Newspaper of New National Era, June 5, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of New National Era dated June 5, 1873 Page 4
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Jt SR. *1 J??! iftJ I'.l. And ?hat if no nrr ? a da* in dune Thro, if ever, conn* perfect day" Then Heaven uicn toe earth if it l?? in tune. And oyer it aoftly her warm ear laea * Whether wn look, or whi ther we liaten. We hoar to murmur or aee it gliaten Kvery clod feela a stir of might, An it at i net within it that rearhea and towera. And. gra'ping blandly above it for light. Clintba to a aoul in graaa and tiowera the dash of life well be seen Thrilling bark over hill* and ralley* : The oowal.p atartlea in meadowa green. The battercup rati hea the aun tn ita chalice And there'a never a leaf or a blade too mean t.? /lira karnv .*rMtnr*'a nataw : 1 he little bird nt* at bin door in the wa. Atilt like a blosaom anor.g toe leave*, And let t kit illumined being o'errun With the deluge of ?nmmer it receive* Hia mate feel* the egg* beneath her ?iog?. And tbe heart in her dumb breaat flatter* and iir.g* : He ?ing* to the Word. ar.d *he to her neat,? in the nice ear <>f Mature which aong ta the beat ? [In iou*equcnre of two or three error" in correcting the proof of the following urtlcle we reproduce it in a corrected form.?Kl?.) ( olden Oppurtunltlra. BY Mi. MARY E. WAI.KER. Nit uitill mv , tea bchrid lb ul ore subject on paper >11J I i onrprchend lie unwritable iatricatenes and real grandeur. ily thoughts wore not c n> e;*,ng the of life, but tbe ;'!jui tpporlur .lit; y '.kt :c-jl. Hotv a thousand and out rise u; before ut, when ?f i.tb oppr irtuoities bat been improved untold at", nics v, uld hart been averted when Indian l?e} u dejpica tie pet ion gloiic J and floated over iujuilei .cf.i, tej. v.hcn the only advantage gainet by ar.v one was tl.i - , ,.:i. over di sad van tages to othe:=. It docs appear ileal nit people h?w> beer born with ath a de-.te t.. make everybod; wretched that an- cv.-r "o unfortunate a to be rrsot iated with thc-m They are neve happy unless they hu.e a subject which the can make miserable iu >m| w ay. tiolden opportunities soul arc used b thi? das? for unhallowed purposes, instea of in a way to elevate and happify. Anntlier ?lass have their heads so lille with greed for money that they seem nevf to think of the wonderful magnitude of th soul's opportunities. How ean the uioney-loanrr that wriug from necessity the Inst full drop of usury iu taking a note of * 100 a month lor *4" i hand, know anything about golden opportt uities of soul? Su? h a sorilid being neve breathed a tireath of the guihled atmosphet where dross is not, and cannot realize tin there are conditions that outweigh self, eve in the depths of earth life poverty. The improving of golden opportunities < soul does not always require the gold i earth to use, hut there are instances whet u little at the right hour crowns the opporti ulty with all the lustre possible in the casi There is a diminution of soul, when sue hours are allowed to escppe unimproved. ltcsponsihilities are not met with simp! ideas of their existonee : they are not cat celled with neglects, it matters not ho independently they may be administered. The effects of the lost or neglected nppo (unities of the soul end not with the day tin saw them or the day that disregarded then The waves of days pass them into tl streams of rears that waft tliem into tl ocean of foreverinnre, where the artist i time ha5- hung upon the walls of eternity tl: lulthful picture of the golden opportuiiitil of the oul, whether iuiproved or not. If all nets could hut he seen pictured upc the canvas of eternity, with the contrasts "the might have heeu," would not tl oppressors of to-day stand hark appalled I the sight? Who can doubt that s..uls that have nevi appreciated anything hut money iu this worl will fully comprehend the paintings of the own souls in the life that is to conic? Sulphuric lire, with all its fury on the hod can lie nothing compared with the sight the pictures of the neglected golden oppo tunities of the soul. Excelsior SHEET-WAX . FOR FLOWERS! Manufactured an t ;oid by MADAME M i. B CARY teacher of war-U era in ah it; branches A liberal d?;c ."-ml nade to teacher; and i: , trade generally Instruction eiren in the art ike residence o. MADAME < ARV. 821 Fou tsenth street mnhwrH. between il and 1 street je i cm GILBERT HOUSfc Saratoga Sprmgd, N. Y., 1873. Ike idouse is iavorably kr.usn. and local, Wilkin two minutes walk of the Depot, and ft minute wall: of all t!.? principal Miner dpr.t p? stun: 1 r n W a-bo.plon itreet, near opposite the Baptist Chuuh, ons if '.he mo bwulilV.l streets n> Tlili booms. af.f LAK-ii. a.m> Airti, sell ventilated, and neat It famished trill I tect open dar.iig li.e reason aj a Fint Cii - /' icaie Baarj^ug Houjc. lfce Table sill be .pplied with the best tt w&rst t aflord-0 HsrXRrKrrs Hon. I red.