Newspaper of New National Era, April 17, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of New National Era dated April 17, 1873 Page 4
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S25.0I WO PECTC I Air ^ A ill iV \\ f /A 111 /I ^ JU> IU till" IfUllU? Dr. Worm lev's Pee tor w Bronchitis, Asthma. ~ It i- a sttr?? rare and wife remedy, and injurious elK-eta, a- it- component parts are | the greatc.-t mi. < <--, and there are now nun alnm-t in-tautancou- relief from it- use. It ha- never failed, and the proprietoi a ea-e of cold or cough (unless caused by co Sold Wli dec l'J ly Sold retail by THE FREEDMAN' I Obar Financlal State BRAXl'llU. Alexandria, Virginia Atlanta, Georgia Augusta, Georgia Baltimore, Maryland Beaufort, .South Carolina Charleston, S. Carolina Columbus, Mississippi Columbia, Tennessee Huntsville, Alabama Jacksonville, Florida Lexington, Kentucky Little Hock, Arkansas Louisville, Kentucky Lynchburg, Virginia Macon, Georgia Memphis, Tennessee Mobile, Alabama Montgomery, Alabama Natchez, Mississippi Nashville, Tennessee Newberne, N. Carolina. New Orleans. Louisiana New York. New York Norfolk, Virginia Philadelphia, l'enu Jlaleigh, North Carolina Rich.notid, Virginia Savannah, Georgia Shreveport, Louisiana St. Louis, Missouri Tallahassee. Florida Vicksburg, Mississippi Washington, lb C Wilmington, N. Carolina Total amount of Deposits for thi Total amount of Drafts for the in Gain f<>r the month Total amount of Deposits Total amount of Drafts Total amount duo Depositors.... The Hank Pays Six per Cent. Int drawn by Pass-Hook only. Special arrangements made for receiving Certificates of Deposit issued bearing six i Accounts Transferred, at request of and without loss of interest. For full information about tbe Hank a Copies of the Charter aud Hy-Haws given or Investments made in Government n.H. I,. Hit AM II l I.I, A CO., Fire and Life Insurance Agents and Brokers, 72!) Seventh street northwest. AUCNTS FOR Til It ^Niagara Fire Insurance Co., of New Yoik, Cash Assets, $1.300,(KM). Republic Fire Insurance Co., of New 5 ork, Cash Assets, $555,600. Manhattan Fire Insurance Co., of New York, Cash Assets, $-05,000. Arlington Fire Insurance Co., of Fist, of Col. Capital $200,000. New York Life Insurance Co., (Mutual,' Assets, over $20,000,000. And we insure w ith all the first class Insurance Companies in the United States, without additional charge, ami will see that the Policies are ? properly written. apr 17-lml I THE KEYSTONE HOUSE, AO. *?? K ST., Balween 7th and 8lh Streets North-, west, Washington, D. C. Where will be found the hest of Wines, Liquors, ^ Cigars, and Oysters, and all the dclica- f ties of the season. 1 PERMANENT AND TAIU.E BOARDERS 1 FCRNISilKIi ON KKASONABI.K TKItMS. WTI.LIA.M A. SHOKTKlt, Proprietor. j nprlT lino ( ATTENTION! I EQ.U ALI T Y TO ALL. f Call at the r TEMPLE OF FASHION' For the cheapest an I iL latest styles of SILK, FELT, CA3SIMERE, A\l> CUMTI J HATS, For men and hoys. Special attention calleil .1 to oar $0 GENTS' DRESS HAT, INCLUDING HAT BRUSH, And will he kept in order for six months without charge, A. DITTRICH, Hatter, t| aprl? lms T'd-I 7th Street Northweet. ? EVERYBODY'S FRIEND MONEY ADVANCED ON COLLATERAL AT B It Two PEH CENT. AT i S. FULTON & GO 'S. i314 NINTH STREET, Between the Avenue and I) street, aprl7 lino A. K. IIKUIViHl, AllwriK-y and 4miiiim<-IIoi-iiGI.;ih . No. 830 Four and it-Half Street, ? near City Hall, ^ WASHINGTON, D. C. thi p!7-lm J all ? REV RHLE >RAL i 1 Have Come to Ci til Syrup is a Sure C , and all Lung and II I can Ik? used by the most delicate invalii mrely vegetable. It lias l?eeii used for ihers fit' persons in this city who can lie r does not hesitate to offer a reward of tv nsumption) which this remedy, if fairly loloaalo toy CHilllliKM A all Druggists. 480 F IR R ttVMRR O n a anvultra oc j torod toy tlio Uiiitocl s incut for the Month of DEPOSITS PGR I>RAITS FOR THE THE MONTH. MONTH. $1,08-2 25 $2,044 08 14,401 70 9,613 91 31,065 59 1,1,813 71 21,320 93 19,260 20 77,104 95 90,140 33 179,124 10 206,047 97 15,891 20 8,692 92 3,189 48 1,652 27 10,928 10 9,120 77 152,023 47 130,049 09 8,885 84 7,130 00 13,273 00 12,316 10 17,354 13 17.143 26 1,380 05 1,693 26 6,159 40 4,998 23 30,131 81 39,251 07 15,071 05 10,249 43 25,591 71 21,878 30 43,805 04 42,180 27 17,394 17 12,520 36 38,597 (8) 40,701 74 50,845 00 41,282 54 73,471 99 77,271 53 ; 11,921 95 11,277 07 13,629 35 15,703 94 5,909 92 6.101 82 | 19,445 76 18,308 36 17,009 24 11,680 45 19,215 12 18,165 31 16,078 08 13,068 98 7,557 20 5,071 80 65,282 73 65,697 17 115,605 87 115,905 79 9,041 94 0,303 38 SI. 155.110 74 i $1,109,401 28 i> month onth UKE8T oil Savings deposits, compoumle ltusiness accounts payable by check, an< mil four per cent, interest, available any v depositors, from Branches whore kept ddress the Actuary at Washington, D. C sent to any one on application. Bonds and Real Estate Secuiiitik WI1TG "THE AMEfi 423 Broome S' tr.HMiT.ii First premiums wherever exhibited illowed for Second-hand Instruments in 1 Fiom Mr. Fihcard llojh " I conscientiously believe that youi Instrument." From the ' "The American Piano has deserve te?