Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 1, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 1, 1842 Page 1
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I I ^ .I. ' , i ? /?,*. I# ci ^ before their ia ^ >u h<ul> at ?v h-Issued every morning?price tie ouutry rn'jacribera furntahed at tk any specific period, ?a * rea? ttance i] i < irvrr sent, unlove raH in advance. alh?leaned every Saturday morning, I nricf ijc?tt? per copy furnished to coat j at fS per annntp in advuMO. ?*. -kt? are requoatad to address their letter moon Bsuiteir,Proprietor and Editor; tad aj Utinsaa must he poet paid ^ AQEHTI !f. T. Herald In the United Statee, , . George W. Redding. Jta- "V . ?.G. B. Ziebsr. pa John K. Curua St Co. ..." William Taylor. Pa R. O. Berfurd. R-I . John Green. - J. B. Loak. J. 8. Barber. Morgan Satfr*' ' C. ToIH-V, G.H a-^ferkCo. isfin F. Curna It Co. , ...??..8. A Holme*. I R. J. Woodward. W. N. H&ldeman. * Magnke. ' Levi Willard. , ? V". Levi Smith. *; - Jamea Robertson. V L. Moore. n" Herlburt k Newbm l .Conn D.O. MitchrtJ. J Mas* ...S. Thompson. y/ick, S.J Wm. Solomon. J.. D. Smith. J T. rage. J Matthew l*?nghertT f. .. George Ctare? 7 r T 8. Hawk* >, Conn .L. L. Snerry. ?n, N. J..-vtrf\ Samuel Crane. W B. Graves. ckkn division ok the new yok 1 AND EKIE KAJLHOAD. ollo?i'iK! *rrau^i??nt, ?t Pi. , -1** ? ''offeree, Ka-rup-i HtUlou. Mo Wi Ck, t.U]r) k??n > eoaipoar TtftMIM ) ?w?mboi 1 vv* V' foot< DOO - 4 Cs k V i . > * I * " . y . | " ' *i! -to M?I.? Co? ^ Hit aide of the ri?e nt by attnmboat Ut timed. and thane* to n* LI ay leiae New Y at I w'clock,aadairiT< #'Imapeat route to Alba, rg'i coiotajijua aj.d wanned he e4?? at will 1* by aleantboat dsUy ? : 'd ik rut it. / r.. DBA* h tut Newlrg'i Ma. IV ?\ may ttcurr vut'if ate"mbi?a "it'l ritl-otd n r<irner'a, Itl ntila* t WVb wliiti i"..t a *'iiV? tureiiiu at to cobt Viv- NaouVul ' 1 d28 Ij JH Li'.i1 Hi'iX'i i< I.ine?It'*ul?r I'aai Mill J an:at v Vita Ithndtil f ml aailing jito:! ??nvftIB\N Cni't.f A Deyeyiter, o( ! asibo'Kliai' V'tlar .it. tr w--*- aaaoig trhitm-MiiioM aaniw1 i-WfctTtiar.|li' on bn U at <>rl*<u< whatf.f V K < H.t i.N- fc t O.. ?s Mouth atrea SfeOaJilck.Catt. Wj. faiddy. of 1-108 tc He Mhtrtdtut. ?tl tail W the-iith February, AV r-ty upoai k (hi| ?n( thi* liua lading r? "teed. dv %*ljVRitlV?Vl..- yaetutiha let J?nu-i? ttpriar hnt rl*? Ual.aiiine pafkil.hip lifr 1 KILL 0*41 I< U^Ti UHM ?*' Ifi? r.Oaa. ii. .arn.trat |a?*tic*ra. wl>Hl. m , . ure ber yWKM'in . .1 > I ! t il I ' a - ?|K.a?h e're* <~Jf K V > ? i.i ' ? i, i ? mi and fS f ? K.. i ?- m' " ' lanurv ?1 E yd f?u ? hi < ? * l flhslVri.C till |a-i in >r re/ulwrda) Mk ' ' l.-.Jt i ,;?le J ' in..mi a mad, it Wall oi , K fc it I lla K < 'I M Mouth? I be lafc u i.i I ... gwda by ttiii hue t lOriawa Jm O VoatrulT, atu mil pens soda to nut W. p LC'l ' M Mu"ord. will *u<ce*d fA .ail tw ' ' ! , i v TIVf.KPO'tL^r^l,,, of-pc7t rSTi B Tb?A t . W* fn' d i %,.. pvk*'i ?hip ft* >flpt* H?i'c*w iiNivt. ht rrew* V 'alifHii lc>>- *-' > ?i?vrii?i *nl,,u ar?fl *t *r ow*'? t? mm* Tb i g?citr* lertvi<*. pi* 'u * n>a*??ar!y ap;>l I of M**t r KM k McMrmrvv. in, . mr Ir.ll ("i. trul ^"M s.s RietV't'vbt??*y> f *? ? 'Iht , i! .n Hie U.u Junuuy. 'AL "1.1 I rttoTh':. wkkkT .auk rtfFlCt. B -w Yoik. -"to inenta for'h' j h neiiticr ala i t aim B :or nta-y \ i B i' at of t: ir, Hi Ir.l* vil, Mi an ari-.iiamoda m bfS rrr,or.l.w wrtl d| aebet ?bt a rMlit.) i Itl ., aud adtb i/l B iti?rrih?i- tohase .1 w n. totrt d lajr, i . i'ialie 11 mi e*< . - my the Lit TV may t-m't'i.-h w hi ft' haa r< n r? I i i w a a?n 1iL rug On !ui j r y?? ? H?ur r .:?.< i.1 .'or ll r y. S>h Ofci J' ud Loin , N? Slo * iu; i jfr - ^ 'V--.; t A-i-*ipST L-*r? %i N MUSIC?Mr. MAlfMN^O^^fyxamn ptes, pupil o. Its oaMeratad?aciui sori.Crracerucliou en Ural Is ?uit.Mk,tiinea, ID It'Ui V.u|t|*h Minaftig, andia thr m?Jt IWMotfable at ' U> inc. Mr M has rermiaio to rsfsr to -rifht, D. D.; Mtuli h Aspiow ^D.M.; J. T.BrtgtJira, F. i^Hawkes, D. irsides at >1 Walker Xlt+?r Brtvolw , ?t? IB /DHKTH PIlLSmiollit 241 Iroiilwiji, ,, 1*6 Huil-,i j street, to 1 ITS Stcoud street, ill C Cents ii*i -?"i with directions. P QQ- " ANKER OF THE MOUTH -/? I Fore iro .th Cross canker. ulcerate J or sore throat, pat1 lh? breast bone, ire apeeJily nutd by a few dost solBR"? . ORETHM PILlH. These unpleasant and paiulul ei^^F*" re ?ll cured by ptirif, toy the blood. p, Seren years hire nearly elaps'd since the PrTul)) , * were *r?t introduced by Dr. Beiuainiii Bre^J*1!}:! i e United btites.Huil he isli.inpy to nay that tb-F "JTitiun ie u B tor with tlie Amerteau public, and that tS^r*"""1""0 U " on the inerraw. rf_^eUi to ensure It creelv necessary for Dr and Dcrsooal friend# thai he continu-i hn u.nre-.'iwy?f irr Brandeth Pil ? teiilion in Ihe mMuf^etnnnKder^rtn^n,!^! or Miaeral p or that they are entreaty tree and*ii?der#iood to * paralioo#, these fact# h?iug and other deleteiion# ren |) an. While Mercury and M< %n unpopular, the Brandeth Pi die# are becoming miir* *nf iherr uaefulot## by Uie nppree are extending the sphere 9 tionofaft?oerouj| ublf%D|iKTH PILLS. Pairoii# of B'andreth'# Pill#. Security NEW LABELS. , _ _ * Lnb I# on > #i' gleonx of the Oeauioe Br, . (& Jfi'XulMD SM3 LETTERS!" ore h ? t '"uenre ol the great rariety of coauterfeit label# in Co* Hraidreili'# Pill#, and which, in many inatancea, Pr*'**re#emblea, in outward appearance, the genuine ol" I DfVtyl? a# often 10 deeeieet e uuwa y. Doctor Bi and re feting under a ?en?e of dulv to the public, ha# employed thi celebrated artiata, Meter#. Pcrkiu# and trurand, wli.i hive# cctded in producing, at great cost, three new libel#, fr t eel, of extreme difficulty of execution, and ol to complies! anature.a* to amount to an impo#?ibi'i'y of imitation, bei coraidired by jud. e> a master pieee in the art at'engraving. The border of the top, and also of the under lan?l. t# co pneed of the mo?i elaborate aud ch #! patteru# of lace wo To crown the climax of these heautifuf Ubel#, the t aper whim they see print.di? yre*iou#ly printed with Red I after adman #o x.