Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 10, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 10, 1842 Page 3
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r . severally read twice a:.<1 r.(rrr?.| is ikt CdanltlM ul tile Whole on the 8:ate of the Union. Mr. Lett presente I various petition! nnd memoriah from citizens of Florida, which were appropriately referred. RrrciL or thi Bikih'H Law. The House then proceed* I to the consideration of the Unfinished business of yesterday, which was the motion of Mr. Chittenden to lt-y on the table a petition ol rri sens of Ken'ucky, asking lor a repeal of tho Bankrupt Law, which Mr. Craverns had moved to refer to the Committee on the Judiciary, with instructions to rej^rt hill in conformity with the ptaycr of tho p-titioucrs. The question coming up to lay the petition on the table, Mi. Gasket Davis moved a call of the House, whirh VM ordered, and the roll having been called through. 1M members answered to their names. " " *? -- -1 thai further nroceediniM un Fir, U. Ulna IHrumvir...... , _ derthe call be di*p n?ed with?which * negatived. The roll vai again railed through, when 10-i member! answered to their names. Further proceedings under 'the rail were then dispensed with, and the doors were pened. Mr. Fillmork hoppt that hi* colleague. (Mr. Chitten den.) would withdraw hi* motion to lay the petition on the table, so that the House might come to u direct vote on the ins1 ructions themselves. Here were many members who would vote against laying a petition ou the table, who were opposed to a repeal of the bankrupt law He thought the preferable mode would he to take the note on the instructions so as to make it a test quela tion (Cries of Agreed, Agreed.) Mr Chittssdi* agreed to this suggestion, and withdrew his motion to lay the petition ou the table. Mr. Warren then moved to lay the instruction* on the table. Upon this question the ayes and noes were demanded, and were?uvea 90, noes 114. Mr! Lake then begged his colleague to withdraw the previous question, to enable him to make a statement. The Sfkakfr informed the gentleman from Indiana that if any debate arose, the sut ject would have to lie Tar. Mr. Lark said be wished merely to make a statement, "but dies of'* dont withdraw the previous question," being beard from various quarters, the previous question was not withdrawn The previous question was then seconded. and on the question." shall the main question be now putt" Mr. Barnard demanded the Ayes and Noes, which Were ordered, and were, Ayt i IN, Noes 97. The question then coming upon referring the petition to the Committee on the Judiciary with iustructions to bring in a bill to repeal tue Bankrupt Law, a Mr. Paoi-rir inquired if it would be in order to mere an amendment, by a iding the word " forthwith." The Sflirfr said it was not in order, tha previous question having been moved. The Stkarkr then aunounced tho first questiantobe I on the instruction. , Mr. Howard, (at twenty minutes past one o'clock,) moved that the House adjourn. The Ayes and Noes en this motion were ordered, when K was withdrawn by the mover. Mr. Barnard renewed the motion to adjourn, qpon which the Ayes and Noes were ordered, and were, Ayea ta, Noea 147. The question was then taken on the adoption of the instruction*, but before the result was announced, _ Mr Hunt, who had come into the Hall alter his name was colled, desired to bo p*> mitted to make a brief statement. He said that he had been absent from his seat since Monday last, from severe indisposition, and he had come to the House this morning under the protection of a friend, and against the advice of his physician. But be had a number of petitions and memorials, praying that no steps may ke taken to repeal the Bankrupt Law, which he had been unable to present earlier, and under thes, circumstances, he asked the privilege of recording bis vote in the negative. Mr. nOPRIPS OUJOCIOU, una u ic4>uiiug uuiuiuiuui OOSeut, the permission wti not granted. The Tote was then announeed?ayes 116, noei 94 So the petition was referred with instruction* to the ommittee on the Judiciary, to report a bill for the reMai of the Bankrupt Law. Mr. Cave Johniop moved a reconsideration of the vote^ and demanded the previous question, which was ordered. This motion was made to prevent a reconsideration bein^ moved hereafter, that motion being in order but one on any question. Mr. Beopsop moved thatthe House adjourn. Mr. Clifford asked for the eyes and noes,which were ordered, and the motion to edjeurn was withdrawn. The question was then taken on reoonsidering the Tote, and decided in the negative. Mr. Marshall presented a memorial of citizens ol Louisville, praying a repeal of the hankrupt law; and n Memorial of the Chamber of Commerce of the city of Louisville, for the same object; which he moved might bo referred to the committee en the judiciary, withinItrurtion* to report forthwith a bill repealing the hank. rnptlaw,and on that he demanded the previous question [Cries of " Agreed?that's right." Mr. Staple objected to the word " forthwith." This Mramary made of proceeding savored more of locofocoi*m than of whiggery. Mr. Hofkips suggested to his friend from Kentucky t*r. M arshalljlto insert "Monday next"instead of "forth. With" [Cries of Agreed agreed ] Mr. Marshall said as the word u forthwith" was ohjectrd to, though it was strictly classical, he would substitute for it " Monday next." Mr. Arpold rose to a point of order. The House had -a xlrt .il> referred a petition with a similar object, and he submitted that the present motion was out of order. The Spkakkr said there was a similarity between them, but there was sufficient difference to make the pre out motion in order. Mr. AapoLO then inquired whether it was in order tc Instinct a committee to bring in ? hill on a specific day The Spkakkr said there was no particular rule for it but it was undoubtedly within the power of the Housi to give such instructions. Mr. Arpold asked if the Speaker had any recollectior of svtch a courso Laving been heretofore adopted. Tho Sfkarkr decided the motion to be in order. The previous question was then seconded, and th< question being on ordering the main question to be put. >lr. W. W Irwip fi It it to he his duty to make an ef *rt \V save the law, and moved a call of the house. The Sfkarkr decided the uietion to he out of order, ai the r revious question had been seconded. Mr. Irwip then moved thut the House adjourn. M r. Clifford called for the ayes and noes, whicl vrnrp ordered. Mr Hirparu rose to a point of order, and inquire! under what rule the presentation of petitions iwas ii order. He had not heard the Speaker call the States foi petitions. The Spearfp. sai l that the House had yenterdav sns Vended the rules for the purpose of calling the State) through for petitions The Statea not having been gont through with yesterday, the House resumed the execu tioi: of the order at the point whare it wua left otf yea terd.iy. Th question wax then taken on the a.ljournraent, and it was decided in the nrgaliv'. ? ayes 38, noes 158. Mr. I*iLL!!V(eiiAST ro*0 to a point of ord?r. He snid whtc notion waagiveu of an intention to debate a qucs tion i i reference, it must, as a matter of couroe be over tnd a motion for the previous question could not arret the i nle. Tin 'rEAXiabftd ?o doubt, if the previous questioi had not been ordered, that the motion for refereDCi Won Id have had to lie ov> i; but that motion having cu ff de ate, the question of reference was now in order Mr. Marsham. said it hail been suggested to him tha the r. gular day of meeting of the Committee on the Ja Ucla r; wes Tuesday. lie did not wish to put the com mit!--e to any unnecessary incouveuience, and woul< ther Tore modify his resolution by substituting Tueadaj far Monday. 1 [Ciiesaf agreed! asrreed!] Thi question then coining up?shall the main questior be ordered. Mr. Barnard asked for the ayes and noes (cries of no no, no' on this question.) hut they w ere not ordered,only MiiMag in the affirmative. The question was then taken on ordering the mair qmr.j,,n to be put,and carriedjandthequestion recurring On Instructing the Committee ou thu Judiciary to report bill on Tuesday next for the repeal of the Bankrup La'-e, it was csri ied in the affirmative? syes 119,noes 68 Ma. OawTRT moved to reconsider thevote, and on tha' motion moved tha previous question, which was order od.r.nltha motion tor r.