>" Responsible Agents wanted for i j.n2S6mo WING ? 30C STRASBURGER BROS. 90 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BOOT AND SHOK HOUSE, '. 06 Seventh St. bet- 1 and Iv, WASHINGTON, P. C. apr17-lmo Long Looked For Come at iini: r.\iu:i^4l microscopi: . The best Low Priced Microscope ever made Exceedingly useful for examining Flowers nsects, and Minute Objects, Detecting Countei it Money and Disclosing the Wonders of th Microscopic World. It is adapted to the use ( 'hysiciatis, Teachers, Students, and the Famil Jircle. Ketjuires no Focal Adjustment, an an therefore he readily used by any persoi Ither Microscopes of no greater power cos 53 each and upwards, and are so difficult to ui; lerstand that none hut scientific men can u.hem. The Universal always gives satisfaction )ne single Microscope will he sent careful 1, >acked, by mail, on receipt of $1. Agent runted everywhere. Address 1). L. STAPLES A CO., marlO Cnio Allen, Michigan. E V S T O N i Ii <> U S E , D Y IKS. CORXELI1 E. GILBERT No. C27 Pine Street. Philadelphia. MEALS SERVED AT AX V TIME. Tables always supplied with the bust in sca?or aat the market affords. Parlors convfmen nd cheerful. Beds aud rooms conii.?rtaLle a to ure. 1 he be>t House in this city for transi* n r permanent boarders. Give us a call, nov SMf PIMPLES. I will send (free recipe for mt VEBETA I.K BAl.M, removing Pimples liiack Worm., letches, Freckles, Moths, Tan, and all I>is ises of the Skin, leaving it clear and with a roltliy glow. Also. sure process for fine -owth of Hair on bald heads or smooth faces. THOMAS F. CHAPMAN, Chemist, . O. Box 6128. 1S?7 Broadway, N. V. niarlo 6l T. P. CHIMES, Cor. of Thirtetnth mid CI ttreeU, Keeps a first-class OAKDING AND LUNCH HOUSE, irnishing regular day board, with meals to suit e convenience. The terms are reasonable and e place .juiet, The proprietor pays special ention to the comfort of his guest, opr 17 THE NEW Ni ! Y'S SYRUP lire and Not to Kill!" lire for Coughs, Colds, roncliial A Heel ions. 1 anil the youngest infant without fear of am several years in a large number of cases wit! ar testimony to its efficacy, and have derive, icnty-five dollara t<> any one who will protlue tried, will fail to cure. ?C CO., Vnnsylvania Avenue, Washington, I). ('. [ RUST COMPANY. tatoM.i February, 1S7<'>. TOTAL AMOUNT OK TOTAL AMOUNT OK | BALANCE DUE DEPOSITS. LKAKTrt. ! DEPOSITORS. $38,384 $14,6R2 91 ! $23,861 3 322,r,29 22 293,328 63 29,300 7 490,574 81 375,971 53 114,003 2 1,451.055 45 1,101,088 02 | 239,967 4 3,049,580 85 3,572,494 31 1 77,092 5 3,927,869 09 3,578,803 49 i 349,006 2 197,888 32 171,127 72 26.760 0 44,300 85 24,412 50 I 19,888 2 467,502 88 417,849 96 I 49,052 9 3,941,662 04 3,804.979 44 130,582 C 29.5,572 18 253,808 84 41,703 3 233,290 8 4 207,901 70 25,389 1 1,172,489 82 1,030,941 07 | 141,548 2 51,407 40 33,940 91 17,520 4 238,673 35 191,082 08 , 40,991 2 1,203,980 25 1,002,798 70 ] 111,187 4 1,094,720 43 983,993 78 j 110,720 0 404,224 05 371,413 70' j 32.810 8 939.990 82 824,147 71 45,843 1 834.241 06 720.501 51 ! 113,740 1 1,408,862 81 1,353,270 21 55,586 5 2,084,009 18 2,442,809 61 211.198 5 2,199,308 92 1,784,477 44 ! 414,831 4 1,138.911 69 1.003,377 23 j 129,534 4 456.084 88 355,046 49 I 101.038 8 278,980 80 255,520 10 I 23,466 7 1,213,886 87 1,043,827 91 i 170,058 9 1,108,765 .58 1,013,940 37 154,815 2 402.085 83. 307,575 30 ' 34,510 4 ! 727,007 97 650,707 11 76,900 8 399,708 90 300,295 28 39,413 0 I 3,330,747 35 3,1S7,194 95 143,552 4 1 8,478,019 55 7,711.818 01 730,201 5 507,810 45 459,361 00 48,448 7 ij45.395.90O 00 $41,191,012 $4,203,784 7 $1,155,116 74 1.109,401 28 ?45,715 46 $45,395,397 59 41,191,012 85 ?4,203,781 74 (I in January and July of eaeli year, to b 1 bearing 4 per cent, interest. vherc in the United States. to any other Branch without risk or troubh or the Cashiers of the respective Branches 1 oni.y. SON", ilCAN PIANO," ?rect? New Yorli. s?.m s: s?z I?Prices low for ihe tjuulity ?Large price Exchange. Tinan, the Celebrated Pianist: Piano is, in every respect, a most niar/iiijieen 'Independent vlly become a very popular Instrument." moecupied territory. Send for circulars to & SON, 423 Broome St., N Y. G | PROPOSALS FOIt RENTING FISF I WHARF. J!oai:i> ok Prune Works, District ok Columbia, Washixoton, March 10, 1873. SP Al im PRnprwAi c , i. i.. ; the Board of Public Works of the District ? i Columbia until 1- M.f March 16, 1873, for rent I ing the Fish Wharf at the foot of Potomac street Georgetown, until