Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 9, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 9, 1842 Page 1
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) V TH Vol. TU^-R?. ?'J8. WboU No. 1964. AO K NT 8 For the N. Y. Harold in tbc United Stntoa, Imtoh Oeorge W. Rod ling. PmLanci.rHiA o. B Ziblwr. . New Orleana John K. Curn? k Co. Baltimore William Taylor. Pittsburgh, Pa R. O. Brrford. Prorideace, 11 1 John Green. Irnca, N Y J B. Loak. Albany, N. Y J. 8. Barber. Norwich, Conn Morgan Smtord. Cincinnati, O C. Tohey. Waahington, D. C OB. Zieber k Co. Mobile, Ala John K. Curr.? k Co. Savannah, ? A Holmes. St. Louis, Mo K.J. Woodward. Lottiaville, Ky W.N. Hal.Ionian. Newburgb, N. Y M. Maguire. Troy, N. Y Levi Willard. Poughketipoie Levi Smith. Syracuse, N. Y lames Hobertson. Rochester. N. Y L. Moore. Hartford,Conn Hurlburt it Newbury New Haven. Conn D.C. MitchelL Worcester, Mass S. Thompson. New Brunswick, N.J Wm. Solomon. Newark, N.J D. Smith. Rah way, N.J T. Page. Peterson, N.J Matthew Dougherty. Hudson, N. Y George Clare. Buffalo, N Y T S. Hawks New London, Conn L. L. Snerry. Klirabethtown, N. J Samuel Crane. Anburn, N. Y W B. Graves. THE EASTERN DIVISION Of THE NEW YORK AND ERIE RAILROAD. T,j% ma New A according to the following arrangement, s op,bug at Biermoot, Blauveltrille. Pascac, Suflfernr, Ramapn Stition. Slna' rte Works, Turuer's, Stain untile. Minroe Village ami Chester. FROM NEW YORK. A passenger train every morning (eicept Sunday) leaving the foot of Albany etreet, at gi o'clock, A.M. In the company's I steamboat Utica, Capt. \. H. Sehultz. A passenger train every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the loot of Albauy street, in tho steamboat Utica. A freight triio every Monday,Tuesday, Thursday and FriS?y afternoon, at 4 o'clock, front the foot of Ch imberu street, I by the steamboat Union FKOvt GOSHEN. A passenger train every morning, (except 'Sunday) at Re'clk, wriviugiu New Yoik, by tne steamboat Utica, at the foot of ? Albany street. A passenger train every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, at 9 o'.-clok. arriving in New York by the steamboat Utica, A freight train every Monday, Tuesmj . Thursday and Ednay, at 3 o'clock, arriviug in New York b-. the steamboat Union, and ba-gea at the font of Chambers 'treat. Freight will be rec-ived at the foot of Albany street on Wednesday and Sataiday, and at the foot of Clambers street on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, until 3 P. M For freight or passage, inquire at the Compauy's Trarspvrtntiou office, cor?or or Liberty and'West street*, and at the various depots on the line ol the road. H. C. SEYMOUR,Superinteudant dgT 1 m F.astern Divi-ion New York and Eric Railroad. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. Fare reduced to at cents, From the foot of Courtlaadt street, New York. (Every day?Sundays excepted.) Leave New York. Leave Newark. At 3 A.M. At t P.M. At 8 A.M. Atll P.M. 11 do 4 do 8 do Si do 41 do lot do (do 7 do 10 do ON 8UNDATB. From the f#ot of Liberty a tree t. Lmtc New York. Leave Newark. 41 I A. M.and 41 P. M. At 1 P. M. end I* P. M. JHCWTORK. KLIZABETHTOWN, RAHWAV AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty atreet,daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunawick. At I A.M. At 71 A.M. 41 P. M. I P. M. SOMKK VILLE ataaree connect with theee lineeaaeh way. f are between New York and Soraervi lie, (0 cent*. De do New Brunawick, Tf centa. Bahway, M centa CHzabeUitown, is centa. The fare in the 71 A. M. train from New Brunawick, and 4| PH. train from New York, baa been reduced between New York and New Brunawick to SO centa. " and Rah way te 171 The Philadelphia maiUnia paaaea through Naw Brunawickfov New York every evening at o'clock. (>nSundayitha 71 A.M. tripfrom New Brunawickiaemit ^Tbwamrrairhn procure their ticketaat the tieketoflice,receive e ferry tieketgratia. Ticketaare received bv theconductor onhr on the day when nurehnaed. nil . RED BIRD LINE T<> ALBAN V, en the Keat aide of the river, haying better rtagee WBtWiHtiMii team*?etkinc no higher fare.?Office, Howard'? fJ-yr. ?:* Kfoauwav ? Paaaeug.ra will be forwarded bv'SHage to Alba 'y ?y to fii.*-from any point on tl,e Rant aide of the river where the boaU mey be eomi>clled by ice to "/fjenta will be on board each of the mail boat* tegireaasiatance an I information Thir line eatend' to Montreal, touching at Albany, (office nnder the Muaeum) and embracer a very direct and commitdioui route thither. ..... ,, . ? j The atagea auu h ornea of h.ia line will be found really tlie ' beat on the Albviy route.and no d<caption. The alricteet attention mil be paiu to the comfort, convenience aud apeadof all who may giva ua the prtl'ereticr. When the river ahall be abut up riiti civ, Red BirdStagei Will run ill through from New York c t? to Albany. S. HOI, I , I a . M.H. BAXTER,JAgenU. I. V BAKER, rmprietor. d'lfilm* NEW YORK AN ) ALBANY. Stage P ?fllLiue. on both?i lt? North River ?Office nt the 111stand. Wistern otel.9 Courtlaudt street ? Kmc < ?.?Th* line in the we it aide of live ri?er ia formed I'r m Sow York to Pierinnnt by ateamboiit Utica, ( Iroir Pier moot to Goshen by the railroad, and thence to Albany by s'age. Pvs engers hy this line n ay lesve New York every morning (Sunday a exc pled) at o'clock, and arrive in Albany nsit morning by 9, Thia 11 vhe shortest. ;iuck?at and cheapest route tu Albany. The railroad care are Urge, commodious and Warmed by atorea. The line on the raet aide will be by steamboat daily as far I aa the ice will pgruiit, F,. BFACH. Passe hgtrs for Newburgh and T'altx may secure pa-sage at thia o^h-e by ateanvhoa. and rsihoad to Turnei'a, 16 vnilea Ihia aide of V. wburgh where stages will be in reidiu ss to conrey them to ihe abova gained pla ea. dm tji VIA STONING TON, DAILY. eatM HAKNUEN It GO'S American and Foreign Expreae Foreign Letter, and General Forwarding Office.?Package* of all kind*, aample gooda, bunk nntrx. will le rrr n r J and torwarded In Express, lo and from the following pi veer:? From Boston to Liverjiool, London. Manchester, Birmingham, and Leeds, Eng., Dublin and Cork, Ireland; Glasgow ana Orwaootk, 8eetlaii<r. Paris aud Havre, France, and from Bostga to Providence, New York, Phi!adcl|>hia, and from Troy and Albany, having recently made arrangements with the Peo ike's Line to that effect. /IIAR.NIIB.N k CO will attend to collecting or paying Oralis, Notes. Bills or Acceptances, and the purchasing ol \ gooda of every description, or transient i-usiness of any kind, I h Which thar undertake promptly. Let'er Bags will be kept at their Boston.New York.Phils' dolpiiu iud Albany elficea, for Cunard's R.iyal Mail Liue of steam ships: also, lor the steamer Ot eat Weilern.and the sailing pockets from New York. TAKE IfOTtOE ?Pnakngoo sent to either office,for Eng land. oral y other place, innet not. in any case,emit.,in letters I N. B. All goad* mml be marked HAR.V DEN k CO.. who are alooe responsible for the hue or injury of any articles or properly committed to their care: nor is any risk assumed hy, nor can any be attached to Ihe B It P. and S Railroads, > r the N.J. Steam Navigation Co., on whose mads, or iu whose steamers, their crate* are or inay be transported, in respect to them or their content! at any time. Knrgs?st-r.s: Messrs. Flotcher. Aletaivler V ("o , Liverpool aa<l Loudon; Welles Si Co.. B inkers, Paris, France; Thomas B. Curtis, Esq.. Boston; Onodhne k Co., New York; Carer Si Hart, Philadelphia; aud Thomas W Olcott, Esq., Albany. Oritcxxs;? No 9* P.iver street, Trov; It F.achsnge, Albany; 49 South Third tat. Philadelphia; IS Church street. Liverpool; I Court stiect, Boston; Union Buildings, Prori ' WM.WYMAN, Agent,No.iWsll.t.New York. ?yt? HABNDEN fa CO. gmgt h I IR h -i REW s B L' ItTi ?FA lTE aTTC?