Newspaper of Evening Star, June 7, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 7, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAR: WA8HINGTOH: ? WID^EKBAT.,, Jnie 7, 197*. CKOftBY Beading Matter on Every Page Average Daily Circulation over 13,<MHt,?being more than three limes that of any other daily jtaper in Washington. Tbf nur for lk? Bm i uatinff the city may have The 8tA* t to tSftr octtreu by mail, pottage prepaid, for tueh period of time at they may desire, at the rate c/ 13 cenlt per week, M eenUper month, U 75 for three mrmtht, or 9Z/or hi month*. mr The money to pay far the time required mutt in aU cates accompany the order. Other, true the paper cannot be tent. IHktrict IRlf???o* ?? CtmHm. ?ML The convention that met at Lyceum hall to-day and elected delegate* to Cincinnati tu without doubt the right to claim that It Is the only properly constituted representa tive body ol the republicans of the l'istrict that has taken action In the matter. It was certainly a cheeky piece of audacity In Cayles J. Bowtn and bis striker, A. M. Green, who have been acting steadily with the democrats slcce tliev were repudiated |,y the republican party of the District, and who bave during that lime denounced the Chief Magistrate of the nation as a thlet and a liar, to now undertake to ud themselves to Cincinnati (per wood shed -convention") as representative* of the republicans of the District. The latter were naturally indisposed to allow tils brazen piece of impudence on the part of Bowei to go unexposed; hence the action resulting In the convention of to day. The delegates they have elected are certaiuly lerre&entatlve republicans, as well as gen tlemen of standlLg and character, and they very |r< perty sond them to Cincinnati unln PtrucUd Whether Messrs. Bowea ani Green have instructed themselves or not, is a mat ter strictly confidential with themselves, but It may hesa'-'y assumed that they will go for Not l. Fa. iher than tuat the world is not likely to l>e enlightened, as arter the development of th^ir political antecedent* and their personal career as illustrated by the famous Morris Murphy affair, they will hardly get a chance to vote In a republican catloLs 1 convention^ In the House on Monday General Hunton, Chairman of the sub committee Investigat ing Mr. B'aine. made merry over the illness of Judge Laurence, the rtfpobllcan member Of bis committee. Insinuating that Judge L. was made sick by the testimony against "the gentleman from Maine." Yesterday the Oemai himself was absent from his ?eat. and it ?was suggests i th-it he was sick after the vigorous assault made upou him and his committee on the day previous. Information for the Chairman of the House Committee on the Judiciary: A B wtoa dis patch state* that a brother of Joslah Caldwell says the latter Is in London, and that any thing addressed him there will be sure to Teach. The public Is v-ry curious to find out whether taat suppressed dispatch was bogus or Dot. It is a little singular that tnere should be auch a difference of opinion among the ju dietary in regard to the validity or can atltutlonallty of the civil rights bill which makes It a misdemeanor for any person to refuse admission to a negro to a theater, hotel, public conveyance or public ball room. If such refusal is based on the ground of color. Judge Sawyer, of San Francisco, recently rendered a decision in a case Involving the constitutionality of the bill. In which he held that Uie act of Con gress is unconstitutional and void, and dls rrin-ta tL.e i^.'ormatlon. In this case a cai ?"J man l ad been refused a Jmisslon to a II ater. Judge Sawyer held thH the state aid not the general government had power to regula'e similar matters; that a theater Is conducted as a private business enterprise; 11 at the proprietor can admit or exclude any cie at bis pleasure; and that there is noth Ing In the amendments of the Constitution cf Uie l'i.;ted States which p'aces a colored citizen on better grounds than a white cltl sen. ???? ? The Baltimore >v?n pertinently inquires why the naval cadets recently permitted to resign were not tried, and if convicted, pun ished like other thieves. It rurtber Inquires whether if sailors In the navy had perpe trated the theft of which these midshipmen were guilty, they would have been permitted to resign. Guees cot. It locks as If the opposition to "cheap Chinese labor" on the Pacific slope la here after to be organized. An anii-cooile or ganization exists, and evidently violence Is contemplated. The whole subject of Chinese Immigration should receive the serious con sideration of Congress before that body ad journs. The contest which has been In progress for aeveral weeks past in New York between the authorities and the liquor dealers has rloacd with the triumph of the latter. The police commissioners failed to sustain the anperlntendent of police in making Sunday arrests, and the resnit is that the dealers will go on selling as usual. The whole mat ter, it Is expected, will be brought before the legislature at Its session next winter. Our Virginia neighbor, the Alexandria Gazette. makes a mistake when it refers to Mr. Blaine as "a shrewd and adroit lawyer." JCr. Blaine is generally conceded to be sbrewd and able, but be is not a lawyer. He was a ?chool-teacher and editor prior to entering spon public life. The world moves, eveu la far-ofl Turkey The new Sultan begins his reign with need ed reforms which speak well for the final enlightenment of that semi-barbarous em pire. ? ?^ ? It seems to be generally conceded by fair men of all parties that the charges against Speaker Kerr will not stick. T H ? SUN For the Cmnpai'jn. The rrentief the Preeld-utial eampa'tn will be eofeithfellr ?n fall/ ilia treted la THE NEW fVBK llSuto cocnwend It to card <1 me a nf ?11 san i?* We ?U1 sead TUg WEEKLY EDI TlOBeUSt sage*'post paid from now till after electlea Tor JsV la ; the BCHDAY EDITION, sane at?* at the saae trice; or tae DAILY- four VSjMe,f.>r g i 00 AMrm Til gr*, lew York Cltv. 6< Or. Waeaiagton otiioe, 3*3 Uth atreet. TBBASl BY DEPABTHB3T. Oriici c ' Scnai*VEBea?T or BciLDixe, ?A?B"iGlo\,D C , J out 3*.b. isrg. There will be eold at sobiic sne'ton. t > the hith-st Aidder.on IBlDil. Jiae I, U7g. at IB o'clock M* oa the White Lot, e >ath cf the Trea*a-> " st, a ?ie-elleaeone lot of Coadmiaed Property.c nipristsg in tart Desks, Tables. .Carpets, M??^a*. ac 3 IN'"* Oatk oa eailTsn. A Bepoeit of tea per win be required at ttee of eat* ? A. g. YULBoN. Chief Clerk. PI BLIt ATlOn. cbbtbbbial orruiio < gepabilcatisa or the "Principles aad Asta of the Bevetattcn la A series." Dedloaud to the Yoaag Men of the Catted States. Bfty-fonr year* ai?, Br the late BeseBlah 9ilea, editor of the ??