Newspaper of New National Era, May 22, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of New National Era dated May 22, 1873 Page 4
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A LEMOJ IX KltTVKT. A. D. !W). It ?u * itinaer ?>T?n:Bj, 0.4 Mr. Smith h?4 corn*. From Sbs Fr?BCi?eo. bj b?ii<x>r. To hn ?oi>?rboa ho??. Where, by the ehore of 1.0*'. Hi jieoocre be *u woot to tabHo *a? hit (ru^cb;ld Co', While pi?T-m tt erojsei. Boll ?oiE?th:r.r iorre on i ?:c or. d roiad To her brather H eory Cloy. Ar.d o?k?d the yoo'jor ff-or. if be knew Wk'rt thai qneer pouoioit T~*'m Tb? old iron Saith rttj-oi sp ond took Toe relio ia h.? bond. A- d okook it ti.i it r?-;'.?>! oa. A r-il or two o' oaad. '"tig ?i wo luitt fab.' |ma imi | "Who fell in the ft? ?..;*ory. "Now tel. it what "woi all obov. j Y?r.f Hecy ic-jtirwi. oa her ??i;ei CoiSatise I-e?a?d with a look iatpired. ? f'oir,?. tell ot woo tk? warrior* wer? And why th?y k.i.ed toea other here a "It w?i the>." told cM ImA. I Wh'. the M odors run. J Be'eue* lh?y p,'M*l the lardt i be red cec hanted on. It ? ? x*aba: mned. but a'.'. ?gr- 1 That 'UU a fam-.u? wiru.rr. , P L "Meo. (jab** and woman, fifty three ? loiiowod lb? Indian tintf; 1 "J Ota i-.sdrud : l muywhii ? BroafUl Mr. Lo to gr.ef: n And every rti >tt k..ied, o? i be, ' la tbt great Moioc ?.clory.' ' Bit what good MX. of it at Ifcat '" At*ed g't'.ie Colfaxine' fiood* Wr.y. g-,*. their Ia-.d?. job i t'. | The tome you're lit.r.g io ; ' And many a heathen scalp woo we la that brare Christian victory. "Some f?T it *as a shocking > go'. Wher. the fierce fight *a? won. To see the fibred babe an 1 s-jiaw Lie rotting in the ran ; I | Ar.d, Um from man's and baby's bead, The stair irer -bed art and tc.-ir-es w.tb rei 't "Oreat pra.-e our ( '.onel Ki.'.To gi..te And ' ke our rag. I wee:.. "But did they re*i the B.nie then ' i Said pitying i "Why. that I cannot ear,'' q.otb be' "But twai a gioriou* victory.'' i [Stv i'orl | Industrial Items In reference to the strike of building vrork- i1 men In New York, the X*i! my? : "As to ;' the workingmen, they have obtained their j: demands a;,d receive 13.50 for a day's work of e.gbt hour-. But the work is no longer ' plentiful, and many receive no work at any j price. Nor is the dispute at all settled j respecting the time and the wages. The j buiidcrs had to yield while they were und? r ; obligations to finish certain works in certaiu period*. But the largest builders are re :ra.mng ironi nu-.n'-s?, ana w;n not utiaertnke very much until matters shall once j' more be settled and confidence on every side restored." The Philadelphia Errning Herald i - of the opinion that the imtnen-e difference between the progress being made in the erection of buildings of ail kinds In New York and Philadelphia is attributable mainly to the frequent strikes in the former city. While , Philadelphia is annually cr' ting from five to eight thousand buildings, New York is not doing so much in the building hn?. Thus, in ls71, beginning with April 11,the number of houses erected in that city was -,'/Jl. During the year ending April 11, If 73, there was a falling oil from this comparatively small number to 1,1 i'?, or nearly fifty per cent. The workmen on woman's boots in New York city have demanded an increase of til cents j?er pair, and if the increase is not! ' granted they will strike. The horseshocis strike in UrookEh| has i ended in the employers conceding tMt do-' tuands of thcil men. GILBERT HOUSE i Saratoga Springe, N. Y., 1873. The !!?.': 1- favorably known, and located within tw4 n ir.cti - wa.i. of the Depot, and five minutes *alk of al! the principal Mineral Springs, aitua'ed on Washington street, early opposite the ISajti-t Church, or.e of the most hvOitiful streets in hnratoga. TUB ROOMS ARK LAROIi AND AIRY, well ventilated, and neatly furnished: will be sept open ourir.g m'- m as a First Cla-?i IVitate Hoarding IIoiuc. The Tabic will be supplied with the Lest the market affords. Rimtsn:-.-Hon. Frederick Douglass, T. J. Bowers, Philadelphia : Iter. N. Freeman, Brooklyn; Peter 1". Baltimore, Troy ; William ] Rich, Troy : Adam Blake, Albany : Wm. H. ! Montague. Springfield, Mass.: Col. It. Harlan, i Cincinnati, Gbio; George F. T. Cook, I). C.; j J. (?. Green. Columbia, S. C.: W. 1'. Butler, ! V. C.; John B. Ba:ley, Boston: J. \V. Bowers, , Brooklyn, K. V. O. C. GILBERT, Proprietor. j mav 22-4 in G. .I. rEHKISS. 