June 1, 1873. The Board reserves the right to reject any oi all bids. Bids must be directed to the Vice President o! the Board, and indorsed ''Proposals for Kent' ing Fish Wharf.'' b By order of the Board. EDWAllD JOHNSON', marl I 8t Chief Clerk. j fc^-DISTRICT of COLUMBIA. , BOARD OF HKALTH, Washington', Aoril 1873. NOTICE. e Whereas by resolution adopted by this Board , March 5,1872. Ailanthus Trees were declared to y be nuisances injurious to health ; therefore j, Resolved, That if Siid trees are not pruned within twenty days from the date hereof, so as to effectually abate raid nuisance, it shall be the duty of the Health Officer to destroy or cause the - same to be destroyed without further notice. Passed March 21, 1873. CHRIS. C. COX, M. D , President Beard of Health. Attest: I). W. BLISS, M. I)., Secretary. aprl0-2t JOS. T. K. PLANT, Justice of the Peace, Notary ruoiic, and !1 Commissioner of Hu rts for the States ami Territories, j Corner of Eighth and E Streets, Northwest, H ASmXGTOX, D. C. STALL DESCRIPTIONS OF LEGAL PAPERS PREPARED AT SHORT NOTICE, COPYING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. l SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO LAND I LORD AND TENANT RCSINESS. | apl2-ly illtULES X. Til OMAN, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, Office of Ilun. A. G. Riddle, WASHINGTON, D. C., Practices in all of the Courts of the District and l.efore the Southern Claim Commission. All claims of Southern loyalists against the Government fur stores or supplies taken or furnished the United States anny during the- rebellion. fur ward cd through the New Natiovai. ' Eh a, will receive special attention. jantSitf , itioxal era an t$500 Reward! "RUNAWAY!"' HiBam'uiuni A RECORD OF Facls, Narrating the Hardships,; Hair-Breadth Escapes, and Death Struggles of the Slaves in their irr E.IIU1 lj lUi nvcuuni. r:V WILLIAM STILL. I J" ??r many Tears connected with the Anti Slavery | Office in Philadelphia, and Chairman of the Actsi g \ igiiant Committee of the Philadelphia 1 Kraiuh of the Underground Pailroad. Illu* trated with 7?> fine Kngraving9 bj Bensell, | Schell, and others, and Portraits from Photo: graphs from Life. J h rnm a great number cf cordial letters coin ; mending th^ I nderground Railroad. the Author j selects a few brief extracts only from eminent | friends of I rcidom who have examined the j work. t From Um. Lloyd Garrison: ; | I have examin- J it with a deep an l thrilling . ! interest. It is a most important portion of An- ! ] i ti-Slavery history. Its reliableness, moreover. ! ' cannot l>e called in question. It i- a book for every household. From S. F. Chase, thief Ju it ire of i. S. Supreme Court: So one probably has had equal opportunities yourself of listening to the narratives of fugitive slaves. No one will repeat them more truthfully, and no stories can be more fraught with interest than theirs. From J. M. Me Kim .A book so unique in Eihd, so startling in in teresi, and so trustworthy in its statements, cannot fail to command a large reading now, and in generations yet to come. Firm J fun. Henry tf'i/sou, Vice President: You have done a good work. This story of the heroic conduct of fugitives of oppression, ana of the devotion of their friends, will he read with deep interest, especially by the old friends of the slave in the stern struggle through ~ which we have passed. I hope your labors will ~ be rewarded by a grateful public. * If.,,, Chnrlm s?n,n,r *' i The Underground Hail road has performed its j part, but it must always be remembered gratefully, as one of the peculiar institutions of our country. I cannot think of it without a throb* ;J bing heart. - Von do well to coimnemorate those associJ atcd with it by service or by benefit?the saJ viours and the saved. From Horace Greeley: .! For most of the years I have lived, the escape I of fugitives from slavery, and their efforts to batfle the human and other bloodhounds who '' tracked them, formed the romance of American ' History. That romance is now ended, and our 1 grandchildren will hardly believe its leading '* incidents except on irresistible testimony. I !, rejoice that you are collecting and presenting * that testimony, and heartily wish you a great * success. 