Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 1, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 1, 1842 Page 2
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>rs YUKK HERALJU W v "ndirdny, Jannnry 1, |84'!, (t The M1 haj.i) Prtcki; Gallery is just pub ltshed, said can be procured at the ofHee. Prio six cats a Sii>^. n, uiber?to newsboys at the usua price. ? " - t' (, *Tiik Nlw York L.un ir, No. 1, will be read; by Monday next. ' New Yt-nr's Day. This is the firs' day of the new year?1642. We wish all our readers and patrons a happy one?a merry one?and many el them. No paper will be spued from this office till next Monday. Good morning. May your shadow never be less. Prospect* in Congress The probability that the currency piojet o| tb President may pass into a law, declines every da The debate in the Senate has disclosed lit' cora* bmed opposition of the principal leaders * *^ie ^e" mocratie party. The moderate whig? a'90 10 oppo?-' the exchange feature of th p'an, and the ultra whiga stem to be out again": ???*- whole. On thia question every element is i> * state of confusion. All the important laws pu.-s^ at 'he Extra .Session seern alto to be in danger?ihe Government is out of funds, and no innu*v in the Treasury. Vet in spite ol these untoward appearances, the country was never in a healthier condition. All the speculative int-r e ar? "reeking up finally?but the great movements, fyisflded.on cash and short crecU*" i are going every day. There is a i'-'era' j wdutoi .-rftffid'ace in Slate and Bank ^'Cks?but j the stoeks of flaur, wool, cotton, eort. A'5 i always ; conr.Mnd cash at moderate price-'- 6 We .'.re clearing awav the wrecks ol former years, und will come out bright one of these days. Fasiiiokabuc lurCLLioESCE.?Sin Charles Baoot, Governor General of Canada, came up to town yesterday, and took lodgings at l'dancard's Hotel. His family follows him in a few weeks from England. On Monday next S.r Charles dines with Mr. Bueha- . nan, the British Consul, and probably on Tuesday tikes his departure tor Montreal and Kingston. Sir Churl-s was formerly British Minister at Washington, and was much beloved, for his urbanity and high character. lie left the embassy there in 1H10, receiving a public d.nn'-r us a testimony of the esteem in ! which he was held in that metropolis. His lady is a niece of the 1 bike of Wellington. Sir Charles is the bf s. nun furGovernor that Canada could have. He kn ws the United States well, and he is a moderate aiH conciliating statesman, who will soothe the Ravage dispositions ot the fiery Canadians. To in Mourn ii leaves town for the South on Monday. Hi- Lordship is much liked in New York?and perhaps more so 1.1 Boston. He is a minute and ut Is to b- found wherever the people are. We have been unable to ascertain the accuracy of the on ilit about the engagement between him and a beautiful Bostoniun. From certain circumstances, within our knowledge, we believe his Lordship is touched in the heart in that direction?and perhaps, Arc. Sih .1. Dr. Cocrcv Lv?TLAx,the secret agent of the British < !overn:nent in this country, was in Texas at the last accounts, lie is collecting a vast quantity 1 information on our republican institutions, society and character. He is a singular and original man. Wai:r.ii'?JcDCE Wilev mow1??He is preparing to procure a uew trial, and will probably get it. Judge "Wiley i- not so bad a man as those hid behind him. He ha- ky-cn the scape-goat of a confederacy of burgh.1- and Police officers?and it he were to open bis mo 'h, he could ?>[[ some queer stories. tlxrness irom Ai.bakv- owttxoVs Message. Why don't the Krie Railroad Company run a direct express from Albany, with the Governor's Message, next Tuesday, for the benefit of the whole newspaper press of New York! By such a piece of enterprise iliev would show that ilios" lines through Connecticut are not so fast after allAlb am , Sic.?This ancient city has now become the capita! ct New l.ngland as well as New York Vll the New York western banks must now make d' posits in the Sufiblk Bank'of Boston, or be repudiated Maii ru Al?\nv.?We understand thai the Postmaster intends to send a day mail to Albany by the >?av oi the Erie Kail Road to Goshen aBd Ruck's " stage 1 in- to Albany. It will leave this city every morning, at 8 o'clock, and arrive in Albany next mornin... a*, 4 o'clock. Mvmav and Mvbdeh.?The U. S. brig Dolphin, which . ived yesterday from Carthagena, brought home two men, named Charles P. Martin nnd John H. Davidson, put on board by the American Consul, Charged with having created u mutiny on board the brig Ctci ro, which sailed from Baltimore on the 2d $"iay las', and was anchored at the time on the coast of SanRlts. Martin and Davidson, in company with another sea nan named Wallts, stabbed the Captain md mate, and one of the hands named Brown The latter, alter being wounded, jumped S overboard, and n-a? drowned. The officers, although y v-rely injured, succeeded with the cook in getting into the boat, and reaching the shore. The mm then robbed and abandoned the vessel. Jntornivion was given to the proper authorities, when Martin and Davidson were arrested and earned to Catihngena Wallia escaped to the interior, taking refuge among the Indians, but hopes are entertained tiiat he also will be secured. Davidson and Martin were yesterday handed over to the I'. S Marsha'., and committed to prison. , Eashi vablePajusia* Dress Mi*r*o EstablishMadame Florinda Lefev re has just opened ^ehaif Parisian establishment at 79 Franklin atreet Madame Florinda is the celebrated dressrutker o: Fanny Ellslei, and is said to posses* genius, elega.: , Uslc, racr, ana enterprise in mr ari 01 arraying !