Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 3, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 3, 1842 Page 3
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^^P O S T S (J K 1 P* * Baltimore. J I Correspondence of the Herald.| Baltimohi-, J<tnuury 2, lt>!2?9 A. M. Ma Editor: ? A more beautiful New Year's day never bad its vMeeeia the calendar of time, than was experienced _? here yesterday. Tlie heavens were without a cloud, ad the atmosphere mild as a May morning. The r" . Accustomed salutations of the season were cheerfully passed, r.nd business moved on with briskne.-sj The streets were crowded with a formidable array beau y, each countenance wearing smiles of ' * -delight About three o'clock in the morning, we ' febd a n re, w hich destroyed the gunsmith establishWent of Mr. Wm Wutt, South Frederick street? ^ A ' -dun a<?es not heavy. But now I must give you a <5Ehpter on money and business affairs. My infor_ kutjon i< gathered from the Counterfeit Detector of Mr. II Wiguwn, just issued?the money report of i f'oiien. Esu. in yesterday's Patriot, and my f_ jjsru observations! Some time since, I mentioned 1vipiat it was probable, the interest on the State debt f Maryland, falling due January 1st, IS 12, would raot be paid, nor has it. Our Slate may, therefore, foi the time being at least, be put down 1 as bankrupt. The Treasury is lank as the bleached * bones of a dead horse after having been deserted by \S the buiz ird?- ^-.decided decline has been experi? enced in WdBflrn funds, and is it with difficulty that Illinois can be sold at 12 per cent discount. In southm cm fund.-, A'abama especially, there is an enormous depression, and they may be quoted ut 13 a 15 per i|L ent discount. There is a falling off in Chesepeake and Ohi<h0nnal scrip It in only 15 cts in the dollar. The de mand for Tide Water Canal uotes has eng* tirelv ceased. I have no improvement to note in Stocks. Limited Hales have been made of Merchants' Union $ 184: Marine $22; Bank of Baltimore 022.'!; Fa meis' and Planters'S IS. No operations ia k city issues. A semi-auauai dividend has been dey wared by the Farmers' and Plan'ers' of 3 percent; Merchants'do; Chesepeake, ?'< ; Western 2| The k t Union will withhold her dividend, and probably the Oi ixens W There is an increased demand for ^mouey, which v OB the street is to be obtained at li for the best de,' BCrintionsof paper The offerings at the Hanks arc ot large, but restrictive measures are being pursued Consequent on the probability of some action on the f. . fart of the Legislature in the matter of resumption ) -?there is no pressure, and business men obtain the ' usual facilities?a rapid contraction seenas not thought n ecessary?the discount lines of the llanks, j generally, being as low as would be necessary under x ?ny citeoinstances. f It abroad orders have declined. I quote them at -J? a I") discount. Exchange on New York has ad*a?eed to ti ptemium, Boston, do; Philadelphia ^ 5'8dia ; Virginia,3 do. The buying rate of specie ~ 1 - ' 1 ? ? Pt,hli/? aunli m?nt i* A-.. 1 a ?4 Utlll * ?"IIV BUH.H..V.I. *w F ^btrongly in favor of resumption and movements are Jiuikiiig in every direction, to that effect. The 2 ' hut fed'es of flour have been made at $5,87jj, isf. Which may be given as the quotation price; W ' Susquehanna ia held at $u,12i? no transactions. j Inspections of the week have been 11,DOB '1 bbla , half bbls. Maryland red wheat, 115a T 126 cents; white do 123d133 cents; corn 5tii5ti cents, f -Jw old and new; oats 44 cents; rye 75 cents; cloverWeed $7 from wagons. No alteration in provisions. Hew England riuh 20 cents; whiskey 21i<i22i cents; beef cattle $4,60 itjjifi, 50 per 100 lbs.; hags, live ?'4d ' p't 100 lbs; pora from wagons, $3 per 100 >. w Its- Kio coffee, 10 cents per lb. f Nothing was done ia trie State Legislature yesteri <^*y. Governor Thomas will take his seat of Monday, T"he weatherjfeontinues delightful. No inorejusi ?ow. Yours, Twist. ^Philadelphia. [Coriespondener of the Herald.] Philadelphia, Jan. 2, 1842, P. M. This is a most delightful day, and thousands tba do not visit a church once in a month, have 'i' through the joint intluenco of the day and, a hal *. formed i .solve to load a more moral course for thi y year on w hich we have just entered, been tcmptci within v * holy prccmcts. Almost all our meeting bouses were crowded. There arc a thousand rumors afloat here to-day Of overdrafts, defalcation*, ?ad the various nthei , t modern erac'ices in finance, in the Pcnn Townshif Bank. T acre was no meeting of the stock board yesterday, yet 1 hear of private sales ia the stock of this institution at a fall of tea dollars per shurt on previous sales, induced from these rumors. The truth we shall probably know in a day or two. Dr r?/\ the late cashier, it understood to be Con. . necrV with the " American Sentinel," and owet 4 it to himself,and to the make the true caus< Of the resignation known, if it has not already b?ci > done, and thus, if preseut stories are untrue, si * fence c a I a amy. There is a shocking falling oil' ii i. ? ill iti.cK., and if the cr. nt should pr .ve that then has bee i dereliction of any of the officers of thi v Pea n Township Dank, confidence must receivi % another thock, acid stocks, if possible, a lowei slepth 1 trust, however, these stories may provi V tuitrua In the Criminal Sessions, yesterday, Paul Van j ; den pleaded guilty to having passed a ?10 coun , . terfeit note. He was sentenced to an incarceratioi 4tf twelve m mtbs in the county prison Paul is i Frenchman by birth, and arrived in this country ii y 1803. iuc* his a. jourii in the United Stales, hi bee spent twenty yeirs in various prisons, on con Tietion of various offences. At present he **. hers seventy fire yrars, but still has th< appearance of being a bale and hearty man lie stated to the Court that he was a mar Tied ma and that his wife, at present Jras in 1.1 . r ru. auuie. i |vm ncrn* questioned Dj adge h)..r?n, why it wk that he would no -' leave t o path ol viae, and whether stealing I , , &c v..i ? .? uat iral propensity with him, he an swore,, t'.iAt after his first conviction, and aftei u cervintr < ut his time of punishment, he had lot caste i'i i chirac or, and notwithstanding his ut' lost endeavors, could obtain no employment, noi H renin t i<- coafi lettce of his former acquaintances ' Teat therefore, finding himself an outcast, he re Corted to inch means of gaining a livelihood, as af terwardi visited him with imprisonment. This u fcuttootru ; Wiu L. Hirst, Km) made a proposi . tioa iu his f.ivor to have him sent on board one of out aval ship-, in: siuuah as he expressed a willing Baas to ek'> oat his existence in an hanest manner y. To this, fcjwcves, several objections arose, the s Beast important cue of which was, that oui ?avy on ;'ul net to be, contaminated hy the recep ties of c n,'ic!?. The defendant had entered t pies af guilty, anJ the Court accordingly sentencec aim to pay a fine of one dollar, the cost of prose' CUtion, and to undergo an iniprisnnnientSof twelve Calendar months i.t the county iirisna. He appear d to b i perfectly resigned to his fate. The ilea :tng Railroad was opened yesterday from Reading to ScottaviHe. The oflicers of tit- couipu' , ?y ami luvittd triends, j.assedovcr the line of throad for llie first time in curs. The company \vm pleaaan uul agr eah'e. nor to sav ' gay." i 0(^Ah .11 ?i <1; skum.? i'nis magnificent establish paentthrows out additional attractions to night. Th< graceful and splcijij da is, use La Taita Celeste,Tankei ' Jcnhius. the Alb.uo L.ily, sad Signor Msrriotte frov * Italy, will j)))1 *ar in n great variety 0f papular entertain C ants. Tho Orai. 1 Coamsraiiu i. thi iaig'st an 1 mo,1 costly views were all change' I! ?n the 1st iiiit. \ ?- CiiWHAM Tn?*T?e ?Upwards of three thou * cendp-0)d litneiaed the | Tfurmances at this,..tal,|,,b tent on S.i.nrday evening, and in the afternoon at fi leasto.,c tli,. and eight hundred, *nd nearly as mat.y 7 were tut.i ? s ay unable to gsin admittance The pie Ceeall " i oiT' ? ith much eclat, and vt,..i_._ , inn i f of the U ...> U of the L .We if one of the n.oat?tr?