Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 20, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 20, 1842 Page 3
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r " 77r? , act been throws altogether uwav. Uur repraieatulives will find thit we dear, good people, have rondtaceaded to redact for a moment uoon thu all important subject : and the first item that strikes our attention is, how much we pay them and for whit service: we have concluded that we pay them for about four times as much time as is spent in our service, or for whieh they give an equivalent. Re form, relorm, gentlemen legislators; the days of hambugging have pawed; men's actions not their words, are to be the criterion in future. Gentlemen, you at liarrisburg, can do all the public business within the coming month. Do it, adjourn, and save the state thousands of di I ,?rs; thus preach by practice. It will have a salutary influence upon the public at large; you are no longer troubled with borera, aince you have disposed of the applicants far bank directors: give yourselves exclusively to business: do your duty and you shall be retained in the public service: wp of the city have cop** encea a rigid system of reform: we are preparing and are willing to encounter any judicious tax to save the honor of the State It is not only in private lifa we give evidence of our determination upon this subject, but you may find that resolution and fixed determination in our courts- His Ho tor, Judge Onran, of the General Sessions, has commenced this thing in good earnest. This January term commenced on the first Monday of this month, Judge Doran delivering a sound, practical, and good old fashioned business charge to the Grand Jury, who under his direction have attended to their duties, the legitimate duties of a Grand Jury; they have terminated their business ; saved the county heavy I expense ; they have done that in two weeks which many other Grand Juries have wasted nearly two months in performing, and we are delighted to understand that this court will adjourn this week, thus saving to the county the costs of the attendance of jurors and witnesses without number for nearly six weeks. It has been the practice lor many years to have the criminal court in almost constant session. This change is speaking a language which the people, and I am sure the county treasurer, will understand. This action must be followed up in all our public institutions, and we shall soon get back to our once healthy and vigorous condition; let the public aud public officers determine that their coders shall not be emptied, for the gratification of private motives or the advancement of private interests Our Attorney General is ably represented in his abwn.v hv MVauru Hjrl.rxr mill We should be doing injustice to that young cavalier R K Scott, Esq., did we not say that all matters originating in our city and county, for which indictments are drawn, pass through his hands, and all preparatory to the finding by the Grand Jnry,is under his immediate control and direction; so that to him, under the charge of his Honor Judge Doran, assisted by a business foreman of the Grand Jury, is to be attributed this speedy disposition of the public business ; all the causes of this court have been tried before Judge Doran by Messrs. Badger &c Scott, and we learn from counsel, that the intercourse between these gentlemen and their fellow members of the bar is truly delightful; ihe Attorney General, in calling them to Ins aid, has only followed his usual course, by consulting the best interests of the office. We chanced to be in Court among the lawyers this morning. When F. E Brewster, Esq presented himself before Judge Doran, and asked that the rule of court which forbid indictments going to the Grand Jury, when the binding over took place after the commencement of the term, should be suspended, to permit him to send up indictments again t i^ituuias JJ1UUH.) * HViJ' auu UlliVIo, uuuuu ever by the Recorder on the 17th inst. The Court, of cot r te properly refused to graBt this unreasonal e request. Why ro much haste, when every fact elicited by the examination iu relation to the dead or dying bank and its officers, has been published to the world, and known for many a long time past. It is known, or should be, that the defendants made no delence before the Recorder.? They did not offer that which by turning over the leaves of the Bank Books in Court, were at band; they in all probability contemplate an investigation before another Tribunal. It was evident from their wishing to be bound without a hearing, that it was not their intention to go into their defence. One would suppose that they looked for an investigation before the highest tribunal in the State, which they eertain'y have ihe right to demand, without the least detracting from the merits or ability of anyone.? As I informed vou same time ago the Recorder would, under all circumstances, do his duty. He did it. We who know him wanted no guarantee of that; but notwithstanding he has bound those ([mtlemen over. they not entering upon their de? ence at all, and though we care nothing for the defendants, in particulars. We do regard with peculiar interest the city's good ; the country's welfare ; the just, fair ana impartial administration of the laws, among our citizens, 4cc. We have been struck forcibly with the injustice of this attempt to sacrifice a few men for the protection of others who are unworthy to wipe their shoes: and how is it that no one v< ice is heard or raised to mark with just opprobium, and bring to punishment before the public tribunal, those corrupt legislators, who have been openly bi; bed before the world, and sneak from responsibility and punishment, away from our Legislative Halls and Senate House, into private life, where ihe indignation of au honest community ought and will consign them forever, if not in time,to a more limited sphere of action. More anon- Patrick Heitry. P. S?The Military and Citizens Ball of the Union FenciWes, commanded by our fellow citizen, Col. Robert M Lee, came off .on Monday night; it was truly a brilliant affair, and got up in a style worthy I a Lee and a Scott. The Anti-Bankrupt Meeting. Mr. Bekrett, Dear Sir:? There are two or three important errors in voui report of ray speech outside the Exchange on Tuesday. I never placed myself in opposition to Mr Beaton, have alway s been his devoted friend. Please to correct this and I will call and explain furthei particulars. Yours, <Jcc-, ArthurL Maseru. From Florida ?The U S. steamer Cincinnati, C?pt. Smith, arrived yesterday from Palatka. The only item ofnews received b> her is the following: It was rumored that the 8th r?g". of infantry wai to repair to Florida immediately in order to occupy the posts now garrisoned by the 3rd Artiil-ry. The companies of this last regiment were to be concentrated at Palatka, prior to their departure to the west, via Tampa Bay or C dar Kev. The third it to occupy the post on the Gu fo Mexico- As they cross the country, Uiey will carefully examine thai portion of it throagh which they pass.?Sir a mat KepvklieanFaoie Cincinnati.?The Miami Exporting Company camione the public against receiving or pur chasing its $25 or $100 bilks, as that bank has no aotee of those denominations out but such as were stolen by the mob on Tuesday, the 11th inst ; anti of $50 she had but two in circulation when hei vault was broken open and plundered The amoum of money recovered, sola', of that which was stolen in ihe plunder of this bank is but about $0,000 The Cincinnati Bank has given notice that n will receive its own issues in payment of debu due to I', and that a clerk will tie in attendance so ?oon as the damage done by the mob can be repaired Louisville. (Correspondence of the Herald.) Louisvii-le, Jan. 13, 1342. Bank Alobn?Excitement? Bennett'* Herald?Phrenology?MeurvL>gy?Pretty ll'omen, {ft . Gordon Bennett, Esq? Dear Sir? We had th:? morning ti c first mob that evei disgraced our city. Hearing of the Cincinnati mob, which entered violently into several bankinf and brokerage establishments, and destroyed the property and scattered the furniture, Ate. of these several buildings, and of the depreciation of the Money of several of our shin-plaster banks, many of oar citizens, maddened by the loss of property Which they had exchanged tor the worthless papet of these banks, assembled at the corner of Wall o?nu vr *i?