Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 4, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 4, 1842 Page 3
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! m: chip fr. ; olUeHrr?U.l miwoTOi*. Jan. 1, 1812. ?w Y President's Lrvn'. 'he ne* punence J in Washington I .. h weat Jo credit to the month of J y, any tititude forty. The air I been bi _j ...iu oeiightfnl, and (scarcely a cloud obscured the rays of the sun- In accordance th the r'publican custom which has long been served by the successive Presidents, tire executive insion was thrown open for the reception of the vereign people, and by twelve o'clock, nearly the tole of Washington was in motion to pay that re ?ct which in due to tne crnei magistrate ut iuc tion. Pennsylvania avenue, and every street lead ; to the White House was thronged with vehicles all sorts, at an early hour. Tnere were private rriages of every deecription, und hacks and cabs abundance. Pedestrians there were innumeraso fine was the day, and so good the walking. Let the reader accompany us in imagination to * r house, which tin- people have erected for the ro lence of their first executive officer, and he shall vea poor picture of the scene which is presented at ? opening of every year. As we go up the avenue, is bustle and activity, and when we reach the rn, by the treasury building, the street and both la walks are crowded with smiling and happy fa?, all eager to arrive in Beason for the whole disty. " Let us hasten on," says one, " or we p'1'1" ss the most brilliant part of the show. The fogn ministers, in the gorgeous costur,e ffinj urts, with their dashing attache*,'- ^resent thern* vea precisely at twelve, and usi"''y 'arry but for a ef space." Arriving at the entrance ,0 l',e grounds of the hitej House, we find 'he semi-circular drive so onged with carnages, as to make ingress and rem alike impossible. Passengers are fuming, , vers swearing, horses kicking, carriage wheels erlocked, so as to render advance and retreat ually impracticable. At last, we have reached ' large and elegant portico, which adorns the norrn front of the mansion. ' What a tremendous crowd of people of all '* ts." [ What a strange intermixture of gentlemen and lies with the great unwashed!" . ' Tnere goes Mr. Calhoun, one of the very first * v., , 's of the age?a man accomplished in all that , * !?!. politics and science of all kinds, next to S?bor on the public buildings." t is General Scott, the highest military n.ider the government, the tallest man and thv ?t man in the nalion, decorated with all rp ibyeutttejia of his rank, shoulder to shoulder with w % lrom tne inamei? . ' W it a striking and practical illustration of the *' iw..o rrw.ic tendenciesof ?ur institutions,and all our p under them!" b try and make our way into the elliptical .V! here the President and the ladies of the i.v i i t *e prepared to reaeive the salutations of the V ir an extraordinary crush," said an old gen.1 a "I have never seen the White House so ** .. * , since the day when old Hickory exhibitu Aeacham's great cheese." Sfi " Pout crowd so?you are pressing against the la. > < r.;<t#t discourteously." r ' > ardoa, but I can't help it?I am thrust to * y the rush fr?.in all directions ." , is that beautiful girl to whom Gen. W#**, * iork, is speaking?" j. of Louisiana?is she not a gentle and V I creature?" here we are?Good morning, Mr President crowd to day." r jh he people are here in all their majesty." M in gentlemen," said Major Noland, "pass V nto tb? p??n room?vnu will 1 ?>?r? m few whigs are here," said one. tot observe many?there is the Hon. Cost ? however, with a magnificent woman upon -who isshel" sine La Blanc, one of the most accomplish tegant women of the day?clever too, she ?> d the endowments of her sex, with a mat? >' iderstanding, and knowledge of the world, hardly a parallel among the ladies of Ametainly none of her own age." # has been greatly admired 1" is still, by all who can appreciate high cul' af mind, refined taste, and vigor of intelie freshness of youthful lovhness has only i ce to the maturity of womanly beauty, and t ircely less attractive now lliuu when I saw elle of Washington, in the first term of Geikson's administration." 'are a singularly fine loo kins couule?John I best looking man in Congret-s, with the air * bred gentleman, and the chivalric bearing .lierof the 15th century-" is that white-headed veteran, with an epau '.ther shoulder, and a lady-like woman upon is General T .better known during the war as the light house of the Lakes?he had an arillery command, and fought with great gallantry t- aenereran opportunity was presented." Ant! who is that bluff,admiral-like looking man, ins to Mrs W **** V Com. Warrington," the head of the Hoard of ? Commissioners,?a brave and experienced ol" man of sense and judgment, and every inch is the famo?B east room, ol which we 5 song and story 1 How crowded in evw smiling and joyous every one apTylermusthe exceedingly popular in i 1" dent was ever more rejected and es, i e people. Soma few bank men are in he should have thwarted the schemes latere, and two or three families of to- -istoerats are provoked,that they are not t . mare consideration than they de?>rv<; in the grumblings oii>iew p,.r90n?! ,[,e j, is uniform in praise ?1 'he aimnli.-li.. r"w"' il Iih inann<*r,and the kinan? *ncj be, his character and conduct " V * Mr- Webster?how well he look _] 1 him so cheerful since the lirst veto " remain in the Cabinet, I suppose 1" : . tedly?there is the best possible under ween the President and him. In fact, titmoit harmony and mutual confidence Executive and the Cabinet " verHi of the democratic Senator?, and raof the members, but very few wliigs Benton, Mr. Woodbury, Mr. Mouton, <Ir King, Mr- Smi'h of Connecticut, but ' whig Senior have I observed." Minimus this?Mr. Clay keeps aloof, and * aectm to be generally followed by his w<* return io t'ae vestibule, and lis'en r.uaio ot ?he Marine Band." immense number of visitors, i have! any th n ? l.t-c it. \|| rooms are " * entrance is so blocked up, that one can > ; utorin. See, (here goes a window up, * re coming is tint way." come it must be for the President to * with all those n? ip'e." not every kind I v 'stn.v. He looks * i euic, hut n? in ... eou'd bear it more \ chance to ge? out now?let iir?a'l over r respecte to Mr*. Madi-on and Mr. I bo h receive visitors to day ." p ern could do justice to ihe charming me with which the venerable lady aethe cwilnieiof those who piid their ier. As for Mr Adams, the aim.>i? ity or b. s h ?a been proverbial, and ill" ;ance ol hk< accornplieiie i lady is too to iri]uire co?rnrat Altogether, Nfw Year s was a jr rleoiiy itriigiiilut 'ay. Hilarity and enjoymen seemed to he universal. Men, women and children were equally d . verted, and as the newspapeis sometimes say about the celebration of the Fourth ol July, nothing oc curred to disturb the general jay. [l'orte?iK>R<t?iice ol the Heralti J Wasiiinctox, Jan-2, lt>12. The following letter has been written by Mr Protlit, the feat less and independent representative from Indiana, in reply to a resolution of instruction from some dozen individuals, who set themselves ta speak for his constituents. The letter is admirable. We have rarely setu a more laconic specimen of epistolary writing. Washington, IVc 26,1811. Sir :?I have received the proceedings cif a meetins, composed of some dozen gentlenun of Boonville, at which you presided. Resolutions there passed, instruct me to "advocate and vote lor a Rank of the United States, to operate pei *f over the Union," \'c ; and also instruct me to " prepare and support an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which will divest the President ol the veto power,'Wc. . _ , . , I shall neither advocate nor vote for a Rank ol the United States, to operate per te over the L uton. i shall neither prepare nor support an amendment of the Constitution of the United States, divesting the President veto power. My reasons will be given en the door ot the House oliu-pre erit.itives. Wi'*r sentiments ot great regsrd, I am. sir, UcoRfiE H. PROI KIT. Baltimore. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Baltimore, January 3d, 1812?1) A. M. Mr. Editor : ? I have nothing very special to communicate. Our Sheritl, Mr. Ball, seems to have gotten into a slight dilliculty. His securities withdrew, a?d he has thus far been unable to obtain others. The Court, agrpt ably to its own decision, cannot act without a Sherill'. Its only business has been to meet and adjourn. When the dilliculty will he adjusted, or what will he the result, I am unable to say. One fhiiiCT I fin knnuv nrwl flint ia flint r Kali Ia a uon? e> " ? "> ? ? clever man. Our Legislature did not adjourn on New Year's Day, as was anticipated. Nothing, of special interest however was transacted. The weather this morning is clear, cold and bracing. Yours, respectfully, Twist. Philadelphia. (Correspondence ol the Herald.) Piiila Delphi a, Jan. 3?P. M. A Grand Flare up in the U. S. Bank?Two Ijwt Assignments Annulled?Detailed Report?Annual Expense a?Flection, <$v. 1 have keptniy letter open to the latest moment, in the hope of beiug able to communicate to you the result of the election for Directors of ihe 1'nited States Dank, but atn compelled to close without furnishing it. The following are the tickets voted. You will see that Nicholas does not mean quietly to yield his power and influence. A ticket was in the lield known as his, and for aught 1 know, may be elected. The following are the candidates Biidlt Ticket. Regular Ticket. James Roberts James Robertson Joha Hemphill William Drayton Robert Taylor William Krwle Oliver Fuller Robt. C. Hall,Carlisle. Pa. Lawrence Lewis Joshua Lippincott Calvin Blythe John Hemphill Pater Wager Moses Kempton Davis B. S'.aeey William B. Fling Henry Toland Oliver Fuller JehnR. Vogdes Foster O. Crutcher Hamuel R. Wood Edward Coles John struthera John Bacon Rett. Oilmor, Baltimore Thomas Tustin j Potter, Princeton, N. J. Francis Jordan L. 8. ?u.?, wew York William Badger J. 8. Donnell, Biiuum, 8. D. Ingham, Buck* Co. Benjamin W. Richard* Ellis Lewis, Lycoming John R. Neff Jona. Roberts, Montgomery Manuel F.yre William Ay res, Dauphin. M. Wills, Columbus, N. J. The meeting was one of the stormiest in debate that was ever held in the Bank. A series of resolutiftnt ui?ro rvitarpd hv fnsiah Randal, Esq , alleging the two last assignments made to be illegal, and resolving to repudiate them. These elicited a warm l.o/l /,, 1... M. t> 1.1 utuun., uu uut oiut t/jr iut. IvailUAl, ttUU UII llir other by Mr. Rawle, who, I think, is one of the assignees After much controversy the vote was taken on their adoption, and carried?so that the only assignment now valid, is that first made to secure the post notes held by our city banks; provided the ac tion of to-da^ is confirmed according to the charter, at a subsequent meeting, w hich was ordered to be held on the third Monday of February next. Should this confirmation be obtained, as is now probable, the monster will prosecute the war as before. It will be in slutu quo anti helium On Saturday last, on motion of Mr. Flrooke, a rule was granted by the District Court to show cause why all the attachments which have been recently issued by the judgment creditors of the Dank of the United states should not be quashed. It is e intended that a specific mode of enforcing payment ol judgments against corporations, is provided by the act ot A seinbly, namely, by sequestration; and that the law providing for attachnn nts upon jndgrtients is not applicable to bodies corporate.? We are informed that similar rules have been grant- j ed in other cases, and aa the question raised is one ] of considerable importance tbe decision of the court will be awaited with much interest by the members of ihe legal profession and llie community. A l' Dgthy report was submitted to the meeting, covering some two or three quires of paper, furnishing the par icularsof the dent due to the lest lotion, mine, date and amount of each debtor. This important paper, and one, if published three years ago, which would have saved some millions ot the Bank's capital, w-as accepted, and ordered to be published! We shall at length be permitted to inspect the interior of ihis mass of corruption. It was staled during the meeting, that the present annual expenses of the Bank, assignees, officers, and all, was about $50,001) ! The business in stocks to-day was at a farther decline. Nothing positive has come out relating to the I'ean To\\*ship Bank, though the stock has fallen from X5 to Hi hid. Philadelphia [( rre?i>o?ilrnet! of the Herald J I'hii.ahf.i.piim, January 3d , 1-li Mh. Bcwbftt:? Pursuant to public notice a meeting of the stockholders of the United Sia'es Bank met at the Bucking House tins morning,at 10 o'clock, hnd adjourned about half past one, I' iVl. The following six resolutions, < lis red by Josinh Band,ill, U-q .certainly one of the ablest lawyers in Philadelphia, and seconded by our friend, Co1. B-e, and after warm and able dbcus-ion, in which Messrs Bands!!, le-e, Ingraham, Hubbard, Athni'ad, Rawle, Phillip*, mid J. M. Kennedy, Ksqrs , participated, were passer! by a large majority :? Koaoirsd. Th-it the boohs, papers, nc-ount* and di-i court* aud document* of the Bunk of the United State*, l,<- exhibit. J ami remain open for the inipection and e\^initiation ot anj stockholder, hi* ag?nt, attorney, nr ,i-7I provided that the aatne shall not in' i> 1* v 1, J?1* k'tiin ite bualne** of the Bank. Iv SO. | r n at in the iadirtner.t of thi* ?i.. i assignm ? ,py Ihn C lar.i ol Directors ofthe Bank ofthe I'oiled States 1 tin 7 tl* <lay of Jtinn an*I the ill >1H y ol September, I H. were executed in violation of the true tn'ent and spn it <d ill" acta Assembly iiicorpor.> ting the Bank, and the etpplemewt, thereto passed the t'li and 5'h day* ol May u*t. Resolve 1, Si* as the ato -.hoi 1 rs Inyp the po wer to act in the premiM-a, ami to slant their opinion, they do hereby declare that the sa|'' -1 ?mentaaro attedy null and vei l, liibje disapproval of tha meet in?, to be held the third Mh jir in Ft binary*Resolved, That it 1* expidient for the tlink of IW United make o general assignment ! the real and personal estate, goods. chatties, rigl 1* ealcr. di??, whatsoever and wliereaoever, of the said >o,to five prrsoni, for the paym-ntor arc iringthn d-bsof th# ??mc, agreeably to the provision* of the act* ol As ae-nhly of thia Comtn mu i alth. passed the fuurth an I fifth day* of May, lull. One difwentinat voire alone. Resolved, That the Stockholjen ofthe said Bank, will adjourn to inest the third Monday in Kcbrmry n. 10 o'clock. A M . at the Bonking (louse, to eloct Ire ). r ao.u as trustees for the purpose stated in the last ri solution. Resolved, That the Stockholder* resident in other parts ofthe United States, tie arn"?tly retpn sted tri take itv asiiros to lie ri presented at the adjourned meetn g to hi held on the third Mon.l i\ nl Kehrnafy next. Resolved, That a rommitt-e of live atockholdi i? h np|Hiiuted to report to the meeting in February how in assignment ">ay he m.<d.