_*ctiv? tka'hj-f i r #/need here for ?om time. lu< repeat) odto ni {Kt, I. II ii ottiierfoiminz Allen Alli'on, wiih th? mg ! i | i ?iri.n 'poctccln of Maxeppo, in which h -by OMCtf \.t r >pt.aweUen, Ah.ler Khan; Mr*. Thorm Xelim v.! Mr*. Lt a is and Mrf. Blake. Oliu.Wa an Oneir. i '1 uiapiece if produced with every care to ice nicefr t.. I il'euth of cast. arol will doubtlm draw .il BT* aj uit ncroM ail auditory af Maoiabled here on Sa pMdafUt f?J- Bi t..a* AairiiiTicr*T*c.?A masniticent bill o Mf'ti i i imant i? annouueed for to night, inclti <tn| obeaaiiini piatomime, and the elegant p?r'nrmances o # T. V. T . r. who if acknowledged to lie the heft am awn f il rider io America. The other ontertain taenia < , sceodinjly diversified, and embrace th? per fleraaa. . ;( the whole company, consulting of abotr Iking k ?, Iy tvlrntcd male an.I f male ori'iestriana. Tin ' etud of h : j, utr..grd here it the mott beautiful in the earn, j . I Ur to t'ue Captain'a ortict and aetlle" al yon th tifve unt land your coughf, cold* and head. OChe?. oi during your call= on Ratnrday?walk Opto 1 ? N muitr.ot. or 110, 07# and 4*9 Broadway,71 I ? Bait Broad aray 113 Uawery, '111 Uleecker flreet, HI . lludaeu street, X>' , fid and IS? Kulton itreet, Diookly n dget*.;.. o. -t'linnan'f Camphor,or Couch I. /. 1.1.1 b VUtd ri 1 j "u-. aii r>,ir j||a ! ' Acc Tirr'1 it.'ri. too tblt." ?Bhaktpcare.-The l" W Mott t>- n Itifu!. the m"ft fapofeJJan.l admired work ol ( Mt?'.e.i* 'hr h :t V' h?..!tln. W. often..e fVNM with ha:ah, dry hair, fihhy with dandruff. 1 Wkich dlteasea ihr loolf, and then the hair ?to;.a arow f lag and ff'.la from the heal Why will poraona allow ttul Wi do net wifh to offer a noftrum, but wo have Med nn m Li-lo. tol I at a reatonahle price, that really i? ' food for th- hair aire* it a delieinuf ?l pearance, and dig fill all ita ill*?Ait Jonet' Oil of t'oral t ireattia, told at Ml Chatham itreot. Mnrlc the numb, r?ti It it to|,| ?t , |?ure.\ ?*o or eight thlUingt a bottle Oat the genuine, WatMrnoTOt* Horn..- Mr. Cotter, the popular lMu| 1 iefnr of thi* ?*talli?hm nt, invite, hif fnend. to a j*4)ran ' fi w Year'a Hill,'hit KVenilR. To ladiet and g-n -tli m< w ho hare not reprired circular* of inritation w' ' ' r?qnr*tf uato fty be will be mart happy to ' Mr i. l?nV l?Ue* and gent*. \V< hare r.o doubt AT' A t> f hp jf .'jr. .1 by barlrtf a b0?.ao full ot irtvadt. ffeu'i i'j-i t this i. U.'J wV.IUlg. ^Hlwlhb MOiNKY SIAUKKT. Bandajr, Jan. 9?6 P. W, Yesterd ly being a holiday, no business was transacted and through the week, aa is usually the case, but little was Joi.e in a general way. The balk Tennessee, from Sisal, has $17,900 in specie. 7S Spanish and 125 Mexican doubloons. hm. .. ?n- j ? ..i;.. nf ihf different Legis a lie mail, lu-uaj, lu? _ turei, on the subject of H ate debt* and Bank resumption*. hi Mary laud the assessment under the State tan law ii going forward. As far a* i? yet ascertained, they areas follows:-Bahin>ore city, (68,170,612; Frederick county, SIP,081,867; Carroll county, #,831,132; Kent Ce $3 630,069; Talbot county,$4,7o9,147; Queen Anue'scouuty, 4,336,763? Total (106,628^80. It is stated that the remaining counties in the State will, it is expected, bring it to above 200 mi 11 ions, which at the rate of taxation, will produce about (400,000. (600,000 is the amount which will become necessary to raise, to pay interest on the public debt, &c. It is to be hoped that the banks in that State will shortly be compelled to resume specie payments. Notwithstanding their disgraceful insolvent condition, they still go on makiug dividend* among the stockholders, although they tell the unfortunate billholder, that they cannot pay their debts to him, and consequently if ha waut* money for their promises, he must get it shared at live per cent at a brokers. The following dividends have been declared:?The Merchant's Bank of Baltimore a half yearly dividend of three per cent. The Western Bank of Baltimore two and a half per cent, for the last half year. The B-altimore and Rappahannock Steam racket Company seven per cent for th? l*st year. On the 1st of January, 1841, the capital and circulation of these two banks stood as fol. lows:? ('irA*. .imt ojdiv. Capital. lation Rutt. in ls4l Mercnaals'Bank, 000 too.475 < tao oOO Western do 589.050 155 465 5 2* 450 Total 2,599 052 336,140 I 49 460 These dividends, made when the bank* refuted to pay their promises on demand, are a direct plunder on the public. They profess not to bo able to pay their liabilities, beruuge they divide the money that should be appropriated to that purjiose among themselves. In the Tennessee Legislature resolutions have keen offered to compel from the banks a statement of their affairs and to explain why they cannot resume speciepayments on the 1st of July next. . There is some hope in that quarter that resumption may be brought about by that time. It is also stated that the Bink of Illinois is about to reduce its discounts and circulation, preparatory to an eftsrt at resumption. The folia wing is a table of the circulation, deposits and specie of the Alabama Banks, in December, as compared with last year :? Ai.auama Banks, iw Dr.cs.MnrR, 1841. C.irr. Dcp'*. Speeit. Tuscaloosa, $977, t->3 944.977 495 437 Huutsvillr, 167,919 134.646 313 563 UrcHtur. 1,551 014 49 .028 439,837 Montgomery, i,ii79,sim 197 Rs6 175 461 Mobile. 13,350.453 354.133 339 145 Bankof Mobile, 35.157 1,057,439 89 5?6 Haulers and Merchants' 297,71s 690 413 101,126 7.348,909 Notes on hind. 3.010,903 Total 1641, 5.339 067 3 63>32i 1 945.107 Do 1840, 6 130,407 1.670,832 2.069 962 Decrease, 793.340 3233455 Increase, 1,061 433 The Bank of Mobile and the Planters' and Merchants' Bank, neither of them issue their own notes on demand. They pay out thr State notes and the post notes of the | Hunters' and Merchants' Bank. The above table shows an aggregate increase of liabilities during the year of (269,000, and a decrease in specie of (323,855 in specie on hand. The assets of the banks in the shape of loans are composed almost altogether of suspended paper, and the active means of the institutions ere reduced to a very ' small sum, the profits ef which are burdened with the ? State government expenses, as well as the interest on the T State debt, which was created to form the capital of the 5 banks, and consists as follows:? ' Stats Dsnr or Ai.vBAMAiNcrnarn roR Bank_ino''apitai., J ly/icnduc. .'/mount. ,inn. Inltreit. 14'A?re payable. 1842 (8II.OUO (16 666 Loudon. 1844 1 1-89 000 71.3-iU Loudon. ' 1883 3?fl,nno 15 mo New fork. 1658 1,043.558 52 178 I ondoli. [8S* 6110 000 36,000 Loi.d"n. 1859 loo.oto 6o(iu New Vprk. I960 300 OOO 10,000 London 1863 3500 000 178,000 New Vork. 1865 500 uoo 35 ' 00 New Vork. 1865 500.000 35 OOO NewUrltaiu. lfi6S 1,336 000 61750 londna. 1866 392.000 19 108 N?w York. :966 sou oflo 25 OOO New Urban*. Total, (10,959,536 563 969 The short bonds payable in|London,ln 1342 and 1841, amounting to (1.999,000, bear 6 per cent interest, and all the rest 5 per cent, except one loan of (100 000 in 18;9, at 6 per cent. Of this sum (600,000 is for stock in the Bank of Mobile, in which the State owns two fifths of capital stock. Tliis stock is divided among the bank? a* follows :? Alabama Stati: Bank a*i> BR?xriir?, thk Capital or WHICH CONSISTS CK Bl'Al K BoNPS SoLl) AND l..1IOLI>. Tn.-cA OOsi, Stale u tuk, $1 766 906 09 Mobi'e. Branch 83s 733 12 Fecatur, Branch 2 176 U09 90 HnnUvdle, Branch 00 MouiKonierj', Branch ' 777,793 32 Tctal, Slate Bank and Branches $11 235.472 S3 Tola!, Stock Banks 3 263,60.) oo Grand Total 14,197 172 5J Hands not said. Decatur $-00 000 Iluotsville 503(0)0 Mwiilcotnery 146 783 1,148,783 00 Actual capital $13 381,6s# 00 The banks have recently been purchasing exchange and cotton to meet the iubries!, payable here and in DonJon. This operation is performed1 only by increasing the amount of the depreciated currency afl oat, and cannot be contiuued. It is highly probable that $811,000 due next year cannot ba met, and an explosion will then take place. The Delaware 8t Hudson Canal Company has recently issued to their stockholders a circular, which they meant houlJ la sec ret, in order to allay the present feeling among them, which points to the necessity of opening an investigation into the manner in which the company has been conducted. It is an undoubted truth, that the capital stock has,been issued and said both to pay debts and dividends. In relation to this, the circular allude I to, contains the following paragraph : First, then, as to alleged division of capital.?It may be observed that the company has been paying regular annual dividends for several years past; and yet,during the satnetimo it has extinguished a large debt; which had bscii created by temporary loans,taken upto provide the requisite funds for the prosecution of its business, dhisot itself is suthcicnt to establish the absurdity of thechtrge. But again, after paying the dividend made in June last,there remained on b ind a balance of accumulated profits, amounting to $331,466 32. Most of the stockholders have the back returns ol the Company ; by turning to them and comparing the statenur.ti they w ill find the following items of liability 1832. 