-consideration was negatived ? (Crier of " now i's clinched ") M-. Casst hell, of S. C.. S|(id that this day. being a great Na. ual Festival?tho An versary of the Battle of New Orl *'n, (order, older,) pt. moved an adjournment.? (Lo" 1 cries oi" order.) _ Mr TairtETr, sai 1 he y>/S willing to adjourn, but no' for ti at reason Mr. Stanlt Called for the pyea and noes, which wer< - ordered, and were?ayes 11G, noea 80, and the Houae ad Jouind. Baltimore i Correspondence of the Herald.j IltLTiMORK.Jan. 9, 13-12? 9 A. M. Re> , uttionof U%t: Mayor of Ba'timore?ll'ithdraicj of the tame Document?Flare up in the Council*? i,rrxue on we vuo .wcisngt, .ye. Ms En iron? Th jre~pr>r'.cntious times indeed. There is i tor; cohering ov-r the city of Baltimore, the State f Maryland, and in fact the whole country whit >, ere long, will come like a hurricane, sweep ing V -'ruction before if. Yt .erday afternoon, Samuel Brady, Esq , sent i coi. -"unieation to the Cify rountils, resigning hit offi f Mayor of the City of Baltimore. The re a on 1 assigned were in consequence of the want ofh' nony evisting between himself and the membet. 1.1 th branches, which he thought could noi but r-'fciilt to the detriment of the corporation. A con tee of three was appointed to confer with bit Ho . who, after s-oin" consultation,returned to the com. il again, an 1 announced that the Mayor, apon m mtur eon-- '-ration, had consented to withdr" his resignation. N'o one has a higher opinion of \kr. Brady than your correspondent, but I am troy sorry that he took so short a time to change h.H i ininn ou so important a sabjert. If I hart ben Mry r, six committees and t? n to hack them, could But base made me retract after I had onee put my met nre taa yesiaoatioa document- Homon nature, ho vrr, is subject to error. The .Mayor is human ? , ?, lie may err. In a debate which took place on i veto mc-s.i*!.' on Friday, Mr. Howard. Pi o it of the 3 -cond Branch, let oil" a vast qn^n tity K unnnect H.ety an|e? n, which he heaped upo? *.be ebou'ders of Mr. Brady. The speaker frowed, foamed raved, ran'ed und pitched like a v.-ld t-"ar -cn-irgcd hi n with want of courte. t reaped nnd almo t every thing else re* qu *d by decency- "^ha veto, however, was sa? . ned, and I t :ink justly. Jlailtoad orders were at 1, 13. enta d -count jesterday, and city s- ok d n TO 090, without, ts The i i L U'est and b-v .business and m?u, ;?: I! ? 1 i- Tom Mr- Cohen's report in yeiterday eveniug's Patriot. I'he re is a continued depression in Stocks, and nearly every description of securities ia in the nur set In Hank shares we note tales of the following ? I'uion at #18; Coiiunercinl and Farmers lUi . Western 10 a 15 75 ; Franklin 4 7-8; Mechanics 12] r i""actions to some extent have been made hi .n 0 [i"r cents at 81, 80^ and 8:)?the market closing linn at latter rale, and establishing a decline of 1 n'lv 3] per ce t since the recent closing of the trans t>r books A moderate amount of Baltimore and Ohio Railroad ti per cents have been done at HI In State l^ues we know of no operations, and the quoted rates are nominal. 'Hank ollr rings are large,and bank boardsare loaning with caution Applications for discounts are probably greater in amonnt than are needed?the applicant assuming that where a choice of paper is tendered, and a seeming large sum required, the chance of having his actual wants satisfied is much in his favor Qo the .street the rate is without change?14 a 2 per cent, is obtained for the very best securities " f have a few more items touching the Jacksonville banx, which 1 may give you in the course of a few days. Exch-tngeu have undergone little variation?1 quote bills on New York 44 a 44 premium; Boston 44 do ; Philadelphia 14 discount; Virginia 3 do; specie 4 a 44 prem ; Treasury notes 34 a 34 Howard street Flour is without change, viz: #5,874; City Mills $ti,124; Prime fled Wheats 120a 127cts ; Corn 55 a 58 cis ; Rye 80 cts.; Oats 41 a 45 cts.? New England Rum 26cts. in hols.; Whiskey 224 a 23 in bbls ; in hhds 214 cts. j Hogs #4,374 a #4,50; Feathers 40 a 45 cts.; Coffee, Rio 10 a 104; Java 11 cts. The steamboat Columbus arrived at our wharf last night, having in tow the steamer Pocahontas.which was run into on the bay and disabled by the Georgia. Capt. Parish, of the Pocahoutas, was lound to be very much injured. His skull was dangerously fractured by the falling of the flag staff', which struck him on the left temple. There are some slight hopes entertained bf his recovety* Both boats were much broken. The accident was owing to the dense fog. The weather this morning is mild aad very pleasant. Yours respectfully, Twist. Philadelphia. (Correspondence of the Herald.] Philadelphia, Jan. 9,1S42. But little has transpired since I wrote you yesterday, of a news character. I hu?e ascertained that the defalcation in the Contributionship Association, mentioned yesterday, has been greatly exaggerated by rumor, and in stating the amount, thousands substituted for hundreds. The default will probably not exceed fifteen or sixteen hundred dollars, which is fully covered by security. We shall have'quite a procession and parade here en Tuesday morning, by those interested in the opening of the Philadelphia, Reading and Potts ville Railroad. A large number of the Tottsvil lians will be brought down with a loaded train of care on Monday evening, who, on the following morning, will form in procession, march through some of our streets, and then return with an acocs sion from this city, to Pottuville, where in the evening is to come off a grand ball. The stock of this company yesterday fell $1 ou a share; 1 hope not, however, in consequence of this high frolic. At the Chcsnut and National theatres last night, there were fire company benefits, and, of course, good houses. At the Walnut and Arch,only so so; but at the circus there was'atmther overflowing assemblage. To-morrow night, ftiehings takes a benefit in a new piece written for him by the editor of the Dramatic Mirror?said to be pretty good. Much apprehension is entertained here by the holders of State stocks, lest the next arrival should deluge our maiket with stocks sent over in cousequence of the alarm created iu England by the news of the repudiation movements in Mississippi That news, it is feared, will create an alarm that will aot be confined to that State alone. This ap prehension is probably sue of the strongest reasons for the decline of the s'.oek of our State, when it is so positively promised that the February interest will be paid. We have to-day the most delightful weather that I ever saw in this mrridian, for January. It is as warm and as calm as June, and at the calling and 1 closing of our chuiehet, the streets nru so beset it > is almost impossible to edge through the crowd. The little Canaries pt-rch?d high up ou our house ' sides, seem no less happy, and are carralling loudly iu song, with all the joyousness of mid-summer. > . Mail Robbixo ?The Great \Ve3tern Mail which ' left Philadelphia ?n Saturday night, was robbed on its way to llarrisburg, by having the baggage car 1 broken open, and nil the letter bags cut to pieces and their contents taken. The intelligence reached ? Philadelphia last evening, and shortly afterwards a posse of police officers left that city in pursuit of the robbers. Celi-bratsor of the Ol'exinq oe the iload to t PonsviLLE?We have received a very polite inviI tation from the President and Manager of the l'hilai delphia, Reading, and Pott-villo Railroad Company r to attend the ct kbration of the opening of the ltail. road, which conns off to-morrow. It is to be a 1 splendid affair. Latest from Montevideo.?Hy the Duan, arrived I yesterday, we have received a little later intelligence from Montevideo. Nothing particularly had ' occurred aft-r the death of J.ivalle. An engage, inent between the two fleets was momentarily ex 1 pected. J L.