*u/?r. Published by A. g. BAHBBB B 00.. Bew York, aadfer -ale by M OBl'B BBOTBBB8 aad jeBtt W.I.IO.H, M0BB180B. rr H I O'PABTBEBBHIP OV B0BE0B B 1 HBIL, Merchant Tailors, is this Say dl?eo|vsd amataal coceeat. Mr. JOBB BCBBCa will eoa aai the bnstaeae. at tae aonkweet comer of H aad Mb streets aorta weal. Be BtntkuruM to col lect all eatetaadiac debu, aad will settle a't Is pdaeaeattbeBra. JOB* BCI1B0K, I. EHL Wsafciagtoa P. C., J one 5, is~s. }Htf || lllit MUiCUAMT TAIL Oh, *11 g}3 B attest, bet.gtb sad ru streets a.V.,^, ail week Boas In ths ass teat maaasr. I sdiy NEW ri BLICATIONS. KKPrBI-ICATTO* or THI PRINCIPLE A*D ACT? OK TlIK RltvOLtTTfOX lit AH14ICA. Ito the Young Men of UN United Htates fifty-four yesra ago by ?h* laH Jlexeklah Nile*. Editor of the"We*k'y Rfglater." New York: A 8- Barnes A Co la republishing this invaluable historic*! work, the grandson Mr. Rimael V. Niles) of tbe compiler has not only cintrlbuted a patriotic and fitting Centennial offering, bnt baa done real service to the student of Amer ican history by supplying in chronological order, and classified under the titles or tbe th it teen original colonies, all tbe speeches, orations and proceedings of tbe Revolution, ary period In tbe United Stales, em brae sd lu tbe original work, which has now been ont of print for more than naif a century. The republication baa been heretofore strongly urged upon Ifr. Nile* by prominent states man and Jurlats of tbe oouutry. Henry A. Wise, of Virginia, for lnatance. after mak ing an appreciative tribute of respect to tbe late ilezekiah Niles and hla "Register," pro ceeds in characteristic language to urge the seed for a revival of "political religion" In this country, and adds: "Patriotism la a religion, sacred and|bo'.y, tbe amor patrin, founded on tbe crmor lod which broods like a dove over cradles, beartba, al tars and graves of home it has Its country. It baa Its fathers, It baa its faith, it baa its nope and love, and then it baa ita permanence and perpetuity. Revive us, O Lord; revive us, I pray." In a similar tone, if not so fervid a strain, most of tbe men now or lately proraiuent in pub lie life write, urging the republication to atinvilate patriotism, or as Justice 8trong well exprease* it. "to reveal the revoln'lon ar> sp'rit and awaken in the hearts of you ig men the love of eonsti'utlon ?1 freodoin. anl an attachment t > tho*e principles which are essential to Its preservation." W?*MDS; their I'sk and AitcSK. By Wm Matthews, LL D. Chleago: S C. Griggs <C Co. [Through Solomons .fc Chapman.l This book bad its origin in a series of suc cessful lectures by the author on the aame topic. He very frankly acknowledges that in his criticisms be has very llke'y been guilty of some of tbe very si is which he has cot-t'etAined; but takes comfort in the thought that If so. be sins In good company, since nearly ail bis predecessors wuo have written on the aame theme have been found guilty of a similar inconsistency, from Lindley Murray down to Dean Alforu, Moor, Mnrsh, and Fowler. We should add that the typo graphy and paper of this volume are ex ceedingly creditable to the Chicago publish ing bouse that issue It?S C- Griggs & Co. QKLY FRENCH SPOKE*. JIM, JULY, ACGCbT, AND SBPTBBBEB THREE GRAVES OF CLASSES. PBIPARATOBT, ISTEBMEDIATS, ADVANCED. OPES 1NG DATS FBBB, JINB lfl, IS, and 17. lHtn<: (Invariably in advance ) One month, (2 11'. Two mcntbr, #3.50. Three months, #1,50. LIXIEX I. COLLI EKE, J. 6 2* a 19 >th street a. w . near F strict. 'J1 H E OLD NATIONAL BACB TRACK. BoRSES KEPT AT LOW BATES AT OLD NATIONAL TBACK, Across the Eastern Branch, be' ona the Washing ten insane Asylum Tbesndersigaed, having yea<w eipetience give* hia atieu'ion to the keeping aod training ot TroRing. Banning and Pacing Horns. Also to the keeping of hoiees of persons whosaead the ?nnmer cut of the city. Horse* bought and sold. Pers.ns wanting fine Coach Teams and Bo ad iters ib'.tld sive him a ca'l. jeg tt ? TBOMAB COLLINS. 1876 CLOTHING. 1876 DON T PrBCIlA8B UNTIL TOU EXAM1NB tt?t handsome Albeocf Cass Butt for for nieriy #23, at A. STEAL'S'. A BEAUTIFUL WHITE MARSEILLE9 VEST, aitgleor double-breasted, fur #1 to, at 1011 Peansy ivania avenue. AHD TIMES!? Pnrcbas*r* vast to sare money, so lock at the # lu * oistcd 8nit at A. STRAUS Light colobed and fanct dress PANTS, 1U0 different patterns, at 1011 Psan b> tvatia avenue. rpPE ORIENTAL tsILK WORSTED 8DIT for 1 StU is most drts-y ont this Mason, at A. STEALS'. PRINCE ALBBBT FROCK COATS- with Yeats tomatcb. Beautiful pattern for #10,at 1011 Ptnnxj lTanta avenoe. GBIAT HIT Or TUB SSASON !-A 1 Linen Dn?ter, very long aid nicely uiade, Ur ?1. at A. STRaL'B\ ? 'l'UE DELLEBABBE PLAID CA99 PC IT re 1 suced to ? U, at 1011 Pennsylvania avtnue. AFCLL LINK of UhilJren's 8CIT8, hand somely tucccud and made in the very latest s:>le, frim #6 upwards. at A t?TR\Ud'. 'fliE FINE BLACK CLOTH DRES9 BCIT8 I fur tin fbua.d be seen to be appreciated, at toil PentaiIvania avenne. CNOLISH STRIPE AND PLAID CASB SUIT I j that s.ld for #14, selling now for #11, at A. tTRAUS. M' HAIR DUSTERS, Plain and Ulster ?tyle. A ereat variety of colors, at 1011 Pennsylvania aveiue. (V*OBTH H009IC CASS SUIT at #11, is only II to be bad at A. STRAUS*. OT*' ICHOOL 6CIT8, well trimmed and nicely id9. lor #4, at loll Pennsylvania avenue. VOrTHS' DBE8B AND BUSINESS SUITS in a J great variety of sty lea and patterns, at A. STEAL'S'. Mohair and silk lcbtbb alpaca CuaTS, at all prices, at 1011 Pennsylvania avenne. SAULPBUBY BROKEN C'BECK CASS SL IT, frock at) la, well made and triamed, for at A. MMACS'. THB LARGEST SIZE MAN can bs fitted in Snits or aaparata Coats, Paats or Vests, at 1011 Pennsylvania avenne. AVE TOU BKBH THAT SUIT for ?? at A. STRAUS'. I ast BUT NOT LEAST -A gennina Middle j res flannel BU1T for #13, at 1011 Pennsrl var,la avenue. nirM tr Jk 0?JTCJM? REJfMjtRK. H WV H 1 bava marked down a iiaa of Caaaim*re Baits, eouie or them made of tbe finest Bagtlsh gxils and formerly sold as high as #3?, to a uatform PRICE OF #10. Boys'snita, aiao marked down, to close, s >me as ea. A large line of Csasimera Pantaloon* for #5. Worsted Ocats with Vests to catch, #17 30, #30, 933, #33 AHD #30. OddCaasimera, Worsted and Cloth Goats, DOWN. Very tine fabris, English Oaiue Shlrta, #110. Good Domestic Gossamer Shirts, 7f Cents. Ei glish Merino ShirU, #1 Bordered Linen Handkerchiefs, 33 OeLta. Faacy Half Hose, from 33 Cents to #1.93. Handsome Plaid Snito, #3*. Stylish Casslmere Bniu. #16 Fine Whits Vests, ell Linen, front and back, #3. Alpaca Backs, Maris Btuart brand, #3. THE WAMSUTTA MUSLIN SH1BT, ALL BBADT, FOB #1 60 OB #1.44 NET CASH ONE TRICE ONLY. CASII DISCOUNT TINPS& CENT. QEOROE O. HENNINQ, #1# IETEFTB BTBEET. ai? tr BION OF THB OQLDBN FLEBOB. fHE GKKAT ANODYNE AND NEBYINX. BELT'S STOMACH AND TONIC BITTERS. It la sa n stalling raasady for DTBPBPB1A and LIVES OOMPLAIBT and ararr assoiss of 1B DIGUTIOB. It Is tha only care for SICK HBAD FBTBBsVrS^B^toAGUIJOOLIOyBe. It to a swift and Invariable cars of tbe DBB1LITT, DBPBB8S10N, and HBADAflHB which follow ?troriag Sill tk W Asd si BU Drutiutt sad Groan. Emd fm D1POT, IS Oamden "S1S3P WHOLESALE AGBBT, ### MU ttraat, Waabla?toa, D,0. WANTS. \V * S,1 *1" A COLOh E D GIRL, li ,r 14 je?