Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 3, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 3, 1842 Page 2
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f ? YORK HERALJ). v ?v > orh. Moitilnv, .Tniianry :i. |S13, Now York knnret In Plitliv.lrl phla, I wishing to subscribe to the ' .Vur lot* l.mctl" ;>n ' lphia, will please learo their uamei and adAr?c??t the otfice of the Herald, No. ?T Dock atrect. *' 1 1 single copif t t\ ill alio be forsale. B. ZlKBI.n. Agent. Tin \tw York katirt t. Tii- "New York Lane t," \'o. 1, will be published tr..* d.ty, at 21 Ann street, were subrcnp' ons are ir .. ve.l a', jjJ'J per aim 1 tit. tnvurialtly in adrunce, *r>< single numbers sold at fi.| cents each. NewsMen and Newsboys will be supplied at the usual irver. <i ; 1 per hundud DrTilu]iiaen(< In Co>igrt?a--The M ni tlegmi. From the do velopnteuts in Coimr s during the la^ w tthere can be no d. ibt but tlie war has been commenced, to " head off Captain Tyler"?to defeat hi Exchequer system? "d to demolish him *ltug' tin r, cabinet ai:d all. A .ti an ominous sil nee of several weeks, the .'lea.r- of the c/ii/'o* in Congrr sa have spoken out? m*c ?!f u , r is alreadr in full career. >1r. Calhoun ar.c Mr. IiuchaniM have joined Mr 1! nton and his vl! i:\, and Mr. Mangum, the nmulh-picce of Mr. city, !i come fortli, and shot even lc yond the |oeofc: a Inn, and denounced the President's scheme as th? v. ret that ever was proposed. Mr. Clay, h.nw ' , a-1 tiat sp 'hen ou this question, but he apj?-ar> :c I":lit on his own liook, in the same direction ? hi- gainst the veto power. All the lendiug ciuyt n Uongre.-s are now opposed to the Preside. .:>! his cabinet. Liven Mr. Kives and Mr. Pres'.on, in th- Senile, seem to be lukewarm, and if t tplain Tyler has ten men in tin* House, it is all For t!f f r?t time ; uce 17>'?, the President of the Dfu'.ei i'es, M without a parly i \ Congress to support his iii mures, or to defend his adniinstrution ? How r.dii ' how funny ! how curious! Vet, this is, %ve are persuaded, one of tlie huppieat omen9 for honor, inti gti'y end popularity of his nd >t?, th it ever t >ok place. Its character uil! he placed on its mi tits alone?there is 10 party to defend it, right or wrong. This simple fitc. .? a -ign of the returning sanity and mt rals of Ik'' c ge. The two parties will go on in Congress? mselves and the nation?tear each other to t < ?neglect the public in'eres's?and will ex i.bit to the prop!- the difference between th- f. e'.o i of party and the quiet patriotism of a Pre.-.ih : \ Captain John Tyler is in a happy and am? . nt position, lie is repudiated by both p. who knows but the people may take him prut! very account 1 We expect and curious developments dm nur* ill .ession?and now, that the holidays are over, ; '. eve.y morning for the Heruld?for we iav the Washington news better than all other papen ii c>cation?and no mistake h\rar -rs raoMAi.ii.vNv?The GovtrtNoa's MmSo.i.?'.Vc understand mat the New Yoik and Er ie )' r Company have made tin exclusive arrang- i t- nt with the "Courier and Enquirer" to run a- rvpnv. front Albany, with the Governor's mrsaage. so n- to arrive in this city on Tuesday night, in j:v.- ! r the publication of the mess.ig in th?' paper on Wtdncaday morning. O'S r ' \presses may be run, but probably this " ' 1 1 - -i"i?nnr rn-i <1 ol :i rail nun) onn oart es v. will beat all the others. Th . fii -?of the Erie Railroad Company have | act ' v !i treat ignorance and indiscretion in flrantn . - moivpoly to any particulur paper. We ap, e(' t >r an equal share cf their facilities, f?r 1^ Which we would pay whatever they reasonably asked vbut they have refused, and have deemed it their int rest to gran* a monopoly of three facilities t' a ..'ill street paper, of limitcJ nr.d lessening circulation. TVc think the company will regret I th i. v and exclusive conduct?this illiberal I' Op.: : ;. rd* the test of tin newspaper press. In every < xe'usivc express that we hive run, and t use wren first to begin this p ciea of enterth ! ir*- , u payment of a pro rata share of the ex|*iditarc. nd when wc have had exclusive expresses, w.s partly caused by the refusal of other? to r i a th' iTof the expenditure?the whole of which . te In':: ly undertook I The Tiu Railroad Company do m t give a co at f Oarn-.u'o Im broad and Hhcttl I 1 in which they * Ml to i image their affair?. They will di-cover their m:.?t ?ke before the winter lie pit uud gone In tbe nr-. n time, we hereby otl'-r the sum < f O- . llcsriBEi' cin Fiftt Dollars, to any ; er n who will bring us, by - \,-rr >, u i, py f the me. lge of Governor Sewnrd, .en Tiusdiiy night, in t ne to be published in the Wednesday's hi orninr Herald. The forthcoming ntea-age of Mr. i Srward t t gun. No interest i? i,-It in what *< can tar. heeau e the "power is departed frutn ^ Judai; " N le-arn privately, a so, that it wii! In a Jong doc- u nt, Conta ning a defence of Ins adininistrat.'-n, nd a palliation of the i xtraviigance of tin Jar. four y r??but an the democratic party poeseae th- msj" y m both branch' s of t'ue ! ,t ! .'tire, he is nothin l ot a uonenity, n cipher, a small pot atoe m th- h d of the Slate go.eminent, unit he a game cot rage and diaws the veto sword trem the c -hb trd ^ - ?. as a matter ot newspaper ent-r^ri^e. and to show th? Erie Company some Sb ig- c.. I done a" well r.- others, we m. I give our hundi'J and fifty iloilar* for a mt-e.u < in tune for the Wednesday's paper, although the document its- If will he hardly worth rme hundrrj rniul fifti) cm:* to a newspaper establishment. Tins .? a peciai diet. f vi one ior. Nixr Gomnoi. -Many et the Whig pe r? in the WtM, mention Mr Brr.disli, now I. '-.i"i. -i t Governor, a* a candidi.t - fer Governw ?? c.xtyra; Wait a little. ^ << r" ?iv rnr (treat Wi?ras I1ah?om nnc -s.v .' i hav ami BosToa.?We give to day V th' < r i the proceeding' wincn too;. piacc u I / Great Wee Ittb rsft from i" *'on to Albany. We cone iv< I thi?-?