'J From H'm. H. Fames*, D.lK: '* Having read this record of 4*Tni: I'soer1 c.uoi'm) Kailroad." I can only say that it is a * work of extraordinary interest and of great value \ as an illustration of the terrible despotism. ' which a little while ago reigned over us all, and - which is now {thank heaven M no more. 0 From John G. Whitlier : The booh is more interesting than any romance. It will be of permanent value to the historian of 1 the country during the anti-slavery struggle. / cheerfully commend it to the public favor. From Gen. O. O. Howard: Von could not prepare a work that would afford more instruction and interest to ine than a detailed history of the operations of the so lauru ? uufignmiiu niiniuau. j am c.eiii/nica at the examination I have been permitted to give the proof, and think thousands will rise up to call you blessed for your faithful record of our A "legalized crime.'7 c ? From lion. C. Carey: Mr. Still's work appears to me to be one of great interest, and J most heartily unite in re , commending it to the public attention. SOLD ONLY BY SUBSCRIPTION'. I. Bound in Fine English Cloth, extra gilt...$l 50 44 Paneled Style, full gilt 5 CO 44 Sheep, Library Style 5 50 44 Half Turkey Morocco 0 50 Good Agents Wanted. Liberal Terms Offered. WILLIAM STILL. Author and Publisher. apr3-4t No. 241 S. 12th street. Phila. BRUNSWICK HOTEL. A First-Class House, NEATLY FITTED UP FOB TUB ACCOMMODATION OF THE TRAVELING PUBLIC. ' TI1K ROOMS ABE I.ARGK AND WELL VENTILATED, AND FURNISHED \MT1I ALL NECESSARY COMFOBTS. IS ALWAYS SUPPLIED WITH THE BEST THE MARKET AFFORDS. I f-v;? >bi B& * Contains a fine selected stock of AI.K, WINK, liqcoks, cioars, tobacco, r I'lI'KS, Ac. r Situated on corner of Oglethorpe and Win> field streets. llriuiMi irk, fia. r >VM. 1*. COI,UE\, oct ill. I'ropi It-tor. r ? . |^OIt SALE CHE A I'. Two new two story houses, situated on O: street, N. W.. between loth and ltllh streets. SIX 1IOOMS including Bath Boom. Water and lias throughout. to J. N. DICKSON, 1014 MadDou street, t apr^^f bataraaa 16th ami 17tb ?treeti. j F. A. BOS WELL & CO~ Bankers and Brokers, .S. E. corner of K. ir atui a lialf street and Vir- 1 ginia avenue S. W., Washington, I). SIX PEK CKXI". IN l KliKsT PAID OX DEPOSITS. I Open front 'J A. ML t" 9 P. M. marlt lf ; Ayer's Sarsaparilla, FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD. This compound of the Dock. Stiilin| JCTWJ llaOJcS ' und Mandrake with ^the Iodides <>t I'uta*>ium -Iron makes a most j effectual cure of" a series ot ccmpLuiuts which are purges out the lurking humors in the system, that undermine health and settle into trouble some disorders. Eruptions ot the sk.n are the appearance on the surfa' e of humors that should be expelled from the blood. Internal derange ments are the determination of the?e fame hu ' mors to some internal organ, or organs, who?e action they derange, whose substance they disea-e ami destroy. Avta's SAMiniiiLU expels these humors from the blood. When they ar?- gone, the disorders they produce disappear, such a-s Ulcerations of the Lircr, Stomach, Kid j neys. Lungs, Ervjdiont awl Erupt ice Diseases j of the Sim, St. Anthony ire* Jlote or Ery si/relas. Pimples. Pustules* Hitches, Hails, Tu- 1 triors, 77tter and Suit Pheum* Scald Head, H i top iconn. Ulcers awl Sores. Hheumatism. Seared gia, lain in the Hones. Side and Head, Female 1 WVaIness. Sterility, Jjtucorrhcta arising from ! ' internal ulceration and uterine disease, br- psy. ? Oyspepna, Emaciation and General He Oil it}. J ; V. ith their departure health returns. j < Prepared by j I Da. J. <_' AVER A CO., Lowell, Mats., Practical and Analytical Chemists j firgT Sold by all Druggists and Dealera in , Medicine. in A a i D CITIZEN.

New York Tribune. 1873. Now, as heretofore, Tng Tbibcxk strives to be first ot *1! and pre-eminentls a nrtrs paper. France a Repuolie?England and Germanv gradually permeated with Republican idea* ? Spain swajing in the nervele?? grasp ,.f a ruler 1 too good for a King and too weak for a Republican. who is uuab:e to govern the great island that blocks the entrance to onr (iulf of Mexico, and eouallv unable to give it up?the G?rman speaking peoples agitated by a new Protestantism, separating from the See of Home on the dogma of Papa! Infallibility and assuming to ; recognize the "Old Catholics ?the whole Continent pervaded hv the intellectual ferment that comes of the conflict between old ideas, philosophical. theological, material, and the advances of Physical Science?Russia and (ireat Britain running a race for the final gains that shall determine Asiatic supremacy - China seeming, ready to abandon her ad ran . v* ami recloie her half opened gates?Japan abolishing feudalism and inviting Western civilization to irradiate Western commerce to enrich her long-hidden empire? such are phases of the news from abroad which the mails over ail Continents and the wires under ail Seas are daily bearing to us. With able and trusted Correspondents in the t leading capitals, and wherever great changes are in progress. The Tribcxe aim', at whatever ! cost, to lay before its readers the most prompt, j I complete, and popular presentment of these diverse and conflicting movements?through all of which, a' it fondly trusts, the toiling massej are everywhere struggling up to vard larger re i cognition and a brighter tutu: \ | At home the struggle for I"n dom seems over. I The last slave has iongj n a c tizen : the last | opposition to emancipation, enfranchisement, j equal civil rights, has been formally abandoned. No party. North or South, longer disputes the 1 result of the War for the I'nion: all declare that i thea* T*??uilLt must *mvu* I... .