Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1842 Page 2
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\TRI AL was madr he??n? the annexed ComMllttc of rtmutable iner?*h?iitf, n< Nortiobtr. 1940, il the loot tf Wall stre?t New York, upon onr of the Salamander Sales, with oar ol Jesse Delano's, C. J. Oiflor1! Patent Double, and cot 1*1 Patent AlWUM Sa?r? KlTllCI ? h"m mi CoMMITYIRl Rrrnar?TKe *bo*e wan a lair ?r || gad H ftfl ' a to v inctBf pmf ?>f Ihr aate|M riortt \ cftkc Sataaagd?r lift ovsi <'l? Mft; and i oaaidar ?ur that it vs an eipoasd <?> an iilnttto h?at r r a period ot tight hours while tack of thitiNriwiri destroyed by the tame In at mi lees than iw.? b urn, >*e hare no hesitation In sayii'C that V| ron xirr ?l?r v?l mi uidei r? ally fire-pi . ?f, and affording perfect nee rdjf to boob im Npm ji im i ire W| there; i ire t ikr much gU II 114 in inakiog this a tat?mat to the jwi die. ml in recommending to them Knot Wilder'* Pateut Rat Hinder 9afetaifullv eutnled to thmr confidence. w vDHWDiirn k s vi! rn. BALDWIN ItCO M1 NTUKN St CO. CHARLES H. MARSHALL. I ommittrr \. . ifc* by the subscriber, * l I be equai to any have be n tested. A general aiaortm-nt on hind, or made to order, and for sale t?> SILAS c.. HKKKiNtr, Sole Agent. jf3 2w _ i:?i wa*- r *. nHfci' periOLK aftlicum wuu me Jim uma *v 11Htu will please call if Dot too lame, if so. to send to Mesnra. A B 8t L> H unt*, No 79 and 1<H> Fulton street, 77 East Broadway and 273 Broadway corner Ct amber street, and get a bottle ot Burnet celebrated Rheumatic Mislure and Syrup, which is warranted a certain curt fjr the t 'ironic, Acnote Inflammatory, *nd Mercurial RheumatifV*It ia 7 years muce this valuable medicine *r as it traduced to ine public and in all ordinary cases one bottle of the mixture, * men in an?* . i a ..n-f. etorv cure . b?t in old chromr stuU rrv ruirul fasti if w rt'Ojiiil? l0(l f^f .u?eof the Syrup with the tnilcrr, as it is well known that it is necessary to cleanse tl.w Mo .1 of its corruption. eausad by the to Ireuuent u-e o' mercury in the d'senses that man m heir to. And in en are the sr .renin* properties ul these preparations for the cure of the Rheum.pisui. Srrtiu*. l-amrtirse id the Bach, Slid joint* he *a to earn, the idmiration and surprise of every indivioual who has twirly Isstod their merits. which can be era hy tlir testimony ot the following well known gentle Mr. Burnett?Sir, having been afflicted with the Rheums tiem for tin last three \ .-ar*. and tried alinoet eeery thin* that coold Ik- thill w'hi of, without doing me any *ood. 1 was indued b> a frirml t apt J I*. Chamber*, to try your Rheumatic Mixture and aft'r using Mirer bottles, it has affected a perfect curt aa inv rase haa been of such long standing, I can recom meud your Millure to every one afflicted Willi the Rheumatism. if being the quickest and a ifeat cure that can he resorted to in the city. 1 remain, sir, with my beat wishes for your future prosperity and hau,,iuess, vour obedient servant. WILLIAM \V. 8TKVF.NS. 6th Ward Day Police offlrer Mr Burnett,?Sir. For the last three year* 1 have "iiff?d with one of the most painful ami troublesome complau laths t> e human frame ran tie afflicted with, aud I began to ter consulting with a number of physicians, that it was impossible tu gel relief I was |><rsua<led In give Burnett's Khrtuna tic Miituru a trial, which, after using two bottles, aecorduig o diractious, haa eifecla<l a perfect cure KDWAllD MOORK, 155 Mottst. Mr. Burnett,?Sir, I do certify that the Medicine that I had from you has eutirely cured me of the Rhunnatism. I was afflicted for three years, and most of the time confined t? the bouse and my bed, ALKX Nh.lL, corner William Mi Spruce streets. This is <o certify that I was afflirteil with the Rheumatism for some tinv. and could get no cure Mil 1 procured Bnrortt's Rheumatic Misturr autl Syrup, which has had the desired ef feet. D. J. KNIGHT, 74 Knltonst. Mr. Burnett,?Dear Sir, The Mtdrciue that 1 bought of you has cured my wife of the Rheumatism. She had suffered a I ong while, and could get no relief fill I wia recommended by a friend of mine to use your medicine Yours,kc. JOH.N JUHGGK.cwr. Grand ami Christie streets. This m to certify thst my wife wai cured of the Rheumatism, after b?iug afflicted two or three years, by the use of .Burnett's Rhuematic Mixture and Bynep. WILLIAM HATHORNE, lit Allen?L Mr Burnett,?Sir Hoing had ? severe attack of the Rhee snatism, so as to confine me to my bed, and not being able to more my hand or oot for a length of time, I w.ts induced to try your Kheninalit Mixttre by my friend Mr. Smith, and as t*Mtishicg to state. afier using but two bottles of your valuable Medicine, it has entirely cored. OLIVER CARINK.86 Bam>w st The undersigned has permission to refer all tnase afflicted to the following well known and Mgllly resectable gentlemen who have also been cured by the use of the above medecine. Mr. J. D Chaplin. Treasurer Bowery Theatre ; A. Gilbert HerbeUst, 110 Kulton street; Isaac B. Snrith, 699 Greenwich st eetj Jnhu C.Moore, 164 Broadway; John Green. builder, ll? Walker street; John AMc.Mahou.106 Center street, N. Y.? To be had at the Proprietor's I ?wrft prices, wholesale and retail. of Messrs. A. B Ac D. BANDS. No. 79 and 100 Eulton street, 77 East Broadway and corner Broadway and Chamber street*, west side. .i; M m FASHIONABLE BOOTS. rHK aubacriber return. hi. aineere thank* to hi. friende, nwl.imfn, aud the public generally, fur the liberal patronage which they hare hmtowrd ou him .inc. hu coinmciicernrut in kuaincea. and aaaiirr* them that nothing ou In. part .hall be wanting tn went a coutininuice ol' the aaine. Hr ha. aurcerdrd ill addition to In. i r-? :.t alock in obtaining, at conaulrrable ipeuae. far hi. Kail and Winter trade, a lot of the eery beat quality ol French CaJI'.kin. which for aofturaa and durability cannot be eicelled. He haa alao on hand a quantity of waier proof Engliah aol. leather, which he call recommend aa a auperior article for cork and iloublr ?ole water proof boota. He would l.o atatr lhat he take* drawing. of the feet, and haa laat* made to autt each caatomer. Ueutlrmen who may be deairoua to obtain tmppfior hoota, ami a good lit, arc respectfully inr.ted to give the .ubacribrr a trial. n90 Im J A MRS WAI.K EH, 154 Broad war. Notice -important to merchants aud aii other, .ending letter, to England by the KOIfAL MAIL STEAMERS from Boa too. Meaara. Harndru It Co. would rrtpectfully give notice that they do guarantee that all lettere received at their office, No. 8 Wall atreet. New York, up to the day piriiouatn the departure of the boat from itoatou. .hall he H?*ed > 'he Engliah mail ou board the ateamer before ahe .alia, even in caae of aceidrnt or detrntion to the boat, ou the Sound, unleaa the delay ahull be more than twenty-four hour. over Abe ordinary i mining time. N.B. Meter.-H. b Co. would alao give notice to their friend* and tlie public that they do not give the above aaau ranee without power to fulfil the aaine. jh H ARNDV.N" % rn. RtM?DY FOR I) <AKNESS ? Certificate of Cure?New -tiik. July nth?Thi* if to c< rtifj, thtl on the itth tef ??f June last.bring in New V'ork.l purchaseda hoMle of Heguine's Acoustic L>rn?a. h Rfwdy for Deafness 1 followed the ? irectioi.s strictl?, syringing. See. ** instructed Before tlie hot (Je w lull eihausled, mv hearing was entirely restored. I hare for he last ten day# h ard as distinctly as erer. Being about to return to my native eity of Hidunon.I, I am happy o make thie public acknowledgment. and to recommend ?o valuable a medicine to public patronage. (Signed) JOSEPH O. VALE. This vahiabi* preparation is for sale (pnee $1 50 per bottle) by A. B At P.Sand*, No 79 and IM) Fulton street, by A. B. baud* kCo., fSJ Broadway, and by D. Sands & Co , No.77 but Broadway. itn UNITED v I \ I KS riOTF.i ?The un.ler- iw 1 gn t - !> > ti*e to the public that the United Sta'e* Hotel, formerly! kept by David Dorranre, Ks<r and whith ha* beetj closed for upward* of t wo souths ha* be* u put in complete order, every part of the ei tenet re tuilding ha\ing been et^iwd to thorough evamination. and no eip* n*e ha* been spared to make eve ry root* such as wruM be agreeable to the n ost fastidiou*. The hell has been laid in Italian inarble. The furniture and htlure* of the house areentirtly new?carpets,chain, bedsteads, ko hkI are of a kind united to the high character that n in- I tencrd thii f.vnritr home ihmild au.Uin The arrangements vrr tnch that families or sit'g'e iwtiona may hair aeeommodatiooa rjual to th??? in a prn a'r h< u?e The services of one nl thr beat cooks in Ihr country ha. hern secured The aupp y of tlw larder shall t>e empiric, and the general arrangements of frhe establishment am h as to compete with those ot any hotel in the United States, w ithout e*reoti?n. 1 am hnpf>y to announce that I nave made an arrangement with Mr. Alouzo K? ed. the late well known proprietor of the Waverly House, New York to aid and assist in the management of the h ma*, who#* undivi led attention, with that of ii ywelf, will be devoted to the in ?iuteuance of the high reapectabil ity f tins establishment The Uni ed S ate* Hotel will he open for the 'reception of visiters and ooarrlers.on Mnudav, the tub met JlilB rilOMAB U. RE A nvMirr.\\i rs i ? i\i.i.imi ikki.and and It St OTLAMV ? Drill* Iroin it, X'l. X XS.XlO. XI5,to Xiaco.and upwards jwyahlr ?t sight or at sialr days, at the foil, win* id-ires tu Knglsud Ireland and Bent laud,ran always Be r.bistmd uf K J Hi LVXSTKR, - tiro,. "T andgl Wall st. IRkLAND. Athlon.. PaogaawM, Monaylium, Ana set. PuMtsrveu. Mulloin, Belfast, Dubno Money-more, Bajlina Dangarroai, Nenagh, BaiubrnUe, Kni.i.killeo. New Ross, Bailymsna, Rnn-a, Omsgh, Baiidon, Kuniscortliy, Paraonslowtx ttaltyahanaoB. Ke inoy, R uicommon. BaUaaasloe Uajway. Roscres, Boyle, Downpitnck, Bligo, Cork, Kilkenny. Strmbane, Cioaosel, Ktliush, Thurlrs. Colemnc. Limerick. 