Newspaper of New National Era, June 19, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of New National Era dated June 19, 1873 Page 6
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BOOK AND JOB PRINTING < ? All. HIST*. PBOMTLY l)ONK At T1IK OFFICE OF THI. a New National Era and Citixen, 418 Eleventh Street. C* JOHN H. COOK, Attorney at Law, J i PRACTICES HKFORE A I.I. THE DISTRICT ol det COURTS AND THE DEPARTMENTS. C. ? of Applications filed for refunding moneys paid, ^ at direct tax tales, by purchasers since ousted by original owners: also, applicsUions hied for col restoring such tax land* now in possession of cla the Government to the original owners. Only one year allowed in which to file such claim. Kb Special attention given these cases. I Address care Freedmsn's Bank. jel2 tf Excelsior SHEET-WAX FOR FLOWERS! Manufactured and ?o!d by MADAME M. E. B CARY, F Teacher of Wax Work in all ?ta branches. A liberal discount made to teachers and the tratle generally. Instruction given in the art at I 1 the residence of MA DAM E CARY, ?21 Fourteenth street northwest, between I! and I streets, je 6-8m GILBERT HOUSE, Saratoga Springs, N. Y,f 1873. The House is favorably known, and located within two minutes walk of the Depot, and five minutes walk of all the principal Mineral Springs, situated on Washington street, nearly opposite the Baptist Church, one of the most beautilul streets in Saratoga. THE ROOMS ARE LARGE AND AIRY, well ventilated, and neatly furnished , will be kept open daring the season as a First Clans Pr ivate Una, ding House. The Table will be supplied with the best the market affords. References? nou. Frederick Douglass, T. J. Bowers, Philadelphia; Rev. X. freeman, Brooklyn ; Peter F. Baltimore, Troy ; William Rich, Troy : Adam Blake, Albany ; Wm. H. Montague, Springfield, Mass.; Col. R. Harlan, Cincinnati, Ohio; George F. T. Cook, D. C.j J, O. Green, Colombia. S. C.: W. F. Butler, N. C.; John B. Bailey, Boston: J, W. Bowers, Brooklyn, X. Y. O. (' GILBERT, Proprietor. may 22-4 m JUAN BOYLE A CO., Real Estate and Note Brokers, No CO-, loth St. opf > it? (' S Treasury, WASIII\UTO\, U.C. p( uayl5 6oi [.a ( lUKLKS \. THOMAS, c" Attorney nnd <'ominellor>, ac tot Louisiana Avenue, T t?pl7] WASHINGTON, 1). C. -t $72 do EACH WEEK\ t AGENTS WANTED EVERYWHERE. pr, Btuiness strictly legitimate Particulars free, ha Address: .1 WORTH A CO., m29-ly St. Louis, Mo. thi WM. L, ltltAMII ALL, A CO., m{ Fire and Lire Insurance Agents and jj Brokers, I'M Seventh street northwest. ^ aorsTs r?K mr Niagara Fire Insurance Co., of New York, 'ash Assets, $1,300,000. Republic Eire Insurance Co., of New York, Cash Assets, $5o5,COO. Manhattan Eire Innurance Co., of New York, Cash Assets, $1405,000. Arlington Fire Insurance Co., of Dist. of Col. A Capital $200,000. 'A New York Life Insurance Co., Mutual.) J Assets, oeer $20,000,000. ? And we insure with all the tirst class Insurance I Companies m the United States, without additional charge, and will see that the Policies are fe properly written. apr 17-1 in lta &TT?flT;I?Sn J iCC^-LTA-XuXTY TO ALL. l\ Cull at the an or TEMPLE OF FASHION ?ur ell For the aheapeu and the latest styles of of SILK. FF.LT. CASslMKRK, AND CLOTH pr HATS, an For men and boys. Special attention called 101 to our $6 GENTS' DKESS HAT, INCLUDING HAT BRUSH, And will be kept in order for six months w ithout _ charge, A. D1TTKICH, Hatter, uprl7-)mo 724 7th Street Northwest. LVERYBODY'S FRIEND % MONF V V I >\ ANfJKH L OX COLLATERAL AT i'wo OQNT. AT K. i'DLTON Si CU 'S. au NINTH STREET, j Between the Avenue and street aprl'-lmo ' X "CUARLEM S. TI10114N, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, USicaofllon. A. G. Riddle, WASHINGTON, I) P., ' ~ Practice-- .n all of tho Court, of tLe District and before the Southern Claim Commission. All t,aims of Southern K>va!ists against the I Government for stores or supplies taken or tar- I .-lithed the L nlted SUites-ariay during the rebel- j H lion, forwarded through the Ntf Nstioksi. ,, Eka, will receive special attention. janlidtf *1 F. A. BOS WELL & CO., j Bankers and Brokers, h3. E. corner of Four and-a half street and Vtr- 91 aiaia avenue S. W . Washington, D. C. SIX PER CENT. INTEREST PAID ON DEPOSITS Open from r A. hi. u. J P. Al. maris if PIMPLES. 1 ?ill send free, recipe for my \ KGETA- T BLE BA1.M,jeatuving 1 tuples iilack Worms. J Blotches, Freckles, Moths, 1 an, and all Dis eoaea of the Skin, leaving it clear and with a ,t, healthy glow. Also, sure process for Cue ' growth of Hair on l aid heads or smooth faces. ' THOMAS F CHAPMAN, Chemist, P. O. Box 6128 187 Broadway, NY. marlO-Bt 1 , ... . .. , '?? - . THE FREEDMAN'S DYINGS AND TRUST j COSCPA.M W . 