1939. 1841. Capital, $1441 895 1,915.609 2,000 000 Sl.tte Banks, 8-10.000 900 193 909 000 CoJtpauy InlBS, 321000 29 ,157 27l,000 $2 570,991 2.999.737 3,071 000 Last March the company omill'd in its annual report, for the inftrmalitn of the stockholders, the amount of its capital and liabilities. The amount of interest paid ho wcver, as compared with those of the previous year, show s that the debt was reduced $70 00) only. How now tends the aasortion ef these people, that they had paid their debt* by their probts 1 Their debt has been reduced but $60,000 sinee 1832, and their liabilities lias increased $400,00# ! and are at this moment constantly increasing. The shave paragraph in the next place states that last June they held a surplus of $331,400. Turn now back to the report of March, 1939,on page 0th; there Is a statej ment that the surplus proflt was then $332,313, hon ing f a diminution in the urplue of $60,807! From those facts, ' it is very evident that had not the capital stock been mcreaseJ, an J part of the surplus expended, the debts of the company woull now be $1,70'J 000. What has been done with the money 1 Outot an increase of $66.-, OOD in its Capital, the company have paid but $62,000of debt. How mucho) that money has been expended in dividends 7 ' A femi-ofticial report of the company states that $2 060,. 000 has hoeu invested in canals, boats railroads, village i lots, coal lands, h",. This amount corresponds tho report of 193#. The value of that property may b discovered from the fict that tho canal cost $'2,269.283,and the railroad $337,187. Last year the repairs and super inteiiilcncecost $162,312 The gross tolls araaunted to 35 456 Kaceas of expense, $126,762 This if the property to whiah the State is to look for Ipruritr tnr in *HK) UOO Tin. rnm,.,... V...H , . ..j ? luniicr noaii that 1 h'iv ca i tiring coal to market a* cheap aa the Reading railroad. The absurdity of such a position may be eon in th-J following extract from the Miner's journal:? A bill of particulars of the losses u ill enabletho rcadder to Judge ol the profits likely to accrue to the company their future cosl operations We shall take the cut r itions of the y ears 1*W, *84, %Tt '38, as a guide. During ibosa yrira, the following was the amount of coal rr-c ivrd ?t Ron lout'? Con I r?reived, ??' OOS D luct w a.t! 0a nj not) I N 't'on* sold in (our years, m The total expenditures. including iutrrcats on lo?r nd state atock, wai $1,002,590. It thsrefare cost the 1 compauv about five dollars and ninety c-nta for every j ton of co il they delivered at ltondout. Of course, the Ccni|mny have been forced to make sales at a heavy lout, | as their sales for the aeven yeara, ending ISIS,did not avernge $4 AO per ton. The Ion in the coal buaiuesi ot i thecrimpjiiv for those years?according to their own re- ( ports?is $790,184. Thus:? Bi cost of coal for acveu year s. ending 1830, 404 |17 ton* $3,330,060 Sales, 3,699 876 Total loas. $700,1^4 In a former report, the company allow that the coal cost them $6,36 pertnn, but state that it was owing to extensive repairs, " tho high price of labor, Ac." The printed return of last March, states that the value ol the coalon hand March, 1940, was $91,173, the sab s during the year, $633,247, and the value of the coal on hand at the close of the year, was $174,336. In that year the coal mined waa 143,000 tons. The increase in the value of the coal on hand la $90,003, making with the sale $713,310, at all that the company gets for the 148,900 tons, which i* equal to an average of $4,80 cents per ton, showing a lossoi 46 cents per ton. All these facts are taken from the reports of tho compauy made at <1 liferent periods. Last March, at we have stated, the companymade no report of their capital and liabilities, and notwithstanding the recent rumors, they have again omitted it in the " recent circular," and also in "the pulls" that daily appear in tho Wall afreet papers. Tho managers must understand that, since the famous letter of Mr. Biddie en retiring from the management of the U. S. Bank, the assertions of company directors have but very little facts and figures. Philadelphia Cattle Market. Fsidav, Dec 31st., 1841? Sales 1/ Cattle for the titek. ? 340 lieai u ere ottered, principally from Virginia, sales at $5 a $7 per cwt. 40 unsaid. 160 Cows unit Calves, $36 a $30?extra $35. Springers $16 a $ *00 Dry Cows $8 a $10. (.'aires in the Drove Yard, $1,60 a $3. Ou the Delaware, by live weight, 3J a 4cts. per lb. 300 Hogs? sales at $4*05 a $4,50 per cwt ?all sold. IbOOSbeep? sales $1,36 a $3 per head?extra $4 Thu sales of Beef Cattle dull. Hogs and Sheep brisk, and in demand. Uled. On Saturday, 1st instant, after an illness of fourteen hours, John Hons*. His fiiends and relations are invited to attend his fuueral from the corner of 01st street and the 1st avenue, this afternoon, at three o'clock, without any lurther invitation. On the evening of the 1st instant, after a short illness, Rohimos U Whiti.o< ?, in the 63 1 year of his age. The relations and fiien.lsof the family are invited to attend his funeral this afternoon, from his late residence 73 Sheriff, corner of Kivingston street. On the 1st instant, Harriet Emelink Gl ion, daughter ot the lAte John Guion, aged 28 years. Her friends and nequaintaiires, and those of her brothers EJward M, John H , William H. and Stephen B. Guion, also those of her late brother in-law John J. Bedivnt.are respectfully invited to attend her funeral this alteruoon, at three o'clock, from her late residence in Sixteenth street, near 3d avenue, without further invita tion. On the morning of the 3d instant, Gi.orgk Gohham, eldest child of Wm. II. Bird, aged 6 years and 0 months. Pusscimers Arrlve?l. Havana?Shin Hellespont?Mra Mns-ly. 1. B Beard dry, J E Mortimer J Picket, H Kiavier?I in ihestrrmgr. Leucet?J II Hale, J B A Jain,, S W Smith, M Fernandez. > rw uiilkans?Shin Orlrsas?Mr MomII. New Oklkans?Ship Louisville?Mr B Lyons, of Philadelphia. UHAiti-r?i*a? Ship t.a'liar.tie?.Miee J Wter, Miai A Hartley. llf? W 8 Carpenter, K Garriion, M Schririicr, J hinder/, M ?N Burne, A B liiuble? 9 in steerage. Paurngeri Snllrti, I.ivkiiroot.?Steamer < al-<J ,ui t, r<.in lt-wlon? Mr Sangwin and lady .Mr Macauly. Quebec: KW Harru. Geo W Jarria. Toronto: Mr Mains, Mr MnnaeM, Canada; Lt Simmona, Br Army; Cant Boxer. Br Narv; W II Hough on. Madeira; Dr Kllil. Kugland; A Mi:'till, Mr Erwin; and lady, Win Smith, Thus Wallace, D S McDougalla, John Molaon, John Carter, of Montreal. foreign Importations. Havana?Ship Hrllrspnut?640 hxa lunar 60 haga rnffee '20.050 ae^ara Spoffonl V '1 t'eatou?12J baga coffee J T Batch? 63 baiea tobacen4hi a aegara K Del Unto?tl??"4 <1* J A II lteiiauld?2 J h Kodriquea?2 K D Uujriek?{000 aegara I.eutilhon it CO?l caae Moltel 6i weltaffer?6 do J Hitchii?2 Brtnkcrhoff & b'lilntr- a 1) U S Snivel?I E Brut uley?209 boxes sugar P Hmiuony?1 bx aegara Mielielliauien St Achilra?1 do Wn'ror, Gale it KO bble orangn Acker St Ackcrly?3 caeca I bale eegura It Dedriclta?1 rlnOollonih Jt I al tn?1 lug coffee Mis Jennings?I box cr neolate J P Gracia?1 do awreetine..ta E H L cmnb-1 bag roff-.e 15 bble orangea K 11 Elite?I In J .Martin?1500 cocoa nuta J Morlinui? 1 bx C llaratow & Po|>e. Sutn? Bark Tenneiaer?ISOOq'a logwood 533 b tie a 10 half do lietnp 654 l<xa "6 lif do 1439 qr do rxtracte logwood 13 biles leer akr a 1 hale li<ir I Irv $7 90u in aperie 125 Mexican d ubleuri A I'atrullo-$10 on i in apecie75 Spanish donuloona Buncheu I It I tieobaod? I bale heinp I bx elialk I ptg lula 04 ooo aegara 6 cellar planks I log mahogany Wetinore it Co?4 alieea timber 30.000 a' gar* W 8 Underbill. I'otir ai' feiscr-Brig Mary Elisabeth 33 tnus lozwro-l 295 br I a eofTee 8 W Lew ia?300 <1 . 11 v W Delxli Id?10 caeka rage t? llogartli. Laiii.iha? brig Orenn?;oo In,lea E Jaaareay?onto do Da!let' it llrotliera. ot Phllad?74 do Laiinange it co, do?2 cases 399| bidea to order. hr. Jaoo nt Cuba?Sclir Taaro?87 Iroxra jugar Maxon St Tltompann ?6u bales tobaer o Kr met- u l.'isi'a?I tiox awrntmeaia 2 quarter coxra aegara ->1 Tayior?2 hf do J Hoop r?433 balea tobacco to_nider. An t'trns?tins I'-i age c -ll < I " 0 wood S \V Lew in?130 tragi* coffee F Lllen pe?50 A C Hul tier & ro?10 N Drury. Domestic Importations. 