Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 31, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 31, 1842 Page 1
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kLJli ."I THI T*L TDt-Ro. 317.-?W1m?U 19? >. .TtW LINE OK LIVtRWWL PACKETb. . TV ml/rom New York an tki auk, and Liverpool ontht 1 Iti ?/ each monlA. j*. m> M m^IETnew ? Ship ROSCIUS, C?,iUiu John Collins. ?Sth Not. Ship SID DONS, Captain E B. Cobb.'JStn Dec. SupSHERIDAN.CaptauiK. A. Dopoj-eur.ttth Jen. ShipCJAKRK K, Captain Win. Hkirfdy,-ISDi Feb. KROM LiTiareoL. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A Depeyater, l?th Not. Ship OA RRJCK, Captain Win. Skiddy, lMh Dec. Ship ROSCIU8, Captaiu John Colluit. 13th Jan. Ship 81DDON8, < aplaui R. B . Cobb. 13th F eb Theeeehip* are all of the fir?tcla*e.>upw?rJa of 1CKK) tone,built fa the city of New Vork.with euch improreinenta u combine greatepeed with umiaiial comfort for pa*eeii?ere. Erery care fclt beeu taken in the .trrdi^rmrnt of their accommodations. Ths nriri- of DMitff hence i? flSO^for which ample stores, including wine Ju' willbe provided. TMMship* arc cominanuea oy experienced muton, who will make c re ry exertion to gi re general MliiiftC ik > n. Neither the captain* or owner* of these *hi|>? wtll be rr*pon*i Ue for any letter*, parcel* or uaekagraseut by tliem. anlea* re gular bill* of lading are * (??<*? therefor. The fhip* of thi* line will hereafter go armed, and their peculiar construction give* them Mcurity notpo**e**ed by any other bat teasel* of war. cBTLWtflo. 5* South .... New York.orta W.M. k JA8. BROWN k CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the packet* will be charged 181 ceuta per -angle beet: tOcenUperounce, and newspaper*jl cent eieh. j3ly FOR NBW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OE PACKETS & m m m For the better accommodation of *hip|*r*. it i* intended to despatch a *hip from tin* port on the let, 5th. 10th. 15th, 80 th and *6 lb of each moath. cote Die icing the 10th October, and eootinuin|t until Msy, when regular daya will be appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby great delay* and dump neintmenta will be prevented during the summer moutli*. The hollowing (hip* will cotnuieure thi* arrangem* nt:? Ship YAZOO.Cant.Cori? II. loth Oct. 1841. Klip OCONEE, ( apt JacJuon, 15th Oct. St ipMISSISSlPI'lTCant. Milliard,UOthOct. Ship LOUISVILLE, Cant. Hunt, 25th Oct. Ship SHAKSPEARE, Capt. Miner, talNovember. Ship t'ASTON. Capt Latham, 5th Nor. ShipUUNTSVILLE. Capt. Mumford, toth Nav. Ship OCMl/LOEE, (.apt Leavilt, 15th Nor. Ship NASHVILLE,Capt. Dickinson.80th Nov. Ship MEMPHIS Capt. Knight,'25th Nov. Ship LOUISA, ('apt. Mulford. tat December. These *hip* were all built in the city of New York, expressly for packet*, are of a light draft of water, have recently been n*w|y coppered and put in splendid order, with accommodation* far passenger* unequalled for ennfort. They are commanded by eiperieuced masters, who will make every eiertien to give Seneral satisfaction. They will at all time* be toivedupand own the Mississippi by steamboat*. Neither the owner* or captain* of these ship* will be responsibleforjewelry,bulliou.preeioua atone*,silver,nrplated ware.or for any letters,parcel or package, scot by or put on board of them, unless regular bill* of lading are taken for the same, and the value thereon expressed. Tor freightorpassage.apply to E. K.COLLINS It CO. 55 South*'.,or JAMES E. WOODRUEK, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all good* to his address. The snip* of this liue are warranted to sail punctually a* ad vertised, and great care will be taken to have the goodc correct lp measured. jSly NEW kOHK AND NEWARK. fjff TTT Fare rtdnccdto *5 tent*. From the foot of Courtlandt street. New York. (|W*rjMl??? Sunday* excepted. At* A.M. At 1 P.M. At 8 A.M. At it P.M. U it 4 do 9 do l( do 4) do lot do (do 7 do 1( do ON SUNDAYS. Worn the Toot of Liberty atreet. Loot* New York. Leave Newark. _A1? A.M.and 41 P.M. At 1 P. M. and 10 P. M. Pare reduced. Preen the foot of Liberty atreet.daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunawick. At A.M. At Ti A. M. 41 P.M. j P. M. OMERVILLE atuftaeonneet with theie lineneach war. jara between New York and Somerville, (Ocenu. Do do Now Br.nawick, Ticenta. Rah way, (0 centa. Utaabcthtown, (6 cent*. The fare in the Ti A. M. train from New Brunawick, and 4| Y M. train from New York, haa been reduced between New York and New Bruaiwick to 80 cent*. " and Rahway te ?7i " The Philadelphia maillrne paaaea through New Bruaawickfov New York every evening at (o'clock. On Sunday the 7f A.M. trip from New Brunawick ia omitPaaaeogera who procure their ticket* at the tieketoffice,receive a ferry ticket|(ratia. Tieketaare received by theeonduetov oolv on the day when mirehaeed. _ nil 7?^A3TLRNdDIV^O^OPoTHE NKW YORK ftsaft rPRAIN8 will hereafHrrun between New York and (ioahen X according to the following arrangement, o'oppiug at Wiermoot, Blaut eUville. Paeear, SufTerae, Katrapo Station. Monroe Worlu, Turner'*, Seamauvilie, Monroe Tillage and Chea PROM NEW YORK. A raeamuter train every morning (eacrjK Sunday) leaving the foot ef AlUworytreet. at (| o'elock. A. M. luthe eompnay'a ataauiboat Utica. Capt. V H- B.bnltg. A pasaeoger train every we Ineaday and Svturday afternoon, ot 4 o'clock, from the foot of Albany atreet, in tho ateamboat > w , e--. A I re lum irilQ rrrrf j ursuif, i nurnuijf 4uu rnday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the foot of Ch unbent atreet, by the steamboat Union FKOM GOSHEN. A passenger train everv morning. (except Sunday) at Bo'clk. arriving in New York, by tne steamboat Utica, at the foot of Albany atreet A passenger train svery Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, at 1 o'eclok. arriving in New York by the steamboat Utira, A freight tram eeery Monday, Tuesday. Thursday and Friday. at 3 o'clock, arriving in New York bt the ateamboal I Union, and badges at the fo >t of Chamber) street. Freight -viil be rec-i-ved at the foot of A'bany atreet on Wednesday and Saturday, and at the foot of Chambers street an Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, until 3 P. M For freight or passage, inquire at the Company's Transpwtation office, roraor of Liberty ami Weal streets, and at the various depots on the line of the read. H. C. SEYMOUR,Superintendent dST lm Eiftcrn DvvUion N*w York and Erie Railroad. FOR SltkK.W SBL'Kl?SA.ZIT AliQZJtLQi RANOKMKNT?The steamboat OSIRIS, 3^Eh3C2BLCajH. J C. Allaire, w ill commence runoingon Saturday, Sept. Mth, as follews:?leave Fnlton Market slip. East River, every 4?lurl?y at it o'clock A.M., Tuesday, Wednesday, and ^ nday. at 8 o'clock A M. Ketus-aiug, leaves Red Bank every Monday morning: nt 10 oVlook A.M.: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, at half-past It o'clock P.M. The boat will run as above unfit further notice, navigation and weather permitting. og lm* ? RED BIMD LINK TO ALBANY, onthe East etdr of the river, having better stages ]PaWT'*|WtMiil teams?asking no higher fare.?Olfice, Howard's Hotel. 