|ui?ite and to miuU'e a# to defy e< mpt on; the top and the under label each eonlaia the wu ' BENJAMIN BltANDRETHH PiLLS," written m i ink neady two hundred time#?the top and u- der label e lainh g, therefore, upward# of fixe tboiuaud letter*. . 1 here ieaWo upon the t?p, the under, and the aide label, t signature# of Dr Rrandreth; one being hi# regular signal, f thu#?8. Riaudreth; and the o'her hi# full signature, thu Benj<min Brand erh; both being fae-?imile? of the writini Dre Brandeth, to imitate which ? forgery! The Bracdmh Pill# hariag hese lab#l? upon them, can rebed upon u* the true a no g-uutne. Dr. BK.ANDkKTH'S Principal Ottice. U4I Broadway, N. other offiois iu New York, UT ,,ud#on street, aid Bowery. ( 175 Second ?'re?t. .'rj# en.I 14 R HEUMATI3M EMEU 1UALLY CUREDe- t he rv tranntiuary efficacy of THE CHINESE MIXTURE effenually ear n# ih# mo#t#avrre case# of this exerwjtar disease, i# unnarsllrled It is truly dearrving the serious tie* of the afflicted, f.w it# application t>a# univeiaally been ? It" ifJ li/ the nio#t #ig?a! aaceets. In tsttim ny of it# rffi If e*nloTow,f1( " annrViL Others, e?iiiallv,ati.<aett ,h< ;,1o4bS' MARTIN J.K0R8T. KYtYo,k ^ot,v P,"M " U>e ' m^Uo~^I'?nC l,fd."pon hv.cMr Z1*""' ' Font to exp. hLi!u?1 in ralstion to th# efficiency of hie remedy _ .of.'*#1' by at# U rg thai hay tug ?i ? .LSi??l2L^r*iit. VJf'Jf' "i"1 lt '? ?>' ??rjr b#t ex lei - l7-Ntafll undmj ^Hou# disease hat remedy h*a bad* me J with complete aureeaa by peraoiii ol ST4""" , and mdced^m^no^u^ h,?SH^YS.' j? 1? 1 Trrelfui rtrtr 'a New York, Per.U 1M1. x? ./tea i-iyJL BKNJHvjirf Zml i n'?- jTTTznmr.r ; Lt thralls of the Bmndrarh 1Priucip ?l,Sll Bn * way. New York Other office. W ^on TnUt?7t Bo ry; Baeojditra^1. 'ftlti.leljr.u, ? North Kic 2 ^.a,tMa> O"*0!" . * at; Baltimore, corner of Li?hi - direct : Pan !ygh. 1M Wnxl atraets CharUatoa Mtr.iuu f tract ? N W Itrle in*. S Old Leree ; CiuCinr Tnird street; Lnaiartlle, M Kourtu atreet ; Rienmoat, Tl street; St Louie. 1# lit ?<n afreet ; Montreal. 33 Notre D " atrart; P.'iaghke<.p>iv. N. Y. Albert Van Klceck ; Norwli Ot. W Falkner : Hertford, Ct. Henry Benton: New Hi . Ot.Chirlea roeby ; Miidletowo, Or; R. Ohafhc. The I are sold at 35 ceu'a tier baa, with ti-ll li.rec'roni.t d Ji nOM'.Kby k OQ.'tJ Albany ani> tf?rrn.u rata. JT E.rac.a and Aaiinr-Kor the Tranap rtalion of i eie. Bank No'ce, Small Psck-iere, Sample (roods, Vulu .t Parcel., he. kc., in coaueaion with Messrs. Harden kCo ?f Now York anil A bake to Buffalo, ria Seheneeudy. Ul . Syraeuae, Auburn, Btnaca Fat la, Geneva, Cauaudaigua, i. cheater, Ratavia kc. M Messrs. Pomeroy 3rC2r will attend to the Collecting, or 1 ma Nolea, Draft*. Bill*, A eep?*ncea. kc., and transact ail any such business a* shall be committed to their charge in l a hove named placer, with prompt nese. _ JUrrarwrao: Brn*tua Corning. Mr, President Albany City B-uk Thomas W. Olc#tiJICa?i., " Mechanica and K'mera A. D. Patcbin, taa,Caahier N. Y. State bank Noah Lee. * * Albany' ok 1 Watte ?h?rmen, " * Albany City Bank1 d ?liu fa v lor, \ fffiee NoJ Wall *tn#r. Saw York. P0MEROY k CI'., Office No.? Dourr*. Buildings, Conner State and Market street*. Altr lhany. Noe. tTth. itth al?t dAPMANf! AI.E AND CHC HOUSE. No. 3*1 Hudioii aTacrr. jXHWMAN respectfully in'orme hi* friend* and Pttelic pa general, that he continues to aerve up in hie n amnner?Meaki,i A?o|i*,Outlet*, broiled, fried,ate "ted auura.v Oysters, Welsh Rarebila, Punched Km. i ??fh*'wt?h Ma superior Hparkltna Ale. brewed ea|>eci ^"-nttkkjaritfwflt^ which ia uuerpialled is this city. 'if " r? M sw5 ny. ted ataay ithwh""" in thta ctte "** 1 Z A^'^^'JSii'ir.a'asr^rcrale and app&?tionojKg gyrppoRTKRB. 4t They Warykovrth aaaartaant .wild aw-re te entrance, ra ,he? ''TtiVfiTtorasaleofT raneesand Itayw"'ln?bro?,? . ' Kd for mercanti'.abuameae. laantirely distinct from the ra oader the charge afthe Surgeonfor the apgUcatwn of Tn ket a fttheenat tenia tkan Ibner aanltn C'O Ar|(\ BKWA-Jt-rr, - ??,?? bjr -?).6,UVJ1I ritUoii ^i,p?.",?',~-,h',.yr',l l'<> cor?ry of rturfrrti TomitTieMlIi K WT( HP IT, ami itv ?<"" bJ aim i' fitr'ry boaka .o tnVJ!" <J 'J l< -ili.rt.nbi , , 'Mr-b.anord <fc? l?.a to hit to, ?ic*V ?? forp?l ebecfc '?J lh* rnonay. or is pro urn kit Car mif piNt I tin* lb wui ? < H??d p,teh?r it tb..?< l? , ran rf V? SHC."* ,LX ? A-r?d cowplrii n voH mMia buir, ,?^k>r T nchto) ,, J ? " '??r tnucb eoTOfWl Willi ptMfiiaf nr blntrli?3vtHlUawi r ,7 b?? kt ^ acCOMMfe br a > OM-tfar krntlw r r,| ? "? It it nm-iiif A that M >?n(? Pilch# r purtbttfu^, i f' ?"**r>?*. *? ? Jr?*" by h-ui ..i, J. Bull.'i *r" o., London. for CltU atnhur, to tor order ol Mauiirr ' or JaoroorL tbt ptymrnt <-f wricb baa nr. n titpfM 4 tad th? lie arc lartby eutivattl HUM! bu> m |tbr a-uor. ,SiF.rVs.J' Ci"M J.B. THf.\ OA, t aah ,r Jluladctphta, Drc. |?. IMI. -H? Z f^OMMlsiliWr t'^PBP WJHitlSfll'ia., Vim t KJ.I ^ stikrr.i fcttp roJ.tartly Mi hand. ml offer lor nil, ia *" ^ iimR * *" q^iu"tm>~ J ha* ?l?? kary on hand a t?pj? taaoi tmrot ol W.i?* I BlmtMny P..wdrr, rod Aah. lor V -S v\ offrr at rrrj- low price* 1 ?H i.wJ ?| Mwrtr IBHKIVul oved frcm ui J tin- ?trrrl to M ( i '. troll return* lUti to the far c in tnml, for the litr ol tup nl for Uh lot Ifltra tiari, ntMi). to mtrll roiiimaaiu ta in tlar nornian till I uV wrraa in (! tttililvp n bar atfford imiwtat.ati ibt r*?n at tbt raiak -itiana s?l>ortnr? A 't,RlMwliatirJMfii Vaborfb, Ac. Itc, me. r.irtahto V M < r birr. B trap ?f m r j* . 