&s3> RANGF. M F NT?Thy Steamboat OS IRIS. IHi ? Tf I i i l i Allaire, w inn-nee rnuumron Balnrday Sept. Mill. a* follow*leave Fniton Market ?I|1>, Cut River, every Saturday at 10 o'clock A.MTueaday. Wednesday, and 1 rtday at S o'clock A M. Returning, leave* Red Dank every Moodav- morning; ot 10 'clock A. M ; Tueaday, Wediieaday, and Friday, at half-yaat w It o'clock P.M. V Tke boat will run a* above until further notice, navigation Md went Iter permitting. o*?m* I FALL A RHANtTiMl-.N T-l'Ol: 4 *.i"Kt.Ki" S i fc, aNU ft MtW YORK. e?i TJbe fiat amlinc ateainboat OSEOLA.Capt (V ligj a^e'.aln Venlmr Trueadalr, for the remainder of f JL?dl iT ttc*e**on will leave the iteamboat pier, foot , of Chamber! a'reet, every Tuesday, Thuraday *ndS<(urday ' afternoon*. ?t 3 o'clock?landing. up and down, at Caldwell'*, Wat Point. Cold Hp in* Cornwall, Fiahkill Lauding. New Hamburg, and Milton. Returning, leaves Pouehkeenaie every Monday. Medue?day and Friday morning. at 7 o'clock Alter the l?t of November, the Oaeula will leave Pnughke<-|,*te at f o'clock in the morning For paaaKitc. apply to th. I anlain. on bonrd, or to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN, ?? 114 Weat at. " STJSTEN IRE AND tiKni Foot of Whitehall Ttfeet. j)1* ~hT."eiune, 9TATEN I8LANKIt Leave* Stalen Uland Leavra Whitehall At 8 o'clock a M. At I o'cldik a.M "19 " "II " i r.M " t * F.N " " H ' - 4 " " I " ? On Sunday thcv* wil! he two boat* to run. The laat boat leave* htaten Uland at * n'rloea, e. M. ot nontl LINK. (IF imiUOATI FOR Ai.ita y , wxvi a* THE Hew and (. imnodnma ileainlmwl Ar>-r*S?J3r NORTH AMERICA, < apt. M 11 fro*?n T*" 'r II. It ivea the uteamb I t pter between ( or!land) and Liberty itrueif, on W>doe?day and Friday afternoon* at? o'clock. For paaaage or freight, apple to T. C. Schulli at the omce on Ike arharf.or on hoard. N.B. All kind* of property taken only at tie n*k of the Owner* (hereof. d!4 T. rtlWELX A CO.'8 LINE. *40**% 0m HOH NKWBl RtHI. landing at CALD Cl^kCQiWkLL'S. WEST POINT AND COLD 3KrLidC2EsPRlNU-The alean.boat HK1HLAND1 R Qm4. Robert Wardrep. will leave the foot cf Warren *tne4 Sow York.every Monday,Ttvi ?Jay and Saturday aflernoook g| ? r* Returning, th* Hiah antr will leave Newburgh * morning at I o'clock. an t wemUy and Friday Dei o'elock. For or yaaeag*. an ply to the Captain on board. .S. 8 All baggage and freight of every dweriptiaa, bank I tal* arapccie, on I on board thi* boat, **ii*t be ad the rwkof th* anwi thereof, unit** t kfll of lading *r receipti* tigned far E NE N kjr albany. .MM 0gL Ttir ateamhnaU sou I'H AMERICA and KOCHKSTKK, will on and after Kriday, October 1. leave for Albanv at 6 o'clock, every neoiar Himdava eai ent.d mete ml of 7. an heretofore etft a?? u _aa> Seoul Alt .vi'aiL li.\ tT VUk cuovi C. -Jt.a-Ls.4a PENCE AND BOSTON, rie STONINOflCaOE-TON AM) NEWPORT, compnicd of the "kHow r\t superior rtumfn, running in connection with the ttouiugton and Providence, and Boslou aud Providence Kaii N*. MASSACHUSETTS.Capt .Comatock. RHODE ISLAND,Capt.Thayer. MOHEGAN. . NAHRAOANSETT.Capt Woolsey. One of which will leave New York daily, Huudayiexceptad, from pier No. I North River. Battery Mace, at 4 o'clock P.M. .Arrangement. _ The NARRAUANSETT.on Moudayaand Thuradayt.for Matunariaa. The MASSACHUSETTS, Tueadaya and Kridaya, for dtuuiiiKton, Nevmmrt. and Providence. TheKHODEISL AND. on Wednesdays and Saturday),for dtomngton, Newport, and Providence. Passengrreon thearrivalo." theeteamers at Stouiugten. may take the Railroad Oaaaand vroeeed immediately to Providence Hid Boatno, or when they go round, may, if they prefer it, re main on board and take the accommodation train from Provitenas to Boaton. Freight U*eu atthefollowingredueed rates :?ToBoaton,on Measurement goods, 9 cent) per cubic foot, mid on inerchaiiditr jeuerally, aevtu dollars per ton. To Providence,oil measurement good*.alveenta perenbiefoot jylS The cheapest and moat expeditious Route TO BOSTON, Via Hudson. Pittstield, Springfield aod Worcester. Kor HUDSON and intermediate places. .Mtey sr.j The new and elegant steamboat CO'.-UM J,- BIA, Capt. T. P. Newbury, will leave the foot vi Vm of Cedar street every Tuesday, lhursday aud Saturday at 5 P. M. (K/- Karelroin New York to Boston, if paid onboard the boat, *?. The Passage Train of the Hudson, Berkshire sad Western will run in Conner.ion with tins bout as follows Leave Hudson daily (Sundays eicepted) at I i.a, arrive at Pittslield at half past 8, at Sniiugtield at 18 uoou, at Worcester If r. at., aud at Boston at half past 8 r. M 107" Ticket! for Boetou must be |iroctired on board of tliii boat only. Kor passage or freight, apply on hoard, or to CROOKK, fOWKS it IdO. at the corner of West aud Liberty streets. 8 1m ASf3^ KOR LONuO.N ? Regular p u-m I ui Hie v.lJau ? Thr well know u fast sailing packet ship ST J \ MLS, JWWtOapt.M-yrr. bur hen 1 Olio toil), will positively sail as above. 1 his splendid ship has accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and sleerag' passeug rs,full> equal to . ny olher mediate application he inadc ou hoard fno' or Maiden 'lane, or to GLOVER Hi McMURRAY, 100 Tine *t, cor Hi Ssuth it. P.8.?Persons wushing to fetid 'or th<i_r friends, can hare them brought ou' in the abore favorite ahip. or any ofthe regular line vailing from London on the 7(h, 17th, and 37ih of each inon'h, and those wishing to remit money, can procure droits on Messrs. Phillips and'i'iplady of Lou on, pa>ableat aiglit, hy applying aa shove, dm FOR \1 AKSEILLES?'I lie coppere i Kronen ong RK8-'LU,C?pt. B >>er. tfACia For freight or passage apply to ul'O B 'YL> St HINCKEN, ? Tontine Buddings. rgf- PACKET FOR HAVRE?decomt Line? I'lu-ship JMfVUriCA, K.Hewitt, master, will sail on toe brat of ffiMiCeJineary. BOYD Sc HINCKEN, AgenU. il ( Tontine Ouiloiugg. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packe 'he 35th January ?Tne aplendid faat aaiung packet firrnbm ahip SHERIDAN, ('apt. F. A. Depeyater, of 1000 ton*, will sail aa abore, her regular day. F?r freight or paaaage, having accommodations unequalled foraplcndor or comfort, apily on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall it or to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 60 South atrect. Price of passage $100. The packet ahip (iarrkk, Capt. Wm. fckiddy, of 1000 tona, will aucceed the Bktridan, and sail on the 35tb February, Iter regular day. Passengers may rely upon the ships of this line sailing punctually aa advertised. doa I xJt?. K >R L( VEKPOOL.- Packet ?t the 1st J aiiuaiy? jfljjJpVThe superior first class fast sailing packet ship HEN. jfiKglifaPAKKHILL, Captain Hoit, will sail as above, her she has superior accommodations for cabin, aeeonJ cabin, and steerage passengers. Persena wishing to secure bertha should make early application t? 026 JOHN HERD M AN. 0| South s'reeL ! FOR NEW OULEaN* ? I.ouisi.ius lani ivew ^HnVYork Line?Rcgu'ar Packet ot the 6'h Januari ?The jWUNbaptendid fast sailing packet slop MI SSIS9LPPI,Captain Hiltrard, will poai'irely sail as above. Iter regular day ? For freight or passage, having splendid furnished acrommoda tions,apply on bjard, at Orleau* wharf, foot of Wall street or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. 