Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1842 Page 3
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Mr. Amass ?Why 4m I punished, then? Mr. UiMHtu Because the gentleman pormiue-' klnmlfM Ma* a vehicle In bringing tha proposition before thu House. The paper, after having stated Ike general proposition, gooa on as follow# :? Resetted, ihsrMcrr, That ih* Hon. John Q iinejr Adaiai amber fr?a Massachusetts, in pre < en tin# lor th? eesisidi" ration < f the House of Repraaeniaiivaa of 'he United SIhI?? a petition pre) in# for the dissolution of the Uuion, hue offered the deepest indignity to tile House, ofwhieh he i# a meiiibe . a insult to tue p-<>pU of Ike Un.tsd "tales, of which ih*t House is the I g<*Unvr orgau ; and will, i'" this oatraec h c emit ted to pass uaiebukedaixl unpunisnrd. have disgraced hie country, tnrongn their rcpreeentelire*, in the eyes oi Uir whole world. There was ruMtur high trennoo, nor subornation of perjury charged ou the geutleraan. Mr. Aoaiss.?It is involved, Sir. Mr. MaastishL ?Uo?l koowi what the honorable m. ui her mav invnlva himafir in bofore this matter IS done with, [laughter) hut it is not charged in the paper. But suppose it wag go, they did not propose to inflict the pun iSbinent provided by law for the crime, but merely, un <ier their rules, to expel him. Sappofe a murder waicom mitted by a member ol that Houae in the rotunda, could * they not expel him because he was liable to be tried for his life before a jury ? It guok was the case, the best way for a member to provide against expulsion was to commit a felony. But a word as to the petition. Where did the gentleman learn his law, when he supposes that the organic law can b<> changed by a mere act of Congress, or that the uoian of the Slates ceuld be dissolved upon a petition! Mr. FiLLMoax having obtained tha floor, said be would appeal to the sober part of the House [cries af order and laughter] to put an end to this matter, and go on with the business of the nation. He therefore moved to lay it ou the table. Mr. Horxixs called for the ayes and noes, whioh were ordered, and were yeas 00, nays 100. Mr. Pbovfit moved for an adjournment, which was carried, and the House adjourned. Baltimore. 'Correspondence of the Herald.] Baltimore, Jan. 27,1&12. Hun on the Chesapeake Bunk?The Storm Clcud Bursted? The late hintetl Duet explained for the ex* phnt benefit of the Parties, and your Baltimore Reader i?Another Row among the Firemen?'1 he B<dt, 4r. Ma- Editor? Yesterday, a heavy run wa* made on the Chesapeake Bank, over which John S. Gittings, Esq., presides. Its notes were refused in the morning by the other city banks. This at once gave the alarm, and I am told, at a few minutes before three P. M., some holders of notes were refused a redemp. tien of them in other bankable funds. There has beeu a little chisseling in the matter. Early in the the other institutions shoved ofT the obligations of the Chesapeake, and on getting rid of them, put up at their couuters the watchword?repudiation. As you are aware, the State is indebted to this bank .?i67,l)00 lis President being the Commissioner of 'itatc L >aiis, and fostered by his locofoco itaie administra'ion, negotiated too deeply. Thus with impunity has he been forsaken in the hour of tribulation. What to-day will bring forth, I am unable to divine, though the prospect in dark and gloomy. P. S?Five minutes before nine.?A crowd is now waiting before the Chesapeake Bank. Whether it will open or not, I cannet say. The Duel?aye the rumored duel, of which I made mention a few days since, has come to light in all its blazing, ferocious majesty. The "Duke" has indeed beeu in trouble. Rumor has it, that he who is familiarly known as the " Great Duke" of our eity?the ju^t admirer of Edwin Forrest, had like to "have had an occasion the other day far " pistols and coffee for two," on account of his expressing an opinion touching the Tide Water Canal Note*, of which he holds the neat little aoiouut of #30,000, shaved at a glorious rate. They are a perfect blank in the market, about equal to "Owl Creek." It having been known that the "Duke's" free use of his accustomed phrase "Spanish cloak to cover iniquity," gave offence to one of the Canal Directors, who, it is supposed, was ready to " show fight." Just at this time, the illustrious " Duke, alias a noble Falstaft' in size, corporation and wit, made a sudden exit to Washington. The alarming err was rociferated " he is off to Bladensburgh. l ime, howerer, rerealed aew mysteries, fortunately, no chivalric spirit, with wounded honor, followed in the chase. It turned out tha' the great 'Duke" had only gone to eat terrapins and fat oysters (vegetables of which he is peculiarly fond) and to regale his fastidious, epicurian taste, with hot coffee and whiskey punches, in the company of certain bloods within the ten miles limits. Is it not strange how fancy and rumor will work up to a boiling heat, that which, when fully analyzed proves to be " cool as a cucumber." The names of the parties are J. W. and II.B , the former a distinguished financier, the latter a distinguished merchant. The firemen had another disreputable row last night in the streets. The Independent Dr**?no?' Kail off at the Washington Hall, on Wednesday evening, in splendid style. The bright eyes that twinkled there, were like so many stars in the firmament of heaven, and the fairy forms as the nymphs that keep vigil at the shrine of beauty. The Stock Market is without change, though very dull Exchange on New York 3 7-8 to 1 premium; Philadelphia 2 14 to 2 1-2 discount ; Virginia 4 to4 1 8 do, and getting < worse. la the ?roduce market 1 notice no change. The Resumpon Bill has gone to tli - Senate, though not acted apon. It will doubtless bu amended, probably exM..L.S J..II WUHIU^ IUC UHJC. ft lie A I ?'UUVC 1*1*1 %. CV IS BUII ? The weattier Jelightful. Yours, Twist. Plill* lelpltlR. [Oorres|it>ii<lrucc of the HeraiJI Philadelphia, Jan. 27, 184*2. JV Haul f\tihut ? 'J'he KrciUmerit?The Polite? General Distrust. Early this the crowd again gathered around 'he Girard Hank, and at one time wan of so obstreperous a character that the Mayor, becoming alarmed, sent one of his officers for William 1>. Kelly, Esq , a popular declaimer in the democratic ranks, under the belief that a word from one occupying the position among those who were supposed to coMtilu e the majority of malcontents, that he is known to, would allay any outbreak of feeling and riolenee. Notwithstanding those who now are the first to call upon Mr. K to preserve the laws that tkey themselves have been violating for years, are the eery* men who have, time and again, stigmatised him with the epithets of radical, leveller, bam -burner, aud all that; h * was prompt in answerlag the request of tiie Mayor to appear before the orowd, then numbering live or six hundred persons, Not perceiving, however, uny manifestation of violence, he did not attempt a speechYesterday the committeesfiom the several banks met nt the Girard, with tne view of devising means, il possible, to retrieve the Girard, and to lay the excitement and dwirean growing against all the other Kunks. Alter remaining in Fession until ftftar midnight, th- y adjourned without coming to ftay conclusion. Tue Cashier of the (rirsril m?n handed to the presn at that hour toe tallowing card : Oirahd Bark, Jan '27, 1812. The Diroclora ot the (iuard Bank haviai; tailed in Ikoir effort! to make a aaliilactory ui ratigemmt lor the Immediate redemption of ita itsai s, find th> maelvea tinder Ike painful nucekai:; of cloning the Bluk for the pre nil. The total liahilitieiofthe B ink at thia time, exduaive ff ita capital atock, ?uaonut( to $1 -133 692 9i #on>i?ting follows :? Of circulation known to he in the hau la of other hank?. 500 OOO 00 In the han !aol the pit* tic, 773,394 00 Ofdupoaitra, 161,195 OB Of hulanc a due to hank* and bankera. *09,10-2 ?9 $t 43J69-2 9S The tot j1 asaeta ol the bank, at coat, exclusive at ita tat atock held bp it, amo'tut to $1 700,000. Under the cireumit mcea, the BoirJ of Diroctora deem Itthi ir duty to a??ure the public of their confident belief in the ability <d the 11 ink to diachatge all italiabilittea in a reaaoaabta time, to promiae their beat effort? to bring about thia rea'il'.and to caution the holdraa of ita at"! at [iuu?t parting with them at a aacriGre. By order af the Board of Dir. .