'T. / / - i if . V' f fro SW YORK, SATURDAY M m Culumlnu, Geo. m iCorreapoodence of (he Herald.] >le Geo. Dee. 20, 1K11. T.u ( huttai>ooc),*- So cut y? T>ade?Bank*?Ban);r?pt Lnuy?Captam Tyltr?tfw*paptrs?Tht Ht* r Ud and U* Rival, fyc. Jjmc. y m* * from '* Herald above all it* coiu'nJtifnr d.l",,?8ui*h?? the = i?u'.sr' itotrsr^rsf; .. in started forcm versatinn, without the question be[hj ing asked, " What does Bennett say V' Allow me f> to say, in cold earnest, that from no other source t1' can we obtain the same amount of useful and pleasiug information. I have, therefore, been induced V to ask a place in one of yoar columns fora short cor? ? respondence, the object of which is, to give to your numerous readers, in other sections of the country, ne some idea of how things are going on in a Southern !' town, which ranks as third, in point of importance, M' in the State of Georgia. In the first place, 1 may premise, that nur geographical position is at the " Falls of Coweta on ^ the Chattahoochee river ; a bold stream that rushes down from the mountain- in the uorthern part of the of State, and is here precipitated overaledgcof rocks in most beautiful and romamic eoufusion. Navigate, tion is of course impeded, and to this circumstance we owe our advantages in poiut of trade. At the BC" last spring fresket, tne river rose to within a few l, j feet of the level of the city, and the powerful curing rent commenced making a breach in the bank, which has continued to be widened at each successive rise ',11" of the water, until fears are begiuning to be euteron tained,that,at some future day,the fairest portioo of bK< the city will be swept away. Six or eight acres of nk ground at the upper end ol Broad street have nlrearrd dy disappeared, and should another freshet occur on- soon, several bouses will have to be removed or go wo oil'in company with the land. You cannot imagine ire, how sadly the appearance of our place has been ? marred by this untoward freak of the waters. to( Society here is of rather a queer order. We have be resident among us, agreater number of Judges and ex Judges, Generals and ex Generals, Members ol Congress aud ex-M. C.'s besides Culonels, Majors, Doctors, and Ksquires, than can be found in auy (l. town in the Union, containing no more than foui 600 ky* Um rasJlcalfaTalty for reiiefftom Roptiira.Vvioocslt. led J f KTryery t?k stand upon Its own bottom, ?aia a satin I~4 thsoidso tios, to somt pratendera, wfo richly due L Jh? ssr?Mm?kat h?d hs lirsd ad Mm present ysrunlhe e Says applied it, with mora propriety, 10 certain n..U~ M, affect to transact business for cash only. St 44 per ?n( ft her :he price# of tHereapfet?hUmember# of the trade, tme of w carta it his old cash system, that he has followed for tore* , w.- Ort u{xiii n?h hoMting! Why, CHAKl.F* tUX, at th? d ?f the 4?oldeo Fleece, corner of Fulton Naarui #ti y?s who hat nurtund it for almont an a?e, ?e the lather, hterall] father, /tl* canh #vetein,?and. if you talk of cheapoei h*r *etn mouth it with tlie bent of ye"?b?t that ? not bin rt he material*, the eicellenre of hie metenal* hi* workman >ii aiuI the nti?faction hejriven to hi* eurtomert. are the mai the jeetnot hi* HinNtien. Hi*e;?-h yetemand hie remerkaMj price#, er* too well kn**u to ?ecJ comment. Every new t. r?l brief* him the iMhioo* and cloth* of the moet appc ? Hy tee Talk or your 40 per cent, and rour yeartinv f retei pt-- "CtJaW fotV#!?tut. tut, oien. mend before you pretend to u Rp, tt leant, learn to "let "Vfn tub atand no it# ^wn Kiiiom ' TV BAoji COOlTl.NO HTOVA-TMaDnw|yn.Ti *J 1 sdople.J to I he use cf coal ?r tojd, i trt, superior ts any 0,,"|* p.,? in ???. The oven, wiiicli is I. ' that ?f wy ?'lw "flip's 'if the snrae el**, is protect to*- ptrt by a patent guard p?dv* .rrt' ?<o much liea'.ed. ?nd ssnres also fo 'P* c;mnn tilled with cnl or clber 'il?m>elioi.s to tlir drift tlho hi* a Mtrui firmer iii for the Mirponc oi ccl* ?**ir tu Oie v*p?r CSwif 'rom pooWo* ,h?'"J* T*1*'**! 11 no., w-?k n lie t wh??i m oilier Blotet *r? rtiid Jin it tmelenn !>)' in-tr nma",?m Iroin lh* bkre. ?rr to Vrd -.1 to rctt-ite Inn 0 'ine hern-fit fnin the fum it Inr front. AuotlT ???- tir>|?>rt?nt rrrimnMixlntimi ;o llie Y (' okinv Ble??. in <hat it rrnmre* fun tb*n Miy cthei - ? atHO" iijimn Tun iri ranixrli'ully mi.til lc ,,* u,,! mamiuc iur thenrtnlicn. < THOMVB rWAZIKIf*. **W,termor Where may be found ? vtrieiy of tl.n moot tbpenor pill r.' Hill. Parinr, unit oibti Huiten o* 1 y. v I"ock?7LOr K ?,I. OCR*- AN n RFW * Jt M AUfm \ *J t^omiiuieil *??il Whoel Look* ewl Comb union Pud < N ?tkr?c t jptrinr Loekt.ciMUi?tin? ofStnrc, Door, ami H >? l.oetii. Luck* for It*" ' hrttc Book knten.kc.: iiiylil tv i.r* dreileily ?u:#ri irlo mtf n mrrfcnt. Wtill- |i?rf< in th-ir occwtinn *n?l ue, lb' y nir ripiM ed m ? V* . niher lock.nnJ inly turi/t?ne?i by Dm celebrated I J"^ioti lork flUe inn' lueenior The prinrip em t> .|i??^.enMtr"rt*<l in nniirn'j tie*. ?.' itinV'licr-d ' rur|:^Vdiniiir.rliu?,a? ntnliue ?!, 'he mod ?oipt Padt/rkXi" pni-e of ttnre m r Lock, uc %H lo $I5< **r A ?.,n^W l" fit tl.n d' i?? " re _ . jJ^jrpcin of ("'.*! I < k fr H .il Hunt ml * ihp't T.v-^ a j6s lD inuusi&uu miiiiuiuuis. .nuung lac vx-ita# v. s ??