Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 10, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 10, 1842 Page 1
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fTH I. TIJ.?No. 197.?WhoJ* Ho. 1005. PUBLISHED DAILY BY JAMBS GORDON BEIIETf, No. ?1 ANN STREET. TERMS Of ADVERTI8INO.?The extensive cirr* Run.) of the Hebild, both in town end country,male It ciperior channel for advertiser*. FOB TWELVB LVI*ES OB LBiS ! I a ay, #0 60 I 4 days, H is | 7 days, $1 87 10iia^s,M i f - U/fMO ? 1 - - |? I 00 | 8 " 1 76 | 9 " 9 13 | la t 6 roa 114)ht lines ob uh: | vmii, 60 I S months, $8 0 I mouth. 3 00 | ft months 10 0 All advertisements to b? paid lor before their is tertion Advertisements inserted in the WEEEiv Hkeald it| per square every insertion. Moanina Hesald?Issued every morning? price ftc ttnli per copy. Country subscribers furnished at tb same rate, for any specific period, on s remittance h alsauce. No paper sent, unless raid in advance. Weeelt Her ald?Issued every Saturday morning, t Bine o'clock?price tixcenii per copy furnished to com try sttbecribers at $3 per annum in advance. Cstiurosoi.irs are repeated to address their letter t# Jambs Qoanoit Bennett, Proprietor and Editor: sad a] Orders en business must be post paid. A6KNT8 For the If.Y. Heralsl In the United States. Boston George W. Redding. Philadelphia G. B. Zieber. New Orleans.... .. John V. Curus k Co. Baltimore William Taylor. Pittsburgh, Pa R. O. Brrford. Providence, R. I .John Green. Utica, N Y J.B. Loak. Albany. N. Y J. S. Barber. Norwich, Conn Morgan Safford. Cincinnati, O C. Tobey. Washington, D. C G. B. Zieber Si Co. Mobile, Ala. John K. Curr.s St Co. Savannah, S. A. Holmes. St. Louis, Mo R J. Woodward. Louisville, Ky W. N. Haldemau. Newburgh, N. Y M. Maguire. Troy, N. Y Levi Willard. Poughkeepsie Levi Smith. Syracuse, N. Y James Robertson. Rochester, N. Y L. Moore. Hartford, Conn Hurlburt Si Newbury New Haven,Conn D.C. Mitchell. Worcester, Mass 8. Thompson. New Brunswick, N. J Wm. Solomon. 'Newark, N.J D. Smith. Runway, N.J T. Page. Paterson, N. J Matthew Dougherty. Hudson, N. Y George Clare. Buffalo, N.Y T 8. Hawks New London,Conn 1.. L. Snerry. Elizabethtown, N.J Samuel Crane. Auburn, N. Y W. B. Graves. THE EASTERN DIVISION OK THE NEW YOK1 AND ERIE RAILROAD. ' pKA^^Jv^hTcal ier imi b .?fen New YTir k *i. I ?i..?!.r A according to'he billowing arrangement, e'op iug at Hfn moot, Blaureltville. Paacac, Suffrrae, Kairarwi Station. Moi roe Work*, Turner's, Seamauville, Mmroe Village and Chei FROM NEW YORK. A passenger train every morning (e*cept Sunday) Iravin the loot of Albany itreet, at gl o'clock, A. M. luthe company' steamboat Utica, Copt. V H. Sehultz. A passenger train every Weluesday and Saturday aflernoo* at 4 o'clock, from the foot of Albany etreet, iu tho stsamboa Utica. A freight triin every Monday,Tueaday, Thursday and Fr afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from Ore foot of Chtmbers * tree I by the eteamboat Union FROM OOSHKN. A paaarnger train r very moesiog.(eacept Sunday) at go'cll arriving in New York, by tne steamboat Utica, at the foot t Albany street A passenger train event Wedn'sday and Saturday afternooi at 3 oVclok, arnviug ia New York tiy the steamboat Utica, A freight train every Monday, Tussitaj. Thureday and h r day., at 8 o'clock, arriviug in New York bi theateaniboi Union, and ba'gee at the font of Chambers street. Freieht will be rec-ived at the foot of Albany etreet o Wednesday end Satuiday*, and at the foot of Cliai ?bers strei on Monday, Tueaday, Thureday and Friday .until 3 P. M For freight or passage. inquire at the Corapauy'e Tra'tp >i tatioo office, coraer of Liberty and'Weat streets, and at tl various depots on lite line of the road. H. C. SFYMOUR, Superintendent dgT I m Eastern Diviaiou New York and f.rie Railroad, NEW YORK AND NEWARK. Far* reduced to us cents. Frea the foot of Csurtlandt street, New York. (Every dar?Sandays excepted.) Leave New YoA. Leave Newark. I "fw- **! v "'iiv 4) do lot do 8 do T de 10 da ON SUNDAYS. r~~* ?'Liberty street < , " ?? ' I A i ? A.M. a V i p .v.. (Ml II ?? . New York cm So*-*.. i!l>, *? n? <o Naw Brunswick, Tl cacti. UiKtr, 80 cents I UaMUm, 35 cent*. Tjw fare in (he Tl A. M. tram from New Brunswick, at J t PM. train from New York, has been reduced between New York and New Brunswick to 50 tent*, i ' suit Rah way U 17J " !% Philadelphia maillrae passesthrough New Brunnriekf< New York svery sveuiug at So'eleck. '>11 Sunday* the T| A. M. tripfrom New Brunswick is omi ted. Passeagera who procure their ticket* at the tickclothce.r eaiv* a ferry ticket ?t*tie TirkeUare received by thecocducn pole OP the day when purchased. nil _ 11KD BIRD LINK T?> ALBAN V, on tl East eid* of the liter, having b-t'er at'C H?yl8waa**Kand team*?atkiiut no higher tare.?OITir Howard'* Hotel. ITS Broa iway ? PaMeiiger* will he f ir a ri ed by Stage to Alba v hy th ? line from any |>oint on the K,a/ id* of the river where the boat* may be Compelled by ice I ' Agent* ill be on hoard each of the mail boat* togireaaaii lance an I information Thi* line extend* to Montreal, touching at Album*, (offk under the Muaeum) and rmb-ace* a eery direct and eomnn dtoua route thither. The (tage* and horae* of ti.i* line will be found really th bett oa the Albany route,aad no deception. The (tricteat attention will be paid to the eomfort, eonvi niraceaod ?pe*d of all who may give it* 'he yr?l* rente. When the river >hall be ihut up enti-rlr, lied Bird Stage niil tun all throagh fiom New York city to Albany. M.f/l0k\TER,|Akeot.. I. Y BAKER. Propraetor. I Vrai 1 NEW YOltK AND ALBANY. Stag NPJSga*--/* Line, on both-ides North ltiier ? OlTi n the ,1*1 *t?nd Western "otet.t CourtUmi ?t<eet.?Kaie fe ? Th? line *n the weit aide of the riicr i l.irmed fr m >ew York to Pi-rmnnt by ir-amboat Utic! lro? Piermonl to C>o*hen by the railroad, an 1 thence to A bany by atage. Paa. engera by this line nay leave New Yor every' morning (Sunday* exe pled) at 8 o'clock, an 1 arrive i Albany next moiling hy 1. Thia i* the ahortrat piickeat and cheapest route to A Pi n j The railroad car* are large, commodious and warmed b tove*. I The line on the e??t *ide will be bjr iteamhoat daily as fa aathe ice will yermit. F.. BEACH. Passengers for NeWburgh and Paltx may secure ganag i this o^lce by ateimhoat and riilroa.l to Tuinei '*, 18 miles th aide of Newbtirgh where ?t*ge? will be inreadiu ** to rorvr them to the above named *d? es^ dM Ijt via sro.v/.vv; /" \. h it:.) ?HAHNL)KN k CO'9 American and Forciy F.ipre**. Foreign Letter. anil Oeuerai Knrwan ma Other ? Parker* of all kiiol*. gample fpud _epeeie, and hank note*, will be rrr red and fo iiprete, to and from the following pi .ere:? From Boatnn to I.iiMpool, L.m.l. u. M uir! r ham.and Leede.Kng.. Dublin and Cora. Ireland; Iila?y>w hi Oramici k. Scotland, f'aria mil Havre franca: and Irorn bo tan to Providence, New York, I'kila klidna. and from I'm and Albany,having recently made arringeincun with the l'e i pk'a Line to that effect. HAHNUKN Si CO will attend to collecting nrpiyn Dralta, Notea. Billl or Acceptancee, and the purchaMug gaiada of every Iranaicat hunnraa of any Um VluCwCiey undertake promptly. Letter <,a will lie kept .1 iheir Bo?ton New York Phil delphie-vet A'beny afflcee. for Cunard'a Royal Mail