- without living undue a'v intogeto Judgment creditors. Two or three oilier rcMilutiona nbnnt printim- 'h> li*t nt debtor- to the It ink. and p'iblicatior * n<l :.uthn-./.ing for directo'M to drnw fir e\pe.i---e. iV*'. Iii> Htvr.itii r? eolu i in, < ffereJ bvI.M.K-n dy .nrnap4nsed vvitnout uncu<t*iiin Tiwo-ura i:>. i? to liud sviih no m.iuv epe? ches ami in * * Uri!'" n i i ?ting.evefy thing comliii'ifd with perfect decorum Ir. Rs#lf, who i? an able lawyer, led otTthe op'"1- 'ha tn (lie r> solutions ? f \f r K 1 tidal!: but w ith u > li tact, finding that the feeling of the Stncklmldet - run N'roiiK egai >st tli course pursued by the present Jirrcu n; he wa' prepared, he ?aid, to let th" re "luuoi.* paw in lh>-ir fclroogt-si trrin><, that those most objectionable in his <-?iiiu l ion h.< ffd. Now. my dear sir, the people, the n>l?lers>, und th" country, who hold the notes < ' 'li institution, are anxious for r?jv st? they are wilh?.. is they must lie, asd it -? their l?re^ nt intent to In to pocket the loss, which a combination ??i tl uoiit untoward circumstances br?'tioht ahon'; hi 'hey are deiermirel that the little that is lelt^bi not be appropriated by mmr doz n salaried ofli r who have sprung; into exigence the meat "t thrf present managers ot ittst institution, in th shape of trustees, solicitors, Jeo., under three speci t-?iunmenii. It is not ih * institution alone, tn the whole country has be n mad for years past, c tile subject ot stocks and speculations of t verv kin< ii lneli it it had continued ,'or a lew tm I |i MK would huve rendered il?e entiru country iusolven We must nuke die beet of thingsas they now an jfo in'o retrenchment of expenses, save all we ? i ind throw nngmxl nmiit-y i|;er bad I! CI. Corbi E-q presided with much dignity and ability at tii Hireling, and loseph 11 Chandler. Ksq. ot the I r Gazette, acted as secretary, with his usual ability. T a .y that Mr Chandler to lite various important stun tions to which his ft llow citizens call him, ever d charges his duty with marked ability and great ami faction to all concerned,isbuttodo him iu-tice. Tli meeting in February, it is hoped, will he a U,? one, if indeed the stockh ilders can be stimulated i action upon the subject They have griieiaii adopted the notion that the powers that be bat mad- such distribution "t the assets as to place t!-iei beyond the stockho'.dei'sjieacli, and give their fan lies and Irtends the largest und longest salaries, is too tine, but it is iheduty of the resident stool holders who cun do it without expense, to wrest ill prey from these wolves in sheep's clothing, and git the funds their proper direction Hamilton. Common Council. M sow, Jan. 3?Boako ok Assistant Ai.i>kti?irs The President, Mr. Lrk, in thecuair.?The folio win petitions w ere presented and relerred : ?Of Ike mcmb i of eugioe company No. 33, as to the conduct ol their fori mas | of Patrick Ol?ney,far compensation for iojnric received by himself and horse, in of lallin into a sewer in Laurens street, which had not been prt perly guarded; of Michael Whelan, far leave tot red pi-z/ a is front of his house in West street; of Meisr At well and Miller,(or correction of tax. Au inviUtio accepted. Hi port j Jhh.pte d?Adverse to correcting tax of Hug Aucbincloss, John Mills and Thomas Crane, and reti ring the latter to the Comptroller. In favor of correcting tax of Giles S. Elf. Adverse to charging the pam.i of Mulberry street, bi tw een Bleccker and Houston streets, to that of W'esle I'lace. Papers from Iht Hoard of moi Concurred in.?lti port ol tne Law Committee oil the light 01 the Marki Committee to remit th.' rent of tu'chers' stalls, and repi dinting their assumed right. 11 xulutiou requiring the Comptroller to present quai teily accounts of the t>ackrent> due from butchers,wit the means taken to collect the same. In favor of renumbering West st. commencing at Bj tery I'lace. C mmuiurations frttn Depart men's.? Kiom the Com| troller, with a a estimate ol the amouut required f >r th continuance and completion ol the Croton Aqueduct di ring the present year. The totBl amount ol stock tin far issued is $3,6d0.?09, of which there ia on hand $3 377,000. The requirement for the prosecution ol" th work in this c ty. during 1841, will be $40*1'>10. Ti communication intimates tliul if tho contemplated pla ofcrossing Harlem River by a high bridge is abandon i the loan uo?v autho'-ised will lio sutlicu lit to comj lei the work, otherwise a fuithur loan will be requisit Tho document w as referred. Special Order the Pay ?The resolution by Assist?) Alderman Murpny, that the 7tii and 8th rules of Hi Board, as to meeting in joint ballot,be rescinded. Mr. Mwki hv supiMirted his motion iu a long, and resll able speech, in whicli he contended that the charter r quired the Board of Aldermen and Assistant Aldei uu to be separate and distinct legislative bodies, and th appointments and removals should be acted upon in tl same manner that other laws and resolutions were. Remarks,wore also mad* by otherg.ntlemen, and tl resolution was referred to the Committee on Law s. The Prf.sidkxt requested Assistant Alderman Dodj to take the chair. IU tbeu alluded,in a long and forcib speech,to the heavy and unnecessary tux imposed u;* the community, by the systssn of requiring every thir to be weighed and measured by persons specially n pointed inr that purpose There aro sixty weighers, lift two measurors, twenty five inspectors of wood, and host of others of a similar character, all of whrm are i lowed a large fee, and yet do ao better for seller or pu ahascr than the parties could do thsmsclvts. Bitumi ouscoal, he said, was thus subjected to a tax for mt suring of half a cent per bushel; anthracite 13$ cenli ton; wood thren cents a load; hay and straw, in hul 35 cent* a 108a ; ana, wnen press* u, 3 tenia per no <ireu, lime, 13j cents for 1C bushels, and so on ad lit turn, and ycrtne ia?? ?r weighing and measuring coal t public agents is a " humbug," and oulv lias the i ll. of throwing the people off their guard, whereby thf are every day moat grossly cheated. Us then offered resolution, that a commiuo- n- nuointed to inquire ini all lawa requiring the measuring ami w ..t chandize by public officers. Remarks were also offeri , -jy AMi.i.1.1 Davis, after which the rosol tion was adopted, and Messrs. Lae, Davis, and A-hlin apjiointed inch committee. Assistant Alderman Waterman offered a resolution f memortlizing to the Legislature, to make such alter tion in the laws exempting the property of bouseliol ers from execution, as to equalize tliem throughout tl State ?Adopted. An invitation was received and accepted from tl Mercantile Lodge of Odd Fellow a, to attend their ant Timry at the Tabernacle on Friday evening. The Boardthen adjourned. Court Calendar?Thla Day. The Sheriff omitted lust week summoning a Jury f the Court of Common Pli a< At the usual hour, yestc lay, Judge UlshottlVr took his seat, but 110 Jury appea ed. The Court was accordingly adjourned to this for noon. The following are the numbers for to-day:?No 7,19,31,0, 105,33,33,3, 17, 9, 13, 33, 34,30, 38, 4, 313. Birth and Death ?Three oxen were roasted Kingston, I'.(J., las; Wednesday week in comment ration of die birth of the Prince of Wales. It is n< said (hit the oxen were rousted alive. Lu i.t Fire at MontsA?There was n great li at Medina last Saturday. tTotul lo-s 92~> (K>it Su ferers?Utvneis of the Kagle Tuvern, .f D Foot, (J,* J II trootlrich, Vibburd vV Xorthrop, A Nortoi C Hill, C S Patks, Fuller Spencer, L B-nt, ! Fuirtitun, It Martm, tl R Lewis. 