Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 8, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 8, 1842 Page 3
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I to catch ths brerze, spriug from what quarter it I SUV, I leave it for the present. j I Yesterday morning, Austin Montgomery appeared before Recorder Van*, and made oath against e Nicholas Riddle, Samuel Jaudon, Thomas Dunlsp, John Andrews and Joseph Cowperthwaite, churning them with a conspiracy to cheat and d?fraul 1 the stockholders of the United States Bank of (1 Penns>ivanis Process was awarded snd seversll v ^ served upon Nicholas Kiddle, Samuel Jaudon, and Thomas Duniap, who appeared before the Recorder, at thr< r. o'clock in the afternoon, and entered bail in the sain of #10,000 each, for the^ir appear- fnnce on Thursday afternoon next, at 4 o'clock, in . the Common Plesa Court room. I have not much faith in this movement, and do not believe it will ' eventuate in any thing very rigid. Yours, &.c. WnAT. r Philadelphia. [Corretpuudence of the Herald. J Philadelphia, Jan. 7, 1842. The weather here to-daj has been remarkably wet and unpleasant. Not much business stirring and no news whatever. The Governor's message is generally kindy received, except that part of it i which alludes to a new six per cent loan. The renewed action against Hiddle, Jaudon Ac 'Co , before the Ilecordcr, excites but little interest from the fact that the belief is general that they will not be held to bail. The Recorder, though probably a conscientious officer, is an amiable gentleman, and doubtless has his sympathies. These men, having formerly been to some extent his associates and companions, he will allow, it is feared, his goodness of heart to operate to the prejudice of jastice. Our theatres, it is said, are about to close. They do but little. The business in stocks to-day were light, at a farther falling off in prices. Baltimore. |Correspondence of the Herald.] Baltimore, Jan. 7, 1841?9 A. M. Mr. Editor? Yesterday afternoon, his honor our Mayor, vetoed the bill which a few days since passed the Councils, allowing five per cent interest on the railroad stock orders. Thus has been most justly ' Tylerised, a measure which would have involved j our Corporation in serious expense and difficulty. ! Samuel Brady aud Captain Tyler are two of the < ! ? greatest men (Twist excepted) in the wide arena ' of politics. We are now in a worse conditio^ as ; I regards eur currency, than has yet been expert- < enced. The lamentations of the merchants (retailer* especially) are beyond all conception, and their f " sufferings it intolerable." There is no money t but railroad orders, and all profits are taken to pay 1 discount. The brokers, however, have their har- J rest, nor do they forget to make good use of it.? "Make] hay while the sun shines," is one motto? ?ia short lile and a merry one," is another. VVe lire iu an age of "water devils," the large ones con- < stantly swallowing up the smaller animaloula. So 1 has wagged the world, and so WiH it wag, while there is a tail to a lobster or quflh on a porcupine. ( The party spoken of in my letter of yesterday, | same off last night in great splendor. There was , present a magnificent array of beauty, wealth, 1 "tinsel show, and all that." The youthful Queen < was coronated with great pomp and magnificence, 1 I doubt even wbetber Victoria looked mnrebeauti- 1 fhl when ornamented with the glittering diadem of proud England. The ringed dove, or young Swan, are fit emblems of her innocence and loveliness. Brother Kirk has been holding a revival meeting in our city for a week past. Crowds flock to hear him nightly. Piety stock has eonsequently ris, and and may be quoted in demand at par, a 1 6 8 premium. Our produce market is dull. Flour continues at #5,87*; wagon price, $5,75; City Mills $6, though holders ask #6,12*. Quotations of wheat are but eominal?no transactions. Exchange on New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Virginia, is without alteration since yesterday. The mail from Annapolis last night failed, we are eonsequently without any late intelligence from 4 the seat or government. i The weather this morning is disagreeable. It is cold and rainy. Thestrleal. ? Pare Tim atre.?" What wiil ihe World Say!" I J was played lor me luuu.uiuc iani u>ku>, unu on racn representation it has gained in the estimation of the public. The weather, since its production, has been very inclement; this, we presume is the reason why the house ha3 not been crowded- Let there be one good house, and others will folio .v. Olvmpic Theatre.?Mitchell advertises a host of entertainments at his theatre to-night. Has he abandoned the idea of burlesquing the Gipsey 1 Chatham Tiievtre.?la consequence of some irregularity on the part of Mr. J. R. Scott, in not atattending rehearsal yesterday, the tragedy of Julius Ccpsar, announced for representation in the bills, was withdrawn, and the play of Damon and Pythias substituted. We regretted this circumstance exceedingly, particularly as Mr. Smith was cast for Brutus (his first appearance on any stage), and in all probability felt "big with Catsar and the fate of Rome." It was a great undertaking for him, announced and prepared for Brutus, to undertake, at a moment's notice, tice part of Damon ; nevertheless, his performance was very creditable, and on the whole was one of the best dtbuts we ever eaw ? We understand this gentleman will shortly appear again. The manager offers a very attractive hill tonight, in honor of the anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans. Mr. Braham's Covccrt.?At the instigation of many friends, Mr. Braham gave a sacred perforformance at the Rutgers Institute last night, and ^ considering the state of the weather, the house was >? good. It was a masterly performance throughout, but the gem we discs vered in his selection from a " Samson." llis even tnneB, accompanied with his astonishing volume of voice, sunk deep into the ncaria vi iub nuuirnce. lvir. uranams concert at Newark, on Thursday night last, dre withe whole town. He gives a sacred perform mce in that city in the course of next week. We hope he will give a miscellaneous concert in some central point of this city,previous to his departure for the south. t-iraxd Musical Festival.?Mr. Braiiam.?The New York Ha^r-d Music Society are preparing to bring out on Tuesday evening next, in the Tabernacle, in the most splendid style, the Oratorio of David and Goliah, the principal character of whtch will be taken by Mr. Braham. This oratorio is the composition of Neukomm, and has been performed at the Musical Festivals in England with rclal. At Birmingham, Mr. Braham made his first appearance in the character of David. The other characters will be taken by strong, Kyle, Mur.son, Schwartz, Mas I sett, Combs, and Miss Pearson. The orchestra will be very Urge and powerful, k- This is one of the most.spIendid of modern orato{ rios, and will create a great sensation in the moral % world. Mr. Braham will exhibit some of ihe most remarkable powers of sacred song?and prove himself to be the only artist living that reigns fearless in that department of music. Shocking Mchijcr among the Chickens.?Mr. Stetson, of the Asfor House, says that on one day last week, thirteen tons of poultry were brought to ??? irom i.ostirn. JIow much chicken broth would this load make Revival.?The number of revivals in this country is a little larger than year before last; but the number of converts reported is a little less. The nunibf r of revivals is less than one-half that of last year, ur.d the number of convetts reported about one-founh as great Out of seventeen millions, not more than two and ahaH millions even profess to have embraced the gospel. In every si* or eight persons, all but one rrrnaia to be converted. If this state of things cont'.inueg, what will br come of us I Abolition Con ven rion.?The abolitionists of \f atsachueetta are about preparing to hold a Stale Of nvention on Wednesday, the 16th of Februury n-.M, for the purpose of nominating candidates |or Hovel nor and Lieutenant Governor, and for the transact ing of such other business ns may properly coins l ebefore them. Fishing BoL'ntif.i.?We leain from II rrstdle, that fishing bounties last