>. n?dc beauty in fine drapery. How these PgU?i?t v. do carry everything before them* \ * Llurary yotlcm. Tin: vswwams, or, Home as I Foinr It?fly ttu Au o /VfAe l'irti,n nf Chtyicrry," pulMitd by Samu1 Cotmirf* * ?' ? vsfrra upon the writings of travel! vho, whQo they have received the hospitality . i Americans, have ever been ready to reciproc: !iy enlarging upon ilieir follies. and end. nig to render them ridiculous in the eyes ofo'h nation? The title of ihese volume* will be recotj: , d, by every one, as hav ing already appeared bet the publn under a different helmsman.? *The i !ior certainly lushes this ordat ot writers. I.i.. i t.V Mfmrv or Forrio* Ln*R4Tr?R, for Janu . co nes to us beaming wuh literary nroduclior ' Charles O'Malley" and "Barnaby Radge" are ? , .'iE oiner very interesting and instructive ^elections Tin. N'tw \< ait Mirror com -* out this week wuh an tber very beautiful engraving, and,as usual bound in sprightly productions calculated t< while ,1 v ay our dull hours of melancholy. Vi consul-. MM llN ehenpett journal in the Unitei States, a id should always be an appendage to th elrawir. room Hafr* .V Corn sh, of 27- l'rarl street, have put hm,,*d, very elegant *tyie, a book entitled. "Mm Jtr* I Tragedies on the Lund," by Henry h Brooke The work is a recital of nil the horrib! tragede - committed in this country from the perio of the !' volution to lite year 1"23, inclusive. *"6h h'-'iTor i horror ! horror : Jtongue nor heart etnn cor Its nor nama thee:'* Vew filiate Me? Firth and Hall, of No. 1 Fruakhn squar have pi /i shed " 1 Wandered by the Hrook-side," bal'*o, the words by I! Monckton Milne*, ljw] M I'., 'be natr-ie by Time* Hine, Lsq Allyoui ladies Uonld posses* this song The " Lveuit Hour," by the same publisher*?,-, -mrcd lyric, tl word* by the lt<-v I lievnell T'reford, F. S. / and composed by Tho t as Havnham. " Ma? i is a S'ingy Man," and the " FreeNi ger " t <. .1 admirable negro c.trav.igan/a*, cwmpo* ar.d am ? by Mr. I'elbam, the notorious singer A'riean nsr?; the-ef ail ihrVher composite f t - 1 r, d<'.*erve to be popular, a? the airs t v a> tak'n fro.n the most brautifui melodii Imr irtlt A- Hall still maintain th? ir celeb'i in'h pjj!i*4ti?g of getr nutstf. ' ceived date lout evening a patnptuet,nw^.,.. " lout expected disclosure* of Janm* B Cilentwortl ; lie positively a?*erid ihe truth of ail the chaiw heretofore made against LilaicLford A: Of.-?giv< 3 copies of the original paper*? aud add* a history of ilie pip - laying business, tl/* if perfectl a-touiidinjj ler us villainy and co/'I'rion. Tli statements of J. 1). Stevenson, confirmee ^ I What becomes now of the pim**"yf ra Chronology liny*' ^ t#r 111 It. J,J^SKV . , Florida war renewed jd*" feat spirit. Missouri steam ft ly* . begun July l?30-launche Jan, 8, 1811. jf Dm.iter to ilie packet ship < iarrick, 6th. 1 Hi mom1 ol Reorder Morris, appointment of A. Tail I madgo.. , . Bu-UinjOf thec-rotou Aqueduct Dam, 8th. el meaitons storms ami Ireshtta ull over the country Lectures from Gen. Guinea un l lady "about tUosi UMM " j Agitation of the Caioliue anj .McLeod all'dir. The Royal Infant sleeps quietly, and Pnncu Albet^> | parrot talks numerously, about these day*. . of Appointment oi M. >1. Noah, a Judge of the (. I Seaaious. .y, jan 10, | Hubert white, K*q. indicted for petty hirl". , made his exit from the lombs, SumUyrffi.J Jury. The Glent worth aiTairs rtefore thui.. .< > .im Riots at Lo:k|>ort about Mel. ?eft these'times, M'slle : Flourishing in theatric 'lf^utton. Wood, Martyn, Fanny Kltfler, MMiajpfVit/William, Madam - OuiI ?.,?l'.ejr?yf'1,''"l,',0'}?^'iHhpte, Messrs. Brakum, Sinclair, i ,' el ?n<J Madame I^fitie.lei, Segnin, Martyn, VandeuWood, Da B J'sjdtB, Power, ifackett, Kice, Browne, liotl, I ^'?ns\^'jH5aking, functionaries defalcating. Sec. I | f'Jvtfa war terminate.1. Fl 1IRCAIIV. : Florida war broke out with new violence. ) ireat n-ws from China, Captain F.lliot's negocia'.ioDS, kc. <>en. Ilanison is progressing from Nvth Bend to Washington. Movements to establish a nt w M. dt8*r t University) School. Herwig is giving Concerts. Bank of the United States stop) piymcnt?broken, February 4. The Woods, vocalists, depart for Knglaod 8th Feb. General Harrison, arrived at Washington. Feb.!). Webster's resignation from the Senate announced Feb. 10. Niagara Falls Hoax, Feb. 11. Washington's Birth Day, tttd February, celebrated by balls. Buckstone and Dan Marble, playing at New Orleans. Jesse lloyt. removed from eltice of Collector. Fanny Klssler, playing at Havana. The Florida war ended this month. March. President steamship'* last arrival at this poet, 3d March. General W. II. Harrison's Inauguration, 4th. President steamship left this port forever, llth. General Harrison's Proclamation for an Kxtra Session, I /111 Trial anil condemnation of Robinson for the murder of Buydam. The Oreat Rejected arrived from Washington,23d. Madams Restcll arrested and confined in the tombs. The usual amount of Forgeries and Bank-burstings. ArntL. Hon. Charles F. Mitchell, figuring and forging. (usthai Harrison'i Dkatm, Sunday morning, 4th. 