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January 16, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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Ig? iijpi 11 in i lira i? . ?T|- tt*liL ' iu r-rr.1 mm ttatmi > ^ TH] I. VlbHto- 3?a ?> Wfcate IOT1 PUBU8HRD DAILY BT IAMBI QOBDOI BMRIMVf, No. ? ANN BTMEKT, TBMMI Of ATVIitTMINO.?The ntaulii ciro%| Mmu of the Hboalo, both id town ?nd eoontry, nttti n uperior churuiel for advertisers. sua twkltb mate oa mm: I ? *, $? to I 4 daya, >1 a I 7 (lay*. $1 87 I lOdava.M U i ' t?U 1 i so I v " a w li J a ?7 " i eoI ** l 761 # u a l*| i? u in roa bioht m?u oa leu : 8 weena, ?i 60 I a months, 88 t? 1 Math. 8 00 | 6 months, 16 (if tp- Ail advertisement* to b? paid for before their ia Mma Advsttiseessru* i iserted in the Wuut Hasina at f ] par square every insertion. Has *li?? It sued every morning?price tv? eeaOper copy. Country subscribers furnished at the aaate rate, for any sprcidc ported, ea ? rem ttance in advance. No nsoer sont. uploes paid iusdvaici. Wbrelt hiruo? issued uteiy Aatorday morning, al Bine o'clock?price iu emit per copy furnished to coasj try subscribers at 83 per annum in advance. CoaaasrovosKTi era requested te address their letters 8a Jsmos Oukdob Biivkit,Proprietor and Editor: aad al orders oo basimets must be post paid, THE EASTERN DIVISION OK THE NEW YORK i AND ERIE RAILROAD. ftBMp MB A according to the loll* ?iug arrangement, a up bug at Bar nt, Blauvrltviile. Paerar, Stiffrruc, Kaotapo Station. Mop* w? VVorka, Turuer'a, Seainanrille. Monroe Village aud CliaaFROM NEW YORK. A paeeenzer tr in rxrry morning (ciccpt Sunday) having tan foot of Albu?f atraat, at g| o'clock, A. M. luthe coinimuy'a eteauiboat Utict. Ca,it V. H Srhultz. A paweofer train rxrry We tueariay and Saturday afternooa, at 4 o'clock, from the loot of Albany atreet, in tho itiamboat Utiea. _ A freight triin erery Monaay rureday, Thuraday and Friday afteruO'>n, at 4 o'clock, fro.n the foot of Chunben atreet, y the a team boat Union F:<0> liOSHKff. A paserngrr train rxerr moving, (except Sunday) at # a'elk, Alba"* 'tree** by ne (tMmboitt U'tica, at the foot of A passenger train exerr Wedn aday and Saturday aflernoon, at S o'.-clok. arrixirig iu New York >y the etrambo"! Utica, A freight train every Monde,, Toeei tj, Thursday and Friday., at 3 o'clock, arriving in Nevx York b- the steamboat Union, and ba-ge* at the font of Chamber* trert. .Freight Wl'l be ree-Med at the tool of Albany atreet on Wedneaday and Saturday . and at the foot of Ulrtmbrra atreet n Monday, Tuerday, Thunday and Friday, until 3 P. M iao?? utnii rani the Uomnauv'e Transpnr tation office, corse r of Liberty and West street#, and at the various deuot* on the linsot the road. ^ ^ H;c: s YViOUR,Supeniit^.dant d<71 m ?astem Division Nrw York and Krie ILulre-id. YOKK AND NEWARK. 6tiBL??2?LJHte-AlS Vitro rn<ureil t? <A cents. From the foot of Conrtl andt street. Now York. (Every day?Snndayieieepted.) Laove New VoA* Crave Newark. At . A M- At 9 P.M. At A.M. AtU r.M. II do 4 do do It d<> " " 4|do I0t do I do * do 10 do ON 8UN0AYB. From the foot of Liberty street NMAOK. IuA.^HTOtvfi)itaAHt?T AND Fare reduced. . _ From the foot of Liberty street, daily. Leave New York. Loots New Brunaoick. At A.M. AtTtAVM. 41 P. M. | " M. OMKRVILLE stares connect with these lines each way. tare between New York and Homrrrille, 10 cents. Do do Brunswick, Tl cents. Railway. " cents tIIIVmI i'n the'Ti A. M. train from Now Brunswick, and 41 f M "train from Stw York, liu been rwlucrd between New York and New Brunswick to so cents. " and Rahway te r| * The Philadelphia itiuiirar pusses through New Bruaewickfov Mew York oveiy cveuinr at ?o'<Joek. Ob Sundaysthe TsA.M. tripfross New Brunswick ie emitPasoengers who procure thser tickets at the ticket offiee.rooeivea ferry ticket gratia. Ticketsare received by theconductoi ?Iv on the day when purchased. at I ^ KKB BIKD LINK TO ALBANY, oo the taat aid* of the river, having bet'cr stages BWyyand team*?asking no higher fare.?Office, Mowardk Hotel. ITS Broa-wav ?Passengers will be forwarded by State to A'ba v Y y the line froai say poiat on this Raul eldest' the river where the boats may be compelled by ice to will be on board each of the mail boats to give aiiisftSBCC mJ i a format kon This line extend* to Montreal, touching at Albany, (office S qpdev the Museum) and embraeee a vary direct and comoioiow route thither. The stage* aou horse* of line will be found really the bo*t on <he Albany route, and no deception. The strictest attention will be paid to the comfort, convenience and epe?dof nil who mar givt ua the preference. When the river shall he eliut up entirely. Red Bird Stages will run all through from New York city to Albany. hi . H? J?a\"TKR, j Agents. I. V BAKER. Proprietor. dtsim* nKW YORK AND ALBANY, Stage ?r?., ffcLu e.ou both ?i lea North River ?Office at the IdaUnd Western "olel.8 Courtlandt -Kaie ge.?The line en the wcit side of the river is fr-in New York to Pieruiont by stemnboat Utira, fro.u Pier moot to Goshen by the reilroad.and thence to Albany by stage. Pas eager by this line u ay leave New York every morning (Sunday* xc pted) at 8 o'clock, and arrive in Albany inxt mornnig by 8. This 1a the shot test ii?iiclt*st and e'le ipeet route to Albany. The railroad care are large, commodious and Warmed by liovci. The line on the ra?t side will be by steamboat daily si far as the ice will permit. E. BKACH. Passengers for Newburgh ard Paltx mvy seearr passage at this offici by atenmtioat m l railroad to Turuei 'a, 16 mile* Uiis sideof Newhiirgh wh-rr s'.vge* will be iu re diu se to eonvry thee. In 'he anovr nan-d ida -es. daa tjl VIA STOXIXGTOX, DAILY. * ? <) HAltNUEN fcCO'8 American and Rorciim ^1 Expr??? Koretgn Lrtter, and General Forwaid iay Offirs.?Packages of all sample p.nw'i, w*g23P25?spei'r,and hank notes, will he ret -ived aui ftrwardr-' b- P.xpret1 and Irom th* following yl <ces:? From B wt.m to Liverpool, London. Manchester, Uirtnin.; ham.and Lred*. Eng.; Dublin and fork. Ireland. Olasgiw and Otosnuck, Scotland. Paris >ud Havre. Kr one; aui from Bos ton to Providence, New York, Philadelphia. an! from Troy sad Albany, having recently made amngemente with the Pco pie's Line to tliat effect. HARNDEN A CO will ettend to colloeting or paying Draite, Notes. Bills or Acceptances, and the purchasing of goods of svery description, or transient business of any kind, which they undertake romptiy. I -It.- ft .... aw.II lam l/.-nt sit titFir Boalnii.Vpw Ynpk Phi!f I *Albtuijr jliteri, for Cunard's Roy*] Mail Liar of I teu ihipe: also^.ir the m uiarr Ureal Western, anJ tlxiiilT^TSk NOT1CIC.-Paick?*M s?at ta either office, for Kngtnnd.or at y other place, must not, in ?nv case. contain letters "ft. B. All geod* must be m<rk(<] HARNDEN St CO.. who rrilnnr :espooiuMe Cor the lo*? or injury of any artirlet or X pr?rcrly eo:aaiitti<1 to their care: nor is any risk assumed by, aor can any he attached to the B.aP. and 8. Railroads, or the M.J. ft team Navutaiiou Co., on whose roads, or iu whose steamers, their crates are or may te transported, iu respect to theas or their ceuten?i at any time. Kprwacncr.s:- Messrs. Klotcher. Alesauder It Co., Liverpool ami Loudon. Weltea It Co., B takers. Paris, rratice; Thomas B. Curtis. fU<|, Boston; Usodhue kCo.,New York; Carey k Hart, Philadelphia; and Thomas W Olcott, Eeu.. AImv. Urmijn;-No 949 r.'