Newspaper of New National Era, May 8, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of New National Era dated May 8, 1873 Page 4
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A *OXO OF al .l.MKH. ' a i??.ir <i?> In the lap ul Mai 1 ^nt v<i.ivofs.i"ui^t. not far *11 'v ] \n?l (be wonlH of her *otif \\ ere ?aught t?>* a throng Of l?<n??*.l?g l>u<L*ltiat !. -at*-! alonp Hue Rang of Mummer. with mild l>lu?- vfe*. An l hair like the 2- M ? ? ?uti?? t ? And floating rot?* of a tti? n-mi.i *t<?? ??f hor chwk * *<>ft lice Whwp the hlu?h *h<?\e? through. I i And her for*-h?-a?l wet u illi theiif iuogdew !g ??f h< r tu?-nth. ? * pur.- ?i tin- hreat h of rhll I I 4 hrec r lipnall nnd< filed. ?>f h?-r lameuUhiiiK hit mi tti<-e\? tiluu hour ? When dnmvai t ep through srort and bower, | Mid dew 1 w eigh t!"tt II the . |<.*ing flow, r < ?if her jojroua about lu the oarlv mtm , hrfrlM bill* end woodland* bbree. j 1 Ami em* ?nw ?- * ??f Mr riviiMivii1 p ?' i)mbmMI nootiMt i ' I.hM tn tl?? v?w r??"l nn<l * nl?* Thai larlnUn h?;?it"illi' f )r?"ill.l l' j, u h*r n^tlv* ItHinlt that wtrK * 1?> l?r?nu | .? fmttlon thnork <?f n*? sprlitK 1 ill. JuM a* ll?r Kong* i?l . it UK. W tit. utalwart *tti?1f.? ?r!? . 'I' M* t 'oni?'% Attlttmn \ wan i?r t?l . I* it \? w-Mv AITi lighted, K??i*tHuiu:ut;i ?? i I r- Hiiif ?i?*l t*. I noil fluftht* t,. r n.. ? k. ?li<1h* r |?uH?- *..?* - | And Intn h?*r . y. v com.* a ?> w ?*\ , A??h?- fc*th?-ts h?-i II :?inu! i?'? > l? Aim ?uli! -V .-! ? ? .! in t luui. * >'inpaiil?'iM .1 ? ?n h* I?v n risrnt< . ?. i. .t, ; . paMfM ??*i i > ? S?>?sl !? ? it I a n l I w it ?l?u<* a ?l.t> In tti? lap of M *.?t Mingling 01 Mutnunv , iu?l fai h?si And l?. \* .?rd- ??l Im ? s-M \V K'cuinilit l.\ nl (ironic ? ?t tjlimt ||>K In. 1^ II i at li ? ! i?l.?lik - -? . A"" 1 I a U-in |t riant ? a llivrn.r. T.sMmnn)- of l*h) .Irian*. 111. .lame* ( liriclili.n Browne s u\s that! alchohol, taken in excess. f..ur difti'rrnt forms of mental disease 5 1. Mania-a-|>otu. The monomania of suspicion. < hroui>; alcoholism. I. I?\ |>aomania, or irresistible craving for alcoholic ! stimulant-. lie has shown this latter form to be |>ro- : lured in |K-rfeetly sober and sedate men, l.v . "injuries to the head," l.v "sunstroke," ami ; in ooe cause it "w.i attributed to taking a draught of cold water on a hot unmier dav, which caused fainting and an entire change of character." '* ' " ,-'-1 1 A .lici-rhitiniltfik it. nauris .<i 1111 - between the "frequent drunkard, and the nan who lias drank himself into ablate of perfect want of resisting power." "Hut there is another atfeclion ronncctcd with drink, which is separated absolutely a* a matter ot kind, namely, the kind of drinking which is entirely paroxismal, and which (so far as he kuowsl never occurs except in person* of a certain hereditary conformation, and it comes upon men at intervals, who are otherwise not inclined to drink at all, and there are spaces between their times of drinking In which they are perfectly free from any tendency to driuk." I>r. liavid Skae believes the catlses of this latter form of intemperance to be "mostly hereditary, althouugh some were caused byblow* on the head, by hemorrhage and the loss of a large quantity of blood, sometimes bv disease of the brain, lie had known a lady, in whom the craving was so strong, that she drank -line-blacking and turpentine. llr. Alexander I'eddie, says: "Sometimes the habitual drunkard may have some natural defect or weakness, although not a distinct taint of insanity or predisposition to internjieraiicc ; and his mind ami his will may have been ill-regulated, ill-balanced, or perhaps over-regulated by too much and indiscriminate discipline in youth." "Sunctimes w ast ing disease, a severe nervous slioek. a stroke of the suu, a blow on the head, heavy grief, or reverse of fortune, will brim; a mind whieli is in a somewhat weak state into the condition of an habitual drunkard, just because recourse is had to stimulation in the lirsl instance, in order to overcome feebleness, or to exhilarate or to comfort in some way or other." l>r. .lohu Nugent says: "The population of Ireland had decreased two millions in the last twenty-five years, but there is the same amount of insanity now that there was when the imputation was larger by two millions." "If there is a predisposition to insanity, drink is sure to develop it, and, on the other hand, there are persons who show their insanity by a disposition to drink." Dr. Arthur Mitchell, in speaking of dypsoinania says that "its characteristic is an ungovernable and unremitting craving for drink ; and in a great many cases frequent habitual drinking precedes this state, but not necessarily so: it sometimes appears without previous habits of drinking, as the result of cerebral injury; the result, for instance, of fever, of hemorrhage, of mental shocks," &c. Dr. Forbes Winslow -aid that from his oxtensive experience among lite upper classes of Knglisli society, lie had formed the opinion "that if establishments were organized for the reeeption of persons addicted to chronic liahits of intemperance, hundreds would avail themselves of such institutions, and would voluntarily surrender themselves for a time