Newspaper of New National Era, May 15, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of New National Era dated May 15, 1873 Page 4
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m? ? HF.MF.NIKR. NT ??KT. B. lM>PO(. If within TOUT or??Ul ?ouI * <]tie*tion. Of the color of my |***i<>n, ?e*e? ; If it* nn?onght ineen?e thrown wrnnwl you, Hy eioen*. perptere*; Know no worshipped mint I hold wbore 5 .01 Kememher thnt I love you. If lo*e'? perfumed wir expand* in bletainr, Hot in montent* when it* iweeti iurround you ; ! If from it* peri vHin;r presence pnrted, Questions "till confound you : Know that never doubt* of min** disprove you Remember that I love you. If you cannot answer all the fulness Of the tnea*ure of n.y heart's devotion : If your leaning toward me is hut only A reflected motion* Know, than worlds, ex en so, I d rather move { you ? Uememher that I loxe you. If your features, manned by my care**, ng. ( low with a divine illumination. I f Hut to fade too soon in shades of siieto c Stirred by no pulsation ; r Know my soul refuses to reprove you ? Remember that I lore you. Ar.d there is a meaning in " I love you." Stripped in later days of embryo gueioug : As the autumn woods unvailed to sunshine t Flame in heart confessing ; a Know in gulden truth I do approve you Remember that I love you. Carl Corre?pondni? r J.oid Berkeley, wishiug to the [ Ihiki- df Ih>r-ct of his (handed condition, wr<te Dear Dorset: I haw in-1 inarrieil, . and am the happiest dog alive, llerkeley." Hi* interesting news Ixing acknowledged | with: "Dear Berkeley: livery dog has his: day. Dorset." Mr. Kendall, sometime l"n-j cle Sam's Postmaster tlencral, w anting some information nv to the source of a river, sent the following note to a village postmaster: su : J'his Department is desirous to know liow lilt tfir- 1 onihejhcc river runs up.?lie- ' pert fully. ynur?,&c." By return mail ramp: . "Sir: The Tnmbigbcr <i - nut run up at all; it runs il.uvn. Very respectfully, yours, I vVr." Kendall, not appreciating his subor- i ' dinale's humor, wrote again: "Sir: Your appointment as postmaster is revoked; vou will turn over tin- funds, ,y. e., pertaining to j vour oflice to \our surrrssor." Not at all 1 disturbed by ibis summary dismissal, the ' postmaster replied: "sit; 'flip revenues of , this olliee tor the nuaiter ending September .:?> have been ninety-live cents ; its expenditure, same period, for talloiv candles and twine, el.o",. | trn-t my successor is instructed to adjust the balance." llis superior olliecr was piohuldv as much disgusted witli his precise correspondence as the American editor, who, writing to a Connecticut brother: "Send full particulars of the flood"? meaning an inundation at that place received h>r reply: "Yon will tind them in ( enesis." A good -peeimen of Ynnkee 1 brevity is the order received by a commissariat otlicer named Brown from a Colonel Boyd, which could scarcely have been couched in fewer words than : "Brown?beef? Boyd;" the < oloiicl receiving bis supplies with a note running : "lioyd? beef?Brown." Talleyrand acknowledged a pathetic letter from a lady friend announcing Iter w idowhood, with a note of two words: "Ifclas! Madame!" And when the easily consoled dame wrote not very long afterwards soliciting bis influence on behalf of all officer she was about to marry,lie merely replied : "Ho! bo! Madame!" More satisfactory to the recipient was J.ord llldoii's note to his friend l)r. Fisher, of the Charter-bouse: "Dear Fisher: I cannot, to-day, give you .the preferment for which vou ask. Ycur sincere friend. ? Fldon. (7<u? , I gave it you yesterday." l'lca- at to all parties concerned wi- the corn- pomichcc between the Archbii j "1 York ati< 1 the Lisle>p ol Cork: "Ih-ar Cork l'lease orilaiu Stanho|ie.? York.4' "Hear York: Stanhope is ordaiucd.? I 'oi k." When a member of |.or?l North's Administration, I on one night took the liberty of tvalkiug into one lobby while his chief went into the other. As lie sat on the Ministerial bench the next evening one of the doorkeepers handed him a note. I'pon opening it the rebellious politician read: "Sir, his Majesty h is thought proper to order a now Commission of the Treasury, in which 1 do not tind the name of < hark s James Fox.? North." Not more agreeable to the recipient was Ilenry Dnuiiiuond's answer to a letter asking him to join the advocates of the Maine liquor law. "Sir, 1 think the Maine liquor law perfc. 11 \ detestable, and will do my best to prevent its being adopted here. Yours, II. lirummoiid." As a rule, a man | with it evaiu e is too proud of bis wrongs to be 1 a onie, but bore is all exeeption to the rule: "Sir, 1 was a Lieutenant with (ieueral Stanhope when In- look Minorca in 170*, for which lie was made a lord. I was a Lieutenant with tii lid a 1 lilakeney when he lost Minorca in IT.'el, for which he w as made a lord. I am a Lieutenant still." Surely such an api>eal ought to have proved resistless, almost a- resistless a- that of the dying dramatist. "Hear Hob, I have not anything to leave thee to pcipetualc in\ memory but two helplcs. gills. Look upon tliein sometimes, and think of linn that was to the last moments of his life thine. -<L Farquhar."? C/idhiUr*' Join nut. .1. G. IbRRIS. bis 1 *!r,d. Washington, 1?