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December 10, 1949 Tarihli The Key West Citizen Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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HIM l*l.e i ♦ gflfe * , rf#| iXX? § * *■ Iff.; *f f fWV\ *1 1 .-/ fe s|| f |J W; I itt JT fAN •■■if* •***) HIM fMf (M f*ufhli ot Mr. end * lay *at itan na (Ms **.n i p>i— pot*r <W MmHM *Nte MWSiMMIt fWMM vtMi yafa bwi new ah* Ogflto MMh • MMMftMB* • "**■+*• ii PRESIDENTIAL PRESS PARTY GUESTS AT COMMITTEE'S DINNER Hi ***** ttotofMl tfaUM* j t *** waii # *toto s&**% H ; 4# He toNtoltokitoA IININMNNNS §MT I - ■—v hm >#* Hw |W| ff^ & *pg t• -- • % **•• fto'top*# 4 *to- #%# tototo ***♦ §•#- torfian ftoi i * wtolto , .., t rn|j| |^. y | otm toto* **# * ***** ** ; .o£ .• -■■*# toss** I* to ** #** *•** **to* ItoM* f ■AOIIICLuir •***••* ** imu* •% tap T Ml .k| Tonight fp it • tm i **M I K I iaii if ft* HaiMwaln | M MPIIM gaIHN fi/t I •=•_=-“■ pf. Wnt‘photo Y%.H riMUHCNT * mwm ♦*> Wtrephoto v l AUDI A PUTNAM (above) t RWM M. H. WM elected ,IN president of the National Amwmlmk ot Manufacturers by ewatlcn mealing m New York. Me ta e machinery manuiac- Mitei Sunday Menu leiitth Been end Cream ol Chicken Soup Prune H>b ot Seel Turkey Itoatl Chicken ruche* end **c# Baked Haro f.miuno Papillote IthWY'S CaM& I HZ CHICKEN or SHRIMPS IN THE BASKET KEY WEST FLORIDA, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1949 Cannon States He Will Run For Re-Election Former Congressman Pat Can non of Miami was a visitor to day in the office of the Key West Citizen. The former congressman said that he had already launched his ! campaign for. re-election to the 1 job now held by Representative ‘ George Smathers, also of Miami i Cannon served in Congreess I from 193# until 1947, serving four I full terms. He served in the 70th, 77th, 78th and 79th Congresses. “I was a member of Congress when Key West got its fresh water supply from the Florida mainland,” sad Cannon. “I was a member of the important Com mittee on Naval Affairs, which put through the reopening of the Key West Naval Station.” Cannon was accompanied on ! his tour of the city by Fred J. I Dion. Johnson Killed In Riot, Jury Holds Yesterday A coroner's jury sitting before Peace Justice Roy Hamlin held yesterday that Paul Rex Johnson, j c olored, who was killed in a riot ! at the State Prison Camp on Big i Pine Key, Thursday, died from bullets tired by the prison guards. The jury found that Johnson I was killed by "numerous” bullets j (Continued On Page Five) **• Tolls Up Last Month $3,806 Over Bridges Overseas Road end Toll Bridge District reported for the month of November an increase in toll receipts of $3,806.75 over the same period in 1948. The gain in receipts over Nov ember, 1948 for the identical months is $9,867.25. From April 1, 1949 to Decem ber 1, 1949, the District has col lected $318,071.50 in tolls. For a (Continued On Page Five; BOAT BAR SO3 Duval Street Phone 916S Al RECONDITIONED Sports Results Daily Key West's Most Comfortable Bai ■MMP|I>HOIU imMMMMM TICKET OFFICE ALL AIRLINES PRICE TOURS MHRi an ri*aiH e* aamroi PRO-GASPARILLA FESTIVAL DANCE & FLOOR SHOW "This Is Key West" (Sponsored by Key West Latin-American Chamber of Commerce TONIGHT! - 9 to ? CUBAN CLUB Gentlemen $1.50 (Tax Included) Ladies —5O c Included) Labor Party Loses In Australia Compulsory To Vote In ‘Down Under’ Country BRISBANE, Australia, Dec. 10. —(A*).