Newspaper of Evening Star, June 7, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 7, 1876 Page 1
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V?. 47?N 2. 7.23S WASHINGTON, D. C.. WEDNESDAY. JUNE 7. 1876. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR i DilLY, Sundays rxcppted, AT T1IX riTAR B7JILD1SGS, ftmiTliaii* a<eui> ceraer 11th street, IT Tla ETraitf Star New3papgr Oonpaiiy, M a iAVTFWANS, FT'M t. - * YH* FVTNT3*? StaW tt vrwf fty ewrVri W mt>#nt>(Ti at Tea Cent* r?r we*fc, or Korty jcmr Cents per month. C*>pie$ ?K fAe two Cents each. /-I* raaii?prrpaiti Blxty Cent* * month; on? 5 w. *3. THE Wiiklt STAR PuWiiVo on l*rvkm -v ?1? year, poiac prrpmtL Mr All tttfitcription* itKariabty tn ntlvcnt* f r Rate* 0/ arh^r'irvno fserrti%r\e<l oh aptihcaPjm. SUMMER RES0RT3. ^rwMXii B 'Abl'EttJ -i pl-aevit country ^ Una", within t?? tlfcw?>f *h* Eia<i ?. ? A 1H|' Mo^iUI' < and on* wile from rail y^ijfcy T- mr 'spot Well kept r "? mi. g?>4 table,ifiau ticci- Lt w at?r. file ahade, heslthy l<c*lut. n tir>iim?tliLN? j?tr? ?%?la'acMon. App>p to JUSOS JiMI*. yi U* It o-rl Hill, tnnlom county, Ve T^j T. 1 r i'iT h u 1 CH KSSftN SPRINGS, Camhrw County, P?. 71 i llghtf. 5<l MM KB B?^'?HT -mS t b? < p< ? e.1 f< r the Itctytkii ol jT-.tiVi wiMi uth. i-;?. !'?? ? tc%:? 1 on ,-.f the Allegheny Moumaiii-., ?.o B-crr d'tirsl I* r ;?ce 1 in f an : anywhere. Por tnib*. Ac , adorers ??5- '.m J. D McClILLIN, 3ap t. W L It F II1TU 1 M U . ? ro.Nr t"?'KorT m mhkk KKSOR"r. Ho?ei ? ii < tt <(? ~ op* n J1 i?fc isitb. Acted f t lower Piti'in*. s'eau'frs J AS. l; MILBIKN, Pr prT Ht L ok .nt 8 M^rv iCo., Hd, g ? h N ! T M'U X ? I h'l ll-aaant H 'tel. p ??< w T at,tly si'r ? ? ! 01 the Jnoiva mw A a a 1 and F'mi> ra lrotd, is n >w "P*?ylv^fty ? r ?i.u.ii.ti (mill. 1.r terms. Ac , a-t *rr~a oastt aspo! U jel '??* S^w?.rt, Pttf cognty. Pa. C~~<anson Horse. y MANASSAS, VA., Bifn?Te<l tm the hitheet P. !?? o:j the M'.Hand rail road. 3- mile* ' 1 m Wa?hi: ?? M, ?Itb/ * iiil?( ?id n*iiiif trsin* each ?iv ' F?rc f rrdin* trip <175. The Hot?-l itJ i?? , with <?.nb'? p rcbe? the "Ltir - 1-DntD lie Tf < m- are *rll lud ibe cinsn* room cool sod airy. The c?<untr> Is if health* hi any lathe w. there are n?B>o*.iQitc< 4. Bvaroert wi:h ?VlcklMitn trffcrrnl _ jel-im- FBAHOIS J.t'AWO>. Proprietor. rput KYUK1A HOTEL, FOBT MOattJX, 1 OL1J POIBT COMFOKT. VA. Th'i deltuhtfnl ftyntrer Bewtrt.<P>f a ??trr * rm O'-t e*r.-il d on the Atlantic/" C( Mt fornlahe'! with u'l sod rn Itiip^aTe n enti <;?? act Kltcuic Bella la every. *o<m. aad Water on eTery floor, an ! capab'^ i t ac c. nm. i a*: i c f '<) per*, r *. n bow opeo forth* re ceptlcnof ?cr?ts for the (nisart s?M>n Wharf KW >ard? dtataut. at which 15 to ?t< ain^r? tonch daily, affordirc ever;, opportunity of comaaantca tloo with all puistawtthe conu'ry Bap*'t >r beach for batbiDK at the doer ?tepo?gr.<>d frcm May antil Moveaiber. OnatnaJ facilities for Boating tod f1?hii|. Ter*e? #17.10 per week and npwarlv BCorOin* to kx-atton. Spe- ial terrrn to partiei remaining a ?oath or longer. Adttrewa jel 1m H. PHOKBPP. Prop'iwtor. THk. PARISH HOTBL CHAKLOl 1 ES VILLB. VA , Ofltn Summer Boardera superior ^cccmmxJa tiona Prieea Tery moderate. F< r further particnltra addrvaa. ?t?> tw j. m pa*;* 1 ana rai1 ?r* iup?rior wccainirai rate. . A laddreaa. ffas f A CO., Prop*. IsJU |)VTU>I*L HOIKL, ?c ptlon of BTlpp lt? J BT. OSObGE 8 ISLAND. Hear PIN** POINT, Md This >nirB?r reecrr will be open for reception of ^i?ltor? Jane 10th. Tiaitora by Potoarac ateamera will be Met promptly at Piney Pc1j? or Marahall's whart wrb conveyance. Table alwaya a^ipp With dtlicaciea < f the station. Boats Tar fishing and ?allicg free ef charce. Address B J. ADAMS A PBOS., U3P 1il* Plney Potr.t P O . ?t Mary s Co ? M 1 J^OltOlSI >111EHAL IPHIildl, HAMILTON. VA. Tbie plea?act enmmer Beaort will be open for the receiitloa of gse?taon I he lat of Jane. Tbacintteiity to the dapot and telegraph1 cffice. together with the 1 urative pr^pur tiee of the water rend*ratbia cae of the moat J ? -ir able altcaiions i n the conutry. for p?rv>i* seeking rest, recreation acd health. Terms moderate. Adf*r?-?s. S S BC8B, Proprietor. >;)' Ini* Hamilton. London Coqaty. V1 WKA UU'VI, UAPI MM POINT-Thl* ft lightfnl HnnuitT He" rt acd prt-etta nuOknal attr-tc'lona. ta^ea fnr^iahed cr atifcrnished, for 1 rent M. K WILSON, m;?lm ft 11 7th atreet. r I 'ti t ALUKM % KLI Kl a ALB INSTITUTE, A Ch<trlnt:t>r 1 :U Vm Kefltted l??t fall wltn cieitant new fnrwi ture at a coat of ?1J,C00. u lU receive 8L'M M If K Hl' AKl'lktr1 froE the lit of Ji: >? to . th?iMh f Be|,t>iil-r. No ej'ra cha>-kr- f 7F1 cold baths, nor fcr nse cf u?w ten pin alleys. my2> *' |>1 I I N 1 DUE ?1 .MIT. "-Twelve or l> 81 teen Boarlera can be acromno da*"* a T-eav uable t^rms. ?t tti? ' *??idei ce. frern the FIBST MONDAY IN , JCNB The at tract 1 ni aie: C-ol, pure muii. la, a air. with a lice park fr^tlng the hoaxe. This la the Bio<t elevated stooping pr int on the Weetern Mary lard raiiroad, by three hundred feet, and la within tbr?e bcniV rid- Irom Baltimore. Kor pa't'cnlara apply to JOHN LB1CB aP1\N. Bine Ridge Som an Post offire.Weetera Maryland Bailroad mil lot is now cpenM-. A ic'l-na. C >t WC^kW ied.for salvor ti ftreet. ITDTM, m t it hot o rs. u.j2? welve or if&ii J<TO< KTOI HOTEL. CAP* MAY, N. J. OPENS JUNE 15:*. 1?7?. nfonn the 'fell .t^rTlux 4 HARLES DI'FFT, (Of CoLfiaeital Motel, Phila J Proprietor. p>M-ln J1T1Z SPHIMUS HOTEL. Tfe new management beg leave to Inform the Btn.erone gceats atdpatronacl Ibis well/" knew a and popular I BI MMBB BISORT , Th^t the Hotel has been m- *t thorongbi Stebed and rem, deled fro a top to bottom. A liberal patronage is solicit -d TBBMS MODKBATB. Apply to AMMON A J\C0BF, n y? lm Litiz, Pennsylvania. Tub BAtTiaon* and ohio bailboad COM PA NT'9 HOTBL, _ AT DBSB PABK. WHl beOPEN FOB visitors ob the 19th OP J ? NB. and their NBW HOTEL at Oak A . . A knd oa the 1st OF JULT. Applicants f<fmt for Bo?b.s or Information ad dree a the an Berslrned, at Oakland. Uarrett eoanty, apK tjyU JOHM DA1LET. Manager M A J O B , COB. NETESTU AND H STIEITN, HAS TUB COLDEbT AND BEST f-ODA WATER IN THE WORLD. mrUMa TBT IT MEN'S WEAR. 8PRING GOODS. NEW STYLES FINE GOODS, TO MAB1 TO MBABL'BB. 8UITS TO ORDER, FBOM ?3* OP. READY-MADE SUITS, FBOM ?1? OP. BMADT-MADM SPRING OVERCOATS, ? to or. Z}SVX?X2? <3fc GO 4 I1M r MT1 wtM rem. BMtHMM, 8W1B9 AMU AM1CR1CAII ffatcliM, I* ALL TUB MOfTCBLBBBATBD JBAABBa. A Larpe Aaortwal M Tin Low ?s SPECIAL yOTICES. r>5? MHT8M. BCILDI3Q ABSJOI ,Tl ON No. 3 ?Fifty sixth monthly meeting oa THUMLAYIVt.MNG It WB. W. MOOBI.'wr'Urr r>a? THg MAB-*A< HCeETTS BEPLBulCACl A ."