-ru k Miwla.?, J Bower1:. Philadelphia llev N Freemai Brooklyn Petrr 1 Baltimore, troy. Wiilia Rich, Troy Adam Blake. Albany , Wm. I Montague. Springfield. Mat- Col H. llarlai Cincinnati, Ohio - George 1". 1 Cook, Ih C t. G. Green. Columbia. S,. (\ W. K. Butle John B Bailey, Boston I W Bower Brooklyn, N. \ it L' till.BKItl, Proprietor. UU)?2-4in (i. J. 1 LUKISS. *13 1'' .-lifft. Wa*hingU?n, 1>. 1\, VjLlCilOK OF FA VESTS AN1> OKNKftA AGENT FOK FKXSJON ANO hoi NT CLAIMS I'ait i?rtiec box 96. Colored -Mil'iicrH. were, by the act of Marc 3. 1373, {'laced on un ftjtial looting with tt whit* soldiers, and ar* now entitled to the $!( additional b?>niitv under theaft of July 28, lHfil which ha? Keen to January 30, 1674 mayl'flmo ~~N.~ W. BURCHELL l-i.i'i F ilrcH. I oipi-rtrol ?n,l Agent for PEEK tREAN A CO 'S I.ONDOS XiiS* t il LEWIS A CO S WORCESTERSHIRE PICKLES, YORKSHIRE RELISH dealer in Tine Groceries. i ..reign TabW i.ui*, Ac. Ac. ac mavlo It ;?iS BOTH iKt.K MRVLl JUAN BOYLE A CO., K*tl Estate and Note Brokers No CO-'j 16tb St op(<o*.ie I" S Treasury, WA?HIKCTO\, D.C. may lb no $7*4 OO FA CH WEEK] AGENTS WANTED EVERY WHERE. Badntti ?tr clly ieg.tiuinte Particular* tr.e Adda..: J. V. OKI H A Co.. ts2S-l/ St. Lgui?. Mo. A. T. BARBER k CO BUY JlMJ> BILL REAL ESTATE. oil .Seventh street, Opposite tbe Poll OJ.ce t.?j '. > lot E T. KLOPFER. Notary Public and Jaet.ce of tbe Pea^e OCee, 602 I.oai*iana Aeenne, Between 6th and 7th atreeta Northwest Residence 506 li st Northwest Deeds. Contracts. U*W. and other I-ega Paper* carefully prepared end ackno?ledged Landlord and Tenant case* a Specialty. Depn aitinn* taken in or out of office. A prompt o? cer always in attendance for the collection o j accounts. mayfftf jDOARDlHO BOUSE ft RESTAURANT*" Just opened, a fir?tr!as* Boarding Home fo I the accommodation of the traveling public wh I arc shot out from ptiblic entertainment by hot< proprietors on account of color. The ba.ldin Las been thoroughly repaired end refitted, an trill be a pleasant home for those who may vis the capital of the State. Terms reasonable. ALFRED ANDERSON, Proprietor. raS-4t &i Warren st , 2d door below Trentc: Ayer's Hair Vigor I FOR RISTORINO OR AY HAIR j I TO #ITS NATURAL VITALITY A COLO! Advancing years, sici |9H ocsa, care, disappoiti ment, and heredita: i r predisposition, ail tnt ] the hair gray, and eithi of them incline it to >h< prematurely J*AHp!bB|beKHK^ Area's Hs.a VTco , jBBj?SWPB|(^^^^bt "long and extensi' 'TxSJjflBfrecrfJ^RKuse, has proven that ^ st?pS 'hc falling of >1 S| ' , ,rw iss; f,a;r immediately ; o?p r j renews the growth, and always surely restor ) its color, when faded or gray. It stimulates tl >" j nutritive organs to healthy activity, and pr | serves both the hair and its beauty. Th .. trashy, weal., or sickly hair becomes gloss . pliable, and strengthened: lost hair regroi '' with lively expression : falling hair is check and established ; thin hair thickens : and fad (j or gray hair resume their original color. 1 oi>eration is sure and harmless. It cures dan r ruff, heals all humors, and keeps the scalp cor o clean, and soft?underwhioh conditions disea* of the scalp are impossible. ,s Asa dressing for ladies' hair, the Vigor praised for its grateful and agreeable perfuir ' and valued for the soft lustre and richness " j tone it imparts. ' Prepared by r Dr. J. C. AYER A CO., Lowell, Mass., e j Practical ami Analytical I'hcmix it tan Sold by all Druggists aud Dealers tl Medicine. w ill )f nn. L. HRAMHUL fc CO., ',? Fire and Life Insurance Agents ar ?- Brokers, p. h 7'2v? Seventh street northwest. I AOKVTS toll TDK i Niagara Fire Insurance Co., of New York . Cash Assets, $l,:i00,000. w | Republic Fire Insurance Co., of New YorkCash Assets, $555,600. '* Manhattan Fire Insurance Co., of New Yorl t' Cash Assets, $265,000. Arlington Fire Insurance Co., of Dist of Co le Capital $200,000. le New York Life Insurance Co., t Mutual. I if Assets, over $20,000,000. ie And w? insure with all tke first class Insiirar >s Companies in the l'iiite.1 States, without ad tional charge, and will see that the Policies i ,n properly written. apr 17-ln ;|- TttB K.8Y8T0KS UOLSK, " \0. IOC H ST., i',i Between 7 th and 8th Streets Nort west, Washington, D. C Dj Where will be found the beat of Wines, Liquc r. Cigars, and Oysters, and all the delica cies of the season. "" PERMANENT AND TABLF. BOARDER: FURNISHED ON REASONABLE TERI _. WILLIAM A. SHORTER, Proprietoi aprl'ltno 1' wwrow i EQu'ALITY TO ALi Call at the I TEMPLE OF FASHION" For the cheapest tr.d the lav:-; styles ot he I "' SILK, FELT. C'ASSiMERE, AND CLO ts. | "ATS For men stud b oys Special attention caiie to onr ' $0 GENTS dress HAT, ly j INCLUDING HAT &P.V& And will he fcepl in order for six months with charge, A. DiTTRICH, Hatter, I aprlT Imo 721 7th Street Northwest jji EVERYBODY'S FRIEND ~ e moneyadvanced on collateral at ,e j T?vS 1'Bit OjuiVi'L' f. ! at m tt. PULTON & OU 'S. I. j 814 NINTH STREET, -i ) Between tne Avenue ami vireri. '' j apilT lmo <!