Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 9, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 9, 1842 Page 3
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n ' Baltimore. |Correspondence of the Hernld-J BiLTiMOKi, Jon. 8, 1841?9 A. M. Mr. Editob ? There is nothing very new, etrnnge or wonderful. Erery thing is perfectly stale. The movements at Annapolia are growing atrong for resumption We hare had aereral failurea among oui flour aaerchanta recently. An eld firui went yesterday. The reason of theae failurea is aaid to be inconsequence of the failure of a large milling establishment near Harper's Ferry, to which they had adranced money. I hare just learned that two steamboats on the Chesapeake Bay run into each other yesterday, and injured each considerably. Captain Parish, commander of one of them was coasiderably hurt. Nothing more at present. Respectfully yours, Twist. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Herald.J Philadelphia, Jan 8, 1842. There is but little stirring here to-day in the way of news, except, the no rery singular occurrence of the discharge of James Harrey from prison, on ths two term principle. This Harrey was one ol four individuals charged with the commission of s ? ? ? >L. .7 ? as., vv:11; iap? " IUC I'cisvn u? ? maa. ?? uii?utovu, wiu? month* since. This discharge is no uncommon occnrrence here, especially where the efi'ence alleged is of an aggravated character. The defendants is sack cases if possessing friends or property, manage to put oil the trial until relieved by this prin eiple A heavy defalcation hns just beeu discovered in the accounts of the Secretary and Treasurer of the Philadelphia Fire Contributionship Association. The salary was $2,500 with perquisites equal to about $1,500 more. What the precise nature ef the defalcation, or rather its shape, has net yet reached use, nor has the amount of the defalcation yet pnblicly transpired. 1 have had an inkling of this matter for some days, but have been unable te learn more than is above stated. So wt go. 1 am also informed that the Cashier of the Merchants and Manufacturers' Bank at Pittsburg, ha* resigned his office, from the same cause, as is intimated, that has iudueed so many of our modern financiers to retire from public life. The recommendation of Cov. Porter to sell the public works meet* with ths most favorable acceptance in every quarter. It is hoped and believed that the legiaisture will second the matter with prompt action. Free of this drain upon the Treasuiy, and a sound currency once more, Pennsylvania will begin to hold up her head among her sisters of the Union. Our theatres still continue open to extsemely poor audiences. Two of them it is said are ubout to close. If so the others may live. The business in stocks to day was light, at prices the same as yesterday, in State Fives, though very heavy, and bidders took a lower stand. Wilmington Railroad shares advanced, while the loans of the company fell. Judge Hopkinson, who yesterday fell in the Atheneum, supposed in a fit, still continues ??r? 111. and it is feared will not recover. ft Mr. Burritt, the learned blacksmith, lectured before the Mercantile Library Association last night, to an audience little if any short of two thousand The immense hall and gallery was crowded as full as they could be stowed. He is a flowery talkei but not a cogent reasoner. Unfortunate Accident?We regret to state thai the steamboat Georga, bound hence to Norfolk,wat run into on Thursday night at half past 9 o'clock when off Cove Point, a little above the mouth oi Patuxent river, by the steamboat Pocahontas, cap tain Parish, on her way from Norfolk to this city At the moment of the collision the flag staff in the bow of the Pocahontas was thrown down, and wc regret to say fell on captain Parish, striking him oi the head and 1 racturing his scull to such an extent that but little hopes are entertained of his recovery The Georgia returned to the city yesterday, having lost her stem, cutwater, and received other damage The Pocahontue cams to anchor immediately, anc will return in tow of a steamboat, sent to her relief ?Bolt. Amtr. Jan 8. Captjuh Bolton.?The case of this officer is a last decided, and we give below a copy of the de cision of the Court Martial and the sentence. The Finding and Siniiiici in the Caib of Captai: Bolton. "* After mature comiiteratiou, the Court fiads? That the lit specification of the aharge is proven. That the 3d specification is not proven, and That the 3d specification is not proven. That the charge, viz : " Disobedience of Orders,1' is proven, and the accused is adjudged guilty thereof. The Court having passed upon the charge and site ifioations, after mature deliberation adjudged the lol lowing Sentence. The Court having found Captain William Comptoi Bolton guilty of " Disobedience of Orders," in parting from the Ohio, on the coast of Spain, on or about thi 4th day of April 1811. in violation of a verbal order con Teyed to him through Psased Midshipman Cadwalla lcr hut in consideration of the manner in which the Ordei was given, the Court only adjudged him, the said Cspt William Compton Bolton, to be privately reprimands by the Hon. Secretary of the Navy. The Court is fmthrrof opinion, that the said Captaii Williaai Compton Bolton, in the exercise of his com man !, was fully prepared, and at all times anxious t< sustain the honor an t reputation of the American Flag JOCOB JONES, President, Jno. Downos, E. Pendleton Kennedy, Juo.B. Nicolaon, W. Branford Shubrick, R F. Stockton, Dan. Turner, CHARLES H. WINDER, Judge Advocate. Approved, January 1st, 1813 (Signed,) A. P. UPSHER. Navy Department, ) 4th January, 1343. ) Sin?i enclose acopy of the finding and sentence o the Naval U< neral Court Martial in your case, recentl; tried at the Navy Yard, Pniladelphia, which has beei approved. To an officer of your high sense of personal and pro fossional honor, this sentence is sufficiently executed b; imply announcing it. Tou are relieved trom arrest, and will consider youi self as awaiting orders. lain, very respectfully, Your obdt serv't, A. P. UPSHER. Cspt. W. C. Boi.Toa, ^ U. S. Navy, Philadelphia. Fra*?The fire last nijht between nine and tei o'clock, was in the wholesale liquor store of Jule Feriere, 45 Broad street. There was but little darn age done. The store was insured, we understand aval hews?xne totiowing is the dispositioi of the Nnval Force of the United States, in activi aerviee, January 1, lHt'2. Home Squadron?Commodore Charles Stewart Re * '-m ndence, Captain J. (iallagher; Frigatt Cc v A. Parker ; steamer Ilia to r - ~mer Miassippi, Cap ta <'om. W R . ... r . . ' bt 1 G : - -a -jl f tt'l . U ..'"u?<l.od'>te. C'- dBhti'-. f r.- > '1 ftig-ite Polonies r ' Marion. Com. W. J. Beu , H W Ogdru ; sloop Concord. W.doi*..-er Enterprise, Coin. L. M Goldsborough. West India Station ?-Commodore Jesse Wilkin on?Frigate Macedonian, (commodore J Wilkin on ; Sloop Levant. Commander A Fiizhugh ; Sloop Warren, Com C. L Williamson. Pacific Station ?Commodore Th. Ap C. Jones. Frigate United S'ates, Capt. J. Armstrong; Sloop Yorktown, Capt J. H. Aulick ; Sloop St. Louis, Commander F Fori est ; Sloop Cyane, Com C. K Stribling ; Sloop Dale, Com. C. trauntt; Schoonet Shark. Com- T A. Dornin. Mediterranean Station ?Commodore Charles W. Morgan ?Frigate Hrtndvwwe, Capt. D. Geisingerj Sloop Fairfield, Com. J. Tatnall; Sloop Preble, Com. R. Voorht e?Fast India Station.?Commodore L Kearny ? Frigate Constellation, Commodore L. Kearny; Sloop Boston, Commander J.C. Long. In addition to the above, there are seven smal ehnoners on the coast of Florida. under the comma.. I ol Ll. J. T McLaughlin, co-operating with the Army in its efforts to restore peace to that distnrb< d frontier. The Exploring Expedition, under the command o| Li'ut. Wilkes, con-i? .ing of the sloops Vincennes at: Peacock, and the brig Porpoise, is still employed in that service, but is expected to return to the United States in the course of the ensuing summer. Mobile Rack*.?The weather continuing un -Torable for the sports of the turf, bat few were la attendance at the Mobile race ceune on the 28th alt to witness two very pretty races. A sweepstake for colts and fillies, three year old, came off 8r?t?three ontries, and all started. The result as fellows:? W J. Cellini' b. f. Lizzy Howell. * 1 1 Col. Wstsen'* b. c. Cherry bounce, I 3 a L- Cock's b. f. diet. Tims?3 m ?3 m 3 ?1 m. ? i. 8a< ono Race.?A mateh between Johnson's g g. Bird, 1 I R Chapman's t.c.Billy Kimble, 3 3 Tims? 1 m. SO ? ? 