Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 15, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 15, 1842 Page 3
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or wroug" waath" (outline t uttaien by j gallant near and when she w iS in Hanger, they would all rush to ha rescue, without counting the coat or enumerating th item* of axtravagauco. He then proposed hi* "mend unl. which wu .? tho effect that the tteaaury uotei authorised by this nill about 1 o ly be itnnl to me ex tent of the .Ichciruy in theMan authorised by the mi of June last,and at that w hi tsk- n up, the notes to he rau relllej. This waall enable the public to choose be tween the two kinds of aecuriiies. Bar era I gentlemen spruug to the floor, but the Chair man assigned it to Mr. (Jilmkr, who said thathe would base hia r*matk on an amendment ?hicb he intended to offer at the tim" which was to itiike out the proviso of the bill, and ti provide that the notes issued uud r the authority of thi aet, should beconsidcrad iu lieu of the same amount o the loan of June last. It had not occut red to him unti ? ,L_. 1_ - : _ - _ ? I..plkl, I..1I on 7?5?irr<j?y, mil 111 irrnma uuu-? s.?*- "' . iv the loan bill, the Saeretary el the Treasury woul I In erapowerej to borrow a greater amount of money thai the exigencies of the tjovernaaeat repined,or at baa morn than he waa willing to rota at present. Ti e Loar Bill authorised the burrowing of twelve millions, ami his amendment would permit that amount to be rape! making far one year a veateen millioi a nnre thau the means deiivid from the revenues of the Grvammsnt,Of thia amount eleven millions and shall are subject to the future dii)>osition of the Secretary, being the b .lanes of the loan ef six and a half millions and the live millions of Treasury net* s, authorised by thia bill He was willing that the amount of Treasur e not-a should he increased te the extant ef the b..lance of the loan, provided the farther execution of > he I.nan Bill should bo forbidden. To comnto a proper decnijn. a? to the propriety of bit proposed amendment, it ?ould be necessary to examine thear.nusl re|mrt ef the Secretary on the condition of tha finances. The estimates for the expenditure of the present yearamouut $31 *i91,0l<i 76 ; the amouotcfre enne for the year, ex luaive of 'he lands. $13 .'>71,440 10; leaving adaflcieucy iuthe revenue of $14,'US,670 C3 ; deduct from this the balance of ih- loan, and the live millions of Treasury notea, authorised bfl thia bill, $1!,M)<?, 000, and there still remain* to be provided for $1,718,670, 68. Then after the balance of the Uau is taken and the Treasury note* authorised by this hill.ond there will remain nearly three millions tn be provided for by some other mean*. The amount of "h public debt in the shape outstanding Trearury Not. s and loun subscribed f.r undar the act ef June last. is $14,718,006 70; to this ad 1 the balance ef the loan, $0 Al)u ,'t. o j the Treasury notes authorized by tbi? bill, $.s,o<>6, aw ; and the amount ne eessary to he provide I fi om oth r sources, $1,718 670 OS. and the whole amount of he pnb ic debt at the end of the year will ba $*3 046 766 38; hoiI'g a trifle shoit of thirty millioaaof Jollars Deduct from this amount, the Treasury notes which it is calculated to redeem during the present year, amounting to $T 000,0<lo, and there will remain at the close of th v ear. a deht af $11,946,660. wunoui comparing th- estimat* ' Tor 1841 of nearly thirty-three milliona, with the estimates of former administrations which have be-n ilc< me J extra vagsnt, he would merely look at liema of sery large amount, ami aontrait them wirh the expenditures for the aame object laat year. The expenses for'he civil li?t are estimated at $360,0#n more tIn.n loot >eir, of w hieh one item, and that the largest one, would be disprnsed with, being Slft'YhHl to oarry out the Bankrupt |l,*w. The expenditures of the civil list year a nmin'eU to $4 til6,363 si, but in t .i. w?re laciuded a. ve al llama, which will not occur during the ire ent year. Thua, for taking tun sixth census (d.'S, 600,00# for surveying Ih- boundary line between the United Statca and Texas, and the Nor;heas*ora boundary line, amounting in the aggregate, to $744 300,#0# ? But the principal increase was in the War and Navy Department* ; but without i aiming te examine the esti mateafor fortifications, which exceed as far as those of last year as the airillist, he would pass to the enormous item of $l,6#?-169 PI, for objects of internal improvement, such as r. moving obstructiaus from vie a s, con atructing breakwaters, rep iring piera. lie. lie. These, or most of them, were before the committee of ways and means ot the lust session, and the Chairman knew what hia couia? bad been ia relation to them, and the House cauld anticipate what his rate would be when they gain came up tor consideration. The estimator of the Department whit not fur a war establishment, for if so, they wtrre entirely inetfiaient; and ii for a peace met eure, it wis such a one us ho wes not prepared to go for. The estim -tea for the Nary daring the neat year amount te $8,313 297 23 ; the expenpitureS for the same branch of sifts vice during the put year were $3,-231 897 00, being an increase of $3,973,388 '23,or nearly four millions of dollars, and this, notwithstanding the large appropriations at the last seiiion. 21' the honor and the interests of the eountry <n mantled tnese esp>*nditnres. ne man would bemore ready to rote far them than himself, hut they were still to he scrutinized hy the committees, and aanctioned by Co"g -si. Let it not he arid that they hadjto provide for a 1 thaso i st mates unti they were saactiened by Congress, ami then it weuld be as compe tent for Coiigresi to provide the mean* ai at pres> ntThey were new call. d upon, by providing the muans, to sanction all these estimate* in advance; and that ha was not willing te da. When, at the last session, the Loan Bill was before the Committre, ha was opposed to the extensien of the loan te eight years, aud voted to reduce it t# three. The former period was too ahortto tempt investment* by capitalists aud lenger than, in his opinien, was necessary for the G->v. rameut. w tH au economical ailministration of its s, to extinguish it. He proposed an issue of treasury notes lor the whole amount oftwelve millions, as he maintained the superiority of treasury notes to a funded debt, in a government of fluctuating revenue like the United diates. Thvy ruatiled it to redeem it* outstanding debt, whenever the condition ol the treasury witild p -rmit, instead of placing it out of its power for eight y eats to do to. Heknew there wes danger from the abuse of treasury notes, as wcli as treasury bondsef . l.nS.J .l.kt -- ? l _ .uuucu ? >, ? ? >n 'Auiuiii-u m mi meiencuoiy example presented hy the States, aud ha feared that the wont Sait of that hiatory had Hill to ho written. Hu waa the acidaJ and uncompromising advocate of economy, re. trenchmeni amir fa m in tho .tfairaof the Govern t ent, and ha would begin the g<**l work hy restoring \o the Treasury the revenue derived firm the sales of the public lands. Tbi- would amount, on an avemge,to tw o million* anunaily. end the *evenuo from imports twanty nininn,'1 as'civingan annual tevenneuf twen ty two million* ol .oilaia. Then, if th- expendituri s of the government were rulureJ to tweuy million* annually, which he thought tkaj might bo romp itibly w i h an efficient adtuiuist ration of the government, and there would ha an annual surplus of two million*, which m;ght be applied to paying off the public debt. By repealing the Distribution Bill, end administering the Government on ptiuciples of ecana my, the credit of the nation would he restored, aad they would no longer tu- under the humiliating necessity of hawking their hond* about ftom bank ta bank and from broker to broker. The u ay ta pruierv-i the credit of the nation waa by prservirg the reverence of the nation, and that was all that wasnecessery to restore confidence in its ability to m ct all its engagements. He thought that reforms were ntPessary and practical le?hy touching the Departments here with a free niuraa bold band; by reducing the the expenses of Custom iffiun sat which large sums were collrcteJ, and laige sum* wera squandered, aad by abolishing others, w hose rt culpa did not pay their eftpenae* ; hy reference in the past Offi-e Department, Bud branches of the puh]ic service connected with it j by a reduction in the number of the mints ; by touching the army not with a in 1a hut a jtiuicious hand, and ha could nnlv allud? In mil.mi ? i Mr. Botts.?Any allusion to the ene at Krackford ?