| " ~aTk. niton m:. illume) and ('?untifllor-Bi*l.a ? No .250 Four and a Half Street, - j near City Hall, WASHINGTON, r>. C. ' auW loi CUABLES . HMM, Attorney and Counsellor at Lak I. I Office of Hon. A. 0. Riddle, WASHINGTON, 0. C., Practices in all of the Courts of the L)i?tr ami before the Southern Claim Commission. All claims of Southern loyalists against t Government for stores or supplies taken or 11 h nished the Cnited States army during the ret le j lion, forwarded through the New Nation to Eat, will receive special attention. ian23tl M F. A. BOSWELL & CO Bankers and Brokers, S. E. corner of Four and a half street and \ gima avenue S. W.. Washington, 1>. C. SIX PER CENT. INTEREST PAID I DEPOSITS 0|,en from S? A. M. t.. P. M. mar la PIMPLES. I I will send tree> recipe for my VEGET 1 BEE BALM, removing Pimple, Black Worn Blotches K ret kin. Moths, Tan. and all I) ! eases of the Hkia. leaving it clear and with i. ! healthy iioa Alio, sure process for & _.,k ?/ u.i. i?i a i. L f.. ( THoSus"'F VT uAPM AN.*CbemT?l*L P, O. Bo* 512K 1ft" Broadway, N. Y. i, marlOCt T. P. fikTHn," Cor. u/ Tkirittnlh awf O ttmti, Keep, a first cl*s? BOARDING AND LUNCH HOU& Furnishing regular day board, with tneal* to si lb* convenience. ifce term* are reasonable a! ' the place ^uiet. The proprietor pays speci attention to the comfort of his fuett * apr 17 ? " "? ?THE NEW NAT mt25.DC WO] PECTO _ Joy to the World?"I i * f:Dr. Worm ley's Pectoral Bronchitis. Asthma, 0 I ' j " JT It is a sure cure and safe remedy, and c 5 injurious effects, as its component parts are pu; S the greatest success, and there are uow numb almost instantaneous relief from its use. It has never failed, and the proprietor c " ; a case of cold or cco h ''unless caused bv cons _ o - ; Sold V*/ JUC 1 I dec 12-iy Sold retail by a t j " The Bert and .V s.' 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Its ie, reading matter is of a high order of literary of merit?varied, instructive, entertaining, and unexceptionable.?A'. I'. Sun. SUBSCRIPTIONS?1872. \ TKRMS: W /* j Harper s \Veekly} one year, $4uu. An extra i in I copy of either the Magazine, Weekly, arid | fcj Bazar will be supplied gratis for every club of ? five subscribers at $4.00 each, in one remittance: or six copies for $20.00, without extra copy. | Subscriptions to Harper's Magazine, Weekly, ' id and Bazar, to one address for one year, $10,00; | or, two of Harper 8 Periodicals, to oi\e address I for one year, $7.00. Back numbers can be sup; plied at any time. The annual volumes of Harper's Weekly, in Cl neat cloth binding, will be sent by express, free of expense, for *7.00 each. 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The Dostaee on Hamer's Maaaziue is twentv- , four cents & year, which must be paid at the subscriber's post office. Address HAHPKR A BROTHERS, ? no 9 New York _ ; as W? J?EYSTONE HOUSE, h v ? *IH*. CORNELIA E. GILBERT. ' No. 627 Pine Street. Philadelphia. N> MEALS SERVED AT A.V1' TIME | 1C| Tables always supplied with the bent in season . . that the market affords. Parlors convenient * | and cheerful. Beds and rooms comfortable and ^ pure. The best House in this city for transient * or permanent boarders. Give us a call. j,AL j BOT #-tf HOAP.D OF PIBLIC WORKS, j T ' Distbict or Cou **u. i i U ashi voton, If. C., April 15, 1872. ir- RKWARD.?A reward of twenty dollars will j be paid for the apprehension and conviction IN before the Police Court of the District of any j i parties guilty of injuring, defacing, or destroy- 1 j; -tf log the trees or shrubbery planted by the Board of Public Works in the streets, avenues, and J intersections of the cities of Washington and ! Georgetown j gj Ai.r-A. u. ^ntrnLnu, j * ar>l~4t Vice President, j Ci ''t C I14KLO Hi. TUOJIAft, ne Attorney and Couneellor-al-Law. '* I 406 J.oui?iao? Arenas, j [?pl7] washington, d. c. j 5? 906 STEASBUEGEB BEOS. 906 wholesale and retail j F BOOT AND SHOE HOUSE, ai lit '**> Seret,;h St. bet i and K, j q' Washington, d. c. i epfKimo 1 O X A I. ERA A N I 3 REW RMLE R AL S Have Come to Cur I Syrup is a Sure Cur and all Lung and Bro an be u-e.i by the meet delicate invalid ac rely vegetable It has been usafrfor seve ers of pejsons ;n this city who can bear t ioes not he--1 La if- to offer a reward of twer.t; umption) which this rexedy. if fairly trie siasa'ic tejC? H.* ISiTi >11 Druggists. 