Newspaper of Evening Star, July 16, 1922, Page 25

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 16, 1922 Page 25
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British Cabinet May Split , Over Plan to Mend r House of Lords. J5.r th* Associated Press. lX>NDON. July 13.?The reform of the house of lords is a perennial prob lem in British politics and, according to many astute political observers, it may prove to be the rook on which the coalition cabinet will split. It is considered more than possible that this will be the result if the present government insists upon grasping: the nettle firmly.. It Is generally said that the con servatives want to reform the upper liouse of parliament by making it an Iron-clad permanent conservative body, while the liberals are striving to dilute its conservatism as much as possible. The government of former Premier Asquit reformed the lords by taking away its power to kill bills o filiat ing in the house of commons, al though it can postpone them by an annual vote for three years. The principal motive for this reform was to make liberal Irish legislation pos sible. The upper house, next Tuesday, will deal with proposals of Prime Minister Lloyd George's cabinet, which resem ble more a declaration of principles than a definite plan of reform. The government proposes that the mem bership of the house of lords consist of 850 members. According to the present plan the bouse shall consist, in addition to peers of royal blood and law lords, of members elected from outside, includ ing hereditary peers elected by their order and members nominated by the crown, the number of the latter to be fixed by statute. The terms of the elected lords also would be fixed by statute and they would be eligible for re-election. The government proposes that the lords shall not reject or amend finan cial bills, and the question whether a given bill is a financial bill or not would be decided by a joint commit tee of the two houses . Everybody apparently agrees that the present membership and working of the house of lords are unsatisfac tory. All the plans for reform agree 10 the proposal to lessen the number and influence of the hereditary peers. There are now more than 600 lords, only a small minority of whom take part in that body's proceedings and many of whom are never seen there. STAGE FOLK FACING More Than 4,000, Including Many Americans, Now Without Employment. Jty th?? Associated Press. LONDOX, July 15.?England's 1 theatrical crisis is daily growing more serious. More than 4,000 actors : and actresses, including numerous j Americans, are without employment j ; id many are on the brink of star- 1 v. rion. Playhouse officials say it Is j The worst situation in the history of I ;.<? stage. Mc:i and wqmen who one time were billed as "stars" and who have de ? ot?-d their lives and talents in giv-j i; u pleasure to others are now exist- i ? ? c 111 a wretched state of misery, i t?f them have sold their jewelry j a ad most of their clothing. Artists v. ho in the past drew $50 a night j- ?w get less than that in a week. But most of them are without en- j jragements of any kind and are seek- ? ? tig help from benevolent institu tions. j The causes are the wholesale clos- 1 ing of theaters due to lack of public I support, the tendency of people to ! patronize the cinema in the interest! of economy, and the general exodus ' of the population to seashore and j country. SCHOOLS BAR ESPERANTO -Trench Universities Allege/It Is i Medium of Communism. PARIS. July In.?Esperanto has been ' barred from French universities. The international language, favored j by a great many French societies. ! chambers of commerce and similar ' organizations, has lost caste with the ] leading French educators because, they declare, it is one of the favorite ! mediums for spreading cotnmunistic i propaganda. i>eon Berard. minister of education, | says there is no place for an interna- 1 tional artificial tongue in French j educational institutions which ought to devote themselves to teaching national cultural languages. Esperanto, he savs i tn his dictum placing a ban on it. "seeks to eliminate any reason for interna tional culture and development of < hildren's minds, and has become an instrument of systematic International- ! izatlon of enemy languages and all I ? riginal thought to express national | development." TOURISTS TO GERMANY. Passport Bureau Thronged With Americans Seeking Vises. PARTS, July 15.?The recent troubles In Germany seem to consti tute an attraction for many travelers. The German passport bureau in Paris has been overrun with applications for vises, particularly by Americans. They are told that their papers are *rood for all parts of Germany, except Bavaria, where tourists are still obliged to report to the police and get permission to remain in consideration of a fee for sojourn. American jour nalists are unusually closely ques tioned-before vises are accorded. HONOR AMERICAN GIRL PARIS. 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