to control and treatment. To his mind such institutions are one of the great and crying wants of the age." Dr. Thomas It. Christie sa\ s that "it is utterly useless to line a drunken man and set him adrift again, hut lie felt convinced that hospitals for the cure of the inebriate should be established," \ . Dr. Hubert Dewitt says: "It is people who obstinate and incurable ia>cs of habitual iuebrity," ami lie ha- reason to suppose tliat these have frequently inlu rited a very feeble, or a very excitable nervous system, ami consequently any excitement of woe or happiness, wha h would fall harmlessly upon a tolerably sound brain, lead- in their case to the habit of drinking." These are extract- from the testimony of the distinguished gentlemen named, before a committee of the Jiriti.-li Parliament, selected especially to consider the subject of drunkenness and it- remedy. No men are more eminent in their profession- than the gentlemen whose thoughtful conclusion* are here brietly noticed, ami we submit them a- of incalculable \ able to the physiciaii and philanthropist. IIciilI li ami Talent It i- no exaggeration to ray that health i- I u large ingredient in what the world calls \ talent. A man without it may be a giuut in : intellect, but his deeds will he the deeds of | a dwarf, lint if he lias a quick circulation, j a good digestion, the bulk, thews, and sin- | i-ws of a man, and the alacrity, and unthink- j ing colltidcUi e inspired by these, and, though ! having but a thimbleful of brain-, lie will either blunder upon success or set failure at I defiance. It is true, especially in this couu- j try, that the number of centaurs in every conuuuuity?of men in whom heroic intellects are allied with bodily constitution-as tough as those of horses -is small; that, in : general, a man has reason to think hiuisclt well oil in the lottery of life, if he draws the prize of a healthy stomach w ithout a mind, or the prize of a fine intellect with a crazy Herculean frame i1- kllcr 111.ill :i eiatit luin.l iii a > rn/v constitution. \ pound of energy j with an ounce of lah ill, will achieve "renter ie?ull- than a poiin.l of talent with an onnrc of energy. The lir-t requisite to sucees-in iue Is to l.e a l'.kkI animal. In any of the : learned profes ; m", a vigorous constitution ; > equal to at h ast liftv pel .nit. more brain. j Wit, iu.1lm. nt, iiuaeiiiati n, < loquciice, alll the qualities ot the iu.ii I, attain thereby a lorce and -|.lend ., t>> w l.i. h thei . ould never approach without it. lint intellect in n weak, is "like -'old in a spent swimmer's pocket." -V me. Iianic may have tools ot the sharpest edge and highest polish ; but what at e these w ithout a vigorous arm and hand (if what use is it that your mind has become u vast granary of know ledge, if you have not strength to turn the key?Mm/ianti' and Manufacturers' Hull-tin. Kelp him at least three paces distant who hates music 01 the voice of a child. A lit nuakian bandit just murdered his thirty-fifth victim. E. .1. KLOPFKR. Notary Public and .InMice of the Peace Office, G02 Louisiana Arenue, Between Oth and 7th streets Northwest. Residence G'*8 0 *t. N rthweat. Deeds, Centraltn, l/twts, and other Legal Papers carefully prepared and acknowledged. Landlord and Tenant cases a Spec laity. Depositions taken in or out of office. A prompt offi ' ctr always in for the collection of i account* mayfJtf i Venimu?!" "Viderunt!" 'Vicimuj'" Wall's Opera House. MISUSING ttUCTVII: Vof. .1. ESPI'TA A T. 1IABKV DOXEHCE Ilj rc<jue?t of m*ny prominent citizen., inclotl ng the Uorcrtior and Member* of the Council ind Honw of Delegates, 'The Colored Amcricm Opera Troupe'' R ill reproduce Eirhburg'* Cha*te and beautiful V ?pera, B " The Doctor of Aloantara," I Dn MONDAY AND TI'ESDAY EVENINGS, ' Mar 12th and 13th. with the entire Company rreatlr improred in rolce and acting, and their ' 3DP233 DMDBD Pronounced by the press everywhere 44 the finest on the American stage." #1(1 Popular Kates of admission : 60 cents, 75 rent*, and $1. Keserved .-eat* 2o cents extra To avoid the ru*h at the theater the sale of ticket and reserved *ea!s will commence at Kills" II aieSloft M SO 'lav. May 5. I T. HARRY DONEHt'E, 1/1 ti:*\ S It Ba&ine** and >tage Manager. |>OAKDIN?; IloT SE A KI STAI KANT h i Itirt opened, a first-class Hoarding How e for the accommodation of the traveling public who are shut out from public entertainment by hotel proprietors on account of color. The building j j ha been thoroughly repaired and refitted, ami i will b. a pleasant home for those who may vi-it l',e the capital of the State. Term* reasonable. aim ALFRED ANDERSON, Proprietor. mStf 61 Warren street, 2d door below Trenton. a on Ayer's Hair Vigor, FOR RESTORING GRAY HAIR To IIS NATl'EAI. VITALITY A COLOR. renews the growth, and always surely restores f'^n its color, when failed or gray. It stimulates the ; itse [ nutritive organs to healthy activity, and pre- ; zat: serves both the hair and its beauty, lhu- 1 brashy, weak, or sickly hair becomes glossy, and pliable, and strengthened : lost hair regrows . not with lively expression : falling hair is checked n?y and established ; thin hair thickens : and faded tino or gray hair resume their original color. Its f?rit operation is sure and harmless. It cures dand- ons rutf, heals all humors, and keeps the scalp cool, ftrti clean, and soft ?under which conditions diseases ^ of the scalp arc impossible- rest As a dressing for ladies' hair, the Viooa is vali praised for its grateful and agreeable perfume, rea and valued for the soft lustre and richness of roei tone it imparts. une Prepared by .1. (\ AY Kit A CO., Lowell, Mass.. l*ractical ami Analytical Chemists. J fc <y" Sold by all Druggists and Dealers in cop Medicine. nnVj Ba; VI. I- RANHiLL Ji CO.. J" ? ; Fire and Life Insurance Agents and ?n. Brokers, 720 Seventh street nortliwe.