- (' , sin.n'imi; or I\A i KM* AM? <;KNKUAI. ! AUEM' l"OK PENSION' AND Hol XTV ' 01. VIMS l'o,i orti. e I. * Oi. (olori'd soldiers. hci?', by (be ad of March 3. It03, placed on ?tr? c^ual footing v%itU the white soldiers, and are iu?.v entitled to the $100 additional bounty under the net of July *28, 18GG, whieb has been extendi**! to January 80, 1871 maylo-Cmo WCOT'NTV OF WASHINGTON 11,mm or Pielr U mas, OlSTKIl X OA CoJ.U.VbU, W I>. C.t May 7, 1873. Whereas the undersigned believe it conducive to the public interest to open Jefferson street, in | ^ # I niontown,' at the intersection of said street with the north aide of Nichols avenue," in the county of Washington, from a point twenty feet . six inches in a southerly line from the northwest j corner oi James 1.. Arnold's land ; thence east i trl>, with the south line of Jeff*rson street, hs 1?ropt?-ed to he x ended i : iy feet through the j and of the said Jam.** 1. Arnold ; and wriereas i ' the proposed change ha* been by the direction j of the undersigned duly surveyed, and a plat i thereof prepared and tiled iu our office, NOTICK i- hereby given of the proposed ? hang** and opening of said Jefferson street, as j herein described, and all persons having objections thereto are it--nested to make them known ! to the undersigned on May Ifnth. at noon, at the | !' office ol the \i e President of the "Board of I / 1'uhlic Works < ! the 1>?strict ? ! Columbia, ! room I I, Morn-m hail lit _ l'i>ur and a hail btri'el, Wttrliiiigtoii l? (' v%ii<rt*aiiy objf-e lions ninth lit Ay l?e made v% i i i Lie ht-ui J and ton ' sidercd ni xia i) ?itoivi , ;! s Al.K\ANI?Ht l; >lli.t'lii.|{l>, I = JAMKS A MA<il{( Kit, ! r S. I'. BKOWN, 1 ADOI.K CI.l'SS. rij*yl j 2t N. W/BI RCHHIX, F siii ci. J Importer of and Ag^nt for 11 I'fcHK 1 it KAN* A CO. S CONDON JSISClTr, { ? 1 KWIS A CO S WORCESTERSHIRE Jh 1'IUKI.KS, VuHK>HIKl: ltj;i.!SlI. * lliulti in 1 .(iron rifI Table l.ux I' untg, Ac &< At inujrlo ly Jlan loYLK. rtlVK liftKCM. JUAN BOYLE & CO., Real Estate :vu<I Note Brokers.' 11 So 004 l?>tb St. o|>poine I . S i renury, E WAIIIIXUTOli, O. (, ^ m\) 15 Cm *' A. L. BARBER, k CO BUT JJTD BILL REAL ESTATE. 611 Se?enth street. Opposite the Poet (Mice II. b; 1 > l it R J.K LOPFF.H. Notary Public and Justice of the Peace Office, G02 Louisiana Avenue, Retween 6th and 7th street* Northwest. Residence 508 G st Northwest. Deeds, Contracts, I.eases, and other Legal 'apera carefully prepared and acknowledged andlord and Tenant cases a Specialty. Depcitions taken in or out of office. A prompt offi er always in attendance for the collection of iCCounts. may8 tf l^oAKDlNt. HOUSE A 11KSTATKANI l ist opened, a first class Hoarding House for he hi coqimodation of the traveling public who ire shut out from public entertainment by hotel iroprietors on account of color. 'I he budding Its l.een thoroughly repaired and refitted, and rill be a pleasant home for those who may visit he capital of the State. Terms reasonable. ALFRED ANDERSON, Proprietor. nS 4t hi Warren St., 2d door below Trentor. Ayer's Hair Vigor, FOR RESTORING GRAY HAIR D? ITS NATURAL VITALITY A COLOR. Advancing years, sick neas, care, disappointJMiBf ment, and hereditary j> predisposition, all turn the hair gray, and either :. ih-ws the growth, and always surely restores its color, when faded or gray. It s'imulates the nutritive organs to healthy activity, and preserves hoth the hair and its beauty. Thus brushy, weak, or sickly hair becomes glossy, pliable, and strengthened; lost hair regrows with lively expression ; falling hair is cheeked and established ; thin hair thickens ; and faded or gtay hair resume their original color. Its operation is sure and harmless. It cures dandrutf, heals all humors, and keeps the scalp cool, clean, and soft?under which conditions diseases of the scalp are impossible. As a dressing for ladiea' hair, the Vtooa is praised for it,-, grateful and agreeable perfume, and valued for the soft lustre and richness ol tone it impai Is. Prepared by Dr. J. AY Kit Si CO., Lowell, Mass,, Practical and Analytical C'hemints Bsaf* Sold by all Druggists and Dealers in Medicine. m.Vj 1VM, L. IIIt4>1114LL &. CO., Fire and Life Insurance Agents and Brokers, 72*1 Seventh street northwest. AO Ik NTS FOR THE Niagara Fire Insurance Co., of New York, Cash Assets, $1,300,000. Republic Fire Insurance Co., of New Y ork, Cash Assets, $655,6(H). Manhattan Fire Insurance Co., of New York, Cash Assets, $206,000. Arlington l ire Insurance Co., of PUt. of Col. Capital $200,000. New York i.ife Insurance Co., < Mutual,* Assets, over $20,000,000. And we insure w* ' ail the first-class Insurae Companies in the United States, without addi tional charge, at. t will see that the Policies arf properly written. apr 17-1* i YttR KRYSTQXK U0U8K, \0. "JOB K ST., Between 7th and 8th Streets Northwest, Washington, D. C. Where will he found the best of Wines, l.i juors Cigars, and Oysters, and all the delicacies of the season. PERMANENT AND TABLE BOAIiDKKS Ll'RNlSHED ON REASONABLE TERMS WILLIAM A. SHORTER, Proprietor. aprlT lrao ATTENTION ! EQU ALITY TO ALL. Call at tlie TEMPLE OF FASHION For the cheapest and the latest styles of SILK, KELT, CASSIMERE, AN'I? CLoTH II ATS, For men and hays. Special attention called to our IS GENTS' DRESS HAT, INCLUDING HAT BRUSH, And will he kept in order for six months without charge, A. DIETRICH, Hatter, aprlT-lino 724 7th Street Northwest. EVERYBODY'S FRIEND MONEY ADVANCED ON COLLATERAL AT Two FBIl CENT, A I R. FULTON & 00 '3. 