\ < important to Boston us the opening ol I th' L:i' Canal to New York. There is no use t< I di.'r'n ?Boston h?i beat Newr York?and tv< I snn k * k under, or rise up at once and build 3 I Wo HO cu tfcfl I wr. n; , -voluton, and uulcaa s< mcthiug be done I Hi i<nJ real e-'.atc ot New York will fall ft I f - o<nt i . three years. I B" -rouse?r.iuss?ot be ruined a', once I Tf. ! ' owing eh ws the result of this great c: I (i'rori the Albmj J ureal, P. e. B ' 'The f ,4etion of tlio " Weitern Railroad," ha ?..?. rkeaed the eatarpriee of on I St'.atrjn ud?. Amoi ? the incident* connected will ?h.> rrti ' -how which w c aic about to mention will pre B 4c tl Of eft. Ct The P gatlon from Ritncute. which lef" hereto B )of .ia \ m d.iy. took w ith them a t arret Of Salt I < -turrit that "plnce on Tin' lay , front wat'r raisrd 30 I Sr.. t belu the mrface of the earth. The staves an KomoT ba the rait, were take: I froir th'- 'T j pa the moraiuic of the i,im? day ! So th: K thi> salt. P'anufactured on Tueaday at St ra -ti?e. whic' B laid over . eou hour* at AH'?ii> . arm ed at Boiton, (St B Jn'!-?Jc tVrdneaJay ! B X 1 ' idalgue Itplwf^atiou took with them, a' th V Wac ofl tinjr from al 1 0 Flu ur, 01 '.factored 011 Monday from wh< nl/'thrashe I 0t- oo day, and packed ia a barrel, tha atavae aa fcc-' l 1 for " liich wore taken from an oak tree and hickor bo. ? w at 1 % that morning in their native toi rat: Flou I 4h refer t.irh war in the Sliaaf, and a Barrel whir I Wra ; in th Ti. at Canandtiguaon Monday, wa? at Bo #oi. ana I s u nan, in th B ally ye? "i lay morning, wero banting at FaiieviMla B HtodM ?mon',in Boston,laateeening 1 I Atftu RsapKPTABLt: Nrw-iapkr (?oi*a ?Tti B B JL' :?ert ., a runl r.iciit'y MWdactad by 1 lie I in B lb-' Fr ijHibecafrit *th havingrifin B last SH Hi. ia (he r:r*?t reveitttian gpiin^ 0 , in the new B |m. 11' Krrry Wall atnai [ap r in Nc I To.*k ia r ite iart legs ?n l inuttdie before the nc V .k M >?: \i.? <>r 1'olirics?Glkmtwuhtu's 1>ku fiim ?The disclosures of Glentworth fully esfablU 1ie irii'h of the election frauds committed by tli Co .liirniial nu n of the w'lis committees in ltfl and ":s?. G>ntworth himself acknowledges h Su it, and blubbers Iik** a big school boy in til s nek-. This turning round a* States' evidence,migl impeach his lestim >ny. but his stnfements ure ro r?t>nr..: d by other rircinu-tances?by Stevenson testimony- by .('apt Shult/'s evidence?and part c ilnrly by the fact of bis appointment by i>uveru( S ward as Tobacco Inspector. 0..e thing we rem irk There are the names ( ttuny per.-ons, holding re spectable stations, connei tej with these frauds?but that of Moses ll.Grinne i- entirely fieefruiu any stain. We are glad ol the btcaiise Mr. Cirinnell is m honorable merchant anil no connection wit a pontic ti morals mis uee short. The scenes described by (ilciitworth are most c< rimts and instructive. Tiny ure specimens of "toti depravity" licit nta.-t shock every per- m. Vet thes pet so UK and their ae's vere defended by (lie Wa street press, and llobert H. Morris, the honest Jt? corder of \>w York, was lib-lied ten thousun times, m every form, nil J then removed because h would not screen the piye*Iayers. In the same ntovt men', Noah and Lynch wore put upon the bcncl contrary lothe charter of the city?lor what pnrpos is now known well. At another time when \y hive more room, w shall give u few choice selections fro in these disclc sure?, by way of showing to the world, the morals c politics a mon 2 cert .tin cliqu-t ii-r . We have 11 room to d iy. The'latter portion of t lien'worth's brochure i filled with severe rem irks and allusions to Livvard Curtis, Alderman Bcn.-on, and others, but we thin w nltoui any force,or propriety, or good feeling. A the connection that \lr. Curtis seems to have in th matter, arises from his ctl'orts to save his friends,au to prevent an exposuri?a very amiable feeling however improper it may be to thn cause of soun* morals and honesty in politics. Alderman lVnso seem even to have acted a still more amiabl- pat ?and yet Glentworth is almost savage oil this kind hearted Alderman. This is not right nor just. Now the question arises, what will be the pr.icti cal effect of these awful disclosures? Just nothin; at all. The morals of politicians are at so low ai ebb, tint these astounding facts will produce no re stilt. Mr. Blatchford ought to be removed from tin place lie holds as Receiver of the Commercial Bank but such a tiling will not be dvtte. Glentwortl himself, w ill sink iuto oblivion and disgrace, unles h ' cornea lip, like a duck front a deep dive, in somi olli' r party. Our honest opinion is that many of tin whig leaders are shockingly corrupt?but that then are leaders among the locofocos that can givt Blatchford At Co. three points in the game o roguery, and tueu beat them. lue loccl icos are ne vt r caught ia their tricks?here's the cdds. New Year's Dav, Calls, awd Temperance.?Saturday, the first day of A. D. 1812, was one of the loveliest and brightest days that ever ushered a New Year into exigence. More hearts beat with delight on seeing the sua rise up from behind Long Island, than ever before in this great and happy city Such a day conies almost as seldom as New Year's day itself, and was not to be lost. We never saw the streets so crowded with pedestrians, or more thronged with vehicles, driving and dashing as ii driven by steam, in the whole course of our lives Every liou?e was thrown open for visitors?the ladies app ared never handsomer nor happier, and the richness of the display in ide was only equalled by the richness of the day outside. Indeed, there appeared to kt - u rivalry for brilliancy between the ladies and sun. We were sorry to see, in face of all this, so macn intoxication in our streets. It seemed to us as if no temperance societies existed. At broad noon more respectably dressed young men were seen stagger ing under the quantity of wine and liquor they hac taken, than on any cue day for five years. And we never witm ssad, in the same time, such an appear ance of temperance. Many families had no wine at all. and a larg- number had coffee and chocolate for the purjx-s" of leo ning the consumption ?