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Wrllingtnn.Cliudwick, Not 30 Mot treat, finding, Jan. 19 Quebec, iiebard, Dec. 1 G a.Jiator, Brittou, Jan 30 inhnroop. tovrnpont.. S. America, Cole, Not. 19 K*-?coe, Hollies.hi, lea 7 Geo. Waabiugli.u, Nor. 36 Stephen Whitney, Jan. 13 xevt.K. Hirtr. DucheMe d'Orlt um, Not. So Albany, Walsju, Jan. b Sully, Thompson. Dec. 1 To Maatcru of Vean-la. Cjmimrtiiter? of Teetels will cenfer a fxror by hiring a I,it oi their cargoea, ptaaengera, and i r?i*irt of trentl* left at tt a port whence they aailrd, and the vessel* tpaltcn, ready on Ihrir arriTal here f >r Coinmod ire BatatTT, of our fleet >f new* schooner*, Ho Kill board them immediately r;i their arrival. Arri-re?;. f-h'P lla I'op ni. Kilio, fr-m llai.m.COlh IJ?c, anxar, hr to tpntf ird, Til tlou It Co. Vcaael# let t see ike report of the La eat. S- ip Hiant". Clark, from Mobile. 17 dan rotloa to Poatfc Phillip* 'X Ui ult o? Doable Headed Shot Krya, carl.nog? I * gnala with ahip Tu?kina. from NYork (or Mobile; ?7th,rlT Cape LookouV. apok* b>if I balradouy, of Yarmouth N9. It da Im St John. PH. for Wilmington. Ship 'hhoM, So'jro from N*w Or!e .at, 15 day*, cotton, kc. 11 W Nel.on. Ship Catharine. Berry, from Charleston,? day*. nvlae.toU 8u'i.ui. Hark Tenne**-f, Scofield. from flit?l,*7 day*, hide*, k- to A I'atrtillo. I.eft no Ameiicaa leaael-i U-ig Lucioda. <11,4 i i-.g.of NYoik **? aihore ah at ? miles windward of Sinai ?w.,a ?oppn?ed to he a littl loa*. Ml'.i ii t. lat 34 40, Ion 7?, spoke ahip Coaataniiae,fm N Orleans fur Bo*ion, f j ; -ft Cape Hatiero*. p aeed the wreck of aehr Henry A Breed, of H ?t.,u ?b-f .re reported. Btiliah lrig Lady Htialinatoa. Cletnenta, from (Irrn i.'a, ]a;U flee- inballait to (I .del Ik Barclay. Left ?rkra Jlarri-1, f..r Halilai, nrtt day; Brotner*. do 4 Hehr fhallegc, Valpcy, h.ul a rr i< Si Thorn a* ia It day* f? > York. Brig Mohii ea. I.?e, frnr.. Am <'aye*. IS dar* l.ig eood. to S W Lewi*. Left bug* Androaeoggiti.for NYoik,, W.;uti*n.? the anljr Aa??. B ig Mary Kliriheth, Tralliei. from Port a i Pnaca, 17 d <ys. cotti e. to S W Lewi*. Vriaela left b- fore rep.rlej. ??tu ult. Cha* Tnwr.dlii), paaienjer.of Pram e.die 1 Brig Betij L Swan. It njimin Irom Turka Island, t in Norfolk Faituura, with t;00 buahfl* *-*l< ?j(i? lb* old to the matter. Iti tic <>ri >a. Stewart, from La Oaajrra, Id dart, hidei, to K Ma.'hrae p. U Li t. Kraae. from Havana. Deo 1 a.v. ith 3t||).r9* reg,r.a I.. T llarir- ny; 1110*0do IMckt rum lt)u demij Ims 2t lies it li.uir.1. I.'ft ?hl. u Oolea.for N Yo.k, toon; bark Vinci, of Itoal'.... hr'ge L-tint, of Philadelphia; (Jlraaer, and (leu! .Via ion,! . NYork, alexmer Clarion, do, unc?*ad other* before '* airii d. Bi ig Wei .unpka, Kowler, from Mobile, it day*, cotton, to S or/ra .S Claarmnn. UriK (' r line ? Plat .Kiev from Apalarhicola, f; day*, cotto . to ['. ? St I'h lltpa. ling S 'imon*. Sloman.from Wilmington, N( . J d*. with 1 too no a 'ii i-entin* ta WoodhulI St Mint urn Bailed in CO brig IJ- a-y f < NYork. SciirTimn, Utter. W day* frotn St J go tie Ci b?, via the r. gda, tobacco to i r>r Left b ig fl-n Bmoka.for to-t-ni.t aldny.onlv Am I'aated ofT the Moro,*chr Navarro y da t t So* ton bound iu. S-lir A\ .. Hartamui. from Ton e, PR 1?diyt tupar Sic to Dumcon. .< Beckwiih l?fft 0irk Condor, ualf y, for Maya*u?x. 3d-, brig Foreat, of Newbury port for B..sloo.n-xt dav t Poida iu rr; aehr Ttarl, for Bny ot Meiico.t Itia ult lat 3i 37 t paaaed the wrtck of ?chr Henry A Breed?before r p >. led .S'h lai 37 14. Ion Tt IS, ap.ike aehr Shetland, of and f !' ert I for Norfolk. - cen\ vv uaxatt, fer m Tuiki hland, 15 d?y*,?t h a*a ha* , < < all I? 0'..'"r Vf-eell 't elo e reioried 9# i . I .1 to 11 lutl7i It |p>'t ' ' ' '* . Ma-V! "* 'i ' t-'1 , . ?at k tel Jaoae o*? ' 4<-lir (. "ntinr, Kij.'d. t data frum llichmoud.'lour aud oWr?, 8rl r Nusau, U'irborn, 3 lay. from <? orflcwn. ti> It hrlir P. i?? irranrr, Burkioyh *"> u hour. from tie.uptown, lour, to Ilitchrock k t o. Sclir llt.irv C lay <S hou.e fmm ' <e irgrt >wn, llour, to ll.e MMtt r. 8thr * r;-u', Drnu. 'J day* fr m N<r.olk,V* with ntd*', lo lite in..' r Sclir A K \Uholl, Willi iuij, u tla; k I'm Newbertt.NC. naval tore*, to Mitchell k t'o. Sit.i Ov oca. Ifotflea7 d ij froiu Baltimore, wi h inilee, to the nutr. Hchr .V illi.e. lit, t ole 6 Ja)? fiom B Jnnor*. to JnliMW k l.owdeu 8chr Umpire Powell,'it hou;* from Norfolk, iu')<r, to th- 1 at aster. ( enrral Rifoitl, Him* TiioMA) P Corn sai'rl from Phitadelphi i 31st u11 for Liverpool, with 4 freight list of utar ? It Oa, three ? ibin a:.'! eight g eerage pass "tiger* b*ALi*? Lioni*?1 he Jight* reported tohavebeen nerutienr t utterhunk, b7 Cant Lc ring, of sclir M il, are stated iu a letter Iroui Mr Thus ri Pmith, to have. beenmerely the li^ht# uned arouud the wreck #-f hiig t aledoiiM of Bscli, which went arhore there on the 10th u11. Wl are happy to give this cap anatiou, since wo were uuwillins to believe that ho atrocious an act as the lining of decoy lights eotiid he committfJ with impunity upon any p?rt of the coast of New KugUnd. Bkitimi uark tbi.k.n'<?a 111 ?We learn from Cant Benjamin. ofthe B I* Swan.from Turks Island, that the (tlriigary, ? f Glasgow, McDonald , lr on St Thomas, w m totally lost on the Grand Turk 011 the night of the lith Dcciinber. Ciplaiu Aliil crew saved. Sunken. Berry, Boston for Port an Prince. Dec '21, Ut 35, Ion 70 40. fore Iff 11 Pons. Tout at Pinwer.. !W b.?In nori. W. Neilaon. Morris, of ujiI fur Nrw York, in * dayt,, Uec. 7.?lo port, Nrw World,from Wdmington, N <5; America, from Salem; Newcaelle. from U.ingor; Baltic fin Wiliniuttnn. N C. 15lh?In port, William Ik John fin Hoeton for Montevideo, tame day; Win I'm ring' on. fin aud for Wilmington. ?in< day; l,Uw< Uvn, from Ouaialoupe for Wilmington, tame day ; UirHflV, Kijiidgr, fin Ntw York for Porto Hiro, waiting order*; Stranger, fin Philadelphia wait ng Height: II dkan from llninpdtn. wig older*; Spy, fin Prnearola. die; Kienzi. fni Botton for PortoCabtl o, tame day; Mllliliockrt, f m St. Ilrol* for Wilmington, i-ainr. dav ; ( lar-i Ki<her, tin St. Bart* lor New hern, amir ilay; Inn, fin Newport, 11 1 tame day ; United Stale*, Ini Bilt'rno. eame dav ; 1rnlrni, fin Baltimore, mic repairing; Aiiitiu, lina St Dniningo, tine dii; Hannah. fin Georgetown, S ( unr die. Mmia, tin Martinique for Klir.abeth DilY . N C ?*ni? may; , Bow. ery. f.n (I liar lee ton, SCuucdii; Cauoea. fin Triuid id, in dietieee,out to dive, Irak?lout tail* tpring foreinat'., Stc.&?c.<kperieaced ereere wrather the whole patiagr. St laiio, Uec t ?In port. Morning stor. fin Wilmington NO. for Cieniurgot, eoon, and a irhr uuknowii. United Stntca Porta. KaaNKi oit r, Dec 29?Arr Spartan, Balliirore. Sid Vauda, Mareeillee, Hath. ore 26-Sid B> t-ey. llavaua; Uincolc. do; Samuel N ti'Ol, W Indie* Clu 29th, Hamburg. Havana. W lee'AilKT, Ore 29?Arr Uiinr, Botton. wi'h crew of eelir Hannah V J mr, (b>T?re report" d ubandoned ) Tlir 11 St J eld fin Boetnu 29lli, at 12 in, eprnng aleak at 6 p in, and the crrw and paeerngtr* werr taken off *? lopm.nff tin lain of Shoalt, by brig Amriica. She had on board about $3000 worth ot good*?$!7u0 imured We learn there ?<i no imuraiite ou the reeeel. Pomti.and, Dec 30?Arr Ellen,Copeland. New Yor-; Marr, Krederi.'killing, Md Fortst, Havana. Cld Napoleon, Kuliineon, do. PokTlMorTH, Dee 29?Tim Wave, tf Wclle,report*datliore 2tth.canir off't -day, but rightly damaged. The hull if the Aniat" i, (tin Prlfaet for Salem) leporled mar tame place, w*e old 27t li for $15. colli?All n-|i?rtrd 9tlh tailed 27th. N?;wiiUH?rjiiT, l)i c 31?Ari Peru, Philadelphia. Halkm, Uec 29?Arr Mary Helen,Haym-n. NYorh; l'liehc ?! *-*' nyetown DO, Old Cavalier, Kast Indict. Sid Albion,

