Newspaper of Evening Star, June 7, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 7, 1876 Page 3
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DRY GOODS. I*1 Hole 8HIKT4, *;?CSlt.1IK. U, MK AMD IS Itch ?> of W?nJ?C? ? M mm *"d Tw-nty ts* Hcn1r?*d Lin-" for ?!*? ceats. On!* 6JH cents ? (l# l>rM? ?h'rt. boti Nt 3 ply LIN KB COLLAB* "?'? !f cmIi ??r M tto HBlI H B \LTIMCKK 6111BT Fi? T'?KT. 10 a t *?re?t. 1. WILS D*Ei. je7 Im 'Managw." Jin rri lTwns BLACK GBENADINES. BLACK CASIIMEBB BLACK BILKS BLA' K ALPACA, SPRING DBE3S GOODS. CAHrEB Bi 707 Market Lame assortment of heantlfnl Ltwni rad-.ced f<*?* ?< ??< l?*c . Black UrnMiM, JUc , 2?e . 31c.. 37c ,Soc ??iark Cvhiwri', 75c.. 87c., 01. AH of ?ur Bis a fc iks u coal, 9V , 01 15, 01 V, |IJfi |1 N. B Mk -ilk S b*ir AlMctr?lM?d(roaTle. t toe Alt of car Csesimere* for men end boy ? war a? pi in ? <-. ?t. t7c ? K>c.. Oc All of our Ban Cmbrtl a* ?t coat. 01, 01.3P, 91 M. 01.71, 03 Cal i?t Jf . ae. 7< . nc. *v?rr yard of oar beautiful Bario? I>r?w OchJs reduced to real coat. 18c., Vc., Mc .Joe J7c 30c Lonsdale ftne jard wldeOam Lric reduced to It cents. jaB-?r j)?wv pawn;: ?wMMi *20 casrsof all kind* DOMESTIC GOODS, from tbr big i*r? York ? anoilon aalea of laat weak, wbich w? ?bai. effar at prices fully 35 par cant, as der regular p> ices. NOW lirorBTIMl: 8 P tCCl A LTI ICS lO p'""?a hSLdsome Bilk aud Wool GBEHA 111* E* f r Overdress OO ptscss Pliu Black GRENADINES. SO piecu hummer ML K 8 from 75c to 01. 00 piec?* VfMi b Organ-lls LAW9S, In bead soar color* arrt r,n? nalttiea 9 ilvtea TAMEiSaana i p'ece* Black CA9H ? lb( ilO ?lc- Bt?-k "SILK ?, from 75c. to f3. lb-above ? p eiaJtle* va are now selling at fnMy ten p r cetit l?-. low wh leaale price* three week* ago A full *? r* < f Foreign and Domestic GOODS a Ptlcym arm ? ?to pi-ate. ?/*Bdnni.Ur lvc*lk/n. w. n. BROWI, j*3 tr Ho. 31a St a street n>r.hwe*t. Its THAN I A r t TIO N prices: B ?'!' ? rr et v-ith unusual >nfe.i durir-e {he piat ninli *. pi pea to continue our gt eat Closing Out tale for 1U1LTY DAYS LON'JEB. 1X1 SHALL, t'N IlOKDATi J 1KB 3, tlt'r cur lire itcck of DREES GOODS, including &1LKS. GbLNADlNES, MO 11A IBS, ALPACAS, Ac., AT WO FEB CENT. BELOW COST. CLODS Ml'ST BE SOLD. DOMESTIC AND HOl'SEK EE PING GOODS Will be cPfr d at prices which mnit secure purcha (Ml. Fosltit'Or all c ods not closed out by July 1, will le acid at anc-ion. J. C. WISWALL * 004 jeS-tr JllTtim.,v?rP?.??f. L AST CASE. One to-* ry e rf the White Vic'o-U Lawns, in rt !"ti?'??. at UHc . W3rth57*c 1(0 ?hi'" Coui.,erp?n?a, at 813V, reduced from ?3 10 bc*r? UaN-riga? Ho?o. at #3 per box lu pi? ce- ^aiit-tjipto Urekadm*-, at 13>?c , worth ZBc Plain. PUi'l a~<1 S:r:pfd Black Grena'linaa, from ttc. m si zs 10 caaea Wtl??* anil Br. *iCattoa?,from tba lata ateti L. fr >a? 4C to 30c , lowest price* erar be 1o?e k?i' *n Our W bite Liueo B^aom Bhlrta, flalshed, at 01.23. frtck Ualte'ael ptpfr PATTEBNS. btO. J. JOUXNON A CO., jfl eo Til Market S^aoa. <<r?tiAL liABGATNS 19 inxss GOODS. lot cpec^d ICC piece* hard*, m- aui ktyllih I'EltfE U'JUL J. raur.Lg in price t. oj? U>ae. to 73c. par yard Black GrfDM'ioea. all silk and wool, Lupin's make, attic t ?1 per yard, ch?-ap H*Ld? ;ii.e s.r, pt- a^ii Pl'?idi>reii?>'.inan,Sno BUck ( fliDtrtt, Ta^iuae Cloths, SI h?u au? Alpaca, all at dowa prirw. Biack Preo" ?ilk? from 91 to 03 per rard. A f * piece* cheap turcnier Silk* at 75 and V'ic. S? pi?cm b^antitnl Pcrcala aid LavnaalUtC , with a full M ? t of Domestic Staple Gooda, all at loweat market prices. J. W. COI.LEY. bt!1 tf Cor. Sth street and Market Space. THE LCWIST rillCES YET FOUND IN DRY GOODS. Opening another I t 5c Bieachfd Cotton, worth 10. Largfft :ii>e L?wn- in the city. 13.Sc Tineet aa*or'ni?ut Percale* la city, USc Parafols abd San Cicbrfilaa reduced in prlca. Llama Lace Sac ,ucs, S3 up, worth tbrua timea the morey YietcrU Lawi ?. 12X, U, 18, 20, J5c., cheap. A11 Or I)'* O ??? now 2 c All 37He. Dr?>- G^oda now 25c. Tha I re?a Dm. ^trck fearlullr cheap. Ladles'8 Ttc? V> hitf bktrti. 75c Lad ts Ualbric^an Ho e. 35 and Mk). pair. Men at d B ? a^-imere* at coat. Btraw M att 11?. 9', 25 and 35c. Carpets at Cv it to cioae out. T. n. NAl'D& _rnjJ0 U 7 09 MABKET 8PACM. ^HE biLK AND DRESS QOODS HOUSE OF WASHINGTON. WalnTltethe attantioa of tha public to oar lm tnacse as*orim??ct of neweat 9t) lea Bl MMAB BILKS AND GBESIADINBS Of ?ll shade*. In Strlpea aDd Plaids. Large suck i>LAlK BILKS of all celebrated cnakra Bun.mer DLE^S GOOD8 of all the latest prodac Mens LA' B SACQLE3 a:.d 811 AWL? of the rlcheat BiiK lMBUELL<\S, fine HOK1EBY, and La 4ieaLINkN PI ZTa in great vaiiety, at le?athan Sew Yolk prices. KOLPOEI) A 8HILBEBO, Ml MABKET SPACE, mi37 tr Third door from ttb itrwt. ^ HAVE OPPORTUNITY! TEN I'XX CENT. DISCOUNT! KKOnilEAD A CO., 030 Pc^^a. Ava., between 9th and lOtb sta., Will har-alt' r all w a discount of 10 PKBCENT. o n all sal** cf IMPOKTLD L?Lt8- GOODS, (in cluding Si'ks. Grot admen. Lluro Lawns, Alpacas, Mobal.-a K?l.'tM ic ,4c ,lsM LIN Kfil TABLE 1>AMASK*. t WEI 0. NAfKINB, A:. All DO MBBT1C OUOIJ-. UOSIKBV, U?Nl>KEB CHIBVS. GLOVES, LADIES acd GENTS' UN 1> BBWBAK. a d NOTIONS of all soiU will b?sold ? t the Lcweat Market Price. Thi* to a rare <>pportuui:y to aecure Bargains In t rst cia?s gcoit. Acdrosc. Kg;. i i BLEAC3BD COTTON. 10c. 3-Bnlton Kit *. In *r colors. ?1 .13 Bilk Clocked BALBBIOoaN UOSB. 03 a box. an A CICH STOKE, 1402 r itreet, bat. 13th and 13th sta. < old staad.l BRODHEAU * CO. myH-Tr *10 Pa. a*a.. bet. ?;h aid loth sta. J'OBS T MITCHELL. 031 I'BBNb V LV AN1A AVBJL'I, Haa ju?t:. c? aiid is now opeuirg. ar.otber In voice of CbOiOE PABUK'Sfor Bommrr war. Grenadier* in black and all tha n w shades, to Match tiils <r in 75 ceata to 03.U0 Brocade Grena dinee, all co'<>rs and shades, very eboise g>ods Brocades la Silk* ar.dJPocgeea. Unipure Lacaafor Orrrdre**** t.alcntta Poniteea atd lidia Gai4<. Bomaaer Silks InCbecka.Buipes and Plalda. Franch Jaconats >>.(! O gandia Lawns, new styles Pri ted Linens at.d Llcea Lawn*. Toile Neta and Linen Batiste, n-w *t>tea, for Orerdreaaa* Slits and Overdraaaes. la k'rench Cambric. Z*phyr Cloth, Bitlsta. anl Li .en. fro n 0.^ 00 to 03*. Wrapprra and Draaelng racks at all prtees. Liaen Duster* and Ulsters, r. ??tamer Water proof Cloaks. PrsMtMarlin Dreaaaa aad Orardraasn A lar^s atock of Ladiea Underwear, medium and flue, at very low prices Our atock In all claa**-* of goo-Is Will be tonDd fre?h aad attractive, lu et>les and prices All the noreltiea ef the arteon will be adJjJ as ?'X>n as tk?? appear ?n the market ?roSE PKlCB ONLY JOHN T. MITCUBLL. my2? tr 031 Pennxylraala avenue. JoCTH Vt AIHI.16TOH DRY flOOUI - White C m <1 i . iaea at beaoaful Col red id Piinr* a: Uc.; White Goods. su;h as Mar , Plaid. Snips, and Plaia laasooks; Victoria " Cembrlca. from 30c to Nc ; 3,400 rar Is lamb org Bilsi ?-\P>c per yard. Sjrti-g _ ?own; ail numbe*s up to 73c : Spring C?o.ui t?v (or Boy* aad genta, 2te. to 01; another lot of ikM Ha. Kid* Agencr for Mra'e Deaaorest. JOS. II. iG?u4a_j?>l, Plala. aad StrpM," fr <ia bKi. i.;theMS>t 3?e. and V*ie._Biack Alpacas ia tN. Kid* Agener for M.-n'a Dsaonst. JOS. I BALLET, eoraer 7th and P sta. eoathwaat. apl-tr f' J. UBIBEBGEB, (Jaeansor to H P. Londan B Co. J CITIZENS. ABMT AND 0AYT MERCHANT T At LOS, Metropolttaa Hotel, (lata Brown's.) Ul tr Bo, 160 Paaa'a ava., WwoiaclM. DRY GOODS. | 'UN T MITCHELL. 931 Pzsxatltaria Atmcz. J""H LIBNN LAWB. S><00 yarIs opened this morning, ?t csiiu, former price SO cent*. cI^ilvB^JL,A^BLACK *OULA" oihgham' Large ? took of DBKB8 NOOD8 at 11* and 35 ?