9 JWmtionmt Sarins* Dank ESTABLISHED MARCH. Ia65 lltriil l?> lk* Uoiirxntnl of tt>* I >ll?d lUtN. taking Uoum Pannijrtvk&U Areaue. Uppo*u* Ui? TreMurj. VposiU of fitt cents or aoj larger amount* aired. >IX PEK CENT. INTEREST paid oa sums 6ve dollars or more. AU deposits payable on nand, tritA interest due. All account* etrirtlj rate and confidential. PRINCIPAL OFFICE. WASHINGTON, D. BRANCH OFFICES in all the larger cities the South and Southwest, i his GREAT NATIONAL SAVINGS INITIATION, established by the authority of, United States Government for the benefit of ] > Freedmen. knows no distinction of race or or, and offers its great advantages to all .sees alike. 5AVE THE SMALL SUMS. Cut off your j te?don't 'moke?don't drink?don't buy loty tickets. Put the money you save into tbe tEEDMAN'S SAVINGS BANK. Dpen from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. each day, and Wednesday and Saturday nights, to receive posits only, from 6J to 8 o'clock, je 22-ly NOTICE!!! DAVID FISHER, Jr., OCAI.KR IX NCW AND ?E<'OND BAND URN) T U BE, I AI.SO j PIIOLSTEREft AND Fl'RBflTlTRE KL j PAIRER Work Done at Store or House. f Orders promptly attended to. 1116 F Street Northwest, Washington, D C ite of the firm of Fisher A Sox. aprl7-lmo A. L. BARBER & CO BUY ABB SELL REAL ESTATE. 611 Seventh street, Opposite the Post Office mayl6-13t E J. KLOPFEH. Notary Public and Justice of the Peace Office, 602 Louisiana Avenue, Between 6th and 7th streets Northwest Residence 608 (J st Northwest. Deeds, Contracts, l.eases, and other Legal ipers carefully prepared and acknowledged, .ndlord and Tenant cases a Specialty. Depoions taken in or out of office. A prompt olfir always in attendance for the collection of counts. may8tf ftOABDING HOUSE A RF.STAFRANT. Just opened, a first-class Hoarding House for ! t* accommodation of the traveling public who ! ? shut out from public entertainment by hotel j Dprietors on account of color. The buildinp s been thoroughly repaired and refitted, arid II be a pleasant home for those who maj visit ? capital of the State. Terms reasonable. ALFRED ANDERSON, Proprietor. l-4t 51 Warren St., 2d door below Trenton. Lyer's Hair Vigor, FOR RESTORING GRAY HAIR ? ITS NATURAL VITALITY A COLOR. ,'ie .^ra?'c','ipr gtQ|'S the falling of the news the growth, and always surely restores i color, when faded or gray. It stimulates the itrilive organs to healthy activity, and prerre9 both the hair and its beauty. Thus ashy, .weak, or sickly hair becomes glossy, iable, and strengthened; lost hair regrows th lively expression ; falling bair is checked d established ; thin hair thickens ; and faded gray hair resume their original color. Its ieration is sure and harmless. It cures dand 6?, heals all humors, and keeps the scalp cool, tan, and soft?under which condition* diseases the sralp are impossible. As a dressing for ladies' hair, the Vigor is aised for its grateful aud agreeable perfume, d valued for the soft lustre and richness of ne it imparts. Prepared by Dr. .1. V. AYER A CO., Lowell, Ma.s., Practical and Analytical ChtmuUSeJ* Sold by all Druggists and Dealers in sdicine. mij YES KEYSTONE HOUSE. , j MO. tOti k ST., el ween 7 th and 8th Streets Nortbwest, Washington, D. C. here will be found the best of Wines, Liquors, Cigars. sod Oysters, sad all the delicacies of the season. fciKMANENT AND TABLE BOARDERS FURNISHED ON REASONABLE TERMS. WILLIAM A. SHORTER. Proprietor. aprlTlmo A. H. BttOWME, Morsst-j and rounaellor-at-I.a w. No. 880 Four-and a-Half Strew, near City Hall, WASHINGTON, D. C apt 7 lui T. P. GBYMES. Crr. *./}, arid G it tcls, Keep* a first-class OARDINu AND LUNCH HIDUaL, irnishing regular day board, Kith mc als to suit convenience The terms are reasonable and a place quiet. Ihe proprietor pa it special trillion to the comfort of his guest. apr 17 D STfiASBURGEB BBOSt 906 WHOLESALE AND BETAIL HOOT AND SHOE HOrSE, 900 .Seventh St. bet 1 and K, WASHINGTON, D P. aprl7-lmo jV)K SALE CHEAT Two new two story houses, situated ou O eet, N. W., between lith and 16tb aLreets. X BOOMS including Hath Boom. Vv'aeer and is throughout Apply to J. N. DICKSON, 1014 Madison (Meet, spriiti beteeen 16th and 17th streets THE NEW NAT!' ~~ S25.00 woi r i J Joy to the World?"11 Dr. Wormlej's Pectoral Bronchitis, Asthma, ai It u a sure cure and sate remedy, and can I injurious effects, a* its component parti are purely the greatest success, and there are now nurat>ers < almost instantaneous relief from its use. It has never failed, and the proprietor does a case of cold or cough (unless caused by consuci] Bold Whole dec 12 ly Siold retail by all E PR REDMAN'S !Ohartor< Financial Statem KAKCjaU. Alexandria, Virginia Atlanta, Georgia Augusta, Georgia Baltimore, Maryland - Beaufort, South Carolina Charleston, S. Carolina.. Columbus, Mississippi.. Columbia, Tennessee Huntsville, Alabama Jacksonville, Florida.. Lexington, Kentucky Little Rock, Arkansas.. Louisville, Kentucky ; Lynchburg, Virginia Macon, Georgia.. Memphis, Tennessee Mobile, Alabama ! Montgomery, Alabama . Natchez, Mississippi. Nashville, Tennessee 1 Newberne, N, Carolina. : New Orleans. Louisiana. New York, New York Norfolk, Virginia | Philadelphia, Penn. j Raleigh, North Carolina. . : Richmond, Virginia Savannah, Georgia ! Shreveport, Louisiana St. Louis, Missouri.. ; Tallahassee, Florida j Vicksburg, Mississippi ' Washington, D. C Wilmington, N. Carolina I j Total amount of Deposits for Total amount of Drafts for the Gain for the month. . . .. Totai amount of Deposit* Total amount of Draft*?.... Total amount due Depositors The Bank Pays Six per Cent. In year, to bo drawn by Pass-Book only. Special arrangement* made for recfeivii [ Certificatea of Deposit issued bearing ?, Accounts Transferred, at request usk or trouble, and without lose of interest. For full information about the Bat respective Branches. Copies of the Chart Investments made in Govf.rnmej G. J. FERRISS. # 9IS F street. Washington, D C\, 3BUCTTOK OF 1'ATENTS AND GENERAL AGENT FOR PENSION AND BOFNTY CLAIMS. Post office box <0 Colored soldiers, were. I.y the aft of Mureh ,i[0W( 3, 1873, placed on an equal footing with the white soldiers, and are now entitled to the $100 additional bounty under the act of duly 28, 1806, which has been extended to January 30, 187-1. "Stri maylOGmo .. N. W. BURCHELL, ' 1332 F street. jan Importer of and Agent for PEEK FREAN A CO.'S LONDON BISCl'IT, BB LEW18 A CO.'S WORCESTERSHIRE Dlt PICKI.ES, YORKSHIRE RELISH. Dealer in Fine Groceries, Foreign Table Lux- ^ uries, Ac. Ac. Ac. mayl5-ly NEA1 i$l nquextionably the best sustained Work of the M kind in the World. Harper's Magazine. me VEN Notices of the I\ess. There are few intelligent American fazmbes in which Harjjtr's Magazine would not be an appreciated and highly welcome gaest. There is no monthly magazine an intelligent reading IS Al family can less ati'ord to be without. Many I magazines are accumulated. Harper's is edited. There is not a magazine that is printed which shows more intelligent pains expended on its Wf articles and mechanical execution. There is 0Ontai not a cheaper magazine published. There is . not, confessedly, a more popular magazine in the world.?New England Homestead. A repository of biography and history, litemj ture, scienee, and art, unequalled by any other clta | American-publication. * ? ? The volumes f . , j are as valuable as a mere work of reference as 51 ; any cyclopedia we can place in our libraries. Harper's Magazine is a record of travel every octS w here since the hour of its establishment. Liv ingstone and Gordon Cummir.g in Africa, Strain among the Andes and Ross Browne in the Last, , ; Speke on the Nile and Macgregur on the Jordan?indeed, all recent travelers of note have Jiicj i seen their most important discoveries reprodu 1 ced in these pages. Most of our younger and I many of our older writers 6nd here their litera! ry biography. Our artists see the best evidences Cut? \ of their genius and the most enduring specimens ! of their work in the Magazine.?A. Y. titand- .1 j ard. 1 It is one of the wonders of journalism?the Come I editorial management of Harper s.?The Na\ tion, New York. , SUBSCRIPTIONS.?1872 ! .. - 8? : Uarpet a Magazine one jear Si 00 SPEC j An Extra Copy of either the Magazine, , .,,i % If' or Bazar will he supplied gratis for eTery Clab of Five Subscribers at f4 each, in ^ one remittance or Six Copies for $ JO, without extra copy. IZ * Subscriptions to Harpers Magazine, ffeeldg, ^ and Baxar, to one address for one year, $ 10 or two of Harper's PtriodieezU, to one address j for one year. $7. MBS Back numbers can be supplied at any time. A complete set of Harper't Magazine, now comprising Forty Three \ olames, in neat cloth binding, will be tent by express, freight at it- H 1 pense of purchaser, for $J.2S per volume. Siuigle volume, be mail, postpaid, $S. Cloth cases, for binding, fifty eight cents, by mail, postpaid, j Tab. The postage on Harper t Magazine is twenty- that tl j four cents a year, whirL must be paid at the and eh I subscriber's post office. pore. Address HARPEB 4 BROTHERS, or pen ne # New York. nor OXAL ERA AND ' ?' REWi tMLEl HAL lave Come to Cure i Syrup is a Sure Cure ul all Lung and Brone be used by the most delicate invalid and the vegetable It has been used for several y if persons in this city who can bear testini not hesitate to oOer a reward of twenty-tivi :?tion) which this remedy, if fairiy tried, wi aalo V?y CHilJItLKW Mrr?? druggists. 