3 m its. Track very muddy. It is dae to Lizzy Howell's rider, "Andrew Jackson Richard Crowell," to say that the purse was won by his superior management of the rein. (Xf EiaaT W**u?Kan-aom Mkitinu?At Urjje ml reapectable meeting of citizen* of tb? Firat Ward, held at tha Broad atreet Houae, ou the Ifltk inatant, for the purpose of Coaaidering tha imparlance ef a apeedr completion of the New York and Eria Railroad, J. Paillip? PhoFoia, Eaq. <vm called to tha chair, and Or. S 11 Harria and Calvin Baylia were appointed Becretariea. The Chairman atated briefly the object of the meeting and intrudnci d D A. Macamher, E?q. who, in a moat clear, able and aatiafactoiy manner, portrayed the advantage! to thia city and State to be derived from an early completion o( the New York and Erie Railroad. Ob motion of Dr. Marah. a committee of three waa ap pointed to drart resolutions. expressive ot the sense 01 thia meeting?whereupon Dr. Marsh, O. W. Van Tuyl and E. W. Anthony .Esqrs. were appointed, who reported the following, which were unanimously adopted Resolved, l'hat we take the deepest interest in the i success of the city of Nrw York ; that we regard its , prosperity not only as important to its inhabitants, but te the State and to the Union?and we cannot look with in difference upon those projects which are to increase its present unrivalled advantages. i Resolved, That the aity of New York has vastlv increased in wealth and population, since the eosapletion of the Erie Canal, and it is undeniable that new ave- 1 nuesof a similar tendency, will have similar results. Resolved, That the New York and Erie Railroad if , particularly characterized as one of the most important projects of the day, and the great success of the eastern portion of it. demonstrates to our satisfaction the remu- 1 nerating character of the entire work. I Resolved, That we hail with pleaaure the animating pirit which prevails throughout the city in relation to its completion, and we pledge ourselves to exert every energy in its behalf until its hnal accomplishment. Resolved, That we approve of the plan of ward meetingsaud ward subscriptions, and that we callupo i every citizen in this ward, to come forward without delay and give the Erie Railroad a hearty and unanimaua support. Resolved, That so far as all experience has been had in Railroads, it it found that the interest they pay on their cost it always in proportion to their continuous length, and in the opinion of this meeting this stock will pay a better interest on the investment than any Road new in operation in the United State*. Resolved, That inasmuch as it is somewhat doubtful, whether any reliance can be placed in the Stat* lending its farther aid to thin RoaJ, that it should now deptud upou individual enterprise for its completion. Revolved, That the citizen* of New York will not auffer thia Road to be neglected while the citizeos of Boaton are reaping the benefit of the immense wealth of the Great West,the natural outlet of which is this city. Resalved, That a Committee be appointed by this meeting to district the ward, and appoint suitable persons ta call on the citizens and solicit subscriptions for the completion of this great work. Whereupon the following gentlemen were appointed, riz J. P. Phoenix, Stewart C. Marsh, Dr. J. B. Marsh, Calvin Bali*, Win. A. F. Peutz, Edward Prime, Was. E. Wilmerding, Wm. E Johnson J. D. Van Beuren, O. W. Van Tnyl, Andrew H Mickle, J. J. Van Nostrand, Stephen R. Harris, J. S. Gilbert, Edward Anthony, Henry W. Titus. (Signed) J. PHILLIPS PHCENIX, Chairman. S. R. Harris, ) _ , . -s Calvin Balis, J c ar,e*' Enthusiastic Raii.boad Mketin* in thi Third WARD ?Al a meeting ol tue l ilizcm 01 ine iniru wmu, eenvened pursuant to notice, for tke purpose of taking into consideration the most effectual measures for the speedy completion ut the New York and Erie llailroail, i Alderman Benson was called to the Chair, and D. H. Stonb was appointed Secretary. 1 The meeting having been called to order, Charles Stetson, Esq., in a few forcible and eloquent remarks, stated i the object of the Convention. Oea. W. Ralph, Esq. followed, at some length, elucidating, in the clearest manner, the importance to the City and State of New Yerk,of the immediate completion of the great work underconsideration. Mr. R. was listen' ed to with much interest, and produced an impression on ' the minds ofhis audience, which their actions will fully ' corrobate. r On matioa of Alderman Underwood, the Chair ap pointed Col. Wm. L Stone, Charles Stetson and George Schott, a committee to draft resolutions, t Col. Stnne (the committee having completed their la, bor,) reported the following resolutions :? Resolved, That the natural advantage* of New York, ! aa a commercial city, taking into consideration both climate and position, are greater than those of any other seaport on the continent, and that it remain! only far man topntfoith his resourcea and bis strength to secure s those advantages ta the full. : Resolved, That the Erie Canal, though opposed in its 1 commencement as a chimerical scheme, has proved itself a river of gold pouring into the laoof New Yotk.and ' that we believe the completion of tne New York and ? Eric Railroad will ensure a blessing equally signal, both ' to the City and State. : Resolved, That the State of New York, tho Pioneer in ' the cause of Ioternal Improvement, cannot look with indifference upon the last and greatest of her achievements, four hundred and forty miles of consecutive railway. Resolved, That in the present state of financial matt teri, the people cannot look with effect to the State?but that they have a just right tc appeal to the tried and indomitable energy and perseverance of the people, in a Ratter which is singularly their own, and which appeals equally to the pride and interest of every New Yorker. Resolved, That in this state of affairs, the city of New Vnrlt mill trust tn herself nni! the contiguous counties through which the Railway ii destined to pan*. Renting on her sagacity, and th?t of her neighbors on the line of the road, she will not doubt that nach a aum may be railed an will complete the longest Railway in the world, and add immeasurably to the happincn of all, and to the particular proiperity of this city. Oa presenting the Resolutions, Col. Stone made a few remarks, in his usual lilicitaus style. lie was followed by M.C. Patterson, Esq., who, with ven more than his usual ability, enforced upon his an dience the imperative necessity, for the safety of the standing of our City, of immodiately constructing the Railroad. Col. Stone again, for a few minutes, enchained tire attention of his audience, by examples of energy and sue1 cesafnl enterprise on the part of other cities, not possessing in any prop Ttion the wealth and resources of New r York. After this? Charles Stetson walked up to the table, and enforced ) by an example worthy to be imitated by all, the arguments whicn had been adduced during the evauing, by increasing the amount of the subscription list, and we are happy to say his example w as followed. Thus we hail, with delight, the auspicious commencement of our successful competition with our rivals. Let the hall keep rolling. On motion of Col. Wra. L. Stone, a committee of two were appointed by the Chair, to obtain subscriptions, in accordance with the resolutions of the meeting. Oa motion, Walter K. Penny and Enoch Morgan were appointed such committee. Previous to adjournment, it was Resolved, on motion f of Alderman Underwood, that the proceedings be pubY Hiked in all the daily papers, signed by the Chairman a and Secretary. On motion of Col. Stono, the meeting adjourned, i- E. BENSON, Chairman, y D. H. Stow, Secretary. RorHF.iTt*, Dee.24, 1811. Messrs. Pv.asf It Sorss, 4* Division streetThere is no end to the demands hourly made upon me for your in I is Hi Me Herehounil Candy, our city is overrun with visitors and travellers, I fear I shall be closed up in an article that now requires nothing but a constant supply to satisfy the public. Doctor Merrisan came acrsss from Canada, yesterday, and positively q asserts that he knows of no medicine yet discovered that has produced so many and successful, as well as instantaneous, recoveries in the most obstinate cases ol catarrh, * consumption, cold and soro throats. He speaks of its pre eminence also, in the mo<t alarming instances of crntip. Forward me, without delay, an increased supply. Yours, lie. J. Wins. 1 P. S. Yon can send hy stage to Albany, to the care of 1 your agent, Ilawls & Co.,57 State street, and he will forward it to me. J. W. ? 