Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 8, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 8, 1842 Page 1
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WH f'??? TH Vol. V1I.?IIO. ?95.?WhoU Mm. IOCS. I' AOUNTIi For me rv? x nc? *m ?uc v Bosto* Qeorge W Redding. [ FmuDiurHit G. B. Zieber. New Orleans John F. Curat k Co. Baltimore William Taylor. Pittsburgh, Pa II. G Berford. Providence, R.I . John Green. Wica, N Y J B. Loak. Albany. N. Y J. 8. Barber. Norwich, Conn Morgan Satford. Cincinnati, O C. Tohey. Washington, 0. C O B Zieber k Co. Mobile, Ala John F. Corns k Co. Savannah, 8. A. Holmes. St. Louis, Mo R.J.Woodward. Louisville, Ky W. N. Haldeman. Newburgh, N. Y M. Maguire. Troy, N. Y Levi Willard. Poughkeepsie Levi Smith. Syracuse, N. Y James Roliertson. .Rochester, N. Y L. Moore. Hartford, Conn Hurlburt k Newbury New Haven,Conn D.C.Mitchell. Worcester, Mass 8. Thompson. Now Brunswick, N. J Wm. Solomon. Newark, N. J D. Smith. Rah way, N. J T. Page. Peterson. N. J Matthew Dougherty. Hudson, N. Y George Clare. Buffalo, N Y T 8. Hawks New London, Conn L. L. Sherry. Eliiabethto w n. N.J Samuel Crane. Auburn, N. Y W. B. Graves. THE EASTERN DIVISION OF THE NEW YORK AND ERIE RAILROAD. according to the lollorviug arraugeineut, t'opoing at Piermoot. Ulauvcltv illc. Pascac, Sufferne. Ramatin Station. Moo' m Works, Turner's, Seatnanville, Monroe Village ami Chester. FROM NEW YORK. A passenger train every morniug (rscriit Sunday) leaving the foot of Albany street, at si o'clock, A. M. In the cuin(>uay's staauiboat Utica, Capt V. H. Seluiltz. A passcuger train every Weinesday and Saturday arternooa, at 4 o'clock, from the foot of Albany street, iu thu steamboat lltica. A freight Inia every Monday,Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the fool of Ch unbers street, by the steamboat Uninu FROVI GOSHEN. A passenger train every morsing, (eicept Sunday) al 8 n'clk, srrtviug in New York, by tne steamboat Utica, at the foot of Albany street. A passenger train e*erv Wednesday anil Saturday afternoon, at 3 oVclnk. arriving in New York by the steamboat Utica, A freight train every Monday, Tuesday , Thursday and briday, at 3 o'clock, arriving in New York bt the steamboat Union, and barges at the foot of Chambers street. Freight will be received at the loot of Albany street on Wednesday and Saturday, and at the foot of Chambers street on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, until 3 P. M | For freight or passage, inquire at the Company's Traoeptr tenon omce, corker oi Liwnr anu' " til rutm, >uu > various deimta on the line of the roail. H. C. SEYMOUR,Suiierintendiint dgT I m Eastern Division New York md Krie Railroad. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. (rare reduced to *5 cent*. From the foot of Courtlandt street, New York. (Every day?Sunday s*ice|ited.) Leave New York. Leave Newark. At ? A.M. At a P.M. At 8 A.M. Atl? P.M. 11 do 4 do 9 da I) do 4| do lot do do T do 10 do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty (tract Leave New York. Leave Newark. Att A.M. and it P.M. At 1 P.M. udll T.M. HEWYORK, ELIZABETHTOWN RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Kare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street,daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At A. M. At Tt A. M. 4ir. M. I P. M. BOMERVILLE stages connect witbtheee line (each war. I are between New York and Somerville, >0 cent*. Do do Now Brumwiek, TI cento. Rah way, locente Eliza betlito wo, . IS cent*. The fare in the 7} A. M. train from New Brnnawixk, and 4| P M. train from New York, ha* been reduced between New York and New Brunswick to M cento. " and Rahway ta IT) " The Philadelphia mat 11 roe passes through New Brunowickfot New York every erenins at I o'clock. On Sundays the 7) A.M. trip from Nsw Brunswick is emit: '*Passeiwer* who procure their tickets at the ticket oAce.rsotive a ferry ticketgratia. Tieketsar*received bp theconduetor onlv on the day when purchased. nil " REB BIRD LINE TO ALBAN I, en the East side of the river, having better stages jHwvywyMiil teams?asking no higher fare.?OAce, Howard's Hotel. 178 Broadway ?Passengers will be forward1 ':.Y Stage to Albany hy th s line from any point ou the East ids of the riser where the boats may be compelled by ice to **/!gents will be on board each of tbe mail boats to give assistance and information This line extends to Montreal, touching at Albany, (office under the Museum) and embrace* a very direct and commodious route thither. , ,. ... , ... The stages and horsseof l<ne will be found really the best on th# Albany route, a?d no deception. ;?* -.4??.*}?n mill Ke naiti in lK* rnmfurf. rnnrn. aie'oce ami'speVl of all who inay give <? ihe pref?reuc*. When the river ?h?ll be ehut up entirely. Red Bird Stage* will run *11 through from New York city to Albany. MH?BAXTKR, 1 A*enU I. V B AKER. Proprietor. d36 lm' NEW YORK AND ALBANY. Stage I?fa Line, on both side* North River.?Office at the III stand. Western notel.t Courtlandt street?Fate F? ? The line rn the weit aide of the river ie formed fr m New York to Piermont by iteambust Utiea, trot Piermont to Goshen by the railroad, and thence to Albany by stage. Pswtnfers by this line may leave New York every morning (Sunday* cic pted) at I o'clock, and arrive in Albany next morning by ?. This >e ill" shot teat, quickest and c'iea;>e*t route to Albany. The railroad cars are Urge, commodious and warmed by atorea. The line on the eavt aide will be by ateamboat daily as far aalhe ice will permit. E. BEACH. Passenger* for Newburgh and Pallr. nivy aecure yasaag- at thia office by steamboat and railroad to Turner's, 16 miles this , aide of Newburgh where atagea will be in reidiu aa to convey them to_lhe above named nla-es. dM Ijl VIA STOXI.XUTOy, DAILY. I awWffi HAKNUEN k GO'S American and Foreign I Express, Foreign Letter, and Oeucral ForwardW||H ing Office ?Package# of all kinds, sample goods, 2SE9ELspecie, and bank aotea. will be rec ivcJ and forwarded b> Lxpreaa, to and from the following places:? From Boston to Liverpool, London. Manchester, Birmingham,and Lewi*.Eng.; Dublin and Cork. Ireland; Olasgvw and Greenock. Scotland; Paris and Havre. France; and from Boston to Prorideuce, New York, Pkiladelphia, and from Troy A and Albany, having recently made arrangements with the Peo nte's Line to that effect. r HAHMIKN k CO will attend to collecting or paying Drafts, Notes, Bills or Acceptance*, and the purchasing ol gsodj of every description. or transient business of any kind, % which they undertake promptly. |'er Bag* will be kept at their Boston.New York,Philadelphia and Albany offices, for Cuutrd's Royal Mail Line of team ships; also, for the steamer Oreat Wrstcrn.and the s.iflmg pat k?l* from New York. 1"AKK NOTICE.?Packages sent to either office,for England, or ar y other place, must not, iu iny case, contain letters N. B AU goods aiusl be marked HAR.NDEN Si CO.. who are alone responsible for the loss or injury of any articles or property committed to their care; nor is any risk assumed hy, nor can any be attached to the B kP. and 8 Railroads, or the N.J. Steam Navigation Co., on whose roaile. or in whose steamers, their crates are or may be transported, in respect to them or their content! at any tims. ItnrancKCKs:- Messrs. Floteher, Alexander lx Co., Liverpool and Loudon: Welles Si Co., Bunkers, Paris, France; Thomas B. Curtis, Esq., Boston; Ovodhue Si Co., New York; Carey k Hart, Philadelphia; aud Thomas W Olcott, Esq., Albany. OrMcca*;?No 928 River street. Troy; 19 Exchange, Albany; <2 South Third ? -eet. Philadelphia; 22 Church street. ' Lirerpool; 9 Court street, Boston; Union Buildings, 1'rovt ' ^M.WYMAN, Agent, No. 9 Wall it., New York jy99 HARNDEN Si CO. ^gm FOR SHREWSBURY?FALL AHQaajf^jStRANOEMENT-The