-t. AGENTS FOR THE nor Niagara Fire Insurance Co., of New York. ot Cash Assets, $1,800,000. tor Kepublic Fire Insurance Co., of New York. cas Cash Assets, $555,600. _ ex[ Manhattan Fire Insurance Co., of New York, i Cash Assets, $265,000. yes Arlington Fire Insurance Co.. of I Hat. of Col. pot Capital $200,000. ^ . INcw l OIK liJR' insurmicr v o., uuuuui,i Assets over f'20,000,000. And we iusure w ith nil the lirst-claEs In&uruncc " I Companies in the United States, without additional charge, and will see that the Policies are properly written. apr 17-lm TRK KKY8T0HK R9G8B, i*o. km; K ST., 1 in I Between 7th and 8lh Streets North- ?pi is west, Washington, D. C. Where will be found the best of Wines, Lbjuors, 'j'1 Cigars, and Oysters, and all tbe deliea- arl" eics of tbe season. j noi PERMANENT AND TABLE BOARDERS ih, FFRNISHED ON REASONABLE 1 ERMS. ! . WILLIAM A. SHORTER, Proprietor. ?'? * ar>rl7-lmo ! ATTENTjON ! g EQ-UeA-LITY TO ALL. Call at tbe TEMPLE OF FASHION ^ ce< I For the cheapest and the latest styles of ina SILK, FELT, CASSIMERE, ANO CLOTH of HATS. of I For men and hoy?. Special attention railed to our ' e,ii CENTS' DRESS HAT, j tio INCLUDING HAT Bill SH. 1 | And will he kept in order for six months without j charge, ' //,, A. IHTTR1CII, Hatter, ! i aprlT ltuo 724 Tth Street Northwest. "' EVERYBODY'S FRIEND ??; ant ; MONEY ADVANCED hi, i OX COLLATERAL AT eon TWO PETl CENT. )jin at ; ^ E. FULTON & CO'S, j '?T 314 NINTH STREET, ! fou: Between the Avenue and street. I 11 ^ aprlT -lino ' a. k. nmi, Attorney aii<> f' I ' No. 330 Four and a'Half Street. j near City Hnll, WASHINGTON', D. C. o, apt:-In < lltltl.lA X. TUONAN. Attorney and Counsellor at Law, Office of Hon. A. G. Riddle, WASHINGTON 1) (' Brat tices in all of the Courts of the District q ami before the Southern Claim Coiuini-ion. th it All claim-* of Southern loyalists against the aT!;| Government for stores or supplies taken or fur . ?liir( nl bed the I'niteJ States army during the rebel or lion, forwarded through the Kn N'.itiovai u Kit*, will re, tiie special attention. ii.'J.ltf F. A. BbSWELL X CO., |j Bankers and Brokers, ?. K corner of Four And a half street And Vir ginia avenue S. \V . Wellington, It. C ! SIX PKU CENT. IMEUESA PAID OX DEPOSITS. Part Opct fiom 0 A. II* to P. M. marl" tf 1 PIMPLES. ; _ , I will send free recipe for my \E<iETA a; BI.E BA1.M, removing l'imples lilack Worms, i Blotches, freckles. Moths, Tan, and all I?i?eases of ihe hkin, leaving it clear and with a healthy glow. Also, sure process for tine < AH growth of ilair on bald heads or smooth faces. THOMAS F. CHAPMAN, Chemist. . 1'. O. Box 6128. lti" Broadway, S. V. marlOCt T. 1"7 (iliVMM, 90G t' r. ./ Thirteenth and G strut*, _ j Keeps a first-class . BOARDING AND LUNCH IIOL.-L,j Furnishing regular day board, with meals to suit th* convenience. The terms are reasonable ami the place quiet. The proprietor pays special intention to the comfort of his guest, apr 17 1 ap h o x a i, era an 3 rew SMLE >RAL? i hmvp cnino id cm T IT E N K AV N A 1 WO 'tiVlvJ iv to the World-"! r. Worm le v's Pectors Bronchitis, Asthma, """ It i a sure cure and -afe remedy, and rious effects, a- its component parts are p greatest success, and there are now nun: ust instantaneous relief from its use. It has never failed, and the proprietor ise of cold or cough (unless caused hy cot Sold Wli dec 12-ly Sold retail by 1st Pt.'t, Cheapeil, If lit Ml .<! ] Family I'aper in Ike Vni I ARPER'S WEEKLY. SPLENDIDLY ILLCSTR VTKD. Xa tires of the Press. he model newspaper of our country. 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An extra ?y of either the Magazine, Weekly, and ! i.\r will he supplied gratis lor every club of ^subscribersat ?4.00each, in one remittance: six copies for $20.00, without extra copy, iuhscnptions to Harper's Magazine, Week?!/, I JSazar,\o one address for one year, $10,00; two of Harper's Periodicals, to one address j one year, $7.00. Hack numbers can be sup- j -d at any time. I'he annual volumes of Harper $ Weekly, in it cloth binding, will be sent by express, free ! expense, lor 5*7.00 each. A complete set, ! uprising fifteen volumes, sent on receipt of j h at the rate of $<r>jT? per vol., freight at the S lenseof purchaser. [ he postage on Harper's Weekly in 20 cents a ir, which must be paid at the subscriber's j t oflice. Address 11AUPKR A BROTHERS, io 0 New York. t 'ngnesti hiiltly (Jte best da i tied Weak of (he kind in the World. ITaipcr's Magazine. Xi'lices of the l\ess. I'here are few intelligent American families which Harper's Magazine would not be an predated and highly welcome guest. 