0(7- The Rsv. Mr. Vai* Z?xnT seems to attract ns ordinary share of attention. Clergymen are hut human, and consequently liable to err. The only infallible things we know of are Sherman's Lozenges, and the way the people buy them is evidence that they appreciate rm Coughs, colds, headaches, worms, and most ordi Pjii-jT m?o?,aracuief uy mem earner ana iwoner man ' ' ? hing in use. They are sold at 10<S Nassau street. , inal n trrhomi ; anil by ag.-nts, 110, 571 and 440 vay ; 138 Bowerv, 77 E.?t Broadway. 351 Bleeck et. 337 Hudson strert, and Hii William street, New ' ; 58 and 13# Fulton street, Brooklyn ; Redding, 8 street, Boston. MOMRY MARKET. gatnnlay Jan, ?-# P M. The sales of the Stock Board presented the usual features and prices fluctuated to some extent. Delaware f k Hudson fell 1 per cent, Indiana bonds Harlem , Long Island rose }. At auction a sale of 3,471 shares of Harlem stock were sold at 0( a 9J, which la J a J above the market rates. They were bought in by Mr. Qourlie This stock was pledged with John Ward A Co., to secure two loans of $44,400 each, made In 1836 and 1937. These loans fell due Oct. 10, 1941, and Jan. 10, 1813. They were issued at 40 per cent, rense<|uently, the 1,471 shares amounted to the $h$,oo$. .This slock is now transferable and forms an addition to the quantity upon the mirket. The packet ship Albany, for Harre, carries out $00,000 in specie. The ship Albany, which sailed to-day for Havre, carries out $96 000 i n specie. Great efforts are making to depress the Mohawk and Hudson Railroad. The stock is held by a few speculators who generally manage to " corner" those that sell e nough. We have not yet received the returns uf the road for the past year; hut those for the three previous ones are as follows :? HuDSOX A.UD IIiiHIWI RllLWiv. Rttfipti i s is isjs. tata Transport of ('aiaengsrt, 101 015 1IS.SS4 I85.S91 " Freight. IS 378 38 000 11.031 " " U.S. Mail, 1,139 4.SSS s ins IUnta sf Tenements, I lie l ies l.HS Otier sources, 154 8.8X5 10,391 113.333 138,531 134.354 Disbursements, 85.333 37.1*3 73,173 Bslanes, 40,511 58379 81,878 Deduct dividend 3 percent, so.ota tT I'ipei ded balance, Jan. 1, 1811, $39,378 The pretence now is, that the Troy Railroad will tnka away the buaine.a.and entirely ruin the Mohawk Roar1. 1 The New lurlc Equitable Ininrance Company hits declared a dividend of four per cent, far the last tlx menth*, payable on the IJ.h instant. The B<aW of Georgetown, S. C., one dollar on each ihare fcr the lait tlx msnth*. The Bank of Camden, 8. C.. two dollar* per ihare far the paat six month*. The Union Bank, 8. C , one dollar and twenty-five cent* per ihare. The Bank of 8outh Carolina, one dollar and twenty fiveceati per ahare. The Farmer*' and Planter! Bank, 8. C., seventy five cent* per share. The Mayor of Baltimore ha* vetoed the bill allowing five per cent interest on the railroad order*. The 8t. Louii papers complain of the scarcity of mo ney in that city, and attribute* it, in part, to the failure of the Cairo Bank, and the proposed curtailment by the 8tat? Bank of Illinois. The finances of the Federal Government are the sub ject of great anxiety at Washington, and to the people t large. The party that came into power in March last feea to have determined to create a deficiency in the Treasury, by giving away one part of the revenue and squandering the other, thereby forcing a National deb upon tha people. In accordance with this Lx tra Session was called to "relieve the Treasury," and the first act of that Sassion was to give away tha public land revenue*. The appropriation* of the year were then increased J*..->00,000, and finally a $12,0*0,000 loan bill was passed, without providing any specific fund* to pay either principal or interest. This wo* the entering wedge for the proposed national debt, and it had scarcely passed, when Mr. Clay gave notice that it would imme diately at the commencement of the Extra Session, be increased by $16,000,000 addition, loan. The state of the markets has however prevented the negotiation of the loan. The failure is ascribed to the shortness of the time to run. The true cause, however, is the lact that when six States have failed, and repudiation stalks abroad in the land, the government has not only made no provision for the payment of the loan, but has deprived itself of the only legitimate means to provide for it The following table will show the different views of the Secretaries that have been in office during the past year. Finances or the Fbdcral Oavksnment. tt'uodhury's Eshmatt. Ewinn's Estimate, forward's Receipts. Jan 18H. March 1841. RttMirt. Customs, 19 000.000 13,000 000 14,047,557 Lands. 3,5(0 000 ? 3.500 000 1,454 0S3 Miscellaneous 80,loo 170,000 130 091 Balaaceju I, 1,583 055 016.8ej 987,345 Banks, 230.000 ? 733,4*3 Loan, ? ? 5.533.731 Treasury notes 343 (18 5.411.593 7,731,830 Total receipts 34,743,473 30,730,395 31,397,813 Expenditures Civil (M. 3,450.740 ? 6.1(5,589 Military, 8 699.440 ? 14,003.878 Naval, 5.445.339 ? (,199.547 Public debt, 14(390 ? 97.080 TreaauryLOtes4.600.0(0 ? 5,(30 9(5 23,134.730 30 730,3(5 32,035.07V Mr. Woodbury's estlmatu did not embrace the ex penses and appropriations of the Extra Session, which amounted to near $$ 000,000 ; nor did his estimate of receipts embrace the loan, but confined itself to affairs as they then existed. Leaving out the receipts Irom the loan,it will be seen that his estimate was within $1,500,000 of the actual amount according to Forward's report consequently, had the expenses been conliued to tiia, which was strictly neaessary ,the government would uol now be bankrupt; but $6,000,000 was spent at an extrs session to "relieve the people," which of course iucreas' ed the demand upon the Treasury. When Mr. Ewing came into office he endeavored to depress the estima jed receipts, and increase the expenditures,with the view to spare the necessity of a lean. The report of Mr. Forward. showing the actual results, prove that had the expenses of the year been confined to the actual estimates of the several departments, the ridiculous extra session avoided, and the affairs of the government con uucieu wim inai regard 10 economy wnicn common sense would have warranted in the preaent exigencies of the finanaial world, the failure of the loan and the loaa of credit to the government would not only have been avoided, hut a surplus would now have been in the treasury, instead oi the actual dishonor that has now overtaken the governanent, aad which affects its credit to such an extent that its six per cent obligations arc quoted at 95a99 per cent in the market. Sales at the Stock Exchange. *2000 Corporation B>ls 97 US do do 65 *2900 Illinois fills, 1670sl5 IT 51 <io do alt 94 *1-080 do 19} 10S do do ai5 93] *4000 do 17j 25 do Mechanirs'Bk 6rj *4100 do sSO IS I 26 do Plienix Bank T3| *3000 do |7J 50 do Fanners Loan, 27 *5000 do snw 17 59 do do 21} *1000 do s4 aios 15 60 do Ohio Life it Tt 65 *4000 Iudiaa Bda 19 10 do do 55} *5000 do 19i 10 do do S30 50 *fcUio do uw 18} 10 do Mercbants'Et 25 *SOOO do aw 19. 10 do N.Y.k Klie K 25 15u shares Del.kHad. 951 10 do d? 20 250 do do nw 9<i 25 do Canlon'Co, e30 19 75 do do 9*t 25 do do aSO l?t 60 do do 95 25 do Mohawk Kit 60} 25 do do S20 94 25 do do 60 76 do do ?n?r 94 I'd do do sow (9, 25 do do s30 93} 075 do Harlem 9 26 do do 95 1UU do L. IsUuil KKhSS 52} 50 do do Sl5 91 160 do do 51 10 do do 94} 60 do Stoaington R 14 25 do do snw (I 10 do New Jersey 71 Second Hoard. 