASCKY 1 Kisruc. Buuau?A meet ing of the Iurloughed employes or the bureau of tt graving and printing. Treasury dep?rt tcent.was field last evening at Assoclatloa i^i?U, Pennsylvania avenue, near 7th street Mr. J. W. Craig presiding, and Mr. W. T Johnson secretary. The latter stated that in answer to the advertisement 3.' furlonghed employes bad reported by letter or In per toL'to^nlgnt a? more had reported. Mr. Nbaw read the resolutions adopted at the previous meeting tor the Information or ttose not then present. The special committee on the subject re ported a resolution to be presertM to the House or Representatives, which waa adopt ed. It 'asks that the Secretary or the Tre is ury Immediately inform the House or Rep resentatives bow the sum or^ll 000, appro pilated April 17, 1876, for the resumption of operations in the bureau had been used, and bow much, ir any, has been expended for purposes other than lnteuded; the exact cumber or the force or the bureau suspended at the general suspension; the exact number receivei reemployment under the deficiency appropriation; the number now employed not employed at the time or the suspension; the number restored, and lufur ^of^mJensatK'?0' 6mPlo^meut Mr. Snaw disclaimed any intention or bringlrg abeut an lnvestitia:ion through tr.e resolution, stating that the object was to get data to enable them to draw the bill Uiey propose to have Introduced; and hesubmil fd the bill, providing Tor the payment or two months salary to eacn of tue furloughed S5??2?.^8 wbo bftve not been reinstated. This bill was adopted, and the committee was authorized to fill the blanks when they obtain the data. ' it was declde<l to have printed one thous and conies of the resolution aud bill, wuh a si,itable Introduction, to be sent to the mem bers or Congress. An executive committee was appoint*! to take general charge or the bill-Messrs. W T?., n?)^'VauUerP,,el' Craig, Uaudel aud Joshua Johnson. t?iVI7..0,F.P^*.KT8 l88Dft<1 to residents of the District of Columbia, Maryland and Vir ginia. for the weefc ending June :j, l^rc UiXrict of Vjinmbia.-Design: Cora L Mer ?r* J*H,,0i,'gtou, de?ign lor egg cupx. Muri/tuiMi ? George W. Simpson, of Feder al bun*. Improvement in counter stlfTeners ror boors and shoes; John Smith,or Balti more, assignor to Levin T. Jones, or same place, Improvement in feed mechanisms for 'I? machines; Heeeklah F. Ward, or rracj s Landing, assignor to self and W. T., of same place, improvement In o>ster drcdfilng machinery; McClintock loung.of f rederick,Improvement in paper box machines Trade-marks: Louis McMur ??ltlmore, canned or preserve<l corn: McMu?ay, of Baltimore, canueJ ?Waiter P. Burrow, of Norfolk, assigror of one-fourth his right to Robert W. tV ^?ro? P>ac?. improvement in seal Berjamin W. Thurman, of Gordons vtue, improxement in stump extractors. Reissue: Henry H Doty, or Norfolk, im provtmect in lamps; patented Nov. 15, l?7o. Bi ildiso pmjjiTs lssneil by Inspector Plowman: Mrs. Hopkins, a two story bricsi dwellitg, east side J5lh, between I aud k' "treets, northwest; Woo. George L?acke. trlck north side ? ^Una avenue, bet ween :>th and 101b streets southeast; *3,000- Mrs. Jobnsoo, ?^ ,-^awelll'ig- norltl 8l,le u- between 16th and streets, northwest. s?2,ooo. I. J. Imu ran t, repair a brick dwelling north aide <3, between .id and 4% streets, northwest; ?l.soo. V r, (i' Waters, four two-story orlc'r dwelllrgs, west side l*tb, betweeo U and V KortU.w^,,t: w John H. Taylor, anU dwelling, west side ? foo i^ef H.and 8 J,lreetl'' northwest. *i,tOO. Jos. L. Simras, five two storv and bittein?r.t brick dwellings, west side Wa?h ,Ue<>r,5eloWD; 'WO. Andrew G.eaaon, remove a brick dwelling west side ft u between G aud H streets; **oo. Caroline Harney, two-story rrame dwelling, north side R. between 12th ana lltQ streets northwest; *?00. ' ?. ThiNiw Jail?The i-rand Jury of the Criminal Court u>day vDit?i thenewjaii, ^ar the ajmshouse, and were received by Lrocaer, Deputy Warden Ross and ? nu ti f j. ,Tbey were 8bown over the bui.diKgand found It well adapted to the purposes of a prison. They found there to ! . Prl?oiers. among them 18 women, (all colored ) The males are conflued in the nortti ard south wings. In which the ce||*_ 34 on ?acb or the l Hoors_are "?by Sfeet, wnile the females occupy tbe r?x?ms in the west ^ ^ ,e*^.room ^ln* 10 hy ^et. There are T.J cells for males aud 20 rooms for female and everything is clean and t;,!y. Jm!, * and ???ktD? apparattis engage! attention, anu tbe roon>s oceupie?i hy th(. prisoner of sta'e_HUlet Kllbourn-wer? rimhun?3,CedM It.'" P^ba^iB that on reas sembling ou Monday the grand Jury will piep^e a ieport tt> the court. y ? ISDKT.MJSTS A?ID 13l8Mf89AI s ?The grai.?l jury yesterday made the loliowinx ?^ks. larceny Jtwo c?ses,;, Henry T. Edwards, laroeny; Thomas jv'nsley a"a<< James F. Thonip'-on, John Noiris alias oeorge William*, larceny; John \ '?"??/t ard Patrick a. M " Nolly, rap?