814 NINTH STREET, lietweeii tUe Avenue and street. aprlT Imo 4. K. liKOWAE, Lltornry und C?un?t<tllor-al-Law, No. 880 Kour and a Half Street, near City Hall, WASHINGTON, 1). C. apt 7 I in CMAUBII R. Ill OMAN, Utorney and Counsellor at Law, Office of Hon. A. fi. Riddle, WASHINGTON, I>. C.t Practices in all of the Courts of the I>i*trirt nd before the Southern Claim Commission. All claim* of Southern loyalists against the iovernment for stores or supplies taken or tur ished the Cuited State* army during the rebelon, forwarded through the New National ha. wji! receive special attention. janli itf F. A. BOS WELL Ac CO. Bankers ana brokers, . K. corner of Four and a half .street and Vir inia avenue S. W . Washington, I>. 4". SIX FER CENT. INTEREST PAll> ON DEPOSITS. Open from 9 A. M. to 9 M. Uiarl3 tf PIMPLES. I will send (free recipe for inv \ Eli ETA ILK BA1.M, removing l'imples Black Worms. Ilotchee, Freckles, Moths. Tan, and all Dis ages of the Skin, leaving it clear and with a eulthy glow. Also, sure process for line rowth of Hair on bald heads or smooth faces. THOMAS F. CHAPMAN, Chemist. '. O. Box 512a. 197 Broadway, N. V. I marlO Ct t. I*. earan, Cor. of Thirteenth and G street!, Keeps a first-class OAUD1NG AND LUNCH HOUSK. urnisLing regular day board, with meals to suit .? convenience. '1 he terms are reasonable and e place quiet. The proprietor pays special \ tention to the comfort of bis guest. * apt 17 XT? F N EW NA wo PECTC Joy to the World--" Dr. WornikVs Pec tor Hi 'onchitis. Asthma ~** It i- a sure cure and safe remedy, an ; injurious effects, as its component parts are the greatest success, and there are now nui almost instantaneous relief from its Use. It has never failed, and the propriety a case of cold or cough unless caused by o Sold WJ dec 12-ly Sold retail b; ["The R' 't. f'h'apest, mil .Vest Surrt*\M j EamHv Vaper in the I'nion. HARPER'S WEEKLY. SPLENDIDLY ILLUSTRATED. -Va.'o f j of the IVest. The model newspaper of our country. Com- i ! plete in all the departments of vn American j Family I'aper, Jlarper's II has earned for j Itself a tight to its title. " A Jocaxit.or Citilii zation*."?Xer York Evening I'mt." \ The hest nuhlication of its cIass in America. \ and so far ahead of all other weekly journals as I not to permit of any comparison between it and any of their number. Its columns contain the j finest collections of rending matter that are i printed. ? * * Its illustrations are numer- ; ous and beautiful, being furnished by the chief artist of the country.?Boston Traveler. Harper* Weekly is the best and most inte- j resting illustrated newspaper. Nor does its1 I value depend on its illustrations alone. Its , , reading matter is of a high order of literary ! merit?varied, instructive, entertaining, and j unexceptionable.?X. Sun. SUBSCRIPTIONS?1872. TERMS I Harper* Weekly, one year, An extra copy of either the Magazine, Weekly, and i I Bazar will be supplied gratis lor every club of ! five subscribers at $4.00each, in one remittance: or six copies for $20.00, without extra copy. Subscriptions to Harper's Magazine, H eekfyt ! and Bazar, to one address for one year, $10,00; ! or, two of Harper s I\riodicals, to one address I for one year, $7.00. Rack numbers can be sup . plied at any time. I Th* annual volumes of Harper's Weekly, in ' neat cloth binding, w ill be sent by express, free of expense, for *7.00 each. A complete set, comprising fifteen volumes, sent on receipt of cash at the rate of $5.25 per vol., freight at the expense of purchaser. 1 he postage on Harper's Weekly is 20 ceuts a year, which must be paid at the subscriber's post office. Address HARPER A BROTHERS, no 9 New York. j ** I ' ' bit ! till ? ' W-1 if t'le kind in the Wot ' Harper's Magazine. Xtdires of the /Vess. There are few intelligent American families ; in which Harper's Magazine would not be an : appreciated and highly welcome truest. There I is no monthly magazine an intelligent reading i family can less atl'ord to he without. Many magazines are accumulated. J/arj*er s is edited. There is not a magazine that is printed which ' shows more intelligent pains expended on its articles and mechanical execution. There is not a cheaper magazine published. There is not, confessedly, a more popular magazine in the world.? .Veir England fh mesttad. A repository of biography and history, literature, science, and art. unequalled by any other American publication. * * ~ The volumes are as valuable as a mere work of reference as any cyclopaedia we can place in our libraries. Harper's Magazine is a record of travel every w here since the hour of its establishment. Liv ingstone and Cordon Camming in Africa, Strain I among the Andes and Boss Browne in the Kast, Speke on the Nile and Macgregor on the Jordan? indeed, all recent travelers o** note have seen their most important discoveries reproduced in these pages. Most of our younger and many of our older writers lind here their litera . ry biography. Our artists see the best evidences of their genius and the most enduring specimens | I of their work in tlie Magazine. ? .V. Stand ard. it is mil- oi iii" wonders 01 journalism?the] I editoiitil management of Harper'a.