- ra. WAl D LE VV18, Caihter. In pursuance with this card the Bank did not pen tltia ntornin:;. A crowd to the number of ?eTcral Liuuij'-iln ii.ive i,,-n ' 1 uuni: rnnnu fee d??irs ot lite ii. tittuion The police, however, ii present in strong force, and by arresting one or twin rowdy ladividit ils, hnve maintained order. Such a at<uc ot excitement?such a general distiuet of every thine lik" btnkn or bank paper I never h^'oie -aw tn Hits city. Wither of the auspvn oue, Her the la.lure of the Uait ?d States iimk were acompaniyd with any thin" like it. The hfchera have in h ureat measure cIom all biwiaee*; and in no kind ?>l trade is there anything doing; all ere looking listlessly on as it wattingfor another era-It. 1J it little w at done at th * atock board and at a decline. There has been no general runon the other bnnkv though such a catn-lrophe i* feared by the friend- of the Pennsylvania Bank,the Manufacturers' ard .Me ohanio' the ruiuoelihiia, the Peun Township, a tut L Bank a Cani.i- n <>ip <ane t riscity. That you may have an idea < I the discredit ol <?ut currency, 1 inlorm yon, exchange on New York iat 19 per cent premium Th* Rtv. Mks Abio \tc Fousom broke ut upon Ik* Maasachose't? Anti-Slavery Society at ihe M If icon this morning, and I aranaued them for tt'te? qv irtcre of an hour- At Urn ilie n.*ariublage h i compelled to adjourn,leavi^g Mm. Kolsotninpi ?tmo i of the foor ? B?v<on iA wmrat. Niagara KalU, *. T. I (Corrtspoadanc* ?f tin H*rtld.J Niauaea Fall*, N. Y. January 19,18-12. .Ififttaiancr <</ Niagara Fullt in mid-wutln ?lt> Magnificntce?Pr*p*r<rlion*lof the Hotel*?A Dull, 4-c. j am as G. llE?.SETr, Efu.? Peak Sih? Take the Falls " for all in all," in tuy estimation, ihey never look 8 > truly brilliant as at this season of (be year. Icicle* from one inch to an hundred feet *n length are hanging ia all shdpes and in all <|uan. ties from the jutting rocks and the shrubbery below the cataract. The spray rises in a much more dense mass to all appearance thaa at a warm season of the year; the pvramidical mass of ice formed by the a jray at the foot of the ferry staircase has now bec ime nearly as high as the bank. Large quantities of floating ice are seen coursing down and nearly filling the river, obstructing in a great measure the passage of the ferry boats. The rays of the sun shooting amongst the icicles and playing upon the frozen leaves and masses of ice in tne immediate vi ciuity of the Falls, presents really a dazzling and magnificent appearance. Great preparations are making by General Whit ney and Sons for the accommodation of their thousands of customers, and for the additional trave that is expected the ensuing season. Thev have made an addition of sixty feet to their already large house, for sleeping rooms and parlors with a new dining roam. But the best of it is an entire new building on the margin of the Niagara river, to be connected by a walk, of say one hundred and ftlty feat long, with the main buildings. This is for sleeping rooms (all of which are now richly furnished) with a swimming room under, arranged most judiciously lor the comfort of those inclined to InUtt in thf rapid* C- B. Griflin & Co. are still at the Eagle, administering all possible comforts to their guests It is the only house open, and one quarter of this would answer every purpose, for such a " beggarly account of empty ooxen" as is always here at this season?except 'tis very fine sleighing?then they are mostly full with gay parties from buffalo and other planes in the vicinity. Last evening we had really a gay ball, got up by the citizens, Lewiston contributing, however, rery generously some of the finest specimens of beauty and grace thut 1 have had the pleasure of seeing, certainly, since I left New York, and it is seldom one ineeta such, even in Gotham. 1 do not feel at liberty,or 1 would give the initials of Miss , who has really the handsomest neck (not to say bust) and shoulders I ever saw. and the softest and most magic hand lever was allowed to touch in a quadrille; and then there was Miss and Miss , I dare nor. Especially would I notice several ladies of'his village, but, as I said, I dare not. There has been a Utile excitement on the " frontier" for the last ten days, but without cause. The ferry boats,have been detained till yesterday, iy order of the Canadian Government, tor the last week or more. They are now plying as usual. Yours, H. Appointments Under the General Bankrupt Act. ?The following named persons have been designated by the Hon. A Conklino, Judge of the District Court of the United States for the Northern District, as CommissieRers and Assignees in cases of bankruptcy, who will be appointed to act as such, in all cases arising in their respective counties, uuless special cause to the contrary be shown :? Cnuntitl. Commissioners. Albany, Robert J. Hilton, Amos Dean Allegany, Luther C Peck, Laureni Hull Broome, Wm. Seymour, Frank'n Whitney Clinton, J. D. Woodward, AmasaC Moore Chenango, ('has. A. Thorp, Jonathan Wells Cortland, M. B. Buttertield, Henry Stephens Cayuga, BeDj. F. Hall, A hi j ah Fitch Chemung, Hiram Gray, Mordecai Ogden Cattaraugus, Chaunoey J. Fox, Alonzo Hawley Chautauque, Fran's If. &uggles,Wm R Morse Delaware, Lcvinus Munsoa, Robert Parker Kssex, Henry H. Ross, Richard Reese *"? IKS^lftS^Wctaer Franklin', Asa Haskell, John S KldriJgo Fulton, Jno Frothingham, Donald Mclntyro Gene-ee, George W. Lay, Wm Mallery Herkimer, Ang's Bnardsley, PlOverackar J>:ffVrson, Joseph Mullin, Abner Baker, jr Lewis, David N. Bennett Charles Dayan Livingston, Ogden M. Willev, Calvin H Bryan < Wm W Mumfurd . n?? . Monroe, ^ QfQ ? Llias Pond Montgomery, TeterG Webster, Howland Fish Madison, Duane Brown, Joseph Bruce Niagara, Isaac C Colton-? Washington Hunt Ontario, o j orosveiior, joe uaningnouso Oneida, Kdmd A Wetraore,Henry White Oswego, Sam'l B Ludlow, ThomaiBeekmau Otsego, W S Hammond, John Russell Orleans, Sidney Burrell, Lorenzo Burrows Onondaga, Geo Underwood, Amos P Granger Rensselaer, George Gould, Francis N Mann Schoharie, Tliomas Smith, John P Bellinger Schenectady, Alex'r C Gibson, Samuel W Jones Saratoga, Judith Rllaworth, J'n Knickerhacker St. Lawrence, David M Chapin, Baron S Doty Seneca, Dex'r C Bloomer, Garret Sackett Steuben David Rumsey, Henry Brother Tioga, K/.ra S Sweet, John M Parker Tompkins, Benj G Ferris, Augustus Sherrill Washington, Hen B Northrop, David Russell Warren, Ira A Paddock, Wm McDonald Wyoming, James Glloyt, Robert Earl Wayne, John M Holley, Thos Rogers 2nd Vates, Hemy Walls, Geo A Shoppcrd. The Assignees are required to give bonds, with sureties, sati.-f.ictory to the Court, for the faithful execution of their duties, as follows In the counties of Albany, Rensselaer, Monroe and Krie, in the penalty ol ?*.000; and |n (he ?iher counties in the penalty of ?5,000. Home Sucadro*.?It is now the 27th of January, and not one of the Home Squadron yet at sea. temparatser. n* the Navv.?Three hundred sailors attached to the Receiving ship at Boston, have joined the temperance society, Hnd signed the pledge. Oriuixal Lecture in Brooki.v.*.?Yankee Hill delivers his curious lecture on New England, to night, in Brooklyn. He is as curious a chap in philosophy as Brownson is. Court Calendar?'Thla Dny. Court or Cohmow Pleas.?Part 1, at 10 o'clock, Ai M , be'ore Judge Ingrnham?Nos. 137, 136. 13, -JO, 137. 137. 141, 140. 69, 63 , 37, 151. 