918 F street, Washington, I). C., SOLICITOR OF PATENTS ANT) GENERAL AGENT FOR PENSION AND BOUNTY CLAIMS. Post box 9-3. Colored soldiers, were, by the act of March 8, 1873, placed ' n an equal footing with the white soldiers, and are now entitled to the $100 | additional bounty under the act of July 23, I8CG, which has been extended to January 30, 1874 maylh-fimo 6teT CO FN TV OF WASHINGTON. Boark or Pcblic Works, District ot Coi.w at a, W'asnixoTox, I). C., May 7, 1873. j Whereas the undersigned believe it condueire ! to the public interest to open Jefferson street, in I " L'niontown.'' a: the intersection of said street with the north side of " Nichols avenue," in the oOttnty of Washington, from a point twenty feet ix inches in a southerly line from the northwest ; corner of James II. Arnold's land ; thence east rly, with the south line of Jefferson street, as I proposed to bo extended f.,.-ty feet through the' land of the said James II Arnold ; and whereas I the proposed change lit' 1 < en by the direction j of the ui'iersigned duly surveyed, and a plat | thereof prepared and filed in our ofh'-e ROl'ICK in hereby frit?" of the |>r -;. i;d j change and opening ! ?ai i Jaiferaon etrret. a* ' herein dcdcribcd. and till r.erron* having oh?c- i tiom thcret<ware re'jut rted to make them known to the under* gned on May 2Atb, ?t noon, at the J office ot the \ ice Pre-.dent of the "Board of | Public Work*" of the t of Columbia, ] room No. 12, Mormon building. I our ami ahalf utrcrt, Wa'hingt'iii I' where any objection! which may be made will he heard and con aidcred IIKNKY I). COOKK, f ALK.XANI.tRit I! SHKPilKBLx, 1 * JAMES A-MAGKLKIL . S. P. BLOWN. 1 ADOI.K CI.L9.S. may 16-21 N. W. BURCHELL* j 133'i ' alrcct. , , Importer o( and Agent for j 1 PEEK I BEAN A CO. S LONDON BISCUIT, , - LEWIS A CO. S W'OUCKnl LBSIIIKK , !l PICKI.KS, YoBKf'HlBK BELIS1I. Itealer in Tine Oroccric?, Toreigti Table i.ux- | uriea, Ac. Ac. Ac. mayiS-ly mu ao v i.e. is axe aaasi*. j JUAN BOYLE & CO., Real Estate au?l Note Brokers, 1! ... L" No. COi 12th St. op,?OMie L . S. ireaeury, j X W.(MII VtiTO.V, (>. V. HtaJ 16 tiii I ttl A. L. BARBER, k CO BUY AEL SELL REAL ESTATE. 511 S?T?it'n Oppoeite the Pott OSc*. tflS-lit E. J. KLOPFBR. Soury Public tad J. ^ic? of the Peace 0?ce, f>'?2 Lialsa-* Aeettae. jlotweec Cth aad Tth street* NorthweeiResidence 80S G r North*?'*. Deeds, Cor nets, I.ea* ar.i cth<r La 'apors ca-efaliy prepared and aclcr.oirledg .andlord and Tenant ca?e? a Specialty. D? ,tior.? takea is or out of A prompt c tr a*tri It attendance for the colIecT on may^-t MU RD1XG HOC8K J h K.ST I RANT Jast opened. a fret class Hoarding lion-e se accommodation of *ke rare! is? paHic 1 re shut oc! from public t-tertainmeat ay t rop- etor* oa account of co' r. The fct .4 a. been y repal-'d rod i. i 'ill be a rlea-can: home ithose who may ? be capital of the State. T er:n -easonable. ALFRED ANDF/ S' N i'roprl.-: A 4i ',1 'o'i.-rea t*~, hi door below Treat Atyer's Hair Vigo FOR RESTORINS GRAY HAIR '<> ITS NATURAL VITALITY A COL( Advancing year*, si ae-?, care, dieappo mMf/m jf predisposition, all t the hair gray, tad e'r of them incline it to pre Ate*'* Lai* elHKOMR r1 the falling of ka:r immediately; c enow* the growth, ar. 1 always nrely*reit< U color. when faded or fit?. J; 'titnalates sutritive organs to healthy ar*i*ity. and i 'erres both tb? hair and its beauty. ^ tra=hy, weak, or ei'kly ! a r beroiie* g'.o iliabfe. and "trer.gtheued lor hair regr iri'.h lively expression: fad:-? hair is chec and establishes : tfclr, hair thitkens : ar.d it it grhj hair r?i5E? their original color, operation is ' retoi harmles*. I: cor1"" d: ruf. heals all humors, a-.d the scalp c<] soft?under which conditio s d.-ts ?f the scalp are impossible. As a dressing for ladies' Lair, th V:o . [.raised for it - grateful ar.d agreeable perfu and valued for the soft lunre and richae' [one it imparts. Prepared by Dr.. C. A YEP. A CO., Lowell, Mass f'rqrtirol and Analytical Chew. frrjjT Sold !y ail DngrisU ar.d D?a!er< Medicine. W M. I . If RAMII ft.:. & CO., Fire and Life Insurance Agents ? Brokers, 720 Seventh street northwest. aoaxTS ros wtje Niagara Fire I: - Co.. of New Yor Cash Assets. $l.do0,000. Republic Fire Insurance Co., of New Ycr Cash Assets. > V'-'-.Cw. Manhattan Fire Insurance Co., of New Yo Cash Assets, i-'Uo,000. Arlington Fire Insurance Co.. of List, of C Capital f200,COO. New York Life Insurance Co.. Mutual, Assets, over $2C.000,0(Kj. And w? insure with ail the tir.-t-class Ir.sur; Companies in the United 'tv without a lional charge, and will .- . "hat the Paiicl'-s properly written. 