?001 AT ION w)l| h 'la ? sn*cial wseetiig on TUTR-SPaY IVf.MSO at 7 M ? cloc*, at Boom 40. L* Droit Bnllding. Members are re quest tnl to be tare ual ia th'?r a'*??xU?e9. . ? O- ? BEBBING, Presi'en*. C.J. STODDARD, Secretary. jf7 2t n-^? iukl\t>ii8omiT 'ucb'hvpel,. comer 4th street and New York avenue, eir Ci?lh ir.> ite'bclr friends to spend an eTeniu? at the Fwtival being t*M at their cbnrch everr ?ve nir.g this wetk, except Saturday. IBepl j<r4-lt* ATTENTION, KNIGHTS Of 8T. JO SEPH, Nc 1 ?Ton are all earnestly re Sne?ted to meet at rc?r Hall on THUBSftT II XT. Jtib- Stb, at 7:S) p m , sharp. for 'he ado? ti< n <>f a cew constitution. The attendance of every Ci?C,t er is renuested. By order of the t'lmiBardcr. JAMBS r. SOUS, Commander. J \MH M. 1)1 US, Becorder. j?6 3t A 8PKCIAI. ?K*TINO of I he BBil'K LAYKKS' ASSOCIATION Will be hell WEDNESDAY EVgNINU, Lycean H-til.ouE between 11th and 11th streets nortu *Mt. at 8 o'clock. All invited. j?6-3l* GKOKQE T. E. TATLOB. n? GEOIt IETIIWN and TKNN ALLYToWN ?s?7 BMLHOAD OOMP'NT a meeting of the stockholders of the above-named c. mn iiT ?:ll be held at Lang's Hotel. Georgetown, on MONDAY. 12th instant, at 4 o'clock b m.,for the pnrpose of eieuicg a Board of Directors, acd to' other butinesa. jeA 6t A. P. FABDON. Bec'y. |Ts3? COLiL'MBt *N l ?iV?tt8ir* WILL l??5r give th* ir annual exeurn'on to Glymont on tbe Tih of Junk. Kxt^Lcive preparations are Hag made to aeenre one of the happieat trips ever taken down the Fot^mac m>31 AT AUCTION ?The #,N TIUIC BTOCK of H. H. U EM PL1B, OPTICIAN. 433 Penn sylvania avenue, KVIUY EVENING at T!?? o'clock. turtt tr t. M. O. A . OPEN AIB MEETINGS ?very Evening, at S o'clock, corner 7th street and Pennsylvania avenue. BABBATH AFTERNOON SERVICE IX LINCOLH HALL, At SH o'clock. ?^Everybody invited. ray 16 tr CF THE BEST. HILBUBN'S BODA WATEB. IS ATT'BAL SPUING WATEBB on Draught. 'CE-COLD TEA, COFFEE and CHOCOLATE. 1499 P>?txsTLvaivia Avknci, apU tr near Wtllard't. rS?E. W WHITA&EB, W General Clatm an>t CoVtetxon Atent, ho. 714 leth street, near Treasury Department. District Claims, Pension and Bounty Claims, a tpecialty. apll NSKVoLS EXHACSTION.?A Medical E***y, comprising a serie? of lectnrea delim ited at Kahn's Mnsecm of Anatomy, New Tork >n thecanse and cure of Premature Decline, show ng irdiipatably how loHt health may be regained, iffvrdicga cle^r synopsis of the impodlments to ?M-rlage, and the treatment of cervons a:id phyM *1 debHity, being the reailt of 30 years'exp- rleace. Price, S9 cent*. Address the anthor.Dr. L. J. Kahn, ?ffice ai d r^iideoce. 31 E?st 10th st., N. T. apl Sm r^it. It COOKE. Jb A OO., BAEK.TBS, if tr 14'J9 F ?neet. STBiTFOBD PENDALL, 323 4H street, ;asJ5 te ATTOKHK7AT LAW. J^?LEWlfc JOHNSON ? CO., HANK BUS, <f no 4/ iota Strut and Ftnniylvanxm Dealers in Oovernmt'nt and District tSecnritiss /creign Exchange and Gold. aepl41y ?SAilCtL O. TODNO, 90TABY PUBLIC, -*tl7-tl OFFTK?ST4R BVILB1M. OPTII lA^i ? To tu- Fut'ir ? 31y newly invent ed K \ K GI-A8!*. whioh I now man ni?c!ure with eight workn-.en, surpasses any Bye glass in th* whole world. They can do recnlat<-d by two small screws to exactly fit the no^c witbont ary pais or unpleasant feeling. They are maoe of Bra/iitan Pebble ana t!>e newly discovered Bnsei * Bnby Glass For neatness and lightness tbey csncot be snrpa?<ed. Measure taken and order filled In fifteen mir ntes ISAAC A LEX ANDEB. 1329 Penn.Ave., je7 Htptr Investor. Patentee ami Manufacturer. BETTER OFFERS THAN THESE CAN NO MAN MAKE. IF, AFTEI T11I8, YOU DO SOT DREKM WELL DOTT BLiHE IN, FOR WE OFFEB TOU A GOOD FOLL SUIT for t? 98 ?8 18 98 98 98 and 910 910 910 810 910 910 and ?13 91'3 913 913 913 913 SUITS GOOD ENOUGH FOB DBE3S for 914 914 914?914 914?914 and 91? 916 91? 916 916 916 and 918?918 918?918?918 918 BUPEBB AND STYLISH FINE DBESS SUITS for 920 836 930 930 830 930 and 933 933 833 ? 833 933 933 and 93ft 935 82ft 93ft 93ft 935 BOYS' 4LOTH1SU TOO CHEAP TO MENTION. HABLE BROTHERS, Merchant Tailors and Fine Clothiers, jeJ ?r Corner Beventb and D streets. THE REST IN THE DISTRICT. (I.H1HIAT1 LION LAUEB AND P1IAEXER BEES, In Cork Stoppered Bvtlsa, per dczan puts...9 1 vi() With Patent "Lightning St >ppers, *? ? 1 t>o Hxty i ft)) eent? per doz*n allowed for Bottles wi'h "Lightning Stoppers 'when returned. Other Bot tle* bought at current price*. For sale by Dealers throng bout the District; or at the DEPOT, 4T GBEENB STREET, GEOBGB TOWE, D. 0. jsl tr lAMl'EL C. PALMER, |>M ICK ! BRICK \-A CtnUnnUl Revolution' 11 Machine Brxcki at Low P?iet* ! Come and see the great triumph la the maautecture of Bricks at tbe Centennial Brick Yard, corner of Uth and D ?treet norths?I. All kinds of molded bricks at tee price. Cheap for rash Orders promptly filled, and may be left the cflk- corner of New Jersey avenue and D street aorih 1. P CHILDS, J < COB CHI LOS. JO-KPH WILLIAMS, ?^"Contract* made f>>r furnishing aid laying brick, and for all other ciassas of h-^ssa building. Joseph Williams" Scut h?e#t corner Bsw Jersey avenue and D straat north. myil 5m tR R A B T HIS. ^ From this day I sha'l give a DISCO L'HT^f of 40 PER CENT, off tne cost price on all ^ PABASOLS, good only for 14 days. As I never ad vertbe to n. tare present anything, 1 invite all to call aid cb&viaca t hern salves CHARLES BACH, jel 4t 40*? Yth STBEET M. W. p?A?ua?0jTjyjlw Ma. 1SST FamssTLVANis^jl iiitt, rusMiTuss EVENING STAR Washington News and Gossip! Government RicKiprs To day Inter nal revenue, #345,31^50; customs, *553,891.23. The President was not In his office to day. The SACOleft Japan for 8an Francisco on the Gth cf May. Ahmy ORDEH3_By direction of the Presi dent Captain Wllllatn McC Nettervlile, 2tst infantry,Is dropped from the rolls of the army for desertion. The resignation o( First been acc<ptedfPry N M?"' Ut Civalry- h 43 Josiah CAIDWILU IN London.?A rep resentative of the Boston Journal reports t'iat Daniel A. Caldwell, of Lynn, last night faId his brother, Josiah Caldwell, is in Ene I and ha* not been oat of it. and can London reacheii b7 a tdre=slng him in Personal?Mrs. Gov. A. V. Broaro and Miss Narcissa Saunders, of Nashville, Tenn., are now at Wlllards. These ladles of ex ^,eneral Brown's household are most favorably remembered among our citi zens, and quite a number of them paid their re.opeeUi to them at their parlors last even ly* y,"- I5rown is on? of the regents of Mount Vernon. ???? General Wnipple, who is in Philadelphia, is expected to return to n.ght or to morrow. A* Impartial Judge?When the sub Committee on the Judiciary adjourned this morning, and before the room was cleared, Kn?u Pas??l over to Mr. Frye, Ugd;'n V?ne J?, ?no,,&h ^ be heard, said: * J 5, . r fr,end Blaine is the d?dest fronndrei in America." Mr. Knott formed the committee investigating Mr. Blaine ^eafihi8.tMmpanpin]ParUal jl,d?e ,n lh? ?m tVKn^!