Newspaper of New National Era, June 12, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of New National Era dated June 12, 1873 Page 4
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The UlrtfU Rrglmfnr nmy IT, 1**4. j UY UttOXOC HtMT S'.H< DatW ?< the cloada of even, Hanked in the we.tern heaven. Waiting the breath that lift. All the dead miia, and drift. Tempest and falling brand t)rer ? mined land ;? So .till and orderly, Arm to arm, knee to knee, Waiting the great event, Standv the blank regiment. nnnitli.inii. tin. Teeth gleam and eyeballs shine; And the bright baronet. Bristling and firmly aet, Hashed with a purpose grand, Long ere the sharp command Of the fierce rolling drum Told them their time bad come. Told them what work was sent For the black regiment. " Now," the flag sergeant cried "Though death and hell betide Let the whole nation ?ee If we are fit to be Free in this land : or bound Dow-n. like the whining hound ? Bound with red elriper of pain In Our cold chains again ! ' Ob ! what a shout there went From the black regiment! " Charge !'' Tiump and drum awoke ; Onward the bondmen broke ; Bayonet and sabre stroke Vainly opposed their rush. Through the wild battle's crust vN lib but one thought anuib. Driving their lord - like elialf, In the gune' mouths they laugh Or at slippery brand?, leaping with open hand?, Down they tear man a;; i Lcrs* Down in their awful course Trampling with hioodv fceei Over the crashing steel; ? Ail tbe;r eyes fofwnrd bent. Hashed the bla'k regiment "Freedom their battle-cry? * Freedom ! or leave to die 1 ; Ah ' and they meant the word, Not as with us t is beard. Not a mere party shout: They gave their spirits out, Trusted the end to God, And on the gory aod Holled in triumphant blood. Glad to strike one free blow, Whether for weal or woe ; Glad to breathe one free breath, Though on the lips of death; Praying?alas ! in vain I? ihat they may fail again, So they could once more see That burst to liberty ' That was what ''freedom meant To the black regiment Hundreds on hundreds lell ; Put they are resting well; Scourges and shac-kels strong Never t-hall do them wrong Ob. to the living few. Soldiers, be just and true ' Hail them as comrades tried Fight with them side by side Never in field or tent, Scorn the black regiment * JOHN H. COOK, .Attorney fit Law, PRACTICES IIKFOKE A 1.1 THE DISTRICT COURTS AND THE DEPARTMENTS. Applications filed t.,r refunding moneys paid, ui direct tax sales, by purchasers siuee ousted by < original owners; also, applications filed for 1 restoring such tax lands now in possession of ' the Government to the original owners. Only one year allowed in which to file such claim. Special attention given these cares. Address care Freed man's lianL jel2tf Excelsior SHEET-WAX FOR FLOWERS! Manufactured and sold by MADAME M E B CARY, Teacher of Wax Work in all its branche.A liberal discount made to teachers and the trade generally. Instruction given in the art at the residence of MADAME CARY, 821 Fourteenth street northwest, between II and 1 streets, ye 6-3m ftTT/RFRT liniTOF VI I rn ^ a w m A a v I LW C t Saxatoga Springs, N. Y., 1873. ike tloue in favorably known, and located within two minutes walk of the Depot, and five . minutes walk of all the principal Mineral ' Spring*, situated on Washington street, nearly opposite the Bapti?t Church, one of the most / beautiful streets in Saratoga. THE ROOMS ABE LARGE AND AIRY, well ventilated, and neatly furnished; will he kept open during the season as a First Clan* Pi irate Boarding House. The Table will h. applied with the Lest the market affords. References ? Hon. Frederick Douglass, T. J. Bowers, Philadelphia ; Rev. N. Freeman, Brooklyn ; Peter F. Baltimore, Troy ; William Rich, l'roy ; Adam Blake, Albany ; Wm. H. Montague^ Springfield. Mass.; Col. R. Harlan, Cincinnati, Ohio; tieorge F. T. Cook, 1). C.; J. G. Green. Columbia. S. C.; W. F. Butler, S'. C.; John li Bailey, Boston: J. W. Bowers. Brooklyn, N. Y o. l' GILBERT, Proprietor. inayk'2 4rn G. J. l'ERRISS. fc 18 F street, Washington, D. C , ^ SOLICITOR or PATENTS AND GENERAL ! AGENT FOR PENSION AND BOFNTYj CLAIMS Post box !?0 A Colors ~oldiera. v?ere, by the act of .March 3, 1873, placed on an e.jual looting with the 1 white soldiers. and are now entitled to the $100 ! additional bounty under the act o" July2h, 1866, J ai which ha* bt-en e Mended to January 30, 1871. I mayl6 Cmo j n' N. \V. BURCIIGLL. * l:M'i T klrrfl. Iu|>urt.r of ft ill AjieLt for FttK 1 KFA.V A CO 'S LONDON HfSCl'lT, I LEWIS a CO. S WORCKsTERSHII#. 3 WCKI.ES, TORKSUIHE RELISH- *' Dealer iu fine Uroceri."., Foreign Table l.u*- J) arias, Ac. Ac. Ac- ma?15-ly JCAS BOTLl:. FRISK H1RMK JUAN BOYLE St CO., Heal Estate ami Xote Brokers,!? B No fto-i lolb St. oi>j. -iie I' S. Treasury, ' et Wi?UI.V(iTOK, D.r. h< F soayl6 6ai CHARLES !