~:.k ' a whole people thus unite.1 on the grand plat ; | form of All Bights for All. whereto our bloody | struggle, and the prolonged civil contests that ! followed, have led us. the Bepnblic closes the i records of the hitter, hateful Past. and turns ] peacefully, hopefully, to the less alarming hecause less vital problems of the Future. To whatever may elucidate the general discussion ! or action on tin sc. The Tmbcnk gives ample>t 1 space and most impartial record. Whatever i parties may propose, whatever political leaders , may say. whatever officers may do, is fairly set down in its columns, whether this news helps or hinders its own views. Its readers have the right to an honest statement of the facts; and this they always get. But as to its own political principles, i n? Tut dim: is of course, hereafter as heretofore, the champion of Kquul Bights, irrespective of! Uace, Nativity, or Color. It stands inflexibly , ' by the Amendments for the permanent security ! of those Bights, which have been solemnly in j corporated bv the People, in the Constitution of I the Ftuted States. Independent of all political I parties, it endeavors to treat them all with judi i I cial fairness. It labors to purify the adminis i j tration of Government, National. State, and i Municipal, and whenever tho.-e in authority, | | whether in National, State, or Municipal affairs, take the lead in this work, it will therein give them its cordial support. But it can never be the servitor of any politic;*.I party ; nor will it surrender or even waive its rigUt to criticise and condemn what is wrong, ami commend what is right in the action of any parties or of any pub- j lie men. Now, as always, Tin; Tiuiji nk labors with all its heart for the promotion of the great ma- i terial interests of the country. I he progress of Invention and of Labor-Saving, the development of our resources, the preservation of our : Land lor the Landless and its rapid subjuga* i i tion to human wants, the utilization of our vast underlying Ores, the extension of the facilities for bringing Producer and Consumer nearer to gether?whatever tends to swell the ranks, increase the knowledge and better the condition of those devoted to Productive Industry finds mention and encouragement in our columns. The Weekly Tkibi sk, now more than thirty , years old, has endeavored to keep up w ith the j progress of the age in improvement and in en- j terprise. It devotes a large share of its col ! urnns to Agriculture as the most essential and general of human pursuit-. It employs the ; ablest and most, successful cultivators to set forth in brief, clear essays their practical views of the Farmer's work. It reports public dis- j cussions which elucidate that work; gathers! from every source agricultural news, the re- 1 ports of the latest experiments, the stories of the latest successe s and failures, and whatever may tend at once to better Agriculture, and to 1 commend it as the first and most important of progressive Arts, based on natural scicne". i Tub Weekly Tribune appeals also to Teach! ors, Students, and persons of inquiring minds, i ! by the character of its Literary contents, which j include reviews of all the w< iks proceeding from the master minds of the or New World, with liberal extracts from those of. especial interest. Imaginative Literature also1 claims attention, hut in a .subordinate decree. "Home Interests" are discussed weekly by a lady specially ijualified to instruct and interest her own sex, and the younger portion of the other. No column ? more eagerly sought or perused with greater advantage and profit than hers, 'l'he News of the Day, elucidated by j brict comments, is so condensed that no ! reader can deem it diffuse, while given suf ficiently in detail to satisfy the wants of the average reader. Selections are regularly made from the extensive Corre pomlents of I iik : Daily Trim \k from every country, and its i editorials of more permanent value are here j reproduced. In short, Tiik Wt ki.v Tuiblnk j commends itself to Millions by ministering to ' , their intellectual wants more fully than they I are inet bv any other journal, while its regular j reports of the Cattle, C> untry Produce, and j other Markets, will of themselves save the farmer who regularly notes them far more than his journal's price, j i'or the family circle of tr. educated farmer j or artisan, Tiik Wkkki.y Tummm; has no su- j j perior, as is proved by the hundreds of thou ' sands who. havincr read it from childhood, still ! cherish and enjoy it in the prime arid on the down hill of life. We respectfully urge those who know it- worth to commend 'J'hk Weekly Tribi ne to their friends and neighbors, arid we proffer it to clubs at prices which barely pay the cost of paper and pre-swoik. TERMS OF THE WEEKLY TKIRIW'E. TO H-ill- SI liO ltlHUlS. < ?ne copy, one year?62 issues? f 2 o<> fire Copies, one year -62 issue- 7 60 to on k addre-s. All at or?e Post <>lft< e. 10 copies {1 !' > each. 20 copies 1 10 each. 30 copies 1 00 each. And an extra to each Club. TO NAMES or .srBSCHIfcEC.S. All at one Post Office. 