-? oiicvm, *'p|Mi9iiu me saTin^i dbdk, ai boat 9o'clock A. M and proceeded immediately to force an entrance ; but when th< y had inccetd d iu this, they were surprised to fiud not nnc dot lariath" vaults ; and the only menns left of gratiSing the ir rage, was to break the furniture and row it into the street ; but in this they were stopped by the appearance of Mr Turner, our city marshal, in their midst, with a few followers, well armed with hickory atafls. The mob has now qaietly ttii:ed, but the excitement is immense? men are standing at every corner in clubs oft hree aad four, talking nr^r the transactions of the moraine, adit aring a re petif io i of the oflt n e against the h ro'c rs. Hut seme of h wiu-huda seem to thiak tha it has ended, and that reason has again resumed h< r > mpire. We h v.- regularly received the " Herald," filled as it ie ? ith tbe latest and most interesting news, ,.A .1 I"-/.... n'/.l<s,.lr /II... tine tb<n ail is opened) until about ten o'clock, ctep i?tn whose store, dwelling house, or office you wi'i. vol aee " The New Yoilt Herald" insome one'* ban Ja ; and a?k th? nt a question, you are ?ure to receive a surly reply, a? much a* to say, " wait tilU'm through, and 1 II attend to you." Since l)r. Huchanan'a appearance in our city, Chrtnology, or rather neurology, hai excited gr at itarcat The Doctor ha* experimented time and again he lore popular aaaembliea and board* ol teacher*,and liaa in almo?t every inatance proved cncceaaful. And a though h has nought oppoaer*, he has found none who w"uld debate the ground with him, antil !a?t evening the phrenologist Sim oudr an effort to oppnae the ayatetn, in the Medi eal Institute, before a crowded audience ; out Ur li hasofleied to give bieicogrie of private lecture*, in order to prepare him the better for a *nc cesiful attempt on his next entrance before the people, and S. bat accepted the Doctor's offer, and lutend* giving a report of hi* progress in a few week*, until which time we muit be mute in regard to tbe Doctor'* wonderful theory. The bouse was crowded with tome of Louisville'* fairest and most famed daughter*, who wished to aee an exposition of-what they, on it* first entrance, denominated " the wild theory," and from their looks on leaving, we may judge that they were not well pleased at having so much of their precious time employed to so kttle purpose. loif ATOtTS. Ucneral Mt-esloflS. Before his Hi* Honor tne Recorder, Judges Lynch and Noah, and Alderman lnnes and Timpson. January 19.?Juruis B. Phillip*,Esq?appeared as ? ??*? x4iutri?*# atfAm?v Ihnchaiged? William Sarrcaat, who was charged with stealing fifty six half eaeles, nue eagle and one hundred dollars in silver from Helen Oakley, a widow, who resided at No 77J Brown street, on the 22d of November, last, was discharged, the complainant not appearing against him. The greater portion of the money was restored by Sargent to the widow at the time of the discovery of the larceny. Suepected Burglary ?A man named Willliam Farrell, was tried for entering the house occupied by Mr. William Furlong, No. 16 Willet street, on the 12th November, bs was supposed with an attempt to steal. He was found inside the hall of tna hou.-e in company with another person, havingeatered through the gate in the yard- When questioned as to twhat induced him to enter the house, he stated that he was hunting for a wash woman. His counsel, R. Oglesby Davidson, Esq., presented a number of witnesses to prove the good character of prisoner, who it appears is a dealer in second hand furniture, &c. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Stealing a $50 Note ?A man named Joseph Cohen was tried on a charge of stealing a $50 note of toe Mechanics' Bank, from the pocket of James Elliott, No. 145 Division street, on the 6th of January. The prosecution proved by Elliott that Cohen slept in the same room with him on the,night the monev was taken?that Cohen hud borrowed $5 from Elliott a day or two previous to the larceny, and that the day after Cohen purchased $30 worth of clothing, and paid his landlady $10 for board. The defence was conducted by C. W. Terhure, Esq. who in the face and eyes of the above evidence, which showed all that circumstantial testimony could elicit to prove the guilt of prisoner, succeeded in obtaining a verdict of net guiuj, ?uu iuv pnsuucr nam uibbii?i|ou. Forfeited Recognizances. .James Davis, for emhezcling four bags of horse feed from Benjamin C. Farrington, at different times. James Hannon, fee stealing six dollars from Elixa Dagnan. James Armstrong and William P. Boorum, for stealing nine worsted comforters from Robert Russell. Assaults and Batteries.?George V. Dudley on Dennis Shaw ; Peter Flanagan on James Ross ; James Downing, Henry Downing, and Peter Downing on Henry Morgan; Jeremiah Harnett on David Welsh; Robert Barnard on John Miller The Court then took a recess until Friday morning at II o'clock. Peremptory Hale* (pj- Omk Hundred Lots,* and parts of lots, on the Seventh and Eighth Avenues, and on Twenty-fourth, Twenty-filth and Twenty-sixth streets. The sale of the above valuable property will take place by'Mesars. Bleeeker& Van Dyke, on Thursday, January 30th, 1813, at 13 o'clock, at the Merchant's Exchange. Every let put up will be sold, without reserve, and do adjournment will take place. Lithographic Maps are ready at the office of the Auctioneers, No. 63 Merchant's Exchange. 1 no lanu 18 nearly level wun me guy graue, uiuoiij garden ground, and capable of being immediately improved. The lota, aouth as far at Twenty- first street, have been sold under stipulations against nuisances, and that none but brick or stone buildings, covering the whole front, shall be erected thereon. This renders the property now selling, more valuable, as it secures to the neighborhood good improvements; handsome brick buildings already reach to Twenty fourth street. Conditions of Sai.e.?Ten per cent of the purchase money to be paid on the day oi sale; fifteen per cent on the delivery of the deeds, and seventy-five percent oan remain on mortgage,one,two or three years,at the option of the purchasers. The deeds will contain covenants against nuisances, etc., and in the same terms as used in the conveyances of theEckford Estate. CITY DESPATCH POSTPrincipal Office, 40 William Street. QQ- The public are respectfully informed that arangemonis are on the evcot completion for the establishment of an efficient local Post. The proprietors have placed ample means at the disposal of the agunt; the most trustworthy lettar' carriers nave been engaged, and a system of complete check bus been arranged,so as to ensure despatch, punctuality, and security. Branl-h Offices.-Letter-boxes will be placed throughout every part of the city, at short distances, and letters under two ounces weight will be delivered three times a day for three cents each. Option will be given either free the letter or to send it unpaid. tost Paid Letters ?Lettess to be delivered free, must have a free stamp affixed to them?an ornamental stamp has been prepared for that purpose, which may be procured at the principal-office; or at those stores which will be advertised hereafter, as authorized to sell them. The charge will be thirty six cunts per dozen, or $.'50 per hundred. Parcels not exceeding one pound in weight will be charged proportionably. 