-s F *r*?^rre?f "ro r h,Wr*B *M>r I4IS WlfJf ,'T.FULlt I "T* LLI 'ilN'T BIS -h9 rV ??n JE*'** ?* P"r *N(. Address P ? * P? ? etar office jkj |i W ^? * |wk) anil J?RUB ni#*<a?ely at WATSON'd Hair Curtis.* .? d B? Mn. B. ? a?. Soat .p wnw. je7-lt" \V4,hT*I>-V?? OOU 'HIU 41BL8 to 1-era '* dr ssrnati g. al?o. one MaKEB 4?l|?HKthitBw. >>7 1* 1LTANTBI>?In in-diaielt?A go-d WO* ll f> *' co k. *uh and iron, at 1301 Oorc .ran * r ?t, corner of 13th euesi Recommendations re.t lire*. j 1 >i* W4NTID-A WBT NuBaB, j wni e.) nun coa.e well recommended. Anp'y at Mo. 13 ? I "? street northweat. aft?r W o'clock jo7-?t? A NTED ?Second bend OOUNTIKI8U, tHELFIBG tm OOUWTgB 10 loot long. Address Box 16 0<tr office n? WIS T B D? I mired iat? I y ? A gojd ?'r.? retire COWltb But of address snl honest 10HBS0N GALLEBY, 809 Pennsylv? nl seven no je7-?t* WASTED? a SITUATION by ? yoaeg girt m L^rtakii or child's oiree. to travel with t 'am.Iy for the srmmer. good references given. Ad dress K.0.,8 ar ffioe. I; \\? A KTAD-A middle atedtOLuKKU WOMAN, ' T one who ihorongh'y uodervtaads cool las; re e-OLcea required. Apply at 794 9.h street u->r h ?a>t. je7 St* W? NTID ? TWO FNF0BMI4BBD BOO*T, nx dfrci time, or a large use and a halli>?d riH? coon.aiijcetiig.DoMh of B s re-1 . rert nmt b- wry leasonable. AddrtnTVOBlSTIRS Bar effe* _ j?7 ?t* WA N^TBO?B ALP, ? Mt" and colored, t? ( > to vv Pbilad-Iptia 'ppl? at once at tbeW\flH INfiTON >NT?L? IOANC? OFFICE, Boom I"*, ? t Ck nd Building, 9th atd F streets no-fb wentj It* ll'ANTFii ? I in in- diately ? an ?-xi> M?>o>wd *? FOBKMaM tc take c tierce of a 8t >ce Q >?rr,; r?c ji.b # ndetioct fr'wi his late emplcjer win l>* r? ?pined as to bla ability. Immeiiiately to 131 ?4^ attest a >ntbweat. or at the Qnarry, on Rock ireek. JOHN G HTaFrOBl'.extractor. \\" i>T? ll - An) I..If. ?no ben a Wll.SON '' ?IWIMJ M.\''HINK with which .he la not eti'l p|i saMafltd, la eequeettsl to cell at theofflceof M. K*?MCY A GUHV 4 3? 9th street northwest, k raring every kind of eewiog Machine*. : i ??< at * WANTBD-To rent ? BttO'K U #tSB, In per vv f?ct repair, in the cl>y of Philadelphia, con tair ing 12ro>.m?. c. ropUtely and newly fnrniabod, with very flatierlcg proaaccta f-rtranaient biard eir iit>ri' ft the Centtnuial. To a reliabl p%rty wl I l>? ret trd very low. Apply through P. O. Bos 114 W a>blriloP,D 0. je7 3t* \\ ANTKD-A first claw LAl'BDBKSS at the ?? I'Lion H-t'l, Oeorgttvwn. j-6 it* IVANTID?A good BMKVaN f in tbeiaii'idry * v and tor general hons?work. Apply, with ree tiiiinftdationa, at 17.13 latrett je6 St 117ANTBI)? By ? middle-aged Woman a P091 M T10M Hiaeao^treas io a gentMl family; has h->r can (twiog machine. Address A. 11 D , Star ? j-6 ?,* VV PUB'.HABB for caab, Oood Will nast\1 wkt""aH * 9D0a,i: ??ll ?aUbllshed BlfrTAlBANT. Address, statipg terms, Ac., A. M .. etar cfl.ce. j?4 St* W*ANTtD?A good, reliable colored HAN to *? cocB. Apply at lbs Green Mountain Dining R<xms, war 7tb street junction or Center M*r *1 ja< ?t* w ^NTBB?A colored WOMAN to cook, wash * * aud Iron; Alro. a BDB8IC accuatom^l tj the charge of a young baby; references required. Ap pl> At 1341 Corcoran street jet St* \VA.?,LEDr^ Pl,AC,t. M nurse in a family ?? either At home or to travel; would prefer em pl^jirent whh family going to PhilAdelpblA; Also, a Oi I wishes employment as chambermaid, good rtl. 11 noes Address A. B., ?09 13th street north jf 6 St* 11TANTED?Coed HILLINSB9 At 130S 7th *^_*weot_northw^?tj_no_others_needApply^jV^ 1\'A,NT*D-A yoaag HAN of two yeirs'exp^ ?? rleicein tue Drng bati jess. Address "Pbar m?c st," Star offlce. J03 Jt* j*?-?t* OONTINKNTAL HOTBl?. /"l ??* * street northwest, a .. , to ?? I*-use work and washioc of ? ?mall lAmily. g >od rafcrtnees re.jnlred. ja6-S'* \\ ANTBD? A 81T0AT1ON by a )'nnng Wonian ?? at bouaeke*per or cbildren's nurse ?o travel wi'li the ftm'Iy for ths summer, giiod refer?nc?s Apply at 9 13 S5th street. j?5 ?jt* \VrAKTBC?A settled colored OIBL ^o Co k, _'*mA?ta Atsd irt>n; also, a half-crown colored GI Kli for borsewotk. in a family of two p-raon* r? >?rei>ces r<qulr<d. Apply At 1310 New fork av enne n? rlbwest. je6-e .it \VAJ,^?JR.-.,or Philadelphia, g>od Hotel SBB "* > aNTB for all ktndsof w?r?; als>,?5 for pri vaie families; hones are watting JO for this city a a Sew Lcntfon, Ooun Faid limi pupp'iea at the kuieka Kaployment Office, ?i07 O street j s Si - Mrs Lol'ISt C. BUTLBK \VTA"TBD-By ACArefaland competent gentle n an the use of a geLtU HOKoK aad CAB \ KOr,.U'Z ,tAe r during the summer. Ad dtesa '? |{QYfetar office. jeS-6." WVTBD-Propeny-owner* having U0C8K8 ' * Jot fale In any part of the city, or BOILUtNQ 1 078 or large Frorts ?uttaMe f..r blocks of houses, v i I nrd It to i beir advantage to place the same in my taids for xj>le,Ml have daily applications from |-arits?.-ekfng homes, and tboa?- seeking suitable l., ? t.. bnl.d npon M. M BOifBKB. 1 Bep.] a|3 7th street. \yANTED-VOCNO MBN for tailroad And tusineeo purports. Good si'.aries when guall Bed. Telegraph, phonograph, banking; bustoess I'.rtrocti. ns sen fr<e Address 8u#;. Polytechnic to., Baitlmore, Md; my I# lm VVANTKD-Gentle^n to know that WILLIAM MOOBE. Merchant Tailor, 1011 Hew York ?? ?t tie. makes a specialty of catting garments to bo m at home. novlS-ly ED?CABPET8 TO CLEAN At ??<??? Sitam bentm* Works, 490 Maine avenne, b- jreeii Acd gth streets soothwsat. Called for a. d delivered without chArge. Apll ly LOST AND FOUND. ICST?On the morning of Jane 7th a LlacotM# j CAN AB Y A mitable reward will be paldx/7 if Kit at No 1018 lltb st. northwest. It* IotT?On 8Aturday, Jd instant. At or near B<>cB C f'Sek' open tace GOLD WaTUU. 1 he finder will be liberally rewAited. Apply AtH-arr ffice. je7 at * AiM & \ BB? May 31st, a dark BAY P*J UOB8E. wbKe face, two white hind HW f.ct, mark below left hip. The above re- Xw wird paid If returned te II. KK0U8E, 7thstrs?t road, near Bcheeizen Park. je7 3t* TAK SN UP A8TBA Y?On the fttb iu:t , a Bed COW. The owner will come furward.__aa prove prcpeity, pay charses And take herD it* awav J JHN W. EV\Ns, 3oL Jt7 It Mo. 1634 O street northwett. BAYED? M ABB, with white face and two biud w bite leet, with one eye, and mark near ?v tt.e hip; came near tbe Colimbla Mill. 'lrm Bock Creek. Owner rt<jnested to c m for- A ** waid, prove property, pay chArgas And take her ?w?>: fU'l iBA THOMtB I< 6T?On the 3d lest Ant, In the northern part of J Wa?htngt?.n. a Filth Army Corps BiDOI. wl; b came of W H Cbaae, S H , JT. A lib. ral reward will be paid If retarneC to Ho. 1135 Uth ?tieel noithwest. Jeg Jt* & C BEWARD?Lost, on Friday last, at th? Cap) C^> tol, A rmAll WHITE 811 AWL with flgui*i tordT. Betnrn to 14 10 G street n w. jeA 3t* OST-MAy 30th, a PACKAGE marked McKim A Hogg, careO. M. Towson A Co A liberal re ward will be paid If returned to 603 Pennsylvania Avenne. corner 8th street je6 !t* WTBAYED OB 6TOLEN?From Woodle's pas t'ire at Chain bridge, an IBON CBAV ~ M A HI, 4 years eld, small size, blistered on both hind l? gs. A liberal reward will be p iTir jt her returL or information leading to b?r recovery. jef-6t* 1. 