0(7* BnwcRr Auruiriiri 1 he?A llr?o crowd la-t nig gavo the strangest evidence of delight at witnessing'! splendid p. prodnced bero. An unttsuul rich 1 ill ofnovi llies is announced for this evening. . Cf7-CinT? si TiO ATr.r.?Thi"Ihou?e was again lilii last night, to its utmost extent, ami a delighted undicm testified their approbation ol the grand spectacle of M / enthusiastic bursts oi applause. Knb* ? n-rti the hero in glorious style, and the acting 01 51.?. T) 0:1 Blake, Mr. Lewnllen.C. Mestsyer, and others, perfori ing the principal parts, received much applause. Tl ascensions of Lewellen's highly trained hor-e we truly wonderful, and elicited repeated cheers. Ti spectacle u repeated to-nigbt, together with the drnn of Hchitikerhannes. 9(7" Roc kw's Biirntn sr. Circi < romman the l est pationage. and gives the hest psi formanc*- of sr other cqiiestriun establishment in tho country. Yotti H'evens is equal to (Jlenroy ; Stone is superioi to any hi- lamout innjuu aci} *?us. t iuiifn is ?i v? ry parogou Amazonian maids upon horsi ',?< k, and the reit of tl company were also well appointed. 167* Mi'iti'X?A beautiful display of rii end novel entertainments is produced here to night. t aevcral | opular peiTot mi rs, among whom are I.a I'eti Celeste, the charming danseu-r, Yankee Jenkins, tl Albino La ly, and Signor Marriotts, of Italy. txj~ " Snir Nokmsspie A nrtrniug pap T contuil a me-t heart-rending account ot the sulf--iings ol tl poor passenger* by tliis vessel. The names of tho ow era, consigns s, master, and of t v ry body implicit 1 this foul business. -haulJ he trumpete I to the world, i po-- d aril puiiieluil The Irish Kinigrant Society. wi' i s wooted \ ivilnnce. we are gin 1 to find, have adve* l s i that applicant* will call w ith auchstatements, tl p'lMicarioii and ctpoiura of which may deter a recu i lice. Siur Vol. wxsnir ?Notice?Pant ngcr* hy tills veasi having grievances to state, will pit a<e call at the Iris emigrant Oilice, 61 (joId street, V w Yolk, ai eaily i | 0- Pole. 15tiooui.? ? Sin Yran. ,'ith Dec. I "It.1 Sin - I im an apprentice on hoar 1 th < (North t'orolin and um expos- I to all weathers, i got a sore three ' > Inch 1 lid not repoi t to our S ii s^sn - it ncreaseil. til til my throat would ne,t admit food of any kind, my eyi run with water, and 1 could scarcely breathe. Th Doctor was infonnrd of rny awful situation hy m m sther, who came to aei me, anl he did everything t relieve me that was in his power; but no success. M mother returned in a few day* ' roitglit me a amal package of your canJy. Although the hoys fjot half c I had aa much as enable*. nif to tell you, that it pn fectljr nire.l me, and I send this by my brother to in ronn you, in just Ice to yottr m* llCtfiC. I am, sir, yctr obedient THOMAS WILLI VMS. Mr. 1'easo, 4A Division st. Apprentice, N. Catoliua 07- Sists Aw, has hie J !,? pr esta of Mexico, ti the tune, of $ How mine piiesta in tlie Unit' i States would it take to raise ?nch a sum 1 The way h gi t rich is to tak. -She rmanV Loi.cngt s?they cure yoi of your cough*, colds, h idache?. palpitation, and mot all or din lry complaint-, sooimr than any thin g else, am > nahle you to goto work and moke money. Hold at llti Nassau st. air! by agents |-- Bow-iy; 77 K.ast broad was , 110. 373. and 4.79 B'O-lway; 111 Bleecker; and Wi Hudson st, Now Nork .. a i I Id ' >n street, Brcklyn MONKV M tllKKT, Monday, Jail, 3 ft P. H. The sale* of the Stock ilsarl today yver- !i?M. tl? m.irketyvt being tinder the jnfl -imi - -of th- hit lijs 1'iic s presented hat little al* ,.cim I III noi - it ;> r ul fill Many ol the hondhollnrf of ll la'.i isane, tedeerniihle in IHfl.f, refuse to acce le te the pi)?i ti tn ol'tho Illinois eommistji-ner, r.n<l iatend s? Iln.g lit. iivuda hypttbecatu I to tip rn for wh <t they will and hold Htelibins and McAliater for the balance. Indiana st erling fell 1 per oent. Delaw 're and H : 1 on ros J pe. cent; Mohawk J, liarloat declined J; L ng N and J. Sales of New York S'.ate Vs. hi T7; Vlev i 'au dollars ,*al p r Cfti'. Bill* on Philadelphia Oj; W?e bill* l 'i; New Orl' ans 9 >10. The Florida, U'.unaa, from Balize, Honduras, brought $13 771 in specie. Tim tirat of January is past, aud with it the ere lit of Mississippi, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, and ' Mich, an, has fallen to the ground. On the 1st proximo Pennsylvania will follow in " the dance of death;" ell tho other; indebted States of the Union , I arc approximating the same fate. the great State of New York can command 77 cents on the dollar 1 for its 6 per c?ut stock, sud nothing but regard to ceonemy can preserve it from ruin. The question of repudi- | tion in this State may yet he raised,if doubtful concerns can obtain $3,000,000 of the State credit, on condition that it shall he sold in the open market, not less than par; I and that a company shall expend from private re- 1 P The Slate his been deceived in every respect. The w eik ? ha* been put under contract,and the acceptances of the I * company at til) Jays issued in payment. The receipts ^ of the contractors fsr these payments have been used us ( i?< evidence that the money required by law has been ?x- I ;e ponded. On the strength of this, the State Stock lias j? been issued,and instead of being sold ot par, have been disposed of at fiom 10 to30 per cent discount, and then :11 bought in at a sham sale at par. A company declared j. that they have right to do this, if they "account to the It State at par for it." If this position is true, why go I t- through the farce of u shain sale at auction? Thofocti*, that the State and the people hove been deceived. $3 000000 of the State credit has uee* expended, and according to the rsport of the company, $1,800,000 of their own funds, making $4,500,000 expended, for this thero is 46 j __ miles completed, and 100 miles piled, w hich is equal to <? 96 miles completed. The whole distance is 170 mi Irs a consequently the w hole road will cost $11.000 000 at the rate of progress thus far made, g The following is a detailed statement of the present debt of the State of Missouri : , Missouri S atiDebt. Surplus revenue, $P"> 154 Capital, li'.OCO 'j ToJ. A. Astor, loo eoo State Loan, no ooo ? War Depart mm', SS.OuO Da. looooo ' Li/. irdi SlCo . 100.000 Do. 103.000 ] h Pi im?, Ward k King, 99.liuo Capital, 17 o o .. Capital Loan, 4o Oeo Do. 7 oro . l.iternal.lmprovemtDt' so ooo ? J Capital, 30,tOO Total Debt, $1.38 9 000 j b- The great fall in the price of Ohio stocks, which but y o short time slace were considered among the best in tha j Union, may he ascribed to the liorrou iag propensities of the Legislature, and the discredit gi owing out of the dis3 gracetully suspended condition of the Banks of that t r State. The State has borrowed largely of the banks 5 I, during the past year, and a toleration ol their fraudulent 1 suspension was a consequence. Tno revenue is now , largely deficient,and the contractors on the Miami Ca- " p nsl extension are in arrears for their pay $300,000, to > in meet wliich the peurile expedient of issuing to thim 1- .klh..n.l.n l?U a on, I nC rnrr.n.ii l,uol.?. ? I. adopted. Many of the town councils, it appears, have ] e undertaken to " relieve the people" in the same way. p Lancaster, Newark, Zaneiville and rutuam have put out " large amounts in denominations from 13j centi up to one itl dollar. In such a state of it to be wondered at " that the State 6 per cent stock is selling at 73 cents 7 By lt these acta Ohio has taken rank with Michigan, Indiana10 and Illinois, Mary lan 1 and Pennsylvania?each and all of which have either issued paper money directly, or ^ have endorsed that of some insolvent company, like that ,n of the Baltimore and Ohio lta ilroad. The amount of at these disgraceful issues may be summed up as follows : ' Fount. Notes Issued nr SrrcltL States ttk't. I'al Illinois $3,000,000 SI els. Indian*, recusable for tairs 3,000,tie# 65 u je Kentucky ; 600,ooo 67 " u. I'uuisv Ivsnia, cireulalitg 1,700,000 au,_ thor sad 3,006,ooo 90 " ? Mary laud 1,600,000 ?