1 Unpaid Letters.?Letters not having a free stamp af fixed to them, w ill be charged three cents, payable by the party to whom they are addressed,on delivery. IU gistrt?A system of registration is arranged for leucri WU1CB ll limy ut ntMitu iw uii-ici spri mi care. They must be specially deposited at the principal otticeonly, and the charge will be six cents, (or two free Stamps) to be paid in advance. Despatch ?A special despatch will be ready at all ' times for auy letter or small parcel requiring irstantde' livery?at 1'2) cents per mile?application being made at the priuciDal othce. > Respectable parties who are desirous of having boxes placed at their stores, are requested to make immediate application at the Principal Office, as the list of names will be advertised. ALEX. M. GREIG, Agent. The above is strongly recsmmended to public support, i by? ! Me?srs? Messrs.? Goodhue, fc Co. W C Pickersgill, k Co. I Jas McCail, k Co, Jno J Palmer, r JWkE Leavitt, L M Hoffman kCo. , Moses Taylor. Belknap Durfee, J Preacott Hall, Prime, Ward k King, E X Collins fc Co, (if the Post OfficeAct al! W G Bull, k Co, Iowa it.) ' Austen Wilmerdiag,Co. John Audubon, F. R. S. ' Brown, Brothers, k Co, W. F. & F.C.Havemey er, t Hall Brothers, Warren Is Brintnall, i J Haggnrty and Sons, E. D Morgan, CrippskCo, Morria F.atle, Smith Thurgar k Co, Youngs, Ritter J( Co. Wads worth k. Smith, John Johnson's Son, Adams, Petrie Si Co, Spotford, Tileston k Co. DCkW Poll St Co, OQh No Patmktt received cxtic the H?ir is Re' stored.?Beals St Co are now applying Beal's Hair Restorative on the sliove. their origiuul terms, to upwardi t of three hundred persons. Of their success, they have undoubted proofs in the liberty of personal reference to some of aur most respectable families, unl alongcertiti j cate signed by some of our most respectable citizens, cer. tified to be genuine by our late worthy Mayor, Aaron Clark, and attested by Moses Starbuck. They also offei ' the article tor sale, price $1 and (3. Their office is No, - SI Cedar street. N. B. Ladies can purchase at the Ladies' Depository, No. 439 Broadway; A. Truap. Schenectady; J Ingols Ulica, N. Y.; C W k N. A. Simons, corner of Pine and Fourth street, Philadelphia. (K7- " Nothing like leather" is an old saying, but "nothing like Sherman's I,ozansei" is a new one. and lust as true. Whoever suffered three day* with a cough, while tiling Sherman's Cough Lozenges 1 They cure sooner thin any thing elie?and ail who ever tried them , once, never use any thing elie. They are ?old at 106 Nassau itriet, Dr .Sherman's only office, and hy agenti, i II it A lio Broadway ; Sands, 373 Broadway, and 77 Ent . Broadw iy ; Church'*, 189 Bowery ; Neely,29l Bleeckor, 1 and Codington, 977 Hudson street; 49 and 136 Fulton I street, Brooklyn, Burgess, 39 South Third street, Phila , delphia ; R idding, 8 State street, Boston. 1 09- Tint ia no miitake in the new and popular re medy, which throws all the doctors in the thade, by curing coughs end eolda, of every variety. Be sure to inquire fer the real Hygean Hon hound | Candy, of B. F. Howe. 133 Broadway, corner ol Howard street. 07- Fa mi l r.t, school teacher* and children will hear in mind that a grand performance by the Indian Warriors, their Squaws, and others, will be given at the American Museum on Saturday afternoon next. This ia the last opportunity that will he alf'orded the public this season of witnessing the intensely interesting performances of these red men of the forest We understand that principals of schools and their pnpili are admitted on liberal terms Persons may spend hall a dav profitably in viewing the immense collection of curiosities con tamed in this mammoth establishment. Alterations. a/4/Ji?ssv?va iennrn?<,mon?ii or.i/lnilv mukitlCF hem. flfid the manager appear* determine'] to leave nothing undone which will conduce to the comfort and information of hi* vititera. 0l7" Wn.?.i?, the agent for T. Gilbert k Co'* Botton Piaim Fort**, ha*juit received from the manufactory,one of the mint ?tiperh Piano Forte* ever brought to thi* city. Call and judge for your*elve?. Hi* ?tnre i* over Tenney'* Jeweller'* *hop, 4J">1 Broadway corner of Murray afreet. Chatham TitvATar.? Yankee Hill play* hut two night* more at thi* theatre, the hare announcement of which i* lufiicient to draw hi* numeron* admirer* to witneiihi* unrivalled delineation* of the Yankee character. He appear* tn.? evening a* Seth Slope, in Done for a Hundred, and Major Joe Bunker in the laughable farce o l Militia Training The *ucce**ful and never inng hiatorical drama of the Carpenter of Rouen, i* al?o performed a* originally played at thi* theatre. The mde atigahla manager, ever prompt to preaent to hi* numeron* patron* a *pl< ndid novelty, i* rbout producing on a magnificent wale a grand apectacle, which will far nrpa** in *cenic effect, fee. any thing he ha* hitherto produced QtJ- Borti'kt AmtmithcatU.?A Change ol peiloin. ance take* place here to night, and the whole bill pre* sents an array of attractions exceeding in talent, beautv. and variety any performance of the season. The w hole company appear in every description of arena and rques trian entertainment, and the unapproachable Sweeny gives hii most popular Banjo Extravaganza. Remember the performance here next Saturday afternoon. HON ICY HARKBT. Wednesday, Jan. lt>?6 P. H. There has been a small business done in stocks to-day< and prices have generally given way?Delaware end Hudson i per cent ; Indiana &'s j per cent ; do sterling 1 percent , Illinois 6"a 15; Harlem Is New York State 6j ij per aent. Sal?? of State b't, 13>?, at 76. Bills on Philadelphia, 5 a 5*; Mobile 10 ; New Orleans 10. It will be observed that the New York State 5.J per cents which are those issued to the New York and Eiie Railroad, are selling at 1} per cent less money than the 5 per cents. The latter sell at 75, and an equivalent for a 51 per cent stock of the same date and tenor would be 82j? whereas, they are selling at 7-lj, which is 10 per cent less than the rate for other stocks This is the result of the violation of the law in the manner of disposing of the stock. The immediate cause of the fall, which is upwards of 10 per cent, within a short time, is stated as follows 1The Company had pledged large sums of these stocks with the Banks, patticularly the Bank of Commerce, for money. When the 1st of January approached, the banks, anxious to make as favorable a return as possible af their affairs to the Legislature, induced the company to withdraw their loans until after the ruturns were made, when they might be renewed. To do this, the company pledged the stocks with individuals for temporary loans. When these came due the banks refused te renew the loans, consequently the stocks were forced upon the market?hence the fall in price. The same inability to procure loans of the banks, hat caused the protest of the certificates issued by the company to contractors, te the amount of near $ JOO.OOO. From these facts, it is easy to judge whether'the stocks issued to this company are likely to be classed among the " contingent liabilities" or the direct debt of the State, at the close of another year. The following is a table of the stoeks issued to companies by the State Issued to Per Cent. Redeemable. S. Y. 8c Erie R. R. $400,000 44 1818 Do 500,000 5A 1860 Do 1,100,000 6j 1861 Do *J00,000 6 1361 Do 700,000 6 1861 Auburn 8c Syracuse -106,000 5 1368 Auburn ScRochester 100,00# 5{ 1960 U>.lmnSS.irli<kiru I V1IW1 A1 leu:*. Tioga m! Co. ** *70,000 o| 196.5 Tonawanda, 100,000 ij 166.5 Del k Hudson C. Co. 600,000 6 after 1916 Do 300.000 4j after 1947 Schenectady & Troy 100,000 $4,690,000 And Ithaca kOsw. 297.700 41 1969 Do 29,000 .>i 1965 Catskill k Cansj. 