*tlt' je4 4t fJONNOLLT'S, THE (HIAPIIT STORK IN THE CI*Y, ?09 NIBTH BTBIIT, Opposite the Patent Oflloe. Eat? 5n5"i'8c^?? '90c- an4 #' r* *' p',k "?n Cmbrelian, f jjo tn 88 InMc^ and Madras Ginghams redaced f H.F.0?1 P??W.?! toov. Bb*wtaand incqaes. ft to 830 ?ktoS at'd Vr^m, *Aaaook,> ?u-**d Tor Sacks, Fine Linen N??kins. f ] a dozen. Toll Mm of Kmbroidertaa. I'?* French blowers. from anrtlon. TL"". c', * w,! ' ?ale and retail. lea aid Gent'a Qaaw I'nuerwear jet-tr 15 OOO YARDS HAMBURG EDGES FROM AUCTION, 3,5,8,10,12 U,iDd 18c60tff. Verr *<*t CALI toi?*wln?oT?eBta per yard. One hcsdri d pieces BLEACHED COTTON at i^c. "LACK GBENADINE8 from auction, plain, atripe and plaide, from 12H, 14 W,?,i,e:c ^ ?i,t.r..10? HiiW 8*TL*S PABA30LS With fancy handles, SO, 73. 87, ?1, ?1 M,, ?1, 92 50, f3, Etc. yard wld^ 'AH0T LAWN3' ll.l?,18.Btc.VICT0,liA LAWHS 1* 14 ,n ? > BLACR alpacas 15. 13. 10, 25, Etc 'IBCISPLAID DBESS .'GOODS at V cents,sold at SO. 18,?,?. Et?. B0LL3 HW MA"I5a rrrSnl,.PIj- !i?.AND LINENS rcrcoiti, With 1 ace to match. 8* WIDE SUBBT1NG COTTON. 85c. mil!LY35.? W*ITK 000D3 fjr ?'? ?? C. M. TOWNON A CO N., 636 PENNSYLVANIA AVENl'E, J?? *o?r Eorni Bipk, Nfak Tth Stt.ezt. fHOfcE WHO KNOW BEST, Patronize the ON* PB1CK, CASH, L>ELY GOODS HOUSE of W*. BIRD WTLIE, 1014 7th atreet northwest. WSPECIAL BABGA1NS HOW OFFEBINQ. . ""A*,ncT t?r Mrue Petnoreet's reliable Pat terns and "Abe Eagle Shirt." myVtr RAILROADS. |j.UTIMORR AW1> OHIO RAI1ROAP. JUNE 4th, 1976. Ak?.\ ata??5AM WASHINGTON 6.40-Baltimore. Annapolis, and war stations Main St?i^ *nd lnte,m6dl,kte ?t?tlon?. Z v?r5 Alexandria Jnoction. 8.00 A'W York, Philadelphia and baton Mr CYn. *>mrlor Oara. Leaves at S.lOa m Sunday. stop< at Way Stations, Vi c..tcerta for Annapolis. 8.18 Oartaaan, St Louis and Px'tsburr f?. Frederick, Hageretown. and Valley Z "ia~ d"1."/ of Boeka KnA W?T atatlona. ? H*,tlS0!T sUtlona. p?fi^L^k. Liai.^kurw. Baltlmire and p m Philadelphia, fcauday to Baltimore only. la ift-Bam^ara. Way SiaUona, Elllcott City and l-'*0?J*ttc York, Philadelphia ani Norfolk Mr M W*' St?tiuM J"J2""5m'?l*l,Mirr WAy stations. nnit Krprns. Bllloott U> ?r*enc* w %y HimUjca, tU Iki ?tro f .1 ?AnL?p'j||? ani way atatlona. ( ?"?1*0, CiMrmnati tn<l LotttswU ?rvr?*i ExcepfSatorday,daily tJ t olum&ns. Louia Isvilie b> 11:30 p.m. train on Satordar iiag^r-t wn and WlMhMter. Si.eptn* cars < ?- ?j;' Cincinnati and Lo*,fvilU ba tin.o*tan<i P\> n.uivMi JSrp-tst. Tre?d ?nck ?nd Way Siati ?ns, via Belay. 1 Cou l?r Annapolis Pundar.) ? to? Ba.tiaiore. BlAdennburK. College, Lells '-?I'acrel. Annap HsioncUou ? i? S .""r" w?y stations. B.'ju Pittsiiorit. hni no coun.cUou beyond Mar tipaboi* by traiu leavln* Snnrtay night ?? iib_i5 1.1 Metropoiifan Branch. .# ott? Baltimore. Bladenibur*. Belta.ilie, t,an M, tt?'ay 10:0???ltw Mori, and Philadelphia Nit hi Kxprut' BIwp.nK C?r? v. New fork v .n oli?%nd principal war atatlona, i0:30?Hartinsbargand way ataiiohl, Motropoll Branch. 11:30?&t Louts BTprtrs. Chicago. Colnmbna, t'.-r.duaky.Newark On Saturday for Loais .'j?, * "n H 13. 9:34 a m : 1:40, ?:33. 4:34. *.4 0, 7 00, 9 U0, 9.00,10:00, 10 04 and 11:30 p D?.,a?uf. All otbrr tralna dally, except Pqnday. ft" t ?mjctl'iB on Sunday lor Hatteretown or Val iT:- ^*-c^,,c^-for Ii6" *ork anu Philadelphia at - ? na ado 1:40 p. to. .r^?n^r,^rrJ,1^:7n",0?,M?ly M th? Baltlmora 5?s ^.a? ^?"hlngton Sution. and *,*?<601 and 603 Peor aylfania avenne, and ?13 lSib street northwest, where orders will b? taken lo'the^tt^9 *? ^ ehecked receired at any point of Transporutlon. '' J* f'OJLE. Oeneial Ticket A?ent. CEO. 8. KOONTZ, General A^ent. aplt tr P?R THRCEWTENWIAL EXHIBITION FJfM TRAINS VAIL Y, MXCSPT SUNVAY. VIA BALTIMORE A POTOMAC BAILBOAO. Oyntmeticing Wednesday, May lGt/i. The Baltimore and Potomac Bailroad Company will run the following trains g? _ tinnch to Philadelphia with it-fV Iff out charge of car* leaTing th- MC V5?ac-*ffS ex^ r't t? ne'aVV*Ci* *venDe Oth street, dally, T:5o a. x . and arriving la Phllaielpliia at 1:80 P. daily, except Sunday. 9:83 a.m., ao?arriving In Philadelphia at l.!<4 . p *.,daily,except Sun<l?y. 1:30 r. m , BLd a< riving in Philadelphia at 6:40 , M.,daily,except Knnday 4:30 p. m .. and arriving in Pk'ladelphla at 11 p. 34?, GAlly. 9:10 ??. m.. ai d arriving In Philadelphia at 8:34 a. m , daily. deeping cars attached to the train to Phlladel ahia leavtLg at 9:10 p M ; and persons securing berths can remain in the car nutil 7 o'clock a.m. t*core your tickets at th* office of the company, norti;>-ast corner 13th street and Pennsylvania ave nue, ard northeast corper of 6ih*streef and Pean M Ivatia avenue, and depot of the Baltimore and Pototoac Bai.road comeany. KKANK THOMPSON, Oetseral Mana?<>r. rcylg lm p M. BOVD, Jr.. Gen. Paa. A?ent. ^ SlVtKJAL R. K. T1CRET OFFICE. TICKETS to or from all polnta bought, exchargi d or a?i!d at r '?M a reduction of o-*g tx.LLAi A?*4 TV ?*-" 8WTJ upon at y other office or depotHQEsKS^BSHS In this city. Tickets good tUI used. Burgage checked throngh. 18/6 p ? n nVV\l vania 1876 ROOTI T? th? (forth, Weft, ad4 loath*e?t. r>.uU* Troth, ?t*el Bails, Spit^did ?oe? ery, Moani/tcnt &</utptnent. JCMB 4th, 1*76. Trains leave Maahington, dtj- tine, from Depot, corner of l?h aoa B itfMs. at follows : axcaplBaaAnj ?? BALT1MOBE AA0 POTUBAO HAlLB"AiJ for Canandalgna, B.cheater. linffalo. Niagara Fa..a, ard the Birth, 6 a. m. daily, except Sun . v m. lis. uwu/j civcr? oU.B day; and 7:40 p.? daily, except Saturday, with , wltk mm'sSi>4? ? alls. 11:40 a. at. daily"az ForRaw York and tka Baat, 9:40 p. m dally, with Limited Expreas of Pall ?an Parlor f ars, 9:43 a. a>. dallv. excapt Sunday. For New Tork ard the E? t. T:40 a ni. and 1:30 f-irkad*^ aiMp* bene ay, with Parlor Cars at F^r Philadelphia. 7:40 a m and 1:30 p. ?.fatly. f*fap? au.y, and ? 3u and 9:40 p. as dally, Ltamd liptM. 9:93 a. aa. dally,exoept Snaday Accomodation for 7 an . , .?nd d:90 w. m. daUy, azoept Sunday. dally, except Sunday. F r AnnapoTia. 6 00 and 11:40 a. a. and 4:80 a. ? . azcest Sunday. ALEXABDB1A A FBEDBB1CK8BUBG RAIL EAILROADAIjJT ^MDB1A A WASHINGTON For Alexandria, 0. 7, 8:88, 8,18, 11 1,9, liTi.:Sii?SiWi 0 ?'?? Baad*7^ For the Sooth, via Blohmoad, 11:40 p. k. daily. sxoMt Suuday, and via Lrachbaiv, 9^00 a. ?! and 11:88 p. m dally. Trains isava Alexandria tor WMhlagtoa, 8, T. 8. !???? 11 ? ? ..1. 3.4, 8, 8. an? Tp.i. OB Snaday at 7 and 18 a.?.. and 8 p. a. ? Tickets, information. Sleeping aad Parlor OH accouacdatloca can be procored at the ORcm-? Northeast corner of Thfrxeenth street and Pans sylvaala avenne, Bortheaet aoraar of Sixth strMt and Pennsylvania arenue, and at tba Depot, wbara orders can be left for the checking of Esaaasi to deettnation from Hotels and BeeldenoM. fX>HBNH LOAN OFFICN, Sbnur of Tth Mr# v and Ntrm Jorh ?mm. eniraaM on lew A HOUSEFURNLSHING GOODS. m SPECIALTIES FOR THE SEASON. ?*? BIGIBATOBS, " ' ICS CHBST*. ___ W*TEB C00LEB3 And 101 PITCHERS, FBI IT JAM. J ILLY TC1IBLEBS, Ac. WEB* + DEFEBIOQE. 