30 South at. Great can will be taken to have the goods by this line correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Jaa O. Woodruff, who will prompt ly lorwurd all roods to Ilia address The packet ahip LOUISA, Capt Mill bird, will succeed tha Mississippi, and aail 10th January, her regular dar. d'lS "rtg- FOR LIVERPOOL ?I'acaei of .be 7ti ol aau- I JfyyViiary.?The first class fast sailing packet ship KOS^HmKbCOE, Capt. Hulleson, will sail as above, her regular &er accommodations I or cabin, se*ond cabin and steer-ge possengers.are too well known to require comment Those persons wishing to secure beiths. should make early application on b ard,lool of Maiden lane or to GLOVER It McMURRAY. loo Pine street, ccruer of South Tlie splendid pack I ehip Stephen W hstuey. ( apt 1 houipsou. willsucctoQ the Roscoe, and sail on the 13lli JanuaJy. d3l PASSAGE FROM ENGLAND, S( O fLAlsU iJSJ^AND WALES,by first Spring ships.?The subecrijMMbber* are prepared to make arrangements for bringing ?bt passengers from London, Liverpoolv Bristol and Greenock, in first class Aroericanpacketsliips.loaail from each oftheabeve porta the tint or the Spring. feraaua wishing to send for their friends to any part ol Great Britain, can make accessary arraugemcnta By amdying to yrk f.T. TArSCOTT, 49 South at. conn rGnttvernenrtaae. Should thepartiea aent fordeclinecomtug.thc passage money ill oe returned. av4 *n.F*~ LlV EKIUOL?Alevv i.iue?KcguTai faciei *> of -,15th UeceiHber?The splendid packet ahip SID i&jaLDONS, Captain E. II. Cobb, of 1000 tons, will anil ?? above, ier regular day. Korf reight or passage.navingaccommodatioaa une^naPed foi pleodoror comfort,apply on board, at Orleans whirl .loot ol Wail St.,or to E. K.COLLINS h CO. Southatraat Price of passage J loo The packet ahip SHERIDAN, Cant. F. A. Depeyiter, ol loco ow^ succeed the Siddona, and aail tiie 95th January, .cr regular day. I'luenieri may rely on the snips of thislinesailing punctua!ly 11 advertised. oj* Z7 V- PASSAGE EltOM IIA.MBOHU, UKIUlAhk ? ?? -"jW DIRECT ?The subscribers have a regular auceea of first eeaiu la, leaving Hamburg twice a Tvionlh. Persona wishing to setid for theirTrienda. residing in ?ny part of ijerinany. caw avail themaelveaoflhia arrangement. Dralta for any amount can a la a be furnished. imyablr in H.imiu:r. For futlker particulars, apply (if br letter.poat paid) to HKKDMAN fc KVENAN, bt South et. ?1S WILLIAM G4BHON. Esq.. Atrmt at HimMir* .iS FOR NEW ORLE ANS-PiCket ot the ai l lau swYjTV uary?The firat clan last aai'ii g packet ahip FAIRSv J??liKI K LD. Captain Wilaon. will aail aa above, her re till a day, and can in a auptrior manner accommodate cabin, 9nd cabin and steerage isuaengen, if immediate application be u'.atle on board ibe rhipT ot of Pi .e at , or to if J HKRDMAN fl South at. " RE vllT I'ANcfcH I'OF.NGcaND IK1.LANU J SCOTLAND, AND WALES?i'eraoua i rocevdiug Waftrtilw'ir remitting money to their frienda rraidmg in any part of the old country, cm at all timra obtain from ihe aubacnhere drafts at aight, (or any amount drawn direct on the following banks. If to Ireland, on the Koyal Bank of Ireland and on Messrj I'rescoti, Orote. Amea fc Co., bankers, London, which are paid free of discount or any charge whatsoever, in every town throughout Great Britain and Ireland. For terms apply or address, if hy letter poat nuid, to HOCHE, BHOTHEKS k CO J5 Fulton at. New York, neit de ir to the Kul'on Bank. Persona deairoua of aemliug for thrir f it nda or relative*,can mike the necessary arringemtira with tie subaciib rs, and hare them brought out in first class American packet ships tailing from Liverpool weekly, during the coming year, 184'i, and one of the firm. Mr. JAMES U. ROCHE, is there, and will remain lo see all those whose paaragi a are pai I there, forwarded with oare and despatch. For passage,or further paiticalsrs, apply as above. dll AAXr NKVYYORK AND LIVERPOOL KEG I I.Ai. COMMERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS-Sailine twefcllCiWeekll"?Passage from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool?The subscribers continue to bring out paesru gers wrlio may he engaged by their friends here, on very moderate terms, for firat class skips sailing from Liverpool weekly.? Drafts fir any amount can also be fnnusked, payable throughout tlie Unite*! Kingdom. Far further particulars apply,if by taller i<ostpaid,to o*? JOHN HKRDMAN.9I South at. *&? DRAFT* TO ENGLAND, IRELAND, S< OT) 'j;79 LAND AND 1VAL_K1?Persons d?siro4nM>f send money i ? innr inning ill KII) pay, mi n:r ... country can be euppli--d with draft* at rtatltt, payable at the National and Provincial Ba-ika of Ireland an. Branthfa. Meeera Jamee Bolt Smt la ( n., London, ind Exchange *n.| Dieconnt Batik Liverpool, whirh are paid on demand iu all the imucipal town* in the UinLd im Kor term-, Ac . api'ly to ? W k J T. TAPSLOTT. General Paae*ge Office, 41 ninilh gtreet, Where. al?... arrangement* can be mide lor page irn In come out from th- oid e n try in firat elaaa American iaeket ahlpa, Comm .niled bv rxia-rienceit certain*. one of whi h will leave Liverpool every an daya ihrangtmu'. the coming nnnn; and p<raoua about tending Inr their fnenda mar rely that e?ery car? an!attention willbernd to render thi i**a??ge comfortable. For particular* apalv nn nbove. die PASSAGE Vuo.vt liltP.A I BUI 1 \ N a * D IHkLAAB &?: .?& ^ The tubariibert continue to make em (amenta to tiring out p-iaeenyera from the old coiiuiiy, by tliipa of ihr f.rat el m all American built, and commanded by men long n d la?orahiy known in the trade. 1 lie veaaele eninpoeinc line line tail weekly from Lirert-ool, eonaiqumtly all uuneceeaary d< lay to pateengert i? folded Peraooe about to make engagemenla for th? ir friei da to emigrate the eiuming teuton, will eludy their own interest and the iniereat and comfort of Ihnr frienda. ?) r akii.g aueh englf einrii'e with tlie -ubecibera. aa n? rvpeimn or paine are tpand to earn lha' preference which baa fji many ycnia been ntended to them. Ae haa always been cnatomary with'hit line, when the partiea aettled for decline coming out, the paae-ge arna-y i* promptly refunded to hnee from n ho in it wan rr rened, without reduction. A free p taaaje pereteamSoat from the vanlua porta of Ireland and Scotland to Liverpool, can iikewue be eetari d. Kor farther particular*, Apply in SAMUEL THOMPSON, Old eetabliehed park-4 office. 379 Pearl at. C GRIM8HAW It Co ipfinre* I'laaren, L verpool Draft* or earhaugt at tight and for any amount, are alao lurDialled on H.L Glyn It <>., bauaere, London, <y (iritnah* ? A ? Utve'pool, Hie Northern Banking t o and National Bank, of IreU d. and National Bank of Scotland, pa, able at tin ir wpitlin hranihag. Apply aa nbove djt im* w * ' T TAPHC OT1 h GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE. OFFICE, " jL-Mi*ect iky, mefl jnaU ilrrrl, jfr* Kork m m Arrangement* canal altt> .e }be mad^Tuither oZO^aTor* office, for bnugiiig out !>* *..? * on the moat farormhle term#, from all part* of England, li eland, Scotland and Walee, in fira* clae* American packet ainpc,tailing fnun Lirerpoolevery week, thereby t?rerentmg nnnereenary detention. A free pannage from the vanone eeaimrte of Ireland and Sealland lo Liverpool It fiaran(?e?ed,aad drafte for the -Tr'Tnmt dntnm ofpaeaengera.paraf.iethroughout Great BriUia and im and. All letter* muet be poet paid. Mf W YO EW YORK, SUNDAY MO NOliCE.? fro, oeale will I*- received at the ortice of the Coin*iia?ar> Uenerai of 1'urchaeeii,in iWiUdrlplua, to lurnull the following material* and ar .lelre for the United Statu Army, for the year IMI, rie Blue rloth, 6-1 aidr, <1 v ed in indigo and in the wool Sky blue twit<< d Cloth, C-4 a l ie Unbleached Cotton Shirting, 7 g wide Bleached do do do flannel of Cotton and Woel.T-g wide Canton Kianncl.3-4 wide Unbleached Cotton Dulling, 1-4 and 7-3 wide Blrwrhed do 8-4 wide Uniform Cap*. for Dragoons, Artil ery and Infantry Pouipoous, for Artillery end Infantry Hair Plumes. for D'agouu* Band* ai d Tassel* do Algmllrttes, Artillery and Infantry Wonted Sashe*. do do and Dragoon* Shoulder Strap*, do do Do IbramOf >r Dr-goona F.paulettea.Non. Com d Sialf. Artillery and Infantry Woollen half Stocking* Laced Boottef Lratiier Stock* Blanket*. 81 feet lore 5 fert wide, weight 4 pound* Metal Cap KqnipmeuU, for Dragoon*, Artillery and Inf. Felling Ale* Ha'clieU Spade* Drum*.complete, with Stick*. Sling*, and Costa Wonted Hinding and Cord, of alt kind* Common Tiau Wall Tent* and Flic* lloapital Tent* Fainting and Strapping Knapsacks Casks and Cooperage, for one year from 1 at April next. (The quantity i.ud number of these aitide* will be deter mined hereafter.) The whole are to ;be of ilomeatic mannfactnred material*. Pattern* of a'l the required Woollen nnd Cotton Cloth* and articlea.are deposited in the Commissary General'* Ofiiee, in tin* city, for examination. Samples ol the Woollen and Cotton ('lath* will be sent to any manufacturer ou application to thi* Olfire, by mail.aud euch information given a* may be deaired. The Bootee* arc to be of et*rA/ ?ixee, and the I a|? of Jive mx?