stramboat OSIRIS. S3EK.Ci|it.J C. Allaire, will commence nuimugou Saturday Sept. Mih, a* follows!?lesve Fnlton Market slip, . East River, every *atunlay at 19 o'clock A.M., Tue*<)ay, Wedii-eday, and h nday. at 8 o'clock A M. Returning, leaves Red Bauk every Motidtr morning; of 10 'eiaek A.M.; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Kridsy, at half-past 119 o'eloek P. n4. The boM will run *? above unfit further notice, navtenttoa I eei weather permit!rjig. otflm* FALL ARRA.N(>?MENT?POUU.iKEfcl'SlE aNU NEW YORK. ? Tk. .l.amknal OQIi'ni A Por,. Bti t*ln Verdine Tmredale, for the remainder of " I 3fc?Bl Iw IW ?mom will leare thee team boat pier, foot ?f( KaraWn etreet, er?ry Tueadny, Thuralay and Saturday atternoone, at 1 o'clock?Undine, up and down, at Caldwril'a, Weat Poiat. Cold Spring. Cornwall, Kiahkill Landing. New 6810^101, and Milton. Returning, Irarea Ponghkreinir erery oodny, Wednceday and Friday morning. at T o'clock. A IUr the lit ol Noremher, the Oaeola wifl leare Pouehkr. pair at I o'clock in the morning. for paaeage. apply to the Captain, on hoard, or to D. RANDOLPH MAKTIN, . . _ 114 Weal at. _ aTATfclk inland ea-iui >. Foot of Whitehall gtreet^^SriL^^e ^rK^iTeamer 8TATEN ISLANDER Learee Staten lalaad Learee Whitehall Al I o clock a.m. Al I o'clock A M "it " "II " 1 " P.M. " a " p. M " 4| " " If " b - ? " . " t On Sunday there will be two hoati to mo. The laat hoat " Inaree Stelen la land at I o'clock, r^ M. oe ftOPLK 8 [.INK OK STEAMBOATS bOK A LB A >V, tya fjt THE new and c tumodinna etrantbnat ' NORTH AMEBIC K, ( apt. M H. Tn,.P ? iff rt -VI learn the ateambnit per between Cortland! and Liberty atreeta, oa Wrdneaday and Friday aflernooua at I o'clock. *> For lineage or freight, apply to P. C. Schulli at the office on v the wharf,or on board. N.B. All kinda of properly taken only at tl e riak of the OWnere thereof. dJ4 T. rOWELL k COLINE. akPT) grn HOB NF.WBUF ,1. landing.t CALD CrSyTiwr,Ll,'>. WEBT POINT AND COLD TBLbPRINO?The a team boat HIGHLANDER Gap Robert War drop, will lea* a the foot of Warren atrrat Hew York, erery Monday, Tt? i ?Jey and Saturday afternoon'* t 4 o'clock Returning, the Hub ?n~er will leare Newburgh gmry Monday moi-mug at o'clock, aa i A ueaday and Friday Marnoon at I o'clock. *M>* oraoeeie. naif ao board tkie boat, not be at the riak of the 1 anrnora (hereof,unlen* a bill ofladtag errteeipliaaigned for flieaame WH j J* ? E NE" NtW FOR ALBANT. >MM The iicmahotti SOUTH AMERICA and HKSTK.H.. will ou and after Friday, .HwZIaJCSE. October 1. Icm?c fur Albany at t o'clock, ertry irrgiot Sundays raeepted instead of 7.a* heretofore s9T ~ aifiLL rtKOllLAK MAIL LINE FUR I'HOVl tfLgdL?3> D KNC E AND BOSTON, ria STONINGHC3H3E.TON AND NEWPORT, composed of the 'oJlow-ue superior steamers, running in connection with the Stouineton and Prorideuce, and Boston and Pro> idence Rail?o*4. M ASSACHU SETTS, Cant. Comstock. RHODE ISLAND,Capl.Thayer. unuroiu * NARRAOAS'SETT.Cupt Wooleey. (Id* of which wilt Ichk New York duly, 8unday*except*d, froin pier No.1 North River. Battccy Place,at4e'clock. P. M. *1rrangemtnt. Th* NARRAQANSETT, on Moeday*and Thursday*,for dtouiugton. . TIm MASSACHUSETTS. Tue*d?y* end Fridays, for ttouington, Neuwwirt, and Provident*. The RHODE ISL \ND, on Wedne?day? end Seturdeyi.for Stoiuugtan, Newport, end Providence. Passengers on thearrivalof thesteamere atStouingteu, may teke the Railroad Caa*end rroceed iminedUtely to Providence Mid Boeton, or when they go round, mey, if they prefer it, re main on hoard and take the accommodation tram from ProviieiMte to Boston. ..... . . . _ ? freight taken atthefoHowiug reduced rate*:?ToBoeton.on measurement good*.? cent* per cubic foot, and on merchandize (cur rally, eeven dollar* per ton. To Providence,on measurement good*. *iz cent* percnbicfoot. jytt The cneaiieet and molt expeditious lloute TO BOSTON, Via Hudeon. Pittafield, SpriuRlield and Worcester. Eur HUDSON alel intermediate place*. jxja The new and elegant steamboat COLUM?"~~^L-rdlf*BIA. t p Newbury, will leave the fool "f Cedar (treet every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at S P. M. (ITJ- Fare from New York to Boiton, if paid ou board th* boat, $?. The Passage Train of the Hudeon, Berkshire and Wee tern Railroad will run in conneeiion with thi* boat ae follow* Leave Hudeon daily (Sunday* excepted) at 6 a.m. arrive at Pittalield at half pail 8, at Spiinglield at IS noon, at worsester It r. m . and at Bo?i?,i at half paat 6 r. M [Hj~ Ticket* for Boelou uiuat be procured on board of tliia boat only. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to CROOKE. FOVVKS It CO. at the corner of Weat and Liberty alreete. *8 2?n Aifrg- FOR LONuO.N?Regular p,r*-i ui Hie m J in? Th- well known fa?t sailing packet ahip ST J \ MF.S, kltftJitptJ.ijii. Meyer, bur'lien louo ton*, will positively tail * above. Thi* splendid amp haa accommodation* for cabin, second cabin, and steerage pasaeug ra,fully equal to my oilier packet, aud berth* ctn be secured on moderate terms, tl immediate application he made ou hoard fno' of Maiden lane, or to OLOVEK Ik McMURRAY, I DO Piue ?l, cor of South et. P.8.?Perenn* wishing to send for their fiiends, can have them brought Ml in the above favorite ship, or any *fthe regular line eailing from London on the7lh,l7th. mill 27tli of each inon>h. ana those wishing to remit money, can procure dralts on Messrs. Phillips and Tiplady of Lon Jou, p.?> able at eight, by at plvinc as above. dgt FOR M ARSEILLES-'l h* copper* 1F ucn ong I aJjrJV REBfLU.Cspt. Buyer. MMkUw For freight or passage apply lo nto B >YI) k H1NCKEN. 9 Tontine Buildings. PACKET FOR HAVRE?Second Liue-Thtshtp wTjMrVC l'lCA, F. Hewitt, master, will tail on the first of J Miliary. BOYD Ik HINCKEN, Agents, dS 9 Tontine Builuings. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular I'acke mWfV the 25th January?Tne Rplrudid fast Sailing packet '-P-V. SHt.KIBAN. ('apt. F. A. Depey.ter, of lObO torn, ? ill sail u above,her regular day. Kir freight or passage, having accommodations unrqua'led for splendor or comfort, apt ly on board at Orients whaif, foot of Wail at or to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 6t South street. Price of passage $100. The packet ship Oarrirk, Cant. Win. Skiddy, of 1000 tona, will succeed the Sheridan, and aail on the 25tn February, her regular day. ... - . Passengers may rely upon lite ahtpa of thia hoe sailing punctualy aa adrertiae<L dgS ejfg. Foil LIVERPOOL.- Packet ol the lat J auuaiy? nfnWtVThe superior firat claaa faat sailing packet ship OEM. J?mb2bPA.RKHILL, Captain Hoit, will aail aa above, her regular day. She haa superior arconm idUiona for cabin, aecond cabin, and steerage passengers. . Persona wishing to secure bertha should make early application to 028 JOHN reel. IfiP FOR NEW OHLKA t l.outaiant aui .New iJMPVYork Line?RegularI'acki "'nJanuar ?The flSSHEBaplendid faat sailing packe; - s^lSill'Pl.Captain Hilhtrd. will positively sail as a r regular day ? For freight or paaaaae. having apleudi I .alieil hcnnmmoda tiona,apply on board, at Orleana wh tot of Wall atreet, or to E. K. COLLIN x CO. 36 South at. Greatcare will he taken to have th> da by tliia line correctly meaaured. Agents iu New Orleana. Jaa. O. Wo," who will prompt ly lorwurd all rooda to hiaaddnea The packet ship LOUISA, Capt Muliord. will aucceed the Mississippi, and aail 10th January, her regular day dag jjEjjj? FOtt LIVERPOOL.?Packet ol . u* 7tu ol eim AWPViiary.?'The first claaa faat sailing packet ship ROStttlbfOE, Capt. Hulleaoa, will aail aa above, her regular day Her accommodations for cabin, setotid cabin and ateer-ge poaaengera, are too well known to require comment. Those persons wishing to secure bertha, ahould make early applicatiouou b ard, loot of.VlaiUen lane, or to GLOVER It