\9t of the MoiieoAtts?Henry Barnwell, the t last of Paul Jones'crew, is dead. He departed this j life on the 9:h ulr. in Upper Merian, Pa., aged eighty seven* He was with Jones throughout his daring j naval career' The Weather.?Yesterday the weather was as mild as May. In Albany, la-t Thursday, the mercu1 ry was down to zero. This year the mercury rises and falls thirty and forty degrees at a time. {gj- American Mcaeum?Mr. Barnum, with hii usual i energy ami perseverance, is renovating this immense r i mat), i slim'-nt. and will soon open an ? I I it ion al li all, one I liunilre.l lei t in length , filled with new .ind curious wont dm. The Indian warrior! uud their beautilul squaws lire cngagi d lor five night* lomrer, being |M>iilively their I loft appearance this lemon, a* they must make v. ay Tor other splendid nuveltiet which are in active prepara'ion, aid which thr manager declare* " will as'ornsh the nativea " In addition to the Indian performer*, Van t kee Jcnkina, the Alhino Lady, and otters, appear this r week. The splendid views ol the grand Cosmorama have all been changed. This mammoth museum contain* half a million ofwonderful curiosities, including t alt the wonders of earth,nir an 1 tea, with thou-audsof specimens of art, ancient menu of war, agricul s ture, mechanism. Sic. to. The lover of the curious . might spend week* in this "Slahli-hment, an 1 yet And that ' every day brings something new." CQP- Bowfrv Aaieiiith>ATRr.?Tito lifh an<l gorgeoua tiif plays, the magnificent feti a, the princely outlay* ol tbe proprietors, the immense uuinbrt of performers engaged here, ami the high urder of talent winch charac/ teriaea this whole ettahlialimenf, renders it hi once the most pleasing anj poj,ul ir place of public ammement in thiacity. Where ail arc good, it in hard to particulari7t\ but we cannot nut notice the graceful, unequalled, an.l ttuly magnificent riding of T. V. Turner. Thm gentlrmin stands at the very lie ad of bia profession, and 1 hia wonderful acta af equestrianism, Concluding with turning a h ick somerset an I alighting on the horsv, a feat never before attempted, ji"l> eliclta the ir.oat im > hounded admiration an 1 rapturoiia applause, from th. immense audiences which nightly attend here. Tbu celebrated Riv,rs family enchant the audience with their bcautilul and unrivalled rliasic performinci a.? 1 Their Craohaoe, or Co^oa Nut ballet alone ia worth the price of admission. The whole company of male ami ' female equestrian* nppcarto night in ? grand Fete of the Tournament, or Kniglate and Ludtea of Palestine, with a . ho?tot oth-r novel entertainments, all concluding with the Cobbler of Bag la J. I fjxj- Chatham tiivatev.?Well may thi' establish merit be H) led the " Victorious Cha'h m," for when other houaes are comparativ'ly dcacited, thia ia nightly ' crowded to the roof. So w ill it be this evening for ita l* patrona cannot resist such attraction! as are enured in the announcement of the engagement of Mr. Mill, whoae personation of the Yanhee character can no" be equalled, I and who appear! thia evenii g nv 3y 8aco,'n the drama of the Kuight of the Oolden Fleece. ami Nathan Tucher, in the l.ughaHIr f.irceof A Wife for a Day. All Pacha ia alio performed, in character! almirahly adapted to their reapectlvc ahilitlea. Novelty and t ilent are the walchwotda of Manager Thorne, and in the production oi the one. and the liberal encouragement of the O'her, ho reapa " golden reward*." Of?" Titv Aucadiav Cir'.'U*.?Tho tremamdouf applana* beatoWad 011 the clibrta of the director, have stimulated him to farther ener!lon?, and he no w pre sorts the public wilh a rarobill of intellectual lare and sir 'i emerit. cuinbining the elfotUof an unrivalled and ' !l'rtive eqnaatrian company. We perceive b the hill that Mr. 9tov>: will repeat hi* graceful and wonderful tw o horse act, which has gained so great n reputation lor Ita beauty and daring. Vhr mauaier-Mr. SavD?, is u 'I known a* in the first rank of his proie'?ion, and he pupil Murt.a du?HASi lithe most admired and he-1 rld*T i. the world, of hia sge , he will this evening o- farm a.i rqneAtrian fegts In w hieh he a tan la unequ il 1 I Kill Md Bta*i 1 will he on handwithtb'irrMr. We pr, diet ibtt Mirth, TaUnt. and Skill Will A Judge'* Con fetation. (iy-"Wh?t will the world say 7" when they hr?r that Judge Kinlay Griffiths, of Philadelphia, a man over seVI nty years of age, the top of whose head was hairless as the palm of one's hand two years ago, has now a splen ' 'I head of hair by using Tone's Oil of Coral Circassia You old Wall street rascals, ain't you ashamed to walk the streets with grey hair, your coat collars filthy with dandrutf. and your |>oor old pates hairless when you ire offered this remedy. Ladies, this will give yourhmra most delicious appearance, if it ia light red, or grey hair i' gives it a beautiful dark look. T. Power, grocer at Iliaoklya, F. Bender, Broadway, N. Y., W. Tompkins, V2 King street,certifies that it restored their hair. This is sold at 82 Chatham street in irk 82, mind unless the label are signed T. Jones, you aru cheated with a counterfeit. MOSKY HARKBT. Sunday, Jan. 9?0 P. N. The liabilities of the United States Bank have been the subject of a good deal of speculation. They have been made the iustrument of speculation, not only on the part of those that owed the bank, but on the part of thoso who wished to purchase it* asset*. Some months since, a few capitalists in Boston sent to Philadelphia to make a purchase from the United States Bank of a large amount of Philadelphia and Reading Railroad stock. The purchase was completed at SO, payable in the note* of the bank, six months credit, and the stock was re-sold ia Boston at 26, for cash. The result of this transaction will be, that a large amount of the notes will be required. These notes have recently been selling at 45 discount, and efforts have been made to depress them, preparatory to closing the operation. The amount now out must be vary small, as large sums have been absorbed by payments into the bank. Similar operations are going on in New Orleans. When the United States Bauk purchased the Merchants' Bank at New Orleans, she owned 2300 shares of the Canal Bankof Orleans. On this she borrowed $30 per share of the Canal Bank, to make up the purchase money of the Merchants' Bank, and recently, when the Merchants' Bauk was sold for $376,000, this same stock was received back at the same rate, making $123,000; $100,000 was borrowed from the Exchange Bank, and $100 000 from the City Bank; the balauco, $230,000, was paid in bills drawn on Louisville and Cincinnati. These bills are now becoming due, and there is no means of meeting them. They feel conliJeut, however, in getting them renewed. The President of the Merchants' Bank, with the view to control the election which took place last month in the Canal Bunk, sent last summer to this city, and purchased near 1000 shares of the Canal Bank stock. These were paid by bills drawn on his own agent, in this city, at 90, 100, and 120 days. The aoewptor bought the stock, transmitted it to New Oileans, when it was immediately pledged to the bank, the operator thus having the use of the money four months before his bills lell due, besides controlling tae election. The Canal Dunk it no w understood to be borrowing money on its own stock, at the rate of lorty cents,having previously loaned lilty upon it. At Boston, yusterday, $11)09 State Fives, payable in 1847, with coupous, were sold at 92. The rate of money injWall street, continues high. The Banks show no disposition to increase their loaus. On the contrary but a very small proportion of the offerings are done. This is a matter of the highest necessity to them while the government financial policy is an open question. The bauks have, '.moreover been severely admnuished during the past fall, that they cannot be too cautious in giving encouragement to the import of goods from abroad, more particularly when the appearance of the foreign markets, renders the amount to be realised from our produce very uucertain. The great staple, cotton,is yet falling, aud up to the latest dates there was no prospect of a revivad in demand. On the proceeds of that crop the banks at this point, depend in a great measure lor the means of meeting the demand for bills or specie to remit abroad. A fall of one cent per lb. makes a difference of $1j,000,000, in the amount to be drawn against, and at this crisis, when it is impossible to obtain such an amount of credit abroad, such a deficiency would be fatal. To avoid the risk, cuitailnunt to restrict imports is the only resource, more especially while there is a proposition of increasing the currency of the couatry by $16,000,000 of government paper. The currency is now full, notwithstanding the low state to which it is reduced. The following is a table of the circulation and specie of the bBnks of New Verk afld those of Massachusetts, at the close of each year :? Nr.w Yokk aid Massachusetts Banks. j New York. Mlitachuietts. Jan' Circulation. Specie Circulation. Specie. 