-?The Araj tion, At?' Turk. SUBSCRIPTIONS.?1872. TEI'.MS : Harper's Magazine one year Ijl 00 An Extra Copy of either the Magazine, Weekly, or Ilazar will he supplied gratia for every Club of Five Subscribers at $1 each, in one remittance; or Six Copies for $20, without extra copy. i Subscriptions to Harper'a Magazine, Weekly, ! and Ilazar. to one address for one year, ill); j or two of Harper's Periodicals, to one address for one year, ST. I Back numbers can be supplied at any time. | ! A complete set of Haiyter's Magazine, now j ! comprising Forty Three Volumes, in neat cloth I I binding, will be sent by express, freight at expeuse of purchaser, for i'J.'Ia per volume. Single volume, by mail, postpaid, $3. Cloth r ises, for binding, fifty eight cents, by mail, postpaid. The postage on Harper's Magazine is twentyfour cents a year, whi.-h must be paid at the subscriber's post office. Address HARPER k BROTHERS, no 9 New York. ij^EY STONE HOUSE, . h T .MRS, 4 0R*i:i.lA E. UII.I1ERT, No. odT Pine Street. Philadelphia. ME A / V SERVED AT A \'V TIME. \ Tables always suppl.ed the Lest in season that the market affor U. i'arlors convenient ami cheerful. Beds ami rooms comfortable and pure. The best II use in this city for transient or permanent boarders. Give us a call, i nov 9-tf 1>oard <>f prune works, > PlSTRli 1 OF Col I Uk.A, WasiiixuToN, 1>. C., April 10, lbT2. REWARD. ?A reward of twenty dollar w.ll i be paid for the apprehension and conviction before the Police Court of the District of anv parties guilty of injuring, defacing. or dr-troy ing the trees or shrubbery planted ny the Hoard | of Public Works in the streets, avenues, audi' j intersections of the cities of Washington and 1 Georgetown. ALEX. It. SHEPHERD, aplT It Vice President. ( lltltLIA V THOMAS, Attorney and <'ont?wrllor?at-l4?w,! 106 I.on! lana Avenue, [upK] WASHINGTON, D. C. I 906 STRASBURGER BROS. 906 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BOOT ANO FIIOE HOUSE, Seventh St. bet- I and k, Washington, d. c. aprl? lao T I O X A I. ERA AX 0 RE\I RMLE )RAL ? 1 Have ( nine In I'll * AAl.1 f V V 11* V % v -w ?? al Syrup is a Sure Cu 9 and all Lung and Br >1 cau he used by the most delicate invalid t purely vegetable. It has been used tor se' nbers of persons in this city who can bear >r does not hesitate to otfer a reward of twet nnsumption i which this remedy, if fairly tr lolcsalo toy CHAHEiVN *?' y all Druggists. 4^0 Pet wiira"THE AMERI 417 Broome Sti m mj First premiums wherever exhibited? allowed for Second-hand Instruments in Li From Mr. E'bcard Hoffn " I conscientiously believe that your Irwtrumrnt." From the ' / ' The American Piano has deserved! Sas" Responsible Agents wanted for ur jau23 boo WING & THE FREEDMANS SAVINGS AND TRUST ~w. ./ .National Saving* Bank KSTABLISHKD MARCH, 1865 Chartered by Hie GovernuifDI of tlie Called States. Ranking Mouse loWi Pennsylvania Avenue, Opposite the Treasury. | Deponits of Jice cents or any larger amounts i received. .SIX PER CENT. INTEREST paid on sums ; of five dollars or more. All deposit* payable on demand, with interest due. All accounts strictly I private ami njiderdial. I'ltiNC n'AE OFFICE, W ASIIINGTON, I). C. BRANCH OFFICES in all the lar^ei cities i uf the South and Southwest. ! This GREAT NATIONAL SAVINGS INiCTlTi'Trnv . ...i 1: .1 i I .. .1 rMiimnuru i ty me nuniwu.j ?" : the United States (rovernment for the benefit ot j the Freeilmen, kuows no distinction of rac3 or ! color, and offers its great advantages to all I classes alike. \ SAVE THE SMALL SPMS. Cut off your vices?dont smoke -don't drink?don t buy lotten/ tickets. Put the money you save into the FKKKDMAVS SAVINGS HANK. Open from 0 A. M. to 4 P. M. each day, and on Wednesday and Saturday nights, to receive deposits only, from (>)t to 8 o'clock, je'22-ly JOS. T. K. PLANT, Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, and i Commissioner of Weeds tor the Stales antl Territories, Corner oi Eighth and E Streets, Northwest, WASlllSGTOS, J>. C. B&'ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF LEGAL PAPKKS PREPARED AT SHORT NOTICE, COPYING PROMPTLY ATTENDED To. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO LANDLORD AND TENANT BUSINESS. apl21y NOTICE!!! DAVID FISHER, Jr., ix xk.h A S it .se? om? ilaxd FURNITURE, also I'PUOLSTEREK ANI> FFKSITl'RE RKPAIRER. Work Done at Store or House. teaj'Orders promptly attended to. 1110 F Street Northwest, Washington, D. C. l.ate of the firm of Fishes & Sox. apr17 Into BRUNSWICK HOTEL.

A First-Class House. NKATI.Y F1TTKD I P FOB THE ACCOMMODATION OF THE TRAVELING Pl'BLIC. THE ROOMS ARE LARGE AND WELL VENTILATED. AND FURNISHED WITH ALL NECESSARY COMFORTS. ? - ? te IS ALWAYS SUPPLIED WITH THE BEST 1 UK MARKET AFFORDS. Ms* nip ?? K(u??m Contain* a br??