-; George Magulre, lar?5ony; An . rsotj i?r g, recetvlug stolen property Min . le Isaacs alias Mamie aui Minnie Jackson, larceny; Samuel A. Pugh. collect it g unlawful fee from pensioners; John Pat itSiv i alias Tobias Williams, We>l?y Loeb, larceny. ' J Jury dis,,?,s'?d the following Jcbu Scott, assault with Intent to kill, Wii i sm al'as Keddy Brooks, assault wltn lu tent to kill; Emma Shaw, larceny A Disa t'i*otNTKD Claimant atrr.Mhth ?Li<'J)a?About 4%o o'clock y ester Jay ar te i neon Alfred A. Green attempted sine le j y swallowlng laiidar um at the door or ii,a British legal*? bui'dlrg, on Conneitlcuf ? "if' I,l*PPr*'* he bad beea disappoint | ed in the allowance or ? claim against ths I i lt?d States, which had been ducldej n.j. vfrs^'y. "tHJ he attempted u> take bis Hfe He wa? W> 'de Freedman's hospital by HORrant Raiw^7 wn"e. by the prompt a-. tuition ot Dr. Giennau. "tomaoh was re llfved of the poison ard fc;? i'f? saved. . ? - 1 womuvrs entered the rvsMence of >1 ? E o Taylor, No. ^.-i .^ay morning ab*>nt 3 o cio-k,V' " 1 ?t J wcr^d tiwin^*?f th" Wwhe.i. l? lb. p'2 ?,.WImeK!" and were rausacktpir trnnL-a ? i '? ? ?.nr rally when tl,ey wer^ frlght-ne-J oKy ?be icmates awakloe. Tii<>v?y ? of the j lucder In their flight* ^PP?** "JJae ? 1_ , * ?*s?' ? Williams, auctioneer, win sen to-ii.?,now, at im Mtb Street, asutirior^ .?f ^'^bo'd furniture, emfti' walnut chamber "urnuure far > ar d reception chairs. Those In qu?t Re sale ,aoam D01 Uil ? The Coining t'ntnp.ifaetlaa; A conference of t..e Washington Grove Camp MeetiDg Association an I the Meta odlst Pasters' Association ?m held last night at the Foandry M. E church, to con sider matters pertaining to ths prospective camp- meet log In A'igust*and to harmonica the differences between Use two organiza tion!. The meeting vras opened with singing ai d prayer, alter which Mr. Tnomas P. Mor gan was elected chairman, and Mid their chbt object should he to awaken an Interest li the ramp meeting throughout the Meth odist Chntch of thin District. Both the financial and spiritual success of tlie camp deperderi on nnity or clergy and latty la the w>.rt( Theolject la to get a* many of all Christian denominations to attend as pas sible, ard do away with sectarianism. Mr. Simpson moved that a commltte? be appointed of clergy aDd laity, for the pur pose of inaugurat ing a series or ualoo meet ings In oar churches, aud awaken an interact in the ncproactilng camp-meeting. Rev. Dr. Dashiel believed there would be lo lack of co operation among the clergy, and he hopod there wonlJ be no dissensions amor g the people. One drawback was the hard times. The chair thought that by proper manage ment they could Tlveou the camp grounds as cheaply as at home. Rev. Mr. Hobbs thought not. A discussion foliowel on the previons management of theassoclatlon. particlni'ed , in by R?v. Mr. Owens. Messrs. W. II Woot I ward, W. R Hunt, Wortblngtoa, Bev. Mr. I Brown, Bev. Mr Black, and others. The motion of Mr- H.mpson wa* adop,nd, smt R^v W. F. 8re?ke. uresldlnge!d?r. Rsv. i R S Norrls, Rev. I>r. J. H. Daabhl, W. B. Wo-.d ward, and E F. Simpson w->re Hp pointed the committee to arrange for hili j !ng a series of uulou meetings ia the different Methodist churches. Rev. Mr Black submitted a resolution that i it is the sense of this meeting that tii<s re j llgious interests of the Washington Grov<a : camp meeting would be greatly promoted by j an adherence to the following principle*: 1. A careful observance of the sanctity of I the Lord's tfay by abstinence from all ordi nary work thereon, and from buying or sell ing on that day on all the grouuds over which the camp meeting association has i control. 2. By urging upon all oar people who expect to be present at the services of the ramp during the Lord's day to make tbeir arrangements to reach the ground be fore that day arrives, and to remain until the day is past. 3. By respectfully request ing the railroad company to make no pro vision lor running extra trains upon the l ord's day. 4. By notification to the public that there will be nospeclal accommodation prosidrd for those who visit the camp only oo tbe Lord's day. Alter discussion tbe resolutions were unanimously adopted. The Virginia Republican associa tion met last evening, Mr. Joslah Miller presiding. Messrs. J. DePew and William A. Johnson were admitted to membership. A resolution was unanimously adopted re affirming tbe futth of tbe association in the Integrity, purity. aLd statesmanship of the Hon. James G. Blaine, and condemning in severe terms the conspiracy systematically organized to blacken his fair fame. Mr. Clements, of Portsmouth, Va., delivered an address. The new hoard ui managers of the Y. M C. A. met at their rooms last evening, President Gallaudet in the cnalr. A resolu tion was passed Instructing the committee on entertainments to inquire into tbe feasi bility of getting up an excursion of members of the association to the Centennial; also, as to getting np one or more excursions for poor children down the river or into the country, similar to those given in New York and Philadelphia. New styles of onyx jewelry In necklaces, wlthearrlngB to match, at $21; sliver and jet chatelaine chains at from ?1 to *1, and ex quisite sets of Lake George diamond jewelry hHve inst beeu received at Frige's emporium, 457 Pen r, sylvan la avenue, which ladies should not fail to call and examine. Building associations?At the first monthly meeting of the Federal Building A'sociation, held last evening at Davis' hal', a larsje number of snares were sub scribed. and twenty-eight shares of stock w ere advanced ou at au average of sixty-six per cent. THEC'OIRTN Criminal Coubt?Jwlg* ai<irArthur. To-Jay, John