(Laughter.) Mr. Qillmeu aai'l ho had allusion to none in pnrtiaular ; by a retrenrhmei.i in the expenditure of Congress, reduction of mileage. He hud merely glaneed at those point* in which reforms ? ere practicable, aa opportuoi tie* would occur ere long * h n he would be able to rnlarft upon theut "Kronoiay. retrenchuient and reform." had bean the watchwoids of political paitizsiis for a time, the memory ol mtin itinneth not to the contrary ; ud he wiihe* to ascertain whether they were mere catchwords, useful bi fore an election but usolees alter it To ascertain whether they were great political truths applicable to and pres. r?stive of our rtpulican form of Government, or were a mere l umbng. Mr. Charles l*ora?OLL called the attention of the House and the ronutry to the singular fact.thatina time of profound pence, and tlio country teeming with prosperity, the Treasury is actually ia debt more than a million of dollars on wat rants actually drawn and issued. He had said the country was in a state of teeming proa perity ; he repeated it : all her great branches of business were in successful operation. In agriculture the earth had yielded her rich products plentifully, and the baraa ettdgranaiies were groaning u.der their hurdens. In commerce, our reel mercantile marine, second only by AOt.OOO tona to the colonsil marine of Great Britain, our ahipa have had full rinplns m-nt at profltahle ia'es, aad our manufacturer* ate doing a mo it excellent buai near utirouly sum rings are tboae produced by mi*. government, and u vitiated and truidui- n' currency. Theae evil* were all pen a.ling, and the diaorder wu* at, interne that ch*o* had almost eima again. And he, for one. wm going to lay that ho was glad of it, for out o( thet cbaoi with the abundant i louree.i and reaisileas cnergiea of the eoi-titry, liijht mmt comr. w0w * that deairable rrstilt to lie accomplish) il ?? cemplnhed? Not by the measure before them, nor by iti antagonist ai-mu1 in the minds of man' of the member*, the io n bill, He r uisidered them both .like, wi h this difference, that tieaaury note* wmeau wdmrbleex pedieiit for an rxigenc) ; hut that ?aa not the condition of thing* It the present lime, when s'rchinf etary d- s cription are at ? ruinous depreciation j when those of his own *tat?, which he had bought and aold at 111. were a'*0 i r b-low. ami Ui ited State* A per cent not k wai soiling at 9* In such a condi ion cl tumgs, n* soon as tuc treasury n..te ird, it dropped below per, and the ruinous course wsicommenced which had been pursued with mieh lalal facility b> IVonajItania, Maryland, lUinait, Michig i, Mississippi, and other nf the State? of the Uuiun. It wa? the t.rat atep which cat, and he warned 'hem to take earn leal, after taking that atep, they should no', be able to retrace. He thought that the Administration, the 9-c ol ihe Treasury, and the Committee ol W.ij ? k M > >? ha I committed a' roost fatal mistake in the cotitan t iy had masked out, and tlrjt it would he uth-rlv iueiHcient. They had placed the earl before th horse, and the machine woijl not go no, it would nrt go. i'hey had h aid much about th>scarcity of nn n but it v. as ai ashm of the M-asi? Rothschilds, i n I it was a true one, tha* there v. at no such a thing a> a scarify of money, but it was the scarcity of seculity Wher>ver there whs plenty ot security there would le plenty ol muaer. The Chairmin of the < onm. to of Ways aid Mean*. (Mr. V lllroore,) at 'he !?<i Hessicn to?k a und. n' pains I to prore the spelling f c th it th nett n vrnuo of the Oiveinmn > is anmt ta i millions of doli n.the coat of collection being ibmi It pjr c? t. The land revenue h d ti'iii ink u ?wa . an no ? her r ?oi rre left to aim lit >hn nrciasiti s f h? n. - * . - -? <" ? minim Dill one; and wmui he lit tt.viv i> ti u?ted something aliotit direct taxation it tnc I at Rtsno*, bet wean the ulmof universal ah odder on the one aide, an I skive i on the othi r, he w na almost overwhelmed. Tim. t revenue derived from the custom! last year was ahau ten million a. Tin- rev. nn-' wa? tince lomiwint in creaae.l, bv ? hat u<a not <.na,>|>tort >at'ly callnlaho-i I soutal tariff, to win h he h u.-ht'he additional a little vertical aermiti walhighly B'Ci vary Thi r< eenin this year was estimated ;it t verity n i| iona, ami 'he i a petid tares over tl irty milllona, having upwards of t> i million* of a ib ft i?Dc) In he provided f.>r. lle li I no' know what wet thi aim out ol the imltbt din ? of >10 Government. at the close of the last artminhimti n, 1 but hia dit* nvui lied friend ftom New York (Mr. Ftl more) had t k it touch m in a ta i rove, and ha ' its m rdiahi 4 it at c i 11 , a wn at f .cto. h | in I t nn labilities amounted tn about loi-y millions ot rfnli?r?? I IA laugh,in winch Mr. Fillmore juned] Auoluet dt?- 1 tingniahod member, now the Chairman ol the Committee un Finance is th>-other wing of tb? copl'ol. h-oi made it coniut ofa very large amount; and th? 8-r tatjr of the Treasury ol ltie late Adminir ration bad mUott lodged ll it it amountad to five or aix millioua ? Witk tbat amount to begin with, and i'i annual revenue of twenty million" to Bleat aii annual expendi lure ol tbirti millions a debt would In* ran up in threa yearsofhefween thirty and fott millions of dollars. It waa an axiom, the truth af w hich qad hi en test* d in nil tiiae, and which waa sustained by the concurrente ola VVa?d>ugtnii,d Jrlferaou ard a Maoii.oo. and whi.h waa sanctioned t<y aii the enlightened statesmen of ti e old world,that whenever a debt or lion is authorized, the moans lor ita pay should be provided. 1' liia was not done the downwardcouiiii of paper|money w an commenced, f liwaaaaitl by a colli spue (Mr J It Ingeuoll) that the 1 Treavurv Note Bill of 1913 waa *i?ned hy the Father of I the CoEs itution, Mr Madison. 1I? (Mr (,". |> gertoll) waa I in ConttreM at thnt time, an 1 shortly after the Treavury I Note bill waa pawed at tha express icommendatiou of t Mr Madison to "provid- for toe re l-mptiou of 'he debt i thuacrealid. Thin waa the wile and the honest poiuy I roin in uoverninont* ~n 1 mjlujuc/s. //lafiind , from New York (Mr ~Filmore] he believed represented the Buffalo district. Will, he hud no douht he wee acquainted with a gt-ath man formerly of that citv nairnd Rathbim, end another gentlei tleman not long eiace member of thi* House, [Mr. Mi cttt li]; one of these gentlt men wasnow in the peniten lary, an ! the other in the tombs; and for what were they incarcerated 7 For issuing treasury notes. (tin at laughter] There had been a charge, it ta true, ol forge y against them; hut, in his opinion, forgery ought nut ta be considered an ollVnce. [Laughter.] Why should it T Is it a greater crime to cheat people by forvary than by any othi r way. AVsi their crime worn: than those committed iu the city fom adistrietof whkh became, tiy tboae who ataud high in the community ? W>r? they pro luctive of wore misery to the widow and the orphan 7 And yi t in the one c?> e the proceeding ia punished as a crime, w kite in the other it Is not only unpunished. but the perpetrator is the courted and .idmired of thecircle in wli eh k- moves. H was snrpiised that his friend the Secretary of the Treasury, in his investigation as 'o the chances of being able to negotiate the ba ance of his loan, should have jumped over Ira own city of Philadelphia, and gone to Now York and B eon. Why, nutwi:hst.<nd ng the dilapidation of the United States Bak and thu othrr banks, if the Secretary would only put this loan into a proper shape, and give satisfactory security fer its redemption, he could name two or three individuals w ho wsuld tail-* the whole of it. A friend and n -ighbor of his would de-ire nothing better than to invest one million or two millions in government securities af a proper character. There wei e individual* in Philadelphia county, in Montgomery and Laacastnr, and in the Secretary'* 'own couuty of Alleghany, who were able and willing to subs.-ribe largely t > a ((vtrnmi'nt loan ; nay, il waiter KnrwarJ would him <elf no forward, [laughter] be ? ould And no difficulty in precming th- amount. Tbii country was not bankrupt, as it had been represented to be, and hrr dilli rul'iea were only occasioned by the want of confidence, fie wnt told l.y alate President of the United State* that he had been written to by foreign capitalist* of extensive manna to inform him that they would furnish this government with fund* to any extent at 'J per cent, it the lean wit put at a long date. Thi* was wuen the financial condition of the country wa? better than at pressnt. 11 Europe capital seldom realizes over 3 per eg', and the great landed proprietors, the Unites ot Northumberland' Buccleugh. Buckingham, and others, whore incomes amount to .five hundred thousand pounds and upwards annually, do not realize more than osa and a ball'per cent. The great object of capitalist* waa permanency and undoubted security. He had said that the conaition of our finances und curreucy was such that chios had come again, and he, for one. was not very sorry, because he was assured that the darkness would be soon diipelled, like the mi.