4d0 Penn WX2STC3- . "THE AMERK 4i7 Bruome Sti-< IT^TfiCRF First premiums wherever exhibited?i lowed for Second-hand Instruments in Exc From Mr. Edaard Bojfma " i conscientiously believe that your Pi i utrummt" From the "/?( " The American Piano has deservedly soT" Responsible Agents wanted for unoi jan2* ouio WING & ! THE FREEDMAN'S ' AVINGS AND TRUST CJ4IJ11.PA.IV W . .# .Yet t tonal Saving* Bank- j ESTABLISHED MARCH, 1S65 haiKieU o> the Uovttumti>U( ibc i nu*d Soto. analog ilou&e 1 Penna/ivanta Avenue. | Opposite the Treasury. Deposits of ./ire. cents or any larger amounts tceived. SIX PEK CENT. INTEREST paid on sums , ( five dol lars or more. Alt deposits payable on -mand, with interest due. All accoants strictly ricate and confidential. PRINCIPAL OFFICE. WASHINGTON, D. BRANCH OFFICES in all the larger cities f the South and Southwest. This GREAT NATIONAL SAVINGS INTITT'TION, established by the authority of le United States Government Cur the benefit of le Freedmen. knows no distinction of race or j olor, and oilers its great advantages to all ! lasses alike. SAVE THE SMALL SUMS Cut off your 1 ices?don t smoke?don t driui:?don t buy lot'rv tickets. Put the money you save into the 1 BEEDM AN\S SA VINGS BAN K. Open from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. each day, and n Wednesday and Saturday nights, to receive eposits only, from 64 to 8 o'clock, je 'ti-ly JOS. T. K. PLANT, lustice of the Peace, Notary Public, and Zomtnissiouer of Deed* for the State* and Territories, orner of Eighth-ana E Streets. Northwest, WASHIXOTOX, D. C. VS"ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF I EGAi. PA'EK.S PREPARED AT SHORT NOTICE, 'OPTING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. FECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO LAND.ORD AND TENANT BUSINESS. apl2-]y NOT10C1I? | DAVID FISHER, Jr=, BZALEK ..'Li, .1X3 SZf-ON-D-EAX3 UHNITUHE, At. :o PHOLSTERER AND FURNITURE RE FAIRER Work bone at Store or House OS ureter' ait*uded u ilio F Street Nortbireat, v\ aabibgton. D C hie of the til in of Fi- Bert A So\. oj.rlT lino

iDiiyciiiinv uotci niungniun nuiLbi \ First-Clasb House, EATl.Y FITTED I P FOK THE ACCOM MODATION OF THE TRAVELING 1 PUBLIC. HE ROOMS ARE LARGE AND WELL VENTILATED, AND FURNISHED WITH ALL NECESSARY COMFORTS Our Vuble I ALWAYS SUPPLIED WITH THE REST THE MARKET AFFORDS x? nm. H?-? iloom a ict-Eeisvitii miiAik of ALE, WINE, LIQUORS, CIGARS. TOBACCO. pints, ac SitLnted on corner of O^ietnorpe pod W,nr-d streets Bruatwlrb, lit. WM. P. COLOCS, ocUl I; I'raprletwr. jV>R 8A1.L CUEAP Two new two story tonnes, saaated on O reet, N W., between IStb nod Itttb streets X ROOMS including iisih Room. Wnter end u througtioul Apply to J. H DICKSON, 1614 MmEwob meet, , npro tf between 16ti nnd ITtk stree'> J ) CITIZEN. AHD. Y'S YRUP e and Not to Kill!" e for Coughs, Colds, j ncliial Affections. d the youngest infart without tear ot anv ral veers in a large number of cases with estimony to its efficacy, and have derived y-five dollars to any one who will prcjuue it. will fail tc cure. sylvaaia Avenue, Washington, D (.' sc so3sr, iAN PIANO,'1 set, New Yefk< 'AHIiliU! 'rices low for the quality?Large prices hange i, tki Celebrated PianLi ano is, in every respe. i a .oil magnificent ieprident " liecome a very popular Instrument." coupled territory Send tor circular- to SON, 423 Broome St., N Y. t$50U Reward! "RUNAWAY!" THE U1HDU1 MILIUM. A RECORD OF Facts, Narrating the Hardships, Hair-Breadth Escapes, and Death Struggles of the Slaves in their Efforts for Freedom BY WILLIAM STILL. For many years connected with the Anti-Slavery Office in Philadelphia, and Chairman of the Acting Vigilant Committee of the Philadelphia Branch of the Underground Railroad. Illus trated with TO fine Engravings by Bensell, Schell, and others, and Portraits from Photographs from Life. From a great number t f cordial letters corn mending the Underground Railroad, the Author selects a few brief extracts only from eminent friends of Freedom who have examined the work. From (I'm. /Jowl (iarrht-n . I have examined it with a deep and thrilling interest, it is a most important portion of Anti-Slavery history. Its reliableness, moreover, cannot be called in question, it is a book for every household. from S. f. Chase, Chief Justice of U S. Hu prime Court .No one probably has had equal opportunities with yourself of listening to the narratives of fugitive slaves. No one will repeat them more truthfully, and no stories can be more fraught with interest than theirs. from J. M. McKim A book so unique in kind, so startling in in terest, and so trustworthy in its statements, cannot fail to command a large reading now. and in generations yet to come. From Hon. Henry Wilson, Vtre President You have done a good work. This story of the heroic conduct of fugitives of oppression, and of the devotion of their friends, will he read wiih deep interest, especially by the old friends of the slave in the stern struggle through which we have passed. I hope your labor., will be regarded by a grateful public From Uo->. Charles Surr.r.eThe Underground Itaiiroad has performed its part, hut it mu3t always he remembered grate fu'ly, as one of the institutions of our couniry. I cannot tiiioii of it without a throbbing heart. lou ju weit to commemorate ttiose associated with it by service or by b-.