Carry plead guilty to an assault, and w:is sentenced to six months In Jail. Thomas Kinsley alias James P-Thomp son and John Norrls alias George Williams, grand larceny, robbing the hOii?e of Dr. H. H Barker. The former plead guilty to grand larceny, and was sentenced to two years iu the penitentiary, and Norris to petit lar c? ny and was sentenced tosix months In jail. George Maguire, larceny of a gold watch, was found guilty, and seatencei to elgliteeu months In the penitentiary. Thomas Banks, larceny, (secotid oiTense,) plead gulltv, and was sentenced to the penitentiary for one ' year. Patrick McNulty, rape on Annie Williams was called for a new trial, having iKfn previously convicted, and tne Jury beiDg exhausted, tbe case was continued. Police Court?Jwmt 8n#L Today, Samuel T. Perry, profanity;?"). Michael Carr, same;#3. Prlscilla Chaee,dis turbing the quiet of Georgetown; ?5. Wal lace M'.ddleton, street cursing; #3. William i Wallace, throwing stones; Sit). Geo. Smith, disorderly conduct; *3. George R. Ellev, trespass on street parking; *5. John W. Willis unlicensed livery stable; fined 832. An appeal taken, and bonds fixed at #100. Ellen Breedan, Btreet cursing; *5. stabbec dy A boy. Charles Floecker. a white youth, was charged with assault and battery witfc in tent to kill John Burns, another youth, who testified that on Sunday last met Charles on H. between North Capitol and 2d streets, when an altercation look place and blows were struck between them, ourlng which be drew a knife and stacked blm (.complainant) iu tbe left side. Dr. Jan sen testified as to the character of Use wound made, which did not reach the cavity con taining the vitals. The weapon used was a common pccket knife. For defence wit nesses were Introduced to show that the alferratiou was brought about by Burns' conduct toward Floecker. in snatching some flowers from tbe lappel of bis coat. Counsel for defer dat.t oiaimed that tite aggressor was much the large t boy, and had been tan ta ll* l >g the defendant beyond endurauce. He claimed that there was no malice, and the boy should be discharged. The court said the charge was beyond his Jurisdiction, and the case was sent to the graud jury. Floecker was al-'o lined i-'n for carrying concealed weapors. ASSISTANT DOORKEEPER 8CHELL CON FRONTS JI7DUE SNELL. Francis M. Schell, assistant doorkeeper U. S. House of Representatives, was charged with assault and battery on Everett Wroe, and pleaded guilty. Mr. Wroe testified that he went to the Capitol to collect a grocery bill, when, arter some words, defendant struck blin three blows in the face and bit htm iu the hand. Mr. Schell was present, and staled thai it was true that complain ant called on him for the settlement of the account. He explained tbe nature of the Interview, and state I that Wroe used very abusive language to him, calling blm names which he could not allow any one to call blm, and struck blm In the face. The court imposed a fine of #10. A KtOW AND WIIAT PROVOKED IT. A. H. Llghthali, charged with assault and Lattery ou John Y- Doon, pleaded guilty. Mr Donn testified that he walked Into the Owen house, and tills man immediately came up and gave blm a blow in the breast, which knocked blm down, and followed it up with other blows. Mr. Llghthali stated that Donn bad been acting on his own voli rlon as a spy on bim, and be bad b9en pro voked to do what he had done; *10 and costs. A FRAUDULENT CHECK. Betts Seymour, charged with obtaining a grid watch worth ?129 from Carl Petersen, by me'ans of a fraudulent check ou the B?nk < f Washington. This man was brought here from New York by Detectives McDevitt ai.d McElfresh some davsagi. An exami nation was waived, and tbe case goes to the higher court; bond, Si 300. Andrew Fergu son, larceny ot a bottle of wbisky worth *1 "3; *10 or thirty days. Wm. T. Niramo, a ?econd band book seller, charged with re celvlr g stolen books from tbe Jefferson sefcool house, knowing the same to have stolen; continued. John Norment, lar?eny of carpenter's vice; *20 or thirty days. Wm. Grinder, assault on John Lewis; ?3. lobn Kerwiu. assault oil Catherine Kerwln, bi? wife, pleaded self defence. Catherine told tbe court that John U in the habit of thrashing her. This morning t.e got up at 3 o'clock and wbelt" 1 her over the heal, making ? Ler head bleed. She was covered with blood; *3, or^M days in Jail. En ma Brown forfeited collateral. John E. Du lan, cursing; 93. Andrew Ferguson, dls ordetly assembly; *5. W. O. Smith was seat d?.wn for vatjrar.Cy. James Cornish, di. Micbacl Lanhady, do. coort gavenoMce that as it is warm weather, he srioul I in t'ae fv iuie give lhem all ninety day.*. r? ??? a^Pecple who Intehd mini ?? i..v iL*"* I)lis. tbe PHtsburg commercial k&y;, ? Lculd be largely guided by their capacity fr r h o'dlng ballets. fcTSlcce Mrs. Oie Bull has saU-vTfor Eu rope to Join ber husband the gossip about tbeir separation on account of blj cruel treatment seems to be exploded. C^*It must m afe a man feel mean to pay an old debt because thinks he is going to die. and then have the doctor pall blm Ibmngb all right. s*~At Mcct'eal last week a man named John Radford was sent to Jail ror eight days at bard labor. He has no arms, and bis of fense wm assault ana battery. GEORGETOWN. Oak Hill risiTtHT Tn? annual i meeting of the !ot owners ofnak Hill c?m et*ry was b*ld at the ofTIr* in the cemetery grounds last event! k. c. M. Matthews pre * ding. James Gotcler secretary. The presi dent submitted hit report, rmoraclng sum of the reports of the aecretary and KuperlateEdaot. The report if tbe secretary show.? that tbe t<val nceipts for the year enoii.g April 8), 1?76, have been ?27.ffW 39; ex penditures and investments, ?'