17* Broanway ? Pa,sengrrs w ill be forwardad by Stags to Albany by lb a line from any point on the East aide of the river where the boats may be compelled by ice to "ftenU will be ob board each of the mail boats to give assistance an I information This Imeextends to Montreal, touehing at Albany, (office under the Museum) and embraces a very direct and commodious route thither. The stages and hirees of this line will be found really the best on the Albany route,and no deception. The strictest attention will be purl to the comfort, convenience and ipe?dof all who may give n? the preference. When the river shall be shut up entirely. Red Bird will run all through from New York city to Albany. H.HOLT, M a BAXTER.?'' I. V BAKER. Proprietor. cXt-ln /ALL AJUtAHOttMENT^POUUHKKEPSIlC AND 00L The fast sailing steamboat OSEOLA.Capfc^J?L?3?Uin Vecdine Trursdale. for the remainder of the aruoa will leave I he steamboat Pier, font of Chamber* street, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon*, at 3 o'oWk-landing', up and d ? u. at Caldwell's, Wast Point, t old Spxng. (Cornwall. Kislikill Landing, New Bamhurg, and Milton Hrtiirnin;. leaves I'utighkrcpiie every ooday, Wednesday and Friday mo.ning. at 7 o'cloek. Arter the 1st of November, the Oseole will leave I'oughkrrpsie at o'clock in the morning. Fur passage. apply to the I apiam, an board, or to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN, SM 114 West St. ~ 8TATKN ISLAND FLKKV. ^00' of Whitehall street, ^^""^K^teamer STATIN ISLANDER Leaves Staten Island Leaves Whitehall At R o'clock a.m. At 4 o'clock A m. "10 " " " II " " i " f. m. " i " r. ?* Iu .7 .7 * " .7 " 4 " " I " On Suoday there will be two boats to rim. The last boat Inavas Si* ten Island at? o'clock, v. *. of t. powklL n I'll -S link aMQ 0* HOR NKWBl'ROH, landing at cald CsaVgVJ-' ' " WK8T POINT AND ( OLD Tm.T3KatsPRINl?-The steamboat HIOHLANDER I Cm*. Robert Wardrop. will leave the foot of Warren street New l oik,every Monday. Th-i vday and Saturday afternoon's t 4 o'clock. Retiming the lliga , , er will leave Newburgh every Monday morning at o'clock, an i Tuesday and Friday /teraftos at (o'clock. For freight or paaaagr,apply to the Captain an hoard. N. B. All baggage and freight of every deaenptinn. bank biMs orepecie, rnit on board Ibis boat muat be at the risk of the wnara thereof.unleaa a bill of lading errecriptis aigned for m?mm? nu REMITTANCES TO AND PAMAUfc FROM UKKA1 BRITAIN AND IRELAND, BY THE m Ml m m OLD r. 1 Vtrfll'F.Rl'O0L~l'jiCKt:7N Peraons wiahing to sand to the old country for their friends, can make the oeceesary arrangements nth the auharnbers, Ad have tbem eome nut in this superior line of packet*, railing from Liverpool on the 7th and l?lh of every month. They wifl aJao have a firat rate class of Atnrrir an transient ship* sailing every arvth day. thereby affording a weesly communication from that port. One of ihc hrin. Mr. Jam si) II,a he. lather* and will remain during the year IMS. mace that ill the pe rsons mhos* passages have been plid brie are lorwarded with rare and despatch. I Should the parties agreed for not rome not the money will b* returned to tlioac who paid it here w ithoi.t any deduction. The ship* comprising this line are : i The OXFORD. The NEW YOTU". .a f A UUUI IW1V at l fll ITYIDI W I - MtHOPr., - SOUTH AMKKiCA, ? 14 LNOLAND 44 NORTH AMKRItA Drafttat attht. for any amount, on thr Royal Ban* of Ira laud. unl on Praacott, Orote, Amu k Co., Hankora. London, whirh will h? paid on drmaml. fr?? of diaconnt, in all thr |mucipal tow-.w nf the Unilrd Kingdom. Apply, >1 by lot tar, poll paid, to ROCHE, BROTHKRB L CO.. I* ? 'nltonat.maat door to tha k'nllm Bank. N V f 'OLLf/TIBSi on ail parta of tha I'nilrf Mtalea made on V. thr mint fa' oratilr It rw>?. by I 9 J. 8YLVR8TKR. I Jt? M Wall at and It Broadway, 3 NE1 r r tl I.-OH HAVAMA l .? hourly ? m?- u*l -...Jwi'l m. rt ">'h erery poHiblr deapatcli, hating (mrl ... her eJgo already ergagrd. I ho.e deof a* curing Ireighi oi piueage, by ihn aplwid and boautifuljy arranged Tcfarl, ahould make early application to ni nvro i. u.Mirooiu uiiv i a. -uc.u i noil, _j#? _ 100 Pine ?t._ NEW VOKK AND LIVEKPOOL COMMERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS. M M. JSk Mb SAILTNTJTO ANU FROM LIVERPOOL WEEKLY. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, No SI Sou'h street, New York. 1>HE subscriber, in ami inuring his arrangements forthe year ISO. appears before hn friends with sentiments (.1' sincere respect for the able aupport he has received for uiauy veara paat. He likewiae wishes to call (he attention of those intending to aaod for tbei' fr>euda in England, 1 re 1 ami, Srot'and. and Walea, that they can at all timea be accommodated by thig line, by weekly op|Kirtunitiei from Liverpool, as well as by all the well known different lines of packet shirs tailing to and from Liverpool, ou the lit,7th, 13th, IStn, and25th of each month, th ouahout (lie year. It has always been the study of the subscriber to have the emigrants shown civility, and dispatched without delay i and those who eeud for their friends may rest satisfied that every care and diluent attention will be given by the Liverpool Agents to thoie sent for, at well as all who may embark with them; aod should any of those, whose passage has been paid, net embark, the money will be refnuded without any charge. The aubreriber feels a pleasure in makiuy known the d He rent ships by which his passengers came out during the last year, which has given general satisfaction, and lhat ue has considerably extended and concluded his arrangements for the year 1842. The following is a list of ships Ship Scotland Robinson Ship Osceola Childs " Fanfield Wilson " St. Cloud Emerson w Frankfort Russell " New vork Niven " Russell Cover Howes " Warsaw Griffiths " Hibernia Wilson " Oswego Wood ' Altred Clieever " Ocean Wellaud " Clifton lugersoll " Talbot Story " Louisville Allen " N.Hampshire Harding " Sobieski Eineraon " Fantlira Good wanton " Alabamian Law " Kobt liaac Truman " Prentice Hopkins * Virginia Eaton " Tyrone Spear " Europe Batchelder 14 Wales Watt* " 8. Jenkins Seymour " Westchester Ferns The above ihipe, and their respective captain*, are all well and favorably known intlie trade A free passage Irom the different porta of Ireland and Scotland can alio be ac ured, au<t drifts furnished for auy amount, payable at the National and Provincial Bank* of Ireland, and their respective branches, and also on Messrs J. be W. Robinson, Liverpool, whicn are paid, free of any charge, throughout the United Kingdom. For further pailiculars apt ly t? JOHN HF.RDMAN, 81 South street, J. bt W. ROBINSON, 16 Goree l ianas, d30 and No. I Neptune si Waterloo Dock Liverpool. STARL1NE. FOR NEW ORLEANS. M. 0k m Tn^ubesribert b^leave to retun^heir thanks for Ihe pa tronageyou have hitherto extruded towards the Star Line,and solicit acuntinuakinu of a portion of your freight to New Orleans, in this line, which will be taken at the very lowest rates, in the following ships, which will succeed each otherandsail weekly SOLON, Captain Oen.Buckman, RUSSKL GLOVER, Captain Jabez Howes, ECHO.Capta n A. A.Wood, WINDSOR CASTLE, Captain S. G. Glover, and other ships of the same class, to lollow each other in quick