'i'lie President's Funeral, Wednesday,7th. President Tyler's Inaugural Address, 9th. Qrand FoaaralPageant in New Vork,of -jooono people, loth. R. H. Morris elected Mayor, 15th. Peter Robinson hung, ltith. That Baby in F.ngkmd, and thut parrot, are. well. Anxieties felt for tlio President steamship. Bowycrif trying to catch X. M. C. Mitchell. Great Forgeries about these times in Louisville, Cincinnati, Baltimore. Philadelphia sad New York. The Apostle Diddle is writing Epistles. Mat. Florida war renewed with savage ferocity. intense anxiety forthci ili-fiited President steamship. Trial of Eldridgc in Philadelphia. Arrival of the gieat financiers, Joseph Bates and Wm. Crydcr. (treat times among the stockholders of the United States Bank. McLeod arrives in Now York, 3d. Numerous defalcations, forgeries, and financiering. Steam frigate Mississippi launched, 5th. Religious Society Holidays. Mitrhell, C. F., Hon. X M. C-, arrested at Montreal,5th. Fatt day on account of President's death, 14th. The McLeod rase before Judge Cowen, 17th. More last words of Mr. L'ppincott. Further astounding disclosures in the U. S. Bank. Glentworth and ' them papers'' before the General Sessions. Frederick County Bank robbed,23d. Rank rascality duly progressing. ,p,"?A Elssler is in New Orleans. Lira st^JT^-^neddown, 30th. President (of Senate) SoatiTifi' . . . .. , from the Senate. 1,,det thc H"?W The Florida war finally terminated. June. , The Florida war broke out afresh. j .111 hope of the steamship President forever abandoned. The persons who burnt down tho National Theatre never punished. Curious sale oQ things and fixens at the Park Theatre, 1st. Great lire at Bull's Head, 2d. Col. Stone's lunacy is confirmed?he declines an appointment to the Lunatic Asylum. Fanny Elssler at the Park again?the Elssler fever at MlJamc? Gordon Bennett refuted Df Brownleo, who eonfuted Bishop Hughes, who refuted Hiram Ketchum's speech on the Catholic question. High squall*. TK.1 Iionors fills' 1 with < 'nilPTCSftloiial I t'DOllfl nvMntko repeal ot the Snb Treasury bill, upon tho bankrupt law, the public lands, n national bank,abolition, Sic. ^ The Herald's reporter admitted to the Senate. Trial of the famous Tom Ritchie before Judge Noah? nlro, about these times, several important decisions on the pork law. Where's Bill Wiley T An?.?He is negotiating, about these times, to restore the Frederick County Bank money. l)eath sud burial of Gen. Macomb. Removal of Gen. Harrison's remains. I.oss of the William Brown. The Florida war wui terminated this month. Jolt. The Florida War was renewed again. f'apt. Batclay, the pedestrian,in New York. The " Fourth of July" rami; regularly on the 4th lust, according to appointment. Judg? Cnweu delivered his opinion on the McLeod case. High Constable Blaney figures numerously. Fanny F.lssler refreshes herself at Coney Island. IVJames Gordon B< nnett is indicted by the grand jury? first, for bringing one M. M. Noah, and a certain Jamas Lynch into contempt?second, for representing that the said M. M. Noah said, " Pork ! pork !'' and other scandalous words?third, for taking Tom Ritchie's name la vain, or for using bad coffee. Judge Edwards retires from the Circuit Court. The famous murder of Mary C. Rogers at Ifoboken, July The Florida war closed finally. Ai'ocit. A war with the Indians broke out in Florida. Congress very busy?perspiration at a great discount. The Russian steam frigate kamschatka, nearly ready for sea. Great bank robberies in the West. Terrific conflagration of the steamer F.rie -loss of 100 lives?Aug. 9. The Murderers of Mary C. Rogers not found?intense eacitement on the subject. Sundry defalcations, too numerous to specify. Joe Smith waxes fat, and kicks. The bank bill passed and vetoed. Not convicted?the villain who burnt the National theatre. The murder of M. C. Rogers continue! to be an ana ting mysterv?great efforts to detect the murderor. The Whigs begin to kick out of the traces. "Awful intimacy ef the Herald's correspondent with President Tyler. I Auauste Belmont ami Mr. Ilay ward amuse the public with piatol light, all for love.. Terrible ?xijlw.uii rfl powder at Syractiw.iVirt j lb t loat,WH. Olds on Lee, Ka<^. JW 2t*t. Terrible Explo?ion of Bank* all over the routrjr. The Whir* getting era?y about tUeae tinea. Great cenroaiou at Waihington. The Union finally dissolved. ami Jame* Watson Webb of the regular army, appointed to the command of percui 1 sion lork? and mahogany atocki. The Bankrupt Lav passed. The final termination of that 'ere war In Florida. PrrTKMBca. A terrible war wl'.k the Indiana in Floridabroko ou That Bank Bill Kevtr rage* frightfully. Second Veto Meiaage of 1'retidetit Tyler, 9th?Orel Wailingi in Wall itreet?Exclusive Kxpres* of the H< raid. Dreadlul Explosion of the Whip Tarty on Bait RiverKivet'aMnet Ministers killed?John M. Bette and man o'her M. C.'a wounded, and 10 000 office boggais baldl , scaLled lath Wife an I Stanly have a little friend) > romwunion with each other on the floor #f Congress . 