Line lie am (hip*: alan, for the eteamer Ureal W retire, and the a*, log parkfta from New York. TTAKK NOT1CF-?Packazee aeot to either office,for En I land, or ar r other place, militant,in anytime, contain lettri I N. B. All gaeda muat be m irked HARNDFN k I.O. wI are alane reaponaible for the loaa or wijnry of any articles : property committed to tlieir care: nor la any rich Mitim>d h aar can any be attached to the B Ik P. and S Itailr id a, or tl N- J- Strain Navwnliou Co.. on whoae road*, or iti who fteaaaara. their crate? are or may be lrani(>erle<l, i:i ree|ieet thetn or their colitenli at any time. Rraaaaacrc- Alr??r? Flat, her. Alaeander k Co , Lire aaol and London: W ellei k tai. Banker*, Peru, Franc Tbotnaa B Curtia. Kaq . Boatoo; Uoodhne w (,'o New V. r Ctr-y h H*rt, Phil*delplna; and Thnin.f W O entt ha. Albany. Ortiun;-No TO T ver atreet. Trovj it F.ichvnge. A bony. 14 South Third -ret.; M Church *trr< Liverpool, I Court (lieet, Boetont Union Building*, Proi WM.WYMAN, Agent, No. I Well at.. New York Jytt HARNDK.N fc CO T. POWELL k CO.TI LINE. _^kl~l wan ',K)K NEWBURUH, lauding at UAL fi5Sj23?WK.LI.'S, WKST POINT AN ) CO! Viuivn r. - atearr.h. t IIIGHLANlJk Capt. Robert Wardrop, will leave the foot of \V .rre? *tre New York,erery Monday. Tt?r iday and Saturday ifternnoi at * o'elock Returning, the llign ?v ri will lea? e Nrwhur every Monday morning at t o'clock, an . t kieday and k rut gf>?rnoon at i o'clock. For fre?ght or paiaage,apply to the Captain ?n board. H. B. All baggage and freight of erery aetcriytion, bai bflla Meie. pilfon board thiaooat. muat >e at t)w riakof t lama thereof.ualeee a bill ofltding nrmeeiptieeigned I the ease n.4 FALL ARRANGEMENT?POUUHKEEPS It AND NEW YORK. 0gL The fuet tailing ateamboat OS KOLA, C a WW -""1 Ver.lnie TrueeJal*. f?r the remaiiir!'r jL^HULlht aeamn will l?ara the atramho it pier, l i af Chamber* a rret,erery Tueaday, Tnuraday and S?lurd afkarnooua. at I o'elock?lauding, up and down. at Caldwr'l Want Poiu . Cold Sp.inn. Cornwall, Ftehkill Landing, N< Hamburg, and Miltnn. Returning, leaven Poitybkeeiwie eve Jl.oday. Wedneeday and Friday morning at 7 o'rinrk 1 per Ike tat of November. Ike Oaeola wall leave Poughkrepete Kweli in the morning. For laieenfr, to the Caput en board, or In 0. RANDOLPH MARTIN, at| III Wrat E NE NE NOTICE.-Propo*al* will be received at the odtce of the Commieeary (ienrral ol' Purcha>;a, in t biladetphia, to lurutah the following m iierial* and ar icl- a for the United State* Atmv. for th? year IMa, sit I Bloc cloth, 1-4 wide, died in indigo and in the won! I 8kv blue Iwil rd Ckoth, 8-4 wi le Unbleached Cotton Shirtuig, 7 8 wide Bleached do do do Flannel of Cotton and \Vool,7-tl wide ' Canton Flannel, 3-4 wide T Unbleached Co4lou Drilling, 1-4 and 7-8 wide | Bleached do 8-4 wide Uniform Cape, for Dragoons, Art il cry and Infantry . Pompooae. for Artillery and Infantry Hair Plumee. for L>< axooue 0 Band* ? d Taaeele do 1 AlgtMllrtle*, Citillery and Infantry Woralrd Saabea, do do and Dragoon* ] Shoulder Strap*, do do Do (braaa)for Dragoon* Epaulette*. Non. Com'd Staff. Artillery and Infantry " Woollen half Stocking* e Laced Booteee D Leather Stock* ., , ., Blanket*. 61 feet lone 6 f?tf wide, weight 4 pound# | Metal Cap Equipment*, for Dragoon*, Artillery and Inf. I Felling Axe* Hatchet* 8 Drum*. complete, with Stick*. Slings, and Ct?e* I Vl/ Riniinip itnd (lord, of ail kuuli Common Teats . Wall Ten la and Kiwi Hospital Tent* Fouling and ^trapping Knapsack* Casks and Cooperage, for our y ear from lit April next. ([The quantity and uiunoer of iheae aiticlei will be deter mined hereafter 1 The whole are to be of domestic mannfactnred ma'eriali. Patterns of ad the required Woolieu and Cotton Cotand artirl'i.are deposited in the Commissary General's Olfn r, in the* city, for examination. Sampler of tlie Woollen and Cotton Clothe will be aent to any manufacturer on application to thin Office, bv mail,anil inch information given as may be drnred The (loot ea are lo be of rtyAt litn, and the Cap* of ftvr eixea. The iizeeaud proportioua of aixei will be stated in (lie ooatracts. Oh thesimplci and patterns exhibited the eon nets will be founded and inspections n ade, and no article will be received that is inferior in the mateiiW or "orkmauahip to, or that di ea no: correspond in every respect with the pattern on which a co tract is founded. The supplies are to be delivered at the United Stat?s Arsenal, near Philadelphia, for inspection, in equal monthly porlions. aud the rout acts are to ne fi Killed ou or before the 1st day of fuly, 1843 The pro, osals most be in writing, sea'?d. and indorsed, " Proposals." ami must reach the Office of the Oommiaeary General of Purchases, on or before the 17th day of January, 1843. No pri.|?isal will be r ceived af er 3o'clock of that day. security will be required f ir ih? fitlfilmeni of contracts. J. WASHINGTON TYSON. Commissary Geueral 01 Purchases. COMMIISalT OgHI KAL's OFFICE. Philadelphia, December 17til, 1841^ dl9 eodt 117 I) Tr>. I'll. PAH 18 A vir8PECIK ?C. AftUIW. CURE for the Tooth Ache, safe and easy In the application, certain ill its curative effects?a remedy well test d.aud i f long stall ting?Prepared only b J IV. Clowes, Deutist, and sold by him, wholesale aud retail a: his 1 flier, 47 Bond at , N Y. Certificates?The undersigned h iving used the Pariseu's Specific, as prepared by Mr. J. W I lowes, uuite in recommending it to the public confidence. L. I'armely, Bur ge"B Dentist. 341 Bro.idwa/ N. V.: J. Smith Dodge, Surgeon Dentist, 47 Bond street, N. Y.; N. Dodge, Su'Ecoti Den iat 818 ^ Broadway, N. Y-: E. G. Burger, Burgeon Dentist, 34 Mar Itel street. N. Y. C(7" N. B. None is genuine, in less signed by the proprietor. Sold, also, by the following Druggists. Cot ton, 383 Bleeckerstreet: Ride, 844 Broadwav ; 8cWtfelin, 114 Canal St.; Hart's. 878 Broadway, anil cor Hud .011 and North Mo ire streets; Milnor. 183 Broadway; Burnet: 710 Chatham: B Syme, 83 Bowery, cor Walker St.; Hutching. 150 Bowery,aud r Doolittle, 145 Centre St.; price per vial 50 cents?half visi 35. >' diatm nft tAYL'In'H BAbSA rl Of 1.1 c-tx .? O.. a . - 1 1 : Le old esUbRjfment. 37# Bowery.?The persou advertising - in Snnug street, first urdrr anonymous asW. ? W. Taylor, and again as W. W. i haver, h is not now, nor never ha* had any connection with the establishment at No. . 876 Bonn ry The late proprietor, K A. Thayer, nad hut J one brother, named William W I hay er?lie has not Hern in the house of his deceased brother for several years. AVut four year ago he opened a store at 341 Spring street, and sdI vertised Rogers' Balsam of Liverwort, and near two year* ' ago came before the public iu support of Burritt & Co in imitating Dr Taylor's Balsam of Lirerw. rt?.ind agaiu comes lor, ward claiming the proprietorship of said medicine, wh'n it ,r was well known that at the time ihe proprietor the PRe KA Thayer first ietrodnced this celebrated medicine, W W Tliay er wae about fourteen years ol age. ' Bee refill where you buy?Purchase only?mind this Oislt j. ?at the old office. 375 Bowery, betwe-n Fourth and Fifh lt streets. Our agente will please add'eee as formerly H39 Im* DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LlVERWORT.