Newspaper of The New York Herald, 1 Şubat 1842, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 1 Şubat 1842 Page 5
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bitir Niwfc. J. Uoamw Bitwisiri-r, li>4 , DrvaSiai? 1 tiod the arrival of the strain bark Clarionreported iu the Courier Sc Enquirer of ihm morning , and not riven in your interesting paper What ta the reason ? Please inform an attentive reader, and subscriber for three years in Philadelphia. January 29. M42. Kkmaok.?'The Clarion did not arrive till Sunday afternoon, and hence the reason we did notflpublish her arrival on Saturday morning. We make it a rule never to report an arrival of a veaael till ehe has received a pilot on board- What oiher papers do is nothing to ua1 The Slew York Lancet, Wo.V. The Fifth Number of this valuable Medical Journal, just issued,contains) Continuation of Dr. Mott's Lectures on Surgery. I'rufosior Riilu'i Third Lecture on the Sniuai Mar row. Or. H. D. Bclxlst'* Lecturo on .Cutaneoua Diaeaae*. Reviewa of New Medical Book*. Editorial Article* on " Piofesaional Pedlar*"?the celebrated Contraverajr between |Dr. CaaraNTaa,ol Brie tol, Kogland, and Profeiaor Puna, of New York. Dr. R. B. Kiuia'a Apparatus for the Cure of Curvature* of the Spine, with Engraving. The Croaby atreet Ch'eifue? City Hoapital Report*? New Operation by Doctor Mott?Operation* by Profeaaor Panne*?The City Inspector'* Yearly Report?Selection! from the Foreign Journal*?Profeaaional Intelligence, and a variety of miacrllaneoua matter. : Thia it the cheapeat and moat intereating popular medical perioflMI in the world. Each number contain! a quantity of niotter equal to eighteen column* of the Herald. Price $3 per annum, aingle copiea, 6 cent*. ! (gy- Ektwiit* Auction 8*li or Wine* and Liquoa*. ?Tkt Fink Ant*, Ac.?Thia day, at the large and aplendiJ auction room of Meaars. Riell and Arclariua, . corner of Broadway and Duane atreet, there will be one of the greateat aalea of choice Wine* and Liquor*, (in quautitlea to auit purchaser*) that baa .taken place in New York for many j* peat, affording to the trade a fine opportunity for (peculation, and to private familiea, an excellent chance of proviiing th amative* with aome very auperior article* at extremely low price*. Ch: W*dn**day, Thuraday, an! Friday of thia week, Eday) these gentlemen will Mil several casus of magnifi cent English Prints and Engravings, all of then new to this contitMnt, and just imported by tho celebrated Mr. Hay ward, whose finetaate and judgment in such matters, are well known throughout the Uuited States. So place could have been selected more appropriate for such a sale, as the room, or rather saloon, of Messrs. R. and A., |s a hundred feet in length, and most elegantly furnished and fitted up. The business daily transacted herein very extensive, and the enterprisiug proprietors have established for themselves with the public, a lasting popularity. 00- Sad CaTAsraorHS ?We have several times, in speaking of our "Flib," alluded to his red hair. Flib is a mischievous fellow, fond of trying experiments, and prying into every thing that comes within his reach. ' Last evening, in readinghis favorite paper, the Spirit of the Times, he observed the statement that Dr. Comstock's East India Hair Dve, would eolor"grey or red hair, brown or black." Fiib disputed it. Toney Blink affeoted to agree with him in opinion, and persuaded him totry a little on his hair, in order that he might confute the Djctor. He did so, and lo and behold! this morning his hair is as black as the ace of spades'. Flib is in great distress at the metamorphosis, as he took a great pride in his vod head, aud fancied that was what what made the girts love him 10. (Flib is a great favorite with the ladies.) He wishes us to ask the Doctor if his hair won't ! come out red again, and promises faithfully not to inter lere with chemicals again. Phbnomknon in Chcmiitst?East India HaisDvf. ? Colors the Hair and will not the Skin ;!! a ' A dye to