MeMURRAV, 100 Pine street , c iruer of South Tlie splendid packet ship Aephen Whituey. Capt Thompaon. will sncceod Luc itoscoe, and sail on the 18th Jauuaay. dSl PASSAGE FROM CNULAM), SCOTEARU jmWAND WALES, by firat Spring iliipi.?TheauhecriJaMMSnbers are prepared to make arriuigemeuU for bringing out paaaengere from London, Liverpool, Bristol and Greenock, ia first class Americanpacketshipa.loeail fromeaeh oftheabort porta the first of the Spring. Persons wishing to aeud for their friends to any part or Great Britain, can make ueceaaary arrangementaby applying to W k J. T. TAPSCOTT, it Soutlist. comerGourrrueurlaaa. Should thepartiea aent fordecliuecoming.the paaaage money fill w returned tii IUH lilVhHfOUL?jNear l.iuc?Regular facae ^5#Vof 2ith December?The aplendid packet ahip SIP RnBfaDON 8. Captain E. B.Cobb, or 1000 tona, will a ad aa a on re, ler regular day. 1 orf reight or paaaage .navingaccominodationa uaet, nailed for itdcudor or comfort,apply on board, at Orleana wharf .foot of Wall at., or to E. K .COLLINS It CO. II South a treat Price of aaaaage Sioo The packet snip SHERIDAN, Cant. F. A. Deperater, of 10(0 :oaa. will aucceed tha Siddons.and sail the 85th January, ser regular day. > axarngera may rely on the ships of thialineaailing punctually a# advertised^ nig PASSAGE EROM HA.VtdUtlU. GERMAN k ? -v DIRECT ?The subscribers hare a regular aucceson of Aral claaa ream la. tearing Hani bare twice a I month! Peraona wishing to send for their friends. residing in any part of Geemany.can avail thernaelrreof thia arranyein-nt Drafts for any amount can alao be lurruahed. |?tyable in Ham?uig. Forfuither particulara. apply (if by letter.poat paid) to HEKUMAN St KEENaN, si SouO. at. alt WILLIAM GIBSON. Kaq.. Agent at Himhure iA-t FOR-STS1VV ORLE A.MS?Picket ol th 7. . Jan IjPy jrVnary?The firat class last saiiiig packet ahip FAIR1ELD, Captain Wilson, will aail aa above, her re cular day, aud can in a superior manner accnmmodatr cabin, 2nd cabin and tteerage passengers, if immediate application be made on board ihe (hip foot of Pi .* at, ?r to jl J HEROM aV II Smith at. CAJSt REMIT I ANoKS rOE.NGtaAMD IKUANu SCOTLAND, AND WALES? Persons i rocesding r%wlhrr remitting Money to their frienda rraidiug ia any rt of the old country, can at all tiinea obtain from the aubscrira drafta at aight. lor any amount drawn direct on the following hanka. If lo Ireland, on the Royal Bank of Ireland and on Meaarg. I'reacott. Grote, Amea It Co., bnukera, London, n hie li are paid free of discount or any charge whatsoever, in every town throughout Great Britain aud Ireland. For terina. apply oraddrtaa, if by letter post paid, to ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO 35 Fulton at. New York, neat do ?r to the Ful'on Bank. Peraons deairoua of Bending for their f imde or relatives, can Ei ike the necessary arringemema with tt e aubacrih ra, and are them brought silt in Brat claaa American packet ships siiliug from Liverpool weekly. during the coming year, 1842, ami one of the firm, Mr. JAMES U. ROCHE, i? there, aud will remain to err all th oar n hoar inaisgra are pai I there, forw.iriled with care and despatch. For passage,or further particnlare, apply ar above. d-n NEW FORK AND LIVERPOOL HKtil LAl! -^fefWCOMMERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS-Sailing JtSiiJfeWeekly?Paaaage from Great Britain and Ireland! via Liverpool?The subscribers continue to bring out pasaen gere who may be engaged by their frienda here, ou very moderate terina, for firat class ahipa Bailing from Liverpool wteWy.? Drafta forany amount can alao be furnished, nayaMe tlwOughnut the United Kingdom. Far further particulars apply, ifby letter poat paid,to _2*? JOHN HK.RDMAN.kl South at. *? DRAFT-" TO ENGLAND, IRELAND, S( OT[jj^VLANf) AND WALES.?Prraona d-airoiia of aeodmoney to their frienda iu any purl of the old country cau he fupplird with drafts at fight, payable at the National and rmeioeial Ba in of Ireland an < Branches, MeCSra. James Roll Han fc. ( n London ?nal Durount B?nk Liverpool, which are pant on demiori in nil the principal Iowmid the United Kii>Kd>?n. For trrm<, kc., apply to Wk J T. TAPMCOTT, Pa**** Office. O rtnuthitreef. Where. al?*. arrm?K?ment? can be made lor pajw-nf*r* to feme out from the of! c u *try. in fimt cla?* American packet *hip?, rommGlided bv experienced caotaina. one of which will leave Liverpool every *i* d?y? throughout the coming ??a?oo; and p?r*ou< about aeoding for their friend* may rely that e*ery car* an 1 attention will be paid to render the pa*P?ace comfortable For p*rtn-"l-?r? *\ >lr ** a^ive. ,114 PASSAGE FROM 3lUT 15 HI 1 AlN A.>U IKLUA.NU m- && M MThe auherribera continue to make encageinanle to bring out paeeeoee re from the old country. he tlltpe of the first clwe tell American built, and commanded by men lone a d favorably known in the trade. The reeeele compoeiny thia line tail werkty from Liverpool, cooeerju. ntly all uiinrceteary delay to paMellgert i? avoided Perron* about to make engagements for I loir frierdeto emigrate the ensuing aeaeon, will etuily their own intereet and the rntereat and comfort of llteir frieuda. by matiug auch rngagemrnte with the .ubeciiher*. as iioeipeuee orpaiua are epared to earu that preference which liae fjt meiiy yean been eitend ed to them. A? he* alwaye been cuatomary with th.a line, when the pirtiee aettleil for decline rummy oul, lite paesige mosey ie promptly refunded to bene from whom it wae received, without reduction. A frve paeeaee p r steamboat from the various porta of Irelaud aod Scotland to Liverpool, can likewiee be eecartd. For Inrlher particular*. Apply t? SAMUEL THOMPSON, Old retahliahed i<aekit office. t7 3 Pearl at. C ORIM8HAVV fc Co i o Oarte Piaaiae, Liverpool Draft* or etchanae at aifht and for any a-nouut. are alvo luruiahed on H. (J Gly? fc i,o? banaara, London. i - Oriinaha* fc r ,'IP00!- 'he Northern Ifanking t o and National Bank, or Irela- d, aud National Bank of Scotland, pa. able at their respective hranchea Apply as above dwim* W k J T TArst Ot i s U?NE^AL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE, JjL" Pec A rfip, and 41 South strrrf, A'cw York. M. M m m from all part* of England, 11 eland, Scotland and Walee,is firW elsst American packet shape^ilj- friMB^ week, thereby preventingunuecessafy detention. A free paseagefrom the various seanrwto of Inland and Sen*, land to Liverpool iiguar.uteened.au3 drafts for the aceoanmn datpm.-fo^engere.parablethrvwighoni Great Briteja and Ir? and. All letters muetbe poet paid. \Y YO V YORK, SATURDAY M NOT1CK.? Proiotala will he received at the office of the Commioearjr General of Purchaeee. in ffcihidelphia, to furmah the following material* ami ar.iolea for the United State* Army, for the year IMft, n* Blue rloth, 6-1 witie, dyed ia indigo ami in the weol Sky blue twilhd Cloth, 1-4 wide Unbleached Cotton Shirtnig, 7 | wide Bleached do do do flannel of Cotton and Wool,7-6 wide ('an ton flannel. 