100 shares llnrlem 9} 200J do Illinois 17 2000 do Indaua 19 Foreign Markets. PK*r?a?ifi:ce Market, Dec. 9 h., 1841.?I have now to report the arrival* of baique Navarre, Miller,from Philadelphia, Dec. 6th; tariff Ariel, Gregg, do.. briff Lucy, Dec. 7tb, from Boaton; barque Oov. Mow ard, Dec. 8th., from Baltimore?the latter Teasel with wheat for the mill*. Th? ?e arrivals have caused a decline in the price of flour, and most atliclei imported from the United States. No further receipts ol fish Sugars are at market in abundance, and prove of as good quality as anticipated. Best whites have opened at 2 000 ner arrot e. Hides in demand at 130is. Exchange, SOil. Dollars, 1600 and 1040. Havana, Dec. 23d.?Since our last the Oglethorpe lias arrived from Savanna, with abaut 360 tierces Rice, for which no saving offer has yet been obtained, it will probably remain unsold until after Christmas; we have nothing new to advise. Troduce without any change whatever. Lard, superior, dull at 11 to 11 J. Exchange on London, 11 a 11J pri m , New York, 2 per ceut prem New Orleans 3 per cent discount. Married, On Saturday msruing. dh instant, at St. George'i Chapel,by the Rev. Dr Miltior, Johis Pendleton of Georgia, to Mart Louisa, daughter of the late Johr. Woodward, and niece of John M lliaby.of New York. On Wednesday evening 5th itutant, by the R--v. J S Spencer, Mr. Wiv-iiam 11. Salt. of Flushing. L I., tc Miss Eunice F... daughter of Ezra Lewis, Erq., o Brooklyn. Died. On Saturday morning, the bth inst., Buxaimk Hamot in tho 49th year of bis age. Hia friend* and acquain'ances, also the members o the Eire Department,are respectfully invited to attend hn funeral, at half past 10 o'clock, this day, from No. 11 Talk Raw, without further invitation. At Brooklyn, on Friday evening, Tth inst., Maria D wife of Commodore James Renshsw, U. 8. Navy. II'i friends, and those of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon, at half pas I o'clock, from the house of Mr*. Post, 126 Hicks street. Latest Ailvlrss REJJCIVU) AT THE NEW V'tlE HEltALD Orril'E Africa Oct. 3# Madras Mar. Si AnsCayet Dec IS MaiuMa July 11 Autieui-.*: Nov. 27 Moatevideo Oct. Si llo.lanr . . 2 flat 1 ...I. ? M - ... Biilnia J?* Sept. 1 MkUbzsm Dec. ll Bermuda Dec. 7 Mayaguez. P. R P?C. ( Buciioa Ayr< Not. ? Mararaiho Aug. |i Balria An* 24 Matamoriu Pet. I helire.Hon Dec. 14 Neuvitm Not. t< Barbadora Dec 21 Oahn, S. I. Aug f i! acuta Oct. 10 Pari* I)ce. 2 Berbic# Sept. 27 Port au Pnore Dee. It Cuimco* ..... Dee. 1 a Para Nor 34 Cienfuegoa Pec. 6 I'ernamhnco Not 2? Oarthaaena- Not. 30 Panama June II Car Not. 26 Rao de Janeiro nat. 2( ' tw.LT' a July 1 Singapore An*. 34 Callao July ? Sydney, NSW Aug. 5 Calcutta Sept. 17 St. Helena Not. 21 Kayal Oct. 26 St. Thoinaa Dec. I* Gibraltar Not. 3 St. Barta Aug. |o Oua) ama.P. R Sept. 29 St. Jago de Cuba Dec 4 OoiiaiTta- Dec. 3 St. John*. P. R Oct. 27 Oalreatun Pec. 3 St. Crou Not. 19 liaTre Dec. 1 St. Martha Not. 27 Havana D?c 19 Surinam Aug. 22 HalilM Dec. 21 Tamparo Dec. I Jcremie Sept. 3 Tobacco ........... Aug. 31 Knit* ton, J a. Not. 39 Turkalalaud Pec. 17 Loudon Pec. 3 Trinidad de Cuba- Dec. 12 Liverjiool Dec. 4 Vera Cruz Not. 20 Cm iiuayra Die. 10 Valparaaao Sept. 8 Luna July 10 Yucatan Pec. 6 Macao Au*. 24 Zanzibar- -Oct. 2 New York Pont om?e. Poat Office otei.a at o'clock, a. M * 11 cloaca at " r.M. Ot-en on Sundaya from I to IB a. M , and 121 to I) r. M. ARRIVAL AND DKTAIlTURe OF THE MAIL*. Due. Cloiet N e-tfiern Mail < a.m. It r. m. Kajiein Steamboat Mail, ria Stotungton,, eueept Sunday* f AM. I r.M. K tern Stramnoai Mail, Tia New Haven. daily, except Sunday a T f. M. I r.M. Kaatem Land Mail, which leave* Sunday uiorattig, cloaca Saturday I r.M. P. teru Way Mail,viaHarlein,WeeteheaUr, Norwalk.Vc. daily.eieept Siiadaya I r.M. 1 A.M. Hartford Mail, by trainer, daily, eicept Stuxlaya A.M. t r.M S jthem Mail through ta New Orleaaa, duly B a.m. H r.M. P'.iladelfif'ia Monnag Mail -8) r. M. 7 a. M. S-> ilherti Way Mail^ncluiliii* thei-riucipal ) T A.M. '.'Hee* betweeu thia and Philadelphia,na > I a.m. It /eraey <'ity,Newark, Ite. " " ) t r.M. H .daon Rirer Way Mail, caal aide, Monday*, Wednradaya, aud Friday* 8 a.m. Do weet aide, d uly, > laept Sunday* 4j r.M. Do. TcekakiM. Sing Sin*, kr. daily, eicept Mind a yd S r, M. Weatern Mail,daily 11) r.M. B) r. M L n* Itlatul Mi?U??Worth aide cloaca oa I'ueadava and Fndaya at I A. M. ' iddle Mail b a m. i.)upi aide. Monday. Wednraday It Vridav B a. m Paaarngtr* ffailrd, HAvar? Ship Albtar?Th"? Ntlim,r F Lang? MARITIME HERALD. PORTO* mew YORK, JANUARY N vn aim 7 S3 | Moon mil 5 m ics 4 38 i with ? 44 Departure of (hi Atlantic Ittunor*. rion t.inarooi. iiom boitob. Ilnlmmi Jiui. 4 Feb. CiW-mil Feb. 4 Mnr. 1 Acadia Mnr. 4 April 3 Packets to Arrive. Packets to Depart. Lonnon tonnon. Wellington,! hadwlck, Nov *0 Nloi treal, OrifTmg, Jan. 10 Quebec, liebarcl, Dec. I g ail i a tor, Urittou, Jan. SO LivKarooL. LivtarooL. ^ America, Cole, Now. IS Sleplien Whitney, Jau. 13 Geo. Washington, Now. SS Coluuibut, Cropper, Jan. 19 hitbk. HaVRK. Ducbeiee d'Orleans, Now. 30 Albwny, WaUon, Tan. (I 8ully, Thompeou. Dec. 1 81 Nicolas, Pell, Fi b. 1 To IHiuteri at Vessel*. Commanders of vessels will coufer a favor by having a list jf their cargoes, passengers, and a report of vaiaeJa left at the port whence tliey nailed, and the veaaels apoken, ready nil their arrival here for Commodore Bassktt, of our fleet V uewa achoouers. He will board them immediately on their arrival. Cleared. Ships Montreal. Tinker, Loudon John Oriiwold; klniily, Crave, 8t Crois.Cbas Morgan; Aldebarau.Brew, Maraeillea, Boyd Ik Hiuckeu: brig Oueco. Butler, New Orlraua. Johu Elwell; achra A B Coolrv,Camp, Philadelphia; Eliza Ellen, Merrill, Wilmington, N C, Ne-mith Ik Lreda; Celeste, Johnson, Baltiinote; Perseverance, Weeks, Nrwbarii, N C; Marietta, Mataou, Uoetuu; October, Duaut, Kiugaton,Ja, 11 Underwood, Arrived, Ship Newark,Marvin, 3 daye from Providence, iu ballait, to Dauhatn It Dimou Brig iieorgre, W,tts. 15 days from N Orleana, with 325 lull augar to Uolto i, Foz It Livingston. 20th iiutam, l.t 34 36, long 74 33, epuke aclir JohuO Neal, of Norfolk, lor New Orleans. Below. One ichr. Wind light E. marine Correspondence. OrricE or tiik Hhodk Ulandu*. 1 JNrwptrt, Jan 6, 1B44. S Sid 5th, Pol tad, Havana. Bid fclh. Newark, M-rw in, and Finland, Means, NYork, and all others in port for a harbor. Cld 4th, Finland. Meaus, for New York; Lhailea, Ash, for Providence. Paeaeugera in brig Poland, for Havana?Mra De Wolf and daughter. General Kt-coril, Sena. Emcrald (Br) Crawford, arrived Thursday uight laat irour Haltl.i, and casie to anchor in the North river, olf Hector atreel wharf, and ou Friday night a large field ol ice drifted ,gaunt her, which, when off the Battery, cut her through, and she filled with water and sunk, t he ice carried away her mainmast and lore-topsail yard. The captain and crew took to theirbual, and succeeded in gel ting ou shore without, however, saviug an article ol clothing The K. has a cargo of coal Ahrivals. etc atCHaHLraTon.?Harbor Master's report for Dee, 1841.?Arrivals, veaaels roasting withiu the limits ol the Stat* excepted?33snips, 14 barques,36 bnga, 69 lihooueis, Clcaraurea and Peparturia.iuclud rg v> aaela departing eoaa'wife, without clearing?21 n ipa, Id b<ui|uca, us bnga, 46achri, 42atiamboata Remaining in Tort 31it Ore, 1841, including veafrla cleared, excluaive ol teai'-la coaatiug wnliiu the Siatt?45 elope, 17 barque#, 32 brigi, 40 achooncia. 3 ateainb >ata. Lor? of Ship Oci;ana.?The Kclio, at New Orlaaua, oulhc 2s.Ii ult from Kuigaloo, hringa the account ol the loaa ol ahip I Uceana, HaiuinouU, of New Orleaua, aud bound hither from Havre, w ith a valuable caigo. S'eweut aahore ?u the f th in1 ataut, al Baic Buah K-y. off *)ld Harbor, about 12 nnlea Irom Kingatou I he ahip i? a total loaa. hut a part of ttie cargo in.ty hue hreu aecured. The cabiu paaacugere aalled lor New Or' leana belore the kcho left. The following ia from the Kiogaton Deapatch The Octaua, bound from Havre de Grace to New Oi leana, waa run aahore on Friday laat, at Bare Buah Key, otr did HaiborBay. Upwarda of two hundred aoula were on board, laciudiug paaatngera, emigranta and crew. Fortunately no liveahava been loai, hut the uuhappy emigranta havr In en barbaroudy plundered by the iuhabitauta of Loug Bay aud the yhore ia tin neighborhood. The Hon Alei. Bravo aoon aet the police >n the traclta ol the robbrra,and we are informed that their praiaeworthy egertioua have bee* emiuenlly aucceavful. Mr. Bravo haa moat humanely taken charge of the emigranta, and alao aeaiated the paaaengera on many occaaioua. 