10th i Canprew adjourned?New Cabinet appointed, 1.1th. The %'higearty broken up by the N. Y. Herald. More ' Iranitv -rpei le?. Satnnek Adam* ^ordered by J. C. Colt, 17th. > Prince De loinvil. jn New York. 90th. r- Kirat division of the . ,?ti-ru Railroad to Goshen opr L. ed Wd. e The body of Raroncl Alan. ,i,,covered, 97th. .i Colonel Groa an arrested an* ,t Hbeity again. It I* reported that that w ar ii e.tej, _ Oirenaa. ?t Co' Monroe V. lwnrda arreitod on ax ?nt 0( ,ome u fort ii not.' financial Operation*, 3d. The Trial of Alexander McLeod tomia.. ,^ L'liee -Oreat Excitement. K a plosion on board the U. S Hieam Frigate b-t|oi c, two tiro killed,Ath. a R-.-s 11 tried for the murder of Kin wife and e I . v icted. ifo t id Accident on the W. ftern Railroad, Atk. , Le I. one F.diteur *o porta bien. J? Dan' 1 Payne, th" lorer of Mary C. Rogers, comme autcidi ?.Ty ainpularly, at ltobokefi, 9th. * . K.11 1 an 1 found guilty of mantlanghler inthel t; Tin ,i 'i filled with report* of Mcl.eod'a Trial ' ii Tw . rt murdered at the Narrow*, 10th. ol Mel. 1 is acquitted. ,n? V iMie American Institute. ,r T)< 'ieipated between Mis* Charlotte Cu?h and o' irk Berijtmin. T r called the Kv.nlng Btar. edited hy Ofl< M.V' ii ottacl ' ith a 'iatreaalng oonanmpUon, i c*i ?* .ox; to ,'iro. " - __ It. for urarder. . 8 The Evening Star ditd of a lingering consumtion. Lotd Morpeth arrived in lloaton in tne steam hip Co ra lunitna, VI ?t. |e Hon John Forayth, ti Secretary of State, dieitlstGreat near! of attack* on China. '24th. T The Geaeral Resurrection near at hand?the Sec?" e Advent Conference. yC j Meeting of the Catholics to nominate a separately The Millennium postponed till 1SI3. / The Florida war ia expected to terminate e NOTKMBSR That war wont atay ended no how. Bishop Hughes ia getting notorifvafs'i'itrncy lien. Scott in the field for the-?*hti. '1 Court ot Inquiry upon CapctAe. The Bank of Jackaonv>af) lavage about a certain CoLittle BulJleis gelj>e I- reigner. fully commenced in New York. The Lecture,*. C. Mitchell tried and convicted of The Hon ' forgerv.^w York Sun paper appointed bank awindlera' u TV otfie Check-apronites brought into notice; Mary C. Wlark convicted of adultery. Magnificent Farewell Dinner at the Astor House to the Prince de Joinville.27th. Great Dinner at the City Hotel, given l>y the Knglish to Lord Morpeth. Stfth. The Florida War is finally ended. DECEMBER. President's Message,7th. Patrick Kussell hung, Htli. Tlie news of the Birth of a Prince Royal, on Tuesday, 9th of Norember, arrives in New York on the !)th of De Fashionable Flare-tip between John Sclmrmorhorn and Alex. Fleming, rapeia filled with Congressional Ileports. Trial of W. H. Cook for the mnrder of George Phelpi, 13th. S D. Douse tried and convicted for murder, and sentenced to bo hung, at Brooklyn. Some hanes are entertained that Little Biddlc will not go raving distracted. It wns noticed that Christman came exactly on the 34th of December. # Where's Bill Wiley ? Answer?He is on trial for receiving stolen goods, and he is convicted too. Them Glentworth Papers is published at last, and the Florida war is ended and no mistake.' The year ltMl died at 13 o'clock, T. M. on the 31st of December. Counting House Almanack for 1841. S. M. T. W. T. F. 8. 8. M. T. W. T. F. 8. J all. ? ? ? ? ? ? | July ? ? ??? I J 9 3 4 5 6 7 8 3 4 5 6 7 g 9 9 10 11 13 13 14 15 1? 11 13 13 14 15 16 16 17 18 19 30 31 34 17 18 19 30 31 33 33 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 31 35 38 87 38 3t 30 Feb ? ? 1 8 3 4 5 Aug. ? 1 3 3 4 5 6 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 T 8 9 10 11 IS 13 13 14 15 16 IT 18 19 II 15 IS 17 18 IS 30 30 31 34 3 3 34 3 5 3 6 31 33 3 3 34 85 38 37 37 2H ? ? ? ? ? 38 39 30 31 ? ? ? Mar.? ? 1 3 3 4 5 Sept? ? ? ? 1 3 3 6 7 8 9 10 II 13 1 5 6 7 8 3 10 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 11 13 13 II |S 16 17 30 31 33 33 34 35 36 18 19 30 31 33 33 34 37 38 89 30 31 ? ? 35 36 37 38 39 30 ? Apr-1? ? ? ? ? 1 3 Oct. ? ? ? ? ? ? 1 3456789 3345678 10 It IS 13 14 15 16 9 10 11 13 13 14 15 17 18 19 30 31 33 33 16 17 18 19 30 3l 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 30 33 31 35 36 37 38 39 ? 30 31 ? ? ? ? ? May 1 3 3 4 5 6 7 Nov. ? ? 1 3 3 4 5 8 9 10 11 13 13 14 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 15 16 17 18 19 30 31 13 14 15 16 17 18 l> 33 33 34 3a 36 37 38 30 31 93 S3 34 35 34 39 30 31 ? ? ? ? 87 38 39 3# ? ? ? Juue? ? ? 1 3 3 4 Dec.? ???133 5 8 7 8 9 10 II 4 5 8 7 8 ? 10 13 13 14 15 16 17 18 11 13 13 14 15 16 17 19 30 81 33 33 3 4 35 18 19 30 31 33 83 34 36 37 38 39 30 ? ? 