-t before the morning sun The dangers were but skin deep, and they need only ta look them in the face, and they would vanish. He was no fatalist, nor was he even devout as he onght to be. tut he thought that the present disastrous condition of our currency and hanking institutions, was a providential intarpasition against greater dangers. He thought thatthnday 01 redemption, partial redemption, at leas*, was at hand, and he thought the present the proper moment, for a Committee ol Ways and Means of that House to present measures for its adoption, which would aid in accomplishing it. The administration says it does not look to any party fur support, but it throws itself upon the country. This was a novel position, and how woulJ it_b successful 7 Only by bold and decide! mea iure?. Uy telling the country thf dirti'ulues whioh surround it, and by proposing efficient measures to remedy them. Not such as the bill now before them, for if that was patted, no one was so short sighted, as not to see that another supply would be called for before the cleae of the session A distinguished senator (Mr.Clay) said at the close of the last session, that there would be another loan of sixteen millions necessary, and the position of our finances corroborates his prediction. IIo was opposed to the connection of the Government with hankers and brokers, and though he wished no harm to them, he wished they would take care of themselves, and leave the country to take care of i'seK. He had hoped the Gorernmint bad taken leave of them and regre'ted to aee any approochea to reunion. He was of epinion that parties were in a state of decomposition, aad that new ones would be formed, and under these circumstances, he thought the Administration had committed a great mistake Ho had regretted to hear a remark of a distinguished member of the Administration, (Mr. , Webster.) repeated on this floor by the venerable | gentleman from Mntsarhusrtts (Mr. Adams) that the | martial strains of England passed round ihe globe aa if to deprecate a war with that power of which he imagined there was a possibility. But there would | he no war, and if it should come he dreadod not the result. The resources of this country were sooh that , if called forth to their lull extent, we were ir.initely better able to put them in daogerthan they were to put us in danger. He wruld not detain the committee longer than to repeat bis belief that out of the present chaos,would ho produced a world sue" it thoy woulda 11 I he to inhabit?a world of conliJeuce, of prosperity, and kuppinass Alter numerous motions for the coinmitee to rise, for adjournment. he. lie., amidst groat confusion, the question was called for on the motion to strike out the enacting, which the chairman decided was out of order. An appeal was taken, hut was ultimately withdraw, as was al?a the motion to strike out the enacting clause. The committee then,after much confusion, negatived Mr. Arnold's amendment to extend th? issue of Treasury Notes, and also an amendment which had been offered by Mr Underwood. Air. uilmer tliin moved ? to amend the proviso n? i'o nukr the tire million of treaiury note* to b? issued by this bill a part of the twelve millions authorised to be raised by loan, which was agreed to. Sevrral verbal amendments were offered amidst much confusion, some of which were adopted, and others rejected. Mr. (Jordan then spoke on the general question, at the end of whose remarks the Committe agreed to rise and report the bill. This having been done Sir. Fillmore. hoped the House would agrro by general consent ("agread.") He however made the motion. ( pro J?riha and the Home then adjourned at 7 o'clock leaving the praviona question to be disposed of by a full House to-morrow moraing Chatham Theatre ?Mr Hill has bern playing his round of Yankee characters at this house during the week with much success- T? night hisengsge- | ment concludes, and he calls upon his numeroas , friends to rally, and give him a bumper at parting. ( The call will be unanimously responded to, if w e have any claim to pronhesv He offers a very at- ( tractive hill, such as will be sure to draw Mr Hill 1 stands pre-eminent in his peculiar walk of >he drama, and his present engagement at the Chatham i gives token of the high rank he enjoys in the esti- t matioii of the public OLVMnc Theatre ?Propitious gales still waft 1 this bark to the realms of wealth. The house is { well attended nightly, and Mitchell varies his attrac- 1 - - - tiisucjiM auvua muBuri as iu ?rumc prtlfUIIBliC. I'll Tuesday next Mr. Corbyn takes his benefit. We f shall allude to ihe occasion again ; but in the mean i time we wi uld remind hit friends to hold themselves t in readiness. *ThE Rai.vers ?This p'easing family cave'their second concert last nuht, at the Cut Ho'el. Combined with the meMy ?>1 th? ir performances, the 8 novelty of their exhibitions should meet with more c favor than has yet been shown them here ? t We think they would find it more to th-tr c interests to ?et a more teatral location lor their con- | c rt?, and then put the pi ice of admission down to a half dollar. Try this. " Li' on the PenosscOT.?There are o now 500 teams hauling lumber into the Peunbscot g water*. The expense wf supporting these teams, and " running" the luinl er, will amount to (.ne mill inu of dollars, or I we hnusand dollar* to each team. The stumpage at four dollars per thousand t which ia about an average of the price* paid, will p amount to another million of dollait. The coat of n the teams is not less than $250,(00 Thus there is t invested in the business en the Pi nobs'-ot alone, a capital of two aad a quaiter millions of dollar* It in estim ted that these learnt will get in during the 0 winter two hundred and fifty million feet of luna- c ber, which Will he an average ef 500,000 feet to tl each ti am Thia lumber will be worth ien dollar* ? a thousand at the mills, which will amount to two and a half million *f dollar*. Dedaer the amount that the team* will depree ate in value, and it will a give a nctt profit of only about 20 per cent on the b capital employed, laying nothing about the risk of ft getting the (lumber to market, which ia no inc. n- r sideral le item : for some of it will probably be two m or three year* coming down the river ? What amount there is being dona on the Kennebec and other water* in the M ate, we can make no 1 ,? k..i .( ..... .... <k..i . ?:n IK considerably exceed the b iaine?? of the Pennhacot, rj and that to eatimata the capital employed in the ai lHmberir(? bnsineni, in thia State, at the preaent *, time, at fire million dollar*, will be within tha real ,jj amount.?Pi-wataqiiii llrrti/d Ari oistmhts nr thi PaesiriicxT.?Eard f^rri- " ' rna?Kirit?r? It K. McLaughlio, re nppoinitd ^ at V. a lalia. Ill nois _ to Receiver*?'lenry Smith, reappointed at V tnda- t* lin, Illinois Arnit-tend l> Cary re appointed it q, Sptr'n, A a'lanta Samuel Cruise, rc-i|.pointed y\ <b Mniitsville. Ahibnma. Edward II Haddock, at Chicago, I li ioi.i, vice Eii 8 Preecott. at Bnnil AwrHITHEITI a.? A tl emeintr IM 'ill O' (0 attraction! i* iinnoanced thin evening fur the Bt i 1 fit lid n'titivily the lait appcaraitre of that most Hrniv.l e<t ?nd trrxceful rider, T . V.Turni r Mr. Tturori a cenu- fo ne Yankee, a teal tpi-citron of American ma r U.- .,< n 1 besides being one of thn beat ij 'or* in the ? o 'd. t ?h i ?lin a n |. man. w ho stands high in tho unn.a ^n U of all who know him. lie b av* a the city to fill rtle c? tigagementa on Monday nekt, and all w ho admite fi cl r ling and a aplandid ariay of art na performanC'?, ail. >? five bitu a call tonight. ^ (kf 1?vk??t Mem Nimit ? To-itoirfaw'a nuuit>er of ihu popular paper will contain the C.omwl) ot "What Will the World Say" from the London copy, now playing at the Park theatre, in this city, and ?t tha Chimin, Philadelphia. Thia if the that repoit of thia capital play in thia cotinlry. Kiily application moat he made for copiea The Mercury will contain, be-i tea ita usual amoxBt of original matter, puntt< nt, humorous, w itty and eloquent. The Baukiupl Bill, ita atiagula tiau. ("has M Delaraii; Modern Edran. by Ladle; Life iu I'aria, by Charivari; Kun from the Sun; Kleffaut Extracts; a Poem, hy Spaoaa; The American ILatiiouic Association; The Park Theatie; Snip cious Husband, tc fcc.. 1 i. ..hh..ik-ji -? .. . ? in. ma uoiu hina on uu* 101 lowing sui?j? ci ' ? Women, like men. must fade iwij, TUeir teeth fall out, their hair decay; Vet while they draw the vital gale, 'Til strange their tongue will never fail. Price 3 cants a single copy. One dollar fjr eight months. Scut to any part of the uoild in u wrapper.? OlSto 13 Bet kman stuet. This is a good opportunity for advertisers, aa a large edition will be punted. ft7- Aacson* Circus ?We| can recommend this establishment as superior to any now in the city, as the splendid and graceful decorations add a chaim to the pastimes of the King. Should any one with to witness the manly and athletic sjiorts of our heroic ancestors, the daring and chivalrous fonts of antiquity, a perlect renovation oflhier splendid acts is performed this evening at this Circus. Night after night dot * the crowded hall ring with the merry laugh and heartfelt applause at the (ouTstirring witticisms of Kirs and Bvintl, the negro eccentricities of Handford, and the comic [lowers of T. O. Booth?while the graceful ease anil nervousuesu of style as evinced ia the equestrianism of Mrs. (Sullen and O. K Stone, the two fiurst riders in America, excite the mind tolhe highest ideas of sublimity. Of thia unusual attraction the admirers of u Baxiana" can find an additional festival in a series of set to's, in Ooodnson ond other amateurs, furnished for the occasion by the beneficiaries, Woodhul and Donuely. ftp- American Moski m ?We are glad to perciivethat the manager of this establishment has set apsrt this evening for the benefit of the late manage r.Mr.J.Kursman who