100,000 5 1969 Do 60,000 6 1960 Do AO,000 6 1960 $310,700 Total $5,036,700 There is still $200,000 to be issued to the Erie Railroad At the close of last year the amount issued to corporations was $3,646,700. Since then the $519,000 issued to the Catskill and the Ithica Railroad,have become|a direct debt, owing to the failure of the companies to which they were issued. How much will be added at the close of the present year, remains to be seen. The matter requires the prompt attention of the Legislature. At the same time, the manner in which the stock granted to the Delaware and Hudson Canal is issued, requires investigation. The singular powers exercised by that company, and which in other cases are delegated only to the Comptroller,opens the door to enormous abuses, for which, if they exist, prompt remedy should be taken. The Northern Dank of Kentucky has declared a dividend of 4 per cent for the grst six months. The Bank of Louisville has declared a dividend of 3} per cent for the same time. The Bank of Kentucky, in pursuance of a resolution heretofore adopted,has notdeclared anydividend. The legislature of Alabama has adjourned, having done nothing cither to relieve the banks, or compel a resumption. The banks are subject to an annual draft of $409,000 far State expenses, which must soon exhaust their remaining capitals. The following resolution has been submitted in the House, at Harrisburg, by Mr. McCahen Reiolvtd, That, until the banks of this Commonwealth relume specie payments for their notes and obligations, execution ?h?ll be staved, and ipdanu-nts suspended between these institutions and their debtors. This is very just: if the banks are permitted to suepend why should their debtors not be permitted to suspend also. An adjourned meeting of the stockholders of the United States Bank, is to be held February 21st, in order to nullify the assignments already made, and to make a general assignment according to law. We have frequently had occasion to allude to the at tempts made in this city to put into circulation the bills of tho Bank of Jacksonville, Florida. In order to show clearly the nature of that transaction, we annex the law of the Territory passed last winter, annulling the charter of the concern, as follows : Law AiOsullino tin Jacksonville Bank Charter. Whereas, by the 14th section ot the act entitled " an act to incorporate the Bank of Jacksonsville," approved February 14th, 1835, it is enacted," That the bills of the bank shall be redeemable at the banking house, during otlce hours, on demand, in gold or silver." and by the 18th section of said act, it is also enacted, that " on failure to redeem its bills in specie, during the ottice hours of the bank, on deman 1 therefor, the charter shall be forfeited, aad the (Governor may appoint three receivers, who shall be authorized to take the effects of said bank, and as soon as practicable thereafter, to wiud up its affairs, and in such event, it shall be the duty of said receivers to apply the assetsNof said bank in a rateable ' proportion between the whol^ of its creditors ; and by the 19th section of said act, is also enacted,that the President and Cashier of said bank shall make an annual statement to the Governor of this Territory, on the first day of the session of the Legislative Council, in every year, stating the precise situation of the bank ; the amount of specie actually in the vaults on that day; and also a full account of all other notes, bills of exchange, at d all other securities whatever due to, or oviing by said bank, and the said President and Cashier sliail. at the time,state positively, on oath, that the statements to made are just and true, and that the amount so statedi tw be in the vaults of said bank is not in stoak notes, and the statement so made and s worn to, before any justice of the peace of the county, shall be lor warded to the Oovernor ol the Territory to be laid before theLegislativeCounCil within the first week of its suceeeding session : And whereas, said bank suspended specie payment ia the year 1838, and hath continued to refuse specie payment in violation of the provisions of said act, up to this time, ant is now in a condition which requires for the interest 1 of the public, the interference of the Executive aud Le> gialative authority of this Territory, according to the > laws thereof : And whereas, said hank has not made any statement as required by said 19th section of said act since the year oi 1838, or any other report as required by 1 the other acts of this Territory : And whereas, by the lit section of the act entitled, an act to prevent the fu > ture exercise of corporate privileges by ceitain banking corporations, passed March 4th, 1839, it is enacted'" that i the district attornies of said Territory, be authorize!, and they are heicby required to institute the requisite legal proceedings against such banking incorporationsin their respective olstricts, as may have incurred forfeiture! of their charters, by non user or otherwise, to prosecute the same to effect, so that said charters can be de clared null and void, by the judgement of the proper courta in said district - And w hereas, said bank hath incurred a forfeiture of ita charter, under said law. And whereas, it appears, the lequisilions of said act last mentioned, has not been obeyed. Be it therefore resolved by the Legislative Council of the Territory of Florida, That the public interest demand that the provisions of said laws be forthwith enforced, and that a copy of this resolution be signed and ertifled, and delivered to the Governor of h londa. Adopted by the House of Representatives, February 34, 1841. Adopted by the Senate, February 8th, 1841. From this It will bo seen that the concern legally ceaa oil to exist in February last, soma months before the at. tempts were made to force the circulation here. Resolutions to enforce immediate resumption have passed the Senate ef Ohio, and there It but little doub that a law will paas, fixing the 1st ol March as the time The Lebanon, Miami Company, recently exploded, was revived in Nov. 1840, on pnr|>e*e lor a speculation, and for the information of the Cincinnati Enquirer, as w ell as the people of that city, wc republish from thii pa. per a list of its officers :? List or Dirfctors or ths Lratnon, Mmmi Ba.vkixu Cos Et-KCTrn on Nov. 10. 1840, to state unTiL rut Awhcsl KlkctiO*. in J*n. 1841 :? John S Iglehart, G. P. Williamson, A. II. Jameson, T. B. Van Home, K O. Corwin, William Seller*, C. Bradley, W Earl, N. P. Iglehart, J.J.Bingham, J. II. Earl, J. P. Reynolds, F. J. Ty tus. And at a meeting of the dirt ctors, held at the banking houte, on the ll'h Nov. the following peraon* were elected officer* : ? John 8. Iglehart, Preaident, a director. J. H Earl, Ciahier,one of the director* J J Biagham, Teller, alio one of the direotor*. Geo. J. Smith, Attorney, not a director. The contradiction of Mr. Brough, the Auditor of the State, of the allegation that he had any connection with it, we have already puhliahed. We have received the annual communication of the Mayorof Baltimore to the City Council, for the your 1*41. It it an admirable and comprehenaive document, embracing a gre it variety of information in relation to tLe commerce of th* city. Tha debt of th> I city it gircn ai follow* : ? DrBT ok the ClT* ok BALTIMORE, Jax. 1, 1847. Sis ptr cml Sltrk. Redeemable in 1838, ii $20,640 lti " in 1843. it 56,000 00 " at pleasure, 193,508 40 u in 1900, 109 901 80 ' in 1070, 658.940 89 " in 1870. *78,000 00 " in IH90, i,614.469 38 " in 1890, 373.644 90 $4,103,698 19 Subscription to Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, 440,000 Deduct stocks held 348 209 191,791 Total ti per cent debt $4,386,378 Fiw per cent Sleek. Redeemable in 1838, il $62 665 77 " in 1840,il 19.690 09 u in 1846, il 334,167 84 " in 1860, il -263,118 09 " in 1870, ii 960,009 00 Irredeemable and not transferable, 11,700 90 $996,1*1 81 Court House Stock, 109,996 Deduct itock held, 3,131 97,096 Total live per cent itock, $1,093,946 Intereit, $61,109 Six per cent stock 4,986,378 Interest, 975,792 Total, $308,886 $6,318,623 To meet thii interest, with other necesiary(expeniei, $868,886 ii required for the year. The resources of the treasury to meet this demand are the arrearages of taxes for 1839 and 1840, not leu than $140,0*0 0* Arrearages of taxei for 1841 ( ee Collector's report) 139,033 48 $379,933 48 It may be safely estimated that $190,000 of this can be collected within the present year The taxable proporty is estimated at $66,000,000 The rate of taxation is 86 cts per $100, yielding 476,000 Of wnieh jt is estimated, there will be realized in the course of the year, 340,000 Do. on specific tax 6,000 Licenses, markets, Ac. 90 030 Bait, k O R R dividend 70,000 Total probable income $696 060 The receipts of the City Regis, for 1841 were $1,904 604 " expenditures " 1849 " 1,143,039 " balance on hand, Jan. 1, 1843 66,561 The docament then gives the import* and export* into the District of Baltimore for 1841, which we have compared with the previous year, as follows Imports anb Hxi-ohts or BaltimoRk. i 164*. 