35 36 37 28 39 58 3 Theatrical*. The Firemen's Benefit.?Fanny's La?tSpeech. Last evening the Park was crowded from pit to dome. It was the Firemen's Benefit. " London Assurance" was played and well played. Fanny Kls3ler danced in her usual style. She was then called out, and spoke the following speech, as taken down by our corps of reporters:? Ladies and Gentlemen : How many nights of the closing ^year 1 now recall with wonder!?but this, the iHbi oi uii, i" inu ui mi?ivr mrrc is ? picssuic beyond serving one's calf?the pure jay of benefiting others. A good action has been done to sight; to you be the credit?to me, the satisfaction ol having worked in the cause. You have this night lighted up a flame of gratitude to the Widow's heart, that all the Firemen of New York could not extinguish. Let itnevtr go out. Should and applause followed this, that carried part of the roof off the theatre?and to-day the carpenters at an early hour had just finished putting it on. Faubt, plays for the last time here, on Monday next at Simpson's benefit, und then takes passage from Philadelphia to Havana. Her engagement haa been profitable enough?but not so much T jfl of the first year. If her sister Thereae a come ou.,*_ -mild have made a second brilliant career hrough the country, '--.has danced ^a. I luitouely to three bent tits here, besides giving nrav*. ! money in charity. Mrs. Scttor, the vocalist, is in Havana by this time?so are Borghese, Statuti, Antognrfii and other Italians, belonging to the opera. They all perform in Havana previous to the arrival of Fanny Els-ler. Mr. Braiiam, the s"dt um*ter of song, is here, giving coiuM'tio. He is under engagements to make a ahort visit to Boston, Albany and Providence. He will then return and go south as far as New Orleans. Mr. Brahum has been eminently successful. Naoei., the great violinist is on his watery way to New Orleans. lie will play there and then go to Havana. Herwig was at Philadelphia at our last accounts. Vocal Dxbutaktes.?We understand that two very accomplished drbutanles in music and song, are preparing to make their first appearauce in a short time. Their names are Mary and Roeina Shaw.? Some years ago, *they sang here?but were then mere children. Mary Shaw is II years of age. Rosina is 10. and boih are just bursting beautifully into

bright womanhood. It is said their voices are highly cultivated?possess great power and flexibility, and that their debut will make a sensation in the musical world. Mrs. George Josrtrs has written us a long letter abont Mr. George Jones' affairs. The letter is affectionate towards her husband, and exhibits a feeling that merits respect. Mrs. George Jones mv feel perfectly easy. Her request shall be ed to. " Yankee Hill, Mr. and Mra. Maeder --<*e 'n Boston. London Assurance has bee,- pl?y?d at the St. Charles Theatre, in New. Cleans. Thr, cn,,c" laud it to the sky, bop>*? merits as a play and the manner of its production. Miss Clarendon was at J"e Musenna in Albany Brow?e was still delighting the people of Cincinnati by bis inimitable performances. Amusements. i The Theatres aud other temples of enteitainment, oflir a rich bill of fare to-day for their patrons. It would be n difficult task for us to select a * particular place of rendereotu amid such a galaxy, and we mas' merrlw subjoin a list by which the public may be guided Park Theatre.?London Assurance, the Hoard , ing School, and a new comic drama entitled Tair i.' OJShanter. Chatham Theatre?A day and evening perform ance. For particulars, see advertisement. Go carlj here if you wish to see what is going on. t. Ot-vwnc ?This home of mirth and merriment i not backward in its inducements for patronage, i t new set of performances opens the new yiar. Bowt.kt Avehittiiatrk.?Day and evenjng pet _ formance. Horeemnnenip oi inr urm oruci, n? y young Diamond, are among oilier numerous entei y tainment*. y HLxream Street Cmcus ?The giant and th whole eaurgtrian corps appear in the day and ev< ning. We are delighted l?) see this place of amus( men? properly esteemed by the flilt of the up-tow warde. Tut Mi-sECkia will aftbrd great entertainment I thoee who leel inclined to patronize them, a Sakta Fe ezpznitiow ?a letter giring a fu acooant of the eaptura of tbc Santa Fc Kxpeditir has been received by a mercantile firm in Ne Orleans, and is publiakcd at length in the l'icayun n- It state* that a detachment of the Expedition wi ent, in advance of the main body, with a flag " truce, and that upon their arrival at Santa Fc, ttai were arrested and immediately lad ont and sbol amongst them was O. W. Kendall, of tbc N. < W,. Pieayuac. Live Oak.?The Colorado (Texts) Gazet ,ej st?e? that an English company have purchas land m the Rraasoe, in the neighborhoed of Bi Uprt zoria. for the perpoaeof getting out live oak. Th are said te have contracted with the English C vrrnmi nt to deliver two million* cnbia feet. T country a bent Brazoria is leaded with these en' mon< trees, some of them easting a shade of ] feci in diameter. There U ae doubt that aapi B,n eau be better invested thae, with avlew to a m y bet supply of this useful material, thaa in Wmd* pet present -ith an eye to CU'tiT&tim ?,V P. Crflty OUff. t V' Vv I Senate. , , Mr Wanted the resolution* oV the^l* !xxr- v will nromnte the sneeai. ? laA BU9h action as f, lion the representation ?