153,155 167 Part 3, at 4 o'clock, P. M.. before Judge L'lshoefler?Nos. 14, 306 103 104,36, 113, 114, 130, 133. Supreme Court or the UxiTED States.? J ax 24 ?No 16 The United tates, appellant, ts George F. Clerk's heira et al. The caase was arte ti d dt Mr. Attorney General for appellant. No. 19, Hyde &. Gleisu et al. plaintiffs in error, ts. Itnnrram &. Co The sreument of this cause xv& continued by Mr Coxe, for the defendant* in err >r, and concluded by Mr. K?v for the plaintiff* in error No. 20, The Uuiteu State* appellant, r*. John M Hanson ctal This cause was argued by Mr Attorney General for the appellant No 21, Hugh F Keary et al, plaintiff* in error T? Farmer*' and Merchant*' Bank of Memphis. Thia cause was argued by Mr. Henderson, for the plaint ti's in error, and by Mr. Jones, for the defendant in error. Natal.?The following transfers hare not herctoloie been noticed in our paper : ? Lieut. Gabriel G Williamson, from the Pennsylvania, to the sloop of war Levant, as First Lieut Duke takes Lieut. Williamson's place on bmrd th.- Pennsylvania The Independence (ra^oe) is expected here from New YorK about the middle of February ? Sorfolk Utrald, Jan 2ft. A Louisville Bille-?A few nights sgo, one ofthc mostarc >mptisbed belle* of tins city, whil-t sleeping in the same apartment with Mrs. Charles W. Thruston, who i* in feeble heilth, was suddenly reused by a slight noise. Looking around her, she saw a ruTian, evidently a robber, at a window, in the act of raising it. Leaping up, the bade him depart. He hesitated a moment; but seeing that iks turn ladies w. re alone in the ream, he nriu eeeded with a terrific frown in effecting hi* en* trance. Thereupon the young lady instantly aeised a Urgr pistol, that chanced to be in the apart men', cocked it,pre*ented it at him, and declared her determination to blow bit brain* out, if he did not in-tantly fly. He knew from Her countenance, that *hr would be a* good a* her word, and match ing some email article* of drei* from a chair, within arm*' length of the window, he lied with precipitation. We are told that the young heroine would bare fir- d, if she had known that the pietol wa? certainly loaded; but (he feared that it wt?* empty, ami that a snap would betray her defencelesmiess?/,oum-i//r, Ay fxtptr. (?} ' Tanar.t Him.." give* his excellent h-cture on the manners and customs of the New klnglanders, this ?.-*?iiing, at the Brooklyn Lyceum. Anraieais Mt-m x.? It 1* absolutely true th?t Mr Hoit-iooke'i ol the city of Dublin, exhibiting here, i* the most peifeet work of ?rt rrer br tight to Amerce rhe place I* well attended during th< day, aedcrowd?d to overflowing at night, tver) person who has been in Dublin can at mice point out toe home in whlo'i he Ured. Mr. Holbrooke is present day and night 10 explain the model, ami exhibit the auiogrsph r?rom mer.datum* of Daniel O'Connell, the Duke of L' luster , former Lord Mnyor of Dublin, and oth<T distinguish (i m?n. On Saturday slid noon a splendid i'dihas'e performance ?ai begivtn by Miss Taylor.of tb. Park l heitfe | T U Booth,the celebrated enmic singer La p.tNet. n os Master Hrnry,kc. Families and schools w U bear this in omnd. The '?m? persons pet form hers every evening. ' Impost ?mr to tm?: P< ilk fikii?.?llt.? Mr. II V Uirii, trail and popularly known in thU community,am! reputed to Wthr belt judge and moit skilful lenovutur ol paintings in the United etates, bai recently tekin s partner in hii section and oommiiiion buaioaaa, in the person of Mr Jacob B. Aaculariai. The mIm room ol Messrs Ricll k. t o. m at the corner of Broadway and i)u ane aireeta, and ia by far the largest and most splendid establishment of the kind on this side of the Atlantic: besides which they have amplefacilitiea in the shape of capital, to make advances to almost any extent, on every description of goods, and thus enable them to do any bu siness proportionate to the immense capacity and extent of their premises. Families, and boarding houses, and hotel keepers, who intend to give up house keeping, or relinquish business, at the ensuing quarterday.cannnot do better than place the disposal of their goods under tne surveillance and charge of these gentlemen, especully as they will ever Hud the most rigid promptness in the settlement of their Mils. 0&-. Chatham Tiiicatri: ?The performances at this I establishment last evening having attracted and delighted a numerous audience, the mauager has been induced to repeat them this eveuing. The scenery, costumes, Sic. in the gorgeous spectacle of Undine, each night appear more magnificent There never was a more successful drama of the kind over produced on any stage, and wo heartily rejoice that this etloit of the worthy manager has met with the rich reward his liberality and enterprize well deserves. 0J7" Bowkrv Amthithi athk.?If there is a place of amusement in thecity which deserves a liberal support, it is this The equestrian company is the most talented in America ; the stud of horses is unrivalled in the world, and consequently the performances produced here embrace every description of novelties known to the arena. Whatever is attempted here is brought to perfection before it is submitted to the audience. We are glad to see that the public appreciate ths exertions of the popular managers and continue to throng the place nightly. On Saturday afternoon next they give u grand performance for the gratification of families and children. To Tils Fsikxds or Humaxitv-?From the first I introduction of Orandjean's Remedy for the Hair, it has been received with that approbation which can only he accorded to an article that nai been well tried and not found wanting. The confidence reposed in this remedy, after a lapse of time sufficient to test its merits, is a conclusiveevidence of its high appreciation, and ofthe great notoriety it has obtained. This composition has been of great service to those who havefused it. according to the instructions, with rare and perseverance, and all may experience the benefits of its surprising effects. Is now used daily by more than 50.000 people. So great has been its success, that base imitations have been made?but such imitations, by persons who would speculate upon the ignorance or credulity of the public, by having studied but imperfectly, if at all, the nature of the composition, or who have not identified themselves with the true study ofthe skin of the head. But there is an end of all things, and the recaption given to tirandjean's composition is a sure guarantee of its beneficial effects. It is almost impossible to supply the demand that is constantly received for it, notwith standing the baso calumnies circulated against it by its opponents. But what can that avail when Orandjean's composition has wrought its way to public favor solely by its own merits, and cannot fail to become, at no distant day, universal 7 How can we prove the truth of its wonderfu' effects 7 It can only be by the most palpable and inconteetible facts, and by the testimony of individuals whose honorable character and judgment are known. Acoustic Gbandjka.x, no. i Barclay street, new ion. 3(y-Ai;iutjbly Disappointed? Ifth?rr is any onothing in the world we hate more than another, it is physic ; consequently, when some one sent us a Brent bottle full the other day, w ith a request that wc should give |l 8 trial, we tossed up a penny?heads we should give it a trial?tails we should knock the giver into a three-cocked hat. Lucky for him tho penny fell head upwards, when, with n face as long as a liberty pole, we ventured on the ordeal; hut instantly, to our great surprise and comfort, discovered that the physic was a very palateable cordial, and have since proved that it is a capital thing for provoking an appetite, the want of which is the only complaint we chanced to be troubled with. The name ofthis concoction is Sebring's Restorative Cordial, which we find is rncommeuded for nervous affections and dyspepsia, and we have no doubt it is a capital reme dy for both one and'heothor. In future we shall think a while before we follow our general rule of throwing all physic to the dogs. gold at 19-2 Fulton street; '>46' Broadway, and 2101 Bowery.? Timrt. qfj- Siikrmvn's Lozknobs still keep in demand, and the weather is just the kind to generate coughs and colds. All who use the losenges once never try any thing else. They arc so pleasant and cure so quick, that it is almost a pleasure to be sick. 100 Nassau street ia Dr Sherman's onlv office in this city, and agents are at 189 Bowery ; 221 Blcccker street; 227 Hudson street; Bands, 27S Broadway ; 77 East Broadway ; Rushton <p Aspinwall'a three stores, and 58 and 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn; Redding. 