*. The *ixe* and proportion* of silt* will be ataled in the contract* On thceamplr* and patttrn* exhibited the con raets wiH be founded and mapeeiiou* made, and iio article will be received that ie interior ill the material or worlraiaiudtip to, or that doe* not correspond in every rea[iect with the pattern on which a CO tract i* fooi ded. The supplie* ere to be delivered at the United State* Arsenal, near Philadelphia, lor inspection. in equal monthly portion*. and the contract* are to be fulfilled ou or before the l*t day of Ju'y, 1843 The propocai* mut be in writing, iex'ed. and itidoraed, u Proposals," and must reach the Office of the t>nmmi**ary General of Purcha?es. on or before the ITtli fav of January, 1843. No proiaxal will be received af er 3 o'clock of that day. Security will be required f >r the fulfilment of contract*. J. WASHING I ON TVSON. Commiaaary General oi Purchase*. Commissary Gkixv:hal'? Okfice, Philadelphia, Deceinlier 17lh, J84I. d 19 codt 117 ARTIFICIAL TEfiTH. ARTIFICIAL TKBTH?Without Clasp* Ligature* Sic. trum a aiHgte tooth to a full and complete e<t. on the principle* of atmoaplieric pressure, by M. LfciVF.TT, Den'ist. 360 Broadway. (MMrrf Warren *t [Fromthc New York Commercial Advertieer-l A friend at our elbow request* u* to notice *ome teeth he had inserted by Dr. Levett, of No. 360 Bro idway, and Instate ki* *n(ir? ahiif. rlinn. litii rtnlv uritli rttritril In ll.p (K?iti selves, but the maimer in which this delicate operatiou nu performed. Or. Levelt hat been too long before 'he public as the iutrodarerof the * Atmospheric I re sure Piinciple," to require a y liable from ui Copy uf a letter from (Jen. Duff Green to M. Lerett. Baltimore, Sept.23 1811. Mr Levett?I write at the request of a friend for w hom yon mtdeaee'of artificial teeth, to say that they have given entire eatiefaction, and that your principle of atmospheric preesore is fully verified. I feel a duty to you and to such an may stand in need of your professional services to recommend them to you. Your obedient servant, DUFF GREEN. jt tin ___ M. LEVETT.3S0 Broadway. rVjrf (Villi HORNS?Taken from cattle slaughtered in this I ?Jr.C/V7v city. Forsale. in lots to suit purchasers by the Butchers Hide Aetociatiou, comer 5th etreet and lei Avenue. l?s m" Dtok'Air|U) Til". I'M. pakisentT specific. A sure cure for the Tooth Ache, eafennd easy in the application, certain in its curative effects?a remedy well test d. aud cf long stan ling?Prepared only by J. W. Clowes, Dentist, aud aold by him, wholesale and retail, at hi* i flice, 47 Bowel it. N.Y. Certificates?The undersigned, having used the Parisen's Specific, as prepared by Mr. J. W Clowes, unite in recommending it to the public confidence. L. Parmely, Surgeon Dentist. 311 Broadway N.Y.; J. Smith Dodge, Snigeon Dentist, 47 Bond street, N. Y.; N. Dodge,Surgeon Demist 818 Broadway, n. Y : e. o. Burger, Surgeon Dentist, 34 Market street. N- Y. (}tj~ N B. Nouc is genuine, unless signed by the proprietor. Sold, also, by the following Druggists. Cot ion, 813 Bleeckerstreet: King, (41 Broadwav ; Scbirfleliu, II4 Canal St.; Hart's, 878 Broadway, ai.d cor Iludion and North Mo ire streets; Milnor. 188 Broadway; Burnet; 810 Chatham; Syme, 83 Bowery, eor Walker at.; Hutching, imi Bowery, and Doolittle,84( Centre at; price per vial 80 cents?half viai 86. d18 lm' DR. TaYL'Ita'S BALSAM Of LIvEKtVOltl'.-Al the old establish ineut. 375 Bowery.?'The person advertising hi Soring street, first under anonymous initials, then asW. W. Taylor, aud again as W. W. I haver, Ins not now, nor never has had any connection with the establishment at No. 875 Bowery The late proprietor, K. A. Thayer, nad but oue brother, named William W. Ihayer?he has not t*-ea in the house id his deceased brother for several years. About four year ago he opened a store at 111 Spring street, and advertised Rogers' Balaam of Liverwort, and near two years ago came before the public in support of Burrilt St Co in imi1 tating Dr Taylor's Balvum of Liverwe rt?md again eoenr* forward claiming the proprietorship of s <1-1. ni< ilieioe. when it was well known that at the time ihe proprietor, the I'te FA Thnyer first ietrodnced this celebrated medicine, W W Thayer was about fourteen years <>l age. Be errefnl where you buy?Purchage only?mind this Ontr ?at the old office. 375 Bowery, between Fourth and Fif.h streets Our agents will plewae add-ess as formerly I'lllm" DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORT.?fiOOO Reward will be paid to any person who will prove tliasseitioug of the "* Widow iu the Bowery" t? be true, that I am uot the brother of her late husband. F. A. Thayer, or that I do not possess the orig ml re:ipe for Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort or that I uever made or sold this medicine at my l?l? r-.U-n... 37S Kew-rr W. W. Thatk*. 441 Spring it. i f aUTiow?Beware of the statements of the interested and fraudulent ! Daily im s' shameful atiaeke are made, calcula- j ted to deceive purchasers ami other*. ai well to depriie the rightful proprietor of >11 their jmt claims- Remember, there ie but one original recip; in existence, and that i* in Snriuc it. fix ra wh.cli the medicine wai originally prepared fiy then in the Bowery, and established the medicine iu itt high repute. Touch uoue made by those who are try iug to deceire pin by falte aiiertiona. Purchase only that made fiom the >rig1uai recipe in Spriig ttreet ana you are ccrtaiu of the genuine. Agents and others supplied, on highly favorable lerms. by the iole proprietor, W. W. Xhivkh, 3tl Spring it reft formerly 375 Bowery. dig I mis' Permanent establishment. MO 18. MALL AN St SONS, Surgeon Dciitiati,373 Broadway and at London and Pant, inf orm the public of New York aad lie ricitiity. th it in co.seijusnce of th ir very retentive practice, they have at length been induced to o|ien a permanenteitabliihinent, where th-y may be conaulted daily, i 373 Bnadway betw en Franklin and White ittce'i, ill all cases appertaining to th ir profession, in which they have been o successful, in con*, ipience of their celebrated diegoverics and improvements in the art of Deiiiii'ry dai I m* BRKKSHIKK OOAK FOR SALE.?For sale cheap, a choice, thorough bred Berkshire Boar. Can be seen in the rear of ?3 Croel>> strer t.near Pituce. jS PEACH ORCHARD NUT Ct)AL AT LACKAWANNA FRICE8.?Real Peach Orchard, Reil Ash, L'rge Not Coal, d.iibly aereened, and delivered to any part of the city free of cartage, at >7 50 ; Broken or Egg, $8 50; Lehigh, $8 00; Screened Liverpool, $11 00. Apply at yard Sua Washington street, near Spring. d13 3m American bank lock company, for saw ?,i andrew^' celebkateD combination LOCK,'' are now ready to recrire orders for this celebrated Lock, an I having gnppfi-d the numerous orders heretofore received are now prepa>ed from the extensive arrangements the manufastnreis of these Locks to deliver at toe shortest tice. The design of the aurMiation ia to furnish thein to everr Bank in the United Btatca, and the security thea hava heretofore furnished to such hanks aa have applied there ago oat being robbed, having often been tested by burglars, is sufficient proof that no hank can be considered a safe depofitw ry without theae locks on their vaults or sales. All oth?i locks can ami hare In en opened, while th<se la I d'fiaucr lo all attempts, and liie combination ol changes it can nnderg , varying from 4,1)91 to 1 ,000,000. at the will of the o .vner, 'urmthes security not found m any oilier mode of fastening. Ixtcka f r safes and store doors from 136 t?4.0?4 chaiiyis As relates to the superiority of this lock over anr other, reference is made to any of the banks in Walt a* reel, New \ or-. Directors and oflicen of bunks ere rro '" - J toexajinus the L icks. and orders will be received al li e of WADBWOHTH Ik SMITH, dl 4 4 donee' lane, agents for the city. WITHMUT MKHCL'HY.?UH. V II B?; NINA. Iih? ihe ' nonor ol tulorniing me ciuvru* ol New Vora, tii.ii t he enree radically, oti me hoincoiwinic system, ana in i uvt t dari, erery description of lyphilic disease, whether rereut ci ofloiiK rtsiulinz, without danger of relapse, which ?