'I'here no monthly magazine an intelligent reading : uily can less afl'ord to be without. Many gazincs are accumulated. Harjicr's is edited. j ere is not a magazine that is printed which ?\vs more intelligent pains expended on its j icles and mechanical execution. There is j \ a cheaper magazine published. There is i, confessedly, a more popular magazine in i world. -AVic England Homestead. A r.,?. .cltnn tS I ifi irrr'?r?V> ?r nnrl Ulst^rvr lo^rn. 1 o. science, and art, unequalled by any other iicricau publication. * * The volumes us valuable as a mere work of reference as y cyclopaedia we can place in our libraries. irpers Magazine is a record of travel every ere since the hour of its establishment. LivIntone and Coidon Ciiinming in Africa, Strain io?g the Andes and Ro-s Browne in the Fast, eke on the Nib* and Macgrrgor on the Jora?indeed, all recent travelers of note have n their most important discoveries reprodu1 in these pages. Most of our younger and jiy of our older writers find here their literabiography. Our artists see the best evidences their genius and the most enduring specimens their work in the Ma/uine.? V. 1'. Statul ! it 1 one of tin* wonders of journalism the ' torial manngenn-nt of Harper's.?The Xa 1 It, XtW ) o/'.V. srr.s.eiainuN's. Ttit MS : rpcr'r Magazine one jcar 00, Vn Kxtra Copy < f either the Magazine, rA/v, ? r Bazar will be supplied gratis for | ?ry Club of Five Subscribers at $1 each, in ? remittance: or Six Copies for $20, without ra copy. Subscriptions to Harper's Magazine, Weekly, | 1 Bazar, to one address fi.r one year, flO: j two of Harper'." 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F.WARD.?A reward of twenty dollar- will paid for the apprehension and conviction re the Poll e (' art of the District of any ios guilty of injuring, defacing, or destroy- | lhe tre' or shrubbery planted by the Board 'ublic Works in the street5. avenues, and i-sections of the cities of Wa-hington and rgelown. I ALEX. R. SHEPIIERD, >17 It Vice President. ( CII4Ri.CS X. TIIOM4S, orney and Coiin<tellor*at.I.:iw. lt?o I - u: iuiih \ venui', pl7] WASHINGTON, I). C. f STRASBURGER BROS. 906 WHOLESALE AND RET AID SOOT and shoe house, W)t> Seventh St bet- I ?nil K, t ( Washington, d. c. j rl" Into il Syrup is a Sure Cu ami all Lung and Br (an l>e u-ed hv the most delicate invalid a urelv vegetable. It has Recti used for set ihers of per- ns in this city who can bear does not hesitate to ofler a reward of twei assumption) which this remedy, if fairly tr olosinlo Viy 4' EH U ? Ms :?* mr all Drujrgists. 430 Per AATIHSTG "THE AMERI 423 Broome St] a- ^a First premiums wherever exhibitedillowed for Second-hand Instruments in ].: From Mr. E-hrari llnffn. ' I conscientiously believe that your In Emm the ' I "The American Piano has de.-ervedl #e? 1 Responsible Agents wanted fir uri jan2S too WING & THE FREEDMAN'S SAVINGS AND TRUST ?jc? w . I National Savings ttank. KSTAHLISHKD MARCH, 1SG.V Cliartereil by the Uovermncnt of Ilia I'ntted States. Ranking H ou a a l.p?o; Pennsylvania Avenue, Opposite the Treasury. Deposits of Jive cents or any larger amounts received. SIX PEE CENT. INTEREST paid on sums of five dollars or more. Alt deposits payable on demand, with interest dtte. All accounts strictly jirirate and con fidential. PRINCIPAL OFFICE. WASHINGTON, I>. C. RKANCII OFFICES in all the larger cities of the South and.Southwest. 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AI <11 ri'lIOLSlERKiiS ANli Fl'RMTI'RE REPAIRERS. Work Done at Store or House. l-n; OrJeis promptly attended to. lilt) F Street N'ortliwejt, Washington, D. C. HAV1II FISilFK, Jr., C V. TOLSON. I .ate of the firm of Fi.hiei: A Sox. ajir 1T lmo BRUNSWICK HOTEL. A First-Class House, neatly fitted it for the accommodation of the traveling publicrilf. rooms are large and well ventilated, and furnished with all necessary comforts. 4 b ? w s always supplied wirn the best the market affords. Kouin Contains a fine-selected stock of AI.E, WINE, I.IgT'ORS, CIGARS, TOBACCO, PIPES, Ac. Situated on corner of Oglethorpe and Winield streets, Hriiiimlrk, < a nil. P. UOLDEt, octdlly Proprietor. pOR SALE CHEAP. Two near two story Louses, situated on O treet, X. W., Letaeeu loth and 16th streets. ilX BOOMS in< lading Us'h Kootn. Water and las throughout Apply to J. N. DICKSON, lull Madison street. apr3 tf between Ptth and 17th streets. ] D CITIXEX. ARD. 5 Y'S >yrup1 d( rt re and Not to Kill! |j re for Coughs, ( olds, t VI onchinl Affections. ; w Y mil the youngest infant without fear ot any i( reral years in a large number of cases with < * testimony to its efficaev, an 1 have derived f, a ity-live dollars to any one who will produce ? ied, will fail to cure. r T o ?( ' ?., .? in vlvani.i Avenue, Washington, P. ('. r S O 3ST 7 ??n nu bin ii UAIM riAnur ; reet, New York. T 0 i?.u mm ?: 99 r -I'liees low for die ijualiiy ? Large prices J (change. ion, //ie CtlcbraleJ Piditist: _ % 1'iann ij. i;i every respect, a nnyniju <nt 'mltptndtut; ' M iv become a very popular Instrument, liiccupied territory. Send t'or circulars to SON, 423 Broome St./M Y. ?