11 ia uuderalo id that the greater part of them are immediately to be ahipped off iu a veaacl to be chartered for New Orleaua. Should the priaent favorable weather prevail, a great part of the caigo may be aaved. It couaiata uf winea, ailka, aud other valuable gooila, Spoken. Nov 2*. lat 18 10 S.loa 28 10 W. llrrada, 44 day* from 8aleaa, for Bomb?y; Dec 26tli, lat 30 N, Ion 68 2 W, Gleaner, of Salem, 40 day a Irom t'crto Rico, had been blown oft the roaat threa tiniee, waa aliorl of provision*, and wiahed to be reported; 29lh. lat 34 N, Ion 72 IS, Norman, l'ra t, 3 day a from .New York, for Ht Domingo Ycukee, from KichmoLd far Havana, Dec 27th, in lat 38, Ion 74. Joliu Kudera. Maao-r. 36lioura fin NYork fur St Cathariaea, Dec 31. lat 39 43, Ion 70 46. A brig ehowiug a whiteaignal with blackball mit,atanding SW, Dee 2, lat 12 14 S, lou 32 66 W. foreign Porta. Oonan vi, Dec 11?In port, Kverlon, Mayo, for NYork, an; Hope, da 8ih. M v?<a"iilla, Dec II?No American vi aarl in port. Bia UaaMSK. Oct 30-Iu port, Navarino,for Opoito, nearly I loaded?aaptank. K i vukToi, J a, Dec 15?eld Cornelia. Mobile. 11 th?Arr Cornelia, Fieuch, New York, bound for N Orleaua. 8th?Arr Jaue. N Ol leana. n...-. ii? i q_ a-- m-- - Will ? ti -1.:?? ui.i */_i... co. Boston; Lauet, Krusc. New York, 20th?Arr Oglethorpe, Savannah. Sid Auitrici, Boston. 23d? Arr Ly dia, Portland; Frankl u, Newport. 23d?Arr Tiger, Havre; Neptune, Amitrr<*iin), Cernien, Bordeaux; Lydia. Portland; I) Alustel, Amsterdam; Kiaukltu. Newport\ luvicto. Hamburg. Bkkml'Da. Dec 14? Entered, Falcon, lift. New York and ll?lifa\. l i?e achr Sally K> uis, from New \ 01 k, took a West Knd pilot on Sunday evening Usl, but in consequence of tiie lightness of thi wind all yesterday, sue oil uot get into port !.< r r? we wont to press. Theehti Fraakhi. Great, (Mors K*-iwtrt?d) from New Orleans, lor Li^eipool, w ith a cargo of ottun and too^cce, auchoicd in Five FathmiHole on Wednesday last, in distress, having injured rudder, sails, 8t,c. in heavy weather, in lat 39 N, lou oH \v, leu days previously, United Htaiss fortaBoston, Jan 7?Air Bustouian, Mobile; Utardo, Natchti; Clar s3h. Bait; Drustlla, Mansainlla; J ines, Auk Cay??; Oriole. VVudhiuutoii NC; Horner, N York,40 hours. Telegraphed, Delaware. Ini Flu la. Signal for2 barks, one supposed to be the Prompt,fm Bait. Cld iiualce. BtJago; H ltov.Havana; Ytntrosa, Trinidad; Thetis, Buenos Ay res; I ape Fear,Bar ^nnh; A Lawn nee, Meeker, NVork; Abie? I, Wiscussrt. Air 6th, 1 Palmyra, N Oil us; Chief, It io Grauue, Effort, Teneriffe; New ' England. Mobil ; Bethel, Curecoa; Josh Brown, Au\ wayea; Fri' nd, Lovell. N York?cuine out of i'roviiu eto a n with .vlnry Cole fin Mobile lor B"*tou,and the res* of the fleet. Ashore ] oi the poiut of Gallop's Island, Forest, of New kurypert, from I Ponct . Pmovn?t!*i e. Jan 6?Arr (hepre. Mobile; Jaines Lanph"er, Keiiuey. New York; Moses Eddy. Sid Post Boy, I Gray, N York Below? D-siel Webster, New York. Philadelphia, Jan, 8?Arr Amelia, f'ertjambuco. Left Dec. 10. Navarre, I ruin aid for I hilad,, disr hg, to * 11 S'?ou;, Col. Howard, froin Baltimore, tosa'l 15ih for JKio Janeiro; Ariel, for PhilftdL, to sail on the 12th lloscius, from Valparaiko, for Boston. touched hue "ii the 50? Dec, and sailed on the 6th, via Holmes' Hole, with the follow ing p ssengers? Lieut. Bleecker. G 8 Navy, slid#. Portef. do.Capt Henry Merchant, of Kdgartowu; Capt Simons, of Brattieboro, Vt. Spoke on the Is inst, lat 34 46. Ion 71 35, Susan and Jane, ol and fm Port, laud, for Havre; Belle. New Fork. Below? J Ik W JLiickson, a??J a topsail schooner unknown. Ni.w Bedford, Jau 5-Arr E incline, Norfolk; Louisiana, 1 Baltimore. is a rat: l itv t ovk. dec 3'?Arr Sarah 8t Ls the r, from Edgartewu I ?r New H??'laud, Ian 1st, Barbtry, Atkins, from New York.C-rSl John's; Cuariotine, do, for Halifax; Endeavor, Weeks. K lgartown, tor Ntvv York; 4th, parsed down Sound, Eveline, lor Nantucket; 5th, si J Sarah & Esther, and Kudt a i Tor* Nantucket, Jan 1?Arr Cony. Brown, N Vnrk. Provincatown, Jau 2? Arr James,of'.Marblehead, from Aux 1 Cay for Boston, wi h loss of foresail. SiLtM, Jau 5 ?Sid North Carolina, from fhiladelphia, Hitig- I ham. ? Purti.%ni>, Jan 6?CM, Cybele and Exchange, Cuba. SI I, j r Gt ? >k? fi-ld, Aj alachic-da; l a j in. Portsmouth; Clio, Cuba t haki baton, .J*n 3?Arr Yorkshire Stockton, Eng?3d No? ,ti) IsalHispnui ihi i of the foremast complied toliuis i it withspirs; hiker,Newcastle, ?'ng?19th ult passed ati American m hr in lat 25 51 N, lou 03 \V,ih"Wed asigml with letter A; Ohili. Havana; Panama, Miller, New ? York, 12 dk>l? The Panama has experienced he-vy gales of wind from all potula of the compass, was driven acr si H e f gull twice, split sails, and sustained other diin-gt; (Jen (.'all I Port I.eon, K?,via Key West?1The Liwretice, for Port Leon, y had passed Key West. ,o d t .e J D Morris d", for New York. 2d?Arr liscine (Kr), Martinique; Vesper, Bermuda; Oeorg? | Henry. Sedge wick. Me; Via la. Provnlence. 1st?ArrCous- I brook ' Br). Belfast; Cami'la, Watlington. New York; James I PerkiDi. 1 .iver,.o .l; Kin raid, do; ( hristonhe ColombfFr). ! < tuad ilo'i ti nil i ''I, I: i.l .1. V'Ctorine f Er). Ui-rdean?; M t Joy. Krmik'i-ri Mf; ' ?lmus, Apalachii < ' c. ( M lulu I i.l. Havie. Sid H Allen, .St* York; Bet y, Rotterdam; Volnl, | Havre, Ashley, New York; Sullivau d >. i A r?L4cm< oi.i, Ifcr ij? Arr Illinois. Everleigh, New York; W H Tilrrnn. N Orleans. I'rnu 'i.i, Dee 2J?Arr L?ou dan Il v na; Alford, Portland; Richmond,Tampa Bay. Sid Pruxy. Havana MoaiLt, llirjl-Cld .Nor h Am' iica. Havre. AirAI l)cnnn. P at, New York Vra-els 10 i">n?Sim* J.m i 'iw, Liverpool; 'I albot, do; Ueniare, d ; rowliitUu, do; Portam ntli, (I 1, Br) Arno,Glasgow, ( iei.n 1. Ilat re; 1 0IU111 I 1 liter, do; Waverly, New Yolk; Ewina. ! . ,Nr? \ rk, friighl, 11? 3arth.ilVeeimmt, <1 : V<uire,.|o; Splendid, no A abama, 0; Ali.tai.der. Al?bainian,oo; William Iii.ddaru,do; Bir- ' Ini aghaan. In; Robert Isaac,do; Isaac; Athens.die- \ charging; Plymouth,do; * I tin; ' ahaa 1. do (Or) ' Columb 1 .do Baiqurs (Br) liiake, Liverpool; " elliin, do; (Br) Je-eic. do; (Bi) Lanark, do; (Br) Laut' r. Glasgow; Dd'Orlra a. M irselh a, Reform, Nt* V rk, W1 kJtmei, j Providence J-fcn (Clin discharging, *bbeB*ko do; s.ilrm. do , Vitgu la. do; Science. Beat. r. 1 baniea, Oulnare, Tartar, Lucretii Brig", Homer, B emu; (; Canton, do; (lorn mere*, Providence, (Jeoegia, < harleatnn; Pinneer. disrharging; Mobil', do; Patriot, do. 2Kb?Cld Kloridian, Pratt, New York; Doctrine,Liverpool; Abbott Lord do. Arr Norman, Boston; 1'ei; tot. Warren. H I. Nrw Oai.?', Dec S8? Cld Rusai t; Cadiz; Haanrer, I.i verpool. Arr Moslem French, New York; Yazoo, Cornell, to; Eranhoe. Lacuajra; Echo, Kirgvton: Arabian. Cliarbaton. 27th?i Id II una'. Sprague. Natchez; Virginia, Liverpool; Arkausse Dennis, New vork, Orando, Nichola, do. PORTirnrK-SK FEMALE PILLS. THF.SE far-famed -anti c>lebrated pills, from Portugal, are we perceive, to be obtained iu Inia country Bee advertisement 011 (he laal tolumnof fourth ; ag". il29 lin'ir \ DJ01 RNi D 1 AULWELL MISSIONARY MEETa 1 IX).?The miat'onariea, Her. S. Chise He*. John () Pingree. R?v Geo S Brown, and Mrs. Wilkins. being about to til for Liberia, in Africa, a farewell missionary meeti?g will j be held in the Methodist Episcopal Church, in Forsyth alreet, oa Mnaday rvi ni .g, 10th in?l . cnip-neiiciog at 7 i rlnrk . Ad I dr-ssee appropriate to the nccaaion insy be >ip?etrd from I each of the ibote natm d brethren. Mfi Wilkiue 11 alau nreeled to ad lre?e Hie meeting, A collection will be taken ui in aid of the Missionary cause Alter which the charge to the missionaries will he delivered by the Corresponding Secretary of the Missionary Society of the M. E. Church H BANOS. jilt* Chairman Cam. of Arrangements APARB.