-uetit?the sa vicars and the saved. From Horace OreeUy For most of ihe years i have t. ved, the e?. ape of fugitives from slavery. Rod their efforts to baffle the human and other bloodhounds who tracked them, formed the romance of Aineriean History. . lhat romance is now ended, and our grandchildren will hardly believe its leading incidents except on irresistible testimony. 1 rejoice that you are collecting and presenting that testimony, and heart..? si.h you a great success. From A/... H t~u. ne.c~, It.xJ. Having read this rerord of "Tat lst<M oko-Mi HxiirosP," I can only say that it is a work of extraordinary interest and of j'tat value as an illustration of the terrible despotism which a little while ago reigned over us ail. and which is no* thank heaven ' i no more From John (i. Whit tin The booh in more interesting than tine unarm. It will be of permanent value to the historian of the country during the anti slavery struggle. I cheer) tilly commend J to the pubiir fare.r. fY?r? Gen. (J. U. JIoitar J . You could not prepare a work that wonid afford more instruction and interest to me than a detailed history of the operations of the so railed"Cnderground Kailroad.' 1 am delighted at the examination 1 hare been permuted to gire the proof, and thinL thon'anl- will ri-e .p to call you hle*?ed for your faithhii rerord of r "legalised crime. h ,m Hon. Henry ('. Carey Mr. Stilt's work appears to me to be ,ue -f great inter at, and 1 mod heartily unite in ' commending it to the public attention. >01.D ONLY BY Sf'Bat KIP1 lo.V HvUnl in Fine Lngli-h Cloth, ettra gilt it 4<J " Paneled Style, full gilt 6 00 " Steep, Library Style S 60 Half Turkey Morocco b 60 tMPOood Agents Wanted. I.iheral Terms Odered. WILLIAM STILL. Antaor and Putuuoer aprS-it No. 211 S. 18th .streht, Phws Long L??krd For Come al Lain rBHE lAIH HslL ?|( got! UHE. X The heat Low Priced Microscope tsar made Exceedingly ocefol for examining Flowers Insects, and Minute Objects, Dstesne Counter feit Money etui 1 >i?<loeir>f the \Vomdere of the Microoeopie World, It t? eioptei to tie .M of Phtaiciono, Teoehen, Student., endiJie'Feinliy Cireie. Reqai-ea no Forei Abutment, end con therefore oe roediiy toed by oey perooa. ' Other Microneopea of eo grreter power cool &3 eecL end upworie. end ore eo dtmcult to no demand toot none but eaeatiO men oos see these. The L'nirereol olvote mtee eolitfdctioo. On* single Microscope will be eeot carefully , poc ked, by mo'l, on receipt of fl A genu eor.ted ererprhere A4dre?-, D. L STAPLES * CO , norlO-fiao Allen, Micbtfoa. New York Tribune. 1873. So*. a* heretofore, Tnr Taiarxs ^trire* to b* ?r* of all and ore eminently a ?i-? t-nper France a Kepttblic? Kntrland and t.ermanv jra<i .ally permeated with RepnbUcnn idea* spa'a swaying in the nerre!e?* graep t' # r .'.r toe (food for r King and ton weak for a Repnb licao. who i? uiab.'o to gorem the er-al teiand .1... ii-.i.. .1 lf ,.( u.>, . ui?< me rotimux ?w ?? ?.. -** - < ?? tnd ^a?tl?T antble to g?ve t< up th?* German ^pmkirf pfoplfi agitated * ? a n*w l*r t^tar.* tarn, i?epanitin? from the See of Itrme on the* dogma of r?K, infallibility and aasuining to reeogulre the "Old Ca'holir* -the whole C ?:: tinent pervaded by the intellectual ferment that come* of the conflict hftwwn old dea?. | h; aoph.ral. theological, miimtl, and the advances of Physical Science?Knasla and Urea: lir.tain running a r?f? for the tinai gnin* that shall determine Asiatic supremacy- China renting ready to abat.dor. her advances and tecl > e her halt" cpem-a gr.tes Japan ah ^hitg fe-'laism and inviting Western civilisation ?o .rrad ate We*tera commerce to enrich her long hidden empire ? such are phases of the news fr ai ai road which the mails over all Continent* and the wire* under all Seas are daily hearing to . With able and trusted Correspondents in the leading capital*, an,i wherever great chan je-are in progress, Tin- Tmst vt aims, ad whatever co*l. to lay before it* readers the tr. prompt. I complete, and popular presentment f these | diverse and cooticting movements?thr gh all of which, as it fondly trust*. the t oiling rc.i.srare everywhere struggling .:p tov-.-d larger re cognition and n brighter f.-.t ire t At home th" struggle for Kr; d m ?e. ms over 1 The inst slave has long I e.