-selected stock of ALE. WINE, LIQUORS. CIGARS. TOBACCO, PIPES, Ac. Situated cu oner of Oglethorpe aud Winbelli uiKti, ItruuaMi<'k, I?a. n >1. p. GOLDCW, octal ly Proprietor. pOR SALE CHEAP. Two iifcw two-atory houtes e.tuated co O street. N W., bet?ecu 15th an I loth alreetaSIX ROOMS im .i.ding Ba'.h P.ot ro. Water and Gat throughout. Apply to J. N. L'ICKSON, 1014 Matfcaon ttreet, apr3 tl between I'-th awl 17th . treelf D CITIZEN. ^ARD. Y'S JYRUP re and Xol to Killr I ir<' for Coughs, Coltls, onchial Affections. iii<i the youngest infant without fear ot any feral rears in a large number of oases with 1 testimony to its efficacy, ami have derived ity-tive dollars to any one who will produce ieil, will fail to cure. rOTT ?f <?., msylvauia Avenue, Washington, I). C. &c sonsr, CAN PIANO," reet, New York, ns -Prices low for the quality?Large prices cehange. tan, the CeUhrated Pianist: Piano is, in every respect, a mast magnificent '^dependent ly become a very popular Instrument." ioccupied territory. Send for circulars to SON, 423 Broome St., N Y. t$500 Reward! "RUNAWAY!" THE DNDE110D1 RAILROAD. A RECORD OF Facts, Narrating the Hardships, Hair-Breadth Escapes, and Death 1 Struggles of the Slaves in their EfTorts for Freedom BY WILLIAM STILL, ! Fur many years connected with the Anti Slavery Office in 1'hiiadelphtA. and Chairman of the Acting V igilant Committee of the Philadelphia Branch of the Fnderground Railroad, illustrated with 70 fine Engravings by Bensell, Schell, and others, and Portraits from Photographs from Life. From a great number i f cordial letter* commending the Fnderground Railroad, the Author selects a few brief extracts only from eminent i friends of Freedom who have examined the work. ., From 11 m. Lloyd Garrison 1 have examined it with a deep and thrilling interest. It is a in est important portion of Anti-Slavery history. Its reliableness, moreover, cannot be called in question. It is a book for every household. Ftom S. I*, ('hate, ''hie/ Justice oj V. S. Supreme Court. No one probably has had equal opportunities with yourself of listening to ihe narratives of fugitive slaves. No one will repeat thern more truthfully, and no stories can be more fraught with interest than theirs. From J. V. Mr Kim : A book so unique in kind, so startling in in f terest, ami so trustworthy in its statements, cannot fail to command a large reading now, aud in generations yet to come. 1 i Fiom Hon. Henry Wilson, l ire President You have done a good work. This 9tory of the heroic conduct of fugitives of oppression, and of tlie devotion of their* friends, will he read with deep interest, especially by the old friends of the slave in the stem struggle through I which we have pass d. I hope your labors will be rewarded by a grateful public. From Hon. Charles Sumner: The Fndergr ?und Railroad has performed its part, but it must always be remembered grate country. 1 cannot think of it without a throb* bins heart. You do well to commemorate those associated with it by service or by benefit?the saviours and the saved. From Horace Greeley: For most of the years i have lived, the escape i of fugitives from slavery, and their efforts to bailie the human and other bloodhounds who ; tracked them, formed the romance of American History 1 hat romance is now ended, and our I grandchildren will hardly believe its leading i incidents except on irresistible testimony. I ' rejoice that you are collecting and presenting that testimony, and heartily wish you a great success. From IT?. If. Fumes*. /Kb. Having read this record of '"Tub It*J?brGROCXIJ Ka : L!u;aD, i can only say that it is a i w ork of extraordinary interest and of ymat value as an illustration of the terrible deffpo'iam, | which a little while ago reigned over us all, and which ia now 'thank heaven * no more. From John G Whittier The booh is more interesting than any / o nance. It will he of permanent value to the historian of ! the country during the ami-slavery struggle. / cheerfully < om rut nd U to the public favor. /Vow Gen. O. O. Hoicard j Vnu could not prepare a work tha would ufI ford more instruction a ?i imere.-t to me than a detailed history of the operations of the so called 'T nderground Kail road 1 am delighted ut the examination 1 have been perm.tied to gjve the proof, and think thousands will riae up to call you blessed for your faithful record of our "legalized crime." ' Ft.Hon Ifenry ( Carey Mr. Still's work appears to me to be one of great interest, and I ino*t heartily unite in re ..otmauling it to the publir attention. SOLO ONLY HY SC'ttSfRIKi'IoH. Boned in Fine CI >th eitra gilt |4 50 Paneled Style, full gilt . 5 00 Sheep. Library >yle o 50 " Hall Turkey Morocco b 5o fcgrOooi Agents Wanted. Liberal Terms I Ottered. WILLIAM STILL. Author and Publisher. , anr?< It No. -41 S. 12th street, Pima. i " ~ " r < !, * looked for Come at I-at I! lint: i mm Tin hum nrt:, I The best Low Priced Micr< scope ever made Ki ceedinglr useful for eisroining Klowert, Ins-uts, and Minute 01.;.- u, Detecting Counter frit Money and Disclosing ike Moadrr# of the Microscopic World. It i? adapted to the use of, Tea. hen, ^tude'it. and the f srm.y Circle, iie^uirefc no Local Adjustment, and can therefore be used be an* person. { Other Microscopes of an greater power eo?t ; t J each and upwardi. and are so difficult to uni dersland that none but scientific men can use ' them The Coieersai alears pirej eatisfa' tion I One single Microscope will he sent carefully j 1 packed, by mail, on receipt of $1 Agents I wanted everywhere. Address D. L. STAPLES A CO . I aarlO-Cmo Alien, Michigan. ' New York Tribune. 1873. I Now, as heretofore, Tiir Tain *k strives to be 6r?t ol all and pre-eminently a nnr* pap* r. Franca a Republic? England and (iTroanj ? gradual!/ permeated with Republican ideaa Spam swaying in the nerveless grasp of * ntler too good for a King and too weak for a Keruh f\? lican, who is unable to govern the great island , ? that blocks the entrance to our Gulf of Me*. . ta and equally unable to give it up ?the (rerman- /, peaking peoples agitated by a new I'rotestan! ). ism, ae pa rating from the See <?f I'ome n the ri, dogma of Papal Infallibility and a?