?!.?#'> 21; leav ing a balance oa hand of *2,01$.?; the seenr iil- *?OD1nllE? last report to *67 103, ?hl by investment daring the jeir^nf ?3 200, making the present ' Ti e report of the superin tendent shows nnmber of interments daring the year ending April 30.1H76.251, report d in former years. 3 319, total interments, 3.370. PJLVZL1".**?' J*Lvee 1,1 ??nnte detail ? abatement the hounding, -trradins. dav. dlgtnbut'on of water and other work done during the vtar. The re ports were referred to Messrs. Polkinhori ar d i>*nt. The lot holders re-ele<?tr t the old board of manager* as follows: M. W. G?lt Beny MattheW8' J* c? Har knees and P. s. VaNOBRorsLTCcr.-Abont 1 o'clock this morning au altercation occurred in \fc?'*r tbys restaurant. East Market Spice. be tween two colored men, named Rill Kdinbo rough and Bill Yate*, resulting in the serious cutting of the former by the att r with a pocket knife. Drs. Kelly and Klelnscbmidt were railed in and rrooounce.1 the wouSd a dangerous one, being in the right breast Jates was arrestel hy Officer Sturees and Special Officer B. F. Harper. olurKes ?"a Bi'tLDlvo Association The regular monthly meeting of the Tenth B Hiding As sociHtion was facid l&st ovenlog, wh^n ttiirtv shares were sold at an average of ?H9.iV?. Grain-Boat H?:tie and Bessie, wi'h 3 400 buihels corn, *0 barrels tlonr, and n bales hay to Hartley A Bro; boat J. V. Thomas, with 3 500 bushels corn and 40 bbls. Hour to J. G. A J. M. Waters. Tbe dry roods stores here cl >?e at 7 0 clock p. m . at which there Is general rt Jolclng among the clerks. ALEXANDRIA. Killed by Lightning During the s'orm last Saturday eveuicg, about thrae ocloci, M. L. Huuter, who resides near Morrlsonville, In Loudoun county, and who was on his way home from Hamilton, where he had been with a load of grain, was struck ?>y lightning, aud himself and team of five l-orsps all instantly killed. Mr. Hunter was an irdustrious, worthy man. aid ioavei a wife ard a large family 01 children. At the time that he was struck Mr. Hunter haJjust reachrd his barn yard gate. #.8^r?fDLER?A mai* who registered as H. f.Colton> 0/ Baltimore, put up at the Man sion house, in this city, on Thursday evening r?t? tt-Khhi" Bopper, lodging an<1 break in. t. lie had with him when he cams a large package, securely tied up, which he left in J,'" roHm- FalliDg to return oa Friday or Saturday, the hotel proprietors examined the package, wblch proved to be a paper box fi'led with sawdust. Cblton has not yet been heard from and his board bill remains un P" i CJ ? A petition is in circulation, and is re ceives numerous signatures, for the com mutation of the sentence of Jenny Deavers tbe young woman convicled of robbery and sentence to imprisonment in the penitenti ary, to confinement in the city J*U.-[ Qazc.te, 01 tx? M^TadnFRn ??uratl E'ren(li means Suitai Wl)rir king saloons in OreenTllle, Tean are clored, as religious meetings used to b<? Tight*"0 iD the counlry 'al ear|y candle W Matilda Beaudry, of Cotaoes, N. T . loanrd ? 130to her lover, became insane upon at,she could not get It bick, and died In an asylum. READING NOTICES. Tbe Crown Hair Hrnahea. made from the best of Russian Bristles. They are stiff and pen. trating and will cleatise the head thoroughly from dandruff and dust. CITY IT_E US. J. H. s<jnier * t t , HANKERS, 141C Pennsylvania Avenue, pay C per cent, interest on deposits, payable on demand. Special rates on time deposit*. Interest paid January and July or cred ted* , 5,27 ,eo Dr. C. W. UissuN tt Cilekt and Cham hLL^ ar? prepare^, expreealy to cure r. eMdacbeiNervous Headache, Dyspep tic Headache, Neuralgia, Nervousness and Sleeplessness, and will cure any case. Price. 50 cent*. Sold by all Druggists In Washing ton, Georgetown and Alexandria. 2,24,eo Carat, *e? Thousands w? w* tllt? ?!. ,lhe worla patronise Dr. White's establishment, 1416 Pennsylvania aveune. opposite Wlllard's Hotel, for the successful treatment of hard, soft end vasca iar corns, bunions, ingrowing and tlub nails Ac. * ee si per visit for attending the feet. First-class 8co"rino and dtring. A. Fischer enlarged his establlshmest by removing to his new building, 806 G st. north west. three doors west of 9th street, very near his former place. By promptly adopting the Improvements, whether of American or European Invention, he Is enabled to do any work In a manner not to be eo naiad by thfwenot nosaessing these facilities. . Dresses cleaned and dyed with out being taxen apart. Crape Veils reflnisbed nice and cheap. ^Grease stalas removed eoectualiy. Gent's garments cleaning and dyeing a special ty> thermos68 lower 1111111 ever before, to salt I ?