*ry often ' occurs by the use of mercury. ( The remedy of L)r. Urenua doe* not coaliin * partiels of , mercury, ?r ottor eetwrift or poi oaoue miperel, ami . therefor* rennet possibly exercise any deleterious int'uenc* ' r>B the body. It CM be WHUMHf eltltttllltfllh its opera- ( (Hill ie alw .?>? eafe, end no bed coM?)ittiicti <-'in follow-from i lie iter, Uo-.ever critical the circumsiani e< under which it if t*k ?. .1i~f* Patients wishing adriee r ui rnesult "r. Renin* at hie t olfice, (iranite Building. corner ?f Broadway ami Ciiamoers , t reel, cut ranee iu Chambers sue ativ l.ourfroin I" * M to f f. M. jt im I Nib:.O H (SAHIIK.V -To I III. I.MVK. 'S OK H.OIIA. 1 Messrs. NIBl.O k 1>TTNLAP wouM mist re?i?eetf ?I! I)' inform gr etlrmrn wanting h iu<]e*te. the' ih-y are fully prepared r to eu ply order* to any em nt, ?ud on >e?so .able lerin*. The Cnus.rrati'y and green hones at 57X Broadway, an I at Harlem, will eoneinee any lady or grollstnan who will the ' proprietors are |irr|nre.i to exec ti nnier*. winch will be at all | timre all. nded to w it li neatnrsa and despatch, La?li sgiS'Bg *4irce* or ball, can betirp't-d w th plants of la rye or email six*. Alan, cut 0 .were, which will he arranted 1 in ihe moat taetrful manner by Mr. T. Duiilnp, who has be u I lony and favorably known In the luyrrs n( plan's ( The I ousrreatory at Nibl -'s Oirdrn w ill a ways ha open le the ladirs fur promenade an I erery at'eution paid th*in? ' there are now th uaanila of that ap'enalid fin * er. the Camellia, I cowing into blooin. rraiii- of which are of Ihe beet *11" to . present to the ladies lor der riling ibeir windows, anil which w ill be eold at moderate |? icce, with every other article in their I lin* I Freeh Wild feed*. O Id Kish, Illohee ke. dM j C""COCKS?At SMITH'S Hr.s. and RPond Clock Kelnhli-v I 'ment. ai the corner < f the Bowery ami I'maion etrrel, all j kinds of clacke fee be had at whnlee ile ami retail foreasii.of enperier quality wdeiukntMliip, Mil M the lowest p-**ihle ' price*. Also clicks for eliiireh steeple*. fir hanks. |iu'.|it | ro-unsand w itch makers rrgu atnra ol a tupstior finish made , to eideri eeeewd to mm wquekty.eed rnted f.-r Um Haii.ples always on hand and .r.ay lie caamnnd by calling at 1 the ware rooin. Kntranee Tt B.wir.. I RANSOM SMITH Proprietor At Baltimore,II South Charles street, w a b'aiich of this retahishm-at, here orders for large or nail clock', lu all thr w varirtie'.at wholeeile or retail, ?ill be promptly executed by I kmiih k Keen, Proprietor* to Baltimore. RANSOM SMITH dt? UPWARD FF..VN 1 pAPI'.K WAKF.HOt'SK.-rKUHSK. k BHOOKS, .No. ?l 1 Libetty street, offer for aula the following assortrneut tH Paper on the m*et reasonable terms : too reams JBsCt ( { #0# reams MiM ( K? do MaWf Vai.w.,,.,-. j <" <> J? ?M do HUT f[,,*w,P?P r < ?)0 do UxM 1 ? # do %*xtr J (pi# do m? i to#reams I art4. Book. I Together with Bos eeeortmeet of Writiugsed Wrappeag Payer of aoy*aise er quality made t# order #1 ahon I I RE 1 iRNIXG, JANUARY 9, Mwntgouitry, Alauuma. [Correspondence of the Herald ] MohtoomilRY, Ala , Dec. 27, 1841. Montgomery. Alabama, Trade?Locyiim?Kcligio Imxo and Moral*. Mr. Editor? Montgomery, a* you well know, i? situated o the Alabama rirer, and ai regard* the plan of tb city, it in all probability, resembles no other.Its founder* entirely lo*t sight of the line of beau ty in Hogarth's acceptation of the term, when the; laid it out, or they either thought that if there wa any beauty in line* at all, it existed in those line which formed angles, and as a prooi of this, I wd merely state that the greater portion of our towi i* composed of triangles. 1 contend, Mr. E'Jitoi that they exhibited their good taste in this respect Show nu a man who likes to see a city laid on regularly in squares? a iqnaro here and a iquar there, like a chess hoard, and then 1 will show yoi a man whose taste is corrupted, tor a man who i fond of such uniformity is a man of bad taste, an< I should like to see any one convince me of th< contrary? and one who knows not that " variety i the spice ot lite." Why, sir, such a man is wore' oil' than if he had no taste at all; for if he had a< taste, then he would not always be advancing hi opinion on matters of ta-te, contrary to the opin ion of every one el-e ? that is, if he was a mai of any sense?and besides, sir, it would save soin< humane and charitable person the trouble ot tryin; to convince th a worse than senseless being, tha his taste was most mi-ersilv corrupted. Rut to return to Montgomery. As I lietore stated it is situated ou the AUbsraa river?.it (his seism of the year u bold and navigable stream ?about ter miles br- low the junction of the Consa and Ta'a poosa, and in the midst of the nmet fertile regioi perls ips ih the State Steamboats run constantly in the winter sea on, between this p'ace and Mo bile, and they arc of the tinest kind; in point ol comfort and elegance,they are but seldom equalled. We have several good hotels, and double as inanj bad ones, the former doing respectable business a. J the lat er none at ell- We have also a bank ai this place, with plenty of paper money, but n< specie in it. There are plenty of men to drau the money out, but few that are witling to pay i back. *v e nave a plenty 01 cnurcnes ncre, nnu h? man] ministers?plenty of poor preaching, and I cxpec the minuter* pay ia equally an bad. Our Circuit Court adjourned a week or two ago and the way law and j istice was administered while it was in session, made the loafers lie leu and keep dark. Three persons were convicted o murder, and as many more should have been serve* Up after the same manner. One of them has beet pardoned, and the other two sentenced to be hung and by the will of God, they will have that exqui site pleasure, so rarely enjoyed by any one in tbii section of the eountry, of swinging at ease in th< air, supported by about nine feet of line hemp rnp< tied handsomely uround the neck; and there the] will have the privilege of kicking at the image which their imaginations may picture, or the occa m?n piesen', and in whatever direction they ma] think proper. One of tho hanging scenes will tnk< plac- on the third of January uext. I will sent you a full account of the performance, with all th particulars. A large audience ia expected on tha occasion. The reader may probably ask my reasons fo riving this description of Montgomery, its hotcli banks, churches, &c.;if so, this is my answer.There may be seme one who is ignorant of what have here written, and while it is a pleasure to m to impart information, it must be a pleasure to th uninformed to receive it; and besides it is no smaJ thing to figure in a newspaper. A Looker ok is Venice. An Evening Soiree In Shelsen. Affair of a Cab?Singular Acrit'ant?Draunng ou a Pair?A Ball?Dancing?Hat*, fjfe. Dear BexkeiT:? If it will not be occupying too much Bpace it your valuable paper, permit me to give you a shot and faint description of a ball which recently tool place Chelsea A modern invention, excellently calculated t< render futile all attempts at seniitn"nt, or evet sleep, and which is technically termed a cab, drawn by a sorry horse, who appeared to be laboring undei a rense of his degraded condition, was brought ti the door at ft P. M. We, afier weighing wi ll tin risks of a broken neck, or limb at least, (the usual reward in