$500 Reward! ^'KINAWAV!" tub mmnm hailroad. A UECOHll or Facts, Narrating the Hardships, Hair-Breadth Escapes, and Death Struggles of the Slaves in their Efforts for Freedom. BY WILI.IAM STILL, For many years connected witli the Anti Slavery i Office in Philadelphia, and Chairman of the Acting Vigilant Committee of the Philadelphia Branch of the Underground Pailrcad. Illustrated with 7<? ftne Kngravings hy liensell, Schell, and others, and Portraits from Photographs from Life. From a great number t f cordial letters commending the Underground Pail road, the Author , , selects a lew brief extract* only from eminent friends of Freedom who have examined the : work. , j From lUm. Lloyd Go rison: 1 have examined it with a deep and thrilling interest. It is a inc^-t important portion of An- \ , ti-Slavery history. Its reliableness, moreover, cannot he called in question. It is a hook for j every nousenoni. From S. P. chase. Chief Just ire of I . S. Sui 1 prime Court: No one prol?ahly lias had equal opportunities with yourself of listening to the narratives of 1 fugitive slaves. No one will repeat them more , truthfully, and no stories can Le more fraught with interest than theirs. From J. M. Mr Kim : A book so unique in kind, so startling in in r ; terest, and so trustworthy in its statements. ! cannot fail to command a large reading now, , 1 I and in generations yet to come. > From Hon, Htn y WUso 1 /' t id nt Vou have done a good work. This story of the heroic conduct of fugitives of oppression, | and of the devotion of their friends, will be 1 read with deep interest, especially by the old 1 friends of the slave in the stern struggle through which we have passed. I hope your labors will 1 be rewarded by a grateful public-. ' i From Jfon. Charles Sum it ft : 'l he Underground Railroad has performed its 1 J part, but it mo t always be remembered grate- 1 fully, as one of the oeculiar institutions of oar country. I cannot think of ir without a th: >b- ' bing heart. 1 You do well to commc-morale those associated with it by service or bv benefit the ?a- ' I viours and the saved. 1 1 i 1 From IJorare CreP y : < For most of the years I have lived, the escape ' of fugitives from slavery, and their efforts to ' batlle the human and oth?-r bloodhounds who. tracked tbern, formed the r-mttneo of American I History. That romance is now end-d, and our < grandchildren will hardly believe its ieading incidents except on unsi>tihle test!nurny. I rejoice that you are collecting and presenting that testimony, ar.-l heartily wish you a great ' fcuccef*. ; 1 From \\'m. II. Fumes*, D.F.: Having read this record of 4*Tiir I'vnm liRot no Uaii.road,' I can only say that it is a ] work of extraordinary interest and rf great taint ' ! as an iliustrati m of the terrible despotism, which a little while ago reigned over us all, nr. 1 which is now thank heaven ' no more. From John d. Whittier . j TUebook is no-re int>resting ! inri.t, maror. It will he of permanent value to the historian of I the country during the anti slavery struggle. / cliftfully commend it to the ptibiir tutor. / .? Gen. <>. 0. IfirnJ 1 , You could not prepare a work thai vmM afford more instruction and interest to me than a detailed history of the operations of the so called 441 ndergr und Kailroad." J an delighted f K at the exami'.u'i >n I h. h [ ermitted to a give the proof, a; i third th tr:i wj'l r up v to call you h'e?sed for your faithful record of our * 4#Iegal?/ rd crime ri i l' ! F? m Hon. lknon C. Carey 1 Mr. Stio s work appears to me to be one of % g eat interest. and J ma r heart i>j node i'i . e- o ' /amending ,t to the pxdAo attention. SOLD ONLY BY STBSCBIPTION. I IJ ,ur. i *?. Line Kngh-u L. h. extra gilt -SO , I'aaeled Style, f*all gill 6 Ui, f| 44 Sheep. Lihrarv * yle I* b() j Halt i urkey r-.CCO.. ft 60 ^ - 1 Aeents Wantci. Liberal T?-rmt Offered. WILLIAM STILL. A at h r, r and Publisher _ apr3-4t No. '<?14 S. |*?ith itrret, I'hilt. ^ - ? _ ?|c l.oukftl I'm I nine al l.ual! rpiu: i xiiciiMi. mi? iiosropi:. 1- The best Low Priced Mi r ,-, >peerer made. Liceedir.glr u?efal f,r namimnu Klowert, Inserts, and Minute Ol</ t , Detecting Coonter I l>it Montr and Di?clo-iog the Wonder* of the Microscopic Wodd. It 1* adapted to the use of * Physicians. Teacber*, Students. and th? Family ' i Circle. IteqgirM no Focal Adjustment, and i can therefore be readily uaed by any peraon. *' Other Microsc?[>es of no greater je,wer eont j n i 'J each and upw ard*, and are so difficult to on 111 derstarid that nose hut scientific wen ran use ' them. The I'uicersal always gives talisfai tion. rl : One single Microacopn will he sent carefully t ( packed, by mail, on receipt of $1. Agents '*' i waated everywhere. Addreaa m D L STAPLFd k CO , I n.arlO-fimo Allen, Michigan. ' tew York Interne. 1873. \\ Now, a* hrretoforo, Thu Tni*r*r strives t > first of fell ?nd pre eminently a news t?prr. Franre a Republic?Kngland and Orrmnnr auaauy permcaiea wnn uqiBuuom i-h k mm swaying in the nervele** gra?p of * ruler ^ 1 0 food (or a King and too weak (or a Krp ih foU an, who in unab 1# to govern the grrat i-!a?. I owt? at blocks the entrance to our Gulf of Mcxi. . uikd equally unable to fire it up the German zen caking peoples agitated by a new Protectant- b rt m, separating from the See of Home on t1 > r?gl >gma of Papal Infallibility and gammSt g ' ? rat' "Cognize the 'Old CNPholics" the wh do ('on ? .