-JiOOO Reward will be paid to any person who will prove til' t*9ei noun oi inc * jquw iu ine oowcry i" u? irue, iimi 1 am not the brother of her late huaband, K A. Thayer, or that I do uot poesea* the original redo* for Taylor'* Balaam of ie Liverwort or that I oerer made or aold thia medicine at my late residence, 376 Bowery. W W. THtrna. 341 Spring at. _ fauTiow?Beware of the etatemehta of the intereeted and fraudulent! Daily moat ahameful attack* are made, calculated to deceire purchaaera and othera. aa well to deprive iht rightful proprietor of all their jn?t claim* Hame i.b?r. thert ia bat one original recipe iu eaialence, and that ia in Spring at. from which the medicine waa origiua'ly prepared by then n the Bowery, and ratab4<ahi-d the meihciue hi ita high repute. Touch none made by thoae who are tr> lug to deceire yon by falae aeeertiona. Purchase only that mane from the rriginal recipe in Spring street ami you are certain of the genuine. j Agenta andothrra aopplied, on highly favorable terma. by thr ante proprietor, W. W. Thavkr, 3il Spriog atreet. formerit 37S Bowery. dan I mm PERMANENT ESTABLISH Mb..N r. Mots. MALLAN It SON'S, Surgeon Dentists, S72 Broadway and at London and Pan*. inform the public of New York aoil im vicinity, th it iu co.eequeute of th ir very eatensire practice, they hare at length been induced to 0|>en a perirauent eelabliahment, where they may lie ennaulted daily, a 373 Broadway between Franklin and White atreeta, iu all cam appertaining to th- ir profession, in which they have been ?o anrceaa'ul, in consequence of their celebrated disc o erica and imiiroreinenU in the art of Dentiatry. dg| Im* BERKSHIRE BOAIt FOR SALE-Far .ale cheap, a choice, thorough bred Berkahire Boir. Can be sen in tht rear of 93 Crosby alreet.nrar Pitnce. it PEACH ORCHARD NUI'Ciial AT NA FRICES.?Real Teach Orchard, Red Aah, L-rye Nut Coil, do bly acrerned.and delirirril to any part of the || city free of cartag". at $7 so; Broken or Egg. So; Lehigh, W 00; Screened Liverpool, $11 00. Apply .it yard Sot Wellington street, near Spring. iU tin* AM ERR A > i/tNk LUt.h LU.HI.IM, lur u* d "ANDREWS' CELEBRATED ' OMUINATION LOCK," now ready to receive order* for thi. celtliraled ' Lock, and baring auppli-d the tniuicmua older* h< rrtofore receired are now prepared from the evteiwirr arrangement* ilie manufacturan of theae Lock* to deliver at toe shortest }> tice. 'I be design of Hie association ia to fimuih them to _ evert Bank in the United Stater, and the aecurity tliei hav. heretofore fumiahed to inch bank* aa hire a,, [died them sea list being robbed, having often been tested by burglar*, u ' aoffirirnt proof that no bank be considered a rafe deposits ' ry without these lock* on tlieir vault, or aafea. All oliiei lock* cau and have been opened, while three bi-l defiance to nl' ' ittempts. ami the combination of change* it can uuderg', vary, ing frog* 4gN to at tne will of th- owner. I'nnml.ei , aecurity But fouud in any oilier mode of laatemcg. Locksf r .afe. and .tore door, from 126 to 4,061 cil luge* ,t A* relates to the superiority of tin. loi-a over any other, re j Terence i. made to any of Hie batik, in Wall s reel. New Yori. Directori and officer* of banks ?rp rrrp.ev. d to trauuue th* Lock*, auu order* will be received at the of e W/tnsWOItTH (k SMITH, <M4 4 Jonea' lain-, agent* for the city. WTTHSCT"'MERCURY.?DR. D IIHKNM h .* the honor of informing the cm..-n* of New Yor*. thai hf cure# radically, on tne bomronainic aystem, h:m iU a few days, every ?1eacrii?tion of flypUilir diae.tae, whether receut or ol LL J.tKraa.l tln.itr.e nf rol .u.e wliieh vurst AOw.. ... "... B, " . ? .. ?. " i"V.. ? >?! occur* by the u*c of mercury. The reme>ly of Or. Brenna doe* not contain a particle ot ' mercury, or any other corroaire or pouonou* mineral, Rtid it therefore cannot possibly eierciee am deleterious iDflueure It on the bo<ly. It ran be conveniently administered; it* opera '* tiou i* alway* care and no had con*"<pietices can lollnw from h i if use, Uovever critical the circum*lan>.e* under chichi) J- taken. K t>^/~ Patient* wuhiny advice can coneult Or. Brenna at hit u o-tUce, (Jranite Buildiny, cornt r if Broadway and Cnatroen ^tfRucein Chamber* aire t.atanv hoar from 10 A. M ' t)ir. Ml 13 lot 1 \TIBLO'8 OARDtM?TOTHK LOVKRS OK KL9KA. ir is Me*ir?. NIBLO St IMLNLAP would moit re>.pectfull inform grntleinen wautiuy b >iK|iiet*. that th y ate fully prc|iarrd to an ply orden to any eatcnt. and on leaaouable tcrma. it Thr cruaervatory and frern houa'* at *76 Broad a ay, an 1 at h llirleia, will confince any lady or yn.Urmau wh? will the y pmpriet wa arr preparea t leirc ,te,order?, which will be at all time* attrnd-d tuwitti neat urn and derpatch. l.adi a pir ny soiree* or ball* can be tnnplied with plai.ta of l?nie orainall eir.'. Aleo, cut II >wcra, which will be arran.ed n in the mo,t tasteful manner by Mr. T. Ounlap, who till oc n i Itmt and I trorably known to theluvers of plant*, a. The I. oonrrratory at Ntbl '* tlirden will a way* he open to r- the ltdiee fir promenade, and errry atleution paid th in? there arr i,ow th naande of that splendid tlo ?er. trie Camellia, S- comirp into hi nun. many of which are of the beat ana to id pr'-etit to the laitiea for dec ratm|; their wmdowa. aud which a- will tic a old at moderate price*, with errry oilier article in their y li*c. u Kre?h f-irl Hreda. ft ,|d Fiah, (rlohra fce. d9* ftLCK K8- At SMITII> Kiai mad vv,,,d CToek Kdabii*?i W v-'mfut.*' theconierrf the Bowery and 1 I vision atriet, ,j| of kind* uf tleck* can be nod at wludr* <le and retail forcath.rd d, *ii|n rnir i| lality and workinanaliip, aud at the loweat possible pi ice*. Alao clock* for church steeples, f.,r barn*, pu I t ?' room* aud w itch maker* repulator* of a en|?rinr finish made of toorder, second to tione in duality, and aimalol lor nine, fl- fainp'ea alway* on hand and may be etamiiod by callltip at the ware rooui. Entrance 7| B arr.. f- It,\NSOM SMITH. Proprietor "* At Baltimore, 31 South'"harlee atreet, la a tonnrh of thia eaio tahiiahment, ? lieir order* f >r laipe or small clock*, tu all t.u ir or varietie*. at wholes ile or retuil, will he promptly eiecutcd by 7, Smith k KaUii, t'ruprielora ui Baltimore, he RWSOM SMITH ? d11 ROW Mth H'.NN WAKKHHUSK.-rK.KSSK ?t BUOOKS, .No. ?l I Liberty ?treet. offrr for *ale the followaiig a*?orlniei t ot . Paper on tlir ni-al reasonable term* : p| Son ream* 3**19 \ f S00 ream* HtxM SOti do MaJ4l I an,r 900 do 34a>4 400 do Mtil : i vuu do 9?a?4 i too do 94?:t j i WO do 3**31 ,a too ream* 19t94, Book. r|' Toother with ft fin? ajaortinent of WriUag4fi4 Wrapping limiting P*pcr nf my'iir* or onnlttr wrrVr >? ?h -?? P(?rVl< AR MKDk'lNK.? fnort'i UumuouM r.aimct it' i oh^ihn nrvl n, h certain, Wiort ^ffrct ual remedy ever diacnretetl ft?r the cure ??f jfuuorrtsoe*. gleeti. )' tlikimi, wWMt.tmtwi hi the baeft tn-l i i . - < ?i ? ? ne?t?. nfT#ctiou? ot the kidneyr, gravel, iCwtrhutic erupt?< n?. 6cc. (h?e recommend a I ion Una preparation ei?jj|t ofcj* nil <?th?r? V ?? ii# nrf?t |K?n *nle finm, p*it up in %>? , the mnde in which it ?>*r n* t iicni i?'itiK both e??T an<l f. Ir nan t.iU t M nature, a* 5.' "!l r',lr,c'' "> 10 diet confinement from lidile buriine". 1 ee pec tally would r-M thin medinur highly u?ctul aim 0113M iiner I > be unprovided with ft pretention pn.xee jk !