sucheasep of misplaced confidence,) en' tered this vehicle, of all others the most dangerou and inconvenient. After lumbering heavily through the streets at the rate of a mile auu a half uh hour, we arrived at the building iu question. V-/JI gCUin^ inn Ul HUI uiam^nu muatiwii, no tuunu a cab drawn up near the door, and a crowd laugh ing and jokiug, gathered around. Our disposition bring to pursue knowledge even under difficulties, we elbowed our way to the c *ntre of the crowd, where we very soon discovered the cause of the 'row" The gentleman and lady who were sitting in the cab, had, on endeavoring to get out, discovered that the handle of the door had been lost or broken oil, ind that all efforts to o|>en the door were useless The suggr blioiis of the crowd as to the best possible means of extricating themselves from their singu lar situation, were various. One man proposing to beat in the top with an axe, as you would cracli a lobster. This, as you may suppose, waft tnost stoutly opposed by the q?,oman, who finally suggested that die ge ntleman and lady be taken out through tht hole in the door (called l>y courtesy a window,) md which is about one foot square. The gentlemast consented to go through 'he operation first, and lie accordingly, thrusting his head and shoulders as far through the opening as possible, was drawn through by several very assiduous cab drivers This was done smul the subdued applause and gratification of the mob, but net without our hero leaving one of the skirts of his coat hanging like a banner from a nail in the window. Tlie lady now essayed, but her proportions not being ol that degree of fineness necessary to ensure a sate delivery, it vvas wine time doubtful whether the first suggestion would not have, to be adopted : she actually remaining wedged iu the windows for some minutes, luring which the crowd gave three most deafening ;herr*. However, she was finally placed by the i.Ye of her gny Lothario, and they proceeded to?ether to htdw themselves from the still admiring 5aze of iiie shmitin&rnultitude. Having witne sed this novel feat, sifely and hnpmly concluded, we made the best of our way to the Jrawing room provided for the gents, which was jrowded with person-1, who, from tiie lieat and exritemenf, were perspiring copiously. Here were issernbled persons of every class in society, from lie fashionable buck, whose cravat and boots were (like without a spot, to hirn whose checkered tie i i?,,i.. ... ,h- Bir jf.H whose boo's were ilniost hidden beneath the ample trousers. We are old that this fashion of pants enlarged below the tnee, and which in peculiar to the fclast-end, gives freater freedom to the ancle, and enables the wearer to acccuiplirfi feats in the way of ehuffl-s and jreakdouua that are actually incomprehensible to the wearers) your strapped, uiiwnnkled p.inuoons. After waiting until the "(jcmman" who takes .'barge of your hat and boots for the " -low shillin," :ould aiten t to our wants, we, afier examining our )?rson in a noble mirror, pulled on a pair of spotlet-s kids and sauntered to a bull room. Here, iny dear Benostt, it is impossible to de'cribe the light and brilliancy of the scene; on every tide were the brightest creations of nature's works, if.iyed in various taites, but all handsome and all (racelul Tiie bugle Bounds?and at the first blast i.escene changes; in every direction may be seen he anxious males, hastening to secure a partner for he set, all in a state of Hgitatiou, and all desirous rf distingui-hiiig themselves, on the light f.inta-tic Of. in a few moments the mass becomes motionless, Hid we then see ihat they have arranged themselves n regular position. The music 6trik< a up and Hie jerfotmance commences. Taking advantage of the .eedom which the nb ence of a lady companion ?erinite, w e promenade the room for the purpose of recognising such of our lovely acipiaintanc a as may iap;ien to he there present. Not far do we go helore we eatrh the eye of lashionahle Miss T , he belfe of Broadway, who is smiling, as it uncontciously hi some remark made by her partner G II >f Bond street, her t ?* a vi*; Miss M of Canada, * attended by lier new friend 1> ot Wall street, Vli!-s B of Crosby stieet is dancing withy?ung ' of VValker street, who it is rumored i-shortly to lead li?r to the altar. The Misses II o| BI-*. cker street, Miss A of Hudson street, and the lovly Misses R ; the last waliz? d together, ami never have oor eyes been more delighted than w hil' we were waichiug their airy motions After remaining until a late hour we rrtitrd to our h<-me and couch, where sweet Beep and pleaan dreams awaited us,such aa we hope, dear Bra net', will alwaye greet you when you return fa Hgued from the task of teaching John Tyler the priaciples of whigirm and blcx-k headed yohtici m? ibe mysteries of modem financiering. 3ERA 1842. [From Hie Rochester Evening Full.] Circuit Court. HON. NATHAN DAYTON, PRESIDING. TRIAL OK THE . REV. W. VAN ZANDT ! FOR SEDUCTION. y Monday, half past 10 o'clock, s The Court Houie was crowded to ita utmost el j tent before the learned Counsel waa ready to ad II drcaa the Jury in Mr Van Zandt'a defense,at leugl n the Judge ordered the doora to be locked,and va? number*, for whom there waa no room, vent awuj Mr. Sibley aumincd up the evidence for the d< H fence; said he could see nothing in this cauae o e which it is pleasant to dwell, either on the one aid ii or the other; he would endeavor to dispose of torn s rubbish which had been scattered along eur path J way in thia case, lest it might impede their stent [ ami then proceed to the mailt points of the ca?e; h g complained of the lutitudc of remark used by ih B Counsel at the opening of the cause, in introducing a matters which could not be proved, even if prno h were possible, lie then commented en Mr. Sri den's remaiks concerning those classes who nr 11 always in extremes, and hence in error, ineauiai 9 those who sen If at all religion, and those who ar > bigots, superstitious zealots. In a case of this kind t it is honorable to this coinmuuity to say, that tbeii sympathies are with the weaker party?a vouh| , mid interesting female, almost parentless, drivei i from tke llnwery paths of hope and innocence, i< I the sear and yeilow leaf of misery and despair.? i'ho despoiler a professor, a minister of religion her spiritual pastor. Such is the story told in thii r case?rumor lends wings to the statement told against the supposed destroyer, and all are anxiour to punish the destroyer of injured loveliness and viigin beauty. Again, there are those who love t* r see the downfall of hint whom society elevates and , honors; this envious class is small- Hut there it t another class?the religious community itself is dii vided into classes?intosects proteasing one com j mon objact, yet going ia spirit and in theory divers t ways. Sectarian and party prejudices mingle in a case like this whenever a case hi this kind presents j itself. What are the pages of history, but accnauts t of the bloody feuds of religious sects! o! what is sectarian feeling not capable 1 Has it not looked with delight on the tortures of the martyr 1 Has it not , deluged with blood the domestic keartb ! 