^COm'neUt WOUld Proposed Pacific Railroad com promise.?The Judiciary Committee yes terday proceeded with the consideration of J?fi^lDi?and b,u for the Union Pacihc railroad. The company has made a eom VI?.1? offer to Pay six hundred thousand ? i I, per annum for ten year?, and after fi'JL ven hundred and fifty thousand dol lars per annum until their thirty-year bonds mature. The committee has not decided whether to adopt this compromise. Nomination*?The President sent the following nominations to the Senate to-day: Wm. Wirt Sjfees, of New York, to be U. S. Ua Vard.lff; wlnlhrop W. Ketchum 1 I'd' d,8U!lct jn^ge for the western dis r^,en,n*^7.?Illa- vlce McCandless, re ared, Davis Wilson, register land office, Bozeman, Montana; Herman Ellerman, re viver public monejs, Yankton. Dakota: II t. Gregory, Indian agent at White River K- Pos!"Peters-Andrew P. Chapin, at Cbleopee Falls. Mass ; W. O. A'? ? T*? The Treasury Book keeping all Kight.?The Senat9 Finance Committee have made report concerning alleged dis Svtoa!3Cle>i.111 the h00*8 and accounts of the ,riLdepVtment' ln whlcl) t!?ey com j system of safe-keeping of money in that department, and ln regard to app? k?i?,?repa,nc.ie8 1)0,111 out Ul? methods of keeping certain acconnts, and the further feet that the financial reports and debt state ments at different periods have been fhale up according to different systems of book k< epicg. The explanation of these apparent ^8C,^La?Cies .ftirnls, eJ by the Treasury de partment are founu by the ommittee com plete and ?atisfactor^^ is re comcati.ded in the exiting system. The Joint Committee on the Li brary met this morntng, and Senator Howe sutmitUd a report on thel.brary of Coa tress, which was alopted. The report ren r< Miits the Incalculable value of the library s ates that A000 volumes are piled upon the tof shelving; that no aJdltion rTr io. ->[,f>arposes c.aa 66 ma,le to the t-.if.Uol without marring lu architectural Mt -Vn , ",? special building is necessary; tiiat Judiciary square, while possessing many advantages as a site, is too far awav Capitol; and. Anally, reommend a n,ew structure be erected ln the 1 f ns" Tbe chairman was author l/^d to draw up a bill appropriating **150 ore fo begin 'he construction of such a fullnnT P^KSlUon ?f James Chestnut, of Cam ikP' f4outh Carolina, who proposes to sell &t.?)ve.rnmeDt an original painting of Wathinzton by Gilbert Stuart, was next S an(l Senator Howe and Repre ^,rJier *ere authorized to make t . ^ 1 y into the genuineness Plotnr?, and purchase it if they deem it to the Interest of tbe government to do so. ?iLV.!L0,,Er;o? ELEcrioN-Theonly state election occurring during the present month ce Ju ?re8?n Monday, when state senators and representatives, dlstrictjudees Prosecuting attorneys*and county bffl^rs' were cbosen. The chief interest was ln the content for control of the legislature, which will choose a U. 8 Senator to succeed James m?S ^7 J" ' whose time expires in .. 5?',877' Am?ng the republicans mea x0uta,Hldidat?V?r tfae ?enato^hl?l?e f* Jrov* yibbs, ex-Attorney General Wil !l?m,8 aD,d three or four others of greater or less local prominence. The democrats will Ve!Se^ biy r??V- Qro,rer< "-SenTti ^esmltb, Gen. Jo Lane, ex Gov. Whiteafcer Judge McArtbur. ex-Representative Slater' Gov. Curry, Senator Kelly and Urabd army of the Popomac Th? reunion of the Grand Army of the PotoS h ^?J?? ? Academy or Music at Pnlia ft Jph'a, yesterday. The stage was embel lished with cannon, stacked arms, flags and tents, and the auditorium draped in the national colors. Gen. Hancock presided and Jlf 8h?rt "peech. Gen. John A. I)ix de llvtred the oration, in which he urged the . Anient of amicable social as well P^i it leal relations, and the restoration of kind feeling between the north and south. A P^m was read by Wm. Winter entitled the mad* h??LnHence." Short speeches were Sherman, Sheridan, Hooker cHMB.1AI(w^I)ui"1 Mijkdiek,!, Her own i .1 V~ r?* Mary MaboDy was arrai^ntf^i ?Sa^U. i?6 Court, In East Providence Wo^ay, chareed with the murder of he; twt^year old daughter, who was so Injured by a pair of scissors that Its bowels n?vt truded. A certificate, signed by four phy'sl S P"*entfd. expreaslng the opinion .nrrtOT Jhn eir,Klr.gQll,y' committed the murder while laboring under an attack of emotional insanity, superinduce.! by disease .tW? , The Justice, without rejecting the theory of insanity, deolded it his duty o?^em^hjearrCU8edl? aWaU 1116 ^ ^7.h*?*i>ortok i***?clariti?8 in the police department of Brooklyn is still in circulation. Tills morning Mr. George Am mond, the general clerk, who hiT[|nde^d f?n' *ent a communication to Major Sct?<oder requesting him to recom mend the common council, at their meeting ibis afternoon, to appoint a committee for i?Lpufpo,,e 01 i?v*-?tlgatlng his books and accounts and all matters appertaining to his office. He desires to be free from alt sus picion of malfeasance.?[ if. T.Cor Phil Record. rhoriAf.TII,G^ Hands.- The citizens of v* ^p^ially invite the Old , t? ^orlt ani1 w,e Buton Llgat Infanti> to be present at the celebration of oranniversary of the battle ?? J] To? 1*tter of invitation to the Oljl Guard says:-'-We caunot exrxw >2h?7m yKU?r accustomed munificent hospt talitles, but we can promise you a hearty welcome to the land or the palmetto." Ci-ebgymin as Legislators. ? The mover of a defeated proposttioo in the Con ^f?!<i2L.,eK.ll,lature to Prohibit clergymen from becoming members, gave tbe curious reason that It was a very common practl^ I .nr'_gtr^at'on' lndacing clergymen to ao^ cept a low salary on condition tbat they cteUtoUie l**ulatore, and thus get *sw more. FAJii.fJ12**a. HVr"CEu?Tnomas revenue collector at York town, Va.p recently convicted of em b?