?r street, Troy; 19 F.iehanie. AlEiny; 19 South Third ? -ret. Philadelphia; 19 Church street, iverpool; | Court stieet, Boston; Union Buildings, Prori W YMAN, Agent, Mo. Wsll St., Nsw York, jyst HARNDKN It CO. T. POWELL k CO '8 LINE. Mjin mk POK NEWBUROH, lauding at CALD WELL'S, WEST POINT AND ( OLD SlLJKScLSPRINtl?'The steamboat HIGHLANDER Capt Robert wanlrop. will te*ee the foot of Wanes street Flew York.evsry M?aday, Tlai 'Jay and Saturday afternoon's ?t I o'e loci. Returning;, the will learc Newhurgh orary Monday morning at ( o'clock, an i Tuesday and Friday afternoon at S o'clock. For freight or passage,appiy to the Captaia en board. N. I. All baggage and freight of every descriptiou, bank Mia orspeeie, nul on board this boat, must tie at the risk of ths SMnstrs thereof, unless a biH of lading or recciptis signed for Ike same rnM FALL AAILANOEMENT-POL UHKEEI'RIE AND NEW YORK. n01 The feet sailing steamboat OSEOLA.Cap" 'N f~'ISlain Vnho, Traeadate. foe the remainder id 3KLj?>< xunn will lease the ilwm'loit pier, fool of CUw>in itiwl,eyfy Tuesday, Thursday and Hilurilay ajteroooiw, at 3 o'clock?landing, up aud down, at Caldwell's, West Poiai. Cold Sp log. Cornwall, Fithkill Landing, New Hand org, and Milton Reliirnisg, leases Poug hkeepsie ererr toads?, Wednesday and Friday morning. at 7 o'clock Altar the 1st of November, the Oreo I a will lease Poughbrrptte at > o'clock in the morning For postage. apnty to the Captain, en board, or to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN, at IHWeet at OLD LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS.? JWhll'tular Park. I of the I?th January ?Che spleadnl, Wfjtf imtentlmg packet >hip COLUMBUS. (apt . will (ail ihi Wadnaeilay. the I tth inat.,her irgnlar day . The arcommouationa ol thia line lor passengers, is wall fenown to be superior to any other. Thoec about to embark, dnald esami w thu paehrt chip' before engaging e'aewhere. Foe tenns ol taws ??e apt If on bonrd, root ot Bee km an alrert. """""" ROCHE, .ROTHER. R CO S Fulton at. nest door to the Fultou Baira. Persons desirous of sending for their friends, cm lure tlim brought out in this f?eorite ahip. or in any of the ahipe in the old line, sailing fr mLirerpool punctually on theTUi and i?ta eferiry month. Apply as ahore^ j10 PASSAGE FOB SAVANN All-First PackefbBJWy Tlen leadid park-I ship CELl A. Cap! 'f hatcher; mmm- sails m ahore. having splendid accommodations for anhiu, recood cabm, It steerage passengers. For paas?gr, early application should be made on hoard, loot Maiden Lane, or to |W. B J. T. TAPSCOTT. jtl 4* South strict, 01*43 Peek Slip. "gnOk DRAFTS TO ENGLAND,IRELAND, Si OT HKlaNI) and WALES.?Parsona desirous of srud I flHfcmf monr, to thrir friends in any part of the old pswoAry. can be supplied wi'h <1 rafts at right, payable at the National and l'rOViftciul Ranks nf ImUujI rnii Rrtelickaa ?*mn Jamrt Bull R*n It ? o., Ltltdoo, <n<1 Eiehaugr an'l iaountBank Liverpool, which arc paid on lieaiiiid. in ell (be prmeapal locn in (he UmUd Kingdom Kor tcrim, fcc , W?r to w fc J T. TAMLOTT, General PaMMtOAec, ta Itouthctrret, Wnewc. alia, arran**mmta can fc Made for |mn mi'Tc In MM nwt tram the Md e cdrjr. la Art! rlaaa American |.achet |Mf.roM??nd?d be rcnertrnecd of which will Liverpool cccry Ml <ny* throughout the coming ecaann. tmd percoM ahawt aending Inr their fnanda may raly thai ' * -sr E N E' N1 Vice Chancellor'* Court. Application for Divorce?Intercepted Lettim In the year 1827, the applicant, Mr John Leopold Leberthnn, *u on a visit to the Island ef St Bartholomews, in the We*t Indies, and there met the lady whom he afterwards suught and won for a wife. They w ere both of snany France. She was young, and blithe, and elegant?sang in tones at wbieb even the nightingale would cease its notes in ecsiacy to listen?aad went through the mazy dance the pride and admiration of all beholders t he suitors of Lucie Juliette Perrin, Venve Pontalier, were numerous, but Mr. Leberthon bore oif the belle The fame ef our splendid city was familiar to them, and in the year 1835 they took up in it their permanent abode Possessing abundance of worldly wealth, nothing seemed to asar their happiness, and all went comfortably and smoothly on. In January, 1839, Mr. Leberthon took his lady and fonr little children, with which their marriage had been blessed, to visit their relatives at Bordeaux, in Franue. After enjoying himaalf there through the winter, he embarked ia the month of May on his return to New York, leaving his lady and their children, by request af his friends, still longur with them. Ia the following April, she also took pass ige for home, accompanied by her children and a nurse, and embarked on board the ship Florian. Among the passengers was a gay yonng Frenchman named llypolite Constantine. Between biro aud the fascinating Lucie an intimacy com: mtaccd, I Blissful though guilty ?rapturous though in stealth. They sang together,they played together.and alas! final y, together they sinned But on-- objeat Seem ed to have taken possession of their souls?they lived but for each other; aud God, the world, vir tne, and even ir.e nntiesi ODservances 01 me seem to hare be*a forgotten. That family was wrecked, and tb>* poor husband now plead* in tone little measure for reparation-but who can restore the crushed hope,give life end rigor anew to the broken heart. He first learned the guilt of his wife on the 6th of August, 151)?the illicit intercourse having continued for some time alter the vessel*' arrival here?a> d the declaration states that " on the discovcry of her conduct be separa ed himself from her, and has not >ir- d with her since, and that sin was committed without his conseut, connivance, privity, or procurement " He therefore prays for a dissolution of the marriage contract with the said Lucie Juliette. The following is the testiraenv, with some letters that passed between the guilty lovers Fh/iiscoise C. PicakO sworn Is th* wife of Francois Picard, and aged 43; eamefrem Bordeaux in the ship Florian; was engaged in France to wait upon Mrs. L and children, and to accompatiy them on their voyage; there were no ether passvn. ?r? Imi Mm I. ind children, witness a gentle. man named Oonstantine, and the late captain's wife and wife's sister; Mrs. L , witness, and two of the children eccupied a state room together, and the two elder boys slept in the dining room with Mr Constantine; an intimacy commenced between Mr. Constantineaarf Mrs. L about the middle of the passage; 1 saw her standing in the doer of the state room looking at Mr C , who was in his bed apposite; from their looks 1 thought there was something between them; the next morning about ten o'clock I saw ber sitting in his lap in the long room (the dining room where he slept); she had her arm round his neck, and they were kissing each other; as soan as she heard me coming down stairs, she moved from his lap to a chair bv his side; e e There was ne other person in the cabin at the time; 1 saw thsm very frequently together in that situation; every day I saw her in his lap, kissing together; they used to sing together every day, and lilted to be together in the cabin; I used to take the children on deck, and take care of thef leaving frequently Mrs. L and Mr C.alonein. e cabin; 1 snw him often go into the state rer _ j. Mrs. L. R of mornings when she was in bed, and Mrs L. would then tell me to roup stairs with the children; often of evenings Mrs L. would remain with Mr. C in the eabin, after 1 had retired with the children into (he state room; one evening after 1 had retired, I got up to get something for one of the children to drink, and as I entered from the state room into the cabin, I saw Mrs. L in the lap of Mr. C * ?