** ,JJ *}:"0,*K'? "hf# the present ene rntnlmiea Prepared he r . .i k J*01'*1. tlMteniet, London ?ud lor eilr wtmlejele "i <i ?* <'% ' nT%Jtry" 2M <>r?w, ,tn el. eort.r, of War wAe ! e?i j * P"k Hnw- <" < Ml Broadway; T tern w 'I n A'I'I-K^V,' oK 1 ??<">>> 1<M.> >K );^;zuaTn TAaVX'Tio",',!! I !SffT I?,*-' ,M etreet. ?. Lent Stkloiirr j| 'antra el. w ST-'.* n't Pthc,P?. W Rwoeeeelt ?. ry J*m? tkhwart*. |&? *?oonJe?. if *"*' i1,Trvl,7 at f-on>. Frank, Lelaiie.jr eL in. ( orp. Blanc, T4 Fulton ?t. f oep. ?< hl.mMr. Uanry Itiur Ho-me at. 'II Mil* Prir. Bolircr, Tt> Jamn at. W 10 W YORK, MONDAY M( nrdlml College of the New York University Mr. Bewrktt:? Yon were liberal enough to insert ray commanti upon the N. Y. Medical College, and, but for th< many professional engagements which crowd upot me, I should have replied before to the queriei contained in your remarks upon the article. I now append your remarks:? 44 Rkmirki.?Pi ay, what does the 'friend and pbysi ciau'Wriitl? We do not understand exactly the nature ot Ul olj ttious. ('an he fpHif himself ?' Individually, the * friend and physician" wants nothing,?he is neither a teacher nor does he aspire to that honor, but as an educated physician be desires that they who assume to be the instructors ol vnur youth, should conform to the demands of the age in all that pertain* tothe department* they profee* to teach. We are the avowed advocate and friend of the institation in question, and oesire that naught ihi'uld be "*et duwu in malice.'* The nature of our "objections" can be readily 4>re?ented. In 1S37, the Council of the N. Y. University, in accordance with the want* of the profession, designed establishing a Medical Department; and created some fifteen or twenty protessorships. Many n| the professors were appointed; but, from the unwieldy character of the machiue, it could n6t be put in motion. Subsequently, one or more of the presentable faculty attempted a new organization upon a more contracted basis. '1 he result you have sr.en. They advertised to the profession that they had established a great National Institution, and invited not only the support of our city, but of the entire country. The atiove (acts will enable us to make a comment upon the two plans, so as to d..veloj.e an answer to your last cr.quirv The conception of the Council in 1&57, was doubtless based upon a proper estimate of the vast ramifications of the medical profistion; but from the existing mode of iustruction (however correct theii views may have been) the plan was Utopiau. The period of mediral education could not allow < I so extended and diffuse a curriculum. Let it net be urged that these views will maintain against the suggestion which we shall offer; for while this error was irremediable on the one extreme; the error upon the opposite, although remediable, might, if persisted in, be equally latul. In avoiding Scylla, do not strike upon Cbarybdi*. The error of which we complain, is, that in contracting,? the Council of the University have overlooked the wants, uay the immediate demands of the profession. That we are not peculiar in this view, wc point you to every well established and reputablt medical school in our country Where do yoii ?_.i c u: ... l ,.i.. linu six |>ruit:?auraua|i(i vuiuravmg ?hi; nuuiv aaiiK* of medical study.' Where arc the important branch es of Physiology and Pathology allowed to lie con coaled by the offal of the anatomical chain, or dimly and lustrously peering from the rubbish of demol ished. antiquated theories of medicinul The] stand proudly among the departments, and, in tbeii beauty and brilliancy, shine by their own and nut reflected light. Attempt to conceal them, and the] but display the raeagreneas of every barrier. The] deserve by their own merits a distinct place; bu if they possess not this claim, the profession stl deem them entitled to individuality; and he wouU be a reckless creature who would not heed thii demand. In the existing faculty, there nre men of tnlenti and extensive views, and we would appeal to then individually, whether they do not believe that rlieii organization is incomplete without the chair of Phy siology and Pathology! W e ask Dr Pattison, if with the multiform duties ofhischair, embracing General Special, and Surgical Anatomy, he. can present t full and succinct description of all investigation! which have resulted in the magnificent strruciure o modern Physiology 1 We appeal to Professor Re vere, to say whether the fundamental and essential substratum of nil the theories of medicine,?the de scription of individual diseases, their terminations, Arc., are not de|<eiident upon a thorough acquaintance with Physiology and Pathology 1 We solicit Doctors Molt and Draper, to declare, whether the organ:/, it ion of the present faculty is in accordance with the present demands of the profession 1 Wi,e. ther it would be tolerated in any part of Europe ; ir England or on the continent 1 It would not; and the history of Medical Education in this country, tilde pendent of Europe, otrers a sufficient reply. If not why announce to the profession a " National insti (ution" destitute of the elements for instruction Why compromit, in the eyes of the world, the ud vantages of this great city for Medical instruction Are Uie resources of New-York again to be reptidt ated, and we to witness the rival eiiy assuming tlit sway, and declaring hersell i" Mistress V No: oui resources are great and unrivalled ; for ourselves, wi are willing that the existing faculty should " win ant wear" the nonor and emolument; but if they turn i deaf ear and merely promise for the future, we wii join the crusade against them, heart and hand, will any opposition, to retain to New-York the proud ent nence she now possesses Success has ahead) crowned the efforts ol the Faculty, Hnd theyshoulc improve i?. Let them give to the profession wha they have a right to c hum at their hands, and the) will receive lis firm and undivided support. Tt meet these demands, they should forthwith an nounce their determination (previous to any move from another quarter) to enlarge their present ficiil ty ; Ht leasi 10 embrace the two departments It w Inch we have alluded. In doinjj so, they will t x tend their influence at home, and inspire confidence abroad- Through >ou, Mr. Bennett, much may be accomplished, and by lending your important influ ence, you will not only contribute hii additional mo mentum to the institution which you Irive already fostered, but merit the gratitude of the profeesioi and of yours, A Frienb and Physician. [From tlie Detroit AJrertii'r. K.itra] Sunday Mornino, 2 o'clock. extensive CoKlLAOH ation ! HVItllKIt add rirrr thousand dollar* worth ok pro pkrty destroyed !?The most valuable square ii the city ol Detroit is in ashe?! We have only tiiui to give a very brief account of the terrible cen flarration. The fire broke out at 10 o'clock. The following property de-troyed : Ohio House block, reaching frem the. bricl budding to VVoodbridge-strcet. Here the fire ori ginnted. All destroyed- Loss cam ot be less that ?20,000. Wooden building extending from comer Wood ward Avenue to G, iswoldt-stre?t. Small los=? say ?5,000 Building, four s'ory brick, corner of JefTersor and Woodward Avenue, occupied by F. Kayiuotic ?goods all saved. My Warren, groceries?loss about ?7,0(i0. insured partially. By Daily Adver titer otRiee?loss about ?8,000 ? insured in Kala niazoo mutual for ?1,500. Registers* office, by the great exertion of Air. Snow, the Register, wa? saved, and alio the l?w?r?'j the building owned by Chandler, Moore & l>wi?lit of Geneva The fonr atory brick building, corner of JrfTur sor avenue and Griswnld-strcet, the cn?t #'28 00( ? insured about #6,000,occupied by Cu<toniHi nit .1 Palmer, dry good*, A. 8. Bagg, bo >k store ant. Frre Press office. Lovs of buildings, #20,000, in. sured #6.