Montevideo; 3let, Sumaira, and Cavalier. Bo?tom Jail I?Arr (Jen! Drool,*, St.lago Cll Columbia, (a) Li? i-rpool; Casco, Urnur and a inkt; I,ore. Hat am; Columbia, New Ortraui; Mary Kra/ier.New Be 'ford, told for a wbaler: Tall -yrand, Porteinouili; Toi iiuin. Frankfort; Martli i Vood.\Vi|,ning'ou NC. ArrUe 31. Kdinburg, Malaga; M hitnhiil. Mob;!r; Martha, Baltimore; Harrasetket, do; L%Ue, and Seadrift, Elirabeth City; Abigail. Harvest, and Napoleon, Philadelphia; Wo'cott, Itvder, NYork. CU1 Mhawk, Suiyru?: Mcrida. Cieufoegos; Cynosure, Matan/?s; Middlrsei. N Orleans; Chester, Mobile; rauehita, Newburyport; S A Appietou, N'York. . Ni w Bldforo, Dec 31?Arr Harriet Purler,from Pniladelphii Edgartown, Dec 29?Arr Beaton, Uptou, NYork for M-rcnias. Jo port, Boston; Azora. _ Holmks ? Hoi p. Dkc 28 ?Arr Ida. ( *r) Baltimore, for St John. NB; Oriole, Washinw'tos, NC, f??r Boston; Curlew, Baltimore, for Frankfort; St Helena, Harlow,Tliomastou, for NYork; Oak Hill, Lincoln, Mac bias, for do. 29th?Arr Iranhoe, Philadelphia, lor Frankfort; Arinida, N01 folk for Ports mou'.h; Teaser, do, for Boston: Patapico, Baltimore, for Portland. Sid. the vessels reported above as arr 28th; also brig* Snow, and Mary Cole, and sch Wald). 30th?Arr Joshua Brown, Am Cayes, 9th lust., for Boston?left, Mohican, Lee,for NYork.2; Androscoggin, Churchill, (heuce) lor do, unc; VVampsooag, Colson, di?g?jp<.kc 2Rh. lat 39 SO, ion 71 30. ichr Bethel, i?ldridge, fin Curacoa, for Boston: also arr Klicahttli,Haiem, for sorfolk; Lapw iug, Norfolk, for Portsmouth; North Carolina, Pkifodelphia. for Hingham. In port, 2 vm, J? shuv Brown. Elizabeth, Lapwing, North Carolina, Crescent. Dray. Curlew, Iva ihoe, Armid*. Tetzer, and Flora. Sch Hy A Breed, whirh was abandoned at sea 18t!t iust, was l roni James River for Boston, with timber. 3ist? Yrr and sld Bethel. V ldridge, ( uracoa, 5th Dec. for Boston?!*? ? Independence, fm H-?twu,arr ad; Daty Qha?? IJsnltror NYork. Arr Silimi, JJnth, for Alexandria; Orn VVnrvea, Philadelphia, for 1 Pnrtsuu uth; Pride, Province town, for Norfolk. In part, at 10 am. Sultan,and Elizabeth. 1 RoriDkncc Dec So?Below. Newark, Merwiu, Savannah. Sld Met i I aw. Norfolk; Thus W Thorn. NY oik. NicwroHT, Dec 27?Arr Roiaua, Elizabe'li City; Helen, N Yoi k. Pn11.adki.rniA. Jan 1? Cld Cvrus, St Thomas. Arr Dec 31, Low. H hi ford; 3imh, Oov ArnolJ, Boston; Palestine. NYork. <11 Thomas P Cope, Liverpool; Edward, ltiver La Plata, \la Cspe dr Verdi; Pre< iosa. Rio do Janeiro; Washington, M*tanZis; A P? Cooley, N York; Paul T Junes, Newburjport; Coh osry. Mobile. Baltimore, Dec 30?Arr Star, Port auPrinee. CI'd Janes Power, Nassau. N P ; Surah, do. 31st?arr Frances Jane, St. Thomas; (Joed Hope, Frankfort, Me; Avalanche,St. Marks; Sophia, Jo"es, New York, hl'd Potomac, for Norfolk; Orb, Krgston: El Cabelltro, for do; Hantah (uew ); Mkgiiet, Norfolk; Sarah Wallace, and James Power, fer N isRichmond,' bee. 2?? ? 2Pd Aun, Nantucket ; Superb, New Yo.k, N?vroLK. Dec ?Arr Pulmejto, (Br) OienaJa. SPd Ark, J 1 laica. All the <*titwtrd bound coalers sailed yesterday ? wind I ght tin S W. O.i uearirg the Capes encountered a North* .i.f? in ul.i.-l,,f . l.. ... ... Ti.-r. 15 or QQ suit at anchor under Lainbe<l'a Point. 29th?arr Ma ,i si t (llr) Jam lira; IlitnmH. Boston; Shetland, Portsmouth. N H. Hrol r ye..t# d?y. lat .17 33, Io.? 74 4o, acaar Axis. of Vienna fin Poi to Riro for N York: Helena, Fort?raouth, L? H. bound lo Baltimore; Snsauna, NYork; Mary Trefetheu, New York. Prion? \'h>^iu, Dearborn, a- U Lcontme, K uapp for NYoiW fm I'lchrivoul. AtScavveil's Point?Guide, Plymouth, Mm. In Hampton Roads?A bar.jw 'and 2 l-rijci (Bo-Ion and Baltt* inni* packet?) the former supposed to be (he Ida, Sfd.J W Kimpt .ii, iledrli, for N York. A b*rk and briy Yonkee, from James Kivcr, bound to llii d? Janeiro, went to f i ou Tueid?y last. There were bet we ti 60 auJ 70 anil of vessel* rtt-iin d by north cat' wind*, at the several anchorages withiu thia district. Cl'd, Prudence, West Indies. 30th?Arr Plenidc*; from Jamaica; Win WWytr, Mailing. SIM in c<> with Abigail. I'm XCaroli i , Martou Boston, buM t Hichinwi In Hkmptoti Roada, Oacaola, NOrltttii bottw lo Al?t aodrii. CiiiRLiitoi, I)?c.27 ? Arr B ?Hlc,Thomaslon, Me; Viryi ni?. h ill Hirer, Southpcrt; New Yotk; Ridiiw, d >? ' n lh? 23d mutant, in l it 31 50 Ion 71 00 spok* Glasgow, New Orleans for LivarpoM. Yolof, 'I niisuro; to order, put in I >r provisions, hound ts Havre, Hmithfield, Provideuce. HI; G-oiy-. Hartford. Con?*. 26th, George Stevens, Blue Hill. Me. 2*>th, aid Alk ; at*. Li j rpool; Kranee, Hstre; Louise, ?lo; Savouy, d??; Ar? . du; Vernon, Antwerp; Richmond. Bo?ton: Ann Wine, am; Knrotas Livrrpoot. 29th, in the ^Ifiuir, Km^rald, ( Br) ami a *hi.< u know n. Lid suhiv. ii, Brow u. N York. Mom r, Dec. 22 h ?Arr Mobile, Jones New York; Patriot, from do. Nr.w UBi.KAPrs. Dee 21.?S <1 Fhtiuo. Boston; Powhattnn. Livcrpoo1; luaac Allusion,do; Deademona. do; Windaor < s tie. do; LuroptHii, d ; Or?< >, M. r??i leg; Leopard, Hull; K?nl?c?wa. Gibraltar; Vistula, iliu; Gibraltar, Mobile. Arr (-oluiribi i. Antwerp; fclbro,Tampa Bay; GhiiicelVor,('ura?o*; K vorita, Bremen; < harlot t< . Hio; S^iitbernor. New B dforil; Paclohig, .vj rs ille-; Hermit g-, Gibraltar; Meridian, Bremen; Marylaud, London; Ontario, Wiacasset; L'Unimi, Bordeaux; Shannon, Liverpool; Mercury, Deinia.ira; Wave, Kiu^aton, J i tiliarlott**, (Swe) Hio. I'ORTUaUESi: FEMALE IMLI.S. rt'HKSB far-famed suu c-Ubr .ted iiiis. Ijom Portugal. are I ??!*rc?j??. U> beoltsnW iu Ihil country adverti.rri.'i ..I I' > I.,.I - "I fnurrh V"Sr- (!-_9 1m*IS \| l'A M' ' -' IN- rl i t' ; 7. ' K I.K.-THI* KVKinb,y) Jan. 3 I, at the New \ orit Society Library.b* Mr. Kwb.i?k, on tl r Kar'y II ii'ory of glean, im a Mniifc Agent, ?nh illuitraliooi, in otiliuua'ion?commci riti^ at li o clook. A i- oilal of .1 ^tcam -jii(in<! will bi in o( cr;i. lion l*for?: the Lrrlurr (.imni lit ?. Ticket*. adiniUinp a |,?djr ,n<i (inl'rmu.M c?li t, lo 111- li 11 at iht ia.tllilt*. City Hail, i r ,1 tin- r in'. iu Halt lioolutort, corner ol Beikinan and Na,iimliMU. jj U* M\fK D^LLBRr RkWARD.~Lont.on I-r |,y t?'i itig, the 1,tli ill omWr list, a uli-t- Cuba _,'J Ji. I O' I ; a 'ijrl.t tiii-i d y.l .m ?poi on the riglit mic d til, hack?.i.iiwrn?t - lh? navri of f'arroll. Wliocvir will return him lu No. It Thinl street, will reecua the abotc nWill j3 31' dj>] A PKIO-IIALI :il\' ' -l.ioriv. l i n,ii? o'lhu b.,1 JT* I JT, I iib* .circled for fmndv use, and car -fully I iwrrcd in the no d ? i l comui-ni < hci diecbarue I llils moniinK. f> in l> ick- r shijp *h?ri Inn, fo< I of \V II si r ct, n i to suit irurthvrr-, at the above h-w piicr. Orders n . i.rd bo ird, or ?l the l)iu^"*'ore, ict Wa'cr street, "find door lalaw WW|j3 It'J O.A.Hi.N KI.KV. 'INI - . % I <M"\: ok Hi ll II i N I.I I l I. V ' : :. r. 1 for January, 1SH, i? puhlished.?It cool una Ihc ado ir article upon Wairru Ha,tings, br Macaulsy : an a-iirlr l.jProfes.' r Wilaon, njion the Uow nfall of .>apo'< i, wl.i h v. rl Iin'a Lellrra ard Nolea on the North Anu-ii m lu i ? *, . itii rarell nl aatr: . Briliai r irld Sporta, mot I , I Minnie I j ..,! fully treated, ; fier Niiurod'a uaual pi errant and *t aaippiny .tyf? . W.n.l, v ;^n.t >n,y of Suicide ; tli" late J. rl hydcnham . Il>? Tw N' inn. <1-eptraardy ; th- firit part f 1. n<count of Aomti'- ?(' itic.n ; a Sure 11 an for War again** '.lie Unite! utvtca : . I.ore I "Iter of JS??. vera- good ; Convent of Kr nn?*u? . B i;naby Kudrr ;? hurl,* O'Mal'ey ; Anecdote* of Hook, kc. Ik with about forty abort article* ou Science old Art ; a? man) mjre of a tnLCellautouj character, ami atone paelry. I hla nnmherof Hie Mujeum M ma'e up from Ilia LJinhurgh Ko ?, Ailirn:e in. Dublin tfn varaiiy MaKazine, Blackwood'* MaitnzJie, I' (tan, ta,'* United Service Journal Xt :m < r, Mr. Dickr.n, Chamber'* Journal, Liurary Journal d H;ertati)T. .... We embrace tie whole rtrele of Ilriliah retiodieal Literature , nn I ae the Muteum contain* mi re in iltei m one ot ila in,oilII. number* thaaauy of the Mill Hirsh Renew*, we arv able loelTer the pith and epiri of the whale. The February number willcoiiiain ano'lier cicelleiit article by Mr. Macau|av. "The wheat from tliia puhli, atton* alioufd be winnowod "' T'ro'e S8 a year, i'uuliahe I by F.. LI t'TKLl, Je CM , an? Chevnut alreel. Ph.Uteluhia. Hold b; Mra-rr. CARVll.Lk CO., Nee Vorl, Ju.t [lublinlied. a? above, hanJvoine and cheap edition* of Ti n l Ii ma and A Year, Chailea O'.Malley, Baru.iby Rudao, Old < u i es >' SI, p. j> >tlS ( RAND NRW YEAR'S BALL, AV "OATHICTTALIT. I* Mr J. I'AHKMl baa ihr h i ior to aa?o mee to hit friend* and the public, that Ii mi ml* cm in* a Oraod CIVIC B ALL on Monday, 3 1 int. Dancuv to tominenec at 8 o'clock, ami continue until a late hour. i'itkela of adiuieaion, ?1, to admit a Krntleman and lii* ladiv*. Mr Wallare'* celebrated Colilli.i t Hand will attend, -nit intrndiirea variaty of nsw muvic. No fuucy dreavea will be ailmi ?cd. j n? WITHOUT MKUC'UHY.-Dlt. init- \N.V baa the nonor ol inlormini; me cm, ii* ol NewYora. ihai he eurea radically,on the homeopathic ayatem. ami in a lew day?. every description of (ypHilic diaeaae, wlie i er reeeal or of Ion* ataiidiny, without dander of rel.ipac, which very oflao occura by th* uae ol mercury. The remedy of Dr. Brenna doe* not contain a partirl of mercury, or any other enrrotire or poiac.iiona miner,', ?:,d therefore cannat poaaihl) everciae any delelenooa iniiuauc* hi ll.r body. It cm he fonveiiienlt) xlmiuialen, it*,*-;., lion i? iI'VKja *.?fe and no had ronaeijuanre* can follow fr,,r i ? uae, ho-.evcr critical liia eircuiiiaiamea uuilcr whut i! i t&k n rgjm palicntf wl fomnll Dr.Brwm i< ofllM. Urfuiit( Duildin ' 1 Bnidwij attd .? ?. .? lirtet entrance in Chamber# * UT n If ffon 14 ? ' to 1 y M. | Ira I ( ! I l|. ->,.?. - . I II.MI-4 ! . - ' 7 , O it Lj Hho.' " fiU?i "? * nirrimif, Jan i. beiut-?f. ih hoar 'I H i\ 1 I M ? fi PW I ti.' t i | ,| r- 'in I ! i hair riu*. fMi'W rabljr wo<ti. Hilh on# of tl?r ir n ha-idlcr pull'd ofth? plain. r*>i tlining tvi . l?!