>i ? Michigan 600,000 60 " P* Oluo 300,0.'0 70 " y. a Total State money $10,900,000 11 This amouit is equal to 10 per cent of the paper circulation of the Union, and is rapidly extending itself, and a- thrusting the constitutional currency aside. The aver ,a age depreciation, it appears, is 67 cents, and the nominal n' value of $10,900,000 is really worth in specie but W- $7,467,000. These issues have been made in every possible foim, " and the effect, with that of similar transaction?, has been a to ruin the credit of the States. To so low an ebb have 10 they fallen, that the papers in the interests of the stockjovv. r- have raised a shout of rejoicing, not because Mail. rylaud has paid her debts or taken any steps towards dod, ing so- hut because a motion, to repeal the taxes already f in existence, was rejected in the House of D> legates. 4. The Federal Government has now reached a similar d- stage in its financial affairs. It has given away its lend revenues, squandered $3,000,000 at the extra session, and le now, in the first week of 1013, is bankrupt, and its drafts 11 on the Treasury, to pay the wtgri of Congressmen, have been dishonored. It has tried the markets for months, and cannot borrow sufficient to m"ft its expenses. Its 6 per cent liabilities aro at a discount of 1 per cent.? or It is unable to borrow. In tliis dilemma it, proposes t" to do precisely that which the above mentioned ir" dishonored Slates have done, viz to make a forced 'eis. loan of the people, by issuing notes not heatieg Interest, but purporting to be payable on dimand. This scheme to relieve the wants of the Govern n. ment is cloaked under the semblance of a fiscal agent, 0t which shall " tako care of the Government fun.Is and mc.-t the wants of the mercantile community." For this purpose the ne.w bill proposes?1st, t* receive deposits re a id issue therefor certificate, pay able on presentation ; |*? these would be extensively used hs a medium of exclianirc. 3d. to allow ol an issue of three dollars of Tres. j1;' jury no!n, payablo on demand, for out* dollar of specie on liaml. , t Under thin rule, if $5,000,000 should be deposited by |,'t. individuals, who wished to remitfunds todlatant places, ly for which object deposits would alone be made, as n (premium for the oertificatea is charged, those certificates j would therefore be a currency, and $30,000.00(1 would .e thus be issued on a irpomte.of a most unstable charaen er. Of the $15,000,<K>0 of notes istund, $10,000,000 would p-' :-iujie,;i 'rlv V.e pai 1 out for government debts. It is said g that the value ol this paper as a currency would makc je it a great benefit to the people. We may arrive at this r<* value t<y taking into consideration that the notes of thu ^ Treasury, hearing interest, may be bought at a rate yielding 10 p?r cent. The new notes ore to be issued without interest, thus making a ditf rence of 10 per cent to tli" holder, bet wren his investment in Treasury notrs 'i. and that in the currency notes. The people w ill thus in pay 10 per cent per annum for the use of the government ?f credit as a currency?certainly' a very <Kt*p currency. " The result of such a forced loan on the part of the government, may he sren in the f,,te of all paper money 'h that ever was issued by any government, and in that of '* all the State* above described, te ie Saleu nt thu ttork Eirhangr. $soo New York 5'a 77 $1#00 Indian b<?m.'s St>( $ li#0 Wulrr Losa. 1570 '.4 15 do X1-1 h lluilstn I,J ?*t ... i*o<? iiliuoii Bon's 'J1 M do do Ihw ?s >i? HI do l?| 3S do do 8* $3000 do IS 35 do do i?0 ? ?' P $300* ill *10 IS 35 do do iSo *5{ in $4"OS do Is It 10 do Mcicnsnts' Ha- k loo X- $ lie o do s'.O l?j SO do MrrhinieV Back 6* U $io*S do slliw isj |u do Ai'isr Kv Ck *1 ij $14000 Indians Bond* ihw 30 So do II n Btnik 3i flsoo do *10 30 *i5 do Mohiwk It fit; *9000 do 30 119 do Harlem R 101 r- f^ooo do nw 30 to do do to', $ . UuO do *3 30 50 do do 1?39 lu< I $500# do *30 I US 35 do f, Island K 51, lh' $3> os do ?30 181 ?i New Jersey K. It. Co 73 s Second Bonril, 150 *k?4 lis'lvm |(>i $30 41 Indian! 39 SO do 1) lmrre 9V, $1109 do |v| $34100 Illinois IW? isf $.0000 3trrling 18 Mute of Trade. 1- Th'ieis but little business doing in a general way. * The fallowing is a table of the principal aiticli of ille port into Bullalo for Ih l year 17-11 y iMronii oe Driru.1 1 a 1*41. s ifrficiw, Qi/.i nitty M Y'nlur y Klour, etolr, J30 (Ho $4 <00(100 ' II Wi s il, huslir t, I.Sis.nei i lti.001 ' .r A K<r?,pW?. 4.i44 4 s.'oo " Bull or and lard, k',s. t(/.3j? i9I.SH8 Hlvv/'S, 7,1*0 WO 800 000 ' I- Whiskt/, c??ls, It OX 185.000 Herd, - St*S 145 74j 'I n, ? />' " hub iju,,.,? Atiim. (S5? 13:i'i(>i) I Cork, b\?l?, 11.754 1"7,771 fi ?;<> .. iii1031 ioi.III) I.mnber fn t, ft ooo con - > c)r-.? n lliiim. 17 535 70,153 M 1 Fi?h. bM*. 3 501 iII IVI il , Broom*. iln'H*. 5 507 3 000 I, 0?U, bn hil?f H H? 1 . , Cot.lnll*. 301) I 51 a i fly . M-?hel.<. 0,15-) l."r. . I. tin<{s, iron, viool arid ctire#?. ifliniitrd, 157,55 , f f ft 00",000 _ " Catlli ,1l?rkfl. u Th- ?*ttnl ftifiyl* into-il iy. mm- It -oboot ?tr Inn. J. dri ll tn -, ?. *,two ttion?*ni> f - *nd l;.nt? ?,n ! fit \ r,wf mi J Cii'ii. B-1 ft* ranged from * . 60 !o $7 At) , I.i(. . trr prion for ?' ry ftood cattle; 11 * 1 from fi 10 M ; V lamb* from fl * fo f'2 5?itini| rowiiivl cjiI\ > ^ ln*n fj# ,-r :o $4'i. Four hundred aheop ami Iambi, and Iw i) .n- ?o t uml talvi * YW li nrrr frow tho \vt 3' that thn price of pork I-. Jt * IJsrhtly ri?. n. It i? kow ?g m p*r Imiidrt .i wi ik'it .<-r 1 (he trial ri'iolfty. The dentind Imhu-n incii om-d bj -lie 11 r iimlnr of K 1*1 if I) p(lihn?,r?. wli) 0,1srr rot.v i g . their ?-i'?in debfa iuto prrol-.C" I nit nill Ci-n. . .1,1 ' ' vt?ele Jri foreign mnrki l*. in tbi* way tUrj c.. 1 :in ' 'r iud-il*nt cm r ">cj. / Tin- ollou in' ?how?ili.- progw of thj I 11, ? -. corJii.4 totbc C inciuna'i Oi / It", foi ten y? an;? j //????. Hulk H,< *Ji I.tiH, Hi-rk, f" * kMs. emt, Ibg. kr'l. kbit, ll>*. 13?* 1734 MO 60 i 151.795 6*10 4 IHl? It-H?I 1 pi I 67U6II3 llJ,U|f> 16 '341 4 '? ' 01 16-3-4 7314 567.314 195 5#i ?.??" '46 3*40 "34-.-, 9,175 1614 0,3 139.651 41171 7,16(1*33 I9 4S-G 7*69 9'.3 164 168 7 <? 70.'05 5'|6?76 | - t??7 ,, 1M 1.48J 677 '.03*5 115 680 6 9. 91 85 1*37- 8 3 4.6 96>.*450 '414 388 189,403 3 4 4,4176 19 8-9 ?.n,4 1,601 900 118,887 169 071 7 161156 i 839 40 4 ,.49 1.117 *97 177.303 190 908 5 0 14,937 1*40?1 6 005 1.493 057 311710 II0 974 9 74 4 110 This |*>rk business is u Intpe tin l growing ono. Tlie pi itieitial sabs ?rr mo'le th tough New Orleans, an J Ohio outnliuti# the g i eater jiait of the article. Harried. At the 18-1 I net ot Robert Kuulils K? (. on the I I iu,?t I'V the Rev. W. Kverts, Hobckt lttMii i, 4-'.?<| of I.a li, Sew Jersey, to Mi,i Mary Do* u i,?ov late ol Montreal. Lower Canada. (>'i the vf'tr.i ult. I>v the Rev. Dr. Moore, of Statrn It laud.Corni.1.11 ? Mi l.rin to Mm A\i Klik KiizRanhoi en, all of this city. Died. On the evening of the 1.1 instant, in the IHth year of lier age, (Jr.!!