8. BABKBB.corner ISth and E s's. BOARDING. BO\BPIBG-Newlv furnished BOOM1. wirh r IKfeT CLA8B BOABD, transient or perm* nstt. at summer prices, in a p easant and central locality; 60S 12'h street northwest. ja4 3t* (CENTENNIAL BO lBDIBG. ? A lAdr f-om ^ \S atblngton will accommodate a few BOABI) BBS on reasonable terms Appl; at or address No. 140 North Hnta street, Phila-elphia. Centennial cats pass the door. j?S at* CCENTENNIAL BOABD1NU - 3303 Chestnut ?> street. Philadelphia; house newly furnished wi<h baudsuB.e walnut furnltare; on direct car route to tbe grounds; convenient to Ail plAc*s of sma*ement: rooms singly or en suite. LODGINi} at?d BOABD ?1 per day. Address Y. X ,8tAr of tee je3 4t* ttlBGLB LODGING BOOMS, 80 cents per night, 0 or from #1 to |S per week; BOABD or MEALS At rtaaonable rates. At Mo. 488 Pennsylvania ave noe. Ap?-lm* DLEA8ANT BOOMS AMD GOOD BOABD can 1 be obtained At 1009 MAryUnd Avenue, At mod* erAte rAtes, In a private family. marv 19w* COUNTRY BOARDING. POEH1I? BOABD?Map be obtained In a prl V/ vA'e femlly by Apply log at the fuurib h> nse be yond tbe 1 tb street entrnnse to Soldiers' Home. Ca-s pass tbe do<>r. jn*-St* LM BN18UED COUNTRY HOME?One mile E from horse cats near Monit PleasAot, will either be rested to Afsmily.or f <ur board."s can dob w ith tbe proprietor and keep h >nse; borse and carriage Address J. YOBK, Treasury Depart ment . BvS-is* RATIONAL SAFE DEPOSIT CO., tVstr 1S<A tt. mmd Htm fork ?tisMM. VIBE AMD BDBGLAB PBOOF FAULTS All kli.?is of valuables tAken on depectt. BAfss for rant. Office boars.Ia.b to4 p. m, UBO. H. PLANT, President. ' GEO. W. B10G8, Floe Pre^dWrt. leM eoly B. P. 8MYDBB. BewetAry. EYE GLASSES AMD 8PECTACLBB'?S^ <J^Tia grant variety. A Largs stock o.'<0 I WaTCHab and JEWELRY. Special attootioa Mid to repairing Bae WAtchse ad4 Jewelry. Hair 1 Work made to order, at PBIBCB A GOLD SMITH'S, 91T Pennsylvania Avsnns gyH-ln FOR RKXT AND SALE. F'OB BE1?T-T?r* tin, woniMiH i -r ROOJII, in heslth) locality. A||l; 4 34 P ilTMl Birth west- jeT3> F'OB BENT-Hoiip* No 7 3J : 1th street n. rth BM/'f C Apply tlt? r. CLABK.No. Ig'i3 lenpa www, Wit* 1j*0B BENT?B\SfcM KMT la S14 I ?treet.Mt'W, ' *? !?? and ??.???; (.10 Mr moo h TSOS. E WiUGiBAN 519 7taet j 7 3l f" pom BEnT?HOUSE *o 04 D?fre-*s.'r-eta w.; 8 n oib? sod kttb rootr, |<i< at..I water; irat low Apply !?00 litmwtsorttioml. jefli* F'OB BENT-BOOMS. with or without llOilur; In a?, ilry.n d tirftstl; iltniM, location cen tral. 304 B street porthweet. j?7 2t~ L UK BBBT?A fir?t dM BB?11>ENCB. with all J modern improven.ents. Bo 1113 KhxleM?Dj ?!?? n?, adjacent to Scott statue. Apply to J. J. BBEPP, 1408 l??hat. j*7 Im L'OR BBBT? Two elegart large FTABUBt*, new, I a no have all conveniences. oiM ft pared alley, bitweea 13 h a ad I4!h and K and L ?t?. northwest. j7 6t THBOry.QATOBEL.cor. 11 hand F at*. L'OB BBBT?For two years, on easy term??A r Terr deaixable suburban BBelDEN JB, i?t a rth cf the city Apply to JOHN BBIBMaN, B?el Ifstate Agent, 8t Cloud Bnilalog j 7 lw* L^OK SALB?A fine BUiLUtBG LOT M by 1? 17 feet, situated on lOLh between B an1 O a reets northwest; title perfect Apply to T. F. Q ITCH Bit, corner F atd lltb streets mrlhea t )tf n' 14*OB HEN1 ? Fire or six furn sh-d KouMS for housekeeping; good ioeatiou. suth f-..tit; new boute, newly fur?lthed; fta?ye-da.dc lUr; haif squste from at eetca.a. 1431 Q at j-7 In F'OB'BBBT?HOUSE an1 STOKE. 305 n?, n< x |to Fen J '? dry goods eetat li?hni?"t: one of the brat local iota in thec'ty lor au> kind of ba*l ne?s. Inquire on tbe pr?a isea. je7 tit L'OB BBBT? One t.ew,2story BRICK HijUt*E, r containing 8 rooms, bath room l>a#-oi?:i , wltn a'l uad-rn Improvements No 6I4 121 st. north west Inquire at ? he corter, >r 403 F airwt Tbe cbat lot runr.ii g to the bouss j 7 2w LMIR BhNT-Oie Lt? 3 story BBICK H JLSt", a containing 9 rnjms, bath ro-m, concrete c?ll?r, and eli mcd? rn Improves nta. Mo 64o-Mi <tre~t ncrthwett. Inquire a' the coreer. or 403 7th ?t B.v 1 be chariot running to tbr house. je7-?t LM)K ??>T?Uueif the thtee nt-ws atory UKI 'K ? bOlPEB. just completed on M street, betweea lth and Mb ktreests, No 443: buit with ail molern cobvenlet cea. For ternii aid key. apply next dwr. Ni.4 35 M at. _lt fj'OK KlM'-hu. 1i43 T street, north wesi, 7 I ro< ms; #25 Bo. K'iti Detain are avr. northeast, 14 room*; ?60. No. 1114 M street nottbwes ,10 room*. $74. No 1 303 Corcoran strt'et, 11 rooms; ?5u. to. 1W3? Maff avenue northwest. II roims; *75. F. W. M1LLKK A 0 je7 St 913 F street northwest. LM'B BENT?No. *13 13 h street northwest, niar I few lfork aTtt?u?;9 rooms, stable, modera im IroTtnuntc. Bo. l^.'t C etr?et bertheasi; 4-story ick, 11 rooms, nudern coLVcnlencea. No. 911 11 atiett nortbaist; large and c-~tnnjoiku* 4 story ltrlck; garden and (-table, modern convrnleac a Apply to 4illAS. C. DUNCANSOfl, 9th and V sta porihwet. je7-3t L't'K BBBT?A comf ntable (onr-room FtiktIC K HOUSE; pleasant situation. Apply Lest door. Ho 44401 tact nortkwegt. ie? 3t* j/un BENT?No 447 4ih sire?t, coataitiing ten 17 ? corns, gas aud water. Bent. M j68t TH'lB. E. WAGO\MAN, 919 7ih st. l^OB BENT?12'J3 N ?tr*et north vert, deltgbt E fnl suite of BO?'MS, ?"Uth front, private fa nily. Beet moderate. j 6 3t* L/<?'B BENT?1405 3d street; h?a six rojas. r water in bonsn. B?nt. ?*). j?? 3t THOB E. WAGQAMIH. 519 7th <t. L'OB SaLE?Three LOTS. 9Ux7S, on Mariland r avenue and 7th street nortliea**; ch ??? and on reasonable terms. Apply at 313 12th street * <uth wett. j-6-6t' l/OB BltNT-MuaM BBI'3K 11O0BE, contalniug a fire reoma, gas and water; sl'.oated on It strett, be'vecn #.h and lOih northwest. For particular* lnqi.ire at the grcceiy store. je8-3t* l/t'B BINT?Handsomely famished three-story 1 IIBIUK HOI SB. Ho. 810 H st'ee* northwest, hei t io? to a responsible tenant. F. W. MIliLKB A CO , No 915 F slre?t northwest j?8 ? f.^OB BENT?Seven room BBICK HOUSE, water, fiont yard, trees, Ac BSD >ir diud L. Lin a of horse cars. Injtilre of B. A. BACON, oor n't 4S and F streets sontbwest. my^i im fj^uK BENT?No. 73*2 list street; oa ?dtrn im pro>ements; furai bed throughout; twelvd ro nis. ?50 rent. jOSt THOS E. WAOQ\M^H.>197^hst? L'OB BENT?Very nice, cool BOOM ??, handsooi* r ly furnished. c('mmni.icattng.second II >'.t, moii eri improTemeLts, with first class B<>%rd lfdi-tlred; nimni?-r prices; referetces; 94 1 M street. j"8 3f l Olt BENT?A seven octave rosewood cas? r I'lANO FOBTE; good t^no and case As party ha-- tin use for It, wonll rent it at a low figure. Ail dress M . L K ., Star cgieo. j>?6 It* l.'OB BENT?Five BO'1 MS. en suite, oo the first F i parlor) floor < t No 109 We^t ntreet, b-tween (!t i si>r<i aLoWaihiDsl n, Georgrt'Wa, D. C. Fos Mri-i' l given July 1st. lmjulre on the premises. je4 St* * I'OB BE NT?Ut ?U!