1MP0BTEU6 Or CSIBw AMD 0B03KEBT, 1009 PBSJST1.VANIA Avisra. )e3 lr Bohntn Uhh AL'1 lltb streets. UEOOBDRAND FIBNITUBB, O STOVES. Ac , BOUGHT, and tbe higheet cwh prices paid, and told at re duced prteee.for cub. _ _ W. BUTHEBFOBD, myBly Oor. MB and Q ats., 6a J northwest. d CHRIS. RIESSNER, A Tl? AND TIT Tth 8TBEET H. W.,^* Ia Bole agent 'or the District of Columbia for tbe ? T. givioi, Tbe only BILl\BLB HEATING BANGS to tbe market. Mr. Belsmer h*e pot ap hundreds of thnee Iuh lo tbU city, an! la all cases tbey have ll<?n tbe atmoet satisfaction. He basthe largest end beet stock of 8LATB M4STBL8 Id Washington. at prices from #18 npwirli Mr. Biemuer la tkfo Ag?nt for tbe BAD1ANT HOME FUBNACB, Wbicb ha? t*-en thoroughly tested, end pronounced bt experts tbe beet furnace now in o?e. LATBOBB8 AND GBATES Id great variety. at greatly reduced prlcee. TUB SCMMEK QUEEN OIL COOK STOVB la tbe bent And ?afeet oil stove in the world IKON AMD TBBRA COTTA VASES, Fmbracur *11 the latest deslgna. Aleo, a large ?tock of BEFBIGEBATOB9, WATIB COOLER*. STANDS, CUTLEKY, PUln and FeDcy TIN WARS. whnli??al? and retail. Beat three ply BUBBEB HOSE.on'.r 14 cents per foot TIN BOOF1NO, 8P0UTING. Ac , done promptly by tbe beat workmen. Orders invited CHBIH KIKHNNKK. mylO-tr T 13 and 717 7th atreet northwest. d THB d J MT ROVED KITCIIENER Will do tbe family cooking with one half the coal repaired by aay other Bauge Id the market; eosis one batf ac much ae other Binges of same capacity; will aave it. price Id a few yeara la the itema of re pairs, and save Its price every year in tbe coal bill, la modeled by the beat skill known to the art, wltb avitwtothe great) st convenience; la what every faraily wsnta, aud, having, wonld not part wltb. We have 8mall and Large Family, Beetaarant and Hotel Sizes. The largest assortment of SLATS and WHITE MARBLE MANTELS aLd PABLUB GRATES Is tbe city. 11 AT WARD * HUTCHINSON, 31 T 9TH fcTBEET NOBTHWEST, myi-tr STOVE an* PLVMBING HOUSE. REFRIGERATORS AND WATER VOOLER8. Large aiock of good make*, at' low prices. (>EO WATTS * CO., Housn Fdrnisbims Stops, apSP-ly SI 4 7th street, above Penn. arena*. STLAMER LINES. s PEC1AL UU110 ( n and after MONDAY. June 8th, until fanher notice, the Kerry Boats will run ._ teiwxn the two cities e-? f 'How: Leave Washington 6.7:30, (?:30,aB 9 ??' ?*? ?-30, 1 O 30. 11:30 a. m., 13:30, 1 30, 3:30, 3:30,4:30,3:39,?.13 and 7 i> u>. Li'tve Alexandria #.7:30,9:30,9:31,10 30, 11:30 a m , 13 30, 1:30, 3:30. 3:30,4:30, 3 30, b 1 3 aLd 7 p tu. Pundays. ?*:30. 9:30,10 30.11 30 a m . 13:30, 1:30. 3:30, 3:30, 4 :30, 5:30, #5;13 aud T p m. j>3 I* | Republican! UftClAL NOTICE. On and after Jnrie 4tb the feat and commrdlons tttamer __ .k ? ^ IITFOBT W i.l leave 7th street wbaif, dally, at SEVEN O CLOCK A M , Making c'^se cr.nnecllon at Qiaistico for Freder icksburg, Bit.l.mbnd, and all points aouth. B F. l>ODI>, Acenl, je2 Iw 7th Strkut Wiurf. LI.M: lOK PHILADELPHIA CJ KEUL'CSV KATE OiV HORSES. Fre'g b? recelvrd on beard Steamer on MONDAYS ant Fl?IDAY> notil'7 p ai Eteight received iu Warthocae at any^ * time. ? G F. HYDE, my24 lm >9 Water rtreot. Georgetown, D. O. '| 'Is E STEAM KB " HABBINGEB" LEAVES 1 bth street vs harf at 7 a m. on MOM'AVe >r Mnttos Oreok. and J on WEDNESDAYS (s-oue h<)ur) tot1 Komlnt. Toucbea all landings each way, inclndlng Grind er'a. Little Ferry aud Boster'a. D?yl7-tr M K GBBGG, Oaptaln. CU YUk'S HEW EAPABSS LINE between / PHILADELl'Hl A,WASHINGTON AGEUBUE Tv? N.?Steamers leave Philadelphia WEDNES DAY and J-ATl BDAY, at 13 m. Leave Oeorgetown, D.O,. MONDAY and b p m. Freight recelvwl daily until 8 p. m. Thr()Dgh bills of laden given for Bos ton and Providence. Consignee* wishing their goods latded at Georgetown, will order them markf-d" via Georgetown." G. F HYDE, 39 Water st., Ge >rge tcwn.D.C. V M. P. GLiYDE A CO.. 13 8 Wharree. Philadelphia. mayl-lf^ jVEW OKPARTtHE -OLTl'E'B WASH i> 1NGTON, PHILADELPHIA, BOSTON, AND PBOVIDEbCE SEMI-i MEEKLY S 1 EAMSblP LINE.?On* and iftrr WEDNESDA Y, Apiil lPth.the Steamers of the above line, with direct connectiou with Boe ton and Providence, will sail (mm Philadelphia for Wa^MutU'D. D. CI., every WEDNESDAY and SATUKDAY Returning.leave Waalilnxton MON DAYS and FBlDAYa, ironi Johnsoo'a wharf, foot of l:th street southwest. Ihrougb Bills Lading ls eu<d to and from the aboie porta. Freight received and delivered daily from 7 a. m. to 6 p. m. Orders for delivery >">f freight, Ac., received at 1303 W at. ar l 1113 *th street northwest. W. P. OLYDB ft CO., No. 13 S. Wharves. Philadelphia. J. H. JOHNSON A CO., apl?*n A?ents for Washington. liH'H NOH VOLE. r 8TCAMEK LADT OF THB LAKI L.avea the Company a wharf, foot of 6lb street, every MONDAY, VVEDNASDAY aiid FBIDAY. at S p m , for Nor 1. Ik. BeturnlnK. leare Norfolk, Tnesday, 'l litir buy a&d Saturday, at i p m. Fare. #4; round trip, ?4. Ticketa good until nsed. FOB POTOMAC B1VEB LANDINGS. Steeui<T JNO. W . THOMPSON Keavos Company'! wharf, twot of 6tb?tre?t, every 7a m , fcr Curricman and Inti rmedlate landings, and ev ery FhlDA Y-at 7 a. m , for Ooan Biver.atopaing at int' rn)M*.iate la^dinsa For inf>ruiati?n apply at tbe office of the Com pany. nne'er tbe Metropolitan Bauk, IStb ?tr?et. oppoaite tLe Treasury, or to tbe Agent, at tbs wharf. a?ar>7-iy "PEOPLES' LINE'* * ?o? nOMlIil. MATtOl CREEK. tPPMK UA CHOVOC AKV INTERMEDIATE LANDINGS. Tbe sldawheel Steamer ??E. MOBBIS," Oaptalu T. E Baldwin, Will cuoimeiiLe running to tbe above landings oa M >nday March Atb, leaving fr->m arhaif toot ur Stb atreet every MON DAY and TU l.'BeDA Y at 8 a. m. B t-.ruiuk will leave Nomlnl every TUESDAY and l>Bli>AY at 7 a m. feM8 N B. F1TZHCQH, Agent. J V m A M O 1 1MB . HOT1CM. Wis* tft? *?rst ct diminishing tb? cfiau-?a ot ??t ilaion, :aa Sttaiie.s of this Line take a apec'.Aa^ oonrse lor all seasons of the year. Oa tbe ontward paanace from yace^st jwl k> Hev Ycrk or B?aton, croeclr.g Meridian of (0 at 4J lat . or nothing to tbe north of 43. On the homeward passage, or,.es!ng the Merldla. of M at 43 lat., or nothing to tbe north of 43. TUB BKiTlMH AND NORTH AMKRIOAN ROYAL. MAIL RTEAMSmPS. JtSIH JCKN JSMW YORK AMD ljVMM POOL., CALM AG AT CORK HARBOR. Fiok Nkw Yon, I FaomHbwToke *Bu.*la_.,Wed., Jnne 7 'Basal*. Wed., July 13 bcytbla..__W?dJune 14 Scytbla. Wed., July 19 Algrrl?._.. Wed., Jane 31 Algeria..?..Wed., Jaly 36 Bothnia Wed., Jane VlBotbalA .^..Wed., Aug. 3 AbjsMnla .WaJ., July 6 Ab/aeinla^Wad., Aag. 9 And every following WIDIHDi.1 AM BATUB OAT from Blew York. . ' do not carry aliirage pieeea Bath of Pas?a?b -OabtB, IR.JM aad SIM. gold.aroordlrf toaooumniodatloa. Ticketa to Paris, 114, gold, additional. Beturn ttekeH oa tavorabU |U.? terma. j aad tnm ail aartaor Barope ai very low ratea. Tbroagh bills of lading given for Belfast, Glasgow, Havre, Antwerp aad other ports on tbe Continent, and tor Mediterranean porta. For rretabt and pa Mage apply at tbe Company "a oEoe. No. 4 Bowllna Green; or both eteerage and eab<p, to 6MALLW0OD * MOBBieON.Bo.?l? Tihit, MPly OBAB. 0. FBABOKLTB. Agsat. TBFASUBT DBPABTMKNT, Orricx or 8t rEkiaTKSDtUT op Bcildins. Washingtox, D. O., Jane 1st, U176. Pealed Picposali to farniab tbe Trt:a?ary Depa't uiert wltb nve hundred tone (ssore or leas I beat quality WH1TB ABU COAL. Baltimore vein, fur nace size, will be received at Ibis office until THUBBDAT, Jane IS. 1876 last!notions to bidders will be furnlsbeAoa ap plication to A. B. WILSON, ie4,7,9,13 14 Chief Clerk. weir 633 fthstreet, WH&& of ll. acction SALES. THIS A?TK*100S. |)OWNMAN * BMH, Auctioneers. TBCSTBE'S PALE Or TWO B STOBY BBICK CELLABB.ON WOCTH BIDB or T bTBBBT. RETWEEk 14th ABD 1*th 6TBEBTB BOBTHWBST, (Mb ud 6* Houses iron 15th street ? By Ttrtwe of? deed of trait. dated October i2ihi in Liber *o.p? 8S8,folio US, one of the Ul.4 racord< for the rl District of Columbia and it the re,j' **t of the nrtr secured thereby. 