*. in* Colquitt the "consecrated," and Cooperthe "pron"" acribed," both again candidates for election the ea< [?' filing January, with every prospect of success.? try. Columbus will then have the honor of sending thres ,hc out of the Slates' nine representatives to Congress But, not only do we figure in the way of large pollrn tical characters;we have also among us a great dea! far of money talent. Brokers are thick as blackberries, and ene large concern of this kind has been so farlus tunate as to get n charter from the Legislature, le it'i galizing the trade in money at whatever rate thej "o choose to fix upon it. The name of this establish mcnt is The Western Insurance and Trust Company," but very few persoas know it by anj nanu -? than that of the "Shylock Benevolent Association.' smT- present the favorable side of the picture, wi we- have enterprizing merchants, industrious luecha - nice, and any nutaber of beautiful women you want "7'0 Some of our girls would not suffer in comparisoi isti. aven with the belles of" Mrs. Matt's ball," uulesi tiod they are fairer than the "Houries " We have here icf' however, no such extravagant displays as we reat ven' of at Gotham, nor ao 'check apron" doings either '' Hi The trade af Columbuj is very considerable.? ?i_ Fram thirty to forty thousand bales of cotton an sold here annually, bringing aver a million of dot *bl< lars into the market. If we had good specie banki ron to back this trade, there is no telling how prosper Hs onsly we should get along. But the two banks nou in operation here are both in a state of ingloriou suspension, and are really doing us great harm bi preventing a better currency from finding way t< us, which would soon be the case if they were ou of the way. The Phetiix Bank and the old Ineuranci B Hank, formerly owned by Biddle, it is said,are botI ready to commence on good specie bs^is : though I believe.tbe community teeis.witb regara pretty much like the Fox in the fable. A ne? sw*ri? * ? *-?aore damage than the old. Bank diflW very little from tltee tn ikaii. Jiiposuu. 4. seek. Wc had a meeting, a few-nights ago, relative t uy the Bankrupt Law of the Extra Session. Resolu 01 tions were passed'eoudemning it,and requesting it )P repeal Very few whigt were present. On] th whole it was rather a poor affuir. The Message of Captain Tyler is variously csli mated. Most of the Whigs and some of the Demo crats approve it. I rather think it is popular witl 1 he majority, and will do the Captain good. Ilei vtr- not headed yet, nor wont be. "IfJ bav'"lbree weekly newspapers printed here in*# nne Locofoco, one Democratic, and one Whig o ) st State Rights, as it chooses to style itself. The t w II former oppose the administration, and the latte iKa- supports it, fincality and all, if I may be allowed ti n? judge from the tenor of its article on the President' h,, message last week. L Columboa, Ohio. eke [Conefpomlence of the Her?l<t.] CoLrMurs, O., IVC. 2b, 1H11. ?mt Mo'( ?Tht OranviUt Bank in Dangtr1UU ' '' r Bank of St. Clair Repudiated? I til hm *>nSUnnon-(..^nli(m, J4 J.s.mes G. Rtssrrr, h. , _ iTot Dear SIR? 7uid In my ,eller !o >'oa of the 22 " -M predicted, 1. !he resolution "repuuio-^ hora ti-?n, wnirti p?*rd the Ohio House of Ke, ^ . tivee the other day, that ihe result of the vote n'.' f *tlf? be very different were the question again proposer i?.b? I waa not aware, at that time, that my words woul "hip! so foon be verified ; for scarcely was my letter o "low lUi way to New York, than Mr He (irand Hyingtor nv th?* would-be locotoco leader in the House, propose Jy a ?<*t of resolutions in which he d^nouncd r frauds which might have been committed in rnakin loans, alluded to the loans from the Franklin IV,nk < ? "w this city, and from the Bank of Chilicothe, as bein JS in this claw, aud concluded by resolving to repud, ate Jl such transactions. When tin- vote was to ^ ken, I was proved a true prophet, for iu?tead gf l?r" " c*n,ora''r kru,,r^" *'*> u'ho voted arrainei the ar tts 'i repudiation resolution. 19 were found in favor c J* j| Mr. Byington'n, to tl ??aiu?t it. hvov >?- ,k r j? 2H was a loculoco ; two locos were voted wiih the 11, ;n which were whig*. Had the two absentee# bett?* hx additional votes would liave give :f. S favor of repudiating all the debts that majority might choose to pronounce fraudnlen ?tch- in the Ohio Mouse of^ Kepre-f ntalives !iPty And in the Senate, ysu know, Mr Fditor, the anfl Wh r* Pu^',,'( n resolution wa- referred to a commute t b? which, it is universally believed, will ner *r report i barn, by ?n actual majority of two' Verily, th< doctrine of repudiation is destined tc. l?e wuiefi ? ?. spread. and, no doubt, will be resorted t i as n pan ? *'** r.eii to trie evils of atl overwhelming debt, by n ar ' ly ell of the western nnd southwest*-a jtiatea ?? There is a case now pending in the SupretiM tcn Court in bank, sitting in tins city, which may re i is ?It iii p l'tinadowu one of the hanking institution "'< 1 of this State, which has no more authority Co bank JyJJ than I have, it is an information in the n iture of n quo warranto v? the Crauville Alexandrian r^ioie. |'*h. tv, a company incorp ruled many years ago (1i*i7j aw a mere ,ir>rnry company, w hich took it into in unr head in ldI5 to bank, and hec inee the charter S3i nothing about banking, to asw rt that that ( ei Hyi. wen prrpctual and wiih"ut restriction I At t ie pre Vfb I sent day the Bank itself does pretend it has aui puk ~yi?t to t'ank ui der Us charier; tiut yet so sapient r nmirf^C.'^'61*- oa lMinch Supreni* Mnwler intwi'1'rr '* wh-ther th-y wi! *" . brated Torn decision or not Th* ctle ' .Seen lary of the^fi*110 miuioruhaed himself as t ?blu X?r the bank *wuf, is the principal Co una* , ? I observed in oi?? nfv,-ur?i _ . . " * poudeot iro n'ion? die n<tl' iC PaP*W 'hat n eorres Kelt endore-dbyMT W,V 7ni^.R'v" "?'?? S'^r rtituting a part of the deieotidrVk P^mer, as cori There to another bank in MichigH?l?r.r^ff^ ?* ' " h large proportion of the cirml.'tin,, ni#*;'"!. I rm-ao ibe Bink ol St. Quir, the run, h ' ?it? endorwd by ad O nnd If Smith, of NVw arm Ja' in fact own the bank. The p. ople of tout pl-JB tee laioiy took upihe matter, and pitAeil r-r--, '' at a ve;y num-rous n.eeiin^fn hHve nothing f.uiu. r t. W do with :t The ff.and.Iurv at slate, t i-mx of lite , r, Couit of Ci tnn'on I'mt in th?t town, indicted the i>?i M?yor and Recorder for issuing chin planters, for lJu whe h !?">' tried ,n ^ Wd- Th- coun ^ eel ror 'reo. M Young, the Mayor, njeavorrd, s.