-l he undersigned beglrave 111 th'S public manner to present their thank* to the President and officers af the Housatonic Railroad Company, for their courteous end gentlemanly treatment, in affording to them erery facility oa rearhmg Bridgpnrl, after riding eight hours in open sleighs, suffering from the severity of the weather, and refunding to them the eitra etpense to which ihry ware subjected in rouse* ouance of being detained se?cn hours b> In Albany and Boston Ilsilroad, at the depot at Oreenhneli, which comiell- d thein to hire e?(r?s st Chatham, to reach the earn at N rth Canaan, which inn in connection wbh the steamboat at Bridgp'irt for New Y.rrk. v John S. Wro 'ward. New York Cnarle* Taylor. New Ycrh. H w Spencer, New York. Jo! n R. Taylor, Albany pre Nir, Philad-I; hia. F Stall'id'ark, Buffalo. P. J. Smith, Buffalo. January SIh, 18(9 g MERC\N PILE I.l RR \K V AHHOt l \1 lON -ThS members of the Mercantile Library Aseori .rjon friendly te the Indepeii lei t Liberal ' icket, headed Jo n T. Hrllms I f I real lent, an l H-uf f tt. Trail f#r Vic. Parsi I ' tee r? pi?s?. 1) to rre. t at J m's Se c n I V.'ar J Hole'. ?,u Mondwy oil, tl.s U. in?' itto'cl ?2t "VM AMllM lalM. 0T THOMAS BELL. I Store t Nui.ti Ann und lit f\Ulorutr??U.\ TUTSUAT Sale nfdry gnade. fancy article#, jcv dry, clothing, plidgtd good#, hardware. gun#. fcr. Alio, SO doz w lur, SO 000 arga#a. millinery. kc, kc. WEDNESDAY. At 10| o'clock, iu <lie Sa'ca Room*. SpleudiJ Furniture?Coir, pruiag the mual homelier king arlo lea, from t w? bundle# gi t ing up houaehecking. Alio, the at ck of a cabinet maker. SIXTY MILES LESS TRAVEL THAN BY A\Y OTHER ROUTE. aMf) sat THE MOST EXPKIHTIOUS route &r^h^TO ALBANY, via BKIUtiKi'OKT-Kare The ateamooat CRO I ON or the NIMROt). Iravei Catharine Market slip, Kail Hirer aide, fur Bridgeport, every morning eacept Sunday, at 7 o'clock. From Bridgeport, pt?#e?grr# will lie forwarded by the Hniiaatomr Railroad to Writ t'uintan. (73 mile#) to lodge, thence to Chatham (07 tnil##) by ?tage. and Ounce to Albany ('to inilea) by Albany ami Boston Railroad, arming at 11 o clock. A M. The. Railroad rare arc well w?rmrd by itove# _Fur paasnge or freight apply on board of the boat oral (he York House, No. 5 Conrtfaudt atrtet, where ticket# can be procured. _____ Js'ni Villi Y IMi't "RIANT. .MWt j&\ HUKI.HUKT k CO.'S NEW YORK ,-4'AND SPRINGFIELD PACKAGE EXTT I irTjr PRESS, via. New Haven aud Hart fold . Office 7 Wall etreet, New York; 31 State itreet, H rtfnid The subscribers will run a Package Car. uudrrtheeare of an agent, by the ateamboat train, for the conveyance of package* of every description, holes, bundles sample gooda, hank notea. specie, kc.; psckagr* will alao b? received at the offi-e 7 Wa I street, New Xork, and furwaided to Norwich, Worceater, Boa ton, Hartford, New Haven, Springfield, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Waahiugtou, Salem, Lowell, I'ortemoiith and Port land, Holloweli, Augusta, IJ.tngor,and all the principal eaaleni citiea and tow us. Ex ares*. Largepackages will be called lor, if notice be left at the office. Particular attention will be paid to collecting and paying draiti, notes and bills, goods on all the above named place*. Hurl hurt & Co. or their agent, will constantly accompany, and hare the exclusive care and iua loily of their package cars, and will be responsible for tlie good* carried in, or destined for it, by lo?s by fire,and peril ol the a*a excepted. A.MOS SMITH, Proprietor, 7 Wall street, New Vork. J. HURL BURT, 24 Stale street. Hartford, ft. J. HUKI.HURT. jS AMOH SMITH. ?Si*>r> DAILY LINE TO A l.itAN t ANu lllls TON.?Through New Havcu, Hartford anil 3L_jaL^-Sprmctirld Passenger* may leave New York by steamera NEW YORK and KOSCIUSKO dvily, from Peck slip, at 7 A. M.. arrive at New Ha>eu st halt past 12; thence by railroad to Hartford, and arrive at about 3 P. M . where stages are in readiness to take tliem to Spr'tigfield, and arrive at about 7 I*. M to lodge. Leave Springfield at 7 A. M., by railroad lor Bo?touor Albany and arrive at either destination at noon. Returning by same conveyance, leave Albany or Boston at 7 A M .lodge at Hartford,and arrixe at New York oetween 3 and 3 P. M. following day. Travellers are assured that this line will be continued without interruption through the season, and the proprietors will use i heir utmost exertion to make the route the most comfortable and pleasant of any for the winter. d3l 4w* FOR INKWj ORLEANS?Louisiana and-New kJHMrVYork Line?Positively First Regular Packet?To JHMMkLisail Monday at 3 PM.?The splendid and fast sailing pacaei slop LOUISA, Capt MuHoid. will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having siden didly furnished accommodations, apply on, board at Orlraus wharf, foot of Wall street, orto E. K. COLLINS Si Co. 54 Soutli street. Paesengers will please be on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall i'rert, on Monday, 10th inst at 3. o'clock, when tie Steamboat Heicules will take the Bhip to sea. O' care will be taken to have lite good* by this line corlertly measured. Agent in New Orients, Jas E Woodruff, who will promptly forward all good* to his address. The parked ship LOUISVIl.LF., Captain H. Hunt, will sneered the Louisa. and sail the giiih mat., her regular day |9 arrfk- NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PXTTETSTeTHk Regular packet of thelUlb Jan.?The splendid packet jkCfl&ship SOUTH ERNEK, Capt. A. S. Palmer, will sail as above, her rrgular day. The ship* ol this line are all loot) ton* burthen and over, and then accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage is well known are superior to any other line of packets. Persons desirous of securing bevths, should not fail to make early application to W. (k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 49 South street, corner Uouvemcur lane, or 43 Prck slip. Persona desirous of sending f ir their friends can have them nrougni out uy una invuriie aniti, or any mcr line, moling from Liverpool wrrkly and on favorable Wm?. Draft* for any amount, payable ou the National and I'lovinrisil Banks of Ireland and their Branrkri; ou Mraara. James Brelt-Son Si Co. Bankers, I.oudon; Exchange 'and Discount Bank, Liverpool: which are payable in all the principal town* of the United Kitndo-n; can be had by applying at Tapucott'a General Baa sage Office, 49 South street. j7 attar PAHSAOE PGR LONDON.-Packet loth JanurVjWW ary ?Ti.e splendid fast iaillng |>acket shin MONAtitil6eTKlt.AL,Oapt. Tinker, sails positively as above, her regular day. This ship has splendid accommodations for cabin, second cabiu and steerage passengers, For passage, early application should be made to W. St J. T. TAPBCOTT, 49 South street. j7 ?r 43 Peck slip. PASSAGE "FOR NKW ORLEANS.?Only wjpfnrV Regular Line?The splendid, well known fast sailing jpMfarwpacket ship LOUISA, Capt. Mulford. tails positively ou loth January, her regular day. The slops of this Line sail everv five days, or passage free. Having superior accommodations for cabin, sreoud cabin and steerage passen. era, at the lnwest rales. For PMKige,early applicatn n should be made ou board, at Murray's Wharf, foot of Wall street,or to W. St J T. TAP8COTT, j7 44 South alrort. or 43 Prrk Slip. ' ? A-at- b1118 T PACKb'T 8U1P holt I.uNDON?To AjctV oil on thr loth inst ?The snnerior fas I sailing packet ^MMbshtp MONTREAL, Capt. '1 tukcr, a ill sail positive|y as above, her regular day; can arcominodate seroiid cabw and steerage passengers in a comfortable manner, if early ap pHcItiol is made ou boiril the slop, at the foot of Pine si ret t or to jfi JOHN HF.RDMAN, 81 South st. "4#^ PASSAGE FOR HA V ANN AH.?First I'ackgJSfflV et.?The splendid packet brig EXACT. Captain "I'r'^nrL in-?" nils positively tuibove This vrssel has splendid a' com modal ions for cabin, second cabin au I htecrage passengets. For passage, early applies tion should be made to W. Sc J. T. TATSCOTT, 49 South street. _j8 40 FOR MOBILE, The splendid packet shiptAjwVGRKAT BKIT A IN, Capt Trout, will he drspatch??%SlCsr.l lor Moliill on 'J'in xlay. nth mat. Sli" has unsurpassed accommodations for cabin. 2nd rabm and steerage passengers who w 11 be taken at the lowest rates. Apply on board the ship, at Pine street wharl, or to W. St J. T. T A PS I OPT, 49 South street, j6 or 43 Peek slip. PACKET* FOR HAVRE.?Second Line.?TV new ship ST. NH OLA8, J. B. Pell, master, wit ail on the 1st of February. liOVL) k HINrKEN. Agents, i 6 Ho. 9 Tontine Building VtA FOR SALE.