*E No lSIS'J ti street nor fa west; 10 r.?u* modern liiiprovrmaatt. Btut 1 u to a good tenant. F r term*, Ac., iti.juiro at gr eery store next door cr to J AS. F. ti tilE M. 5'Ji e;ti stiect iiortheas^ j?< 3t* |>OB BENT?A lew seven room furnUt~3 I HOUSE, plea^anlly located on Georgetown H'fehis. aud conveuieut to the street cars, will be let for three months ficm 1st J aly to a family with ? utchildren. Bent to b taken iu board for th^ l^ti< lorrt. Inunire on the premises, uorrhwest cor i.< r 8tb and f aj ette streets, or address G. F , Box 7)9, Geo getown Post Office, Befereu** re quired. je6 3t* I/O B BENT?7 I 3 H street nortnaest. BBICK, ? eight rooms. In cotr>plete oidsr; near Patent Ollicf lnnuire 717 H strest. jsi lt* t/'JB 8 *1 B?A BBICK HOUSE, six rooms, str>re, ? ?t-r gas, ?e??rag9, etc. Applyon the prem is a. No. 4o* 4f-i street southwest. jot 2m' I/OK RENT-A imall BBICK HOUSE se s back I in the yard, on Hth street, between N and O ?'ree<snorthwest K iu re of JAKES LAOKBT, Mil F street northwest. j<-g lm J/OB KINT-TH1BD FLOOB of ?13tt I'etnsyl v atia avenue, two rooas; gas aod water. Bent #?.* THOS. B. WAGOAMAN, j.B 3t 519 7th street. I/l'B BEN1?Convenient two-story DWELL1NC, ho 4 11 3d street, between D and E northwest, ei ihr nice rooms: modern improvements; garden ai>d stable. Inquire next door. je5-3t* l/OB BBNT? A six room BBICK HOUSE, watar r and im; a'so, a HOUSB of six rooms, water; alsi. one ten-room HOU6B, water, gas. Ac. Apply 1106 L street northwest. jefi St L^OB BENT?A flue suburban BBHlUENuE, with r CO acres of l>nd, an abandanca of frnit, Ac Ap. IT to JOHN SHBBMAN, Beal Estate Agent, S' Cloud Building. jeS-ttt* It^^'B BENT?A six-room HOUSE, modern im r provements, 1310 U street, near 12th north west Bent $18. App'ytoJ. BATTEB'S. corn-r 13th acd T sfreeU northwest. ja5 la Li f B BENT?To gentlemen only, several fura r i-hed BBDBOOM8.delightfully situated, ftc ing north and south; 1107 MaKsachosetts aveune, near corner of lltb street, convenient to ears B?f ereuce rt.iulred. Private family. )e6-3t* S.MJK KENT?Three story BBICK, ten rootns, r ?liter, gas, batn room, satrmer kltchea, cellar, yard. Ac., Ac.: No. 1001 New York avenue, cornor loth street Also, BIOBE, Bo. lol Bridge street, Georgetown. Inquire 13i3 Q street n. w. j?t 3t* IfCB BBNT?TWENTY hOOMS, un'orni-hed, suitable for flrst-class offices or a boa-dtug bonse. being upper stories of oailding corn *r F and ll'h streets northwest; has two bath rooms. Bent, ftUOrer month. Apply to T. V. GATOHBL, j<5-3t Oorntr F an?l 11th straets northwest. L'OB BALE OB BENT- Southeast corner of Sonth r C*ro|ir a aver ne aod 10th street southeast, a fl ie > BAME DWELLING HOUSE aod Corner STOBE fitted with shelving, c >nnters aud large dry collar, suitable for grocery or market purposes, having large yard and stable on premises. Apply to TH'iS. E. W aGQAMAN. Bo 519 7th s'reet n.w. j*A 6:* 1/OB BALE?Deelrablenew BBICK BBH1DENCE r with slate roof, on south grounds of Columbiai Unlveislty, cor taining eleven rooms, bath room, and all modern improvements; bas gas aud water ta each story aud is in every respect a first class Bea idecce Lot cot tain* nearly 9.'WQ square feet of grouiid, and the location unsurpasseo by any in the District. 8MALLWOOD A MOBBIsON. jtA-lm ftl57ih street.opp PostOffije. fj^UB BENT?HOUbE No. 419 M street north wi?t, six rooms and all modern conveniences, with privilege of renting or buying part ot th? fur niture Possession given 1st of July. Applv on the premises Ja3-" 1/OB BaLE? small HOUSE on east side of Mth r street, between BardS st?.,with S.OOU fe^t A gronnd; impio*ing and pleasant location; card cn door. I'erms, fJi^cash, awyi W monthly. ie3 Bt Corner 16th >t and New York avenuo 'OB BBNT?Tbe DOUBLE FBiMB HOUSE No. 1411 16th street northwest, at BSS par month; the sdjoinlrg HOUSE, No. 1413 IGth street north weet, at ?? permonth^ Applrto je;.lw T L HUMB.oi Hall k Hume. L'OB BENT?Six room BBIOK HOUSE, 1418 I a th street northwest; water, maibl*mantel<. Ac. Apply next door or at paint store, 1417 B street, between 12th and 13th streejs j?j 7t* WM. BCTHBBFOBD. OB BBBT?A fine 0FFI0B BOOM, with gai and water, situated on!d floor; 814 F street, op posite Patent Office. Bent reasonable to a reliable let.ant. J-I ?* ? .'OB BEBT?One < room FB\MB HOUfB, No. r 1416 unh Street between M and N northwest; also, one 8 room Brick House No 1S14 14th street northwest. Apply to JOBS F. QBBBS, Bo. li40 Hi b street northwest J"' * EiHiB BENT?Opposite Judirlerr Square, No. #08 r etb stifet, betweeu E and F, HOUBB of elsven rooms, bath-room, Ac. Bent red a wed from #7# to 'FOB BENT-Large BTOBB BOOH. wKh fine show wirdows. Ac ; No. 461 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4* and 6?h streets northwest. A. 0. DUV ALL, Attoraay-at-Iiaw, jel-lm Corner 4K street and Louisiana a van as. l/OB BBNT?A two-story BBIOK BTOBB, with E ascdern Impiovements; also, a stab Is attached; situated at th?cor'e. of lMhand B sts. northwest. Apply at Bo. 514 Bat. northwest. myll-lm L'OB BBBT OB BALE?One of the nice* and ? meat convenient HOU8B8 ia the District, la thoroagh repair, with all modern Improvements, containing twelve rooms; sl'uated oorner 4th and G streets southeast. Will rant ar sail low. Apply to L. WM. QU1HAB0.8BS LotHaUaaaveane north nest. myM lot P?B BBBT?A very desirable Farntshed PBI VATB BB81DBNCB, or a choice Suite of Fur nished Booms. 1889 B sheet, near the corner of 13th street. mytt Ut* I70B BBBT?A pleasant sersa room OOTTAOB. F with ten seres of gronnd, one and half miles Good stable sad oat hnlUlaas an 'Farm," Star o?os. )B BEBT-A two story BBICK HO USB, con twiping nine raonw. sitaatad an Btt street, ha tweaa M and W etrasts northwest, containing all lnqnlre at 1103 M etreet northwest. FOR RENT AND SALE. J?OB. BKHT-Oi? or t*o geotletnaa cm tod p eMIBt KrOM*. with no'tb?rn a 1 ??uMi-r? nfn?crc, 01 Capital H ll ?a4 Ik* Mo-.r ? litan line of c*?. Ike r^oio* can b?eaf?ii(4 f >r ihe saismer or p ra.Auii.tlj KtlrtxicN **el??rif?d H E CVP?*t offro. fcsM'B KnT-KK'Xi. fernttV^l wltn arerytnag r for ho Bar keeping At So. 3*4 P? au?r!TAjii* ?mne, K utV m ?<r?f o> ?ftr?t. By JO aolm* POB BALA-A BOrt>B UK UABPEN, M Hi* den-bnrg B. asd O K B , (It* mlaitM1 walk fi on tb* station: good ?table and carriac* h ua?; fruit tre*a and shrubbery. Wlil ne i 4d oi cM) ttmi or trwded for nnt#f??l?r?l city pr <p ertr. Apply to J. W BOOTT, Ho. 1*33 8"b rr?rt porthweat. ?>?-!?