3-4 wide Uubleached Cotton Drilling, 1-4 and 7-8 wide Bleached do 8-4 wide Uniform Cape, for Dragoon#, Artillery and infantry Pompoou#.lor Artillery and infantry Hair Plume#, for Diaxoona Band# ai d Taatel# do Algiullette#, Aiti'lery and Infantry Worated Smhea, do do and Dragooae Shoulder Slraji*. do du o (brass!for Dragoons Epaulettes. Non. Cont'd Staff. Artillery and Infantry At oollen half Stocking* L*rJ Booltc* Lnlhcr Stock* Blanket* 6, feet lone S feet wide, weight 4 poinds Metal Cap Equipments, for Dragoons, Artillery ami Inf. Felling Axe* Ha'chet* Spade* Drum*, complete, with Stick*, filing*, and Case* Worated Binding and Cord, of all kind* Common Tent* Wall Tent* and Fli'* Horpital Trot* Fainting and Strapping Knapaack* Ca*k? and Cooperage, for one year front t at April next. (The quautitjr aud number of iheae article* will be deter mined hereafter ! of domestic manufactured material*. Pattern* of a'l the required Woolten and Cotton CloP-a aud articlea.are deposited in the Comtniaearv General'* Office, in tht* city, for examination. Sample*of the Woollen and Cotton Cloth* will be rent to any manufacturer on application to thia Office, by mail,and auch information given a* may he deaired. The Boot-e* are to be of eigAt aixea, an t the Cape of fixe iix<a. The lixe* and proportion* of aire* will be atated in tne oontracts. On the sample* aud pattirn* exhibited the con'raet* will be founded and inspection* made, amino article will be received that i* interior in the material or workmanship to, or that doc* uot correspond in every re?pect with th* pattern on which a co-tract i* founded. The aupplie* are lo be delivered at the United State* Arienal, near Philadelphia, for inspection, in equal monthly portion*, and the contract* are to be fulfilled on or ktfor* the l*t day of July, I8l'i . The proposal* mint be in writing, lealed. and indorsed, " Proposal*." and mini reach the Office of the Commisaary General of Purchases. on or before the 17th day of January, 1842. No proposal will be received afer 3 o'clock of that day. Security will be required f >r the fulfilment of contract*. J. WASHINGTON TYSON. Commissary General oi Purchase*. Comiiuiart Gsnvral's Orricic, Philadelphia, December 17lli. IR41. d)9 endl MT artificial Teeth. Artificial teeth?without cix*p* ligatur** stc, from a tingle tooth to a full and complete s-t. on the principle* of atmospheric pressure, by M. LEVETT, Dentist 260 Broadway, eoruerof Warren *t [From the New York Commercial Advertiser-^ A friend at our elbow rrquett* u* to notice some leelh he had inserted by Dr Levett, of no 280 Broadway, and to state bia entire ?ati*f?clion,not only with regard to the teeth them elvea, but the manner in which tbi* delicate operatiou wa* perfoimed. Dr. Levett hat b-en too long befare the public a* the iutrodaeer of the ''Atmospheric I re sure Principle," to require a syllable from us r _ i r n..? ri t. 11 T ...n UUIiy Ul d ItlkCI IIVIU VICH. L/UII lirecil (U 1?1. UC?Cil. Baltimore, Sept.M. isti. Mr Levett? I write at the request of a frieud for whom you mule a let of artificial teeth, to say that they hare given entire satisfaction, and that your principle of atmospheric prt? lire t* fully verified. I feel aduty to you and to each ae may stand in need of your professional services to recommend them to you. Your obedient servant, DUFF OREEN. j4 Im M. LEVKTT.agi) Broadway. rypT A(Wt HORNS?Taken from cattle slaughtered iu this I Jtv'Utl city. Foraale, in lots to suit purchasers ,hy the Butchers Hide Association, corner tth street and 1st Aveaue. ''?* . U^'AVKU Tt'.rii. PARIBEN'8 SPECIFIC. A sure CURE far the Tooth Ache, safeand easy in the application, certain in its curative effects?a remedy well test d, aud of long standing?Prepared only by J. W. Clowes, Dentist, and sold by him, wholesale aud retail, at his rflioe, 47 Bond st. NY Certificates?The undersigned, hating used the pans-ii's Specific, as prepared by Mr. J. w Clowes, mute id r<onuneniliug it to the public confidence. L. Parmely, Sure l)euli-t 3U Broadway N. Y.; J. Smith Dodge, Surgeon 1 ist, 47 Bond street, N. T.; N. Dodge,Surgeon lien'ist 818 Br 'adway, N. Y.: F.. O Burger, Surgeon Dentist, 34 Market street. N. Y. N B. None ie genuine, unless signed by the proprietor. Sold, also, by the following Druggists, Cot ton, 883 Bleeckerstreet; Ring, (44 Broad was- ; Schieffelin, 114 Canal St.; Hart's, 278 Broad way, and cor Hud ion and North Moore streets; Milnor. 182 Broadway; Hurnel;?10 Chatham; Byrne, 83 Bowery, cor Walker St.; Hutching, 160 Bowery, and Doolittie,246 Centre et.; price per vial 88 cents?half vial 88. die lm K TaYLMivS BAl.SA.vl OS c.1 * e.Kw Oit i.?At the old eatabllat ment, 378 Bowery.?The periou advertising in Soring street, fir-t under anonymous initials, then as W. W. Taylor, aud again as W. W. I haver, has not now, uor never has had any con -rljoii with the establishment at No. 875 I ne !< pioprieior, F A. Thayer, nad but one bro'her, named William W. i'haycr?he has not heen in tlie house ?| his deceased brother for several years. About four year ago he MM a store at 841 Spring street, and advertised Rogers' llalsam of Liverwort, and near two years ago came before the public in sup:K>rt of Burritt St Co. in imitating Dr Taylor's Balsam of Liverwe rt?and again comee forward claiming the | roprietorship of said medicine, when it was well ki own that at the time ihe proprietor the late FA Thayer first ietrodnced this celebrated mediciue, W W Thayer was about fourteen years of age. Be e ireful where you buy?Purchase only?mind this ontv ?at the old office 375 Boweiy, between fi.nrth and Fif-h atresia Our agents will pleas- ?dd--e?a ?? fo-m-ely dg> lm* DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OK LIVKKWOKT.-f.UM Reward will he paid to any person who will prove tic assertions of the " Widow in the Bowery* tu be true, that 1 am not the brothrr of her late husband, F. A. Thayer, or that I do not possess the inigmal re-.ii>e for Tay lor's Balsam of Liverwort or ihst I never innde or sold tins medicine at my late residence, 376 Bowery. W W THAvnn. 841 Spring st. rsutioiv?Beware of the statements of the interested and fraudulent! Daily null shameful attacks are made, calculated to deceive purchasers and others. as well to deprive 'lit rightful proprietor of all their jnst claims Remember, then is hut flue origin-il recipe in existeuce, and that ie in Spring st. fn m which the medicine was origiua'ly prepared By then in the Bowery, and established the medicine in its high repute. Touch none maite bv those who arc try nig to deceive yon by f.tlse assertions. Purchase only that made from the jtigiual recipe in Spring street auu juu are certain of the fenuinr. Agents andothers supplied, on highly favorable terms, by die sole proprietor, W. w. Thatch, 211 Spring street, formerly 373 Bowery. d28 I mis' PERMANENT ESTABLISHMENT. MONS. MALI.AN k SONS, Surgeon Dentists,371 Broadurav is ml at I .Diwlnti kiul Pikiii inf/\rin tV>s> i.nKlis* nf %*?.? York and ih> vicinity, that in eo ?ee<]uc.nee of th-irvery eitenHive prar tier. tiny have at lenrth b-:rn kMMN '> (M a permanent eetablialnnent, where th-y may be consulted duly, a JTU Broad raj' betw en Franklin and White atreei*. in all caae* appertaining to lb ir prufeaaion, la which they have been *<> eurceaeful. in conaritueuce of their celebrated diaoiveriea and improvement* in the art of Denln'ry . dgl I tn* BERKSHIRE BOAR FOR SALE.?Far aale cheap, a choice, thorough bred Berkshire Boar Can be leeu in the rear of M Croabv atrret.aear Pilnce. j& PEACH ORCHARD nut COAL AT LACKAWAN" NA FRICE8,?Real Peach Orchard, Red Aah, L-rge Nut Coil, do ihly acreened, and delivered to any part of the city free of cartage, at >7 SO; Broken or Egg. $8 50; Lehigh, 90 00; Screened Liverpool, $ll 00. Apply at yard 504 Washington atreet, near SpriDg. d<3 3m American bank lock company, lortne e?,e ci andrews' celebrated COMBINATION LOCK,'' are now ready to receive ordera for thia celebrated Lock, an I haviog anppli d the uumeram ordera heretofore received are now prepared from the e*tenetve arrangeineate the manufaainrtia of "-e*r Local to deliver at toe ahortrat tit e i r < deaigu of the -aaocmtion la to f irntah them to every Bauk in the United State*, and the aecurity the; havt heretofore fucniahed to auch I anka a? h ue applied (Sen aya imt being robbed, haviog often been testrd by txirglara. > sufficient proof that no bank can be considered a tafe del ontery without tlieae lock* on their vaults or aafea. All other lock* can ami have been oyieued, while theat In I defiance to al Uten.ptj. ami the oomlanatioa of change* rt can undrrg >, vary ing from 4,oa4 tn |,o00,000. at the will of the owner, fnnwehea aecurity not found in any other mode of faiteumg. Locks f< r aafea and alore doora from 176 to 4,f St mange* Aa relatea to the auperionty of thia lo<-a over any other, re fcrence it marie to any of the banka in Wail a'reet. New Yor*. Director! and otficera of biuika are re/j-ervd to eiamtne the Lick*. and oriler* will be received at tire < of WADHWOKTH k SMITH. dl4 4 Jone*' lane agenta for the city. 1THOUT MERCURY.