1 will tell at public anctljn, in front of the prewlnae, on WEDNbSDAY. Jane 7th. A .D K6. ? * m-< allth<*e certain pieces or lota of ground io the city of Vathlimon.iitald District, and known a? lot* numbered one hundred aid thirty-seven, <1*7. > atd on? hundred and thir ty eight, i 1J8,i of Darrow'e anbdiriaion of part of rqaare numbered two hnudred and six(*W.ia? ?ald ? nt dt'l-ton i? recorded in tarrr^r'i rffloe of aaid city, la lioer H D Cooke, No. I, folio 140, together w'th the Improve ments thereon. Terms of sale: One third cash, (of which ?71 on each house nut be pa'd at time of sale.) and the balance in alz and twalTa months, with Inter rat at 8 per cent, from day of sale until paM.tobese enred by purchaser's note and a deed of trnst on the property sold All conveyancing an 1 record ing at pnrcbaeer's coat. If tenas of sale are not complied with In aix days after sale the Trustee re ervr? the right to reeell at risk and oost of pnrchaaer in defsnlt. ?1. T. llOLTZ VAN. Trnsee, mylg d Wo. 1381 F street northwest. '|'HOMAS DOWIilBG, Auctioneer, THI 8TEE B BALE Or THE STEAMEB " B. VOBB13" AT THB WHABF. N IT A B TUB FOOT Or 7th STBEET BOITHWBST. My Tinne ota deed ot trust execu t< rl on or abont tbe 3d da* of 11 <rcb. W8. recotdtil in M. B. No 1. folio-1 tfdand94,st the Cnstom Ho?s?. In Georgetown, D. C . atid by d'rect'on of the p.inii-a scoured tli*rt>by. i will st II at public auction the steamer E. Morris, i< fit nt cf tbe Rame, on the wharf, near the f?ot of 7ib street southwest, on the 7th day of June next, at 4 o'clock p m.orso cinch thereof as tnvy ?e t eci s?nry to pay the liabilities set one in the said d<?-d of trnst, including the interest and alt ex pt nw> of sale "Terms of s*le: gl 900 ca^b; the bilancs In two ? nial irstalme'ts at 6 and BMMIa.with S per eei.t interest cn deterred put n.ent*. If terms n..t conplitd wish in forty eight hours after date of?ale tbetruftee rofer*es the right to resell at risk and c< <t otdefaultii-K purcba-ir. tufg to B. P LOWE. Trustee. /^fcO. 1BCESDKLL. 60A 7ih street. valuable business propebty on e MbEKT. RKTWBEN 13th AND 14TH ST*. NoBTUWEBT. CONPIS11NG O* A NIW SMOKY BBICK BllLPING F1NISHID for STOFE AND 0?riCkB, BEING No. 1305, AT aLTTION On V KLiNESD A Y Jupp 7th. 1*76 in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p tn . I shall seit' t'jo nice mentioned pr, p-?ny, beins part o'? nrigiial Lot No 1. in Kjnare No. 25?. fronting 25 fe-1 on ? street, and extending back 60 feel. Terms: One-fourth ca-h; r?m?i*iderin four equal va> at 0,12. 18 an* 2? month", with interest at 8 per eer t . eecur^d on tbe property. A dep-sit of B2WJ rt'tnireo a* time of sa'e. UtO. IKl EODALli, Beal Fstate Broker, jel toAds B N. COX, Auct. TO-MORROW. u N COX. Auctioneer. OBOCBB1ES AT AUCTION. f ? "1 BCBSDA V , June the ""tb. at IO a.. n . I wl'l n II, at Siore 931 Marv land are nu?- southwe-t, a general lineoi Oroceri-j;I also. ?!?*? Tin sud Crockety. fixtures! K.r sale. Store nith cellar fur rent j.6 2t B. N OOX Anetionesr. i UCMab DOW LIN U. Auctioneer. TKUPTEEB' bale or valobbl* impeovkd l UOl'EBTY IN CAOBGKIOWN, AT ACO TIOM. B? virtne of a deed of trust dated the 7th day of June, 1875, and dniy i tc >ro.d iu Liber ] bo 7rS, folio 113, oiect tb? land rec .rdi for? WsshiLgton county. District of Columbia, and by direction of the party secured thereby, ?e shall sell ou 1 HCBM'AY, th? ??th day of June, 1S76, at 5:30 oM<wk p. m . In front of the piamisea. ptrtsof lots numbered forty niue (49) and nfty,(S0,l in Hot me?o's addition to Geurtetvwn. District ot Oolum bia. beginriiig at a p tnt in the north line of Dnn batt> u street, fllty two feet <4J) west of Monroe ? trret, and run east with north line of lM:u 1 arton street elglteen feet, thence north parallel to M-nroe street, eighty feet, theucc west para lei to Dcubarton street, tlgbteen feet, thence aoathiun straight IIp.p to the Leginnieg, together with the improvement*, which consist of a frame dwelling Terms: One third cttsb; the balance In two e-iual pb}ments at 6 and 11 months, and sectirod by deeoa ot trnit, with notes boa: ing Interest at 8 p r centum t* r annum on each tiwe ?>7 property. If the termi otrale are not compli d witb in live daygtbe Trus tees reseive the rfgbt to resell t he same at the risk and rost of the defaulting purchaser, after giving ten days' rotice in soj.e newspaper published tn tbe city ot WashinEt^u. Conveyancing at purcha aer'a cost, and a d' jo-it cf %'.00 will be re>4uired at t me of sale on each piece of orop?r*y. * M. D. t AHSIN. (Trr,.-0, WU. A. OOKOON.J myg'-d THOB. DQWLIKG. Auct. DOV^ LING, Anctlonoer. IBCSTEE'B BALE Or VALUABLE PBOPCBTY t N DLNBABloN ANi) BKALL. BXBLC'IB, la GEOBGBTOWN. Uy virtue of two d^eds of trnst, beartug date B9 " - 1st and Sd days of February, 1S64. aud re- fjSi c ild in Liber N.C.I. No. 26, at folios 1SS aud it . th* undersigned wtli sell oa MONDAY, the ?J')thdayof Slay, A I). 1^76. in iMBt of the pre n;i-e"<,'-n Dur.barton sfr?t>t. at 3 o'clock p m.,th? ei-t half part* of Lota No. 79 and $?', In Boali's ad dilon t<> Georgetown, the same froittng thirty (Jil teet on Dnnbarton str?et and extending bark of width northwardly one hundred and twenty tut, hi. proved with a comfortable dwelling tuu*a m il other oot buildings, th- premises b*ioR No. Dn i, bat ton street ana the other p?r-e! b -tag a va chi.i lot fronting 30 feet on lionli street aud haviux a depth of 120 'eet. Terms of sale: One-third cash: residue In two di'iai paymeHs at six ai-d twelve nijnth<, with in tertrt. to be see urtd b? d?*d of trust. deposit wfen the prop<-rty is struck ofT which la ft be f>r ftitt-d if the termi are not complied with within flva ds s after sale. All conveyancing and recording at purchaser's exp??tse BbAU PiCKBELL, Surviving Trustee. B/-THK ABOVE SAl-K IS UNAVOIDAHLY cortpoced nuil THUBSDAY, June >tb, same nonr and place. ESAU PIOKBELL, Snrrlving TrnsMe. ir 20 eod THOB. DOW LI N<1. Anct. rjtHOMAS DOW LING. Acctloaeer. TBCBTEE8'BALE OF IMrBOYEfl PBOPEBTY IN GEOKGETOWN. AT AUCTION. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated the HthM? d*> ?>f October. 1S73 and duly recoroed in Libera!^ 731, folio 357. oDe of the land records for Wash-""?" tc eton county. Diet rlct of Columbia, atd by there nnestof the party aecured tlnrtbr, we shall sell, on TUL B8DAY. the *?th day of June, ti o'clock p ni . in trout ot the pre mines, the weit half part of l.ot nnmbered sixty-two t62). in llolmiad's addition V< Oeorgetown, District of C lumbia, ths same fronting twenty feet on the south lioe of West street, with a depth of one bnridrt>d and twenty feet, to gether with the Improvements, which ceniist of a Brick Dwelling. Terms of sale are: One-third c*?h; the residue la twoe<inal payments, at aix and twelve months, and seemed by a deed of trust on the property ??ld.with notes be.-tring Interest at 8 per cent, pir annum C< r veya"Clng at purchaser's cost. A deposit of ? lt<0 will be required at the time of sale. If the term* of aale are not complied with in ten days the Trmt'es re-one the right to resell the same, at tue r >.k ard co?t of the defaulting pnrcbaser, bv five days'advertisement in wuii newspaper published """ *."!*J Tr,?tt? WM. A. GOBD >N, ^rusteee. civ23 d TllOS. DO w LING, Anct. IN CAN SON BBOB , Auctioneers. 1)' BAI K OF TWO COTTAGE FBAME H00?E8 A>D BUILDING LOTS O* Nt? JEBSEY aVKNI E, NEAB K BTBEET BODTU, AT A HOT ION. OnTHUBBDAY AETEBN03N, June nth, ( at ?> o'clock, we will sell, in front of the prem ises, part of Lot 7 in square 73S, lmpro* ed by? twogooid frame Cottagei-. Also, all of Lot 9, in time sonare. These lota are acc >rdlng to Blagden's subdivision of a<iuarv 738, aud will pay good Interest on the lnveatment. Terms: One- half cash: batauce in 6 and 12 month*; notes b> aring interest at 8 per cent., and tenured by deed of trnst on the pretnisee. Conveyancing, Ac., at curt hater's ci st. je3-?t DCNCAN8QH BBO?.. Auctioneer!. __ "educational. ITN1VEKSITY OF VIRGINIA. ^ tl'MMKB LAW LECTUBB8 (nine weekly), begin J3tb J uly, 1S7i5, and end 13th September Have p:uttd ot signal use.?1st to gtndeuts whooeslgn to pnrrne tfc? ir sludb a at thi" or oth-r Law school; td, to th? mj who prup'js^* privatMf. And 3rd. to practitioners shi have rot h.'d the advantage of sy*tematic ios'ructl .n For cireular apply i P O. I'Dive-raity of Va.) to John 11. MlSOR, Prot Com end Ptat. Law. jel m.w.f.lm WEBT BND INBTITOTB tamMy Msusi Jm Young La ft*. Mrs. B. L. CabT, PrlnclUi. Bew Haven, Oonn. Bend for circular. mari tal 'NGLl-fi. EBBNOH, AND CLASSICAL SB~ u LECT SCHOOL EOB YOUHO LADIBS. ?U New York avenue n. w.