>1' nent pervaded hv the intellectual forme r.t that eff >mes of the conflict between old idea*, phi . nee phical. theological, material, and the * Ivan. a tho f Physical Science? Kus?Ia and fire a! l?r ' ? ? liar inning a raee for the final gains that >1 t!l and ?termine Asiatic supremacy? China srenong ir.-? ady to abandon her advances and reelo- e he- \ alf Opened gate* - Japan ah dishing fen laiism are nd inviting Western civilization to irr - 1 ate . "cstern commerce to enrich her long-hidden the moire? such are pha?rs of the news from ahro id a hich the mails over all Continents n- i th mo ires under all Seas are daily bearing to u? ? ??1 fith able and trusted Correspondents in th i..v adir.g capitals, an 1 wherever great changes an- S*n 1 progress. The Tribink aims, at whatever r>st. to lav before its r eaders the most prompt. . j omplete, and popular presentment of thes ? ' iierse and conflicting movements? thr? '.gh all tor' f which, as it fondly trusts, the toiling masses >m re everywhere struggling up toward larger re i f.r ignition and a brign*or future. At home the struggle for Freedom seems over, j ' \ 'be last slave has long been a citizen : the las' ? ? . pposition to emancipation, enfranchisement. , qual civil rights, has been formally a ban don< I. ' 1,1 io party, N\>rth or South, longer disputes th* esult of the War for the Cnion . all decline tha: *'r tiese resul's must never be undone: and. ni:h whole people thus united on the grand plat arm of All Rights for All, when ?to our b! 'o ly 'I truggle, and the prolonged civil conte t.s that H" olio wed, have led us, the Republic elopes the u coords ot the bitter, hateful Past, a:. 1 turns P'"' teacefully, hopefully, to the less alarming be 1 ause less vital problems of the Future To *' rhatever may elucidate the general ! sous-Nee) !' Taction on these, The Tkibixk giv - ample-r u pace and most impartial record. Whatever " ' arties may propose, whatever political leaders ( ,} nay say. whatever officers may do, i> fa'rly ^,.t u 11 lown in its columns, whether this news h? !ps or I ' tinders its own views. Its readers l ine the ight to an honest statement of the facts . and * " his they always get. "l Rut as to it- own political principles, I in Tribi ne is of course, hereafter as heretofore, he champion of Kqual Rights, irrespective of ^;, tace, Nativity, or Color. It stands it flexibly tie* ?y the Armndments for the permanent seeu:i:v ?f those Rights, which have been solemnly i: orporated by the People, in the Constituti m ? f ' nm he Pnite l States. Independent of all political tin arties, it endeavors to treat them all with judi mi ial fairness. It labors to purify thrt adminis ,,f ration of Government, National, Slate at. 1 nir, dunicipal, and whenever those in authoiitv. j|,. whether in National, State, or Municipal atfairs. ,':l ake the lead in this work, it will thcr. in give tj;l htm its cordial support. Rut it can never be tie he servitor of any political party : nor will it th, urrei.der or even waive its right to criticise and ondenin what is wrong, and commend what is ight in the action of any parties or of any pub ic men. 1 Now, as always, The Tribune labors with all le| ts heart for the promotion of the great ma erial interests of the country. The progress -,,r >f Invention and of Labor Saving, the develop- HTJ nent of our resources, the preservation of our . li&ml for the Landless and its rapid suhjnga- m' ion to human wants, the utilization of our vast mderlying Ores, the extension of the facilities | ' or bringing Producer and Consumer nearer to- j or gether?whatever tends to swell the rank 4. inurease the knowledge and better the condition >f those devoted to Productive Industry finds nention and encouragement in our columns. |J The y Tribune, now more than thirty (J fears old, has endeavored to keep up with the ' [>rogress of the age in improvement and in en- , terprise. It devotes a large share ot it* col umns to Agriculture as the most essential arid ( ii general of human pursuits. It employs the pc ablest atid most successful cultivators to s.t f0| forth in brief, clear essays their practical views j c of the Farmer's work. It reports public di* oiisolrtna tt'hidi ftlliriHflto thut work : Plltlii t from every source agricultural news, the reports of the latest experiments, the stories of the latest successes ami failures, hi.<1 wLitev.r I\ may tend at once to better Agriculture, and to j.*, commend it as the first and most important ?.t ,. progressive Arts, based on natural science. 1 lie Wkkki.Y 1'niat'nk appeals also to I oath ' ers, Students, and persons of inquiring minds, by the character of its Literary contents, \v!ii. h include reviews of all the works proceeding from the master minds of the Old or New World, with liberal extracts from those of *3 especial interest. Imaginative Literature ill- 1 claims attention, hut in a t-uhordina e degree. ' Home Interests" are discussed wc.