-DR. L? BRENNA. haa the minor ol intorming tne cim-ue ot New Vora. thai he cure* radically, on tne homeopainw: ayatein, ana in a tew dav?, every Heacription of ayphilic diseane, whether recent ?i of lontr eiandiug, without danger ol reiapee, which very olteo occur* by Uie uae of mercury. The remedy of Dr. Brenna doei not contain a particle of m'reury. or any o'ber enrrniire or poiaanoui mineral, aud therefore canuat pouibly rierciee any drletrrioua inline: c? on the body. It can be eoorenirully admiuHtered; it* operation it alveaye eafe. and uu bad eoueeq'icnet* can follow tram i'? nee, bo-, ever critical the cireumatau. r? under which it ii Uk-a. ratieut* wuhing advice ran eon.aiilt Dr Brenna at hit oilier, Oruiiite Iluiidiu.:, roru'r >f Firouway and Cnainoart atreet. entrance ill Chamber! atia I. al auv hour from in A. V t,i t P. M. ).l lm NIBI.O'8 OiROKN -TOTHK LOVERS) OK KLOKA. Me*era NIBLO k PlT.\LAI* would mo"t rr?i>ectfu!l. inform gentlemen wanting b>uqu-ta. tha' th-y are fully prepared to au ply oidera to any eaient and an "Caeo >able tenia. The. cetiaerralo-y and green houa>* at 571 Broad >ay. and at llarlein, will convince rny laHynrrr Hunan who will the proprietor* are pr-'pareo toeieeita.nrdor*, which will lie al all t'mra at It nded to with ne and de-patch. I.adi (giv ng aoireea or ball" can be aunplod with plant* of large or amall aie?. Alan, col fl rwcra. which will be arranged in the inoal taateful manner bv Mr. T Duiilap, who haa be n lo? and favorably hnowolo the lover* of plant*. , ooeervatory at Nihl -'a Harden will a waya be onrn (o the ladle# for promenade, and evary attention paid tn-m? there are now Ih naandi of dial aplrudid flo .er.lhe Camellia, coming into bloom, many of which are of the heal ?u- to prrarnt to Iheladieo for der rating their wimlowa. and which will be aold al moderate pticee, wnharery other article intheir line. Kreih Rird Sre'a, (J Id Ki?h, kr dys /"-iL Of'lis?AI SMITH'S Brae* and Wo,,,] i.i?ch p.# abluAo v' the corner < f the Bowery end Hieieioa ?I reel all kinda cf clock* can be had at wholea <le and retail >u|rerior quality and workinanahip, and at ihe loweat poeathle pricra. 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[CerrespohUeuee of the Herald.] Albany, Wednesday, Jan. 5,1842. The Legislature have now fairly eommenced bu siness, and from the manner in which the work hat been began, there it every prospect of a thnrt tettion. In the Senate to-day, the President pretented a return from the Hank of America, relative to unclaimed dividends, which was laid on the ta ble and referred to the proper committee, when appointed. Mr. Strowu gave notice of an intention on tome future day, to introduce a bill to extend the exemption of household furniture from seizure on distreat warrants. This tuhjeet was earnestly agitated by Mr. Sibley, during the last winter, but without effecting any thing. It is to be hoped, that Mr. Strong will be more successful, for if there ever was any object worthy of legislative interference, it is certainly this. Mr Hunter gave notice of an intention to introduce a bill to change the] manner of appointing Bank Commissioners. Gen. Root come in to dny with what he styled his annual New Year's gift, viz :?certain concurrent resolutions proposing amendments to the constitution, (which are already before the public.) He said that he had been vainly endeavoring to fet tbera through, but as yet. without success 'hey had been adopted by the Senate last session, but the House did not appear to deein them worthy of notice. Now, there was a majority in both branches, of those who professed to be alone in the support of democratic principles, and he hoped the resolutions, democratic as they were, would he disposed of with something like enthusiasm. As they aru onncurrcnt resolutions, they are required to lay on the table one day. Mr. Poster brought in a bill to repeal the law passed at the last session, regulating the appointment of Receivers. After an animated debate, the bill was passed, and theaet accordingly repealed, so far as the Senate was concerned. A communication was received from John C. Spencer, Eaq , announcing his resignation of the office of Secretary of State In the Assembly, a petition was presented by Mr. Grout, frow twelve hundred legal voters of the Seventeenth ward of ihe eity ol New York, praying for a repeal of the odious and uncona'itu tional Registry Law. Mr G. desired to have tie petition read, as he (aid this waa but a cample ct a aeries tbat were to follow in its train. He apprehended, that there would net I e quite so much talking about this matter this year as last. Mr. Swacxhamek ottered a resolution to the purport, that the Constitution be io amended, as to abrogate the freehold qualifications required for Senators, Lieutenant Governor and Governor lie moved that it be piinted for the benefit of the members. Mr. S. said that as they came there professing democratic principles, he hoped that his friends would not suffer their practices to belie their professions, and this he considered an opportunity to evince their devotion to those principles. The resolutions, the same as he offered last year, were ordered printed. Mr. McMcrrav gave notice of an intention to introduce a bill to repeal the law, known aa the New Yerk Criminal Court Bill. Mr. Weir gave notice of an intention to intro duce a bill, in relation to mechanical labor in State Pritnna. Mr. Looms offered a resolution in effect, that a committee of three be appointed, to whom should be given the supervision of ail printing ordered by this House. Mr. Swacchamer supported Mr. L ' resolution, remarking that the State was saddled with a large and entirely unreasonable expense for printing. Indeed he had now at home a large quantity of documents entirely useless to him, or any one else. He was of opinion, that aa this was a reform legislature, there should be no delicacy manifested in extending the reform into the State Printing department. \fe r.unrT thmiffht tkaf anme action was essen tially necessary on the subject, bat he would suggest to gentlem n whether it waa not ia the power or the House to diapose of their printing to who or whom they might chooae, and, instead of confining it to one alone, if it might not he di-pensed to a dozen or more if thought necessary 1 He arked for information on the subject from legal gentleman on thia floor. Mr HorrwAH (dcra ) replied that it waa the fashion, and a very convenient one at the l.ustings, to lay all this areat expense of the State printing at the door of the State Printer, as if he were to blame, when it was in reality the fault of the Legialature who ordered it. After aoine further conversation on the subject, the resolution waa referred to the committee to whom had been referred the rules of the House. The report of the Superintendent of Common Schools was received, aud five times the usual number ordered. The committee who were appointed during the last session to examine the Treasurer's accounts and the accounts of ihc Canal room, made their report, or rather reports?as they had divided it in two parts, one relating to the finances of ihe State and the other to Ivking. As the last included a great many lengthy statements in r* gard to the affairs of tu-pended banks,it was