*. IIIOMAK, AUerur) and Cotuisellor-al-Law, " 40<5 Louisiana Arenae, lapl7] WASHINGTON, I>. C. $72 00 EACH WEEK, B AOEN IS WAN i EU E\'ER* WHERE. | Fa Baimes* (Ir.cti, legitimate. I'articaUre free. th< A4dres? J WORTH A CO , J tbt utKV'ly st- l.uuie, Ale. all A. \,. BARBER A 00BUT A.VD 8BLL REAL ESTATE. 511 Seventh street, Opposite the Post Office. msjU'Ut E. J. KLOPFER Notary Public and Justice of the Pes e Office, 002 Louisiana Avenue, Between 6th and 7tb atreeta Northwest Residence 608 O st Northwest. Deeds, Contracts, Leases, and other Legal Papers carefully prepared and acknowledged. Landlord and Tenant cases a Specialty. Depositions taken in or out of office. A prompt officer always in attendance for the collection of accounts. mayS tf jjJOAKDI NO HOUSE A~RESTAURANT. Just opened, a first class Boarding House for the accommodation of the traveling public who are shut cnt from public entertainment by hotel proprietors on account of color. The building has been thoroughly repaired and refitted, and will be a pleasant home for those who may visit the capital of the State. Terras reasonable. ALFRED ANDERSON, Proprietor. m8 4t 61 Warren at., 2d door below Trenton. Ayer's Hair Vigor, FOR RE8T0RINQ GRAY HAIR TO ITS NATURAL VITALITY A COLOR. Advanaingyears.aickMmM acts, care, dinappointrncnt, and hereditary jf predisposition, ail turn the ha*r gray, and either of them incline it to shed Wtflk i - laturely. Ater's Hair Yjoor, Ion; and extensive '7x9HBHSisMQKfy>nse, has proven that it stops the falling of the h&ir immediately ; often renews the growth, and always sorely restores its color, when faded or gray. It stimulates the nutritive organs to healthy activity, and preserves both the hair and its beauty. Thut brashy, weak, or sickly hair becomes glossy, pliable, and strengthened; lost hair regrows with lively expression ; falling hair is cheeked and established ; thin hair thickens : and faded or gray hair resume their original color. Its operation is sare and harmless. It cures dandruff, heals all humors, and keeps the scalp cool, clean, and soft?under which conditions diseases of the scalp nre impossible. As a dressing for ladies' hair, the Vigor is praised for its grateful and agreeable perfume, and valued for the soft luslre and richness of tone it imparts. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYEIt A CO., I.oweil, Mass., l\actiral and Analytical L'htmislsHOT Sold by all Druggists and Dealers in Medicine. m&j WM. L. lIltAMIUM. &. CO., Fire and Life Insurance Agents and Brokers, Seventh street north west. aorsts i'or thk Niagara Fire Insurance Co., of New York, Cash Assets, $1,800,000. iicpublic Fire Insurance Co., of New York, Cash Assets, $505,600. Manhattan Fire Insurance Co., of New York, Cash Assets, $265,000. Arlington Fire Insurance Co., of Dist. of Col. Capital $200,000. New York Life Insurance Co., (Mutual,) Assets, over $20,000,000. And we insure with all tke first class Insurance Companies in the United States, without additional charge, and will see that the Policies are properly written. anr 17-lm YBB KBYSTONS HO UK, NO. TOO K ST., Between 7th and 8th Streets Northwest, Washington, D. C. SVhere will be found the best of Wines, Liquor.,, Cigars, and Oysters, and all the deliea t ies of the season. PERMANENT AND TABLE BOARDERS FURNISHED ON REASONABLE TERMS. WILLIAM A. SHORTER. Proprietor. aprl71mo iwnvimis EQUALITY TO A-XjXO. Call at the TEMPLE OF FASHION For the cheapest and the late it styles ot HLK. FELT. CASSIMERE, AND OLOTH HATS, For men and boys Special attunuon called to our io GENTS DRESS HAT, INCLUDING HA! BRUSH, hnd will be kept in order for six months withont charge, A. DITTRICH, Hatter, aprlT-lme 724 7th Street Northwest. EVERYBODY'S FRIEND ~ I MONEY ADVANCED ON COLLATERAL AT T cvo i-Bil OBWf. AT B. FDLTON & GO 'S, I 314 NINTH STREET, Betweea the Avenue and street. aprlT-lmo i A. K. IIHOW.\E, ittornry and, No. 330 Four and a-Half Street, near City Hail, WASHINGTON, D. C. ap!7-lm ( IKHLIN -\. TIIOM4N, ittorney and Counsellor at Law, Office of Hon. A. G. Riddle, WASHINGTON, D. C., Practice* in all of the Courts of the District ! ad before the Southern Claim Commission. All claims of Southern loyalist* against the I overnment for store* or *u|^>lic* taken or tor- { iahed the Failed States army during the rebai- i on, forwarded through the Niw Nanoxai. [ rs, will receive special attention. jan23tf j F. A. BOS WEI.I. A DO 1 Bankers and Brokers, . K. corner of Four-and-a-half street and Vij nia avenue S W., Washington, 1). C. S1A PER CENT. INTEREST FAil? t/N EPOSITS Open from 'J A. M. to 9 1*. M. tuwif, Stf ' PIMPLES. 