-4Ck co (i:Rome v (>rn; ,>nr mi Jf r lored drrai n? ?t foand with a?lk braid ; or?.- ne?% d.loib ? *p ??n? lirgr |i i-roat <*i?n?ifl-r?h!/ worn : 131 <ui* h *rt nf I1-1 nd Soinrl ; ( lit of Ol m .filar, ( a^e A nti; Bluot% \ nerw in ' uil* at, n numbe'i fotiirr irii I r \n> | r- ii 11 ?inf VI \h ?. fo?i i. ? n. > 1 \ *o ?h n v ' tli aai I trunk w M f?a a-ii ?My rea ? jf ?, by ? *1.ia* o.i 0. I r ?roll4 f*)' A ti. ' a iNa nli'c ! tlore. Mi Water at I f.e ,aera a*.,'* " partiewlarly icquea e ; , oj lhatr g-vd J3 If Aaetlon I aim. BY THOMAS Btl.L ?Slitr'iNoi.ti Annmnd ill FultviutrttU.) Tt'KHDAY. Al II' o'clock in 1* * e.l* room*, ba." of dry gn >t* cloth n;j,fat cy and i>!*d|i*d article*. j w? | 'I y.lie. \ >o. I i atia'y a landlord'* ? ,r> nni. a .lock of inilin?ry ar Iir.lea; I' 0 aplrudid nrw >t\ I* .mil fashionable I.din I..14, lull trimmed v* iih wreath.. Sic. it* Alto, tilk.,4'.tiu., linen., 1 osiery, icc. Also. IO.i CO Priori|w | tepar*. A ill, '.'3 Buffalo Onrtoi'.?a quantity of clothing and trunk*, l.rpc u'an* can*', and fancy article*, U J ?, kc. H'H.DNKSD A Y. At 10* (*?t< en alt n* mle room*. S; li i 'id fjrnilii'e ,ale ? I 'inipnli:^ < ( *. loi I r planel. brhed.teid#, in lira** *. a d'i*. I <ui|>?, c',i aci > kcry auJ R I... v\ are? aulriiilid iim furniture, eight yin 10 foil ft kr. All', a lot of ?t >rr fifiM" . KHiDtY At 10) o'ch ck, m ilie Sate* Room*. A ?[det?did atnckof fi'?' rat* ready wad* rlothiur. Alto, hand** iih and well aiaorted dry pood*. Al U|oVI, rk pre rim ly, an i atir* etm k ol, li jif * nim * in deinij.i in and bottle, viz.: Superior Minora. Port, Sherry, kc., lutorile In audi? Almi lo.i'OQ 9|i,mi?li Sepac*. NKW YOltIC SOCIKTY MBit \RY -til out...r4.,rv Head npi and Keeit ilioiit; l>y Mr* A C. MOWATT-a court* ol'recitation! r.nii?i*i'uc of ael*cti?a* frum the Poet*, a it li introductory reinailiH, *? i I b< coininncnl by Mr* Mowatt.ou Wt di radiy the 5lli of January , at tli* Society Lihraiy Itoninr.aiid br mncludrd, if p i.mhl -, I lie foil* wing wrrk. I 'I'll* nerifii will cotnpriite nearly <0 poem* .ml extract.; among otlieri, TI.e a Shin, wrilten lor (ki.Mou i . by K|f! Sargcan1; The K.ll of Babylon. by Lor< uzo I> tCte, Iroin tli* i-J vol of lh* P?*t. of Aine-io*. recently |hio- i *d; Til* S*ve: th Pk.pue of Kpypt (Kvidm ix 22. 4ir.) hvCroly; Reply of Amenaidi to Orb *>an from Act ii. See ,e ?in of Voltaire'* Trainly of Taiuri It (to b' rented inth* | orivmi <1;) Truer Tod, Ir >m Kerncr (t> lie recited in the on;: n?l); together with se'ectious Iron Crahbe., Byron, Scot I , i Vtootc, Mm. Heliums. ami others; 'he whole to be coiic'u trd in four evrtiings. femes from the Corsair will form a part of tlie selecti ins. commencing with the pirting of Conrad and Mednra wh'cli, Cgetherw iihauhsoiuciit eatracts, will include the chief part of the Poem. Subscription tickets forthe four evenings, for a gentl-man and lady, $3; for a gentleman and two ladies, #1; Ibr which, application inu?t be made by uote to Mr. Mowatt, at the Asl >r House. Single admission, 50 cents. {)|J" In ease Mrs. Mo wait's health does not permit b course to be completed by Utfi'i Jauuary. person' holding-u scri.dion tickets will he cult tied l? n prnpoi t onate rpi to n of their money. 'I'' NKW YOllK ANU ALBANY nv. uKiUv.r.i-um . On and alar Monday,. December *7t|n the Passenger Train of < ars on the Ilousatonic Railroad. vv ill run between Bi idgeport and North ''anaan as follows, viz: Leave North Canaan daily. (Suudaysegcepled,) et 4 o'clock. A. M., and arrive in Bridgeport at 9, A. M, Leave Brid'tejairt at 1 P. M.. rr <>u the arrival of the boat fiom Mew York, and arrive at North Canaan at 8. P. M. Passengers from New YnrlrtoAlbiny by this route; leave New Yoalt f> oin I Catharine Market slip at 7, A. M., bv steamboat lo Briilg' port, thence by Kailrnad to North Canaan ? Leave North Canaan neit moruing by stage,37 miles to Chat ham ; thence by V\ tslerri Kailioad, 'it miles to Greeubusk? arriving at 191, M. Krom Albany,leave Greenbu.ah at I, P M by Westers Itailcoad to Chatham : the ce by stage 81 miles to North Canaan Laara North Canaan ne*t morning at 4. a. M., tar railroad to Bridgeport; thence by steamboat to New York?arriving from 4 to 3. P. M. bare through $4.50. A Freight Train will leave North Canaan daily (Sundays escepteil.) at 6. A. M and Bridgeport at 9, A. M. Freight by this ro le will be trinsportcd belwcinN. York and for $14 pec ton of 4000 lbs Light articles, bundle , and valuable parcels will he charged higher at discretion. A line of trains are now on the route for the transportation of Freight between North Canaan and Chatham. It B. MASON, Superintendent. Bridgeport. Dec, 45th, 1841. a3l tin* ,a?_ A'A'!tTLiNh: FOH ALllANi., au.l inter- I f . wZiiX>~?c^3,meiliale places, or as Inr as the iecwill per**<-. ?hnCuC-mil?Hreaklast on b iard.?The steamboat KMF.RAL1). Capt, J< hu Kelcham. will Icarethe foot of Murray steect, tins morning at 9 o'clock, F'or freight or passage apply on baaivl. or to CROOKK, KOWK8 St CO., at the coruer of West and Liberty streets. Jt FOR AL1IA.N \ ?And niterined late places, I flU f'T-C.J^or as far up as the ice will jicnnit?in runner'Hfi. i tTijy. t i in w it 11 the Stages ?Passage $4 ?The steam boat ROBKRP L. STEVENS, Captain Mabry, will leave Murray street Pier Sunday morning, at 9 o'clock. N. B?This boat came through frotn I'oughkcepsie on her ism irin. For P issuge or Kr-ight, apply on board, orof('rooke,Kowk* k < hi. at the corner of\V-*t ued !.iti? ri > streets. )| .MKn a,\ DAILY I.INET <) ALBA\V AMI'lt<>s~TON.?Through New Haven, Hartford ami wn* -arA a,?,?aii.l,i Pare nil Dollars. Passengers inav leave New York by steamers NEW YORK and KO^DlUSKO daily, from Peck slip. at 7 A. M. arrive at New Haven ?t lialf past 12; Itiencc by railroad lo Hartford, and arrive at about 3 P. M . wiiere stages are in readiues* lo take them to ^prvbalic'd, aud arrive at about 7 i*. M to lodge. Leave Springfield at 7 A. M? by railroad lor Bovfon or Albany and arrive at either destination at noon. Returningby eameconveyance, leive Albinyor Boston at 7 A. M .lodge al Hartford, and arr ?e at New York Detwecn 2 and 3 P. M. following day. .... Traveller* are assured that this line will li- rentiniied without interruption through the sraeon. aud the prop-ietors will use heir utmost exertion to mskr llir route thr most comfortable and pis?mLai any for the winter. d3l ?w? xpe-e- I'A nrv.yi if. Kt)K SH'-V ollLI.AN> ?tlnly vMMfV Regular Line?The splendid, well knowu fast sailing .TTTTLil " I"' "htp VilSvl'-SllTI. Capt. llilliard, aaila pesitivcly en llli January, lirr regular day. The ships of this Line sail every five days, or passage free. Having sti|>crinr accommodations far cabin, sreond cabin and iteeragr passengers, at the lowest rates. Kor pras >gc, early application should he made on hoard, at Murray's Wharf, lo it of Wall street, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. j3 <1 8r uth atreet. or 43 Peek Slip. ' *<?-?- ()l D LINE OK UVEIU'UUL FaeKr.l rvRegular jacket of 3rd January?The new and nle3J0Kogant pacatl ship CAM BRUM iE. Capt. Ira Baratow, will sail positively en Monday, the 3rd January, her regular day. The accommodations of this line for pssseugrrs, is well known to be superior to sny other Those about to embark, should exami ic this packet ship'before encaging r sewhere. K or terms ol passage apply on b >ard, loot of Bet kin an street or to the subscribers. ROCHE. BROTHERS k CO. jl 15 Fulton St. next door to t'-r Fulton Bank ._p, .NEW LINE UK i.f\ EHI'O'tl. I' V KM.Ni.a'A It. gular packet of the 5lh Jan.?The splendid packet .y -,ep4-": ship SOUTHERNER, Capt. A S. Palmer, w ill s.ul as ahot c, her r'gu'.irday. Till- ships ol rhis line are all lnOO Ions burthen and over, ana then accommodation* forcabin.s- ;nnd cabin, m.d sterr.ige paareig is it is well known are superior to any other line of incite Persons desiiousof leciiriug bei tin, should n a f.ii to make ear.y application to W k J T. TAPSCOTT. 