succearirn. For further particulars, apply on board at l'ine street wharf, or to OLOVER Si McMURRAY. alb 100 finest, cor. South. LIVERPOOL AND NEW YORK REGULAR COM MERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS. m m m m. TO-AND~FROM THE ABOVE~F01lT8 WEEKLY. Persons sendtug tor their friends residing in Great Britain and Ireland, can have them brought out with despatch per the above ine on very moderate terms. Agents of the first respectability have lately been engaged to see that the emigaant is forwarded without delay, and small drafts given in their favor promptly paid. Orkera from all parts of the country will be Kmptly attended to, and such attention will be given to all nches of the business as to guarantee the further patronage of those who who will favor the undersigned with their orders and in all cas*s where the passengers do not embark the pasaage money will be refunded to those persons from whom it was re seived. In dditfon to drafts given on our numerous agents through out the different parts of England, Ireland and Scotland, who give every facility to the emigrant whose passage may been (aged oy us liere, they can be furaia 'td wi h drafts, large or nail amouuta, pay able at eight, aa follow# .? Armagh Duugannon Mallon Bajubridge Londonderry Mo nag linn Ballina Downpatrick Monevmora Ball vineoa Dungarvin Omagh Baauoa Ennis _ Pantonatovra Bally shannon Enniskillen Strabaa Belfaat Gal way Bfigo Clonotemel Kilkenny Tralee Cork Kilruah W atrrford Cam Limerick Wexford Cole rain Lurgaa Youghal CahU. On the National Bank and ita branches? Athlooe Ennia New Hoaa Ballinuloa Ennisrorlhy Newry Balhaa Fermoy Roacn-a Boyle Gal way Roscommon Carrkkooauir Kilkenny Slteo Clonmel] Killarney Tallow Cuhel Killrush Tralee Cork Kenturk Thurlee Cutleraa l.imrricl Tuame Ceherriroon Laugh re a "Pipperary Charley ills Longford Waterford Drogheda Moate Wexford Dunkirk Mitrhelatown Westport Dungarven Nenagh Cootchill Forfurther particulars, apply (if by letter, postpaid,) to nM JOHN HF.KPMAn. 61 South at. TaPBcoTT's general passage uFFIcEI for pa?"?age from and remittanue to great britain and ireland. By the New and United Lines of Lieerpool Packets, ray- The subscribers beg to inform their frieuds and the afJtVWpublic, that they continue to make arraugenienls for jKHfcthe bringing out of passengers on very favorable terms, from all parts of England, Ireland, and Scotland and Wales,in first Clara American packet ships, commandedb] expeneoted captains, and will sail from Liverpool every six days throughout the year I KG Thaukful for the liberal patronage ihey hare hitherto received. I tie subserihers hope by I heir continuing to fulfil promptly, and with satisfaction, all their engagements, and by the extensive arrangements th> y hare made in their business, to retain that popularity thev hitherto ei j ?yed Persons sending for theirfriemls may ie!y that the same a,ten'iou ? ill be paid to the comfort of passengers which has invariably been extended to all wh se passages have been engaged at (his office, and iu all cases ivhen those sent for decline ro ning. (he passage money will be r, funded to the parti-a who paid it kerr. without any detluclisn 1 nose wishing to kdo money 10 ineir menus. ran tie sup plied ?itli draft* :it sight. payable ou demand, in all the principal tonasof the United Kingdom, and at the fallowing oatika, tin? In k.ngland?Messrs James Bnlt, Son k Co., Banker*, London; Kvchange and i'/itcnulit Bank. Liverpool. In Inland?The National and Provincial Banka and Branrhea In Scotland?The Bank of Scotland and Branrhea. The subaenber* hate alio a regular aitec'sslon of firat >laaa packe's. tailing to London tliree times every month, to Literpool fire timet, 10 New Orleans til tune--, to Motile, Satannth and Charleston weekly, by which | savages cau,be at all timet aerurrd on very favorable terms. The public will please take notice that the only ships control icg the new line of Lit crpool park eta are? The Uoscius. t.ollinf, The Sheridan. Depeyiter, Siddons.Cobh, (iarnck, Skiddy. The United Line of Liverpool Packets are? The Rochetter, Wo?dhout? Tue Wet;cheater, Ferrit, Scotland, Rubiesou, Tirolinta, Smith, Southerner,Pa'mer, llibetnia, Wilton, Republic, Thompson, Carroll of Carrolllon, Cornelia, French, Hudson, (' ge, Srakspere, Miner, Creat Britain, Protil, Memphis Knight. Hottirgurr.Crabtn-e, New York, Niten. Pan hi i. Uoodotanton, TaJbat,Storey. Brooklyn. Richardson, Diadem. Baratow, llcnn. Wiilard N Carolina. I. rummond, N. Biddle, True man, Lancashire. Lyon, Kutaw, Roekett. The abore ships are too wrll known to require < urei it. The ubvctibeet trust that w it t their superior . rniueoirnt* for the accovnmationof persons wishing to tend ftieir friend*, or who ?itli to n mil them money, those abou' making such engagements will not lall to ohterte the advantages here offered them. For further particulars, apply (if by letter pott raid) to W. V. J. T X APSCOTT, 19 Sou'h street. aor OwWTtrnewa Latss, New Ysrk, NK\V~FORk AND HAV Kk) PAUKKTb. (SECOND LINE.) m m Tn^n^^if litis liemlln^nu ths 1st and Havre sn the llth of each month as follows ; , PVosn .Vent Fork. Finm /fours. Ths new ship ONKIDA, t lit March ( i?ih April Capt. I 1st July < tetli August James V uurk. ( 1st November ( lllk December Ship BALTIMORE, t 1st April (IStliMay , . . i August I I silt September Edward Funk f 1st Deeevnber f 16th January Ship UTICA, \ tst Msy i l?th June ?ii. \ i?t .-"piemner t letn uetober Frrd'k HewiH ( let January ( ISth February New ahip fiT.N'lt OLAS.t let June t liili July Capt. \ let Oelnber < 16th November J. B. Pell. f let February ( l?th March The arenmin >d:it. >.*e >t tr.eer ehl|ie are not aurp-aeaed, com biQH.fg all that may be re p.ured |.?r < nmfort. The price of cabin p?eaage ia *: DO, P.uetngeri will be aui>plied with ever7 requirite, with the etceptini. of wince and liqnora. Go.ala intruded for theer T(..<elr will be forw arded be the eobecribera, free from any other than tlie rtpeneca actual.yi currad on them. For freight or pawner apply to BO if) k lilNl KRN, Areata, ,g A Tontine nuildiiiea IXK It h. il If I t M r.? I I) I N H.t.Mi I it r. I. A \ ft R< OTL.AN0, AND W'ALF.H? I'ereoiia iroeeediog W-CttLor tending money to their fnende reai.lic.g in any part of the old country. can at all time * obtain from the aubacrib?re drefle at eight, lor any amount drawn dirert on rhe Hoy >1 Batik of Ireland, and on Meaare Preerotl. (irote. Amea k t o , bankeia, London, which are paid frer of diernuutcr any charge whatever, in rrery towu throughout the Uuiled Kigdcin For term* apply ito BOCHK, BHOTHKHfl k CO. M Fult. n at. New York, imat do >r to the Ful'on Batik W7- The auliacribert bare a regular di'ecl aurr aaion of firat rlaaa American Hmpa. anting from Lnrrpool erery ait day?, and Mr. JAMKH D Kt)t JHK, one of Una fiun, n there, and will remain to are all whoae peeiag'e are i?iJ here, forwanled with care and deapitch For p.aaag. apply :n a bote. j| FOli LIVKKPoOI. ? 