^ r? the vll't?fio?s Biddle has rinoe, to net tim inujctmer>i quashed, but wnbout sueorrs I, The Lot doc* ba*? M lengih, C?? auUt Madam I s v ^ 1 i-(firmed: for nllirnoaee 10, for revere ) II. Oj?i- ] ' ninna were deli v. redby the Chanctllorand Senator < Vcrjilanek Farmer#' TitanrMee C? v?. O^den f Edwardf?Tl*e jaogmeat ofthr Si.|irrrne Cnnrt wee ? > allirined Opinion- were delivered by the Chancellor aid tiena.or VTpUiirk. 1 Ohio Rinse ?Ike Pittsburgh tiuille < Seven feet tea inehea in the channel, l?y tland falling? Weather old, and * U?' running out of the Alleghany. N' ooatinnee, bat rao?t ion eloaa ?r , "dei?t?i. 1'?* Hcr fcov u sgpiin ' <i bee*. 0 ?ih C??ivt. eited H ?t%|e ha* rna * ^ of the ? .?.rlv?i?ia, <> *?? Jera'^^ *? <5 * l^hiJadel- T B. K H / ORNING, JANu. RY 18, Rumor,) persuaded Wilson Shannon, Ui>? . vernor. to be their candidate at the election ur Go- I her, 18-I2. He hail previously declined, in a leitcV- | some friends who had addressed him on tb%tsubject, ? hecan?e Ms private affairs required bi* attention.? The party was hard run for an available candidate and forthe want of belter timber many of thetn had resolved to go for Samuel Medary, the editor of the Statesman ; but since Shannon has consented to take the nomination, there can be no doubt ol the latter being the man- The convention to make the nomination will meet on the 7th or Hth of January. To-morrow, 27th, there is expected a great turnout at the installation of a Masonic Lodge; on the 29:h the Abolitionists hold a State convention; in the 6th proximo there will be a grand military convention and encampment; on the 7ih and bth the locofocoState Convention, in February the whig ?? l A? tl... lilrk lliHt 1,1 the trie nils of Pre anient Tyler. All the hotels in the city are full now, and when the conventions come we shall be crowded toeutfocation. Yours, &c. J- LI,st? from Carthage*!!. The V. rf Itrig Dolphin a-rived yesterday morning from St. Martha, Carthagena and Havana- Annexed is a list of her ollicars ;? Lieut. Commanding, Wirt. McKean ; Lieutenant* J. H. tVard, Charles Steedman, Ldwanl C. Ward.jc. : Purser, Christopher C. Rice ; Surgeon, J. 8. Mnsm't smith ; Mid* shipmen, Jm. J lljrry, Augustus McLoughlin, Joliu K* Hopson, Wrn. C.Truxton ; Master's Mate, Adam Voung; Boatswain, Amos Colson ; Gunner, Krastus Treat ; Carpenter, Aid en Bast ; Parser's Steward,J. M. B. Davis. l!y her we have received intelligence from Santa Mrirtlia to the 27th, and Carthagena to the 30th of November. The new British Consul General, Mr. Stewart, had arrived at St. Martha with powers from his government to effect a reconciliation between the Federalists aud Constitutionalists. Cin the lltli he had an interview with Gen. Corniona, and immediately left for the head quarters of President Goran, at Chivinana. On the 30th alt. Carthagena was invested with a force ol loOl) to 1500 men. Great sickness prevailed among them. The town was well supplied with provisions, enough for the next six months. An American brig, the America, from New York, iiad arrived there under convoy of the Dolphin and increased the supply. Vety little apprehension was felt in Carihagena of falling iuto the hands of the enemy. The 3d divitdon of the Constitutional troops was on its march from the interior to the relief of the Carthageniuns. The Federal sniadron, as the blockading fleet was called, was oil Carthagena, and the Constitutional squadron was inside the harbor. The brig New Grenada, that once traded between this port and New Grenada, was seized by General Corniona aud made into a brig of war- She was an American built vessel but sailed under New Orena | da colors. Her agents in this city were I.verette ? i Battelle. The Dolphin has on board two prisoners charged ' with the crimes of piracy, robbery, and attempt to murder on board the brig Cicero, of Philadelphia, s last July, the particulars of which we have before " given. Argentine Republic. r By an arrival at Boston we have received ihe ' Buenos Ayres British Packet to the 23d of October, ? inclusive. t The Montevidean squadron, consisting of a ship, a B bark, and two brigs, hove in sight of Buenos Ayres on the 16tb, and anchored. At sunrise the next ! morning they got under way, stood down ? *" ~ "* r and were soon out of sight - . r s ?,,!?:. u> ?f the progresa of eventB ? te*>-.?en Buenos Ayres and Montevideo, o The v. e. corvette Decatur, t'opt. Ogden, was at >* Buenos Ayres. There were also in port seventy * eight merchant vessels. Bceho! Aim Oct. is ? K.xehtnge an V'.ng. land 2jd perdol; do France 30 centime* per dol; hides, ox, for Kurlinit and Germany.64 a 60 <11* p petada; dolor ' France, 35 a 60 do; uv ruv M.^1. m # fri d0; ,l0 ? for Spain, 64 ? A3 do; do ??lt'-d 00 a 66 do: do borte 36 a * 26 do each; calf ikinr 60 a 02 do do; shaep rkfn*, eomnton 31 a 34 per do/; do fine 18 a 39 do; deer skins,31 *26 do;, ; goat skin*, 40 a 41 do; nutria skins, a 6; do per lb,chin f chilli akin*, 90 a 100 do per doz, hone hair, short,40 a 43 0 per arrolia; do mixed 45 < Ml do; do long, 75 a 100 do; wool common, washed, 20 a 25 do; da picked, 36 a 40 do; do shorn from skins 43 69 do;do m< sti/a. dirty, 20 a 30 do; 0 tallow, pure. 31 a 83 do; do raw, 22 a 25 do; do with * grease, 27 a 39 do; jerked beef, 25 a 30 per quints; horns, mixed. 