'I'lpuernry, Caeaa. Londonderry. Tralee, Ooalehili. I.srgan, Tusm, CamckoaSuir Longford, X.i,"ow, Caahel. l.ougnrea, W atrrford, f harlevi'le. Milchelstown, Weaford, Cntkbir, Moate. Youghal, KNOLAND London. Birmingham. Preston, Lieerpoo*. Leeds, Bristol. Manchester. Lsocaster. SCOTLAND Kdinbwrgh. tJreenoek. Dundee, (ilssrow. FRANCE Per as, Hans. GERMANY. Hamburg. Bremen, I-raikfort. Person* baring In remit to the r frienittran always rely on heir orders attended lo. the fellowiog pocket after leceipl of TheUhighoiil rate will bt allowed for bills in any of the sWei ptsnr. i* 1 m _ SHI. RMAN'S COUGH LOZENGES THE best congh inrdieine in use. cure all ordinary casea in s few twin* Several huljrlred certificates have been gneo of theie wonderful virtues, They are no humbug, and no fictitious orcasggerated certificates arr given. The whole luedlsal faculty cauiwt rompo-ind a safer or littler article. Wholeeuls aodrstul tua Nassau street. Agents?Chnrrh'a, 1M Bowery. Knshlon Is. Asymwall, tin Broadway, loAstri Hoe' and M William street . g-j) Ulrerkrr street. *43 Brosd nee N V : II* Fulton etieet Heooklvir. SO North *th street LOCK*. LOt KS.I.IX Ks -ANDin Wn h. MaI'KICE'B Combined Snail Whee' Los lis mil t .mbontinii Po'l'nrka. ?These superior Locks, eonsnt mg of Store. Door, stul House Locks, Locks for Iren Cheate II S , night Latches; are decidedly su.iemr to my in market While tertrCtly 1 simple n> their operation and tier, tlsey are eiym,|ie l fn safety 1 by no other Lock, and inly surpassed h> the celebrated Com. ' binatloo Lo. k of Ike same i,,aer>t<>r. The principle on which they are constructed is entirely n. w and it is h>\,et,,| t,, be ' amenualled in affording, it a trilling cost the most .mple se- 1 cunty The price "f store door Loth air Js to Jr. .ach ' Padlocks. >1 to fit thed ren superior srticlr of Padl cks for R iil R 1 1? and th-p's use, worthy the attention of ps rsons interested in such business 1 for ?ik, IB ?)' luin'llt. t" 111* tr.i-i' nr f..r wn ilf uir, |.j WADsWOKTH V SMITH, 1 dl 4 Aff Ilia f, r Ir.f Mamir?rl i-rra I I - . I .-a j NfHLOtt (IAHIIK.N -TOTHK LO\ Kits Of M.HHA. Mrwara NIBI.O k DI'.NLAP would moot reap*ctfully informirullemen wanting t?>?? ?. tiro' thry air fully prepared to atipply orilrra lo iuv rrlrm and An iraat'Tiahle lumi. The* itorj- and green liAMpa* at 374 Bmadw a) , and al Harlem, will torn Hire mi) lady or froth m .n wl." will thr proprietor* are pr'part 0 tn rircnlr nrdrre. which will l>r at all limea attended to with nratnr.a and despatch. Ladi-a gce'tig aoirec. nr bille ran he wth plant* of laryre oraenah ?ir?. Alao, cut tlnwn ?, w hich will b* rranged tn IVc m?vt taatrful maimrr hy Mr. T Dun'ap, who haa br n long and farorably knowntn thr l"?rc? ofplauta The ? onarrratory at Nibl liardrn will a waya he open to thr ladi*. for or - menu J c an 1 ere. y atlrntiou bail them ? titer* arr now III uaanda of that ap'riulid tin eer.the t amrllia. coming into bl<>om. many ol which arr of thr tirir ?u- i0 t> thr ladira for decorating tl nr window, ami which aailt hr aold at moderate pricaa. Wltharrry other articlr iu their Vreah 1 rd Seed*. O Id Kiah filohea Sir d?t AMDS U. HULI. k CO. 4 Vaary atraat. Aalor lltna.Mt lamdeeommndmua change* in tbair attahliahmant for the nieand application of TRUSSKS AMD 81WTORTKRS, iy? hyenow anaaaortiaent .tpiIA a la entrance, ear dm wSmetvedW/or ladi't Th* Star* far the tale ofTmaaeaaod Surgeon# Instrument#, ^md far marranli.e J'liiwn. it entirely dohnrt from the room# lllerlhtihartt at tbt 8ur|i<igfor the application of Truaat# ^XliaftanraonrereiTean# ntheroatietitaihanthotrarntto him Iftha ?#dicalfa<?lty for ralieffrom Rupture .Vaiicacalr .Tro jf N( JLIStIwf RLl'lNtr?0 tariu* a ,,i7o Al *... Kadl'M Ji f JU. foraale by m r?.R*S*. k BROOK* at Liberty at 1 MDsMG A I S CENTS A PAGE, RETAIL CT. lihSL M.N. Mu?ic riiblteher *oil Dealer, fake# thia Mrlh<nl iA inf'iriiiiai lilt friend# aod the public ihmt he hue removed from Br .ailway to No. Tt Lirp-nard etreet. only war d or Ir m Broftleiy. and h*i reduced hie aaudic to the ifry low prue ol 3 cii> ? I -<gc ; lie would at the tame tine iulorn iKe raihlic lhat hn biuaic is not luctirrrci hi nil btci rtiMirtrd, hut u the iw. end primed from the lime plate* aa the mine of any etore iu the city and a* a guarantee aov null purrhaeed ai hie etore end found to be incorrect, can be rut rued and the in <?ry nftmded The public are reapeclfnlly ' r:v "V Wtitti?s.n Menard THE BEST WIG MAKER IN NEW YORK. PHALON.Iate of Chatham Square, new of SM Broadway, hue again taken the firit Premium for the beetapeeraaen of WIGS AND SCALPS. At ON VI NtING proof, if any were wanting, that native itiitcniiily ie appreciated before foreign boaeting and humhug. ae the opinion or three of the oldeat and beat judge* in the |iroleeeion in New York can t relit v. The public can now judge from the premium!, viz. the ailver medal laat vear, and the lirat premium thie, awarded by the American Ioetitute. who ie or if not the lu-et Wig maker. K. Plialon reepectfully invitee all judges and wearere to eiamioe hie premium irapro red Goatamer Wig, which, for eurpaeaing elegance, claee rt eemblance to nature anil beauty of mechanical etructure, may be regarded at one of the greateet matter piece* of art ever N. B?This splendid wig weighs little over half an entice, the lighten ever known. Manufacturer and proprietor of Phaton's celebrated ANTI DANDRUFF, for remwring the dander completely from the head, and a tfcor ough cleaner ?f the surface and hair cf the head, but learea gloaay and silky appearance to tlie HAIlt. Observe, uoae la geuuiue unless aignrd by me in ink. EDWAltD PHALON. Applied an ttie premises for 25 centa. jit In* Havana?mum. webt*? coVkuino house reniovi d tothe t alle Sail I'edro, No. I " enfrente de la Machini." By thia latter direction the building ia.known to all boatmen,coaihm* ii. porters tic., aa one of ihe uioat couspicuoua (Niinti of tin- < II y. The ealenairealteration* and rep,urn upon thia houae having been cuinpleted, Mrs. W. iiaa the aalialaction of offertDg to strangers viaiting Havana, an eatab'iahment farauperior in its location to an) thing 01 the kind ever belore known in the city. It is situate directlv upan the Bay, and commando an eiteuaive view tf the entire harbor, with the adjacent country, towna. villattea, lie.' Passengers lorllaiana moat ob'ain a paaaport from,or one verified by, a Spanish t'ousul, w hich,on arrival, ia taken by the hoarding officers to the (iovrrument Houae, where, in conlnrmity therewith, a permit to laud with baggege, lie. has to be procured by eomr reaident of the place. IVrauua deairniia of going 10 Mra.Weat'a house, will please bear in mind that thia service will be promptly rendered them by the t'lerk who vinta all vessels with passewgers, aa soon as they enter the harhor. Havana, D-r.25.1811. nfiteodtim* On tht! oitke of BTRltlTlJkE?It is most uniform nata ill this complaint that many persons have a stricture who are not in the least aware of it. The common notion ia, that so long as the uriue passes in a tolerable stream, there cannot be a atriclurr. But this ia f. r from true. A stricture may. and often doee. eaisl for mouths, and even years, without producing any sinking change In this respect. When a stricture arriies at that degree of narrowness aa sensibly to impede the urine, it is a serious malady mdred. The object of those remarks however, is to prevent this state, and to attack it at a time when it ia easily and perfectly removed. But there arc other circumstances besides its effect upou tlie urine by which a stricture may he known, or, at least, gtrongjy suspected, and though these are numemtia, there are two which are very coop mou aud very easily judged of, and tliese shall be mentioned here. The fir at of these circumstances relate* te time. It is well hnown that strictures arise from long continued aud badly kreated <ionorrhda. Now, whenever this disease continues over mauy weeks, especially if iu the early period any of the boasted nostrums of the day were taken, there is just and proper around to snspeci a stricture. The nest is most remarkable?it is the effect a stricture hss upon the mind and spi lls. This ia a fact that may be tho roughly relied on. Indeed the author never saw a ease ol stnc ture, (aud he sera many every day,) in which the patient did not, more or Iras, complain of his loss of meutal energy?thai he was not so capablr of business as formerly. The reason of this, however, ia clearly shown iu his " Tnvate Treatise," a little volume noticed in another column of this paper, and to which the reader ie referred, not only fir knowledge of this ilmrmir, tint on every other counccUd with thm auhject. UK RALPH further bega to atkl. that he may be eonaulted Reraouaily a* hi* reaideHCr, .No. Hit Urrenwich ilreet, at any our ; and ahould any be in doubt aa to the eiiitence of tliia di*ea*e. e*|<ecially aftrr periuuug hi* little volume, he will, Mithout r>i>en(e or the Iraat paiu, evplaiu and a**ure liiin whether he have or not. Let it only be remembered that, if he really ha* a triclure, not all the mediciue in the world, alone, will ever cure it. dl< tm' CA4JH OKCHAKU NUT COAL At LACHJIJVAN NA KRICK8.?Real Peach Orchanl, Red A*hf Large Nut Coal, doubly acreeaeil. and delivered to aay part of the eity free of cart age. al (7 So; Broken or Kge, $H SO; Lehigh, (8 00; Screened Liverpool, $11 oO. Apply at yard 504 Waihmgion *treet, near Rpriog. dOT3m*_ Orion NKW SUUSCftlllK.KS * (ill MKKRV-S MUSke hOV/VJVJ (JM have been obtained within the last fifteen days. Since the commencement of the view volume, Jan. 1842.thev have been in with perfect rush. Pi ice AM dollar a year in ad vance. Meters and Misses are iuvited to call and cxainin the work at BRADUUKit, HODK* 8c CO.'S, 127 Nassau ntrrH New York, or lo School itrett, Boston. i26 A/TEDICAL All).? A physuun, long accustomed to prelu scribe I r tin-eases of a orivale uature, resides at 34 Molt street He Imm been (lliliir vvith th >se complaints many years, and bating been a inrtieular and close observer cf cause and effect. he has obtained a thorough practical knowledge of this branch of his profession. which MM enabled hiin to introduce some valuable imprnv omenta into his rractiee. He does not boast of rraking rapid and hasty cures, bnt his satisfaction is to perform fhirough and radical cures, and in as short a space of time as it cm possibly he dnue with advantage SM safety to the patient. And. gMintly ipilliM, it is not no cessarv for tlie patient to obseive nny change in business pur suits. Hasty, and cncis'quetitly imperfect cures, are the source from whence result a ? many di*tre<??iug esses of consecutive or secondary syinpton m ; and the like result frequently follows the use ot inanv advertised remedies for this reasou ; that any medicin*, ho "ever good in the first or p iraary stages ot the complain', cannot he supposed to exert the same power and mil teuce over the human s\ s em wh< u its ad inn list ration has ieeu loop continued, and thus while the patient is swallowing tuediciu'* from day to day, his disc tse, if not changing to a chronn form, to say the ftf| I ik?