* BBHT-HOl BB4 J07 H street Poaeaasioa Jbm let. App'y to M. TBIMBLB, m?17-3w HI ?trwt. l/OR BBIt-rcrnrnlikwl BOOMB, aa aalte or A iH|l?. ylfwtitly located fer summer. r.?w horse, wttVmodrrn conveniences, on* ainare f<< m cmi. Apply 1134 IKhitrwt. m II 4w* P)K BALB-A dmi and bandsoaaa DWELLING, 10 roost, ? few minute*' walk of Briar. artmtra blr suited to an) one doing bnslnaee la Washington Tenia unnaoally ?a*y. An??!? *? J. P. BICHABDBOH. myll-to* Old Hot?l, Belay, B. k O B. B. jLvOB BEHT?BOOMB. furnished and nnfurnl?b a ed . In all parte of tb? cttr , frosn B8 to BHW par mon'b. Apply at ItOBSBVS BOOM AGE HOT, Ho. t?I6 F stieat nophtwl. BtH-lm* f>OB 8ALE OB EXCH ANGE-For city property, *'Atglcotirt" rABM of 118 acres, highly im i-oud, with fine orchard of Imported fruit tr*es, dw< I'.li r bouse and barn, sheared on Maw Cut R >ad, one n.ile fusrt Insane A*>lam. Inquire of B. JACOB. Ho 9 JO 17th street torlhwwt, between I acd h atreeta. m>8 lua* L'OR BAI'B ? In the Country ? A comfortable a PWELLINGof IS rooa,s. within Are minutes walk of Ammendale, Raltlrr<>r? and Uhlo rallrond: also, fine bulld'n* Bite*. Boiling and Beantifnl Conntri; w.ll wat-red. Aldree* DaHIBL aM UKN, BeltsTllle. Md apl4 Sm l^OR BALE?At a great bargain, LOT 63x111 on ? 9th street northeast, between B and O, close to stteet oar*: would teak* th*-? |ivi bnltdin* lot*. BMALLWOOD A MORRISON, n.ylC 1m ftl5 rtb street ff>OB BALE OR CXUUAMUt FOBCITY PBOP ERTT?In Kllavllle, Pnoce George * county, Md.. BIXT-B.EN ACRES of LAND, with doable Frame Honse.good water, an abundance ?f fruit tre?a, grape*. Ac ; high and healthy l ocation; t wtlvt minutes' walk to the H>att*vll)e depot, Baltimore and Ohio railroad. A ah t.grsph of the house can bo seen and further information obtained from B H Pa are. n.*r27 I/OB BALB? HOUSES fur ?30,000, ?30.000, r #18,000. #15 two. |U,MV, ?lO.UUU, fl.OI<l,#7,8UU. #8 0t?, B6.UA>. B4J0U. BIjMO, *1.000 Voll located and on eaay ? rma. E J. BWEBT, octf-tr ? 11 7th ?*raet. Real kitati bi llcti.i OW THUS. K. WAGGAMAX. *1S 7th IV CBA>6U KADI KVKE1 WaD5SSUA1 *910 t-ATVASAT. Brick Houses Jar Ball. 117 A rt ? ? , all mod imp* , II r? |7i 0 10W H *t. n.w.,all mod. iniM.. 11 r? 7.U00 1U'4 (ib st. n. w , all mod. lmp^., 12 ra. 7?j 3 unn 5 3d at. a e . ail mod. Imp* . la r? 7.wo 1'?6-101 1)0 E at. n w .all mod lmpa 11 r? each. 7jj 0 109-111 L> at d. w., all m<4. tmp?., 13 r? 7.U00 417 & at. n. w., all mod. Imp*.. 10 ra. < jwo (?7 B at. ? e .al> mod. imps . 10 ra...^?... 8.JM) 131C st. a. a., all mod. Imp* . 10 r*..._? ? 6 Jin 311 st. n. w. all mod. imps.. 8 ra e.ouo SOI F *t.n. w., all mod, imps., W ra .......... . s ??'' lit 11th st. a. ?..all mod. imp*., 9 rs B.uou Two Story B.'ick and Promt Hoiuet/or Hale. lSU7thst. n.W., (B H imod. imps . 4 rs ..?.?3 ?? 3131 Pa av n.w .|F. H .1 mjd imps . 8 t* 8 ixw 1109 H st. n.w., 1 F. II ,? mod Imps,9 ra. -i/WO 1011 K ft n.w .1 B. H.,) mod. imp* . 8 ts_ >(?13 F st. n.W < B H I. mod. lmpa , ? r?...__.... 6 1J3 316 A st s. a .( B H.,) m?d. Imps., ? rs 6,cmj 61 1st st . Gaorgatown^ F. B .,) mod. imp* J r? S uuj 1317 7 h st. n.w (F. H.Jmod imps., 7 rs....? S mi) 818 1st st n.w. (B. H ), linos.. 7 re...?. 4 suo Comt-r 11th and D*ts. n e u B lm.7 ra. 4 stv 913 90th st. n. w .{ F 11.) mod imps.,7 ts. ?A>U 1461 Bst.n.w.fB U. 1, in >d Imps.. 7 rs 4.10U Unimproved PrOf>erly /or 8Me. Anscostla. near I'nl jntown. 11 acre* par awe...?t?l I st . bet. 17th and IStb sts. n w.. peril 2 7# Y.miont at., bet. L and M sts n.w., per ft....?. 3 00 10th st . bet. U and Grant tt n w , per ft?...... 3.00 3>1 *t., bet. I> and B nw, per ft .....? 1.80 K st.. bet 16;h and 17th sts. n w.. per lt...__. 1 w la h st .bet. L and M n. w., p?r ft ? 1 On C~rLer 11th and U sis. n e , p r ft l.Oi) Pn ave . 34th and 3ftb sts., pcrft. 1 .??? M St., bet X lb And 2l?t ?t .per ft 7ft Bat., bet. 13th and 14th ats., per ft? 75 Houses for Kent. 9!1 G st. n. w., all mod. imps.. 1* ra .?:ji 732 21st st. n. w .(Inrn ,1 atl mod. Impj,, 13 .s.? 80 itj A st s. t? all mod. Inip*., ll rs to 42'> 4th st. n w . aM m'/d, irnps., 10 rs JH 31 MV 14th st. n w.. (farn ,) nil m>d imps.Urs.... 129 II .? \ermont are. n.w.. a 1 mod. imp*., tl r??._ 9119 >1 it. n. w , all mod. tmo* . 13 ra 12i.t K st. (fnrn. > all mod impc . 18 rs? 91" 17th st. n. w.. all mod laics . 13 rs ...... 6 2 13tb at n. w.. nil ni<jd. imps . 16 rs .... 929 K st. n. w., all mod. Imp*.. 10 rc.._ 1472 Pa. ava. n. w. ail m'd. Imp*., 13 ra 307 E st . n. w.. all mod imps.. U ra? ai u l'.?l 1 st. n. w.wtura .) all mod lmaa .lirs. 1<? J(k? a at. a. e.,a'l mod. imp* , it; rs au 6.'7 Pa. are. n. w., mod. imps.. 3 ra to Til F st.n. w.. mod lmpa . 10 ra r<n , ... ? ? av asw.????? as M st n w.- mod liaps . 10 ra_ &?' 13? East Capitol st . mod. imps , 8 ra.?? 40 11 K st. n. a., mod Imps , 10 rs 3S * 1 ? " * 4730 at. n.w. mod. ?mp?. 8 rs .13 48 I st. n. e., mod imp-i., 10 ra...._ 3S 1813 l&t t> st , mod. imp* , 8 ra frt 311 Cat a.e. mod. lmp<., 7 ra ... 3>i Jjoans. One enm of 0SUWO, one of 04 000, one of #1 800? I p? otnt for aagLtlattng. Auction Sole. ' nFBIDAT,Jnne 9th, at 5H o'ekek p. m.,on the pr<-ml?es. No. 333 A st.,Cap tol H 11, a tlree atcry brick house. Tern* at aale. j"7 tr PIANOS, Ac. The gintini "DICkeb bbos " pianos and Bntdett OBGAHS, at the So>t- ?? t Anenry at 0. Kl'UN. 40T 10th atreet northwsst "It \ 11 jrl ly near Pennsylranla aranne. DIAROS AJIB ORflAM AT ?RE4T I BARUA1*!. <0 PIANOS frcm 8>? to flOO. ? mm ^ 30 OBGANS and MELODEOSS fromB^SS| (jitoiM. rrriTi New PiANOP from $300 and np; ne? ORGANS from ?76 and up at 1 F. ELLIN * ro.'H, 937 Pennsylvania avejo?. Eolf Afents for Chickering and Weber Piano* and Pn lth American Organs. ni>23 1m ALLXT DA TIB k CO. *8 GBAHO, BQOABH and DPB1GHT PIABOB for aal? on- mm moatblr instalment*. Celebrated for pa B.ljTjl rlty and sweetness of ton*. Baa Agent, Bll VTllTV 9th street norths?' WM. KNABK * CO.'B yrOBLD-BENOWHHD PIAHOB, wand, Square Grand, Square and UprUML ^ . TUEdJEsT MADB. ^ .Ji !? MoCammon Pianos; Shonengar'aeal ebrated Organ", new style. Alao, a lar|s_jaw. Assortment of Pianoa which hare been u|Bp9 aae a short tlma, for aale and rant at varyIII IT 1 smstm ."?* sii'cffiiaKatg' ? A'Af/.M&L!i?? RH,. INSURANCE. OFFICE O* The Mutual Protection Fire Ins. Oo. or THE D1STB1CT OF COLUMBIA, (CHARTERED BT ACT OF CO!IGRE??,) 1609 Penniyhania avenue,(opposite U. B. Tres'y. OFFICERS r GEOROB TAYLOR, Prts JAB. B. FITCH, WM. BALLAHTTNE, V. Prea. doc. and Treaa TBrSTBEB: Grorge Taylor, Wm Ballantyne, Chaa F Peck, Joseph raaey, John C Harknesa, A B. Perry, Wm.J.Blblcy, H.W.BorcbeU, Jaa.H. Baville, The abora Company I* now folly organized for business and prepared to lasue Rollcioaof Insurance on most favorable terms. Pamphleia containing the act of Incorporation and by-laws will be far nlsh?d on application. JAMES B. F1TOH, my 18- Im Becre;ary and Treasurer. JOHN T. AkMB. D. W. iBTOHAM HEX URAL MS VKANCM AOSH FB AM) BROKERS, LB Ofcoiv BtriLDiNa, corner of V and fth streets IHBDBAHOB of EVERT DHBOBIPTIOH WBIT asarB tr TEH OH THB BEBT TERMS HOTELS. RIQQS HOUSE, PLI MEB * KPOFFOBD, PN?rtHON. F1FTEEBTH AND Q BTBBETS, mylB-lr WAsBisaTow, P. 0. HOTEL. AUBRY, WALBUT BTBBBT, Fi am Tilrtj-Third ta Thirty-Fanrth. PHILADELPHIA, PA. OH THE MUtlOPMA* PLAN. STRICTL T FIRST CLASS. BEST HOTIL IX THE CITY. ?fH-wBiAi Paopbibtob. BUSINESS CHANCES. hV-K BALI-A LI?"Ffree t. peddle ?d..e, *' <?