1842 8 100*110 4 763.u0u 9.509 102 3 111.837 1 hi 1 152..">356 5 420.632 9 1 12.882 2,991.801 1840 10 38u.592 5,851.218 7 975,322 1,8>h272 1839 19 3*3.249 6;*02 7ih 9.400.41 1 2 394 624 1838 12 4 2 478 4 139 732 9.513.54 1.70-.-69 18o7 24 5:,osu 6 5)7,020 10.273 118 1 517.9:4 This table, of New York, presents only the oirculaliuu of the chartered Banks, and the great fluctuation ? Inch that presents, arises from the operation of the free hanking law. The following table shows the aggregate eireulation of the Statu during that period:? <_ ompam'o* or the < irculation of tiii. paklh rusu WITH lilt f*KK Banks. jr Sajftu Fund h\te Hank Total ' ' Circulation. Circulation. Circulation 1S3S 12 431418 uolie 12 4 4 478 183 9 19.373 149 2 3U9 000 21 87...149 184 0 10,360 392 6 012.1.00 16 872 692 1641 15.2-5 ( 5 i 5 35 j 087 20 689 I2J 1812 *.U8,0eii 4,UL0.U00 13,100 00o The circulation of the free banks given for 12441, is an estimate. The aggregate shows a reduction of 40 per cent in the gross circulation, which reduction has taken place in the last half of the year,an I wasrendcted necessary by the increase manifest atjthe close of last year. Tha( expansion in the first quarter of the cotton year, stimu lated imports to greater extent than should have been the case, taking into view the risks of the cotton market ? The results were a fall in cotton, with heavy reclamations on this side, a deficiency in the supply of bills, a spocit drain and forced curtailment in the issu-s in the last quarter of the cotton year,involving the failure el tweuty weak banks, was the consequence. Notwithstanding this violent action of two rival currencies, that of the free banks, ami the chartered hanks of the State of N-'W York, the business of New York and New F.ngl.uid, has greatly increased, becausfi the value of the currency has bean uniform, being cl ways equivalent to specie , and those banks that have not been able to maintain that value have been closed up. In Massachusetts it will ho seen the amount of paper currency has been slightly increased, while the trade ol Boston has reached an amount never before known, as seen in the following table af the imports and exports of Boston. Imports ?sd Keports at rirr Port or Boston. Imports Krpnrts. Total. 1837 15 027 837 7.63-t. 179 2:,A64K)7 19'8 - 13 464 -.80 7,1 35 -s2 10 i(Jl It.2 1639 18 109 159 Ml i? 538 28.4 32 84 "BIO 14 14-1319 H 4u5 314 22 527 6 J 184 1 19 350 01.0 9 333,164 2M 383,151 | This ihosriM aggregate Increase of $6 004,04*) in tiie oreign iraie 01 noston lor tne year. Thtre arc no data for estimating the comparative internal trade, sv hieh is infinitely larger than that of the foreign trade. An indi cation of the increase may he found, however, 111 the increase of tolls on the Erie canal, on; which a Urge amount of Massachusetts manufactures are transported west. Those tolls have been aa follows for four years:? Tolls nit thv. Erik Caisal. 1818 I 4*1 t'xfri 1840 1 T7.r> 74 1 1139 1010 383 1841 9,034 878 Those figures will show that the aggregate h: sine-s of New Yoik and New England has inert a*?-d twenty per cent during the pas',, while the currency of tin; former has laigely derreast.I, and that of the latter remained stationary. The conclusion to he derive I Ir. m these facts is,that w ith short ere liti and a currency 10 which the most perfect confidence is reposed, a much smaller amount of circulating me Hum is requisite In the transaction of a given quantity of business, than with > fluctuating inflated currency. The reason is ebvi it. When the curr. ncy is constantly varying,prices flucttia'e rapidly? dealers become timid, and make their pur chsses rautioueiy. The currency, therefore, meres sluggishly. On the other hand, when the volume of the medium is low, prices are steady, and coafi lence being jxrfset in the result of operation*, the movement of the cum ncy is mpH. Merchandise changes hand* with gre a facility, and th. . ,1' ct upon prices is the ramo.hiit much more h< aithy than under aw in ritsr. .1 paper cuirency. On this principle, there is no doubt hut tl.a $5 (ton ore) on a perfect sp-ri. hi,is, ivill actually p. 1. >rm as much business as w ould >14 000 000 of a fluctuating paper currency. Cited. On Sun lay evening, after 1 short nnd severe illness, A Hom?i?. age-'94 years and months. Ill Inends, en . those of his lather, 'tre respectfully invite! to .itteud ills funeral to 1 on ow aitsrrnou at three o'el - U, from tliv residence of the latter. No. 93 Crust y street. Of consumption, on Saturday, the 8th Inst-, Mr. Jimis Lass a iis. agi d 41 sears. il . friend*, ana those of his brothers Jrhn and T' ter, are rcspecttnlly invited to attend his fun'ral on this. Mot las , afternoon, the 11th J' three o'clock, from his late residence, 55 Duanc sweet, without further ins it -tion. (I .Saturday evening, J*i?r N?svi.a*d, daughter of Av dr. ss Kirk Hie friends of the f0m ly arc rsqu.sted to alien 1 the funs il, from No. SWHn jn street this afternoon, at 1 oVll.k. Oti the 9th inctiat 4'f. Wv VtrD?*ai.r> a r itlv* of file ow. Scotland ia 111 St s-ear of his age Th.? frln.dt of lis* f.mily ire request. 1 to " n ur si, this afterncon ct 4 0VI0 k, rvm his laic - - 4-% - -ir- II I,, III III I ?WIM?Ml ??m ? l? "cr, Vo. 1)8 Twentieth etrret, near the Sen n*h avt* nue, withe-it further invitation. ? On Sunday, in the 'Mth year of hia age, WM LaiTi M.^ of Kilwiunan,Scotland. IIi* friend?,and tho*e of J B. Waiftell, are reap ctfnll) invited to attend hia fnneral to day at half-part 3 o'clock, from 78 Hudaon at root. go On the 8th instant, Mian UcoKi.itst Jl'Sti<.8, step daughter of the late John L. Broome, Ea<j. aged 13 years Vorelyn Iniportntlons. w TaiviDSD or Ci bi?Schr Koaui ? SIS bonce sugar A Taj Wr-'iJ i .i?ka molasa-a f'haetrrl int St !' overt. Miintkvidbo?Bii|{ Duan?tl bales wdt-J Nsetlry?Ijdo W IV 1)* foreat St eo? ISi'O hides 11 Davidson?395 Moore St j,| lioojier, rhiladctjih'a?311 I. tlittiog, Bal'iinore?1499 Oelrit h ,r St I urmui. of do?13 tihJs 11 .jr casks Madeira wiue K L I'at- gu leraon?13 ripee grease, lo bales wool, 9009 hurra, (000 hides to order. MARITIME HERALD. j S i 1'OHT Of NEW VOKK, JANUARY ? cl' suit aiata 7 11 j moor arsae ( si evie . 9 I Miaa 8 30 ? Dtparture of (ha Atlantic Bteauiars. raois Livrarooi. srom hosto*. Britannii Jan. 4 Keb. ' M (aleduM Keb. 4 Mar. 1 V Acadia Mar. 4 April 3 , Psu:k*t*to Arrive. Packets to o?|mri C Lonnos I onn??. wi Wellmgton.l.'hadwick, Nov 10 Moi treat, Orlffing, Jan. 10 n? Quebec, Hebard, Dec. I O adiator, Urittou, Jau. 20 atLITFRPOOL. I.IVtKFOOL. Rl H America, Cole, No*. 1? Stephen Whitney, Jan. 13 Geo. Washingioa, No*. 35 Columbus, Cropper, Jau. IS Mivir. Hemic. Yi Duchesse d'Orlrans, No*. 30 Albany, Watson, Jan 8 pr Bully, Thompson. Dec. t St Nicolas. I'ell, F b 1 To Masters a4 Vessels, A Cowmautler* of vessels will confer a faror by having a list ~ of their cargoes, passengers, and a report of vessels left at tbe port whence they sailed, and the vessels spoken, ready as on their arrival here for Commodore Bassktt, of our fleet of df news schooners. Hs wilt board them immediately on *} their arrival. B \rrlv*ct la Brie Duan, Lnvett, <1 days from Montevideo, with hides, &e ci to R L Patterson. I ett slop Lark, brig Nabob and Forest, for New Yi rk, uue; schr Mary Iliad, for Buenos Ayres, and F. ulhers^belore Bp rted. tti Uiiti b bri. Lady of the Lake, Youngs, 30 day? from Demerara, in ballast, to Middirlon St Co. Left brig Fidelia, toe St. dr Thomas. pi bchrFoam, AdJous. 17 days from^ Trinidad de Cuba, with sugar to H Underwood. Left bark Franklin, for B<>st ii. uu< ; an Bieintn bark?. for New York soon; brig America. Bos- an ton. SO'-h, Cornelia, Port and, une; schr , for Cherliston, fo soon; srhr Ada, j st arrived from Bl Jagn. Schr Pheohe F.lira, Osooru.S days fruin Salem, with indre to Sturges St Clearuian. Below. A ship, showing Holly lo ad signals; 1 brig, and schr Hope, from West Indies-Wind N. Genernl Uecord. A Packat Smr Mohthsai., for London, will sail to-day. HrJ 3 letter b gs are at Gilpin's, in the Eschatige. Commkbi c or Baltiwori..?Foreign arrivals in 1841, 403; *l' coa.twiae 758; foreign clearances 415. cjstlwtit 38!. Hani Hobkri Wai.m, Matih ?i, from Savannah, for Bos- j ton, Cargo rice and rollou, went ashore on the 71 Ii instant, J about a mile and a hall west of Westport llirbo.oii Quicksand Hill.and remaius. She was tight at 13 o'clock,auu will begot off afier discharging ctrgo, if the weather continues ^ model ale. Spolaen. 4th South Shoal, Eclipse, of Salem, from Sumatra, ot for N York. <" United State* Port* l! ItasTO!