*llng government funds, has been sen ??St10"" 1?I>rU *>?f? ar* now worn 00 the small "^hroau' string* tied In a knot at TEE BLAISE BOND INQUIRY. THE SUPPRESSED TELKQRiX ?r. BlalB?lBTMllKitif? tbe Committee Ab?I Makes It Warm for Knott. Tbe Liveliest Inveat Ration or tbe hewiloa. The Sub-Judiciary Committee this morn ing resumed their investigation of Mr. Blaine's connection with the Little R>ck and Fort Smith railroad bonis. Mr. Frye, counsel for Mr. Blaine, asked that the telegram received from Josia'i l\ Caldwell by Mr. J. Proctor Knott be made a part of tbe record; but Messrs. Huutoa and Ashe, of the committee, said they had no knowledge of the telegram except what Mr. Knott had said upon the floor of the House. Ex'Scnator R. F. Rice, a former director of the Little Rock road, testifir-d that some shares of stock were aligned to him, but he aid not know who assigned them. This was to enable him to become a director. He had no knowledge of any transaction iu reference to the Pacific railroad receiving subsidies from the government. Xaihaniel S. Howe, of Ma?s., a land com missioner of the Little Rock road, testified that be knew nothing of the disposition of the bonds of the road, or of any bondB that went to the U. P. It. R. He never heard of the matter until a few weeks ago. He kuew that Caldwell sold ten bouds to a party in New York, ranging from 25 to CO cents. Nothing of any importance was elicited from this witness. An Informal discussion then look place be tween members of the committee and Mr. Blaine in relation to the formation of the sub committee. Mr. Blaine claimed that it was proved by the minutes of the sub-committee 'hat in the question of veracity, which arose upo.i the floor in regard to the matter, he, Blalue, was right. The Tarbox reflation, passed In tbe House on the L'd of May, and the records of the Judiciary Committee show that Huu ton, Ashe and Lawrence were appointed a sub-committee on the 3J of May. which he (Blaine) contended disproves the statement made by.Chairman Knott, In the House,that the commtttee was appointed long before the Tarbox resolution parsed; also,proves his assertion that the major. Is of the committee was purposely made up or southern rebels to "get even" with him for his course ou the amnesty debate. J. A. Urem was sworn:?He said he was attorney of the 8t. Joseph aid Missouri rail mad. The witness was iiskeiwuat he knew of the transactions of the Kansas Pacific taircad. Mr. Blaine said he had no objection that the matter be Inquired Into, but while hedid cot object to its going on, he wanted the coun try to know that toe Luttrell resolution, which If the ground for inquiry, contem plated no such iuquiry as was now being made. The resolution had been coutorted by the committee for a purpose which ia Dlaln on its face. Mr. Green said in 1804 the Union Pacific Kail road company, eastern division, issued upwards of S5,000,000 of construction bonds. Tney were given one Hallett to negotiate, who essoclated with bim Thomas C. Dnraut and a man named Perry, in Cincinnati. Du rant was the financial agent. In October, 18?4. Durant gave Stewart ?200,030 of the bonds. Witness read at sonn length the de position of J. B. Stewart, incorporated in one t f the Credit Mobllier reports, showlug where the bonds given him had gone. The deposition showed that none went to Mr. Blaine, but that *36,000 of the bonds wore piaced in his hands In trust for other i artles, most of whom were strangers to him. Chairman Knott cailed attention to the point made by Mr Blaine that the sub-corn mittee was appointed on the 3J of M*y. Ho wanted to make au explanation. Hj said soon after the Luttrell resolution passed he had tried to make up tho sub committee; he nad endeavored to have Messrs. Hard, Frye and McCreery serve on it. Af:er their re fu*a;e he had requested Messrv.Hunton,Ashe ? nd Lawrence to serve. They accepted, a id be (Kt ott) went north. He does uot remem ber whether he notified the clerk of thea; k>oliitment of the sub-committee or not, or whether the clerk tad failed to make th<j c ltry in the docket. On oae occasion, after the pasiage of the Tarbox resolution, the sub committee was alluded to. The clerk said, ?? What committee do yon mean?" Mr. Knott said, "Why, Messrs. Hunton, Ashe aud Lawrence, the sub committee oo th<3 Pacific railroads." The clerK replied, "I have no such entry or any committee oa the docket." Mr. Hunton said he could not remember he exact dates, but that Chairman Knott told tbe truth. Mr. Lawrence said the first thing that was ?lore by the committee was on the 31 or May, and before that time no evidence of any kind had been taken. Hedid not think that before the Tarbox resolution was passed any allu sion was made to Mr. Blaine. Mr. Frye said that Cnairman Knott had invited bim to serve ou the committee, and he declined to serve, and made ths remark "that the democrats were doing a good deal of dirty work, and he, being in the minority, did not propose to help them." Mr. Hurd aaid that he had been invited to serve ou the committee, but had declined oecause he had been on one or two Investi gating committees, and he didn't care for any more such aervloe. Mr. Blaine said that the Luttrell resolu tion passed on the 31st of January. It had not been touched until now. It is claimed ?a an important resolution now. Yet it laid dormant and dead for ninety-two days, for not until the Tarbox resolution was passed was it considered. He said: I don't want to laise any question of veracity, but on the record of the committee I state that it looks as if the Luttrell resolution was given to the sub-committee as a postscript to enlarge their powers. For that record shows the >ub committee was not appointed until the lib of May, ninety-two days after it pasaed. Mr. Blaine then said to Chairman Hun ton, of tbe sub committee, that he (Hunton) bad promised In the House of Representa tives that if Chairman Knott did not answer his question concerning the Caldwell tele gram he (Hunton) would. Now, Mr. Kuott had not made answer, and he desired to kuow if Hunton would keep his promise. Mr. Hut.ton?I will. KNOTT IN A DOUBLE KNOTT. Mr. Blaine to Mr. Knott Do you propose to produce the telegram ? Mr. Kuott?1 never hat? any other Inten tion. Mr. SlalDe?Did you not deny to several newspaper correspondents that you had re celveo such a telegram on Thursday, Friday tD'i Saturday laat? Mr. Knott made no categorical answer. He said when he received ibe telegram he came with It to the Capitol. That after the Judiciary Committee had decided to sum mon Caldwell be endeavored to ascertain h s address, and was told he was in Italy. When be received the telegram he wa*sus. Sicioua of it, because it bad no street, nor ate, nothing but "London;" but be hM a nc? been informed that such was the prac tice with cable measagea?that the date and address was kept at the London ofttae. Cou tir ulDg, he said: When I brought tbe tele gram to tbe Capitol 1 read it to J udge Lynda, Mr. MacMahon and Mr. Hunton. Mr. Blaine?Did you not read it toothers'/ Mr. Knott.?Mr. Blaine, tbe fact is I had so many things on my mind It did not occur to me again. I did not regard It as evidenoe. If a dispatch bad come from Caldwell say ing Mr. Blaine had got the bonds and that be was guilty, I would not have given it to the pr?