nntliii..? : -> e r ? .....I?r? Ilia mrcweu 01 toe public wliom he haa so long and 10 faithfully served as a caterer f >r their tastes. That puhliu will not let this opportunity pass unimproved of giving him substantial proofs of the nigh estimation in which his indefatigable exertions to please them is held,especially as they will see,on looking over his bill,that it embraces by far the most extensive, various, and popular combination of performances ever produced here on a single night. It will indeed be a Grand Gala Night, and we expect to see this immense building crowded iironi tap to bottom. This is the last night of the Iadiaas. (fc7? Chatham Thkatbk.?Yankee Hill takes his benefit to-night, and makes his last appearance, on which occasion Ho plays in four of his best characters. The nor formances consist of the drama of Caspar llnuser, Ilill as Doctor Lett Whittle, and Mrs. Thoriieas Caspar llnuser, the farce ot Militia Training, Hill as kl jor Joe Bunker ; on act of the Green Mulintafn Boy, in which be also appears as Jedediah Homebred, and the amusing farce of a Wife for a Day, in which he enacts Nathan Tucks r, and Mrs. Thorne Angelique. Mr. Hill, during this engagement has nightly drawn crowds of admirers of his humorous performances, and wo doubt not the house, on this occasion, will be crowded with the elite of the city. Ct?" That Thus. or Van First's was a most delicious affair. The secret is "let out,"--though the lady, everybody knows looked most beautiful st the bor, a friend describing her ssys?' Her eyes were very brilliant, but her hair beggar'd description. It was dark, beautiful and brilliant. Now, her friend said, that trouble had made it quite grey, an i it fell from her head,but ths truth is Dr. Jones, you wicked fellow, you know yon sent her a bottle of Jones' Oil of Coral Ciraasaia?oh, Dr. '?which we know well enough is certaiu to prevent the hair fall logout,make it grow,euro the dandruff, and give light or grey hair a fine dark look. Sold at 8J; he aure of the number, M Chatham afreet. Mind, the genuine la signed a . juiu oh iue iu?ei; no other genuine. Of}- Ret. Mr. Sebastian Stbeetkb, nt|Boston. cured himxelf of contumptiou by r box of Sherman's Cough Lozenge*, purchased of the agent, Mr Redding, No 8 State afreet, Boaton. He thinks many valuable live* might be aaved if timely resort was only had to these valuable expectorant*. No prrmn ever used these Lozeageg without finding relief. They are sold at 106 Xaisau street,and by agents 110 and '.173 Broadway, 1H8 Bowery,77 E. Broadway, 331 Bleecker, and 337 Hudson street; Burgus, 39 South Third street, Philadelphia. 0(jp* Assaut d'Abmks.?All the world and hi* grand father have boon to see the trial of skill by the pugilist* who have been delighting the town. W* haveamoag us a skilful professor in the science of Fencing, who propose* to astonish us this evening at Monroe Hall, in Pearl street From the testimonials of Mr Meoa^we are led to expect something beyond common, and therefore trust his audience will be numerous. See advertisement. ?\ To the Wise.?It is now well understood how I much disorders of the mind depend for their cure upon a due attention to the body. It is now understood bow valuable is that medicine which will remove morbid acsumulations without weakening the bodily |>owers. It is now understood that there is a reciprocal influence be tween the mind and the body. It is now nndersood that purging withthe Brandretk Pills will remove mt-iancho ly, and even insanity it'cured by persevering!)- using them. It it now understood how ranch domestic happirrii lUruinila m*?aw - ? a!.! 1' rvua. i.j/vii uic ucaiiu; oouuiuon oi ine aigcsuvi; organs. It is now well known that the Brandreth Pills have cared thousands #1'hopulrsa an I helpless persons, even when the first physicians had pronounced them beyond all human maani of redress It ii now not only well known that the Brandreth Tills do cure,hut it is also well nderttood how they cure ; that is by their purifying effect on tho blood that they restore the body to health. The value of this medicine it becomiog more and more manifest, it ia recommended daily from family to family. The Brandreth Tills remove in an almost impviceptiblu manner all purify and invigorate the blood, ahd their good < Ifects are not counterbalanced by any inconvenience; being com jioted entrely of vegetable* they do nat evpose those who use them to danger; and their effects are as certain aa they are salutary; they are daily and safely administered to infancy, youth, manhood, and old age, and to women in the most critical and delicuta circumstances. They do not disturb or shock the animal (mictions,but restore their order and establish their health. Be Id at Dr. BRANDRETH'S Office. 341 Broadway, bet ween Murray- st. and Park {dace, at 33 cents per box, will full direction*. Ret ill office* in New York. 166 Hudson at.,376 Bowery, bD t 17S Second it. Observe that the labels on each box contain 606.1 letters. Brooklyn, 174 Fulton it., Mt*. Booth; Newark,N. J., \V. E. Tarker. Observe that the labels on each t>ox contain .*>063 letter*. HONKY IHAKKKT. Krlilny, Jan. 14?? P. H. In the speculative stocks there has hri n a general improvement to day at the board ? Indiana 6's rose a per :ent; Illinois 6's 3 per cent; Harlem |; Mohawk) per tent; Canton 1 per cent ; B ink of Commerce fell 1 j per sent; New Jersey Riilroad 4 ;|New York S's, ISt4 95? i decline of 1 percent. The money market ia tight, and the banks see nothing is yet, in the future, that will justify them in extending heir business; on the contrary there is everything to inluce an exercise of tho extremest caution. This State if a moment when borrower* are numeroiii ind their demands pressiag, mutt necessarily cause the ate of interest tn rise. A few months since sovereign ltates, in good credit,could borrow money at 6 per cent. The federal government then came into market as a mrrower at per cent. It was unable to procure ill they wanted at that late, and the effect upon all >ther borrowers co-operating with the increased scarcity if money, w as to sompel them to give higher rate*. Tho rsdit of the federal govt rnment was good st home, and 1 he fact that it could not bsrro v at per cent was be atise the money was not to he had on this side the At* antic ; and the credit of all the States was so shattered i n II... ..iL .ki.n in ???? -r *- ' .. ..... ..U<| 1...I- Ul CYl-nil IUU III 1 ranapired that the capitaliat* of Ktiropeonthe orcaaion I f the $1,000,000 of government 5tor k tent out by the tank ol Commerce, abaelutely rtfuard to toneh it at any ate. Since than, money haa, through the operation of ! he bauka, become greatly more acarce, while the com- J etitions for it hare not dimiaiahed. It hat now been | ropoied to the government to outbid all otbeia iu the lurket,anJ oifer" per cent for loana We look upon auck meaiure aa not only oppreaaire ta all o'.hert, but rery , etrimrntal to the Gavernmeat crtdit Aa a financial ( paration, u would be tai preleratne to aeli a tire per ent in the market for what it will bring, than to raiae ae rate to aeven per aent. Such a price, ro Tar aliore rhat Enropeftii gorernmoite are compelled to pay, coulJ ol but have a vary aerioLi etlect ujion national credit, ( t thia juncture, when the queation of repudiation haa t eea ao Ircelv diaeuaaed. The L'aurv Law of the Ktite irbids more than 7 percent interest. What individual f orporation or even State can obtain funds at that rata, i hcnthe government securities can be hail for it? Nor 'ill tho incrcaaa of thn rata maka money flow mora isiljr into tba Treasury. The Aral issues of tha * 1 -J 10,000 laon ware offered at & par cant?the rate waa than ? liaad to A}?Spar cent waa the next mora, and half tha ( nount want ail could only be obtained. A aitailar Cite uat necessarily attend a 7 per cent stork, hi cause oreI staks in an inverse ratio to increase ol the bids. The ^ ma principle waa teated in another farm, in the p iiamer of 1^39,by the Bmkof England. At that time ? lerun upon her for coin aa-timed a dangerous form, and > check it,retort waa had not to a prompt and ri?id Cur- f Iment, but to raising the rale ol intareat, ami, for the -at time aim'a the taigu of Quean Anne, the limits of ^ ie old Usury Law, A per cant, were infringed, and with ^ it sure as?tha drain ra'her increased than otherwise, v id nothing but a loan from the Bank of Franca in Oc- ' bar of that year, aared otr r banks from fsilur< . jj The Ohio Life au.l Triut gire the following r> nion r pcmiffhrirdividend:? Owing to thn f ict, that the Company hll an'i-iiatrd ip p?v ment of $li'H),i'(K> ol their Honda to the D>- ofthe litet!>*, >tup fourteen jmr> h>uir . it >. two " into on the dollar, which, wi'h tho heavy rat . >i i t ' tange attending the pa> ir.enta alreuil) mule, an.I yet to u compline: have ao far aliaartieJ the active mema of >.| io luatituiion, that tho Truiteoi in new of tbii Hate of hi thing*, and of th? i-aharrauetl condition of the boiines* of the country, which preclude* tl?