year, a- comp.T 1 it t 1840, have fuller. oTS'.O.OOO. i iKK in Sr Lui'is.?N. Demise, C. W Cortes A !ros , John Leach, Mr. Severson, and T 15. Kf ar, in St Lnuit, sutlVred by tire on iht- 27 ti uli. Soiirrv in Sr. Louis ?Kive Irishmen attackei ["bonus Martin, in St. Louis, on the 2<5'!i u!t, am early beat him to death. Cause?the course of Mr ilartin in a recent election. IIbaltii of Massachusetts ?There were on I 1 __ J -I- in \17 M?c luuuicu auu iw cm y iuui ucamoiu ?? uiucoicijkun'v dst year, which id less than one in sixty of the popn ation of the town ErracTa or Tkmi-ehaiue.?Whiskey in Cincin rnti is selling at fourteen and a half cents a Ballon Cold Weather?Last Monday the mercury i 'arenheit'a thermometer, at Utica, was twelve dt ;rees below zero. Natal Intelligence.?List of officers attache o the United States Xaral Station, Rendeavou ind Receiving Ship, Baltimnre Station:?Henry E Mallard, Commodore; John A. Davis, Lieutenant jreorge S. Sproston, Surgeon; Francis A. Thorr on, Pnrser. Reiultzvous.?Horace B. Sawyer, Commander k. G Slaughter, T- D. Shaw, Lieutenants; Hun rimersort, Passed Midshipman. Reciiving ship Pioneer.?Zacariah F. Johnsor jieut. Comdg; Robt. F. Piuckney, Daal. B. Ridgi y. Lieutenants; VV. \V. Basset!, John L. Nelsoi Midshipmen. Marine Rendezvous.?William Dulany, Captair ?Kepublican. Natv Department, 4th January, 1842.?Tb loard of Naval Surgeons recently convened s Philadelphia for the examination of Assistant Sin jeous for promotion, and of candidates for appoint nent as Assistant Surgeons has adjourned sinedi< Assistant Surgeon A. J. Wedderburn was passe ?r promotion. The following is a list of the candidates reperte nr appointment as Assistant Surgeons in the ord? which they stand:? 1. Morris B Beck, of Virginia 2. J. Francis Tnckerman, of Massachusetts. S Oscar F Baxter, of North Carolina. 4. Lewis J Williams, of Maryland, and, 5. Marius Duvall, of Maryland. OtT- American Museum.?The glorious Eighth of Jar nary, the anniversary of the Battle of New Orleam will be celebrated in fine style here, this day and evi ling. The Indian warriors and squaws give two pei ormances ; alto, Jenkins, the vocalist, La Petite Celesti ,ee danseuse, and the Albino Lady, appear in their var >us peformances. The first performance is at 3 o'cloc P.M. The children belonging to the Prince street Ci ;holic Orphan Asylum have been invited to attend th iftcrnoon performance. The Grand Cosmorama view ire all changed. (Kjf- Bowery Amphitheatre?As usual here, a rar lisplay of novelties is to be produced to night, consis ng of every description of equestrian and arena entei aiuments, by the whole company, and several splendi lets of horsemaship by that graceful and unrivalled r ler, T. V. Turner, all concluding with the laughable a ;erpi?ce of Dame Trot. BrasKlreiti Pills. Q(J- Th* Probable weight ok Fecal and Sudori Particles that ought to leave the Bodv Daily, t Insure or Maintain Health, Catching Colds. Stc.The sordid food daily consumed by an adult may be e, timated to average two pounds. One half is converted in to chyle, which supplies the waste the blood sustains i building up the continued decay of the body ; so tha lupposing we do not increase in weight, and that u keep in health, we must dispose oftwo pounds of food pt liem. One pound will be evacuated by the bowels an kidneys, and the other will supply the watte by insens ble perspiration. Hence we cannot fail to perceive ho' important it is that this ordination of nature shoul goon with regularity and precision. We know that, the perspiration he checked, our sensations soon sour the alarm. Why is this ? It is because the perspirutio is thrown back into the Mood and flows with it; occ sioaing, iu persons whose bodies are already predispose to disease, that feeling of shivering, which is common! called ' cATcnixu cold,', a term which appears, from i constant use, to have an almost universal meaning." Colds" and "catching celds," would be very rare, ai when they did occur, would be slight and of no cunt ipieDce, if our medical men had formed a nitre correi idea of the nature amd cause of diseases, which wou] have imparted to the community at large the knowledg of protecting themselves from these seemingly sligt maladies ; but which aie too often of very serious in portance. The common mode of sty ling any malady " COLD," seems to have contributed not a little to ill absurd notions nhout remedying it. As it is called Cold, we think we cannot keep ourselves too warm, nc avoid, too much, all communication w ith the open ai Do we not see, however, that colds arc caught iu summi as well as in winter ??in tropical as well as northei climates??that those who never leave a well-warmi room are not more exempt from them than those who ai much exposed to the opeti air ? The apprehensions many are so great on this head, that they are afraid the slightest air breathing upon them; and they, thvr fore, cover their bodies with an unwieldy heap of elot ing. Let us suppose two individuals going to a play i a ball, or any excursion, commonly thought the scei for catching cold, both alike in their ordinary health. They shall both be exposed (to exactly the same vari tions of the air, and do alike in every reJpect. One them returns home in pertect health, because he went ?the other, soon after, feels himself unw ell, more 1 less, as the case may he. He feels his head atlVcted, ai neither tastes nor smells as usual; perhaps, even tl brain is affected, and he is drowsy ; on the lungs the may be oppression ; and, very probably, all these sym toms, and worse, make their appearances together, a compauied with fever. Now it is evident that the e: ursion, or variations of temperature to which they we both alike exposed, were only the secondary cause of tl cold caught by one of the individuals. Hail there bei any thing really inimical to life, either in the variatioi oftemperature. the exercise, or getting wet, they bo would have suffered alike, if the conditions of their b dies had been the same. The individual who fell sic had his humoral system in a bad state : his humors wei both teo abundant and acrimonious. He was, previous going out, in a state of incipieut malady. which wou soon have declared iUelf one w ay or the other. In th case the acrimonious humors, aggravated by accident over which we have not the control, had seated thrr selves in soma of the vital |organs, amt produced tt symptoms above described. In all thir, the cau?e, tl actual cause of the individual's malady, was the corru state ot the humors, In the ordinary language of lil and except amongst the very few accustomed to lease soundly on the causes of disease, one would have said I caught a violent cold or fever at the ball; or the indiv dual was not stiong ; y r else, something in the Turkii style, that it was his destiny ; for no clearer reasonit than this is ever made use of in such matters. A persi of sound, wholesome humors, will seldom or never catc cold, no matter in w hat situation he is placi d ; and if I has at once recourse to a few doses of the Bs ihiisstii'i Vsuktabls: UsuvraiAi. Pills. he will find himself instantly relieved, and speedily ri lip in a more confirmed state of health than before; f Nature, in all her operations, is always tending to h own purification ; but man obstinately obstructs thci This is but a slight sketch of w hat is attributed CATCHING COLD now a days. Every da,'s experience proves that a neglected co too often terminates in sucli a derangement 01 the bodi, functions,that death takes place, in spite of all meai used to prevenHt. This is [lerfectly natural. If we i hut examine the subject in its true light, we will tit that our bodies are continually decomposing and reo gani/ing. That is. we are each moment ol our live from the cradle to the grave, renewing through the st mach,the waste our bodies daily sustain. Now a |? tiou of this waste or worn out parts must be passu away by the pores of the skin at all timrs.