9 State street, Boston; and Burgess 29 S. Third street, Phil idelphia. OCf- Box ! Boz. ! Box !?A splendid portrait of this illustrious person is published in the Yankee Nation of this week, accompanied with a lull account of his movements in Boston. The admirers of Barnaby Rudgn and Tickwick should, hy all means, possess themselves of this likeness, as it is a correct and superb one. It is also full of the talcs of the day,fun. facetisr, poetry, and all those good things that go to make up the best possible Newspaper extant. Go early, at 31 Anu street, price 0| cents per copy.? Newsmen and boys supplied at per 100 copies. Nsw\ork,"Jan. 14,18-42. Mr.sms. tsatf and Sons, 15 Division street?My family have, with the exception of one, survived the awful con'agion of the small pox, that has desolated, and still continues its ravages through the country. Subsequent to this loathsome disease, a hoarseness a lightness of breathing followed, and every advertised (pompously) remedy, was ineffectually tried. My oldest daughter, now 19 years of age, got an ulcer on her mouth, and threatened even a cancer. Yonr candy mollified the symptoms, subdued the rancour of acrimonious matter? soothed the senses?produced rest, and finally, except with a few unavoidafle marks, restored her to her former health and comfort. In no other medicine, in such cases, have I confidence. Use my nana as you please, and ever nse it in connection with your Horehound Candy. Y'ours trulv. If BOND, 111 Fourth st. gold at 44 Division st. wholesale and retail. MONKV MARKET. Thnradi y, Jan M-6 P, M. The itoek market lini exhibited its usual fratures to day, prices having gensrally fallen. Illinois (t'a I per ct; Indiana 4's t per cent; Harlem J ; Mohawk 1 percent; Delaware and Hudson rose t per cent; Long Island 1 per cent; N. Y. State A's I per cent. Sules of Illinois bonds were made at auction as follows :? $10,000 Illinois Sixes, 1S45, 171 $10,000 do do ... 14^ $34 000 do do ... 17 These was part of these issued to Stebbins k. Mc> Aliater. The low price of the Heading Railroad stock arises in a great measure irom the indebtedness of the Company The coat of the road was near $0 000,000, nearly half Of which the Company owes. The capacity of the road to transport coal to the extent of one million tons per annum U undoubted. The small quantity hitherto brought js owing to the fact that roada lea ling to the mines, with which the Reading road is to connect, do not run this winter ; hence there is no coal to bring. A sale of teas took place to day, the details of which will be found under tha head of " State of Trade''?also some sales of real estate. , The feeling in the money market exhibits very little improvement. Tha banks are dispose 1 to do but little. At the Biuk of New York, and others, at which this was discoant day, after unusually long sessions of the boards, but very little paper was done. A rest deal of distrust prevails in relation to the late forgeries?the aggregata of which may be $40,000. It it mostly ot jobbera'.aud auctioneers' paper, a description of which the banks hare of late been very cautious, andthe losses fall mostly on those brokers and capitalists,who have taken the paper ?t usurious rates. The feeding in relation to ' repudiation" in Michigan is strongly indicated in the vote in the Mate Senate, rejecting resolutions in favor of acknowledging the State debt. The resolutions offered by Mr. Fuller, were as follows Resolved, That it is the solemn determination of the people of thia State, asking nothing which is not clearly right,and submitting to nothing that ia wrong, to pay all her just debts, and to preserve inviolate the faith ol the State, whenever and l? whatterr rxl-nt it may kmn f>ttn m imteiisfy j>Udcd. R.-solved, That the doctrine that might makes right, and that therefore a state or nation may, by virtue of its sovereignty, repudiate an lioneat debt, la unworthy of the ag>- and of a free people, and wherever elae it may have Inn lid a response, belongs not to me motai or political code of the people of Michigan. These resolutions were nsg tivcd by a rote of nine to five, the political parties being equally divided on the subject. The bondholder! can therefore not he very anguine of payment. The suspension act ot la*t year being repealed, the Bank of Michigan hai made an assignment of all ita effects. C C. Trowbiltge, It. bar I Stuart, and John Owen are nominated aa truateea. We yeaterday stated that tbefi ink of To wanda, Pa , a littlericketty concern, that haa failed once a week during the paat year, waa again in operation. It appear*, however, that it haa already utterly eaploded. It i? very gratifying, to bo at la?t aide tor-cord thn fact, that the Maryland House of Delegate* haa passed a bill by a \ote of 45 to IA, requiring the bank* to reaume pacie paymenta, forthwith. The filth aection, which was stricken out before thn Bill paaaed, ia that which propoaed to give debtors oil. token bank* the privilege of paying their, debt* in four year*. Some hint* arv thrown oat that the bill w ill be killed in the Senate ? We apprehend, however, that in the present state of public opinion, tU -t body will not dart to give a lonri r leaae to dishonesty. Our letters fiom Plnl*delpbls| to-day, advise -u of the final eaploaian of the Oirard B ink " The condition of the bank ia repreaenled a* follow ? Liabilities circulation. |StH),liOti Deposit**. M) 100 Bank balance*, 500 *00 f l..V4,00d 1 Mil receivable. pmun State atock*. ?? l,40? 000 Deficit, fioO.OOU The only marvel in the matter if, that that concert thoiild go lung have been able to deceive the peopl We have long and pereeveringljr endeavored to route the itockholder* to the danger of their aituation. la out article of September 9th, we expreiaed ouraelvea a> follow* Benidea the capital of the United State* Bank. $30,000,000 of bank capital in Philadelphia, hat deprecia ted greatly, and the itockholdera aenni to he repoaing in aecurity. The Girard Bank, the Schuylkill, the Wee tent, the Mechanic*, and the Lehigh Coal Company, with it* enormou* debt, amounting to near $0,000,000 are among the wor*t of theie. Do the at ckbolder* au l creditor* aaean to tubmit to a total loi* without taking any ?tep< to retrieve their affair* 1 It ia time they were op ana doing. Again, on the 'J6lh of September, the current of eTenta draw from uathe following obaervation :? In no caae,however, can the resuscitation of the die credited institutions be honed for, and the more speedily they put it in liquidation the better, both for the commu nity und the stockholder*. This is particularly trueol the banks in Philadelphia?the Schuylkill, the Oirard. and those other institutions that are involed in the bankruptcy of the United States Bank. On the 3d of November, when urging upon stockholders the necessity of an examination Into the state of affairs, we remarked :? If noexposaof the affairs of the United States Bank had been made, that institution weul I still be a source of fraud and disaster to the public. If the Schuylkill, Oirard, and the other institution* were submitted to a like ordeal, can any one suppose they will present a better state of atfairs than did the United States Bank ? That the