'I he aupetior tint claaa tailing atop HI OTI.A N I). Kobinion, Maalea. will J^Mpfaharr Immediate diapatch for the aliore fxirt Having epleiidtd a-comrr odatione for c> bin, rreond cabin, and eleer age paaeengera. feraoue about embaikiug tliotilil make carl) application to OLOVKR k MrMCRKAY. ro? I0? Pine (trect. corner of South 1 er*' " welling to tend for their friencn remduig in lo 1 " * r| "n C.*n V brought out by the ah .re ahlp, JL'verpoolI<"1 the Itth March. and provided with pra IvT^Titar u .L. rV1' ?" ,h' moderate terme. by >pr?U l?<{ M (if |?f fr po?f pftiil.) -rtfL . r.A'l.:->ill^l" Line?Tl? lg?y^'^La"L Na';.?' AS. J. B Pr,l,.?t?,,? BOYD k HINCKKN. Agenu, M1 Wo. I Tontine Building. IV YO W YORK, MONDAY MC Charleston. rCorrespondence of tlw Herald. | CHiKLitTON, Jan. 23, 1842. Banking in Utoigia and Alabama?Singular Aforemtnl*. Dcab Bkwkett? Having ju?t arrived from a long trip through Georgia and Alabama, and believing that the situation of the two States is not underetood, 1 think it the duty of every business man to try and cormet the abuses that exist in hnili States, hv nub lithing to the country tbe peculiar position they are both in, and how the evil can be corrected. In Georgia,| the Hanks, in (he eastern part of the State, including Savannah, resmned specie pay ments early in autumn ; at the same time the merchants refused to receive any bank notes that were not convertible, in the equivalent to coin, at par. The effect was to introduce into circulation a good, convertible currency, and as the planters sold their cotton they received in payment notes that enabled the eountry merchant to make his payments without loss in exchange. This course has been strictly adhered to at Augusta and Savannah. In Macon, the second interior cotton market, they attempted to do the same thing. The Commercial Bank and the Ocmtilgee paid out their notes to the cotton buyers, believing the merchants would repudiate the unsound currency ; for a few days it an <wered ; but the business of the place being in the hands, with few exceptions, of men who pay no attention to contracts, it was not carried out, aud they are now palming off,,in payment of debt, the notes of banks that do not redeem thcui, and are at a discount of 10 to 15 percent. As you go west, aud reach Columbus, tbc condition of the merchants, suffering under a depreciated currency, is truly lamentable, and when you are informed this state of things is produced by three or four individuals, and the leading men i the town, you will be surprised. The difficulty lies in a uut shell, and the evil will soon cure itself: it was produced by tbe Planters' and Mechanics' Hank, or, 1 should say, by Geueral McDougal, the President, a very excellent aud worthy man.? Some Ave years since, when laud buying commenced in Alabama, many of the citizens of Colnmbus were engaged in it, and the General became a large purchaser, to the amount of some one hnndred and fifty thousand dollars, at the same time, and has continued, to the last season, to operate largely in cotton. These operations were on so large a scale that he soon required a bank, and was placed at the head of the Planters' and Mechanics'. Up to last year he succeeded in keeping it afloat; but as his large landed property in Alabama became unsaleable,and the retlama ions in cotton presented themselves, and the funds of the hank being exhausted, be retired from the Presidency, owing the bank one hundred and sixty thousand dollars. Mr. Banks succeeded him, a very good appointment, but he found the assets so unavailable that he could not get the bank in asituatim that appeared satisfactory, and resigned. General Watson was appointed in his place ; he is of the McDougal school, and owes the bank sixty thousand dollars. This debt was created under McDougal's administration. These operators have forced upon the community the bills of this baak upwards of two hundred thousand dollars, and up to a late period, with the assistance of the Bank of Columbus, have induced the people to receive them as go^d funds. This could not have been done excepting the assistance of the Bank of Columbus, who, on these notes, resumed specie payments in Oetober; but, having a large amount on deposit, and not being able to borrow money from any quarter, excepting the notes of the broken bank (PUuters' and; Mechanics',) they commenced at a late date receiving them and paying them out, and the poor depositors, who deposited good money in Oetober, are compelled to receive, in January, a currency depreciated thirty per ccut. Many meetings have been called; and, on ^atur day, an attempt was to be made to tear the building down. The course the Bank of Columbus pursues cannot be tolerated; it arises from inability, not having available means; and tbey should be iminc diately forced into liquidation with their colleague McDougal is new President ef the Insurauco Hank, lately purchased from the Bank of the United States; the purchase was made by Dr. Collins, of .Macon. He sold the bank to McDougal for sixty thousand dollars profit. Fortunately tor the community, the directors ?f the bank, hearing it was going out of their hands, destroyed all the bills; and when the purchasers came in possession, they found they would have to make a new issue; and as McDougal's name was valuable at the Planters' and Mechanics', he, like a prudent general, has not yet entered the field, and is holding himself up for a roup de main. The destroying the bills, is quite unfortunate for Collins, as McDougal refuses to pay him the amount originally fixed, as ine contract included assets, and particularly tbc circulating note*, which, under the former administration, atood well, having alwaja been paid in apecie on preaen:ation; and he would have bad but little difficulty in getting them in circulatiou, by thin acani giving him some mean* to operate. The other Bank in Columbua ia the Phoenix, a vamped np concern, under a new name, without capital. Its circulation ia amall, and principally ia checka, repreaenting on the face, being dated Iola, Florida, and payable at Phoenix Bank, in currency, which ia l'lantera* and Mechanics'. The head of the baak ia a dealer from Millcdgeville, Georgia. Tha sound Bank of Columbua ia the Insurance and Trust Company. Mr. Cooper, President, lately elected member ol Congress. They do their business correctly, and have real capital I will finish this subject in a few days, and give you data for every thing I assert; and remain, yours, dec-, K. Trenton. fCorrMpoodense of.the Herald.1 Tarnrov, Jan. 27, 1M2. Fair?Poliiieal Cuucm, 4*c.?Rttumplion of the Jrr.ity Bank*. Dear Sir? Oar town, famed for its lameness and monotony, is now being distracted by the most powerful of the elements?beside the repeated shocks of earthquakes, the great convulsors of the physical world. Party politics, and the influence of woman, the violent agitators of civil society, are compelling peaceful Trenton to yield up her serenity, and tumble beneath their omnipotent, CHlm-destroyiug energies. Last night, there w# re assembled at the Episcopal Fair, a heterogeneous multitude, of divers casts and character, from the fairest af the Almighty's creation to Afric's sons of ebony. There were seen lbs loveliest of the lovely beaming upon the nice young men (with noaploiks dangling ho gracefully