|and| by tl bowels at regular interval). A stoppage of the persi ration, as 1 have before stated, ia what it understood I the phrase "catching cold." When the bow.. Is are co tive at the time this occurs, the most featful cons rpiences may be anticipated. Chills and fever, paina ; the limbs, cough, rheumatism, and, in fact,'every fori of the ONE DISEASE, may exhibit itself. Those pari which should have bien thrown out by the skin ai bowels, being retained in the body, are taken up by tl blood, which is thus loaded with impurities, and all tl functions of the body are nut out of ordwr. The on way to remedy these difficulties, is to Ufe BRAi DRETH'8 PILLS, not tonics, balsams, or swretmeal which onlv allay the evil symptoms, and often clog ai irritate theShroat and stomach, but nevar eradicate th disease. It requires the tempest and the tornado to pui fy the air when the noxious vapours have poisoned i healthy currents; and it must be by repeated evacu tiona of the bowels that the system receives a aimil benefit. There can be no doubt but " the time will cor when MM Will think ot using other remedies, w hi sickness assails the human fiame, but those wkii rle .tiseand nnrifv." To restore our hi abb ill suffering from a coll or cough, or from other rami ?i> have only to nuke repeated use of the Brandri Pill?, wliich long experience ha* fully proved to be n turally adapted to the human body. BRANDRETH'9 I'lLLS. Security to the I'alronn of liranrtrclh'a 1'illt. NEW LABELS. K7- Tl e New Label* on a Single Box of the genuir Brandreth'* Pilli, contain ca- AO03 LETTERS ! ! ! -CO CH7- In consequence of the great variety of counte feit label* of prctecded Braudreth'* Pill*, and which,. many instances, ao nearly reiembled in outward a pearance the genuine of the old *ty le, as often to decer the unwary, Doctor Brandreth, acting under a sense duty to the public, has employed those celebrated artisi Messrs. Perkins and Durand, who have producing, at grent cost, dhrce new labels, from atei of extreme difficulty of execution, and of so complicati a nature, as to amount to an impossibility of imitatio being considered by judges a masterpiece in the art engraving. 'fhe border of the top, and also of the under label, composed of the most elaborate and chaste patterns laae work. To crown the climax of these beautiful 1 bels, the piper upon w hlch thoy are printed is previous printed with red ink, after a design to exquisite and n utile, as to defy competition; the top and the under 1 bel each contain the words "BENJAMIN BllA DRETH'R PILLS," written in red ink nearly two hit drt d times?the top and under label containing thei fore, upwards of five thousand letters. There is also ii|>on the top, tha under, and the side 1 bel, two signatures of Dr. Brandreth; one heinghis i sular signature, thus?B. Brandreth; and the other, 1 full signature, thus-Benjsmm Brandreth; both beii fac similes of the writing of Dr. Brandreth, to unit* which Is forgery! The Brandreth Pills having these labels tipos. the can b" relied upon a? the true and genuine. Dr. Brsn lreth'" principal office, J41 Broadway, N 1 other offices in n-w York; TJ7H'id?on str -t. ;r, b ei y, and 17ft Second atreet. Qt^ Tur 8osn iy Msacuar ol io morrow, Jan ' will be a rich number. If would laugh and grow tat purchase , a cony. It will contain a most amusing and exquisitely finished eagrsving, illustrative of Foreign //air* an 1 Nati?e Orac"?, with a prose Treatise on Foreign Ait >ii , S i by Mw*R. F.videncua of the popularity of the Mercury. t its influence, Sic. A Love Letter. Thebalt A t'o. of Lake ' Chamnlair, .1 poem. The Philosophy of Ten Pius ? . Sketch of Elder Kuepp, a capital article. The Quacks of 1 Helicon. By our Special Kapress Extraordinary Go ! Message J from the Msu in the Moon, by Ladle. Court circular ? r Fancy Fairs. Seduction Cases Patent Stays. The ' Amenities of Politics. I Dow. Jr. will discourse from the following passage in 1. one ef .Mores poems < They may rail at this life;from the hour I began it I've found it a life fullot kindness and hliss; And unlilthey can show me some happier planet > More social bright, I'll content me with this. 1 The new Comedy of" What will the World Say," Pla- | cide'a Tarradiddle, kc Ac. The Oulick Guard Ball. A n new Fiscal Agent, a humorous article,t>y Lunar Cans- I tic. Mexican Brutality. The Holy Inquisition. The Latest Local News. Chit Chat, Sic. 8tc. Piice 3 cent*. One dollar for utght month*. Sent in wrapper* to any | part of the world Oitiee 13 Beekmaa street. d ? I ? 0(7*. Hcligiou* Notick.?A Preibyterian place of 1 1. w orship i? open every Sabbath, under the luperinten- j j dance ol the Hev. John Johnson, late of the city of Glaa Row, Scotland, in the large hall in St. Luke's Buildings, i corner of Hudson and Grove streets, entrance by Grove street. Worship comm. nces at half past 10 A. M , 3 P. ^ M., and 7 evening. CrT* Chatham Thkatxc.?A grand national drama en' titled the Eighth of January, is produced to-night, on the occasion of the celebration of the battle fought and i, wan on that remarkable day. The grand eastei n spectacle of El Hyder, isalso produced for the first time, w ith new scenery and ap|>ointmenti, and the still popular drama of Mazeppa concludes the entertainments. We ' perceive by the bills that G. H. Hill, the celebrated de i e lineator of Yankee chnractera, is engaged, and will it shortly appear at this house. His return to the Chat - ham boaids will be gladly hailed by his humerous admi rers. j Awfully Grand. ' How awful, yet how grand, to see nature conquer- l , ed by art. As an instance, a young friend of ours, in " Bleecker street, was almost bald; the top of his head was ,r quite hairless. This was caused by fever. The sides of ' his head consisted of rough, rusty, drv, reddish colored < hair, filled with dandruff'. This is about two months ( since. We saw hire yesterday with a fine dark silky head of hair, faultless. There is nonoetry in this; it was 1 caused by ussng Jones' Oil of Coral Circaasia. Surely j none will go bald nor have daudrutf in their head, or al- ( low their hair to full out. Tbi8 may be had at 82 Chatk. ham street?mark, the number is 82. If T. Jonts is not 1 signed on the label, it is a forgery. I s- i r. &7- Grkat Sal*.? Mr. Redding sold (322.37, at retail, >, of Snerman's Cough Lozenges, yesterday. This, sure- 1 i- ly exhibits a proof of the pudding in the eating. While k quacks, who are getting up every day candies and lozeni ges, which aie wholly useless ui disease, and neglected re sailed to-day. She will carry newi, as no steamer will *e depart before 1st February. Iu exchanges but little was done for her. The rate on London iss(a9]or $4 Ma lh F4,S3 per ?., on France fi,:ia$*f5,30. o- The packet ship Iluntsville arrived here yesterday, from New Orleans, with f39,000 in specie. to The bands of the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltild more Railroad 6 per cent, due in June next, may he i> bought at 6.? cents on the dollar. The csptial of this company is $1,.">00,000, and its debt J3 000,000. Hitherto it; it has always paid a dividend of six per cent on its debt, >e andcapital. Of the pay ment of the $700,000 of debt that '(',1 falls due in June next, doubts are entertained, and if the ,n company is obliged to renew them at the great difference ie in price which exists,it will be unable to declare a diV vidend. ,g The anticipation of the developments to grow out of >n the suits commenced for the payment ol the Planters :'1 Bank bonds, endorsed by Alsop, continues to attract attention Those suits, in connection with the publication of the suspended, will lay bare the secrets of the ,e prison house, and show the worl 1 how great corrop er tions may grow out of a Oovernment Bank, n. Domestic exchanges are fast getting worse, as is invato riably the case asthe season advances during a suspension 1,1 of specie payments. By the present system of buying cotly ton on credit it is not actually pai l, for under sixty or 11 ninety days from the time of shipment, and the process of sending it forward only multiplies southern paper in this ,r. markrt at a moment when there is the least demand for its, This year the process of depreciation is unusually rapid' ?" because some ol the banks are trying to resume, and others trying to prevent it. The firstcauso a demand for ie apecie, which makes it more valuable, and the latter push >' out their issues, the result is an increasing difference 'g. between their paper and the constitutional standard, e The following is a table of rates of bills in New York 'n at different periods m Rates or Domestic Biixi at Pfr.w Yoax. ;i- 1639 l8,#Jf , 1SD 164 2. id F'h. Aor. Ftb. fHi. Jan. Nov. Jan. le Boston, l |?r ;a j JJ- t I * I f*I ,p Philadelphia, { 14 6 i?