>r l> qiiors S'iII there was no diminution in intoxica tion and it even extended into the Mayor's office. Ii consequence of the improper behaviour of many r his visiters, by which the carpets were complete!; ruined, he was compelled to close up and go horn at one o'clock, and d prived many of the pleasur of seeing hiin. Lord Morptih was among thr num bt r. These are lamentable facts. We were in hope that the temperance cause w ould, ere this, have ex tended its influence over thiscity, and given to ou amusements and celebration a ra i mality w hich ha bees for so long a period so much wanted. Sj.izi ! r: oj r11? Mexicw New.?Wc learn tha the cutter Fwing, Capt. Eraser, has been ordered i the North lliver to watch two of the handsomes and mott raking schooners lying there that eve flouted. This movement on the part of the INving hr raised the cariosity of the people at la'gc.nnd w e wt therefore tell what these schooners nre. They belon to Mexico, and ore bound to Vera Cruz. They hut been built and armed here for the Mexican covert ment, contrary to ull law, and have consequent! been seized by Edward Curtis, Esq , our Collector These two clippers look piratically, end are .1 ready to he captured by the Texan tl et now crui ing in the Gulf of Mexico. They are called tli Liberty and Facie, the former under the commaii of ("apt. Howard unu the latter under Capt. Martii and nre both very tine vessels. They are schools rigged, with fore und main topsails, and anned wi one I'axham long 42 pounder amldship on a piv< four 18 pound cannonades forward, and twooftl same size aft. They have two arm chests on tl 'jiwterdcck. hoarding pikrson the main boom, at . in fact every tiling in real man-of-war style. Th< have also two quarter boats and one large long boa each. Their wheel ropes nnd tiller are so arrangr in the cabin, aj to be entirely out the way of she and they hue- l.?ree patent pumps to Hoe in case a h-ak They ..r 200 tons burthen und carry tl same armament, and a compliment 01 forty-eig . men They luve in t b en built by Brown fr Hell for tl ' Mexican (lovcrntrv nt, and $36,0U0advanced thet on, being one hall th< ir u.'uregat" cog!, the balan ' to be paid on delivery at Vera Cruz. They were cleared at the Custom Hous-asmi j chant vess Is, by ILtr^ >u- ?Y Brothers ; but we u deratund that they were lirst bonded for #170,000. If they rearh Vera Cruz in iifety, Santa Ana w have reason to thank his stars for good luck Wh a prize for Com. Moore ! * M ??t Wwtxp? A small stint of money [ wanted at Washington, to pay the members Comrre*. Uood security given. Also wanted?tl "one hour rule" in speaking. o Fon }',t.<*i.rn'? Sruiiica ajcp Cuww-rojrm.iu J ?The Alb .ny "Atlas" speaking of Fanny Kle-h n it h " Preii lmt Ty lei shotill certainly em, toy K.ini 0 KUaler, or whoever U thr author of tier speeches a letters, in otirfor- ign diplomacy, s , otiche? more co c maud of the language of flattery, t o a input of t jf Firemtiiof New Veik that she would a?:.i?; ut a hero d they contemplated giving to aiJ their tqnd for t d Widow and Orphan* of Km men, ?he arced., a.tdi y gracefully.that, to contribute to a fund fur the snpp, r, of Wi lows and Oi phjaa. w oult ho to me, in any c?? ( h agret it I.- duty , hut to aaiiat, in th? hour of need, 'i a- helpless survivor* of a data 00 devotedly and ditintei telly useful to tho community. a? the Firemen of Ni il Yoi L, m Acs me feel doubly grateful to (I J tor the g U of the e facultioa that can ne directed to a pur(o?? liO > a* :' relief an I comfort ot my diatrr-.od fell crctttnr Wi ti .ik the Harpers or the Appletonssho F p ) -,i: edition of her speeches and corrcsp dice, old paper They ^' uld sell as well, if ^ I)"' t tli we ot Clay, Webster, or the po ^ ci. r.a w inr Com mhia.?Tin* *team?r sailed ft xt Saturday for Hal fax and T,i ctp o', v . t d^ri.-, ..!i foreigners. > Maililii^ton, h [Corrtapondmec ofttie HeraM-l f Wahhihatom, I)-?c. 31, 1*41. y W not of Party Orgaiili?ll )ii?Tlic Wit I, [8 Party~The rinrnl Agent. Nf ver has there beensuch an exemplification < (l the importance and value of party discipline, part r_ organizition, ami party authority, as we have wit nee-ed *ince the opening of Congress. An infiuit j. ol labor, of annoyance, of perplexity, is saved b )r the substitution of the dirtum of party for the exei eise ot judgment, sound sense, and When party discipline is perfect, there is no indiv dual responsibility,no hesitation, no desire to eva;' II questions of any sort. Every man in the rank marches up promptly and with precision. There i _ no complaint, no cavil, no dodging. The mandate u of party, promulgated through the medium of ; caucus, supersede the necessity of thinking or deli berating. Nothing is required but bullheaded fide (| lity. Everyman witoacknowledges fealty to hi party, puts his conscience and Ills patriotism in thi II hands of the leader, and yields a blind subservienc; to his dictation. At the extra session, the whig j were drilled and marshalled to the most per'e; e state of party efficiency. Never was thpre a mon solid phalanx,a more unbroken front. They voted , to a mm, for Mr. Clay's bank bill, a measure ac r knowledged, on all hands, to be utterly worthies for all practical purposes?an absurd, incongruou e scheme, without one redeeming quality in all it provisions. But party tyranny predominated ove ,1 every consideration of principle, of expediency, o () cl patriotism. Tlie bill was passed through bptl houses,and only arreated by the good sense, integrity s and independence ot the President. I After executing all the behests of party, the whij k members went home to their constituents. Fron |[ thein they received a let-son, which opened thei e eyes to the folly of many of their acts, and they re j turned here to the regular session, disorganized ant , broken up, as n party, without ah acknowledget j leader?without a settled plan of action?withou tl confidence in each other, and without n comtnoi t purpose or object. Hence the confusion and unarch) that lias prevailed up to the present time?henct ill- doubt aHd hesitation manifested on nil hands. Tiie revolt which line tjken place in the whii ,, ranks, in