-Mri. ANQBLO JAOK SON, Principal.-The eighth annual aeealon begins on th? Hth of September. 187?. aug>4-ly IV'OTIOB TO CBEDITOB8 -The creditors of I. i> TUOMAS DAVIS, heretofore trading in Balti more ard in Georgetown, DC, as I. THOMAS DaVIB k <j >., are hereby notllied that on th? Mtb April, 1876, he executed an assignment of all hie property to the nnderaigned.iti tract for the beoeflt of bis creditors, whether indebted to them in his ewn proper name or in the name under which he has heretofore been trading, and that the aaid deed contains a provision preferring thoee creditors wbo shall, wbhin Lioety days from t!a date, exacate a release of their respective claims. The release may beexeented in parson, or by attorney, at the office ot the Trostee; or a blank form will b? sent to creditors wbo wish it. ALBBBT BITOHIE, Trtu tee. 24 l exiogton at , Baltimore. seyWAw.As 3w 64 Ladlee' and Ball TBA VBLIB? TBOBKS, wf fe CoMnrray 1 rami Trnnk Stay attached LADIBS* TBAVBL1BG BATCHELB. SHAWL ST BAPS an? POCE.ET BOOKS. DOUBLE and SINGLE HABHESS. LAP BOBBB end HOB8B BLABKJrtS ?ADDLBS, BBIDLBS and WHIP*. i Oorered and Be paired, i i to ?mi*. ^ HtHDRftAT< MSI A.a.a. A. caa*v _ ^ Larf or avail sns carefnlly tnresUJ and ???? ttd fit enstoaaers at a distance la fcgitMMle aatfi Stocks that often yi?ld enermons mora. rrcr. SO day* Selected Stack PriYllaaea a specialty. New Stock Boo* for Investors, giving full and re ItoMs Information how to ?r/su tmjtlw la Stocks, aeat free on application. Mdreea. UXTII * CO., AUCTION" SALE.* 'M'ALLISS FOBP, Ac-ttonrer. ^ Ca? G street. near 7 th, nortbwset. ir?. J an* * h fj\ raacttou r ma.ut will ??:! a large Ml p. ?ohms' iff it ' 1 I fin TO MORROW iThurs<isr> 1-76. ?t iO? m , In fr- nt of nr? Ko. b39 <3 street iiirthtot I w' lot cf tecwd hand Furniture. _ P<dst<ads. Bureaus Wa'hitand-, Tables. Ohalrs, ? mtnuHl. Stoves. Carpets. Hatting*, Cr*k?ir ?ir<. ic.. beicf the effects of ? Uay dec lining h< mtiMflrii, and must be t Ijsel est. TeimicMb. BelejSOUlUve. It CHil ? TOSP, ATrtioB^r. j^PWlN J SWEET. Auctioneer. TBUSTEES'KALBOF A PESIB ABL* THBBB STORY BBICK ANP FR*ME PWCLLING. Ho U*j P STRVr.T SOUTHEAST. NEAB '?PBOVIPllK'B HOSPITAL " B? virtue of e<?-ed o' tru?t. dated !fov?m bar14tb, A P. 1?7?, duly iitnrMii UbtrH No 7?. folio 4?7. "Be of th? iar>d records f-rJ> i ths Dlstiietof Coluxbi*. aid tbereju'stof th? H'tr MirMtl>?ttbr. w? will Mil at nuMlcaoc tkn. in front of the premises, oa SATl RDAY, J one>76. at fi odctktm, ths following de sciited rea* estate, situate in tbe city of Wasninf ton. D. O , to wit All tkow flMM or pwc li of giound known and described on tbe plot or plan of s ? >d t it/ as aad being part o' lot* uumbered eleven (II > ana twelve (11 > In square cnmoerei eever. huo dted and sixty rour ,7641 Ueflnniuf for tbe sasss at a p^ict In tbe llr* of south 1) street distant fl ty eigb*t??> feat Iwe aid a balf incbee tr<m tbe mrtheast con er of Mid lot twelve (tJ?j theace south eighty (8 i f?et. there* west twentv-three t S3) teet; thence north eighty (Wifeet; and thence east t senty -three <23' fe?t to tbe p eo? of beginning, t? gether with the imiroTincDii. Ac. Terms: 01 COO in _*?sb. and the balance at ?tv, twelve and eighteen nu bi. wl'b lnte'0?t at eight percent per am naj. secured by a J ed of trast on ibe property sold, or all cash. at the option of tbe purriiaeer A d*pi ~it rf will b<> required<>f the purchaser at t'nie < f sal*, acd all c >ti% ej?n, teg at pnrcl aser's coat. lft?rtv<f sal* are not complied w-tb in seven days from ?n- rfaj of ??!e.the trn?te-s re?? ve th? rlnht to resell tbe proje-tv a; the rick aid coel of the defaulting ( Ave day*' aev erti*? n.?n? ItHUNiEP H WtRVIB WILL111 F. MATTIXGLY <*rns'<*? tt yS2 m,w,ftd A J SWKET.Auct gjTTBB ABOVt BAI r I? POSTPONBO until Till'BSD * Y. Juit **, 1*~C *itiif ticur e;,d place. BHAINARP If W ? (IKKB- I T UlLulAM ? MATTIFOLV.i Tr ''tee? le7 St A J i-WIlT. Auct. B. 11. WARS KB, Auc'.loteer. MICTION 8ALK OF P*MR?BLB PROPtRTV ON THK SOrill HlUt of K SlBiiT BE Tv??JN |7-.h ASP 1-th 8TKSKTS, llKtB / R aKP NAVY L>KP? tiTM ?NT^ 1 will sell at public Hoction, io fr>?ut of the pr<miae?, > n FHI1?aY I i e ?. )J* at t' o'clock p m , tli>- ea-n-rn 22 feet 9 1uch<?o1a Lot 12, la Mnare No 17c imptoted by a trame H <vn> contaii ir c 7 r ^onx* Tertna of sale Oc half ca?h, and I't'anre in 6 and 12 nionthit. at 8 per cent intereat. A d> p >eitof ?40 rt 'icir-O at tim? ot sale All ?onveyar,ci*i?r at tb* co?t cf lb* pnrrha?<.T. B. U. WARNEIl, je7-2t (B<p.ltM Aoct n<-r. TH08~?f~WAGOAMANi Real Estate Aactioiieer, *19 7th street. IHrPTKEB SALE oT~ DM MP ROY rn PR1. 1SR1Y IN IVY CITY, IN IHl DISTRICT ?'T COLL'MIUA. Un?er acd by rirtne rf a deed of trnst to me. ??* dnly recorded in liber 790. fol:o U4, of tbe l*u?l^P record* for the Piaitic: of Columbia. I wiU sell-~ on FliIDAY, Jonn 1Mb, at o'< leek p.m.,on tie promises, at pabhc auction, and to the b1?tx>at bidder, lota nun.bered 17. 2U. 21.24. 15, and lJ. in. t juate No fi. tb Ivy City, D. 0. Terms of aale: One hair cash: balascein alx and twelve mortlia, secimd to tbe sattsfar'lon of tms tee. Oonveyanciig at purebMcr'a coat. If tbe termaof sale are not complied with witbln three daya fr m dav of sa e, tbe trustee reserves th - ru'bt t-j retell at risk and cost of defaulting purchasor. fX deposit at tinie of aale. A B. H ASK C, Trustee. je7-ec^ds THQS. E W AQUA MAM. Aoct Tuck k waooamam, Real Ealate Auctioneer. 919 7th atreet n. v. AT A BarBiriCE. SAL* OF A STREET ? 801 TbKAST. CAPITOL BILL. On !? R1DAY, June 9th, at 5 o'clock p m , I will offer Ur ia'e, on the premises, tbe' ab. ve property. Tbe Houas M a three-stor>? Biick, cor.tainltig ten rooms, and fitted out witn every modern convenience; a brick Stable la re?r, lathed acd plastered; Lot 19 by 1*> to a XI fojt alley. Terms day of sale. je6 a A da THQS. E WAOGAMA**, Auct ^pHOMAU POLLING. Aactloneer. SKCONP I1ANP BDILDING 3IATERIALS AT AUCTION On FRIDAY MORMNG, Jure 9tb, 1<76. at II c'clr-ck a tr .Isbal! sell on the premise*,(General Butler's buildiLgs,) corner of South Caplt <1 and Mouth B meets, a large lot of aecoid h?ud Bai'.d irg SI ate rials, cousisiitf in jari of M?rt>.f and \* eodei Mantels, Flsnk, Brick.Stone. Slate, P-?-?ra, gash. Blinds,, Iron Fencing Ac.. Ac. Alao, a lot of tet -ne and Stone Cutters Tools. Term a ca:b. j 5 THOS. P0WL1NG, An?t IJUNCAMSON BROS., Auctioneers. RK0E1VER S SALE OF MIRHOR*. Pit;rrRT. FRAMED. KM.Ri VIRG-?. COROS. TaS-^ELS. MOILI 1NO, SfcWin*} MA1KNE, Ac., Ar ; B? ipi: the entire atock contained In -"t'-re No 4 (?4 ?sh street northwest acd 40? lOtb atreet nottb ?Ht On FBIPAY MORNING, June 9th,comm^ticliig at 10 o'clcck, 1 aillaUl by vlr'ee of autho'ity vested in me as receiver, at 404 tf.b lUeet north* west, a large ?tcck of Mlrro'S, Picture Frarnes, Fine Steei Engravings.Cord*. Tassels, Hooks, Ac. Ac, usually found in a Picture Frame establishment. Also, at 1 o'clock p.m. the aaiu* day, at 4 OS loth street, A large lot ot Mouldines, Machine*, &">. Terms caeh. GKObGE W. PHILLIPS, jeg 4t [ Rep ] Rocener. rjj^HOMAB PuWLlNG. Auctioneer TRCPTEES PALE OF~VALCABLE REAL ES TATE IN THE COUNTY OK WASHINGTON AND D18TBIOTOF COLUMBIA. ADJOINING GkOBGETOWN ON THE NORTHWEST, AT AUCT10H. By virtue of four separate deeds of trust Tlven to us acd bearing't'a'e respectively the > 0 h day of Kebrnary, ms.the ltth day o'*L May, 1368. th* 1st day of Jauoary, l36y, and tbe 16th dav of Jaruary, 1369 and recorded