<!00. Calmer anved his goods. Free Pieai all destroyed; insured #5,000 on ffice and atore ? Drew, Jotira, and Goddurd owned the building The wooJen building* adjoining the latter brick and occupied by Garrison's dry gnoda storemostly saved? bnildinga burnt I Bingham's dra; ant grocery store?goods mostly saved; insured probably. The I ur story brick buildintr, occupied by New bnuld'a hard war- atore, and Gardner's croekcp atore. Loss of building, ssy #I5JMM). Goods ii hardware store all destroyed ; loss #.30,(KM), insur ance #10 000, Crockery store about #10,000aome insured. Wooden building occnpied by A C. M'Graw' ahoe atore-loss #8,000, partially insured. In thi aaine bnilding, O. k. J. li. Hill, drura and groce rics?loss #5,000 - mostly insured' Building own. < by Major Dequindra. We can give no further particulars nntil we cai pick up the pie City Inti lllgeiice. The Oororir wan called upon yesterday, to hM an inquest on the bcly of a lady nam-d Marth Morse, of No. (58 Harrow stiecf, who died in a end den manner. There were two other cases of niino interee', and the relative* demanded the bodies fc special interments. The Police OrnoES yesterday, were little trr.i: bled wuh the peculiar cases of pr'it larceny, th daily annoy the public There were but three casei and nsitberof those presented onglu of racial u tere-t A man named Joseph Ohris'iain. was ai mated tind conimtited for Rivaling two #50 note from Bennett Burden and Adonirain Marble, on Si turday night. The other cases were of minor in pot twice Apsoistmevts ar the I'stsmrsT - Postmaster ?Jaiues K. Gibson, at Abingdon, Virginia Ben W Hale, at Newburyport, Mrhi Jacob Bobbin, at I^iwi II, Mnes William C Beardsley, at Anbiiri New York. James Cochrane, at Oswego, N. Yorl Andrew Palmer, at Toieda, Ohio. iRK I 3RNING, JANUARY 10, Baltimore. fCorrespondrtioe of the Mrnvld. | Baltimore, January 7th, 1812, The Herald wi Baltimore?Flour I)raler??(Jria Failure?The way to do Bu?int?sDear Bennett:? Being a constant reader of your valuable and abl; conducted paper, my mind is frequently (truck with astonishment and surprise, to see the enoi ' mous and widely extended correspondence thu . find* its way to public observation, through th medium if the Herald, from Maine to Georgia, an from the Atlantic to (ha Pacific. Kmbracing thi - ri?t Republic, theru is nothing that transpires, o . any importance or interest, to its thousand of rend era, but what we find the Herald foremast in devo ' loping. The Herald here, in our city, is emphatically th i lp h Whenever news or information, upon th important and most interesting topics of the day, ii desired, it is not uufrequenily that youragents heri fall fur short of the increased demand for your pa per. You must feel flittered at the favorsble eoniidu i ration in which 1 have represented the character oi 1 your journal ; for 1 have thousands here to bcai witness to the sober truths 1 have expressed ; at the same time assuring you, that were my cbuncci for fame and fortune ns bright, as I deem yours tc be, 1 would not thank Unclu Sum to be my uncle. Most of our flour dealers here have been thrown upon their beam-ends, in eonsequence of a large firm in Virginia, P. &. S , flour dealers, failing to reimburse a number of houses here, in the flout trade, for their r.ceeptancea, amounting, in the aggregate, to some #80,000 The most that any one firm accepted for was #3d,000? ranging downward 'o <$5000. which is the smallest liability of any house. These acceptances were made in good laith 1 uoon promises, but no guarantee, that flour to the ? full amount of the respective acceptors, should be > placed in band in tini? to meet the draft* ; but tailinn t0 J" this, their acceptor* had either to advancethe m mey or let the draft* be protested. The result was the latter course. Consequently, *ome 1 (out of seven or eight who slopped) are amongst the most prominent flour dealer* in < ur city ; but > we hare many yet left that will stand the test ol ! tighter time* than we hare at present. 1 It is generally thought, howerer, that no loss will ! ensue in the end to the acceptor*. Thedraweri being gentl men of high character and integrity, have marl" a deed of trust, securing all houses thai r are liable for their acceptances,their property beio; large and very valuable ; so our friends in town, ' although legally bo?nd, f el secure that, in the end. r they will alTcnmr it at the big end of the horn ' swearing by gar,. shall never be caught in sucl; ' a dilemma again ; I never will make another bar ' gain without holding in one hand an equivalent ti 1 what I pay with the other. This occurrence k;lh ' all future operations of this kind here for the nex two years. It is too much like your stock-jobbing 1 men of Wall street, and ought to be discouuteiian ced by every intelligent merchant. 9 Nothing more, at present ; all kinds of busines t is very depressed here, and money very scarce, r # Alpha. \ Lancaster, Ohio, , [Correspondence ef the Herald.] 1 Lancaster, Ohio, Jan. 1, 1842. f The Town of Ijcmcaetti?The luixrytr* Re tide n, Therein?Character of the Population?Mr. A'icI ing, fyc &c J. G. Bennett, Es?p? ! Dear Sir i? t 1 left Columbus on Thursday last (Dec. 30) anc reached this town in safety, but I must confess 1 am ' not very greatly fascinated with it at present. I ! ascribe that, however, to the annoyance of travel! ling through 60 much mud, and at so slow a rate as ' the stage coaches on this route drag me along. ] ) have no donbt the people of Lancastcrwiil be found, 1 on acquaintance, quite equal to any ui Ohio, anc j the few I haveaeen as yet please me much?the ladies especially are very fascinating. There are aeveTal able lawyers residing in this r town, among whom are Mr. Ewing, late Secretary J of the Treasury, who returns to the practice of law, v.-iih nil the ardor of voutli: Mr Ilenrv Stanley. I whose practice is very excessive, and who would 1 long since have been in Congress if the whig* had been strong enough ?o send him there; and Mr. I Hunter, "flocking Hunter," and "the honest ,l,iwt yer,'" as I ant told the people familiarly call him. ' Mr. Medill, the member nl Congress who had to > much to say about the New Jersey case, is a resident of this place, and pretty well liked by both parties. Lancaster contains but a few more than 3.00U in> bahitanis, and yet there are but live or six larger towns in Ohio. It derives its name from Lanc.iat-r, Pennsylvania, and a large proportion of it* p< pulalion is of German descent Th?