every section of the country, ha3 had iti , effect on Congress, Members have begun to set the necessity of thinking for themselves; and, i possible, avoiding the political destruction whicl must ensue, if the rash and headlong counsels o: ( Mr. Clay aru permitted to prevail. This necessitj s imposes a large amount of lubor and responsibilitj > ?and, as it is a new thing, it is not surprising tha' there should have been, for u time, no decided tone or direction to whig sentiment or opinion in Con gress, 011 the lisca! scheme of the administration At the extra session, there would have been nr . doubt, for a single day, what would be the course adopted. Ascertain the opinions or feeling of Mr. Clay, and it was not necessary to enquire further Bat the popular condemnation of whig policy and measures, lias nearly destroyed the power ?f Mr. Clay, and utterly precluded the idea of union or harmony, or concurrence in the whig ranks. There is neither zeal, nor concord, nor activity. The currency question is the great measure of the session.? ' Upon this, Mr. Clay is indisposed to effective ac' tion ; but it seems to be admitted that he can hardly control a majority, even of the whigs, in either ' house. Blind as he may be to the will of the people, they < annot shut their eyes to the state of the public mind, nnd they will not incur the hazard of defeat! ing the wise andjpatiiotic purposes of the adminis' t rat i on. I The views thrown out by Mr. Mangn.ti, in his vioI lent tirade yesterday, are not entertained by more tiisn six or eight members of the Senate, on the whig side. There may be a coalition between the i extremes of both parties, embracing a suiheient number to defeat any scheme of finance, but there - is a considerable poition of sides that will not ) be a party to any such factious combination. The people desire to see this question settled - They do not sympathise with the personal desirei s of those who wish to keep up perpetual agitation ? in tli" hope that it may ultimately ensue to their owi lit m Th# vrniu r?. po^r, pennan^ucy, I . s-ttled, regular system, and they will be held to i II fea.lul responsibility who shall, lor any selfish o f other ut worthy purpose, conspire to defeat a judi y ciou-and well considered financial scheme Baltimore, tC'oir-.epondcnce of the Herald.] '* . Hal r:.m?:te, January 1, 1S-42. Ma. Editor ? *= Last jnight, at twelve precisely, the town clocl announced the mournful intelligence, that the cl r year had suddenly dropped from ^time into th yawning tomb of uoneality. Hut as tlie Phani arisen irt m lis asue , so come lorm me new bor ( year to bloom afresh inlhe calendar of ages A its birth, the bells throughout the city commence ringing, guns were fired, and loud hallocs cam , from a multitude of human tongue*. This is fitting season to glance over the past. Therein I sptct is full of wholesome lessons. Would the ^ they could be appreciated and improved upon. 1 tracing the winding pathway of memory, but ft 1_ twelve short months, themes will befonnd. profiti ly ble to the moralist, as well as the lover. Many s eye this day will be dimmed with the sad toan H melancholy, when recollection tells the heart tin B the one which once beat in unison with it, is not stilled in the solitude of death. Like a star gon ie out from heaven, or as the snovv drop melted in tl; id river, so have vanished many a cherished hopi rt( As falls the autumn leaf, or droops the blight* 'r llower, have fallen those, who were sweeter tho life, end precious, almost, as an inheritance : heaven, lint you may say that I am growing sent it, mental, and that whatever sentimentality in wan ins, you ran manufacture it yourself, without tl trouble of putting it in a postscript. True, cxcui inc. then, for this digression. ?tl Not much was dene in the Legislature yestc y day. A bill was introduced to repeal the la known a* the tax law. but after some discussion was defeated 1;' On Thursday evening last, ahoy, nnmcd Kliin it, wa< rnn over by the Philadelphia cars as tin 0r were entering our city, and had his leg and ar cut off. 10 Our market is dull. Flour continues witho ht change, viz : jtti, though some sales have taki place at le?s. Wheat is as at last quotations. I have no variation t? note in exchanges. Ha 1 mad orders bare gotten wor?e?they arc now fm 12 per cent discount. This is a bright and bea ce tilul morning?not a cloud to We seen. A hap| year to every one of yrar foity thousand patron 1 wist. r 1* Philadelphia, [(o.Terpen It nee of the llerclJ.) ill riiiL.vDELPniA, Jan. 1. 1812 ? P. Mat The New Year has opened here in smiles at brightness. Youth, brauty and age are out great numbers ; and notwithstanding the sevc pecuniary afflictions that our city has suffered t past year, there is a gaiety atul joyfulaess scarce ever before ?quailed. The Udi i are ?w< etly milling. Gray-he.'led grandpa's beguiling, * While the rowdii? arc oil agog, r> Gratuitously twilling eggnogg. 'l'he birth of a new year, however, i? not notie ny here with that hearty unanimity and splendor, wi "j' which you New Yotkeri celebrate the event. C he theatres are open for day performances, und soi ^ all of our hotels.and as soin - of the latter are free ng grv?s and repress, there wi 1 be, it is presumed "l general "casting up of accounts," as is proj enough on commencing a new year Tbera w fl*" a pretty fair beginning in this respect last nig ,Ut a> the figuring around many of our lamp posts ti so morning fully attested. ov> The "i pnJiation" meeting, hal i night bef> u|(j last, is the subject of m ich conversation and c< on_ -iilcrable alarm among bond holders aud lead M, t politicians. Th?.c here who know the parti |jtj pai :s in this meeting, kr.ow them to be nies much activity and influence at the polls. Hesi it i> very apparent, from the demo/strntinns m oin at the meeting, that the individual* holding s.tlt opinion f the right to repudiatr, are much hi |n *;.