# #? # Question?Did not the other passengers use the | ecbinl Answer?The late captain's wife and sister bad their apartment over the dining cabin, and staid there; the steward had a lower berth in the dining oab in, and Mr. C. had an upper berth; the two I boys had separate berths; when I saw Mrs. L , as 1 now state, it was aboat 8 o'clock in tke evening, and the boys were on deck with the ceptain; at another time I was oa deck with the little children; the youngest one wanted some bread, and 1 w?nt down into the cabin to get it, and there I saw Mr. C sitting in tm night chair, and she sitting "a hi knees. * * * * She withdrew from him, and went to a mirror and ailectcd to adjust her hair; her face appeared very red; another aft?r fh<> tmivI Karl arrirmi at the Ouaran tine in the harbor of New York, 1 mrpriied them in a similar situation in the great cabn, and when I discovered them they separated; she appeared very red in the luce and coufuaed. * * * Who i we irrivnd at New York. Mr. L. conducted Us all to his house, No 59 Warren street; it wis at the boarding house of ,\fr Becket; Mr.and Mis. I. slept in a room in the first story, and I and the children in a room in th -third story; two days af ter our arrival, Mr*. L. sent me with a message, written en 1 p'ece of paper,to Mr Coaatantine, to c< rae and see her; that i! he tound the street door open, it would lie a sign that Mr. L was not at houi?, and he might enter, but that if the door was chut, it would be a sign that Mr. L was home, and be must not then come in: Mra. L. told me that wa, tbe contents of the paper; the next day Mr. C came about raid day, when Mr. L. wis out; Mrs L. sent me, as soon as he came into the baeew ent renin, with the children, and remaiued iu her b*d room wi ll Mr. C ; about two or three day* after he came again, and remained alone with Mrs L. about three quarters of an hour; two or threa days after Mr. C. came a third tins*; Mr* L. met him in the hall .vud took him up into the children's room, iu thethird story; she sent me, with the two young children, to another room, to look out and see if Mr. L should be coming; she locked the door of the mem, and continued with hitn three quarters of an hour to an hoar; he came a fourth tune about two days after, and Mrs. L, took him up in the third story room again, locked the door,and sent me as before to look out to watch if Mr L. was coming; I carried fire or si* letters from Mra. L. to Mr C , and generally met him on the Butter j about four o'clock in the afternoon; Mrs L. told me to gnther-; they remained about a month in the boarding house, when Mr L. took another house in the same street, and removed with his family; after they moved, Mrs. L told me I should A,id Me. C. every day about ten o'clock at the foot of Warren street; almost every dor 1 took billots for her.and bronehtothers back; Mr. L. used to go nut after breakfast about nine, and every day Mr. C. would com* about ten; Mrs L used then to set nsa to watch for her husband, en that they might not be surprised together; she used to take Mr. C. on these occasions into the basement room, and they would lock tbe door; they used to slay togc tner three quarters to an hour; she used often to send me with billet-to Mr. C., sometimes in the days Mn L. would go to the market, and meet Mr C at the corner of the street. (Question?Look at this billet, and state how the same came into the possession of Mr. Lebertbon. Answer ?Mr L. one day complained to me that his wife neglected him, although he was unwell, and he had suspicions of her; something was wron.', and I must know about i': I said ao, I did not know any thing about it. and that I did not want to make any derangement in the houae; he then said he would go and search my trunk; he went up stairs and opened my trunk, and found the billrt there; he took it and said he would keep it; Mrs. L u-rd to gire me the billets she reeeired from Mr. C. to tear them np, and throw them :ntn the back house; but this one I had omitted for some reason or other, to do, and put it into my trunk; Mr. L toll] me that he had received a letter from his wife, proposing a divorce, which had excited his suspicions that * m-thing was wrong; the biL let was i ne wk ch I had received froaa Mr. C. for Mrs L , and had delivered to her. But, I'attaire s'aehemine, we may as well, by the way of parenthesis, introduce one or two or the document'. Franeoisc had informed Constant]** that Mr and Mrs. L had had a regular blow-up, which ptoduced the fnllowingelegant intercepted epistle It is written in pollened French? " In words that burn?in cadenco seft and clear." And we almost despair of a translation that will express its magic in eur harsh toned, unlover-like Stxox; but it i? as faithful a eae, probable, as tha change ( language will permit. Here it is: ? Htjpolilf Cons/on fuss to Mm IMnrlhon Mr oosn l.i.isn , ( I r<*r?i?e<| thi? mot ninfc your two lattrn. and I *111 ?c- I | e^pt tot pne? tfco thir U t?? N?, dr?r, 1 , W YO SW YORK, SUNDAY MC the card* have deceived you if they have told you that I had a little aweetheart to conaole me. 1 low but ooe woman, and that i* you. Deareat, Francoiae told me that you had had a regular acunc with hitn. I.uice, if you loved me you would quit that rata-you would aeanI LIm en. if M ..II ?? ...... ?i,l Ik. I.u,. ,,f this country?if ha would consent to the?to i separation front you ! The difficulty is, that if he loves you, it would be very nainlul to him. And yet, sweetest, 1 tremble continually for you. I em alraid continually of his committing excesses against you. A bad blow, Lutee, and he may kill you ; and then what would become of me 1 what would become of your children 1 In the eyes of Oed you are responsible for their future welfare ? put it not, therefore, in his power; for by sacrificing you to his cowardly jealousy, he would sacrifice you all: for if you die, Lucie, 1 will avenge or follow you, -and I shall be free then,and may tell htm what 1 think of him. Cherished, loved one, write to me often to relieve your heart Helai! I am going out of town for a short time, but will be in at least every second day to tee my Lucivand enquire if sho is happy. Oh, would that my dear friend were free, and willing to leave the largucity of New York. We would both retire to some neighboring city, and there be lieppy. I would teke such geod care of her that she should recover her health and her happiness at the same time. Thursday morning I shall be at my imst, rejoiced