1 Will send (free/ recipe fur my VhiiHI A LE BALM, reinc vine Pimples Black Worms, lotrhes, Freckles, Moths, Tan, and all I'is ties of the Skin, tearing it clew and with a talthy xlow. ALo, sure prureas for fine oath or Hair on bald beads or smooth faces. THOMAS F. CHAPMAN, Chemist, O. Box *138. 197 Broad**;, hi. V. martO-* T. P. Cur. of fUrhmtl and O strrtt*. I Keeps a hrst claas akdino and lunch house, j niching regular da; board, with meals to sust , i coorsnience. The terms are reasonable at i f ? place quist. Thp proprie/or pa;s spec.a! actio d to the comfort of his guest, apr 17 ' THE NEW N mct&.c. WC PECT( Joy to the WorldDr. Worm ley's Pect Bronchitis. Asthn It i* a sure cure and safe remedy, injurious effects, a- its component parts a j the greatest success, and there are now I almost instantaneous relief from its use. It has never failed, and the propr j a case of cold or cough (unless cause 1 b Soici v dec 12-1/ ?old ratal THE FREEDMI Ola.. Financial & SBXKCHSS. . _ | Alexandria, Virginia ? i ! Atlanta, Georgia - Augusta, Georgia Baltimore, Maryland.. Seau'ort, South Carolina Charleston, S. Carolina Columbus, Mississippi Columbia, Tennessee Huntsville, Alabama Jacksonville, Florida Lexington, Kentucky Little Hock, Arkansas...-. Louisville, Kentucky . Lynchburg, Virginia Macon, Georgia, Memphis, Tennessee Mobile, Alabama Montgomery, Alabama Natchez, Mississippi Nashville, Tennessee Newberne, N. Carolina New Orleans. Louisiana. New York, New YorkNorfolk, Virginia Philadelphia, Penn Richmond, Virginia Savannah, Georgia Shreveport, Louisiana 9t. Lonig, Missouri.. Tallahassee, Florida Vicksburg, Mississippi Washington, D. C Wilmington, N. Carolina Total amount of De Total amount of Dri Gain for the month 1 otal amount of De Total amount of I); Total amount due 1 The Bank Pays Six per ( year, to be drawn by Pass-Hook < Special arrangements made ft Certificates of Deposit issued 1 j Accounts Transferred, a risk or trouble, and without loss Oj For full information about respective Branches. Copies oft Investments made in Go NOTICE il l f DAVID FISHER, Jr\, DEALER i i NEW AND SECONDHAND FURNITURE ALSO ICPUOLSTKRKR AND FCRNITURE R1 PAIRER I I j Work Done at Store or House j fiittP'Or<iers promptly attended to 1110 F Street Northwest, Washington, D. CLate of the tirin of t f"hert A Son*. I aprlTlmo THE FREEDMAN'S SAVINGS AND TRUS1 J JVationai Sat inn * Bank E3TABUSHBD MARCH. 1&65 Ciuturiu 0i the Gov?rniu?ai cf ki:? i nlie lutM. ijaafciug ttouu tfu; Pennsylvania Avenui Opposite tas Treasury. Oepoaits of ,/tpe cents or any larger amour.! receiv ed. SIX PER CENT. INTEREST ps.d on sum Of five dollars or mc*e. All deports yayableo < la Ann J, icith IntereM due. All accounts strirti yrnyate and confidential. PRINCIPAL OFFICE. WASHINGTON, L C. BRANCH OFFICES in all the larger oitie of the South and Southweet. This GREAT NATIONAL SAVINGS IN STITUTION, established by the authority c the Cnxted Stales Garei nmtnt the benefit t the Frctdnun, knows no distinction of race o color, and offers ith great advantages to ai classes alike. SAVE THE .vM ALL .SL MS. Cut off you vices?don't smoke?don't drink ?don t buy lot ttry tickets. Put the tuaney vou save into th KKEEDMAN'S SAVINGS BANK. Open from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. each day, am on Wednesday and Saturday nights, to receiri deposits only, trom 6j to 8 o'clock, je '?"! ly 906 STRASBUEQEB BROS. 90f WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BOOT AND SHOE HOUSE, 906 Seventh St. bet i and K, WASHINGTON, D. C. eprlT-lmo PAIECIilAP Two new (wo story houses, situated on 0 etreet, N. H'., between 15th and 15th streets Six UoOMh fct iutLng Rath Room. Water and lias (krooghou?. Apply to J. N. DICKSON, 1414 Madison street. sptJ-tf between ICth and 17tk Mrf d AT IPX A L ERA AN >0 BEW >RMLE 3RALS '?! TT^*r^ -V m .-v 4 .-V r^lll 1 Hit \t* IXH11L* IU 1>U1 nral Syrup is a Sure Cui m, ami all Lung and Br< and can be used by the most delicate invalid a: ire purely vegetable. It has been used for sevi numbers of pervins in this city who can bear I ietor does not hesitate to oiler a reward of tweni y consumption > whioh this remedy, if fairly tru i/nomsuio toy ?: H AJBS. ibi mi* i by ail Druggists. 430 Pent IN S SAVINGS & TRI' ertcrod toy tlxo Unite d Btn 'tatement for the Month of DEPOSITS FOB DRAFTS FOR THE TOTAL AUG T3E MONTH. MONTH- OF DEPOSi ?2.704 19 i 1,259 85 $42,04* 21,325 10 15,812 03 350,47: 3,430 OC 10,807 47 506.27; 36 460 00 33,281 87 1,519,87! 54.453 49 04,479 44 3,766,89! 84.651 88 91,739 05 4,093,02; 9.260 95 9,672 66 216,261 637 15 1,790 12 46.281 12,971 71 7,021 43 485,674 170,803 25 169,190 58 4,270,74! 17,614 06 14,258 57 322,091 17,619 16 16,304 86 261,07? 29,234 39 25,806 54 1,219,361 .. . 