*??.B '??Me??a|lr to Inform tbe m pDblio th%f I h?4v? ibi< data (orned a Ooitrt this city, aod that we have movaa r<f"<1,'nce, CMn?r of M atr*et and HunchiMOa aTenae, on Uth Circle, * h<Lr? w* b?pleased to *ee oor frionds ?t*8'11" LAD BIT/. KM a D1PDKN. JU ST OPEXflD. OA1ZE rJIDKRWEAB AT VKBY liOW FIQ0BK8. LADIES' ALL K1HU* KBOH SOc.DPWABDS. BINSEV GAIZK INOERWEftB IKCM 2? CEHT8 UPWABD8. *K?'S UAl'ZE IKDEBWEAB FB0M 50 CKHTd DPWAKD0. PA KA6OL8 AT AST091SH1B3 PB1CB8, AT O. BAIJl'M, 408 Seventh Street mr?4?tb?,tr jy ATT AN S CRYSTAL DISCOVEIiY FOll 7 HE IIAI 11 run BFSTOBISG GB\v f)R F^DKD H \IKT0 ire NATLBAL AM) TOUTHITUL OOL,OB. It maker torash, dry and wiry hair asorth and aloi *7. It Brftlicatea Dandioff, ?nd ita ooaeaioBAl ?e flicatlon prevents and atopj tbe hair f?i|inv Warrsnted t?> rtature the color ia t hrte to un days Contains uottuog vbateter or aa nnbea/tn? or Bona natnra. Dm8 not re.infre ibakin*' does not soil llren or tbe flof?r nalla, nor, in fact! Laa it act of the objecttona ao jimly nrged against the Pulpbur ?nd l.tau KeMt.irmtirca tn the market*. Haa J.e?ii uf?Hl f.?r neaily ci?ht yearanow ?itb constant b Ucrpaairg diniand. AH'I IIL'H NATrAII, Dr,l9Vu', l^rrie'or, ?*** tr M?m P atracta nortlnrest. (CONNOLLY'S, I *HE tllEAI'KST STORE 151 THE CITY, CO? NISTH HTB1BT, Oppoeite the Patent Offloe. BifckMUta, 7?o ,80c . 9dc ?nd ?!. 1 a?gd8ilk ?uu Vmlroiias, to ffl. to i?"CU Lawta Ab'l MaJra? Uinfbaaia reduced All Wool Dnbf ge. 31 tofOe. LUnia Lace Sii?wl?an<1 S*c jnca. ?S tr. fn BfcnJi'.'iS "~W* * ?a?Ooka, tu k?i Tor K'of,Lhen Napkins, fl a dozen. 'oil ItMnt Eir brolderie*. ff?18 of allftylea.wh 1 s Je t .tall. Laciea' atd Gent'a Ganae rnderwaer. jet-tr javtfi plate end 1 C" J. BI1BM8IL A Co..) mty iolttan HouiSI}?u!lBt,T SWe SH&ttWSVS&U.. AMUSEMENTS. ( "2 BAM) nrs|f**l. A!?T? DKABATiJ MS J TKB'*TWME:*T AT ODD FELL' *9' HAlt-. 7|h ?treet } he %:i t"? i tee TE5TBT Or I.H4' K OHl'li H, (Episcopal.) HEPNUDtl. Jn>?7.?l*?.a * '"wlask n. ?# ?? t?: eWdrni, 14 centa J?? 31 t B, p 2.1 J'DHI) ? tl>KRA HOI It. TUESDAY BYBNING. Jon? ?, l-*6, G f*AX !? WX TE\TAI.* \fEXT, sri!tr>b>iwilc??c1 ?!??? kaifiHT* ur rvTHui, bOX ?*U C*X. BeuiirT*, Yccal au<* In?tran:*n'?i Mail:, aa 1 the Bai !??-*?? of POCAHOXTAS. fdBlwl?nMt>nt>; rv?*rr?d <riti7Se*oti. D?r? o|* n 7:l?; per'nrmarioe ffwunci? at * 1# ;?H St THEATER CO^IIQI K. ClM??tk Strati 1 Btiow fuuii' Mii IruM. op ex the Tear hovxu. Perforatacce EVERY WIGHT. r>r L? <Jl?* and Children E VEBV WEDNESDAY ul SATtRDA Y AFTERNOON. FIRST-CLASS IX EVER T RKSrECT. _Yar1ety. Dr?a>. Bnrleeqae a?d '<*n*dy. ?orO-ly Old No.) On Kxhibitioa l?**So > and (MU? { ?SB 7TH 8T. V AT ( 7TM ST. ? AIHIITEI'H, ill. 431 Tit tHMI, MVfM V Uhl E I?MU| Ml /foot* ?'?! 0'14 Ft.low1 Hlii. t'boice Oil Painting*, Bn*r?vto*a, Chromoe, *e. Alao, lArgest atock of P*per Hanafen, Window Stiadce, ricture*. rrusW, Flctcr* Cant *n4 T* w>U, Bligs. Bail*. Ac., la tbe District ?/"Tll*< C*?H. VPl?u? raaosibar Hum u< HtBtxi. JTi-lf EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, Ac. W*LECt EXCLUSION to GLYMOBT O IT TKI CUTB' U OF 1HI IwrARNATI'JN, TH! KS>HY JlNI ??, 1*76. BfamerJ W Tb m>?oD win leave ? *IT**^ 6>h a reet wharf .tt ? . 0 a. m. Tickets iit IWK U 1776 gr as o I87<> H STI MM AI. E\(1RSI0M, MONDAY, JCNB 14. ISTtt, WASH1XGT0X LWHT II*FAXTEY CORPS, COMPAXY A " STEAMER JANB MOSELEY. Forty mt'ea dt wn the Potomac, , Ui <1ii t at Mart-lull Hall J The Boat will leave oth itr et wbuf it sharp. letuiLiDK at 1 a. in. ftreet cere cher'ertd. Ticketa B1 50. m'mittirg a geMI'm-to and ledlee to te had of any member ef the corps. ,eS- It E XCGB8ION8. The Steamboat MARY WASHINGTON will make DAILY EXCURSIONS, Incladlig ? SUNDAYS. to Mr. VBRNOMJ STRUMA. MARSHALL HALL ard? GLY MOBT, atoapti| at the vartons Lanlinge, vix: Ooilingswood. the Fort*. White H-n.e, Gun-?t"Q and Brick yard, cotrireirlt ? ST N D A Y. June 4th, leavl!* the Company"a vbarf. at tbe f. ot of 7tb at., at 9 o'clock; Alexandria, 9.SO a.m. returning about 4 o'clock p m. Fare for the ronnd trip?Single Ticket*. 90 carta a club of 5 to 10 pereona, 40 caata; clots of 10 or mora persona. SU cent* each. Families can Uke a pleasant day'a trip downth* river and enjoy the beaithr fresh river air, at rea aorable ratea. Bo intoxicating drinka aolica board the beat. The Mar* Waebiegton can be chartered f->r live ning Excursions or ??> return for any parties thut may ?i?h to remain at any of the ab >ve-named re aorta until night. For farther Informatijn apply to G Y AtLKS, did 7th at..or oa board. jel-*t FESTIVALS. I MOMTOWH ?FBUIT FESTIVAL rOETdl I beneflt of Entaonel Ertaoop*l ( hareh. oa <%' Bl) NESDAY and THf R9D\T EVkNIN iS. Jnn- 3 and 8, in honae on Harrtacn atreet, opposite Bt.' niDg'a Hrtdge road. AdmlMlon? Aduite, 10 c n'? children, 5 cent*. i^SSi* LECTURES. L KLTUBK ON FLOBID&. BY W. T. P1KRI05I, AT SIAr.IM'8 HALL, E STREET. THURSDAY, JINK i, at 8 p m. Tickf ta. 2fc ; for aale at Brad. Adaipa'. ,ei-4t" GEORGETOWN ADVKR'MTS, MATTIKHS, M4TTIXHI, >1\TTIA?S CIIKAcERTHaB BVBR. Good W hite and Check"! Matting a; 2) eta. Superior <jnnlity at S>J,35, 40, *6. ana SO eta. 1 0W yards Victoria ll>4 wvrth W ct*. Ont stock cf Sprirg Dreaa Good* at marked dowi pric a Wbite GoaCaof all kisda, for achool comruencj n.ent drcs?ea 2 button Kid Gloves for #1. tn all colora. ? The '-Vic orla" Rid Glovaa,? h?itt">n. *1 50. n.ii? tr BlN-laMlBi MILLER. 103 Brilge<t. J^PRING ARV BUMMER. PREMIUM STEAM DYVING AND SCOURING AS V? M H WHKlti KY '* OLD AND r^LlAKLB B*TA B lISH.'I EX T Ladieaaud G?utlemen can i?ve their Spring and 8'tn.B er Woaring Apparel Cleaned or ?