*To^forniif> u',' die'Tate ? census. ' c ? Mr,Bicara*. presented the <#emoritt| of a num. c her of citizens of \V arren county, d? ?taii?0 ,uu? f theSenecd Indians were defrauded o*t ai',i,?fr i,?,j by the Ogden Land Company, and pray id,., lJ not to carry the treaty luto elf-el tl Mr Luiif presenteu the aienibrial of the ^j(jze, . w of Missouri, praying lor a repeal of the naturou. ' P' tion laws. th Mr. Mohehead presented the memorial of Gov. w McCall, ot Florida, praying for a remuneration of ? expenses incurred in the discharge of lus ollicial du- |? ties < 8( Mr. Walkerpresented a Imemorial of John \V King, of Covington, kv-. praying lor vurious amend- w mentstoihe Constitution, in relation to currency tr and the veto. # . A Mr- Yotwa presented a memorial of citizens of f, Illinois, praying for an appropriation for the com- j. pie I ion ot ine t uinoeriHiia roau. military ACADrMf. _ y Mr, Graham submitted the following resolution jt for consideruttonk Resolved, Taut the Secretary of War be directed to in- . form the Senate what it the present number of cadeta in the military academy at West Point, from each State 4 and Territory ol the l uion.and the Dittrict ol Columbia, 81 what regulation, if auy, exists in the War Department t) respecting the appointment of Cadeta, ao aa to apportion tv them among the aeveral Statea ; whether the whole in number of appointments haa at any time exceeded two ft hundred and fifty, and if ao, at what tuna or time*. And p whether when a vacancy haa been occaaioned in the ' cerpa of cadeta, from any cause, a aucceaaor haa been uuiiormily ap|<ointed in the tame Congrrasional district * from whice hia predecessor bad been elected. 8] Mr Graham asked that the resolution might be considered at present. t) Mr. Sevier wished it to be over, as he wouid p have an amendment to ofier to it. n The resolution was laid over under the rale. Midshipmen in the Navy. h Mr- Barrow submitted the lollowing resolution (or n consideration. tl Resolved, That the Secretary of the Navy be directed , to communicate to the Senate a list of the names of the k midshipmen appointed from the 1st day of January, 1837, to the iioth December, 1841; and a statement showing the places ol uativity of ail such midshipmen; and also their n places of roaideuce at the time of their appointment. t' Mr. Kino said that this information was furnish- J! ed to Congress annuully by the Secretary of the ' Navy, and he thought it useless to go to the.e*p?nise *" of having it printed in a separate lorni. Mr. B.vsRoweaid he wished to have the aggregate , information, in a tabular form lor the purpose of comparison, and basing legislative action upon it. . The resolution was then adopted- p Pkintino or the Census. j, _The President pro tern prenented a letter from j Messrs. LSfair CC Kivpp, in reianon 10 me prim mg ui 0 the last census, which was referred to the Cum- al mutee on tfle Judiciary n The letter states that the compendium of the cen- c sub is now being printed by Blnir fe Hives as prin- y ters to the last Congress, and Thomas Allen, under j dillerent and contradictory ordersol the Secretary n of State; and stating that if Congress does not take a some steps in the matter they will be involved in a r, useless expense of some sixty thousand d ollars. a] 4 Hioht or SeaKcii. tc The Pmcbidext pro few. laid before the Senate a c message from the President of the United States, w transmitting an answer of the Secretary of State to p a resolution of the Senate, inquiring whether any tl propositions have been made to, or submitted by the h British government relative to a mutual right of w search, and stating that no proposition has been w made by either of the governments to the other on ci the subject to which the resolution refers. ol The mil for the relief of the Selma and Tennessee V Ilailroad Company, und the bill authorising the Le- V gislature of Louisiana to sell the lands heretofore ap- ti propriated lor the use of schools, were severally con- si sidered as in committee of the whole, and were or- ti dered to be engrossed for a third reading. p Sfcond Dat's Debate ox the New FiscAmtv? ^ Development of M*. Clav'b Views, bv his jj Mouthpiece?Vioi.ext Denunciation. j, Mr. Maxoum resumed the debate this day on h the President's projrt of a Board of Exchequer, and e' said he desired to he indulged in the liberty of mak- hi ing a few observations, but he should occupy the tl attention of the Senate a very short time. He had tl not come to the Senate Chamber yesterday with tl the design, nor did ~~T" ,k,- li tion of attempting anything like a critical or mi- di ante examination of the tremendous/>rq/W wh'-k had been propose.'1 to them by ,h" "ut "I ue\irou), inasu.urh a. g??a ftorts had un- fi m msiiuiianij been made to impress upon the pub- cl ic mtpd the importance and the advantages of the ?' tremendous scheme which had been so admirably h concocted by the Treasury department; he was o desirous, representing the views of no person or b party, but confiding in his own judgment alone, he t was desirous, be said,'at least, of setting his opi- p nions in contrast with those whe had declared h themselves favorable to the measure; and he would e repeat that in anythinu which he should say on this s occasion, he was mil h ne unocniouu a* re- u presenting any interest or clique, or party, o within that body or otherwise. He had o especially abstained from consulting or ex- r changing opinions upon the subject, as was f< usual with the different parties composing that r body; because, looking at events which had re- s cently passed, and admonished by that retrospec- t tion, he Imd determined to let by-gone* be by- r gones; and looking only to the effect to be pro- a duccd by lha proposed scheme, and totbecousc- t quences which would inevitably flow from it, he t had determined to be guided tiy the dictates of 1 his own judgment i:i the course'which he thou''' f take in rvgard to it- If any thing could beaj'0 " T plished in the present exigency toward-. ?TI*" '' ting the difficulty and distress nnda- ""'co ,he r< country groans, he would be the.', Prow!">tc its success, so far as he was n ?