1841 Inc'r. IJtc'r. Imports in Am. vessels, 4,357 884 5 384 865 1 0*46,981 ? " foreign " 553 862 752 447 199,585 ? Tot U imports, 4 9 0,746 6,101,113 1 *46,510 ? Export* domestic goods, 6 496.030 4 787,340 ? 707,680 " " loreigu 273 784 1&8.006 ? 115,778 Total exports, *8,768,801 4,945 346 ? 823,458 Sttiea at tlia Stock Kichang*. $1009 Work 6'si86'4 73 20 ilia* State Bank 72 $'4000 N York 51* 1861 731 100 do Bk Commerce 87 $ 4100 N York 8'i 1858 75 50 do do scrip 87| $170* Corporation bond* 95J 5(1 do Del St Hud 630 93 >1000 Illinois bonds 201 50 do do 95| $150.,0 do thw 20 50 do do 96 $1000 do e 20 15 do do *3 951 $i000 Indiana 50 y-f?r bda '43( 60 do do nw 941 $1100 Indiana sterlg bd* 23 25 do do atliw 95 $20' 0 do 221 100 do do *60 91 $5000Indianadiliar bd* 231 IS do do 95 $1000 do 23 25 do do 941 $1000 do (30 24 CO do do *15 93 $'40o0 do *10 241 50 do do 3 $1000 do 22] 200 do Harlem R 9 $2060 do (60 21 100 do do b60 91 $2000 do thw 24i 25 do L If laud R 1)60 52] Second Board. $5000 Indiana bonda 22 $1000 Illiooif c 20 $3000 do (1 2'| $1000 do blC 20 $200* do ? b3 22 , 50 do Harlem b3 91 $1000 do 2I( 250 do do 91 Corn Trade* Thii market has beeii remarkably dull of late. Prices appear to be without change. Present gustations $5,75 to <6, however, are merely nominal. Died. On Manday, 17th inst.,at the reaidenceof her son iu law, J. J. Diossy, in the village of Williamsburgb, N. y,, altera severe illness of nine days Mrs. Mary Dixon, aged 66 years. Newspapers in Perth Amboy, Newark, N. J', Burlington, Vt.. and Mobile, are requested to copy. On Monday, 17th inst., Gfohok Timioi t, in the 31th yearol his Hge. On Tuesday, 18th inst., Elizabeth, widow of the late Johu Brilton, aged 82 years. In the United States Naval Hospital, Brooklyn, on Sunday, 16th inst., Thomas Bi anknvhip, (or Blank) belonging to the United States marine corps, anativeof Richmond, Va. I'asaetigers Arrived, Macao?Brig Barbara?C W Cuuuinslnm. Orinoco -Bug Cesar? M Lazaris. of Pin adelphia., SC? ting Mary?R Haywood, Miss Walsh, Mr Dempster. Passengers Sailed, Liverpool?Ship Colnmbas?W BCummmR.W H Merritt, J P Merritt. Mr Builrn, Mr Black, of Cauada. Matanzaj?Brig C?<par Hauser?Henry L Bristow, Daniel Citrfii Jr. Charles 8 Hatch,Henry Ball. ITarv Jm Imnnrta#lAin? OniNOco?Brief-tsar?3185 hides 600 bair* coffee 12 ceroons indigo 22 hales deer akin * 124 bags eoeoa 516 .pkgs tobacco 11 Aymar k co. OomCHtlc Importations (imiar.rowx, SC?Bng Mary?174 balci cotton Smith, Mills k co?204 Cattail k Kedinoad?25 Wetmore, Benedict k co?291 H Coit fcco?55 Spofford, Tileaton k co?109 Lawrence k Trimble. " maritime herald. POUT OF MRW YORK, JANUARY HO~ tva ISi noon 1 96 SUN 9?T? 47 | aiak WATCSl ?1|37 Dtptrturt of th* Atlantic Huauera. raoM LitrnrooL. ritox nosron. Britannia Jan. 4 Feb. ' Caledonia Feb. 4 Mar. 1 Acadia Mar. 4 April 2 Columbia- April 5 May 1 Packatito Arrlre. Packttl to Oapnrt. LONDON,. I ONIION Wellington,*'badwick, NoW90 Montreal, Grilling, Jan. 12 (Quebec. Hebard, L>ec. I (J.adiator, Britton, J an . 21) '.iriirooL. Livr.arooL. KnglaLil. Waile, Dec. 7 Sheridan. Ue Ptyster, Jan.25 Oairick. Skuldy, Dec. >3 Ssuth America, Bailey, Feb. I Haras. Harat Sully.'I hompeen. Dec. 1 Louia Philippe,Castoff, Jan. 24 To Maattri of Venae Is. Commanders of vessel* will confer a faror by hariny a list of their carfoes, passengers, aud a report of Teasels left at tbe port whence they aailed, and the vessels spoken, ready on their arriral here for t ommodore Bassktt, of our fleet of Dews schooners. He will board them immediately os their arrival. Clsarad. Ships Gladiator. Britton. London, Grinnell, Miuturu k Co; Great Britain, Proal, Mohi'e. II J Walker ?Bugs Apollo, (Danish) Hiode Janeiro. D H Hobertson; G H Lamar, Haniierm in, Ssv ,nu?h, Jacott k Morrel.; Oswego, Yates. Jacksonville, Fla Breit k Vose.?Sclir ltienzi, Doane, Coast of Africa, Foater k Nickerson. Arrived. Brig Barbara. ( nniunihun, from Macao 9th Sept, Batatia tttli'let. polled Atjier 19th Oct an t Barhadoes 4th Jan, with silk* and teas, to captain Vi a ?l? left at Canton reported hy the Alb on. ShipCiarend n passed Batavia 6th Oct. for'hiua. LeP ai Barbadoes, brits Carlrton. fm Boston, ilieg; Architect, Oriy. f " Port Spain.Triu. f r NOr'etna. 10. Brig Wampnaosg, Colson, 17 days from Aur f'ayes, St l)omiugn, wiio 15(1 tons I gwood '<> Badger k I'rck. I,. II brig Monroe. Wall, for Gibraltar and a market,4lh; schr* Daim e, Rich, f -r Boston. 7th; Bold Runner, Young, r o. IC It, lat 38 15, Ion 73. spoke rchr Odenn, hence for Porto Rico. Brig <'tsar. Wakefield. 18 da) s Irom Oronico, with hides, kc. to H Ai m ir k Co. Lrft no American vessels Brig Mary Hicbaideon, 4 days from Georgetown, SC. with collna, to A Ai rrtll. Schr Valhalla. Haines, 13 days from Wilmington, NC. naval Stores, to Mi'ehellfcCo. Schr Lodl, Winchmpau, 6 days f run \V ilimngtnn, NC naval store- to Woodhull k Minturu. Brig Cornelian, of NYork, was on the bar when we lelt. Schr rrilas Ciane. 6 days from Washington, NC. naval ato-is, to ss L Mitchell Sckr Oleon, 6 day s from Wilmington, NC. naval atores, to order. Schr A F Thorne, 5 days from Wilmington, NC. naval atores to o dev. Below. Two brigs. Wind ENE. Hailed. ShipsColumbus, C?le, Liverpool; Huntress,' Lovett, Canton, and others. General Record. Faciit ship Gladiator, Britton, for London, sails to-day Her letter bags are at Gilpin's, in the Kvrhange. Brio Horkrt Wai.iv, from Savannah Tor Boston, has heen taken to Wesiport, hote out, and found to be slightly injured On Thursday afternoon, she had heen lurnished willisana Holder and would commence reloading immi distely. SritR Hciota, from Philadelphia for Boston, (at Oeerlsle) put in with some damage baring been up w ith Cape Cod and blown off would proceed as si on ss repa ired ScHR OLirr, from Wilwwtnn. !SC. which went ashore on Absecom. has been sold. W of the cargo ha* been saved, some o| it damaged. British rrhj Joli.t Tar, from London forTetss, was wrscked off the Jourdeini Keys. Passengers, crew and part of the cargo saved. Spoken. Gann.elefft. from 8t Thomas for NOrleana, Per a?, 1st at IS IsiHU. , ? _ Msrtoa Eliiabeth, from Baltimore for Martinique, Dec 2t, lat 19, Ion 70. . Foreign Porte. St JaHR, NB. Jan 11-Arr Charlotte Ann, Vroom, fiotn N Matahxas, Jan t?In port, Albert, for Boston, 4: Ctrdenai, for Cerdi lias and Portland, sameday. Trividad, About Dec M-In port, Adelaide, fm Boston, just arr; ind others. , , _ . out Aotal. M?rl. ibout Dee W?In port, Aurori, f.n Wilming on. jfC duf_ . ,.t. ^? (IT I'lMRKl, ??? ? n??u). im wr n* nioiton No. dltchargim, Ht L**rrue?, Be ntl?y, for Boeton. I ad i " t( Paf a tVe IS?Inport, Pecqiun, (S irciinun) fm B?l im?Of, ?r bHh. _? United luut **? ? u. Kilt Mai j?m ll?Arr Mary,' haae, NYork. roiTiANu. Jan 17?( Id Am*ri< mo, mew, 3?o t?i > ton. Owe'* Hiad, Jan u?Paisi-d through, ( ha* William*. Can.<j?B 'or NOrlrm*. Arr It'll, Caroline. U*?*rtt, Clierryli-l<l forNVork. Hlli, Imogene. Kraukfort for Malauxa*. Paaaerl uy the bay. h l"rge ?chr under jury i??ia. NawaiRvroai, Jan IS-Arr Pelicui, Patteraon, NYorkCld t7th,Z.itoff. Porto Rieo. flai.aM, Jau 17?Arr Hamilton, River (Jamlia, Allien, 7th ult. Left, Leander. for Rio Nun. a; N'uumkeag.Im Balrin. ?lo. Mioke Dee 31, lit 32. lou 7? 