-l y terminate in a permanent debility, or perhaps s >roeti inv wose, as for install:, a stricture?how many bundl ed there may be at this vrrv time taking mediciue under circumstances that appear discouraging, when if the real facts of the case were known, the dlsea- e might pro* e to be a itiicture. and should this he the ease, it isimixtrtant for the patient to know that one medicine alone never di' nor never ran cure a s-ricture. It i< a well known tact that the patient may have a stricture many months or even yearn, w ithout his knowledge, and without any effect except to increase the t me requireu to make a cure. Those victims of indiscretion or misfortuue who are about ts select a ii.edic-1 adviser wou'd do well to call and obtain a little book treating catfn Ij < otheoe com Ktiato ; ?t a small pocket volume, c mtaiiTirig much valuable information ; its language is very i lain and easily understood. Price 50 ceuts. Dr Grcgor>'s residence is a! 31 Molt street, about 100 yards from Chatham square, nearly own-site th * church. He docs not limit his attendance to a few hours, hut mnr be found at home at any hour of day or mglr, (observe ihat No 34 is n? t a drug store) ; his rooms are well arranged for the reception ol patients, aud his charges moderate. The book may a'so be had at the following drag stores?79 Fulton, corner of Goldst; corner h'ultou and vVimam streets, and comer Chamber at. ami Broadway, both corners. Corrraponden'H from any part of the country, (|>oet paid) ordering the book and covering g|, will receive it by mail, past paid, m return. I'lo se w ishiug personal advice and medicine, mast remit a fee ti insure attention. Direct to 3t >1" n. ,nw ion. JM in' JONES'S BOOK-KEEPING. PI BLI8HEII tod for Bill fit Brotdwt] ?The design of thin work is to substitute knowledge for the common ambiguous rule* of debt and credit, which art weJknown to be itiade qua?e when brought to the tes of practice. This treatise will be found to alYord the student a clear comprehension of the prinriplea on which the various account* of single and double entry arc Arranged, and to show tint by fir the most impor* tant ana leading principles liave hitherto remained hidden in extraneous details This system is already ettcosivd) is adopted io many of the leiding academic institutions in this country. wl?#re it originated, it has bin I r'n'ly , i >ve<t kg a large number of the best accountants aid most respectable merch tuts in this city, and also by a rommitte ?pi>o?nted by Fie American Institute to e? atniue || Trice || InstructI"* i? given by the author as hitherto in Book-keeping and all o her dunes of the d< sk privately, if desired Applicants who require it will ne elieeilully reteiredte former pupils, who arc Book keeper* liw' rHOMAB 1QNFJ Accountant. F'OR BALK, or exchange, or to rent?Land in Lycoming county, Penoa. title good?Also, ten lots in Bergen county. N J., hall a mile from Newark?Also to seat, a Farm in Eliaabeilitown. N J.. con*i?Dng 01 4 acres, barn, and good .rater, rent only $130 ; I hour*rid* from New York. For particulars apply to HBNR) SMITH i Nassau st lisim* fplMBER FOR THE U 8 DR1 DOCK. BROOKLYN, 1 Healed F*r-|*o?als will be received at theoflire of the Navy Agent. New York, until the |?t day #f April, for furnishi. g at the U. H. Navy Yard, Brooklyn, the following tunbe plank for the foundation* of the Pry Pi ck, vir 4900 spruce piles of length varying roin 21 to 22 feet?to average not less than 2* feet ; and to be not less than 11 and to average at least 12 inches in diameter, 4 feet from the butt, exclusive of the bark. 3.0410 lineal let t w hile pine timber, foot square for doer tim ^bers. 13.000 line d feet white pine do, I foot by 1 foot 3 inches square for tl?*.r limbers. 911.500 It it t??sid measure of 3 inch white pine plank for door baa 75 900 fret board measure of 5 inch yellow pine plank fi?r sheet All the above timber md flunk to bo of perfectly found and durable quality The lyirure pilot In bo a- itniiiiht o? ran bo procured, ?nd io all roapoi tf pri i ared fur aharpenirg and driving. The white pine timber to be free from ahakra and large bo tav> d atraighl ;u.d tquarc ode rd to tlio di noiifionf abovoinon. and of tho follow n g length', vir: one balf ol each bo to be in alirka 4J.4S. 4- md 31 l< ol long. The remain ir.c lialf ol each lot in atirka 31 T. 40 and 43 loot long.?tb? nil in Ivor of luioal lr? I of oar h length lo br marly I bo tame. The white pine plank In be entirely fr-o from largo knota? eqnarc edged?la lengths of ft . M 47. .4, 13or 3< fort?to are rage not liaa ibau 47 foot, and in width* from 10 to 13, to ate ra_ - not lev- Mian 14. T be > rllna pine 11 ink to b nought and aquarr edged, euitible for ilriring *? fhoot oiling lu Irnctha of 13 or 46 to-1. and iti w idtli fr >m It) to 14 inclioa? lo average Ho: loaa than la in All tho ?'??' timber vi|d plank to be ilt iivarrk on aurh wharf ir wharfa within tho Navy Yard i-iriy !? deitignitid by the r'.ngiueer of iho Dry Dork aukj'rl to thr laapectioa and approi >il ol aurli pi rami aa h? may aelict. Tin pil - to br oeliy ml m aurh ouanlilioa and at aurh timer rtwrrn lha let day of July aud Iho I'.lhdaf ol October at may ho ri ; .n.dby Hit Navy Agcut.lio giving uotloaa llian ( w 04 Ihowlnti pine lim'erto ho dolivorod bolwrru the lit day of!*opl?mbrr a .1 :<| t day of Ifc'ober, aim ll.r u . r and yallow piuo plank between the lat October and 30th Nov em Per. The pr I aal- will atate the price nor atirk for Ihr pilot? p# r ru >ic I >t f. io i|,o w hi to pin- timber, and perl'not boa d a,oa.u-o I r lb- md J pn,? plank. itio run' ir roaorvod In imgi, thin Iho whnio qnan'itr ol each kind of tin *r 11 . n,.|, , r?and ofleia will tie , rrrnvrd lor any | ..r m?, frill,,, hind. I roioaal. l.t bo .?doeaod, r, ,, -ala for Timbrr, for Dry I Dork. Brookly n . N Agent'* oAre. New York, i?- 3.1. :??? .a tuwtAlat K"" ^KTMOMK, Nary Agent. 4 $5*2,000 LS^&SSKi - . rii " " AMU irili.ll M thlr ihnuriuj for thr m? ?> . or in prop rtion fur .my jwri tivrrrnf. I s?ld Tit .?r i< ?h'"it l? f?<r? "I v Sfr.t * .ir 7 nrW??fii.ll ?l ht? l! .rid corndevi-H and t- Mi?b li?ir, ?< r* or liitUmrd rym I an I In r niurh corrrr.i mill |umidr? or ti|.itrb*? It u ynlMiblr ' II at lir i< ft I "Mil *lnrd by* jouulrr brotlirr ol nr irly ihr intra hatch*. about 17 J f?r< of .?d'. dark roinp'r uou, oaik t> m and V "'"h'lti a'c- in'!'' d llml Mnmino Titrli^r ptirthiuad of J.Syf. 1 ?ml?r. Hi N?? Viirk. ? Bill Jrumi by liim eu J. Bull. Hon h I i Co.. I.miliar, far XIIH3 atrilitiC. to tiir orilrr ol Mitirirr V?i rnrnurf. Hi? pay niriit of wbirh h*? t?i h at.>|H>rd ajid Uie pub I |,t ?,,.u.d.,,U..tbu;.^.l^gmr(p ^^ J. B TRfcVOH.' ??hKT Pliil?i?.lphia,D*c te.lMI. dU?tfgIJlLl.S (Ik* b \< il V.Ntib ?Hit mi i?it. of ?.i?Unif. irrl.nd SbsW.*T'""" " " 1&trAm ,? ? ...... 11 w.jr. Ml 11 irMi-.r I Mechanical lamp warehouse.'?*). an Urond wwy, btiwHi Anthony ud Uui?niiti?t. Freeh I m portatiou of Merhanical Lamina. The auberiber reepecrfutly anoouacra that he baa juet rerrirej frun Paria ihe nw?t cuttaidrte and eplendid aeeurtrnem ?< the e turitalltil Lam pa erer imported in thia eouulry, embracing the lalrat and moat faahionable pattern! now iu nee in Parte?togeth<r with a beautiful variety of Ulaei (Aobea, Kaucy Puree! tin and Paper Uhadea,'.. *tr., all which may now be eiauiiata at hiaatore. No. 1?7 B-oadnav. The auperiority uf the Mechanical Lamp, combining lagaaee in appearance, ecouoiay in the cotAumptiuu ul Oil, with the anoat bnliant aud regular diffnai'Mi ol light, ia eatabliahed by grueral approbation. and the uuilrd opinion of the Preaa, to which thooe unacquainted with their merit' are reepcctfuHy referred. E. D. HAXTON. Buioeieor to A. Duccw, 031 Broadway. TFrnm the Courier It Enquirer.] Mk. HiviciL Lamm, at 337 Bro idwayAnout three year* ace. Mr. Diacon, of Part*, introduced into thia country, " the Mffliinirhl l.hinni.'1 M vrrv liim-nioiim anil hbpM inv#R? ! lion. The |?<u laritica of the lamp consist in haviig placed lu ill bale, a very simplified piece of mrehauism. vitmlur to that ofa wa'ch. which, on wiuding up, puu in motion an im pclleat, much like a force pump, that operatei on aa oil eon territory. aud drivei the oilfroin the reservoir uu to t^e wick, which it keeps always moiat. and thereby product!a light, aJ wavt ol the asm- degree of latenaity, and uniform. We believe it 11 generally acknow ledged, that these lamp* poaaeaa great advantag i over all otheri, iu economy of con anmption. brilliancy of light.aid freedom from aenoke. They have been very generally approved toy llioic who h retried them in thil country, and have been eatenaively ueed in Pari# and on the European continent far many yrarr. The greet objection in three lampe heretofore, or rather the great impedi meat to tkeir general utr, waa their high coat. T lua objection Mr. Diacna h <a now removed, by reducing the price 10 low, as to make them of eaay acijuia tinn to all. [From the Kveniug Star ] Lamp!.?Of all the iuveutionaof Lampe iu Knropeaawell ai in thia haa bien univeraally admit lad that the Me ihanical Lamp poeaeee*s advantage! over a'l othert. jmrticu larly for the parlor; in haa been termed ihe "Standard Lamp" in . ariaaud throughout moat of the continent for thirty yrara paat; aud thr euly obataclc In Ihe w ay of their superceding all other lights in nae in thia country, (vie: the eipense.) ia now iu agreat raeature removed. Mr. Diacon, who introduced ihe article in thia country about four yeara ainee haa reduced hia priera materially,whiih will increase hiaaalea, and they will aoou be touud in every drawing-room in the city. Wc would invite the atteiilisn of citizen! and atrangera to hia atoek. comprising aome of the richeat Lauipa ever imported, wrhirk he ia now selliug at prices to anit the times,at hia store 33T Uroadwav, between Anthony and Leotmd au. [From the N Y. Sun.] Mecma.hcal Lamm.?We pen thia paragraph by the light of one ol Uiacon'a mechanical lauipa?ccrlaiuly a moat ingenious, uleful and economical invention. The steidy.elear, and mellow light which ihmea upon the paper aawejwrite, ia more grateful to the eyes thau any that we have ever trird. The invention consists of a piece of mechanism like that of a wateh, placrd in the base of the lump, which upon beitg wound np, sela iu mntiou aome very simple machinery, operating in a reservoir of oil in such a manner as to keep the wick always of precisely the tame d grce of moisture, and thuj a steady and brilliant light is cnuata tiy krpt up. We observe those lamps are coining luto very grucral uae, at the Astor A >uieandthe Society Library (hey are used in preference to gas. jMin' MILL KOH 9ALK, IN iLLlNOI-.? lt is situated on Green Hirer, in Heury Cotinly, about two miles from Rock River <nd about 14 iniies above the mouth of the river, audit two milrafromMorristown, the county seat of Henry county. The Mill haa two run ol atones, ol the but Frtncn burr. There ia also a Saw Mill attached. As there ia butone mill in that county besides thia, and that 16 miles from il, it will always do a good business. There are SO acres of rich Prarie laud belougiog to the mill. Green River is a large stream and never fails, as it supplied from the Winrbago lakes. The mill ia new and has been in operation about four months, and is doing a good business. It will be sold forcnah, ^pch is about $3 SOo and fat par acre for the land. For further , ai j culara, rumure at Tremont, Tazewell comity, Illinois jrts ?mw cii as. oaklet pOI'ULAJl mkuiclnk..? 