480 lVnn?ylva SAVINGS & TRUS1 jcl V>y the United Hiatus ent for the Month of Ap >EP031T8 FOB DRAFTS TOR THE TOTAL AMOI'XT THE MONTH. MONTH. OF DEPOSITS. $2,704 19 . $1.20# 89 , $42,048 9# 21,320 10 16,812 03 360,477 79 8,430 06 10,867 47 506,273 54 36,460 00 33,281 87 1,519,870 67 64,463 49 04,479 44 3,765,899 68 84,651 88 , 91,739 05 4,09? 620 86 9,250 95 9,672 66 216,251 88 687 15 1.790 12 ! 46,281 20 12,971 71 7,021 43 495,674 30 170,803 25 109,190 68 4,270,742 82 17,514 06 14,256 67 322,091 84 17,619 16 16,304 86 261,073 93 29,234 39 25,805 64 1,219,366 62 1,843 38 1,707 20 64,660 56 6,654 64 6,876 78 254,548 87 68,071 48 60,466 10 1 1,306,784 62 16,633 96 16,832 16 1,122,923 S3 31.544 71 29.323 39 , 403,046 71 49,610 17 61,130 90 1,015,814 42 18,446 68 18,413 67 868,469 89 35,945 40 83,974 30 1,478,767 22 97,521 86 84,588 CO 2,844,620 69 137,310 72 121,692 52 2,431,845 67 24,400 33 24,308 86 ' 1,177,176 69 11,210 74 10,543 54 476.893 61 13,341 20 ll,652 14 300,511 82 25,425 05 10,162 14 1,^9,997 91 16,952 02 16,683 69 1,3^4,257 32 1 29,427 18 28,920 73 453,783 67 17,355 47 16,625 28 758,988 60 12,948 20 20,789 60 421,704 59 60,240 05 06.098 87 3,450,257 71 244,004 45 183,740 04 8,877,050 96 11,407 20 8,713 77 527,131 45 11,396,271 07 $1,277,681 75 $47,850,031 13 I I [ the month - month A......... .... ' TKKhnT on Savings deposits, compounded i ng business accounts payable by_ check, anc ix and jour per tent, interest, available anyti of depositors, from Branches where kept I h M.lilf'Hs* the Acl.tin.rd at Washington. D or snd By-Laws given or sent to any one on rr Bonds axd Real Estate Securities wiua & "THE AMERICAI 417 Broome Stree wrm m MJ ** -m ''ir?t premiums wherever exhibited?Price; ed for Second-hand Instruments in Exchang From Mr. Edward Hoffman, the I conscientiously believe that your Piano i intent." From the i{Ii\depent The American Piano has deservedly becc ?s??" Responsible Agents wanted for unocoupi 2a too WING & SOI UNSWICK HOTEL. ' X T1 First-Class House, [LY FITTED L P FOB THE ACCOM feit M [ODATION OF THE TRAVELING J*'"? PUBLIC. IcSK i can tl ROOMS ARE LARGE AND WELL Other TILATED. AND FURNISHED WITH j ALL NECESSARY COMFORTS. em" | One i Oua* Vsa ble i packe -WAYS SUPPLIED WITH THE BEST wl",e THE MARKET AFFORDS. j whr i- in M? 1 ?* Aiooiu i " iKt ins a 6ne-selected stc.ek of ALE, WINE. LIQUORS, CIGARS, TOBACCO, i PIPES, Ac. I H, ated on corner of Oglethorpe and Win- j ireets, Br u us nick, Ga. WJI. P. GOI.DEX, i I-ljr Proprietor. j Famil; itself JOS. T. K. PLANT, ice of the Peace, Notary | not to Public, and iiHi&aionet- of Deed* for the oui at date* and Territories, !*rt^, r of Eighth and E Street*. Horthwest, j ,2ue! 1CA SBIXG TOX, D. C. ! "r*d ln ' ment"ALL DESCRIPTION'S OF LEGAL PA-1 nnexr PREPARED AT SHORT NOTICE,! ING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. IAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO LAND ! > AND TENANT BUSINESS. ?Jv * | BSm : Y S T 0 N E HOUSE, or'.U Sob *t and B or. twi . iOK.MlLU E. U1LBEBT, forWl ^ piled i No. 627 Pine Street. Philadelphia fbe EJ L.s SEitYED AT ANY TIME oompt cash t let always supplied with the best in seteon eipetu ?e mar.rt afford. Parlors conrement the ttrful. lieds una rooms comfortable tod year, The best House in this city for transient pott ol

aanent boarders Git* u? a call. #-tf ' no t CITIZEN. \RD. 5 rs mUPl .dc : til md Not to Kill ris ra for Coughs, Colds, * hial Affections. ; wi ' le 1 youngest infant without fear of any in ears in a large number cf oases with re onv to its effieacv, anil have derived " dl i dollars to any ?ne who will produce al il fail to cure c< T ' ?l xx it c ??., 5 .nia Avenue, Washington, I). (r. P COMPANY. I {( 1 | ri rll, 1878. S TOTAI. AMOUNT BALAVCC DTK SJ OF DRAFTS. DEPOSITORS. P $16,850 '19 f25,793 so h 816,908 23 34,609 60 ri 392,456 41 113,818 13 tl 1,241,855 43 278,615 24 3,086,372 15 ; 79,527 48 T 3,780.108 88 307,516 98 tl 190,870 39 25,381 49 R 28,413 41 17,867 79 b 434,970 83 50,703 47 o; 4,125,147 12 145,595 7o ci 281,725 69 40,365 86 tl 235,791 61 25,282 42 P 1,083,630 69 185,835 93 ci ->? ori r,c : 17.709 no tr 201,274 0? 64,274 84 M 1,101,240 22 150.514 85 ? 1,009,608 38 ; 113,254 95 t? 417,917 65 45,129 00 tl 976,305 62 39.508 80 tl 769,136 43 99,333 46 si 1,431,021 01 47,745 61 c< 2,574,473 04 270,053 05 ri 2,024,993 17 406,852 40 li 1,049,678 08 i 127,598 61 386,204 75 90,688 66 it 273,245 24 27,266 68 t< 1.090,174 64 169,823 27 o 1,044,455 79 I 169,601 63 ir 416,431 21 : 37,362 46 1. 638,123 00 76,865 60 ti 390,140 99 31,563 60 u 3,309,786 89 140,470 82 f< 8.195.756 23 681,894 78 g 474,948 50 62,182 96 CI $13,726,333 36 ! $4,123,697 "7 ,r $1,396,271 07 f 1.277,684 75 ?