17-1 TUB KB VST 0 J* K U0U8E XO. 70? h ST.. Between 7th and 8lh Streets Nor west, Washingtoa, D C. Where will be foun d the host of Wines, Lip Cigars, ar.d Oysters, and a.l th* delicacies of the season. PERMANENT AND TABLE BOARDMI FURNISHED ON REASONABLE TEI! WILLIAM A. SHORTER, ProprieU aprlTlmo ATTSICfM! EQ/"U"^u31ITT"Z" to AL Cail at the TEMPLE OF FASHION' For the cheapest a id the late-:' styles ol SILK, KELT, CASSIMLiill, AND CLt IIATS, For men and boys. Special utter.'ion cail to our i , GENTS DRESS HAT. INCLUDING HAi BP.l And will be kept in order for six m-.r.ih wit coarse, A. IHTTKICH, Hatter, tprlT-luio 724 Till Street North we EVERYBODY'S FRIEND. MONEY ADVANCE! ON COLLATERAL AT Two PEXl CENT. AT R. FULTON & CO-'S, 314 NINTH STREET, lletreen tlio Avenue street. aprlT-lmo (. K, BBOWn, Attorney am! < ciiiiKi'llor-;t(-L: No. 330 Four-anda-Half Street, near City Hall, WASHINGTON. I). C. a[ l T 1 in COABlaBS sr. TUONAN, Attorney and Counsellor at La Office of Hon. A. G. Rluule, WASHINGTON, I). C., 1'ructicea in all of the Courts of the Ihijt tr.d l<c fore the S uthern data: C .;ninit-ion. All claims of Southern loyalists ?,fain?t jorerr.ment for stores or supple ". taken or iisho<l th? ITutcJ States army duriL^ the re ion, forwarded thronjrh the New Natio ?ra, wi!1 reeeivo upeciai attention. jan2?'J F. A. BOSWELL &TC< Bankers and Brokers, 11. K. corner of Four and a half pfrcet and 1 'inia avenue S. \V.t Wa?hingl? n. If. six ri u ckn r. iMi:i;;.si paid iEPOSITS. (lr i i. f 9 A. 11 I ' P. M. ?i PIMPLES. I ?iii *<nd ,frti) recipe for niy VEGE1 il.t HALM, removing Pirnpir , Biacl: Wot .letches, Frectiu, Moths, Tan, and all 1 **< ? of the Shin, leasing it clear and wit eulthy glow. Also, tore- j rocess fur I rowlh of Hair on ha'.d heads or smooth fat THOMAS F. CHAPMAN, Chent^ O. Box 6 1ifl. 1'J7 Broadway, N. V marlO-Ct T. I*. (iilVMEO, Cor. 0/ Thirteenth and G ttrcu^, Keeps* IOARDIXG AND LUNCH HOl> uraiahing regular day hoard, with meal. to .-> 1* eonieuietioc. The terms are reasonablea ie plane ouof. The proprietor pays ape' teution to the < oinfnrt of his guest. ujr 1" THE SEW KA S05.0< wo PECTC Joy to the World-" 7po ^ I Dr. Worm ley's Pector Bronchitis. Asthma for - ?'V>j el * ~ I: a sur; cure and -afe r>~medv, an injur, x- effect.-, x-s it-1 component parts are tho greatest success, and there are n->w r.u: a!in'/st instantaneous relief from its U5e. It has never failed. and the proprietc on.; a case of coi l or cough 'unless caused 1>t c r, Sold -Wl I i ^ dec lxly Sold retail b; :nt-1 " TKe Bat, Cheapest, arc! if af .yuerejs/ulT ary j Family I'aptr in (it Union." am , & HARPER'S WEEKLY. 0E_ | SPLENDID!* ILLUSTRATED. Vl 1 S'tliirU Of thi Pl Ci*. th? The model newspaper of oar country. Comfien L-e'* >n * ' aepartmenU of an American , );.j Family Paper, Harj.rr't WctH# ha* earned fori the i itaelf a rlgnt to its title. " A Jo'-hsalof Cmurre. I iatiox."?-Vets Fori. Extning I'oti." p.-, > The beet pablicalion of its class in America. : ,'.rl t.r Jr.,.' / > .'1 ...W, -r.,rn.'a .a ows ; not to permit of any companion between it and ked an7 rjf their cumber. Its columns contain the Jed ?c*?: coii'-cti r.s of reading matter that are Its punted. * * Iti illustrations are numer t ind- c.? ar.d beautiful, being furnished fcythe chief volI, art:-t of the country.?Boston Traveler. i_. Harper s Weekly is the best-and most interesting ilia-tratc-I newspaper. Kor does its a i> ' value depend on its illustrations alone. Its B?. j reading matter is of a high order of literary of merit?varied, instructive, entertaining, and j unexceptionable.?S. I". Sun. SUBSCi:lITIOXS-I8T2. i teb*s: Harpers Weekly, one year, $4-04. At; extra i in , copy of < ither the Magazine, Weekly, and 1 mftj Bazar will be supplied gratis for every club of. ?? five subscribers at $4.00 each, in one remittance: or six copies f0r *'.'0.00, without extra copy. Subscriptions to Harper's Magazine, Weekly. mCl and Bazar, to one address for one year, $10,00 ; : I or, two of Harj'r s 1'erir.dieah. to one address ; i for one year, ? 7.00. Bnck numbers can be sup' plied at any t .rr.e. The annual volume- of Harper's Weekly, in neat cloth binding, will be sent by express, free k, I of expense, for $7.00 each. A complete E't. 1 ! comprising fifteen volumes, sent on receipt of cash at the rate of $5.25 per vol., freight at the j expense of purchaser, rk, , The pottage on Harper's Weekly is 20 cents a year, which must be paid at the subscriber's ol. post office. Address IIAKI'KIt ft BROTHER*, no | New York. ?nce Cn jue VonaWe the best f Sained H", . ' of the ,ddi- i /.iief in the World. i are ' Haiper's Magazine. XAices <f the I'ress. [ There are few intelligent American families | in which Harpers Magazine would not he an "th" ' appreciated and highly welcome guest. There i :c no monthly magazine an intelligent reading 1 family can less afford to be withoat. Many magazines are accumulated. Harper's is edited, .or . There is not a magazine that is printed which i shows n.or<- intelligent pair.s o*j>end"d on its I article.