*) us than was previously suppose.], as v a* much better organized. They appear not to hare entered on this generally unpopular question, without rtfleetion and thorough examination. The ? speech of Mr. Andrew Miller and the questions which he put to Mr. Gilpin and Mr. Dallas, during thf- speeches of these two gentlemen, show him to >1 he thnronghlv conversant v. ith the question in all y its legal bearings 1 U- trutn in, ibt re have'for souse months been tivo or three organised societies, in the city and y county, which have held their meetings weekly, or y oftener, at which the several questions involving f. "repudiation,"have beeu.discusscd. This accounts for their being so fully prepared at thn meeting. They know their ropes, and roost o| them talk like books upon "the law aud justice" of the subject, e Andrew Miller, Esq , the leader at present iu the a movement, is a gentleman of strong mind, a rigorous thinker, a gord writer und a sensible talker. v Me never wins proselytes to his rootle of thinking * through any other channel than their judgments. a He never d-clainis. and has not, as you might supposefrom certain representations, a particle of the demagogue about him, in either manner, language or person, lie is a grocer, of plain, unassuming i manners, and of most unexceptionable character. e Me has repeatedly been the candidate of his party in tha city. I make this notice of him because it ^ is his due, and because 1 have seen a disposition to 3 impugn, not omy his motives, but his character, t Dr. Jacob Frick, for sereral years past Cashier of the Hank of Penn Township, has resigned his connection with that iustitu ion. There are van> ous rumors afloat us to the entise of this resigna tiou, among others, that a firm, compost d of the L connexions of Dr. F., have been permitted to j overdraw their accounts. There are other reasons ' rumored, whieh at present 1 will not state, as they * may prove groundless. r Mr. HutUrhad a very good house at theChesnut . street Theatre last night, though by no means 1 nro.,.,1,.,1 II.. -.,,1 ou <k. 'l V> " ~...l 1 won many admirers in the personation. The more 1 he i* keen, the better he it liked. At the National, the holiday piece* have had an excellent run. f What succeeds thrin, 1 hare not heard. At the * Walnut, Arch, and the Circus, the audiences arc 1 very respectable?at the last, decidedly good. r \ csterday, William Fisher, an agent on the train . of burden cars, on the Reading Railroad, was . crushed between two cars, on the Columbia Railroad, near Hroad street, and so much injured that i his legs were amputated at the hospital, where he t had been immediately conveyed. The occurrence , was accidental, and produced by a concussion caused by a train coming in collision with the r?r? wheu he was standing upon or , t a car. The day previous, o cars at the depot, corner of S'in , from Norristown, a Mr. liug the passengers, was found dead, having expired * ou the way down from Norristown. lie was a resident of Kensington, about forty-five years of f age, with a family, aud lius been in ill health for some time. 1 The old N'utional Gazette recently revived under I ihe younger Fry*, on the cash principle, at'two i cents, died to-day?or rather, was swullowed by the Pennsylvania Inquirer. Thus they totter and fall. ' There was no meeting of the Stock Hoard to-day, and but little business transacted in any direction. Albany. , ^Correspondence of the Herald.] , Albany, Dec. 2B, 18-11. Movements in Al'xmy? Progress of the (Jood Old Regency to Power?Appointments?Amusements. I James Gordo* Bexnett:? Thereare hero a host of expectant! from all parts of the State. For Clerk of the Senate, the prominent candidates are Edmund J Porter, from your city; Dennis 1). Uafney, of this city, and Seger, who was formerly clerk of the Assembly, under regency misrule. The Yorker is the fast horse, and will win the race. No doubt about it. For Clerk of the As-icmbly, Jno. O. Cole, Wm. J. Van Zandt, and Arthur Southwick arc the most I'romi ntnl. 'I ke former was formerly Pol i tic subsequently clerk in the PosiOftic 1 i-city Although there is some objection on n f his beiagau "old regency" oflicc holder. considered the "man elect " There are at least ten candidates for ry other office in the gift of the "wise sacht 1 lo-rc must be some one from the West, one ii ru New York, and then the Albanians may look out for themselves. It is said Flagg is to be Comptroller, and Dix or Chat field, Speaker. Knickerbacker Hall is the grand depot for ball*, fairs, Ate.. this winter. The new members will doubtless cut up some amorous pranks among our prcttv girls. 1 will let you know of auything interesting that comes off The marble and granite pilUra are the spots for a No. 1 Lunch. The check 3 apron balls ard romping sleighing parties arc numerous. A description of one of ihe former,which came otr in the law buildings a few nights since, 1 1 will give you in my next. j Albany. r [CorrcniHimltticc of lhe lltrald ] alb inv, D.'c. 2#, 1841. Jiiici (ianno.s Bennett, Sir:?or Sir Times Gordon Bennett? Good morning, dear Sir James. a title vou deserve, Ai d if in Lnglaml we're cock autr to gain it As a reward for jour great rtrength of ni rve. And yet'tis wonderful how \ou maintain it. In taceof all, without a " flinch" or swerve, Whlln bum with pcess smites. Iromanvt of vonr fame. ^ To cruih your Hnald, and bctmnar your'name , Then*'* I/onff Nine, wy t?oiom f i- ..J, and rather likely J fellow, c But damnably embittered toward you and yours, Of all the pack hil is the foulest br How In " yelling" you, the prince of? vil doers ; n Hi? gil'i arc large in slang obscene and shallow , which not a harlot in her enr endures? Though >uch are s?hi 1 the vilest thoughts to harbor J We see them here eclipsed by the Stale barber. e But have thou in. rcr on him still?which "faith"is more a Than Jove or Tint* w ill have, some time lit nee, I'nlesa he alters touch from skin to core He lights (he rn> >) bit freedom, liut his t. nts it Are pitched the ie bleat gate ol bell before ; Midst log" of brimstone odor'' black and dense? " And there he soundly slei pi- ?a> rhall we w ake liiml r Or let the dt vil hove hi" due mid him? ? s" The Bos'on rommoti council h ive b" n here? in Dined, wined, bei :i toasted. and gone home again . Well piers with th ir lee, pti in .Hid good cheer, " An 1 sec Albaai.