down) smiles go fascinating and overpowering, that even Calypso, had she been there, with all her insinuating arts, would hare been aompelled to yield np the ghost, and cty out " enough." The stubborncss of the rugged gender yielded at discretion?the green, the timid, the ripe veterans, and they that were wont to cling last the golden puise- all with one consent simultaneously shelled forth the yellow charms, as thick as rattling hailstones before the driving winds. At oae corner n' the hall, stood the incumbent of the po?t-n(lice, attracting with her fascinating countenance, and epistles for the anxious lovers and trembling husbands, who, Cincinnati^ like, were compelled to le.ive their ploughs,their wives and sweethearts, for the preservation of the Stste. In another corner yon might behold terrible exhibitions, and more terrible lottery shops. Aloof from the crowd, were the sons of Kpicurus, gulping down oysters, chicken salad, gingerbread, Arc. Lovers with stately s rp wore promenading the hall, with looks interrogatisg, "Don't you wish that 3011 were weV* Here and there wera clustered groups of loud laughing, game-makiag, withered up bachelors, and envious disappointed suitors. Another section of ike room u as moaopoliaed by vigilant mat reus and RK B >RNING, JANUARY 31 1 calm, fate-resigned spinsters. Occasionally, a frieky widower would be aeen tr piling tip toe lightly orer tha floor, probably with a cluster of roaea in hia boaom, emblematical of lova, with looks insinuating, ' I am so young." Here und there rnieht be seen a solitary, wandering, characterstudying looker-on in Vienna. A dreadful discord nnlMml onniioniionoA hilt fur above all wan beard the melodious tones of the pjpno forte, accompanied with bird-like warbliugs. l>uriog the same evening, at another q isrter of our town, wan presented a scene far different from the one just described. At Mr. H's hotel were assemDled in secret caucus the Solons and Lycurgusesof the State, meditating and planning deeply, and reasoning together upon the reuowncd specie paying bank bill. The object of the caucus was to draft a compromise bill to harmonise the sectional interests of East and West Jersey, in relation to the banks of West Jersey resuming specie payments. It was a pure, true wing caucus, harmonious in politics, but clashing in interests. The lions of East and West Jersey were there in warm debate on the interests of their darling constituents . I fancied that I could perceive in that grave and dignified body a striking resemblance to the immortal heioes of Homer?from the owl like gravity that at fir.-t reigned over their mighty deliberations, one would think lhat each one bore, not an Atlas, but a New Jersey upon his ponddrous shoulders. A venerable son of Ceres sat with becoming dignity in the chair of this momentous council, as imperious, almost, as Jove himself. One A \V. officiated in the double capacity af secretary and orator, and manifested a veal that will never be forgotten by his remotest posterity. His ambition exploded in a rocket of eloquence, as it was wont to do in our legislative hull. The hotel resounded with his percussiou upon his desk, "lor he beat with his fist instead of a stick " A Mr. H , formerly ol your State, presented for the consideratiou of the meeting a glorious compromise bill, giving the hanks till the 4th of July next the privilege of suspension, and thenceforth to redeem all their bills under the sum of $2, and till October next ere they redeem their bills above that sum. N<> sooner had the bill been submitted, than was the fiery indignation of Messrs. A and J. drawn forth, and.with the fury of a whirlwind, shivered it to the four quarters. In the meantime a certain eagle-eyed Colonel, a Nestor in council as well as an Achillespn battle, and renowned f r his compromising and conciliatory virtues, with the bound of a stag, rescued a few of the forlorn fragments, and engrafted them as it were into a judisious conpromise bi 1 which he had framed, to the sacrifice of much midnight oil, and then, with much majesty|wf mien, made a solemn, soul-stirring appeal " to his highly honorable fellow representatives" upon its intrinsic merits, and in the mean time remindiug thcra ?f the blood of our illustrious fathers of the glorious revolution, and the battle* lhat tried men's souls,?namely? Hunker's-bill, Princetou, and Trenton. Mr. ll'y, fired with the love of liberty, then gathered up the remains of hi* lacerated bill, and committed them to the devouring flames, and ejaculating with stentorian energ)?"If Rome must fall 1 am innocent." Mr. J , the honied friend of the people, then presented the skeleton of a bill, stating that he wished those dry bones to be clothed with fat and filled with marrow at some future meeting. A hardhanded, honest-hearted yeomin trom Burlington County then arose with eyes fixed upon the floorjas Ulysses of old, and in language of thunder, foretold, as it were withfpft of prophecy, the ominous fate of New-Jersey, in case East Jersey did not knock under tie invoked the monitory voice of the past, and drew a nice parallel between Grece, Rome and Carthage, just before their fall, and now degenerate New-Jersey ; and after uttering a few harp wards concerning the spurned broad seal, sat down overcome with fatigue. The fierce battle of words waved warmer and warmer. An honest worker in earth, known to the scientific by Silicious Selax, from the county of Gloucester, arose, and as firm as an Ajax, and as s wilt a* a Woodcock, blew up E. Jersey sky high, for bis little body lodged a mighty mind. Din was the confusion of council, and discordant were the views of the mighty. The council dissolved sans ceremonir. The concilitory Colonel led the van, as it were from battle, and fled like a hurricane in rage and diaguat. The noble band of patriots left sorrowing?some were weeping, and others bewailing the fate of their uuhappy state. m. r. z. Buffalo. ICorTtspondcQce of the Herald. 1 Buffalo, January 26 h, 1842. Business?Politics?Hrligion. FrIEIKD BeHNETT? The weather here ia most delightful at this time, and our belles are enjoying promenades in Main street equally with yours in Broadway. In the way of businesa we are doing nothing.? We have so long been ia the habit of receiving Ohio and Canada hank bills for money, that now, when deprived of them, on auceunt of their high rate of discount, we are literally without a circulating medium. Our shippers and grocers, as a general thing, do nothing in the winter. Ocr retailers of dry goods have been cat short by the failures of the banks, and therefore have failed themselves ? There are not half a dozen dry good* dealer in the city that have not failed since making their last fall purchases. Many of them, who bare made assignmc.its aad been preparing for the first of February, are thrown "all aback," by the late new* from Washington, respecting the repeal of the Bankrupt Law. What the pour devils will do, if that law i* repealed, Heaven only knows ! In politic* we are a* dull as in business. Our friend and favorite General Barker, i? trying hard for the office of Attorney General for the State.? His friend* arc