re*??ctlvc-ly in Liber E. C. B , No & foilo 119. Liber Mo, folio 425, L>it>er T. acd R., No 5. fc>llo 362, Liber T acd B . No. 7, folio 104, of tbe Land Becords of Washington County. District of Columbia, we shall sell, at pub lic at < ticn, rn FBIDAY, tbe 16tb dey of June, A. D. 1876, on the premises, at tbe hour of i 30 o'clock p. m , to satisfy four several promissory notes ae tftir-d by said deeds, and at the re<iue?t In writing of the bolder of said pr mlssory notes, ths following diccrlbod p'operty, viz: All thvt tract of land con tiguous to Georsetown, iB the Connty of Washing ton District of Columbia, lying west of Fayette street and north of aud adjoining to 7th street eon ttnuel, and adjoining "The Cedars " on tbe west aLd north, being part of a tract called "Berleith," and containing sixty-three acree, more or lees i im proved by a Targe double Brick Dwelling House. Stable, Orchaid. Ac . Ac. >, less that portion thereof h retofore sold by Richard S. Cox to Joba H Small at d John H. Berry. Te'msof sale: One flth(l 5'cash; balance In six (6) twelvei 11), eighteen 118;, and twenty-fonr ill! months, deferred payments to be secur<<d by cotes, with interest, aud deed of trust on proaertf sold: intet' gt tavsMe semi anoually. A deposit of $500 required at time of sale. All conveyancing at-cost cf i n ctaser. If terma of aale are pot jomplisd with within a week alter day cf sale, the Trustee* reserve the ri#ht to resell tbe prop-rty, after five <B) days' notice, at tlie risk and cost of tbe defaulti i? pur cbasrr A plat of the property will be exhibited on tbe grounds at the time of sale. WALTEB 8. COX,I T 1 H'>MAM C C0\.< rJM THOMAS D0WL1NG, Auct. rOUNG A M1DDLKTON. Real Estate Auctioneers. TPUPTFE'8 SAI.F OK VALUABLE BREW ERY PBOPEBTY ON R. BATWBBN HbrH AND U7TB STuEKTe NORTHWEST. Hv virtue of adeed of trust dated March L , 1871. and recorded lo Liber 610, folios 474 . 475 and 476, one of the land records for the District" Of Goicmbla, and at the written request of the party secured thereby, 1 will sell al public auction. In front of the premises, on SATUkDaY, June 10th, 1876. at i o'clock p. m. the following de scribed real estate, situate la the city et W ashtug ington, District of Columbia, to wit: Allot lots numbered four. (4,) five, <5.) six, (6.) seven, (7,1 eight. (8.) aid all those parts of lot numbered nine, >8. ' ail In square numbered lour, (4;> one part of lot nine (9) beglnulng at the poutbwest corner of lot niie.i'J I SLd running thence north with the east line of X7tb street west, twenty (?> feet, theuce east 1*0 fe?t to tbe back line of said lot, thence south M leet. thence west 150 teet to tbe said 27tb street, and place of beglcnlng; for the other part of lot nine. (9 > beglnnlLg at tbe southeast coruer of lot 10. in said siinare, thence south 31 feet, thence ea*t 75 feet, north 31 feet, along tbe rear lice of lots 12 and 13,75 feet west, to the plaCC; of begin ning. and apporteoarees, beibg the whole property lately krown as the Washington Brewery. Tern.s: #5 6U0ca-h: 13 5?ijln six 16' months, wit J Intf test, ard balance In twelve (12; months, with Interest The deterred pajments to be secured by notes of ptircbaser snd de?d of trust on proporty sold. A deposit of f2ao will be required of the pur rba<-er at tbe time of sale, otherwise an Immediate re?ale. Conveyancing a coat of purchaser If othat terms of sale are not compiled with within seven (7) days the Trustee reserves tha right to resell the ?roserty at the risk and cost of tbe defaulting pur chaser. after fl?e (6? days' advertisement. cmser, atier a flAm L L PHILLIPS,Trustee. my?4 d tODNG A MIDPLETON, A acts H H. O ARNEB. corner 7th and F streebT TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPB0TEP BEAL E8TATB IB SOL ABB 400, AND FRONTING OB 9th BTBEAT. By virtue cf two deeds of trust, dstsd No JUi vember 13 b. A. P. 1873, and <ulj recorded ln_g? Liber 738. folio 449, Ac., and in Liber 74?.tp-J> ? llo 19, Ac., two of tbe land records for W ash?n?ton coutity, D C., and by the written d'rejtloa of tbe parts aecur*d thereby, 1 will sell at pabUc auction, St. WEDNESDAY, tb* 14th day^ of Jane, A. P. 1674, at 6 o'clock p ? , IB front of tbe *r?Mlsaa, lots numbettd slxtesn. (14.) seventeen, (17,' aad tbe sombera balf of lot numbered eighteen,! 18.) la ths recotded subdivision ofsansrs numbered four bun died. <4U0.> in the city of Washington, with all tbe ? reVofsa'eV*" ntr! b rd la casb, ot which mas' be paid at sale, the deferred payaents to be made in ons and two years from 4a* of sale, with interest at tbe rate r>f ten per cent, per Annum, and seer red by deed of trua? and lnsrraacs to tbe satis faction ot tbe Trustee. Terms to be tu'ly eomplteA with witblu six days after day of sale, etherwiee lbs 5,-sriSK".ii UujtiBI ,iKku.r, mjSl eoAds J T CPLPWELL. Salesman. ^BTHHA " Caa.s.c a/^SHjyuu^ mMrwU1M found to be DATCllA IAVORY ft MOOR*, 141 Hew Bond-street. London, and Bold by tbsm, and aU Chemlsm, and Storekeepers tbro?fbo?t tbe World. JT?M*PUo?U.i ' EVENING STAR v ''rt?MT.w Jaae 7, im. " w wh cossri Ctosinp 8**1ur4mw. SENATE ?A?. *To?? **port close! ? An order w$i% ?^cret Mitioti df clsrlrgthat at ?oA. ?"?-?* ^ of Ju,y the Aerate. sitting a* t^ST..?' -i,,l**C'? nitnt. will proceed to Ma *TjJ?o<* on ?he merits of the trial ra this ,or!*r WM adopted directing ttx> furnish within foor days their list Qf 1e tnesses, and requiring the respondent with ^ foar day" afiw .ecelvlrg yv " mK"" ger* a list or Ms witness^ soTaMwii. known. The Senate then a.1; >urne? v * coait of Impeachment until toe j?t? The legis'stlve, executive and tulicla" ?% propriation bill was further debated HOTSE?After ??r ^ rloaed ? ?^an ?PProprtaUon bli; wax consu- I ered in Commltlwof U,e Whole, the qam. I beln* Lhe Point of orvler niade bj Mr McCrtry agaioit the atfltirvi transferring the Indian bureau to i!m War d? parlment, which waa overruled by toe cbalr. After some farther debate, to the course of which the fluanclal eondttiwi of the Treasury ?u alluded to. the committee m?e and reported the bill to the H<m?e when it passed. The House then aijourned! A swipe Frose* to Death tk thr VinnL? or May?Two SweJes. crossing the Snowy rai*eon foot, left lhe Summit Hoose, In Berthoud pa?s, Sunday, and start- I eo t own the west elope. They were lateud- I 'ne to go to Hot Sulphur springs. Both men carried bund lea of blankets and provision* *a<"b pack weighing seventy five or eighty pounds. On Tuesday evening one of ihe m?n returned to the Summit House. He waa snow .blind, frost-bitten, and had barely strength enough to walk lie reportsd that bis Companion had frozen to death. Koon *lcr lfivlng the summit the ntnrni in, at d they became bewildersd .benumb d with cold and lost their way. They threw sway their biaukets to facilitate their movement, and the matches with which fi'T. *?**..Provided, being wet. refused to Ignite. Had they been experienced mountain r.e7, ?1e.v would have wrapped themselves in their blankets and sunk into the snow. 71} ?1 m'8ht have lived until th * storm snated. The survivor withatood the terrible JLr^VSani ^Ched the Summit as above A,r*r,y of men at Summit went down the trail or road, and on Wednesday Si?Vi?e of**1 rh* "now wan ao the removal of the body seemed out of the question then, so they buned It under six feet of snow, and will li?M h J?1?? until its removal for perma nent burial can be effected. Tne des/man's name h?f nnJ?'6'1 M<">*er- Hl,i companion * '"?e Jj* not been aacerialned. Fpon the body of the unfortunate Swede were found th?.*]?hotographs, naturalisation papers, the address of Samuel Header. Denver an 1 ?**?? in money.