< u $118,586 32 g $47,850,031 13 i 11 43,726,333 36 0 ; c $4,123,697 77 fl 1 p n January and duly ot each t n l bearing 4 per ceut. intereii rhere in the United States p ,o any other Branch without e b . C., or the Cashiers of the I ii application. ONLY. p SON-, I N PIANO," \ t, New York. MM K ? t ft i low for the quality -Large prices T e. ' < Celebrated Cl is, in every respect, a mint magnificent tl ientrl >me a very popular instrument." " ed territory. Send for circulars to [' f, 423 Broome St., N Y. ? *" : p g l.ooked For 4 ome at Last! ^ E I'SIYERSAI. .MICROSCOPE. ? ie Lest Low Priced Microscope ever made. r. idingly useful Cor examining flowers, J, and Minute Objects, Detecting Counter " oney and Disclosing the Wonders of the c< scopic World. It is adapted 10 the use of cians, Teachers, Students, and the family . Requires no Focal Adjustment, and ! berefore be reality used by any person. j ,. Microscopes of no greater power cost :h and upwards, and are so difficult to unnd that none but scientific men can use Ti. rs?: .a?i ?o. lingle Microscope will oe sent carefully 2( d, by mail, on receipt of $1 Agents j y d everywhere. Address D. 1. STAPLES A CO., 10-Cmo Allen, Michigan. Btst, Cheapest, awl Most Successful 1< Family Paper in IK' Vnion." 2C ? iM \RPER\S WEEKLY. SPLENDIDLY ILLISTRATED. T Xatices of the Press. model newspaper of our country. Corn ' in all the department* of an American 1 Paper, Harper ? Weekly has earned for *! a right to it* title, " A Jocbstai.or CmLi Tl f."?Xev York Etening Pott. ' ev best publication of it* class in America, " > far anead of all other weekly journal* a> permit of any comparison between it and '1 their number. Its columns contain the collections of reading matter that a-e *? d. * * * Its illustrations are n.imer ,d beautiful, being furnished by the chief b, of the couture. ? rioiton Traveler. b' pert Weekly is the best and cost ir.te dc ; illustrated newspaper. Nor does it* depend on its illustrations alone Iu th g matter is of a high order of literary \ ?raried. inetrjetive. entertaining. and an eptiooable.?,Y. Y. Sun. ct SUBSCRIPTIONS?1872. Tl rr- "U1 a. ^ O per s one year, ?? w ah extra ' of either the Magaroe, Weekly, and ill be supplied gratis for erery club of bscritjersal $f 00 each, is one rein.ttaiiee ; copies for $A).Q0, without extra ropy scr.puons to Harper s Magatiru, "\VetU}, cuar, to one address for one year. $10,00 , 1 0 of Harper't Heriodiealt. to one ?<tdr?sr e year, $7.00. Bar* ua.obers ton oe *np ah tt any time. annual rolames of Harper't f^teklj, to loth binding, will be sent by espreee. free Oi rente, for a 7.00 each. A complete set, | nt ising fifteen roluoiea, aent on reoeipt of t*1 t the rate of $3.20 per rol., freight at the Tl te of parehater. < ci postage on Harper t H'eeA'jru M canu a | be which must be paid at the subscriber t oe Bee. Address mi HARPER ft BROTHERS, New Ytrk. few York Tribune. 1873. Sow, .? heretofore. Tnr Ttttarvs (irirn tj first ol all and pre eminently a nnri piper. Prince a Republic?Knglaod and Iteriaauy ideally permeated with Republican idoaa? a.u swaying in the nerveless grasp f a ruler ? food for a King and too weak for a> an. who it ut.ati.a to govern the great island it Mocks the entrance to . r ("..If of Men d equally unable to gi>e it up - th" Hermaneaking peoples agitated by a new l'rote<tsntii. separating from the f-ee of Rome on the gnia of Papal Infallibility and assaic.l: g t ? eogoire the--Old Ca'holics" the wh ( m lent pervaded br the intelle -tual ferment that r.( fl,. ..1.1 , 0L1I0 phical.lheolojpcal, material, and the advances rhyaica! Science?I{n<?ia and (irrat Britain nmng a race for the final (tains that shall [ermine Asiatic snf remacy?China seeming a jr to abandon her aJtanees and rec!o?e her df opened gates?Japan abolishing feudalism id inviting Western Civilisation to irradiate estem commerce to enrich her long-hidden npire??iirh are phases of the news froru abroad hich the mails over all Continents and the ires under all Sea* are daily bearing to u?. 