if 1 can obtain a kiss from my Lucie, so beloved. Adieu, my adored mistress. Be hsppy, by thinking of your friend. HVPOLITE CON8TANTINE. The following is the letter sent by Mrs Leberthon to ker husband, soliciting a divorce. It is also written in French, the translation of which is as near as can be : Mr*. I.tiei Ihon to Mr. LtbeithonNr.w Yoaa.dd Aug. 1841. Mr. J. L. Lkicstiioii, New York? Sir Sine- many yt-ais, the incompatibility of our temwr renders us both unhappy. We must (or our peace, bring agniast it a prompt Mill efficacious remedy. This state of things cannot last much longer. I am tired of living with \ ou, as you yourself must be of living with me. So that, sir, I must tell you, so far as I am concerned, I am resolved to use all the rights which the law gives me to obtain my divorce, as long since it already ought to have been done for our mutual quiet, and my happiness in particular. If, as I hare a right to hope, you eoBientto the proposition, well settled on my part, which I have juit made, both parties consenting, we will obtain more readily out divorce, the object ot my most sinccie w isaes. You will settle, sir. in accordance with the statement of your mesas, t tie fate of your children. 1 have the honor of saluting >oti. ITTE. LEBEHTHON. We presume the evidence of Fhavcoisk C. Picard Question?Was any allnsion made between you at to Mr. Leberthon 1 Answer?When Mr. L. was taken sick, I asked her if she did not think he was sick 1 She said no?he is only feigning it, and that she woa'd rather live in the farthest corner of the world with her poor Hippolite, even in poverty, than with Mr. L. whom she did not love. Question?Did Mrs L. write a letter to Mr. C. on your suggesting that he was in the city when | you supposed he was goae away! I Answer?The Sundav after. 1 supposed I id him pass with two gentlemen. 8he said the would wri c him immediately. She wrote, and sent me to the Battery. After 1 had gone a short distance, Mr L came up, touched me on the shoulder, and said, you are carrying something for my wife? wha' is it! You must give it to me; and put his hand into the pocket of my apron, and pulled out my pocket handkerchief, which had the billet, and took it away from me. 1 then returned home? Mrs L. asked me if I had seen Mr C.I I told her no, and 1 believed 1 had been mistaken, and had torn up the billet. Mra. L gave me another billet to keep for him on the following morning Mr. L came into the room, saw mc tying up the billet in my handkerchief, and took out the letter. When I came down from iny room 1 told Mrs. L that Mr. L- had taken awar the billet. She exclaimed, "Oh, Francoise, lam lost, lor 1 said in the letter to Mr. Coastantine that I was enciante by him." The following is the letter referred to which was also written ia French. Iauu to Hypolite. Erra Dm HrroLirr. Ilaw long the time seems to me, not having heard from you ssnce last ftarurday. Without you ! oh haw lonesome 1 feel! Do you believe it is living to bo for 1 r? L; ? ?? 1 If Wftti fall with mm tK.1 tialiia fa absence, if you partook of the sadness of your friend you would find, as the doet, eternally Itng those day* which you, porbsps. pass very agreeably. I am iuclined to think 10, since j ou told me you rang and played music with o very pi <tty young lady. 1 am not jealous, be iieveit. 1 war always a f stall-1?if lam destined to be loved I shall be so.and if to beforgotten, 1 should suppose I hsd not sufficient good fortune to captivste you. Not- j withstanding all that, were I near you, when you were ingiug together, 1 should endeavor to imitate herj but no. I am too inferior to her to attempt to equal her; iny voice would not be soft or tender enough to bring HjpJmlitc back to bis unhappy lover, who passes all her lav s in mourning and sadness. I .h"ard your voice no more, but I heard the voice of Mr. L . who, waking furious as when he went to bed, was calling upon Francoise. commanding her as if she. were a dog, to put some u ater to boil, and forbidding her, under any j -eteKt, to unlock the Iront railing, saying that we tliotild piss by the hall door, whenerer we wanted tit rt out We are watched.dear H> polite,but still we (hall olten meet, anJ oh! were the day arrived when i could truly (eel that we belonged to each other?to love you, doat on you?for you are indeed necessary a my happiness. A theurand kuses. Ever* your*, LUCIE. We continue the testimony of Fraucoise. Q?What occurred after thii 1 A.?She said, I am going with my husband to the market, and you must run and tell Mr (Jonstnntine thai my husband ha* taken away th letter. 1 went and found Mr C , and told hiui what had happened lie then gave mc another letter, and told me to take care that Mr L. did not take it, and that he wa? very sorry for what had happeued. After receiving the letter, I returned home. The door was ihnt; I rung the bell, and nobody coming to open it, I went to Mr. Heckett's. I toon went baok, and Mr. L. came to the door, lie asked me where I had beeu. I told him 1 had been on a communion for hit wife, and h id * imethinr for her. lie aeized my bund, and 'bruit hi* other hand into my pocket, and took out the letter He then said, I expected to catch you a.?aiu? you have ruined me?you must nuke up your pacquet and go away I took away my thing* immediately, aud went to Mr. Beckett's. a ?1)1,1 wmi peer admonish Mr*. L in rerard to Mr. Constantinel A.?When at sea, 1 said t? her, Mr. C. appears to lore you, madam, very dearly. 1 hare seen bim embrace you savei al time* You should not do so ?it will injure you?the world will tbink badly of you She replied?"1 den't think il will hurt mo, hut do n't you speak of it, for the world may thiuk badly of u.e " Q ? When did the steward generally ge to bis berth I A.?Seldom before midnight. Mrs. L. would not allow the d< or of the stateroom to be shut. liefer the middle of the voyage she used to go to bed at 8 or 9 o'clock, when I did, but afterwards not till 10 or 11. Q ?In what position did Mrs. Leberthon sit on the lap, or knees, of Mr. f'osstantine, when yon discovered them in the nighlcbairl A ?She waa in his lap. Q ? Are you a married wnmauT A?I am. My husband lives in HorJeaux. He i? a joiner. Why did you not inform Mr. Leberthon of what you say on the voyage 1 A.?She told me not to say anything, for if I did he would be ruined; and that Mr. C. carried a poignard with him all the time, and that if I said anything he would kill me. Mas. Mvcas sworn ?Is widow of Capt. Myers, who oomtnm ded the ship Flnrian, and died on the the uasrane froin Charleston to Bordeaux Is liftv year* of age. Question ? Di.l you see or hoar of any improper conduct between Mr. Constuutine and Mrs. Leberthen 1