-[Dr,n^ yrlZ7t7u' th^THLHRrHL* .T,RAOEDV occurre-i two or tbreeda> b ago at I nion Springs, Ala. For Beaumont has been paying his ?*1,s Mary J. Hacky. daughter a*. ?} ^nd re,Pe<,ted citizen of that place Mi6?; Hasky was about twenty-four years of s"st*lowl ?n exoellent reputation < ?r *t,(1 chastity. She wa? kind hearted, unassuming, and a member of the HTin<^pal ch" 8ln?u,*r It may seem, Beaumont was a married mau, and allowed to pay attention to the young lady until hl-< "u*Plc'ons of some of TVe P*reuts of Miss Hn?ky qumionfHl her, whereup.>n she oonfessed her *w"re vengeance on the ?f?i 2 l^e haPPl???s of his daughter and her parents. A day or two alter war l Beaumont called to see Miss Haskv as usual when she Informed him that the "secret was out. and that Ler lather had swo^o km I JiL ?n slg,Jt- Beaumont left the city at I wnce for paru unkuown. The poor ruined and betra>ed one, soon after he left the I room, procured a loaded pistol, and. placma Ir rt11!1!12 Kil2^er temP,Wi pulled the trigger. I and her blood and brains spattered the I room?[Anthfiiu Banntr. RESI-LTS or THE VICK8BURG COT-OFF \Jck?bnrgh?s treatl v alarm i hit ih# leksburg Herald admits } ^l^er Is gone, and that the only 2r p,urrrent P*ht the city is In char-ging the channel of the Yazoo river, so a? to brina it through Chickasaw Bayou, and theoc* bv I i?rJh^.lty tOU^Mlssiasipph I i? ? ? ^ r 'H'"*.8 11118 ?*n ** ?<50o?npliatw4 at a cost of about fJM.CM, and adds- -The roam volume or the Yaxoo could be diverte l .. . bay?o- thence Into Flsn L*ke. I and finally Into the Mississippi riverat tne wSteraV v emete.ry> by me*us of a break- I , az?^' y cleaning and deepening IVt y?> ' a y tliecuttint; of a canal from the southern end of the lake to the M issis sK>pl. Tee effect of the plan pri?|ios?M wul be to keep open a channel In the M iMlaslppI frr,m tte National Cemetery along the river t>or ?rLVtJl!r ^K?le? c,ty; aud this l>e I practicable, the dangerous Influence o' the 0 . . r ?W '^ot ?,liy 66 avoiced, but we sL?uid trought into closer and moredire -t ci.n.municatior with the rich and populous * *z?o basin, upon which Vicksourg maln'y relies for support. 1 Th* Likekty Co Losses?The Graphic prints a View of the studio of M Hartholdt IfJ'ihSbwh#8,atuf?J "Liberty Ealighten' lt-8 the World,' which will stand In New lork harbor, is being completed. The society bavin the matter In charge is the I'nlou FraLco-Amerlcaiue. and the statue will be commemorative of our Centennial and the tra 11Uonal friendsh1 p between the two great 1 .} !8 P? *?u*er a mere project, but Las parsed Into the domain of reality. In rt 'ork. i?1 ' in the Avenue ?h2 aJ!.ls' wor^ Las already beguh on ?odtl- The statue will beer metres in he ght, a metre being equal to 33 3Ameri can JncLes, and, including the base.will thus be about 220 ieat high. It will be cas; uelihe. in Iron or bronze, as has t?eeu said, but lu copper rrjtoHAxe. The chambers in the lower part of It will he filled wl th sand or gravel to nsure stability, that it may not osclllata or tremble during the severest storms. A flight A'L1 from lhe bas? la the interior to the hand holding the light, which may be seen faroutat sea. Iml. It is thought. In l i^wM light. The hand is greater in height than two large-sited men. LLOP*ji*NT._Ourquiet little communttv was thrown Into a oommotlon last Fridav morning by a report that F. o. HofTman. of ini iV'41!? A'lsf, Blancae Prlchett, sister of the Rev. t. H. Prlchett, had elopeJ oa the preceding evening. At first It was thought to beahoax, gotten up by aom>' enterprising I jarties, but subsequeut events provel the I rumor correct. It seems that Mr. HofTman ! took the brldeelect out rlJlug on Thar?da\ evening. This was nothirg unusual, and, of I course, excited no suspicious. Tue coapie I drove to Thaxton's, at which point they lefi 1 the buggy, and took the western bound mail I ?h r o101; where tbey were married onl-rlday. So far as we are iuformed, the I 6 ^f.^oU, p*rlle* were ln enllre l^o rauce of the premeditatel elopemenU Tne happy couple passed through town on 8un- ; day morning en route for Richmond on a I visit to the bride's relations, and returned tttrfnel^edneK,ay ?venlng {Bedford (Pa) j BLOS8' Makubcaift?Of Mr. Bloss- mau UKciipt, of which the Graphic the other day j gave a specimen, the Cincinnati Euoatrer says: The pwuliarity of his chlrography. ! which was so often com men ted upon, was supposed to arise liom some peculiar detcct ; AIUlough he knew well euo i jh I Th? ?hV.?. .aract*r* ODght to be, he lat kei the ability to transmit to the muscles aid ?f.r% ,eli of his hand the conception of Ills I Hil'iViS? ">? P^n *>y the extreme end. **la writing was simply u species or h.ero- I glyphics, but he made his characters a. wa . s alike, and one could by close stndy lu time learn to decipher them. Many persona sup- I po6ed that his bad manuscript was oau-?ed by etaw tenjtivrwn or Scrivener s palsy, but this was not the case. H1h chlrography was something wooderful ln lu Illegibility, and there is scarcely a printing office ln the oonn iry where there Is not a sample cf "Bloss" hung up somewhere to try compositors ^ Two Di ssppouaitiim M Iss N1 cholson,of Kokomo, Ind., is under going a rather severe and unexampled ex gerlencc. About two /ears ago abe was to ave bean married to Mr. W. T. Mason, who resided near Lafayette, but was killed by 1'ghtnlag while at work on m farm, flu death occurred but a few days before the torn??rrlage. She met Mr. Q. W- By re?. of Winamac, and a marriage was arranged between them tor last Thursday, but he didn't coma to time, having mysteri ously disappeared on Um way from Wio? mac to Kokomo. A Mar ?i.opb8 wit* His Wifb's Sf? *** ? Frederick Ulllmann, who kept a lager be*r saloon at the comer of 3d avenue and list street, disappeared one evening, and while his wife was making Inquiries con cerning blm, she became aware of the fact that ber sister had also gone off. She wa< ?n ">e boslnaas an/ her two chlldin. *ow abe br.ngs an action for absolute di. wlrM "d lb* iyn cltJ ?owl?[ X r. A man, with triumph in bis eyea, ra?h ed ln thU morning to say that Abdul Aslz was now Abdnl Az isn't. We told him be was lbs ooe thousandth man who had al ready vouchsafed that Information. and then handed hlmovsr toapoUoeman,?[Chat. Ah. fcTTnere Is an official in Chicago named Von Ho Use who has lest SKO^OOin his at tempts to throttle ths Uger. But as tne money belonged to the oily, the pa bile Is y?Sy.lfuU7 rfq*MUd 10''itwwwiuir? nig. 1*T>.1 PrKTAi Liqvob Laws -The] nrdat R? \ lew in <M?ea?? ne the prov MC of a b'.ll lr trodnced Id ths Mou*' of Com s ?nterci: g a Snuday liquor lit In lre M ?aj ? ?-Rundsy la often a dull day evan title* net ?ni if ?> rlial II vjo!4 b# to a *( U-tc-do Loo4o:.ff If hi* elu?> were ?'jut up. If bis ftlfidi *fr* all oat of tows. Bnl 1 f tfcr key ?f the erlltt h?J been last we ?hs.i gr t son.*' Idea of what It would Ntina l?nt mat) if th^re vera no public h<> j??a open. M. .Smyth rnipoMt Ihtt v* ihiaU lay the sot*T popuation of Ireland under tbla disability. on U >e ma-'ee that a e+rtats minority wbu-h gel* dra&k whenever it haa a charcf m?* learn iflf-toalro! t>jr b ing ha bitually kept oat of temptation Titers la nothing so specially Interesting abaut Irtife drunkards as to tempt us to throw over board to their favor piii.clples which we still toll k It right to maintain la U?e cava Of Kngiiab Uruukarda ? Htnnkenneee cau?es ao much dim* an* ao much poverty that. If only the drunaarte we to be thought of. we might be (lad "nth to see public bouaea claaed In Ei*. ** wcll a* in Ireland, and on week la ye ? a? on Runday v But It ta oaeoUal to assy* w -yrj-sirvSSS^ MrmM ar* ?