>.. i tiir.ntiK The trit n it i f her brothers. Timothy and Patrick, are most ret|ioctfttlly invited to attend hot funeral t" morrow ; Wednesday) afternoon, the ftth instant, at 3j o'clock, iiointhe ii si lence of her brother, St. John's Hall. No. S Kranklort street. On the dad instant. Mm. MiRiiitnT Kui/ita Bons, wife of the lute Matthew Down, aged Jti years. The rtlativea and friends of the family are requested lo attend the funeral this afternoon, ato'cloc k, front In r lute residence2nt> pearlstreet. On the-Jd instant, Ciuih ottk P. Ai.i.r v, daughter of the lute Ktsi man Allen, aged .'J j i .its. On the 3d instant, at Bto.iklyn, Ann, agad 31 yeats, daughter of the lato Thomas Everit. Jt. nssengrrs Nallnl, mot?Ship Cambridge?J the Ur-ii K?T and lulv, of dacb. c; James Konald, Archibald Mj r, I 11 <y, Canada; S.J t< i, Hstrar?fttdp I'tiea?E Jarrossay A'git l,.i?u'l. M iilnmr 'ranees Hewil , auric -nd child. PftMensrei's Arrive'?. BiLir.r. ?Brig Klorida Blanca?Capt A Kay, of the R yul Kuuitteer, lod> sad servant. Ni;w Oni.HM-Ship 91 Mary?Mrs B-rt i d Misers iV'liiltlr, Stanton, Tracy, ami Jennings?* i t slot rage. Korelgn I infiortut liir *. Mr suna?llrii Hector?5B5I I ts lemons ilf't do ora1 y e Pi, lilt >n in. 11 ir' ? loo b?s 11.)uorn-e s i kseigo's la I vs mils'* Id tk< vine be its I ; > l.'i t* Id / Lid uu s T t. \ s - r -; :; - b iinui" I bx? prunes t*> order. Biliz k?Brig Klmida Blanca? 48ceroon* cochineal $i.*?7i B Hhiico- 14 c.r roous O V (ileiin?2 do K A 1-xHiidcr?8 do 7U Ions otf^o >d K Coffin?19J bides K llhodes, ot'Bo.Ion?$300 U it.I jaurie3?$11 900 J ./ Lnb<uiase?110 hides to captain An ''ayi ??Hcltr 81 Tnrmti*?>19 625 11m logwood 219 h tgi "ff^AV W Pe Kc i est?50 HP Buck. ?19 525 lbs logwood A <3 lottiere. Dottiest It: 1 in port at Ion t* Ni:w Ohi v v>'i?Ship St Mary? 1122 pigs lead r H Rogers & :o?1 bbU G Buithe.?700 Aviuar Ac <: ?? lfi- Id-h hhds 845 t#g?T P Sti.litou?220 Ims \S' K Me* ker?fii bids J as H *r I ? r ? I bales Youn; Sc Schultz? si bbls Kngler k Koley?10 Newtold isc i rut- i bbls4kegsTalhnsdgeItWalltce?160ban KobeHi k Willi into?10 b lies I Campbell?54 P 41 Taylor ? 'o?M'j do 150 kg? T N i Janaoly- bbls 1100 skt W Hamilton ?184 bbls Coon !i Sherman?539 sks Coles it Smith?957 bbls to bales Dk Peyst :r k Whitmarnh?740bbl" J Foulk k son?183 d, Hastings k co?$-29,1)00 I lie?$11/00 Corning k co -$917 J Holl'ord?* pkg Pauiel Webster?51 bales 200 bbls to ) de . Mobm.f.?Brig I. D. Noyes? 55 bales rot ton Picks k Co? 100 O Collins?14 De Lautny ? lOo Bogart k Kneeland?r? trunks J Cclarkson?39 bales ordir. MARITIME HERA CD. roiiT op vkw vonic, jam auv t ll'W 7 2* I Moon ill.KB IV 46 IU1? IITB 35 I KIUS WATER V 3 Ctparturt or 4ht Atlantis Stenuisrs. r?OM LIBKtrOOL. rUOM HOST 014. Britannia Jmi. 4 Krb. " Calrilouia Keb. 4 Mar. I Acadia Mar. 4 April 1 Packets to Arrive. Pavkctitolkpart. IONDON. Wrlliiijtou.C'hadvricU, Nov 20 Mortreal, Orlfluig, Jan. 10 (Quebec, Hebard, Dec. I (1 adiator, Britlou, Jan. 20 LivKurcoL. UWinili. 8. Aia.rica, Cole, Nor. I# IImbcdc, Hiiltlemiu, Jau 7 l??4>. \Va?hingtou, Nor. 23 Stephen Whitney, Jau. 13 HAVRE. HAVRE. Durbrur d'Orlcana, Nor. 30 Albany, WaUoil, Jan. f> ruuy, i nompaon. tier. i 1 To Mailura of Vruell. Commamlrr* of veaaeia will canfer a favor by having a liat of their eargoea, paaaeugera, mid a report of veaaeia left at iba port whence they aailed, an I the vreaela apokeu, ready on their arrival here for Commodore BtasvTT, of our feat at uewa aehoouera. Ha it ill board them immediately on their arrival. Cleared. Bhip Neator, Moa*?, New Orleans S II Hisr ? Brig Kliza beth, .Mtllingto-, Ponce, I'R B Richards.? Schre Geo lleury Horner. Port an Prince. Nearnith St herd a; I lent l'acon, HodgJ.I1I, Btickarille, NC. Badger Si Peck; Mary J tui, M. Math. Norfolk. Arrivta. Snip 8l Maty, Footer, from New Orleana, is day a, rot ton, to Jnhnenii Ik Low Jen. Brig 1'lot ida Bluuc >, I'edr sou from Belize. I load lira. I3 da, to B Blanc > Left ?rhra September, for NV'ork. dirg; <iuat.imala Paelel, fir Hivana. Spoke Dec "it, lat JI 43. Ion S3, trig Henry Lee, ( onu?. of Hti I for N Ifork, out 31 da) a fm St Juan Nicaragua?majority of the crew aick with fever; 26th, 1st 25 S.loii 79 2u, parsed ahip t.hi'lion, of Boatnu,headtug to the NWBrig J I) Noyea. Ath'jv, frutn Mobile, II day a, cotton, to the neuter. Brig Hector. White, from Met ina, 64 da>a, f. uit, Sic. to Pirkerlon St Hart?I imaan ger. Bchr St Thomaa, B re water, from Am Ca> ea, 20 daya, with logwood,to 11 P Buck. oclir Klira Klleo, Merritt,from Port an Prince, IS dava, logwood. Sec. to Maillaud.Keuuedy & Co. Veaaeia left before reported. Bchr Kliaha ltdekman, Bi iir.lrom Georgetown,llour. fce to thr inaater. SchrJ W Kempkoi, Brdc'.l.from Norfolk, mdae, to Stiirva Set lea man. Bchr Kmblem, < ocklin. Virgioi i. Bear tlallaut. Thorp, Virginia. > 111 i. Packet ahip Cainb i'ge, B iratow, Liverpool, and other;.? Wind N W. Marine Correspondence. oinct or thr i-iiod* lat.atrnrn,) A'i U7nii7, J oi 2 19<2 S Ait Dec 30, HopeJiSu'an, Nai tuckei tor Norfolk; > hint. New Bedford lor do; rear.ih. Allen. Harrington; I > ik Hill,Lincoln, Ma tiiaaj Splcudtd, Brown, do St Helena, 11 irlow , 1'homa-toii: K.ineline.l'|a*k. Kaatuort; Larch, Allen, Harrington, all for N York. Arr3lat, Ueiter, Ma.on, Portland for NYotk. Old l'nland, Jan I?All the ahove ve ?el? rem tin at 4 p in. A letter froin (apt Hinjlie, of the Ohio, of thia port, renirtr her at itio Negro, Patagonii, Oct 2, CO day a hence, all w.fl?to tail on a cruiae nam* da) . Hum]ay, Jan 2?Bchr Antoinette,' atea, of and for NV'i rk, from Turk* Inland. I.i da) e, wilh 6'-UU buaheiaa dt to N I! Mori iron, about 7 o'clock leu evening, in a ?q tall, ran aabore on ti e SW point of thia ifcl iud and bilged; the achr in iy he gut elf. if the w-atlui tliould cone far- rablc, hut thecogo iaall loat. Cnpt C aaya lie tntde h ire light at 1 p m u Friday, and in a ga'e ) lit his a nla ami wan compelled to h* ir away for thia port under hart poha. The cargo and part of ache insured in New York. Sunday evecirg 6 o'clock?Arr ahip Fii land, ofKrone bunk, Train Newcaalle, Ping, for N Vark?abort of proviaiona. Genrrnl Record, v Bin*. Onr.asa, ( ipt Gallagher, arrived at Balm on the 2Uih Orieber. B< HH CllAl.LKMlE, Valpey,arrived at St Thomaa in 12 daya hence. nut* ti.i?io>, Dunn, was up at 11 mm on the pith nil mm tkn port. La note ( tnoa ?Jliip Windsor Castle, Glover, owned by H Glover, of ilcilun, denied at New Orlrana oil the 2lat tilt fur Liv rpool, w i tli a cargo of 2.63S h ilea of rot Ion. w righing 11--llal Iba Of thu amo'.nt 1.IS0 kalea were not reprtaa d,or ah* co'iMi nave iMiwi n away j win riair* Hinri i.m. at BoH01 ??n 1841 ?Arri?a!?: 8tii|'?. Dark*. liny*. Hrlir*. 8loo| ?. Total Coantwiia, ||5 I 33 61! 3306 177 47,71 Foreign, 171 130 Bat 835 1713 Clearnnoi*: Ship*. Biri a. Uriy*. Sctir. Sloop*. Total. Coitttwiar, tat I'O Air. 171* I ) *, 3*11 lorriyii, 111 I'll Sot f.O 1366 Foreign Fort*. * Tkiaidaii nr 1'rni, Her. it?In port, Fritihlin. from aud I r B?fi mi. iikk; Johati I atlm. lor .N For., nig; I ird- li i. Uo.ton, dm*; Ann rir.n. Portion . ilaiut 7ih J in; Foam, < hax, I'm and for XVurk. lo load in tor < if*. i:?? Hattii w, I)c< 1 l? ln port, Kati. for lloalon, in 3 Jaj r; Or-11' o, for Plnladt I iliia, tuou, I.'Kill I, fin lie -1 n, urSiltlr before. United Ftate* Port*. Pom1.1in Jan |? Clil, Mnlnaxai; lloynn, Manna. Hid Korea! I nii adm.mii a, Jaii 3?Arr Wi n, Now Ot!?.in?; Madeline. Timolol do < u'.a?l a* tier u It day*nnrr Ii of H.I era*, with Nl. tale* and iniKh llnr U ?;?i r-iuy ?rather; K-rr.alreth M. a Ar glirrfam; Treaty, Malign; Peru. I!ti*i->n. Wt-aahirlinn, N V'lik; t ' lnn.liM, ' gjn:'u. ' Id Turk, Uoelon. It tin. Kn r .ana PORTI'GL i:si: FilMALK I'lI.WTIIF.HK f^ftimcil an? OileWnM 1'ilU, from rorf?i?AI, art f >?