4*. Calai* fill NYoik for Neurita*. who fupplicd u* with our inun, wehaving mate auii anc irk. The crew of the 11 ha?e been tick daring the who e p???age fm Gambia. Bi tton, Jan IR?Arr Plymouth, Havana; Win Henry. Norfolk; Potomac. Frederick, burg. Arr 17th, Lignuia, NOrlear*; ( oinmifMry. Rio ile Janeiro; Margaret. Vatanaaa; Atlantic. Monr'e ("reek Va; Rohl Bruce, FreJenckabu'g F.duak town, Jau 15?In port. Kciciu*, dweharging; Kenduakeag. Hoi mki Hoi k. Jan 15?Bid Paragon, Curtu, Boatou. No vessel in port 1 p in. Pro viurtvt'I, Jan 18?Arr Mary Ann it Caroline, Elizabeth Cilv; Commerce. York Rircr: Nnrlh Star, Norfolk. PtuLSDKLrtlia, Jan 19?Air Jos Rusling*, Wilmington NC.? < ld Orion, Barbadoes and La Guayra; A B Cooley, Camp, N York Bai.timoiiv, Jan 17?Arr Noilli'tiuberlaixl Kingston Jam; Wankinco, > all Kivrr; Mary Wilts, Matanzes; Mendiati, Providence. Cld Delaware,Trinidad. Nkw Maritai, Jau S-< id Pionerr, Liveri>ooI;; John O I oetar. do; Marine. Ballim re; Diana, Oremen; Energy, Richmond; Uucas, Havana; Harriet, Gibraltar; Aurora, do. Arr Teazer. Thomaston. Cld 6th, New York, Bremen. Arr Norfolk, Boitou; Mary, Kio; babina, Thomaslou; Foster, Turku Island. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS PPHEflE far-famed auo c lebrated inlla. from Portugal, are A we perceive, to be obtained in this country K*? advsrtieemenl nn the laal enluiniinf fourth page. did lin'ia UOCRTH WARB RAILROAD MEETING.?The Citr " zens of the Fourth Ward are reapectfully requested to attend a Public Meeting, to be held at the Bhakspeiare uot'l, on Thursday evening, Jau. 20.It, at half-paat aeven o'clock, to adopt such meanuei aj will ensure the apeedy completion of the New York and Erie Railroad. Jan. 17th, 1842. Samuel Hparks. John W. Halberton, David Dundall, Archibald Hall, jr. Philo Doane, Joahaa Thuratou, John H. Bowie, Oliver B. Tweedy, Zophar Mills, tleorgr Tremain, Chtrlri p. Daly, Richard S. Willi,ima, Jam's L. Todd, John Carle, jr. Thomai Crow, Thomas Bloodgood. Charles (Chamberlain, James D. Cordray, Joseph Rose.jr. Aimi .Vlathry, Thomas H. Byrnes, Stephen Holt, John Syms, W Hull It Sons, Hezekia Williams, Samuel Mayccck, John V. Coon, Geo ge Anderson, J it J H. Laugley, Hrzrkiah Kelly, J. V. Tilyon, Eoward D. Hall. O. R. flalt, jjoit D ATlROAD MEETING)?TENTH WaKU?The CitiTV zensof the 10th Ward are requested to meet at the Military Hall comer Grand and Ludlow streets, this (Thursday evening) Jau. 28th, at half- past seven o'clock, to adopt such measures as will ensure the speedy completion of our New York and Erie Railroad. Commit! pi. Neil Gray, JayJarvis, Pine Hopkins, M. M. Qu-tckeubois, John W. Hardenbrook, Nicholas Schuremau. Joseph Weed, Benjamin Drake, j20 it A RARE CHANCE TO SPORTSMEN?Will be sold; on Monday nezt, 24th ll o'clock at Taltersall's, Broadway, two splendid voting Englnh Koi Hounds, tust imported, obtained by special favor Irom oue of the first leuneb in England, bale positive to the highest bidder. Apply at jto 2teod TATTF.RSALL'S T_TEaR BuTH blDES.? by special request of th? com L K< i'i'H E lliin evening. 20th inst. at lull' past seven o'elock. iu the Broadway Tabernacle, on the interning and exciting subject of the capital punishment of criminal* Admission free, and a voluntary collection after the Lecture, to del ray iiicid-utal expenses. jlO It* /" HEAP KASHlO.NAijLFrTAILbKI.Ntl ESlAbl.IsI Ny MENT, H'8 Beekmau street, near Pearl.?The eubacrihrr return* nil sincere tliauks to his I'rieiiaa and the public, for the liberal patronage bestowed on him during the present and past seasons, and lie furttner hopes, by a c ireful attention to the interest of his customers to merit a continuance of their favors. The attention of the publi: is requested to the following list of prices, wh ch. it is hoped are sufficiently low to satisfy the most economical when it is considered, that in style and materials thry are warranted equal to those made by the first establishmeats in the city Super west of England black, blue, or grey Dress Coats, IS to 22 Super double milled bl'k and fancy Cass imares, 7 to 9 Vests, Cashmere, Satin. Stc. of fiue quality. 3 to 6 Making and Trimiriiug Coats, (8 toj>9 50, P.nts, $1 5? to $2, Vests t 50 ts 52. Alt garincuts warranted to fit. jgO lm? JOHN MOFFAT. B* OSTON PATENTPIANO KOKTKS?The advertiser rrsoecllully invites the public to call and examine a splendid rosewosd patent action Pianoforte, made by those eminent maiiuufacturers T.Gilbert Ik Co. Boston. This piano lortehas the celebrated movable action for producing Ihe one string change, which causes a sweetness of tone hitherto unknown. Instruments made in the above manner can be obtained of John Willis (sole agtut in New Vork), No, 251 Broadway, over Tenney's jewellery establishment, comer of Murray street, two doors below I'eale's Museum, ami directly opposite lkejdity Hall j20 it* l)KOKlTABI,k 1NVEST.ME.nT oi $500?A rare chance I 1 i? dow offered to toy ptnqo who uu command $S00 in cifh, to enter into an old estab isheil business, warranted safe I and profitable. A cvbiuet tinker and a single man would be preferred, whose active services will be reunited. The situation is oue of the beet in Philadelphia. Deferences given and required. For further inlonnattou, address (post-pud) to (J.H , care of Tomer and Ki? ler. Plnladelphi i. Pa j'2i) It* Lost, yesterday morning, iu passing through Alliu, Invision, and < natham streets, a Gold Kob Cliaiu. The fim'sr will he suitably rewarded by leaving it at Etdiange OfH' ?, 229 t r ^dvray. j2(M t TnF.SIHAIILE LOT in KIr TH A VENUt?For Rale, I ' a lot ol ground, 25 by IOO^ feet, on Kifth A venue, near the Church of the Asctiisiou. Kor particulars, apply to W. p. M.uris, 10 Wall alr'et. j2(i 3t* MUsiC-A Pianist wi old lespectlully inform the public, that he will play at privatr parties on the pianoforte all the celebrated cotillions and waltzes. Enquire at No. lo Walker street. I W1IO WANTS A KINK. HEAD OK IIAIK. (Fram the New York Tribune.] rpC bite the dandruff removed, the haii in act. to grow, and 1 prevented froin falling out. who has light red or gray hair.and wi.hea it to grow dark, let mirh prr-oua u?e Jouea' Oil ?f Coral Circaiaia, told at 82 Chatham street. A yiumg trieiid ofourg, living in U'cecker ?tre> t, h id the top of hie head bald fr> in fever, the m I d i- a of hie head consisted of rough. ru*ty, dry hairjaftar using thiaaehort time, the etfrrt waa wonderful J lie ha" now a line handaome head of hair. This is sold ai miudihe number iaf2 CiMth m a'reat?and unless T Jntwa ia aigued in handwriting on the label,you art eh >ated with acnunterfeit. jtt>3t? \7 OCAL CONCERT. by THE KAINEKS, or Tyro eae V Miuatrcla. at the Stuyvesant luatitnte. The Hainera reip?ctfuly aniiouuce Uiat they will have the honor togive a Mnairal huteriaiument at the Stiiyvesant Inathule, 'HIIS EVENING. Ian 20th, 1842 when ihey will appear hi their much admired Winter Cuatumc, and aiug the following PROGRAMME. raBT i. t?Rant-del-Vaches. Quintette. 2?The Kair Maid (in the itjle of a Walti) Rainer 3?Wa? it not at one?Duett w ith (.hoiui, K niter 4?Hainer a March?Quiutette, Rainer hut it. 1?The Kialier an! his wife with echo on the Stage, by Mr. Simon, tl e Bnai Singer, thia iierfortnanfe has never before been attempted by any vocaliat, and ahowl h evtraordiliary of voice2?There ian? home lrkr ray own. 3 voire*, Malihran It waa not my own native Land, Ban Solo, Brough 4?The Free Country ? Quintette, Rainer 5?The Sneezing Song?Comic, Rainer r art hi. 1?Frtmdshi|>?Quinteette, Hauler 2?Rocked in the cradle of the deep?Tenor Solo, by raqueat. Knight 3?Sweetheir'? Duett with Chorui, llaiuer 4?German Drinking Sotg, coiaie, with laughing rho raa, Rainer Pamphlets containing the German Songa translated, r an be obtauie I of the door-keeper. By the advice ol their frienda and in accordance with the timet, the price of Admiation will he reduced to Fifty Centa, to he obtained at the Miuic Store! and at the door on the evening 'lhe following ia from the firit profeaaoraof Mmie in the ..