>olo?ed It the very beat manner; alao, Winter Clothing.Oar p<ta, Hiai keta, *c . Ac . nicely Cleaned and taker care of x;ntii needed, Work aent for and dellver?< wiibcut extra charge anywhere in the District?re ceived frotn and retnrn^d t >aoy place In tbeconotrj by mail or eipreaa. office anti Wo'lr", 49 Jeffer?"n atreet, Qoorge'own. D. O.: feat Offlca 8ox, Office bonra?7 a. m. to lit V- m , Hatorday, to I p m my4 tr HOUSEFU R N IS IIING GOODS, SI'ECIALTIES FOR 111 I) NEAAOS. BEFR1GBBATORS, ICC CHESTS. WATER COOLERS And 1CB PITCHER*, FRUIT JARS. JBLLY TUMBLERS. A>* W?BB ? BETEBtME, IMPORTERS OF CH1HA AND OBOUKBRY, 1009 Psn.taYLva.VA Avsjice. je> tr Between 10;b and llih atreeta. SBOOHD HAND FUBBITUBB. STOVBS, Ac , BOUGHT, and tba blgbeet cash prlooa paid, aad aold at re do oed price*, for casta. W. BOTH ECFOBD, tnyia-ly Cor. I3th acd B ata., btli aorthweat. A CUIUS. lUEfcSXER, A ^*T1? AND TIT Tth 8TEEET N W la Bole agent for the District of Colombia for the BT. BIOISE, The only RELIABLE HBATINO RANGBlathe varket. Mr. Raiamw baa ant up hondrada of tbcae Bangea In this city, and in all caaea tnay Ware given tba ntmoat aatiafactlon. B? baa tbe largeat and beat atock ot blatb mantels In price* Cram B18 op ward*. Mr. Rleasner ta tkle Agent for the BADIANT HOME FURNACE, Which has been thoroughly tested, and pronoanc?d by experta the baat furnace now in n*e. LATBOBE8 AND OBATB8 Ingreat variety, at greatly red need arloee. TUB BCBMEB QUBEN OIL OOOK 8TOYN la the beat aid rafeat oil etoTe In tne vorld IRON AND TNBBA OOTfA VASE8, Bsobracicg all tbe lateatdealgna. Also, a large stock of BBFBIOEBATORS, WATER COOLERS, 8TANDB, CUTLBKY, Plain and Fancy TIN WABB. wboleaale and retail. Neat tBree ply BDBBBB H08B, only If centa per foot TIB BOO FIB?, 8P00TIBG, Ac , doae promptly by the beat workn*cn. Orders invited CHRIS. RIEWIEB, mylO-tr. TIA and TIT 7th atreet northweat. d *?* d IMPROVED KITCHENER Will do the family coeklng with one half tbe coal required by any other Range In tbe market; ooeta one half aa mnch aa other Bangea of aame capacity; will aave lu price la a few yeara In the itema of re tain, and aave Ita price every year ta the coal bill; la modeled by the beat aklU known to the art, with ? tkw to tbe greateat convenience; la what every family wtnta, and, having, won?d not part with. We hare Snail a ad Large Fatally, BoetaaraM and Hotel 81aee. Tbe largeat assortment of 8LATB and WHITB MABBLB MANTELS acd PARL'JR URATES ta the city. HAT WARD * HUTCHlinoi, SIT ?TB CTBKBT BOBTHWBST, Btj4-tr STOTB a*4 PLVMBMQ HOQ8B. REFRIGERATORS AND WATER VOOLMRB. Large atock of good aaakea, at GRO. WATTS * CO., Hora* Fpamamse 8toab( SI 4 7th atreet, afc^Te RjtaLmfi, dints ABO bmbricar BV Aid. TBB ROSY OBL1BBATBB FAMILY SUPPLIES. Ikft^RiBO Blfcb r?? >D. prepaid by Caartee 1*1 Reich* k bro., U ccala par box, |1.? Kf ?1LTEB* WATlE,ai*?*?r?J'??. CIW?lRS?Tf B?? *? (Himi'aqm cider. ?a jcl-tr OrcrerV*. I91? P.-ia*. :tnl? ateauv -MKi uTa i >' T A L T&A bTUKK j^B ?^409 9vn St . T *.0. A. BriLMSa.*?^ TEAS' TIAt ' TE*St rt?GB4iT' rKicsar! pube i Btce Iniirttl. . $i,|l ?. Sw**t ocl^n* . ?G- .W , fie , S1 >''? Wire JapanTVie . ?Sc., t4: Extra Out, powder, tK , M>c., (I 10. coffees: corrKts7^""corrE**-* FRB4H Ati'MAriC! Pl'BE" EowteJ Jailj Id car new Orient*! U u^r AT LOWEST PBlCEB. 8UGAB-"A"Clar10*d M^a4iN|l. ?? Granulated. I pocnd. Tor 01. ?? Cat Loaf. M* poat>4* kr #i. fPirrs (PICES': Srit'ES ! Id (t?rj \ *ri< tr. _ ?,rb J. WHTH PI TiLU ^ ??T?UE LITTLE BlORE ABOUND TUB (KB 1 NEB" M. EAKin fiAD*BT. DEALER 1> UMM FAMILY tiKOCEKlES. WiyiE*,L!' Be. 9*1 TWENTIETH STREET. B W., BrtWetQ P*L0? Ull I A., _ _ av! 1? WP. 0. ^ ALT : SALT : -HS.OOO Sucki LlTtnoolOroid< It aIud< and Fine Salt Asbton's, Deak in *. V?r din** acd Et*u*' brand*. IOjUIIO b.iaHelt TorA'? IllUt. a0.> <? Ba*? ai d R in Dairy and T?b!e Bait, f. r sale in lots to suit. dtll>ered In Depot, Whlnltoii. al?"Ut Baltimore ftiw?. By ALEX. K KB K ? BBO, 41 Bontb itrwt, And JFNh INB A h KBH8 W bar\ee. Baltimore m\ ?? lw jjjlNNK&OTA FLOUU. W aahtura Mills, BlaMMB FLOL'B not equalled or < xc- lUd b> aor to the o uutiy. I' ?? omt 1nt?u Hon lukxrf a supply of tbie ceiebreted Flnsr *!??'* on bard. All *f a>k 1* a trial tc ?atlsfy tbe nwH faatidicas. Wot tale by _ _ J. B. BBTAB A BBO., i|l> tr KO*> r<*rc?il?anla avenue RAILROADS. B ALTIJ10HE ASH OHIO KAIUttAD, JEBE 4th. 1070. A.M. LEAVB WASH1BQTOB t>.4S? Baltimore. Anai(u>li, and at; aUttom, Point of Rock* and intermediate stauoue. Main Bieot T'10- Baltimore and Alexandria Junction S UO-At? York, PAtW- phia and So%ttm Ex prt'/. Pulitnan Parlor Cart. U?vm at 9:10 Sunday. atopeat Way Btauons, and connect* for Aunapolla. 8:18? Oactaaoli. St Lo?i.? and Pttltbw* Br 4 rodwirk, llager*tc*n. and Valley 0 -i?? P dui of B<-ck? and ?at station* t?:30 ?waltlmore aad way xtatlout. b .3i?N"? Tc rk Llai'M H*lttn>-??* and Phlladel?bla Sunday to Baltimore oaiy. P H. li.15?Palrimora. Way Btattooa, EUlcott City and AlMMlti 1:40? i>?i? York, Fkt adtipkia ia4 Narfnlk Ex pttit. On 6an<la)ra all Way Btatiuoa and R ..liimora only. S'30?Ra-tiiuore acd vay station*. 4 *30? Untttmort ami Lmurtl ItrprMi. BtilOott City, ftwlenck and Way Station*, rt* B* lay. 4:5C?rrwJertckand Point oT Bock*, i via Metro Sultan Branch). _ ? altimore. Anna?olU and way ftationi k.2i-C/ttraio, Cinnnnatt an i LouurilU I^riM Except Batnrday,daily toCotumbn* L ui? i?