-kly hv a wi lady specially qualified to instruct and iutere t nr her own sex, ami the younger portion of the l i other. No column is more eagerly sought or ?!? perused with greater ad vantage and profit than hers. The News of the Day, elucidated by d? brief comments, is so condensed that no lai reader can deem it diffuse, while given sufficiently in detail to satisfy the wants of the average reader. Selections are regularly made from the extensive Correspondents of I iik r,, Daily Tkij.lxk from every country, and it.-* editorials of more permanent value are here reproduced. In short, l'nr: Wfkkiy Tuib1 vi **' commends itself to Millions by minister,ng to ' their intellectual wants more (ullv than they 1 fire met by any other journal, while i - regular reports of the Cattle, Country Produce, an 1 ?ther Markets, wi 1 of themselves s-tve 1 h? **'' farmer who regularly notes the in far more than r> his journal's price. m' For the family circle of th?i educated farmer Dr artisan, Thk Wkkki.y Tkibi x?. has n<? m l>erior, as is proved by the hundreds of thou- . " lands who, having read it from childhood, stiil j n,< cherish and enjoy if in the prime and on the lown bill of life. We respectfully urge those 'ol who know its worth to commend Tiil VVkkki.t Ikibi \k to their friends and neighbors, and w.* /-" >rofF'-r it to clubs at pric? which barely pay the tost of paper and press work. V' TKRM'S OP THK WKKKI.Y I UlIil VR. ',[[ TO MAI! *rBSCUIBKR*. )ne coj?y, one year <72 jj oo Kire ropiefi, one year V2 inane*. 7 '?o ,ri TO OXK AV??KK**. All at one Pout Oftire. K#i, 10 copici .. fl 2>r> each. K) copies 1 10 enrh. (0 copies 1 00 each. And an extra to each Club. TO SAME* Or BrB*< RIUEK?. All at one Poet Office. 10 copies .. fl 3G each. 10 rop'u-H . I 20 each. 10 copien ... 1 10 each And an ex'ra to each Club. &af~ l or ( iuba of hfty I na. St vi W?kit J Pkibi ne a ill b* sent a-* an extra \ y. NEW YORK SI.MI WEEKLY TKIB'Si: a published every I rtsfiAY and I and, I K ing printed tw;ee a week, .t contain* nearly ,!l the important .Vwa, Corr? ?pori ienc*, Jie r icwi, ar? i Editorials of Till I'virv. .. ' refTtbiu| on bo - ibject oI Agrii .. if.-. ami 4 i. : i interesting and valuable matter, f ? *L,. ; here ?t not authcifcf.t room in tiu Witti.r ? tllfci Ni.. lilt Si. Ml WtiKLr iaii. \t H ij yi v.-a. in the course of a j?*ar. .1 tt or lot r I the r Beit asd lath pop i ar novj.n, j y living authors. The ro-t of thws alone. if t>>? flight in book form. would be from us* to ei^ht [) oiler* Its pi ice Lax been la* y reduced, so r f ubr can now *e? ,rs; it a; more than " he C >t, to ingle subscriber*. of Till: Wfeki r levhcct el? mm no mm leunii wtslNgMNi r. rid I'.-mineiit !.t**rarjr matter he lad a*. so *,4? heap a rata at in the Stei-WttKLY lamivt. J elms opthe semi weekly i ill bunk j Ine copy, one one, 101 numbers. |3 on ^ ire copies, or over, for each ?opr. 2 60 r en copies and one eitra copy for... 2' 00 TKRM8 OV TUB DAILY TKiB'NB. To Moil Subt< ribers, f 10 a year. JJ Tmi Taist*** AiJltvii- for 1873 will be teaiy h bout Ntt Year',. I'rice '? <tuU; 7 for $1. Always >Mid a draft on New York, or a Post '* rric* Moxkt Utnti, if possible. Where! * either of the It can be procured, tend the u. ioney, act ai.ways is ? llacisrsKrn l.trrrn. ? be registration fee ha? been red ieed to rirtur '' rata, and the present registration Taiem baa m en found by the poital to be Jl sarly an absolute protection against loarei by ? ail. ? Address T?a Taiacxr New York. Terms; Call is Aprave,. K J' 11 OS r KC'TUS or TilK EW NATIONAL ERA. T VWls II |M . ItlUIAHM T. <;lil KVI If, I lit .1: ,i< >11 n II. rook. * ho nvw !'? \*ri"j ? *?f a tw i I r * r?- trr* t-f an A-iv. ,*r . i an i I ar. A- an Vlv it a? rt an 1 mair. i every ri^Ht j o? ?o th* Attorigan o * . independent of raoe, color, or accident < h. I* will doin.viU th?? r- ?^ri,lion of ih^u its wlierorer the C??n*tit it et'c:, I* ional en*:im warei*. A* an I 1 . vnr, i, un n? will l o an eipeoia! i -,i f? ?# ctive diffusion of ri^ht f - ij i. \ S ,.i ded instruction, an i f *' . r , e link; *4 of industry, c norrr. and s ?* rn ice wilt -h r?'U 1 ice ? ) in |r-nt rn -n ?o-i [ pive f t i! ty an I --ncr.-v f irioff in rftorn hie ?n tV g orno I. Vhile the c i." r of th N v % v ; r * colored men, a- ! tf.e < .!> rs will le ' \ ? 1 rnl, fft Ukipol -. ?' k lor di*i*i???>n oi aii p ,f %it%l 4-npnr* e t * the country hj any ,f?. ?t' -n locations suit aMe f r p:Mi. ' n in th-se limns, arc sol'cilod tVom o r 'r U in . Is of the C'Ontrjr, f \ in t1 ? S ith- n Tin: Pol ITICAI. DITAUTMKNT. "pon all questions involving the espec i neati of the colore I Anov . th ipic mic ot* equal j i-tioo f.?r nil uv n . . . [ the policy of tit* N \ v v S unnd tlic rccoijn if "ft r:-*:.r f. v. on which it will not frerlr accord to e*. ry or. I; will oppose any attempt f?> confer rilegr up ?n a ela*s, that arc ^ .;hVM trout hamb'est. ituen in the lu I. It will deman 1 ov< ry ! iti/en c piality bofirothe iaw, an I f?. . action : p?T>on and propor'v n < ?< ryStnl \ Ti rritorv of the X ?*i tl 1*: :? ftc New Katioxai Eai w Ital I ground n a?! publ.o questions, an 1 . i'?or to inspir.* oporiu s -?f | ii j so and no i ..nity ot ion, osn? f ialfy a' row's . */r; k o ! >pio ot the reconducted St r.? i IJ opt ing the ^ nt hi>tory "1 the lit \ ; m par!\ 1 re -?i:tr '!?;/ w ir has ?i >:.e r >r the ? dor* I tpl# of t!