*, Jan 8?Arr Margaret Forbes, New Orleans?30th, I at 331, Ion 73 IU "igaalizeu StLawrince, a'd Windsor ( as- Jj lie. Iroin New Orleans I r Liverpool, Dainarisa t a, New Or " lians; Adeline St *.liza. Moh le( 19'h ult?3d inst, (at 39 39, Ion w 7156 IV11 in aiihtke wrnk ot a vessel, apparently liom 3uu , to 300 tons, sleru i ut of water, no mastr or rigging to be s-eu, , h )u?e on . rek. bl 'Wmg a gale, could make no further disco*,. ". ries; Ell.worth* -Malanzas, S5th ult?Lrft Plato, unc Casihla, (J .iniirb iur, ami Win Kales wig Cargo, Hordy, lor Trieste, ol about Jan 15th. Calheriur. disg. Lawreuce, Hoiner, New > ngiaml, Chariiilte. Echo, Waghiugton. Agnes,,and Heury, all waiti ig cargo, Cardenas, tiiag. Only Daugh'rr, and Un- . ion, for Wilmington. NC, lc, p maed going iu Gleaner, In nee, and two bugs; Maty Col*, Mobile; Chas Joseph, Savannah. ? 7,4 h ult; Choctaw, u.iltimure; Volunteer, Fredericksburg;? _ Tel<graphed?Eliza Durgtsa,lr( m Cianfuego Cid Rome, Su niatra*. Byron, Atlantic ai d Soiuhrrn or. am whaling; Afii- 1 en.of Hallow .II. late of this port. Moiittvidcoauil Duiuoj Ay- * res; Ai*i da. new. MalaczM; Mary Jones, of this port, late I] port, late ol H iinptoii, Nil, Charleston; Colombo, Brltiniore. a 7ih?Air Riihmon,*, Chaileston; Delaaraie, Philidelplua; P Diav. Washington, N C. Forest, of New buryport, which o touclied on the point o| Gallop's lsiaud last niglu got off soon alter,hut while mako g sail her rudder caught in the hawser of a | ink atom -i hr w lo It went ashore at tbe same time and ? place, headed the brig off, and she went on the *\V side of Lo I veil's Island, where she inn ine I thi? rvoi inj. I lie bottom ri is sandy ami she will proba >ly b? got off. Cap! Varina camto I he city to-day for a cable, and engaged Triumph, which ei ho gone down >o lighlen the brig if expedient. She will pro- si b ody b#got <11 Ihi. evening's InJe. PoHl iuoL'1 ii, Jau 7lh?lltdow, Tanjuiu, New Orleans, via Portland. I- l?? t_.\ sr I I, .sirs M 1 I,row,,son Wl. hirer. ton, N C; Sauiariau, do. ( id Helen Mar. Mutt video and Bur- ^ ii'is Ay res. Below?A topsail schooner, unknown, loaded with shingles. ^ Baltimore, Jan6?rid Ann Rio de j tneiro ami a market; ^ Henry P - urn nr, Barbadoe*. Nonpareil. Pilalka, Pa w Hoi.M'V* Holk, Jan 5?Sid all the western hound vessel".? A r W Baltimore, for Plymouth; Hope, Ba>t|ett, New York lord), b h?Bid all the eastern bound vessels. Novel- \ se's :n port at 3 (' M M >ali:m. Jan 6? Arr H C Phiiliis, Giles, N York Kranefort, Jan 4?Sid Geo W Gilford, MaUuzaa. 5th?aid |( low giro, do Phovidkncl, I n 6?At Charges. Ash, New York; Daniel { Webster,Glover, do. Sid Tarquio, Noilolk; Tecuroseh, New V > k. c Bath, Me, Jan 3?S?d Html urg. Cuba; Ileury Leeds Havan ; Alc-ims do; Bordeaux, kiaianzrS, Empire, Porto Rico Portland, Jaii 7?Old Nancy W Stevens, N Orleans, via ; Tampa Bay. P( MR rUGUESE FEMALE P1LLSL a rpHESE lar-iamcd uiio c? lebraUd pills, horn Portugal, are I ' we perceive, to be obtained iu this country See adver- I ti-er I < I. ! i ^t coil,Ml fourth |*g ddt hn'ie ? SECOND W ARD AROl 3K.- Tli t New Y rk and KHt ! ^ ' lUilrciid ru'^t he comp'ftMl.?The citivens of lite Seriih-I Wted are requested to meet a' J * > ?V Second Ward Hotel. 87 \ Nassau street, on Tuetdav evening, Jan. lltii, at hail part 7 I | o'clock to adopt such DtcHfltics ou thtir part as w ill tend to * carry the above in o fitct. I George A. liood, 1 I Kevo K. IlaRCe, | t Peter Shaipe, | I Eliaa W, j n W m Tn rnvr, | James Gtrr uon, j Ed w iu II. S aie. >C* mmillee. < Caleb S. Wrodhuil, j c Sainl. Gt fiord, Jr. | K T. Backhouse, j j ncnuiw umiiu? j i Win. A. WhUom, | i _ Jonathau L??v?joy. J ji o *2t < NOTICE?-The aubscriberi will recem pi osalt lrt?m putie* wishing to contract 'or the raining of tl c British hi: d-ii.'mld sunk off the Battery i n the 7th inst Apply mtn?di?iie)jr to A. hlD.MeKK "'/AY., j ?i" '27 ( M.l Slip. rp:' ;{AI <i ? It -i KeilceliulT) aanouuce o t e ladies ind J I geutlrm n i f N w Y rk (hat they w II give their timt Conicrt at tiie City II.?tel ou Wednesd?y t veiling. January li. jiO It4 Mk< m\i<;v i.vstirU r>:Tm i CRk ?M outlay I Truing, J tr.narv* 10. at the New York hotirty Library, by 'barbs II. D? lav a?. hsq . o:? Tem perttuce, iNHnmetic nig nt J S nVtnck Tickets, ad it.iug alady and gentl?rn -.u, 2 itn'n. C> t>? had at thr o,lowing n'UV d p) .ces : Clintou hall book 1 i -e cornerof Beekman -inl N^h.h; John ? Tay lor. ftnck Chureh Chap lr; Pattinsou, comer of Nassau and An tlri'th; ^'vehargr !,; crnro, c r .< r of Bro dv ; >* and Lmii^rd elreeli; '1 i i r.i prfAin e iIsll, corner of White and Centre sts. jAV* I DR. MORRISON. VfOHTH HIVKit DiiPK.nSAKV, 904# Ku't.ui it. oea/ It Greenwich Dr. Morrison, Member of the Royai Col- < hgeof 8urge?.ns, London, and fornierlvt Surgeon in the Bri j list. Nary, continues to b* c-usufti d dailr uh all discuses of ji -a delicate natur* and .1 I those ili^l i e**ITg s> mk torn* couee ,j <jiient. on injudicious treotrjir.nt aQd ihe imj?rud'*nt uh?.' jf<|uack j, medicines Dr. "vj. ha* h d an evperb C ot 9U v* ars in t-reat H( tng delicate diseases mall their *arums and complicated for in.. ami u?rs a n?ild. safr and infal ioV substitute for mercur>, j,i idifatitty thev' ic enl virus with certainty, without an j'-otlug the patient t y risk, or r? striding him in his ritual diet ^ >: pursuits. while It s m? dirines are agreeable in taste mil * eme'l. ^ C ON ST1TUTIO A L D >.BILI TV ?Thou sands of y out jr men are snffsring from the cofrsequei "t in ulei w i ? w< < ret destructive habit, an?l wh *<* erv s -n- t uf t in- i jnred from the use no?tri<Kns -ml pretendf d ap-riftra w? irh itimulat oniv to indue.'grc ter d? pr< ssi< ii lir M trrat^ on p-jrely pathsiiogacni yrn cip'o. n* <) never fails in rsta'li- ing ^ curr,al>o *no?l nbsTi.iHte > ield to his plan of t? dment t J.*-tters post paid, and routaimtng as nt-ioie ire. will 'sure , hr r ?rr- spondi n1 full advice and * dir?i r to i?y 4 : of the Vnion, by his giving a history of l?? ?*< in dat il f. ji0lm* *2041 Fut'^Tiat v | TMTK t SfA I 'i llOlfch.?! he uii r-1. in i u.V'h no J tire to the public that the Unitid -la 'a Hotel, formerly " I:ept b ' D"vid Oorranoe. K*r| a id v I uh has b en cloned I %r , upwards or t to '- oaths Ins hoi--m p it in coinpJ'l?^ order evrrv L j p4rtolth tensive : uilJh.g h>viag heeL eiposcJ to fh'tr'.iign * ! ?r .niin.itl n, and u i eip >,? h.iS hecii to mikeevry Iroo HU'ha- w? uld be gr? rable w the o-ost fastidious. I he a hall has b > n laid iu Italian inarble. Th- fnrntturr mirt fi* !u r?, of ili It use sire e.ritir# l> new? f arpete,chains be?!steadf. j 8tn a d or 1 ki . ! suited to the high cji racter that is iu- r j t ii r?l this favorite home should hi?tain t he arrangement* reucht(,t miliri or si'g.e-rr?<ms tnsy have aeeommoda- J' 1 I i in-1 f aual lo tl. . o irt .* nrivn'r Itfiisr 'I h. nrrvw . a ,\C. I" U lh?? be?t conks i 'h country 1 hh b*rii aerurnl The fcuppy of th?* f ^r?J r *11 b ronpire M-din* uncial trr! a of T' lit- establish' pdi an It ih t romiMi#* wi h th >ae o| my hotel vt in (lie United HtitUa, wiihoul ? i?*ruti?ii. I nn hipuf to atiiioiiDf^ ih i( 1 haft Midi ia tmBfilWfrt 11 wiili Mr \ nolo It ted, t I fe k -own \ >roi ritlor of the W \erl\ Ho ur. N? w York M ai?l find ami*t in the manage* A in- >t <?f theh '**?, who?< no livi lej ntt entloti, with that of?? y a si J", will be devoted to t iC in lutenauce ot the respectability I t n? e-?t * t !'he I in <1 St- Hotel will h? op*n fnr Hie leception of f vi ilcia *l<I uoanh re ou .Vlon lay. th '0 ? ?nat. f jiOlm i l'OM\s r rk\ ) ' : : mTTTp ' ^'iHVlLLr., FBOvt N*W OK- {! -* LK A N A. h dnetu gitnj at Or lean* wharf, lorn ol WhII nt ( ( aitiMf'ti will please alien i to tin. r cei t of their good* im ,, <; <. <! lately,' __ ' U" AT< H I i' -%%' < H'Wi*'! 1. -4 if irri > ; f> 1 I noi B ing >iftg from Fulton street t? llammereley Mree*. q h> l"<Jy, a Kiit-' w ?t?:M, d? Inched tercr, jewelled, Tobias pH ii:tiker, with i<ol:J The tin l'T \? j 1 receive th *ho*r re cy va tl and the i 'aiiks of the owner, oy h iTinur it;<f Thomat Tie I I't ucti ii *to? e, 31 Ann i?t:? et *nd 115 Fulton street, j) 0 81 __ J ARTIFK'iAL TKiTii" AHTIF1CI4I. 'J'KB l'H?Without Cli?p? LiK?tiirM Str . . <r?>in * touth 'o mil miH romiilM* ' "" 'y* l'r'*- | cip es of atmospheric pre?anr?, by M. Lr.Vh 11 Dentist. i 960 Broadway, comer ot Warren at ' prro.nth?Ne? YurlO" irimrrrt,!,rtn,r.| A fri' >vl at our .'bow r'-qir ?f. w to nntir. ?oin* '.rth h' hua .1 ..rlr.l )|v I)r l.evcll. N? ' ro '.W?v, ?!'