(I4fteivf, lo t#? oM'.rini i?. Ilii# cou*lry finpmrM or. th? ?h*? <?>i?*flMi of I jugr. lni*u? VTKW *ORK AOrlK'l V MBit IN ii-inl ? and I?entalicn-; ' y Air* i r i ^ I On Wk.UNh'-DW K K..IV J. 11"1'1 [} ?#h. tip followiugSTl i 01 5? 'c<V Tlijll! tUf < '< 1 '* w [' 1" r -Cltr J !iy ,M r* Mo?-11.pre!?etil nj inlivi'H t' To commence at half p??t .. rKOiiKAMMK-faat I. Ah II Urn Adlirand ihi Angel- I. Ilui.t l'f r K it y did II m<? I'ly Ifrr am - ' Btroti LV'bo'ii lu/niyi *?''? -...* Moon I'hr ?*??( t ill- i > I-r >lr? "..' riiit a Urni'. '? MHi'.ry ^ Kolo. !>y) Sfo.'t Jrf. M?r> PUi/. (inM/mith I f?. \ 4|l *>1 Uitb) l ju,Uro*i (he ?j VnJ ol ibe (#f Amtric* . . ( I, u4j l?f Hr>ihpr?,(a fair) '* Iruwty Wit Moore Tu a?ein PC c utn r ch?f;hilil!c*n half prior. 'Ii k U nii'J {> >2r >mrn<? mm v !?p oolain*'*! a* t!i* A* or i?-.; at Wur, v l I'll ruin". Br a'way; l i i ? ?\ N .dvi/; l.nrk* <wT?. Prradivay; fr n. Mr. Ko hr? at the ibr-iry. Hud at thf ?J?. r on eijitg. jt'if " )AHUA1M?By oMei i . ? i g i ( 1 Jlhi -ul icr.hc Hilt ??ll at -ucti >ri on th* inrmiji'ii no thr tihihi i i Ki ln ? ir, nrxt, it in on, tha xi ry d'fiI r ) # ,! ! n i 1 .v iv bet-n r.i H iu hiny and I in ic i. fr< .itiiiL r?n thr I i i II,III !? t ' tVM. )i!:i'f P. b'Mlli J (I hythrf 4 n( Icik v It in '? it (I' i r? V T#-ri, V f?|* f piidbj t Upii >n. K. ? particular* Ul? d l> ? r t ()m half fh* rrmani on i . it ?t |uirc of J NO. ?. n\ VIMKllH, , , I 1 ' \ ! " W . , . tAsf n^yt Loi ili.tiU ii i ' iaf Hniil' from llif'r a-inirfihp arl.r.l#* of ivi rm? / *rrI II (iiiwt Mi u th? ? iv. irit i raaii r hUni (i U?? rr '20 ri ' ni * ? i " i ti H i f \ <?.: i " '. | 11 * . ^ , \ F.irnili'n and ymtlrru^ii ?.u? i<! I l tlfir rr?idrin*.; * M ay in In i lit. H.'I a I oiiln? lift. rt ?itb' r ;>J ? c, - r ki ?.t hi' n^h t> Pu t Orfr# w itfiT/iv n n-11 -U-ji io.i N K.? l.?dict atimnl a nl Ki.if) D J1 Drtrirrt a * ? *?r - .i . t 4 fUU ? \l 1 \ err.. tail v ' i ?cr> Mr < I- fi'niN H<?m . .i?th -' V. ' c I ; rti ^ itthlei, t H trttl I I' * v ? St Aaetlon *H?I. BY THOMAB BELL. St0f ' t .inn a Hit 1II Allium Irtiti ) " TL'Esl) \Y. At IS n\ lock I I 0 sul" r..oonr. Sal-of dry go'do, dulli ng, fancy and pledged ?( c : ?. 11 ) .!ae. Alio, tmntiafy IhixI! nrd'a wm^nt, a rtucit of milt* r> ar lirlei; 100 uplruilid nrw iitylr up] faihiODab'e Udi".' h iM trimmed with wreu'lin, Ac. \.A Ik", ?llk?, Hliu< In.eriK, koeirry, kc. Alio, 10,'K?0 IViur ipe organ. A >i). 'Id Buffalo Over Cost#? a .piaiitily of .-lo'/.u^ ,:il trunks, largr ir'aM i aand fancy article!, ioy?, So. WEDNESDAY. At 191 o'l lock alt lie Kilr roomt. Bp'riv'id firritijn -:i'e?t'nu!|i:i<ingeaiv ? lookint g IkiIk. bedileidr, on tlrmoer, 0'ift*. Iam|>- china rro k< ry md kl iok ware?uplriidid new tiiruitiirc, eight piano fortes See, Alfo.a larki- lotof ?tore fi'*H'e? KKIDAY. (At 10) o'clock, in tlir Sa'ei ltooms A oplrndiu ?t ickof tii?t rat" ic idy mad" clothing. Alio, hnndaoni' and wll aieorted dry good*. At III o'clock predirty, ail rati'" ?t"<k "I choice Winn ill druiijalino ind bottle, i ir Superior Madeira. Port, She ry, Ac . favorite Orauda? Also iii.coo Spnttuli Scjram. NEW k-OHK \\.? ALBANY vu BRIDGEPORT. .>,< V , |.||i r -.'*1 ?. Ii.f * T iiu 01 ( oti the II in itoi Knilrooa. will rua M B p< rt ud North I mi I 1 wp \??s Lmt< > ri) i in nd if) iun tye excepted i I k, A. ML?in 1 arrive iu Br at 9? A. M, Lent : id itlP.M ' oat from New I i*t arrivi it North! ioh tl,P. M. I' -'.4. ufera fi s libb\* ihii NY*v Yoak fi oin ? ito.u n.e Mark'? nlij> at 7. A. Mbv .1- .inbo at to Bridgeport, th i Kail road to North Caoum ? Leave North ! t i * im I .. I iii,t7 ifiif^a < .? htm thence r H oau i 11 d < to Oi - - arriving at U: M. h ri'in Alb . . lea*# Oretuh sh it t r M \ y \V> - FLu i ad to'hath m '>> cei!: at 2? i ilea to North 'auau. Leave North < in**n nrxt mnruiug at 4VA M., bi r id to Bridgeport; Uieoc# ' team boat to New York?art it ioc Yom 2 to 3.1'. M. b m#' through *1 "0. A Kr'-iglu I'ri n vill lr ?v? North ( ' il; i-i>*e excepted,) at \ M. and Bridgeport at it A M Kmght l?y thUro i?- will tr-tti?p >rte I betw#- n N. V rk tlld ? . 11 ' u ! i I I s ' - '?! I ' ) < bi I i t ' I. b ndle , and valuaW# parcels will be charged higaei i iiecrt* tioii. A lin* of trains ar*- now o;i the rou'r for the tr m- n of Fre'zht bttw? eu North ' tn ?.?u ;?ud f'hulhani. K il M \S()N. mu1h , u' Bridgep rt Dei ftfilh, 1841 la * Kt It ALUANY?AihI iiit?4inrd<?te ptacea, "r '-* 0' "P 14 ,,,c 'rr n l*r,n<f -in * I'Tinec~v.turn v. i* i . Ph-m^o f The >.Uaniboal KUdKKi' I.. v;TKVKN'S, Captain Mib*v, will leave Murray str*rt Pier bmiJa) morning, ?t 9 o'clock. N. It?Thishuat fame through from I>ou*hk?'''i*ir mh?r I "t trig For I'tifltfnge or Kr ifibt, apply on board o** of Crook", r >\vtsj k t'o. at the corner of W *' md L.ib?rtv slreete. il N'OTH K.?Tin - bt ailierN redu ?ng lit* ' rtraent at iiuiivuall)' low prices, atirli art nni*t please*!! wh-i wi?k to purchase any article*, either iu the intdlrry ard ? >u- h tie**, and particularly the folloxyiog artich * Webbing. thread bittn, stirrups, h? IU. Pa'cut leather. It clotn bow*, laini>fl, knob*. Lares, tack* robe*:, bucket*, binges, aule#. Spring*, cattiDg t, Jkc. J NO. S. Sl'MYIKKS i ?i in -..i 180 UT?t?r street. i; M'v-.WI- i i MISSIONARY MEfcl1>0 - Tfw m niai % V rife, Itev S. C)m*e, Rev J.G PiuRref. Rev (i s. Brown. att'I Mr*. Wi khu. I?eing about to nail for Lib?ri:i. in Africa, a farewell Missionary M rtin? "*nll be held in the Mrtli (first 1^. Church in Green Mr'tf, on Tuesday, (this evening) 4>h iustto commence nt 7 o'clock. The mi*-nonaries are II expected 11 bt pri i9iit? Addi mh *, .?pi ; ri its U ft e o< eui n i iy bn expected bom the above name if brethren aft# r which, a collection will he taki h up iti aid of the miMnnary c*us* The charge to the missionaries will then he delivered by th C ?rrespondm ' Secretary of the Mis. Boo. o! tli# M. F. < hor^a H. BANGS, j t It* t'I, *. i. vi ( .'ti-in' t. i Ai ra".'7 | NKOKMATION W a(S iTTTi Ok JOHN O'llONNUH-n 'Irishman who landed in New York h?- l of June last, lei; thin c ity C9th for Savanmh, ncrompAhud hy auothcr 'ruhinaii of tlic- iiiinr ot He nry -lohnston, who sai l he was t i*r; to 411 uncle ol his, a Doctor Johnston, who lived com culeiii to Savannah. Any informh!ion given of the pxiri John O^ 'on*: ?r xvill be thankfully received aud gratefully acknowledge.} jt 81 T. CI A V F,J$ Vi U New I ? ARTIFICIAL TEETH. A RTIFU IU TKK'I'H?\V ithoul ( U?i>, Ligatura* i.t , from a alnfi. tooth to a full ,nd comidrt. I'l.m tin- principle, of almo(|iheric|>r"iaur., by M. LK\ K TT. Dciiiat, 'i6a Broadway, < urn.rot' W,1 r.a jt [From Hie N't* York Commercial Aibcrti*er 1 A friend at our elhow mju.gtj u? to notice nom. he I Ind inserted by Dr., of No 'J60 Itrouiway, and to.tate I J lii. entire labefaction, not only with regard to th. t? it, them- I 1 nrlvea, but the manner in which thii delicate operali in wan I * perfo'iix d. X Dr Levatt lm< h-< n too long b.fnr. th?' public a. th. jutro 4 dur.rofthe '* Atmoepberic Pr. aurc Principle," to requite a t qrwW from M X Co|iy ofalctter from Oen. Duff fiir.n to M. Baltimore, S.jit. ?J. Utl. Mr Levi tt?1 write at the rrgumt of a IYini#lor whom yoa mid. a ?c* of artificial t.eth, to my that th.y have Rtt.n eie lir. ??'i?