-The si >ck?nd fixtures of ttie oyster Hlfr and rating saloon 316 Broadway, the basement of the JUli?Lf t hir H ul. together with four yr in unexpired term of the lease from th? first of May next hsaloon beinn one of | h? Lent locutions in Bruadwuv ami now doing an excellent business and will be sold st u bargain, a* the pieseot owner is I so situatedI that he rauuot aitrnu to it. For particular* and terms inquire on the premises or to SAMUEL DAYTON* i Kuiton fi?h m tnet. jl0 2wNR | TO I.F.T.?To oim-4 utlemeii or to i nodi ina and his wife, a furnished room, with or withouti at '.'iL--parlor, and a privilege m kitchen. Apply 93 Whitest jfW TO LET?1Two comfortable Offices in store No 61 ,* South street, and ionnedl ite possession given, by Mpply* a+SAsking to JOHN HEKI>SlAN mi the premi*> * A Is * , < i t ! i i it tli'.n .4 ??.-.%? . j-, Er..-l:)h.MK WAN IKD-Wanted It? to h'1"'*' on or before th? 1st of April tut', a count rv re* ea*lH sidence. situated withiu 70 miles of New York, with a farm of from 20 to HOarref attached One rumuiuudiug s water new preferred. Address A. L. Yf . per mail, at New Rochelle, Westchester County, (post office) Si. Y.,giving a description of the premises j6 2w f% THREE DOLLAR HATS! FHMER DOLLAR f^HATH !?Just finished, th?- most splendid article erer offered to the public. Elegant short mt mob *'<in Hats at the i low once of Also an article at f2 *>0, iqual iu dtirabil ty and lustre to those commonly sold at $3 lis I in' 1! KM W \ f'r I H.r J 1 c, 1 .,^,1 ?? cl DOG LOST-FIVE DOLLARS REWARD? Y/*C| Lost, last w#ek, from No. 119 Liberty street, a small 1 J\ Jj female Hlhuu I. of the Kiti^ Charles1* bre?d. hnvirg I white hair, bright yellow ears, and a star Of the same color 1 thr head and a large chestuut brown spot near the tail, w m h u ttry bushy She answers to the name of Cora Yv'hoever ahall return ?aii dog to the above named (dace, hall rrceive the abov e reward, w ith the thank* of the owner. Jt It* r? TEW DOLLARS REWARD -Lout or ?lolen, vf^vl on afternoon. 3 I January, a white female J) TV ball tirri pa , with i b kck Hojr roaod her left ?j e. an I a black [ >nt on htr baek, ati*w?-rii to the name of Vic. Whomever w ill return her to No, 64 Wr,t 14th ?trfet will receive the above reward. j6 2t* eft FOR SALK CHEAP?A fimt rate hay Horn, ilSTWn list and a very defliratd** family Hor?e. with \ j7 VWagon acd H irnejia, to be gold very cheap. To be aero at rowehg itUbles, 437 Houaton itreet, near Broadway . Hit RAILROAD COMPAftY.-Riftoetith Ward wake ?,rThe citizens of the 1 Ith Ward are e*rne*t|v invited to attend a public meeting at ( r nvitu'iou Hall, 650 Broadway, vu ( Monday event g, lOtn inat,, at half past T oxiick, for ttio ; . r l> ae of taking proper me* mi re* to aecure the iipeedy complej tion of the New York and trie Railroad. Noah Cook, ) T 8. McCirty, | J >hn Ward, I David Bank*, | I < ah h Bartlett, | Barnet Amea. j k).Graham. Jr j?#-Mmn Ttjrlor. ^tominnUt. P O Stuyrenant, Wm. Whitlemorf) Prall. P. M. Wrtmore. II fi. S'ebhiii*. Ullm Tucker. J i* \*MV \<>KK AMI I HI- KAII.HOAD MKKTINO ? IN The eilitrnt of the li Ward are eanieallj' rnpirit.d to tteod public nieeli.'* it Hie Howard Home, com- r nf ||o?. ar t etrret ?nd Hrondwafi on I ue?d?y tTmitig, 11th inet., at half T o'clock. f"C I he puri oee of adopting ineaeiirm to ?tI cure the epeedyeompletim of the New York and Krie lUil R (' Wtlmore. 1 J Tyle Brijcham, Rami Hajmonl, Robert Taylor, Rami Kir, John M. (Ion r lie. [r,_jUt? n T.Keiatad, f Coma.UUe. W, K llivtriatyrr, I W m W. Tadd. A Maclay, M. D., | Aid I) V aiiderTcrt, I M. O. Roberia, j ja 'I'O THK PUBI.H -UKJC UOATR-- I ha uw>i?tgw.1 bog a laare rrai eelfuli) to luritc the attention of eea captain*. marehanta, ami all oil,era interested in thi natiga.ion of boils and Tftirla, to liia newly inrantt'l life beat. Tneae l.ife Boeta are mule upon an u'trely dilfereritjirinrilile from tboaa now in, they an- warranted to be eaery way adapted to Ilia pnr|>oeee for win h ibey are deeiyned, ai d can ba furoiahad for ac arly ane h If the etyeaae ol'whiat in termed "Fratieia' Life Boat." Thaee far liny in"reated on thie eubject, arc niTitnl to rail at the eatabliehmeiit of the U', le ,\o, 4M Water afreet, and aaamine for tliemaelaea < 'MNOLLR L INOKRSOLL. Th?ra laoee row build ny. wSir'i ihe public are intn-Jte eiamine aa lha wnrtt prrg-t - je |w UfANTKit?laaraei leieiy, a ttiree. to 'alte eara ot two amall children Nine a> e<i aptly wtthout good nf-rencea, A'ldree" boa ana low r " *' oilier. la at* >T OTIt K.-H. K I.K MK.NT. r i.lunr torn ?rlj w ith I ibii l), I Millar, at I ?ii?).a><rte ai boM tl-in. >1'ntC'imerv outf Ir, NewYorb.ta rtsweated by bit family, at Raxbury. near I eion, to inform ib of hi? preernf iilarr of reaxlr nco, ad* > ?' it' new? frmn him for ? ratal Vieia. H.e-?,we ' ? ?11'~ - JL * I laiMDUMI. PARK THKATMK. MONDAY EVENING, Jan. iu?The perlurnitnca will c-?min. in ?.t!i WHAT WILL THK. WORLD SA 8 Lord Nerwiw1 Barry | Layt Tarrad ddle Placnla Marian Mayli y Mm Luahinau B' *e??l? Pil ?o caul*? Gallery 21 tenu. I loom .?i?en at [ erfnrmauce roinmeiirri at 7 o'clock CHATHAM THK M M K MONDAY EVENING, Jan. I?The performance! will com' menc- wilh THE KNIGHT OK THE GOLDEN KLEE< Sy Syr > Hill j De I.una Kirby Benedict i Mr? Thorna A ftrr which. A WIVE EOM A DAV. Nathan Turhrr Hill | Morti u Mettayer Augeli'iue Mr? Thorue Toconclude with SIGNET KING. Ztnoclri Thome | Seliia . Kirby Helena Mri Lew la oiea tacenta :td and Id tierilf, Tit lit lUailery I St r><w?renp?D at li: Ourtain riaei at 1\ preciaely HITCHBLL'8 OLVMPIL TIIKATR* MONDAY EVENING. Jan. 10?The[xrfnrmaacHwiU tone Man with 1049. C'nimmlei Mitchell I Eaney MnTimn To be followed hv HAMLET TRAVESTIK. Hamlel Muehell | Oarick Vila Singleton Aftar which. THE HAPI'Y MAN. To co'iclude with THE QREEN'S OWN. Capt Suminereile Hornraatle I William flilliu^a Graham Laurella Mine Sineletmi Admission?Dress circle SOcents. Upper boles -it tent*. h' LSI rente. Private bosrs fit. n.,,,rs open at naU nail ?n. I orlaiti rises at aeven BOW KM. Y AMHIIITHEATHK. Xo :f7 RotPtrv, GREAT SUCCESS or MR. TURNER. MONDAY EVENING, Jau. 10?The performance will coacommrnrr with a u rand mitre* , entitled TOURNAMENT ENTREE. Feat# of Horsemanship by T V Turner Negro danc'.ng by the unrivalled Matter Diamond. Mr Sand* will introduce an iin^iiuc Kijuettriau Act. Vaiilingby the whole company Master River#', whose wonderful perform meet defy dee* criptioo. j Horsemanship by Mr Riicktey. Comic Song by Mr Booth. The celebrated Rivers Kamily go through their much admired feat* of Gymnasia. To rnnrlude with THK COBBLER OK BAGDAD. During the evrumg a variety of otLer eutertainmeiH* Doors open at 6|?|*erlormance cnintnenre* at 7. Blurt 50 rente Pit i5 eel is. Th* animals brlongii g to the Zoological Institute, will be opeu for eihibitinii during the holidays. Entrance No. 17, in Cnrystie-st. Admieaion IS c?nts. NKW ARCADIAN OARUB1, Xo- 255 Blerrkrr tireet (Under the direction of Mr. II. ROCKWELL I THIS EVENING, Jan. 3?The entertainment* will corn ineuce with a grand WALTZ AND STAR ENTREE! Led by Mrs. Gullin mid H. Rockwell. POLISH BROTHERS, bv Mr Risley and kis San. ACT OK HORSEMANSHIP, by Master Slepheiw. Comic Song, Mr. l'.G. Booth: Juggling, Plate Spinning, Bsc., by Mr C. Sands. Kasbionahle Monstrosities, by Mr. O Sand* The Goddess Diana,by Mr (J. Stone. Negro Melodies, by Billy Whitlock and his Baiiia. (-)le Wirgiuuy Breakdowns,by Master Diamoiol. Grand Ethiopian Tiio, by Master Diamond, Whitlock, and T. G. Booth. The Amazonian Maid, by Mrs Oullin. Mr St*>ne will appear in the character of an Indian Hunter. Th* whole to conclude with a Laughable Alterpicce. Door* open at a quarter past 6; performance to commence at 7. Bosrs 80 cents; pil 88 cents. AMKK1CAN MUSKUM, Corner liroadicay ami Ann street. Manager and Director, Mr. P. T. Barnum. The manager lias pleasure in announcing that he has e fleeted an engagt meut with the celebrated aud accomplished danseuse iMissM C Williams, favorably kuowu throughout the United States aud Cacadas, as La Petite Celeste. A large company of Indian Warriors and their Squaws, will exhibit their uuapprnac><able and extraordinary pantomimic representation of the MUKDEll OK MISS McURKA. They will also go through a variety of terrific performances. Alio with Mr JENKINS the celebrated tenor