400 a 430 per mil; do or, H 850 do; shin bones, 160 a 170 do; bide cuttings, 30 a jar 100 lbs; ostrich feathers, black, 19 a 32 do; discount. I a 3 per cent per month. The highest rate of Kvtiiange upon Kngland during the week 2 II 36J. The lowest piice 211-36 1. From Mexico. We have laic intelligence from tl.e city of Mexico. Affairs had settled down quietly, and .SanU Anna was supreme in all things. We have nothing particularly new to communicate, auJ all that we can t give of any interest is lite following!? Dccaxa. Art. 1. The law of Nov. 26th, 1819, increasing to lifioen * per cent the duty on consump'lou of loreign g < ill j remain without clfect from and after the day which may ' V designated bv the Uoveroora of the Departments, j * ?. |h? atsent of the Juntas, In thn Department of Mev lco' " * in every o<hcr in which the order ol the (foil iirnmcii. i?ted the 4th of Beptemkar last, has been put '? |"licee3,e<3U lhe designation UlB <?*y will not take d i Ar'" 'iS?""l!'/'-, the duties raUbUsbed he the 11 *w " wl1' ^ ? .*} 'V "* prior to the nail 'fflth lay of November, IRW, ahatl Jlonu ? ?Ue?<. ,1 Ueieafer. C Art. J The lawn of pecombe. ? ,??, and of April 33 ?t *"<1 Jun. 0 1>U, relative^to the ,.u. of ;ou,mnp. lion, shall alto be without etf.rt. r I! Given at Taoubsrrs Oct If) h, 1911. ANTONIO LOl'e / OF. *A\T.\ ArVA. Triaa. Aco.<rJin3 to our Tart advices th- Tcvan Swim Fe )( expedition had Nillen into the hand* oi the Mexicans, and w? re in prison. Thia intelligence, however, .e , iv . j I < I ' i ' and deht ted hie valedictory, t." n u iiuuu, 11<?? - sident elt rt, arrv* tl i>t Au.-tin on ihe k> li AH the prieonere c ipt.ired lately u'. K tujjio, with the exception cf the unfortuna'r Rj ail. w ho was r in i--Kcred ne ir that town, have returned tn ^nt-'ty to 1 Texas Tliey flw" ft 'hat the c>. mtry wcm of the s Kid Or.inde i* in a wretched condition Tiie *? ! 1' titers were ill nrnied, ill clothed, and ho cowardly ? tiiat thev afford hill'- or mo protection to the nnlor lunate Jlancheros, who were constantly tulijectrd to the inroad* o| tire Cam incin * nod other Indian*. 5 The pt?r'> of Mexican* who mule the attack on K'Pmio, consisted t?f only si xty men under the com? mand of A gat on. t Cover rnn thk Couhuctiox or Eiiri n?.? lino 2V.?Miller v* .M comb.?The decree nf I the hanCvdl'ir was a.ianimnnsly aflinncd. Justice Cewcn delivered a written opinion Fweidburgh I vs .Mivoro? The Court was equally divided in this ' cause : f r rillirrwatice 12, for 12 Oj>inions werodelivered by Ju?t ce Rr<>nsoi> and Senu' tors Fur man, Verpanek, Dickinson. Hail, Knot i 1 and Nicholas. Taylor vs Perkins D-err* of the I ' Chancellor unanimously affirmed Instjoa Hronson 1 delivered a w rittoa . pit.ion McLaren vs. Wat- i son?The judgment of the Sapramn Onrt was i i?df -?i f ? - ? ? [ERA 42. City Intelligence. ^ Mohb KeHOKKiEf.?Two forgeries were diacowl jh d yesterday?one on the Mechanics' Banking As ^ han'aon, for $1,500, and one for $241 on the Man- u name otA" The first check was signed with the B bay named <yiVThwinc' and WitS presented by a !j mination last ever..M-< :ft!ikil,? who upon his exa- n from a man whose nai*'a,,rd ,hat he rec-ived it n ?ite Pine's entlee house. vH1?1"10^11 t0 "PP?" J j u i . . l<*y morning. ? person requested this boy to take ^ check and get P it cashed, and after obtaining the i.. stopped n into Pine's and borrowed 50 con's to pa/' ^ ^ )or * his trouble. Thus the Bank is minus ifftl.U' j Pine 50cents. The name of the man is unknown* 4 Pine, butg the persons on the premises say they should know him if seen again. More or rr.?llenry W. Sherman, charged with forgeries on the Mechanics' and Chemical Banks, the particulars of wh^cli ?vere published in the New York Herald on the '20th inst, was arraigned for examination before Justice Purker last evening, but owing to the absence of some testimony, the final examination of the case was postponed until ten o'clock this morning. He nfused to disclose Ihe name of the person from ichom he says he received the checks. Stii.i. thbv Come?During the forenoon yesterday, a hoy named William Browu, who peddles pencils, quills, Arc., was accosted in the President's Hotel by a person whose name will be given in our next publication, and requested to take a check signed by Kussell C. Clover, for $241 to the Manhattan Bank, get it cashed, and he would meet him at the Custom house. The hoy preseuted the check, but the teller suspecting it to be a forgery, slopped it, and requested two of the porters of the bank to follow him where he Hated the man was in waiting. The forger suepecting all was not right, was amongst the missing, and the boy was taken to the police office to make the complaint Officer Uuthwaite was selected to perform the duty, und, walking down the street, they met the person who gave the check to the hoy, and he was immediately arrested. The examination last evening fully proved his identity, not only by the boy who presented the check, but by a boy who is engaged as bar tender, who saw him at the time he gave the check to u_ i .l, ir.. uir uuy hi inc uuin. nc nas vviiumucu. Ghamue ok Fraud.?Lewis M. Morrison, the keeper of a clothing store in Chaiharn street, near Duane, was arrested yesterday on the complaint of a black man, named diehard Anthony, who charged him with endeavoring to cheat him in the sile of a pair of pantaloons. Anthony stated that he entered the store of Morrison, and purchased a pair of new caiteiinere pantaloons lor SI, andoiVered a ?5 note in payment. Morrison gave him u AS note to get changed, and when he returned with the money, reserving one dollar for himsell, a pair of second hand pantaloons, patched on the scat, and otherwise worn, were presented to liini by Morrison, instead of those he had purchas-d. Anthony refused to take them, and demanded the money lie had given him (or the first pair. Morrison refused to give either the money or the new pantaloons, and was liaally atrested, and inf default of bail, committed to prison. We understand that this is a common trick among some of the second hand dealers in thisoc lebrated street. Stealiru a V a wet v.?1 n.