Aniwcr.?I had heard of improper conduct between them, and did not go into the cabin except to meals, ner did my sister. Before the intimacy, Mrs. L used to take her children on deck, and stay with them the greater part of the day, but nrrer did so afterwards. She was always with Mr. Conslantine.and at table talked to no one else The men could look down the skylight, and aee them kissing. The captain said he had a good mind to tnrn them ont of the cabin. Mrs. Bvi kit swnrn ?The conduct of Mrs. L when at my house, was the icraark and the jest of the people in the kitchen; when she expected Mr. Constantino, she would run(repeatcdly to the door and look oat; I could see her f. on the room where I sat; Franeoise told me <>f ihe intimacy between them, a?d showed m - the first letter. Thus endeth t.,e testimony, nnd with u glance at the other intercepted letters, we are don#:? Hi/politr Cvtutantm* to Mr? f. Mr >wi rr Lt'eic? You Kent vie word that ron frit too bad to receive me thii mornieg, yet I ihotild have wirhed to roneole you far thoar iui>ringf. I thou Id have bran, indeed. b?pf y to have met you, and frit and trembling * hen. at II a'clcck Uat evening, I dropped the note at your floor. I ehenld havr been ainre >rrterdey'e dinner, de privrd of food, eo that I ahould hardly have bera able to 1 carraa yea ; bat joe did not deeireK. I pray la t?od that RK I )RN1NG, JANUARY 16, 1 the worm of Jwalouay may Ji-liver you from that trouble tome individual. Tell me all hw *ai.i?tell me all your paina and aorrowi. My friend, Mr. Kreau, who?? realdence la at IVo. 114 Franklin (tract, boardaout of town with me, and leavea New York every day at 3 o'clock. He will tna any letter* that may he left at hia door, and noquaaligna will be aaked. Send to your friend,and tell him tocoaieaud dry thoaeteara. My lather haaacceded to my reaueat to remain longer. He aaya I may ?tay till next Ally, when, deareat. we will go to France together. In the meantime, we may he enabled to viait New Brighton, the quarantine, or rorne of the neighborhoring towna, asd be happy. Write toon to your friend, your ever faithful. HYPOLITK. Tht,Snmt to the Same. DeaaxiT Lucia, 1 have received youra, and truly deaire to aee you, but w ill not aak. nor take y ou to an houae of caaignation to the bed ol a proatitute. No, my beloved one, never, never will I thua pollute yon Would that I had received my patrimouy, 1 could oiler more; but 1 can never marry. I have a aiater of about 13, pretty aa au angel, with the moat hi uutiful face that ever I aaw? and yet, owing to an aftt ctian of the bead, ahe ia not like other girla, but requirea oontinual care. To her muat my life badevoted. I hardly know what to any. I hope in the future, but, in v <Jod, like one condemned to be hung, who, in perapective,aeea the cord break under the weight of hia body. You have already depicted it, and. aa to m*? muat treat to future nvcnta. They will [favor me aa they have heretofore. Hope ia man'* aupport. I truat to ydarkindnee*. I our menu, HYPOLITE Herviim finale to a lore story. We will merely conclude by saying that the little Hypolite came, and the big Hypolite went. A divorce, a ton cido matrimonii, ba* been granted, and the lady o far aa this state is concerned, is doomed to pass the remainder of her life in single blessedness.? When the whirl of the libertine has pasted away, may she count her , mnu n over the desolation that has been created, and finally rejoice in the biassed sentence, as did the repentant one of old, " Woman, deport?thy sins be forgiven thee " Misery ia the *nd of all such. Pittsburgh. fCorreijjondmce ol liie Herald.] minimal Magnetism? Pittiburgh?The Erperimmlt? Financial Matter.s. Pittsbuhoh, Jan. 7th, 1H12. Dear Behhett? Amongst the various topics of interest during the present week, in this smoky hargh, that ?f Animal Magnetism has perhaps created the greateat excitement. The bump of mai velouanet-s jmt now, atanda out about a feet upon the empty crani nms of some of our wander loving cits?having been so enlarged and elongated, as to merge their other protuberances, and to solve every other propensity into that of credulitycrednlity, sublimated a refined until divested of every diubt that could merits beautiful simplicity. When I inform you that Johnson and his confederates, the "ugly Fred" and the dainty are " astonishing the natives" by their nightly exhibitions, I have explained the cause: some of the details I will relet*. Passing over the performances of these worthies for a night or two, I will allude as briefly as possible, in justice to so important a subject, to " what I do know," having bad "the occular proof."? When 1 reached the temple of Mesmer, Fred was undergoing the manipulating process, sealed in an arm chair, his head and body throwu into an awk...a uuilin. nn ?n? ill* anil his man Inn Ire Mark. ing almost to the floor of the platform. Very soon the magaetizer pronounced hi i interesting subject m a perfect magnetic state, and so totally insensible ts feeling, that a limb mitrht now be removed wi h out causing bitn the leabt pain, or creating any sensation whatever. Mark this: be then went on with^a series of experiments, after the manner of the "Mysterious Lady**?it.being a second edition of that highly philosophical entertainment; but so far inferior to it, that even with the aid of Mr. J's ingenious interpretation of the unearthly sound* that came from the lips of the "sleeping beauty," poor Fred could not, with a few exceptions, manage to indi'-ate ihe shape or color, much leas the namj of any article. The professor now left the room in company with a committee, appointed for the parpose, and crossed over to the Hotel opposite, where, as a matter of course, he took his *ceuktomi-d dram Various < iacu stions and diitor tions of countenance, meaning anything or nothing, in the mean time proceeded lr> ui the boy Fred, and the report of the committee that they bad punctured the hand and palled the hair of Mr J , whom they had treated alio at the bur,stamped the experiment as eminently successful A proposition was then made to place some one in magnetic communication with the patient, when a certain hardware man's clerk (noted for his retiring and unobtrusive manners, as well as being a small potatoe politician, whose chief ambition is to figure as secretary at ward meetings, fitc ,) volunteered, and the admiring crowd were fo. another half hour held in breath ess attention by the sajicious querist and his handsome vis a rii; aatil the impre ?ion made was so orei powering, that the young gentleman politely uoeeded to a request, that he would desist I omitted to men ion that during the first part of the performance, while Fied was bothered with Johnson's questions about the color, shape, iVc , of such articles as were handed htm, a utalieioui individual gave hiin a sudden and unexpected stroke with a pin, wbieh made " the galled jsde wince" sure enough, ard had nearly destroyed the harmony of the exhibi tion, while it was the caiiec of no little amusement to a set of eroakers, wbo happened to be present. Upon the whole the utTair passed off with much eclat to the professor, who dismissed his audisnee with a promise to present a new candidate for their favor on the following evening in_ the person of the rha>-ming Harriet. Without consenting up n the sensation produced by tne young lady, in her waking moments, 1 proceed to state the result of her perfoi mance. The chief difficulty appeared to be, toohtain a committee of three to occupy the platform ; siting which the same benevolent individual, who had figured so c nspicuottsly on the evening, compassionating our destitute condition, appointed himself a