! M?IM? !,i* r4i(ir? ??ti?f etion.n t oulr with r?K*rrt othu t???h tltm nut tii, inuuuor in which Inii il.Iioit. <>|>rratiou v.? performed. , f , ... , Dr t '.ettha b'*n too rir t'f re the pnbne aa the mtrn ilu?r el .Ii. "pif 1 " '?? e.ini ipl?," to rtq ir. * II U trixu M , to lo ?i i.f ?l?tterfro?i Wm. I>uff Ote?n In M? I-rvrtt. e?lti'BC , S i>! Ii 1811. I i Vr L't t I wr.'?'it tk? rrijuMt of < frini'l fiir ulu.tu >ru rnur- r- of < rtc it I I :h, lu tlie,' h.?r Kit'' ' J'ir, f v i fnCii 'I "'I it' t y"ur . no' it I. ?.f at ">?iil:.rtf | r., fv . ,r, fully ? fi 'I I I' M adutv to j*.u and to ? ?h u? if <T ?'l ia) " n*?t Mi ur , r .,i nal mtti t > r < t i i. ih i> ?. i.i v \ 'I u i! i r t ?rva i. 11 > ''Ii io ? i:> I 'H'lts I. . h r. ui . A uuc. 'IM Im I ai A action ItlU. E rtY THOMAS BELL. \ Ann and U* AVItonatreaU.) 1 , ,, TWfc.Su AT. c ale of dry rood* fancy article*, jer elry, elothinr, pl? J^etl L od*. hxidveare. yuii* lc<Al?'>, 60 dot ? ut?, 40 coo t-tA't. millinery. Ac. Ac. WKl)\K*DkY. At 101 ?'cl;ck,in lie Sa'ec Room*. C S j tin ill i J kuniitine?C.,in|>ri?ii .g t he nana) hnuarhetkinp ti lea. from two farinh''* gii iny up houaelteelttug. ALo.theal ck of a cabinet maker V Alao. SO dot wire, le.unO ii|!*re. mil Horry, fcr. V Alao, the follnwu g article* uf ineecrtandiae | net received?a 11 i hi .?< th.?? r< i ii .im meed. 400 VIhe at'1 II.a. 3 bole* containing halt lamp* and i_>la*? filing* ? buffalo oo'ta, SO>1 i hueiei . glnrer, Sic. FItlOAY *V At 10! o'clock .it the Auction Houm [, aaleof Fr-neli brd.*tc?d*, *nf-?. chair* Ac . the atnek an ii(ihol?tricr, by order oi a Heir tear, II Heat k'rrnrti H?i| " roU. 18 *|>rit>e ami cnali'Ourd *olaa. 8 ilo mahogany rlinra Mifa kedalead*. 8 r ck in.'chaira. 16 mattr-raea, lit feather ira, 10 iitlliaalcra, and other article* of furniture. At 1 1 o'clock. * Splendid piano foi tea. Alao. taplrndl'l r.arwooii and mahogany chair*. IXTY MILKS I.ESS TRAVEf. THAN BY ANY O THER ROUTE. Mf) ML THE MOST EXPEDITIOUB ROUTE ^ ry'TO ALBANY, ru BRIDGEPORT?K?re w Wt ~T through >1.60. . The stramnnat CRO I ON or the Nl MROD. leaves Catba- * ir Market sli|>, Knar Rifrr liilr. for Bndge|>ort. every moral eiceut Samlav, at 7 o'clock. Rrom Briiljrp?rl, laNrafri r ill be forwarded by the Hnusatniuc Railroad to West ('a- ^ an. (73 miles) to lodge, thence to Chatham (37 mileel bytee and thence to A bir v (10 miles) by Albany and Boston ,, lilmad, arming at It o clock. A M r< {SJ- The Railroad ears arc well wrnrd by stoves, b i>r passage or freight a ppl v on heiard of the boat oraMlie irk House, No. S Courtlandt itnet, where ticket* evi be ocured. _ )i Im , VI:I;V IMPORTANT." MM Ill'RLHURT k CO.'S NEW YORK _r_art-'Ti.ANL) SPHINOKIELl) PA( KMiK K.V- li r fSfg x? PRESS, tia. New Harm ami Harford ; dice 7 W.ill street, New York; 3t Slate etrrrt, H rlfurd Theanbscribert will run a Package ( nr. under I lie care of an * thr st- amboat train, lor the courryance of packaaes every description,buses, bundles. aanip'r goods, bank noir e, ecie. lie.; p>(kagr* will aleo b? received at the offi r 7 Wa I reel. New Xo'fc. and figw.irded In Norwich, Wnrce?lrr, jstou, Hartford. New Haven, Springfield, Philadelphia, lial- a oor-\ Washington, Salem, Lowell, Purism nilh and Port V nd,Hollowe|i. A i. gnat a, Bangor, and all the principal cailrrn S ira and lowni. All package) ehould be marked care of Hurlbiil ft IV< e t ireaf. Large packagte will be called for, if notice Ire lilt at ri e office. Particular attention will be paid to collecting and payiig a tr, note) aud bills, purchasing goode on all the above u.und d acre. rr Hurlhurt & Co. or their agent, will ronstan'ly accompany, d liare the etcliieive care and custody of their package cars. I' d will Ire r-e|>nnsible for the goode carried in, or deetiued r it, by loss by fire .and peril of tbr a< a eicepted. lr A.MOS SMITH, Proprietor, er 7 Wall street. New York. J. HURLBURT, _ >? 34 Slate street, Harford, CI. J. HURLBURT. :i |5 AMOS 8MITIL MM an DAILY lTNkTo ALBANY AND BOHs?i 4? TON.?Through New Haven, Hartford aud 1^ vS-wC. Springfield v Pie?enger? mav leave New York by strainer* NEW YORK d KOS' IUSKO d-ily, from Peck elip. at 7 A. M., arrive New Haven t half past 13; turner by railroad to Hartford, id arrive at about 3 P M . whrre stages are iu readiness to ke them to Spr i.gfir'd. and arrive at about 7 P. M to lodge, rave SpriuRie'd at 7 A. M , by railroad lor Boatou or Albany d arr ve at either drelination at noon. Rrl irn nghy eame conveyance, le ive Albany or Boatou at 7 M .lodge at Hartford, aud arrne at New York act Ween 3 id 3 P. M following day. Travellers arc assured that tine liue will be centinurd withit interruption through the season, an I the proprietor* will ie heir u'moet rgertion 11 make ihe route the inoet eoinforVe and pleasant of any for the winter. d3l <w* OLD LINE~OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS.f yoBV tlegiilar Pack-t of thr 19th la uarj.? t he epleadid, r ?ilia )?' sailing packet ahip COLUMBUS, ('apt. if sail on Wednesday, the I Kb inst.,her r?gularday. The accommodation) nl tins line lur puaeeugrre, re well o iowii In be superior tn any other. Tlioee about to embark, f' lould rvami ie this packet ship' bef ire engaging elsewhere, or terms ol tutssage apply on board, teot ol Betkman (treet, to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO. IS Eulton st neat door to tbr Eulton Bank. 1 Persons deeirous of sending for tlieir friends, can have tli-m rnught out in this f ivorite ship, or in any of the ships in Ihe Id liue, sailing frein Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19th feverymonth. Apply as above . jt0 ItJUt flUT PACKET SHIP KOR LONDON-To 1 sail on tne loth ilist ?The superior fasisailing packet ftilMlKaahip MUN'l REAL, Capt 1 inker, will sail positive; as above, her regular day; can accommodate recond cabin .1 ,., a m'n , th I,. manner if eaplv an lie.lion is made oiTbo.rii theiiiiu, at the foot of Pine ?lret t jlO JOHN HK.RDMAN. 61 Soiilh at. pAHHAtfK KOK LONDON.?I'.itk' t 10th Janu/*N3Vary ?Ti r mdrir'id f ift ?<ilin|? iwckct shiu VONt-JkSj|Li'r|{KAL,(: i|it- Tiuki r. mil* positively as above, her a day. : j*hi# rliip has splendid acenmpindalinnii for cabin, second thin and alrrr?{e piMengera. Kor pansiR', early application toulil be made to W. & J. T. TAP3COTT, 4# South street, jto or 4a Peck alio Foil jNEW. (>HCK A s S-1 .ouuiiui I ami New . i^TjIVYoik Line?Positively Kirst Regular Packet?To . natnob-eil Mini lay at 3 1* ST.?Tl'e spi'bdid and faat .ailing , icnei op oOUISA, Cap! Miilfunl will poaititely sail an , l?t*r.her riguUrday. Kor frrigl.t or pusaye, having sulen , idly 1'urnillicit arcointnod il inns, app'y on, ho ml at Orleaua riurf,I'uolol Wall utieit, orto K. t OLLINs Hi t'o. r 56 South afreet. , I'acariiger* will pleaae be on board, at Orie?n? what! Tout of Kail Bfriet, on Monday, I Oft in-t at 3 o'clock, wheu I'e 1 l- an,boat lleiculra will lake llir vliip to ? a (J-eat care w ill be taken to l ave the good* by th e liue coroctly measured, Atent In New Orlcine, Ja? E Woodruff, who will promptly irwnrd all go'-ds to hia aild'caa. The p 'cket chip LOt'lSVI LLh. Captain II. Hunt, will sue- ' red the l.nllia I, nil sail II,-- '301 m, I.. h* r I r I'llf I - ||". V ia i 'f.W Lis t. OF l.l Vl.ltFoTTl t' \ ~ K p.'i ks ? * packet of tl rioth Jan.-?The splendid packet ' ehip C<M TilKKNKH, ('apt. A. S. Palmer, mil sail 1 is above, her regular day. 1'1?" fiiiiprt nl this liue are all lt?00 'ons burthen and over, I mi then accommodations for cabin,second cabin, and steerage I MA-jet is vw11 known are rioi t<? . ny other line of ' nekton IVrn ns deism ud of securing berths, should not fail ' 0 make eurly application to 1 W.k J T.TAPSr.OTT. 49 South ftrert, ! corner Oouverneur l?ne, or 43 f'eck slip. Persons desirous of sending f ir their fri'n s can have them >roug tout by this favorite. ship, or any tber hue, sailing ' row Liverpool weekly a'd on favorable t.rms. 0rafts for < tny amount. payable wu the National and Provincial Banks of 1 [reian1! aud their Branches; on Messrs. Jamc BrHt.Son fit Co. P. inker-, London* J'Jich isge'aud l)n?c-?unt Hank, Liverpool: 1 tvhu n tie payable in all the priucipM town^ of the United Kjo do p; can be had by apply ing at Tapscotl's Ch uctal Pug 1 *?re < irtit<c, 49 Sou' h street. < TAS^AUK KOlt nKW <' il l.h V.N >.? (?n!r ! HP rrV Keytilar Line?The sph ndid wr|. known la*t s?ihus: packet ship LOUIS \. L.?rt. .Vulfo;(I,flaila positively ! >ii Toih ./ inuary, her regular day. The ships of this Li "sail every fire days, or paasagf free. I ?viug suj>erior accoimuodations for c*b i< second cabin and ! ite? rage pKSsen f the 1 nvetu r ites. For pss^vige.early ipphc ltion should he made oil hoaid, -t Mm ray's Wharf, foot >1 Wall Street, or to W N.I T TAT8CO TT. J7 4* < u'h treet. or 43 Teck Hlip. VAH8A(ih FOH ^aVaNaNAH.?Firit Lack* ''YiPJ\ et.?The ?plend?d packet hng KXACT, tain hnsou s He orsitively a- ab<o e. This vtesel has pph ndid a? cojunod itioni for cabin, second Idhin and st?.craee | .?sstugtrs. k or pasmge early applies , ion should be nude to W. & J T.T\rSf:OTT, 49 South street. j 40 P?clj slip. j A.