-ss until it was verified. Mr. Blaine intimated that he thought he would. Mr. Knott (excitedly.)?Do you mean to say or intimate that I would do you an in justice*/ Mr. Blaine (sitting in bis seat compos edly.)?I think if it had been damaging yon w-~?ii)dn't have kept it back. Mr. Knott, with a flushed face, looked at Mr. Blaine in a menacing manner. The scene created quite a sensation. Mr. Blaine^-But yon have the dispatch In yoor pocket. You say you want to authen ticate it. What steps have yon taken to au thenticate It? a. I have endeavored to fled Caldwell's addrt as. Mr. Blaine?Have yon telegraphed to tbe London office to find out If Caldwell was u>?r? ? Mr Knott made no reply. Mr Blaine?Mr. Kaoit, after receiving the ditpatco, did you deny Its receipt to a news paper man ? Mr. Knott.?J don't know may reporters. I believe one of the correspondents met me after I got It in tbe rotonda and asked me If I hsd beard rrom Caldwell. I said I was try ing to find his address Mr. Blaine?Did Caldwell say that be wonld make an affidavit? ?. Yes, be did. Mr. Blaine ?Isn't that pretty good evi dence that he was willing to give testimony? A. Yen, ?ut I had heard that you bad com municated with Caldwell. Mr. Blaine (excitedly.)?Do yon m?an to ray that you have any evidence going to tbo* that I communicated with Caldwell ? Mr. Knott.?I didn't say so. Mr. Blaine, (rising to nis fnet)?Ye*, but your insinuation meant that, If It meant anything. 1 have heard that you have bacn rummaging the telegraph offices t-^endeavor to sbqw that I communicated with Cald well. Mr. Krott? It is a lie. Mr. Blaine?I am glad to hour you say ?o. i Now, I want to a?k you If yaihave a scin tilla of evidence going to show that 1 com municated with Caldwell? Mr. Knott.?I have not. ? Mr. Lynde said that the day Mr. Knott re ceived the Caldwell telegram, he sbowei it to him. He remarked,"This is not evideuce beiore a committee or a court." Mr. Lawrence.?You do not know what this commitlee is admitting as evidence. Mr. said he advised Knott to first authenticate the dispatch and endeavor to find if Caldwell was In London. Mr. Blaine Yes. and if Mr. Knott had sent a dispatch to the London office he could have authenticated it in twenty four hours. The very fact of sending to the Lonaon office an inquiry concerning a doubt of the gen uineness of the message would have raised suspicion, ard all the enginery of the London police force would have been used to have ulscovered the deception, had it been one. Now, Judge Lawrence, of the committer, I has not seen the dispatch, nor has Judge Af he. Mr. Ashe?I never heard of the Caldwell telegram. I have so stated twice. Mr. Blaine Yes, and you want It dlt tlnctly known. Judge Ashe Yes,and I will tell you why; I because on the floor of the House you ltn- ? pngued the honor ot this committee. I want it Known that 1 l?uew nothing of the dii- I patch, and am not responsible fur It in any way. Judge Huntbn Well, we will adjourn the committee. Mr Blaine ?I am ready to go on. The committee then adjourned uutil to- ? moirow morning. District Bills la the Senate. RE PORTS KfiOM Tfl K DISTRICT COMMITTEE. In the Senate to-day Mr. Spencer, chair man of the District Committee, reported ad- I versely on the following bills: A bill to change the names of some of the avenues of the city of Washington (introduced by Mr. Spencer February 17th last); a bill in rela tion to appropriations aud expenditure* for i the District of Columbia, aud taxation therein (Introduced bv Mr. Speucer Febru ary 24th last); a bill to provide for changes In alleys in the city ot Washington by as sent of parties interested: a bill to promote education in the city of Washington (grant ing square 44G, Corcoran square, to the use of public schools); a bill to Incorporate the Washington and Bladensburg Pike railroad company, and to prohibit the use of steam power on the same or adjacent thereto; a bill to Incorporate the National Drove yard company of the District of Columbia; a bill Tor the relief of the Industrial Hams 8cboo5 (giving trustee* ?-,5,(KW towards erect ing buildings for the Institution); a bill for the advancement of medical and surgical science, and further protection of cemeteries in the District of Columbia, (giving profes sors and teachers In medical colleges aud schools, medical examining boards, &c., i the bodies ol paupers dying lu chari table and reformatory Institutions); a bill amendatory of the act to incorporate the Columbia Railroad company (giving them power to lay additional tracks); and the bill passed by the House, May 27tn last, to reduce the expenditures for public advertizing in the District of Columbia. This latter bill amends the Revised Statutes 60 that all advertisements by the executlvede partments and laws passed by Congress, Ac , shall be advertised in two dally papers in the District, (iustead of three as at pres. eut,)oneof which shall be helected by the Joint Committee on Printing on the part of the Serate, and one by the Joint Committee on Printing on the part ot the House of Rjp resentatives. Tfce bill to incorporate the National and Surgical Institute of the Dis trict of Columbia, was al?o reported ad versely, but was placet upon the calendar. Mr. Spencer retried favorably the follow li g bills: House bill toauthorize uieSouthern Maryland Railroad Co. to extend a railroad tuto'and within the District of Columbia: Senr.te bill amendatory of the act to iucor porate the Capitol, North Ostreet and South Washington Railway Company. The Insane Asylum Investigation. THE TEST1MOKY TO DAY. The Committee on the Expenditures of the Interior Department, investigating the man agement of the U. S Insane Asylum, heard the evidence of Dr. J. E. Dexter, ol tnis city, ] this morning. Dr. Dexter gave a history of the case of his brother, Col. B T. Dexter, who was an inmate ol the asylum for forty-one days, several years ago. He said Dr. Dove, since deceased, and himself treated Dim, and signed the necessary papers lor his admission into the asylum. His brother frequently told him that the attendants struck and beat him because be did not please them or be cause be refused at times to take their medi cine or the food furnished him. He h*l, however, beard of the mistreatment of his brother before he was told of it by him. When be (Dr. D.) went to the asylum he was accompanied