-: and mechanical execution. There is i not a cheaper magazine published. There is ' not, confessedly, a more popular magazine in ' ^ the world.?Xev England Homestead. ISIS. A re; ository of biography and history, iit.-ra )r. j ture, science, ar.d art, unequalled by any other . American publication. * * The volumes ; are as val :able as a mere work of reference as i any cyclopaedia we can place in our libraries. Harper's Magazine !- a record of travel every -p where since the hour of its establishment. Liv ingstone and Gordon Camming in Africa, Strain among the Andes and Uoss Browne in the East, Spoke on the Nile and Macgrrgor on the Jor; dan?indeed, all rcccDt travelers of note have I seen their ino-t important discoveries reprodu| eel in the e pages. Most of our younger and f mar.v of our older writers find here their litera ! ry biography. Our artists see the best evidences Jl bl of their genius and the most enduring specimens , of their work ia the Magazine.?X. T. Eland i-d tzrd. It is one of the wonders of journalism?the editorial management of Harper's.?The A'a SlI. ? , SUBSCRIPTIONS.?187J. TEEMS: Harper's Magazine orra year $1 00 An Extra Copy of either the Magazine, W'etkly, or Jlazar v. ill ho puypiit'l gratia for I every Club of Jive Subscribers at ft each, i ti I one remittance: or Six Copies for $20, without | extra copy. I Subscriptions to Harper's Magazine, Weekly, and liazar, to one address for one year, $10: )or two of Harper's J'criodicals, to one address for one year, $7. Back numbers can be supplied at any time. A complete set of Uirj cr't Magazine, now ! comprising Forty 1 broe \ olumcs, in neat cloth binding, will be sent by express, freight at expense of purchaser, for $2.26 per volume. Single volume, by mail, postpaid, $3. Cloth cases, for binding, fifty c:~fct cents, by mail, postpaid. The postage on Harper's Magazine, is twentyfour cents a year, which must be paid at the subscriber's post office. Address IIA BP MB k BROTHERS, no 9 New York. :u. E Y ST O N' Ii II O USE, n r MBS. <<JRMil.ll IB (HLBERT, No. 027 Pine Street, Philadelphia. W, vr ? r v cJ'//r/'/i i r tvrr/vi: ! IlL% | Tablet alwav.- up: lied with the test in settr.on 'that the inarrit finorJa. Parlors convenient ] at.d cheerful. Beds and roomi comfortable and Jur : pure. The best House ia this city (or transient "e'* or permanent boarders. Give us a call. *AL | nov 9-tf Lf > I >OARD OF PUBLIC WORKS, " I J) District or Coujieia, WasHiXGTOV, D. C., April 15. 1873. t',r. : REWARD.?A reward of twenty dollars will j be paid for the apprehension and conviction ON before the Police Court of the District of any { parties guilty of injuring, defacing, or destroy Ptf! ing the trees or shrubbery planted by the Board j of Public Works in the streets, avenues, and intersections of the cities of Washington and Georgetown. ALEX. R. .SHEPHERD, TA apl' lt Vice President. ins, -- ? 'is CU4ULES X. THOMAS, h a line Allorurr and Coun*ellor>at>Law, **" j 4<A Louisiana Avenue, ! [aplT] WASHINGTON, D. C. 906 STRASBURGER BROS. 906 WHOLESALE AND RKTAlL r BOOT AND SHOE HOUSE, uu : 90o Seventh St. bet- I and K, ; WASHINGTON. D. C. ' J aprl7 lino # TIQNAL ERA AND O REW RULE' )R AL S I Have Came (a Cure al Syrup is a Sun; Cure . and all Lung and Broi ! ran ho iw<| by the mo-l delicate inmlid ar.d purely vegetable. It has t,een uaed for iwrera nWr? of persons in this cirr who can bear te* ir docs n .t hesitate to i.fTrr a reward of twenty n.-umpti on which thk remedy, if fairly tried, lolcsalo loy CII r ail Dnigguii. Pennm WIU C3- ?S "THE AMERICi 417 Broome Sire UMfSUA K*u First premiums wherewer exhibited?Pr allowed for Second-hand Instrument In Exehi i'roni Mr. Edttard TTofmlr., ti 11? .e-. i>;-. 4-1 conscientiously t>ene\e jwi * Instrument." n f t r , From (he I*dt\ " The American Piano has deservedly h ftaT Responsible A stents wanted for unoce WING 4 St THE FUEEDMAX'S SAVINGS AND TRUST e ?:<? i?a M v. .# .Ynfiouai Savings Bank ? ESTABLISHED MARCH. 1*65. 1 p. t'liartereil l>> thr OoTirnincnl of tlie tnllfii Utato. ; Hanking Hjuio liw? 1 onnaylvaj.ia Avenue. Opposite UaO Treasury. . F. f l)fij ofi*. of < ??& or any larger amounts ; . received. A' SIX I'J'.i; CENT. INT Eli EST paid cm ?uma , tri j ! five dollars or tnc,rc. All depttih payable on ' ij? I demand, Kith inler'tl die. A!i accouriU sfrieUr j ^ ,]>ricatt ami confidential. j PRINCIPAL OFFICE, WASHINGTON, 1>. | m' C. BRANCH OFFICES in ail tka larger ctties j J*. | of the South and Houth"vcst. j ?n 1 Tlii* CKKAT NATIONAL SAVINGS IX , ! STITITTION, r'Ublishel hy t3ie authority of*? \ the United .St,itti Government for the benefit of n the Freed men, k?