< u,...,... .T. ,i ..... >,. ih..n ....h ,.i....i o.. ?. o v.IT ... UU....I. no-. "/ ? ."I""i tha! city. Hiring listened to the performances of the Reiner*, we ran trul tay that we regard their ettiging aa well worthy the attention of all levers of vocal tnuaic. They hare excellent voice< anil haie sang ho much together that th y have attained the greatest perfection in tlietr four voiced songs. The excellence of their performance, thi peculiarity of their N'ationalinunic, and their awn peraonal excellence and amiability aeem alike toeutitle tlwm to the coufilenci and patronage of the aublic. [Signed] Lowrll Majok. I'reeident Boston Academy of .Music. J. J. Mi LLr.x.i J. 8. WlThiiewton, I have been highly gratified w ith the voral performance of the Kiiurm. The delightful melodies of the Tyrol arc sung by thein with the greatest truth and beauty of expression ? Their voices chime well together, and the different parts are sustained, together with great taste and skill, approaching to harmonic unity,and suali as we have rarely the opportunity of hearing I regard iheir performance as in the highest degree pleasing and interesting, and deserting the direct countenance and support ot all lovers of the art. Signed, (1. J WEBB, Prcaidentof the Boslon Handel and Haydn S-nety. Concert to cow uienr e at 7| o'clock. jzo 11' L'Vil.lSH KKI.riNiT-U |i rious w idth. Alto, Endless j i-J Kelts, for salt by jOT PERSSK, h RROOK?, 61 Liberty si. POLISHIM". ' LOTH ? Kor maihle ntaiiufaclores, by li e piece or sihgle yard, far sale by |M PERSBE h BROOKS, 61 Liberty si. IJl'I.P St REE NS- No I 'J and I of M. I ,1 lor -lie X by PKR8HE k BROOKS, 61 Llhr rly el i. NIBI.O'.?coSo.RTh D'HTVER?MiiaS JANE .MAN'S SECOND CONCERT, Knday, Jin. 21, H?JPnincirAi. A*tist?:s. Stg. Prancaschini (vans, Prima Donna,from the best 7 Iwa'fMr. Sinclair, his second appearance in New Vork these two * M . Ernst, the celebrated performer on the flute. Mr II. C. Tnnm and the celebrated Iter man band, under the directionol Herren Schneider and ot the fo.lowing talent:- Hr(T < Jrehtier, Hehnoder. Rebhun, ul*' Pel 11, Bt.aub, Sj1,(n,''"W' Leiborr. ? ' Mptff>ft Hruhnm. JANE SLOMAN will give h? r pianoforte reritale from the eminent comiotern^^ ( i Wrotch Snag?Mr. Sine air?" The lass with the bonny bin'en" a Cavaliua?Stgnora Oarfi?" L'Amor mi mi fe beate?Ilt'onte d'Es-rx Donizetti. 3. Con' rto. Miia Jane Slomati. Pianoforte,firaud Fantasia and Variati >n< on Airs from RossiWSX' t's Opera of William Tell, Dechhr. [ 4. Scotch Son<?Mr. Sinclair?"John Aidcrson my. lo." 5. Aria?Sieaor Gatia?" Terchc nel guihiln mio eerdrlen" compnaed eTpren.l for he hr ( oppola. I S. Kai Una?Mine Jane Sloroan?" La petite tarnboar," Hew. 7. Solo on the Flute?Mr. Erneet' I yj~ Half an hour'* int'rm'eeion for promenade, during whnch the O'Tman Ba il will perf.inn relmioni from Mu aard. I.iill, Labittky. fanner and .Hiraim. in uldi'ion to the Ifr iml promenade. the il'umtnated I'or.ari ratnry. will be thrown lien, to rentier the whole el~an( ?"d a: aide. Paar II. 1?Mr 8inel ii'?T'e Kom nee of " I he Miatletoe It . u h " found ! on the t.egind of "The Old ()ih 1 he?t," Biahop J?fin.- rto-Mir< J-ne S'om m? Via o K ?e ttran' Fai t a ? and brllimt V<rt?lion? on th Ma'i h in Roeeini'e opera of Otrllo, He i i-K rule*? Se - Kr.nii'?*hini Oaria. eriretn 4 ?o| 11 n l I- lu'e?Mr Er ut r,?New B -'lail ? Mr Sinnlair?" fVnte eit thee down," Sinclair T)oor? ope" tl T o'elotk. Conceit to eomtne'.ce at S precuely .tilmi'taB-e JOeenU. JO It * a?tl ?? ?*J?? BY THOM AS BKLL. I BUrtiNvi it Jlun and lit n!lonilr?ll. " KKIiia Y. Sale of dry good*, clothing, fancy and p'ed^ed arlielra, y w ley, haudaome cutlery. grina, watches, a tine re(a.atiof riMe (( olt'a in-tiuf .dure ) be. AUo l)V virtue id an ariiKmnent?I half pipe very fine bran dy. 1 do Schiedam gin, I bbl Slfrnu rum. SJ buxea ?up> rior sherry wine, too gala do imported live yeara ?i?.re by Pete Harmony. 10 baakela chatrpaigLe, I dust tea Its bovea mp and nurrrn us other artieUn of merchauilia Also the balanceatock "I a ha'ler, by aider of a'iiguee. A quaimi) UI urv gnous. rum I g. ?c Alio, * flock ol' aijliuery , hi J I irui k* clothang 8ATUHDW. Elc.'aut furnitiir*?At ll'i o'clock in the sale rnotna ? Ai unusually enetui.e am. va'liable variety of second baud gew luriu'urenf ell diet ripiiuu*. A leu, the entire ha daimr furniture of a family giving up housekeeping, removed f<T em?veui-nce of aale TlJKoDAY. Hale of Piano Kortea?At to; o'clock,in the sale rr?nm?,w ilieout merer. 10 splendid piano lories. by the moat a( proved makers in Una or any other uouutry. Can be aeenoa Mommy. K. H. UJDLOVT Amu n.-er. WILL Hell at Auction, on Wk DNKHUA V. Mth January. I8tj, at 12 o'clock, at the Mercliaut'a Exchange, the following valuable property: I. UNION l'LACv? rhat elegan' ailuatioir known >t the Manhattan Bank, in fee. The land will be divided into tin loti.aomeof which are the uioet desirable location f?r private or public buildings of any an the citv of New York ? The lota face en Union Place, Hloomiugdale Road, and llih itreel. Terns of sale Ten tar cent on the day of aale; JO per cent on the delivery of the feed, and the bilance inuy tenured by the boud and morigage,on the premises, eubject ro lhrp?vinculolalll?wiuliiiiri, ?i ?inn auuu illy lor S year*, at tn? option of the purchaser. J. (illEENE STREET.?AU that lot of ground in fie. kuowu ai No, 1>H Greaue elreet <ui ihr r?*terly aide, beguiling 175 fret motherly, troin li uitou atnei, btirg 35 feet front and rear, and 100 feet in depth. 3. Alio, the lot uf ground, in lee. corner of Broadway and Bier kc itreet, thirty fret front and rear, and seventy-live fee'. 4ml with I ha ttmitory briek home thereon. u*w occupied by Mr Dml, Apothecary. The liouae i< 30fecl Irout and rear, 53 tret deep. Alio, the uext adjoining lot of land, in fee and building!, m Broadway. I hr lot is 38 feet III incliei on Ornadway, and 7i feet deep, parallel wlih Broadway, and about 51 he! iu the rear, with two atorei and dwelling* thereon, of 15 tret 5 inchn frout each, uud abcut Jt ftet each in the rear, nud 53 fret deep. 'I ermi of aale.?10 per cent at the a tie, to per cent on the dalivery of thederda; llirbalaiue may remnu secured uu the preinuea for five yeari, aubjict to the p ymcut r f iawful interrit aemi annually. 'J he premises are rented until I at Mry next?the purchaser will ne entitled to the rent from the 1st Keb. t.ext. Lithograph rnapa may be had at tleoiriceof the Auctioneer. No. II Bmailsirret. previous to aale. NE niiLLl.AH will buy ROBERT MERRY'S MT*SEIj'M. neatly houud iu cloth, con' a nil g 100 Engraving*, everal of tiiem hewntifnilv colored IJivaipaol uiuaic and 3eo pages of reading matter, from the p. u >.f the real I'eter Parley. EKALiBUKV, SOLUKN Ik CO. jit 3t* 187 Nassau street, N,Y. SLXTY MILKS SHORTER Tit A N AMY OTHER ROUTE Mjk THE MOST EXPEDITIOUS FOI'TE far-r"**r^3*TO ALBANY, ru BRIDGEPORT?Fare through $, SO. The steamroat CRO PON or the NIM ROD, leaves ' atha rine Market slip, East River aide, for Bridgeport,every morning every! Sunday. at 7 o'clock. From Bridgejwrt, pas*< ngrrs will lie forwarded by the Housatonic Railroad to North ( aI wan. thence to West Btoekbridge (20 mile) by stage, awl thence to Albany (3E milts) by Railroad. The cars are well furnished and warmed. IfiJ- For passage or freight apply on board of the boat, or at the York House. No. 5 ('ourtlandt Strict. jVm REMIT TA.Nt EH 1 U AND I'AHSAtiE f HUM UKCAi BRITAIN AND IRELAND, BY THE m m. m>m OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PJlCKhTPersons wishing to send to the old country for their friends, eau make the necessary arrangements rith the subscriber*! and have them come out in thissu|?rior line of packets, saitmtr from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every mouth. They will ?J?o have a first rate class of American transient ships saiiiug svery sitth day, thereby affording a weekly communication from that port. One of the firm. Mr. Jam a D. Bocbi is there and will remain duriug the year 1842, (usee that all ihe pi rtoua ashoee passages have been paid bete are forwarded w nh rare and despatch. Should the parties agreed for not come out the m> rey will bs ret'iraed to those who |>aid it here withoutany deduction. The ships comprising this line are: The OXFORD. The NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE. " OOLUMflUB, " EUROPE. " BOOTH AMEKif'A, " ENGLAND " NORTH AMERICA Drafts at elgkt, for any amount, on the Royal Bank of Ira S land, and on Prejcolt, Grole, Awes It Co., Bankers. London, which will be paid ou demand, free of discount, in all the pnnH S of'"" ' ?" j20 m FultoiieL.nevt door to the Fulton Bank. n.y. fAe*. passage for new oui.eana?iac?ei up the 20th January.?The splendid packet ship louis ^UsHcLVILLE, Cipl. Hunt. sails positively on the 2#th Ja nuary, her regular day. Having splendid acconuno'ations for cabin, secoud cabin, auditeervge passengers, which will he taken at moderate rates. Apply on board, foot of Wall etreet, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT. 49 South street, or 43 IVrk Slip. The packet ship ARKANSAS will succeed the Louis ville. aud sail on 23tli January it9 'job NEW LINE OF LlVEnPOt.iL r.