^ ftS arreste yesterday by Mr. M"**1, Hanovan, lor stealing a number of jiweten, consisting of 7 yards of stair carDi'tiwr *-' brass stair rods, one black and wliito straw a"" four yards of rug car^t, valued at ^i", the property of Fanny Kirk, of -11) Mulberry st. Committed. Ore Ifi-iviiREn SrrRKOTvet Plates Foitrp ?John Pig ret, a black boy, was arrested on Thursday night by officer Lownsbury, on a charge of having sliden one hbndred stereotype piat.-s from John M. .VIoore, on the Will of December last The plates were found by Lownsberry at u shop kept by Kllen If alph, tiH Chapel street, where they had b-en sold by Pigret and another black boy named Thomas Tliompson, the latter of whom has been recently sent to the House of Keftige. The plates are valued at #100, and Pigrei wus commuted to prison to answer the comprint. A CfijriRo Da nrev ix the Dark ?A cute negro, named JVte i"?malley, celebrated for hit feats of gallantry while under n metamorphose, was arrested yesterdav for d>stU'biug the premises of Henry ('-lark, at lit Warren street. IA.I.. ..I.,..,, |.oil . h- ?ll..r female, and hi? voice, movements and action were must perfect imitations ?f ;mhy young fire darkey. He has been in the practice of thus adorning himself for several years past, and many a poor wight has been induced to test the peculiarity ot amalgamation by his persuasive powers, and when the retaining fee whs obtained,J Vie would hoist petticoats, show Ins breeches, and no. lie was committed. Steausc a seasiiu Aphony Field, a black man, was stopped about eight o'clock on Thursday night by watchman Acker, with a blue cloih cloak iu his possession, i-upposed to have been stolen. It was claimed yesterday by Nathan il filiated, who resides at the North American Hotel, and who stated that it was s?ol*n on the night of the 29th inst from the above hotel. Field was therefore committed to nnswer. Anamiamation Kxpoaed ?A spruce, greaay looking, square Merited necro wench, naintd Josephine Kmry, was euintnoueii to attend at the police yesterday, to answer the charge of James Meehan, who Had been snugging the dark Josephine to his longing atm> Iieying his p?13,00 in spBefore Judg ' > ? ' ** -l> v i . >?j Dbc-31?au. ? kejs from Samuel Smith, was sent to the city prison for thirty days- Johnson Sands, for obtaining two pounds of butter end two pounds of condle* from Messrs. Hope, grocers, wss sent for a like term. Alexander Danforth, for stealing a firkn of " .? u'-smv, x- l.anrdon. uaj scat * , * ^ 1 ?< Jotiu Leach, for stealing a ?hirt from EH'ha the " vis?Georee Watts, fop stealing a pudding from Phillip Ball?were found guilty, bnt judgment was nspeaded, and tbty w ? c discharged. R cbari Sums, was found guilty cf stealing a tubol batter from Jeremiah Nelson, but was rcruandvi for aejafence. Arabella Smith, S ophia Rviusen, and Francis Mangia, severally charged with petit ' larceny, were discharged, and Kdward Bile*. John ficiidncs, and Gilbert Vauinburgii, chargeol with ' assault and battery, were ulso dismis-ed. ' Court of Common I'lfM JJ I i Before Judge faeNa. I Ore. 3| ?Twjitr I., h'pppfl r?. IV'JJT .V I hi"- | rirA?Thi? wii an action if tre*pa*?, to r*ei? 'r $1,608 -10 f nrn the dc(er.d.?*'?, a* goary*" "n _ *hoat #2 500 worth of property left with*"*3' '"r tale an eomnmiion. . Ai-fmeo i( Ouhciimb* trdifird "" , chatnc, worth ^"25,Oft, mil ha* nr^*r ttnfor'u nate in hu*ine** lie had |""?haa# of h ill rintifi j?2 .10 I worth of brie-**' *"|{J ^ere in tie .tor, o! defendant*, for w?'ch h'' ,*? ?" ?'v' ,w0 .off, at ?ix anil nine. moth*. with *i eurily on a m bouae and lot lie or*"'* n-ar the Dry Doek. Ha R tupp'-ied that thec'*' S 'in had been contaminated, p? ml Sile m/*'"'1 at ,hp (torn in packing up the c.r r - ? inarmed by plaintiff that he wa* not te to hi* title tnthe home, and ri aren to bo rnide, witnc** to bear i.ho |>i ">e latter pnrt of the reqnrit he ri-fucd < r I the bargain waa off. Witne>* af ,r .i the aarnegooila Irona Mark Rolen. t< .e t- nt? a pound le**?g<ra bit note* ri month*, and paid (Hem when d ? . ,e ared. from other eeidenre that th<: ofwin d keea raeommcnded hy the defei d?n I,?t me ui? clerk*, to hare Mr. Duaeomhe.'* title ?Kam> |), led. After the bargain ti ll thro-gh the iJainfiff te 'Id th* jooJi to Mark Rolen, (One hi* note* at 11 and nine month*, with *toe'i of the Kri?<>i*ot* m ' "fr* *?r Si^WO. k? teeuri y. (M . rieiarfeh Iff (Tired to nell Mr. B.Jea none watckoa ?o pie lire fei I other aharcathat ho bald of tho *a?e atodl.l tal 'be note* and the ?'1.000 attxa wero to be ?*al<-' ear p aad placed by Wolff h Il?iarich *a the Bank of tk? . SZlLTZZr vi " Jit*;J LD. vf Mc?T?oO?U ,r 1 . 1 f' ew Yoru until I lie uotea became our, when t buiineai win to lie cloacd, Wold Htiieh to pay theni?elve> fur the advances thejr ? nude to (ilwiiititl, with commieMim, and "1? the balance to plaintiff The New York lank rtcoied to receive a sealed package, and the otes aniTyock were left With Wolff and Iirinrick. he atnck *v ?C(>!iei)tly became worthies*. aud the oies were nnp,:,! then taude a deland oh \V & IV.^f the amount due to bini ,a??ertt?n that they hud (sirred 5 per cent ct>n<ti.issioa, rhich ftrt rr wan pn 0f guarantee. The deft ndnt* contend that the )><Wrty waa always open to laintiif? that he pcrionJty ma(je the rale, and that io guarantee bad ever beX given to biin The rial occupied two or three dn^g. After ben g out cveral bourn, word waa aent t<*o,e Coiut tliut the 'ury could not agree. '1 be* weia ai-ordii gW disiharged. _? ? For plaintiff, Mr .lumen T. Itradyand Mr. Stemanu For defendant, Me??ra. tiurr and lienedict, alh4 Mulock. ?r Caiue.?We are again calli-u ...... ,a ?w ??i4*r-7d?5ht? ?1na to It Vandervooit, the iadelaticablc 0l- thp pon,t 0f Se?sion?. for L yearly exhibit of the Mate ?f crime in thia city, :.s dcveloped by the ^onvictionftf Noquittuli, kc. in the fnurtJoi Oyer uod lVrminer, (ienuai ^ Hpecinl 8r??icm, Jur log the year ibll. The ibllowu^, j? r#i>ort < CoUTicrioia, A>, lie., AU the Courts ol U)e? and T dimmer, (ianeral oud Special Session- iu the year lbll:? Ov?:i( AMD Ti ?Miai:a. CWfW. .?