1'noru'a Compouua tovlract ol c Cobaiha and Sarsaparil a, a certain, safe, and most effect ual remedy ever discovered for the cure of gonorrhoea, gleets, strictures, whites, pains in the back and loins, seminal weakness, affections of the kidueys, gravel, scorbutic eruptions, Itc. One recommendai ion this preparation rnjoys over all others is its neat portable form, put up in no's, the mode in which it may be taken being both easy aud pleasant, its tasteless nature, w ith no reetriclion in diet or confinement from daily busiures, Traveller! especially would f"id this medicine highly useful and ought ue ver t > be unprovided with a preparation possessing the advantages whirr the present ear combine*. Prepared by J. B. Thorn, (.hernial, London, and lor aale, wholesale and retail, by James Tarrant 264 Ureenwich ilreel, corner of War ren: Houillard h Welluc, 2 Park Kow, and Ml Broadway; P. Pickse. 414 Broadway. twn am* pOMEROY be CU.'S Alkany bl.'KULO I Al kAi.k l Evens. and Agency? Kor the Tranaportalion ol Spe rie, Bank Notee, Small Package*. Sample Uooda, Valuable Parc<l?,, in connexiou with Messrs. Harden St Co.?from New York and A'banv to Buffalo, via Schenectady, Utica. Syracuse, Auburn, Senee* KalU, Geueva, Canandaigua, Uo cheater, Hatavia See. Mesars. Pomeroy St Co. will attend to the Collecting, or Pay ing Notes, Dralta, Bills, A -ceptance*. Sir ., and transact all and any auch buainess aa ahall be committed to their charge in the above named place*, with proinptnea*. Rk.rKRF.Ncks : Krastus Coming, Esq , Preaideat Albany City Bank 'i nomaa W. Olc-tt, Esq., " Mechanics ami Farmers'B A. D. Patchin, Esq., Cashier N. Y. State bank Noah Lee, a " Albany Exchange Bank Watt* Sherman, " ** Albany City Bank Jkmea Taylor, " " Commercial Bank Tneodore Olcott," " Canal Bank Ezra P. Prentice " J ilin Taylor, " Office No.J Wall atreet. New York. POMEROY Ik CO., Office No. 3 Dourr's Buildings, Comer Stale and Market street*, Albany Albany, Nor. IT tip IMC alt Im TO THE LADIES. AffAPAMK C08TELLO, benvtle Physician, atill conti 1*1 nucs to treat with astonishing success, all disease* peculiar to femalea. Suppieraion, irregularity, ebatruction, he oy whatever cause produced, can be removed by Madame C. in a very abort time. Madame C.'s medical establishment hiring undergone I borough i epnirs and alterations lor the better sccoinniod.tiou of her numerous paii.n'a, she is n w prepared to receire ladies on the point of confinement, or tho c who wish to be treated for obstruction of ihetr monthly period.? Madame C. can be consulted at her residence, 3t Liipenard al, at all timet. All communications and letters must be post ptid. ji3 Im* MF.RC ANTll.K AliENcY.?The iiudeisignril begs leave to submit to the Merchant* of New York, a plan for an eatabliahmeut with the above title, embracing, auch branches of business as are now undertaken by an; other individual, aud which he believes of sufficient importance to the mercantile community to receive and merit their patronage Merchants are often at a loss, n, the hurry of business to know where to apply for the assistance ihe> need. It is the obieetof this establishment to afford them a*!ittl*,or as much as they may requite. The business of ibis establishment will include all negotia tious which inercli <nts and others may desire to harr confidentially conducted, and will include procuring rarinrrs, Negotiating with Mauufaelurer*. Supplying Merchant* wi h Clerk*. Comrromuiug with f'redilor*, Kffe-cting Maiine and Kire Insurance. Drawiug Commercial < ontme-l*, he. he. tod for the purjtose of providing temporary occupation tot Clerk* who are out of employment. All kind* of wntit ft, bookkeeping ec. Meeting, he. The plan of provuhng mean* by which persons desirous of conn' ciinc themselves in bu?nis?*. may |, aru something of the nature of the bnsiur** pi<<pn*eJ. before name* are given. or the parties introduced h>* advantage* which can never be obtained from amwspapcr in the eominoh mode of applying for pariThe *ub*criber who hat had much experience in trade, atn waa educated a merchant, feela assured adimt he i* competent to conduct tlii* p?rtof the business to ihe- aatiafaction of the parties intere ?ted, and will he enabled to procure partner* in almost every branch of business, which will yield fair n uiuneraliou for riak and n*e of capital. Maiiuftsturers and merchant* from the country who hare business to trau*act lit the nty, will hud at till* agency mean*, at all time*, of obtaining introduction to merchant* of good landing. VV'he e re*pou?iblr agent* or partner* are wanted, every facility will he afforded at lr?< eipei ?e than they will incur for hoard and le*? of tune, while attempting to carry out the negotiation tn> maeiye*. The prcpo*inoii to give temporary employment to clerk* who are out of place, a* it will enable thetn ,o earn a suheistence until pgr MUM sii.ia'.ion* can be profiled. t thi.s con timiing llicir regular bu?iur** habits, and guarding them from the evil temptat ols ofidleue**) w ill no doubt tin el llie app'ooalioo of those engaged in activ,: business, and receive an I iecure from'tlu in a* a body, such encouragement and ?Mppurt a* well enable the subscriber to give the plau a lair trial upon it* merit*. A regnter willbc kept at the Mercantile Ageiiey where clerk* who are in want unemployment can enrol tin ir nanir*, ?gr*. qualifications, reaeiidence, name* of former rmployrr*. reference*, and such other information as it'desirable; which will beeihibited to merchant* wanting assistants, and prof er measure* will be taken lo obtaiu iiluatiuu* lor them with all reasonable d? * patch. The advantagi afforded to merchant* at all timr* to eia mine free of charge, a regntrr lontaimug tin* information w ill readily be *eru and appreciated by thrm. The merchant finding character,rclcrence*, and .11 other thing* *ati?faetory, can be iutiodured 10 the clerk,and hi* own bargain. To tlir clerk iln* offrr* great facilities?it make* hi* want of a *iluation known to the pereon wanting a clerk, and the fee required for registering w ill not etceed the expeu"e of ail ordinary advertisement io our newspaper.iwhilrthe uu ub- r of De * *|?1 era in the rity u so greal that a clrrk who attempt* to adieruse iu all, will pay a largrsuin. and not tlirn be certain of reaching the individual who wishe* to give him employment. at the lame time if he desire* to advertise, he cau do *o throogh the Mereanlile, Agent, iwithout publishing I i* name, and tliu*en*ure a more certain application than if he require d an answer addressed to any letter of the alphabet,?box m.the po?t office.orfictitioiis signature. Connected wiih this branch oft e busiurMi. it is proposed to luiui* i temporary employnnnt lo cle rk* who are out ot bu sinrss, and to this end it i* requested of merchant* who have extra w riting or who need extra help during the business season, or wlio wieh their hook* exainiue d written up, |Hi?ted, Im lanced, account* made out and collected, at any seas, n o( tlie ye ar, to apply at the Merc uitile Agrticy. rersonal attrnlion w ill be given to *uhmilting preposition* to eredi'ors for settling insolvent estate* The umlrrsgrnrd will rndeavor totive satisfaction to all tlic *r w ho may confide lite el -ivart inent of hlislse.a let I.Is care Marine and Fire assurance will be effected. Tl?e MibscriSer freU confident that hi# kuowfrdgi of this branch cfbuttnos* will l?efcof great ralue to tliOte requ ring Insurance, ai>d he en itrs emploj ment at a m ney h<mui{ operation. Hit fatm lianty with the business will enable hiin to procure risks at the lowest rates. He w ill alto give hit attenti n to preparing statemr uts of and adjusting ?n t collecting claims for All kindf of mercantile contract* and agreement! wilt he carefully drawn on application, under the advice of an eeje nenced legal getitleroau, embracing eiery varietjr'of truncalWtt I Att?ntt?iu w ill also be given to ttamitiiig and timp!if> uig cooi| licn*ed m eonnti. i St* iug administrators, partners and debtors* account# I balaiieiug merchant's books, making hVancr thceft and statements tor opening new set* of book*, a neglect of winch i* the cause of much uiieatine st, while the contrar\ enable* the me reliant at all liinrt to speak cnnfklt nil) of the con eel net t of .hit books, a gratification which mty be cheaply purchased. Many merchants are t??o much engage ! to ilo this the nitrIre*, and are uc.wiliing to trust it to incouv t rt? nt pirNM| who mac* simp error- mnrt c >mnlic ?t? <1 Krrort will be detected in *e't ol hooks wherher made intentionally or througi carelrssucts or ignorauce Fraud-lent rrrorc made by one partm r to deceit e auoth* r, or by a traudu lent debtor to deceits hi* creditor, will be irarclied after aud exposed. St?teuiont* of debtor*' account* made, and dm ilendt proposed foraetllemeirs with creditors f onti letiti *1 loans for merchant* w ill br nrgotiatrd. A method i* here suggested to the in reliant*, who should at all turn * be jealous ol hi* err lit. to obtain mniry upon any emerge my without appearing ?? a |'-?rly to the tr*i -?.u ti u The undersigned proposes al*< > to attend to * ny other honorable brauch of but net* requiring the intervention of a third fairly, ilie nature ol wnich m too promiscuous to b? particularred. All rnattem entrusted to hi* care will t?e treated couftlenti*l'y and arranged with promptitude, fc*? Relcrecces rirh.tuged. W. A. WOODWaitD, Men anule Ag*ntan l .Negotiator \ I Rtchmge flit mm it IIauotcr street. IWIWW ^KLKBKATION OK J'MK Hlr-lil i>Ak ??> I'HOa, k-/ PA I NR.?A Ball ? tlta Shilapnar aarnrra nf William ami itunr alraa'a, on FRIDAY, StMli lint and a Diunrron Saturav. ?ha ;?lh mal. atln? Na'i'>oal t'anal at. naar Br.ida ?, . tall Tirhatt ft. Dinner Tiahoia K' 2-S. t<> b' ha I a' tin abora |rt> la. ami at tha Bi aton clScf M Ri'i'aenll at V B. Oanll-mao wuhiuir 10 m-wi I |>ia-,i- ukr lb-ir tieIt'a mrlv.that a definite order m iy lie p?rii. Dinner i.n the b'e at 5 P. M. . ... . Ti -.?ta n.ay li nlaihid ?t llie Htb ^ ird II.-la' - h ire. . i* it VAl.l,. s-. -.i . i iw" j nil.1.1 a Nils?Otis RifcLD wm ? nappy it < ill >roai