sorrel-tops most interesting? . One that grey-headed mortals should be testing? A great" Phenomena In Chemistry It is strange, but any one convinced may be ; | East India Dye that, brown or black assin. Colon the hair, and will not stain the skin. These facts ara warranted by the gentleman who manufactures it, who is the celebrated chemist, Dr. Comstock, author of Comstock's Chemistry, Philosophy, and many other works well known and widely celebra ted by the public Thi* Dye ia sold in Philadelphia, only at the N. VV. corner of Ninth and Cheanut, and 8. E. oorner of Third and Race atreeta; and in New York, at 7t Maiden lane,only.?Philadelphia Timet. Oty? Bowiar Amphitheatre.?Yivs nighta more, and the aptendid performances, elegant fetea, unequalled riding and beautiful claaaic exhibition! put forth here will be numbered among the thing! that were. The company leave! for Europe oa Monday next. Thi!, their farewell week, ia ma rked by the rich cat and moit brilliant array of attraction! of every deaoription aver ottered here. To-night ia Conover'a benefit. Let it be a roaier. (KJF? Chatham Theatbi,?The moat splendid combination of talent and attraction ever offered to a New York public, ia preaontod at the triumphant Chatham to night The new drama of the Mechanic and the Queen, or the Tower of London, which waa produced laat evening,with great aucceaa, ia repented with the euchantlng apectacle of Undine, and the popular drama of Thereie, the Orphan of Geneva. Mr. J. K. Scott makea his second appearance aa Carwin, aided by Mra. Therne aa Thereae, and the entire atrength of the company. Diamond and Whitlock alao appear in eeveral new and original aongaand breakdowns. (Hp- rrmiakaklx Weather, and juat the kind for Sherman*! Cough Lozenges?even the element! aeem to conapire together, to benefit the Doctor, end he in turn doea hia country aome aervice, by curing all in a little leaa than no tim?. Dr. Sherman'a Office ia at 106 Nassau atreet, and agents 189 Bowery; Sanda. 77 Eaat Broadway and 373Broadway; Rushton k Aapiuwall'a three atorca; Burgeaa, 99 Sou h Third street, Philadelphia; Redding 8 State street, Boston. 0(7- America* Mi-aavM ?Cheap amuiementa are 't faat becoming the order of the day. The time* admonish every person, rich or poor, to observe economy Ii Dollars, which ia the viaionary time* of 1936 were plenty aa blackbeiries, now look aa Urge aa cart-wheela Every community that would be happy and virtuous muit occasionally indulge in innocent amuaementa of wn: ucKiipuuu. neiaxauon ana nannieas recreation are absolutely necosary to the human ayatem. Without them we would aoon become a nation of morbiil owlpated stoics, incapable of social enjoyment a and unworthy of the proud eminence wo sustain in the scale of brings. We rejoice in being able to point our readers to a place of amusement, wh- re for a trilling aum a day or evening may be pleasantly and profitably spent. That filaee is the American Museum. It has recently passed nto new hands, and the manager Is having the whole [ bnilJing renovated ml iiup-eveJ, with the determination of rendering h one ofth. moat neat, (hahionable and internal lag places f public resort in the city. The attractions put forth here exhibit tha teoat princely liberality on the part of tha proprietor, and we havn no doubt ! he will succeed in his efforts to furnish the publlo With n grand display af rational, interesting, chaste and aheap amusements. For particulars, see advertisements. Hnrr.htor Yiluawv ?An attempt was made to tire the Presbyterian church in Ithica, on Friday night, the '21st. {g}' fc Whin Garra mskts Oarsa tmcn comes tue Tea or Wis " - We advise all those who love the claaaical sport of Qlediatorship, to go this evening to the chuioh corner o< Laight and Varick streets, and see that fair play be maintained between Dr. West and the Rev. G -orge B Cheever, on the subject of capital and anticapital punishment. See advertisement 0J?Thi Human Hai??F*cts vs. Fahct.?The following are persons of 'he highest respectability, whose assertion of tacts will be believed before all the fancy theories of -luackery s? The late Mayor of Philadelphia. The late Britieh Censul of do. Mr. Heuahaw, merchant, Boston. Win. Thatcher, senior, Msthedist Minister in 8t. George charge, No. M North Fifth street, Philadelphia. John r. inglia,331 Arch ft Philadelphia. Jehu 17. Thomas. M. 1). 