therefore very vo luminous, so that the committee only recommended the printing of the one relating exclusively to the State finances. Mr Tow.nscND introduced his bill of last session relating to the Usury laws It proposes in substance, to fix the rate of interest at 7 per cent. The House went into Committee of the Whole on it, but without taking the question tose and reported. The House went into Committee of the Whole on the Governor's Message, but rose without any action. This was about the amount of business transacted to day. The most independent man in the House ia Michael Hoffman, oI Herkimer. He is a very plaia farmer look itig man, with his long hair aud steel I gray coa', hut u sounder man than him does not sit in the Haute He is inflexible in the pursuit of what he conceives to be right, regardless how much it may conflict with party discipline or party interest. The lca-it-r of the Democrats this winter, from present appearance, I think will be Gen. Dix. He is sompetent for the task. As for the Whigs, it matters little?however Grown* A. SiMMons, of E-st-x, would seem to be their man. Care Ulciscar. General Missions. Ucfore the Recorder, Judges Lynch and Noah, and Aldermen In lies aud Timpsnn. Jam. 7.? Care of Curtain John Batnry.? This f!GA that has nratpil en miirh inti*rp.t umnnt thi? friends i f Captain Barney, aa well a- those of John Asti n, Esq, wai called at the opening of the Court. Mr Asten appeared,and stated ihat he waa rerdy for trial, but lb valorous Captain was not in Court, and the case was therefore fi.\ed for Monday next. and Battery.? Pefer Ewald and his son J"hn Eivald. was tried for assaulting and beating his wife l'hilleiiine Ewald, on several ( much ?>> th it DC was compelled to leave his premises The Jury reoirned a verdict of guilty, and the Court fined th- m $'15 each. A Celebrated Fi'iel t'anr Settled?John B Helms, M D , of 98 Eldridge street, who was indicted in Auguit, 18M), f r a libel on "John Castree, Amos Gore, Henry S. Bancker, John Haynes, Silas Olmsted and ( buries Olmsted of the first part, and the Kev Duncan Dunbar, Pastor of the North Reorish Baptist church of this city, D? aeon William Church, Deacon Charles J. Holyland, of the seco, d part, and other members of the same church, published in a pamphlit in August, 1810 Sentence postponed. Forfeited Recognizance.?John Davis Spratt.whn stale a leather wallet from ihe po. ket of Harvey Farrinetnn, Jr con'aimng $60 in bank notes, on the 7th of September last, while patsiug in the Harlem Railroad cars from Second street to the Ciiy Hull Sentenced?James Van Yrankrn, found guilty of obtaining a piece of pork by giving a fraudulent nu n in p<yment, waa sentenced to the eity prison for sixty days. Ammdtand nailery.?John O'Connor wa? tried for beat ng William Laird, of 106 Greenwich lane, , with a elub, in a most brutal manner. It was proved by officer McComb. as well ?t Wm. Laird, that the assanlt was of the most outrageous character, so much so that in all probability the man would have been killed if it had not been for the interfprrnf# r?f th* stflR#?r. I.Mine in an old man tnd ha* hern afflicted for year* with a paralytic atmke The Jury fniirid him geilty, and the Court aantenced hiin to thirty daj a iinpriannnient and g'i'> fine. The Court here adjourned toll o'clock on Saturday morning. Court Calendar?Tills Day. CiaretT C. rat.?No# 79. 73. 84,71, 77, 79, 80,81 ,8J,W, W, 97, 88, 89, Pj, W,IM, to, to, 97: I ERA 1S42. city liilclllt(rii?i'. Impeachment or JviTrcE VVilev?The following ptoceedings look place yesterday in the Court of Common Pleas relative to Justice Wiley. The following is the order of the Court, as registered:? His Honor, the Mayor, having communicate.1 to this Cuiirt a certificate of the Clerk of the Court of Oyer and Termener, stating that Mr. Wilay, one of the Assistant Justices of the city of New York, had l>een convicted on an indictment lor receiving stolen goods, (scienter,) and suggesting that the same should be submitted to the County court. Ordered, that the Clerk nstily the Judges of the County Court to meet on Monday next, at ft o'clock. P. M. in the room ol the Board ot Aldermen. The following are the papers alluded to above:? City or New York, Mayor's Os'sisc, Jan. 7th., 1912. To the Hon. M Ulshokkfkr, First Judge of the County Court in and for the City and County of New-York. Dear Sir,? 1 have received the within certificate of the Clerk of the Court of Oyer and Terminer, showing that William Wiley. E'jq .has been convicted of receiving stolen property, knowing that it was stolen. It wasenclosed to me by the District Attorney. In my judgment, the County Coart should be convened for the purpose of issuing a notice to Mr. Wiley to show cause why the commission of Assistant JusticeoftheCity of New-York now held by him, should not he taken from him. I call your Honors' attention to the subject. Very respec'fully, ROBERT H. MORRIS, Mayor. I, Henry Vandervoort, Clerk of the Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Sessions of the Peace,in and for the City and County of New-York,do certify, that at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery, held in and for the City and County of New-York, at the City Hall of the said city, on Thursday, the :10th. day of Dec., * v... ........ ..... i ?-.i tan l,.v.- ii.... \l/... /??4 Circuit Judge of Ihe First Circuit of the State of NewYork, anil Elijah F. Purdy anil Freil'k H. Lee, two of the AMeimen of the city of New-York, Justices of the said Court,of whish the said William Kent, Circuit Judge as aforesaid, was the presiding Judge, William Wiley was duly tried and convicted l>y and before the Justices aforesaid, and a Jury duly rmpannelled and sworn, on an Indictment charging him, the said William Wiley, with receiving stolen goods, (scienter.) Given under my hand, and attested by the seal of the said Court, this 4th. day of January, in the year of onr Lord, 1S4-J HENRY VANDERVOORT. Fokes, alias Rkvnolk* will oet Caught.?A watchman of the Custom House, whose name is Reynolds, with an A., with all the slyness of a mouse, did into his neighbor's mansion stray. His friend is known as John Sinclair, a man of kind ami gentle way, who in the first ward does reside, and who also gives his wife full sway. Reynolds, with cunning, loxy like, whose fame extends through song and story, an idea took on Wednesday night, that ended in his watch house glory. Instead of watching Uncle Sam, or goods and wares to him belonging, he for a taste of sweet fresh grapes, had fixed his palate for enjoying, and therefore to Sin cluir's did trot, with appetite as keen as a briar, and tapping on the window, said, " are you at home, my dear Maria ?' As fleet as thought an answer c tme to Archibald's close watchful ear, who in the mansion quickly stepped, and closed the door, as he quaked with fear. My story here ia dotted oat with little stars, that then shone bright, and naught was heard save the city watch, with " twelve o'clock, all's well, good night." A hasty rap at Sinclair's , hall, at first alarmed the guilty pair, hut silence fol , lowing close at hand, the conclusion was, that naught was there. On sudden ope'd the bed room door, and Johnny S. before them stands, when , Arche with his noted power, seized him with both his powerful hands. The battle raged, and John got beat, while Arche carried off his booty, but to the Police office brought, he there was learned his bounden duty. The peace was broken, so 'twas ?,;j h.. ihA.. 1 .L? J?? --J i? *1 bqiu xty ?.i"?v v*iiw Kufcniru me urt'iMiMi, ana uau was asked in an hundred pound?, or Arche must be ?ent to prison. A friend he found, who toed the mark, and bailed him from the prison door, Arche having pledged his honor and his word such naughty sins he'd