" i.ia frianda at II (aafni-i'a Billiard Km ini. < ?*- lha ' timai r.atni! Il.ttta*. taharr arc e'|-Kt aplandid t-blta. ai'll alata end mat" l<htda. Indta rubber. cloth, aiid apring rati cuaHiona? I'?.1 ,** 1 ro?l"*jBV framaa Kotia-iia lit Knlttai atrrat, and I I Ana'atrrt I. Table* and al.ill.a anl? ^ )t lm* ITn? i'ltR'.Nr M"oRy,of|iliykmi- i?i <?e. -tfthi * rtat inarb-trat-a. by B. J.SVl.t r>'l R, w ti Wall ?t. .ujd t; Br.'idwpj. QTEAJt INOlNICB/-T?? Sum eipum, l?dn borer Opww.r, with boiLre complete, for m1< lew, apply at IM i?*LHi7TJkTTtCLIKENvtOfcL Mt l ruaO O hae the pleeeere of informing the Ci'ie-n* of New York, that he hue taken a room at Mr. Alwill'* Mueic Saloon, No. Ml Broadway. where be will be happy to take profile like Mi of thoee wbe a*or call, la a etvle, which he BaHera Mo?If, 11?fit be excelled by aiiy similar artist iu the Uuna. Likeacaree of maoy of the public character* of the city may be eeea at hi* room. Hour* of attendance from tea tiM three. N. B ? family Group* taken at private hoove, at any hoar ia tiie erruing j|< f LA NoRMA n? UARa.-30tl.lKK) ol tliu celeb ated beaud. uperior quality, and eutitied to isebenturc, lauded from the ('natural Colon, and lor file by jQl 3m M. KADKR. 16 Chatham it MEKlCAN BANK LOCK COMPANY, tor uie eaieTl " ANDREWS' CELEBRATED COMBINATION LOCK," are uow ready to reccire oidere for thia celebrated Lock, and having supplied the aumeroua oidere heretofore received. are now prepaied from the exteneire arrauyetneute the loanufaotuieix of the*e Lock* to deliver at torahorteat lice. 'I he deatza of the eaaiteration i* to I trnieh them to eeery Bank in the L'aited State*, and the aecurily they hav* neretofore furaiahed to each bank* a* hare applied them agaioat being robbed, haeiag often beeu teeted by burgle**, i* uAcieut proof that uo bank cau be eonaideral a aafe depoaitory without theae lock* on their vaulta or eaft*. All othei attempt*, and the combination of changes it can undent varying from MM to 1,00*,000, at the will of the owner, furnishes security not found in any other mode of fastening. Lock* fir safes and (tore doom from 12* la MM change* As relate* to the superiority ol' thia lock over any other, reference i* made to any of the bank* in Wall street, New York. Director* and officer* of bank* are requer* _-d to eaanun* the Locke, aud order* will be received at (lie of WADH WORTH k SMITH. did 4 Jose*' lane, agent* for the city. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. ARTIFICIAL TEETH?Without Cla*p> Ligatorss kc. from a siaglr tooth to a full and complete **t. on the priaiple* of atmoaplieric pressure, by M. LEVETT. Dentist. 260 Broadway, coruerof Warreu it [Kroin the New York Commercial Adrertiier.( A friend at our elbow request* ue to notice eome teeth he ned inserted by Dr. Lerett, of No 240 Uroidway. and toitate hi* entire satisfaction, not only with regard to the teeth tnemeelvee, but the manner in which tbie mlicate otwration eat performed. Dr. Levett ha* bern too long before the publie a* the introducer of the " Atmospheric I'resure Principle," to require a syllable from ua Copy of a letter from Gen. Duff Green to M. Lerett. Baltimore, Sept.22 1841. Mr Lerett?I write at the request of a friend for whom you mide a act of artificial teeth, to *ay that they hare giren entire satisfaction, and that your principle of atmoephrnc pres ure i? fully rerified. I feel aduly to you and to such a* may etand in need of your prnfeteional services to n-commeail them to you. Your obedient servant, DUFF GREEN. j4 lm* M. LEVETT.280 Broadway. MADAME COSTELLO'tS FEMALE MONTHLY TILL i* ackuowlrdced by the firet Phyeician* in the United Stater a* the very beet medicine that ladic* laboring uidrr a eiippreteion of their uatural illoee* can take, and they very to relieve when taken according to the directioua. Those who call lor them will be supplied with her circular, containing ample direction*, nd all the precaution* necessary to be observed in tb*ir use Advice gratis Office 84Lispenard street jt8lm* U'ECHINUS' STOMACH fll PTtRs?For Dyspepsia assiating Digestion. Weakness. Los* of Appetite. Nertoih Disorders and Nigbl Sweats^.?The leading principle of this medicine is to strike at the origion of said diseases ; being elected from nature'* great vegetable emporium, it is at once a ovcreign and liariniesa remedy. Half a wine glass ha* been known to give immediate relief, ll is alto a veri pleasant bitter. The following is from Dr. E. G. Ludlow. No. 884 BroadiLve used your bitter*, in cases of impaired digestion, where vegetable tonic* were iudispenaable, with a benefiei-l result. The article* ef which it is composed are v<ry judiciously combined, and I have no doubt will prove setvicable in the cases for which you have recominrDded it. Yours, kc. Edward G. Lwdlow. From David Earl, proprietor of the Bauk Coffee House, No M Pine street :? Dear Sir?I see you have brought your Stomach Bitters be fore the public You may rel'er any person to me for its g'-od qualitirs. I was so weak, owing to debility from dj spepsia, orsonir other complaint, that I did not know what to do? Your Bitterseured me. You will recollect I felt graieful, and mill yoo a ootiie 01 my mtatc nt. tit: a ootut 01 oia port. 1 gate some of yourbit'rr* to a friend, who wax ruffrring as I wu, and the tells me it had the fame effect upon her as on me. Your* truiv, L)?vn> Kail. Sold only it HUTt'HINO'S Drug Store, 160 Bowery, oor ner of Broome it. Trice 50 cent* per bottle. Alio for ule, it the iimr place, the genuine Dr. Taylor's Bilioin of Liverwort, from the Widow , at :i?5. ill im* JOHN McCABE k CO.% INTELLIGENCE OFFICE, J 99 NlMlU It. R>:rtuiicii-Hon. M. H. Uriuurll, H. Brevoort, Ftq , W. Irvirg Prof. Hcnwj. k. jUS lm* TO THE LADIBS. Vf ADAME COSTELLO. Female Physician, itill eontin ivl ues to treat with astonishing lueceM ali diseases peculiar to females. suppression, irregularity. obstruction, fce , by whatever cause produced, can be removed by Madame C. in a very abort time. Madame C'a medical establishment having undergone thorough repairs and alterations for the better accommodation of her numerous patients, she is now prroared to receive ladies on the point of confinement. or those who wish to be treated for obstruction of their monthly period. Madame C. can be consulted at her residence. No. 14 Lispecard street, at all times and with the strictest regard to secrecy All communications and letteia must be post paid. jl? lm* "CRATCHES AND JEWELKY. VEKY LuW.-Tbe aubv V seribrr is scllinr all descriptions of gold and stiver lever, anchor, cseaprment, lepine. aud verge walthes, diamond rings, pins, gold pencils, chains, her', kc , at retail, lower than at any other place in the city. Gold watches as low as $30 to 40 each. Watches and jewelry exchanged or bought. All watches warranted to keep good time or the mouey |retii-ned. O. C. Ai.lek. importer,<1 watches and jewelry, wholesale nd retail. 30 Wall sireet. u|. 'stairs jH lm* COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE.?Tie public are respectfully informed that Nslhsniel (Jreene. Esq. laic Post Mas. ter of Boston, has this day become a partner with the subscribers in the firm of llarndeu k <?o. WM F. HARNDEN, DEXTER BKIOHAM. Jr. Boston, Jpn. I.IIW. jo 3w* 'O' TllE PUBLIC.?LIFE BOA I'S.?the uudeisigned bert leave respectfully to inrite tbe attention of sea capains. merchants, and all others interested in the nsrigation of bo-ts and vaasels, to his uewly invented life boat. Tnese Life Boets are made upon au entirely different principle fiom those now in u*e; they are warranted to be every way a'apted to the for which they are designed, and can be furnished for nearly one half the expense of what is teamed "Francis' Lite Boat " Those fueling interested on this subject, arc invited to call at the establishment of the undersigued No. *01 Water street, and examine for themselves. CHANDLER L. INOERSOLL. There isone now building, which t?e public are invited ts examine aajjha work progresses. jt lm* V/fEDlCAL CARD?Da. Cooraa, No. 13 Duanesi.. near avA Chatham St., (till affords rebel to the afflicted of both sex es. He may be always consulted, with the utmost confidence, in the worst cases of delicate diseases, mercurial atfeulion*. and the numerious symptoms arising from this disease. From Dr. Ci rxtmairc practice for the last eight yean iu tin* particular branch of the profe**iou, guarantee* a ?afe. *|>eeiiy and effective core to all penona who apply to him. Rereut case* cured ta a few day* without the o*e of mercury, or auy other dangerous mediucin*. No interruption from business, or alteration in the mode of living. All wliner cue* hasr been protreeled or aggravated by maltreatment, mar apply with the utmost confidence of b*in|t effectually cured. Term* moderate?attendance from 7 in the morning until 10 at night. Office 19 Duane at. DR. MORRISONT M'ORTH RIVER DISPENSARY, aotj Fulifui at, near IN tlreenwich. Dr. Morrison, Member of tlie Royal C ollege of Surgeou*, London, aud formerly Surgeon in the BnkshXavy, coutiaue* to be comulted daily- oa all disease* of adelicate uulure, and all tlio*e distiesslwr In:/ till. quent on injudicious treolment and the imprudent uie ui'quack meiiiomee. Dr. M. ha* had aa eiperitnce ot 29 year* in treat inc delicate diaraaea in all their variou* and complicated forma, ami 'iac? a mild, aafe, and infal'iole substitute for mercury, eradicating thereaeiea! rirua with certainty, without iiibjecting the patient to any risk, or restricting hun in hie uaua) diet or purauita, while hi* medicine* are agteeable in taate and emnl. CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY -Thousand* oryoung mm are auffering from the consequences of indulgence in a aecret deatructne