1*8 Race it. do. John 8. Kurey, 101 Spruce it. do. Hugh McCurily. 34* Snath 7th It. do. John Yard. Jr. IJ3 Arch A. Rindge. E?q.. 19 Coentieaalip, New York. i'/oL Heaver, Poll Maimer at Batuvia,N- Y. Dr.Bingham, *f Bethany, N. Y. J. T 8chmidling. 47 Attorney at. D*n>el O'Brien, Philadelphia. Joeetth Coggim, Jo. Mr. Young, merchant, Saratoga. Mr.Clay, ftrnggiat. New York * Benlamin Harriaou, Yayene co. Ky. I Dariui Scofleld, Stamford, Ct. M L. Oonover, lit P. arl at. Editor Bvaton Chronicle. Rich of three, and hnndreda of othera, know, and moot of theee have certified, of caaea where the true Balm Columbia haa reproduced the human hair on poraona bald, ond thousan ti well know that it will keep the heed free from dan.lrnil and icnrf, and prevent the hair from falling out. After thia limple atatement of lacta, fthe full pro fa of which may be area at 71 Maiden lane. ? here onl> the true Bain maybe found,) we beg to aak who will not preh r ita uae to any greaae or daub that may have in its favor only the naiertiona of some foreigner, whoae living d>'P"nda on hia large atarie*, of auch atnif being need iy M.M9 |>arioni here. How ran mm of aanae believe any other thing a man aaya, after aach a atory aa that T 1HOVRY MAKKCT. Nojitef, Jan. 31?6 P.m. The market forotoekt hit heen very mu?h Hepraaaed thuaaorning There * on a manifeat diripoaition to aell, aiid price* fell hearily ; lllinoia 6?a 1} percent; Indiana fa 1|; Delaware fc Hndaon. I]; Harlem, J; Itooington, i; Loaf lalaod, J galea of hi Ha on Philadelphia, ft at; Baltimore, 4; New Orlt'.ane, 10. We onderttand that the ?? t* which vrere lately atoigned by tfce Bank of the United fttatea to truateea, and plated oadw the chargi of William W. Kraxer, K?<|.| agent ftr the eaaigneer, were a. L ed at New Orleana on thejir kraal, by Um .M ohaloi the United State*, under the jedgaw nt obtained againat the Bank of the t 'nhed fHatec, for damageaen the t rench hill. Ill llu State Of Indian ilb'hilltbjliihjngimpiiaenm' nt bee taee W h ' t?*-n* tor debt tia? iwcumd a Uw. U ruicii, mat uomm sbeuM deCandaat uatil the plaintiff proved him guilty ot (rand, and l^e question of fraud ahould be decided by a jury. The Syracuse and Utica Railroad Company have de. c l? red a dividend of three dollar* on each share, payable on the 7th of February. New York stockholders will receive their dividend' at the Bank of the 8tate of New York. The money market remain* very tight, and the gloom of the future, to far from being relieved, leemt rather to deepen. The progress of event* in Philadelphia, de privingthe State of the mean* of paying it* iotere*t> ha* caused adeep feeling in the community. The debt ol the State is SO .000,000, of which -16,000,000 are ostium ted to be held abroad eitherdireatly or by hypothecation, and the remainder in Pennsylvania and at the south.? The stock sells dull at 00,Pennsylvania currency,or New York currency, being a fall of 30 per cent within 4 monthi, or an annihilation of (11,309,000 of the pro pirty of the (tocltholdere. What the reault may be U scarcely to be foreseen. The failure of the State, under existing circumstances, is looked upon in a favorable light by the friends of a sound currency and a restoration of confidence, as it ia thought an end will now be put to the borrowing of broken banks, and the many other disgraceful shifta that have of late been resorted to, and which have brought discredit upon the whole Union. When the State of Pennsylvania failed, two years ago, taxes should instantly have been laid to pro-videforths deficiency, and the banks have been com' pelled to pay specie. Had that course