committee of one (certainly equal in some respects te any other three ) and mounted the rostrum, where his friquent fingering of the ladies hands, face, See Ac. proved him to be no slouch at the business, and satisfied us that he would make a first rate metnberof a fumbling club. If Mr. Johnson enuld contrive to magnetize,* bomophapic quantity of mod> sty into our Iriend the ironmonger, he will perform a miracle, more astonishing by odds, than any he has yet exhibited. Hut to the Tady ?She was evidently "more au fail in her marine! than Fr<d, and ucqui'iea nersen roieraoiy 111 me nrsi pnr?, altuou ;h she did mistake a hat far a *ha*'l, with other like trivial erroia, ot no account in the great catalogue of wonders performed. Mr J again retired with a gentleman an before, and Harriet prepared to sympathize wi h his sufferings outside :? her hands were presently c nvulsively moved, apparently n great agony?she exclaimed. " I dont like that,'' when the party returning enquired how she had been alf< cted : not appearing altogether pleased with the result, Mr. J. enquired of hi* patient, where she had brea hurt?she replied "on the side of the head." This, the gentleman jwhn went out with the raagnetizer, was ungallant enough to pronounce an entire failure, as h? had visited Mr Johnson's corns ptctty rudely with the heel of hia boot; the young lady, probably having no coras of her own, did not feci the infliction ol course ; How should she T A person wus placed in magnetic connexion with her, and theJr.V/ir voyitnrt, lor that occasion was a dead bite from beginnino to end. Johnson himself admitting the "soft impi-achnifnt." Nothing undaunted, however,and at if to make amends, bv a desperate develnpe- I ment of hi< art.fortho previous failure, he now prepoted to will her to an-alce in three minute* by the watch, and then to g.' ofl' again into the magnetic tlumber. She wn aotne five minute* in complying with thit reasonable icq'iest,during which it naturally occurred to some simple individual* present, that if it were so easy to awaken the patient by the mere will of the maut.atixer, the reverse paaees an ' rnueli spoken of at indispensable to this portion of 1 th* performance, were entirely unnecc*-ary. Upon the whole, Johnson, so far, has made no ' bad speculation, and considering that Fred tvaa die- ' charged from the service of Collier "for want of na*," it is not a had job lor him either, if he gets ' no mere than hit "grub" by the venture. Of Miss * Harriet I will say nothing Her duties are uo doubt multifarious, and her pay it ii to be hoped ' will be equivalent J Carothera, the Caahier of the Merehanta and 1 Manufacturers' Hanh has sent in hi* resignation: ' rumor says not altogeth'r voluntarily Rtimr r i ^ believe is wrong this time It is highly probable the vacant post will he tendered to J t'orry, the n r<?rf??r et?bi r. oow cmbw of the rank of >, k America at PbiUd-Iphia, and late eafhier of the [ o IERA 842. Branch Hank ofibe United Stairs in ihi* city. He i* a ninat raluable and efficient officer, although not without hia cnemiea hare. You would hare thought on Wedneaday morning that a commercial or monetarv millennium wan at I hand; so anxious was every body to |>ay up the ha ' lances of last year. A brisk operation was Carried on in this way for some hoars; smiles were cur i rent as sun beams. Illinois money (our principal currency) more abundant than ever, ^uddeuly in th? midst of all this happiness, "a change ciune o'er the spirit of our dfrram " The report took wind that the Illinois Banks had gone to "he devil ?>uch a hub bub?such swearing?such a damning of banks and such a fuss all around, perhaps never was, for a while It now turns out, that the banks in question, although bad enough. God knows, are actually no worse ihan usual these times, and that the whole was a snug little scheme of the Cincinnati brokers to come the "double shutHe" upon the community, which they did pretty effectually, having purchased large amounts of the paper at a heavy discount. So wags the world in this quarter. If there are any greater nuiiiun^t iu uc iwunu, mnu v?un?t ciers and magnetizem, then ana I not Pistol. City Intelligence. Slander oh the Kike Department.?The following article appeared in the Sun a day or two since, and is a base t lander on the whole fire department of our city, and entirely false from beginning to end " Fire ?The fire night before last, which even the firemen themselves could not find was in the rrnr of St George's Motel, BVoadway, and at the outset bid fair to destroy the whole ot that fine building. The arrival and quick operation of the xleam fire engine, however, extinguished it in less than uu instant It seemed as easily nut out as a single coal would be with a pail full of water " Now, so far from there being n (word of truth in the above statement, the steam fire engine did not put a drop of water on the above fire, which broke out in a wine cellar, very, difficult to get at, and streams from the apparatus of those companies, Nos. 1,10 and lt>, played on the fire for nearly two hours, while at the same time, fire engines Nos 1, 21, 22, 38,42, and oilicrs, were at work. Atter the fire was extinguished,! the steam engine played a single stream in the street, fo- the purpose of trying their machine. These facts can be fully substantiated by Messrs- George Kerr and Zophar Mrll->, two of our best engineers, whom we observed early on the ground directing the operations o| the firemen. Such a wholesale disregard of truth, as is contained ia the article from the Sun, was never erowded into as many lines before. For William Wwv'i Vacant Seat.?We understand, from a very responsible source, that at the caucus ot Democratic members of the Common Council, on Friday evening, Ulvhsks D. French, Esq., was selected as the person to fill the office of Ward Justice, made vacant by the resignation of William Wiley. The salary is $'l,tiOO per annum to say nothing of the pickings, Both boards of Al- j dermenmeeton Monday evening, and it is therefore presumed that by a concurrentjresolution they will assemble in joint ballot and fill the vacancy. The wants of the community may need it, und the anxious candidates will only thus be satisfied. A collector of taxes for the Sixth Ward is also to be chosen to-morrow night. John McGrath has been selected in caucus, but some of the member* won't Btay fixed. Notu errront, as Mr. Ritchie says. The Collector's salary, of that Waid, is $1750 per annum, without taking into consideration the use of the money that peases through his hands Fat job, either of them. Pardosed bv tub GovrR.von?We learned last evening that Duncan Campbell, who was convicted on the 10th of September, 1S3S, for au assault and battery with intent to kill Captain John Trigler, has been pardoned by the Governor. Campbell, it will be remembered, was a shop butcher, and Trigler had been selected as sne of the spies sf the Common Council to inform against those who sold meat elsewhere than in the markets. A difficulty arose between them, and Campbell stabbed him in the head witli a shoemaker's knife He was sentenced to five years imprisonment in the state prison, and has served