'ith able and trusted Correspondents in the ading capitals and wherever great changes are i progress, Tnv Tfusrve aims, at whatever >st. to lav before its readers th?? most prompt, i Hrp'.ete, and popular presentment of these I verse and contacting movements?through all f which, aw it fondly trusts, the t >i!ing masses e everywhere struggling up toward larger re , ignition and a brigh'er future. At home the struggle for Freedom seems over. : he last slave has long been a citizen : the last I ^position to emancipation, enfranchisement. ; jual civil rights, has been formally abandoned, o partv. North < r South, longer disputes the suit of the War for the I'nion; nil declare that iese results must never be undone : and, with whole people thus united on the gram! plat >rm of All Bights for All. whereto our bloody ruggle. and the prolonged civil contents that rflowed, have led us, the Republic chases the ?cords of the bitter, hateful Past, and turns eaoefully, hopefully, to the less alarming beiu9e leas vital problems of the Future, io hatever may elucidate the general discussion r action on thfse. The Tkibiwk gives amplest ;>ace and most impartial record. Whatever arties may propose, whatever political leaders iay say. whatever officers mav do, i- fairly set own in its columns, whether this news helps or inner* its own views, its rentier* na\e me ght to an honest statement of the facta . and lis they always get. Hut as to its own political principles, fiu aibl'n'e is of course, hereafter as heretofore, le champion of Kqual Rights, irrespective of lace, Nativity, or Color. It stands inflexibly y the Anundments for the permanent security f those Rights, which have been solemnly in ^rporated by the People, ?u the Constitution of le United States. Independent of all political artie", it endeavors to treat them all with judi al fairness. It labors to purify the ad minis ation of tiovernmeut, National, State, and lunicipal, and whenever those in authority, hether in National, State, or Municipal affairs, ike the lead in this work, it will then in give lein its cordial support. Hut it can never be i? servitor of any political party : nor will it lrrender or even waive its right to criticise and jndemn what is wrong, and commend what is ght in the action of any parties or of any pubc men. Now, as always, Tuk. Tribune labors witl^all s heart for the promotion of tho great ma ?rial interests of the country. 1 he progress f Invention and of Labor-Saving, the developlent of our resources, the preservation of our and for the Candles* and its rapid subjugaon to human wants, the utilization of our vast nderlying t 'res, the extension of the facilities >rbringing Producer and Consumer nearer toather?whatever tends to ?well the rank?, inrease the knowledge and bettor the condition f those devoted to Productive Industry Hnds lention and encouragement in our columns. The Weekly Tribune, now more than thirty ears old, has endeavored to keep up with the rogress of the age in improvement and in on?rprise. It devotes a large share ot its col inns to Agriculture a* the most essential and eneral of human pursuit?. It employs the ble*t and most successful cultivators to set i>rth in brief, clear essays their practical views f the f armer's work. It reports public dis ussions which elucidate that work ; gathers roui every source agricultural news, the re oris of the latent experiments, the stories of he latest successes and failures, and whatever jay tend at once to better Agriculture, and to ommend it as the Cr*t and most important of rogressive Arts, based on natural science. 1 iie Weeki y 1 ribi'NK appeal* also to Teach rs, Students, and persons of inquiring minds, y the character of its Literary contents, which rielude reviews of nSI the work* proceeding rom the master minds of the Old or Neve Vorld, witli liberal extract.) from those of special interest, imaginative Literature also laims attention, but in a subordinate degree. 'Home Interests are rliscussed weekly by a idy specially qualified to instruct and interest er own sex, and the younger portion of the ther. No column is more eagerly sought or erased with greater advantage and profit than ers. The News of the Day, elucidated by rief comments, is so condensed that no eader can deem it diffme, while given suf ciently in detail to satisfy the wants of the verage reader. Sclectioin* are regularly made om the extensive Correspondent* of Tut hll.y Tbibi'ss from every country, arid its diiorials of more permanent value are here sproduced. In short, Ihk W ekii v Ikibisk oinmends it-elf to Millions by ministering to leir intellectual wants more fully than they re met by any other journal, while its regular (ports of the Cattle, Country Produce, and ther Markets, will of themselves save the irmer who regularly notes ihern far more than is journal's price. hor the faintly circle of the educated farmer r artisan, Tbf w? kwlt Tkibink has uo suerior, asis proved by the hundreds of thou tnds who, having read it from childhood, still berish and enjoy it in the prime and on the own hill of life. We respectfully urge those ho know i?s worth to commend TDK Wxkki.t kis' vk to their friends and neighbors, and we roffer it to clubs at prices which barely pay the >st of paper and pres*work. TKiiMS or THE WEEKLY TKIUCN K to >4 a ix. .hi HSCaiBtRH. ne copy, one year?62 issues... (2 uo ire copies, one year - 62 issues 7 50 TO OXE APDRESS. All at one Post Office. J copies 11 20 ea h > coprei 1 10 each. ) copi es 1 O' ?ach. And an extra to each Club. TO tV?S or SCBXCkZBCR*. AH at one Post Office. > copies ... fl 3' each tcopies... - 1 20 each. > copies.... I 10 each. And an extra to each Club. bed' For Clubs of hj'y i Mt tWn; r aiB< \e will be sent ax an extra copy. NEW YOUK SEMI VVEEK1.Y TKIHL'NK publiahed every T asotY and Ekidsy, and, tiny printed twice a week, it contain* nearly 1 tne irupor'ant N'?