| 2l*3 i? J 3:?3j 5|a 6 V Baltimore, ? 14 5J-6 ljat liall 4 *4J !f Richmond, 1 13 B a71 ?i?3 ajaa] 4|.5 6ja*| v' N. Carolina, a 3 7 ?8 3 ?3| 91*3 ? a4 S|a5( Savannah, 2 1# 6 *7 4 aS 4 *4| 21?3 2|a 3 id Augusta, 3 IS 7 ad 4 a5 5i( ?a3 4 <41 ? Char lee ton, 1 8 ?1'4 1 al| Ijalf 1|h|J Half ri. AiaUacliieole, - ? ?a30 ?a45 ?a? ?a? ?a? Mobile, a 15 C a7 5 a5J 5 a? 7ja7i 17al7i N.Orleans, par 10 9 ?4 9|a3 2 sWf 2,;.J 9,a?.' a Louisville, 2 ? lOiia 6 a?l 5 as 7 a7| llalli ar Naahrille, 4 ? -a- 8 ?8| ? *'i lOali llall OR Natch'l, - ? ?'25 ?'20 ?a? ?a? ?a? n St.Louie, - ? ? '?! ??? ? "? >?a? ,i, Cincinnati, 3 IS lOill 6 a6| 5|a5( 9 a9j 14a? Indiana, - ? -all -a- ???- 8|"? 15alS lilinoie, - ? ?a? ?a? ?a? tjalO 16al7 '*< Detioit, - ? ?a? -a9 ?a? ?a? ?a? a- In February, 1839, the resumption wa? general; consequently exchangee were at their regular specie ratei. In November the suspension had just taken place, ami the rates evince the great depreciation of the local cur. ia rencias, in consequence ol that event. In February 1840, the panic had somewhat subsided. In the course ol ^ the year, the Charleston banks resumed, and the rates jn on that point fell back to the specie standard, a radu p ally decreased on ell points, until January, 1841, when the resumption again took place. The rate on Philadelphia fell from 14 to J per cent. The resumption had not, in however, become general before Philadelphia again gavo way, snd the rates fell back to their former mark. In. October and November the rates had, by the operation ol' of the return of people south, and the consequent demand for southern funds, reachri their lowest points' Since then the demand has ceased, and southern paper paid out for cotton has again Sound its way north, added ly to the increased discredit of the banks that issue it,which !' must inevitably go into liquidation, either under the in fluencc of the bankrupt lew, which goes into operation n next month,or be the resumption of the strong banks ' Hence the rapid decline. The Message ol the Governor of Pennsylvania, pub -e lished in this Jay's paper, has been looked for with a lie good deal of interest in regard ta the financial affairs ol that State. The funded debt ot the State excluder Of the Cnitcd States surplus fund, is >36,331.009, hi aring an m annual interest of >1 890 000. The State work' nre va lued at their eo't, win h is >38,331,005 This i?, howeA vtr,merely nominal, because so far f:0'i 1>- oilh any thing,'.hey are a bill of expeaao. Tilt- fallowing i? a Utile of th? coit, rorenuii, ao>l fx tenJiture of the finiahed liun of public improremrnt in Vnnaylvania IrxTI MKtfT OK THt CoiT. KKVKWI'C axv Kxkkmiitcrki ok riu. Kiniihcd Livia ok tiii I'xh.?itlvami* iiu Riiuoidi. 1839-40. "unnlt ami ILiilrmij* Colt. lire. Ex limlerii divtaion of Hie Peau'a Canal, 43 milea $1,734 959 141 671 65 6*1 I muata division of the Peon's Canal, 130 in ilea 3,437 334 91,233 116.029 iVe?teen Hiv'iimiuf the Prnn'a Con.I, ICS li.ileo 2,964,932 109,561 110,059 Maware dinsinu of IVnn'a Canal, SO miles 1.374,774 101 626 99,413 u?i|nehaiiuah (lit 'u. of I'eun'a Caual. 39 miles 8(7.874 26.196 33,706 4?orth Branch divivi >u of the Peuu'a alial, 73 riolea .... 1,491.694 10 334 106.248 !V*tl branch division of the Peuu. Canal 74 inilef, 1.708,579 24,511 85 457 "reiictt Creek dvisiou of the Peun'a Canal, 45 milee 1,794,754 545 10 903 Seaver division of the Peim'a Canal 26 tmlei 1,622,258 2,625 49.844 Columbia St Philada. Railway, 92 milei 3,993,302 Railroad tol s 185,669 819 696 Vloti?e power 220,993 222 269 Locotnotirei, rnpea, ike- (9,395 tllrghrny Portage Railway, 36 mile* 1,793 176 Railroad tall* 67.155 104.(91 Motive power 85 996 92 275 Locotnolitrt*,rope*, fee 56.544 $20,653,791 1,072,020 1,433216 Thil i* a detail for 1240. The revenue consists oi canal and railroad tolls, and motive power. The expenditure* if repairs,salaries,motive power, 4tc.8tc. The Governor, in his message, states the revenue from the same lourcef, for the year 1841, to have been $702,360 only, ihowtug a falling otr of $310,260, while the expenditures have been iucreased, but the amount not given. The re suit of these items for eleven years, will he as follows: Aggregate revenue for eleven years, $6,943,984 Expenditures, " " 8,194.572 Deficit, $1,360,689 Such property can scarcely be called available to meet ihe State debts. The great decline in the Philadelphia canal tolls has lieen a great cause of the increase in those of the Erie e hy.tne pulilie Ke?Jillug is making a lortuae oy anermans a cough lo/.enges?an article which has Iieen weighed in the balance of public opinien and found good. Dr. Sher man'* principal warehouse ia at 106 Na-suu street, New e York.?Huston Mail. I. r- (&- Dn Taylor'* Balsam or Livrrwort ?The pre- I d sent proprietor, at 375 Bowery, think* that sufficient had i been said to salisly the public, that no petson had any f. right or claim to the genuine recipe, which was left by her deceased husband, for the benefit of herself and infant children. But W. W. Thayer, the brother of the deceased, advertises, in one of last Saturday's papers, c which render* it necessary that the widow should again o reply. Shortly after the decease of the proprietor, an ? advertisement appeared?" The brother of F.A.O." and s again " The brother of F. Jl. Paud again W. W. Taylor, i. and finally, Wm W. Thayer?all emanating from 341 n Spring street, and lastly, saying he was associated with t, his brother at 375 Bowery. It is positively denied that e the brother of the proprietor ever had any connection :r with said establishment. About four years ago, he d opened a store, 341 Spring stieet, and advertised "Dr. ij Rogers' Balsaim of LivetworT." About two years ago, he w> took part, and supported an establishment, 3J Chambers id street, and they claimed to be the proprietors of Dr. Tayif lor's Balsam of Liverwort. This place was soon closed, d It is a fact, and they cannot contradict it, that at the n time the Balsam of Liverwort first came before the puba lie, Wm. W. Thayer was about fourteen years of age. id The following, it is believed, will convince any ]>ery son :? 1 Is City and Coi'Njr of \ Daniel Mitchkli. being duly ? Nkw York, ? : j sworn, deposeth and saith, id that he has printiin the labels, wrappers, ami show bills e- for Dr. Taylor's Balsam ef Liverwort, for Frederick A. ;t Thayer, from the time the sume first came before the putrid lie, in the year 1833, until the death of the sai l Frede;e rick, on the 4th December last. That he never knew it any one associated with said Frederick in said busiaess v at 375 Bowery, and he was the only persen who paid the a deponent,and to whom he always looked for such payis ments. (Signed) a DANIEL MITCHELL, ir 365 Bowery, r. Sworn before me, this first day of January, 1843.) it S. B. Hutching*, Com. of Deeds. ' ) n Bkwakk of thu Col ntf.rrrit.?The city and country id i* flooded with counterfeits?you cannot bo toe caretul re where you buy, as they have imitated the wrappers, Inof bels, and number ; therefore put no dependence on the of outward appearance, but buy only?mind this only, at e- 375 Bowery, between Fourth and Fifth streets, h- _ le MOVKY MARKET, "" Friday, Jan. 7?0 P. M. o1 The sales at the Stock Board to day were to a fair so extent,and prices fluctuated to some extent. Delaware and Hudson fell 1J per cent; Illinois 6's, New Yotk State AJ 1 percent; Farmer's Trust 1}; Patterson }; In re diana bonds rose } per cent; Long Island J per cent; HarP. lem \ per cent. if the two State*. It, in a remarkable degree, itinerates the ruin that attends the irredeemable policy. By it a volume *1 business, represented by $310,-260 of tolls, ir oue third of all the business of the Pennsylvania ranals, has in one year boi-nturned into New York. In February last year, when the Philadelphia banks suspendrd, an idea was generally entertained that, in consequence of maintaining a specie currency, while that of Pennsylvania was irredeemable, the trade would all go to Philadelphia. We took, at that time, some little paius to demonstrate that the contrary would be the case. On that