1,843 38 1,767 28 54,06! 6,654 54 5,876 78 254.54! 63,071 48 50,460 10 1,300,781 16,633 96 15,832 16 1,122,92; 31,544 71 29.323 39 463,04! 49,610 17 51,130 90 1,015,81' 19,445 58 18,413 67 868.40! 35,945 40 38,974 30 1,478,761 97,621 86 64,588 60 2,844,52! 187,310 72 121,602 62 2,431,841 24,400 33 24,308 36 1,177,17! 11,210 74 10,643 54 476,895 13,341 20 11,552 14 300,611 25,425 05 16,162 14 1,259,991 : 16,952 02 16,683 69 1,204,251 : 29,427 18 28,920 73 453,78:1 ! 17,355 47 15,626 28 758,98S I 12,948 20 20,789 60 421,704 60,240 05 66,098 37 3,450,257 244,064 45 183,740 04 8,877,650 ! 11,407 20 8,713 77 527,181 SI,396,271 07 $1,277,681 75 $47,850,031 iposiu foe the month ?fts for the mouth raflg..... ..... Depositors Jest. Interest on Savings deposits, compouni inly. >r receiving business accounts payable by check bearing si-r and four per cent, interest, available t request of depositors, from Branches whore k f interest. the Bank address the Avtua)*y at Washingtoi he Charter and By-Laws given or sent to any oi vernment bonds and lleae estate seCUR "W" I 2sl~ C3- . "THE AMERK 417 Broome Stn CJ-WfcTtTXK-p } ! First {.iertiiunis wherever exhibited?I allowed for Second-hand Instruments in Exe From Mr. Edicard Huffmot r-' " I conscientiously believe that your Pi Instrument" From the "Im " The American Piano has deservedly K?" Responsible Agents ".vanted for unci jau23 Crno WING &< BRUNSWICK HOTEL.; A First-Class House, } NEATLY FITTED LP FOR THE ACCOM f MODATION OF THE TRAVELING J J PUBLIC I< I c THE ROOMS ARE LARGE AND WELL ! f r VENTILATED. AND FURNISHED WITH * ALL NECESSARY COMFORTS. !,, ? C , fta> *. *- p IS ALWAYS SUPPLIED WITH THE BEST * THE MARKET AFFORDS. tai mmu si. i n?n.nn Contains a Gneseleeted stock of ALE, WINE d ; LIQUORS, CIGARS, TOBACCO, PIPES, *< Situated ou corner of Ogietkorpe and Win- ; Geld streets. Urutmnick, Ua. " WN. P. GOLD?, g octdl If Proprietor. > " JOS. T. K. PLANT. * Justice of the Peace, Notary ? Public, and >f CotuMiuaioHer of Deed* for the o! , State? and Territorten, " ' Corner of Eighth and E Street*, Northwest, " T WASHLSOTOS, I). C. '* ' m e PaTALL DESCRIPTION'S OF LEGAL PA- us PERS PREPARED AT SHORT NOTICE, j A COPYING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. I e SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO LAND LORD AND TENANT BCSINK48. - *** s

I^EYSTONE HOC 9 E. , oi ? * j at MB?. ?OR\tI.I* K. CfLULKT, { I pi No. 627 Pine Street. Philadelphia JIF ALS YFl) AT AST TIME. j " I CO 1 I I elite! >:>ita ?uppl>>*<l viiti the t.-.i to ei I thnt I he market eiiordi. Parlor* coureanuit . end cheerful. Redi eni r ?iu comfortable ted ' ye. pure. The bett Home in th.? city fur treueieut ' po or permanent boarder! Oire at a call cot #-tf J I D CITIZEN. ARD. T'S IYRUP e and Not to Kill! re for Coughs, Colds, menial Affections. id tho youngest int'ant without tear ot any =ral years in a large number cf cases with testimony to its efficacy, and have derived tv-ave dollars to any -me who will produce >!i, will fail to cure L'OX'X to., lsyivatiia Avenue, Washington, D. C. 1ST COMPANY. " tos.j April, 1S73. .r.VT TOTAL AMOVNT BALANCE DCS iTs. ofdbafts. depositors. 3 99 $16,855 09 ;25,793 30 r 79 315.903 23 34.509 00 ! 54 392.455 41 113.818 IS ? 67 1,241.355 43 278.615 24 J 58 3,086,372 15 79,527 43 > 80 3.780.108 88 307.51C 98 I 88 190,870 39 25,381 45 ' I 20 28,413 41 17,867 79 1 30 434,970 83 30,703 47 2 82 4,125,147 12 145,095 70 1 51 281,725 99 40,305 86 1 93 235,791 51 25,282 42 i 62 1,083,630 69 , 135,835 93 ) 56 36.951 66 17.709 00 5 87 201,274 03 63,274 84 I 62 1,151.210 22 156,644 35 ! 33 1.009.008 38 113,254 95 1 71 417,917 65 15,129 0G 1 42 976,305 02 39.508 80 t 89 769,136 43 90,333 40 r 99 i A ll 091 f.l i 7 "4,r. f.l i G9 2,674,473 b4 270,05? 05 > 57 2,024,993 17 406,852 40 i 69 1,049,578 08 127,698 61 t 61 386,204 75 90,688 86 : 82 278,245 24 27,260 68 ' 91 1,090,174 64 169,823 27 ' 32 1,044,455 79 169,101 52 ! 67 416,431 21 37,352 45 I 60 638,123 00 76,866 60 i 59 390,140 99 31,663 60 71 3,809,786 89 140,470 82 i 96 6,195,756 23 681,891 78 45 474,948 50 52,182 96 13 $13,726,333 36 $4,123,697 7 7 $1,396,271 07 1,277,684 75 $118,636_32 $47,660,031 13 43,726.333 36 $4,123,697 77 led in January and July of each and bearing 4 per cent, interest, anywhere in the United States, ept to any other Branch without n, D. 0., or the Cashiers of the ie on application. 1TIF.3 ONLY. &c SOIT, .'AN PIANO," Bet, New York. ? i 'rices low tor the quality?Large prices hange i, the Celebrated Pianu; ann is, in every respect, a /Met ir*ag/iificent . ,, become a very popular imlrumeftt. :cupied territory. Send for circulars to SON, 423 Broome St., N Y. Long Looked For < ome at Last! 1HIE l.