> juittcu. A MurJer, 1 I \fflt Arson iu the firat degree, 0 -J .,4^M Manslaughter in the tlrst di grer, 1 i? "".. I ' " third ' 1?2 II?a Usmhii. Hsssiowe. Manslaughter is the first degree, 3 " " third "1 * > ??? " " fourth " tl 1 tt Assault aiul bat. with intent to kill, tl ? | " " to commit a rape, -i t Abduction with iulent to defile, Ac. 'J Arson in the second degree, la ;j ? Robbery in the first degree, 4 a ' \> Attempt to commit robbery, 1st deg * ? j? . j Burglary in the firat degree, A 4 '^IH " " second " 6 f " " third " 33 Attempt to commit burglary,3d deg 1 ? Forgery in the second degree, in " " third - :t Bigamy, J a Perjury, t) ti Grand Larceny, SB -K Attempt to commit grand larceny, I a Kmber.z lament. 1 ? , Petit larceny, second otfi-nce, 4 "? Petit laroeny. 67 l* w JL Attempt to commit petit larceny, 3 a Compounding a felony, 0 t Procuring an abortion, 3 a Abandoning child, 1 a Receiving stolen goods (scienter) 10 Obtaining goods by false prefers, 4 Attempt to obtain goods by "1 0 Registering, not being an elector, I I Attempt to influence an elector, 0 1 Selling lottery tickets, 4 Publishing drawing of lotteries, 3 Insuring on No*, draw n in lottery, 3 ? Unsury, 0 I Malicious trespass 1 1 Refusing to assist an officer. I ?i Riot, & A l.ibel, ? tt Nuisance. I I Keeping disorderly bonier, 13 i Selling liipior without licences, I a Assault and battery, 110 6? - . & MW lJ*i [A km hi. sessions. Petit larceny. 000 Tfc Assault arid battery, J00 -? Totul. yea ~j<? No. of trials in Court of flyer and Terminer, a " Of-neral Heasious, ' u " " Special ?c?lon?, loot Total, i-fTe CvnvirUd. icputi* No. of perions IrieJ in Court of Oyer anJ Terminer, 3 x " General Reiciona. r.H> l.?x * Special Sessions, ?fci 103 1M6 3M Total com ie'r-4 an J scjiNttod, 18(0 Molf. 1' S'titpncril lij ( oitit of Oyfraud Terminer, to he executed, 1 ? ? " to State rriaon, a o " Gcitaral HeasJons, - 117 1, " " to penitentiary, 46 ' " to city prison, 'jc " Special Session*, penitentiary, 30., 117 *w"*' ~~m" " i* 1" city pi inon, 1JM Sent to the II oi*e of Refuge t>y the Court of <>?n-na| SesMonn, 7 bys 1 .. " Special $fR?ioni, fig " AggTe?utc amount of time penionR sentenced to Stat*t'rl*on, .*01 ytcn and ltt month*. Priaoner* ti ?ha;<re<I'i tienejoii :cr- (6by 3 ,*l 3. m, i No-of lo 'ie.tment* b> Orand'jMO. in. AiSi ' v ; No.of t .-ipuintR . .isa, ; try dp |j|. . .owv dffi" Ilecogniasi . N * .war re-.u r.oi during jOa&g|jp 1 Intictro ' leH, e 9 Cetnpla ' "t? r?fi\fh. It To Tiir km tor ?>? tub Set/ York ttcaau). Sir Having seen in the mtrning pnptl* dm statement of nome supposed crimes of i?oi?or;icg froas the eating of what is termed Hung Keef, with a request to the public to communicate any information tnrr may pwsr as on the subject I beg leave to milie the follow ing rennrli*;?That ti e xyinptcae detailed were produced from the above causes, there is no reason to doubt, yet,l believe, there are but trifling grounds for wonder or astonishment, or for aap labored Chemical investigation of the Salines entering into the composition of the Urine, still lrss that the idea should be that the animal was diseased.? Such ett> cts are well known to Medical investigators, frequently 'o Ire produced from partaking el i ii'WL' iti ' and nih> r*. trcuetomea 10 t?e mute ling ot deed b? dies, to be far more dangerous Lfinoctilited therewith by aor.dent bun wlim the tieent- art- farther gone The t>ih< r beinj the rafati'r i.iom or mould, ?? it is trrnu d, generated in encb pTepaiation", the dendie properl.c" <'l wme specie" whfh i- ptcverbiu' ' ' r v ? r? . 2 .?? Hj m*\n.^9 ' njoet obedient ? A.lwm,*. D. Pi*<jim.,?h lnrw*y*ri?T.~-We warn told, a few lay* lift, that thermit a wealthy iodividnal it hi* wh i? owner by purchase of sixty line pew*! oftbese, IT .re in ftaptiat toeietire; T * Unitar **} '2 Trinitarian; 2 in Krnaaa l'?h'lie; 0 >' I'piver?ali*t; 6 in Kpiaaopnlian; .*4 Itf is Methodi* t. The average cut ot these pews n?.?br>nt JJiO each, and be ha* derived aa average ,-<cro?t on the co.t, of 11 percent. Thie I* not aly a insular investment, i nt if we have beer* xiiini; imiraini, ;i pr. (ifahle onr than an? \ na would havr brattle J to nuppone?Cfmronl t'rf im. 1 l,oxnc*r, Livimhoi. ?*n Hatrk Putm * ;It?n I >-?! iy. f-?-r:?-t b?:t? Hon-at Oitpi ?'n, at t o u mi aur. Com** or a t'oranrrurrirnn.?Tho Hoc imbor of tlio I'ppcr Mi-nmnipp an, printed at ork N'jnJ, inmim a long article which ir|M-rt< Co !??i 'h. nor-n of Samuel S. Clti.e, a pn?t?rieiirr, r -cully ?r?t<<r>e? ! to 'he Alton P. nintiary for lour yearn. Ho i*cm? t > hjre figurad iry largely a* n In gttn maker and ennatrrfaiter W ntt ntdaa, and rrttnaato* tbrnambvrof p?r?o? imaged iti the biumtntaof aV>in thru liaofwl altered over Mliaairi, particular)/ la tbo Pl??'?' untry, ll!taoi?. I 'iva, Indiana and Mich?g?a. H* rnn man* particular, of Mi operatfmta?nanaec, moan and pinery in ail of the f'tln. Ni?*a Exraoirio* ?'1 ho following, antra fhn a?ton I)ailv Adr? niter, in ?hr pnntnaript ?fa Wr recalled by the C-nnmhia, dated Dm t: ? .ln?t an I am cloning thi?, I regret to Irorn nnht iratio aorouiita >f our Vigor ago.'iti r , di.trA h 8npt*nih?r Aftor pacing up the RI-t. I ho rarbrokroal among th. Kano-ran*. and GO were ten ill altogether I think W'nve dir-U. and 39it datra to ?e?: r.mong tkia niuatw r irr ront M i SOwko kava died a* he fare naaauoaed. a i

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