been followed, the whole Union would have been in comparative easy cir cumstances. Instead of that, however, a continued isttie of irredeemable and unpayable paper was resorted to, until it is no longer available, and the final explosion has at last taken place. If the State had the means to pay, it would be very desirable that she should do so; as it is, it is much better to stop. The failure of the Bank of Pennsylvania, is set up as the pretence for not paying. There requires to be an investigation, whether the State actually had any bona fid* funds in that institution or not. The Bankrupt law goes into operation to mor row, and even the sound banks look forward to its effects with the utmost anxiety, and consequently are exceedingly cautious in their movements. Another cause of alarm is the disastrous condition of the Treasury of the Federal Government. On the 1st there was a deficit of $0 N),000,'and since then almost all claims upon the government have been disnonored. The Army and the Nary are without pay,and the outstanding Treeaury Note* being at a diecount, they form almoet the only medium of payments into the public Treasury. Of $100,600 received for public dues, $90,000 are in Treasury Notes. Consequently there are no means of meeting the pressing wants of the Government. All these causes of distrust prevent any immediate change in the current of events from being hoped for. This has been packet day for the Boston steamer, which takes her depsrture to-morrow. There having been no steamer now for near thirty days, the demand for bills for this conveyance has been large. The supply has, however, been fully adequate to it, and the rates exhibit no improvement. They are as follows:? Rates of Foreign Krw York. Nov. 15. Nov. 30 Dee. Il.< Jan.31. London, to a 101 si? 01 8}a 9 8a 8( France, 5 SO ?5 St 3 23|a5 S3 5 10 a3 961 8 98jaS 80 Amsterdam, 40]a 4)1 40 a 40) 301a 40 301a 301 Hamburg, 3s;a 3?i 30fa 301 34>a 341 34ja 352 Bremen, 781a 78} 78 a 78J 77 a 771 78la 77 There is a little demand for specie on foreign account, which i*,howe? er.not important The rates may be quoted as follows s? Pair s or SrsciE in New York. fee'3. Nov 30 Doc 31. Jon 31. fptiie Specie Specie. Specie. 8?ani?hDollars 6a S ?a 8 3a 3 11a 4 Meiican ? ll? 0 la 1 |a i ia | Half " la i ? a par par ?a ? FireFrtncs 03 a 0*1 ?a 041 ?3ta 04 031a 04 Sovereigns 4 84 t 4 S> ? a 4 85 par ? ? a ? Span. Dubl'us IS 30 RIO 50 ? alS 10 18 SSalS 50 It S3al( 30 In stocks the market has presented no materiA change. Prices are generally lower than at the close of the last month, with the exception of Illinois and Indiana bonds, in which there is a slight improvement, arising from the purchases of those speculators who sold on time,in anticipation of disastrous news from England by the steamer. Otherwise the news from England has had no effect, and throughout the month of January prices have beta gradually falling until the average value of all public stocks is less than ever before. The following is a comparative table of rates :? Paicae or Leadiko Btocei lit the New Yore Marrkt. RtdsemRale. able. Jur 30. Dee 31* Jen. 31. United Statu, 5) 1844 too il 00) 8SU97 SS a 87 S 1844 - S7iaS8t ST a SS New York State, s 18S0 Ioo.ilSO) setter! so a 81 u Bi ? 8I|.M 78(877 75 a 751 " " 3 1845 S3 as? 85 a88 85 a 80 ** " ' 3 1848 S3 a85 85 a88 85 a 80 ? - ? 5 1847 13 aSS 85 *86 SS a >0 ? ? > s 1850 St a89 8 5 a8S 75 a 77 ?* " S 1855 88 b87 7?|t77 75 a 77 " " 5 1858 86 a86t 78|a77 78 B 77 " City t fire 77 *79 72 * 75 " M 5 water 841*85) 781*77) 77 a 78 > " " bonds C Iy?ar ? alou M a?7 Ml a 87 Brooklyn City, 8 20 " lOOalOJ 85 a?o 80 a 85 Pennsylvania, 5?78 a8S 87 a68 <1 a 50 Ohio, C 1850 84 aM 73 e78 70 a 71 8 1880 84 affi 72 a73 M a 70 " 0 1858 84 185 72 a78 88 a 71 u 8 1880 84 a85 72 a7S 88 a 70 " 5 1858 54U85 6o aTO ? a? Kentucky, 8 ? 84 ?85 70 a73 71 a 711 " 8 bond# 4's ? a? ? a? ?a ? Alabama, dollar, 5 1885 ? a? 40 a50 55 a 80 Arkaneas, 825 year* r>4 *82 27 a45 30 a 40 Indiana, iter ing. 6 ? 