-n a citiuen the la I opposition to rmancij at' c. enfra: hi-.-rcent. eijttal civil right*, ha* b'eti f .rntaiiy nhttnd tned. >ic party. S rth r South, long, r ).- ; .:?<* the result ot the Wr.r for the i ,-iion *h i. v are that these results must never be undor." ;1. tvith a who,le people thu' united on the gra- 1 plr.t form of Ali Mights for All whereto our 1 ioody j struggle, and the prolonged civii ton:, ,(.s th it followed, have I d us, the Ilepubiic v; ? th<record* of the hitter, hateful I'.i-t. an 1 turns peacefully, hopefully, to the less alarming i e cause less vitai problem.* of the ire to whatever mr.y elucidate the general lis. ...on or action on these. Tits 'lathi vc tier* ample t space md most iaiiiartial record. Wi.a.ever may propose, whatever political endcrs may say whatever officer; rury do, i f. rly t down in ;t> column*, wbettier th.* npw- f.- if ; >r hinders it* own views its renders have the ri^ht to an honest statement of die hi, t- und tfc.s they always get But as to its own political prim iples, In. TRiBrxE is of course, hereafter as heretofore, the champion of Kqual Rights. irrespective of Race, Nativity, or Color It stands i( flexibly by the Amendments for the permanent scout uy of those Rights, which have been < o mnlv in 1 corporated by the People, in the Con?titutton of the Cnited States Independent of all political parties, it endeavors to treat them hU with judi , cial fairness it labors t,? purify th? adminis tration of Government, National, State and Municipal, and whenever those in authoiity, whether iu National, State, or Municipal a flair-, take the lead in this work, it will therein give them its cordial support. But it can never be the servitor of any political party n ?r will ,t surrender or even waive its right to criticise end condemn what is wrong, and commend what is right in the action of any partie- cr of any public men. Now, a.-- always, Tilt Tribcnc labors with all its heart for the promotion of the great ma terial interests of the country. I he progress of Invention and of Labor Saving, the development of our resources, the preservation of our Land for the Landless and its rapid tnibjuga tion to human wants, the utilization of our vast underlying Ores, the extension of the facilities | for bringing Producer and Consumer nearer to gether?whatever tends to swell the rank * increase the knowledge and better the condition of those devoted to Productive Industry finds mention and encouragement in our columns. Tiik Wccev r Tkibi vk, now more than thirty years old, has endeavored to keep up with the progress of the age in improvement and in en terprise It devotes a large share of its c ol umns to Agriculture as the most essentia! and general of human pursuits. It employs the ablest and most .successful ? uliivators to set forth in brief, clear essays their practical views of the Parmer's work. It reports public dis eussions which elucidate that work gathers from every source agricultural news, the reports of the latest experiments, the stories of the latest successes and failure-,, and whatever may tend at to better Agriculture, an4 to commend it as the first and most important of progressive Arts, based on natural sciem e. I Tuf VVekei Y Tribcne appeals also to Tenth era, Students, and persons of inquiring minds, by the character of its Literary contents, which , include reviews of all the works proceeding from the master minds of the Ola or NewWorld, with liberal extracts from tho?e of especial interest. Imaginative Literature aiso claims attention, but ia a subordinate degree. "Home interest, ure discussed weekly by a iady specially qualified to instruct and interest her own sex, and the younger portion of the other. No column is more eagerly .ought or perused with greater advantage and profit than hers. i'he News of the l>uy, elucidated by brief comments, is so condensed that no reader can deem it diffuse, while given sufficiently in detail to satisfy the want i of the average reader. Selections are regularly made from the extensive Correspondents of ink I) a i! i* Tki&cxe from e very country ari l its editorials of more permanent are here reproduced, in short, 1'?<b W?tai ? 'Iklie commends itself to Millions by mini tering to their intellectual wants more fully than thr-y are met by any other journal, while i * regular reports of the < utile, Country Produce, and other Markets, wi i of tbemsclvei >ave the farmer who regularly notes them far more than his journal* i price. bor the family circle of ;be edac&ted farmer or artisan, inr Wct?i.Y Tatars c has no superior, as is proved by the hundred of tho 1 sands who, having read it fr ?rn child ho , i, still obarish and enjoy it .n the prime and on tne down bill of lite. We respectfully ur/.