—The Australian Labor Party, which has ruled that coun try for the last eight years, shows signs today of crumbling. Five million Australians finished cast ing their ballots a few hours ago in an election that turned the reins of government over to oth er hands. As in New Zealand just a few days ago, the issue was continued Socialism versus Free Enterprise. At stake are 123 seats in the Australian House of Commons, i Votes counted thus far show the Free Enterprise candidates out in ; front for a majority of those 123 seats. They have won 64 seats, while the Laborites won 50. Voting is compulsory in Aus tralia; and there was a heavy i turnout at the polls. ! The trend against Labor had ! been apparent from the time the : first returns began to trickle in. Political experts regard 28 elec tion districts as key districts. Within two hours after the polls , had closed, it was evident that the two-party opposition was get ting the upper hand in all 28 key voting centers. Labor was taking a bad beat ing in Queensland, which had been regarded as a Laborite stronghold for years. In the key state of New South Wales, the early count indicated that more people were voting against Labor than in the last election three years ago. New South Wales is important because of the 123 members of Commons, 47 are elected from that state. In the past, New South Wales has been staunchly pro-labor. Scenting victory fop the first htime since the Laborites took Over in ’4l, the Conservatives were unable to conceal their joy. ..j Late Bulletins... . LATEST WORLD NEWS IN BRIEF By The Associated Press UN ADJOURNS SESSION NEW YORK—The United Na tions General Assembly has ad journed its 1949 session. Ad journment came at 1:21 p. m. to day with Russia charging the Western Powers with “a black plot” against peace. HEAR ANTI-KLAN SPEAKER IRON CITY, Ga.—Four hun dred persons turned out for a Ku Klux Klan rally last night in Iron City, Georgia, where the

anti-Klan mayor was defeated for re-election Tuesday. Mayor C. L. Drake exenanged shots several months ago with what he said was a group of Klansmen trying (Continued On Page Eight) LOST! LOST! LOST! BROWN DOG With White Pairs Answers to Name of "BOOTS” Call 1066 , Receive Reward NOTICE PAT CANNON Will Be At the La Concha Hotel Friday and Saturday in the Interests of His Candidacy for Congress CHIANG KAI-SHEK FLEES TO FORMOSA FROM RED DOMINATED MAINLAND CROWN SLIPPED, KING IS UNHAPPY I|l - - - "||g ms&y 1 v V- (A*) Wirephoto . ‘ ' ... * 1 PHILIP BURROWS, 20 months old, wails in hospital at Holly wood, Calif., as he waits for help. It seems that Philip wanted to be a king for a day and crowned himself with a junior toilet seat. Before his mother could stop him, the seat slipped down over his head and wouldn't come off. Firemen had to saw it apart. With Philip is his older sister. Cherie, 4. But Cherie doesn't seem to be much help at the moment. JERUSALEM TO HAVE AN INTERNATIONAL RULE, U.N. ASNKMBUV DECIDES No Inquest To Be Held In Jose Fernandez’s Death The body of Jose (Sabueso) Fernande?. 53, with his throat and wrist cut with a razor blade, was found at 5:05 p. m., yesterday in a vacant lot at the corner of William and South street. Authorities are convinced that death was due to self-inflicted injuries and no inquest will be held, Peace Justice Roy Hamlin said today. The police received first infor mation of the finding of Fernan dez’ body from Lieutenant Arthur D Napier, USN. Lieutenant Nap ier discovered the body across from his home. Chief Joseph Kemp notified Peace Justice Hamlin of the discovery. Patrolman Gabriel Lastres went to the scene, and was join (Contiued On Page Five) LOOK HERE! I The Longest Traders The Longest Terms NEW Plymouths Dodges De Sotos Chryslers ; DELIVERED AT MIAMI PRICES Cars for Immediate i Delivery i Used Car Lot | 424 Southard Street | Open Sundays and Evenings j | NAVARRO, Inc. j 601 Duval Street PHONE 600 > NEW YORK, Dec. IQ._(■&).