49 South street, earner Onuvemeur l?uc, or 43 Pi rk slip Pirso *d siroua of sending fir their frini s can have them broug tout by this favoriie ship, or any other line, sailing from Liverpool weekly arid on favorable terms. Drafts for any amount, payable on the National and f'rnvihrja] Bui its of Ireland and their BrsncPes; on Messrs. James Brelr.Son kCo. Bankers. L hd"0; Exchange and lli c unt Bank Liverpool; which arc payable in all th* principal towns of the I on Km do n; can be had by apply ing at Tnpscott's (Jeneral I'as Sage ()ffii-e, 49 Son'h street. efaf / Vnct H E ' 11T i AN- r,> ii# en #i- -vn D lnr.LA.NlJ if Wdjk SCOTLAND, AND WALES?Person* iroreeding fpsSJwivor remitting i ioney to their friends resido g ia any part of the old count] in it II times obt is from the subs . hers dr.ifis at sight, li r any amount drswu direct <ut the following hanks. If to Ire i md, on the Koy :?l B.u Ji of I re land ar.d on Miss11 Prsscott- Grots. Ames It Co., kiwsts, London, whii h are pod frc- ..f ills-cunt i r any charge whatsoever, in every lo v. ii throughout Great Britain aud Lelaud. Kor icrinc, apply oraddrrs*. if by lelti r is,at paid, to ROCHE, BROTHER* Si f f) 33 Fulton st. New York, next do >r to the Kulton Bank. Persons desirous off ndiu* for their f i- nds or relatives,can make the uerrsiarv arringemeiv* with tie subsciib-rs, and have them brought out in fiist ela-s American paeket ships soli' g from Liverpool weekly, d ning the emnii-g year, l?4g. itid i PC of the firm. -Mr. JAMES Id. KOf IIK, i? there, and will remain to aei all Omar n hose j is?agr s are ; mi 1 there, fro vv irileil w ith care and despatch. K or passage,or further parti rul os. apply as shore. ,1m TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. FOK I'\SSAOF* .1 AND l: KM I I'TAN' fa* TO l il! i at r WITAlV A n. i? ikk f A yh u v i#iil t*y Ll'Vii'OK"L'ivKRrqoirnAi:kkt's" 1 "" The Subscribers continue to mate arrangement! for the brin-'P '-'I'll of paaae.icera,on the inoat liherafterms, from nil on ta of Knot-ivD. Imklasip. Scot laud ami Wii.ii, via. Liverpool, io fpat cUn A incti. an paeget ship#, commanded by e? rrienced c .pt iina.S 'ilit.g week y throughout lb. yrar IMl Persons sending for thur ftieuar, may rely that the aaare attention w ill be paid to the comfort of paaa l iters whichliaa obtained f ir th e line a derided pri frrenre i itherto. and which will continue to be the eludy ol all rounortril th'rewith to promote; and should the persons eeiit for not come out, the I stage inoui y * ill he returned to th? parties who paid it lu re, with ut dtiluelirti. 'I ho?' wishing to aenil monry to Hi-ir friend*, can be ?np plied wiih draft* at sight, for any amount payable at the National and Provincial banks of Ireland ai il h'aiichea; Mttari. ,/ainea flail,Son U Co , Bankers, London. K change and Llia mint Bank, Liverpool, wl.irli are | cd ou demand in all the principal town' of the United Kiiudoui. N. ft?A rennlar euctrmioii of tiral c!a<? p cketiaredra patched from th* abov tffii ? 'o Lond n, Litertiool. New Orleans, Mobile. Havann ih anp t li irleaton, throughout the vrar, to either of whcli porta passaga can at ail timea be engaged on the moat rev enable, term*, i* PI'ly (if by Utter, poet paid 1 to W.kl. T. TArm oTT, jl 4t Sowlh etreet.eoraar (i .'. vriienr Lane r* THREI DOLLAR HATS THREE DOLLAR ^ >11 \ TH !?Juat finished, the rnott apteudid article ever offered to tbe public. K.legalil short nit moleskin Mate at the low Price ot >5 Also an article at fa So, equal m durabil.ty and luatre to tnoee commonly aold at fj. dltlm* IIHOWN. f'ractic*1 Hattee. Ita i:?n'l ?t. I (1ST?Yralerday morning, about n o'clock, in going irom a the ro'?er of Liberty and tirernwi. h. t a It t'ortlan 't at. a Pocket Book, containing fi'.OO, pniripilly in bi.H ; it alao contained two written reroinmendaluinv. The will confer an act of charity upon a poor widow ? no en hp return mg the same to the Rev Mr Powera of St. I'eterj, Of Roe Mr. burns ol SI James's Chureh h lames st it V ' I'lllRI) AN'.M'A'I, b Ai.l. "b I lit. J..V VON A OUARD8.? The third Annual tl ill ol tinacompany will take place oa the 19th lainimv, I84A. at the Apollo Saloon. Broadway. The beet Brass Band of the city it tug igvd ior thie oceaalon. Tirketa ft each, to lie had of Captain Kckel, IS* On-,nwich street Lieut Schlo-?er,k? ' entre at. Ord Srrg i'ehclpt, 57 Roosevelt St. Serjtt Seiiwartr. IM Srrondal. Sergt. Harrier, I0T Washill*11, n at. Corp. Frank, brlanci v st. I t '. rp BUi.c. 47 Fliltiv el. I Corp Sehioaaer, b'i nry Clay House djl Jjkld' 1'riv Bohrer. ' < lamee at. "superfine dress coats or Tell DEBT QUALITY, ! oih eg to Workmaaea. ' ard tristenala. tor TWIEN TV ?OI7* uC'^i.AKH ;*!# (.PmulnoD* T?nl)oll*r?.?t nUlJPH'i)H ' vloriueeetwehifceet, '4t Broadway. M. R ?To* *bor*i:?rin?iil*?r*!(ii?r*Bt?*dl(? r>**;ja! i? ? > ? i? r?v ? t i th m?J? by iiir mo?t ??i*u?i?e hooter ? 14 . . , . . r . . , ' | ?r'TV. tl 1 *t? ?.? liirpi?lftoltjfbt Dirmn ?..-? tan?!*ry 1 val ity i-fvrtt I 4.1 It li???r. I m.-M ii > 11 LiNEnt 4?4 firm iwny ;i? ' | j , IJ.wrry. Mrs. n. fi'I4u'),m>, ?n'''n>? r n> a. a. F,n(j?l,ff.nn*rlj j A a. Mott. rr<[?ctrin 5 inform* lir* friend* una lli* puh lie r?u*rilly, trnl ?li* "ill "I "? osll-r Md irofaat * lerg* rlnonlof Cqii.lM Ur - ?.T rh?n?. fce.wh-retli' |rib lie "ill receivelh? bvhI n?<i?l?e rirj ilUnli-'ii. Mr* *. K. avail* I" r?*lf <>f th < [;? il unij of tli*r*<i?t H" 1 nhlic li.r Hi* very r?l**?i?e p?lnu ?*? ?li* lia* rr**i?td * 1e li-r eonimenein* 111 ml. *p'l ! c? 1.1 *??nr* Ihein n( Iter r'ii?w I '? rl" ii* I* m- rtl lhri*?u 1 >rl 1 f.v T Alii)? fkeirvprim- Onto lr<l. l?uriiog iroin **ip MitiU , Ii wipii fiom New (.)'!*? ?. Fiir*?lehy H11 K K J O I.INS v ' O ,"S. mh?t_ tjjst" i h'knki). ?i 't a i) "u-. Vfi ' ? en- - -I '<? fitnfB' f Teirbare I), ff re *, <? ape, fcr. fcr , ?il?.i ?i?l .11 lire*, lip, t'. ?l'i"i;*. j/liinm,*ln???, 1 Mc . (uitai'i* for ' ' * A1 . vt;e't? of a il!i.n ry t * * * lo * fo * 1 * lVi. tj 11 '-Wt?u U. V 'im" Be .u'?d. irt re-apee Ifwlit ? 'lutatad to cull \ui it'.'.*': 'Ii. t? oeeiuul*. dV) il MKRK THKATKR. rais EVENINO, Jan. 3?'I'lle iwriofn' will c*maieac? witk I be ctHtid Oi ei i ti,t B.llet ul I.A BAVAotKHP. Zolot, M'lie Funny El*?ler L'nkuuwu, Mr S IV m?on | Kalinin M'lle P?u iue Uerj?r law !'.? Ire InlloM etl by THE BOARDING SCHOOL. Mr? Orml uaf, Mr* Wti'tllry I Mary Slile, 8lliithni* Mi?* Bik^k, Mr* Vernon | Jaintt W II William* ?" ?? by \V H Will, taw To eonelurf* ?i" the relrbraled Dnnri ">i I.A I'ACHUt II By M lu.inj Kenny Fitter. lin*e,? ?Pit 50 cent??Gallery '35 cent*. Dour* 'men at fit, [, rliirmauce eiin iin iice* *1 T oYI e;V OH ATHAM PMMRI'IO I HIS EVEN I NO J in. 3 ?The yretnimaiifV't * 11 couiraruco oimiiir r-'j ir-THH r<I^CI96IC ' I MA/KITA ' Mikjiiw, MrKirhy?Abdcr Ki.att, Mr Lewellea Zelma. Mm 1 home Tncnueluar with WRAITH Or THE LAKE. Allen Allison Kioll | Tlir brownie _ Ktrby Jeaiietle Mi'l KlfU Icm l9caot?*td fid Idtierilt, rit lit >G*lt?-' Door*open it ai: Curtain ri>ti it Ti t^i' ' NITI'ilbllX'D OliVMHlC 1'tlBA I'ls r PHIS EVENING, Jan. 3?'T1 e oerfornu-c* will tun io?mc? the Willi M V VVIO AND >H WIFE'S HHAWL., Lord Alrynon. Horn cant le | Mutt* Middlei|or't> NirAeuaoa Muma, Mm Tina To lie followed Ur THE QUEEN'S OWN. li t Summon ite Hornt untie | William llil'in^i (irali B I.aurelU Mie* Singleton Aft?' which. HUMPBACK. Wily Walter*. Milehrll Clifford, llorucaitle I Julio Mr* Tuna To e.ouclnde with El.I/A t'LTPINS. Al|iho??e Graham | Elderado Mitchell Tymoranlhe Mr* Tmim Admntaion?Urealcirrte lioceul*. I'piiec botra a* r.eiiia Ptt HI cent*. Private bone* 13. D in -* open at hiirp.i-i air. Curtain ri*ea at ?e*en. aovvutiv A 'ir.i in ik aire. A'o 117 IllhVti y. THIS EVENING lull. 3-D.r i*rliiriji nec will enmroeoee SECOND APPKAoANi E OK MH TURNER. Tin iieiformanif to i-inmne u i ? ith a grand entrei, entitled UAI.KOPAHE ENTREE. Ftali of Hor*i tn nnhipliy 'J' V Tnru r NiyrmUuctiiK by Ibc unrivalled Matter Diamond. ".ir -and* wi11 introduce nil in.ii-siug E.jierurali Act. Vanl iti)! hy llir whole in i puny Matter Rivera', whose wonderful performance* d 'jr deicrmli h lloraeir.:iushl|i by Mr Bt? Kit y. t nio.i: Sot j! in* Mr Booth. Tits celebrated liiver* Family JO llirnugli their ir ich ?dluir d leal* of Gj inn te a. 