<>w* no distinction of nee or I color, and offers its great advantage' to a!! ! classes alike. f SAVE THE SMALL SUMS. Cut off your ' vices?don t smoke?don t drink?don t buy lot- i Ft trry iirkets. 1'nt the rnon-v von save into the 1 ITIEEDM AN S .'iA VINOS BANK. Or en from 'j A. W. to 1 I'. M. each day, and ! on Wednesday and Saturday nights, to receive ' , ! deposits only, from ft} to f o'clock, je 22 ly _f' I JOS. T. K. PLANT, U Justice of the Peace, Notary,;.; Public, and i Commissioner of Heeds for the \ F j States and Territories, th an .Corner of Eighth and E Streets,Northwest, (r. WASniXGTU.V, D. V. ?j fiSTALL DESCRIPTION'S OF LEGAL PA- I bs PKKS PREPARED AT SHORT NOTICE, j r COPYING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO LAND LORD AND TENANT BUSINESS. *pi?iy co NOTICE!!! ? ' vii DAVID FISHER, Jr., Of DEALER IN* XKW AXD 8ECOSD BAYD ha In FURNITURE,!' 9 in' also I re] \tk I'PIIOLSTEULU AMD FCRXITL" UK RE- J sa PAIRER. : ? I h j ?JR Work Done al Store or House. wl : (kS""Ordera f?roia;>t!j attended to. , yt 1115 F Street Northweet, ' Waahir.jjton, V. C ' ^ Late of the tirin of Fi soea 3t So* aprlT liuo i BRUNSWICK HOTEL.; t git A First-Class House, !* NEATLY FITTED TP FOR THE ACCOM- . MODATION OF THE TRAVELING ' PUBLIC. j gr, eof THE ROOMS ARE LARGE AND WELL VENTILATED, AND FURNISHED WITH 1 B ALL NECESSARY COMFORTS. (fur Vulblc IS ALWAYS SUPPLIED WITH THE BESTJ ' THE MARKET AFFORDS. m ft I ? ltuoiu ? Contains a fine-selected stock of ALE. WINE L< LIQUORS, CIGARS, TOBACCO. PIPES, Ac. X Ei Situated on comer of Oglethorpe and Win- Ini ??ld street:, Iirnii?nlck, Ga. W?. I?. GOLDEX, |-fc oct-JIly Proprietor. Cir ? ? j car pOR SALE CHEAP ' Two new two-story bouses, Situated on 0 ^tr street, N W., between 15th and 16th street*. Gie SIX ROOMS including Bath Room. Water and Or. Gai throughout. par Apply to J. N. DICKSON, 1614 Madison street, aprJ-tf between 14th and 17th street* " CITIZEN. ARD. 1 STS -W" -W- -m?W 11 f ^ W T m, \ IKU1'] and Not to Kill!" ; for Coughs. Coltls,, ichial Affections. the infant without l'<.ar of a:;v ; J rewri in a larr. number of ca.*-? with i tintonT to its cmcae*. end haro <h*iTi<l| tiro ilillar, t *i:v uiir who will produce J will fail to cure OXX (? CO., 'Irani* Areaae, Washington, D. ('. z SON", AN PIANO," et, New York. ^mniKins icct low for tho quality?Lar,,? price." inge. the Celeb* ated Pianist : 10 i?, in CT?rr respect, a mud magnificent ifndtnl lewma a very p-j-'rlar Inftruraeiit." npied territory, tend for circular* to DN, 423 Broome St., N Y. _ t$50l> Reward! "RUNAWAY!": WBIIMLSOAI: A RECORD OF acts, Narrating the Hardships,' ialr-Breadth Escapes, and Death Struggles of tho Slaves in their Efforts for Freedom BY WILLIAM STILL, ,r many yearR connected with the Anti Slavery Hice in Philadelphia, and Chairman of the ! trting Vigilant Committee of the Philadelphia | au'.u of the Underground Railroad, lllas j ited with 70 fina Engravings by BetiselL * ihell. and others, an I Portraits from Photo j aj.hs from Life. From a great number of cordial letters r em ' ending the Undergvoand Ra lroad, the Author lects a few brief extracts enly from eminent j ends of Freedom who have examined the ! ark. ">m IVm. I.loej-l Gamut: I hnve examined it with a deep and thrilling terest. It is a most important portion of An- ) Slavery history. Its reliableness, moreover, i nnot bo called in question. It is a book for ; ery household. rom 8. /'. Chase, ' 'hirf JuMu oj V 8- 8u prune Court: No one probably has had equal opp''rtunities ' th yourself of listening to the narratives of, gitive slaves. No one will repeat them more jthfully, ami no stories ran ho mor< fraught I th interest than theirs. i cm J. M. M'h ii,i . A book so unique in kind. startling in in : rest, and so trustworthy in it* statement*, j nnot fail to command .a large reading uow, id in generations yet to come. 'oni Ron. Henry Wilson, Vice I'ltnidcnl. Von have done a goM work. This story ?.f i e heroic conduct of fugitives of oppression, id of the devotion of their friends, will he ad with deen interest, especially by l^e old ends of the slave in the stern struggle through iich we hare passed, f hope your labor? will : rewarded by a grateful public. o>m Hon. Charles Sumner . The Underground Railroad has performed its ,rt, but it must always be remembered grateIIj. as one of the peculiar institutions r f our untry. i cannot think of it w thout a throbnz heart. Yon do well to commemorate those a'soc, : rd with it by n>rric9 or by b. ? (fit -the r.a- I oars and the saved ">m Unra't Greeley: For most of the years ( has* 1. . the escapw fogitives from slavery, and their efTon* to j .file the hnmnn and other bloodhounds who j icked them, formed the romance of American