habit, and whole nerve* are Further injured from the u?e of noitrum* and pretended ap'cific*, which stimulate only to induce greater depreaaion Dr. M. treat* on . purely pathological principle*, and never fail* in ritabliahing a rure, alto the moat obstinate yield to hi* plan of treatment Letter* pott paid, and s.uiUuiung a suitable fee, will enaure the correspondent full advice and medicine to any part of the Union, by Ida giving a hiatory of hu cue ia detail jlO lm* got) Fultanft. I M roRTANT TO PUtLIC 8PEA* K.Kli?Ovist* : kour 1 valuable preparatien of Horthound detrrvea afew remark* from mv own eipcrirace. Being in the habit of addreaauig frequently large meeting*, and my conatitution rendered susceptible of cold, I found rny atrcngth and h-alth gr (dually decaying, my ipirit* 11-king, my lung* failing, aud my voice fal eriug fait, la fact I had I oat all hope*, and every hour fear till of bursting a blood vessel, whrn your ilorrhound Candy aid the cure* it had rffrrted reached me. I believe I took but one packige, when every unfavorable lymptom die appeared, and my general health eiidratly improved. I lee I Dow regenerated ?o completely tlut I am fin ly empow ered ta apeak aud act belter than I did threr year* ago. My appe 11tr i* good, and my gen-ml healrti rest 'red You ran make any nac you please of tin* certificate, which it would be injue tice to withhold from the public a* we II a* I ourarlf. J. WELCH, |4I tiold alreet, Brooklyn. Agent for the Bro klj n Te mperance Society. To Meier* J. Pease k Son. 45 Divi?inn*treet. Each envelope of the geaume Candy i* signed in full, " J rrue Si Son. 45 Dii ni .u street,*' of w hom it c <u be obtained wholesale and ret il. nt*, Ruthton it Aspinwall, HO Broadway. 10 A?tor I House and M Will iam ?tre?-t; Drigg-, 5*1 Broadway; Tuap on, roraer ofFulton It William *trcet; Sami* 241 Centre at; Wrndowrr, 141 Eighth Avenue; Dr. Sj mo, Druggist, 53 Bowery; Agnew, 300 Hud* in ?trrel. I.ecouut, corner of Orsnd and Die iaion a< reel; Young. 1-0 la al street. js rPHK PRIVATE TREAT,'SK ?Thin i* a little volume on L certain disrates iu win. h the Iwst and moat convenient mean* of cure, are statrd in the plaior*t possible manner. It alaoshowsthe reason why these maladies so frequently continue on from month to month.uncured, and terminate at feuglh mother aud permanent romplaui's. Indeed, no one can reed this little book without seeing at once tlieir true and real nature. and siso the riek and danger of trusting litem to ignorant andboastmg people. With a view, obtain a rational degree of eonfi I Jeore iu what he Itaa adr anted on the cure of thoae diifun. the author tlnnka u proper here to give a aietide atatement ol the uiru. j and opportunitm* he hi merit has had of forininK just and clear opinions on tint ?tihjr> t. Me therefor* beyi t? state, that b< aides 111* rotik as *1 rdnalr of Minhnrfh, and member ol the Lot. d< >n < ol lege, hr lie lie* been w alchi.e these diseases, both , in Hospital and city practice lor more than thirty year*, and 1 has published two editioaa of a work e eprrssly on them. Also that he ha* letters of roiumrndati.ui from the moat eminent plarn taiif in Kurope to the mo#' emioent in America, aa Sir Aslh ? t ooper to Dr. Motl of New York and Dr t'hy?ick..f Philadelphia, ami olhrrr, and which ma) be aeen by any one And further, that he hue the prmlefe ol referring to ahnoat trery physician of eminence to thia city. T'oac are cirt urn stances winch afford the highest satisfaction t > eecry one, repcct.illy to those who are auiiout to obt.tiu ti>e heat ad rice ? The price of the book ia 91. Or Ralph ia cooanlted at hi* reei.Ieece.M (hcetiwi. hetreet, at any hour, and has dtaluict and scpar ale a) iMinenla for tluer who hare to wait a little. Cotmnuuic-tioua by post arc faith frilly replied to. til6 9m" trfflt I" * K I NKIlAHl i. under the firm a of I.UDfcft'S be NOLI KK. h this day diiaolred by mutual cooeent. KbtVAltl) l.rUKtUtiiolel) taailhorircd toaetlle the btisictai of tlie conrerne. t liu'inn I lini'rna v, , JOHN F. NOI.TKR. Nf* i ork, Ut January, ISW. KDWARD LUDKCU8 will continue I b r buonraa of deali"j in Miiik huiI Mux cmI Iiutrumchle un liu owu wmun. at N iff) Bro?lw n |p | VOfli'b.-TlH lAtrfikfrw iKtHXHK hie Uik<- ?- rim. hi (, i-r?t nanaitallf low puree, aurh a? imiat rilraer all wIki wt*b , In purchatr any ariirir*. either in thf ?wl?llrry and pooch b-rwt i t>o#f.anl fartimlarly the following artitlra Webbing. thread bil la, atirrnpe. belli, L IVcnt leather. R elntn. bow? lampa, knnba. , licea.u.ka ruber. btirkrla. I nigra, ml' ?. I *i>nnge. raating?, fcr. JNO. 8. Bl'VMKRi, ( j 4 Maw -Jm Do aired. 1 ' Si I RHKNT MO.Nbl. of all kuxla, jairrhaaan at il? v b?at market rale*. < ?JolJ.r ' er a e<le pur'-ha^d and for eale kv, 1 R. J. HVLVKSTKR. 1 >> if WaM?t,*ad 131/DK>*!??r BOOK-KEEPING. T<nCNrii?lMwrfC.C. M v RRH. M < edar afreet. ' iMliut ofwfNB A. M. to P. M inord tA t merchants ut mWn aiy trail lk?ir|t<< or icouric of All uetioa that is truly practical , oa? tliat cuib aces a oinplele rou tine of mcrcanUlt trmuiacUon. aid me caaliie ?alculahlnn; and or in which the itua-nt aciuillv keeps a act 01 books m a counting haaae. To Ansa who arc una quaiuted with the adverttaai's reputation, he desires to lay. that hu principal work to book-kecpiue has ywssed iuto tea editions ; that it raeeirea the preference m the New Lork t'ublic School*, and other large inatitation*; and that he, himtoli,. a< the honor of be ng rs-apf?>iutrd teichcr of' booh keeping for the " Mercantile Library Aaaociatloa"ol thta city. Prospectuses, with terms, may be had at the counting room* a* aboee. i?? l-n* ITHiXJT MfcRCU**.?utt. u naa in honor ol infoinriing uie cuiieae ot New Vore. thai he eurce radically, on the homeopathic ayaiem. ana in a lew days, every description of eyidulic disease, whether recent at of long standing, without danger of relapse, which very often occurs by the use of mercury. The remedy of Dr. Breana does not contain a particle of mercury, or any other corrosive or poisonous mineral, and therefore cannat possibly eieicise any deleterious iutlusocs on the body. It can he conveniently admiuivtered; its opera lion is atavays safe, and no had consequences can follow from its use, however critical the circumstances under which it is taksa. iff" ration to wishing advice can consult Dr. Brenna at his office, Granite Building ^corner if Breadway and Cnamotrs to I P. M* j3 | pa rpha (jrfcattlkt op 1845. mad geurr^i u? muuciiou o] ' P1Per* ,aD<' B>lwy produced the great aad v tluablr diacovery of a ermoovition which i? a Don conductor of heat.and baa been applied to the Halamaudtr Iron Safe, mp patet'fd by K. Wilder, oaoee that time many testa hare beeu made in furnacra, and in Uirtuog buildu>gi, and in no loatance hare they failed to protect the cement*. The public are moat poanitely aaaured that etery Safe made by Wilder, andaold by the aubjcriber, wu be equal to any that hare been tested. geoeial aaaortaieat on band,(or made to order) and for ' 1 SILAS C. HEURINO. 8?leAgmt, jit Jw No 139 Wsier afreet. MADAME COSTELLO; T>EAi? AND BE BENEFITTED- MADAME COS XV TELLO i* well aware that it is sometimes i?ry inconvenient for ladies who are afflicted with suppression. 8lc. Sic. Ac. to have tha* attention it their residence which ihe nature of their caae requires, and to luch she would lay that ibc ie prrpan d to furnith Ihem with buard, and the heft ol nureir g at her reaidence. 3t Liapenard at N B.?All communications mart be poet paid jig Im' fNHEAP FASHIONABLE TAfEORTNt.} E8TADnCTSB v MENT, 108 Be.kman etrret, near Peail ?The eubecriber returne hie aiuerre thanks to hie frienoe ami the public, for the liberal patronage beatowrd on him during the picsent and paat clone, and nc furttnrr hopee. by a careful attention to the interrat of his customers to merit a continuance of their faion. The attention of the publi: ie rrqueeted to the following liat of prices, wh eh. it is hoped are lumci.ntly low to satisfy the moat economical when it i? eotuiderrd, that in atyIe aud materials they are wan anted equal to ihoac made by the fiiat ea tabliahmenta in the city Super weat of Eugland black, blue, or grey Drcaa C'qata. 19 to 22 Super double milled bl'k aud fi*>ey Catrimarea, 7 to 9 Veata, Caahmere, Satiu. Ac. of fine quality. 3 to g Making and Trimming Coata , $8 lo(9 50, Pantf, (1 50 to Si Veata i 50 to Si. All garmcula warranted to fit. tan im* JOHN MOFFAT. DTt LAUREL, mH CANAL STRfcET, ADELPHI HOUbE?Now ao well known iu thie cny for very many great and extraordinary eurei he haa performed. in all caaea of delicate diaeaae. even after all other rrnudi.a hare failtd, till continues to be eoaaulted by ihe afflicted of both aevra.? Hia mode of treatment ia too well known to require coin.rndaiian;h?ving been in Ihe practice for ?0 yaara, in ihe first hoa ritals of Fianee,and tea years in this city, remot my all pecutar diaeaa.a wiih aucceea aud deat>itch, .ml wi'nnut Ihe aid eitherof Meicury or Balaam. Person. afflicted with protrac ted and deplorable caaea need not despair of a complete r-eorery by applying to Doctor Lamel, who offers to hia patroua e sure guarantee or no charge. At borne until_9 P.M..and charec moderate. ji2 im* AMERICAN BANK LOCK COVIPANV. ANDREWS AMERICAN LOCK. TO THE PU BL.IC?S5C0 Kb. W AKO.-The I tie repeated rumors and reporta which have been ao wide y and irxlustrioualy ciri ulatrd that Andrew's celebrated Combination Lock had been opened or picked, and which thus far have been disregarded aa unworthy of notice, ire beginning lo assume a cnaracler ol some plausibility, by which meaus many upright menh-ve been deluded to give (heir sanction and couule nance to such report! The American Bunk Leek Compwi>* therefore, with the 'iew of testing the queation in a w ay to put the matter beyond contradiction, have decided io place one of Andrew's Combination Locke upon an iron aafe enclosing a certifiedaheclc for Five Hundred Dollars, which amount shall be tne reward of anv person who may open or pick the Loek. This check is certified sad drawn, pay able lo the order of O J.Cammann, E?q, Cashier of the Merchant's ol thie city , who retaini the key of the Lock, and tu whom inference is made. It is presumed that the public banks and officers ofbankt can be satisfied by a fair, open, aud houorahle teat, none other is wanted,and wnien bold attempts have been made to practice by arts rfchicsuery and trick (which will be exposed if it be come* necessary) upon ine credulity and ignorance er men aitoic name* would not be allowed il they had been aware of the deception*. The American Bank Lock Compan' by llii* mode only eeek to e*tabli(h the lufallibleeeourity of the Combiuatiou Lock, which ha* thu* far withstood every test, and has saved nunerou* bunk* from robbery and run. In doing this, however, they disclaim any intention *f making war upon other Lock*, their business being to prevent an effectual barrier K> Bank Bnrglers. The Chest will remain exposed in the Exchange Reading Room, for two months from this dale. WA1JSWORTH It SMITH, jttgm Agenfe of Ihe^ American Bank L-ca Co. CiOAt ! COAL !!?Reductiou ot Prices?feacli OicliarJT, v Red Ash. Broken and Screened in the yard, delivered cartage free, to close a consignment, at the fo lowing prices. Large Nut, $7 5# Broken and Egg 8 00 Lehigh, any six* 7 50 Liverpool 9 50 N. B.? Blacksmith's Coal $8 58. Yard, 50t Washington, near Spring st dS3 8m* P. B. GUERNSEY It CO. QILVEII PLATE?WM. THOMSON. 