*iM?icg t?? r> recognize the "Old Ca'.holicm" the who!" C . tinent pervaded by the intellectual ferment that ?.*' comes of the conflict between old ideas, ph. ? m ophical, theological, material, and the a 1* an es th of Phvaical Science?Kusvn and t?rea: 1'. . \ running ft race for the tinn! gam* that shall ar determine Asiatic supremacy?China s. e-..- g it, ready to abandon her advance* and reclo'e ht-r half opened gates?Japan abolishing fe? falcon and inviting Western civilization to irrn i ?:e m Western commerce to enrich her long-hidden tl empire?auch are phases of the news from abr ?ad ?r which the mails over all Continents and the rn wires under all Seas nre daily bearing to it*. v With able and trusted Correspondents in the ??> leading capitals, and wherever great changes in progress, Thk Tribune aims, at whatever coat, to lay before its readers the most prompt, complete, and popular presentment of these ' diverse and conflicting movements?through a!! tr of which, ai it fondly trusts, the toiling masae* are everywhere struggling up toward larger re- j '!T cognition and a brighter future. At home the struggle for Freedom seems over i The last slave has long been * citizen . the la*' " ? opposition to emancipation, enfranchisement. I" eq^al civil rights, has been forma':!y abandt-ne 1 tf No parry. North or South, longer disputes :;.e result ot the W ar for the I uion ai; dec arc that 1 these results roust ne*er he undone; at !. w. h '* a whole people thus united on the gra ; 1 plat form of All flights for All. whereto our bloody struggle, and the prolonged civil contests that ni followed, have led us. the Republic closes the ft records of the bitter, hateful Past, and turns P peacefully, hopefully, to the less alarming be- h : cause less vital problems of tha Future To H whatever may elucidate the general discussion P j or action on th< se. Tub I'kIBNE gives ample t * space and most impartial record. Whatever 1' parties may propose, whatever political leaders , 11 may say. whatever officers may do. is fairly set u down in its columns, whether this news helps or 1 hinders its own views. Its readers have the s right to an honest statement of the facts ; and Nv this they always get. Hut as to its own political principles, The Tribune is of course, hereafter ns heret -fore, the champion of F.qual Rights, irrespective of ,? Race, Nativity, or Color. It stands ii flexibly f, by the Amendments for the pennant nt aeeuiily t, i of those Rights, which have been solemn^r in ?j corporated by the People, in the Constitution i t n the Tinted States. Independent of all political ti parties, it endea^yrs to treat them all with judi n cial fairness. It labors to purify the adminis ,, tration of Government, National, State, and H Municipal, ami whenever those in authority, .| whether in National, State, or Municipal affairs. / take the leed in this work, it will therein give q them its cordial support, Hut it can never he p the lervitor of arty political party , norVili it t| surrender or even waive its right to criticise and condemn what is wrong, and commend what is right in the ac ion of any parties or of any pub i lie men. * { Now, as always, Tut Tatar** labors with all its heart for the promotion of the great ma terial interests ot the country J he progress Nl of Invention and of l<ahor Saving, the develop 11 ment of our resources, the preservation of our w Land for the Landless and its rapid subjuga- 11 lion to human wants, the utilisation of our vast underlying Ores, the extension of the facilities ' ! for bringing Producer and Consumer nearer to , 0 gether?whatever tends to swell the ratios, ini crease the knowledge and better the condition of those devoted to Productive Industry tiuds mention and encouragement in our columns. I Tut Weeei.y Tkiblsk, now more than thirty I years old, has endeavored to keep up with the progress of the age in improvement and in en terprise. It devotes a large share ot its col uuius to Agriculture as the most essential and c general of human pursuits. It employs the p ablest and most successful cultivators to ,,'t f, forth in brief, clear essays their practical views i of the Farmer's work. It reports public dis | cussions which elucidate that work , gathers . from every source agricultural news, the re- ! ports of the latest experiments, the stories of ' the latest successes and failures, and whatever I may tend at once to better Agriculture, and to y commend it as the iirst and most important of . progressive Arts, based on natural scieuce. 