*rT*1 ,n no olhfr way other parpoara nhUc ,a ^ ?hi/hT,ih*r rn#^w mof* claim to be iia w^t?r??T?fwk ^ard*i arKl ?r thlB la M sssuriffaoja^ * the Btatement that a *. ?r ,r1? people are In tavor of Mr. ? y propoaal. Th* Fowthoobiw? M<** "r'm K*plo. no* atHki.lUatr.-Ou IftV ?n.'Wl the Kew York Keening N?W? haa I*. * '?blowing remarks Of course Urtieral Key"*00 ' aa surances will go very far Ui quiet Uv* ?Pfe* henslona that liare t?een felt for botth time by tbuee living at a ?h.?rt distance from U?a spot a here the moneter explosion at H ^U Oaf" la to tak?? pia.-e. The federal's faralt* latlty with ffe effects of vartooa explosives' ItIvea h 1 in a right to apeak with oonfldeaes j aa to the results that may be exported frooa I the hlaata that will occur lu the three acre cavern at Hell tiate. If we are not mialu I formed, that blast la to be acc!Mnph?lff?d | through the agency of thirty tona of nttro glycerlnce, which la a larger explosive maa? than, as far a* we can learn. ha? ever t>eeo employed In any mining undertaking on re cord, and If net ofl at one time could nat fall, under any clrcumataiifea. to be disastrous. The general, however, endeavors v> oalm the I fear* of the riparian residents of tba kaat river by the announcement U; a newspaper reporter that the aafety of the surrounding neighborhood la assured by the mu.tlpin fty of the charge* but aa that accomplished o-d nance expert haa never tumaelf heard of a I mining enterprise lu which ao larcea volume of combustible power has been employed, bia opinion as to its probable eflecsa munibe i tak<-n com grano salts, an l toe fou.Mlattouof his hope doubted when based on the belief that so enormous an amount of eiploafira matter, that can be Ignited under ordinary circumstances by the tan of a hamtrer, will explode >-ucceasively and not slmaitaneoa?ly when the explosion of the contents of tlie first chamlter will produce a concussica saf flcient to t-hake h county. A mono thi riCTPREe la the Kugllah i tlonoftheArt gallery Is one which should I have a special Interest for our countrymen. ? it Is a full-length portrait of Washington, | by Htuart. painted from life at I'hiiadelpjrta, In 179C, by Mrs. William Bingham, and bp her presented to the Marquis or Lauadowae as a token of gratitude for the friendly part ' be had taken in our revolutionary Iron MM. ? At the death of the Marquis bis personal property,owing to the embarraasmeut of bis attairs, had to be sold, and this picture was bought hy Hamut-l William*, an American merchant then established in 1/oadoa, who panl for it one thousand guineas under tba I hammer. ? The Nrw Yobk Ujkl.ii' Way or l.ooi INOAT1T? Tina young lady Informel me that her trousseau cost upward of tlO^Mt and when I expressedeeSiwIehment at mis | ? xtiHvagant exi? ndltare of money, she nai\fly replied. ?? Vea, 1 spent a treat deal of moi .ey; hut one never ex peces to msrry mora I Ibaa once in a 1 if<.lluie. and besides, papa may fail. Kmma often expresses regrsi that she did not buy lots of pretty things when she was 1; Europe; for her father fatletf I immediately after their return, and a few 1 thousand dollars more wonli not bave mada I I much difference.?[JTeaA'? ?Snwi < t mmt I Mrmtuyer. Th* VA' ? of battle Is n it obaole-e. A I novel duel took place a\ Il-.jre Station. iu ?irayK?ucounty,Yexas, last week. Twoeow I beys got in to a <(uarrel ai?>rt a heifer an I agreed to Cght it out with six-sho<.iers at I twenty |<acfs, the oie lesst hurt to have the better. At the ffrst i >ui.d ona lost a p.ace of I his ear and th< other a ple<-eof his n<?ae. The I youth shot In the ear < ou< lude I that heoad. I | t i:'? of the s|x>rt, atul gaveap tuo heifer. I ay Hon. Kills H. Roberts, speaking of crlt I Ichms agsinst candidates, quotes tba old I proverb, that *'tbe most eiuhs are found I ui tier the best apple tree." ay A lout as mean a posisban asenny man kat put himseif luto, 1c to work all the lima for the devil, and look all the time to tba AX>rd for hi* pay?Joth Billings. I *yAl ways pick out a bald-beaded bar oar to shave you. because be can't consistently I ask you to buy any hair reuewei?1 La OaaM I Am. I gy'Kalr Play."?Young mistress: ??It's ? yonr'hundav out,' next we*k. Jane, Isn't it."Jane: "lx?r\ mum! Why. you've for ? gotten; it's yours!' ? [fimeA. iy How sad it Is a; this season to see a man looking baca upon a misspent life to re flect that be has no relatione In Philadel phia? [JfasfoN /Yer Pm*. ? kt"The best route to the Black H lis.' ob I aerves with great propilety the Louisvlila ? Courier-Journal. "Is of mucb less lmjtor to miners than the neat route oat of ? them." ay New York LUspatch When you aee a woe begone looking Individual standing be fore a restaurant show window, looklug at a plate of strawberries and sighing, you can bet two to one that he Is a Centennial refa cee, who was once a wealthy aud a happy man. ay Ii is a well-autbentlcated fact that clean ? cuffs bave an unaccountable tendency toaa> ciete themselves i-omewhere in the immedi ate vicinity of the elbows. wbll> dirty ones exhibit a wilful and exasperating determi nation to remain obstruslvely In the vicinity of the knuckle.? [ Bbtlon G/oSe. ?y What would be your notion of absent mindedness-."'atked Kufus Choate of a wlt i ff-swbcm he wascniea examining. "Weil," ? aald the wltnes*, with a strong Ysukee ac cent, "I should say that a man who thought he left bis watch to bum, and took it out'n 'la pocket to aee If he'd time to go hum and get It, was a leetle absent-minded." ' ay A gentleman In Maine on entering hla bouse the other day, was agreeably surprised to hear from his w ife that ahe had a health lift In the parlor. He stripped himself for practice, but was taken down a peg or two when he ascertained that the lift was in the shape of a huge |>arlor stove, which the '.adp wished her dear husin&ad to carry to the at* ? tic. ay A Westerly man put one of hia shoul ders out of .loint whi.e trying to ?-moel hia flcgers" around a tree. This should be a warning to young men not to try aod tam per with the great principle* of elornal fit ness which provide suxumer eve^.ugs and front doorsteps and an article that they can get their arms around alUiout euaU.iog.? I lAonctcA Bulletin. ay Master (anlUngs ??There's a tanat ex traordinary smell. James; I've aolload sev eral ." Hali PorU-r: "I dotx't woudar at it, sir. I've shaken about It down stairs. The butler, sir, yoa see. Is 'lgu church,' which he as fit up a boratory la the pantry, and burns hinoanKe. We ootid aiand that; but the cook is the low church' per?aasloa, and she burns brown paper to hobvjate tba hlncense. It's perfectly bawful on aalnta' daya, ?lr.?fAw*. DIED. PVKB Cs i?D? a o'at^Gk a. aa., W a. T.^d 34 yaaia. . KrlstiTea m>4 trtenda of the fajt'JT are raapect failr rN?**t*< to ?ti?B< the fouer?i fro a BrMgs attaet. totw?a Warraa aad Liagsa, OeorgaBowa, TkaiBd?f, at t o'clock 9 ?. K1T7 ?AT lUCk. At ? o'clock a ?. Jnaa Ttk, 18TS, V -J.L1 a, laUi.t daugatar <4 aat tba Jso? riUBAU-tck. agodl Boa?ba aad U dsra Ike Hiustkl will take b'scv from tba fsibar'B raal deaea, Ba. M4S M atraat aortbeaat, on Thoraday, at 9 30 am 1 h* frl< uda uf faaall) ars ra ft Uj arlu-d to attrad OWU8. Oa Oa .'aae M, W. at 7 a aftar a Bboct tUneas, Ja^s? f. Ows?, at Part Tafcaeea, kd.,t?nu?rl; of ^askilngtaa. BOBBBTB Oa Jaaa Mk. t^?. ?' * Ob *b?ll, ta>aat daasbtar of J. Barrtf bb4 Boakla I B?b ?ru, aged 4 waeka aad ? daya. SCPkTZ Oa Jaaa ftik M7t, at Pklladelgkla. Fa.of awMaoB. iinit J sttaa. _?w1Ib Ant or sod Llnl* A --??? A oda? B aaiotag.s?ad7a>oatkaaad Mda?a. UNDERTAKERS. R. K>. MAlVBVi M. M1CKCTT WITB W. HABVE*. PcW* ?If lira trassr Ba|rSwfil aau-ly

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