- those who know its worth to commend Jul U'skwi ? Turn: \n to their friends and neighbors a. 1 we proffer it to clubs at pri- e which barei; r?'iy the ^ost of paper and pres ?work 7HKMS (ft TFIK vVEKKLi iKiiit. in 7(> > -1. Cii? lit... ? O&ecc;/ r.n. year??2 j_ .m Fire roj.iei, on. yp.?r?'.2 i TO ft*; *6MU, All &t ,n. Pr,,t Off.ce 10 tuple. tl *'.< _ K 80 copieft 1 lOrarh. 80caaiw INnrt. And an ejttr* I. .? ' b TO Or fttft-if Hit.... ftO ,k.,r . . . |l Ptjaacfc ' 20 ; . 1 20 eaf h '0 c opies TO eu< h Aii'J an extra to oarh < t m. r.?r Club* of Fifty 1 *? .*>*.??4 Tkibi *K will be *er*t a- an extra ^opy. NEW VOKK SEMI WEEKLY THILL'NK i* published -very TckWay and k kiOa*, aid. being printed twice a week, it C'/Qtainit r.eariy ail the important News, <'orre*pon ience, Ke view*. aD*l Editorial* of T?ir including everything on the -uhj */f of AfrK-ul'.Brf, an<i rnurh latereating and valuable matter, t ?r which there ia not sufficient room in the Wimi.r Tiilt'ff. I hi Srwt Wtfki r T*ih<m hi, give*. in the course of a year liRtt oa km k of the Ba*r AM> I.ATK4T Poet i ah Novli *. by living author* The c.?t of the-,e alone, ,f I bought in book form, would be from -ix to eight dollar*. Its price ha* been lately reduced, w? that Club* can now tecure it at little more than the coat, to tingle subscribers of 1 at W|fci t. Nowhere wise can ao rmieh current intelligence and permanent literary matter be nad at ?o cheap a rate at in the Siai Wtkki.v '1 aiai \a. TLftM?OI Tlik. SI.MI'M KhKl.Y I KIBl .VK 1 Oa* copjr, one one, 104 numtrtr*. ...It 00 Kit* copi**, or 0t?r, lor **rb r >f<y U SO T?a ropi*i '*& I on* ?*tr* rr.j.t for.. 'It 00 'I L L/UU Ktl TUO h?II V TOI I?T* V* T To Mail rubscrit-rs, Jin a year Tat Ttut VI Al-IU.vtr.fbr 18T4 will f.a i?aly about Ke? Year's. Price iiu ; 7 for f 1 moJ a J rail on New York or a Full Omct Mover OiDii, if pouiU*. Where neither of these can be procured, ??r.J the nily. btt usiii is a Kiciermto l.crrte. The registration Cee tat bean reduced lonmu cists, and the present registration i^Urcn has been fonnd by the postal authorities to be nearly at absolute protection against losses by ail. ddreu Tat Tawexc, N:w York. Turns; Cssa it Abraxri, I' KOS r KG I US or Tit NEW NATIONAL EBA J.KWI> U. IKH'I.LA.-N, , ItK H A IIP T. ' !>!'.KN !: :. i loflV If. ( <>OK, * riM Kit N Atiasal l>. >w. 1 partmira ff.J.l r.?t ir? thut of ?n A ir j j. rm'.'tr. A? ?n AdvopVP .t * ? ?rr i-J. ^4 Ui;i p*pry ncht p*rr*inin/ . rr ? Ar * jpu, iniUj<?n ipnt of ri p. r. - 4 , l.irth It *i!l Jp?inn<l t!i r- ,f -tl right* "bproror tnp Con*!.:t;*, n 11 or r.ft'ion&l PD-gn ?*?' A* *1 I i. (olu?n:.? "ill hp r.'i p<ppi . ) ijip-i. n ; r " plTpftivp Jiff i?- inof r k'f t j-: J f. ; pppdtd Ion. 4 i f r ? tboaP t.?bi '? of iodiW-t, j .? f r. litnc* "bi b c.?n.ijc? to -id?r>?ndpr.: t..p- ,sj .. I ar t -,.1'raa ? . - intarinff in return the z Wbiie the editor- -f *? \"c? Na-;v.a: E art colored Bitn. an i the >r.Trib ' rj t. u h?? mainly col. r**d yet 'h?? . .n.ns * b? per. th? discission of all p:es*.-?r.s ' :*. ' 'c :' anceto th# coonlrr by a*.y of .Me.' 4 < -3 munications s.;.table for publication ;n :hese columns. Are tolicife 1 from our :n r. i? in ah t Art* of the country, especial . in the > ?tat en. I ill 10MTU AI DEP AfM VlENi I'pon a 1 questions iurolvicfc the teresU of the colored Am r simple Pile of e ; :al :?' '=*:. - r.'.i ar ~ 7 em the | N r \ *: i' ? demand the return it." on rf ri ngb. f.r : I *. 11 . . U; - 1 ev try 'h r It v. I oppo$r kr.y uitenapt to ^yV"' pri*.iic^ uj ?n a class, that .r* w.thbeld frcr. the humblest c;!:."en in tfc !+::i I: w! . Jerran . 1 for every ti en equality bef ire the kp i f ^ 4 j r- * - t. r. of t r? n And pr j - y .r. . tjS'k i and Territory t the N\r *. i*:. fhe Nov N v7i'?v* E . 1 upon ail pub .c , options, and labor to nn openne.jof purpose an: er.ev:r.\ : zi action, especially amoru tl. * \ people v>r the reco.nsrru ted >:*! hi ring the p.. : h . ,t -y of : tier ; - pa:t:. i r?. -jn. ngvhitit bi lone rtboco : people of the r.ut *: the N N r \ v: \ * will (five itJ hearty : p- * .* . v *. reserve i 1.. i piedgoof ti lei.ty to the Hep. . can party is .h?en under the conviction, at i wiih lh > a-'suraoce. that in tv future. h* ' . past, party v.iii .. th ; >z If*.ta*. i .nf. ? support of those principle*of .ust.. ear.d liberty who b buv ? now hce.. ,p i| r.rt .f the ugav.i .?? of the land hif. cnrtwriuN \i i?i rAUiMt.xi By education the j . ; ie t t. free flowrnn.*.. -m ti a* ours i - intend, d t.? be, are hotter p u. to one another. tin* r. ?** >11 will ever li*; i .. ' surest safeguard in the in'e!iigence of its votin; inns . 4, and the journal v%!.i.*I* would prorno the highest good of gov.TMio'- t and p? v111n t lend its Pi.ergo an \ i: - j w > of educating that people ' t pecia !> .? a^^nov of the pi v s n.