\ill* by l|:3?j?. train on Batnrday Uax' r*tovn and Wiuoheater. 81-ryln* car* U> chica*o, Cincinnati and LomttriUt. and Pkt adtlpkim Erwmt. P?*d ?rick and Way btati n?. via Relay. (Con nectii for Annayolta Funday.) ? 10? Ba timore. Biad*Mbar*. Oolle^e, BelU Ti'l*. Laurel. Antiap lit* Jnnctlon. T OO? Rnltiiiiore and way ctatlOB*. 8:40? Pitteburg. bm no oonarctlon beyond Mar tin*bc>f by train leaving Bnortay al?bt Way Station* on Metropolitan Brancn 0 OO?Baltimore. Bladenaburg, Reiuulle. Uan r?l, R* ay. 9:30? Baltimore and arinclaal wa* *?atlnn*. 1( :Uu?A>? York \nd Fktl*Jtlpk-+ Nitkt EsftU ?!>*??*<n* Cars t > Mew Tork. 10:30? Hartlnabnrg and way aiaUoca, Metro poll - tan Branch. _ 11:30? Si Lph* Krrntn. Obicaco. Colnmbo*. Sxnduaky,Newark. 0a Saturday for Loata *H?*. T:IB ? 00. * a m ; l:40,l:ill. ?:*?, 6:40, 7 00, 8,-iO. V 00,9 30, lu 00 and 11:30 p m . daily. _ All other train* dally, except Ponday Bo connection on 9nada> tor Hager*town or val ley Biaccb. or for New York ana Philadelphia at t? a m. and 1:40 p m _ Por further laiormatloo apply at tbe Baltimore an<* Ohk> Ticket Officea, W aehlngton Btati >n. and 4"3, 601 and 003 Penraylvama aTenoa. and t?13 IS. b rtnet northwect, where ordnr* will be rak-n 'or bagvage to be checked and received at any point Ij the citf. _ TBI'S. B.8BABP, Buter of Tran?porUtloo. L M.OOIik. Oeneral Tirknt Agent. GEO. 8. K0CKT7., General Agent. >>1* tt pR THECKMTKMlBIALEkMIBITIVS FIVE THAI AS DAILY. EXCEPT SVMDAY VIA BALT1X0KB A POTOMAC EAILB9AD Oxnnmrino Wedi\t*Ury, Mn,y 1?A. The Baltimore and Potomac Bailroad Com par, j will rnn tb? foilowicg trains | tl r< ngh to Philadelpbia with out char geofcara.leatlngthi dep? t, Penniylvania aTenne and 4tb atreet, daily, except funfla): 7:50 a m ,aLd arriving la Philadelphia at 1:90 P.M., daily, except Sunday. 9:93 a *., atd arriving In Philadelphia at 1:96 p m.,daily.except Sunday. 1:30 p m., and airivlug In Philadelphia at fe:A0 p m.,daily.except SuDdav. 5:30 P. m.-and ariiviug in Philadelphia at 11 P m , daily. 9:10 p. m., ar?d arriving In Philadelphia at 9:34 a. v ,daily. Bleeping car* attached to the train to Pblladel Ebia leaving at 0 10 p * . and per*on* aecniing ertha can reaaain In the car cnMI 7 o'clock a *? Ceccre your t*ck"t* at theoBceof the company, northeaat coner ISth atreet and Pennsylvania ave nne, and northeaat corn?r of 4tb*atreet and Pean eyhania avenue, and depot of tbe Baltimore and Potomac Railroad eomvany. KRAMK THOMPSON. General Manager myl4 lm P K UOYD J* Gen Paa Axent. u Ml VERBAL M. R TtCEET OPPICE BA1LBOAP TH-KBT8 te or from all potnta bought, exchanged cr aoid at i a rtdnctlon of <>mk POLLaf upon any other office or dey In tbi* city. Ticket* good Ull used. Baggage checked tbrongh. Apply to M l' WH1TE81PB. api-ly OUT Pana. ave.. Candy store. 1876 r E ? NmTl T ARIA 1876 IODVI To IN ??rtfey Vnt, aa4 loBthwefte Double Track, HtrM Mails, 9fd*ndUL Ecem fry, Magnificent Eym.t/tnrnJ Jl"SE 4TH, 1<T?. Train* leave Washing ton, city tlcie, from Depot, oorner of fth ana B atreet*, a* follows : rot Ptttaburg and tbe West, Bam. dally, with Parlor Oar to Ptttabnrg; 7:40 p m. dally, with Palace Car to Ubksago. aad 11:40 a. a. dally, ixceft Bandaj. BALT1MOBB AMD POTOMAC BAILBOAD. for Oenandaigaa, Rochester. BcBalo, Blagar* rails, aad the Berth, 6 a. m. dally, exoe* Bun day; and 7 40 a. m dally, except catrrdar, with PaJaoe Oars to Watklns Por Eri?, Oananoalena, Brftalo, at d Blagnra falls, 11:40 a. m. dally, ax oept Snnday. for Bew fork and the East, 9 4?j. m. daily. with Palace Can attached' Limited Exprea* of Pull man Parlor Car*. 9:93 a. m. dai!v.except Sunday for B*w York at* the Ea t. T AO a mi. and 130 p. B. da'ly. gxocpt tfuac'ay, with Parlor Can at t AC bod ? f>r Philadelphia, 7 iO a m and 1:30 p. a. dally, except rtMty, and I S* and 9:40 p ? dally. Limited Bipreea. 9:93 a. m dally.except Snaday. Acnoennndatloa for Baltlm?ea 7:40 a. a. uauy. and 4:90 p. dally, except Sunday. tor Pope's Oreek Line T:40a. m. aad 4:90 p. a. dally, exoept Snnday. Per Annapons. 6 00 and 11:40 ?. a and 4:90 f. a.t exoept Buaday. ALEXABPB1A A PBBPBB1CRSBCBG BAIL WAT ASP ALEXANDRIA * WA8H1NGTOB RAILROAP. Por Alexandria, 0, T? B.-OB, 0,10, 11 a. a., 1,B, 4:90,4, 0. 7:00, and 11:40 p.a. Oa Sunday at 9 a. a., and 1 and Tp.a tor tbe Booth, via Blotunoad, 11:40 a. a. dally, axoept Sunday; and via Lynchburg, (TOO a. a. and 11:40 p. a. dally. Train* leave Alexandria for Washington, 8, T.f, 0,10,11a. a .1, 8,4. 4. 6.and T ?. a. 0* Sunday at T and 10 a. a., and B p. m. ? Ticket*. InforaatloB, Bleeping and Parte* Oat acocaaodatiocs can be arocured at tbe OMcas: Bortbeaat corner at Thirteenth street and Penn sylvania avenue, Bortbeast oorner of Blxth atreet and Pennsylvania avenue, and at tbe Dnot, when order* caa be left for the checking of Baggag* ic 4eatlaatlon from Hotels and Reside D. M. BOTD, Jn.,GenT Pasiaia Agent PBAEE THOMSOB. Genl P janJ-ly BOOTS AND SHOES. cents and'npwuSs. "^^5? Bllppys, 71 .,r?" CENTENNIAL BARGAIN m AT LAPIES' GOODS. 7 J7 M. MLVER, 717 I1IKIT irioi. A ft. aad aaterttoa Oi L^l?a' kiaiiy-b ti>?: HI II*. (IVlRMiltTN. BAS4|I ES. Ul tTMII AMI I lATKRS, Ai?wl"?r<?- im.ilwrM?rrnMol THIMMkD HATS AMI kON & Kit. Ltdk??lll4o?<ll N tiiMM Ik* Mnct halii* per < l.a/lr ? ? l*-w t.? re !? ? JUST RECEIVED. A larpa aeai rrrrert at _ . SBAOS H ATS Wt ei d l hi^rt* only U casta. U*?ILHM B??BNbTS _ . ,^rr Lad?e#, aaly 7S rent.. ?