-ns, proud 10 entertain tt The men who rep ':.!? city, evr d-ur, The city ol great n<< n, where lettcia reign, ^ Where Franklin's ir ? ore, oi. t Warren s sot. IC Where Freed. m ha. a lioius m.d champions yet. 10 , Abridge, a hri !gi I y r Trejans. Lobl your tongue, ,j An.lIt t as briug the rail io.i l o'er th? river,? Your eastern Ira In alrraJv linn you sviupg !n And sloops and sco v > art put . worse th in ever; 1,1 9o .io " we proj ion," let i hi Igobe Hung I* Aereeath?fliatM}th aw IImIIyMtWvar, t* An 1 help to rait your block* unpeee eech street, ie And where you now ate selling .jw the whe .t. >u Th" Boston hot a w are treare ' , ite p >litrly, Shown round to all the lions o. the place, r Attended by our Mayor and bis Sam" Uusightly, w (Who,ht the way ,'n an rgr. cieus ruse.) it By Ablet men with noaea beaming brightly From what especial cause 't were hard to trace 0 It might be in the prospect 0| that dinner, roasting, ,y Or in the ipiick return of all this thing, at B sting. iii One May or made a speech/and Boston'* ditto ? You'llflnd them be:h reported in the Argus ?? Thp Yankee's goo the Dutchman's only so so , But rich delivered sans parade or fuss; Ea Alike rejoicing in thepromi ed (low Of beni fits to one. and all of us. '1 Which mu?t arise from the great wrork uow done? at That links two cities,far apart, in one. M Already inland traleranear this roaj W Arc pouting in to purchate grain and dour. With aash in hand, they buy an regime loaJ, And off tt go?a ?t twr sty miles an hour, To meet the want in many a man's abode Wliprn numcroiii mnutht <Im mnatirAfss a '? ? An hundred thousand barrels, it it tail, ' Are yearly wanted for their cake and bread. , From other place*, hitherto obtained, This large supply, will no v besought for here, in And quita a tnm to the consumer gained, (A pernv saved.' ten know. (woj enee clear,) '* Our stock in atore i? large, hut will he drained he Before the opening of another year. , 1 nlrst some ?peculator, ' a la Mart," ' Buys up the w hole and girts the price a start. Yours, WALTER DRYDEN. 1 iv i r or rit.ooD.? Slaughtering ot hogs is uoav on *o large a scale in Cincinnati, that Dear Creek, aud ed the D|,io, tt>r more than n mile runa with blood. A it i m t Foi.?om ?'This religious Linatic i - at her ,re "'"'It 'tKrt 1 >n disturbing the churches of that jn_ c ty. La.-t Friday afternoon, suys the ' Democrat," eho entered the ID v. Mr. NVal's Church, where she t' refused to listen to expostulation, and was borne ^ from the Church in the arm of two of the brethren l)( ?ad tit" Con!intii: : to epeuk, and when out Ins ?f ' " * ! crowd upon the sidewalk. She Huj a th ,t Cliriet, when upen earth, we1 followed bj *rc CT0W''* people, and ro is she on' "11 i u< oi. Hlood" if the terrible inscription upor ,ne t'lc bann .a ofth-- starvin? multitudhs in Creat Dri ,cl" ta;n 1. ' .. re a Ml rat in llngl nd 1 i of ' Jes Hai.m< n -V Co '# l',xxnr?s.?We now receive In a le tl',4 i '.illy arranged express, II uton and Aiban; the pa; tb? MX day?the fofMCf one and twi ore o ta I the la:t"r tw elve and fif'c n licum in ad rcll I va . : the mail ThtMrltnU. Mk >n Mrson's BxsrrriT ?Thisg'inilenian'd benefit taki-s place to-night at the Park theatre, and Mile. Kl?>ler, on this consideration, performs, und takes a fiual adieu of her legion of admirers. We notice on the bills, the announcement merely of Mile. [ Elesler's appearance, without designating the actual reason, namely, on the occasion of Mr. Simpson's benefit. The only cause we can ascribe for this blunder is, that Mr. Simpson withholds his name, knowing that the name of the i/<m*ru?r will prove >)uite siiflicient to draw a crowded house, and at some future time he will appeal to the public on his own behalf, thereby killing two birds with one stone. It is an undoubted fact however, that Mile. Elasler consented to appear lor the benelitof the management, and not in cotnpli. attce wit* any solicitation, as the hills say, and justice and gallantry -houhl have prompted Mr. Simp, son to a far different course front that he has pursued. 141<r vuun .u^ oara will explain the mystery :? Mile. K*s*v Kntim present* hrr compliment* to the public, ?ni\ ?Uriu ? to state that hor appearance at the I'm k on Monday (tki* evening) ji not in comt.lianco with any "solicitation*, as incorrectly announced in the lulls, hut meant as a compensation to the management lor any losses arising from tUu shoit postponement of her engagement through illness, for which she receives no remuneration. A, run Hoc**, Jan. 2. Thus it appears, that while tMU*. Elrnler has act. rd on this occasion with that generosity which has rendered her proverbial ia this countty, there has been nn unmanly attempt, on the part ot the management, o withhold justice from her. The audience ought to call tor Mr. Simpson, and hear hisexplanation for such conduct. It is a notorious fact that great gmtUilf occurred at the theatre, owing to th- illness of th* ilan?ru?e at the commencement of her engagement. The company received no salary for the two nights the theatre Was closed, and uow that Mile. Elssler comes forward and performs gratuitously,to insure the management against lo.