\IVCIbtl. MICROSCOPE. . The best I.ow Priced Microscope ever made. Exceedingly useful fur examining Flowers, nsects, and Minute Objects, Detecting Counter sit Money and Disclosing the Wociders of the Jicroscopic World It is adapted to the use of 'bysiciaus, Teachers, Students, anYtiie Family lircle. Requires no Focal Adjustment, and an therefore be readily used by any person, tlher Microscopes of no greater power co,t i3 each and upwards, and are so difficult to unerstaad that none but scientific men cau use liem. The Universal always gives satisfaction. Ine single Microscope will be sent carefully acked, by mail, on receipt of {I. Agents anted everywhere. Address D. L STAPLES A CO., marlOomo Allen, Michigan. The Beit, Cheapen, and M-t Successful Family rupee in the Union. HARPER'S WEEK1.V. SPLENDIDLY ILLUSTRATED. Satires 0/ the Pita. i he model new-paper of our country. Corn lete in all the departments of an American am.iy Paper, Harper t Weekly has earned for self a right to its title. " A Joi uunr Cmit I iTlox."?Win York Keening Pott. The best publication of its class in America, rid so far steal of all ether weekly journals as oi to prrrn.i ot any comparison between t? an J riy of their number. its columns contain the neat collections of reading matter that are rioted. * * Its iilastra'ions are numer js and beautifni, heinjf famished br the chief tist of the country. ?Boston Trawler. Harper s MVkly is the heat and most mte- i sting illustrated newspaper. Nor does its line depend on its til nitrations alone lu ading matter .a of a high order of ..tesary erit? varied, .nstructire, and texceptionable.?H. J'. Sun. SUBSCRIPTIONS?1871. TkKMS: Harper'# Weekly, one year, $4.i?>. An extra .py of either the Magar.t.e, Weekly, and atar will be supplied gratis tor etery club of re subscribers at $4.00 each, in one remittance: six copies for JAi.Ou, w.ibout extra copy to Harper t Mayaunt, WeeUy, id Basar, to one addre>< for one year, $10,00; I , \WO Ul uurj^r M I CTUAl IUU-1, lo Gut *aar?a? r out year. $. .00. Back number* nt te tup- ' I Led at any time. The annual toloaw of Harper't (TteUy, in at cloth binding, will be rent by erpreee, free < etpenae. for *7 Of) each. A complete iet, 1 rnprmog fifteen eolumet, tent on receipt of t ?h at the rate of $0.25 per rol , freight at the 1 ptnte of purchaser ? t he portage on Harper t Wttklp it M eenu a 1 ar, which mnit be pa.d at the enbaeriber'a t at office Addrea* . HABPEK * BROTHEB3, 39 S New Verk. I New York Tribune 1873. Now, as heretofore, Tun Tataisa strives t be first of all and ore eminently a .fri p.aper. France a Republic?Kngland and (ierma'i gra<! .ally j errcewted with Republican ideas Spain swaying 'n Oie nerveless grasp of a rule too food for a King and too weak for a Krtiili liran, who is unable to govern the great islan that blocks the entrance to our fiulf of Mexico and equally nnable to give it up?the (ierman peaking peoples agitated bv a new Prote-tam itm, ??;arating from the See of Route on th dogma of Papal Infallibility at 1 as- irui g t recognise the "Old Ca'holics"?the whole 1 on tinent pervaded by the intellectual ferment lha coates of the cor.dict between old ideas, philo aophical. theological, materia', an.) the advance of Physical Science?Rnssia e.i d firea' Ilritai running a race for the tinal gains that aha] determine Asiatic supremacy?China ?eetitin ready to abandon her advances and redo e he half opened gates Japan abolishing feudal]sr and inviting Western civiiirafhnn to irrndiat lV.e?n U 1 I II empire?such are phases of the news fr<-ru ahron which ihe mailt over all Continents and th wipes utider all Seas are daily bearing to n? With able and trusted Correspondent? in th leading capitals, and wherever great changes ar in progress, Tub Tiuarvr aims, at what eve i cost, to lay before its readers the moat prompt | complete, and popular presentment of the? diverse and conflicting movement* ?thr .gh al of which, ns it fondly trust5, the toiling rnnoe are everywhere struggling up to ward larger rr cognition and a brighter future. At honaa the struggle for Freedom sm-ms ovei The last slave has long been a citizen : the la opposition to emancipation, enfranchisement equal civil rights, has been formally abandoned No party. North or South, longer disputes th result of trie \\ftr for the Union : all declare thr. } these results must never l>e undone: an 1. wi a whole people thus united on the grand plat form of All Rights for All, whereto our blood struggle and the prolonged civil route sthn followed, have led us. the Republic closes th records of the bitter, hateful Fast, and turn j peacefully, hopefully, to the less alarming bf cause Ie?3 vital problems of the Future, f whatever mny elucidate the general disrussio