* same may alto be said of the county of Fairfield, in which it is situ .ted They are very industrious, and well behaved, t and get rich by their frugality. To please them, 1 and to subserve the ir own interests, all the business men learn a smattering ol High Dutch There are several very good private residences In this town, among which may be numbered that ol Mr. Lwing This gentleman was supposed to pos? sess cons-dereble wealth, but he has now, 1 under stand, returned to his profession with a deteriniuai tion to attend to every case, great and small, which e he can procure Perhaps a love of the dry details ol the I iw, and its trivial technicalities,may actuate him?a love acquired by long practice. He that as ? it may, however, there is no doubt ! his being un able cnunseJIer, and he will succeed better in his c piesent avocation than in managing the finances tl ft great nation. ' I eliali remain here two or three days, and then proceed to Zanesville, of which place 1 intend to give you s<>rne account, as alsool die wonder In I reformation produced iu this part of the world, by the reformed drunkards In about two weeks 1 shall 1 be in Columhus. ' Wishing you, Madam*, tt Ir jrune tdittvr, a motl ' happy New Year. 1 remain, .f. L. Buffalo. , [Carreipoatlcnee of the Herald.] 1 Burt'alo, Jan 3, 1H42. Tht Ifohj Day*?More Failure* anil " Ab*qalulalion' | ?lite Currency - liuxincu?IVtalhrr?Amuxrminti ? Politic*?Office Sttker* Small Fry and 'Thing*. I J amies Gordon I'.knkett, Kan. lJtAii Sir?I am again comfortably seated by mj 1 own lire lor the purpose of a little conversation will you, and through yon, (or at least the columns o , your excellent paper,) your50,000 readers in all pan of the civilized world, i I rhall not attempt a very brilliant description o our celebration of the holy days in Hufftlo, but cou " tent myself by giving a few of the particulars, ant i u?-uring you, that with one or two exceptions, ever - thing was done "decently and in order" On Riiiecapnl churches, under theclcrical charge of Llis r Sh'lton and Hawks, were appropriately decoratec i on Christmas eve, and the ceremonies were ind?-e< - solimn and impressive. Dr. S. is a gentleman c ^ fine feeling, deep research, respectable talent, m bane dt | ortment, and in every respect nn honor ti his high calung. Dr. II. is a much younger man hut possesww talents tif n high and lofty order, am j few men ate tnore Worthy of their stations. Ill b sermon* are eloquent productions, and he has thi I happy faculty of rivetting the attention of his hear ere. and imptessing upon their minds the holy ar.< siihlinie beauties of tie religion which he prole ears 'r In addition to the religious ceremonies which wen observed here, on Christmas eve, several social balli ' and parties came oil by way of variety. f>u New lt Year's day and eve, ail sen* of amusements wert < presented, and every body by ttn*ir nociai anu Kinatt peeling*, appeared to enjoy the commencement o r* a " happy ne?v year-"' Would it could bemi throne) '< the wa-'.n. We are in the enjoyment of all the e|e mentaof civilisation. and love, peace, unity ;md har ' . tunny, should prevail in all M-ciona of our favoret country No dtacoide should be permitted tnrxis , anionc oa?no narrow tntnded wlfirh printipl. ehould find ? place in our hormnui; but it rhoiild b( , our constant atody to do all the unod in the worlt powible, and thu* accomplish the great ends io [ which we were crested. But we must give a passing notice to the yea IE R A 1342. which has ju?t expired. The year '41, (or ihe t Id w year,) has been frauplit with many curious ami no- < portant event* The political and financial world . has met with aatoRiehing and unprecedented ei chances. Dunnp the year we saw (Jeneral 1 Iht- h r son, m the enjoyment of health, surrounded by e millions^of friends, at the head of the proudest ai il v IniDOie.-t nation of the earth. But scarce a riu>n'h ft ' hud passed uwtiy ere the up Uer came to hush that manly voice, and palsy thai lotiv and nnblitatramc. ? Death closed the scene, and a gratelul country will |> t do justice to his memory. Since the dissolution ?f ' the lamented Harrison, the great parly which placed c c him in power has been disbanded, and the democra- 0 J y of the country hasagatn obtained the ascendancy. a ? Indeed, an unexpected political revolution has taken u place throughout the Union, and the great funda- * mental principles of civil and religions liberty " ill continue to he dispensed for the beuelit and future - well being of all classes of society. We have also seen, in the financial circles of the country, all sorts c Of knavery an 1 rascality practiced, and where or fl when this magnificent system of fraud and villainy ^ e wi I be arrested, heaven only knows. However, the P i lime is coming, I apprehend, when these mighty *' j J inkers, who have done nothing for the benefit of Ul community, will receive their just reward, c< Since my U*t communication, several failures have taken place here. One firm, who have been doing a' an extensive business in the dry goods line for seve' ral years, and who were thought to have been in ' good standing, to avoid paying their rent whieh lie. r came due on the first instant, und numerous other j debts, packed up their entire stock oil hand, one f night last week, and "absquatulated," leaving their 1 creditors to whistle for their money. But this is not 1 the character of our merchants generally. We have men here whose circumstances are known?men , i who have ever managed their affairs upon fair and etpniable principles, and who are entitled to the con- rii 1 fit'ence und patronrge of the community. m( Our currency at the present time is in a most deplorable condition. The only money that is ra i considered safe here is the constitutional cur- f*1 rency, and bills of the Huston and Canada banks tal The lailure of our Buffalo Safety Fund Banks hts to had a tendency to injure the credit of many of the country banks, and it is thought by many ce that a general explosion will tnke place, and <!._> -II ,u- I mat an uic ciair minrva uuiuj^ uu^inrm unucr uir Sf Safety Fund principle will be compelled to wind nf up their affaireThere is very little business gting on here at this time, and the prospects of a dreary and dull winter are every where visible around us. However, a die r few months will noon paw away?the lovely spring- bo time will again be with us, and all will be lite and of I activity. Should our odious steamboat monopoly sb be broken up?and it is anticipated by many?the ed benefits which would leault frsm it to all classes of emigrant* and business men. could hardly be esti- inj mated. At all events, 1 learn that an efficient wl opposition will be started in the spring, which will of add much to the life Hnd prosperity of our city, as mi well as to the interests of Lusiners men and the traveling public. da The weather here on the 1st inst. was mild and pe selubriou*. We have very little snow, and from fa the,} irregularity of the mails. 1 presume the roads T1 t east of us are in a bad condition. Indiceiions of an w ; old-fashioned snow-storm are now visible, and six fo - weeks of good sleighing in .Tanuury would be very <f* acceptable to our farmers in the country, as well c? j as to our fashionables'who can afford to enjoy it in or the city. v< In the matter of amusem'-nts we are not very W highly favored. In that business there is nothing th going on except concerts, balls and parlies. In (he Jo course of the winter, peihups, some religious ex- mi citement may be commenced. In that case you co . I may expect more frequent letters. th I In reference to political affairs I have little to say. to . I ti.? n _i? i* ?