*? hope of eti< a*ive collection*. to ai 1 the future p*y im nt* on the ti hh pur cnasa, hare deemed it inexpedient to declare a dividend at this time. Th>-pnrchaie of the Bond*above mentioned, although completed. ha* net yet b?eu brought on to the hook* of the Comyany, and of conn* the profit* multinir therefrom, are to he ad.led to the *ui pln? mean* ol th< IuslitUtion. ai .shown in the annexed statement:? Tii the Surplus Fuud $1*5 ?M 59 After deduction x* mentioned within i> i*"1 9? $140 ut>4 50 May be added p'nfit arising from the euicli-uie of $01# #00 ISmids > ) 1'ie Company, due 14 > cars ti^nc- and vt huh nut $345 001 00 She wine ihe halsuce to be added to protit and loot 275 Of 0 00 Making the surplus $4ts o64 50 Wh recently made t-mc extracts from the re port ol M. IVoble,the Fund Commissioner of Indiana. We h ive now received a counter report from the aid commissioner Milton Stapp. Esq. This report is an attempt,on the part of Mr. St.ip,>,to exculpate linns If from the charges mode by Mr. Noble. All the leading fact* however that influence the credit of the State are admitted, and the whole i-< a strong proof of the danger of trusting inexperienced men with the management of laige government loan*. Domestic exchanges continue to fall en those points where the suspended Banks predominate,w hich is a good *ign, ia as much as it indicates that the insolvent Banks cannot much longer sastaiu a meretricious credit. The rstes to day are as follows? C"MIK.ST IIatki ?K Bsxa NOTKS ISD Domsstic BII.LS' HatJc Xolti. Exchange. Safety Fund ! lj Maturity liauhs- 3 * ? New Knfland Is- Beaton la 1 U.S. Bank ? a r# PrimsyiTsuira ? ? 7 Philadelphia. 5 a S{ New Jersey i a 61 Maryland 5 ? S; Baltimore 4 a t| Virrioia 7 a 7| Hichmeiid S a 8? Nnrtli t'aroliua. fit 1 1 Niirth I!un1in?. ... 6 * SI Ocorttia S a JO Savannah 2 a 3 Augusta, 31 a 4 South Carolina- 3 a 4 Charleston II a II Florida SO a 70 A|*la< hlcola 46 a ? Alabama 10 a ? Mobile IS a 10 Louisiana It a IS New Orleans 1 i Ij Keuti.cky 14 a IS Louisville II a It Tennessee- ? a 18 Nashville IS a 10 ttusiAsippi l/siou-- SO a ? Notches ? a ? Missouri 8 a 10 St. Louis 14 a ? Ohio ? a 17 Ciucinnati 13 a 14 luJiaua a 17 ? 14 a ? IHmois tS a 30 14 a ? Michigan 26 a 30 Detroit ? a ? The number of points at which the specie paying p?li cy pi dominates ia fast increasing. The following table shows the ratss of sterling bills, sight checks on New York, anil the premium on specie:? Kates of Stsuliiso Hills, Checks on New Yoke and Sfecu. Xltrl g Mill Che kt on X Y?rk. Specie NJOrlesnsJ Jan. 6, 13j a 111 7 a 7( r,| a ?t Mobi'e^ ; 5. 18 a 19 It a 13 ? a II WUIUU1DUI. a. ? H? ? a iu ? n g Mscoa.Oto. " 6, ?2) a 3 par Augusta " 7, ?a? ? a l par Savannah, I ** 8, 7| a 9 ? a 1 p rm. Coium'-u. 8. C. " 9 ?a? ?a I " Ckarirainn, "8, a 9} j i j " Louiivitle, " 3, ?a? ?a 9 8 a 7 Naahfiile. " 3, ?a? II it'll a a 18 dine i una Li, " It, ?a? 13 a I i\ Si a II) Baltimore, " 13, I3| al3 41 a 4] ? a 4 l*hil'adrlpliia, " 13, llalti 5J a 5? 5 a 5} In Georgia and South Carolina tho quotations are on a specie basis; that policy predominating in those states.? On the etherlpoints, thr|rate* rise, indicating the increased depreciation of the aurrency in which they are quoted. The bankrupt law will hasten the operations going forward and equalize exchanges by reducing all irredeemable currencies to a specie level. The medium of exchange must then exist in the only legitimate form? that of bills drawn against produce actually s >lil. Those the possessor of specie can always obtain ut the lowest rates until the supply is exhausted; if then a demand should still exist, it is the infallible proof that more foreign ptoduce haa been purchased than was either wise or necessary, and the specie itself will go forward to supply the balance. To get that specie bark it is necessary, in the following year, to purchase still less.and the profits on sales of products comet back inthespapeof specie. This is the simple operation of a specie currency, and tho real wealth of the country is discovered in the quantity it has for tale, and not in the value which is put upon it in a fictitious paper currency, which is always in excess oi wnai it reauy proaaoei in toe loreign market cf tale. In all thia movement, the Government, after having fixed the value ol$h e,coin, haa no legitimate agency whatever; and any attempt to interfere, infallibly produce*'^deran gen en t. galea at the Stack Rxeliaage. $i**0 Cot Bdt 1*44 93 SO Del It HuJacn 3d* 87 iiWO Illinoi* BUi *3 I* 25 do 871 SlOO* do 1*1 25 do 871 $ .*> do 1*1 23 Partner*'Loan aSino* 22 $3 0* do 18| 25 do a*U 24 $n00 do 1* 200 do *4me* 23 $10*0 do (1* 19 Iv Mutual I luurai c* 801 * 100* do auw 20 20 Greenwich Inaiiratice 90 $>0t>* do tol 2* Maniia: tauUaa 73 taiu* do nw 21 35 do 72 9*00* do *10 .? *0 ITtie* fc "4rr?<?e 1*0 $3*0* do 2<>1 IfO N J Railroad *3 $70i o Iudiana Bond* 22 so do 65 $1000 do 221 10 Cantou Company 171 $6000 do 23 25 do 17* $3000 do 5<1* 23 23 do 18 $2000 do 231 45 Mehawk Railroad 60 $i*o* do IB* Sit 25 Lrny I* and b(0 52] $1000 do S3 221 50 airrtou Railroad 47 2"> ?h? Seventh Ward ?k 75 1*0 do *cu 4* 65 Bk of i om ?crip 9?1 loo Harlem Railroad a.<0 8 50 4>*1 It Hudeoa 8s 25 do nw 81 30 do 871 100 do <j 91 do 861 7S do nw 8 7* do 86 50 do ?30 8 *0 do 115 951 50 do a3 8 75 do 87 60 do nw 8 30 da *1* 87 25 do * 25 do (20 87 SO do aS R $1500 Ex on Philadelphia tlf 4a do ?.o 8 25 do 81 Second Board. 25 ?ha Delaware wpc 8<| $1000 Indiana 22) 25 do *3 8*1 $!#00 do *20 III 15 do 88 6* Harlem 8) 50 da 84 100 do 8) IB do 8} I u9 do bj 10') do aw 81 100 do bio 8| 81 do 86 Si tea Illinois b:i tat 83 do 86) Provision Market. Meats arc without change in price thif week. Poultry i* dearer?chickens fetch a bettor price than they have thia winter. There we a meeting railed on Tapaday night of the shop butcher*' Association, but aa no place a w designated. we were unable to attend, which may account for the imall nambcr of butcher* present, aa we learu but few v. ere there. The object of the meeting waa to raiae a fund for resitting the Corporation ordinance, which prohibita the aelliug of beef out of th<- regular licensed market*. That tome decided step* will he taken to have thia odiou* lew repeated, by electing inch oMieera in ihe spring as will pl'dge th? mselvea lor a rvari tiding of it, we believe atrongly. Let thia be the object of these meeting*, and then we may hope the evil will be cor reeled. All the funds that the Butchers' Association can raise will be of little avail, to lung a'* the law ixiata. vaicc* *r raovisions. Beef, per lb 6 a It Venison, lb 18 a I8| Beef, 100 lb* Ss '* 1* f?r ridges vs a 37) Mutton, " S a 8 Woodcock.pur 37)a 50 Lamb, per lb 8 a 8 Cabbages. 3a 8 Pork, per Ih. 6 a 8 Beds, bunch, ? a 5 UUcktiah. " 8 Honey, lb ? a 18 , Klounder*," ? a 5 Pork, 1*0 lb*., $4)a S? Halibut. " ? a Veal a 18 Htri|>ed Baa*, lb. 8 a ? Fresh Cod ? 6) l ape Cod Lobsters, lb. I a ? rettery, bunch 8 a 18) Crab*, (torea, 25 a ? Hickory Nntj, ? a 5 h?Ja, * 18) Waterereaaes, >|t ? a 6 [lock. 80 a St Potatoes bushel 37) a 50 < 0'.?1. an 41 p., .1,,.. l n'k. ? 's ill Llih ken* 36 a 75 T..r?i|? huehrl 35 a 80 ' ruikirt. >1 at Ap, lea, DU*h?t 50 a (I as < putter.Ik., 1? ? V> l?o 36 a ?T| I'lga fut R":<lUri,' ? a $1 Oyd'-r*, IH 53 a 78 | <,ui <L'f* ? a 10 t'raaberiie* bbl.- - ft a *5 1' ? a t E?w*. ?r* for 1*| j Fairr* or Vray *r thi: Hiine*. Beet round b"d,|>er lb- I0d. Hurk (Irak* .... 6.1. aurloin uteak* It C"rii.ilp.irk 6 I iiinnou pec.a b**f- 6 Frrah lard 8 >>ro*d bed Poultry 9*1 u i"rr?h pufk, bett 0 torn Trade. Canal 1 our riaaaia* at $4.91. Smalf * !** have hern tdo at aia cent* l?u. Our atoelt it more than *ulflcicnt arthe canaumptlan. Brighton flattie Market, Mouptr, Jan. 10. At market tit beef settle, 830 shepp and IbO *w ine. Prion?Beef Cattle.?We quote the ??ine a* laat week, 'iret quality $5.58 a 675; leconil quality $4.76 a 6,36; bird quality f) H n I W. Sheep?Nearly all'he aheep at market hayp been stall ed. We quote lot* at $1 AO. 3 On. 3 M), and 3 00. Swine?A ?mall lot lultcted 3J and 4}; a lot to clofe 3|. It retail tiom 4 to 6J. Married, On the 16th imtant, by the Rot. .1 Powen, Mr. Br*, nun Vili.ito to Aimkr, daughter o( the latu Beiioit lonichon. ?????? a Died. I On the 8th imtant. aged 3 month* and 33 day a, Wn ton \ ViitTit, the only child of W. W. k H. A. Ridley, late of 'lymuuth, England. ?n Pamniara Arrired. ILircarnni.?Shi > South America?Vlr fJ Parke, Jam** Me * nmpt Benj B*r?* ord?3* in a ???*?'. ... .7 M. nii.r.-Ship Mary rhil.i|?-J I. Wilkm*. A ah*m?; J ? If right. Bnrtou. .. . , .. , . fi M ?c at T t:a? Barqu* SM,.t?C*pt H immond of the ihip P laria c iad.mned at the I leof Franc* ... Ii lit tana?Ship C, ir or* ? "Ion (t^C'd tr-t-r, ;iy)_ (. F Hum Black Lrq, of Eagtaad; i apt J Buah. n. i i?h Air y, (i < iM*i.r.tou-Bri? Ty'ee?S A I. me, J II M a'htw. .1 St Th >m<??prik Hpv B^ Bar iV,ttl r, C'iuni.mToi??Brig V'rrri ? I V*c non?ll I H 4 rn t Domratln Import nt tana V Cm-RLKito"?Hrw Tt bee?' o'tnn to 11 Dulh'rr; wi * *(*' r, ,f laliaaoa > i?; W Ruthin: II K hch llli Bi r|>v. \ K. r* n iaH. A ^ L"D|r. Smith. Mill* It en; J Jentt'rrt'r 1" M?w Ont-? ?t??-Ship Oao two r>?ir> l?<-l .1 h'oiilli fc _ OB-1* bh'? -lo? rs??rf \ M Onlrr ft on -19 b K? ft altera ? r a ptuk root H H flnrlfllii? it Itrre K K t||?? V ro?119 _ ? cot on Brown Brothers k co?> hhdssugar fcngle k hol*> " ? H ki BCfUl ft K II i I I (1 -ii II I# CMlOl ?' liefttll I v le> - *>2 r <?kn N? wS !?!