over three years. Trigler signed ttie petition to the Governor, and the principal reason that has induced Campbell's friends to urge his release, has been produced from the declining state of his health, lie is afflicted with consumption, which o#n attacks almost every prisoner confined at Sing .Sing, of a weak constitution Milliner'* Show Case Roused.?A man named Solomon GomgaI, was arrested on Friday t vening in the act ef stealing a corded silk bonnet from the t-how case of Mrs. Corneiin Manning, milliner, No 'tit* Bowery. The ropue had made several attempts to force oj?en the case but without effect, and finally look his penknife and cut the putty from one of the panes of glass and then abstracted the bonnet and abs'i'tatula'cd. He was soon alter caught and committed to prison. I>*atii rao.m Ihrioi'lvr II \iuts.?A young man nH'ned Brian Carson, died in a sudden manner at No 17 Franklin street on Friduy night. The Coronerwas called in and after a full examination, the jury appeared satisfied ill it hi* death bad been oc c.uioaed from irregular habits, exposure and wan of proper medical treatment. Catgut the But? Officer Barber succeeded on Friday night in arresting Philip ytokely and Frederick Kemeyer, who were concerned wiih three others, previously locked up. for committing a riot in the house of John Koch, No. IB Ludlow street, on Thursday evening last. Sroi.e a Cap ?Jiuin Keating stole a cap from John Meany, 131 Washington street, and will be tried and sentenced in the Special Sessions, on Tuesday morning. pibi ismsii Omen Bobbed ? A newsboy named Ttmoihy McCarty was ari'sted yesterday, and committed to prison, for stealing #15 in bank notes from the publishing office of the New World. He was caught in the act by th; clerk, and taken to the poi cs office. Hack us a Child only Foca Vcahs Old. A man, or we might shv a beast, named Patrick Hynes, was caught on Tuesday lust in the act of violating a little girl named Uorando Nicolai daughter of John Nicolai, aged only four yam. The parties reside at Fort Lafayette in New York Harbor, and the father is a soldier in the United States service. The brute was committed yesterday for trial. A Vicious Child's Nubke. A young woman named Hannah Jackson, ingratiated herself into the good feeling of Mr. and Mrs. < Icorge t free.*, JI Charles street, so effectually as to induce them to engage her as child's nurse in their family, some weeks since. On Thursday l&et she left their premises, and id her haste took wiih her female apparel, consisting of a Taglioni cloak, ?ilk dresses, .Vc valued at 8 HM. Un Friday night, she was arrested hi the Chatham Theatre, wlier** eh'.- was displaying her stolen clothing and personsi charms in the third tier, on a charge of disorderly conduct, and when brought to the Police Office, officer Welch, with that cutencsi *f perception for which he is distinguished, suspected her of being the person who had committed th'- larceny, una by close attention succeeded in recovering all the clothing, while Miss Jackson was looked up, and will in ail prnoaoiiny bficnu ri'iii- / ? j?"p?"yn?eiii 01 oakum pickiog on Itlnckwtll < inliLd. Srcorp Arre?t or Kali-h THOMrsnn.?Thia person has been arrested in Huston, on the charge alleged against htm, of obiainirg money from the Kugle Hank ol that city by Iraud Odiorne, the CHcnier, who allowed the payment ol the money, hja surrendered htuisell, and a r quisition from t!ie liovernor of that State had been issued for Gsorge F- Cook, of this city, who was a partner cf Thump kxi in the kiting business Cook has been arrested Thial or the Si'MDaY Flvmi.?The jury in the rial ol the editors of the Flush, indicted for pub.ishng an obscene paper, on coming into court on Frilay night to be discharged, stood eleven for enaction and one for acquittal Tin re is another ialicunent against the paper lor the same charge, n ?eing in the eye of the law n iimdeireanor. Menses or Assrwst.v isTTow.y.?Danel C Pen'* Esq. one of the Members o| Aacembly from this :ity, arrived in town Yesterday and will return on Tuesday. Here's a ihauce to forward orders for 'dice, or to make new laws, or to ehunge aid ones. A K ?nt"i?ition.?The requisition from the Covertor of thla ."hate for W H l?roz, charged with the arceny of a number of wa'cties, Arc. in this < ny, ins been received iu Philadelphia- | Colt's Trial ?The trial of John C Col', for the nnrder of Adam', w set down for Monday next, | s-morrow. John A MorrelJ, l>q. appears as h" mmH. 1 LD. trlM Two (Ml Thc?IVIr*l i'Ult COM. Caukt the Ilnuli h champion is in Uoetoa. Freeman of course ib there after htm. Nicholas Vicar.LBr hud been revived at the Trei 1-1-..? - ' ' iwm. urvuilllir IUI lililliollic IKT.ltn) in in* person af Mice Phillip*, aged 8 yearn, had appeared there. We have no taste lor such precocity. The theatre in Newport is to be altered into a Town Hail, One thousand dollars has been subscribed for the purpose. Ki'i'kstome and Mrs. Fitzwilliam were still in Cba*lest?n, having been re-engaged for a few nights previous to their departure for the Havana. Dr. Vai.ewtimf. is amusing the Member* of Congress with his eccentricities. Mr. S biti.rn wa>- playing at the Front Street in Rifcltimsir* Niha SroazA?This tru^edy is now in refaearsal at the Park, and th? management promiaea to pro* duce it with great effect. It has been very successful at the Haymarket, London?our old frisnd Jarneo Wallack and Maeready enacting the prinriple parts If it is properly cast here, wi expect it will have a ran. Uftdiwe.?This is the name of the aevr spectacle now in a state of forwardness at the Chatham theatre. It combines all the attractions of th? Naiad Queen, together with its own. The generous managar has pledged himself to spare no expense in its production, and also that it shall surpass every thing in this line of spectacle ever represented on the New York stage. The CoitrEMrt.atei) W*k with Mexico.?The oiitir 01 i\f-niucKy continues to breathe war against Mexico The resolutions of which we spake u day or two since h*v* pawed the Senate of that Stale unanimously?36 lo 0! One Senator said that the pat-sage of the resolutions, watt important in the present crisis of our affairs, becaus" we had many injuries to complain of, somewhat similar in their character ; and that if Mexico again invaded Texas, this was but the beginning ol our troubles He believed that unless we interposed, to restrain Mexico, within the limits whicli governed civtlbed warfare,Texas would form an alliance with hrgland, the most dangerous nation in the world, lie considered that an ulltauce between hug laud and uny of our neighbors?weak though they might lie, should if possible by means compatible with the usages ot nations, be prevented Caval Wonx Suspended.?Contractors on the extension of the Miami Canal hare been notified to stop work. Re t. into v.?The Rev. J. Robards, of New York, preached in Mobile en the 3d insl. at the Baptist Church', his text wan Deuteronomy. 