do no more. Moral.?All ye watchmen in Uncle Sam's employ take warning by this awful case and mind who you enjoy. Covet his goods, his public store?, and all to comfort life, but covet not, nor ne'er intrude upon your neighbor's wife. Far if you do you may pet caught as Arche has above, and therefore injure your good fame by rank illicit loveFiat.?The alarm yesterday afternoon proceeded from tha burning ot a closet in the front room of the second H'*>r of the large five story building, No. 140 Nas-au sfeet, opposite Dr. Spring's church The room had been unoccupied for some time, and there is no doubt lite fire was communicated by an incend.ary. Stealing Clothing.?A black woman named Elizabeth Dillon, was arrested yesterday lor stealing a qu unity of clothing front several other persons of her color and committed to prison Cask or SaRah Bcshell?This girl, who was charsed with stealing a gold watch, and was sup posed to be laboring undvr lunacy, was sent to the lunatic asylum yesterday by order of the magistrates A Watch-house Lonar.r.?A man named llenry Capas was introduced to the Police Office by the city watch, yesterday, as an applicant for lodgings at one of the watch-houses, it being his twtnt&th introduction as a lodger. a Bedfellow ?A man named Joseph Cohen, was arrested and committed yesterday for robbing Mr James Elliott, his bedfellow, of 50, whtD th**y were asleep in a room together, at No 1 l(i Division street, on Thursday night. Cohen haying been indebted to his landlord for board, paid hirn $10 "f the money yesterday, on account, and purchased a suit of cloinesfor of Henry Marks. The clothes were returned to Marks, the money to Elliott, and Cohen sent to prison. Ptokf.Thief?A woman named Elizabeth Carvey. was arrested yesterday, on suspicion of stealing a piece of merino valued at $20, from the store of J C Brink, 68 Hudson street, on the 27ih ult. Committed. One or the Late Cases or Infanticide.?The young woman named Ann Sexsrnith, who was charged wuh infanticide tor destroying her child in December last, w?s discharged yesterday, the Crand Jury finding no bill against nim. I UJVInHMXIsT u(IMMLTET),? Oitmtiri U. UOUSP, WHO wan convicted of ihe murder of William Vinson, at Fiotlandn, and sentenced to be hung on the 11th of February next, is not to suffer the extreme penalty of the law. By a mandate of the Governor he has been sent to the State prison for ten years. The BroiklynNews states that the decision was made without any application having been lorwarded from here on the prisoner's behalf, but simply upon an examination of the testimony by the Chancellor, the Attorney General, and the Judges of the Supreme Court. Dikd ix a CouhtRoom.?Mr. John 1'. Raymond, a native of Charlestown. Ma?., and one of tfie Constables of the Sixteenth ward, on entering the Court room of Justice Hhey, yesterday morning, sudden ly lell down-arid expired- lie was in good health when be left home, but had been complaining previously of a palp ition of the heart. Upon examination by the Coroner's jury it was decided that his death proceeded from an affection of the heart. Special gtuloni. Before Judge N.iah and Aldermen Innes and Simpson. Fridav, Jaw. 7th ?James Wil?on, a hoy. for stealing a quantity of carpenter's tools from Gsorge D amAeld, worth #7, was tried and acquitted ? Mary Bunning, for stealing a pair of blankets, valued at J|2, from Joseph Morse & ( ? , was found guilty and sent to the city prison for thirty days. A man named Patrick Smith, who, in a drunken frolic some weeks since, threw a young woman naued Eliza Moflatt, into the fire, in kis dwelling house, and burned her so severely, that she is still confined in the Bellruc Hospital, and also set fire to his wife's clothes with a lighted candle, was tried and sentenced to the penitentiary f.r fottr months ! ! If he had been sent to the General Sessions, bis brutsl conduct would have been punished bvat least a year'spuuishment. Charles Moore, a a black fellow,who was tried for stealing a fine coat worth SIO, from Edward Morgan, was sentenced to six months, and having been fonnd guilty, a few weeks since, for stealing a pair of ladies' slippers, from Gregory and Cahill, on which judgment was suspended at the time, he was senten' ed on that ?rime, for six months also. Patrick Hoden, was tried for an assault and battery, on the body of allaytien negro, named John Miller, and for stealing a note from him,but there being no evidence, except that of the negro?be was discharged. Henry Galton, for assaulting his wife Mary, was sent to the penitentiary for sixty days. John McClusky for assaulting Ellen Mahony and her husband, was sant np lor 60 days Gustavus Reeve, for stealing three ladies' shoes, a boot and a silver medal from the show case of Joseph Whitney. was sent up for 60 days. The Caurt here adjourned to half past 9 o'clock, on Tuesday morning AreoixTMuxT av thi Gotxrwor.?Januarys.? Albert M Baker, of Adrian, commissioner of deeds for the State of Michigan, in place of Philo C. Fuller, who has resigned. LD. mmtwoCwu Circuit court. Before Judge Kent. Jan. 7?John S. MUrhtH ft hour .forts el at.?This wan an action of replevin. Mr. JohnS. Mitchell, Jr. was one of the firm of Street Mitchell. 8*id lirm became unfortunate in business,and the house* hold furniture of Mr. Mitchell, Jr in Fmnklin it. i said to have been of a cost I jr and elegant descrip mm, was, as now asserted, assigned to bit tattler, 1 the pl.iiotill in this suit, who had been an endorser j (and grvat loser) for the firm. Part of the furniture wai ?old at auction, and a portion of it, inch aa j a piano, a caudelebras, Brussels carpet, elegant table*, ehaii a, and other article*, choicely selected, ' taken by Mr. Thompson, Jr. to the house of Mr*. Huchla Allen, 54 Varick street,with whom himself and lady took board. In January, 1H40, Prlr. Jones, the defendant, obtained a judgment and execution against the firm of Street Mitchell, for $202, and the Sheritr levied upon the furniture in possession of Mr. Mitchell, Jr. at the house of Mrs. Allen. The plaintiff replevined it, aud now brings suit. Mr. Mitchell, Jr subsequently removed to Connecticut, and part of the furniture?the piano and other articles?were ibere seen, as appeared by the testimony, in his possession, and the counsel for Mr, Jones contended that the plaintiff never, in fact, had owned it, although a bill of sale, and other such documents, were shown, the furniture never having gone out of possession of Mr. Mitchell, Jr.? The Jury gave a verdict for defendant in the amount of claim and interest, being ?266. Mr. Curtis for plaintiff? for defendant, Mr- U.J EHlon. 