&.' -k In n-fitm L It . U I \ ,* \ .nis -1 u I bli hmlfd Bra IcruklMurn \ ii Outer U. Bou -it bbia mdz to do p*>ik 10 cask* a 10 krna I.If 4 lfi bl>la tork 16 t>bl? 0- are to order i h ihli iroi-8'i'P Buttmii-OH kUooiti Bp OB?M i " i fcao NLiffii * Rtd .ii Tf Hi I di lutta It Br<>|fc#ra?Iff B uck It co?t bma tprcii J u bb a J (j Bro. ka 6c co?1 bz (J Button* 1 obi L M Uutoi rd?T ca K C Blake. Foreign Importation ft. ( HARLction?Bri|i i>rry?07 rice J Jcnnrr- tt k ( o -6'2 bNiticulton K Iniu?150 Goodhue It co?IW d' fa.ith, MilU It en?4pipe4 brandy J <i I.)*,..?3 bu to order. Si 1 ii .mai? "r.g ferry?I33u0 ? idea A> "?* k .. > *oulb America?1 j'k Worrell. W.nhI U 1 oath?I Walker Brot'or?ik S,ur. I rice * Co?II H o Ida Uonpaoti kjio-i Kutr^tu* Weed?1 A R Van Neat- b I B h 11in - n?7 Wright, Sturgee 6; 8kaw?1 J K Hitchie- M Uorloli, Hodges ac Lo?? H baylu -H Ibomi ou It i.o?Ciiift** k t^o? 1 h L?iat?5 J T Dolan 6c Sol?*i5 Nevtu? It Co?11 Of? orv. care of J N ?&/- ? u< ' '' 11 1'-? sell k Co?f l-gli. & Scott?1 K Tru-v n?\ W.?Ii k Bishop? 4 J UihonkCo?t M K IVhmi- y ? 6 (t 11 Swords?5 Ku*s il? Mattisoo It Taylor? 'fc Bumhsuik B.tld*iii?4 Moore u Bar ker?I A Hauler?1 M l.fvy-iu K VV aiu? right?lft J * del s'ei?l Hall Si Brothers-Hlob&s tin ti B More wood?19 \ kge Watts it K'N*etiT.<ufhs?to ebons Tucker, Cooper it I o-58 cka Persse k Brooks?40# hxs tin K J Til* u?ts?f iktt I liom^sou At ' to < Hulse At Co?'26 Cripp* k Co?6 A Hv m Nest ? I L I Wy etii?6 Regard v\ Barry k Wa\ ?*2 Y?'n*r,Su.itti it Co?5 l' (looter it t,o? 4 W G k 1 mit k Noves?at A. direst?3 T* omixoii it Wiiherald?7 Ui.dei wood, reterrl k HI i i?3 1 MeOl**er? 8 R C Blackburn?386 bars ir< n Cut unchain k Wl u kbu u?a rra'e* 2 pkct W Werkm-1-1? r-1'28 c ?' * it ess r r tnrr?IS Bell, Clark k Co-? tor itakrr?7 W ih ou. VV bileright k < o?il J Mc' a'l?I (iW i i?23 famous. 4 uiug k o?2 B Dauniston?1RA ItOW Corlki I Jit J Stewart?297Q dfrtftfiUifOii kC ?21 c una, 92 itch r? 4 c^s J Hoti > ?i i kg" Haul A k 8o?? > J eis a thi ?t \V W ( heater?B H ? wktt Iwnght?ft i ird Gil ilandk Co?4 L Cook?6 J ft J ChtmkcriiD*?? J W Mitclw 1?t C WbiU 2 P H Messenger?I C H J ?cob?'0 Keys k H >bert oo?91 cks VV I N Se^ m >u k Co? SAkll H 1 imrpe?I He d k Taylor? 30 | <ii<<iii?ick4jii nwDer.r?1 iik ? 17re> Ion ??44 fnui's, h< i Si 4N.?8 fc. 'smith Si i'ii?36 J Wineu Si < u ?I 8 Tinirnone??J K Wire ?18 C \V C'.hu rlimau?1 Mr Kil ar?2 Bat.-ay Si Livin.-atOn?12 J Rhode.?2J Smith I burner?1 (' HMaiaiiall ?I K Deui irou?11 < ralra .O |>ki. n, or J r. Liverpool?9) ip 8u<>? ? 130 ran-? rhr rry ? i' e (' Taylor? 792 oik coal H K biiiaon?lOeaa (1 >rfi nSt Hodgea? S bin W H Bern!?IS i u? J billion Si ro?S Hughe*. W.iril V co?88 do Wa f ttiel op Si < a?9 caaka IS buullta 1< goluabv Sico?I case W llama Si co?78 leagera 7 lihdt 6 tie. cm W Lhaunrep Sico ? IS Ida 3t loan pie irou to ordrr IIivan.v? Brig tJeii# tal Marion?38 rka trrlaaara lthnxseu Car H-.g<n Si Miller?8 c <?e? 200 bin augar tirinurll. M.uturn , co?107 do Lie IIliani Si Moore?87 < r ck?r, Saile k Warreu ?106 M T.<ylor- <38 ranee argar3 J Baab >a Latest Advice* RECEIVED AT THE HEW VriKE HER ALU nri'li Africa- Oct. 30 M.idraa Mar. 80 AaxCayet Dec. 16 Mauilla July '.9 Gotten a Dec. Id Moateeideo Nor. 6 Bombay Oct 1 Murauhaiu Nor. 88 Bat Sept. 1 Malauz-ri. Dec 83 oermuda Die. 7 Mayaguez, I'. II Dir. 84 Imbss Ayrca Nov. t M.?r.u .ubo- Aug. It Babia Aug. 31 Matamoras -Dec. I Utlize.Hon Dec. IS Neuritae D<c. 17 Barbaooea Dec 84 Oahn, 8. 1. Sept. 30 Bogota tlcl. 10 Paris Dec 2 Berbice Sept. 27 Port au rrtnee Dec. 23 Curvoa Dec. 18 Para Nor 3# Citufuego* Dec. 17 Peroainhato Dec. 10 CarthageUA Nor. 30 Paiiama June Id Cancc an Nor. 26 Rto de Janeiro Nor. 30 Chasrea July 1 Singapore Aug. 30 Celiac July 9 Sydney, NSW Aue. 5 Calcutta Sept. 17 St. Ileleua Nor. 21 Kayal Oct. 23 St. Thouiaa Dec. I? (Jibraltnr Nor. 3 St. Barta Auk. to tJuayama,P.R Sept. 89 St. Jago tie Cuba Doc 19 Oonairaa Dtc. It St. Joiiua, P. K Oct. 27 Ualvealon Dec. 28 St. Croix Nor. 19 Havre Dec. 1 St. Martba Nov. 27 Havana Drc. 25 Sunuaei Aug. 22 Halifax Dec. 29 Taanpico Dec. 1 Jere.iaie Sept. 3 Tobaaco Aug. 3l Kingston, Ja. Die. |1S Turks Island Drc. 17 Leutleu Dec. 3 Trinidad de Cuba- Dec. 12 Liverpool Dec. 4 Vera Cruz Nov. 20 Lelriiayra Dec. 10 Valparaiso Sept. a Lima July 10 Yucatan Dec. 20 Macao Aug. 24 Zauiibar Oct. 8 MARITIME HERALD. P#RT OF NK.W YORK, .1 AVl AltV lj en atari 7 18 i moor acta m< it s axva 4 42 I MICE Ai res II 31 Dspartera of tlso Atlantic Steamers. raou tivraroet. rnoM boitor Britannia Jan. 4 Feb. Caled.inin Feb. 4 Mar. I mar. s April 3 Packet*to Arrive. Packet* to Depart. UMUOK. I ONI'OS. Wellingtnn.t'hadwick,Noy SO Mir Ireal, Uridine, J in. 13 Quebec, liebard, Dec. I G.adi.itor, Britton, Jiui 20 LivKRrooL. uvmrooL. S America, Cole, Stephen Wbituey, Jan. 13 Geo. Washington, Not. as Columbus,Cropper, HiVIII. HAVRE. Sully. Thompson, Dec I St Nicolas, Pell, Fib I To tlaster* of Vcaacl*. Commander* of ee*sel* will confer a favor by havinc a list of their cargoes, passenger*, and a report of vessel* left at | tbe port ivhenee they aailed, and the venae la spoken, ready en their arrival hare for Commodore B.isett, of our fleet , of newi aehoonera. Ho will board them immediately on their arrival. I I Cleared. British brig Someraet. William*, Dfinarin, limn Bare'ay; I British hiig Core'ir, Doronian, I onmm, llSCoit; tmgsRe- | triere. Means, Charleston. A (Law H-nso*; Foi, lingers,- < Bath, Me, N'smitli St Leeds; Win Neilsun, Morris, Port ml I Prince, Sits Mini k Ferri* ? Briti.h sclir Sir Lion'I. Smith ' Vlonteea Bay, Wo* Binlis; *rkr* F.ichauge. Ulakrly, Nvw' 1 btrn, N C; R Tomlin, Hand, Barratavi* Bay, La. i Arrived. Ship Smith America, Cole, from Liveinool 31th Nov, with , indie to C H Marshall. Gomlhue III Co Lai 48, Ion 89 to.apckr h ripie lto?siid, 4 da) fiom Boston for Snrinam. Kan' no -it neavy gales the w ole |i:is*asc lest bulwarka, tkc. llaaliadbut ' 39 hours fair wind.the whole vovage. Mop Mary I'lnilips. Piatt. Iltlft from Mobile, to Peat k z ||I'III? i am. ia> ? iu, lou >3 5". excmugMl a ;u.ili Willi atup hrnce fur Mobile bhip Italy, Snow, 6H (lay* from Liverpool, Willi ini'/.e to M ' llarria. 'Hie I h?f enerieucrd aevtrc weatrrly galea; left loretnpmaat. main yard ipruug bowtpiit.loat fail*,Sic.?<0 paf- t ?e"i:rr? in ateerg-. ShipOcmulgee, Leavitt.l'i daya from New Orl-ana. with colon, to Scott St Morrell Ttli mil. off Savannah, at oke brig St Patrick from Tri-m for New Ymg. sih. off Hitl, r-a w in rompany with flu,> Arkauaaa, l.oui New Or eau (or New York. Ship Sutton. F.Herv.f day a from Charleston to O Sutton. Ship Arkansas, Dennis, irom N Orleans, with cotton tu W NeUon Left the b?r 3Jlh. British banpir Sala-I, I'tir'a.H days f om Mauritna. Isle of France, w ith Sift quintal* irnper to orner I,ellihipa Lineralil. Stafford, late Cook, whaling,put in lor rip-urn, the only American vraiel. Brig i yoee, OgdeD, Sdayt from Charleston, with cotlou to O Bulkier. Bri* Petersburg, Larkin. from To' aai-o. qui nil, with tout) quintals to I'A HarfOUteft Br. tli?r? Led b ig* s?, of New Yoik, for Europe, Idg up the river Star, Prince of and for New York, do; Delia.Parker.of ant for New Orleans do; sclirs Sainiit 'ouihard, ItalnaHell, of New York for .New Orleans, do; Vigilant, Clark, for Vera Crui unc; ?cbr , Mc Kay. inun New Orlean-, got ashore on tlie t ar tn a uort' rr?the vessel lost, cargo saved. I he brig ZaPte, Maat> re f. r Liverpo d aid 90'h mat. TbebrigTah ka, Murray,torN York.fid the d iy before. Brig Margaret Ann Dudley.from Berluce. and lldiys from St Thomaa. with t80bbla old copper to W W Drforeat Si Co ? Lrfi no American vestals at Brrbice. Left at im Th.un ia. brig Pacific, unr; I.' S frigate Macedonia arr on the 31s: ult. '1 lie brig Sp?.f.,r N York, aid day bef -re. Brig Perry, Kiimlaon. 8 dajf from Charleston, with cotton, lie. to Dunhara St Dimou. Brig lieu Mairion, bilrefter, 15 days from Havana, with sugar to muter. t Brig Bp) fleraud, 13 dayt from St Thouiaf, with hidra to > IYl*ell It Villi* Brig Tainpico, Negtl, 30 dava from Altakapai. with 260J ration* mnlaire* to A haton. Sid in company wilh ?chr JaMa it N York. , Bchr h'rancn I'ryon, I'rowell. from II a bir. from llir ?' wrecanf ihe echr Mail. tor Baltimore. ui.c with corn. Schr Virginia, Bedell, from iNnrh Ik. and it day* fr"m llir I Cape* i f \ irgima, * ilh flour -Mid labor* i 10 Stoma* k < lear- 0 m*n. Hid in coup* y with ?chr? Phehe I), Smith; Krn/r.a, b Cor; Hnchrater, D*ight an I Select Brigg*. all for N V ork ? Schr Shamrock. Cornell. 12 da) a from Halilat, with fuh to 1 mMtrr ?! Schr Brutua. Cotl'ill, t day* from Wilmiafton, N C, with n navol itorra to Woodliul k Martin. a Srhr Direct, Brum*. 