<1 nOtll April Mil. price Cltk. Ad-I"*e "(ur OffiM. ?* ** ?a nnn to loan fob a wko phai ?d. rA,VVlU (|t?lKrC*tt A Sir -? A H .Star UBw. jw St fi*OB t\ll-S'ock a. d Fli'trw ot Uitttt BrOAA. eontnweat f rnr Laiiiaca evewwe J+T *? QCwOn t*1** AND B1,*00 TO LOAB ON KlAL EBTATR (I'lltRD B P*IB'> )*> ft* im AS ?lrw? nortbwea*. I1BIO lAkD u4ltr|r|?| HKI0K8 Will trtl B_? ior ci'y pen pert* <-*???. nvm m ?t? 'ecturt <c ?tick. Appl> H 8. JOHBBTON, Ho 4VS Penn?? I nnlt Mrita* jet #i' I^OK *ALA-KIsT tfBANT and S*M>LB * IU>OM. Id ?|<K>d liaiiua lorlliir. U>M r?M org given lor fUlM omt. Addro-i B., Simr of let. ? T?d will ohb or thb tllMt PIANO* IB th? Ct.f Cae TO, not I* raniinfJ for bwnlf of hae u<k>na itfk. Aidrm B W..W*n?f? Hlul _ L'?AB-A fr? im?ll ism la band to laavn ck0*c?(ttr|(0Krtr *??!' to _ TUB" F SATCHEL. j*t 3t Corner F u4 llth >ti. W ANTE.-A P Mi 1 NUB. With a capital of ?J.?#or ?? ?m. to engage in a baaiaaae (hat ?W pa> I root llf'D pee cent F.>r further panic tiara addrees J. T H ,P O BiW Alexandria. Ya,>rB3tl Viralria ?'????. Wa-hi (too. D C. Will call at an\ adlr>*?? desired j?4 It* ^yOlfcO A M1DDLA1UN. A I'CTIC & ? It* S, K*AL ESTATE AXU IS SI R * A (' & jkUtXlS W? bar* r> nm'?1 to tte corner room, ground fl< or. ? t Lel'n it Bi.tiding P>|T-at* rfllor tv>rc <Bli2riitl*l b<:alaeaa. M' Ini 1 antd on fir* -r ?????cmltln unlf. hit. Uit mitUiuii k'lrci. to all a>i< ti n wim > fl >?. A M IPOLKIOH. je5 St* Cor 8tb aud ?' atreeta a w. L'OB BALE FOB CASH-Ooe bait IMcmIla a r large ami not < I ;uat <.l?lo> ae?tutt t*e I'UirV of < ?.lt mbla Address '-ag? at, ' Star effloe. .-3 .it M" ON llY TO LVAm?trUJl) AJ1 A S~ H a \ T A/'?This a iiKlilt;. Lu<l H arr:tcts p .r chaatd, bl(liiat cath p-i- ? (tv?u A'H hK ? A p PLBM *N, j*3 lt< BepA Oirovitl Ko P>nna >v?. At" ABM KoB S\Lk. Of 113 ACKtS IN Fair'ax c- ut??y . Va , Ib a hifh state of cul'lra tl?-p. IS m lee fr in lli? Up,er rail* ' otirrh en the Middle lcrupixe. a j.ilnlui W-rr?? and Ta mil's lands. 1 he la ar<iv?u.pnis are a large Brant' Biiin, mansard roof ttarn and nutbni diait*. oa*r h ticlln t prarti. apple and pear orcbatA*, w.tb otbt-r fruit*. tabMaDtialf?nclrr. with faritlo* Idip eatt tt?. a'l|?t w: borae*, cowa.ftc . ard rrop? all Id, ttakinc it is ev?r> rr?p? t a v,r>' desirable pro neity Price. S7 u?*. Inc ndlDg att^k. crop, and fu p'?^i>enta. Forfwrfhtr iif >n&a!ioD appijr to O. H. RI XTOH, Ball. Cburcb.orto TI108 UOW LlAO.Biar Bcildiig. j?3 Im IVJOTICB ?8PBCI4L IMPBOVKMBNT TAX I^ ES paid at a rery low rate. Alt kind* >f D. 0. e?cr.rlti*? bonaht ard ?"ld by H. F. DAV1*, j?i lm* Ua'l Btcm. M>trt polita[. Bank Maiid'f. ClVKRAL 8l'M8 OF |)>M1 , from #.'?*) to 5 UW; to laveat In good Beat Batat* awnrtty B. P. DODOB, jel IQt 1419 r atri'et porthwxt ll'^S i Bl)? Any p^rat'n can mat? (Mia w.ttita ?? pelilna our L BTTBK ?'OPTIMO B0*'K A"?y oi e tbat baa a Iritt-r to ? ritr will bur it. N ? preM or water n*fd. hend lor clrcoUr Tr~? B\< Cl> MOB CO*PAN*, 10 TiltULe Bcildmf. Cb'ra? , IU jeilm FV? B S iLB-COl" NT BV~8 TOBB The prop?rt> known ai Daroey Kttrre, on tbv Owjrc-tow n and Borkt ille Tornpike, bt-lni of tbe beet atai.d- la VoMffooKr) county; lamt^iate pvaea?l>n: title rerf'Ct. lenra ea?y. Apply to BaBBQL'B A H AMILTOH, Grocer* miM im IB VOD HATE MONK* TO LOAN. OB WANT TO B0BK0W?Oa'l on JOHN fUIKM AN, H al Bat at f ARf-nt, 8t. Tlonl BtitalinA. Money loarad cn real eatatarin anma to anlt. mjZS- im* AriHE GBAK8 ABU BBL'lF fAB1, NICAB ibe city, may be pnrchaaad ! ??. or aaltable city property fii.Lt: t>& for tt. Apply to B. H .PAWI8, DeKHrt. tnjIS lm* Ho 1 still P--nna< Ivanla avenne. AOBBAT I'I'BIN K-B CHANCE -F.r rent or ?ale, HOC8B Km.SH 13th (tree! northweet, contaiiilneli ro >tra. wltb all modern Improvement*. AIm>. the Furniture n >w in aame beiag nearly new and In perfect order. 11 "n^e and FarBiture will be acid or rested together or ?*paratelv.a? deatred. Location beet in clt?f>r p'lvate residence or for rt ntiug Price and terau low and t-aar. lu tjtiire on preoiiara lm mediately. myBl lm L'OH 8ALB, OK BXCHaHOK K<*B 01TT r HBOI'KBTIf ? llaviug remo\- d to Washington 1 wllltirllor eicha;.gt- oue of the flneat CoaBtrr KB<>1I>KNCB8 In the atate of Maf> lund. atttiated \ ot a n.ile aontb ot H ager<town, oontainlng 14 arrt-a He.eatone land, 3 at re* of which are in Orapea. 3 in Fruit, the remainder in Craea Improved with a cea 3-story B:i<-k Honte. 4s by 32 feet.containing 13 rtorca, with gaa and water, and all nece?aary out bnild'nfi in excellent condition, aurb aa stable*. c*rna?e bonae. ice bon<e. Ac. Addreea A. B. AF PLKMaH, Oitizena' Nati?nal Bank, Waatine' >n( P O my9 lm WaNTKD-To exebanae tew KKHilOBKA >> TONS end 8TOVA8 f >r Old Onaa. at liOT LK B'S. corter 8th a'.d B afreets n >rtt.we?t 8tc >kr Cb:mneya cured, from B& to S^>tT no piy apt! 2m* \| ANTELJTaT tAHJT, *! 1*1 VM. BOTI1WELL 8, apl*-Im* 113 B rtttet iMitiiea't ftOLDBTBIN * OO., A OA* AHl) COMMISSION BROKKRS, OOKNEU 10th ANO D BTKEBTB. MOHET LOANED or ADVABCE9 MAUB on rateable aaraonal prop- rti to any auocnt, ati f.r at 1 tiice deal red. on very reaaouable tenua Also, Good* told on Covmiaaton. At Private Bale?Very Cbeaj? A large lot of Dm r'.-ti'-.-nit d Pledgee aid 0.?n:tr:i??i n Guoda, new aiid ae<..nd hand Ivery article fully wairantod. AM boaineaa strictly cou3dent!?l The cldaat aod the Boat r?tlabl? bottae tn toe eitt marie-tr j\|OHEY TO LOAM. ~ (t 4 3 .oo? to loan on choice real aatatc, ta auu of fr.'tB ?!-*) to Bl UUO. at S and 10 per eent. lntereat A tew -rma at 8 per caat .lc troui f?jB?*to BX>AJ0 B H. WABHEB. ovarii corner 7th and F atre?ti ifc"ri\ TO BB.000 IN TESTED IH 8TO<"K '?.)U PBIVILEGEB PATS LA BOB PBOFIT8. write for 72 page book. Men and Idioma of Wall at. and WaUat.lUview PENT FBEE. JOHN HICK LING A OO., oct7 ly Baokenand Broken, Til Broadway, N T. GEXTLEMEyS GOODS. JJATS! UAT6! Fresh BTipply MACKINAW 8TB AW HATS Miter Beaver and Silver Pearl Oaaelmere Uata. Foya'aud Children'a Straw Hata B<lk Umbrellas, La.ins and nectiemeiNi KTIKE91K TZ'N, m)30tr 183T Pt nnaylvania avenue. shier iim! X All tb? lea^icg ?t}l-? of CAF"IMBBE PKEM fi ATS, varioui k i nda of 8T B A W 11 A"'S, <i * N I' 1M Mackinaw, milas bbmu.leuhokn,Ac 11 Ala CLOTH and ENGLISH LINEN HATS. American and Etg!i*h BILK, ALPACA aid GIS.OUAM I7MBBBI.LA8 Ladi?a' 8CM UMBRELLAS and PAR%?<?LS I'M I1BKLLA8 and PABAS0L8 covered and re paired la the beat manner KKB * QB1ER, 1419 FBHMBTLVAH I a ATBHTB, n y28 tr Above Wlliard'a Hotel. JEEP'S PATENT TARTLY-MADE DRESS SHIRT*, The Great eat Invention of the Age. Bli fine Urea* Shirts for aix dollars, ( ??,) not to U bad In any other store It. this city. W We are Sole Agenta. W. W. Bl'BDETTK * OO^ No. 44? 