occasion, Feb. 15, we remarked as follows :? There i9 among a certain class of dealers a prevailing idea that the trade of Pniladelphia is increased by the suspension of her banks, and the depreciation of her currency, and that in the same proportion the trade of Now York decreases with a specie currency. This impression has no foundation in fact?on the contrary, the direct reverse is the case. There maybe isolated cases, where western dealers have stopped in Philadelphia because they can pass their depreciated money at par for goods at higher prices than they would have paid in New York, by losing thediscount on their meney. That this 1ms been the fact generally, or even to any important extent, is not the case, and will be still less so for the future. The results can be traced in the canal receipts of the two States. The following is a table showing the amount of tolls collected on all the lines ol improvement in Pennsylvania and in New York for four years : Tolls on tht Pennsylvania and Nkw York Canals. N. York. Iiicreait. Penn'a. Dtcr'tr, 1838 1,481 602 966.329 1839 1.616,382 1 142 633 1840 1.775,745 159,443 1.086 853 56.780 1841 2,034,878 259,121 762,360 310.260 In the year 1639 the hank9 of both States paid specie, and the receipts on tho Canals of both showed an increase. In 1310 those ia New York increased, whilo those of Philadelphia decreased ; during the past year the same features are apparent in a much greater de. gree. This has been the results of the working of a specie pa) ing currency, ia o|ijjviiuuu iu uij i* reuuemuuie on*:. Tt>e people are beginning to perceive the bad affects of suspension, and a remedy will ipeedily be applied The governor hai the following upon tho subject Connected with the repeal of this law,should be the enforcement of specie pay monts by the bunks. An eaily duy should be fixed for this event, at least as early as the first of June. The time, however, is not so material, whether it be a few months sooner or later, so that a certain definite and reasonable time be fixed. Your action on this point, cannot be too prompt for the public interest The community has been long enough held in suspen#e*-lel the final i-3iie be at once presented, and it is to be hoped the people and the banks will be prepared for it when it arrives. Sales at ill* Stock Exchange. $20.0 N Y 41 percent 76 r>0 ?3i Del Hudson 951 $S0u N Y 5percent 1858 7SJ 50 do snw 65 $2650 Water Loan 78 50 da s6tn 91 $760 Corporation 6 per ct 97 50 Ka-mers' Loan 28 $4oe8 IHiuois Bom's 161 50 do 27) 59000 do l?i 50 Ohio Life Ik T bnw 59 $1800 do b00 17 25 do 59 $5000 do 17 25 do s60 56 $5ooo Indiana St* Bonds 161 to Bit,k of Illinois 14 $4000 Indian"* Bends 18| 20 do 13 flooo do S30 16 5o American Insurance 4> $4000 do 19 40 Boston tk Provideucs Rsj 12 shares Union Bk 102 27 do 99 35 Mechanics' B?ok ssl 25 Canton Co b30 28 25 Bk of Com. strip sto t>?t 030 Harlem M. R. 9 25 do 69 350 do sltw 9 25 do S60 68 60 do ?> 10 Amer K* Bk 60 50 do b90 9j 75 ah. Del IkHud. b3 961 50 do 9| 75 do b.10 961 750 Long Island 330 51 j 25 do b30 961 25 do 51, 75 da 9?t 100 N J Kailroad s30 71 25 do b3 96j 75 do 71 85 do 96 60 ictuuington R 14 125 do S. 0 95 Second Boardr 25 Harlem 9J 50 Canton s30 19 50 do 9. $2000 Indians Isi 800 do ?20 91 $1000 do 19' 100 do 9j 75 Delaware s20 95] 50 sharei L Island 52 20 do 98 10 Mohiwk 60$ Provision Market. We visited all the markets in the city this week with a view of ascertaining the various prices of meat in each ; although each butcher has a different price, there is little difference in the comparative whole. Th* Washington and Kulton are the principal ones, the for, mer isthe best suppHe-l as regards quantity; so much so, as to require more room than is now devoted, for produce in nnrticiilar. The country mirket is crowded with vcnaiun, hogs, sheep, beef,poultry ofall kinds, butter,eggs, lard,honey an 1 vegetables. rr.t< r.i or raoTtsioiss. Beef, per lb ? a 14. Venison, lb 12 a 1S| Beef, 100 lbs $? a " Partridges 25 a 37{ Mutton, " r> a 8 woodcock,pair 371*50 Lamb, per lb 8 a 8 Cabbages. 3 a 8, Pork nor lb.. 6 a 8 Beets, bunch, ? a S Blackball. " 6 a 8 Honey, lb - a 18 Flounders," ? a 6 Pork, 100 lbs., $41* *6 Halibut, " ? a 8 Veal < 8 a 12 Striped Bass, lb. 8 a? Fresh Cod ? fit Cape ('ml Lobsters, lb. 8 a ? Cellery, bunch 8 a 12} Crabs, dozen, 25 a ? Hickory Nuts, ? a 5 F.sis, 8 a 121 Watercresses, qt ? a 6 jiock, 80 a $1 Potatoes, bushel 371 a 50 Fowls So a $1 Sweet Potatoes, 1 pTc-? a 18} Chit kens 25 a 50 Turnips,bushel 25 a 50 'Purines. $1 a 2 Apples, bushel 5-1 a $1.45 Butter,lb, 13 a 28 ( lams, 100 25 a 371 Pigs,'or Roasters,-$1 Oysters, I#8 83 a 75 Sausages ? a 10 Cranberries, bush.- St a $3 Tripe, lb ? a ? F.ggs, fire fo? la} Squashes, 5 a 6 I mcrs ok Mkat at THK Shops. Best round beel, per lb lOd. Pork steaks 6d, Murloin -teaks 10 Corn id pork 8 Coirnson pieC" s beef- "4 iH Krishlard 8 Corned beef Poultry 9alS Fresh pork, best 8 Prices have not changed materially this week ; poultry is not so plenty as formerly, tho hucksters havi mu le a good runof It for tho last lew weeks. The shopl are not yet shut. Oame?patridges in particular?is quits plenty. ' Foreign Markets, Kisoitos, Jam., Markkt, Dec. 8.?The Market generally, is overstocked with American Produce, and pricet are ranging very low, viz. Superfine Flour we quot< at $8,00 jier hrl ; Corn Meal at $4 00 per brl; Crackers and Pilot Bread at $4.76 ; Lard 11 cts., all dull ; Pitch Pine Lumber, uo sales, prices low, Shingles do. Cnrn Trade. There is no change in this market. At Baltimore, on the 5th in<t. there was no demand?quotation $6,87. Ir Philadelphia, on the same day, Hour was dull at $6.12 At Richmond, on the 4th, the price was $6,00 to $7,25 Tl,..,. b.,1 )>>.(,,, n n ri.l..o in Vlnkiln mint at i?iia i.n the i7th ult. were %',M) to $7,35. The market at Norfoll on the lit, was rery dull?small sales at ffl,50 a 97.00. Harried. On Wednesday escning, 5th inst. by the Rev. J. 8 Spencer, Mr. William H. S*lt, of Flushing, L. I.toMiu Eunice K. daughter of Kara Lewis, Esq. of Brooklyn. Died. Last night,at I'd o'clock, ef a consumption. Mr. Dafsibi Littlkfili.d, in the ;l#th year of his age. The frienda and acquaintances, and the members o Covenant Lodge, No 35,1. O. of O. F., and the order ii general, are respectfully invitad to attend the fuaera on Sunday the 9th. at 'J o'clock P.Mat his late real dence, 174 Franklia street. On the 8th inst. of consumption, Mr. Johis R. Johissok in the Md year of bis age. PaHMgars A rrlarad. Satawvcu?Brig Aujiiat*? E 7. C Judson.U S N, ^nd lady JSOIntt. J K Darker*. L K Baker, W M Oladwin, W I Oriswold, 8 Chatker?5 in the ateersgr. Passengers Hnlled. New Oats.atss?Ship Miaaiasippi?V B ll?we?, NOr!c*ns Miss S Bsitly. R Elwell, William Elwell, K Johnson, of Nev Votk. . IMmrtl Ii I us port tit Ion*. Naw OaLr ahi?Ship Huntardle?lt?j | i;s lead ss tea in. lasses S'.t keys 53 bbla lar.I SO do tyri p I II Rogers .*< < bhls mola'sx US cli tallow l)e P?| ?'.' k Wl i'niar?l ? 50 Ii i| m. 'a??e? Wm II orison- .1? hid'? 11 h ,1 ? . I 1. ? A l*? <|i nt ll c;>?1ST r ides I Jaonercit Us s. n- to?> logs rd k' 1'. die*? Frta't k f tsnpVll ||3 I hi ir< I e e. ?F (> ldv r I St r .0 p, ? w in?L ii, fo'ter co f J les re -s?T llsnstsil ] Iihil 'mar 10 k-1;? lard?J SReaaslfb-U brandy ? ?- ae?' Thnrbiirii 4 bb'a timothy aaed?Dur\ea fc (Jraaon 3 ; Ma ra?im oil? loaiah Wary k fou J Mid* J tea 1 bbl??ly 4 J. unity > b?. ifiilirri-ltfiiiininy, H^nry k cu I rh 1 bbl?A I r'**faa ID I "2 c\a?Li 1 itiil M 1Vn k i ii | cmi ? Joint tdaia 6 ? ki?b all kFampb II lu bbl' caaior oil?Srlii lf-lin k Brother* 2 Si' 1 blast Dr*|?r jr -ill Palea rultuii ?B H Field 9 l-bla C?tor '"I?Jamea VeCullo> ?li (27 intra lead?Roberta k Will tuna din I ' la ? th? 11 L Maillritiil k ru 63 lei II ii red?Pack it 3a)ir I In- ' ' I.r Horntnrdii it 1 h*?t'bompaou k Adaina 100 hhrl era*?Jim Whitehead I pkx?Phillip k Kyling' 0 r??J II !*vit ' 16 hp lard?J Jannrrrtlr Itco 106 lia'ra c.ittoti?I. Hil' I 2' bin !' n ?Win C Alwaler 4 30 bhla pork?Aymar k ru 1*94 l.i<l-??A" i aar k CO SO rmptv cka?94 aticka roma jv.(,,i| nr < ? ' '' II Ml k i n >2 447?t' MacAllialrr *5 3oo?< oilim. km ?.!?,b?1 J Littlekc i $6000?lioodhne k i: F3.II1 Sivi3S?h?Briy ? uauata?289 bale* cdtoii I! k c i?23 I Mattlirwa k c<>?55 B Dc borea' k in?