*t:v 1 * - *? ? af - I a ur l icBiuriit a |i:nu iur ? r lbctii Age III, or OUlJTreasury," 1 have no doubt, will be approved by a cr majority of the people ; but iu my opinion, after all, ne lie will barely be atile to pave his way for a re-elec- f? tion. l'robably he does not desire it. And although I I opposed his election, 1 arn willing lo give him ere- wi i dit for the purity and honesty of his motives since ae I his elevation to tlie Presidency. ca Toe host ofoffice-seekers who infest our city have frt given up aU hopea of " places of trust" under the ad- ne ministration of John Tyler, and many have found it cb [ necessary to take hold of some kind of business for It' a livelihood- ly ' Mr. Hawks, your agent, is doing much for the gc I circulation of the Herald in this city, but the irrogu- ?n lurtty of the mails for two or three weeks has been w a source of great inconvenience to him as well as ju frequent disappointments to your numerous readers. ??i I had intended to have said something in retere- th ' rence to the " small fry" er would-be aristocracy of ck the city, hut as my space is occupied, it must be de- 'l ' ferred until you hear again from yours, ttec. S. hi he Auburn, cci ft'orrsspoodence ol the Herald.] Aubckv, January 3J, 1812. in 'J he I lululay*?Tar Dancing Assembly?'Die 1Milieu? *" 'Die Donation Purty at Dr. Lathrop's?The Pa?- f," tors?Mr flalhbun and the Attorney Generalship? ro Astonishing Increase anil Circulation of the Herald? kn Its Money Article*?Prices t'urrrnf. on n > ?< ki) IWnxett:? tf, Well ! uieu and manners have not changed mate- th liuliy in our goodly village since my last ; neither ^ weather, finance, politics, nor woman ; except, perhaps, one or two, who have embraced the hy- ro in nial bans. It is really dull?dull enough here, all There is tolerably good sleighing, and I assure yoa it sa< wi II improved while the holidays lasted? The holidays, as usual on such occasions, passed th off in our village with some life, gaiety, fun and th merriment. 'j1 (J v The dancing assembly at the American, on Thurs* ,v.| i day evening, was well attended?not large, but to- sh lerably so?composed of the flite or "bloods" of "h our village, as tbey are called here ; and was the jj" most magnificent and brilliant affair of the kind we j ^ ' have witnessed here in many a day. . Among the ladiea present was Miss 5., of Genesee street, certainly the fairest of the fnir, and a 1 most exquisite dancer too?one of the beat in the . ' room. airs. 8 . of North street, but recently wed- , (led, commanded a great deal ol attention, being an le | elegant figure, and pos-csscd of an unusual share of modesty and grace; she is also a splendid dancer. !' Then thcrs were the Mints (J g, of Ow-aten street, rather tall, but exceedingly fair The Miss- ca e? S , of Grnverstreet, as usual, looking well,taste- J? fully dressed, and also dancing well. I he Misses IV s, Genesee street, splendidly adorned, danced well, and looked better ; last, although not j" least, Miss K,, from Syracuse, appeared in elegant !" , dress, and certainly a lair specimen of what Syracusedoes possess. Aside from these, were many V more nho would i;racc any assembly room in town, !" ? village or city. 1 The gentlemen pr< sent looked unusually well.? ,n There were Mr. I' s, elegantly attired, of pro- '! ' pnssesti-g appearance, and quite a favorite with ^ I the ladies, although not appearing very zealous, * f generally, in their behalf ; >lr C., his cousin, ele- j gantly dressed, of good tnnn ; dan sen well, and W( 3 looks well ; Mr B n, also appeared in fine *pi ()f rits, as usual ; seemed perfectly at home and dsnf red with ea?e, and withal is a great lady's insn ; and, . finally, Mr. B., commonly called the "Counsellor," appeared delighted and seemed to enjoy the occa ^ sirn ; he i> a bachelor, and an able lawyer too?a y great admirer of the fair sex, ar.d a good judge of f beauty likewise. ., All seemed to enjoy themselves. The ladies, in 1 p irtieitlar, appeared in splendid dresses, fitted out ' I in a taste and fashion well calculated to show off J thrir charms to the best advantage. . '{'he table *et upon the occasion, by Gen. Wood, J. "mine host" of the American, was also a splendid affair?actually loaded down with rich aad sub * r> stantiul viands, m ally arranged aad superbly serred up. In fine, every thing passed off with entire ' satisfaciion, harmony and good feeling. r< The Donation Party, got uu for the benefit of Dr ,Vl H Lat'arop, at his house, last Wednesday, passed off ni ? swimmingly well, with a crowded home and liberal gifts But it would have been far better and more agreeable had they been still more liberal, even to profuaeness ; fur never were gifts better or more properly bestowed He is the most able divine we have among us ; besides being one of the most popular. The othei societies will be following suit soon " no doubt The first Pre?b. terian Society ought to ' he up and doing in this matter, if they are not al' ready rnak ing arrangements, and bestow thrir gifts '' 1 bountifully upon " Father Hopkins," their stated preacher He certainly deserves a rich benificence ' from their hands. And the other societies in town lo ' should also act in this matter ; for such things not ^ 1 only serve to encoursge ministers of the Gospel, "" " but in many instances, stern necessity teems to re- | " quire them ' A rumor is afloat here tkat ex Postmsster Rath- < r bun has gone on to Albany to negotiate wi h the old T Regency, for the Attorney General.-bip. Mr. Rath * bun ia a thorough loeeloeo, a sound lawyer, end LD. Pritt Two nmmta fine J> "kn.f, ; bul 1 Uuu'l tlnuU be caii quite ime it. Now h word about the " Hernld," and *0 forth. <d then I am done. The circulation of tin? Herald uh increased four-fold in our town for the lar t y ar ; vrry one, old and youno, moral and religions, ricked or hopeful sinners, all seem bewitched to et a k 11111 |x.e kt the Herald immediately upon it0 rrival I will venture to say it 11 read wore, and iere fully believed too, by treble the Bomber of ovine*, men in our plare, than all other paper* rom your city that circulate here. The money arles alnueare worth the subscription, to nay nothing f the full and able reports from Congress, which ppear exclusively in the " Herald." Depend pon it, in time, the Herald will break down and uperceds all priut*, less independent, moral or en rprizing. I must put on the condi nser? my fingers are getingawfull< cold. The weather also is grow ing old fust?Money is tight?Polities dull?Potatoes eezing?Wheat 9s. (id. per bushel?Corn 4s.? tats 2s. 3d Whiskey, the laws ofdenuiitd and snply rcase to exist, with respect to this article* mong us?Wood #3 a cord?Beef, from the <?upol sers, 6d to7d per lb. ; from the farmers, 3 ts.?Cabbage bd?Sourcrout dull. Respects to l.t Jrunt Editutr ; to Ma and Pa ; so, Yours, &lc. Cavraa. Boston, iCorrrsi'Ondsnce of the Herab'.] Boston, Jan. 3, If42. rimunt Theatre?Crew irk and (Jilbet t?Miffit and Kirk?And the hut, but