10 cope- }l 3-j ??<-b. 20 copies ] 20 each. 30 copies... 1 10 each. And an extra to each Club. ftsT I or Clubs of Fifty l ilt Nai Weekly Tribi m. will be sent as an extra copy. NEW YORK SEMI WEEKLY TRIRCNK is published every Ti e?oay and Fuioay. ai.d, being printed twice a w? ? k. it contains nearly all the important N- < orrcspond*-nc ' , lie views, an 1 Editorials of 1 iu Daily including everything ?>?i the subject of Agriculture, and much interfiling and valuable inailer, for which there is not sufficient room in "uk Wkkki.y : J RiBcyk. Tim St*r\U.n:i.* Tkii.i\ k alv. 1 gim, in the tourr-e of a year. TllfckE ok rot ?: i of the Best am? Latest Pore i. a a N'o.f j ?. by living auth r-. < < r. <?f tlie-.- . ?t ( bought in book form, would be !> n. i x to e.ghi dollars, h- prir* ha-. been la'ely redu. rd. -?? j that Clubs c *n now ei are it at '.?.?! more than the cost. to single *ul.-? r bers. < f I h? \V he#:i y. ( Nowhere else can -.*> n, . h ? urr? u* intelligent*- , and permanent bteiary maitcr b* hao a' v? cheap a rate as in the .^emi a kcklv i kiei've. TEH MS Of f HE SEMI WEEKLY THIBCNL. One copy, one one. i?>4 mini- t- Of) Live copies, or over, !?>r each copy 2 Ia) Fen copies aud one extra copy lor J j }*) f TEH MS OF TIIK DAILY TUIBIWK. J To Mail Subecrib. ru, $Io a y?ar. TucT?l?t si A:*iva< for 1-73 will be read/ ?, ibout New Year *. Price 2U teuu ; 7 for *1. Always -end a draft on New York, or a Post )rn( i Moxtr Omulk, it" possible. \\ hero c ieither of these can be procured, send the fc noocy, bi t iisiv- it a Keoista.-RD l.kTrrca. j I he registration Lr ha- been redn? e<i to rirrticx u kXTrf, and the present registration my Una ha* j >een found by the postal authorities to be ieariy an absolute protection again-t losrt-s by f nail. g Address Tiik Tkikcxe. New York. Terms; Cash is Advax< r. TIIU FR.KKDM A \ > SAVINGS AND TRUST ft :* ?.m :% w . ./ .>Vifi?iiA/ Savings IShhI. r* ESTABLISHKl> MARCH. ( barttrfii bj ?be UoTirnnifnl of tbr I wlir.l ' SUItl. llax.kiII^usc I->07 l>nnijr!vauia Ayci. ; i(" Opposite th? Treasury lis Deposit# of Jfot reals or a-;y iarg?r anv.;nta nr received. in SIX PER CENT. I N I EIU >T i aid ? * > of five dollars or more. .4// ?/*-/' sits yr V ? demand, viih interest due. All account* .* ' > , ( private and confidential. PRINCIPAL OFFICE. WASHING i ??N. 1? m C. BRANCH OFFICES in ... the of the South and Southwest. 'I hi* ORE AT NATIONAL SAVING- IN STITl TION. established hy the . . the United States Government for the Freedmen. knows no dis-inr t: r j color, and offVrs its great n?i\a - t a. i classes alike. , SAVK THH SMA1.I. Sl'MS. (' . :* y i'ir | virt-s?,ion't smc'.c -don't drink?don't buy ' ' ! tf nt tickets. t*ut the money you .ave into tlo* i I'kKKliMAVS SAVINGS HANK. ' J Open from A. M. to 4 IV M. ,oc!i day. i. . I f oil Wednesday and Saturday night.., to t. i no ' | i* only, from fit to H o'el. k. jo 22 1v 111 NOTICE!!! 1 'M i P1 FISHER & TOLSOX. i i?fu.fh3 ix new a\l> second ham* FURNITURE,; a t'PHOLSTKRKil* AND I I KXITI KK Kl PAIUKR<v i lit Work Done at Store or House. ' K-r Orders promptly KltenilfJ to. 111 ? F Street Northwest. i Washington, D. t\ DAVID FISHKit, Jr., F. \ TGLSuN Late of the firm of Fisreu a S??x. ti aprlT lino t>, ItOAKD OF PFBLIF WORKS, > District of Foi curia. w W'ashinutc.v, D. (\, April 1"?. 1x7 ?? REWARD.? V reward of twenty dollars will he paid for the apprehension and conviction si before the Police Court of the District of any ur parties guilty of injuring, defacing, or de troy w ing the trees or shrubbery planted by the Board in of Public Works in the streets, avenues, and j intersections of the cities of Washington and I' Georgetown. or ALi:\. R. SHEPHERD, ftp 17 It Vice President. (IliKLIN \. Til Oil AS, tttniiicy iiiiiI t'?uii?iHlor*Hl-l.:i?v, I <!<)<> I 'tiisiana Avenue, fapl") WASHINGTON, D. F. 14 The fust, Cheapest, ami M?st. Successful ca family l*tper in (he l'ni<m." p< HARPER'S WEEKLY. 1 SPLKNDIDLV IELFSTRATF.D. I Nat ices of the IVess. The model newspaper of our country. Complete in till the departments of an Anieiiran Family Paper, Harper's Weekly has earied fur 1 itself ?*i right to its title, u A .Iocuvai. of Fivii i ]', zation."