-l "iici JnBWK'pulnr packet of the23th Jan.?The splendid packet JK^Ifaphip SHERIDAN, Captain Depey eater. will sail as above, her regular day. The ehi|? ol this line are all 1000 lone burthen and over, and their accommodations for cabin,areond cabin, aud steerage passengers, it is well known are su|?rior to any other line of* Kckets. Persona about to rinbark and desirous of securing rtbs, in this favorite ebip. should make early appticatiou ou board, foot of Wall atreel, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, 49 South atr-et, corner Gouverncur l?ne. or 43 Pock alrp. Persons deairoua of Heading f ir their frit n la ran have them brought out by this favorite ship, or any sllier line, sailing Ircun Liverpool weekly and on favorable terms. Draft* for any amount,payable on the National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and their Branches; ou Messrs. James Bult, Hon kfo. Bankers, London: Exchange ami Discount Bank. Liverpool; which are payable in all the principal towns of the Uuited Kin. do n; ran be had by apply ing at Tapscott's General Pas sage Office, 49 Bouth etreet. * jgo pashaoe to and from greenock 1 AN.11 ISI.ASIiOW ?The f. e .. list shin Hill k IHORP, Capt. Carson, whichsiils Irom mw York on i -r i5th January, and will leave Gremock and Glasgow I early in the spru g .... Persons wishing to embark, anu Ihone about to senu for their friend* In com* out direct f om Scotland, should r ot fail to ernhraee Ibis favorable opportunity, as the accommodations bv I flue slop for cabin, second cabin and glrrragr passeugcrs, aie very superior. For terms of passage atply to W.ltJ. T. TAPnCOTT, 49 South street, jjo er 43 Peck slip. OLD LlSftl UP LIVERPOOL PACKK1SaSATfV Itepular Pack't ol the 1st February.? 1 he splendid, TfllaBiri'" ' sailing packet ship SOUTH AM ERICA, Capt. Barsiow, will sail positively on Tuesday,the 1st of February, ber rigular day, having accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers, uiisiirp-?sed by any vessel in port.? Fdr terms ol passageapply on board, font of Bcekmau street, t0 ROCHE, BROTHERS ft CO. IsFulton St. nextdoor to the Fulton Bank. Persons desirous of semliug to the old country, for their friends, can have them brought out in the ttoutb Ameriea, aailitig from Liverpool on the 19th of March, . or in any of the ships comprising the old line, lading from there punctnally on the7th and 19th of every tnonUi. For pasaage apply ae aboye; j9t A^NKW YO'ltK LINE-To re'ce,ve freight till II ^SwKbA M , and sail at 12 o'clock this day.?The splendid fast sailing Packet Ship LOUISVILLE. will positively sail as above, k or freight or possage, having splendid furnished accommodations, apply on board, ,at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS St CO 98 South street. ** Paseengers by this ship will please lie on board at Orb <i:s wharf. Icioot of Wall street, Inis day, at 12 o'clock, at ninth lime the steamcoat IL rentes w ill take tlve ship to sea. hliipiera will confer a favor by sending in their bills lading taelj this morning. Agent in New Orleans. James C. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to his mldp ?s. The packet ship HUNTSVILLE. Capt. O. R, Mumford, will succeed the Louisville, and sail the 1st February, her rtgn ar day. _ jt* F'lR LIVERPOOL.-Packet n? the *>th January. atMMPVThe superior first class fast sailing packet ship GEN. jskGaCiPAKHHlLL. Captain Unit will hedespntchrd for Liverpool as abore This splendid ship lias unsurpassed accommodations tor cat in, second cabin, aud ste-rags passengers, won will tie taken at a moderate rate. Apply on board ship, at pier 18 East River, or JOHN HI-.RDMAN.4I Saulh street, N B ? \rraiigrments ran, v. nsu tl, lie mad* with the subscriber for passage from Liverpool, of those who may !?' nt for by their fii'Dila here Drafts can also lie furnished for any amount, payable throughout iireat nrilaiu ami ireniMi. < n n\r \ ply i tig it* a Gov* jt$ ?jt* KOli UV KitPfiOL ' ' ' Mtb imMant ?T) - uplend J Unt *ailii>k ihip HHKKIJpMUftfii 1J A N. D?*|My?ter, Matter, wifl tail .?* above, h?rra g'lUrday, . . Thii imp* accommodation* for cahin, IMOfin cabin, and Htrrrage paMetigrr*, xr? not *urp?**'d hy any ???c! in port, and b?rth* can be rtifftgrd ?>n moderate term*, by a; pi) ing on board, at Orlean. liar ^fc^M&RRA* loo t'me at, cor. Mouth at, I'. 8.?Prraona niahir* In rend for their trie >da rending iu the old coual'y chji have 'hem brought out in the above lavo ri I.,1.11 urn uy '< the r'K'ilir (Mck?U, ratling |.r or jillv on their u?y. by applying ar abovrdirected, if by Utter poat paid. jl? #jgi TO LKT?The deairahle three atory Houae, * oruer Oreennich and Ah any atreeta. Pnartaaion can be Jplgk had immediate ly. It la very daairable for a grutkmiD of hiianieaa, and a very convenient t ou.e poly to i>. MONKOK.stCedarat. or, Maodtt* II | i DI.OW. II R?vw| ,, utjmmmt OENr#' Waterproof Cork and tiiir Drtu ?f th' lat'at I'aalitoa : w urrproof oirr ahne*. dancing gaiter* an 1 pump*, I0H1 ana*.*', ?nd children'* gaiter no ,ta, bmkin* anil tie* kid anil ?-tia *lipp?ra, water prorf orrr alio** ami all warrant id good ;, r? fl SO lo fl 15, $0 and <2 SO; miaa*. ami chi dren* gaiter b,mt* and huikina. faahtunable gon-l and eh ap; men'*, boy'*. ,ud children'* boiitf, aliona. Ill-, in the city, 4!9 Broad*.,) coruer of Canal at, at Walker'* celebrated, c.-patnre; where tke nimble *itp*nce |,uni for th* ?l w .hilling. j?o tin' ATCHKB AND JKWKLHV, TBWF I.OW-Th-,.,h crib-r la aclliuv all <i*?. riiition* nf gold and aii*er leter, author, *?rap.mfnt. lepiue. and rerge wat' he?, diamondring., pina, gold |ie|icil?, i liaina, key , Sto . a' ret ail. owrr than at any other place inihecltt. Oold walthea aa low a- $30 to t? each. Watch** and jrwi Iry eirhanged or bought All watch'* warrant il to k'ep good time or the money returned. (i. C. Ai ikr iirporlerof watchea and jewelry, whole*ale and retail. 30 W>H?tr?'t 'ip ?l*ir* jit I MAI K KM* I.?Kor .tale, in I ml,, -on i u i hum luting tin* da;, r,i 0 '"hi* and a few halt bb *, ei ' 8h*mrock* from Halilaa, at Middle Pier, Coenti* Slip. Attendance on the ',Ctk 8TOK nS Si ANTHONY, jig 31' tt Bead afreet. T" WINKS.?too bale* Bndpnrt mauu ;d r,, eorrp rnnseve1 ry rariet; from Si U> ? M lb. e**?'d a , I lor aala by " *MWAftP ' "l.l 'V' - f>. ' mhat T ONDON BADDLBS?A ft* ?l iw b> ?t Li nn , , t|j Saddle*, c-mple'e with appointment*, n I havi jt *,, iig bolt*, and, forae e, either ainglv or . wli ,|*. JUnN Ml1 RDM \ V H' I) *?. Aid II ST BKK I 'I'M KA I'Hh, I'Mij. \n 1,P ha.? i > H-nt, Arehatrft Th??i?w. Awl) l> H M L ifnurcad*. ? \n "(id rroiriilnft. fNMtlplm, bolwaan right inl laaaa \ M i't at < I'D T.? I'ht iin*?(ii til !_?? ? ui i n 4.1 i >.? nlin,1 I w i<cu|i??4?? * OntCTV tut l.iimir Mo.', |ur which id!** barn long mtahlithed i h-aituntion ia mnTt itit to Iht vVillianithcirg tn'l IV k Klip ftrrj, which will actum" carljr in th? Bering. ml afTmt* \ 'cr iSV oppsrunit jr for a p- r?on about t>?mb*rti in thcahovohu.tncn. rnnmiM can ha hail on tha l?l "f Kabrury Ap ly on lha irffkiM, m L'ltR i \ I.E.? * ei.ui ihur mil > o r.. in no.., oi 1 l.natiuR'a atni?iflfd ttork. limn .tha old. t aoh: fan m ih -'ar olW t'roahr at "at.naa- fuma, -ISU

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