1 ?im Weeei.y Tkibixb appeals also to Teach I ers, Students, and persons of inquiring minds, by the character of its Literary contents, which include reviews of all the works proceeding from the master minds of the Old or New World, with liberal extracts from those of especial interest. Imaginative Literature also ^ : claims attention, but in a subordinate degree. I "Home Interests" are discussed weekly by a v lady specially qualified to instruct and interest i her own sex, and the younger portion of the I other. No column is more eagerly sought or <1 perused with greater advantage and profit than < hers. The News of the Pay, elucidated by <1 I brief comments, is ho condensed that no I : reader can deem it diffuse, while given sufficiently in detail to satisfy the wants of the average reader. Selections are regularly made from the extensive Correspondent.; of Tin: r Haii.t Tribone from every country, and its editorials of more permanent value are here ? reproduced. In short. The Weeei.y Tkimi m ' commends itself to Millions by miniitering to , their intellectual wants more fully than they are met by any other journal, while if* regular reports of the Cattle, Country Produce, an J other Markets, wiil of themselves save the *' farmer who regularly notes them far more than 1 his journal a price. For the family circle of flat educated farmer f or artisan, Tint Wkkkly Tkibp.yk has no su- ll perior, as is proved by the hundreds of thou j * sand.i who, having read it from childhood, still n cherish and enjoy it in the prime and on the J down hill of lite. We respectfully urjp* those who know its worth to commend Tiik Wkkki.y 1 Tkibcnf. to their friends and neighbors. an l w.; 2 proffer it to clubs at prices which barely pay the cost of paper and prasswork. / TERMS OF TIIK WEEKLY TRIBUNE. TO VIA11. n'.B-aaiBKKS 1 One copy, one year?52 issues. |2 0*1 11 Fire copies, one year -52 .ssues 7 50 !i TO OKI APbRKSri. All at one Post Offa e. 1 10 copies 11 25 each. 2u copies 1 10 *a? h. SO copies 1 00 each. And an extra to each Club. to viuE-i ov st hsoaiaaas. Aii at one Post Office, lo copies fi 85 each. 20 copies .. 1 20 each. , *0 copies i 10 ea< h. And an extra to each Club KdJi" For Clubs of /Y/Ty I ?ia Sam W'saKi T J Tbimcnb w.ll be sent as an extra copy. NEW YORK SEMT WEEKLY TKIIil NK i? published every Tlksi>ay and 1-k.da* . and, being printed twice a week, it nearly - all the important News, Correspondence, Re r views, arid Editorials of Jut D*u.r, including everything on the subject of Agriculture, an f much interesting and valuable matter, for which there ?4 not sufficient room in the WaitKl.T Tami'VK. I UK SamWariir 'IHIB- M also gives, in the course of a >ear, tmkkb oa ?or? of the Hwsr AXD I.Ara-T Port LAB Novli h. ! by living authors. The coat of these alone, if k bought in book form, would he from six to eight dollars. Its price has be#a lately reduced, so that Clubs can now ?eeure it at li 'le more than the i ;sl. to single subscribers, of I mm. W r Nowhere else can so much current in ted gence and permanent literary matter he had at so a cheap a rale as in the Ssm WatKi.r 1 aiscia. TERMS OF THE SEMI WEEKLY TKIBV'XE. One copy, one one. 1?>4 numbers. $;j 00 Five copies, or over, lor each copy '1 60 Tea copies and one extra copy for 2o (jo TERMS OP THE DAILY TRIB1 SE To Mail Sub?rrib.r?, $10 a jrrar. I'm Tkibi'sk A *?%?' f-,r 1871 will be real. about New Year'e. Price 20 centt; 7 for $! Ai*bj? rend a 1raft on New York or a I'nir Orrict Miitir Okolk, if fioenble. Where neither of thene can he procured, tend the u money, avr u*iti i* a Kioi?tiku> l.rrre*. The regietration fee h?? been reduced to nmii rim, and the preeent regiatration lectern b&? been found by the portal authorise* to he neariy an abaolute protection againat lover ail. Add rear Till Taiicxt, New York. * Term* C??h 11 Adtinc*. I'ROSPKCTUS or tnw IEW NATIONAL ERA I K\VI> II IWH'M.A?., / i:M IIAItl* T. M.'Kl M:i:, Klm .?, i"IIN II. moK. * I lu! N v N %tjojt * K v % m .; part ale of i'? j Id nature- 'hut of at. Aden % to and an l!!a A* an Advocate it a*oert and man in every right pertaining to the American r??. n. indepen lent of r.,cet color, or a* olent rth. It will desnand the recognition of the** (jhta whcrev.-r the .r i extends or th-v : a'. ? gn *av \ * .1 I in it .r, ?t* dutniv* wii he an eap?* . rn l u n f ?r tl. r.M'.v.. di?r-i*i..*i Of r / .t pr an 1 :i: 1 \ eded injunction, and 1 >r the in-ii -ation 0 *** hahr- of i?. I .-."T, i v. and t* ii.rc whi h cr.n ! o* t ? i J.-nr rnanh ?oJ id K?fr e tal.ty and energy * fie government firing in return hie**.r the go.erned. \V? ise the e li' >r-i of th ' .\ V N%n >VAl. Kr% e colored men. a*. 1 !'.e . h , *- Jj he ainiy colrr.d, ye* the, ! . 1 n< w; heopan for e di-? i**ion ot ail que**i i <>f \ al 1 mj^ort - : i r* I ( , ;i r? v;i > ? I lid) unh ftti"i?s suitable f r J .'i -n in the** duiuns. are solicit** I from < .r fY.-n la in a irts of tli*' country, especially in the Southern :at es. THF. POLITICAL PKI'AUTMKNT. I'pon a'i questions involving the e*pec .4 w; rests O* tV?? colored An r.ctrt c!t..*en. th mple mle ( .' e.j a! u*t, r - n w * . g i? the policy of the N v w Nit; ?vu Kka. It wi finanii the recognition of no right for one ti?en wh ) it w'l! n ,t'jr h . . r I :?> every :her I; will oppose any attempt to confer rivi'egc* upon a class, that are withheld from i? hutnh'eM citi/en in the land. It will demand re very itizen equalif_v bef?rethela v, and lull ro'- etmn f per- rn and vrnj r*v m everyS at ,.| I'erritorv of the Vati f*ni ?n. ll?* \f? N \'. > s v' I \ >} 1 ground poti a?l pub . -'i.irM, an 1 ! ihor ;o insf.rr rv open nr.-- of purport* an I enconr.t ?e unity ot Ction, espec i.illy arn^ngthe ti? w'v enfranchise 1 eople ??t the reconstructed States Keinem ering the pa<t hi-torv ?' the Kepui in party r.d n cognizing whnt it ha* <d ;;e f r :he dor i eople of the nation, the Nur N %t;.?sat Kki ill give its hearty support to that par y with secve. Thi- pVL'-nf tidel.ty the Kej an party is given under the , . nv. : on. and ith the assurance, that in trie future, n. ,a ti. A*t. that pat ty w 1 1 the steadfast and intl *;hi? upport of those princ.piesof justice and liberty hu h have now he. oine a pait t the ??rgi'uc aw t the land. THI! KP1 CATION VI. DEPAKTMKNT. Hv * duration fl - people, f a free Government, in h as ours is intend* 1 t he. are better ?piah ed to discharge th* r du'.es to the State, and > one another. Ibe tircn will ever find .U iiregbeafeguard in the 1 nt ' igenre of its v??t ; ??