*"?. e of promoting ti it. Upon the subject of Rprobable t< that he held peculiar Itf,, r(,\. t A",*"; ?, ina unon the inair '?? he lud?tg..?l si in A.! A.,, ,r.,i-Wection. They had there a pa- ti legrnflljy ^ cn with consummate c "5... "iSwith great labor, and it received on all ti ?the highest commendations and praises, it ^Vocceding, as it avow edly did proceed, from a ti mind of superior ordtr, one of the very first in the c whole Republic. But humble as his own abilities 1! were, immature as he was in criticism, he would t< nevertheless venture te (filler from the opinion ex- fi pressed by his honorable friend from l'ennsylva- * nia, (if he would permit him to call him so,) and tl from the Senatdr frem South Carolina, than whom c there was no man in the Republic better able to o form a iust criticism lie believed that, so far b from its being that perfect and incomparable docu- n mi nt which was so universally admitted, and be- a lieved, it was remarkable for nothing! except its t utter want of originality. A?8 further, without f intending any thing like criticism, he must ba per- * mitted to fay that he looked upon it as in the h>gU- 1 est degree defective ; that its dedustions arc a illogical; thgt its conclusions are vagne and ( inconsecutive; and that the errors with I which it abonnds arc abrupt aud palpable, t Then there it the production of a great t min i, of a giant intellect, which bat been i in the public theatre of the country for the last thir- < ty years; a prominent actor, and who is identified with the great party in the couatry, the glorious I party of the American world, and designated a* the | greatest effect of which the human mind is capable ; wonderful to be told after all the elaboration f which the subject has received from so high a sonrce, notwithstanding the power of intellect,the s energy af mind, the ferca of party principle and ini telligence, all concentrated upon a fsmilinr subject, it has turned out to be a complete failure, an abor.. tion. It is like an attempt to unite the sources of J the Nile and the Ganges, it is incompatible with r. the nature of things. And he wouiu nere say is hi* home friends that the course which they had e taken on this occasion, was one which did them honor, and entitled them to the respect of the publie. lie would be most ready and williug to " co-operate with those gentlemen in getting up something in lieu of this scheme which should 0 answer the expectations of the country, and at the same time be free from those objectionable qualities which rendered tho proposed plan to him at .. least so completely odious. But he looked on it " rather as a matter to bo ''esired than one of practiIn cab lity He hoped, however, there were none so * poor, so grovelling or so base, as to do this thir* e- rererencc They had not, as yet, heard it eated or defended on tbat floor, and he hope" 01 would not. Was it not obvious that with merer J motives it had been pressed upon the " *' L' a new conception growing out of he 0 the occasion Hehud stat.d the o.tscttMthe did not mean to attempt ?y?h^B^e.St*nUi,e snre section of the subirct, indeed joit i? ,tc that it was worth the ?;^tA {.dined to posh it d the i^wMeh ought to he adopted ra- forward as a ro <t'geanlc(j (0 be repudiated on all ey On tho , ^^trnlti ply argument against it, or to to- hands , its ndontion, seemed like battling ? -ch'imera. l?he contending against something ?L', W,lhriHI Me had turned his attention to the sub.1 P??t weeh, with the endeavor to divest itis Jtofl ?? prejudice, and, after the fullest and at mnsf mature deliberation which he was capable of beuosrlag upon the subject, he had arrived at th Co4?la?k?n-if he Wight be permitted toexpr X ^ - / e it vels. cutif^ ntire ruV nnetotnlV bertiei of tfk , lat, in the p? le present rotU bich were already ieces, to look for k le wants of tbc peopk as madness. If he b. as prepared for sueh a ? I an utter, an absolute dt >?d for better things. He # df t? believe that this dele's ould k? permitted to go iata Oy ?uld overalladow all the institutions y.^od would be a blight apon this una v* ????? dc Darrenuets, except ta edowtTJ 1f Polit'e#l power. And the % riteri ot'tfc,1 trw??l*'lity and repose whin h. thevmSSI rePort con.ider. so desiriy would be ther^H0Vhdn^hIr"r ^U^!? ' ilation; tbev * P?> ^ elight. ufjr-anqiirJt^Le"dfr the?,?,T?? t0. ,he utility ol%n absolu?.' ft1 * ^?n,d be thf tfa"" rl mtrcejlry deapoti.K- ft"bl V?d 7u lit, in thisfenlightened an. , ??,d not bel,eT? ith evil, tlm euormity of leanest capacity, would be for . ,?rl* 1 id. Would any gentleman, afte?.rHC?^ *{ ?; roposed operation of the scheme, a.,, *tY" "* lade him that the consequences of in*,^ g ?**" ould be any other than disastrousl Lao. mount of monies proposed to be brought ?