7tb street a. ?, ?pg-tr Mo. T06 E atraet n. w. W'B ABB BBCB1VLNQ DAILY FBOM OUB ?? Factory. In Baltimore, fresh sopallea of thoss ELEGANT ii CENT UNFINISHED, and Bl FINISHED BHIBTS, Bade of the Bert Wanwntta Mnalia and Tweuty-one Honored Linen, at ttM BBABCH BALT1MOBB BHIBT FACTOBT. Bs. 1B1B F atreet, Waahlngton. J. W. PABB. Manager. fflHEST DBK88 8HIBT8 MADE TO OBDBB of tbe very beat Bate rial and tn the Boat elegant BBAMOH BALTLMOBB Da'BB. Manager. a ol tbe very beat Baterial at ?tanner fer <2 24. at tbe BBA1 BHIBT FAOTOBT, 1B19 Fat aaarlA-tr J. W ENUUUEAQB BOB! inVBTBIl TBL'bKb FOB LAD1EB, TkLNAB FOB MAN, TOT TBfe'NBB BOB CH1LDBBB BATCHELB FOB LADIBS, Batchea.8 fob mmb. 8HAWL STBAPA BOB ALL 0ARK1AGB B0BB8, HOBAB COVBBB, FINE WBIF8, HA EN ESS, SADDLES. ETC Trukl ot erery atyle Bad* to order cn the preBlaaa AT ABB Tth Stabs*. 1 A'juSiiyv.Fjfjfg ^ FKACT1CAL% ^IUFAOTU>iu. OOKB DBL1TBBBD TO ALL PABTB OF TBB CITT AT THE SAME RATE. 9mSttkamtn'osbIbibQsMaJ* t>4B. Arnt to omoa or wabhibbt^m oabusht oom 41* MBMiH ? IBawl, Til kstatraat aarthweal r>a 11B Mrtdge ?UetTOaorgeteaa. Ba?B-ly HOBSS FOOD. BOB HOB8MS AND CATTLE. fMAMr IMBBMBBIB ALL T IBB r< for sale. LMK ?kLI-l (Old art KIM ? A'.oB .? ' ?illn.lit?rt>rtl'iki Bufi tt y i'.omw, l>| II street aoffkwctt -a7 tl OBB aoMI PB I TON PUB Ir^n f r I*. lo|iltiir?MM<rtk?M.?tt? lii i| atrc?t acrtkw?.t )?4 t-' pfl V r ?!, tajCir r sold for a aot <-f ?a I'"- ?, ? Mi) To kf m?k ?l UUVTT e ?tU>lf.r I 'Meet, 1 ltlli atui 14 h It LH M C ALB - A An* Pa? HOIM aaj PH BTOB . r ittttMrf rir<?ilMiui iMMll) la i>-? 4?lrttl ITII IMH ?inkMi' J?i St* fcVB b*LB-a?gbt gaUooo ' tk?A? 4?<lr ? Inw my Uadoin co<?ii Farm. klw. ? Ii?m >Mli' ft. Pl'LTJk. L.?ar Offl. ? J J?' iK-rl .uoImm. F'OE SALE-* vary buteMHl fatt H?'B?B C*r >b.? ! I! U ><i??4m4|N iN-m t-e Ik* kt? no ur lot kin.a> d will ^Ov ? ?l> at a gr?ai sacrifice AM wi "PllVIt Bttr jrt 4t |,M>K P*U-A haideo** |m| laitt MiBI, r PH fTvMu d BAkNRt?? all la cw aV? ?lata ??l?r ?r?lT ?? J- H COLURf. 4QT jinx* keoarai a Offit* ?< ?T?* L'OB SALB?Oae Hii ol MilMk hot iioBfll. r * ri; matched. T and - in- .11 ? ui : , aad fa?t. atao. a flu* art ?i d.ahttBak 'AAdrees ? B.ooraerasi tMkl?? t 'A kBl AQBS, CABB1AOBO. OABBIAUI A T> lar?eat abC mor ?ati?d aa?-n B?al 't lataet at) le >41 airta4??jC"ii>?". BcAaaajt Jama Park rba>toae. T.|? and an T p It lit t M l|w,a*n(?l baud Paa<4 ('iriitM a-4 BjUW <* hand at P. I? B?H1II1TT APO., ma 11.1 tr BoSl*l*lb?t. M C and I) . a at LM)H SALB? kOW IB 1IIB TaMB V I fcarroa i.aad iio SrBlNO ? A?OMI, Belt lrtb*MtatjU. ?iikfkf ^ar?te ?kw4v T ja^ V tif Bl OGtBl* I.* aak- nti Kvuiklr at Mi t?? Faotory. ST ProisTmt st, eitraoce rt *>?rk?t. G?i rgetow it D C tr.a*VSm* JAMEP K PBOPBt J ilk?Ol ? AUOhB BE* STO<.* ICON ASP SHKI.LPKS1B A1I.B8 0?B UURSB. t?UHowi|, THBIIHOB?l AM* FOtB HUH8B W AUt'hK We bar# aold Htii>lradlo(tkwrWa(<iM.N4iM ir.?-i*l cpttua ti tl>at ibty ar* thr cheapest aad beet ? M >n la nee O. W. HcliBITH. frMl 9k Corner rt la?> aw and I alret* a ? professional. <V<?TI k IB I' I HKitl HAIKIV I'lKTH Kim?< ? | J ,? IVi i,k a?*bu?- orer ""in.'ii.oii llai hi"*, a d<M r? ?i-t of hit ?M ofRoe. D**ai ismi at j-I'l ALUFHT E ~*0Rt**. AB( H ITBi'T. MkR?* I ?L l*k?tbHTI*e. ? r8 ltc 11 oo E I hBKTISTEY IF I nAVI KrsT'MBP PBACTICE{ at 111* litrtti h<nli??> ^:n B?k im J K C.IHBS. Pw.uit EO. IARMMTj ATTOKHKY AT LAW, Nortbeaet cor La. ait and 7th at . Kwa 4. ap3 3?u Wtolilifkiii I>. O C;/* PlllfrT IITHIB JHW. C*> tr Pr A k 0 Wal"BkB<>BN O-a (iv. 40^ i?tb ?irr.l ii w. Also, . P> liufi OoM at r<-?fK/bat?it- piict-.aud aatittecuuo a?!9 ?Jai" OB. a I' MlAtK. tHtini. ba? B*"ii ?c ko 1 ? :tA> I>atiia a?aua*. < Sltr -ns OlldeOat adinli.i?tri. 1 ay t ^ ? t'DWIU EIIIKHRk. 1^ JCSTICB OF THK FMA CM, ?o. ?0? ru Bkraat a. v., oafo.lta Uoivad Btataa MM OiB. _ ( .<mi ? Pair? ^tatii. I jaalB la UIHITTER * RAKMEAN, ^ AhTlST/S EKRWO, 1>E< OBAT1V1 aud "rt-rj d--ip ? c t KNA M K.kTAL and PLAIN PAINTiSO, Rtb atract aortbacat. BCi * X EM BcoM.Tl* Ea-r : n rfwaat, Jan. ? AkHINOTfeN. P.O. PRI; PET FOB TEBfH. EITHER "* ? < t> Pa. A B. PBaTT. Qraduata Ohio ,i lUxtal Pnrtary, aad H'rn Mi'dl'a) I "II<-k? of Trlrar 4??1 7tht'ri~l. IM tlda, enraer of L Oat aad chloroform naad la ? tt'actioc t?eth aatll f I PERSONAL. (? APIfSHAMSOAk I NN Al I UAL 3K0WTII ? t of H 'tr on Tare, arm* uKfc.ralkarr itprui* i?-i 11 iiu.ivrd mil ii I urr to tk* akla la t? j da>t. al?.>. tin aj-idcrful aieih I f >r r?ta ?*<li? Hit*. Krtcllit, li'l-K A cura or k< iay Jll" P?-Lr.t? : > a>?uu> p<Trbo?-i j-7 Sf i\] at*. PB. Hii.-ok. au fiyncicM ?iumi i'l Pbj -1 at. ai.d M Ida If. , cat. I>? '-ana ? c i ?i.:u-d at 1XZ 6;b aticct D*>rtbv>Hit, tr <m?a. n> u 7 f. m . iUiIv. Ilcr n:? <1iriii?? arc aafc ant ri.ial.u-. Advi ' frac. Call of aarlta. j-? Ui' tH fk|||k BkWaKu ? Lt'TTIE. fr..? II-w B jll I ? 11 V i k. 1 I* nr>t *n1 " r tt ?. ? ball ut*a the ? "Id. rur<ali > oor RB ? r ti. tl ? ?radi.-1. tbf tra ? fladt abtut frtaad* rt c \.r<r. ! ?? j.. rt :alk? arith. and abova I ii. t i*t j' i.r InIna atiddaad; l.atth - graat Ecratias < l arm. lucay r nmt' rt Bail'factlaa ?r a > M' Bokra^Rto 4. 11" Paaaryl'aaiaa'> n w. jrf I ? All tub CBEDiTOEe or j. j eikb m irtarnt their cUiaiat our oB>l??iUiib ib- wit ! irty dait fr. m thtadat*. jt:B BskbOl'B A HAMILT"K. Ia<ifii.| hHk P. A BBtiWK, Atit?rti( airt'i.yiai oa / Mutw i, No 914 12rb ttm>r,t"atw<<?>(i I aad K. Hoort,?to 12 a. la . 3 ti> e p no m?t> Iw* AHHtTkOLOGIST-Hr* PB ELLIS. Ull Pa. ai < cur. tell* pat'. arwarLt aud 'utura. Inraal B.aiii?(r atweat frioud*. tr <1*ad or 1:? tag. pr p*rif or altkli, lavaatta tba rranit >4 all ua'artak ii ira. a t rt- to ko for aarcaat. tiayplaaaa and b-aitb Tem.t Ladlra. ?1, UcLta #1 tc $1. 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Oe&U?-mea placing tbrsaealvas la Dr. band can rely apoa Mag acteaillteally aad boa oral-1y treated Befera to tbe blgb teatlaoalals which be now boldt tr m tbe leallag phyaiaaoa of Baltimore OBosdBd Mth atreat uorU-waet fru? B to It p m aiarRP-ly \lAPARB BEPTBLL. M P . a tt> ei i'l parterced and sctcBtihc LaAiet' Pbvtlctaa aad ? idaile of RU years' practice, attendi ladies at the It I met, or .rtiU'e prltate rooina, caretol ncra Ibg. aad the beat aefleal a'tetidmBce at the Pos tor'a private raaldeace Lad)"a placing tlifasltas Obdar the cara of Madame Beate 11 are guaraakaatf scientific trvatnent and a epe*dy cara. Offloe and r sideace, coraar of Bomb Sharp and Dorer streets. Baltl?ors seplfly "BOOKS AND stationeryT /VL1VEB OF TUB HILL A Tale By tks U aatbor of Kiaitterlbg ChiMri-a. few vol a met of Bp *~be --f History. be Orteha aad tba Ptttlaaa Tbe Fall of the Mnarta. Familiar Talks to B?-ra. By Johe Ball Polybe*ia aud Bew Cnina*. By &cv. a. W. Har r*AII tba new Books as pablltkel. At mm. BAUAKTTIIK'I yS-tr 4A? SETEBTH BTBBET ^riClAxt KOTICK \Ti havs k very large atock of ^TTEBILB BOOK*. Let CT?r from tba R.May staaoa. Tktst Bo kt are aoltable f. r premiums for a. bocla We w'll Bake alilieraldtaocaat Ire* the ragalar prices Rar that pnrpoae Tsar kin are tarited to exanlae tkts stock BIOHLM B^TMEMA, kyB-B 1R1I Pasta arttia Mt.lltkrwP, or ip tr psoas, fro* agaacy, ^whara^all srylat of Bl^^kg say be a

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