—ln spite of open threats of bloodshed to come, the United Nations As sembly has voted to set up an in ternational rule over Jerusalem. Last night, the 1949 UN As sembly over-rode all opposition to internationalize the Holy City under a UN Commission. Both the Jewish and Hashemite Jordan groups protested the ar rangement. The Jews and Has hemites now cotrol separate sec tions of the city under a miiitary armistice. Five other Arabic countries, all UN members, joined with Latin American delegates to break up attempts to delay the Jerusalem vote until 1950. Has hemite Jordan is not a member of the UN, since Russia vetoed her application. Both Israeli and H, hemite spokemen warned that King AbullUh of Jordan would resist international rule of Jerusalem. And Isreal's Foreign Minister, Moshe Sharett, quoted King Ab dullah as saying that the UN would rule the part of Jen salem now under his control only “over his dead body.’’ At the same time, Sharett said the population of Jewish Jerus alem would not help a UN cor/- mission. And it has been hinted that Israel would fight the UN internationalization with under ground groups. However, the UN Assembly (Continued On Page Five; ” ELKS Annual Memorial Exercises 3:30 P. M., Sunday, at the Club Annex EXCELLENT PROGRAM Public Cordially Invited DANCE TONIGHT 5-PIECE ORCHESTRA 9:00 Till"??" Admission 50c (Couple) AMERICAN LEGION HOME Stock Island For 69 Years Dsrototf fa As Best Interests ot Key West | ; price five cents Nationalist? Last Capital Was Held Only Ten Days TAIPEN, FortnoM, Dm. 181~ [A-,.— Chiang Kai-Shek • baa ta turned to the Island at Firs saa from . ths Commuaist daiaiaatst Chines* Chiang flaw inla tha a mm M*. tionaliaf capital of Tsipan 6m ing tha night, Ha uttwt fcana Chenglu. which had hsan Mm Nationalist capital far aply IS days.' **•*?*• "* • Chiang tuachad ta Chaag* i yesterday with twa gaaanlu Then he left for the sirpatl. M side tha driveway, ha MW-ato probably for tha laat Itosa t bronse statue of himrali It's at most certain that tha Chtaaaa Communists wiU destroy Mm bronse likeness of thei* arch Associated Press CorraspaiMtont Spencer Moosa also AMT to Tfct pan in a Nationalist Mr Faoaa plana. Hia passaga was ar*i** * by Chiang. Moeoa's aartooi an tha Island of Formosa noM tha third time that ha has heee evacuated at Mm last pamihis miauta from an abindawsd Me tionaßsl capital. Previously, he had baea Mows out of Canton and Chirnghi p ahead of the onru thing Reds. Moosa cabled from Forma* a that ha laft behind an tha Chi nese mainland only doapair. C. Of C. Answers 460 Letters In Ten Days Things arc moving pretty fa t at the Chamber of Commat * fice these days aocordind to sun ager Harold R Laubscher M . inquiries are increasing at * much faster rate than #vr* fore and the number of tuughrt* who have visited the office tm >n formation exceeds other so far. During the first ten days of tt iv month, the Chamber has ramie ed and answered 460 mail uk*u nes. This is compared U> onlv MT for the same period last . * During the past ten day*. 3" v. itors have stopped in itie har ber office for nlape and mft tion as against 104 last ■t r Miss Marjiri*; Hsummv .11 • secretary of the Chemtei %• that mail inquiries rer.s< ft., school children in the want to write a school twi about the island to poseiUh t vestors who desire ml i about the Keys as a place to Mart a business. She added Mm* ' from prospective tourist* fat <e number the rest thougn Almost every letter th !'• .. ber answers carries uti. ,i ii# ed literature that more full • cribes the island city and • .it only a few exceptimw *• *. te t. < is replied to within 24 Laubscher stated that • i (Continued On Page Palace Theater BURT LANCASTER • * YVONNE DE CARLO to "CRISS CROSS” Annual Elks CHARITY BALL and BufUt Supper at Elks Annex Saturday Night December 17th 8 P.M. Admueim ... SI .00 Net Nnm

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