3 Java from Baltimore, with mdre to J d N Hrigga p Prlir rhillipa, Buroh, 2 day* from Cape Henry, with n corn to KB Painter. n Below. a 1 barque. u General Record, ' Pai art Fmr 9t? riira Wmiti?i:*, for Liverpool. ii d-t un j rd. If the wind i-nd weather permit*, ahe will *ail thi* inorn i mjr a' tcj o'clock. Her letter hag* are at Oilpia'a, in the Ki ' change. Hme Atitoar?Wa are informed hy Captain Brigga, of the I irh Sirer t, of a laige painted port ?hip being aeh .re ou Lilll- > h gg Hathnr h ir, a| p irentl) ju.t got ou. Had her fotraall and h I .re to tail lo'iae. The ab ?e tliip ia eiipp< aeil to be the Vol- d riaon Irom <'at ton. reported in yraterd.v a Hrrald. t SMir Monauoe.fiom Cart n, reported in i riterda)'a llrr- ? > d, wa* not in ugh' of be High'and* yeal rd*) at eundown. She wa* bnaid d ir B Onega I by ihe pilot b iat J N l.ord. p Loa* op Bnio Oe itli 1 i: a a or Aonitorf~Brig(>rand Turk f A Horatio N Plummer. -Hied Irom Bo?t?n No* 2'. tor Ha-t.i I I 'lit < u'i i. an . waa mtally in*t with her ra-go, 8 h olt.on the I li laland of Toitupa. ahetwi mile* from the n 11 h w rat coa*t of I ? St Domingo III mate ami ene nnn p*ri?lied 'a i P/oin rl l< anireil at Near Yolk on Monday, in ?chr Hope, r ,m twv j el imif i n?i ilkil rigied t?rlg. i<?iriv Mri?rc? t' t< n% hur'lietj, *K?.ul two >*** olil, mm ? ! J'O ?t ?t? ?*' r**?t "J *nil hmi recf-ivr?I ei'eaiire repair-, h*riiigp?t in here 01 mm- bl> !#? I on her laat roj age from Op irt" lor ?rw V" * , I ? wa*no inenr?nre on the ridel, nor on about "J "i '' pr'per'y bclenyii g toCipt I' Tltf ou uhin ar- ha count, and urae in-u ed in Hoalon for aN>?' ?"< # hj Niw Jr.a.rr III. it Brt-m wrut a-hore at Long Beach mi north* ant nt'le t pit Hailaic. on Minday lut, 'hu-k a, ti n ijme Hheli ah ea Unified 01 her amlaai.d ti riggingand if ilia ara her roiilwuro mmciate wi 1 begot. 11 n wniiou! material injury. , . . . _ I" ItBin Hoskbt wai.a.h-fire reported a.bir? gear Weatp rt, ai Wan got iiff on I ueedaj ""'n" j . n " Piiii. Bii i i*i.i r' Buit1"1 ' " 'rratntil it Oonaire*. *a< In * he hii-hm uli.anit had hrrn etrj pe.| p eril ua lo the iie|i ..lure er nM'.ot fcrni.e. who arrived hum- umic lime Mine I'ha re- ft nort ot iehrH?i?i 'hat ahe aailed for Umtuo a l> * d.|? preei- ii JU? to the H ?" incorrect. ?i Marine Correiponifmre, <' Oinci or tm? Kunnr In laoit. i ' ' Newport. I .11 | l I - i. I *' Art J?n H h. Oacenln, from PronJ nee (ir Norfolk; l-rr- * i'd. Ile-.lIi, from N \ ork for I'lotlntlic'; Victory. Kreiirh, P' lovtdeuce I or New York. Bid Tecum*.h. New V nrk I I h? ? Id Malaga, ( harltilon, Oicenl* Not folk, Victory, New ?' oik. ' flT-Tnowae Jan 0, t?tJ f ince onnrport yeolrnlay per brig Bp,-, iiirard, whirheailil >ealerdaf Icr your port, we hare had aerrral arrivala part f ? hicli were in diatri H, a* (ollnwa?Jail I err beg li- org. laynea, of Ball, fin I'artn Kicn. k Mind to I'hilid .nd? ,, ii? J"1 fieri-ncid had wealher. Ihre* galea of wind in lai i, lou If. I. 0? lit iu Idei.riggiof. kc. leaking hadl) ? anln..- u ret ." rliat will lie d ue with her bug fa ifie, l.alun, in Phi ail. in Br.rdeaoi 6S de out, put in fur wood water, fcc ; ei [>- r a - i"1 rd hear - weather, I rig Jama* (upporirdi tk, Nohi? ot Pin- , I'lc-p* M In- it ., i i 11tin l- l?e lalaud*. >rto P. , .. I i. / nn iiuauiiit(.' inr ?\ m. .> I ; hnKM- , ? '" l.?tb. (m M*r'iui.|ur for WiIkiilIki. NO. J.n 3. j i !"' up U' lli-m pit I John Bi??a uf Bmlo i r<lnf f tr ?" it- out 19 i?y? fiooi 'hi* i ori. on *t i.nlor h-r In. . ... I J. "Iii* >hip l'l< lr r- ltd ngii, ?fi- r fill ki..g hop U| p r * rkt. if Mout v ilr . wl.irli>?nlirrd.?lli.iil v?) ngf ' . ' II r ^ irti h? < rp-nr ceil ??ry h? i?y w??ti.?r in 11 11 I .v. > 1? r. I?|l le II. kliOHU. *rhr Alng.ul !g Hit' Vkint " II NViirk, It !* Ju?t?rr, hrif Ab'f III Kirhmoi. . 'i oi C >n. of Lunger fm Mtrtimqu , ( * wi rniii|ion N' Tin I roc f l**lr Mtcatoiitt, Coiruui.dcir' \V ilkn.iou, tail* I . . fin ty 'Dttfola. *'in B ir.pir ON ngtry. of OUkgow, Ctpf MrDundJ. *n k. d tl .k nrk? l?Und-rrr?w .*?rd Kspout or till amiih u ".mippihrrih rut II. " or M :. 1 iiiiui. p*r Brig epjr winch laiied Jut I ? U ?i?ir?Hi. ku? r te Ma< aionia, O-m VVilk?? n 10 fm A'oiinlk. \r \ tor ! < jiajmin *o ?il i?*if ti^v *11 *fl; Birh J W (iatoii Dt?ig 10 ds fm I hili Irtfri i, uuf?ti?in. jail arrived; birk 4r?lubald Oracle, Rice. S uj akiif ?J*va fiu tf-trba lug for Sv* Orient, 'ft ?ul ne*t d?y ??< baHaat brig ihtrgaret Aon, Dn<il< ?<ig I . ? \ i i k t?? t> 1 tl if 11 < ?)', brig VI. ia- < > m?r fin i ruigr, fori Ttiite to nil io * few d^va, put in f?' ( plica; l?. ?g Leoiu*ra, Coiling. 17 ?la fin Richmond. unc* till in 3dtya discharging: brig Zain*. Robicaoti, 2 and ahi'f^gfm IViuaJ^o ior p.aliitnor? to sail ia 3 da oigehart log; brir Oelos, &<kf?tt, 3 d* fm Barbados uncertain, riicrharui n-; tch I 'anova. Terrell, 4T d? fm Baltimore fer jut in ic liigtretR with I s? . f tails he, rrfiitit g to proceed on her vya*# acouiach William * pear, Paul, It dye fm Philadelphia for I'jiuidad and got onshore on ?ii Tri'tikle, put bnk and rapturing damages ; grh Trident, Cator II (*? fm 9*|tinin??fbr Ilemerara. *ail' d rhe a <l . ?w r- i? - r- **' - , , ..L.uiiv ?-? ii nn atVi rint uu- rruin. i ut in nmrareli of hemp; arli Baltimore, Align, 3 da I in 8t Vincent. for Vrw Ha?ea, to tail u-i' day; i Ii t.ini-ralil. Bacen (Hi I'm \Ynrk uncertain, ju.t arrired; cli Rideing, f,n Haliur uncertain,jiiet armed. IpokMk Jan 5th, lnt 27 lor*75 H, ii i.h brig Albion, today from Nara/ii ab la Mar,for ,NV?r York?11? iiptaia and o.emau died, off f'ape Antoui i a few d >ra nrrvioua. Dec dial, Int 13 SO, ino t*3o Henry, of Boaton, ateerii'g Nit, fTorelgn Parts. 11* vana-Jan 8?In por t buy Hruri, U?. frt or oharter: Lima do, I'rniy, ding, ^ auklm a' 30tb,fin Portland; ehiu Adilnide, fn ni Vrif Yoik.ari 8lib. alnp Norma. wt( todiKliaigr; lirig K'izabeth, from Ihil.d pl-ia, arr 29th ult; brig Elba. from 1'rovidrar.r, It I in let in.lam; aliip Gibraltar, air jut ult; I! HI.ilea i1 lira Hirt, *nd Van Burru. arr 2ktb from Honda aad Key U'eet. Viuir, r, D-c 7?did Sarih, Baltimore. ?th?AM A gnea, MaUnzaa, Darid Kgrre, Meiicu, Louie*. Ma\aaa. Hu?Arr \Vm l<otiir, Loudon; eld Jane, Barbadoee, 13tli? Arr Adraalurr. 1'; el l Henello. HTilininglon N <1. ISlh?Arr l ora, t uba. 17 h?Arr M iry A au, Halifal 2Jd?Arr Farm< ra Be. light ' Iia; alii A I, rt, Belize, Hon 25th?Arr Emio a P?rto Hi.ik.UW,,, I i ....i? - , ? . <i?vvi , u*uu"ii. 41 vji ~rirr iii a.iii' i HiiTiUi" tub, H'ui v J-nLi i a, Anal .rhicola, Swift, Jaoiaic : M.rgaret, Halifax; alii Krancia . Havana. I nltrri staiM Porta. PokTLxttD, J.ui It?Arr Walaou Dockray. Ouada'to.e. I'rtao'cnt, Baltimore Gl-orrxa r v a. Jan 0?Tliefia, for Moutevideo; Mary Snaafl, Baltimore lor Salem Salem, Jan U?Arr Sea Mew, Ami nr., wr.t c uit of Afnc*, <nd (lay* from off inlmn; \4ary Mu.ap. U?ltimnre. Sl.i Hiar Xanxibar; Itar'aul, M lervey.N vo k. Poxthmov i it, J ..a ?th?Arr Moore. NtwYcrk, for 8>a> WNnwRiavrntt t. Jan 18?Sid Panel iti. Porlr. Kir". if?niioi:n r, J n 13-Arr N o I'i City; ' irnt^a New York. nd.Lo a ,\o lola, Victory Keerrli N York. y Jan. 13.?Arr A.hree. Main la?apt ke eftf'Jirr It, I tlitu le 8 3a t*. longitude 100 87 K Qurru ?f (Jr. em rk. 115 day ? from Li v. ria>ol for China; October '<7 tli l.alat'i V .7 II S, longiuxlr 33 la K, paaaed M.riuioi, atandinc K; t li inatant, Intitule 33, longi ode *3 .U, ?|iokr Motto, frona Portion! lar Havana; lltll t . It < ml W N W Itlaaguea linn If u S3 day a Irom Atrica far Halein -all hamla tick. ('Id Samoa Havana; .November Be ii? Hon; Amcrict, Bath; Ceylon Jo. I8tb, arr Eagle, Richmond. kH'innauvi rm a Jan 14?Arr,Victor. Bonton.?("l'.l ' ouiaa, Havana; W.I in ,i I WaWoii.Cnarlealon; Bciaey-auu J no.,Bar, ha Are f oti1' i t, Jan e'lh?\rr Hiial, Clark, New Yorl.; Dina, Smith, do. HaMrrow Kotna, Jan 6?KrrJ?rick rear. for Tli TV'stnn.? H d Velocity (Br). I in nca; J aire* 1 aakle Ckdlt L'r? Long Ntand. 13 daya trem New Orleau. foeRichmond pa -.3 tJro H.uaptnn K ada yealer lay. 7'li?Arr Ar.-li ua lr< in a.York h.a gone up J.imra River. Ktli- tir Hetty Maria. I', tit. New York Bid Iowa. Ca-itey, for Kinga on. Ja. I li? tr Mary Jeiir, Mr Met!., New York; Knrrrat Knf. I'uika Cl.nd, Sid i inmi'-, riraiuia reneil, .n lotk ?th?Ait Theodore, Kuik ><>?, J <: hi Inn ud. Boston; Plana!, no. Nuhant, N Brdf id: Fmma from New Yora Iwund to hi hu-.cud ? llth?Vrr Po. Kingrton. J*. KtniMoiD J !<: It?ArrHinhmond. Cheatrr, N V ^k. OwL'e ilatD, Jan tih?Arr Pataprco, Conner. and ' luette, Conner. baliinvre lor Cantine. lflih?Arr Luriuda Snow, Sim ?, and %la? flower. Bitbride, N York. Utiitoiiuwn, 8 C, Jan5?Arr wkio, Veeer,N York, 7th? c d Fanny Coif, BaUer. do CHiai.ktTOM, JauH ?In (lie otfing, a Briti h b.i ine. Arr Roee \ntwr vn I'ort inonili, H up; Coronet, l.verpool, Aj i?, N <>rlean? Cld * nili[>oit.N Oileaue; Mni lit'.rld, Providence, R I; Franco Cmi-d ly. Weil Indie*. Hid ' j tie, Ogdru, NYoik. Perry Krudion do; VVacca aw, VV'i , Indira. B h?Arr Jave. Liverpool; Jeaale. do; Mary * mi ><aveau; C thar ne. Matanz u; Leo. ore. 11 at re. Cld Fra cia llryau, Liverpool, H lor.<1 a Aoiwrro: linlivt, Bordeaux. R?diut,do. 7tli?8Id -a tou, KllrrV, N York; H t* Howca, Ki: g ion, Ja; Veepec, ritnh Wert ladita. Arr An on, dac*mai . N York, Union. M .tauze. Natckkz Dec 31?In port f'ilnh, Hammond; Hannah Rpraiiue l ook; Tynan. Jar k?wi; Leonidaa, Robin a; Laac A'ierton.T.irrt I K lor Li*er|>ool. Raaannah, Jan7 ? Ar, Duncan, 8t JOha, NB; A ' i. Mirant Bay,Jinn?l id, Nirh iia* B ddle. Liverpool; llielim i d, Liverpool ; Acton. I) p^ett.Nkork?Sl'd, lliLow, NBedford.?, Minervn, l.iv'l; Senator, Bnetou, Erinina. Na.aaii. NP. Cld. Monument, Liverpool; St Helenr, W lodirt? n tort, Robert Parker,Liverpool; OaLlaud, do; H*, d i; Col inbo, do; Kli Whitney,dot Mr Btooti, do; Row l?nd, Il vie; Acaht lU. waiting; Ho;*, ro; Oiliello, 'I ainerliuie, do, diachargiug; iMtrling d >. do; (J'oha, PhilrdMpl.i , wait g; nmriuuv AligTotl. lilft I I Liverpool, d >; l,aurtl, (Dr) Greenock waiting; lKuc di.fUi) St John, NB.wai ing: Kobi A I'arkr.f Br) Liverpool; ban-h.tBr) lid, llenr> H?o<l.