-w?. Correspondence, He ew?. and Editorial* of Tux Diii.y, including erything on the subject of Agriculture, and ; ocn interesting and ta.^ab'.e ma ter, lor , ere is not sufficient room in the Wtaxtr siavac. Tut Stui-WssaiY Taiatrxc a!so ves, in the course of a year, iimtt oa rora the Hist ss.d Lstcst For. lax Novate, authors. The roit of the e alotie, if ugfct in book form, would be from six to e gbt illar*. Its Las hern lately reduced, ? at Clubs can now secure it at iinie more than <? v. -?1, i?j single ot j kf v? kf* f. y. owLere *-.! * no much < rjrr*?n? into!]ig*roce id i>ermai;*nt literary matter br had at so eaj a rat.- a* ?u tb* Scmi-Wkbsly Tiiioi. EP.MS OF THE SEMI WEKKLY TRIBUNE, ae copy, one one, 1 >4 ninUn.. .... %?. '?j ?e copies, or over, tor each copy 2 ho ;o copies hl4 oue extra copy lor . . Zi 00, TLIM.3 OP TUt DAILY TRIBUNE. To Mail Sabscrihers, flo a year Tux Tkiacxx Almxsxc for le73 will o? ready .out Sew Year's. Price 'M cenia; 7 for $1. Always ?eod a draft on New York, or a Post rrtc* Most* Oafata, if poaa.Ue. Where iiher of these can te procarei, send the oaey, err xjlwxts is t Hkjutieio l i-rrta. ? refiatratioa fee has been reduced to ? istsix Via, and the jrreeent rejiatraiion system has an food be the postal authorities to he arly an aUolue protect.on against loeees by all. Address In Taiarat, New York. Taw: Can nt Ahrasea,' 1 PROSPECTUS ** OF Till NEW NATIONAL ERA I EWIS it nou?l tss, ; IJI( H.\ni? T. (iltEEVKU, I JOHN II. COOK, > Tk*Xn NuMti bA?illp?t?l *>.. fold nature -that of ?n A Irn. ?n l an j-s_ tutor. As an Advocate it * a?.)r'a-. i n! tarn every right reii, independent of rat e r, r a )? birth. It will demand the rerijnr of 'hen righu whereter the Cp?litotioo v. ndaor rational ensign waves. As an I i . r , coinmns will be an espec el me i 11 ; effective diffusion of right |.r *i .pie, a- i r.,;. nee tie I instruction, IM It 1- . a' ... , those babi's of it. I :-"rt. . : lianre wbi'h Cond .te to in leper,den' ,oj and ? tality a-i i energy tofre^ goverr.rr." insuring in return bhtasmgr > the go rr.e i While th - edit .rs of IM Nt? N't . a are rolore<l men. and the < ontribu' irs w i| re* ft..* i a lie .? tbo iliscuasion oi all quest. >r. < of \.:al ?;np)r* ance to the country by any of !:? ?' u:.? C is: munications suitable for pi i" - ?n ;n :h i columns, are solicited from >ur friends in ai. parts of the country, espcc ally .a the .South S'AtCS. thf. political department I Upon aU questions int dvir.g the esp*? . . teresta of the colored Am- r ?n , *./ \,, , simple rule of equal justice for aii men w.i: g,r ern the policy of the Nkr N 4- >\ai.E 4 i. demand the recognition of r. > r.ght f .r .4 cit 'en whi h ir will not free , a ?r 1 t . ; other. It Will OppOM IB| IttSnpt to 4 , privi!.? < > upon a class, th. ?* are w.r'uh- i i fru:u 1 lbs humblest citsMa in tkeiii 1 It will Ian ind ; for every citizen equal." ' mil . ftsd full protection of person and pro{ r\y n every Stat* and Territory of the Nation:,'. 1'n; >r; Die Nit Katiosi !':%?. take | upon all public questions, an 1 labor to insp.ran openness of purpose are', encour.n. A action, especially auiongtl. newly*: ar.eL.s 1 people of the reconstructed States bering the past history of th ? Uepu n par'y and recognizing what it has done ?*>r the colore i people of the nation, the NVn X? -\a. Ktu will give its hearty support to that party w.h - reserve. Thi- pledge ?>f tide l:y t ?ti.Repulf. 1 can party is given under tho conviction, anl with the assurance, that in the future, as iu th I past, that patty will be the steadfast an 1 all support of those principles of justice an lh *;, which have now become a part of the organ. of the land. the educational By education the pe q.le . >f a free GoTernmst.'. such as ours is intended to be, are better q fied to discharge their duties to the State, n-.i to one another. 1 he nation will ev.?r ti 1 1 surest safeguard in the ir.'eliigen e of r * v masses, and the journal which woul 1 pr . 