j ietory. Tbat romance is now ended, and onr ; andchildren will hardiy bei:?ve its leading cidents except on irrest.rtible testimony. I j joice that you are collecting nnd presenting at testimony, and heartily wi?h yon a great ' ccess. cm I in.. II. far iies.r, />./'. Having read this record of "due L'sm.s :or*r> RailboiD," I can only say that it is a irk of extraordinary interest and of great ratue j an illustration of the terrible despotism, j nch a little while nzo reigned over ns ail art! itch is now thank heaven ! t no more. ' m John (J. W niftier : The teook is mare interesting than an./ romance, j will be of permanent valoeto the historian of e eonotry daring the ar,ti slavery straggle. ! I eheerfnVy eommcmi it to the pubiie tacrr I Krm. v. noram: You cauid not prepare a work tfca would *f 1 more in?truetion and interest to me tiian a J ta.led history of the operations of the so lied "Underground Railroad." I am delighted the examination I hare been permitted to ' re the proof, ar.d think thousands will rl?e op en!i you blessed for your faithful record of otir ! egnhzod crime.'' oss /fin. Henry C Carey Mr. Still s work appears to tr.e to be one of eat interest, and I inert heartily un^'t in re nmendmj it to thepuMie atlenti-yn. SOLD ONLY BY SUBSCRIPTION, und in Fine English Cloth, estra got i 1 So ' Paneled Style, fu,l gilt 5 00 ' , Sheep. Library S'y!? 6 SO " Half Turkey Morocco 0 SO ' (2T flood Agents Wanted. I.tbera! Terras WILLIAM STILL, Author and rub,.!aer. ! ] ipr-d-It So. 211 S. 12th ?treet, ' , mg Looked Fur Come at LaitL. HIE ( MISERS (I. .HieROM OPE. The beat Low Pnee-i M.rrov- n e ever nude. | ceedingly o?e.'ul for exa.n^Au Flower*, lectj, anl Minute Object*, De^^^fcttunter : Money and Diaclocing the g^^RKef the i rr'scopre World. It it adapt'se of ' faieiani, Teachert, Stgdeati, an^^^ffamily e!e. Heqoirwt no Focal AH:tflBPB and i therefore he readily ute-l by any peraoa. I ' ter Microti open of no greater j-oaer cuat j ! each and upward", and are eo difficult to ua J utand that cone but scientific m?n can use j ' at. The Lnireraa! alwayi rtrea latufacuon. | ' ? angle Microa.ope will be tent carefully | 1 deed, by mail, on receipt of SI Agent* t ' ited ercrywhtre. Addree* ' D. L. STAPLES A CO., j tarlO Cms Alien, Si-itt gan. 1 \>w York Tribune. 1873. ;j No*, a* heretofore, Tei T? ? ?* >e fir-', "t a ' *si T re crr n?ni v . u v t Krar a Rff A'c -Kog'ar..J 1 i rra/taall? f?raft!--r * \h R*j-? ?*.?ipa*" **/"*' ? .r.? ' ' ?ra?: ' oo f>'' for a K aa-l loo .1 f. r a K?wu ;c*?. who it unai ? :e?- lk? c* a. a*' UI>rk% da* *r*rar^* in our { 4 v'' i knd o^aally unable to ?-.t* it up ?lb* *?*r- ar. t> tp**wk:n? p*---r?>* %z tA'*d m - ?!' * n, **para*;nj; ft *n th- -* * ' K * '* lb* r ; Jogma of I'apa' Tnfa :' v . ' -. - - rccngniie th? "Old f?tfc ? ? it.* ? ( tinent p*rra,ded by th- iw4*?I- .* ' tK ?~otc*? of tho ' mcj " batween i ! '?\' j t sophica!. th*oloc'~a', rnal*: * *' < ffe ?f Pbyii ?lScitu'*-Rain? m i * *" Iruining & r*.:* for ir." f * *' h Im ' a reaiy to abandon b? a ' a*.' : ' ;r * half op?n?-! ~a4- ? * a *-d ioritirg Wwlen ( * .: *a'? ?r, . r-, W*siem MMC4 lo mick empire?lacktr^phv'- ' \* - which th? marls or*r a ' f --v. < - a:.: wir*1# un'^r all .">'-04 are !* * '/-a- | to Wuh able ao'i traa'.M f rr?-- ,- - -leading capitals, a*. ! wher* **r c? v ; -? n V in progress. I hk lata * a ?. at cost. tolaj before ;ia r? ?] ? rr p- MfilU| a 1 1 | Bum im . of which. a* :* f - j r are cyerywh^r* :r*T7i* ~ t ? cognition ar. i a br rr.>r At here* th* rjeg'* f~r !"*' The last f'ara baa ' : *?-- a c ' - oppoiitioa to emaff a! r. equal rir.l rigktf, baa bin aba No MBtj, !fovtb or 8o?ti remit of the ^ar fjrthe r- *- ? these retails nsn c*Ter ! * - - - ? w a whole p*op!* th-;? form of Al! K ?kta f-- A 4*n^z'*. and tf,* rr ! -or i <-;t / ?- r followed, ban led is, 1 . record 1 of the hitxr. hv.ef. IV i * poacefullj, h pefullr. th " -can#?e lr-?s TtUl probleBi wbaterer may elacidat* - g**rr-?' or act: n on th?-e. Thr j - ipa^* and rao?t impart ai * - : V. . pmtim rr.ay prof we, wl - a ntay ?aT. whatever officer* mar d?". r.i do-am in its colin>n?. whether ? ** h- . hinder* it# own t->w- ?r*? right tn an r.- - ** siate-necthis they always ge*. Bet as to its ova j ?'. ; i i Tam-sc is of course. h- < : ' r", ' the champion of F i*l R-g:--?. Kara, or ( ol-t. It s: ,r.-is si !r " by the Amenamcntii for the p rtoa. *.t of those Rixhts. which ban beet I corp orated by th" Penp'e. n ihe the I'nited Flat c* I 1-ft .?'! j parties, it endeovor*'to treat them " h trial fa:rne?s. It lu rs to p :ify : - ad . , tra'ion of Government, N.'i-'tii'. Stat a 1 Municipal, and whenc.