-s, it is but a poor subterfuge for it to announce lo-rap pearance as the result of "solicitations There has been n disagreement between Mile J Ussier and Moos. Sylvain. Mons. Martin, whom we consider a far superior dancer to the former, goes with her to the Havana We are not surprised at a i told hi ii that he was endure d onjy_v.14t.of compliment to Kls: ler. < tn Wednesday next Mile. Elssler goes to Philadelphia, and thence embarks for the Havana, lfcr career in this country has been marked by unexampled suec-ss, and wherever she has appeared, she lias done some chari'able ac ion, which has increased her popularity. She has probably cleared nearly one hundred thousand dollar* by her engagements in the principal cities of the United States and Cuba, a result certain to revolutionize theatricals in Europe. Ilcr success will i-tunulate the great stats of Europe to shoot from their present spheres?and soon we may expect 'o see Tagltoni and Cerito, the two remaining graces, tripping ttgaily across the broad Atlantis* uitrl in fK*<ir f rain (4rio I? iiKint A Ikovtav zi, and Lablache, the empire of ?or We hardly suppose any of the dr vill be as successful as Fanny, in point of r'Mtleraiion, from the circumstance th '-> lumbus ol the dance, who disco, woild, and has taken it in all its freshnet. tain it is, that they will realize more in two? art u America, than they could trt ten years in Europe. The fixed star system in Europe is on the verge of explosion, instance the case of Rubini. lie had been giving exhibitions at all the chief cities on the continent, und at the last account, had enraptured ihetlueen of Spain with his astouishing vocal powers. I .it ham Theatre?As we expected, this theaatre w.t- crowded to suffocation on New Year's night. lew than four ladies went off into fainting fii . J Heaven know? how many more before the performance? closed. The house was so full, that there was scarcely room for respiration. Tonight Thorite comes out with Mazeppa, Kirby enacting the hero. It will rather take the benches by surprise if the house is not crowded. Oi.vmpic ?A very full house congregated here on New Year's night, to wish Mitch'll a happy New Year. At the close of the performances, a wreath was thrown on the stage, which immediately encircled Mitchell's head. Ho was very much overcome by this incident,and created a roar by the opeiati?n, among the audience, which almost carried off the roof. Mitchell i? "a very funny fellow," as poor Power was called in " Rery O'More." Bowr.av Amphitheatre ?Hundreds went away unable to get seats at this arena on New Year's night Fainting was the order of the night, and a great demand lor Cologne water. Several ladies followed the example of sonic of their sex at the Chatham, and went of! into hysterics To-night the utosf graceful rider of the day, Mr T . V. '1 uruer, appears, ait announcement received with great plea ture. lit- m equal,unu in many thing* superior, to North lii.recker street Ciki rs.?Also thronged on Ne w Yeur'enight. Tin- gmnti* carrying every thing hefore hint here. This cirrus well deserves the support it receives from the uptown gentry. Grand Festival Tims Evening.?Don't forget Mr. C. K. Horn's splendid Musical Festival to-night.? Among the performers are Madame Sphor Zalin, Messrs. Jlraham, l)e Begins, Chs. E. Horn, and others. At the Tabernacle?half-past seven?tickets at the music stores. S-f a ivertisenient. Important most Tobasco.?Uy the schr. Bella del Mar, Capt. Hhaiv, from J'obaseo, we hare accounts to early in December. At that time all was peaceable and qu<et. The *chr. Dos Araigos arrived at robasco on the U')ih lilt, from Vera Cruz, bringing > passenger,Col. Alonzo Kcrnar.dez, who left Mexico on the 17th November, charged by President Santa Ana with a special mission to the State of Tobasco, to assure Gen. Sentamanat that Federalism^was completely reinstated throughout Mexico, inviting bun to r. turn to the Mexican family, anil appointing bun Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Tobisco. Don Fernandez was also the bearer of several valuable p-esrnts from Ssntt Ana to Sentamanat, among which were a geld wratch end a splendid military uniform. A sort of election was thereupon held, when {fOtfO w ere declare d to bo to favor of joining Mexico and having Sentamanat b>r Governor. Coc >.? wa* declared ta be admiss ible into Vera Cruz fi > nofduty, 1 and commerce w as to Li facilitated and euro rued, j So, Tobasco is u ain one oi the States of M.xieo. ; The Delia del Mar had a boisterous pasta . of 12 j days. I,.vw iv St Louis?Judge Mullanpby, sitting over Uic Circuit Court, takes Mr. Risque, an Attorney of his Court?and treats hiin very unhandsom ly. improperly and oppressively Mr. Risque lher< upon seeks a meeting in the streets wilhduugc Mullanpby?finds him as he desires, walks hastily up to him with a bludgeon, and a, plies it across bis shoulders. Judge Mullanpby, expecting a hostile attack, draw s a sword cane purely iu telf-diftncc, (a> d we make this statement w ithout any idea thai any man in his senses will dispute its correctness J is thereupon drawn up before the Recorder?urn I dergnes a trial, and is, bv a jury of 12 men, found guilty of an a ?ault, and fi .cu one dollar !?S: Imu i UantU, J fee 20. ltitt*minous vs. Anthracite.?The Charleston Siikntli Carolina. uaners mention i fire in that eiiv last Sunday, from the spontaneous combustion <>i bitnaiiuous coal. Iioanin Co?irlaobArio.f **t> ."Tpposep MvrI nt? ? The account published a few days si-** from the? Wilmington RtPublican, '<1 adre?^,,,Iconflagration and supposed rnurdir. said to hare taken | place in Su.stx county. Delaware. ws" wrong in regard to it* locality, n? will be ? *" 'ram the fob lowing from the " S meraet, (Md ) Herald", ol Tuesday. " We 1( arn that o-i Tu??day night last, the dwel ling ofa Mr Hastings,who resided near .Salisbury in tni, c uaty, was burned, with fire persons in it who irt rt all consumed by the fire It is supposes to hare been the work of iucaudiarj creatures st ho were tempted t? H** deed by ths prospect o obtaining money, or which there is thought tnhavi been fifteen hundred or two thousand dol'ars in th< house at the time There is no doubt but the fami |y weic murdcrrd, and the house burned to prereu the discorery." Spariim Co* act. Heap.?Don Manuel Valdrrr Spanish Consul at Kaltimnre, aged 70, died i Wednesday crening last, in that city. Diir |.r Fra.ts-k.? lJy the code Nap deon, a i person can be incarcerated fordekt,'after ths a a#*" > tiO. a law winch is still in force, and a wry h.-.?ain and proper law it is. Cossrr. roH Swrnts?The Pre-dent has re cognized Charles .lames Hunt a? *'rB Consul o Sweden and Norway, for M-""c'lu,ctt?, New Haii.pslitre and Maine. ir Court C?lei?>,lr?T*1" n<lr Com t of-Comwoh r? '> "i 1*\ JS ' 6.S. I7,!