or action on these, The Tkibi ve gives ample* space and most impartial record. \Yhnt?ve parties may propose, whatever political "leader may say. whatever officers may do, i; fairly sc down in its columns, whether this news helps o hinders its own views. Its rentiers have th right to an honest statement of the facts an this they always get. But as to its own political principles, in j Tribune is of course, hereafter as heretofore the champion of Equal Rights, irrespective c Race. Nativity, or Color. It stands icfiexibl by the Amendments for the permanent secant of those Rights, which have been solemnly in corporated by the People, in the Constitution o the United States Independent of all politics parties, it endeavor- to treat them all with judi cial fairness. It labors to purify the admiuis tration of tiovernment, National, State, am Municipal, and whenever those in authority whether in National, State, or Municipal atl.iir ?l-n th* I AO. I in fhia o-r.rL it -ill .. ?... them its cordial support. H it it can never b the jervitor of any political party nor will i surrender or even waive its right to criticise an coudeinn what is wrong, and commend what i right in the action of any parties or of any pub lie men. Now, b-> always, The labors with al its heart for the promotion of the great ma ferial interests of the country. I be nrogres: , cf Invention and of Labor Saving, the develop ment of our resources, the preservation of on ( Land for the Landless and its rapid subjug* tiori to human wants, the utilization of our vas underlying Ores, the extension of the facilitiei for bringing Producer and Consumer nearer to getlier?whatever tends to swell the ranks, in crease the knowledge and better the conditior ; of those devoted to Productive Industry find: mention and encouragement in our columns. The Weekly Tkibi ne, now more than thirtj years old, has endeavored to keep up with th< progress of the age in improvement and in en terprise It devotes a large share ot its col umn:s to Agriculture as the most essential ami general of human pursuits.* It employs the , ablest and most successful cultivators to sei forth in brief, clear essays their practical viewof the Parmer's work. It reports public dis cu3.=ions which elucidate that work; gather." from every source agricultural news, the re ports of the latest experiments, the stories o! the latest successes and failures, and wbatevei may tend at once to better Agriculture, and t< commend it as the first and most important ol progressive Arts, based on natural science. Thk Weekly Tribi ne appeals also to Teach ers, Students, and persons of inquiring minds by the character of its Literary contents, which i include reviews of all the works proceeding from the master minds of the Old or New World, with liberal extracts from those o: i especial interest. Imaginative Literature als claims attention, but in a subordinate degree. "Home Interests'* are discussed weekly by r lady specially qualified to instruct and interest her own sex, and the younger portion of th? other. N'o column is more eagerly sought 01 perused with greater advantage and profit that; hers. The Newa of the Day, elucidated by brief comments, is so cornier .ed that nc reader can deem it diffuse, while given sufficiently in detail to satisfy the wants of the average reader. Selections are regularly mad*' from the extensive Correspondents of Thk Daily from every country, and if" editorials of more permanent value are here reproduced. In short. The Weekly Tkibc , commend* itself to Millions by rr ...?ter;ng to i their intellectual wants more fully than they are met by any other journal, while ifs regular reports of the Cattle, Country Produc e, and other Market*, w. 1 of themselves save the farmer who regularly notes them far more than his journal' s price. For the family circle of the educated farmer or artisan, Tut Weekly Tbibckk has no superior, as is proved by the hundreds of thotr* saudi who, having read it from childhood, still cherish and enjoy it in the prime and on the down hill of life. We respectfully urge thoseL-nr.o it. ir. r. . r? rr, .. r.,1 1U. t?? Trjboe to their friends and neighbors, arid we proffer it to clubs at prices which barely pay the cost of paper arid presswork. TERMS OF THE WEEKLY iRIUCNF to mail ?i ?sc?i?r.t?. One copy, one year?'2 issues f2 Fire copies, one year -52 issues 7 60 to ose alllrkkis Ali at one Post Office. 10 copies. 11 Hi e..tb 20copie3. 1 10 each. iO cop:es I Mi ear n And an extra to each Club. TO XAMES of Sl'BSl klaartS. All at one Post Office. 