(Br) Ol ignw; Theodor Hornet. (B emeu) ('owe*; Kinolir,(Vr) Martinique; YYm U'en And i?iu.(Br) from(trrennik; ti|ten e.(llr) tJreeuoek; Printer!. 'P') trim St Jiliui. NB; Leanderf r)fm Lieeipool, dticha ,,11 g. Heyal Wil.iam. ( Br) from Hart u. repairing; Nam y (or) from f iraugunniitb.? ailing; Lagrange,Potter KYoik. Aili, from Jamaica, wailing; W aaliir gtoii uoeton; Lord <J.? ''i< ' ,(Br) fr'm Lond m, repairing. Gazelle. Briton; Ocean tinres. (Br) from Liverpool. Hiig; Hcrielia, Bnitou; Havre, fn m hi iton, dug; Hnmului, Boetnn; atidnra, Providence, Minium Hulklei.NYork; Mivannali. Mian ir.tUI Kicel, Laditu. do; North B'Uil. VV'Ioili'i. L*wmaaa. Havana; k uward from Rlivabeth I'lty; I) BjKrrder, from I'lioni ejou; Bt Helena, Irani Li etna, w ilmg; ' olu-nbi* Corbiti* Iroin New Yuik. In.i, I um Roeton; Lebanon. Davie from New York, repairing, Mai y Ana rroin Harlfoid.dii-Iiar.-mg. Moan k, la* 4? WrCorroll of tarrolllan Bird, New York; Ttiiliina fiprnrer, do; Avola, Boeton 3d?k ipirci-li. Noblebora', Mr; Hmr; . Portland; Aran. Oaudnl >nj? A'abama, Boeton; Wilder I* VYalker. Uath; Cornelia, Meyer NewYork. I Id Powhattao, l.ivi rpnol Twelve three matted ri >reli re;> ried iff the H ?r by a lighter arrive J up j ee enhy. I'll?Arr Alabama, Williaini. New Yora; Two Very 1. H o i -. The Alabama one over the bar in emnp ny with tl.p a Pr'ntice, Durlm, J, hu Ibiiilap, and attoth r Ibip, ai d a Ball noe bng rroni Peiieacoli; Irtt ehin Cornelia, two other ahip- t-il r bng uuide; lurk (>< lieeee aliooiiUole. [ Nsw Oaniana, J n 4?Cld Atchelew; I.e-dnnd. ntrba. N l'..rk. Arr I'anlioe (Kr). Martin que; Auburn. 1 otoCey, New i'ork, La I leal ge M tra il er, Uacal, Havana lil-.lnOollika. New Caitlc, Me; Victory (tlv), Havana; Ji ho M ntu n, liaik, ,Ni ? Yoik; tb-eola. London; Aatearau. Pi riln d, Me, iinily, Charleititu; (? eauer. Mount Draer , Me; K | nblic, Ipalncbir.ila; b P tie :k. Tbumaitou; Angtli' e. rt.uana; .mil ii.urw j mi iiirN to tea, v i cioia. rwikluri, (.UuboiD .Mary liailard, < a'hrriue Lime Rock, ntd Sew mole. PORTUGUESE FEMALE F1LL8 pHKSK lar-lamed unu e< lebr.ted rtlla. trom Pi r. .jaI. are * we perceive, to be obtained lu Inn country v-? adveriaemcnl on the la?l ioIuioloIfourth pegr. i' .lim'ia TO THE PUBEIC. SHOULD llua me? t the eye of the philarithro, :rt or the ' aufleriue patient.aflicled ? I have heen, I I i .Wat nu kill lie uond fir u .h to real it through, and not pea. i orrr aa "ion 'in We ft nla that the coutiuts art tleiigutd aa an ilveruteueul. I know that the flittering teatimoniale which apr .klr thecal! f the daily aed week'y | hpere, in pilTiug < 1:1 o< a noa rum.doao i ur!>- .jn> the act< nee of nttdiciue ai d nf> Id tha mph ity of the arcn necromancer?who would palm < (T upon he r ill! e liia new edition of old noatnma aa hi< own ihveoIOD, but which were ir ally inieuird in the good old Icadr-n age if ignorance, long eince i ij lodrd by the light of ai 10 ir?that hey are ralrulatrd to art down any thing like a P|>erific ia lie light ol deieption. But the pretended inventor* f patent nedi'ine of the preeent day d'-ceive ihrmaelree by mtroduing a plauaible yet hyputhetieal theory, fort lug ny a (allatotli rule the whole taw of i.hyaiolngy aud taae 'mI nature ato ihr narrow l empaaa where hut a law anrplrt h tome inriii |>orui ami n inaeiiatcal ceremony, art at l*.t (mud to i ipe out the curee of Adaia?hail the jubilee em! ?i g " Oh rare where re thy victory, Oh death where ia tlij >i g,''aa hey will tell o! wotidrou. reetoratian far and n? r that the reduloui are at once ahocked to ice the week!) i uurn of aortal It y. I have Inag gmce art d >wn ell epecifice aa unwori! y f edict till I happ. utd loeee the actio ugly diei'iterr 'ml -hi uuanuahed deec ip'i <* of a (Tecta and lecte with day a d datee, i a letter Mr Kedfield gave Dr. Thorp. Thrrt ?? ? ? "I tube o rum inn g up of ih? oeetical |ioiiits to make tciouti tneiCiut, but ht deaenbed poinia and rtlatrd eyetmu -n j.aral utte to lie imriUfii m ?il?rrtiwinjj a medicine, th iHelermed to yuraue the taiae, for if 4 medicine ? r? Hi ?h? it eeid to be, it ahould br supported by corresponding eti M i i.n no medical man I know not the modus opr>< , i of Dr. 'h'irv'i C.irinimntii. but tint I do know, that w* r r< *i, I was nee on the *?rr ?erge of the grave, watted to a. I. it n. but ow I am at tlrsny at in my mott healthy Have, -1 , iu prtof f tbie I ran umne many letpteubleand acieaUfic v 'j..iKt.? "ut Ittilmic circumstances end prominent ?ymp'..i.i? were (itae ; I at a"'}' 1 ,r>"k cold wlnth left ma with a n till that ucrratrd till I broke a blood vrttel. ant waa redo <1 much a to be confined to my b> d I *m to inurh pen,. ,4 tuba i>ied on arr'W root. I waf attended by three il , tiaed foyatcians. under tahote tkilfol treaiinrnt I tr:ii?edao Mich aa he able ta sat ten l totny biiaine.j till O lohcr, wham i,. harking increased, and in Not ember I 'ten compelled 0 lake to ray bed. aid mutinied taping J , t?H bout thr midd e r f March, wli-n my physicianin eb gay* | | my cor 14 I'aat cure In tint rondin .n rip ?ry V toleaie this woriel. friend c illed and handed n > f mil/ ha I Her ol He v. Mr Heilfidd.ia print, to Dr 1 h, ,. -ut ,of he effects of hit ' armiomti* upon him, and .! 1 ? 1 bi. gilja natiuer he ? 44 affeeted. winch w at at like my W ,, .gain 1 me tut una up onea m ?rr, and I deter aaned to Iry ti ' i.ioii1101 i 1 beyond a rurt, raun toMerery d-y?ne? ?yp-ti[e. tery tore Ihroal-, ,, ^,r>tg n to loo 10ISO r gularonfht iweeta.rery coi.ioui a >1 irgular arctic every .!. > ? in "emaciated that \ ro., ., | Aery I.I ill ..-er ial..> ">' I,,nh,i tithing ?erJ . , and ifTi rf r't if fr -ni 41,,nt '/J rostt^r trrry a, y ?t,f H long vr 11 " %r***or blui.h color, u < .fit u "^"Clli It ?o near lb ath that thr I.O.of O. I- . | made tt.mreti./!? end rn ered into arranarmciita f..r my ft,. , , *j.? Iv pnytir an inforuiiil my lamily that it I b d a u mean ,ieille, it ehould be attended |o immediately- i , t mean memy lamily prornred a holtle of Dr. I'liorp't I , . . .ntia in ihe me of the firat, the tortneaaof my mouth ? 'ilei. it p, ed uti k merphine, mghl twralt lhalrd. at y h io eaoad?wns Mile ?o tj. u;. a little i my nppetit* b . unite irai lout; m ibou' fur d ye I w?a tnhen with a ??. r n ujby ape It. threw i tT near .tie .|U?rt of matter. : ; wiln o . tn.niti i r Imnta of partly matei .t u j lecea, me'ihit reseoibling Itir lighta or ill er of a hog. en.' J ,r I y It * pint i if h ird turn pa about the ?ite of pete. I' J I ke a irley euro. Of wbittth b ue and lead eolrt; tho a ? t vc-d a ier* free doeti*rki*oi rery thin mutter, to tie ' n*ire to make i neceMory looitnllie drains and wmu n ml to r in'' nnnnr i iccut ? ' in| lUIn Ii. J- : (hit in I t>? m ?n m?nd rapdjy i i the uo* ,.f the,., t , twtll* v iht ?w e.U I*fl U'trtiy, liectie pal** rti'wcl an J ait t i? .till ?en "I i? i'i caee. ?? ihat I ri'iiM'.i ....i -I b?rl -it ithrr bttrtf I'nod?my ll ah h'gun to maki r , , ilv. I ii,li uidiliiwiirfiii'iiwtikt, when I t* a- -tmiihlV to s'k 'hoot a mile at a tin* with hut little IVik<i- I now ?uch my uiiitl w- iicht, a* in ay healthy d?y?. i in \ery - hi nlii'lie" I am indrotcd lor my li e to t>* i iiiiioaai. It ii ? ruamin il?rittim that my reect" a a mirle. Totho-e whom-ty he acrnpMleni, i?!e*a? r?!l 'i :n rfli c'fPto f 9 t trnie tl" l? an ' I can aiioucc hipt ' let imuoy f reajitt t ilile wito< tea, theiiit,. m> prcaeo 'aiy ru.c- could em toe oteadici tne | ? eiibmly that I am ihe id*. in ?' m?a. no a lew we?li? igu ? < 'i|?et?d to (elllu all ?? *n y ?i-iOU. I w d ja o irap' in theuaeof the in'Hr i a numr-I ume , while u.irg it. thoujh i' haddo e m- >. ''good* it a return *1 nine ol' in# e> mp oma w, u d ote at t'.yofr.t.'iiiiM W' kuet* and ? riiey ailim toh-ei" i nunhi <?ed to r milium. hy the Rood it had ?l< n* m- I aiora rti'U arly by the fact that i?ir. R- epohe ot tin ? i ? a ad w I nan 'lie in le.t confidence that ?uy pert n- afTi .led a* en mayhe'nr'd by tnit inclinable medicine. I at- not ii' in'o .11 th' ill' * ?u hai thimt. chill*. .'I'pepein, ** conipl ilnt. * ! 'h like, f rl do not ?uppc* I they in < .outmrr ii rriMi'jiH'ii. .inn w 41 In W l.r j mil cui?, I'f ltn ml mfill'nl Ir i > \a r rn i ' If. tbouM I < t?r >?*< ?irrlurn of the hit! n i una, hull rr? it I t> CarmimntM. I rramueil I I" rii to dye iou thia an a tr? ? meat my ami h fji loiilhini ft will advmiri' your trial'Tlhe WTolid't. thot JOU Will b? hlwal r ; ub Ii it. I ?' it 10 you a oil 10 my frlli iw auffrierx. HeaprC fii'ly, |T.W. WII.H i VI, WiiiH'K Matter, and Meridian I 'i;?. _ No. ?-??Ur r,?. f .B. No?([?nt. To ho had only at Dr. H C. 'I ' , lj* ran with l?ne, third door fr. m 13th it hi. > . ITT AKoCovuiT or Nut Yoir.oi f. W. V ..., aw duly * or a. *ait h tli t ir> w. itirn ?e. rtif r.iir bed him it ti l n 11 ., t he freely wd ehier'tilly > -' *?tho r. f. W. Wll.i I iMI. wrr >e' re mo Ai'K'ja' tt lilt > h If, Li i irr.ti in. of Hee't y Ir. Williama h.niiw recoTtrril I it hoalth it now aH.niliaf B'tt. jU Wtt?

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