-r tl. r whether in Sat rial. State, or M ; v -< t . -take the ieati tn this work, it w , there R . a thetn its cordial snppo:*. But it ran he the rervitor of ar.y polite al tarty r w.. ,y surrender or eren its right t .. r an 1 condemn what is wrong. and whs* ? right in the ac ton of any paries tr at j lie men. JCow, asalr.ay?, Tit; Tr:.:' ' 1..1- - * '. -. .1 * its heart for the \ romotl ,i of tl - gtc?t n.a terial interests of the country. 1 he pr . . of Invention and of I..ibor Sarin/, the develop ' ment of oar resources, the preser. .in f . .r * l.and for the l.snd!e-? and its r?i. 1 ? :' *. lion to human wants, the ut.ilr-it .. , of o*>r vast 1 ,. underlying Oi' ?. the extensi n of the fi. ...' s j 1 for bringing Pro lu*-r and Cus : rn gather?whatever tends to s*v. 11 t1 .. anhs. crease tha knowledge and letter the '.nditioti , of those -voted to Productive Industry fiada 1 mention and enconragtment in our col rs. I Tea Wkkxlt Tatar**. now aM>rw than thirty \ years old, has endeavo r d to keep tip w h the progress of the ag-- in | rovemrnt and in en terprise. It devotes a are" share oi itacol . nntns to Agriraltnre as tl. - moat . t.i-i! a:. 1 general of hntnati pursuits It easploya the j ' ablest and most snceeasfil lit.tat -rs to ?: forth in brief, clear caaavathc t practical viewn I of the Farmer's work. It re, j iblt" d:t cushions whieh elucidate tha' w .rl: cath.i- 1 F from every renrra agricultural r *->, t I" ports of the latest experimei atcriea ?f|p, the latent titer. i an 1 failures, at I wha' or ntay tend a* f-not to better Agii' . and to | commend it as the tiret and most i tip-Ttant < ! [" progressive Arts. bu<"l on natural sci p Tit* Wkxki.t Tribi.'it appea' a' .' > '! , h ers. Students, and persons of in , tiling tn !?. by the character of i: s l.itciary c-.titeats, wh include revi'-ws of all the work* proceeding from lb" master n i- oi 1 Oil <-i New World, with libs *: extra f those of J especial interest. Imaginative I i'craturo clsln.i attentic . 1 " ina ruhoidiuatr den. "Horn 5 I".* rent* i re i - w ed wecklj\y a ? lady specially <;ua!ifi' l to ir. tru-t and inter** ] her ovbnxi and the tager portion tl other. No column is more eager!j ought or r r nerusfc l w.t.h ?pat* r advantage and profit, than (\, n*>rs. Hi" N* wt of the Day. ilu* idated 1 y hrief comment-1, n Kr> cond**nr' 1 that i. reader can deem it rlifTu-'\ while gu?*n - ,! ficieotly in detail to satisfy the wants of tivrrw reader. S- ' r. < are i ? ' r !? r from the etter.sive Corresponds<*s ot I in: Daily Tiimii from ewj country editorials of mor* p* ui.aii< n* value h*re ? reprodoced. In rt? rm Wmi i commends itaelf t o M l ion hy mir.; -.t* rdi/ t their intellectual .vants mor? fuliy than th? y ! are met 1 -y any other journal, w \ - \> gula reports of the Cattle, tt I'i^Iu e, an 1 ?i nwtr Markets, will of ihetntel ire farmer who regularly r: % the in f.?. more th ? hlsiournal's price. ?h tor the family r .< 1* ?,t * ? lu . 1 :. or artisan, Thf Wkkilit Jk.b' r ha i V P"r.orf a?;s proved hy the hundred* c t.i . j rr, sands who, having rend it from chddh-." J, still h# cherish and e?.j??y it in the prime and '-n the f. downhill of life. We rt*|?cctfu'ly org" thor- th who know its worth t <*n I 1 nr. Wk>k* v Tb;arse to their friend i a 1 neighbors v -i proffer it to cluhs at price* .hic hha: /p./tL? i? cost of pay er and pre. v* u. TKUMS OF TIIK WEEK I. V Mill;* N\. TO Mliju HCS. ViaiM. f|f One copy, one year oi: <*? Fife topic-, one year *>- i to o;;e AMmasu. *' All at one Post O.1 Mcopies |t Met. ' 3) copies - "? e*1 ;SO copies J OUiavh. Aii'l en extra to each C.uu. to > ?wtt or sue uisx . All at 01.' IVti OScc. 10 copies - |1 ttttdb. ( 20 copies 1 9$ ? ?rl . 30 copies . I 10 each. An i an extra to each Club. I j.jr t'or Clubs of /T/ty Tii- v v ' Th:?< m will be sent as .. i < ; y. NEW VOP.K >i:MI WEEKLY TRIBCNH It pub:.and every TtMPav an'I Kaiosr, and, ' . bcinz f.ilntcd Itiw a week, it contains nearly ail trie importaat Him, ' ormyosfcaM, lie view", and Editorials of Tiir Iltii.r. including ererrthirz on the subject of Apr "ntit c, a ffiacn interesting and ta. .able matt- r, ! r ?L. n there :s cot antic.ent room in sun lYirsii TxiBcxr Tut Pea: Wret'T Tate ** * ' (rivet, in the roarte of a year, inetxoe , , i. of the Cb( ax? Laict l' No .!.. fi' by li?.nj{ authorr The ( *'. i f thee n.. f bonrht '.a book form, would be fr . ei to < .jht dollar*. lu price has been lately reduced, ao that Clubs can bow ?c. :re it at lube rr re than the cost, to tmjj.c tub esibaaa, of lite Waaai r. Nowhere c'.e can so m :eh -urrta* -tc' ' A tnd permanent V'.mrj matter be had at so cheap, a ra'e as in theSrrst Win > Tt: i . *. TERMS OF THE SEMI WEEKLY fUll NK Dee copy, one or.e, 101 number* |* <?i Fire copies, or iter. for earh ropy. . 