30.19?choose life; subject?"the linnet km no t ight to go to ktll." Supreme Court or the United States.? Jan. 11, 1K42.? No. 4,Richard L. Watkins, plaintiff' in error, t>*. Oliver Holmaa, rt. al. Tbe argument of tbis cause was commenced by Mr Ogdeu for tbc plaintiff in error, and continued by Mr. Crittenden for the defendants in error. Characts::IsT:c or the Times?We tiad the following notice i;i the St. Louis Evening Gazette of the Slat ult. Positively tbe last day?The proprietor of the St Louis Exchange wonld most respectfully inform his euatomers and the public at large, that if they want any mere of his good liijuor they mutt call to day,for tomorrow the game will be for ever blocked. From and after the let day of Janusjy, 1*4.1, nothing stronger than HOT COFFEE will be dealt ont at the St. Louis Exchange. " Walk np, gentlemen, and sign the pledge." Charming and Fascinating.?It has been discovered that Florida abounds in snakes. In the village of H?-tat-ke had jn we killrd two res* tnbling in shape and colnrthe anaconda. They were eight teet in length, and exhibited great muscular strength. Delightful place to live in ! Another Eartiwake ?The fhoek of an earih<|uuke waa recently felt at New Harmony. Indiana. Sport.?The Belknap Gazette, published at Me reditu, N. II , rays a lynx wiu inot one day laet week in Gilmanton, which measured four feet and a half from the hind feet to the none. MADAME RESTELL, Fe.idAi.K I'HiMt IAN. Office and residence III (jr. en wich afreet, (hctwem Cortland! and Libeity ettei (? 1 where ehe can be cunaulied with the alncieat coni dance en all complaint# iueiileiil to the female frame Madame Kernell'* eapeeience and knowledge in the trrat ineut of obstinate caeca ol female irreg utariiy, atoppage cr ruppreaaion. lie, u auch as 'a require it u few day# 'or e> rtain relief and perfect recovcry. L elm dcairiuy proper medical attendance during confinement or other iudia|oeiuon. will he accommodated ilurinc ecoh time with private and reapentable board. "I reientire I'o?d-r?" for married ladrae whoae delicate rr free*rio"? health forbid* a too rapid increase of family, will be aeiit hv mail to any pari of the United Ntnlaa. Pr.o* fs' a package. All letter! (poat paid) mi'lrteeed to 'boa S6H, N. Y. elty.' wall be received. Itoaton Office No. 7 Kaaei at. N B.?Mal*me Rra'i II wo-.M inform ladies r< aiding r at o# the city, whoae health W"ul? not admit of travelling, (bat ehe would devote her personal attend nice upon tin miu any |>ert of the United Stall a w ithin re. tollable Pittance, t jH dfcwlBi* _____ TO MARRIED LADIES. Aif ADAMR BBSTRi.L"l PKK VE.N 1IVK POW'OKRS. a'a Thcec invaluable Powders have been univervatiy adopted iu Europe, hut France m particular, for iipwarda of tliWtjr yeure, ve well a* by thousand* in thu emintr,, aa bring lb<? only oiild, aafe and eflicacioua remedy for warned ladu-a wlw>ae health forbid* a loo rapid uiereaae of family. Millume KertiLl, aaia well known, waa fir thirty yaaw Vernal'- I'hyaiciau in the two prinrijal Female Hoapitila ia Europe?ilioee of Vienna and Pane? where tt'ored by bee great ei|>erience and opportunity#, id c att.uued that celwhrity in Ihorr gr at diecnvrriev in medical anenre an apeem if, ad at ted to the Tenia e frame lor which tier medic anew now etaad unrivalled, a* well m line C"uutrf aa iu Europe, tier acquaintance with the phyaiolofy and anatomy of the female frame, enabled her?by tiaciiig the decline and ill health od qutij rapid and often ipfsrfntlf inexplicable ctiiMa which rouatgn m >ny a fond mother to a premature a rare?to Ihear true eource?to arrive at a knowledge ol the l-rimvry eauae* of female indietoaltiona ?Officially ol married I. male*? whirtv IB 1808,led to die ilui i.very ot her celebrated "I'reventiiie I'owdera." Their adoptii-u h*abe> utlie mean of prenernug not only the health, but ercu the life ol in an y an affectionate wife and fond rao titer. The adrertiaer f-rlitig the importance of thin luhiect, and itimatiug the tut lieiiefil* rraullih* to ll.ouaande by ii?eor ti ption, would moat reoiwctfiilly amine the attention or tnw lamed, by all that ti ey hold near and dear.' i conoader* rion. la it not wuc vnl yirtuooa to prevent* ? il ito which ww are auhject, by unple and healthy meant within our control 1 Kr'ry diaiiaaaiouate, virtuoua. and enlightened mind wilt nw heaitatirRiy anawer iu the aflirmatirc. Thu ia all that Ma dame Reatell recoinmeuda or o* rr recommended Trie* 6'# dollara apacbage, accompanied with lull aid particular direction* Tliey fan be ha warded by inail to any part of tbo Urn ted Ktatea Allleltira muat be pn. t paid, aud adjri i*ej la. MADAM K RICHTKLL.. Female Phyeieiaii, IVineipal office, ItH tJreenwirii itreet. New Vmh. Office tnara Irwm I A M in 8 o clk I' M. Bnetoii office No. 7 Kaon at JMdfcwirt COU NTERFEIT. FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. /"tWINO to the celebrity, efficacy and uiTambie "ueceia ot " Madame Keatell'e Female Monthly Pila iu all tiiiiol irregularity, euppreoeion, or tfohpife of thone fnneliona of nature upon winch the health of every female depend*. ?itu? their introduction into the I'nited at>out four veara rounterfrtla and imitalums are coutmuaHv attempted in lo palmed off lor the genuine. Cheap coni.non rill* are purcha aed at twelve rent* a hot. pot up in iliHirrnl fuita. and railed "Female Monthly Pills,"with the object of telling, if poaaible at one dollar Frmnlea are therefore en jlmiixl eraiiiat three attempt* to impose oimn them. It is eufttrieiit here to afata that all Female Monthly PilU are enuntrrleit*. rveept time* told at Mndnine Hrateli't I'nnctpal (Mite, Mh tireeuwveWtt Ntw York, and No 7 Kaaet atrett, Boaton. Pries 91Madame KeatrH'a signature ia written on the cover of each bot. N. B. The married, tinder eome cirrnmftrnrre. moat abstavo from their uae for reason* contained in the directions DISEASE OF THE EYE. 'I '1119 may certify that I hare will eaaed cure?performed at 1 the blind, some of l itg aUndiuj; hy Br. J. FKANi I^.Ne 10 Barclay "trret, New York, and befieee h-a preparation tie Dtae ae of the Kya ia one of the greatest hleaainga that can ha off-r-d lo the atBieted. ?ud hare much pleasure in recnmirawtutg butt aa a <alr and akillul Oculist. JOSEPH A.NDKBK, Human'"alholic Tnent, did lie dfcwy ?L*' r'*' r''- Bart lay at PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS',. prrytTTP aan Mf**?ro ?t M. BK BO! DKLOQUE. M. D., LISBON, tOUTl/OAA. 'PHt. scientific combination of iu?rrdi<-ni* ol whicn Uvea* A pills are compoeed. he' emade them ihe wonder and adtaermtion of the world. Ttn , are known all over Kun>pe tn Na the oidy prrparattou eree discovered that hits proved invariably certain in producing lite anonthly turn*. Their aertaimf, iu all caere. bring anch that they must not be u*r l dnnug naegiiain y. far though mild aa't, and healthy, Ihey are car nun lo produce imararriaga il need during that period. 1 he directum* art tranoiatod into KaiihIi. an f ire mu round with the teal of the importer at <mp-t( fcorh *<?* Uuif ti?e aiffoaiure of M. do floudeUvin* and the Itaftno 4% tmriM hove the aifiiatiire of Dr. K. MCLV&AU, woihoifcad for the cootiurnt Antrric%. TlKrjr aan kt irHit>m>iiri| by ntoil In *tS' tnrf or lb* UvJf* l..tA~. <Ur.ctr4 to Or. K. Vl.tri, ,. b? *, ft.YI til in??t with i otiraliok. Mot I !>. .1 1 .1 m J?* "T"*r "T Ail nr. Fr* ft. iMT b >u? ??. "iKac?""*-* /

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