10 copies |l Su eavh. 20 copies 1 20 each. ,0 copies I 10 each. And an extra to each Club. tfui I'ur Clubs of Fifty i its. Si mi Wetter Tata: \'t will be sent at an extra copy NEW YORK SEMI WEEKI.Y TRIBI Nh a published every Tilsiut and Fainar, and, being printed twice a week, it contains near.y all the important News, Correspondence, Re views, and Editorials of Tut. lunv, including everything on the subject of Agriculture, and much in teres nng and valuable matter, for which there is net sufficient room in ma Wiiilt Tatarift. Thk Smi IVmir Taiarsi aiso gives, in the course of a year, nixie; oh tors of lire BL.?r ?vi, Ultst I'trpciaa Nouns, by living authors The cost of these alas, if bought in book for?, would b? from < i to fi^bt dollara. Iti prist baa b? #u iatr\y reduced, to that Club# can now wcurt it at liuie moi* than the ro?t, to tingle aubaf fiber#, of lut Wctai.v. Nowhere else "an so much curren' intelligence and permanent literury matter be had at vI cheap a rat* aa in tbe S?m W?rxt? Taiauxa. TERMSOFTHESEMI WEEKLYmiBI NE. One copy, oee one, 101 cumbers $*00 Eire copies, or over, for each copy 2 $0 Ten copies and one extra copy; for 2i Uo , TERMS OE THE DAILY TKJBCNE To Mail Subscribers, $lo a year Tat Tatarvi Atnoc for 1ST* will be ready S about New Year's. Price 20 cents; 7 for fl Always sand a draft on New York, or a Post Jrnce Morn Omnia, if*. Where t either of theae can be prooarwi, tend the Macy, art aiwsrs ia a Htsstaraaao La-rraa. rha raguLratkm fre baa been red ace i to rue a ax crra, aad the present r?i ration system has teen foend be the postal authorities to be learly an absola'e protection against 1 u?s by sail. ? Addrtta Tki Tiucv*. New York, X*r?s: Cat3 if rhostfx-tus or tuk NEW NATIONAL ERA - I.KWJ- H DOI'M.A^, t IMCIIMtD T. MTKKXKK, 1 .F-, t JUHX U. COOK, } r I hp ISfw Nation** l.r:\r.. part* - .? ?, .. , ? fold nature?that of an A Irocate r?n i an Ed* J ca-or. As an Advocate it w..i i*^rt at. i mair , ta.n every right pertain.ngt > !-* Ar... <n zen, independent of nc#?, ? r, r n iec. . birth. It will demand the r* )jpi' \ -?n of thai* e right* wherever the Constant. n r r - Lorthv 0 national ensgn wave#. A* an 1 i ?ca"<r, , , column* will l?e an e*pe( a. nied 71 f r t it effective diffusion of right pr '] ' I mr. ?- needed instruction, ari l i'.r thi? i? ->n those habr'sof industrr, #>< , .y, % <**.: r n Lance wh* h conduce f ? imicp n lent u. .\>ol 11 and give v afl 1 M 9fgJF g insuring in return blev.-ing* t ? the g err.eJ r While the editor* of the N?f Nations: L- * n nr? colored m?*n, and ti e , '. .{, ,n *4li e mainly cole red, vet thee . x. I ? r.pea fV n the di-*ctia.a?on of ail per. n* viral irap~,:' 1 ance to the country by any cr* .?* citizen*. ( >-a e raunicatior.s suitable for public*'* :n .a ?hia t. <v.Iutnn3, are solicited from r friecdi in a. e parts of the country, especially in the South??;, c States. r Tin: POLITICAL DKIURrMfcNl p I I pon all questions involving the espaciai ** U terests of the colored Amcr. tn .t,/ ? simple rule of eqitaljui'ice for a., raonw; . gv ? ern the policy ??f the New S *t.-)vai Era. I: * j demand the recognition of n > right for ons . J c t"/en wh oh it will not freely accord to every ^ I other It w-ill oppose a-iy attempt to confer privil. p upon a ciars, that are withheld fro j* the hamblcat citizen ?n the Ian L Ir will daman 1 ^ toravery : itiren equality hef>re t!:e .i v. nr. I tu.? t pro* tl m of ra Ml ar- i pr : >r'y ia ?cry St&t t i" i i writ wjf : lie National Union. "i ) N * >v N KTios Kl K.ii wi. tak ?b . h t . : ' upon a.l public question*, an I labor to i?:q re ^ an r.pennes*; of purpo3e ari l cnc :r^. n.:y e action, especially amongth a wly nfraa . ? i 3 i per-pie of the reconstructed States. R<?tr.*r. , tiering the pa^t hi tory of fh^ Flepubl r .p. party 0 and reeogni. Irg what it has done for the color i _ people of the nation, tho Nb Natio.vai T ;. t will give 11 < hearty -q port f > that \ arty with reserve- Thlspledgeof ti J.l. ty to the Iter 3 can party is given under tho conv..t; ?c. u:. . ,t with the n?virunce. that in the future. t * past, that party w iii he the Cc. an i n'i x ^ support of tho-e priiu iplesof jn^tir<? and lih ; q who h have now become apart cf the organ' of the land. * TUE GDrCATIONAI. DiiPAUiMfeiN i. ? By education the pf t ie of a free Governs: .. such as ours i s intcniieu to be. arc better , . y ficd to discharg ' their duties to the Sta* *. a* : J to one another, i he nation will ever j surest safeguard in the intelligence of itj v f masses, and the journal wh -li w il l j tl the highest good of government an 1 * e must lend in energies and it power to th- w of educating that people. I specially .i * 1 agency of the press needed !?y that p >rt. . the people, colored and white, who, eith " slavery or under the ban of its blighting . ** , tiuences, have been deprived of the opportu ? ! ties enjoyed by tie r more favored luethrt n M the free States. b the ixnrs i hi a i. ui imiu men r 1 he industrial interest-' of *h ? colored p: ; . will claim and receive a large -hare >t oar . j tention. The Nkh Kra will be made n j jj | airable visitor for the tAiniiy and the tir- i-? and we earnestly appeal to our friends every r where to aid us by their . .hr ptioos an I the. intluence. ?