2 60 Ten copies and one extra copy f,r :i 00 " TERMS OF THE DAIRY TKIBt'Nt To Mail Subset te r?. 110 a yra: Tn* Till'Auievsr f r le7 . wih be r . a-iy tboui New Yeat'r. I'rr < 20 , . ? 7 for J'. * Always 'cul a draft on New Yora. a Post irrici Moxt Gama. .1 po?..i ?. Where M leither of ibe?e car. be procuted, p n 1 the noney, art ttwiT* t* s lU'.tsTrittin Lmtt. rbe registration fee hat been red u-est to r nni tsTt, ?ol the present rtjftureiion nyiteta has >een found by '.he postal authorities to be laerly an absolute protection against loares by nail. m Addxese Tar Taitc?z, N\w Yoik. itnu; Casa is Aonsct. I'ifOSPM I I - EW N Ail UN A u EPA i.i.w ! v :> ' / l< l!A' I? i ' v IIV If < ' f >i, x J t ? Nil# Sa* 09 ? ' i .? J*'.* 4 * . 14 r.AUr* tSa* of ac. A ? ?U : * i Itv Aj m Ai ate ? % Ktii f. 4t?T7 rff' ' *r' 1 *f ** ? n. 'rM* f * v - ' ?; rte J; *; " . ? UOSft] C?* T~ ti <5?r *?. ?. f. * i ii 'j \V \ Jt I' \L . " NT. r f r t;2* -1 ' " ' - / j iTfTf .. zk r . ? ! frwiii ; * iix^L i rat - ; iiii . - IfUl rty . eery Stale - - in^ivt I " ' j . *' - UU *T c* : ? . r fck j toi * K i x v -? . V. U ,V ? e . - \T' . * " ,* * s kl ?' * * > ...* nit: .vti >s:.:. i- m, v.. -It'* ii- K i " *n'l * ? f ."a' ' .* ' *..-1 * ? I- -I" ! rv.iu. Vy th r : r,v ' . to fr** S-atf-?. THE IMDUSTBIAI. DEPARTMENT. Thr , io, .1.'. t; f. - r i I! cia.m sv. I r- a ' f jr at nriorj. IV Rra N*t;is?i RUi !M a raM* *i*:t?r f r th lam r a . ! (h* t.r.-.ldo. 1 wo 'arr.o- j s|- . t r fr,. f..jj b?:<? t v i < t .:.! th/.r rtiaati Th* mbactibtlon i ri Kit N.vtosal Uu?iUb*t??0 .. a: . - ml riptioa*. r 1 < : A'Mr i FKHDKRICK DOt'OEASS. Ja., Iwuli liox 11, W v-li -.k-i n. I'. C. 3UR PREMIUMS, To iv oil ? ii-i.; u m rihcrw, with the uh? h" ur - r?i* , w will forwari r rxj-r ? ? n* r-lance with the AMag A4ttresi ?n k !? Jr.. k Box 31, Waflhiigioi !>. C.: ' aItv ... V?f> (Ml r 80 I Sit Watch.-? ? - It) (Ml I . * i HI (Ml ,r 10ml n 1 (Ml 5 *2.1(1 I.HTI.KFin.liS -rrnu; ^rr.Pi i:\m;avix?. RESIDENT GRANT. For i?o Mb eriber*, wit* ? B f;.. .< til < r 1 I *-.# r??|.i s of ?< pnj .T one y*ar ?u.<i th?* r<!> n < -i ?./ v.* th* nn!n? ' w;lh > Si Su-?-l Kr./rH. it? 1 I'rtti nt (limi t, liJ fi i ' ; t it roller. I \ ?? O'.rravinff - cr'-.rAtf. . \r- ar-'i t!:smj r" : ?? 't r >r t: ro* ! ?3 ach. Cash Premiums! t' r t< li year* nl? r? we will give ? A |?r< mitun of : f i 'J'( v. irlv -uliril-tr-. ?!'>. f*r I'M' i nilv.-n1 ^riler* X). Periodical Premiums. Wt- ' tT?-r f ??u?- v." rih' r * v;.r.,j *3 ' b; of tlM Hbv Nitin i mr aad 'hf i i.f tho f'-i! " .*z ' * 1 .4 7* ?'*/?< ' j .1 mlhlj, roniait. ? II via: 1 To 4 farm, gMtil : I Ml - til mi i rii m of -1. i il $1 SO r PtUtt r?ti ' ufuii oi K hi, f HJ'H". lh" HVi? ! ? . 7nr, - tv v Lngf! , or lh" m > t t\t If a : vh.j. r or.? ? at, f.'.l ? f . ! r> .. . i i . umI one f Um 1 - I la In ao i 'i''* to a:. w- -}*r # H . v,.. \; Jfg yosii Uarpi !. . ft -r/ ' r H'. /- ' / .-. w , V-? if iNrriftioi *. 'h - ' i i i s n: : ? I p? r f. I hf*?e ;-h; fd no iknr ft V. #' Mr 1 /-'/> ' '' V--' ' <" V ...* 1 til" N. * Nat;? . ! K . vi.: '> AMy ? n i.i ^ ut i..? dollar-. Stthm tyiiaii i'iir* at th* .Viw ^YuHauftt i'.rti V AY A nil < \ I'A ftl 4ht T ' t A A. I - I f'4 I - j * -. ! ?>. I 4 3 I v. tu- ?r 1 . . ' I to ou ? 3 JO i t.-t-.*- *f 4() uy r> ; - x .. I'l uu IK t>- .? '*% ?n ? ff ? *? * ?- f r ft: ftf ? f, .? li a * . r J r-T. , , ' * . if' r 4 teller*. . 1 t *f*m ft I - .. . ? i , f 0*1 . - ... -v.. 1 : KIIKUKIIKH Wll J. , I' ? B-? :: * . d *ye:U:> Tor the Mew National Era r< > r ' I 1 . ' w . - ? %ct\ INDKK r t V >> 1 I -,Vl# lr? ANIVDA ?AI I- C ?.*l?r.5", ; l~ a AX I T ** # - -?r \ . , r r n /1>..i.iT- i, ?,(. ... *f.'*W<K T .-f\ N . M - .? r y rfctfciis it ?;.rr ltr.K n . T *?' ' If V * a hr . ' . r.uwis nu;i.m A%* * * t i ? i- . R#??a?? / .?U. 0% l|riMKf> RKLH X ?,.*.? . T'?\* ' ? Ta . UJk Cv. it i. -,u V J IIAKMV r..j r?V * I #11 ? W . Xl \ II.,n J ? ' T W.##.r? UN.. \ r -W ? II AUK M .* -xA. % w>* r II TURRET l?'X .. A . , IRNRV 1. NILIMU# Fr*~l?nA&'? I*,. (1 1U.-. k Mm'lK V.V.'J. V y X Ul? l.r. . u... I?X HY X BUOWN i P. . K .. ? 4TB IK ITKX'.I f. .... S.. Y X" ? f * xi r.- h X , t,Mt * >11" J M'WXl L. x ... ",? * " " ?.? iuMck ft I- 0?r? . I AM est A ' -. > . r% '?Fy M Vfff'Hf' ? r ?. . n . i t A *MHM *E" r r . M K WA!KI!l fi,- A , . ? IRIIIlVCLAk Littl<- K> k. Ati? .. IRRBLICAR ht\K M- . u. Z ? . HIKMR <xl tM-rt ? f*w?n ' ?-r A , ,-i rAME< X '.KMX 4i- Ihmuui ? ? l ? . ? A M r J4MI - r M - t'k^.u l A MALI-. 7# F <*rt* Put#C ?. RALTER V. CLARK. ?. f. ,? f. , .... r,. *H AJICR. K? kua. I".. ' T j4BSN>?. II"U??. < U1>PU:'.'> t| A.?*

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