1*? William street O continue* to maaulseture Silver Wire of every description, of the latest patterns and ban now on hau" teaactts. coffee pots, pi cher*. cups, waiters, forks, si-oons. uf lich as well as of the plaiuest styles. The whole of these artic *s.being manufactured uikhi the premises, from sterling siver, no pains or cxpens* will be spared in the beauty uf the workmanship >1 3m NOTICE TO BUYERS OF CABINET FURNITURE. THE subscriber would invite the attention of those wishing ts purchase articles iu the ahove business, to hi* establishment, where is to be fouud a rich assortment of Rosewood and Mahogany Furniture, of French and other patterns, some of which are not to be found elsewhere, being entirely orieiual. Also, handsome rich silt Cornices for windows, Poles and Rings together with Uamaaks, Galloon* and Tassels. and svery article attached to curtains, which wifi be made in the latest style from patterns lately received. N B. Particular attention pai i to the G ting up of Ottomans, Fire Screens, and other fancy article* wiih embroid ered tapestry. WASHINGTON MEEKS, dl(-6m 315 Broadway, netl the Hospital. FRUIT.?Steam Bark Clarion is hourly exp cted from Havana with a full cargo of fruit. Trrs >nidsiioii* cl purchasing, will please make immediate appl? a'lnii to CLOVER L McMURRAY, j2i 100 Pine street, RESTAUR A NT FOR LADIKs ;AN I) GENTL?M?N~, -IV 673 Broadway, opposite Nihtu's tlardrn,?This Restaurant is above the Ice Cream Saloon. Ladies will find, at this establishment, a private eating room, and a bill of fare supplied with every thing that tin mark't can arter,I?the Subscribers hope by their punetnality, giving all sasisfactiou to the person that will give them their patrouage. Private room for dinnerparties caube had. All ordeis received to send out?dinner parties, halls, soireet, be. ornameulal pyramid . all kinds parrots of sugar, chars of liberty, fancy rakes, Charlotte rusfe, jellies icecream, biscuits, glares.bombrs agrenadas. the only manularturers.ltc. On hand, truffe*. pate de foies gras, and the perigueuy, petite pois, champaignon*. F unities ?ill fill. , at any time, a variety of dishes ready to cud out. Their price* will be moderate. M AON AN A JUL! EN. j4 1 m* French Cooki and Cnnfrfiinnrm. J. PEASE & SON'S HOREHOUND CANDY. rplIK underiigncd have naed Meaara. J. Peaae k Son'a Clari1 tied Eaaence or Horehound ( amly, and tan rrcommeud it roreougtv, colda, horaeaeaa affection* of the lung*. Sic. Ktv Mr Crawford. Pan (or of the M E Church. Voray that. Kct Mr Liudacy, Paator of M E Ohurth, Second at. Rer Mr Hawley, N'o. 26 Crotby at,Chaplain at tiic City Iloa pital. Rer Mr Daria. Newrrk, N J. Rer Mr Durall 21] Broad at, Newark, N J Rer Mr l.urkey. PC New York Conference. Rev Mr Vanaradale. Brooklyn. Rer MrOrillio. Paator of MC Chureh. Bedford at. Rer Mr Whitaker, Paator of P Church, corner of Catherine nd Madieouata. Rev Mr Hart, Paator of B Church, Gold at. Elder Knapp. Rer Mr Kellogg, recent Paator M E Church. Willett at. Rev Mr Daniel*. Buffalo. We could add fifty uthera of the moat reapeetable clergymen the Stale,but .,e prwmme Ihe above i* latftrieut to aati?fy e moal akeytical of tlie rlfleaey of J. IV ue Ik Sou'a Hureuud t uidy. mannfacturad and aold, wholeaaic and retail, at Ditiaiou at. The following are our Slate ageuta ?lr G W Redding No. 8 State al. Boaton. M?*a. llr O B Zteber, No. 27 Dock at, Philadelphia. Pa. Br J Robertaon, No. lie Baltimore at, Baltimore. Md dea?ra J F Cuiuak Co. No. 13 Exchange Place, New On ana. La. Meaara Duhoue kCo. Mobile, Ala. Mr J Woodward. St. Lrun. Mo. Mr C Tobey, Cinrinnati, Ohio Mra ra Hariland. Harrom k Allen. Charleat'in, S ( . Mr Wm J Durall, 233 Broad at, Newark, N J. Mr W N Ht Idemau, Louiarillr. Ky. Mr Piereey Teller. Detroit. Mich. Meaara Prck k Spearr, Burlington, Vt. J Anthony, New Haven,Conn. ?lr J GaynorjRiehmond Va. Irasra Frank Taylor k Wm Kiaher, W'.ahinc'ou City D C Mr J A Wadaworth. Providence, K I. Mr J B Coaler, Montgomery. Ala. Mr J Marline, Fayetttville, N C Mr G W Ho thorn' Georgrtewu. D C. MrC H Huat, Frederick*. urgh. Va. J. H. Tnnmnami fc Co . Wheel log Fa. |l LUCINA CORDIAL." MAGNIN'S LUCINA CORDIAL, UOR the aure and apeedy eura of Incipient t nneumption, C Barrennra* Impnteney. Fluor Albua. or Whilea, Gleet. Obstructed, difficult or painful Menatruation. Incontinence of I'rine. or inmlnntary dtacharge thereo', and for the general proatraliou ol the ayatem. no matter whether Uir reaultof inherent eauam, or of enuaea produced by iiregularitj or illnrta. The wide-apread echbrity of tlna wonderful and ineetima hie cordial in both heiniaphere*. in a rufficieut guaranlee for ita puck and poaitivc aucceaa ia curing all the above affectiona , nd < mn plaint a. Nothing can he inure eiiri-r?*icg than lainrignrauiig eff rig on the human fraana. I'eraona all wtakneaa ind Iaaaitude before taking it. at once beromt robuat and full of energy under ita influence. Il immediately counte-aet* the irrveleoaneao or looaeneaa of the female trame, wlneli ia Iheouly caaae of barrenneaa; and whieh. prior to Dr. Magmi|f dia:overy, waa eoceulered to be ineurablr. And it ?pe< dify rt novaa tha impedimenta produre.1 by phyaical proatration, oh'eh frequently detar men from getting married. Language, ndred, cannot do yaiatiee to the inrrita ?t ihr Lucioa Cor tial. ohith ia regarded by U?a bead* of the faculty in alt parte of ha world, aa one of tha moat important medical dieeovenea 'VortaTe at ?# Broadwtr eorcerof (Jrand etreet, and at M North Ruth ?tr*?t, Philadelphia fric? >3 l?r bottl*. _ _J? tm doctor bell. I NOt'TOK BELL datoUthia para malaltentioB(daily until [J ?P M.) to tharemori.1 of pi irate die. ui'? in every tun ltla>iffer>ng undaTprotrartedi-:e**e.a?i?aa?trdorui#u<eatBf i v treatedby ineaoarieueedorpr..rnJrdpraititionart; thotal orint under th? deetruetivr effect* of mercury or quack or rum*, tad til who euapert tlit remain* of die*.-** lurking IB t yttrra. may couault Ur B. alwayt with guaranteetf cure Pertona e<.ntrnipl?litif laamace who hare beet tha torctrof dalicalediaeaaee may ronault Sr. Ball with hoo*->bl* oDOd?M?. PotT raiDlattara.deaeribiaf theeate ofptrtonitt cutanea,hat* nit prompt attention Dr.B treatment n*T?tp iaatio futpicMB.aad it wtllkBeWBto bi *afr aad partaa IfQt . if- Pritala ofteat ? COUUTLANDT STRUT, two Inert froat Broad war - jt Iw* L' Mil.HH WI or luu-Ci.,|^C and < ? luwler aiaeluu Lj inaattfactorod from the purrtl metal far eole bjr JM KRMK It BROOKS,* LaboOf TO LET?Two comfortable Often ill ?lon No. It m ?-* Abe.etorage can be h?d on application ? above. Jl TAVEKN 81\i? vlJANuOrtOCEnV KOR IM.Lt, nil three mi In from Wnt Point, on the road lo NMark, 4ULaud aleo on lh? route to ike New York uidclft Rail RowdToruajiimj eix acr-a. w th h?rt). eked, Ac. Alto. SM aeict of Wood Laud, 'hreemilee Irom Waat PoxoOt fi'tx aeree and* pari under meadow. There ta three Houeci on the premieee. The LUe it inuitputable. I'otseatiia gretn immediately. For pv-icuiare, enquire of BERTHOLF A VAN CLEVE, ? Wept street. jH |w* MFOK HALE.?The Block and Datum of the ureter and enliog axloou Sid hruadway, the batement air the Gothic Hall, together with four ye are unexpired term of ae from the firet of May next.taid saloon being one 4 the beet localiotie in Broadway and now doing an excellent buemeet and will be enld at a bargain, at the pre teat owner M to situated that he cannot attend to it. For partMulare and terms inquire on tht premieet. or to SAMUEL DAYTON. < Fulton fish marnet Rt tar OE'/TS' Watei proof Cork and tint Drone ^^^^Btote, of the latest laahioa ; waterproof oxer thoet. dancing gaiteri and pompe, ladi-e'. misses', aaAcMIdreo's gaiter hoots, buikwa and ties kid and a itin alfrjlMu water proof oxer thoee and all warrauted good ; gaiters "11 50 to $1 TS, ft and ft SO; misses and children's gailer book and buekine, fashionable good and ch ap; men's. boy's, and children's bootf.sboee. Ac, cheapest iu the city,4lt Broadway corner ofCanal ?t, at Walkei'a celebrated cixeap atore: where utwblr ?iipeoc? p:u?i for th* >|#w #0 in* STECTaCil.*.s ?UK. r.LLlOT i begs lo latorm lients and others. that he has made an airingemrst with a skilful ami scientific Optician. whom Or E. has 10 trueted in bitprcu iar mode of ad apt me (Iwici to tne particular defects ol the eye T'.ia gentleman will attend at tin office. Ml Broadway, corner o. Warren atreet, on Tuesday, Thursday and Hatuiday, 'o aapply patie-ts and the public generally, with Dr. Klliotth recently invented and improved Spectacle a. j*) In' 11/HITWELL'H OPODELDOC, which is considered by " the ft rat Physteiius in the U. 8. to be the very brat com position in existence for R> eumatiam. Hpraina, Chilblains. Chopped Handa, Cramp, Nurobn-es, Weakness of Limes, etc. N. B. It ia three timea the strength of any other kind. Be aure and aak for Whitwell'e Opode doc, and rrceire no ote?* unleaa yea with to prove the truth of the remark that " Pleaaure ia aa great Of bciug cheated aa to cheat KJ- Price M eenta. Sold at Wholesale and Retail by A.B & D. Swede. Drug (ilia, No,7t and 100 Fulton a'reet ; David Hands ?W Co., No TT Eavt Broadway ; Abr'm B. Handa k Co. f*o. >73 Broad way. corner >-f Chamber atreet. Alao foraale aa above, lb* "AROMATIC 8NUFF," for Headache and Catarrh, composed Principally of roots, shrukt. and recommendrd by Dr. Waterhousc.late Proleeaor of Cambridge University. nr#- Price 86 cents. dl I StieawlOw rpo BHEWBRH AND DISTlLcEKS.?The aub.enbere 1 offer tor tale all that valuable property, situated iu Auburn, and known ae Watson and Hon'a Brewery and Distillery ,witk a Dwelling House, outbuildiuge, machiuery and fixtures ooo Dec ted ik-rewith. 