(6 Hnck k to?J J Wood?21 J S Sliap'er?OOcaaka Marion ?< Bernard - 133 aehrrk boater?10 bhla indae J Whtpj.'.t ? 1 bx Bnfbee k KnrrI tod. < harlkoton?Sliiii h a'lea?l oi tra rice i Janm te'ie km ?56 halea cotton (J Buck k co?84 Him h. Mill* k co?38 Law. rem - k Trinrible?87 ."'. n/Tord. Tileeton k eo? 14u \ Airrill k co?26 H Coit k co?4 pkea A Koater k aim?39 halea coll on to order. M A BITIMP Hlf.M All) 1'liViVi JL IXIXjU Jii UlVil iJ J.V . POUT OK NRVV YORK, JAM ARY S tin Ml tut 7 22 I HOOK RIsES All tun sets !l I mai S-l' Departure uf th? Atlantic Steamers. from Litrmrooi. r>ot boitor Britannia Jan. 4 Feb. Caledonia Feb. 4 Mar. 1 Acadia Mar. 4 April 2 Packets to Arrive. Packets to Depart. Loitnon rownoiv. Wellington.Chadwick, Nov 20 Mor i real, Gritting, Jan. II A(uebec, llebard, Dec. I O aJiator, Britton, Jan 2i Liverpool. Liverpool. 74 America, Cole, Nor. 1# Stephen Whitiey, Jan. I! (Jeo. Washington, Nov. 25 Columbui, Cropper, Jan. II HAVKt. HAVRE. Duchette d'Orleans, Nov. 30 Albany, Watson, Tail. ( Sully, Thompson. Dec. I St Nicolas. Prll. F b I To Masters of Vessels. Commanders of vettelt will coufer a favor by having a lit! oY their cargoes, passengers, and a report of vessels left at tfce port whence they tailed, and the vessels spoken, ready on their arrival here for Commodore Bas.ett, of our fleet <? newt schooners. Hs will board them immediately on their arrival. Clsarsd. Ship Albany, Watson. Havre, Wm Whitlock. Jr ? Barlt Maria Franziska, (Bremen) Hose, Hamburg. Noltrums 4c I' vein stedt.?Brigs May, Beans,Port an Piatt, S W Lewis; Pliilnra, Doaur, Savannah, Dunham At Dunou. Arrived. Ship llunlsi ille, Mumford, 13 days Irom New Orleans, specie, AiC to K K Collins Ac Co. Sailed in co. with bark Ligonia, for Snip H Allen. Wilsou. 3 days from Charleston, cotto.j, Ate lo O Sutton. 4th intl. lat 34 30, Ion 74, spoke ship rantlira, Goodinanson, lie nee for N Orleans. British haik General Wiltshire, Lester. 48 days from Live paol, with salt, coal and nig iron, to S Thompson-35 passengers. Brig Giraffe. F.hlridge, 13J days from Mavaguez, PH. Willi 1740 b-gs 40 casks coffee to B Ay ma At Co Ltfl bark Coudoe, Haley, wtg cargo; tchr Hope, lor Baltimore, soon, the only American Teasels. Bug Augusta, Sherwood, 6 days fiom Savannah, cotton and rice to Siurg s At Clearman. Bi ig Ashley,Sherwood, from Charleston, cotton, lo Dunham At Diinou Brig Sullivan, Brown, 4 days from Charleston,cotton, to (J Bulkley. Brig Odeon, Nickerson, 5 days from Hichinond, flour,Ate. to matier. Brig Belle, Myers, 4 days from Wilmington, NC. cotton, to Powell At Milk, British schr Krnerald, Crawford, II days from Halifax, coal, to J D MrKeuzie. Sellr (exchange, Blakely, 4 days from Beaufort, NC. stores to M Pratt. Schr Repeat* r, Francis, from Wilmington, NC. cottoD, Ate, to Powell At Mills. S< hr Alexandria, Lewis, fro on Alexandria, llour. to Sturges Ai Clearman. Sclir Juliet, Woglam, from Petersburg, cotton, Ate. to John son At Low den. Schr Marietta Ryan, Welden, from Newberu, NC. stores, t? order. Schr Kliza Maiia, Mulford, from Washington, NC.stores, tc order Schr Myers, Smith, from Washington, NC. naval stores, ti order. Sclir Henry Lee, Cheese mail, 5 days from Wilmington, NC naV'l stores, to order. ?lh msL A miies south of Baiuegat. Ids the head of foremast and inaiu topmast, damaged rigging, Ate. Below. One brig. Wind W, thick. General Record, Korf.icr Letter Office.?Liverpool and Havre packet sad jo-day. Their letter bagsarejtt Gilpin's News Rooms ju'the Cxchange. Scillt Isabella, from Charleston, SC. wint ashore on Romei Shoals, on 1 uesday night last?was got off on Wednesday nigh after disch.rging her cargo of cotton and rice in the lighten Hiram Dixun and Alice hllil. She had received no materia damage. Spoken. Ha'riet.of and from Baltimore for Coast of Africa, Drc 24 lat 37, lou 72 45. Foreign Porta. Galveston, Texas, Dec 20?Hie Bremen hrig Ferdioam Hagadom, is up for Ni ork; also, brig Cuba. Latham. Bat AVIA, Aug2?-lii port. Navigator, and Victoria, both fo United States?have been reported Sept 1, as unc. tillltuu Stales finis, FramkF >rt Dee El ?Arr Brazilian, Prospect, to load for M lutlies; Jan 2,Rupert, llaiikin. New \ ork Iu port 2d link s A.olrr MA. I or W 1 onus I t W (iitf rd I,no.,..,. k mill, .vinrmer. rfuiaii. Brazilian, (new) iiui>ert; sclim keudus kesg Manhattan, Brilliant, Cordelia. Caret, Gazelle. Reaped i'l oiniMoni in. Packet, Legislator, W Henry, Mirror, Boalm Forester, Jane, Pallas. H T Hiui kley, Spartan. I'lanet, Hi,' Oliuihus, Reporter. Aurora, Taig.da, Catharine, Two Friendi Tainerianc, Meciiaiiic. Wiicasskt,previous to Jau a?Cld Xcida,(iiew ) TriniilaO d Cuba. Piik tLann, Jan 5?No ar-iral or clearance. Cld Geo Sk field, (new,414 loin) Apalactiirola. Harriet aailtd fur Cub last e thing., Jau 4?Arr (Jeu Brooks, St Jngo via Bolton; Lai kin 8uow,N York. Bono*, Jau 6?Cld Openaugo, Citnfiiegca. Arr 5th, S Louie. ftOrleans; Clyde,do. Hoi Mi i Hot.v., Jan I?Sid Sultan, Alexandria. Arr 3d, CI? riasa.bult more for Boston; Charles,Sylvester. 'New York I" Batli; Metropolis. Norfolk tor Boslon; Wm Wallace, Hii'?w NYorklordo; Balance, Alexandria lor do; Korest Janus, d for Newburyport; Volunteer, Fredericksburg for Boston I'iraton, and David A'kins. I'roviiretowii lor Norfolk. 4thI Remain, the above; also, Bride, and Elizabeth, for NorfolkPM?Arr Charles, B iltimore for Plymouth; Texas, Boston fc Norfolk; Monteuo, Rappahannock tor Bualou. Saile ', Cla | rissa. EtinaRTowx, Jan I?Arr .May Flower. B.bbidge, NYoik f.i Tbomaiton; Leu, William,do >or do; Ze| tij r. 'J tinman, d > do Klizi, Mo f,.r Haco Sid llio abase, except May Flow er, and Ehxa Arr 3el. hrrlotte Ann, I'liiiadelplua via N Vol k for St Jidiu NB. 4'b?In imrt. Charlotte Ann, Klizi, Mu; Klnwi r; Energy, to sail 6th I' r Boston. Paoviwcr.Towrr, Jan3?Arr Chief, llio Grande for Boslon Bostoniaa, Mi tote lor do; Forest, t once for do; Bethel, Cui a | coa tor do; J Brown. Aux Caves fur do. Pkovioi.vck, Jan 5?Arr Palestine Suffolk Va?3d. off Mm y tank in l.eary gale, I ?l deck Inail ot wood; I linn piou. .Nn kurk; Emily, do. Below, Otspee, Mobile. Bristoi.,J ii 2?Arr Excel, NYork. Cld 4th, IIope,do.Shl Hire iue, Matanzas. I'HlLtDrti.riii*. Jau 7?Cld Mentor, Norfolk; Matilda, L Guayia; Vigilant, Tampico I lisl. l iMOHt , .Ian 5?Arr Baltimorr, Boston; Harp. Tort a i riinre Below, Water Witch,St Johns I'll. O ld Whig. Lot > don; I'horii. Somerrct Mass; '1 bos H Benton. Dsrbaih <s; V . Tompkins, Peruainhucu M d a mkt Sid T Street. Madeira Gen Sumter. I hsrleston; Nile, Bahis; Mariner, Natilucliei Atalauta. Ni'o dl'ord. Alf.x asdria Jan 4?Arr Dodge. Work NORFOLK Dec at?Arr Virginia, Bedell, New York; Maiia B< s oil. Ill Hampton Roads. Prompt; Clarissa, and Choctaw Ualninore lor Boston; Hart, and Georgian*, B si oil tor Hal ' more; Chaileitou, Mobile for do; Saratoga, fin Boston; Gliih riymouth,lor Baltimore; Balance, Alexandria for I'lyinoutl Cld Palmetto, \V ludits. Air Jan 3, Potomac, Baltimore; Pa mjra, Turks Island. In Hamptou Roads. Virginian. New Gi leans for Alexandria?put in lor orders; Lew is, of Province town The Orb for Kingston Ja; El Cahallero, d ; Haiinai (new ) lor Pernamlm'o. and a lirig ,u,'p"s< d I > It.- ti,e Twa i' , for Rio, fin B iliimoie. w elit to sea from Hamplou Roads Ihi morning. vtuniLK, Dec SI?Cld Kloridian, Pratt. N York; Deucalion Liveriasol: Abbot Lord, do. Arr Norman, Bosloo; Peiiuot Warren HI. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. rpHKBK far-lamed ami c? lebrated I ills, froin Portugal, an A we perceive, to te obtained in this rountry Her advel tisemrnt on the last columi of fourth page. d29 Im'ia \ r.W VOIIK e\' Re. 11 Ml Sit: HOI 1 ?.TY?The o, is tarU of D \VID AND GOLIATH, composed by tli Chevalier Neukotnm expressly for Mr. Biaham.and adapte expressly lo bis style and voice,( Mr. Hraharn as David) wi be perforintdon Tuesday eieoiug, Jan. II, at the Tabernacle. Ciiarai tvrj Hi re mi *t i d. Mister of D rvid Mrs Stroo Mical, daughter of Maul Miss IVarso Da* id Mr Brahai Goliath Mr A K) I Haul MrJHMassel Jonathan Mr R Monro High t'liest Mr W 1> 4 nine ! Chorus of Shepherds, Warriors, Leviles?male suiil lemsh I attendants?bypiieinber* of the Society. , Loader and Couduc or- Mr U C Hit Organisl Mr Harriani 'J he orchestra will be large, consisting of rioloi-, violas double basars, violmcellos, home, trombones, clanoneit* r.beol, bassoons, trumpets, opheclridrs, harp. cymbals Chinese gong. double drome. <tc Ike. I Ticktb f l each, to be had at the music storea, at the bool slore vf Dayton it Sailon, corner of Falcon au<l Nassau, Hale' News Room, Wall I tree t. of the Secretary of the Society, an at tliedoor,on the evening of performance, wne re aleo hooka u 1 the worda will be for eale. ... Membera andsnbseribeis will receive their tickete by apply ir gtoJ A Spatks. Secretary, III Nassau etrect, where j>ei one wo III rig lo become member* orsuhtcriber* may apply. Doore will be opened at 8 o'clock, nod the performance wi . commence at half r?t 7 pretianiy . jH 3t epHKfirat noinber of I hoinpson's 8a, k Note ltci*,ticr' ? i i be iteoed from the office, 68 Wall atreet, thia inuruing. at o'clock Price It eent^. yd It W/\ \ i P.l ? IIIIII, el lately, -a norae. to lake r ,r, ol I Wo children None ncid amly without good irfeeence AdJrcn hoe vb8 lower poatj Ifi. r. jgaf ^ ''' '' R -II.KLE ilKNT, residing I) with luhn i J.N Miller, ot t an'j'diarie at Fort Plain. Montgomery corn tr, New York ie irqueated by bit family, at Jteabury", aei Boston, to inform them of hia present place of residence,) I they hare been without newa fr< in him for several years. fi eodUw* P "ATTRfcT Sill!* llU.N'J 8VILLK, FKiJM Nr. W i/n LKANS. la ditchagmg at Or leans wharf, n?oi of Wall a Consignees w ill please attend to the receipt of then g'nils in mediately. JO MIC W'l : I K-.y/a.n n a|wcifully inlorma his frteut aud lite puhli, lliat he has return, d to this city, which I I inti nda to in ,ke his fiiiuic residence, and w ill he happy to i ,i i pupil* for the Vtoira and 1'iann Forts. J erins inoderai-. Vi dress 14 Hubert a reel. St. John's Square. js I w LOST ?On'I'm sday, llh J.iTinary. ns Finion si New i rl a green purar containing >18, iu gold pieces t ft not > on a New York hank, anil aom-smalt change in seieer A sui nhv reward will be given by calling at 23 Frost at, Pr oklyi _j81l* i F; ri litis (in m \n -iiie OU<i i i : lt> ' r ? I I i j rleiiverea on SuuJay evening. Juimrv llh, in* oii'tituhf \ IUII.630 nrnft.'ttiy, at half t?a?t 7 o'clock. in wvrh will! coimiilfrcl M : ** 'he lm*t* of Of ?1. hu I'owtr* u.d '. [ 1 i iu<m, |i'?y aii <tl ?M?J i?#v1 HOIO^KHI * ??! ih* I** ytdrp al?Kh |i was placed, Seals Ire*. I* 11 . MKi.i A.Vt i T.F. l. I it F, t n v rtsauwio i it# >. ? > I' m-u.l i 'lul he Mi*rcai?ti!e L ibraiy a as, ci ,*i o Cm mil i the lode pendant l.ibewl ticket. headed J., n T. h-'lln.-t f>e?i lani, ?nd Henry K. I'rali for Vic P, ?*?<!> nt ,'e ipies e to inert ai J ,ue a Sec nl Want Hotel, On Mom1' v nitt, tl ID-!, that IT Vines. ' UtK.v>' AN.'FiV'pIt Ally lh> a . mirers nl III' feui nd i bar > r d It . 1 .r - v 1 a ere disposed to jrin in the r?lebrati<n ?f t t > I,ie birth O'p the cstli inil. ?"! tet. e, Ifnlfy i ; i f, m . ai 11 ie Ulne Boo t Mou,-, 17 'pin- . i day ?vemng, Jan. Inth, at Ivalfpast 7 o i ' ."ir, I w V'nj e"t?ab'-p-e>imin-ry vrranrmenta., yd t. TMMBhK KUR THK V a DKV bin K. Hk??' K? YV. Healtd Propo ;il* will l'*' received at ihn Mi < of ? .? M*. i yy Affrnt. Mrw V k, u??t I ili?- I-t d.y *r Al.h1 for I u;shi gat the IT. *. Navy V<*nlv ttn*?k!t*na*ne foil, wiug ti.nber pUuk fur the fouu<f*uor * ? f ti eDi) 1) ? k. vis. IIHiO ipriMY o'' If u: ih ^rviii^ rum 24 to 32 f*et?to average not Jess than 28 it* t: mi l t be not I<ss than 11 and to average least 12 uehrs iu di-uneler, 4 feet from the butt, of lb. b t k 13 <n?o I meal leet whits pine timber, fool ?*iuire for floor tim hers. U.oti'i line.tlfeet white pine do, l foot by 1 foot 3 inches iipinr* for floor 1 iinhers. 341 50?i let! board measure of 3 inch while pine 11 ink for floor ins. 75.900 feet board incisure of 5 inch > ellow pine plank for sheet faHfc AC tli* above timber aud plank to be of perfectly sjund and (iu- tb> quality. The spruce piles to he as straight ?s can be procured, ami iu all respects prepared, for shar)*nirjg him! driving. The white pm** timber to be free from shakes and larpe knots?to be sawed straight and square e>lg*-d to the di neumoQi above 1 iven, and of the f<r>| owjrg Irrgta*. v.7.: one half of each lot to be in i*'irk* 22,25,24 and 31 u el long The remain iiglialfof ?-ach lot in sticks 31. 37, 40 and 43 feet long,?the number of lineal leet of each length to he naarly the same. The white pine plunk to be Mitirelv fr> t from large k'.ots? 'pure edged?i* lengths of 21, 24.27, 30. SSorM feet?toave rvgeno* less than 27 feet, and iu widths 110111 10 to 15, toave r.?gr ni,t |r*s th in 12. 1 he yrllow pine plank to b?* straight and m]u tre edged, suitable for driving a* sheet piling in lengths ot 13 or 28 let t, and , in u i 1th from 10 to 12 inches?to averag t no less than 13 inI ches. All the above timber and plank to he delirarek on such wharf or wharfs within the N ivy Yard as may he designated by the l&Dgiurer of the Dry Dock subject to the inspection and appro, val of such person as he may select. The pib s to be nelt\ en d m such quantities and at uti h times between the 1st day of July and the 15 hday of October as ... ... lui r?fiiiir? il hv Nuv,- A l,? m,l.>d* I li in ft weeks notice The while pine timber to be delivered between the lit day of September and 3l?l day ct Oc'obtr, aou The while ;ind yellow pine plunk between the lit Oct' ber J and 3Uth November. The pr 't>Oi?l? will state the price per stick for the piles? per cu >ic font for the white pine tiiub r, und |ier foot boa d ! measure, for the 3 and5 pine plank. The riilit i? reierved to assign lts? than tin whole iiuuntity of each kind of timberto anv olir l>d ltr?uud oifeti will P# received for any portiouofeitlierkwd. ' I'riiioiaiilo be endorsed, * Proposals for Timber, for Dry Dock. Brooklyn " N. Agi ut'i office, New \ ork, la- . 3d. 1841. * ROBERT C. WETMOHE, N.vy Agent. j8 3tawtAlst _ OHttP BUTCHERS?Attention?Vlie Shop Butchers of the City ol New York generally, are rr.juesle.l io aiietid a Meeting of the Independent Shop Butcher* A?s,elation, on Turn lay evening. January Utb. at half part seven o'co?k. The Members of the Association are specially r< i listed to attend on bus mess of importance. Bv orlerof j8 3l. \V\I. WKARI.E. President N OTICE, TO THE PUhUC.?Whereas, Wm. Moore, se coml Steward, and hii wife, have ma icio sly then lated f Isr assertions and charges reflect in? unoo my romluct, during liie wreck of the steinier Savannah?1. John Krni, in the most public and |HMitivc manner, deny the sat' charges as false; audio prove the a tine. Captain Crane and the undersigned have, in the kilid-*t mauner, come forward to prove, that my conduct was both itisfactory and honorable during tins voyage, and at the time of the catastrophe, and the best that circuins' aacra warranted for the welfare of all. JOHN KENT, Steward of the Savannah. John R Crane.late Cnplain of e'ramer Savannah. James D. Phillips late Mate of ditto. Wm llarth. junr., passenger in thesame. Lydia Kield. late Stewar 'rssof of do. ii 11 CEO Ml S?S P a N11H Hut .-is.? w U*. > O. It.i i I x O A HI-TOOK ATIC tlELlOHTKUL TREAT.-I i order to corresiaiud to the pomilarity that has already acipurvd the Spauish House, No. lu9 Nassau street, (the provisory depot. till nn' inay or before) thraugli the liberal patronage re. ceivril Com the citizens of New York and it* vicinity,and the cheapness and superior ijnility of the w ill be sold at 5 per cent profit, the following imported Havana and Principe Began , simp) prime L.a Norma, ( 12 OOU arronu tin. 125,000 tint rate Java Principe*, , oeoo very mild and good flavor Xoriiga*. 30,000 Aguiiaj, the brand contracted by the Krr.g of the French lor the c maumttion of hi* dear people. The same ?ill alio be retailed by the buoch of 25 S<gar*. at 1 the wholeaale price. i'X?