-2 i KOU M()B1*LK The Hpfendul packet ship i .^j'v'kOllEAT B(klTAIN,Capt. i>?ul, will be despatchutt'-Pi/rm' d (or Mobil < - iy filth Hist. < Sli? has unsurvassed aceomrnfidatioas for cahiti. '2nd cabin i ndsteerage | g r be tekeo at the lowest rtlsg* ? Vpply oil I) ind the "hip. at Tine street \fh?rf. orto W. N. J. I . TAPiCOTT, 4 4 South street, jf? 43 I'erk - 11 r V \ ! . ! .i b ()K J! \ V i\ K -S ( i,d Liae.? l'l I I ror V **^new snip r ui.n, j. n. reii.ra.tinr, wn 4jpflK?sail on the Is ol Febru ;ry. tfOYD .v IflWKKV, Agents, fj No 9 Tnntip* Building |K'll< 8ALl J'1" m ?U ?) fixtures <i um oi"s?sr I eating * doon 316 Hroadwty, the basement of the I ls?UlL(J'Mhic H ill. together with four > e irs unetptrr i term of he lease from th* firs' of May in it mid saloon h?intt <*ut of f i? best location* in Broadway and new doing an excellent t usine** an I w ill lie sold at a ha c in, as lh? pi eseut i w ner is i situated that he cannot attend to it. For particular and TM'S inquire on th* premises or to SvMl'r.L DAYTON. 4 niton fish maraet. jit gw*q ^ T< ) l,K I' 1 ' i n ''i l'? a ki'Mifi I fftp ma i and hi* w.'e, ? firtiishcd room, with or without < ' llAUpirlor, and a privilege in kitchen. Apply t3 Whitest } jT tt* iii Two < fort ? lit--- s i i tot No 61 T/ Botith strr# t, and immediate pn session given,by apply\ ing to JOHN I IK HUM VN on the premises AN?, our ?g r.?n 1 .*?h <1 ti apphn.iti an as above. >4 > -r^ ( or\ 1MY M SI >1 Nt WAN i KD Wanted ' to hir?- on or before the 1st of April n? t\ a country re* hue- situated wiihiu7i> miles f ,\< w York, wfth a I ?rm of from go 10 11V acre* attached <'re com "landing a rater \ lew ure!#rr?d \ddres* A L. M . icr m??l, at >ew tochelle, YV^stfliester County, (post office) iV Y.,fivi:g * cscripti i i remises < : w' \ THHKIi D LLAR HATS ! FllKKK DOLLAR ATS !?Just finished, the most p'eidid rticle ever of red to the j"i die. Kleganf short n?t moleskin lists st tire w yric# of >3 Also an article hi fi 50. equal in durahil.ty nd lustre to thos? ioinmoily sold st $3 dig lm* BID)WN IVacural Hntu-r-jj* < ?"-* * I'll" THK ?i;ULl(. -I.IKf. HOAlS.-ll" III, !' '*!."I be. leave respectfully to invite t e stteirfion i?f ?rtp* line, merchant*, and all oth'-rs int*reft* d iii the nai igation of o *ts and vessels, to his new l> invented ti fie bo?f. Tuesc Life Boct* arc m ?d? ujw?n ?n entirely dineretit princi* le from those now in m?; tin ) ar?* w ?f ranted to b?-every lav a aptrd to Sic purposes ter whuh the) arr designed, and an tie furnishc d fior nearly sue ImIi the exj?es?c of what I* rrmed Frauds* Lite Boat" . ... T hesc fe?lmc isf err sled on this sulject, are mvit'd to call t Ihe^ilaolulimrril OI inr luar. r Igucu ?* ?irr?ir?CI, "J,,,ninff?r.l?..|,;.AN1)L(R INUMWOLL. Thar ianfe now buiM ii(T. wbicli llie public air ii.til'd t? minor u the work I f<>?""* j> ! > UETfi \.\iii.'-. ClbKTKl AsMti IA l ION.-?i he mrmbenur I lie; Mercantile I itn-nry * aancihtion frirridlj In I b* n,cl< p?n l?i.t Liberal 'I irkrt. hrailnl Jo n T. Hollini li r ' rni'lrrt' *'"! H^i.ry K I'ral. far Vic Piraiilniit rrqtiialnl i tarrt at Jam a Sep ml War J Hotrt, mi .Vlomlny np?t, ibr ' Mli mat.., at T o'clock. Jr 31 HfcH 1 ylLLti OK THb BEV'MNOrON. Koanlunc RiilrMdi I ' buffalo, ?fvl < 1 tie i afrly fund ti ks a'p> M LnurruPe < l? in, and all th* In n or r> <1 M< k hint? in t'n? "tatr I mru m j ir On rliulm cawimerat irilini, flaniMli>fcc. it im lowol r *h price at 4m lirii iwn li a' r-o'aDai till lmi?' c money to ie so I J. J/V< Km? N. Pawnbroker,5* It'ule ?'r?at r U' ?r bro 'ilway, tonne unurjr in Itrtte or entail an".. I | \ lw required. no lean orn Manrr ?. mi 11LLI.I llll.i-O ri? HKLD will Le happf io a rail 'run >' * I i? frieuila at llaaefuru'a billiard Ro in . the ( Innai * at UK lluiic, where ire eflit aplendi.' t l>!?*? wlih plain ami J' arbln briia, India ruhbrr clotti, aj, I p[ ni at I'eel (lathi line? '< on anil iii-ili K iiiv fiam * k.'itraii.'H9 KulLiU itrtcl, and li Vun tret, la be aid 11 'bit fur >alt. J * I i*i " SUPERFINE P IT i'7, i It,I ?! iffir- Ik .!> * .! ? ?' >LLA idL - ih " * ' ' I hi 1/riTln a-l.i li . (it, !< 141 ' a,l?,.r. rf. O.-liie si, Jwr ' ar -ifadto b?*n^I la ?? \ rv t. e ide B, - <? 1 r ' | | iif r " "" " \ a ' u 'r Ml it* W Iowa tr* I H i I in.>/ ,i iiapiP im.> >i tr ? I . I ''i i nbli' f t h mt li d : - it K m n I ir it m ** ! I will I' tia, i t , ' ? t r V |0 I I ' f? I * '*?lt fmt .* t, a$ ii Kutir ic.t H i j ^ vi. AMutBinu. PARK TIIRATttK. 'HIS EVENING, Jau. 10?Tli? yer ormanca w ill cou.inci.ea with WHAT WILL THK WOULD HA B f lOrdNarwouil Barry I Cayl '1 arrad Jillc I'IjchI* Marian Mayliy Mi*? ' u.-liirian To br Mlnwul by ADVICE (JUAT/8. Mbody l'|K itle I iirinix Kuliea To conclude with THE BO\H')|\<J SCHOOL. Ira Orod- nap, Mr* Wmulcy | Mary Mitr, BCuihaaaa iia* BtfCus Mr* Venion | lame* W H Wllliami Bmei Jl ?Pit SO centa?Gallery 'it ernt*. Imn-' 'iwr it (i. i crformaure coirincticc* at 7 o'clock * 4 I'M *91 Ulf.A'l .1' lONDAi EVENING, J?u. 8-Th? pciforuiaBCea will com* mriif with THE KNIGHT OF THE GOLDEN FLEECE., y Syr ? Hill | He Lima Kirby Belied uta Mrs Thor.e A flrr which. a wive koh a day. slli-in Tucker Hill | Mort> u Mestayer Aiigeli.jue Mrs Tlionie Toconcludr wilh SIGNET KING. . euoelrs Thome I 8ehm Kirby Helm* Mrs Lewis otss toecnts :fd and Idtieraft, Pi' H|i?laliefy if, r'ocrsorcn ?t a. I'nrtsin rises at T| reeiaolv WITOHELfg OLYMPIC tiikatu* IONDAY EVENING. Jan. 10?The perfurmaacstwiH ineu-e with 104V. rummlci Mitchell I Faulty Mrs Tim in To In- followed hy HAMI.e p TRAVE8TIE. lamlel Murhell | Osrirk Viss Siuglstoo Alter which. the happy man. To conclude with the qkpen's own. 'apt Hummrrvile Horncastlr | William Hi'linrs Graham UmHi Mihs Suigletou Admission?Ureas circle SO cents. Upper hoses 88 cent*. Pl8 Is cents. Private hoses $8. Honrs open at half past sis. Curtain rises at seven AUEHICAY flll'SKl'M, Corner Hrmuhrny ami Ann street. LA *T WEEK OF THE INDIANA Manager and Director, Mr. P. T. Barnum The manager lias pleasure in announcing tiiat he has > fleeted a eng ig< meol with the celebrated and aceon uli-hrd d?n?ruse lias M C Willi una, favorably known throughout li e United talcs and Cat mine, is l a Petite < elcste. A large company of India Wa'riors and their Squiws. will ibihit ihcir unappioaehable and estriordinary pa.douiiuiic rinrsentatiou of the MUltDEK Ob' 81199 McCIIKa They w ill also go through a variety ofterrific performances. Alcowilh Mr JENKINS tli-celebrated tenor singer aud elinealor of Yankee eeeriitricilira. An I likew ise willi the mowed ALBING I;ADV. niguor Mar'ioltr will nhihit ilie wonderful and beautiful PALI AN FANTOCCINI. The splendid C08MORAMA wi s entirely c hat ge<j on the it of January, aud will be changed regularly on tin liretoi 'ery month Principals of Schools and their pupils admitted on liberal rtnt. Admittance to the Museum and all thr entertainment*. 