by Dr. J. H. Thompson; they were required to wait over an hour before they could see him. When they did see him they found that bis mouth was sore, caused by the attendants forcing medicine Into his mouth. Witness's brother went to New soon after he left the asylum, continued his studies, and graduated as a physician from the New York College of Pnyslclans dud Surgeons with distinguished honors, and is now in fall practice, and oueof the best sur geons of the New York police force. Never uad any doubts in regard to any of the statements of his brother. In referring to the evidence of Dr. J. H- Thomp?ou. Dr. Dexter said that he must take issue with him. Dr. Thompson never saw his brother before he was sent to the asylum, and be was li correct in say Ing so. He desired the com mittee to hear the evidence of the clerk of the committee, Mr. hurey, In relation to statements made to him. Dr. Dexter, by Dr. Thompson on the Sunday previous to Dr. Thompson giving evidence before this com mittee, and what were Dr. Tbompsnn's views on the case and his opinion of Dr. N ichols then. The committee said that as the counsel for Dr. Nichols was not preseut, they would postpone the matter until tc morrow. Ihe Naval Investigation TEaTIMOMY TO DAT. Secretary Robeson was before the Naval Committee of the House this morning, ac companied by some of the chiefs of the bu reaus of bis department. Commodore Shu reldt, chief of the bureau of equipment aud recruiting, was, however, the only witness examined. He was particularly questioned ltb reference to the purchase of coal, and stated as his belier that open purchase of this articlewaa decidedly of greater advan tage to the government than purchase by contract, and that Philadelphia, as a great coal center, was the best market in which to buy. The supplies furnished, subject to the approval of his bureau, were very con siderable In amount compared with those of other bureaus. He had never known or come in contact with any of the contractors, from whose dealings with the department K. G. Cattell bad so largely benefited. Oa being asked by the Secretary whether or not the latter bad ever Interfered In any man ner with purchases or prices, or men who stould be favored, be replied that no inter ference had ever, in any way, been at tempted by Mr. Robeeon, either directly or indirectly. He assumed entire responsibil ity for all his acts aa chief of his bureau, holding himself acoonntable to the Secre tary for the proper discharge of bis dnty. Commodore Amman, of the bureau of navi gation, and Acting Paymaster General Wat mough will be examined to-morrow. A WOMAH SEWTEHCED TO BE HAWGED. In Buffalo Wllbelmlaa Welck, who was con victed of the murder of her step-sou, Michael Wcick, In November last, bas been sen tenced to be hanged on the twenty-first day of July. The sentence was received with stoical indifference. CoKVEKTioira Tsza Week?The Wiscon sin deraoeratKm state oonvention will be held at Milwaukee to-day, and the West Virginia democrats will hold theirs in Charleaton on Thursday ne?t. Ex-Got. Bullock left Angnsta, Ga., rrday for New York. He will morn in tail to answer indictments against him during his ads I" FORTY-FO VR TH CO X (J R ESS. WrDSESDAT, June 7. SENATE?Mr. (}orlnn pment*t a petl tion of the Atlanta Academy of Medicine agaicst the passage of the bill to Incorpo rate the national turglcal Institute, of the I ibtrict of Columbia. Referred to Commit tee on the l'istrlct of Columbia. Mr. Ingall*. from the Commute* rrn the District of Colombia, reported lavorahly l ill to provide for the erection of a market in square 144. Mr. Wright and Mr. Mitchell, from the Committee on Claim*. Submitted reports adverse and favorable on a number of nrl vate bill*, including a favorable report in the case of J. Milton Best, of Kentucky. The resolution of Mr. Maxey, Introduced yesterday, instructing the Committee on Railroads to Inquire Into certain mailers in connection with grants male to railroads In Kansas. w a- p??s<*i. Mr. Morrill (Vt.)cailed op the bill author l*irg the Commissioner* of the I> strict of Columbia to remove the Jail in Judiciary Square to grounds near to th* Washtngtou Asylum. Passed. Mr. Sherman called up the concurrent res olution prop<*lng a common unit of money lor the United States and Ureat Br tain. Parsed. Mr. Kelly called up the bill for the relief of J. W. P. Huntington, dec?a?e.t, '.ate superintendent of Indian affairs in Oregon. Passed. The unfinished business, being the legisla tive, executive and Judicial appropriation bill, then came up, thequestlon being on the amendment of Mr. Edmuu is to the amend ment of Mr. Clay ton, providing f,?r the ap pointment of a commission to examine ap plicants for department clerkship*. Mr. Howe In an able *peech opposed the amendment. The proposition, he said, would demoralize rather than benefit the pablic service. After some further desultory discussion, the amendment of Mr. Edmunds was re jected, ayes tl, noes38. The question theu recurred on the a nen I ment of Mr. Clayton, providing that the <ie partment patronage shall be apportioned among the different states and territories according to population. Mr. Christ jancy moved that the District of Columbia shall have three times as many appointments as It would be entitled to ac cording to its population. Rejected. Mr. Edmunds moved an amendment that the foregoing provision shall be subject to the provision? of section 1754 of the Re vised Statutes. , HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE*. The Committee on Expenditures ot Public Buildings was increased to seven members on motion of Mr. Cox. and Messrs. Popple ton (Ohio) and Bell (N. H ) were appointed the additional members. Mr. Phelps (Conn.) was appointed a mem ber of the Committee on Foreign Afiairs, In place of Mr. liarnum. The regular order having been demanded, the House resumed consideration of the bill iu relation to the disposal of the public lands In the states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas. It places these lands under the ?atne dlspoM tion as other public lands in the northwest, except as to mineral lands. Mr. Kasson and other members from the west oppo: ed the bill on the ground that it in a measure related the homestead law. The bill was passed, yeas, 10?"; naj s, 97. Mr. Speaker Kerr obtained further leave of absence for ten days, designated Mr. Ccx to act as Speaker/no trm. Mr. Cannon, (III.) from Committee ou Post Ooflices, reported a bill to amend t>?e Revised Statues, imposing a penalty for transmitting obscene literature, lottery