not liaet, Abigail Fvitom and Elder h'najiji Messrs. Creswick and Gilbert have both left the remont theatre in disgust. They are both supeir actors, and, what is better, very gentlemanly :n ana poo a citizens, 'l'hc Treiuont is now lite lly defunct, and only awaits the performance o e undertaker's last sad office. It is not wertl iking about. It is raid, that an effort is making purchase it for a house of worship, and if it sue eds, Her Mr. Kirk is to minister there. Rer. Mr. Muffit leaves here some time the prent week for Washington. After the adjournment Congress he returns to this city to preach in the leoa. Miss Abigail Folsom Is here, and has recently itnrbcd the meetings of Hrotber Knapv. She wa* rue from the house a few days since in the arnan two of the brethren, speaking all the while uatal e arrived upon the sidewalk, where she aridrtssa crowd of men and boys. I have the pleasure of furnish ug you the follow5 account <>l Elder Knapp and one of his sermons, lieh was politely furnished me by a young man talent, ami who is the sou of an Orthodox clergyin :? The Lord has been pouring out hia spigjt abuantly in this city for some time past, and more eeciafy during the past week, when we have been rored with the ministrations of F.lder Knapp.? lie preaching of this godly man has been attended ith signal -uccrss ; liniversalists and Infidels are tind upon the anxious heats, and thousands are inuring the way to salvation. Perhaps a better idea in be formed of this divine, by a short sketch of le of his discourses, which we were graciously luchsafed with an opportunity of listening to. On reduetday evening lust, (29th nit.) he preached at e church in ]?!>ldwin Place, from these words? >hn 111,7. " Marvel sot that 1 aaid unto thee, ye list be horn again." He commenced with an aciunt of the circumstances connected with which e words ol the text arc spoken?then proceeded explain tke nature of ihe new birth, and the inirnccs necessary to produce it. He said that God eated the world by physical force, but the regeirat ion of the s'nner was to ba effected by mental rce S.,id he, " suppose a p'anet should stop ia i orb, and refuse to roll round, think you that Ged nuld read the ten commandments to it 1 ho yort e that God cannot force ihe sinner to repent, beuse physical power would not do it, and man is a ?e agroi, to mat lucnui power won't doit. Tb* w birth dignifies the change of the i.flections?the ange of the heart Now suppose" a crab [piece, wh cb p fruit, totall . > and cut nfl >' lootb, and < - t. ould be no s ilatsiurac e. ?, liner may br . < J'te ? exterior It k. ? " -I !. - ?* u i an go of heart, um' ? on i give uiui any crcuu K r ; lie is merely a whited sepulchre, fair without, it full of dead men's bones. [A cry of fire ?u sard, and several of the congregation in difletent irts of the house began to go out. ] Keep calm and Heated, perhaps there is'ntany tire, or it may I e a distance Never go out of a protraeted nuetg till the brick* get hot in the house where you t." In illustrating the necessity of repentance d humility, the reverend gentleman remarked Suppose a mob should collect in this city, and go und smashing in windows, tearing down houses, ockingdowu and dragging out, plundering from e fi|nare of the city to another,and the city aulholies should call out the militia and surround tin to, ink you they would pardon the rioters, unlea* ey surrendered and laid down theirarms 1 No ! ei'l now, the devil has got up a mob aguinst God, d, sinners, he has got all of yon to join him ; and you don't come like coudr mned felons,with mpeo und your nerks, to supplicate for mercy, yon will I be dawned !" Rev l)r. Sharp, the oldest Hapit divine of this city,and others, we believe, have own their wisdom hy taking no part,and claiming - fellowship with Rider Knopp; and he alluded to em in this manner, " Let Paul come down from c bliss and gloiy o: heaven, where he would look er the battlements, and see the myriads who sell iu the pit of despair, and hear their wails aich ascend up forever and ever?suppose Paul uld come down and preach in this pulpit, we ould, some of us, catch hold ol the skirts of hia at tail, and say, ' stop, stop, brother Paul?you ve got too much excitement ?you usr too strong iguage?y< u go too far altogether !' because we v'nt so much of th spirit as he- has. So let eveone be cautious how they interfere with those t?o hare more of the spirit than they have, Kit ey be found steadying the Ark of God !" He en?ssed that his proceedings appeared foolish I" the 'regenerate, und < xrmed it on this ground?"Region is an experimental thing, and the things of e spirit are foolishness unto the carnal mind, be,us? they aro spiritually discerned Wo one can II what religion is till he has got it, and you must i willing to b'-cotne fools lor Christ's sake. For r Watts said, that an nnregenerate man is no more dge of experimental ndignm than a b ar or hedge1 > in of politcn ss." Speaking of Universalis*, 6 said. " They think that the pirate on the high >as is sailing up i" hear> n, a-.d that the drunkard reeling and st*gk< ring along to glory All want igoto heaven; but very lew ever tit down ca inly i think what kind of a place h> aven is Thr-r imohow think they shall stumble into it; but death rikes the blow and they are gone where * ns, suppose you u ere to he admitted into heaven, fiy, they would he barbarians to you, and yon mid be a barbarian to thrnv I'm a thinking you mid be rat her lout-soine there; you could'nt nnrstand the language o| Canaan; you could'st ring ( new (one : ttil-rn s no rutins, no dru kiris. nn lying, <> *c ling, no theatre, no cotillion, no Rami; hoard. Why, r inner, if you ihnuld May thete year, it ivoulj be the Ion--at ytar you rvenuir iiCo God made you Hm dikconrie continued rcr an hour aod a half, and our limit* fnrhid any ling but an impvr ect *krtcli He introduced aeituI anecdote, dream*, Ace to work upon the ferlig* of the audience ; and at the cloae of ihe *eron, an enquiry meeting ivaa fully attended hy the ixiou* ai'ii a. Satan'* kingdom ii shaken to it* mndition ; and wre h;<ve no doubt but Elder J?C"b napp will he the mean* of doing great good in hi* IV and generation Amen. P 8 ? Miller, the end-< f the-wr rid man, who l a* icently left u?, had an elegant bible (coal ?10) gii ii hi in by hi- brethren and aider* the night bch re t left ua Court Calendar?Thin Day, Hun iioi Ceukt ?No*. 'J 1 I, 7, 8, 9,10, 19, It. 14, 15, 1,17, 18. 19. Circuit Crurt.?No?. 79 73,77,90,91,93.84 87, h8, a?? , 9t, 94. 97, 7, 8, 8 98,99, 100. Court or Commot Pi r.?*.? No*. 36,16, 39 49, 43, 90, 30,. 1,9, 33,38, 48, 49,40,41,63. March oi Morai??There have b en 112 npj liitions lor divorce tothe present Legislature if rt!airn i. The Luinw Whin hopes the parties will all divorced, becau-e the practice of binding people live together after lh?-y have become di-eaii.-fied. ami re.iuliliran I ilRH WHIrtKKY?A ?erjr u|'cn?r trtKle imported Irjr lh? ?ub?erlt?*r? three y> nr. ??o. tier - hip Hh?rvl?n Utf ??! fcjr buchk, bkothrkh ii co. * pbiimm, HP Brit iloortn the Kutlnn R*?W _ \IVTT- AFJD HAI.K THMK.* fc-f-Wi; .U ' D njb'o. TM, Napoleon*. t.i.fluh R?l??r. kr. hi J. THOMPSON, Rpeeie Bicker M Will Unit.

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