concern was irretrievably rotten, was evident, from notorious speculations of its officers in United States Bank bills and asset* ; and when the election took place, resulting in the choice of the Biddle ticket, ample warning was given that a crisis was approaching The following are the director*, with a description of them :? lfMl?Uirasd Bars?Board or Directors. I Charles 8 Boker 7 William H. Hart '1 Johnston M'Lanahau H Charles Humphreys 3 Hemy Welsh 'J Stephen Baldwin 4 John K. Vogdes 10 Ueurge A (Jraham b DavidS. Brown II Hemy J. Boiler 6 Benjamin S.BQrling 13 Chailes Rugan 13 E.D. Wolfe. No. 1 is in some respects a suitable man for President, though if he would not invite Nicholas Biddle to his dinner parties, he would be more popular. He was formerly in the shoe and straw trade, and is said to have left it with a clever sum. No. 3 is the former partner and successor to the dry goods part of John A. Brown's business?a prudent man, but has little to say No. 3 is of the brnr. of Welsh, Longeneckar h Co , very respectable jobbejs?a good director, and is said to want no dis cnmii igr niB nuuoc. nw. buu nw. i? a*v w? second rate standing. Why they are kept in the direction it would puzzle any business man to say. No. & it principal of the house of David S. Brown St Co., our largest dealers in eastern dry goods, on commission.? Mr. B. is an active business man, and not a bad director, if you leave out the fact that he could, in his own business, use up all the means of the bank. No. 6 is in the West India trade, selling $300,000 produce oi the islands annually,on commission, and making money. No 7 it a retired grocer, rich by business and ty marriage?a gentlemanly man, bat presumed will take no active part iu thosilirection. No. 8 is a second rate produce| aion merchant?a stirring man, but better men are plenty. No. 9 is Captain Baldwin, formerly matter of the Alexandria, in the Liverpool traJc?he is rather a popuj lar man, but is doing more business than his own means warrant. No. 11 is a small German importer. No. 1J is a small, trader to Laguira, presumed to be a particular friend of No. 0. No. 13 is of the firm of Wolfe Ic Boxwell, jobbers, in very fair credit. Nos. It and 13 are the only new names in the ticket. On the occasion of this election we remarked as follows This ticket is the selection of|the Schott and Biddle clique, and without doubt W.D. Lewis, the remarkable financier,will be retained as cashier. His talents are so extraordinary that he lives at the rate of $7000 |>er annum o -a salary of $3600 This is brought about by the help of those speculstions lor which he is famous, such as the corner in U. 8. Bank notes, which we described recently. The following is a sample of the cur reney issued by this institution; in order to "relieve the people ? oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorooooooooooeoooooo S PHii.SDKi.rHi4, Frosusav 25,1931. ? 9 No. 208, A. i o THE GIRARD BANK ? Will receive as ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS this? S Certificate, when tendered in pay mcnt of debts due to ? THIS INSTITUTION. I ? W. D. Lewis, Cashier. t-. 3. Boh .a. President. g ooooooouooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo It is mo?t strang?>, that an institution notorious))' insolvent, should be permitted to go on impoting.upon thr public in such an extraordinary manner. Since theu the issues of the Uirard Bnuk ha\e been forced upon the public each day in an increasing ratio, until at least nine-tenths of the circulating medium con silted of those skinplasters, and yet the public endured uutil even the other insolvent banks, in self defence, were obliged to discredit them. This concern was allowed to go on, although the very prototype of the United States Bank, even when the officers of the lattei concern were under arraignment for fraud. Mrrast as ii the misery caused by the United States Bank failure, it may be doubted whether the local distress caused by the Hirard is not equally as great. The United States Bank capital was much heavier, but it was mostly owned abroad,whereas the Oirard atork was all owned at home The following table w ill show the auirerrrs by each institution STOcsMOLneas is Unixr.n Statu Bavk ?su riir Uirasii Burs 17. S. flank Oiraril Hunk. Skarrt. f'aluf Sknrrt. Inlur Stotk shares, >50,000 5,500,000 50 u< o 5.000 01M No. of *lorkhol'lera, 4 533 ? 0 308 ? " ia U. States. 3 133 ? MM ? ' abroad, 1.300 ? _ c " nobility, *2 ? ? none Held by lemurs, 3S.8S7 3 SOS TOO 9.3*1 ?3B lot ' guardians, 4 35s 436 Soo 3 SS3 3S4 30( " trustees. 31.348 1.431 300 1633 4?3 5 it - keorvoit instil. 1.703 170.500 335 33 M $6 .807,500 $ 1,700,701 it thus appears that out of a capital af fs.GOO,000, near 93 000,000 is lost r.y nejpiess widows and otpnans ; an,] the fact la remarkable, that notwithstanding the great decline in the value of tlia Mock, the corruption, ruin, and devastation that hc? stalked abroad during the laat two years, in all that time no return of the situation < I the Pennsylvania banks has been made public. The last eturn published was in October, 1839, and the situation of a majority of the banks is a perfect mystery, How long is this state of things to be submitted to ' Are tht people never going to restore to make the banks pay tbeii ebtsl The probability now is, thut immediate resump tionwillbc compdledin Maryland ; what excuse will then remain for the insolvent banks of Philadelphia t? be allowed to opj>ose the sound institutions in their ef forts to resume7 gales attlie Stork Kuhange. 940OH S York S's I8<1 " do do m; *3500 Ohio?'s, I'M 71 ?0 d<> do ?7 **00 do 71 10 do do ?:*0 95 ViOO) Illinois Boodj 94 35 do ilo all) A6 iI lies do 931 8 do do M99000 do 8ds 94 95 "o do S3 Mi 99000 do sow 33j II d i Ohio Life It Trust 50, MOOO Indiana 81*'-Bonds 95 S do Vtcreh 9'.? Ct tt S inoo Indiana Del. Bonds tt It dn Mnhiwk RR 3| sx'ixi do tt) 30 do Harlem Hit t>3 "I ill,00 do 9a, 50 do do g] UOC) do *10 3)4 9 9 do do 8| atoeo do 9ti to do do Ai til 1X0 do slO 3*1 ISO Ho L. Inland ItK 53 90shs Hulloo Bank too 300 do do b30 53! t d Mtate Bank 73 AO do do A3 7 do Hk of Com. (full) A3 ISO do do bSO 53j AO do do S3 AO do do blO 531 105 do l>el. k Hod. M ITido do 13, 50 do do ?IS ?5t 10 do SHooicgtoa RR 16 93 do d) *10 ? Serond Board 4 90000 alliens 93 AO Mis Harlem 8, 99000 do 3') 150 do Ljnf lalsiel i: pi Odd India 1 a 7>; State of Trade. A ?ale of Teaa took place today, which waa rumor oualy attended. A large portion of the Yotiog Hyaoi vraa *itlidrawn. The remainder aold aa follower? Yotroo Hraoe ot cheat* M a 64 160 hf ehta Mia ? 47 do Alia Ai loo do extra fine Slit ? At do Mtja Alt 40 do ?'2ia ?8 hf chta, fine AO*a Ou 79 do S3 a ? 67 do A6t? AO* AO do OA a ? MO do 01 a ? M do M a OP 60 do 09 a 09 100 do 03 a ? M do 71 a 71 100 do Dili* ? IM do Ol]a 00 100 do 0S{a ? 10 do 04 a ? 44 do AO a ? 960 do 47 a ? M do <? a ? 100 do 60(a M 10 do 77 a ? 100 do 47 a ? 04 do ??ta ? I M? do AO a ? 40 do .10 a ? 909 do 40ia 4?4 99 do 5?ia ? ?? do 30|a ? 90 do >? ? I AO do 40 a 4lt 116 do 00 a ? 70 do 49 a - 60 do t^a ? 10 do TOJa ? 140 do Ufa ? It do 71 a ? 940 do 444a ? PI da A0t> 41 leraauu I AO cheota 044* ? Seeewawo. id ohta At ? ? -71th I)xa A" a ? Pare hop*. 174 hf chta *3 Ca?iv. MO mat* >9 centa. Soma Real Rotate aalea took p1ao? With the re'OlUv!M Canal atreet-No ftound ront. The ho?i?.- l?hr el J f * l rur, being IK i*6t by M neep. Lut W leet. il years unexpired Uw. Tiinity Church leaae. $4 6-W. 7th tvum*?3loia of ground on the easterly side oi ?*h iTcniip, between 90th *nd 97th street, )64Mck. 96th street ?4 on the northerlv fide of 98th street, between 9th ud 7th avenue. $46 ouch. 7ih avruue?3 lots easterly ?lil? 7th avenue, between 99th and I not 11 s'rects, $6A each. 99th street?4 lots northerly side of 90th street, bet ween 9th and 7th avenues, $44 each. 100th street?4 lots southerly side of lOOth street, between 6th and 7th ai ennes, $4.'