determined to push him through, but it will be a no-go, in ipite of them. In religion we have no excitement. The Odd Fellew* are doing all there i? done in that way.? One of our minuter* lately united with th* city lodge, but the old women in his church kicked up such a bobbery about it, that ho was obliged to withdraw. Our faihiouable a**emblie* at the American go off with qeite a considerable spirit. Our ladies, though not as beautiful a* ihe " Yankee girls," are noway inferior in "gracesand aceoai, liihiucnt*." Would that I could my as mueh for the gents.? We have some as tine fellows here as any city can boast of ; but most of tbcm, I am torry to say, are absolutely intolerable, and their conduct toward* the ladies and in company generally, i* " shocking?positively shocking. Dry goo Is clerks, bank clerks and lawyers,clerks, who can beg, borrow or steal five dollars, are admitted indiscriminately, and the consequents are fights and bloody noses at every assembly. Uf parties we have fewer than common and those given mostly by those who can't pat their servants, much less their tailors. When a man gets pretty hard drove, and it is rumored about that the sherilf is likely to take his business out of his hands?his wife brushes up and gives a party. The cham paigne and oysters circulate freely among his friends. A hundred dollars is thrown away that rightly belongs to his creditors?half of then per haps so poor that they can't get food sufficient for llmir fiA n, litis thn mm is set ri?ht IVI thf> pnmmii. nity ; bit wife become* fashionable, :*n?i all'* weP a/ain Don't you ibink we are a young New York 1 Our broker* are doing more buiiuc**?and a better business for tbemselve*?than any other class Tbev arc buying O.iio money at 15 to 30 per cent. Micfiigan~*pectc paying?10 per cent Canada 8 to 10 ; Hank of Buffalo 10 ; Commercial Bank of Buffalo 25 to 30 Jew*. What'* Commercial Hank bill* worth in your city J Court Calendnr?Thla l)*y, Coi rt ok Common Pi.r.A?.- Part 1 ?Before Judge Ingiahum?10 o'clock A. M.?No*. 147, ISA, 40,141,09, 63, 47. 44, tfl. 07,77, 109. Itfl, 103. 180, 197. Part-4?Before Judge I'lthoeffer?-4 o'clock P.M.?No*. 14, 309, 104, 104, '48, 114, 140, 8, 70 , 86 , 88 , 98,100. Circuit Cov*t?The adjourned Circuit will commence thi* day with the calendar intended for Wednesday, Demand on Mexico.?Mr McRea, bearer of instruction* from President Tyler to Judge Kill's, U 8 Minister in Mexico, we understand left thi* city yesterday alternoon, to proceed from the Ha li*c in a revenue cutter, to Vera Cruz, on hi* way to the Mexcan r-apilrl. We understand the instrnctions of the President to authorise our Minister to demand the imanediafe release of Messrs. Kemlall, of New Orleans, Coombs, of Kentucky, and Howard, of the Itistrict of Columbia, citi/.ens of the United States, captured while going to Santa Fe, as well as others similarly situated, whose citizenship can be proved The President has the approval of bis eonstitu* nts for his prompt action in the matter, and we only hone that our representative in Meaieo may act in tne same spirit, and be successful re his efforts.?.Veto Or/mm BiJ/ttm. Jan 20. [ERA .842. MiblliT [Correipendeace of the Herald ] Mobile, January, 17, lHI'i. State of 'Ihinx* in Mobile?Confident Exjterlation of the Siixpeniion of the Neir York Bank*?Mailt? Commerce. James G. Bennett: Dear Sir: What there i* in this place that may be any thint! like news to you or your readers, 1 believe is connected with that " root of all evil," money. Business, so far this season, has been very dull ; planteis are very sparing iu their purchases, although the sustenances of life are almost given away. So far this year our receipts of cotton have far exceeded those of last?last year we had something like a demand lor the staple, but this year, owing to the low rates at which manufacturers are com pelled to limit their agents, and to the fallacious idea entertained by planters, that on account of the short crops, cotton must go up, as they say, to 12j cents these, and monetary causes, have reduced business to such a low ebb, that I candidly believe our merchants are scarcely making their salt One cause of cotton keeping up so, is the enormous rates at which exchange is ruling on all points; even on New Orleans it is commanding 11 per cent premium. New York (sight) is selling at 20 per cent; 40 day bills at 17<tl8 per cent premium, on Boston at about the same rates. Sterling is worth 22a23 per cent prem. A short time back you mentioned a transaction in sterling exchange by one of our banks, to the extent of about $-100,000?it scarcely was known to our merchants until read in your paper. Exchanges are so fluctuating, that no accuracy can be had in quotations. All the past week the rates, before the arrival of the northern mail, cotild not be taken as a fair criterion for the balance ofthe day. (i.. ,k.l k.l., >a loon >1.1. .In I a '.I thing*, i? the large amount of Alabama money in the shape of certificate* of deposit in the northern markets, and the precipitancy with which it has of late been forced elf in your market, and sent on here with orders to be invested in sterling exchange. Now the more exchange rises, the higher cotton goes ; still, although the planter reaps the benefit of the rise on his cotton, he will travel all over town to inquire the price of an article, even if it is hut a few dollars worth he wants, so as to t<e sure he does not pay the exchange on the article he purchases You may take any article you please ?take, for instance, a northern one?and I will defy a merchant to make a sale of it to a planter (who are our only customers) if to the cost of the article ke adds the exchange. From this very act you will at once nerceive the impossibility of our mercoaats paying for the goods they bought in the north the past season, ami it is geneially allowed their purchases were pretty extensive. A man may be ever so willing to pay his debts, but there is no business in existence that will warrant a shave i f twenty per cent. The present rates at which exehange is ruling, I look upon as a good and sufficient reason, if our merchants are not able to disehanre their northern liabilities. lour banks, by loaning on Alabama certificates of deposit, would render some relief by keeping those certificates out of market; but the only sure means of our (and the balance of the country's) getting along, will be for your banks to suspend, una the sooner the better, as 1 think they will eventually be forced to it. You don't say if your banks are in a condition to continue specie paying ; the fact of their suspending, so as to relieve the south and west, will not injure their standing any?Will it 1 Things not only here, bat alao in most of the large towns, south and west, arc in such a state t .at debtors cannot pay their creditors; and the only way to get along, will be for both to stall at the same end of the rope?the creditor to help and encourage the debtor, and vice versa. You may think the suspension of your banks a very bad argument?