91 mis. Children under JO yearn of age half price. j 10 V AMPHl'rilkA l Hh., yVo 87 Bowrn. GREAT SUCCESS OF MR. TURNER. IONDAY EVENING. Jan. 10?The perfennaiire will comcommence with H grand *iitre?, entitled TOURNAMENT ENTREE. Feats of Horsemanship by T V Turner Negro daucing by thr unrivalled Master Diamond. \1r Sands will introduce an imposing Equestrian .Itt. Vaul lug by the whole company. Master Rivera\ whoae wonderful performances defy dssriotiru. t Horsemanship by Mr Buckley. Comic Uoug by Mr Booth. The celebrated Rivers Family go through their much adored feats of Gymnasia. To conclude with THE COBBLER OK BAGDAD. During the evening a variety of other entertainment*. Doors open at 6f?performance commences at 7. Roves 50 cents. Pit 'J6 cents. The animals belonging to the Zoological Institute, will be pen for exhibition during the holidays. Entrance No. 17, in hrystie-st. Admission 95 cents. NEW ARCADIAN UARUKS, No. 255 Blteckrr fir ft (Under the dnectiou of Mr. 8. W.CKONK.) '1113 EVENING, J.iu. 3?The entertainment, vvdl com incur, with a grand WALTZ AND STAR ENTREE! POLISH BRDTHERS, by Mr Kiiley and hi* Sen. At'T OF HtirtSKMANSIUP, bjr M?,t?r Xepneue. ;omic Song, Mr. T.ti. Booth; Juggling, Plate Spinning, fco. by Mr. ('. Sand,. Fashionable Moustro.iUe,, I y Mr. C. Band,. The(foddr,? Diana,by Mr O.Stone, tile Wirginny Bre ikiiowm, by Mr. Ri?'ey. Led by Mr*, (iulliu aud Mr Sand*. The Amazonian Maid, by Mr*. Oullin. Mr St"ue will appear in the character of an ludian Hunter " Th? whole to conclude with a Laughable Alterpi.i a called BILLY BUTTON. Door, open at a i|u?iler paat 6; performance to conunene, 17. Hovea 50 cei la; pi(U5 cent,. = muttc: * VTKSSRS. SCHNEIDER k K E B H U N. diteqtof, .'X of the well known Oermau Baud, hrg leare to inform lie faahinuablc an icty of New York, aud it, viciaity, thai lirir full ami effective B ind. consisting of twenty inaL'Uinaa.i) performer,, w now ready to alieud private partiee, aoiree#, lie They hart all the late,! aud mott popular Wall7,e?, C*illions and (talon, of the celebrated composer,, Laaner, (train, and Labitztiy. and will attend either with two iintruiienta, viz: VioIiiiami Pianoforte, or any number that may be eiiuired. All favors will he promptly attendee to by apply ue at Sir FKANTZKEE'S bur Store 292 Broadway, where .adie, and Gentlemen are rrqaeslrd to nunect the moat (plen Id aMortmcat of F> ra, Skiu,, Cap, and Ruber, e?er offered II the rilv 1)1 New York. _'*;5.!!nl** M U S lie . V/TESSR8.G. WF.ISB fc GKAHM, member, ol the G?r >vl man Mutical Society, beg leave to inform the laahion ible euciety of New Vork aud it, vicinity Ui,t hey hav, drmed a full and eltective band of inatruinental iierformer, of wenly in number, if required They have all the fashionable lew Waires, Uttlope, and Cotillion, of thr celebrated Cflwpoicr.. Straus,. L.inner, Musard and other erttfhert uofeniori, and hold themeelve, in readme., <u alt< nd private liarlie,, soiree*, Xc. They will attend with two inatrurnrnm, rioliu ?>d piano lorte. aud any additional number thai may be required. F'vor. willhe nreinotly attended to by anpl yink ?t the immic store No. tlti Broadway,and at thnr resideucreNn. rr rielenev ?ireet. jl im l\ r.VV Yiii S .nAi.Kr ) MI n|i: "sTi~1.-.TV.-The <W tori4 of DAY 11) A INU UOLIATH, compact DJT t*? Chevalier Nf^homm e*p?e.?tly for Ml, Brabant, and a upi#fXprtMly to hit style ar.d ??-irr,(Mr. Brabant as David) wi.l be performed ou Twartay evening. ,fa.?. n# Ht the 'J abtrustle, C'lURACTick) lUrnii Mt d. Sitter of David* * Mm Strong Mical, daugl ler of Saul Mint P*nr?ou Da*id Mi Brahaet liobaih MrAKjlt ?ujI Mr J* Mattel! I on at ban Mr (t Mun-oi High Piiest Mr W D ( omci v ' ' r , A Member Chor >8 of Shepherdt, Warrinra. I. evitet*?male and female atten an'R?b>tinemh?ra oflhe Jiociety, Leactr uud Cundue or Mr IT C Hill Onc-diiial ? Mr Harnnei The orchestra will be large, commiting of vtolm, viola* double basset, violnol lev, burnt. t torn bom ?, c)%rieuette flut* a, r.l eof. bassoon*. ninncetM npheclctdes, harp. c> in balm Chilirte g ng. double dt nine, kr Ike Ticket* }?l i ach. to be had at the music stores, at the boob lore i f L) .ytoii k Baiton, rornei ?>f Fulton and Naaiau. Helena New* Room W II gtreet. ofihe ># rotary of the Hourt) .and at I be door, on tbe evening of pt rformancr. where alto books ot tb- worda will he for tale. Mernbem audtubscribei t w ill rrcei e ihtir tirketa hy a^ply ii g to J A Dparkt, Secretary, 111 Nate ui tin el, where perlone w irblng lo t>< come ni-inberfl ex subscriber a may apply. Door? w ill be open#d at 6 o cloi k, and the p*rforuiaure will omwrienc# it halt paat 7 precisely. fif ft* ^ !! 1 P til' r# } i} I, s \ 11 - tiou ! he sTiop Butchers t ilew ( iiyot New Y ork urn# i dly, are requested to attend a Vleetmg of tlie indep?'iideni Shop Butchers Aatorntion. oa I'u -i 'ay i veiling, January I Hit, at half paatseven o'cock. 'I lie Mem hern of tbe Association are ?prti?lly requested to it tend on bu?iu?Ai ot important'#'. Bv order of jh 3t* WM. SKA RLE. President IA7HIT WELL'S OPODELDOC, which in considered by '? tbe irtt Physicitue ia Uw 8. tube th wtrj bmt ?> >o?itioa in evidence for lUoiinatiini, Sprains, Chilblains, chopped Huida, Cramp, Numhmwt, Weak lis* #?i Li" te,ete. N B. It m three timet tbe Mtrei.glii of an> ollwr kind. Be lure and aeU f >r Wbitw ll't < Ipede doc, and re? ene ao otecr inlet* you with to i rove the truth of the remark that 44 PU attire it a* grrai Ot bciitg chtauii at to cheat, nr/- Price 36 cents. 8o|d at Wholesale and lUtail kv A.B ii D. Bands. Drt| Iis?n. No, 79 aud 100 Fulton rcet , David *.iuda and to , No. rT ha*t Broad sai . A hi "in II Sandt & Co. ivo *78 Broad way, corner ?f Chamber -frret. A fan 'or talc at above, the 4 aIIOMATI? SNUFF," tor Headache and Catarrh, coioEoted prtfcipaUy of root?. shrubs, and recommend# d by Dr, IVaternoutf, I at'- Profetnor of Caoibridge tuner .ity rr>- Pric 1 < enU. dlt ft it wltm dha fid an's a ci an d chop house. No i'l flntito!** tTwrtT r II. CHAPMAN r#> i # < tfuljy irilormt hit fnendt and the J . i nib Ire ii? general, that he coiitioom to terv# up in hit utnai iref'ent nmui' r? ?>f# ak .f h? gt,' utlete. brmled. fried, ttewrd i)**?e?J in#t ra w 0) elera. We.Uh KarehitN, Peached Legt, Itc ?? ogctirer with Iim tuperior hpark1 itig Ale, brewed enperjrlfy v; ti?is establishment, which it unequalled in tfiit citj IP nil alto tell by the gallon or in d? mijo .nt the choicest Wiuet id Liquort. fthe cdr brity ol which it to well eatabUthrd,) at N IS JiiNt rteeirrd and U-r ?ah a superior lot of lull Small Hit! Whisk'y. Which he will cell ct?*.n**-r tail he purehw # at am .1 f ,( / . .in J ? S (H iu, .\|' IM fr'Oii SAL I krlP C \1 ?MdtlOfum itiufworm, Tflti?r, h? nld Head Burhrj ? or JackaoG trh, Kccema. Piinri i in Caiman , and other disease* of th? km. are ?afel>,eert inly, i?i'd ?ffect'ialli c?ir?d h> the use of Mann's Kimedy, which Kan not heeu tested in rrofe than welre th u??n 1 difl'e ent caaet of the above unn t- * without lavm,* failed iii an* where it.r directions are att ndedto. The jnptrelleled success of tm* remedy in ctinu* the dimaaea of h* akin ia tnhout equal in t i.r Mitun ! medic in*. Tha nm pound Syrup of sartapB' >H: h recount!# tided to he used sritli liter remedy, n it t*n?i> throw c-ut from the blo"d and it item Ren# rally all the unhealthy h? n?or connected with the llt<r-4#?s, aud the application ofl ihe remedy e* rnall> it the nine time,entirely er.wii at#* it from the aj stem Thereitedv is perfectly harmless in ila operations, and mat tc ap jlit n 11 f [rerfei t hi y e%# n to the akin o| the tern area I iw I'it. Testimonial* of ttsffTn- cy re daily rneive. , and the ollow infl ire selected or publication, which, if ia thought, will satisfy the miud u/cifry candid icfBonof itj Ufaordvtin' virtues:? \fe**n?. \ H. fc T) Snnd??firntlcmcn, I crtify that I h ?ve ??' ? cured rf tha Haft Kh'-um <>' tv n ) * ara tar.dirg. by the un f your retried> in I Svrup < f tjorilll, and I wiali every arson treu led with this dread! >4 dipmc in any form would <11 no me. ai d I will satisfy tbrm that your meditiue will ure thrm perfectly. Yours, trull*. anva makta wkibaix. aidenee 180 Va auiircct. New York Juu? 3, 1940. Store 45 Fuiton strict. Met* r?. A. II. k L). Sand ?(lent lenwn. I procured a boi of mr v. luable remedy f??r Salt Hheum si* moatM tic e for my iB, whriwit tH# n ecrereli afflicted with the diuur an hia aH<U, add alter nnplv i^'tc th?- r? meily * eery vh'.rf time, mine its than one tenth of il e ho*, th" d? aired elfn t * ?? pr dure.' nd the cur< f w ple'e. aincr which t n?e there hae been no ri j? u of ihe complaint. V ? ure. respectfully. JOAK^Il V. rTANTI KV, V v Y .rk. Oct. 17, !(*?(>. $\ Polar ry at'Cft. 5ka#t* I'-i'if.- i ? ri |n?.g?ITrv ing hCM?f fro ? *e nt my* a' .\ el). ir ivn, ?hat you I. d an ii.fa'lit |r r? medv for e '?l' ilt#u ,1;. run d aorne fwr IP>* w Iff * a had tvffi ub' ! v. ?th ' 11 iv fi' e . r ?it j ai? ; ? I ci? liBOPV ?fri'+T-n joo r*ra? ' hv e I !> I r. AII 1 iff t i , v ; ..mi lUi' tc I w .( h i i- rt'fall ? I . I h > r1 u .vu,t|'f IV " ?!y ' r I . S?| ; f h? unt ' f I ? . if? fe w na ar i-.t t> our v nt, lt< ? k P?r , L)\ <>rd, f hen t.f<< fu N Y . _ !*r r?d ! <4.1 at who'eca'e ant ? ?%h?- A. I ^ D. n- r^; . 79 k IUU Fulton atr rt N- ' fi by Pnvm .ii> f.n, 7t ' aat !>o tw ; *!('<??. 97S r j ?ijo ?oTd by l>ri 'r? ia1 thnn a'.rut the 9 B jit5 11 W /*..! I |M? I' \ I'tk.- o. r. . . |V I U' V ??a inc u Tifivo, I 11 ' t ? ?: . it p r I- ?r-,hy rr'.Il^S.. ? I'llOOKs, nj; LiHt^ itntl*

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