> each. 100th street?4 lots on noitherly side of 100th street, between 6th and 7th avenues, $4i each. 91st street?I lot on northerly side of Mat street, be tween 4th and Otli av*nuts.$4l each. 9th avenne?I lot on westerly side of 9th avenue, between 87th and 88th streets, foji 93d street?6 lots en ?nutli side of 03d street, between 4th and 9th avenues, $67;. 6th avenue?4 lots westerly vide 9th avenue, between 90th and 91st streets, $70. 90th street- 6 lots southerly side 90th street, between 3th and 6th avenues, $39. 6th avenue? 4 lots easterly side 0th aveuue,between 93d rnd 94th streets $66 5th avenue?a .lots westerly side 5th avenue, between 99th and 96th street, $64. 96th street?2 lots south side M'.h street, between Mh | and 6th avenues, $41. 6th avenue?3 lota easterly aide ttth avenue, between (Kith and 00th at re eta, $30. Houaeand lot 76 Mercer etreet. KWM. House and lot 147 Henry street, 71 years lease from 1836, $6,000. House and lot corner Monroe and Jefferson, stable oti the rear, -11 years lease fiotn IS36, $4,416. Corn Trade. Several sales of Flour for shipment, have been made at $5.87}. Six dollars, however. Is the price for Canal. There is decid. dly a better feeling again to day. Harrlod. On the evening of the !6ih instant, by the Rev. I)r. Brownlee, Mr. John Li v to Miss Hklkn Di cat , ell ol'this olty. Died. On Thursday, 77th instant, Iloaiai, son of AnJrew Veiteh, aged 13 years. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend bis funeral on Friday afternoon, at threu o'clock, from 31 Jay street. On the 17th instant, Mrs. Mart Johnston, wife of David G. Johnston, in the 411 year of her age. Her ft lends are particularly invited to attend her funeral, to mot row afternoon, at three o'clock, from her ate residence. No. 61 Kssex street. Pasisngen Arrived. Ciuai rsrow-Ship Anson?M J BuJd, G Godfrey, M L Coeinsn, and J Laute. Foreign Importation*. Paha?Brig Washington's Barge?115 bis I mint rubb-r shoes 227 bags roc..a nuts 14 hl< India rubber bottles 14 brkts auuattu Alb o It Passon?9 b*s J H Appletou. Domestic Importations Charleston?Ship Aneon?133 tcs 173 his I Jeanerette k eo? 3 bis specie Ward It Hughes?Ibis K b Prentiss?50 Collotnh Si Iseiia?100 dj O It Taylor?103 do Smita, Mills kco? 15 U Button. MARITIME HERA LI;. PORT OK NKW YORK, JANUARY its sun simoon skis h ? 4 33 I BIUB WATER 9 59 To Master* of Veaaela. Commanders of vessels will confer a favor by having a list of thsir cargoes, passengers, and a report of vessels left at tbe port whence they sailed, aud the vessels spoken, ready on their arrival lie re for Commodore Baisktt, of otir fleet of now* schooners. Hs will board them immediately oa their arrival. Clearest. Ships Mary Phillips, Pratt. A >a!acliicola, Post k Phillips; Hellespont. Adams. Ala-? lib s, S Broom; Oglethorpe,, Glasgow, A Ki?n? Si Ho; Solon, Brrrliiirr, Mobile. J J Hnyt; baik Oiprav. Darie, Ha? aim. 11 llawlind; brigs Wilton Fuller, t'otib. Savannah. Sco I k Morrell; Isaac Mead, Studlcy, Scott Si Morrell; Tybee, Ogilen. Chirleston; Ibnd. (Br) Homer, Halifsi Jamee 11 Braime: Fanny Coit. Haker Georgetown. SO, ecbrs Hope, Chandler, Gonaivee, via Wilmington, Dep y-irr k Whilinarsh; Shamrock, Curiell, Kicderickauurg, Va; Mitlicent, Cole, Baltimore. Arrived. Ship Anion, UarUnitn, 4 diys Ircm Charles too, with cotton to G So'ton. Biig Washington's Barge, Appietnu, II days from Pa a, with India rubber, to A lien k Paisou Smith, Dubng, from Washington, N C, with naval stores Sehr Bergen, Latourelte, from Petersburg, Virginia, wi:h r, III ii BKLOW?Schr Vermillion, of New York?and one brig in the Offing. Spoken. Amerire. fin Havana, bound to Boston, Double Headed Shut Keys SK 16 miles distant. Charles Wyman, did not understand w here bound?I till met lat 3 16. Ion 70 Fortitude, fin Cherlestoa bound to Havre, 13ih inet. 1st 32 57, l?n 7-123. Foreign Porta. Pans, Jan 5th?Arr Marian, of Salem, from Marauhatt?I he only Arnericau Cnltad Btatea Porta. ill annis Po*t, Jan -I4ih?\rr Pa'm, Bo-ton far Philadel. plua: Kilt, Philadelphia (or Boston; and tliorc rejxirtdil yesterday. Ns.wai-nrroRT Jan 25th?Sid Merrimae, Indian and I'ai-ilic Oceans; Peru, St Johns. I'B. Boston, Jan 16?Arr Marion, Kirhmnnd; Amelia, do; Aveiii-1, York Kiver. V?; Knterpnsr V ntucket?a s glial for two brigs; eld Richmond. Trieste; Volunteer. Wilmington, NC. 26ih?arr Anita, I'orto Csbelln, Turk, Plul.dsIpiua, I'.-rii, do; Greensberiy Hob Richmond 1Ioi.M1ls Hulk, Jan 23?Arr Planet fm Sai annsh, for Tortsmon'h; sld Patio,and Columbia 21th?arr Hrule. from Norfolk for B iston. 25lh?sailed last mglit, Bride. No vtsirl in nor! al 9 A. VI. i ' TanrauLiN Co?r., Jan 17th? Arr Halcyon fin. Bortou I rN Ii> ndnii. b .imh' lor 1 whaler; Ca|>e hew. from do. 'or Sa\ an' nub, Strnh Kipley. from ilo, for Norfolk. l?tli?t lurioii, fm tJlnuce*ier for Alexandria. I'hoMixrci , January 23th?Arr Indipendcnce, from Ni ? York. Nr ?ro*T, Jan2.Hh?Arr Mechanic, from OtT Shore (hound and la*t from Talcaliuana, S7 day* with a full cargo of *|*-rrn oil; Wm Henry. Pro^ilrnre for 3411>?eld Win Henry. Charlea.and Henry. N York I PitiL*n?i.FHM. Jan?7lli?Brlow,l{nrtii Victoria,Trinidad; eld Uraci an .Africa. H,i.timj*k. Jan Mtli?Arr Chief. Van Name, NYork; Hae, Proridenr-; eld Knrota/, Snow, N York Nohfolk JanVS?Arr J W Kemrdon. Bedell, NYork. 21th ?arr Jludjoti, fcl .under*, do; Iriandee, tillrhriit, do; Boitoa, Bradley do; .Vlarr Ann, (irrenwill.rlo; rlJ Nimrod, St John*. Fin; Legrange. Wi *t ludi**. Hurled, from Richmond, no ud to tioaton, wot to ? a on Ha'urday I a* I. but *11 compelled to put bick on account of u*rtt--ra?t wind. 22.1?arr Vli*t<i*<ippi. I st Thoma*. In Hampton Road*, lYruinieh, Haueua, Janira Riter for New Vork. fiiconotiows, HI', January 2llh?Sid Commonwealth, for I NYork. Saw Om t: i\<. J u.u try IStli?' ld|Mirw.for B.<*t?n;(]i urea I Waibp K*on, lor Lirerpoul; New Orle ui*. Aldeu, New York; I Adolphe, (hi) M erectile*, ! POIlTUC;Ui;3K female pills. THF3K lar-lamed anu r< lebratrd mil*. Irom Portugal, are we perceiae, 10 ba obtained in lliii ruunlry He? aJr?rtinemeiil on the lot <oh.1111x1/ fourtli |i*Re. d2? Im'n nftOOKLYN LY' S.UM ?<*L H. HILL, Comedian. r. *5 pectlullyn oounr a Ilia' lie will gire a Lecture at the Lyceum on Friday Keening. Jati.'iHth, on the Manu re. Cuelo'ni, ite. ol the people of New England, ?? fleet rlelieercd by loin in BotMn and I -ally, with great eclat in New York. ftQu Me IIILL w ill introduce a great number of character r I?tic anetdi e?, im'talion*. kc that haee met tl> aj proul of the inoat refineii vu hence* in Am i nr* and Europe. Simile Tirket* 50 rente, to be hud at the door. Ticket* ail 1 mi> ting two lad ire ami a geutlemiii fl. Kt cry extra lady 25 "Boom open at 7 o'clork. Lecture to commence at ha'f pa?t 1 7 praciiely. I I*' JONES'S BOOK-KEEPING. PUBLISHED m<tl Tor h:?I* at I8J Broad***-, .?The design of thif work in to substitute for tlic common ambiguous ...iau nr.inM amlcw-dii. which arc well known to lie itmdr ' (jua'e when brought lo the tea' of prarlice. Thj? Irealiac will befound lo afford the atudeut a clear c omprehenaion of Ihr printiplel on wliirh llir variou* actoiin'a ot mngle ami double entry are arranged, ami loahow th ! by fir the inoat importiut ann leading principle* have hitherto rem lined biddru i eat'noei lie dcla la Thia ayatein ia a'n ady eitetiaiv ly Introduced lu r'.o tland, it ia adop ed in miny of the leading academic inatituliona ia thia eouutry, where it riiiuated. it baa heea cordially approve J by a large num'ier of the beat at eountanl.e aidnmet reipectable merehauta in tlna city, and alao by a committee appointed by t ie American luatituteto etamioe it Prire ft JO. Iv?t avctiot* I given bv the author aa bitlirrto ia Bnnh keeping ai.dail o tier iluiiea of the deak dr aired Applicania who require it will t>e cheeifully relnrnlto former I i upit?, *ho ?.ir Book keeprr'. [ jas | THh IMA1* IdM'S tfrmntwl I fvHANI) BALL AT TAMMaNV HALL. .