[so we do]?but I see no ether resource, for it is certain our own banks never will pay specie; and rather than the populace should undertake to force them (which 1 think will be done unless thiugs take a turn for the betttr very shortly) I, for one, would prefer the suspension of your banks. [No doubt of it ] The planters ate retting, oa au average, 8^ cts. for their cotton. Their provisions cost them ?Bacon about 3a3^ cts. round: mess i>ork. ??? 50aft7 ; mess b ?f &4u-l 50; flear, <$5 62. 'Vhey are in fact getting the above article* for less than they coit in New Orleans, letting alone the freight and expense* from there here. One of yeur eastern correspondents, some time back, was making inquiries about the steamboat M. V Beach, asking where she was, what, I do not exactly recollect For your information, know then that the steamboat M. Y. Beach and the Monmouth (the cognomen under which she arrived here two days back) are one and the same. She is now called the Monmouth, and has been 22 day* getting here from New York. She broke her shaft when one day out from Tampa Bay, and has been worked from there by hand. The United State* mail boat, carrying the mail from here tn Stockton, was run into 011 Saturday, so that I think it doubtful whether the last two days' mail have ye* left Mobile, or if left, have arrived at Stockion in time te continue North. This morning, however, being on the wharf, 1 saw the great Northern mail thrown ashore from a couple of row boats, in which it had been transported from Stockton, and I conclude that the mail bags from here North will be transported by the itrne conveyance for a short time, llcre is a transaction for the Postmaster General to look at!?the United States mail carried in row boats for thirty miles because the contractor has not anether boat to put in the place of the one run into. The mails between this and New Orleans have lately been irregular, owing te one of the boats (the Creole) being ashore for the past week, and 1 believe is now in the same situation It is useless to tell you of the great circulation your paper has here, foryeur subscription list tells the necessary tale. Mobile never looked duller than it does now, asd the Northern mail is every rlay looked for with great anxiety by cverv one. Your monetary articles and quotation* of exchange are looked up to with a great deal of confidence, and as long as yon pursue you present course y? ur paper will always be read with the same avidity it now is?none the less for what interested parties may say to the contrary. I had almost forgot to mention one cau?r, and the principal one, of the low price of produce in this market. Ii. New Orleans, there being no demand whatever, the principal merchants (Western) of that ciiy have been forcing on this market all produce they could lay their hands upon; they have uii'ir ncnuN Huove wuicr mere hn i<?n^ an pnssible, and one great help to them (or a time wan the Mobile market; now, however, they hare been forced to suspcud, (as you will hare heard from some of your correspondents in that city) having borrowed from the banks as Ion;; an they possibly could The fact of their stoppage will at once become apparent, and as less produce will be forced on this market merchants look lorward with a little more confidence for the balance of the business season. Brother Johnson, from Hosting, is here- business temperance?may drop you a liue on it. ^ Hartford, [Correspondents of the Hersld.j IIarttoud, Jan 24,1842. fjity Corrt*p<mdmU- Bt aham--Hartford ant^/Spriniffi*M Railroad-Neie York Merchant $. t r. Dear Beiswett :? Your correspondents in;this place mutt be sleepy dogs, about these days, if we arc to judge of their lucubrations, by yaur columns. It cannot be from want of subjects, for novelty after novelty has taken place without the least notice from them? Hut permit me to enrol my humble name amongst your racy contributors, whether my productions deserve it or not. Last Thursday and Friday evenings Mr lirah?n gave two concerts ia this eity?the first (one was to a $200 house at 5U cent* a head, and the second one to a #100 honse at the same price. This shows the opinion of the Hartfordera of Mr. 11.'a singing by the side of Russell or Heguin; both of whom are great favorites in this city. All who heard Mr. B., however, acknowledge that he m the rao.-t correct singer by rule, and hae the, mmt powerful voice ever heard in this city, it we exeept the "still small voice" of conscience of those who have cheated the mechanic, aad widow, LD. Met Two iMuu and maiden* of their hard earned wage* flurry. Did these conscience-smitten beings cn-pend for "the good of the public," as do the Southern and Western Bank*. Our Hartford and Springfield Railroad drag* heavily?1 mean the atoek for said roud. But we don't deipuir. Old Hartford ha* done nobly ; she has taken over $110,000 of the $600,000 and she will probably increase it to $150,1)00 New Haven and Sliriaiiii'M shon# the same as Hurling put together If several of thu Bostonisns would now redeem iheir pledge to take up what stock is left after Hartford had taken $100,000, in lea* than { four w< eks we should have a brigade of Irishman hovelling dirt at a great rate. Hut had not the in dependent Herald punched up our moat public spirited capitalist*, under the "fifth rib" until they cried "jifccuri'' who have taken hold of this great work for Hartford, iu earuest, we sbonld now be till in that inglorious state of somnambulism that we wete two years since, i W hat under the sun is the reason your New York capitalist* will not invest any thing in tbia road! Iait because they hud rather speculate in Stonington Kail Road, Vicksburg, Mississippi, I'nited State* Bank, and such like stocks, in preference to investing it where they will be sure of from six to eight per cent? Why do not your merchants do something likewise! We buy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods of them every year for the Connecticut valley, which will soon be bought from the Boston market unless this Railroad is built. Hesides, this route would then be the very best to Albany from New York in the winttr. It is so even new, as the travel bears witness. Why, then, I will not your New York merchants give us a ?' boost 1" It would be far their benefit as well as ours. Our up river business the last tall, although smaller than heretofore, was much better than the most sanguine amongst ms anticipated. Three steam tow boats had as much as they could do early and late. Our ' Windsor brigs" also did a large freighting business. In the language of another. I will close by saying, whether we ret a rail road from hence to Springfield 11 you might as wall dam up the waters of the Connecticut with bullrusbee, us to fetter the steps of trade, more proud, honest, and firm, ninidi*. the Connecticut valley residents, than where she treads in the lumbered Pine or Peatl street, or aoncbes herself amidst tho magnificent domes of Wall street." Western Waters.?Red River so* rising art the rate of twelve inches per day on the 12th inst nt Natchitoches. And the Mississippi was also rising at Nashville on the 8th inst. Suicide?David Little, tailor, of llagerstown, lit alaryianu, tooK liii lile on Saturday last by banging himself He had fastened the rope to the ceiling, and to effect his purpose jyas compelled almost to ?o on his knees The Rev. Mae Abioail Foi.som broke in upon the Massachusetts Anti-81avery Society at the Melodeon this morning, and harangued them for three quarters of uti hour. At last the assemblage wan compelled to adjourn,leaving Mrs. Folaom inpoesession of the floor.?Bovton Ihmocrat, Jan 2B. N wai. Istfi i.iof.noe.?It is rumored in Washington, that more nominations for promotion M ill be made to the Senate, in consequence of the difficulty of obtaining officers of the proper grades to make up the complement of the ships which have beeH ordered to sea. The Home squadron is not yet filled up, and yet every Lieutenant and Medical officer who is not in bud health or lately returned Irani n cruise, is on duty. The uumber will probably be inereHsed. Navv Orders?Jan. 18?Surgeon W. M- Wood, rendezvous, Baltimore, vice H S Coulter, detached, llbh ? Passed Midshipman J B Kandoiph,aloop Ontario. 