?New York Keen ing Cost." The best publication of its class in America, and so far ahead of all other w eekly journals as not to permit of any comparison between it and any of their number. Its columns contain the Uocat collections of reading matter that are X printed. * * * Its illustrations are numerous and beautiful, being furnished by the i hie!' vV artist of the country. ?Itoxtun Traveler. Harper x Weekly is the best and niotf ??.?? resting illustrated newspaper. Nor docs ir^ j value depend on its illustrations alone. It^ reading matter is of a high order of literary .j merit?varied, instructive, entertaining, and ( unexceptionable.?N. )'. Sun. SFBSFKIPTK >\S lxv mi us: Harper's Weekly, ore year, "0. An ? xtra copy of either tin? Magazine, VV? <kly, ami Bazar will ho .supplied gratis tor ev< ry < lub of five subscribers at $4.00 each, in one remittance: - or six copies for $20.00, without extra corn Subscriptions to Harper s Magazine. W'rtH /, ami llazar, to one address for one y*?ar, $lo,?o; or, two of Harper'.1 I'erindirah, to one addr s cn for one year, 17.00. Back nuuiheis c an he sup plied at any time?. / i The annua! volumes of llarj-'i's MY#*/./y. m iieat cloth binding, will he sent by expre tn th of expense, for *7.00 each. A complete net, ti comprising fifteen volumes, sent on receipt of M cash at the rate of $5.25 per vol., freight at tin* ne expense of purchaser. he J he postage on Harper'a Weekly is 20 cent s a fo year, which must he paid at the subscriber's ! th post office. Address /.ii HABI'KIt A BUOTHKBS, no 9 New York. /' * ['arpiextionubty the best kndainel Work t f th* >* kind in the Wo, Id. iliu hrii-'w Momi'/ii... * I" 1 ? iTia^aAim . HI Xoliret of the /'te.1*. There art* few intelligent Armrirun fain. . ?, in which Jfaij'Ci * M'tguzhic would n -t be ; j appreciated and highly wehomc gui t. 'I i.?-?? is no monthly magazine an intelligent r-idm/ family can le?ii atford to he without. Many I magazine.- arc accumulated. Jf-irper'n i (11? d. i There ?.# not a magazine thn is print* I v. ;..< t* i show* more intelligent pains expend'd ,n r articles ami mechanical execution 'I tiere inot a cheaper magazine publish* d. 'I hi re : not, confessedly, a more popular magazine h. ii the world. ?Xtw England /lomfiteafl t t. A repository of biography a?.d h -*ory, I * r . lure, science, and art, unequalled by i % American publication. * * * 1 he - .no s are as valuable a.% a uiere work of . a- 1 any cyclopaedia we cau place in our libraries* ' \ l/.trprr ? m a record of travel < . ry wltsrt since the boor ot its sstsblisbia# nt !. . ingstone and Gordon Camming in Air.- i. - n .? xiijong the Andes arid Ro* - lirowi. - ::i h i , , Speke on the N'ile and Maegregor on the .loi Jan indeed, a. recent tra\< - n of , h?\e [ ?een their mo -t important discoveries r- , r ?!u e<l in the.-.e pages. Most of our your./ aw\ ^ many of ? ur old# r writer# find L< -< rh< r lit* r.i * 'V biography. Our *-*e the -r . , ..r. .-t f v ,( their grniu# and the most ei d iri'i/?}. imcm A their Aox/. in the Magazine. .V. T. .-/.jwl xrd. * it i*, one <;t the wonder* of j . n -?S - n?'.he * -dstorial ii; t?> *men* f t Hamrtr'* J Ue A'ti- J j n Am ) A * SUBiCHIM10SS.?1*7*. i Tanas Warper' $ Magazine on?- y? r < I 00 j An Extra Copy of either the Mjyutne, v or Haznr !,? ?<ipj.fie I gratia for * very Club of f oe Sub < at .ft ea< h, hi \v* >uc remittance or Six Copies for ?'???>, without A xirmtopj. j ? Subacnptiona to Harper * Magazine, Weekly, \ itid Ilazar, to one a!ore** for one year, flu * .r two of Harper m I'ero-dieaU, to one address ^ or one year, $7. ?< Ra< k numbers can he auppiied at any time. * A complete aet of Harper ? Magazine now ^ ompriaing Forty Three Volume*. in neat cloth o no ding, will be arnt by expreaa. freight at ex- * ?ente of purchaser, for per volume. Sin- J) ;le volume, bv mail, poalptid. je>. Cloth caa<-a, > or binding, fifty eighteenth, by mail, postpaid. The pottage on Harper'a Magazine is twenty- ^ our cent* a year, which mu*t be paid at lh* u ubtcriber'i poat * Addrea* H AKi'EK4 BROTHERS. * no 'i New York. t ? * PKOSPECTi s IBW NATIONAL SRI 1 KWiS H. IKX'U.ASS. ... .!. SKI.I.A MAKTIN". TWHit Ktimu Ruvil v M ! rr t d* 1 .in A'lv-' ' .1 . I it nr. A-fri Mttinln it will mi rt and mailt j III every right |*er?*inti*g ?t> the Amern vi ! n. i< 1* jt of ri<>. r r. r :v rlh. It wad ?!'annd the r? ro/r,;-'. fc?r.t-< *h"rfVfr th?- (' r - ' . ?v Ition.a; ? !? ,'?i v. ,? .\ I iIumtlA v.; i lu? ?'i * m?'}: . IV ( .'i (?,' r .? . *c<icd instruction. n: f i o*e halt's of ind.<>:. . . . ince wh? h ; ! i to i:. ?11rif# ? ' ?t;riiis? in return ! ./>' While t! c )r >1 \ s \ , .?\ < e colored men, . ! ,.?. w aitily c- : r? ?I. ;? . I ? dl of r ice to the c untrrr !-v hm - - f ^ ? u?: *Kt> > ::*r.-t? are i J- - * irt? t.l tJ . . > l UK i'Oi ! i Ir\l hi '\ !\V N .1; : !