> tnuar. i nuai V Oath.IBli for the Bmefit if ?ir. JOHN AsH I WK.I.h, - lio wa? oue nf th' auivivoia of the trainer Sai inJ a ih. foundered ou the Mlh of November, Cape Hatterm. Mr Aahwell w-a rhiercook onboard One ill fated r'are'and tlo- Inatperaon who lelt her deck, having loat e?< ry thing < icept what heatnodia Hia fnenda hare d- termined togne a Ball for hia benefit,aa aho?e, winch they eonfnleutly hope will receive the patronage of the community Mr. Parker kindly volunteer. hia aerrirra for the ocrremo | ( omwitth I Thomaa Cloee John Nutllr, J H Bate H. Spark ? J Fowler, jr. J. MeD nongh A Unlton P H. Bawyrr }Ym J J nea George Wa-d Thorn.. Fowltr R ??d ? H, 8. Haw. a *-,Z'n1\' Utorgr W. D,W.nit -a"'1' Scott B. C"Mcn"t ** J Htnm Tuibgiili r??jh. A inwi %?i?! 4 lo > * h*d of'either of lheCOBHitlw,?r .Mr Aahw. n, it i affioi ?* treat. ** 1i? \/i ISf'.KLLANROUS CONCRU r AND Ll'.C ITRK ON lVl. MUj*!'/'"" ' h' Yark Hatred Mu*ir: Ho< i? ty pronoMtosire MwlUatout ooe.rt at the Tabernacle on fM'ffJuy V Tfoinu neit,m coon'cu.m mlh * lrcturc ou Muair lr J mm** V Warier Kaq of Br??r-n Mr W4r*?rn ok (inRM'ohrd a<t m lecturer ah mutir, hatmx been fnqurnt yen fn^ed 10 lecture on that iubj*ct in Bo?fon and H*ew nere. ",H now led*e o ill- cienceoi miotic i? t! o?h nil h inn i? *1 taft'c < icellcnt. Ht n well known m lU irmlr r "f ( 1 lr*y Webac'i '0*n*ial M itir Teacher." the rn>*t thormuh vfnrk on musical acieoca that h <a ever beeii pubiahtd The Sor.ieir will perform tome '.f it? b?al niece* Ticket* are put at the inw price of *i? rent*, and to he had at thr muuc "tor# ?. ? Ihe B?? ko'orr-ol O-iytrt? k Hilton, corner of N u?-u and V ulton i H. It H. Rnynor, 79 Uowery, arid at the 1 hit on the evfoiim ol perf.?rm met. Membra at<d uuhacrbera will call on Ihe BfCittiry. Ill No au 9lt?at fo- th?jf To k?ta. Vr ALKN I i .> r.'n d n .? *u?i #n WlUJf *1 . 11 minute* from th' km^'ou ??f l.?*e, ? rich aum ly of VaUn?iuei, made e*,,rr**|> in thai Mi*.0 1 i# iriora h> Venn* mi her Ny??l4n, I ?r our < titomrn. Tm v oung I o'ir < an?'oil mm ol \f? Yor? *r * her* by ;.*?orrd that all V al? Mine* bought ol u? will ?ri4nc t' * 1T" t * ir o, ?r th-Hn-e? wil'h' r?t?i'nrd. LOVfc'H BKIIKHT K.nv 'II i? ?i i *o* mud ?iuhio? nvvaina that I hat < ?.q " ?d 1 lioNK.u VI t lr R, bi OMthaor. ?tr et, . M rthe ? lr of m Va'r-ti'iiir 4 . ?nd I row. ht m arrow fio** ? that ii n.e o'hera are iiiu-^knrii ' t I'll). ? Our V%lriitinr? ran h-hn<l, who'ta *lr and retail. -I . f ^c? from *1* rr it. (ill * ? |? e *b 11 in So. 1 ' .e beat *?*n: nM.t o* Ihe , Ml h* ? Vni'-nt I * ? in thr ' if, ? 9 U I 1/ I r r> * lori d, hr oni' d.kc. fl* \% L. III" -?'? _ U\ IHO.MAa IIIXL. ( rfnn anJl ll K-tinuitrtelt | " ?jmday. Hhtriflii Hale? 10| o'eloek in tlie aalra now, without re erre bi execution. II euring mil euatdou rnfaa, irockiuu cliuirr. a ( a bndp, in Kreifli inaluu^uy cli .ire, i eplrtidid c?atrc tableau djui* Jo, nod piston forte. Sir. HaTL'KDAY S^gp^^Ptirniiurr. ke.? An eilenatve aud ?"p? rur .u?oi of eeruud I' *ud and uew furutlure of *11 dearriytiona f in fah-ilftp* remoi my, lie. A'a>. a U'u' toi of additional futui'ure. * splendid stock ol" ii?w city made do; and by virtu* of an nefifinnrut, lOtofu.'i piano fortes, S marble lop tables, and at miry oilier articles of cabinet wair. Alan, the'valuabla furniture, rrrnvrd from Brooklyn, and the balmier of th? bouat keepiug arlidlrtfrum Hatnmerele y *t lormiiiy a* dcairanle .in aa.?ortitient .ia liar li en offered at [ lie ante for aome time. Tt'EtDAY. Sale of Dry (roods. <lothiu(. Jewelry, Wntdhcs, far y Article* of all dMciip'ious, ?t li o'clock, '0 the ante ro me ! Piano fortea?A'ao at llo'e|,ek. in I' a h ull,,11 gl eet store and raoai of iheinfwitiia warranter. - ?^ KOK HAVANA lhe.t.iui /CuHpiRliiN i* hourly e?i? Ud. WI'll every possible ile*pa' hcr rKr*? ?'? ??''* " ^ ^ ^Kaairnu* ol securing Irei' pltn> id and beautifully a/ranged if* application to OLO _JM SIXTY MILKS ',/ V Y or F f jMQ ag* 1- 1 OUT It fcr^ir3*Tv. .'KT-rar n JCUL11 i ro u TIk* traaii n?t < HO. leave* Caliia riuc Market dip, turn |<iv <- hivdgeport, every inoru ing except Sunday, at 7 ohloi < ? Lrulgeptrt, passenger* will be forwarded by the H, . Ha'lroiul to North hinann. theuce to Welt Slockbi t'JO mile*) by stage, and tbeuce to Albany (Jr. imlti) by '.sitniad. Tlx car* arc well furnished and wariaed. lHy- For passage or freight apply on hoard o f the boat, or at the *ork limine. No. S t'oiiriUmlt ?ir?et. j6ini iAtf- KOHM.W, liivLr \nn. I.uI'isIa.NA, AND Mi NEW iOKK LINt.?Hegular Packet of the tat ^ MbKel>ru >rj?The plrmlirt fast saPing Packet 8hip H UN'T A V11. L K, Capt. C.ll. .Nluinford. will positively aail a> above, For freight or possage, having solenoid funiiahed accommodations. apply ou beard, ,at Orleans w harf, foot of Wall Itreet, or to fc. K. COLLINS kt CO. S? South street. (frt at care will be taken to have the good* by t'.iia line ecrre"iiy MWmt Agent in New Orleana, Jamei C. Woodruff, who will promptly lorward all gocda to In* address. Tiiepackft ship OCMULt Jc.F., Capt. Leantl,'*ill 71 ee>. 1 the Huntaeallt, and aail the 10th February, her tc,,u ar da>. JOT xxar- M I it LI V KrlPOOl.?Kegular packet ul ill isl HWkFrbriiiirv -Thi splrnd'd packet ahip IJKOKtib. jBBUbCw Wash I.N (i '1'ON, A. burrow* , master, will tail u above, her regular day. Thi* ehip'* acrotrmodatioii* for cabin, second cabin, and Steerage passengers, are not (urpassed by any vstisel in Met. and berth* can be engaged ou moderate lomi, b) applying 011 board, at Orleans Pier foot > W allet, or to OLOVKK Ik MeMURKAY, 100 Pine *1. cor. Houtb *t. The above iliip will be succeeded by the regular pnckttslup United State*. P. 8.?Person* wiihirg to ?end for their friend* residing .o the old country, can have them brought out in.'be above Mi> riteihips. or any of the regular packet*, eailing pr'uptlyin their nay, by applying ar above directed, if by letter po.t p. id JOT Fotl MAUSKiuLKn? Kigular (Packet* ?1 tie yMn subscriberspurpose dispat'hiug a Ship for MarseilleJjhJUUfepuiietuaMv ou the 1*1 of each month daring the year The slop COUKIKK, Capt Duggan will sail ?n the 1st March, (hood* scut t* the ?u scribe's for f rwaiding will be dispatched Irce of a y other than the charge* actually paid ? kor Height or iiaiaftr.apply id BOYD fc IUNCKKN, Agent*. jfft > Pontine Bnihhngi .att: l'Asv\i.;k KiiK i iiNiiiiN -l'idiMi. i draffy ry? 1 he splendid park*! ihi|> YIEDIATOH i' .j < uu h ?lw ick,e?ile positively as ab >re, her rrgul <r d iy. IHhlug splendid aocommouilioii* lor cabin.eecood cabin and steerage passengers. Euriy ap Miration should be mailt on board,or lo W. It j. T. TaPSCOTT, J-io <9 S iiith str-et.ov'43 Peek ?tin fMt PASBAliX KOH INr.vV UKLLA.Xb-tin.y II. AJk^Wtiilar Lin-?The splendid faat sailing packet a,.in MMaM^HUN rPVILK, Capt. Mumford, sail* jomiiuly on tlie tat February, her r? guler day The ahipa of liua liue aail tarry fire daya. or passage tree , having splendid accommodations for cabin, second ca bin, and steerage I passenger*. Kor passage, early applratiou anoiilJ be mudt on board, root oI Wall it, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT 49 Smith atrert. or 43 Peck Slip The Alabama will auccted tbe Hui.tsrillr and sail Sth Kebrmry. U6 PASSAGE kOtt L1V EHPOuL?Packet i.t wTVjfV kehrtiryA splendid faat sailing p'-cket ahip will AMk*br despatched, and aail positively aa abore. her r? go lar day, having splendid accommodations Tor cabin, secoud ea biu and steerage passengers. Kor passage early aipllration should be made on board, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, 49 South street. j98 #r 43 Peek shy. "fjc KtiR 1.1 VK It POOL- Positively on the lai i"eb ? nMMrVThe suiierier lirai claai I art sailing packet ship <. E N. jfibASwPAKkllll.l. Captain Iloat. will be deapalcbed for Liverpool a? abore. 