20?Lieut. O. Bullits,command of schooner Boxer; Midshipman C. Berlody, receiving ship, Boston 21?Lieut. F Chatard, leave five months from Feb 1, with permission to visit Europe. Lieut. J. Carroll, receiving ship, New York; Lieut. F. B. Ellison, navy yard, do ; Passed Midshipman M. Hunt, depot of charts. <Vc. 22?Comm'r V. M. Kandolphi command of sloop Ontario after her arrival at New i trleans ; Boatswain W. Waters, navy yard, Philadelphia. Appointments', Jan. 17?fieorge W.Clark, acting Boatswain; William C. Clark, uctiug Boatswain. We learn Ironi Norfolk that Hunter's steamboat is in a fair way of being launched in the spring? shv the middle of April. The keel of another steBm- ? er ot I>00 tons bas been laid at the launching slip near the main gate; and a brig, 100 feet between the perpendicular", has been raised near the dry dock. The St. Lawrence, 44, has her orlop deck, berth deck, and gua deck, all laid; th? spar deck is yet to be lhid, and the starbard streak to be put on. A new keel, with new dead wood, has been put in, the first having decayed by dry rot. White oak may answer for shipbuilding if it can be kepi immersed, or always moist ; when it is kept perfectly dry, n great rhance is against it. Live oak will stand the tug of war wet or dry. SurKi-ur. Court or tiie Usitj n States? Tuesday, January 25.?No. 37. Joseph Swift, Plaint if), v*. George W. Tyson, on a certificate of division in opinion of the Judges of the Circuit Court of the United States for the aeuthern district of New York. Mr. Justice Story delivered the opinion of this Court, that the defendant was not entitled to the same defence to this action as if the suit was between the original parties to the bill, and that the evidence offered in defence and objected to, was uot admissible as against the plaintiffs in this action. No. 22 John Gordon, plaintiff in error, vs Jam' Longrtt. This cause was arrncd by Mr. Crittenden for the plaintiff in error No. 23 John Tompkins, appellant, vs. Leonard Wheeler et al This cause was submitted on printed arguments by Mr Ogden, for the nppellan*, and Mr. Crittenden for the appellees. No 24 James S Branden et al. plain iff* in error, vs. Willium E. Phillips et al. This cause was argued by Mr. Gilpin for the plaintiffs in error, and by Mr. Ciittenden for the defendants in error. Adjourned till to-morrow at II 'clock?Wednesday, January 26.?No. 25 John li. Randolph, executor, &c. plaintiff in error, vs. Israel Barrett, administrator, dec. ThirTaiwe was argued bv Mr Henderson fur the plaintiffs ia error. No 24?. The Mayor and Aldermen of Mobile city, plaintiffs in error, vs. Miguel D. E lava The argument of this cause was commenced by Mr. Test lor the p'aintiffs in error, and continued by Mr Johnson for the defendant in error. Adjouraed till to morrow, 11 o'cl-ck. Melan< iioi.v Accidents?Four persons lost their lives duriag the past week, at, or near Troy, by falling through the ice : a son of Mr. Madoc, a<rni 7 ?r ? vcgra, in tlm canal, near tne upper tide cut; a son of Mr Potter, aged 5 or 6, in ine rirer, near th? lower part of Weat Troy ; ('baric*, no a of Mr. W?-ll? lidding. of Troy, uted 14 yeara, who wii nkatine r.n the riv. r; and a mtn bel. nging to the arnenal, who fell through a hola etit by the fmhcrinen, for the purpuae of (inking their neta? aiihioij aikus. MILLIONS DIE epHAT SHKK MAN'S LOZKNtJRH would cure. all who 1 erer turd them at know. The Ret. Oaruaa Anthory, of ihr Ont nl* Conference, waa given up aa incurable, belie*, d to be on Die verge of the grave from ronaomptioo, wilhoo* t i* hope of relief, till lie mrd llieae l.ozenge* They relieved him immediately, and in a few week* retlored biin to health, o lliat he could rutin' hie dutiee a? a mimeier nl the goepei He 1? tliein to all woo are coiwninplivr or have any derangement of their lung*, an the grralret medicine i? the k now u w orld. He hae witneeerd their eff'ete on eererat o1heii,and alwave with the h-ppient remote. H' tiya to great i remedy-, hrongh the blenniujie of Divine Providence atioii d t'C tl.r roiiiinoo [iro,orty of all, and in every lamily on tli* tare of the earth. The hev Llr. haatmond, of line city, gave a few to lady , a friend tf hie. who had been give,, up by hrr phyninan and frieudea* mthr laet etagr of coiituuipin.n Thr firel ladrigc gave her toneiderable relief, eo thai ahe wan encouraged to perarvere in Iheir una , and II,rough the hltaaiog of IhJ they reatored her to perfect health. Mr. Jimn W H?le So ft Taut ine Buildingr. Wall afreet, gave aoint I a friend who had net enjoyed a mght'e aieep foe arvrral w??k?, h> ing every few minutea altarkrd with auch a dielrfna up rough an alrroat totakeaway hia lift The Lo r.engea made him raiae < any. ami enabled him to aleep well all nigh' He hail tried every thing he heard of, at>d nothing eln afforded ttm l<a*t rr lief?another inalanee of aaving a fel low being fioin an untimely grave. Mr. .. O Stacy, mahogany ilealer, ft Woonter Itreet, Km. been alllirtrd a itn a aeveie Mmgli for aix montu* . nothing he Could get gale any relief (although he had tlm tie,l phj niciaeel till he tried Sherman'#<'uugh Lo/cngea, cue box of which we liiely rured hi ?i Rev. Mr. Hamhoek, 4tT Pearl atfeet, haa uee,| them m hm family wi'h luv.uiahle rii'Cena, and rccOBiineait* them lo all who 11. afflji ted Willi congha, cold*, or any affection of lh? >f". M K M Tiin. the faahiouahle merchant tailor, itT William etrri't, miffrre.l aeveial war** with a .tie'rraaittg coujfh, which nolhi'.K rehrvnl till he tried their. Lozcngea, whieth rnre I hnn in * few hour*. War-home I oft Nuwii afreet. 4je?t#? I 'harcR'a II * Bow rry; Sawl*,T7 K.i?t B'unlway; corner Ifudanu ami By* log at* M tad I .< Kiiltonet, Bro ikl) n. Re.Ming and fltatr ati, Boatou 4. M. Jenkioa. WaehioKton < Ky it; novn b mI.K.A' iiIn<i PoWdRmp?ao tdi< Boy^nA I' Pona relrhraUd Blear .in* Pomteri, now landing from th* atoii Soutn Aiaei in, for aal* bv Tin PK.R ?RK h RHOPKH.dl l.ihartr at NOTKtt uF THK JttlUT fKKN L1FF |47tl) THlllt COMPANY, St. Aug inline, Florida, Lmnbermeun' n?* Wamw, Pa . wanted at ?U. BYLVKBTtft, _ M M.Wall tt. ad| H^roUw ay

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