^0 #c_ on; a circulation of fifteen millions for a s. " lencemeut, which might easily be increased ? lirty, to sixty, and an hundred millions, lace then in possesion of tint government tan of aspiring character, ? givo him this lachine, and give him five years to rua, and r he does not ride over you roughshod, it will be wing to bis virtue and not yours, who committed tie power into his bands. There was hot a mail rbich arrived at the centre of this great Union, ut brought evidence of distress, but showed them tut 'hev were sleeping upon the bosom of e voiceo, which was ready to burst forth and consume hem in n moment. It might be interesting to look ito the history of late transactions, to see how his stale of things had been brought about, but he rould not at present detain gentleman who undertood these matters belter than he did, with any re anitulotinn 14a irnnlrl raorelv o>lan?*A oI aasm? tie important features of tbo|* erents. By | t'emptiag to regulate the currency in B3C, a vital blow was inflicted upon '* rasperity of the country. They had ere-' nmense debt, and the means of defrayir' id not now exist. The people had 4 f a few years been reduced froc late of affluence and prosper'' lisery. Everything was ' onsuramation of naiie erse came, and thust; and henc lore aboin>state o' rpudia Imost t ;red ri bicfa < ere rivate lat ui< nard t illiag 'hom tl + . iplea. 4 ' F eansi ifas it Tell, it on tot. in pro lose bj reduce wn me hieh tl c life, i id neis unt rer tl , ssed u ic seei lat it a icm fro ke fore mo lat i1 could ie ratio cial re beck < apansl ad beei f beinj e aaid 9 the ) roport ighest nginec tand hi lied; b f the r f it net fleeted ering. eqntre he oee emptei igid ffiira. Ai. he co"?try, |!4. failure oi ?te*t ef which , at push for aba entured upon inan_> ition and law?; nay, egard it a? the moat p(. :ic actual condition and s ry, which modern timet h. i the most abject condition, honu nw? t.cunici a brmt light effort to make him a tlav ire, government come* forward \ r a paper currency, off. ri.?gto reti on by loan*. Ifotv captivating the lay be worth a momcit'i time to com . ire of these loans, and of thia current omptre this great Government Machine' lank of the I'nited State*. The latter v. as a* i effect the displacement of capital, and w.mK are, in that respect, a greater eril than the fori* 'hicli adda in a single instant, by a mere itroke c he pen, 15,000,000 of dollars to the currency of the ountry, and with no restraint upon the increase f that cironlation, together with its capaciV>? iribe. Ho cansidered it the greatest bribe that aodern times had invented I ?his immense mount ol capit-l "8 added to the circulation, and hey would tind thefn?elTfi in Apparent affluence or a short time; but the reault would be a worae rate ?f thinga than tbat from whieh they aampre. ['his was proved by reference to the history orall iges, as was done yesterday with so mueh a tearless and force, by the honorable Senator from Pennsylvania. It was a power, which, placed in he hands of the most amiable and virtooua person ipon the earth, would earry corruption along with it They wonld add their millions upon millions, if a spurious and insubstantial currency, which would spring up like the exhalations under the ann beams, and as unsubstantial too wonld tl|ey prove, Before he would entrust this immense power to the hands of any mortal, he would sufferhia own right hand to wither; even to the great Father of his country, were he now on the theatre of action, he would not entrust it. But the question was looked upon mcroly in its aspect of affording ina mediate relief from pressing necessity, ? ? of remoring them from tbo gridiron ol iuffer'*,. without reflecting upon the greater intensity of fire which was ready to receive them. fhm^r it might be considered impudent in him W to criticize this very able report, whiw|^^^^ ceired such warm eouimendstioiu distinguished sources, he some of ite propositions. .JT the plan recommeoded cause it was not con?tjL>* tions t? stock. jf i,... institution. IV3 which the re r : tire conel.isje^, surprised that report-.-rtj,,, (Mr (falhn?n)I ?S3' Hcnmen, should hare bw for its closeness of reason* Senator was so gratified admissions against tha would he unkind to ' seopic an eye. This net the power o* in principle and : were dsconntat sory notes r the sword, b out of the Congress foeo pr the c' tem? SB'e' \ The 9rv to the ceosu committer on . mr. wooaiw, a. ' Mr. Ardiiwi, ana Tkbth Da. Mr. Mcbbiwrthbb'i. interrupted hv the %djoi wished to make a few ren. iimed bjr the gentleman fro on) in relation to the relative and aouth, of the nroducta of thi V'vas trie that Georgia con?um _??;jban any of the New Englat. J*2&a till greater amount than nfrt w-ut??pr amount than Alabama, V was ? * than Mississippi, waa meat jnterom^i in matter 1 The , had been pleased to ho.e..? to the tgriQtu,. the manufacturer waa negiVv-j,^, wotjl-" plormeat, and take to agriculture. itaXen ; the manufacturer! ha 1 tig1 en in the buaine?a,and they wefor alight cause*. He waa ' the canae of the reducl'' , ?the true reason we' machinery, and ' aerved the f*' friendato" him t>for' V , ?>r v , .. t V * i. 4a. ha > enoug State* h tain of rv The gentlehim in th? ft1 jectHu jh* than a m?-r* qn WinT?l??*'> *<>al He considered it nn veution. md the wk preaentr/ an itreiittiMi and whrfiovee he hear** Mm,f,y?gC l? r , \ r - \ 0