8 aid property consuls of about two aores of land, lying on the south aide of the 0?a?co rivar in said tillage; a brick dwelling house, a dwelling house, a distillery capable of distilling 160 bushel* of grain per day, a large and convenient brtw?vy aud malt house, with two kilua 31 feet square, auo i ? storage for 10,000 buihels of grain, a barn, sheds, stable ->e > or 600 hogs, and an office aituatcd thereon. Connected with ti.e daatiUery and brewery there ia a steam rnginr of 90 horae power wilh two cylinders-ample machinery for grinding, and a in pen or rectifying establish men1. containing one of John Wright'a patent alcohol copper stills. The whole establishment ia of a superior kind, well finished and convenient in all its arrangements, situated in t rich ?d flourishing grain growing country, ia now in complete order,, and in full operation. It having become neeeeeary to seH the eame iu consequence of tne decease of H. Watson, it will be disposed of at a bargain One third of Die purchase moury will be required on the delivery of the deed, and the balance may be left on bond and mortgage for a term of years if desired. For reference inquire at Win. Leilch's, 76 Hudson street New York, or of the subscribers in Auburn, N. Y. OEOHOK K LK1TCH, dlS km* W Sr V WATSON. T'O LET.?TTie unexpired Lease of Store, 43 Peck Slip, -l dow occupied a- a Grocery anil Liquor Hto -e, for which business it haa been long established. I'lie situation in couvet lent to the Williamsburg and Peck Slip ferry, which will roHume early iu the Spring, and aff >rda a favorable opporunity for a person about twmbark in the above biuioesf. Poateaaion can be had on the let o#4februry. Apply on the preroiaea. >? r) PAPER MANUFACTURERS.?The aabecribeaa BTV notice that Messrs Howe k Uoddard, of WorceaUr, Mill' lave appointed thein their agents, and are i>rcp?red to funaaha| iqort notice, upon the moat reaaonable ternu. Kourdrlnier aaa Calender Machines, with fire or a team dryers, and sizing machines to aixe paper in the web aa it leave a the dry en. Alae every kind ef MachAiery appertaining to the manufacture of pa per, which in point of workmanship sad finish ia nat surpassed by any other eetabhahmeut in thia country. A large number ue alow in operation in many af the boat mill*, to whom referees* will bo nvon for all particular*. PERB8E It BROOKS,Papar Warehouse. Mttw 01 Liberty atonal MADAME RESTELLT T7EMALE PHYSICIAN. Office and reeideoea MB OrAn " wich street, (between Cortlandt and Liberty streets.) where ehe can ba conaulted with the (trieteat confidence onaK complaint* incident to the female frame Madame Re* tell'a experience and knowledge in the treat mentof obatinate caaea of female irregularity, stoppage or aup preaaion, tic, ia auch aa t* require out a lew day# for certain relief and perfect recovery. Ladies deeiring proper medical attendance during confinement or other indisposition, will be accommodated during auch time with private and re pectable board. H Preventive Powders" for married ladiao whoae delicate or prccariou* health forbids a too rapid iocriaoe of family, will be lent by mail to any pari of the United States, Price SB a package. Ail letter* (post paid) addraaf ad to "box IBB. NTy. city,' mill bo rocaivad. fioaton Office No. T Ease* at. N B.?Malame Res'<11 would inform ladies residing out of the city, whose health would not admit of travelling. I hat aha wonld devote her personal attendance upon them tn any part of the United States within reaaonable distance, jit dfcwlm* 13 AKUAIN?By order of the Surrogate of Queen's ootinty, L>the subscriber will acll at auction on the premises on the Itth dav of February next, at 12 o'clock, noon, the very deal table Farm, containing seventy-four acres, more or leas, situated midway between Flubbing and Jamaica, fronting on tho main road between the two placet, bounded by the forma of Henry Roe and George Vandevtr , Km*., occupied by C. Denton. For particular* see Long island Democrat. Ooe hall the amount can remain on bumf and mortgage at low interest. Enquire of JNO. a. SUVtMERS, jt lUwInFM* Executor. 130 Water at. EXCHANGE! HOTF.L.?The proprietor,oT this estiblklr u.mcnt, at the commei cement of a new year, returns his thanka to hi# friends and the public for their liberal auppirt, linceitwas hist opened for their accommodation iu July last; and he liopea still further to merit it by making all those who aoj uruat the Exchange a* comfortable, at least, aa at anp other hotel in the Union. He take* this opportunity also, of cautioning the public agaiaat the unfouuded lumora put alloat by telcreated persona about the extravagant changed said tohavr beea made at hie hotel, by assuring them they are now what they always have been. $8 per day. Attached to the hotel ia a large concert and ball room, which will be let for such purpose* upon as reasonable terms aa any in the city. F. HOYDEN. Proprietor. Richmowp, Va., Jan.4, lilt jg lndklaa COUNTERFEltT FEMALE MONTHLY . PILLS. /"iWING to the celebrity, efficacy and invariable success of v/ Madame Keetcll^t Female Monthly Pills in all ease* of" irregularity, suppression, or stoppage of those functions of nature up m which tlie health of every female depends, sine* their introduction into the United Stale*, now about four year*, counterfeit! and imitation! are continually attempted to be painted off lor lite genuine. Cheap common rill* are i nreha aed at twelve cent* a box, put up in different Soxe*. and called "Kemal* Monthly Pill*," with the object of lelling, if poaaibla, at one dollar. Female! are therefore cautioned agaiuat ttwdr attempt! to impose upon them. It ia nUeient her* to state that all Female Monthly Pill* are. counterfeits, except Lhasa old at Madame Keeteli'a Principal Office, 148 Ureeuwieh at. New York, and No. 7 Essex atraet, Boston. Price $1. Madame Result's signature ia written on th* cover of each, box. N. B. The married, under aome circumstances,must abarasa from their use for reasons contained ia the directions. jli dfcwlin* TO MARRIED LADIES. 1\<f ADAMK KESTELL'8 PREVENTIVE POWDERS I These invaluable Powders have been univeraally adopted in Europe, but France ia particular, for upwards of thirty years, <u well as by thousands in this country, as being tha only mild, safe ana efficacious remedy for married ladies w hoa* health forbida a too rapid increase of family. Madame Restill. as is well known, was for thirtbr yearn Female Physician in the two principal Female HohiuuIs in Europe?those of Vienna and Paris? where fm'ored by her ereat experience and opportunities, she attained that celebrity in those great discoveries in medical science so spa cially adapted to the ferns'* frame lor which her medicines now stand unriralled, as well hi this country as in Europe. Her acquaintance with the physiology and anatomy of the female frame, enabled her?by tracing the decline aud ill health of married females, scarce m the mendian of life, and th? eons* quest rapid and often apparently inexplicable causes which consign many a fund mother to a premature grave?la their true source?to arrive at a knowledge o( the primary causes of female indispositions?especially of married frmales?which, in 1808. led to the discovery ol her celebrated 'Preventive Powders" Their adoption has been the meaas of preservnig not only the health, but even the life of many an affectionate wife and lond mother The advertiser fueling the importance of this subject, and initialing ii' rn?t oenenta resulting to inoumtnaa ny uinr tioption, would litoct respectfully arouse the attention of Um tarneil, hy all thattney hold near and dear.t t'icinwiJera riou. la it not wiae ani rirtuoue to prevent' il (to which wo are subject, hy simple and healthy meana within our control 1 Every dispassionate, virtuous, and enlightened mind will unhesitatingly aaatrtr in the affirmative. Thia ta all that .Ma ilame Restell recommend* or aver reeommeuded. Price fi to dollar* a package, accompanied with full and particular directions Tney tan be foi warded by mall to any part of the L)*n led State* All letUra muat be post panl, and addressed to MADAME RE8TELL, FemalePhysician. Principal office, l?? (rreenwich itreet. New Vol It. Office four* from 9 A *1 toSo'clkP M. Boston office No 7 Ksere ?l lit d&tw|ri "PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS, irrcirrrn awn rniraaao or M DE BOODELOCJL'K, M. D., LISBMN, PORTUGAL THE scientific combination of itigreifients of which theaa pilla are com|>oacd, ha' 'made them the wonder ami admiration of the world. Tlw. are known all over Europe to bo the only preparation erer diacovered that ha* rroeed mean* bly certain in producing the mouthly turn* Their certainty, in all caaea. being auch that tney muat not b? uaed durum pro* nancy, for though mild safe, and healthy, they are certain to produce miacarriaga if uaed during that period. The directions are translated into English.and are enveloped round with the seal of the importer, sUmped. Each hot containf the aignature of M. de Roudelooue. and the English di reeliota have the signatura of Dr. F. MEL VEAU, authorised agent for the continent of America. They can he transmitted by mail to any part of the I'uitvt males Leturn ?ir?cte<l to llr. r. Melvrau. bet 24, N V., ill meet with unmrdiaU atteatieo. Sold by a|m..uilm>ut at 9*< tinuid eireet. crner of Alien. Price H Half boset. f? No h?lf bote* cent by mui. dSSImdfcw* PUBLISHED DAILY BY JAIEI GORDON BBRRETt, No. tl ANN STREET. TERMS or ArV t RTISINO.?The ?*tensi?e euti aboa of the Hbsald. both in town end country,MbW I -uperior cbeunel for advertisers. roe TWKLVt LINK* O* LUC I day, $0 M I 4 days, |1 16 I 7 day*. $1 ST I lOdavt.OJ M I" 0 71 t " 1400" S 00 111 * tm ?? 1 00 IS " 1 76 | " ?H|M M S?? rot IIQNT LlftBf OS SOS* S I weeta, M>| M**ha SO OS i month. 0 00 | 0 Maths,... .. ..... If 00 lip- All advertisements te be paM for before then ia| titles) Advertisements inserted in theWsasLr Hisals at St ??r square every insertleo Masai Hssalo?Issued every moraine?price iter ifitt otr conr. CoantryfsnbecriVsr* furnished at the aame rate, tor any P^s,"c !**> <?, ? a rem ttanoe in tj'-a^e. vo paper aer>t.nnleaa raH In advance. Whilt Ra?*a.a?lamed every Saturday a* tine o'clock?pnceetocanla per copy fanuahed ta ownf try aubeeribera at M par annum in advaatee. Caaaaaeonoairre are repeated to addreaa their Man M Jajanr Oaama liaa^/NpMwaiUlMi Hi <