'Ihehur man mind is improved and molified, but it is the I same mind,the old spirit exists, to divide neighbor1 hoods, to separate Iriends, to make men look asi kance at each oiher, and this religious party spirit, , so capable of evil, rears its snaky crest even in this cause ! This spirit will participate, although i the actors may be unconscious of the impulse i which moves them. We a?k no prepossession oi n sympathy en the part of the defendant; we only der sue that we may come before an unprejudiced jury t The couoiel for the prosecution sought to bring the - plaintiff before the court a* one likely to be guilty j of this offence because of hia vocation?has the E time come when men are to be judged of, and theii 1 guilt or innocence determined,not by the facts pro r red, but by their occupation, or religious or politi,t cal party 1 There waa no equality in this doctrine and he truatedthat profeaaiuna required by society r would not bring suspicion and distrust on th*M i, who followed them. The opposing counsel tolii yon that the duties of the defendant led him intc I temptation. Was it just to use such observations ? before they were proved 1 lie (M,-. Sibley) was e not hereto defend the Loly order of the priesthood. II Let them stand or fall by their conduct. Hut he | would appeal to the discerning public, when, in this neighborhood, thia couuty, this region, has a similar offence been charged on a member of the cleri. cal profession 1 No snoh case has occurred in t mau'a memory. The records of courts of justice furnish, it is true, seme instances where clergymen have been found guilty of offences of this kind, but the counsel for the prosecution forgot to > state that in a far larger number of instances, such t charges are found to be false?conspiracies, attempts to extort money. Mr. Sibley here alluded 1 to the case of the Kev. Dr. Phelps of New York, who had been condemned to infamy and disgrace ? by the public mind, willing, to pay a sum of mouey , to stop a prosecution against him, proved to have betn in sstaatinns in which such circumstances 1 might have occurred, and by tha confession of the ' female herself, afterwards admitted io br- innocent. ' He is now pursuing there a career of public use. fulness. Most true it is, that slander will travel 1000 miles, while truth is putting on its " seven league boots." The plaintiff here charges that ' the defeudant, iu 1S40, seduced his daughter 1 and servant?this charge is founded on the principle, that as we support our children until they are oae and-twenty, so are we entitled to their services, and that if a daughter is debauched, an action lies aot only far the actual damage, hut al-o for the loss of reputation to a family, and for the injured feelings of a father?no charge is or can be made, as the law is now exp'ained by the courts, for tha l??s sustained by the daughter in her feelings, character, and reputation. This is an action far seduction?it means any thing but force?it means that her lusts have been invoked, >ihci uiirciititii eupuvaicu?mis isioecuarLV, lull it is denied A charge like the present was easily made and Vard t* be disproved. If the female could not be a witness in a case like this, theie would be a wrong with' uta rcm?dy, but the law directs that if her story is improbable, and if i> be not corroborated, but conirac ictcd in an essential point it shall not br credited?the I iw lo?ks equally to the rights and liberties of both defendant and plaintiff lie would now introduce the principal and only wit. ne-a to prove thia case, the d ugli er of the plaintiff. It is net enough that she may hare been proved to be with the defendant on the day stated, on the oath of others - she mast be sustained by the testi mouy of credible witnesses in some essential particulars in support of tbs accusation of guilt ? So far as her (Sophia's appearance on the stand was concerned, it was crediule?I cross examined that young and inexperienced girl fairly?and it was my honest purpose to give hsr a fair examination, but in no sense to weary her, perplex ber, and throw her off her guard so as to make her ap. pear before the court to a disadvantage. The instruction of his client would have preveated such conduct; snd it was contrary to his own sense ef justice. Hut they ought not to allow female beauty and loveliness to take away the more important ju dicical information which her testimony conveyed. I'he young lady, he said, was intelligent, had been wrII brought up-her raother is respectable?and, such WUS the delicacy oftheir CearM that the conn sel for the defence would not, an had been d"ne by the learned! gentleman who opened the cane, bring forth the faults,, crimen or imbecility of her father?they were not driven to thai. That the wan virtuously bronmt up an far an the instruction of her mother would a^mit, he would freely ad mit?nhe had been intelligently and worthily reared ?and hin client had hern a painn taking agent is. enlightening the mind of this young female, and in improving her intellect. The learned counsel dwelt long upon what he considered the improbability of Sophia's statement, an to what,took {place upon the stoop at her mother's door?he considered that the kisMii j her wan no cvidrucc of lust?that men kins tie little daughters of their neighbors as innocently as thry kiss their own?a good kind inaa will be kmned by the children whether he is willing or not ?kissing, in cases such as had been described, was innocence itself. Men of theaga of Mr. Van Zandt, w ho are guilty of the offoncea charged against him, arc cautious before the public, gmrded in their conduct, never giving cause for the truth of suspicion; and if a man tell him tlia' be cannot kiss a couple of very playful girls for fear of a fall, he (Mr Sibley) would say that man stands uu?a a very in-ecure foundation. The Icarntd grntirman next referred to Sepli a's statement of the occasion when Mr. Van Z<ndt asked her and her sister to go oyer to his hume?he b ing alone - alleged that if Mr. V. Z had u vicious purpose of debauching Sophia he would nut have also asked Mary to accompany her, seeing she could be an evidence of his guilt, which, if exposed, would to hnn, the lather of a lovely family, the husband of a lovely wife, the pastor of a christian church, he utter ruin. \Vtio can believe such ?stor>1 and y. t you must believe it all or none?then- is ao half way in this case?yo'i can't take part of her ( ophia s) testimony and rrject the rest?it must be the whole or aoue. The witness inust tell the truth orthey have no right to swear. We live in a virtuous enmrnu nity; this girl has enjoyed the blessings of tbat state of things; she is a girl of remarkable intelligence; she is a mother, a woman, with the feelings > of her sex, and who csa believe that such a scene I occurred as she describes?and before her ?i-t-r i too! Ii she sustained in this csael Does her sis i ter pretend to rscollect such a scenel She does ant?she could ant. 1 ACjouraed till half-past two. Monday, 3, P. M.Whan we catered the court, Mr. Kiulbv was giving the jury tha view ha took of Sophia's statement of the oecurraners in Mr. Van Zandi's study, i on tbaaflerwoou af thu 16th Oct , IHJO Unpleasant aai disgusting as the ciroumstaaees ia this case LD. Prlea Vwo Cam tag nrr,iur) would h?v* to talk and lli.nk about them He argued, that if the jury believed that Nr. V. Z. H .id that young cleigymen ought lo be castrated, they must hold buu guiltless; that lie had had hard fare; that his secret thoughts had been exposed by his frieads, that his private letters had been hunted t up and used against him. Take the letterof Mr Brittain, though intended to be used to his injury, he ' handed it in unhesitatingly ^whatever his errors may be, guile is iinI one of them. The learned gentleman argui.d. that instead of talking about his own prolii nsities. Mr. V '/ mI<I #!..? ? ??">8 i'iotmi sities (it people in talk about and slander clergyj. mm he had avoided the company of femah in priI, vate What has attracted ibis audience? What j has filled the hody and avenues of this house?? f Would they hare to vrai' till the wave* ot the muls. tunde had passed ouvratda to net in or out, if this "n was a common case of seduction? Itisaclergy0 man that is to be tried! It is a novelty in this c region. The counsel argued as to the proba!, bilit^ that it was not defendant but his nephew , Th.iddeus, now in China, whu was the father of J Sophia's child, as he was almost always there ? e Suppose a man is charged with theft, and he at once _ declares, " 1 did not steal this thiug, hut the truth 1 is, I have