cir culars. <V., through the malls. Passed. Mr. Clarke, (Mo ) from same committee, reported a bill establishing post roads aud containing noothef legislation. Passe-1. Mr. Wood, (N. Y.) from Committee on Ways and Means, ^nbmftted a report in relation to the lease of the fur seal islands to the Alaska Commercial company. Tne report says they have carefully examlueJ the contract ma le by the officers of the gov ern mert with the Alaska Commercial com pany. aud resolve that there can be found uy co opialnt of the manner In which the con tract was male, either of the officers of the government or of the company; that the franchise was a proper one; that all stipula tions have been faithfully carried out, and recommending that the contract remain in force so long as the present act contluues In force. The resolnUoa was a lopt?d. Mr. Lord (N. Y.) claimed the floor to call ur> the Geneva awaid biU. Mr. Tarbox, (Ala;*.) however, rase to a personal fxplauation. and had got as far as tocav, "When, on Monday last, the geutle man from Maine (Mr. Blaine) occupied the floor in a personal explanation," when ? Mr. Ka?son(Iowa) called attention to the fact that Mr. Blaine was not present. He suggested, therefore, that Mr. Lord proceed, ana that Mr. Tarbox could afterwards get the floor, which arrangement was made. Mr. Lord then had his bill read, and also the substitutes offered by other members of theeommittee, and then proceeded to address the House on the subject. Blaine's Cocp D'Etat?Blaine certainly achieved a great triumph in Congress yester day. He proved thathe was a man not only of great courage and ability, but of that Napo leonic genius so few statesmen possess, which tells its owner exactly when it Is necessary to throw away one advantage to gain a bet ter. The reaol ve uj take "forty-four millions of American fellow-citizens into his oonfl dence" and read those private letters which he had resolutely refused to yield to the de mand of the committee may not unfairly be compared to tne historic resolution ot the youthful commander of Italy to forego the relief of the beleaguered c: ty of Mantua and allow the Austrlans to capture It, In order to achieve the brilliant victory of Rlvoll, which not only destroyed two Austrian armies but enable him to recapture Mantua with a third Austrian army Inside of It. That strokeset Paris era/.v and eventually made General Bonaparte first oonsul of the republic; and from the enthusiasm with which Blame's strategic overthrow of Knott and Mulligan seems to be regarded It would rot be strange if it should put him In nomi nation on the first oallot next week f ?r first oonsul of this republic? [Pittaburg Learirr. Threats against the Chinese is California?At the meeting on Moudav night of the Ann Cuinese Chluese Ceutral Union of San Fraucisoo, a letter was read from the president of the Antl-Coolie Secret Organization, which stat?*l that everything was ready for a simultaneous rising against the Chinese lu all parts Qf the state, and that neither they nor their employers would be spared. The Central Union passed resolu tions deprecating vlolenon towards tne Cnl nese, and calling on the chief of police to protect tbem, and to punish those commit ting outrages on them. The Revolution in Mexico is re ported to be rapidly drawing to a close. The revo lutionists are said to have lost over two thousand men In killed and wounded in toe recent fights. The presidential problem Is still undecided. Don Carlos, Gen. Dorregary and a party of friends are reported to be in the city of Mezloo. and take no pains to conceal their identity. The mines at San Luis Potosl have been leaned to an English company for S500.000 per annum. A Protest ant church has been burned by fanatics at Mixcoac. Negbo Superstition ?a party of Bren bam (Texas; colored men undertook to lynch one of their race supposed to be a " v ju loo." but their superstition Indaced them to believe that unless be pat nls ova heal through the noose bis disemoodied gtu t would haunt him. While they were en deavoring to force bis oompllanes with this unreasonable requisition, interference toalt place and the victim escaped. A RETURNED BLACK HlLLfl ADVENTUS** reports at St. Louis that hundreds of men have been deeslved by unprincipled agents into going to the Hills, wbo are now desti tute and starving. In passing throogft Chey enne be saw a number of half-starved, pen niless fold-seekers Ashing scraps of meat and bread out of slop barrels aud oailng the at*s with avidity. Is thb Track op a Thunderbolt At Alpine Bush, Oranaeeounty.N. Y., Sat urday, Cyrenus Stevens, aged twenty years, was Ins tan Uy killed by lightning while lean ing against a porcn-plllar. A wire clothes line sttacbed to the pillar connected witb a lAsnAt ** ?hlith mam ? ?! ? h sis 1 iocuct tree which MTA band of boy burglars, the oldest not mors than twelve years old, hM been dis covered In Boston. Chicago ow? fe* firemen, polioemsn 1*?.'wSi?SmSiS&t*5nS SeaSj Telegrams to The Star. # a TEE TURKISH QUESTION. Uneasiness in Europe. FENIAN PRISONERS ESCAPEO. A HISARLEI) OlEAN STEAMER. HIE TI'KMIMM m wriOJI. A?iiin?t<? ?( liORINlS, June A VMUIlS dlapatOb la the Iinmi ??)? tbf nutted effort* of tbe power* might villi hkv*] In making *fTl4 respect a> armistice If one wa? concluded a lib tbe 1 nsurgeut*. Prince GorlarhaknlT* recent cautioning Prince Milan, of Serria. i to oe wltriout cflKl. A Berlin dispatch to tta?* uyitiM Ivtuk, the org*') of tM Servian cabinet, dv clare* that war is ui.avo.uable now uiai the Turk ha* triumphed, and me programme of Ih?* uorthem powers rejected The of ficial KuwImu lutuMt ??y? the i-isnrgenta are not likely to accept an armlsliaa I uraoinrwla Herlta I.OKPOS. June 7 ? Special 'Hs|??t ~hea from Berlin to the frmKfctr.f and Trtr rrnf>>, -ay coo ?Iderable uneasiness ha? beau created tnera ? ?y Uie sudden return of Prince Bumwck from UmM| f ?r protracted emtannot with the Emperor T.'ie uneasiness la lu oreaw <t by the announcement that the Km peror'a departure fur Km* la pontponed. The &rerr*tat'! ? special aays rum w oinaects tkoae events with certain exaggerated claim* ma leon Germany tor support t?v li ixia la her eastern policy, which Prinee B>m%rck, It 1* reported, l? not Inclined to aaoctloa. The /*?