- es, and the journal wl.i h w mid piomo' ie highest good of goveri m#nt and pc j in-t 1 nd its energies and its ; r t.? tlo* w f educating that people I -oeciallv . he gency of the press needed hy that portion ot lie people, colored and white, who, either in lavery or under the ban of its blighting in uetices, have been deprived of the opportun. ies enjoyed by their more favored brethren >t tie free States. TIIK INDrsriUAI. DKI'AUI MKN \\ I lie ui'liMrml * L-? : th ?\?1 >re 1 peopU rill claim und receive a arj?; hn . f our at ?ntion. The N : w Nation.%i 11 k a will made a i?* irahle vit? r f<?r the family and the tires. 1 , mi we earnestly appeal t ? our frit nls ev r v here t?? aid us hy their ? .Inscriptions and tli?-*r ifltienco. The subscription price of the Vmv Nation ai !kavn?;1 l>e$- .Mhi vtt' tor .11 nbacnpUoOi, r ' copies t**r >!?h in advance Address I KKDLUIfK Dol'iiLASS, Ja , Lock Box 31, Washington, 1>. C. )UR PREMIUMS. l\> any one sending ih subscribers, wirh th? a-?h, at our subset iptimi rates, we will forward er express premiums in accordance with tb? blowing. Address Frederick IloiigluM, Jr., .ink 11 x 11, \\ ash III i; ton, 1>. 1'.: 'or <0 ril'en 1 Svv i 11' ??>! 1 Wa*'h SAO OO or M - iUnl- r. 1 Silv. \in ) Watch. Ill HO oi L'tl auliicrihers 1 Sw * Lev. r Watch *211 OH W 1 ? subs, rihers I H t Silv. T.-a Spoor,.- IO OO 'or 10 ml 1 oo ' r 5 iuh.-,erihers rash "2 AO IJTILKFI FIJI'S St'ft'FICII STFFL FMlILVYINti of PRESIDENT GRANT. For two Btih.-crih. rs, wi'h tie- money, $"? Wrt rill send two copies <?f tie- paj r one year and >rej?ent the person send tig us the names with ,ilt!? field's Splendid Steel Fngravingot I're si lent (irant, by inail postpaid, carefully put up >n a roller. I his engraving costs three thousand lollars, and the impressions sell for threo d<?l ari each. Cash Premiums! I tin year- Milnrril?Ti will i?iv<- n in A | >r<-in i ii in ?> f p ; (<<r L''? yearly suh rili. r', #!' r<i 11Ml \ ;i?I v -111Ijm rilicru iso. Periodical Premiums. We offer for one .mb- r her -ending ? ? one opy ot the N'k* Nat:onai l.u\ ore* year and ither ot the following p?ti?di ,!< Ih A me inin A*Ji i< ulturt .t t -r one year, published norithly, ? or,milling 11 large p. vh, adapted to It fkni, ftrato, tod household the rabaertB* ton pn< a oi whu he 0 . or /Vhw lim it Muthly, lull of iii , nal gems, t .r six nonths. the auWriptior. pree for that period elng i\ .">0 , or the (Jem < ! the It tit, a monthly, or one year, full of g . . I readug. iik idenU of Iw late war. and one ' f the fire -t d .Jar u..i/a ines in the country. In addition to th?? above we offer either Hir ft .1 A Vw Monthly Mi j-iztn' /// per' f llaznnr, r H'irpr, M Weekly one y?*ar , . r... -vr. l.n/ % l~> Zij. I I.e subscription pi of cither fifth** uurnala alone is j I per ><?hi 'i hese papers ed no new eommendatioii from im tlieir r-*p ration iialn.ilye-tahii.h' i. We w .il s<-nd l.ipjnti- tt 1 M / /-/ in> y?*ar re! the Xkw N a'i ?>ai I. :? one year t ar.y one ending us hve do. arHubncrlptlon B'rlft ?/ ihr .tVir _tVi#athtiii B'rta FAYAHLK ISTAKtAUl r t W AO I 4 V A. I y t-?r ? -??# I ?i* i? >n||i? I '4 i I c< j/j tfer?? it. .i.tU? 0"? '? j.P? a )ear IO OO <1 * -u. r# 50 I |.Im <'!< - , 40 00 0 k.r? -.1 lu r.'t.i IOOO l>., r <#| I-Uj it .u< If it U . .t o*ei,i fit t?, fiO 1 ?,<, for h ;? ! %*Bd |T ?*? f- r ? r;. Bth? II ,t it ttl? |f- '*vi.4. ?tr r .ft t?.? ir?? wl.'l j,* jr i . - 1 ? . . 1 ..?( * R1 \%\rt ' 1 l.ett'1 -rl/Ti'll ,u t? ?JD to *1 L? f' < I'jt r?4 ?t -4 *?( ? lt? ? AJIi- KlIKDkKK K UOI OLA**, Jr., loCt fc t Jl W44h.8(l*.36t I>. A' Agents for the New National Era KL'frKJK H * If % DO II ... 'j A?.f? ! t> \ UN it I. .tf * % ,.t u Mf? AMA*I>A 'A A 1.1., K >?4kl' it) ' ?f t? i?ti. t '.f < ' r n*. I. C i.KtkllN . K . .? H-. a Ur A A*i4*. ?tr# .. T-u?i??m K II HIS v% .. |, ? *r.?>K?.r. T n - t m rA- , r,r, vj 1 IRAN- IN II ?i KI? IIKR S : V . Vi.?> L II v. \ltfc al A I. (M A* IN KKU.Ulk * K Ibt /Ml RftM.t MtHAkl' JIkLA'?* 'lilmt ^T.iti j 11 TAVIY.K 1 - =- it ' * V?M j'Tiakmm : ?-r J >H > * JXjIU.llwtM i jt J r Wu?D, lUt'Ui i S?* lU?-u twu. vr V T1 R*KR. **'< . ;k* A . . * II. TIIKKKT IfII. y-m. * ?'*- ? HKNRT 1 WIU.UJI- A. - W JU? <? 'm'. '/' Ii itlMt \ .7 *1 M AMlUoNt J H * I: Hi r. K ? *< 1 N V *> m<*lyxeai \ iiRwi.rrr <..? ?..? *% . UI1KV A bk'Ws ?. i. S4THAN FKA'I'E - .IS ? I k K * n ^ ALRMNtifk*m|>tor?. N Y h ? . j. J II ^ J V . I . . . * rw t.%. CI!*- N III NT Ml. r -?l?^?u ? .?* < Hii.k ?Ui jrtU C%r au? **WlkI AlfilR *11 .1- ' ?> *t P .1 iti t II MifLiik-LL :i<lu u .! 1 Vwi II A INHH.UPkifl' ? OB4> E ibSHH.ft ? * C'hir?? l * W* u Aftu vu?ty. arjlmod WH U WAI.KKl '?.? : lr t ? !.?> IIK*ir CLWi * ' l"*k,Aikw.?? IHKI UIS ISSk, V ' '/ %* ' M AK !* Si' kl'i ks, .1 D * + Al*b+ms. JAVK1 K t?KfcE* -? .? 4 Sabiu.4. wit ?. J 4MKS, ttmm u;- rr, tit***** K 4 MALI . *? I III* * 1 Pill ?.*:< P? WALTER ? CI ARE, IS K #ri MrM| t).' II wV*>.? A*Ci: *'-kuk, 1 ?. 4 T JOtUtlOX, M ,V bA Ttnr.j/.

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