a strong propensity lor stsahug," would you think biiu sane ? So i( w< uld have heeu abaurd e lor Mr. V. Z. to have said, "I have strong pro? pensities for seduction, but I have not seduced this g lady"?the counsel was sure he never could have so said; it was a niiarecollection of witnesses. ' We omit the many proofs giveu by the learned , counsel, of the innocence there may be in taking j gin and sugar, as applied to the iilointiff's ease, , though it had been brought from Hfockpart, treasured, bottled up, and retailed from that stand? meaning the witness' box. The counsel took much J pains to show that the jury must not take into acI count any thing that might have been stated by , witnesses, as to mdecent liberties taken by the rev > crenel gentleman with Sophia's sister and other , (emails?"Gracious heaven! shall we bring him > into court and try him for evury act of his whole , life?" lie apologized for Mr. V. Z 's assertion that the Misses Murdock were strumpets, made secretly to his vestry; mentioned the many stories , that were.afloat about them?commended his aoad. t lies* of heart, his charity, in giving Sophia, her mother anil sister, all dresses alike; asserted that the defendant's benevolence and charity had extended fsrund wide; insinuated that as (Sophia allowed Tbaddeus V. Z. to nut his arms round her neck and kiss her, it might be inferred that greater liberties were allowed him; gave some weight to Marden,the glover's statement, but admitted it had been snccesitully impeached, and that he waa shown to be a garrulous, intemperate man?if his testimony could not be believed, let it be cast out. The boy Ray's statement was next taken up; his intelligence and accuracy praised, and himself described as resembling a sheet of white paper for purity. The Counsel was of opinion, that Jamen Murdoch and Richard Ketchum's testimony did not impeach Ray. Coumel was not sure that Mr. Van Zandt could have called Thaddeus even if he were here, such w*rc his feelings towurdc his uncle. As to Miss Gilkeson's evidence, why he (Mr. Sibley,) last week, in hisoun house, actually kissed two of his neighbor's daugh'erc, and that not in the presence of hie wife neither; Mr. V. Z. did no more lie strongly ridiculed, condemned Mr. ilill for the manner in which he gave bis evidence, and said it was illegal?he(H ) ought not to have been allowed to show old Mrs. V. Z's manner when she beard the young lady's name. The Counsel next amused the court by humorous observations on the production of Miss Murdoch's child in evidence. lie then argued that the Rev. Mr. Britaiu's and young De Wnll's testimony proved an aJibi in Mr Van Zandt's favor, showing that he could not hava Ween in the company of Sophia on the 16ib of Oct. 1840, she said he was, in his study; that De , Wolf was sitting in the study before dinner that day, and was the first to lrave the dinner table and return tbitber. If the defendant is guilty of thla outrage, he, Mr 8 , was not here to plead in mitiga, tion of damages. No, in that case take ample damages?take all he has and give to the family he has wronged; abate nothing: he will not mourn over it. The Jury could not-ay the plaintiff was guilty; they could not find a verdict on evidence which they had reason to believe to be untrue. Mr. V. Z values not money: but he nesirta to leave no stain on bis family to deacend to his .k:IJ 1 1 L- J -: J ' .* -> bimuicii, Iiau He ui'hireu in flememif WIIQ lUAfiej, ample time and opportunity wi re given him to do so, but, knowing his own innocence he cones before the country and confident I-- * ... quittal. wMr. Sibley concluded a really ?hrewd and el< quant speech of ?.l .'tflf to!) o'clock. He wai listened t> . jft> attention by the highly respects numerous auditory, lie posses wit and huinor, with a prodig were lie not a nmn of strong ft eould not have made such an impression in such a case. No man could hu<'e done better justice to a client. He talked with ranch caie to the last, anil has very powerful lungs. Norfolk, Va. fCorrrspoadence of the Hsrald.1 NoHrot.a, Va., Jan. 1,1*42. Marria^tn?Strtnailm?Dtjmi lure of ihr Man-ofIVar?Danrinn (Jul*, 4"CDear Sin? A grey bended sire of rixty-six, and a fair your g girl offiltee'! or sixteen, to the great surprise of our town, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony on Wednesday evening last. Among the many other annoyances, to disturb their first night's rest, is that of large bands ofserenaders, not consisting, it istrue, of all our town-people, but, Fuflice to say, that all the eld cow and aleigh bells, tin pans, horns, kettles, Ace-,empty their profuaed sounds direct upon their slumbers To-night, however, being New Year's eve, no doubt but it will end their tribulations. They have already marie application to the Mayor, fir preservation of order in the ranks of the bands, n which case the liight Honorable refuses to act. Never could there have shone on us a more be- utiful sight thin that of the departure ot th? splendid United States Man-of-War, which left our harbor yesterday, at 11 o'clock. The gallantry of cuptain and crew added much to our good feelings, -rnd put many *f us in mind of the trial of McLeoo, wl.o, if condemned, no doubt would have cau.-ed many airs ot Yankee Doodle to have rc-eehi ed from h II to dale. Not a litt|<* attention in mamtern a lowarc? re Concert and Olio (Jompinjr, under the Hiiperiaten deuce of J. Morris, who have been favoring u* with some H'ort during our holidays The timt night, uj in customary won the good people of > ur place, sflerded t he hi but a entail assembly, but the aff ir turning tn'o the good graces of our high bu^e, ihmaivigera arc reaping a good harvest, which, of late is oot customary with Norfolk. Miss Clemeti'ine, AngwU, t>l?? e and Henry, are all favorites Th< Highland F irig, hy Mis* Augusta, lacapital; in fac', she is a heau ilnl girl. Celeste, ih various characters, ta not ra-iiy ' xcellrd ; ni.d as for the ingro, celling up stairs, Arc , appear* to be w? II adapleo to our climate and constitution* Taking the affair altogether, wt are ready tosiy, like our gentlemanly editor* of the Norfolk Beacon and Hnald, that it is the b-st exhibition we have had in our borough lor Hn ng?, atrl Morris de*erve* much encouragement for Ins (elections for an evening's entertainment The morning i* too delightful to sit here, and I must hid you tin adieu, with every hope lor your success, and a Strang wi?h that y> u may tally succ rd in giving chastisement to the unworthy Courier and Jin (purer. And sure victory will always be a r suit When just, ?nd accompanied with the great truss tv power invested in the Herald. Militarv Iktei.lioickce.?Mai. General G?ine? h.-ia been authorised (o remain in VVanhington, l.av nig public dutie* and private in'ereds requiring his attention for two months from the 23d lieceiuber, ItMl Puring I he temporary abat nee of Gsn. Gainea, the command of the Western Uivisim la devolved on Urig G?n. Atkinaon, the officer next in rank therein. Ilia head quartera are at Jefferson Karracki. Adjutant General'* Department?Hvt Capt.l'rcntin, A A G aaiigned to duty at the head quar ter? ol the western lmti.kmi, dh. v?ui um>,?. A O. t< duty ?t the hnd quarter* of the 2d n ilitary department; and Hvt Capt Fri < man, A A. G to duty in the Adjutant General office. Medical Di-partmeut. ? Assistant Huteun Levely, now on duty at Fort Colunihu*, ordered to Fort Preble to relieve Aamtant Surgeon Sargent, who will then repair to Fort Constitution for duty ? Ant. t^urg Porter assigned to duty at Fort Ad?wi? Subsistence Department.?Capt A. K. Kuton, Corn. Sub aksigned to dttjr at New York. l?t Dragoons ?First Lieut. H 8. Turner appointed Adjutant, vice Lieat. P. R Thompson, who has resigned his stafT appointment. 21 Dragoons ? Five companies left Mount Vet* hob Arsenal, Ala., Dee IS, lor Baton Rjage

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