1 I us aplri.did ship has unsurpassed accommodation* lor cabin, second cabin, and MMfl paaaru yrrs, vrbo will be taken at a moderate rate. Apply ? u board ship, atpirrU East Hirer, or to JOflN South street. N B ? Arrangements can. as usual, be madrwkhthe subart ilier for paaaaee from Liverpool, of those who may he sent for by their fii?ud*h're. Drafts can also be furnished for any amount, pay able throughout Great Britain and Ireland, on applying as abore __________________ Hilt LONIX I.N ? Packet it |>l k'ebrtiarT.?Th* ifffffy splendid pack, l ship Mi DIATOM, < apt am Chad JnSldKwWfitk, * '' aail a* above her regular dar. kor pas sage in cabin, secoud cabin or steerage, baring t tee I leu I as rointno lalious, apply on board, or to the office of I HK.ltI)MAN CI South . iji- Ktt'l I.IV K Itl't)(iX?New !,tnr ?TTrgu/ar laruet MURrV 'be gfuh k ? bnrsiThe aphndid fast sailing packet grl , -, :l (t.VIIHit. h. t'apt. William Sknldy , of 100) tour, w ill sail as above,her r.gular day . Kt freight or passage, having accommodations runqualleJ for splendor or comfort, a pi ly on hoard at 4 >rlran. wliatf. foot o4 Wall at. or to fc. K. COLLINS k. CO., 56 South street. Price of passage 4,100. The packet ship Hoaeiiu, Ckpt. John Collius. of 1099 tons will succeed the liajricU, and sasi on the !l5lk March, b> r rtgnlar day. I'aaaepg.m lu.p rely upou the ?hip* of this line sailing . unc tuslly as advertised. fit NnWytiREKSOtK, D1RK<-T.?Prraoua wuhiruiio <ml J"M?dSltal"r their frendato ro > r nut from Ntlitrof the ahot port*. call make arrangement* * ill the ?ub.eriberii on very fa vomhle t?rin*. audjiave tinm bronchi out in fu?t clan* i aek't alitp* And thoar widung to lend money to theirfrvud* ecu h ire dr.ft* fur au>'> 'bit' lu all the principal town* United Kingdom, if application he math to* vV. M J. T. TAI'S' O I T. 49 South !> < ?. yJ3 fnr||?r (fmnepuurlane. O' 48 Peck 'lip to Lit T?The two ! >ry mod-rii built brick Im>uk, Hits No. I Varu k olacr, lint li the curu?r of H"U t u ?t ? <ai|lli.'l hi* liou?r ha* in irblc mailt la*. mahogany dooii, attic anil baacment?iiuui'diate (kmc*.to* given. Apply to jM .tr J. M. P*'AT. IH Awtyi*. "igA TAVKKN STAND AMI OJtOCKHV FOR MALE. Bra th'tc mil'* Iriwn Went Point, on the mad to NT*burgh. URand alio no the route to the New Vork ami Kru flail Rind.containing an acre*, w th burn, chcil, kc. AI?o, 990 arret of Wood Load, three milea Irom Wett Tottr.; fi't MINIMtpVj tinder mea.h w. There i* ihree Hnutea mi the memnti. The title i* indisputable. roaaettim girta immediately. Foe ptrTcu'ara, enquire of BERTHOLF h VAN ("LF.VK, 94 Writ at real. JllTlw] M^L FOR SALF..?The alurkand Mm of the oyatrr fifflt ant eating i iloou 314 Broadway, the baaeimnt of the BtHI ttnthir Hall, together with four yeara uneapiral tern of the leaae from the first of May nrit.aaid aaloon be ma one ot the beat location* in Broadway aud now doing an eicelleu* hnaineaa aud will be anld at a bargain, a* the preaent owner la no artuated that he cannot attend to it. For parti ruber* and term* inquire on tin premier*, or to H.vMl'EL DAYTON, 4 Fulton fieb maraet jW MeJ Ttl LET?Two comfortable (libera m aiort No. ft Bouth (treet, and immediate uo*?e*?ioii given, by *pi ly iug to JOHN llh.RIlMAN on theprrmiaee AI**.*lorai[r ran be li'il <m ai'p'ica'ion ?< ihoTr. ft| HEN fS' (Watarprnol Cork and tine Dreaa B"oi?. of the luteal fadiion ; I waterproof over alior*. dancing enter* and pomp*, ladia', mute*', aud chd) dreu'* gaiter ho it*, hurkioa and tie*, kid and ??tin alippera. wa'erproif oier ?lmr? and all warrantrd good ; gaitcra ft 90 to ft 76, fl and ft 40; miavet ami children's f tiler boota and buekiu*. favhiouable, good and ch-ap; men'*, hoy'*, and children * bootf,ahoea.fee,cheapest in the eity,4tl Broadway ronieroft)anal ?t, at Walker'* celebrat.dCueap*tore; where the ataihlc ?npenee P'ia*ea for the alow ahiHing. j?o jm* Mechanical LAMP WAHEIIUUBEHNO. IT Bn>?i way. te i* ten Anthony aud Lrouerd atraet. Freeh Im yirtation of Mechanical Lamp*. 'I lie ?uh.nber reapertfnlly auuounce* tka' be hat ju?t rerrived from Pari* lite mo't ramI - a ? 1 er.l.?dii( uaai.rtniPliI r?f ! hf f l_1.111 III If ll I. unUM 9 % 99 unimrled in thi* Country, embracing the laugt im moet fashionable patternr no'v iti u*e in r*n*?fourth'-r ?i'l, a heautilul enriety "f Olait fHolm. Kanry Porc?l tin and Pu-r Shade*. Tape *,kk"., ill winch m*> on* be ?xaiiiwt it it hi* Hi Of c, No. 3'<r B'OadwaV. The auperiorilf of ihr Mechanical Lamp, combining elegance in app-ari ice. cc innmy in Mi* cnikwgtplion of OU, with tl c inuet hnlianf and regular 'till i"i >n ol ight. i? raUhliahrd by g' neral approbation, and the uniicii opinion of Ihe Pre** to which the** unac jiiainitd with Iheir merit. arc respectfully referred. K. D HAXTON. Hin rr**or I'l A Dtarcrr, Broidwgy [From Ihe I oilnerk kuqiiirer.J Mm iiiair ai. Ltwr*. at 337 Urn . Iw ?y .?Ao.ut three yearn I ago. Mr Ducon, nf Pari'. inlrMncril lulo I hi* country, ' the Patent Mechanical Lamps." a rery ii.gruioti* and cfol inren* lion. Thepeiti iaritle* of the lamp consul in hsVu g placed , ih in ha*e. a vcr) aimp'ified piece of ui'C ianiam ntn lur to thai of a wa'rh. which, on w hiding up, puts in motion au in j pellrnt, mncli like a force pom,., II, it ..|? r.iln on an oil cou era a tor f, and di i?r? the oil from tlir rest tapir up to the wiek, aa iuch it keep* alwa', * moial. ui.dllnrebr produce* a light, ai w a\ * of the *am- ilifire of intensity, and uniform. We helieae it I* generally arknow ledgrd thai three lani| !?> < * great adraiitag over ail other*, in eccnreny of cid nmptiim, hnlliancy oflieht.aia freedom from smoke They hare lieen *ery generally *|>pr?i ed I) Ihoie who hire tried them in Ihi* country, oid haae linn e?|en*irely uinl m Parn and on the Kuropeao continent lor many year*. The great i.b jeclion to I hear lampt heretofore, or rather I lie great imp*di incul lo Ih< ir general im , ara* their high co*t. Thi* ohi- i t ion i Mr Diacon h ? now rrityived, gjr reducing the pfieg go low, * I >?.t. ihi in of r i*v acipu* lion to all. [From" the Kvrnitig Mtur] I.ieire.?Ofall Ine invwlioiwof l.itnpaiu Kuropr *? well -a in l.aahrea univeranlly admitted ihm th- Me efctuiral I.amp poeaearra aalvatitafi over all other., uuticularly f *r III* parlor, in fret. it ina heen termed 'he "Standard !.?mp"in I' m..?l of the roi.tmen'for thirty ye art peat; and the anlv nhitacle in ti?r way olthnr auper <e tine all other lightr in tier tu ilua country, tritt the ripe n?e I la now Hi afrnai m? aware removed. Mr. Divcon, who Iiilr ,<lure.l lie irticle in tnia runnfry aho'tl four i e?ra aiare I,.? reduced lie pricee materially ,w hit K will lorreage hieaal'a, and they will aooo be tound in every drawiD;-room in the city \V, wnnld invite the attention of eilieeru aed evraitferi to hieet.irk rempviainf aome of the rirlieat l.mpa ?rer un pnrie.1, vrhirh l.e ienoav rellinf at prvreatn euil the ' >m-a, it Inaalnre J37 Broadvuv. lie.ween \ii<li..ay aad Leonard at? [ Knurl the N V nuu.j Mi i II vm. n l.inrv ? We pen tliia pirnjjr ph by the It* <t i.foneof l>i?eon'? meelivnicrl lampe?eertunll ? irioal u. cntou*. uofiil and notiomiral hiveniion. The at* I'.rle.r, and mellow liehl whieh iliui" upon the paper uai.tmii I. n.ote (rateuil to the eyre Ihm any that v?e hev aver "i'he ihvrntioti'O'eirtanf a ploee of inert. ?i i?m like hat of a walrh.plarid in the haar ot the lamp, whuh upon being v, ,,, . ?et? in m <t on ? very aiiiayln machi -'f, ope,.ii,k mar voir of ell in an eh .. ?. te. !> ?, th" wi k .In.) I' | reri?. ly lh? aamr d yr?e if rent-line, end ihn- > *' )* lit't >e roi tin t > kept >p. We ,i 11e ih loot* areroinine into veiy yoeril up, a? tV\-lor A lean I M.e Ho iety Library ihey me oar i >n p e'et. nee * ear. e | ? r NO 11' fc. ?ii,o..r..?i !a . , r . i*?n .* rmv j >.. h Millet, ' ? 11 j S?ne a' F >i P'alM i te .met) r tin ly, V. wr To "h a r*<|>i*il?4 >7 hi> l a.'l),al R vt...r. ?? it. Mm, to i >f rm 'I. it nf hip peeir , olace of re.o.l.ic.,ha In f 'tare been vail out Iteaya frOJ? I ina f ir < , cf*l V'trv. i? a 'I8?* * v a

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