<?' print* ? x tract* from the Cologne (JasctU and the Berlin TYUnunr, depreciating a too close adnueuce to tue viewsol Rus sia. A wot Iter Tnrklati Iftefeal. KAOl'sa, June * ? Intelligence received here Iram Hclavonlc source* state* that Prince Karageonievlc'a l*clon defeated tue Turk* In the vicinity of ("arko>ko. In Bia nla. on the 3d of Jut e. killing ten men. t?a ? lie following day 2 ajOu Turk* c-tpituiatel Many Insurgent* have petitioned Austria to grant them an asylum. alleging that 1( they are refusal they are in danger or starvation. Turkey ?u?l bopt Cairo, June'?The rep>ru circulated la London that the Ktidivc bad i?eo aum moned to Conataotlnople and that a die agreement existed between the Ktmllva and theOttomau government, U otti dally con tradicted. rORI Iti.M HEWN. rrmoasl? Paris. Jane 7 ? The tieaitta of M. casimlr Purler Is Improving. rheatateof George Sands* health la precartoua. Kanoook. June 7 Messrs. Or"*venor and Baber will start for 8lm!a immediately. Lo?i>oi?, June 7.?The King of Graece. who was alck at Copenhagen with a severe ? attack of gastric f? ver, baa recovered. .... Tbe vueen I >o*a?er Josephine, of Sweden, ladead. ???? Lord North brook. Iat4 Governor General of India, haa been created an Earl. A Btramsblp Dlaabled. tirgrMPTow ??. J une 7?The first officer of the ?teatnablp l*tnan. from Htston ror Liv erpool, has arrived at Crook Haveo seeking aaslstance for tnai vessel. Tue Istrtan'a maiu shaft is broken, nod sbe is proceeding under sail. All well Tbe bark Loaftea Mar lines, from Pbiladelpbia, arrived here to day, and reports that she spoke Ute latrtan yesterday. Qcx*?n>TOWi?, June ; ?Tbe s.earner 1s triau haa arrived of7 this port. A tag has gone oat to low her to_Ll verpool. i|K of I fslsa PrlSMcn Nxw Yosk. Juue 7?Intelligence reached here yesterday of the escape of the Keuian prisoners oon fie ed in Western Australia. It seems the plan for their eacape was organised here, where the necessary money was raised ard an agent was seut out to manage tbe affair. The escape Is stated to have been effected In an American ship. Tnere were only seven men in actual confinement, bat there were nine others living In Western Australia cn tickets of leave. Whether all escaped or not of course rema ns to be seen. Tbe 4 antenatal. Philadelphia, June 7 Tne attendance to-day Is still very large, notwithstanding the warm weather; not Teas M.OOO peo ple are on the grou. i?. It Isannounoed that Han Salvador and Guatemala have sent ex hibits, which are now en route for Philadel phia. General liawiey has sent out Invita tions to a reception at the Judges' Hall, Fri day evening, given to Judges, commiealon er*. and other officials connected with the exhibition. a OKI dead. Nru Yofk . June 7 At a meellng of the directors ot tbe Western Union Telegrapo company directors, to day, 1 w per cent, div idend was declared, payable June IV Fire la fcllzabeib. Klizabxih, N. J , Juue 7?Tois morning the coal and woo-J yard of A. R. Reeve, and the dj elr g establishment of Martin A Co ? were onrned. The total loss is 910,000. Ffasi. Mii.pgrd. PA., Jnne 7 ?This section was visited by a heavy frost last night. l.lVftl t" <in. auii^i ??? ??, Corn?*>ott?era lov?r?Miff. i?iiu? - ? low. firmer and Maber. ?7aM. w*?tars alial trmer.tsS; s?ot, ?- .aHlt Jane; WM Jalr. Uses dull and U'Wer?suotber* go<4 !? prima, J6vV, waat eru ? hit*. vfitern mi tod. SSaSt Kt* tira bnt ^niat, 7?i8M Usy flull sud lowsr?merytsai and Cnar Ivan is. KOudl M FroniljM qatat sad iiochsti(*d. Turk ?"?itntl 1?J0. bard charged. Bntu>r 'iv??t au*t utcbauged Patrols a? aoainal?erode, h*5s8)s: refined. 1? <>??saqsM ki'< cs'foes. I4\sl7\ j dtlbg. U'?al5V WMAf dull.lUH R?ea<i*a-riour. MJOO. whaat. lMM?i com. !? *e0: oats, 3 m 8tipB>aat?-Wb?at, eoae; cx ra, n SM. . . 15*LTiM<>?B. Jnne 7 ?TI**1dIs stiss, deferred, 6: VlrgtbM aooauiidaieii, ?V. do tecjad asrtaa, >1. North Carol I. a aiiaa. ol<l. II bid to da? gar firm. dimai.d m xlerate?MsalO Siw Toes. Juue 7 ?etoegs artiTS snd lower. Money,XV ?old.lS Bsckaage. losg, ?ss. abort, M Bnisi aaassis actn ?? aid strong ? sw Toss. Jnu?- 7.?n?or qatataad 8ns. Wheat actlv -1 cent better Corn?low trade* i eeat berUr. IoStom. Jet?*7.4 a m ? 0 8 feeafa, lMT's, lMi^; new fiveEr1, At thi Jbkome Pabx Racxs yesterday the first race was for a purse of *&to, 1 mLie. Mpendu ri.'t was tbe favorite, and cava home winner by three lengths. Time, pm The second ra e was tbe Weatcbeater cup, two miles and a quarter. Tbe following horses started; St. Martina, Viator. Lelapse ard Joe Cerns. Tbe race was won by Viator four lengths before Hi. Martina. Joe Cera* third, and Lelapse fourth. 8L Martina w*f the favorite. There were six starters In : ia third race, the Mar> land stake* for fillies S Ksrs old, one mile. Snltana won Hie rase, ?tlecce second, and Merclleaa third. Hau | beam, Cyclone and LaluB. were Vie otbeg starters. Time. I:47 u. Tbe fourth race ' for a parse of tfoo, for all ages, to carry im pounds; no allowaccea; ooe mile and three quarter*. Tl ree horses started. Tbe raea was won by Oil 11 pa by two lengths before Klldare. Stampede tea lengths behind. Time, 3 12\. Tbe fifth raoe, handicap steeple chase, over tbe usual steeple-chase courae? Colonel Nelllgan. Trouble. Ballet and Point Blank started. TrouMe won tbe raoe. Point Blank aeoond. Time, 4:?^. Ool Nelllgan tell at tbe stone wall on tbe first round, and Bullet at tbe same place on the last round. Their riders were not seriously hurt. THB EASTOff HOBKOR?J?W V>cti,m ty a Modern Aram ?At K as Von, Pa.. Alvin Laroe, eon of Martin and Mary I egiM died Sunday night. This makes tbe foartb member of this family who has died from tne elrecu of poison administered by Abaer C. Lame. ?'An evil moment came over: and 1 did tbe deed.*' That Is tba^anl^expta natlon tbe mnr<.frer smiiitious, and his efTorte to aocnmtilata money to complete bis studies fallal la meet his deal res. So, "In an evil moment," be ooneelved and carried oat tbe horrid plan te kill an enure family for tbe paltry earn of thrre or four hundred dollars. It aoaada like a borrlJ satire to read that this Bsoneteg is ?? rather prepossessing .and might Be called a handsome young man." ...' PBX? - There Is good reason Br believing protracted strike >b?w| tbe Joe book and Job printers ia drawing to a tw eln?ion, with a compromise as tbe iobbII. The details have not Been divulged aa pal. bet they are known to include, on tbe part of tbe printers, ooe sent to a lower eeale ot prices, and, on tbe part ot tbe emplo?0M certain important eouneeeloue ae to Ma tt ni car men, which have beretoton b? ? fused. The strike has lasted thirteen and the onion In that time, It Is onC has Been called upon to dlabaree _ ?Q0,0iPaad ?to^>o<l- i n. r.Qor.pham. Irtnr. BID TO DBATZ scries of terrific r OodooM oa tbe heaviest s Plttefleid, died of frighu

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