>? NiMi, Lorain*. Lralt*. and < leta. ail oew at><! Tfrj dewtrable rail aid e?e ?ar M ceat Jimmk FAIR, aitb f-'t.'" ?***' th* ?>???' ?>*m ev** aold . I* *? ?f* redneirg ikr |rten <>f enod* daily eat ladle. ere Inrlt.d to Oil and ,man. ft . . ??* 1. I. HI *T. ? Ml ao.1 0 r-JKUiaMEr^\ iJ^Ha* mat reeetfd a ft a* aaanrtment fflj ^'(M^BB Bob MT? AMD MrtUBP^r UjT?.?fc|?k .he ?i I oan <a Tl KDif, ftu ^ "*"? a> 1 ton P?r.n?i '< aate aveeae. w??i* tr SlJJMlli STYLES HEW IIATH. THE HILITAlhB eud HEI.MKT HAT. la 'TIP, r*N4BA.ead 1TIAW, ,l4 racthM Ifywlu aUMtioa ftl?*e to urjKt. NRX J P. I* % 1.1 KB. my in tr Bo. 1 |oe r atreet. bet 11th at.d IftM. NIKS K A IcCUK JIH fc. ftfttf ?TB BTHEET. (ST CLOUD Itl'lLDlBOJ Dally rwl?lti| all tbe letrat Bov< Plea ta CHIP ABD BTHftW B"MB BTB. HATS. LAUBK BLOWEK9. Ac . Ac. Laritea ft Weahlufl<a and vicinity ara tamed to call and eaaaitre epftt tt TKS.MIL TAB LADIES* bHUI.1, MA HE TO ObDBB AT ? IS lit Sl'Hl. 0*T"'\U r?tial I&r*. AIM. Oft bead.a Una atock of LADIBB BWW ftt tba follow! i.a price* French KM ?^tto?ad..__ |T H BaftlUh " ?? . - - _ ? ft* Branch M t la - S ?? Tbaaa Qaafta ara alt Mda at tar NtaMMsrnl end arantiaitrH to be eg sal u> aar work sabb factured ia tba Ptetea mtr?u J AN. H. TKSSII.TA. i ' HEAT SA< BIFICE OlT mTmAB MAIM \j[ 0OO p?. BAIB BBAIPB ftt ttl. f-rtner price SB 40 haih MBATI'f at fft.frwer price III. ?? HAIH BAA 11.8 at ? 4. f<mi* t pi lea 01 ? ? HAIB BBA1PH at SI W- former price *4 A LAKGB ABfOKTMBHT OF I HIAP UAB Bl'KU BDQ1SO* and INfrEBTIOBM. AFCLL LIES or LAUBK UBDBKO AH BBBTb a A lai'S* BTOOE Mf 81* B dBKBLLAB an) FAKAKOLH, *eUm reaaralee* of coat. LADIBB CLOAE8 ABD SUITS, at ? great re I d action REAL ABD IBITATIUE LACBS. ________ ?ar? low OB HABD ABD BECBIVIBO DAILt. ft lara* ft?*.rto.?it of BILL1BSKY OOOOB. Tba lataat atplaauf HATS KlBHoMd, W L>> W Eb&. ate. ^ LRO, Jl'BT BBOBIVED. *0 doaea I battoa I KID WLOVK8. all aAadaa. fttttf tft? baat la tfta ?arkot, for |1. WB IBVITB THB LADIBB TO CALL ABD SB axanilae our a>ocA 1>tSI> B HILLBB Til BartmPyw BANKERS. A.A.A.A. Large or ataali ?nm rtrrfllly arid wra a?>-/ fur cnatoM^ra at a di?tonr* la ,Vr mmi'i arttrt binrkt that often tHI an^muaa rrtnra* *r?r?ju dat* Bclarted Wtatk Prlvilrgra a af ciaRr. S?? Btocfc Book f ?r lnT?^u>ra. (itlnc full and re liable lulormatfoa bow to trrrat* MA > la BtwcA*. ?eat fraa on application. Addr?w. HAXII B A CO., PA*K BUS ABU STUCK HK'iK fc'KA, ?ylT-i.ta j>4 Kir 1T WaU atraat Bra furt ^ aTiobal safe uepoiit co?~ Corner Utft ?? aa.i New fork irmw FILE ABD BDBGLAB FBOOF FAULTS All kind* of ralnablaa taken oa dapaatt. Bafaa lo* rant Office k< ura. ? a as to 4 a m, OH). B. PLABT. rraaldent. OBO W BIO' ?!*. Vice r real dec!. t?M aoly B F. BBTDBB. Secretary ? i oo ???ar,w $1,700 dorlc* the ftaat few RH>ntbt. undnr oar improved ?ratatn oi oprratinp Id 8to< ??. Btaka rudaaad to nnal anaa and profit* lBcraoard. B- -k QJBtata tuft full lAforUiaQua aaat on app'tcatton. TUBBBI DOB A CO . ap? tr Baakera and Broken. S Wall at., B ? COAL AXP WOOD. /ual: coal! wood: wood *bW U KP Ah. TV Hk ' HEAVY BKDUCTIOB IB FBDJB OF FUEL* CHEAP ChEAt tOh CASH Buy now and aa?e ni >btkly advance. Tftuoaande of tuna ordered. Arrtvma dally, oars ?? of beet WWBft of < <.aland W<?nd bead' B^ad! Andtt> na. Advantaftea n<>w offered Mtrrlafire nitaude.' oonauioers A clear aava of M cntt to 91 p- r oord by bu> iiig Woodduact from oar abftrttt* and vaa Ooud Fine Wood oft abairaa, ftS 1 to 04 W per od Baker*' ?? " * TS to I'? Oak B ?d " 4 7ft to I N M 4 Delivered at ft vmall adraace <>b above prtce* Ooal at ?orreeporidiBftly low rate*. OartB- n an meroaa. brum delivery very cheap H trine two at the larf? at wbartaa in tfte DKrict, aod all tbe fa cllltlec thereto anueied for tbe dell\ < rp of Coal di rect from oar vee?rb to tbe rotiuMrt we caa cer talt ly offer ?*icial iBduoeuiruU. 1JM Iba. cleat. Ooal alwaya ?t\ea to the toa. JOHSS4IB BROTHEBI. Bain Office and rep. t at Johneub'a Wbarvea foot U<b and I3(b ?treetr a. w. Office*. l*iOi<F?t a w ; HIS ?tk atreet n. w. m>iS e>.u (>?AL AND JtDiDLLNU WOOD. "* ?9AL B BOW complete, embracing BbMb of ooaaatan. Oar FATBBT blmdled KIBDLIBU WOOD, with a Are llfbtac la every bundle, la tba baat la aaa. For aaJe by all ftrocara?try It. Bo abavtaea. aapar or bar ua?Bi otl reqalred. 9HKAP. SAtM. 9LKAB. ? rEPHKXBOX A BB4?, Bill and Depot 7th atoaet Wbarf. letfttly Branch OBoe 1SIB Feanaylvaala arena a THE TRADES. Albaabdeh ball, williab ball I Lmu ?ru*t?. W, b urner ) BALI. * CO., Varrtactrtren aid L>?alera In D^ r* Saab ac" Blind*. Olaaa. Hardware and all Bnildina Balafial AaY Baaaarhaaata a venae, ftetwera 4ia aad Tu. .treat* aortbweat, aell f""d? B) per ceat. cbeeper tban any other bouee rail and eiamtr* jaftl ly || B ? I T B I). JAMBS r. BRUM, ? tLVMbKK ANU OAS HT'itK. m+rV tt ?H Ttb BT. MOBTUftfT ^ W n I R tt B . iOHB O. HOAAB, TIB M?M Mai. Baaafaoturar of a bewly Fateeied cprtn? Botlat ?ad Veatllatinft Awnina for Btoraa. feouda, Pat IK BulldluB* andFtif au Dwalltncft. FU?a and Teat lor aala or rent Sola A^ent for tba oalf gaaalBu Proof Awalaa MEN'S WEAR. SPRING GOODS. NEW ST FLEE FINE GOODS. TO BAKB TO BBABUBB SUITS TO ORDER4 IV FB0B 131 UP. READY MADS SUITS, FBOB Sid OF. EBAOI-BAOI SPRING OVERQOATS ? IS CP.

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