>, IS, 911,34, JW> . l? Ciari'ir Copar - to-tnorto hirebeense srsrt for orgume *1 ~"C ollowlng is the Call ? Sar fw " w day * ' ??,**, 7 - >3 ?i ?,?! o? 1 City Intelligent M??t Hrl tal Mi-rur.?One ol murders ever committal in thisci New Year's day, at.N#. H9 Orange derer's name 14 Thorrns Tappan, land, and ih" subject of his enorni Elizabeth, aged thirlt-five years apartments in tbe above dwelling intemperate habits. During tbe 11 arose Iteiween thein, relative to h for a pail of water, she desiring to ing. This terminated in hi* givir his fist, when she again eudeav room, lie then locked the door, beating her with a c hair, which over her head, and then took broke it up by striking her on vi body. Having so disabled her stand, he threw her on a bed in knife and fork, and stabbed and < and face,in six or seven places. J , his bruta' work, he then caught ker's hammer, with which he d little life that was remaining upon her with his feet, and thre^^^Bfc^ Havingsatialed his horrible possi down on the floor, saying he woi son George came in, when he wo A woman,named Catharine Kell) a bed in the room during the wb committing this more than brutna alraid to make any alarm or att? room, on account ol his threats to ved. When the sob of Tappau ca t his father asleep on the floor- and g!e.1 aa I murdered corpse. Alan given, and 'lie murderer arrested nation and veidict of Coroner's jt to prison. J)r. Wm. S. Tompkiu lem examination of t'ae body, anr on it, besides a number of abrasi Hie presented a distressing sight bctore witnessed in the examinal Miiunn ii'mtnli moo / * Iforged check for $211 to the W Friday, purporting to have beer Iiuaael E Glover, was Anally co day. His name is Ambrose S. P as formerly a command*r of sev< this and other ports of the Uniti been residing at the United Siati of time past, aud is of a respect* vious to this transaction, we belt ~ good reputation. Nothing has y that will lead to the detection of i the forged check for $1500 to the ing Association on Friday, and r Finn axd I-ioes or Lrrn.?Tho I James llannon, No 9 Orange sir by lire on Saturday night, an McCarthy was burned to death building after the apartment w was in flames, in order, as is sup of her property, and thus lost hei "' d as n picker lor Hair matre '>o is absent from the cit) -s are becoming c> . Have been ente week,,.' korsjthatof 536 to., r v nigh great vara:;. ' " complaints are*. the balls of private ?i i This should serve as a caw U locked after dark. ? Case of Henry W. Sksrm.i tion of tins young inan, chargei of checks on the Mechanics' ai in ike nam* of Ilcnty Fanshaw former institution, and $850 i Campbell at the latter, was co lice Parker on Saturday morn l.earing nguinst him relative to t was discharged on that conipla held to answer the oilier charge of bail first demanded, lit sti nuiue of tlu: perton from tohom h chirk. The Board of Assistants a o'clock, and on Wednesday be joint ballot. Highway RoBBF.Rr.?A case took t.lace on the eveu.n- -c the n, ' eU wi on . wu,: ar: _... .xiey put in a bott been exhibiting at No. 18 Bow legs, ami some other pecaliarl On Saturday evening, about ei rowdies entered his place of and commence.1 an assault upd down,and finally robbed him oi tain uga''ouiS70 in money,and and then ma-fe their escape. N< t ' a n a aided by a watchman,"were on per Police OUice, with the pris porter house at the corner of \ streets, Kelly, one of the pria and a party of men, nutnberir trom the hon e, and after naev in rescuing Kelly from the offi tlte porter house in search ol beat with eliaiM, club.', list.', At the stove was knocked down a smoke, or in all probability wc t?s death. The three men, ?*pi were secured und lockt d up. A valuable cane belonging lost by him duriug the fight in the recovery of which he olier an l n4.h*i*hl rouci ? Williams, was invited by H brother on Tuesday evening hours at their dwelling, No. living detained until Inie, a ro for him to sleep in over night, ill" morning and carried oir He was arrested yesterday anc Ntw vbar's 1>ay p.uiwd oti d> iam and intoxication than the auna'a of th- p< lice ofii This is wotihy of n< te, a-> Ne York ie kept iii a manner pecu ae e\ery hotel, tavern, and a hottve, is open to the irer us? nitv, hivI Chiisttnas day is fc p irison as a public bvtivaj. Petty Tweets.?jjba I'rnt f iin ('anna > Striujlia**. a>u 1 Thompson, ? black fellow, e 1 brt? (1 of fowls Ironi Mania <J and Pell is, ami was ja y ' black, stol a pa r of slippers 1 lull, an I was closettea in t lWand, ?:?le throe froafcsnnUr ' i"S apparel Iroin sfw*anoah ?. 1 at re t, und W otnnittetl. Fine "t Tororto ?Seven , including lioodo'e Foui l,vare on Monday last. (Xf~ D?. Tatcoh's Biloii or cut proprietor, nl art Bowery, ti been said to satisfy the public, tb right or el im to the genuine ra ' iiy hrr lec ased husband, for the i infant ohlldran BotW.W. Tna I dereieeJ, ifrritiiri, iu one of I which renders it nerersaiy thstti r reply. Shortly idter ttic decettai iKrrtisrrm lit sppe irrd?" 7V fc iii n " 7V hralhtrof F A. P ,p an ' ml finally, Wro w. Th(yrr|a Sining street, and la'tly, saying , his brother at 376 Bowt ry. 11 sa | 1 the brotharef the proprietor cvr , with said st an lis hm* nt. Ahout f opened a store, 241 Spring street, JWrrs Haltmn of lAVf'Vitrt. A" took part,and ?t;pported on Mtabl p atreet, and they claimed to be Hit | " lor'i Baleam of Lire wort. Thi*| t It i? a fart, and they cannot conti time the Balr.tmaf Liverwort lird lie. Wm. W. Thajer wai Mbootfou The folio vviug, it i? teitcr.d, wil ' rou , Citi *nr Coi-arr er \ IUietat Xi? York, Si : j worn, ( at ke hna printed th< lake la. wrap $ for Iir Taylor'* Bolinm uf Llaarwo ' Thayer, (rom the lin e (he i*me A e public, in the yem isaS until tha d? ierielr, on the 4tH lwcember laat T a;.} one wot i.iteJ with ?aM Fre.leri a: 375 II >wrty, and he waitb-only r depone..t. ai?ato whom he alwaye It mi ntf. (Slynedt DitNlKl Sworn before ate. thi* firkt day of Ja s. B. Hnichinya, Com of Drrja. B'Wte) or trii Cocurr mix ?T1 ' try ii (1 <olo 1 with Cooutorfeiti?yont t ft 1 wheieyon h?y,aithry hare imiut r Vu-l?. <i number; the-efore put no < j" 'ran c, i' 1 buy ret c? n ITS Bow try, between F*u??tu.o \

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