-" ?. Ition, th* N N -v ' . \ I give its hearty support to ? l it | it y with orvc. This pledge of ?i i. ii*j- ; the ilepub.. i party is "ivpii under the conviction. at. ! ill tho assurance. that ir; r h?? f?:rt?r?-. a- . >t. that party will he tin-- adi'ist and b : \ !? f t: o | rim a !i h:i\riovbffon apart of the org th<? land, riiK kihtationai. hki'aktmkvr. By ethicati ?! tin , 011# fafirtwQn era meat, h n* ours is intend -! t 5 arebettei .| d to discharge their da - to the Stat*1, a- I one another. ! he rtu >n ni l ? ver tit I ' rest safeguard in the ii elligi nee its vol is-es, nnd the j??-,:r*?:i! v: !? w ,',d ;>i? ? highest good of government an I | ; i.-t l-nd its energies an 11 its j <ov. r to t !? work educating that people. !!*;.? ? ally pney of the press nc< do I by 'hat p :? people, colored and white, \vh >. 1 r aery or under the I an of its blighting r. ences, have been depr.edot the opporlu i s enjoyed by tin ir hut favored I r hren ?: 5 free States. THK iXhl'STRlAi. hi I'AI; i WI:N I . file industrial inter. >>'. ' . d. ? ! p. ?pb? II claim nr. I receive a ! ? * ?f our at ition. The Ntw natiomi !'.;vw ! be ti u le a!' able visitor for the Untily a- I the tires de, d we earnestly appeal to our friends e. tv tere to aid us by their ' riptions and th r luence. 1'he suhscriptioii price*.! ihe NKw XirmML LA will be f'J (? a \ear for i-igle subscriptions, 5 copies for Sl'>, iu rolvanee. Address FKIlhliKirh h? H T iLASS. ,lu.f I.nek n<'\ "?I, Washington, P. IUR PREMIUMS. 1\? any one *en<lin^ in subscribers, wiih the sh. a! our subsi t tinri i *t? -?, v\?? w!l forward r express j?retniuun in arc >r lance with the lowing A 1 ircss Fr? leri. U Po'iglass, dr., irh Itox " I, Wa-hin^ton, I* f. : r I*? .-uIhi i ili.'i i I Swi (?. ' I Watch..N."?0 (Ml >r ? ihsrriber , 1 .s v. Am * Watch.. IO OO u 'J'* subscribers 1 Swi.i I \< r Wat h .'IO OO tr 1 # ah tiler 1 t SiIv. I fit M 'lOrn .IOOO r 1?? oibscrib.r I Poll ! !, n!,!,- 1 OO ?i 6 sub terib tn CAih . *2 Ml Ml TLKI IKI.Ii'8 srri.ui; <\ \:\:\. i:\Mi.vviNh or RESIDENT GRANT. For two subscribe r . w ith the money. * ? vr !I send 4wo ? tp i < { the j ?|m r 01 e jri ar and csent the j?erso*i - eh. j us the ntl'ms w.'h ttleHeld's Spleinl:<l S?' ? I |ingra. ing ot l'r? a ut firant, hv mail j *j aid. r ?r? f illy j * |? I a roller. It; tengrat ogi ft Ihi w> tanamn! dlars, and t!ie ??m -eil for three do I Cash Premiums! I' i It ii v.-iir- ^iil>-' r'l"-r-t w<- will givi* :i . A miiiiii f11' 8 >; I t 'in yt'iirly uhrilxT.-t, *>! ; (' >r 1IMI y> :*r'v -til?-? riJ?? r IO. Periodical Premiums. We ofTt'.r for ?ne * ,!??>.:.her ntlitig ore* i.y of tin* N? -v Nation \? Ki \ 'in- year an i her of the following j - r i ?' lY imf III Ayr I ult'111 t l-.r < : , puh! h" >nthly, containing 11 l.o | rtg?4-, aJapt#'.| ti* firm, garden, an 1 ho. - ! ! ?!.- - rip ?u price of who h a!.,-, -I -o or /Vo Uih'tf Monthly, ! :i o! tie, : al g *rn , f ?r x >nth-o the nub < ripti ?i. pr?r?? f'.>r that pen ..! iojf *? 1 TA\ : or the '/ m f f1,' II ? *, a r? n'h! /, r one year, till of' ? 1 r.-td ' in- Ion i? late war, ari'l one (, the i c-t u dlar m:ij?n ie#i in the country. In ft'! lit; ri to the ah u r 1 . H is i Stir M"n1hfi/ Vi /rt. 'i?, //' / /?'' t-tr. /I'll'\\ etLly w y -AT v one- send $ *. j'-. I ibncrij pi . ft itlM f t Um ima alone *1 pr } ir The?e paper* ed no new commend if'.on fr on n; their rej Ation ih already e-aabii-do <1. We v. " 1 Lij'j/in // s M-ij i in' one >'*ar 1 tie NVw N xhona! V. k one year to any onridir.;j uh f.. do! arc .Slifttrrfjilfuii I'rln n! I hi .IVir .V'?f fomtl. f.'rf i i-a rj mr. ;.vo ?/.t mr t.\ i /> r 1 > -r l?ll ?'5 "it I < |.% . i . i : . nttMMMb k j.|.? f. jemr I O HO 1 '?<> I < ?) ?r 'SO III) ? x II) oo h? f .1 If -t ? r rth f?l I I - v m ' II .1 -i l- ? r.* Dm ' ] j %j ? *??! ; > < t *11 r.. ?. j .f? I" ?l ' Oi ! r. !! in.l l.-tUr -n ,11 I' It- . 1 ??. e? ? f i.. f * 1*1 l'K "Utftftg I >?* S> ?? Hiklikllli K DDI tLilif, Jr., I< B I WtAbgM* D 1 lyents lor the N w National Era r .? r. p ?i ? ' * w ; I,I \ Obi..; rKVKSU lr- AMW ?. v. ,t. -..?? t) , tn t .. w ? ?.Mf? IN . K r, oh K A f t V " # < ?i - - N % ). * t i, II DIN ... 1*1% . . 7 .. UHt.f ; J )il\vh > . w fC? M ?. kaS'I H n >.t? ink v j p. u., M V A Hit. (?. -t?t? I * WIN I.i t .llK A. I I* Ii n.*i K ?-.Wr ?*, <i? ItilAKil fcEIJt #M u? v ,t? 7uu II T % VI on M .. J t I V r <?!,.*. I M J II A?U>IV Dmi i* to. Oil* S Co* ? A. II*/ f - 4. t. VOOi^ V?* Httf i.* r \ 7 1 rtNKK W tmi-KA. A II TllKIti: t A'n* KXII L ftl.*.I?V?. ImI, ,< /'.* < \ . - V J. KAKull.R ?. ? -t N V M>LY*rvl \ llEWLkii -- .. %U KIEV A CK)*\ ..A ? M ? at ii4 v -f.lvilk h . v. , . t h ? hie v n 4 m' f< j ->m a j %|*j ?h .Lit iu ,?r?, > tacj*, .ii **** *' ' * ? . h^u i m l' k l *4 i" i i. k ;!*:! .. i?-f i ,ma,k bo ll v, hi . a,. . a ami i ii ; i l - u \i?.? bo k 41'ama, b * ' ? c- ? .? y t. 4,m |r,ty m v. \V4l ki n n . ?i . t * i r.*k? cl%i l?nt- u. ? a k* kkk1 vi4n ' i 4 ' k v , \k !* oi.4!>( v l?9 ??,, hi.' k .*>.?.* i'j. 1 , nu \ ii v. jhm ? * kluff. 4 k .. 4 hal' , t /? ?uii?4 ??- .?! 1u, .... . altii* v ci,m. :ai r ,i ntfv;i m't>'va*ce k- kuk.l .. t. ....* t.r.:< .,

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