-dei by that port. ; the people, o .! >r*? i and white, who. ei'her ? . daverv . r under t!?.- \ ?n of i*? blighting intluemes have been ?iepr*\??I of the opportun ties enjoyed by ili .r m r fav 1 brethren >: th(* free States. THE IN*I>I SI KI M i#ElV\K I'M KN 1 rh?* industrial interest* f til** colored peop Mill claim ?n>l receiv h buy.- harp of our a. tert ion. I'he Nh w N Aii -Nil I. a a Mill be tuude a ie sirable visitor f >r the family and the fireside, and we earnestly appeal to our friends every where to a. i us by their * .1. rriptions an 1 thair influence. The Silbtv'i tptini pn. ? . I* t!i.' Nkft Natio.Vai Eu i will be $ :t > ,>ar for single subscriptions, or /? copies for SIO, in advance Address FKKDKItH'K I#o! fiLASS. Jr , Lock Box 81, Washington, I#. C OUR PREMIUMS. To any one sending us subscribers, with lb9 cash, at our subscription rates, we w.ii forward per express premiums in n> ? nrdance with tLo following Addreas Fred ii. k Douglaas. Jr., Loi k Box ii, Washington, P C V?J M tor i't iuIis uli- r, t Swiss (i?.id ^ atch >>iO OO F r . ? ibscribcrs 1 bilv Am Watch. 10 OO For '?!?? ? ibic r'.b? i ? 1 Svvi ? I.ever Watch. iO 04# f or 1 ? -ub>. riber-i 1 -jtSilv Teaspoons IO 04# r ; 10 suUcribeN 1 Hold Thimble 7 OO \ > tb'n riber? < aih *2 ft# 1 MTTLEFIELD S i'KKB sTEKf. FXfiRAVTXG PRESIDENT GRANT. For two subscribers, with the money, 5 '*,) wt ' will send two copies of the paper one year aai iiresent the person pending us tho names witl dttleiield's Splendid Steel Engraving oi I'r j; dent (inift. by mail postpaid, carelully put ;. p on h roller, d his engraving costs three tuousAn i uuu<>in, >4iivj i ue iui(<rvniMDi (Qr ll<r99 U0> iara each Cash Premiums I t'l.r teu years ib-< iilw rs we will give a nuk premium <>l' tj, f?.r 2<i yearly subscriber ?10 , lor l'k> yearly subscriber* Periodical Premiums* We f?flVr for or.e r briber "ncding f 3 cr.? Of-y of the .Nr.;/ Natiova;. Eri ono year and either of the followiiig J ?.i*o-l.rai3 Ib? /line r Arir' i for one year, pathabed monthly, containing H lar?- j ?gc? adapted t/> the farm, ear ten. ar. i bou hnld. th* ft'ibecription price '>t which . | ftj ot Ptitfft Mvr.i if Monthly f ! of Uiaiict*! g"DH, for iJjr month*. the tuh .rri; i ,r. ; r'.- f ?r thit(?rioi he.rig t 1.60 ' r the Cent ' f thi WeS, a monthly, I or one yenr fail of y .od nmd.n/. in' ientf of the hJe ?ur, and one i .he :: v. idlar mag* 7ine^ in the n-.r.r*ry In ad'iiri o to th? %b .. ? J> r ",ir. - He j:* Sic: MorM-t Mir;>iz ' H-rot liazna or it j / #*< ' (v ) . > or. . tendm* it f 6.26 Th btcripfionp? eitker of these jiriulf iIom U f I per Hmm ptpen j nted no i*?r w com men la-i ir .i tne:r rep ut.'.t.oa aln . ly '-uabh . 1 We wi!! v itj i/ippinentt Xaga . t otte y*a: and the Ni a" N *: :ovai I . * year1// f /om **nd*ng u* lire do! kr ? Sub*rripHon Pi n r ui Ha .1t *, * ufiunui HA i Aril. F IX A Ml AM. F I\ AitiAfr t. I ., i?. % so I 4> 4 I .1- I 45 t t/lt, IK> * % .? > ?r I O 00 , ? , ) SO I ,?? '? r .. I ?tj Uw I O (i. . 4 m lUOg t>? I !*1?) 'i t i . , 4 11 .? r. ,' * >* i,: I . * % r\\* i .r * ?*?r, -? 1 fl 20 f i 4 ?? nt^? If .t it littb prrftbj Meilfl - tii? ?r?. *%! j.- r.t will p?f T pr??1:f I ? t'i ) . V #.! </S ? ('t- 1*?# & 41*1 ?r- 1 Ult*r?, '* I'laftj A" ?; ( < - ! t % ?' ? ? u '? .. i- >'?? : <*1 u? a- *o |r.-f?r lor fMSfc-nu* ftfr.? . Ail 4 ?'KI?flKMIf K l)OI <?|.%%|, Jr., F . * b t 31 D 0 Agenb lor the N**w National Era r.\ mrr. f ?vf%r>i> u -- - 'j *? ? AUHAVbU imitJ V?kMMN Mr* AVtMH ?U I i>" . * ' I* j-1* f btmtgirl >f ?' ,trrjDt>..? !? C (illhlS i K .> 4/.' . )'. O' * AKAV T? OW *t<~t T.:.r. * II MV4I 4". <4 W .L I . I * ? j ill?- 4, i|f V i UHIII II iLkl' urn m. .h.'iJ s. i. K ? t II ? C41I* 1 ! *1-1 .1 1 >? KliHll HriX'IKH 4??. r I J Ul?fr.?J K?i.v.? nil U?K1> BKU'I fan. ? I.... I II U1UK.' " ..II. \ 4,i? am j iirriiiM c i J<?1 M ? UjM V 4. Uulw?4, 1 T W?T>. ?> v.. B4..11 . i-t SixTI.. ...? IT V HKMl W.U.A.J4. 4.. 4.U. r H THKIM'. [I :. J. .1. 4 ... .. B A>AV L WILLI.*' *41:4,4 ii_. W4al.l44V.fa III wt. I . faafaw'4 U fa. 4HIU IM J lltmilH Hl>.kt rt V k Kn HfallMiH UHWlfcil iv V * ' U**Kr 4.>mwi v. k . 1 . - V. .? *444 N41IU.S ?r?4'?L? IWillfl.l I - Wat ?. I W4I.J. K ,tL4-..l V I ki.? faJlHS J Hi K*. I nil t '?!- 44 CM 49 .N. HI'S r44 I .44 !.? ?4V?, r'.fa CatvIlM mi KL 41X41.14 ib 1 4- -1 V .1' wan u mitcukii 14. .4 M4m It A. mitU.ii rfal!llf444.4.: 4... V..4 UI>? * AI14W11. 8 . *> ? - 4 fa *?= "w^T** WI1KI'; . ?. 4i I.: I MIVAY CX.4l.Utli> U 4. *4 ... raivum ??m.ii 4 1. . 441 III blLAtll I fa Itl I' ' > 4 1.1X4 J4MI4 14. u*?k .11.1......... > . I.UM WM * J A* 8' I 1.4 K! 1 4 4- . 14 4 H 41 1 TV I bi 14 ... Bit: 4 PWA1TAA * CL4I4A. 4. I. I . I -4 **y; Ta*C?.1~ kuk. 1 ? LT JOIXMM IU'u.M t .m Tw- -y Xt. liMSU tk40> A|*|w

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