siuger and delinrator of Yankee eccentriciiies. And likewise Willi the .mowed AI.RINrt I.ADV Mignor Niarruilte will rihibit the wonderful end beautiful ITALIAN FANTOCCINI. The splendid COSMORAMA wae entirely thai ged on tlie let of January, aud will l>? changed regularly ou the lu.tot every mouth. Principals of Schools and their pupils admitted ou libtral lerms. Admittance to thef Museum and all the entertainments. SI tents. Children under 10 years of age half price. j? MUSIC. MESSRS. SCHNEIDER St KEBHUN, director* of the well known German Baud, beg leave to inform the fashionable ninety of Nrw Vork, and its vicinity, that their Jul) and effective Band, coueistiug of twenty insti-umcntal performers, is now ready to attend private iiartiee, soirees, kc. They have all the latest and most popular Waltzee, Cotillions and Galons of the celebrated composers, Leaner, Strauss and Labitiby, and will attend either witli two instntmeuls.via: Violin and ri?nnforts, or any number that may be required. All tavors will be promptly attended to by apply iiig at Mr. FK ANTZKEE'S b ur Store, 8(9 Broadway, when Ladies and Gentlemen air refueeted to inspect the most splen did assortment of Furs, Skins, Caps and Robes, ever offered in the city of New York. <>25 Irais* MUSIC. MESSRS O. WEISS k GKAHM, member* of the Ger inau .Musical Society, beg leave to inform tlie fashion able secicty of New York and its vicinity that they havs formed a full and effective hand of instrumental Performers.of twenty in number, if required They have all the faehiouablt new Walzes, Galops, and Cotillions of the celrbrated cum poser* . Strauss, Lsnner, Labilzky, Musard and other eminent professors. aud hold themselves in readiness to attend private parties, soirees, he They will attend with two instruments, violin ?i.d pianoforte, and anv additional aiiinber'tha! mar ha required. f' lvom will be promptly atteuJed ta by anpl yiuc It the music atore No. 41S4 Broailw ?y,and at theirreiidtDcesVo. <n Oelsiiry .trcct. _ jl im Nr. W \ OH K r>A? Ht.l> MUftlt; KUClfcTV.?The Oratoria of DAVID AND OOLIATH, composed by the Chevklitr N'rMkomin expressly for Mr. Biaham.rud adapted rxpnssly to hiaatyla and mice, (Mr. Br* bam us Duvid) wit be perfurintduu Tie sdsy evening, Jan. II, at the Tabernacle. I'HanacTKKi Iti i'uvn ur t d. Sister of David Mrs Strong, daughter of Saul Mis* lVaraon David Mr IS ml urn (ioliatli Mr A Kjle Saul Mr J S Maaaatt Jonathan Mr It Munsou High Client Mr W D Coined Messenger A Member Cborne of Bin phrrds. Warrior*, 1 evilea?male and lemalc alien airs?by ;ni'uilers of the Society, LeaCtr and Co.utuc or Mr U C Hill Oraa iiat Mr Hivnaon The orchestra will be laige, consisting of violin., violas, double bane*, violincrlloe, horns, tioinboDea, dariouetta, llui'S, clem, bassoons. trumpets, opiiecleides, harp, cj tubals, t.biuese gong, double driiini. Uc he. Ticket* tl tach, to be bad at the rrusic stores, at the book atore of I) ij ton Ik Sat too, rorner of b'ulton and Nassau, Hale's News I too in Well street, of i be Seerelary of the Society, and at the door, on the evening of performance, where also books of tin Wolds wi I be for sale. Members and subscribers will recei e their tickets by applyli g to J A Spaiks. Secietary, III Nassiu street, where per oris w isbli g to become members O'iuUsonbers may apply. Doors will be opeued at 6 o'clock, and the perforinaiiee wUI coninienre at lull past 7 precisely js II* PAt KBT Sllll' HI S I SV II,I,K, KilOM Nk\V ()Ra LEA Nfl, i? discharging at Or leant wharf, foo* of Wall it. Consignees will please attend to the receipt of their good* im mediately. J| O 11 v > I* b U Tt-It MIS?Attention? 1 he Shop butcher* oftKs City of New York generally, arc requested to attend a Meeting of the Independent Shop liutch*rs Aktfociatiou. ou Tu i4i] erenioiaJioaary llibt itnilf putNYM n'elou* The Me mbers o| the Association are specially requested to attend on busiuess of importance. bv order of j8 3t* \VM. SEA RLE. President. SjEOAKH?SI'ANInH HOUSE?A DEMOt RATH' fc ARISTOCRATIC DELlOHTFUL TREAT.?In order to correspond to the popularity that has already acquired the Bpauith House, No. lug Nassau street,(theprofiiory depot. till n* it may or before) through the liberal patronage re ceivtd fiom the < iti/' im of New \ irk and its vicinity.and the cheapness and superiorouality of the Srgar. it w ill be told at 5 per cent profit, the follow ug iin; orted Havana aud f'riucipe feegars ooo prime La Norma, 12 00# secoud do. 25,000 first rate Java Pnncipes, fit f very mild i . Da r N i tfi 1 80,000 Agoilxa, the brand contracted by the King of the French lor the c nsumttios of his d- *r people. The same will also be retailed by the bunch of 25 Began), at the w holesalr price. V? ry old importr d Havana, to be ret tiled at 2i 6d. the bunch, cout tning25 uncommonly good Segiri. The Patent Hrg.?m. always in vogue. jQ |w" PATHOLOGY OF DKL'NK KNMH8.-A sclent it r L< " lure on thin subject. illustrated by a splendid trnu**i? wen cr of Dr. Hew til's rngravings, showing lite effects of Air -h d on lM human stomach. w ?ll be delivered by Dr.W. K . Bn-wii, rncsutly from r! Schools of Pans, at Clinton Hall. Monday brewing, half i ??t 7. Jan. 10 Admittance rente. Ladies and gentlemen are invited to att' ud. jfl 2t* VI KCH KNit- ft' I NSTlTL TK. LF.CTl UK, ?On M outlay lV 1 rrrninf, J u nary 10. at the New York Society Libr-.r, , by Charles il. IK-lavan, Km| on Temperance, commencing .it I o'clock Tickets, admitting a lady and gentleman.! teati, to be bad at the toilowing narnrd places : Clinton Hall book s'ore, comer of Beekman ami Nassau; John H Taylor, Brick Church, Chappie street; Pattinsoii, corner of Nassau and Ann streets; Kiehaege Lyceum .corner of Broadway and Leonard streets4 arid at t Fie door of Temj eraiicc Hall, corner of White and Centre sis j H at* MH W.M. M Kr.i/".K respect lull y informs h is friends and the public that be hi* return* d to this city, w hirh he intends to n ke his future rtsidenet and will be happy t?> take pupils for tbe Vioii i and Piano Korte. Terms moderate Address 14 Hub* rt street ' h '* Square. lw* W HITWKLL S OfOTiF'.LD' >C, which IS considered by tbe first Physicians in the U. S. to be the rery bfft con positiou in existence for Ri eiuaatisin, Sprains, Chilblains, Chopped Hands,,Cramp, Numbness. Weakness af Liu t>s,et?. N B It is three the strength of any other kind. Bs sure aud ask for Whitwell's Opods dor, and receive, so oteer unless yew wish to prove the truth of the remark that 14 Pleasure is a* *i? ?t Of bei;it; cheated as to cheat. QfH Pnre 25 cents. Sold at WI. .|e?. ile <nd Retail by A.B Sl D. Sands, Drug gists No. 7? ?ud luu F ulton ' rset ; David Sands and Co.. No. 77 Ka*t Beoadw ?y ; Abr'rn B. Sands It Co. No. 273 Broad Way. corner * ( < h amber street Also, for sale as above, lbs AROMATIC H.NUKK," lor Headache and Catarrh, fomi reaed pfllM ipnM > -f ??x>ts. shnd ?, ami rt Com mended by Dr. I a t P rrt . a...r nl I a -nKrwU. IT? i v *, -?t U mi- r. i. i . * d!V itU witnr MILLH OK THK BKNNLNOTON. Houintonc K rlro^d, Huffnlo. , ! tii# tafVty fui.d hankc alt* &t Law rente, Ole^n, :tu?i ill the In t or r?d M?k Imnfcf in thin Hlate taken at par for rlotha, rajKimere*. resting*, flaimelt.lic. at ike loweet Cai?h pr?e# at 4*1 Orcrnwieh street near Canal dt 1 Itnifl* MUSKY TO LMSb. ABRAHAM J. J A' KSON. Piwnhro<?r, 5? Re?i)-? m ^ ? Df?- Broneway. loan! money in laryt or t* ?l! . ,ih?, I nov i.# . # p-t. d, nw r--*? 'ten Hear "I id: Ilia. I? BILLIARDS-OTIS KlK.I.I) will I* * .til fr v? In frwaA al B'Mfor.i'a Hilliarl Room i, orer thtOlinn KaRnf Hon**. * Ken <ic< ylit aplemlid tablra willi elate nd mtrMe bi de. I">lin robber. cloth, au<1 apriiiy tteel ?u?ht ti?? |ron hi J inati'cativ frame*. K.niraic- I4l> Kultog atreet, aii'l l| Aon itr'H. Table, an# el 11.a |.ir . la jt In ? SUPERFINE DRESS COA but '{Pali re. #?*Jaaato woHnnaaaaip'ard * -itenala.for TWitT 1 f 'UK DOLLARS ; *1* . I'anialooga Tan p'li ,.t<''' ?r* TuloriugaataMLihinant, 111 Broadway. N. B-?Tie a. oregariii*uUan*u**oi a?l > "? . I*n> r)T raapacl to th.Mie by the n>o?t*i|< >*'** t lie ?:tr '(In* ia no emrly iriarantee. Ml one etiat the .*? a'xtye* r.meelftofu'fi' .iirantmnfeec- iaaryj ) rr"#R ion jl? lowar. ?* i

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