't'o conduit* w ith OLD DAME TROT. During the evening a rariety of other eiiiert-nnreDta Door* open at b|?performance commence* at 7. Bote* 5u cent*. Pit '15 cent* Th? animal* helm gii g to the Zoological luititute, will h? open for eihibitiou during the hohdtya. Eotrtuce No. 17, iu Lhry*tie-*t. Admiaaion ti.3 rent*. N I. IV aut'tllMA latitiitiA A'a. 2Tw Blttchrr -ti eit (llpiler Ihr dirrclbo of Mr. 11 KOOKWKLL ) TH15 EVENINO, Jan. 3?The entertainments will oom inence with a yiand WALTZ AND STAR ENTREE! Li (1 by Mi? <?i.Ilin ami H. Rockwell. rOLISli ItROT HERS. by Mr. Ruley aud l.i. Son ACT Of HORSEMANSHIP, by Muter Mepiwm. Comic Sory, Mr. T.O. Booth; Juyyliug, l'late Spinning, tic, by Mr C.Kauds. Fashionable Monstrosities, by Mr. t Bauds. The Oodrfess Duna,by Mr O. Stone. Negro Melodies, by Lilly Whitlo. k and Ids Banjo. olr Wirginny.Brr.ikdowui.hy Matter Diamond. Oram] Ethiopian Tiio, by Matter Diamond, Wlutlock. iai T- O- Booth. The Amazonian Maid, by Mrs (iullin. Mr 8t"U>' w ill apt ear in toe chararlt r of an Indian Hunter. The whole to conclude with a Laughable Afterpiece. Door' open at a quarter past 6; p.rformance to commence at 7. Boxes 51) cei t<; pit '15 rente. AltlKUICAN mi'SKVM, " Cornrr Broadway and Ann alrret. Manager and Director, Mr. P. T. Barnum. new vear:?i wf.EK. Ex'raorditiary Attraction !! ?'1 hree Performances oa Ntw Year'i Day. The public is reepeetfully informed that an uunanal degree of ipteudid attrartioti w ill lie pe produced Ibis wo k with 11 tra miii'c and extra peilonnances, by Mr. JENKI MS. the celebrated Vocalut. unequalled Banjo Player, and delineator of European, Ethiopian, and American Eccentricities. Also, the celrbratid ALBINO LADY, who, is a rocallit and cm in.He, still remains unequalled. I. kewise, Master 14 W. PELHAM, the greatest of all Negro Dancers, who will appear in all the ftrorite dances peculiar!) himself. The perfonnance will commence ev? ry evening ?t half uaet 7 o'clock. ?? :rpt on Saturday, being Net* Yrur*. <Uy. wImh in Ira performance* will be given a* pillow* : one at 3u'elnek, IV M., anolliti at 7 o'clock, uinl the last at half | ;uit 8 o'clock in the < vriiiuc'J lie ?pleudiJ puiutmg* in ihe Oram) (ovniirani*. will Cllil bit an entire change on New Yeir'* day. TliU I.oemor.ima K the moat elegant alul coatly in ihe I'tilted Stalci. l'ri'icipala of School* au'l their pupil* admitted on libei.l' terma. Admittance to thai Mneeurn and a'l the enlert Joment*. 98 rents. ' Inlilren under IP ycr* nf ag" half price Hjt M U S I C a MESSRS. O. WEISS Ik (> It A H M, membeni 0/ the tie* men Murical Society, bog leave to inform the laahion able *?cuty of New York and ita viciuity that ihe; have formed a foil and effective hand of instrumental iierfonnen.of I wen11 ill nuinhcr, if required They hare all the faehtonabU new Waliei, (Jaltip*, aud ('ollllion* of the celebrated eotnpoaere,Strauai, Latiner. Labitzky. Muaani and other eminent profea-ru*. aud hold theinselvi* in readmeae to attend private partiea, nireea, kc They will attend with two inatrnmenta. violin aLd I i.iuo forte, and any additional auiaher thai may be r?'iiured. Katun will I* promptly attended le by atiplyine at the mueic alore No. 412i Broadway.and al their reaidencraNO. 87 fieleni v afreet. jl la M US I C. MK3SR8. JBTHN EIDER 6c KKBHUN, director* of (he well known German Baud, bet; leave t?> iufora the fashionable so'iety of New York, aud ill viciuity. Hi el their full ami effective B.inJ. cousin! in* of tweoty insLnmea fal performs re. ij now ready to alleud private parties, soirees, Sec. They hav#- nil thcl-ai;<I noKt popular-Wall**!, Cotilliou* and Galops of the celebrated composers, L saner, Ntrausi and Ltbitroy, .*i:?1 will atteud either with two instrument*, vi*: Violin and lY noforte, or any number that may be required. A 11 lav* r* will he promptly attendee to by apply i ,k it Mr Kit AN' rZHKL'S kurSt r- 2ft Broadway, where .adies and Gentlemen uf* r??pi?p(? 1 to inspect ihe most sjdeu did assortun nt of K? ri, Sk'.pw, Caps and Roots, ever offered m> the city i?l %'?w Y'i'h. ^tQ? ivnu* 17HKK LM TURK* ,mi FHRKNOLOUY tested, by pubU lir cxainiuati^n of liradff, \ y K. Coomb*, every Monday and Thursday rvrmiij, *ud Lectures on Matrimony evtrr Turpdtr and Friday, at 7j o'clock, at his office, 2*6 Broadway. To Matrimony 12, cents. Private ** lamination* warmo ?*d correct, with books. above, very cheap. I noiov"' ivunfjfc.-! i'? wtuowolae 'witneuL pnysiciau I ' off* rs her serv ices t" the ladi* n I this city, be in* tally oar it ated by long etper i< ncr. ft> ?t of rr ler*-nc*> given to Uw \)edirJ'I Kacuity, if r? quired. Apply <it No 37 Jamej streit. d2 I'U l\ ABRAHAM i. JALKi'ON, Pswnbro&er. 58 Heads street aV i.t vir Broadway, loans money in Urge or email sums, e* my be repotr?d. on per* i>r'? de.if.rinFiape. '?4 \AT"It? rWKLL'b Oi'OUK.LDOt . whirli m considered by ?' the first fhysicietN in the U. J. to l?r the tery best coei t o iihoH in existence for R? ruinatisni. Hpiams, Chilblains, C Iiqpj rd 1! tMils, Lramp, Nainbii'ss. W enkneaa of l.irr.ha N. B. It n three times he strength of auy other kind. Be mire and ask for Wbitwell'i O|>ode due. and receive no oterr unless yen viih toptove the truth of the remark thht 44 Plcaare i* a* gn at Of b?-ii g cheated *s to cheat. OCT- Pnre 35 ceu*a. Sold at Wholesale and Retail by A B Si I). Bands, Drug ?'*ta. No, 79 and 100 Fulton ?tr?t; David ^andf and Co., No. 77 Ka*t Broadway ; Abr'm U. Bands k Co .No. 379 Broad nay. corn# r of t lumDr street. A Do tor sale as above, tho*4 AROMATIC SNl'KK,** for Headache mid Catarrh. composed principally of roots, shrubs. and rernmnieridid by L/r. Watcrnnuse, late IVoftssorof Cambridge University. V "*? Q'< ?*'!?. dH?t?S?WlOm ijr inc. it r. > n ! >? i i t7 n , Housatonic R'Broad, Buffalo.mid al! the saftlyfund b*uke, als j hi Lawrence, Olean,and all the free or r?dt?a< k hank a in thin State taken at i ar for cloths, r^nimeni. vesting*, t! oir?-!s,kc. at the lowest Cash pri at i*-; (Irei iwirhstreet near < si ?i ?li! imw* I tl: mljl ri I1AI.?AM Ol- 1.1 V'h H WO.'iT -t dit i^ Reward will !" paid to any person who will prove the assertions of ih* 44 Widow in the Bowery'' tola; true, that I am not the brotl er of her late ho bund. F A Thayer, or that 1 do not possess the origin?l i?- *i;ie for Tay lor's Balsam of Liverwort orth?aI aei er made or sold tins medicine at aty late residence, 379 iiowciy. W W Tilav hr. 941 Spring ft. fattTiow?Beware of the sUt-'ine'jts of the interested and fraudulent! Daily most alum fnl attacks ar?* made, calculated to deceits purch t <?ars *ud other*. h? well t<? deprive tbe rightful proprietor of all tin ir ji*t claims. Kernembrr, there i; tut one origiuJ recip? in iistenr e, and that is in Bpriof at. from which the medicine w n orifftna'iy prepared by thea? in tiie Bowery, and fstabl'shed the medrcitie in its big), refute. Touch none mi 'f by those who are try ing to deceive yon by (alst aasrrlioos. Ti rchave only thht msne fnun the original recipe in hpTing ?i recta no you are certain of the geuuim. , Agents andothem snpp'ted, on highly favorable t< rina. by the sole proprietor, W. W. Ihatkh, 2?1 Apring street a for* tnertv ??r' Bewerv. d'J6 Imif" / ?<).\i,? < OA i.-i OA h - I lie N>t Beach O chard, afloat, vy om b< ard achooi er ( harlot t' of Cape May, at Ru;gere M?p, east river. Bnkm a? d h.^g Con I f>7 00, Lump Coal 96.6o To lie sold without rest rv?, wtiglud t.?y a < ry w* tgher. jl*T ___ __ [v;0 I i< H - 1 I, . '! IM H .M W .I it 11 fc ( o. Lit. . A i'uu(i|rrd i,r inu'iul CO (cut, I.mireecc A. \li! liii iou Witlidr.K u from it. rt BAII.r.V. Br Al l. H WARD, AMorttrr. AI (.^ H WARD, l AI'KKiSf *- A. MILLANDON, O. l? WAIII , Jr. Tli? r.mditnut partner* nil ccutinu* tl>e I u in. n ut.ilrr t!? dint Turn. *. HAII LV, Bjr Al < *. H. WARD Attoroer At <lf? II. U'AllB, O. U. WAHU, Jr. S> w Vnrli. D.c.'tl. I Ml. jl Iir* I \IMS?JL.l. ?IO>-.ii.o't."l"'" .11 tt,?d I I. V, JoM \* ( It l> rtf. the I'.rtnrrthiii h?.ftnf??r. . ii.Iil;' un 'n thr II m nf W A It >. Ml I. Si Thr ba?in..-of t!.i fir.ii Mttle.l I) tl.? .m? mik i urtn.rr. Hl< IIAKI) WAHIJ. HKNRV W sil.l., MASON THOMSON. a PAKTNI'll8HI*.?The nta..*rril?tr? hi I tmlitm iht i,?>ort <t on otliwpirr mid fuj'jr ' nd - r the fir m of WARD, SU,L * THOMSON, at No ?t Wil urn RICH t|(|> WARD, Hb.NltY W. SILL it MA "ON THOMSON. , i i. rr.mlv .tU ? >114. t . b.. flOltS rt*twrl7ulTf atnouueeii to hi* Irieuda <au the public in f > n. r?T that ha ill I.the honor i.f living ? *?Welion frost tua Oratorio lha iMtitritonof Stu, the won* arlrct^J from Mil'mTa i'lrrtli* ?o?t. with * Mircrllaiicioia An of Voral Muaic'. rrinrip.l rerformere? M idimi 7.*bn, her are,ad ap * in tlm c mnlry : Mr. Brahmin. Signer de Begun. Mr? . K. If .m. M aer< Maanett.A Chili pi (. Horn. Jr., K forr. and N. String. Mi. \V h': I 7.' r-n ll I Violin, I H fi ?t >P0< aiHitce thear fir ??r? ?1 the Tabtini' If,on MONDAY KVKNINU. Ja.iuar d,IMI. Torprin it-al matnbrra of the Vei Vrrh flai red M uaie So ietj , I, ite hnnllj ronointvd 'o r- nJ> r their valuable aaaiat "i * I i ' ,.Tt the r li..O'ttrt, Tt - Or lieatia nil l.r fit I and flWienl.ajpf-orted hj lh? i i ?i I f eanrt of the city, aa<l immleiao. li>? KuterpaII S? I t; I,. er-\lr. t*. f. Ilill I . r Mr t . K llnrii. I> b. If <V- r ill Mttld' ?' 111' I'ljttui. I) i M to I e,?>iH at half [?at in. toiierrt to etnrihiH t h'e. < e?t ee*rr Tt I .!. d Kreith. to br hvtlof the yralietnoa who et ? > ' f>- ilOftf.- ! ?? inliisici'insttliM? ? I i'ii*. ip.i^.* t - f Mr rE. flroedPap. Jill* z