| The subscription price of the Kcm Natiowai s Fk twill he $>'J 'iO a \ car f a mgle ^uihscriptiou or >j copies for Sit), in advance. Address FRKDKUICK lM)trOLA.HSv Jk , j I .nek Box 31, Washington, D. i OUR PREMIUMS. ! To any one sending us subscribers, with th t ! cash, at our subscription rates, we will forwart | ; per express premiums in ac< >r lunce with tL r following. Address Frederick Douglass. Jr . i Lock Box " I, Washington, D C. : i For It) subscribers I .Swiss Uoid Wat- h >AO Oil I For to subscribers 1 Silv. Am.) Watch.. lO ' For -0 subscribers 1 Swiss I,ever Watch.A-1U OO , For 1"? snbscribers 1 set Silv. I en Spoons III 04) f For 10 subscribers 1 Hold Thimble. 1 <H) For 6 subscribers cash *2 *??) IJTTLEFIELD'S 1 st FKBIi STEEL ENGRAVING r PRESIDENT GRANT. > i Fur two subscribers, with the money, ; >, ?a will send two Copt S of tb?- pftftr 01 6 J VI II i i nresent the person sending us the na-re d. f l.iltb fiel l .s Splendid Steel Engraving 01 L 5 d"r.? Grant, by mail postpaid, caretullf put ; : on a roller. 1 his engraving costs three tho ; a*.: 1 dollars, and the impressions el! for ibr."; :-i ^ lars each Oash Premiums i For tt'ii yi-ars subscriber* wt will give * ituih premium iif 4~j , t'ir 20 yuarly subscriliers, 810; for 100 yearly subscriber! 8/0. Periodical Premiums. We offer for one subscriber sending $3 o:. copy ot the New IiftA on? year a i either of tho following periodica! Th" Af rica n Agriculturist for one ypar, publish monthly, containing 41 large pages, adapted ' the farro, garden, and household, the stoicri| tion price of which alone is $1 ' () or I'ctcr. Mmical Monthly, full of ukj al gems, for months, the subscription price fur that per. i i being S 1.60 ; or the I J em oj the W'csf, a mor/J... for one year, full of g >ol reading, irr .i .*i the late war, and one f the fin dollar o.agl zinea in the country. In ad lition to the abov. w ; o;l?-r It Sew Monthly Magazine, Hi per . Iij~ ; or Harper'3 Weekly oi.e y ;ir to any one us io.'zf# Th* subscription p I ?oth? r 9 journals alone is |ft per year. Thee* 1.1; ' nted no new - om inundation f- >r;? n? thr:r r?. utation is already eatabhshe f We will send J.i/tpi ncntt's Miji u*. }. and the New N hii.nai fin* >o?- yearly any ; ' sending ua five dollar*. SKhuriplbiii ?*ri * of i hi TV a .Valio/trif #.V<? t'AiAkLUlSVAHIAHtr i\ AU*A>< + l H M > > / f < 5 > 1 ">j.jr as nobtLi I > I c- i-y lfcr?? couth* U > i ;.?? '.bf 7 ?' 10 C J ' ? * UiOlltkl * I I * -l/U* .!. \>ml I O y- til xu '.Ut 10 U< hot 1?U) titbioril iu<{ if It it u- t 'bitci ul t>j erilMi f r * * f?'i ILtt iay it* aonlti 11 I Uttlm l">r -umI Mcnilc* lln? lovMtut'iil ?ti* p*f T , i-rn'ftl 1 -*? **bJ ill tu t.-y ; . Y %l *<.- I ! I ?r I/r*fU AM !* ! tn?-t^rt a. . A'.4*4 t ^ | f fc'i " t'? iu Ivy 1 n-i f. < f ir r?4 it'iir./ .,fu?b t .* 4!k-? fKKI)MRI K 1H)1 (iLAII, J' i I<*k H-i il VI^.B^SS, D Agents lor the New National Era Y -IMr?T? II war 1 ?. r-rwty W?*U?V^. ALKA tNbKK NT h '? >.NS, !41 a L VV**uJ?f Mrt AMkSUl * %!.!.. A*. . atfj u?w b>jat'?'/ t >f C ?l <+* ?.! l? O OlIVflNU, B.I iw ? T'.'u. rt'j Itr A AKAt T ? Ctltl ittlwC, N ??b * ?li?\ T IC&MN K II ?l!liiL?T>V V%,u T.?0 ttKofeJKT J lUIHol W ut -ti-rtO V IKIMIH If n.AT> UKN > - Yr+tt ?t . ?Wi >-u, UtA L I! II CABR,i?tk?RUUWTuk? Rl>?h UltUIIBE. Am*.,* t t I*UT3*1 R#m ? IkruUa t>? Kl< I1AKD NfcOiai.tiW.tM.t., T.?*? J U TATLUR. Cuii .-A Us* ' R .U?ISA4. VI. * t.'A NM J IIA Kl'I M D*a*?r.(X4?*?4?. JOlf* ? UiMAA. J. T W(HiD. 3< V-? !!?t?u ttr?-?, S??'t?at ?n. C ia W > Tl KSIK Wrl..ukU, A .Uiiu. V. U. TIlRfcRT 4U'?V? IlkVHY I. WlLMtll*. Rr ? Iiaw. A.. k? e*^.. M+aluufi nilrnt. V,-krM.r/ M AMTIW** J b A KRl rk ?f aI ft M V M . MuLTVkAl I UK?Ult.< **.' r. V". HK?IIY A BBOW*. xi* Re - - ? Vu-tsA !?ATUAX lPk4Ull.?uu^ v T -k lUf ?. A WALk? b*L^-..iA . N Y kuu p J >US J My .Rfc Liu. i. - . Cw^ CM 4A M llUM'IAK ? *. MeaR. R*.*4* XmU ^ _ lAVl KL Al>)BK -nun. - b.t I a to a mtcMMLi.. 141 in ?*. v.. *** a A. iMlTU. 41 fttUlJ** iin'i b- M?.. GfO B AtlB-1. ff ? 4* l??r.. / MtfiUtl WM. a WAL44H. kta . . * 'a..* UB?*Y CLAl. 1 Hi' 1- k A k .a. . tllltBAVA HAM \J ..;u... i ? MAJUIM ttl al: > JAVEJI K 'itri* Mk Ihami 44.u t WM V- AiBki I a A. *U?J l a. * V walt** T. CLA** ? r.n ?:r?? ... O?L-R? TAMCK K?kuk a I J J MM *> > !( ?. MitM ttfrltor; Mr ar^vv*>- ^ fiw? g i| %

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