(arli<m, and that your i riuiifle of atuoatih.ri. pre.ure in fully verified. I f.rl a duty to you and to auch aa may ataiul ill need of your rrofn.ionlf arrvicv* to r* commend thna to you. Your obedient, DUFKUHKEN. jt lui* M. LKVKTT '?') Broadway Tv 1THWIJT"MKRCUBY.?DH. "|J BRKNN t na. >ur ?? nouor ol miorminir the citr.'M or New Vora. i'm, hr cure* radically, on tti. hoinroiiaihic *vifm. ano in a i-w dav*,every drectiidiou ot eyt'hilic difeaae, whither mint ?r ofloiiR ataiidinx, without danger of r.lap.e, which ret/o/Xen occur, by the u?. of mercury. The remedy of Dr. Brenna doc not contain a particle of mercury, or any other corro.ire or poinotytu. miocal. and mereiorc cauinai possioif ricicige ?u> uneirnous lunueoc* on the body, it cm be con>?*pi?:M!y administered; its '^ration is always twic, und no bad cum can f?'!o .v from i'suse, ko". ever critical the circuinatauctf under wiu.k it ia ttkil* I'aticnt* niehittg advice mi rotieiilt Pr. at hia OTM.IirMilt Bidding, comer >f Brwadwajr and <n? itreet, entrauce in * hamber* mr? t. at anv hoiu from in A. Si. HtF. il. j. Ira_ T 1< 11* Ti V. VI In It AN i htMffi r Y.?The quarterly meeting ? of the Irieh Km'tjrant Society will beheld at ( arroll Halt, Duanrtt'ecl, on Wcdceaday rif icg. lie 5th of.laujary, liWTt.r rh ur to b* taken at 7 o'clock. ItOBKHT HO?.\N . TV*iJent. Ornrtr I.. h'eelfe, ( , , Michael Bnrk" )4 if | UST OR 8TOLRN. from on board ?>? thi Imnbotl I-* Hlnde Island S^nnliy i?r ruiii|, .I?n. 1, between the hours of h ilf past 8 and half P54*' * '* hfcl i color ?l round top hair trunk, considerably worn. with one of the ir n h.iudlet pull* d out of th?- plate, coi.t lining two Mark coat*, ho iic worn; one shutf colored ilremt coal, hound with aillr braid ; one uew clolli cap; one large* pea-coat. cotifid'rsbl) worn: Blunt'* i han of hoi g v i itl Sound ; Chit t of Gloucester, ' upe Ann; Blunt'* Amtriran Course Pilot, and anumhei ?d other ?r* <*!? . Any person h-ming sur h inf?vnt4tioii al may lrml?o the diacovery of the aaid trunk, w II he suitably rewarded, by rjliuf out). Pr sroit, at ffrye It Shaw*4 Nnitlicd store, 28*1 fritter at. nbrokrrs and others are particularly i<<jur?tfil i.? be op llieir card. $3 W ISLAND OF Cl BA To Invalid* anil pvraone of delicate loa th who v.jO tin* Inland. hII?**N4, ist'i r?f. 1*41. ' lilia* long been a malt r of regret to ilic inhabit!? t< >f I ,14 city, that on tin irrn al of ii.taliJ* frmn the t ri r,l ."t.<t?a, w itli let!er* of introduction, it ha* rever heen in !.. :r t iwei to ri'Coinuifnd them a tnitablr tetid'lice in tic r r,, It ha?, therefore. I??n Dermaary loriueh t>er?nn?, ci'licr t . t .lie up their abode in the to el?in town, r lure the aoi-< r:d bat- , tie of a crowded city,and the waut of th<' pure on, n liert and r aim retirement of a rr.ioitrv life prevent lino drriiitjg that benefit. from the chance of climate, wi,.rli llo n- I expect, ortlicy ar> compelled to go to place* in Ih- 1 n try, ?net" 110 adequate |rrpaialion Ik* l? >11 made lor r King them, ami alien- tlm 'ipar'un nl*. >erp?UlllBlii'li- man nei ot living an; in do true catcnlat'd for |rm'iw ?<s ? delicate slate of health. From ad ue consul' r lion of thi? want, at.J rf the great b# nefi thit wonhl be derived hy invalids who s'ek to regain their health in the mi hi ami benefice ut climate of i.Vi, if % suitable abide should I;* provided frrth'-m, tl ? ?ub-? nber, a mcdi al practitioner, long rsUhti lied in ibis city, *. <ppropiuted hie to aulifui rofti < estate,cull* d the Hueiii r.?pcran? /.a, limited in the most heathy and rinunti y?it of t)*c country .10 as to for n t residence equally agreeable and ittracti\ . Id order Mo carrv out It-is iu ? n'?ou I<? the fui'est < vtent that profeeeionsl knowledge ? ' ' 11 eipcrie?r< et the el feet< of tropical climates < uld attain bo pains ?< ih <n spared to form an establishment, whi h aft wis to t ? invalid iff well is to the healthy visiter, every ration e ml can be derived from dwelling in th? rnildist chinae ? rrontided by the most pi* tiiresqm \ > gelation. Th* your f laid out iu the b? auliful style of acll -e e^ta'e, c>n>pri<*' about five hundred acres. The Due 4 Kvpcr.iri/i is lit unfed < r, fh*- south sdeol the island, and is thus. hi a 11 no -u ? . sheltered from the chilly winds which tow and then bl iw f? on the north, during the winter months 1 dish I 1 which to 1 1 in* bseajrovn its eiti * 1 ' ' ' ' ' VPii '.-or / ^ of Cuba. The Iioih? h a bee'i built with * very alter.*i ui to these c'lfnlV-rts soitidivpen?at'lr to invalids, and ?t w <the hai'iJit trs r.f this country ?re s > de#t stole. A 1 tlu r >. -have H' ardH |1 ?)rs o?d i;l si windows 'J tie estahlishmei t ir. on th footing of that ol i? priv.te family, of which t?. guivta form part, making tbtmse'v'* quite at w nif, mi l wt'h'Mit being e<.mined to those rtf illations which are i**?.y i?t bote's. In Ihifc t Iiiw# lit the invalid has it in his ? own to vary In amus'mni'/s by walking in ttie si dy .-tuts ef mailga and palm :r-?s, riding on liemhsik or in *. tufi , rb siting 1 0 hei ig estates 10 thick I i; 1 . 1 (1m populous country A larje sugar'. ? '? - af hs fl'ordf an opportunity of di ioking the hot cam i n whih iu* sur* n?uu.lifg a oods furnith arniwctrvnt to the s|?o?Uin? The m, buribci's uiurtom* family ie. ibs r< m u: * > n (he pegigg i'ne ii? .?Hi Kept r uv/.a is situU! .bout thirty mileg southwest of Hat ;tna. th? route winch tm-u. ,1 j ,? Inly cm trs is lit follows From fl it ' . 1 ? IW r III ! - I , | KftfX I f I ptitl fit fl Dy application to th* sub crib* r. at hi* rcVd j ' i 4. v 1.?, I Nt ) Hi ill ; ?' .* fl v 1 h ill d# la) . fl Allp'rsojip iptdy i ? r?i r ,jecte.^ it m j 1 *,i# I an, fl .lib jfl 11 j u * e. 1 ihu 'it, 1 H ? IMVAAI) I JMW V I' | allf deO HeiUy, \ >. I hav< visiled ntid snrnt ish rt time at U rsttli r mi H |fl . very ?t .teuu ? t l' ? i' ' 1 tithe J' . ? J*. ; # r: ta. it if I not ' 'i need t r be tity ot icfwir and Healthy luoa kib by fl | h* ilt wlii li I I iw f rn1 ii'' -iii I ll. mm la., il>* [ 'I I)-. (1 I iy niml <'i-m l? nl mil 'I clir*'. ml itw'itB, m ii I i V i . Mi;. i*im* 1 .. . . I i: M I i | |i'i n |, tlii > c,..: i notig from llf Hoq II J, Whifc- JH tr, th* iii-tii *m? ii^l I < ', nfri ii in v ! n h ??i I (i i ...ii- (nl. |)i I 1411, Kf.j < Al'.in I li* t I r I M 'll' i. Mil l'..''n i|.?, of Ni Yotk II I i 14 MOD- ^ ii I ik.Mi V H? -rtU< r, ol" *ln%' \ ffi*n. Im'l* I .j ,?f V A Iria ilfi.', 1.1. m?J II?nrj \.(..t,of\)w ko?t. il l?''M?w nks'i'ni it \ n r i'ok i.m>i:.4 \ntji?<i nixkmkn" j? .ml din 11** it. amh'o'o " t lt?.!?u mil I- 4' \c iVt |r4 I 11-1M nu. l.ft linnil li. ' (I Mjt ft?Mi>li i.< nl. a pr'n ?i? ??lii g rtion nn 1 i M l of for- tup- fl j ! I T i|H T II- ll nil (I 'I mark' i- (! n ? 1 t S .1). H - , |?. ttn-lr ; I'.ii.-Hnlj'\ , givinj ' " tuiifm 00 to . . li I til I ! ! thnr piitnio-IJI . Frilllr nun 1 ? mu All .Hull ri fi-irwl lo n.l ny' ? Jiniwr 1 r. 0 v im< Bin I pyr -mid ; aM kit.U |>irr . r>t *1 ? . , rktfisf Ir.i rtjr. I I'll ) 'Mki' ' h?fl??IO roiKf, ptlo . irpir. v 1. K?1 in . . 1 1 1 H KnilM i ?ih li' . M OUT tiro*, ? T.\ri-ff if JinH* - n / Ui ? "if. tlif ir ri <" > * ill b ir 4f4r.1l>-. vtaonan k .m v ,1 inn* |^44n4k l iwkt in.1 I' nf,. ? . THIHP *NM)AI. II Auk Mb I Ilk. JKKkhMoOft tMtl^ fl N vl'l H" ?T1 third %ri?ii*t Boll of hjr rrrr -nil I ik-vl ;i*r oitllii IKk .loiiiMirT, lIMi 111 tl.r Avail * % 1 r.i ' * 1 'I *.- bt?l Brooo fluint of ih? city w ?. t i r (hw it rim. in k*l? Fi.Hi'h, 10 !>* !na*i ?>l iiinin Mnl.lllflMviririiitiMt H Iii* ot Hrhl <-.??*. |0 ? rotr* ft. 1 Int Mrrg. Hrli* t(i|. '-T N1411 *4|| (i f - r,;l '-.I.* r 1 y I',*;- I .! -t S'ffi floni' r. 1 -j7 W?l,m? n ?t* 4Ji>rt?- f 1 o-k 1. 'jor t ,t. or). DM r. 71 r u'l 111 it. I nrp RtM *?i r, k'^oiy I l*.j IU- ?r. Jji /5k,J" I'n?. B*ihr?r, T? J*c.n A

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