~ V?ry old imported Havana, tube retailed at 2i. 6d. the bunch, containing 25 uncominoiily good Srgar*. The Patent Srg ini, alnay* in vogue. ja m? ' T) EMKDY FOR I1FAF.N ESS-Certificate ol Cure -\Vw7 . tv ark, July 8th?Thi* i? to certify, that ou the 12th day of Julie lam,being in New York. I purchnieda hottb olSeguiue1* . Acouatic 1)rol a. a Remedy for Deafnei*. I fo'lowed the , irectioca atrictly, lyringing, Ike. a* i. itructed. Before the bofc. tie wji half evhaiiated, inv hearing wa* entirely reitoreit. f [ hare for i he- I ait ten daya h'aid a* diitinctly ai ever. Reing about to return to my native <ity of Richmond, I am happy to make llii* public uckimwledginent, and to iecoe iii in valuable a medicine to public patronage. (Signed) JOHEPH O VAI.E. This valuable preparation ii for *ale (price (I sop t ! ,itle> by A-B. h D.Sand*, No. 79 and 100 Fulton itreet, In \. , Sand* & Co., 273 Broadway, and by D. Sand* U < o . N'n.7Y Ea*t Broadway. ja t ru |>A'l ttoLirli* UF okL NKtNNtSa -A iiennTiln- Let? : i tureon thi* itihject. illuitrated by a iplrndi I tnminnet 1 cv of I)r. Sewall'i rugravitigi, ihowiiig the tfferl* of Aim ' ! | on the human itomach, wll he deli rend by Dr.W K.HnWB, I 1 recently from the Schools of Pa? if. at Clinton Hal', Mo'ndMr Evening, hall pait 7. Jan. in Admiltanee 25 cen*. I.adi? a ltd gentlemen are invited to alt, nil. jg at** ECHAN1CS' INSTITUTE LECTURE.TOn MmST eveniiic. January the New York Society Cibrii? by '."harlri tl.Delav in, Ei<t .on Teinperauce, comment nig Jg 8 o'clock Ticket*, admitting a lady and gentlemin,2 mil, ' to be had at the following named place* : Clinton Hall ImMk a'ore. coruer of Brekman and Na*?au; John S Taylor. RriX r Church, Chappie itreet; I'altinion, corner of ,\a**au and AS atreela; Exchange Lyceum,cnru*r of Brmdnay and I.eouafll licet*: a'd at (tie door of Temperance Hall, comer of WlJtS T and Centre ?t?. jg jf ' is At HAaOE HOTEL.?The proprietor ot thi* ulahliihl lV,ineiit. at the eommei cement of a new year, ritn-iin his I thank* to III* frimd* and the public for their liberal (upnirt* *ince it wa* firtt npenxl for their accommodation in Inly U?t? ' Hi' lie hope* still fur'her to merit it by u nking all t> o*e whs ' ?oj uru at the Exchange a* comfortable, at lean. ?* at any , tlier '< hotel in llie Union. He take* thi* opportunity al*', of cautioning the public agamat tlie unfounded rumor* put all.mi try >utee rifted (>er*oii??bout the extravagant cliarg>?*aid toliave been made at In* lintel, by naming them lliey are now what hey alwaj * ba< e been. 'J per day. 1 A It iclieil to the hotel i* a large concert and ball room, which will he 'it for inch piupme* upon a* rcaanuable term* a* any intheeity. F. BO V DEN, Proprietor, I HirnMnan.V*.,Jan 4.1*41. j| > i ? - i v i j I." i - f I , A iVi < ib'L'i, < f? Of . 1VIVA lm I ) l\ n# i in/vix v/rri^r<o. r piII . BEXJHM1N BRANDRKTH'S OFHCKS, for the tliegile of the Bramlr' th Till*, are?Principal,241 Broad,j way, New York Otliiri ffices 187 Hudson street ; *76 Bovre,j ry ; j75 Second f tret. Philadelpnii, 8 North Kip Ih streeti Boston, 19 Hanover street; Baltimore, cornerct Light and Mercerstreet; Pitubuigli. 1 *26 Woed street; Llnrleston, 7# r Meeting itreet; Nen OHesni, 8 Old Leret , t (ocinnitL Third reet ; Louisville, 99 Kou-to street; Ricnmond, Third street; Ht. Louis, 49 Main Ktrc t ; Montreal, 9) Notre Damn r ftrnt ; Pciighkctpsie. V. Y. Albert Van Klreck ; Norwhick. f't. W. Falkncr ; IItrtford. Ct. Henry Benton: New II tvmk . Ct. Charles Crosby ; Mi Idteinwn, Ct; R. Chime. The hilt at* ? -M a! 25 e n's n*-r ho*, with fell directions. j8 3t t | lVti'uni a.s i io rl hl< pI'LAh KKS? UrrvTt: Your I valuable preparation of Horchouud deserves a few remark# i; I'rotn my own experience. Being in the habit of addressing i* frequently large meetings, and my constitution rendered sonceftijble of colli, I found my strength mnd health gr ulually deeitlMt ?y spirits ! king, mt hints failing, .?' '! mi v. ire * fal ering fast. Im fast I had lost all hopes, and exery hour fearful of bursting a blood vessel, when yotti Horebound < andv aid the cures it had effected reached me. I believe I <oi?k but one pack ige, when every uulav rattle symptom ? appeared, and my general health ?volenti) i in pro . e l. I f^N now regenerated ?o enmpetrly that I am freely empowered 0 i? speak and act better than I did three years ago. My appe i- titcisgood, and my gen?-ral healtfh restored You can make f any use you please of this certificate, which it would be in jus >; tice to withhold from the public as w? II as \ ours elf. ; J. WhLCH, 144 (iold street, Brooklyn Agent for the Brookly n Temperance Society. ' i, To Messrs. J. Pease Ik Son. 15 Division street. \ Kach envelope of the genuine Candy is signed in full, " J. >- Pease k Son. 45 Division street,'' of whom it c*n be obtained % wholesale and ret il. > Agents, Rushton fc Aspinwall, 110 Broadway. 10 Astor I* House and 86 Will iatn street; Dnggs, 881 Broadway; Tmp** eon, corner of Fulton k William street; Satins. 241 (.'entreat; Wrndowrr, 141 Kighth Avenue; Dr. Sym??, Druggist, 63 Doxr ? ery; Aynew. :too Hudson strert; Recount, corner of (rrand 1^ hi d Division street; Young, 180 i a al street.. j8 * DKMlrTANt'KS TO KNULAND, IRKLAND. AND IV SCOTLAND ?Drafts from AH, ?i. X3. A'5,?|0. Xi5 t# !' A'lOtO, aod upwards .payable at sight or at sixty days, at vhu * following places iu England, Ireland and Bcnilaiid, can always be obtainta of S. J S\ 138 Broadway and 2Q Wall st. IRELAND. Athloue, Duogaiiuen, Mona\hum, Armagh, Dungarveu, Mnlloio, p* Belfast, Dublin Money more, , B lima. Rangarfon. Nenagh, Bain bridge, Knnlskillcii, Mw Hon, Brjlymsua, F.nns, Om gh. Ban,ion. Ennisr ^rthjT, rarsonatown, 1 Bally-shannon, moy, H acommoii, BaJlanaaloc, Hal way. Rose re#, Boy!*, Downp itrick, Sligo, Cork/ Kilksnuy, Btrabaue, * Cloumei, Kiliush, Thurlcs, " ( oleraiuc, Lin.ents. ? 'rpcr*Ts Cavan. Londonderry, Trale*.. t Cootehilj, Lai gal). Tupim ' Csrrirk < n 8 ir, Longu.rd, 'I allow, " r ?shel, Loughrsa, Wet rf? rd, ( herleville, Miti helsp>wn, Wextord, f'astlebir, Moate, Yougti&l, ' KNOLAND. | LnD<!nu., Prii'w, , Livcrpoo'. Lrrd., Brutrl. Mali (it.t?r, I.,nca,ter. SCOTLAND. Kdiubiimti, (iri. noik. DuLiiro, ' Uli?(u?, ^ ^ | rivA.i' r.. h . Pali*. Have, B CKHMANY. ,f lloinh.rg. Bremen, Kralkfor', B Peraou* tutt ing to renit to ti e r friend* can alwaya rel> oa B their order* ,11'mini to liie I 0 low 11 g ( *(ke I I. r noij'tof B r. runiltan'r B The highcat rate will b; allowed for bill* unary <1 tha B II above |il n'r?. jg 11 B ? FEMALK MONTHLY PILLS. I 8 IJH+.PAHM.' BY MA DAMP. COSTKLI.O, No. M L"ur a- B 1 naril alreel. B II Theae Pilla are a?knowledgrd Ivy the flrtt phyairian* in tha , 1'nited Sta'ea a* the ory beat medicine llial la 'ica lab< ring B nuder a aiippreaal n of their natural illneaa ran take, and they B very n il 'n fail to relieve when taken according to 'be dine- B f Uqua. Thorn ?:,u call lor tlwm will ba aupolieil with her eir- B "" ctilae, containing ample direction!, and all the preeautron* aa> B " reva try to be otxerved lu their iiae. Advice grati* Office M B 14 Liiiemnt atrwt )8ltn* fl h(>t . 1 OK nl.llVMt cmtnnie* to enj >y llie c>n?CJence of I the puhlic in I tie iieatment -nil cure or Btrictnre*, (cr he. B lie haa the largeat i.ffi e pra> tiee of any amgeoa inikiacity, B t beraua-le hae (wen longer in practice, and ha* met roie- B rienee in theiie fiaeaae* to which he devote* hie whole atfrn- fl tiou.iiio ' especially becamt hei< unlike the medic il pretea- B 1* ilere, being h maelf a phyaisian, aod a graduate in hpprdfte B ie ai'u. I'< mm* lakoiing nodei protracted and ditfiriiH ca?'a maf B ie rouaii'tl i nwithcotifid nce.duriM thedayor evening. at KM B J. nffire-Nn. J \nn street, entrance M Ute atore, or through tha B entry. J8 If I v- D 0 GTOR B E L L.. 1 TOIC BKLL davotr* hi. peraonM attention ( Vfy dbtfl I # '' a I* M.) to th* removal of private diaea >e* in ev<ry anga. B Allii lf'ring nniler |wotractedca*e*,aggravuteu or n, au< craggiil B ? ly tiwated by 'aaipr i ienerdnrTTrtendV/'pfaetitiniirr* ; iboMlh- B r, leinug iridi r th? Katnictiv* elf'cta, of nerciuy or , aektno^ B e tr'im*,anaallw hi vhapert tin ratnaiti* of di?i ,e Itiri lug ia t! B Pa-U.qr.anyxo ianlt Itr. li. abca> a \?iLh a guarantee of i Bra ? B ie V*raor? contemplating marriage, w ho hxve heea t?aji ;h- B h' t;of d l^'.>!elilae.l?ei,ln?J eoraull . r. Bell with hoMtebra B ~ - tide' a ran>l?ltBra,da*?riMn ..'lagBaat anutrr.' ban hir rr.mtrin'f 'i ,u Pr !!.'? Ireh tercr r uipriver vnapuicii^ud j* w-il Upo? i. ' U aale atiditrma B 9T- Private offio** 4 COUHTLANIJT 8TRKI V ?* I I ; i ir p I/KfcNOll l-ANOt'AO'?MA.NKBOA 8Y8TK d ?Tfch I I ' j? ' ir tr>B i W ; I It'll t? |l - P n i%'f Hs , 'he > *f i ,

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