(; pie rate ? i < ii the |???iu'_v' ol the N > N : ?\*i I' .v i , ir.Hiui the recognition <>f > r ^ht f r tiZen whnh if will i?>t frr> ? I her. 1 * . 1 op e J.:. ; ;i?f . gi upon A ell S, t . - n id. ' e hum est < iU.' a i:i t.'io lend. I: v...,e . . r cv?'y ( .'i"i ? j-.ui.* v :/r>-:'.o . 4 w. a action f ; ? r- >n and or. ; r'v ill t\cry S . id Tcrriton . t the \ :' ?.al I ... i. I In' N a \ \r; \ 4 II ; 4 . ' . > ' . 4 :i nil puh.n- ?piestiot?>. and . i'>or to in>i i opi'imt vi .?f i-urji oe an t *ncoura *? . tion, especially aunm^the . a'. f?op:e ? ! t he r ? , ?!( ;. . l- r i 11 ir the | l.i-i ?rv t" th?* I % ; . d r? 4 <?sn?' '"i" w h it it h:ti d>>\o ' r tht of the ilt. the N. \ r, \ ^ ^ ill (five iN hear!y support f-> ij?u i \ a vsm ve. I \w-i pit-d^e ??f v t ? ; e i' in party is ? i\t t\ under tie* e . ith the ;i- 11h i that i;i iIm* : : ?. . w<\, thnt party ^id l-e the - odt.i m i ipp it ? ! tin ' ptim *-.f" nis?n o r- i lin h lii'Vr n. > Imv. :? i r? * tlie r the Ian I. Till: KblVATloN AI hi ! AI! I MI NT. II, , at i :: t' .? t. . ?i - U ti as i? ifj? is t ;;to 1 : .1 t.? di? bar^f heir dutie* to Hi# 4i > om ftnotfcet. Ihe nation will 1 ires! > if.MMini I m the i- llifcenro of mm, hii.I the j trn it ?Hm h wool i j ??? ?;?** 1 i ; -- : till ! ;! Jl'lil . 1 i -1 l.'tul ils . !.i IV > It j...\\ ,! ?., u f i tlui'Mt???if that }> '.1 . i liev of the j?r?* < ti? 1 I 1 v th it j. ?rt ? |M .. .|..r. I at. I wit. . .. iv.'!/ or liii'l. i t!.. 1 hi ot if- h trm-os, hnvo l>. .n ?J? |>ri\< I of tho oj'j.prtu onjoy.'i! I > tin ir v. <i i- f',\ , | ! : ! IVI ' St lit Till-: in his 11; i a i im I'.xi; r\u:\ r. Tho industrial int. '. - : i!t 1 j ill elaini and ' a In. -vr. . t o ntion. Tho Nnv \'n \ I v u I : Ir:iM?? vi-itor t ?r tho t ?i:.i"\ ;ot 1 tin- tilid we eai neat I j appeal i > oar friends hero to lliil lishvth.l: f- i ;j.| ,t>lH lluenoo. The sul - i of . | .-t i \ i w N . i: \ will l.o > ll I \ o f , !?*..-? ! I| 5 copio tor ^ |t>. in . I\ ? AM.. I KI.IM.KH ?\ !? !?. I.ASS, .1 I. k !?o\ <\, W a hintrtoii, 1? . IUR PREMIUMS. Tit any one sitnilin^ ti i, with ti I It, at our stili i ijit i<?ti t in- will t". ri. i ! I r rxjiri t |iri?miittii. i.i a-. ir-l-ini'i-with tO llowiag. AtUnn fMtritl l)g?h . 'r. nit Hot -II, W'.i-liiii^toti. M. : ir 10atihi. iii.ft ! s*,.. t;..;.i h. x itt.... ir ; ? -I.?. I III... I \.|. lUa'.li... IWOO M wHnhMfibur I Sw. lUirVrtekMN * ,r I . n.h ril.i-t I . I -,li. I. i ' l? Oil I I i i 1.1.1 ICI.D s -1 i I.i:i: -i l l.i. i:\i.i: \ v iN<. (4* 'RESIDENT GRANT. Fit two mbeeribera, wi'll the monoy, III H.'llll t'.vn I 'j * I III lll>- |' *t" . . . -'. lit (III- I ail I . l! I I Itlrie-M'n S|.l. r.i; i Si... i Knfrai , 5 ol r lit ?? > ? Mil fO . ... ! .!!. t ?> 1 I. roll - I I,. .' 11 1' 1 .1 v i 1, a ... I' ... II . ?IUr.-. mi l II..- 111.|.ii- .,1 I t r (I, re . -ti ll. Cash Premiums! For lea nun ralitrrilien we will \I. 1 ' ? -/i |>1. Ini 11 in i.l' ; 1 l'iI \. 11 Iv I'iliiT-, S|'l; f. 1 lint v. 11 i -111.- <ril> Periodical Premiums. W?offer for mm p ; . I*y (?i the Nl W N \ iM v \ ' I \ \ f!i? r 0! (to f'.:! M?il ' it Atj 1 i? 'tl'm < t : * v. 1 :> outhty, 'ill . 1'ttri'ia, J ??" ! -I. .11.1 \. 1 f til price i,f vv K 1 . 1 . > y !" im/.V U M/Zi/.V. ? . ! ' Diitli . tin- *wl rij.' u ; . -1 t . . ?.i to. 1;?tu Hi '. r out* )< nr, full i<< I r? : - . c late war, ur. ] -?i. .}?!.: ties in the c'liifitrv. In ad t?? th<* n* ' ,\>tr V '?'/?'/ M.t.f-t > J! r II I f,n H'n 1 1 . i :i . i>~./ ? /, r?'l th it!!; ! i if* Silf :.i . - i. V.. u .;' I I." ' M i ?>?? N'm NaT: a u I . r itfi: i; . ?! : t i"i . / #;/ X/./ . ? 11 1 it tt /M >'?/./. . 1.-/1/ > v I . I . 4 H r ? ? I ? .?# ; r 1(1 09 I i , , to < f t 1 -y MUrn' 1'i/ I. .? t, .. '. ? ?. !'? * --r. it'I f . .v . ..... Ji i ?- ! I^lt* < i lr*'< ? -Ir'l (? ?1?i fci. I'KKDI.IIIIK .1. !?.? ft-x 31 V e ' (g.:nis for Um ?i. w Nation <1 :: \|- . I- -;i ?f?;? u t ? \ ir. AMW >\ v % uh i ,| : . ' t ?. jr r * . \ it: i\ ' t t . . , i v.. > loo . f ?.?!p..?#"< <r ko\? !?* ii ii ! it ii ? *?'.>:. , . 'v* i ? i;?. . ? - : ? . r?"*? '?* it ii aks? m * >\ ? h . . oh. - i f \ i m j ii * i ? ill* 0 ' 'jm ii.' . r wuoi> * n * ii.. * \ .i i vtii.mi , \ if in hi;, r 2. t . . i r. n h y i wil'hm- i ?!.??. l' u * < * '. - . ? jirtlohl j iiu.; |?k " v i . m' !. s r v . i k * v i si'.i \ kfc. > % atuan fi-jta-i' f. s . . ? P ? * U.K? * t* p j ?iin j uo ?:?: 1 n i a.-. n. ui vtu, lr? lui .. . th ('? . i'.?. \ml kl alm.kk ? 1 i . fco ii mittml ! . i a- - i. v ? a. amu ii i i" ' m r.?? t. auauj*. i? ? >> * . * t i?t* i h r w atkj h. ?: . u ?. ?* * khki ckk\ lit- k k a i . krii'mas i ok m t , | % k. i * ?, t! ;. ? i.' i ? - . t . tmcs k ! ?. m v _?%%;; i i t . a ii kl> ? i * tut. i alt ah l.'l \ kk. ?ll> m <? va*ck j ' kui. ! ? .t. johxftom, ii u . il .-n ? r rj.

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