1 the highest good of goveniinent and pmust lend iu energies and ^ power to the w of educating that people. Especially is * I agency of the press needed by that pot' [the people, colore! and white. who, either ' slavery or under the ban of 4r-? blighting iu i tluenees, have been J priv? i of the opport-'. j ties enjoyed by th? Ir more favored I: ??hre& 1 the free States. THK INDUSTRIAL DEPARTMENT. The industrial interests of the colored pe<"i ! will claim and receive a large share of our a* ! tention. The New Xationai Era will be made a i-? nimble visitor for the family an 1 the fire i and we earnestly appeal to our friends every where to aid us by their ? 1 riptions an i t!:-..intlusnce. The subscription price of tho New Nation . Era will be $2.f>0 a vear for single sub '?*rip?i*>r: . or 6 copies for $10, in advance. ! Address FKEDKIUCK OOCOI.ASA,.Is l.oilt Itoi 31, Washington, I*. < OUR PREMIUMS. To any one sending m subscriber*, with "hi cash, at our subscription rates, we w. i forv.irt per express premiums in a?vr?rdan< e with ?'-* I following. Address Frederick l>ou?' wt, ' liOfk Box ' I, Washington, PC For 10 subscribers I Swn G. ! \V ur It y'tO tM> ' For 30 sub icribers 1 Silv Am Watch. IO Oh For 20 subscribers 1 Swiss 1 <-ver Watch *20 Oft For 1 " ub . ribcrs 1 a- t Silv. T- Spoon ; IO tMf For 10 subscribers 1 Gold Thimble T OO i For 5 sub erioer* cash . .. 3D LITTLEFIKLD S M IM UB STUFF ENGRAVING PRESIDENT GRANT i For two subscribers, with the money, w? i wilfjend two copies of the paper one year aci ( resent the person sending us the names with /ittlefield's Splendid Steel Engraving ol Brest dent Grant, by ina?l postpaid, carefully put up on a roller. This engraving costs thr ee thoujan 1 dollars, and the impressions sell for three iol lars each Cash Premiums 1 r <?r ten years .ulm-rilx-M will gr.o ? ca.-h premium of'fc.O; lor 2u venrly sulj , sorilier*, SH>; t'..r 1 <H? yeaily aiilMcrilicr, Periodical Premiums. We offer fur one subscriber sending $ ' on * ; copy of the Nn w Nationai Kka one year au i either of the following periodica! > : 'J he 1 rn \ rican Agriculturist for one year, published monthly, containing 44 Inrg pages, adapted to ' the farm, garden, and hou ..-hold, the suOsrrip tion price of which alone is $1.60 ; Or J'eter* Musical Monthly, full of m ur al genu, for si/ months, the subscription price for that period being $1.60; or the fiemoj the 1Vest, a monthly, for one year, full of goo ! reading, incident.? the late war, and one of the fine-it 1 /liar zines in the country. In addition to th?- above w ii- r either Hi per'* Sew Monthly Magazine, II nj> Bazaar j or Harper * Weekly ana year to any one lending us $b.'2o. The nub-' ription pi ,f ? -her of th? . journals alone is |l per yar The an paper* j nted no new commendation from us; their r"p utA'.ion is already establish*- i We will send Lif>piu&>tt i Majazinc on<-, at.d the New Naiiomai. K".a one yar to any one ending us five dollars. Subscription i*rUe ot ttu J'cu ^ tViftonal ? ru HAYAbLt IS V AH i A UL Y IN A DC A XCt I I '-as > -a? ?4 5 0 i t copy ?:* I '4 5 ^ 1 c It.." G J I ? c.pla'/Oi 10 00 4 c-.(iU-4 HI U 'litki 5 50 1 1 copUsoae ya?/ '40 OU I 0 "vpl#s tit rr. nOi? I O 00 0 r. ,t It!*) If it .? t. t - . *. ;.t t. fr.U* !?r >**r. oi |! 2i f r tic v. i.tK* If .: Iiti!* ytrs/bti tncf4< t Ism 4i.i p?y To prtttDl Pmm Mot *11 rn-jti*) a, Oft Or.'?-i. K? fitter I loutrri, >r L<?fU AM P??tai*-t. r? are 0hUgs4 t tag c r?<p.est ?1 to 4o V/. Tt.ef- P r r-fUUi.r.f . tbU Allr-t# rRKOlCUIt K imiGLASI, Jr. I k BM 'J: w*.cj>r-?. D <Agents for the New National Era fc'.NICt Y SHAM'. II '-1 1 i. t, W..I. ..4 * V !(.-t vf ? V ? i> c GBirn**, ow ? Ok;^ Dr A A KA i 7# <.*Ur ?t *'t Nfc*\ TehO ' ? It II BINULt.Tort. W.mUmI* T?ni? irOR iK T JOIIN-'>N s - W. M f.t.; x V! ftkA*U* II VLKTCIIKK %0 l Riatl it.. k.M, M?i II M . ABlc la lUl 4 hklcukr. A?mm l a fattW * \ G? kI' IIAKl? RBL30X.<H: ? J II. UTUNL CMUa-Uva^, k hMtil.l ,-.a J HARlfN l? i??r .Owl JOHN * <; >* H A. Uutlo4. c^ab-.t*. ? J T V'Jib, J4>?W s *Ti4T-9 C - . W VUMBRINUa^kt.A^aoA ft If TMItftllCT !>? <? ?l-a.a? An^i MBNRY L WILLI*** #.-??%. ?*? Wwui^i i '(?( >M,kai/e (. ILM urloiy i. HKiiKa, ii n i tfr? ViOLY MCA t A llfc^LtTI ? ?. btsitr A *?A . A *4 . *** N ATM A N ?PKAWU I ?k iu? v. o walk/ n. t *? * pioHN J K'i'KK Lia^Jut -i-aa. CUAB N UINTAH ? -v-t teak, iu ? >rtA UfoUM. iamckl *i?;lk ?.i ...I-. ?. n v-h-a ' J?o n m:kuill. u> t..w. ?i. ?.. ? aari. ?"> K a llHUur. ^u'Hi ii. .. u>.< 040 4 AbtKK I > 4J C.U!:. J. MATIUAJ VfM t WAI-KKR (UnT+l %4 t at Ur?a URN BY CLAY. I (Civ lWc*. A;UtiM rtlIUMAV A B?\A . HAB Iv \JLADLRv l#t lull. ii4 < A l-Ut J A WHY K 0Hr.K? ?'k vV, WM V. JAUB4 ftlM BUR. R A. MAl'o '? ? ?*" ???.?? htN'-J < Kt WAAT44 T. CLA44. tti tort .t.~? D?t*' "VSRftASC* (AUt t ?. A t- Hmu Kotuu I?n;:w7 ? BJ3?0xJlW>. I?A>?l!?i A, V.

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