1'eler IV Hinton ot. Jtmt Hay* et al.?This also was an action of replevin. The house of Hinten Moore (John W. Hinton and Jas. A. Moore) very extensive ship owners in South street, failed in ifctSl, and assigned Iheir property, amounting to nearly half a million of dollars, to Messrs Armour & Bancker, for the benefit of their creditors. The ussignces appointed Messrs H. & M. their agents to settle up the concern. The plaintiff in this suit who is the son of Mr. John W. Hinton, was placed in the schedule as u creditor, to the amount of nearly $15,000. Mr J. W. H. at the time of the failure, resided at 41 Dey street, and Mr. Moore at 26 Broadway, and the furniture in their houses wae included in the assignment?that of the former, a short time afterwards, was conveyed to the plaintill', who took possession and transferred it to his house in Greenwich street. Mr John W. Hinton, with his family, removed to NtaatHburgb, in this State. The following winter they passed in the house of the plaintiff, ar.d in May following, Mr. J. W. H. took a house in Washington street, and the whole of the family, including the plaintitt, nrlm h,..l i?.? . ' .vwvu?,j IVOI Mir ? lie, HCHl IU rcMUC lucre taking the furniture in question, which, it is alleged,the son liad loaned to his father.with a view tothe making of him and his mother comfortable in their declining age. This was placed in the house and has since then been in the possession of the father, In 13:W, Mr. John W. Hinton, wrecked, though not whelly discouraged, took a house o! Mrs.Hays,thn defendant, No 9 Vandewaterst. for the purpose of keeping boarders. The third quarter's rent he was unable to pay in season, and his furniture was takrn under a landlord's warrant, but subsequently given np, the aroonnt being settled. He removed on the ?0 h April, 1840, to No. 5 Rose 1 street, leaving the last quarter ($117) unpaid ? Mrs Hays followed his furniture with a warrant, and it was levied upon on the 18th Mar- Mr Peter W. Hinton bad removed south, hut [eft an agent to act for him, who replevined, and suit is brought, Mr. L. Bryant, the effiecr who levied on the third quarter, testified that Mr. John W. Hinton said nothing about the property belonging to kit on, but spoke of it as his own. The Jury, after a short absenee, returned with a verdict in favor of defendant. For plaintiff, W. 8. Sears, Esq.?for defendant, G. Clark, Esq. Tub New Jersey Pilots, during the month if December, brought into the port of New Yolk, thirty-four vessels from tea; twenty-one being boarded out sight of land, and piloted'nut thirtyfive. One of the pilot boata lay to outside of Sandy Hook seventy-two hours, during a severe storm. She went to leeward as far south as Egg Harbor'; when the wind shifted, she was driven N. E to Long Island, rnd during the gale apoke three vessels ?Newark Daily Adv. Ileus atonic Railroad ?The business on this road, says the Bridgeport Farmer, is quite equal to the most sanguine expectations of its friends. The amount received by the company for freight and passage during the week ending 1st Jsn. uista'..t, was as follows :? Passenger fare, $669 97 Bown height, 610 30 Up freight, 6*0 00 $1,8*1 <>7 Lake Steamkb.?The government steamer, which it ordered to be built for Lake Erie, it is said id to be constructed at the town of Erie,and of iron. Sunk?Steamer Frances was stove in by drifted ice, on Wednesday night, as she lay at the foot of Bulger's slip, and sank at the side t.f the dock. AUCTION NOTICE ? Large sale of Tiliistile furniture, hr riOlnnie ll.x.l.r at 1(6 ii'rl.wV u! tSr ulr rimtru W Ann &u(l 115 Kultou all. 'lllOS. BKl.L, Auctioneer. _j? OAN08' RKMKUY KOUSM.T RHe.l Vl-S.ill Rheum, hr Ringworm, Tetter, Scald Head. Ba^her'a or Jackann Itch, Kcaema, P.ioriaMe Palinam, aud other diaeaeea ?f the akin. are ?*fely, certainly, and ITertuMllj rund by tlie u?e nt Sanu'a Remedy, which hae now been tented in more than twelve lh?u>?nJ different caeca ef the abote diaraa-a without hiving failed in anv where the directiona are alt tided to. The unparalleled aucrraa of ton remedy in euriug the dmeaaea of theikin ia without equal in the hiatory ?i medicine. The Compound Syrup ?( wataapa'ilia ia recommritdrd to be ueed with the remedy, a* it tenor to throw out from the blond and ayatem generally all the unhealthy humor connected with the diacaetr, and the application of 'he remedy ei'ernally at the lame time, entirely eradicate* it ftom tne ayatem The remedy ia perfectly hartnleea ill ita operation!, and may tie ap nil-a with perfect aafety even to the akin ol the trndrreat infant. Teatimoniala of ita efficacy are daily receive-', and lit* following are aelecled tor publication, which, it ia thought, will aaliafy the intltd Olevery candid yeraon of it* ntraordinary virtue*;? Meter* A B kD Sand*?Gentlemen, I certify that I Itave been cured if thf Salt Hlirum ol ten yeara standing, by the ttae of your remedy and Syi tip of Saraaparilla, atel I tvtah firry peraontrau led with Ihia drrad'nl dtaraae in any form would call on me, and I will aa'iafy them that your mrdKiur will cure litem perfectly. Your*, truly. ANNA MARIA WEIBALL. reaidenee 1*0 Naaaau atrevt. New York. June 3, 1*40 Store 14* Fultonatreet. Meter*. A.B. k D. Sand ?Oe-itlem-D. I procured a hoi ol your raluablc r?medy for Salt Hheum aii mo?th? nnce (or iny ion, who was then aerarely alD rtrd w ith the diaeaae on hia hand*, and alter at pl' ihg the remedy a rrrvehort time, aaing leaa lhau one tenth of the bo*, the dteired waa produced and the cure complete, aince whok t'tne t here hna been lo tetum of the coin plaint. koura, rrapeelfully. josErii c. btaWtlky. New Y'irk. Oct. IT. IMu t* Pelaiey *tr?et. Mraara Route and I'crlmig-Mrvine heard fro none of my frieiiriii at MeDunougb. ihat you had an infallible remed;-for the Salt Rheum, I rr "cured aome ler my wile. She had been troubled with tee eoirpl out fire ur an yeara, and I am haia>? to in'orm you lint the remedy ha* entirely < ured her. All I ate to IT ia. it a*y ptraon n afflicted with tram wor?t of all otnpla nt?. b"#' a"'' "ae Sand'a Kemidy for the Salt Rheuin '* The h hoc leiiifirate w aa aeut to our Agent, Rome V Parkin*. Oitnrd. Chenango CO. N Y i'reptred and aold at whole ale and retai'.bv A- B. it I), jtande, Pruegi*i,7* U |i-o Fulton atreet, N. Y.; alio by Darul Sand* k t o. 77 Eaat Broadway ; Abr/n. H. Sanda k Co m Broadway ; alio (old by Druggieia generally throughout the United Statea dl? Inn THE LA KG EST THE CHEAPEST, AND best ASSORTMENT OF wigs and scali's APR TO PR RCT7*I> AT v. clirehugh's, IM BROADWAY. ENTRANCE IN FULTON ST. THE nauy attempt! that are daily making to imitate H.eaa ftrlebralrd wig* and ecalp*, are juat aa many proofa of t>? high character they have attained, and the ealimation t'ury tra held in by the trade. But the public will oheerve that C i* tbaoriginal murr hi thia oountry of the ventilating and gossamer W I G S AND SCALP S, WITHOUT METALLIC SPRINGS. ind that all otliera are but feeble attempt! at imitation.went in* tha genoie to ih vine or direct the principle on which they are made lo At. and the tkill and practice In eaecute All wearera and rniinoir<eiira are invited to inarect h * HEADS OF HA1K, ehich for elegance, liglitneee, and durability may ha cia*?d tmon* lite firat production* of modern art. In their mauufaejura tTiey differ from all othria made here. Tha ha.r ia nugly .waarted. and to equally dietrthnted a* to appear juat laauiur horn the akin they cover no mor* of the brow than tha natural air doea. and having no metallic vpring, all -lie:.irre?ablr p.rr-eira la obviated. For a-.outheru elimale thay ar* in**li"t. .hi* e, <ng inly I ox. weif >t. Senator*, meoihe'* of t'migree*. ?od gentlemen from erery iiiarter of th?"'"'ulrr, who are anw wearing C.'e wig*, exa t wfbrrrd to. *h# pneei will b* found to guit th# cirrnm*??nr?e if ell ;>?? _ _ '*'? HKMOVAI. - I PC \ It It OLL'H Old h*tahli*l.?'l MeillMMd I?V*por B?th?*re remored from ti J >hn afreet to U ''onrtiwdt ilrttt. Mr*. J. P. CarrolI return* thotikt to the forulir portieularly nod the |*ililie iu general, for the liberal *U|port extended to thi* eatablwhment for the lut fif'een fear*, an it topee by her aaeiduity and attention, to merit a eontmuaac* o he Mine. Th* Bath* are open from o'tltei m th* morn tag til I o'eloa * a night, and are need with much aoeeea* in all madden cold*, -hawnatiam,croup,fct. kr t* which they afford immediate r* ief. Testimonial* of their tiheaey caabe aeen at theeatahliah Et from the fallowing eminent phyaieiaa* Oorlor* A. II '*na,V. Molt Bueh. Iloyd, Marnei in,Hhm*land*r.Neil?ot,. th,Ireland, Kimam. Borrow*, Vandeobergh, fce. it M. rhuraad Shower Bathaeao be had at all time*. Portable V\|..r Bath*, Bathing Tuba, and Hip Bathe, for eat* or hire. Bathe *amt toaay part of theeity or Broohlya Syrup of Sanaparilla irna Lirerwort, lu.freah I rotn th* Shaker* aadf

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