58 a57 io mo 22 a 23 dollar, 5 ? 58 *55) 19)*I91 2-2 a 2.) Illinoie, atrrliur, 8 1080 ?a? ? a? ? a? >" dollar, bVloan, 8 1888 88aM| 181a20 ? a? " sterling. 8 1870 ?a? ? a? ? a? " dollar, 8 1870 55a55i I8|?18i 211a 211 Del. k Hud eon .bolide. 8 4 ycara.lU8.i081 Kalio 88 a 86 Bunk of Commerce. N. Y. ? *88 87 ad'l 80 a 83 N. V. L. and True! Co. 15J* 180 130 alio 125 alio Karmera' Loan aud Trurt, 68 1,80 26)a28 95 a 85) Ohio Life and Trnit, 76 a77 6i a82 53 a 55 Bank of United State*. ? al7 2(a 3) 25a 5 Camdeu ami Amboy Railroad, ? a? ? a? ? a? IS01 Lou and I'r ridince, 83 aBSi 80 all 86 a 87 N.J. R. K.kTj*n?portationCo. 77 a7S{ 72;?72{ 82 a 65 Mohawk aud Hud< hi Railroad, 58 ajS, 811*61, 31,a 65 UliciandBcheueclady, " 136 al37 128*129) 120 a!23 Syracuaeaad Uuca " 120 ai2l 105a 110 alll Auburn and Hyrecuee " ? alOO 60 a ?I< 81 *83 RoeheaUr " 107 alio 88.8100 87 *86 N Y.Gas Light Co. liT al3o liialio I?0il0l Merchants' tusnhange Co. ?a 27 23 a 24) 20 a 21 The State of PeuniyWania being now added to the failed Statei, they may be ennmerated as follow* IVnty Ivania, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, MiaaUaipui, Michigan, Arkanaaa. The State of Now York 1* perhaps one of thu best on the 11*4,881(1 its resources are ample to meet tho demand* against it; but owing to tho unexampled bad manago ment of the financial affaire af the State, during the peat year, it la in im.ninent danger. There are $2,300,*00 of canal atocka due in 1846, far which the funda ware a aid to be on hand, that la, on depoaite with banka. Ol thee# bank a the following have atepped Bk of Buffalo, $00 906 Cam Bkof Oawego, 30 000 City Bkof Buffalo, 24.166 Way ue Co Bk, 21,307 Con Bk of Buffalo, 01,032 NV Dry Dock Co, 31,000 CiiatonCo Bk, OO.SOO Com Bk of N York, 44,900 $386,699 Thia will involve a loea probably of part of the amount aaid to be on hand. The Safety Fund ia liable ; but that fund doea not exiat, and the money muat be obtained by borrowing. Coneequentiy, it nakea but little di(Terence te the public, whether it ia borrowed to pay the debt of 1346. directly or indirectly. Aa arm in the above table, the State aixea are at 30 per oant diacoust, and the State haa elaima upon it maturing within the next 90 day*, to the following amounta :? Imwidiitk Daava or the State c, Naw Yoax. Temporary canal loana due prior to April, $1^04,000 Deficit in fun ia to opea canal " 900,000 Short loana rmeral fund, 400 000 Due Safety fund. 484,000 Arrrara to contractora, 1,266,000 Total due In 90 daya, $8,090,000 To meet thia drmaad, there ia no reaonrce but the op*u market, ia whieh the federal government ia about to campet# for tbr|$0 *00^00. balanea of .the $11,800.000, 'and $a, 000,000 an Treaaury aotea, which the Sonata amend meata have made additional, miking $11,600,000 What probability ia there, then,of the State of New York obtaining $4.000 000 at any reaaonable rate? at alee mt Ska liaek Btehaag*. $6000 N Y.J,a, I'M T? 5? <lo L laluud RK ate S3) $ oca Ohio 4'?, ta?? 7# too do do am isj SdeOO Corpora ton 4'a. 1643 Ml 60 do do Jt $1000 IlliDO'i Bala thw 90) 6? do do ISO 631 $aoa< do boo 91 ( too do Phen i Bark 7a Botu'a 91 10 do BkCom. ecrip 671 $iovu do t\w 91] 64 do do 17 $'.uao do thw It* too do Merh'a Bk Arao 66 $1000 do 91 i 60 do do 64) $1000 do athw 91; 96 do Del. hHud. 66 $4600 to alt 9<) 21 do do ?Si $000 do athw si. 26 do do athw It! MiHm Mill. Bk a*0 66 26 do do 66i 4o do Mecb'a Bk 61 12 do do 10 do Bank 4mer. OS 176 do do 110 63) 1.4 do N River Ina''o 67 111 do do *6| S do AobMnihRaaicB. *7 23 do do alO at, 0 do Cutoa Co alt t$| 46 do Kar.nti*' Loen 26 10 do Mohawk KR M 26 do Ohio LifrfcTfit ll '2 da do 664 too do do #ff 7J do aa) aaa do do jjj .I!3" M Hdo da 6J| ] j .. . ** to do Stnninr'nn 1$ ft do Jo tJ T rlMltdo||d?i? t *?h n l?(Md l?u? L?nt btt M Mto do tin i! 5s*' i! J!1 Wlw< ?| I to do U? 10,0 do III IM <ii 4- ? Mi M MtthiUf Aim M 104 do do **? S?1 a000 ioUUuo ?I0 Ml m do do m mm d? 104 do do e*H MOt do M sd tj dc ??i loot ? tit ii{ r % p v ITW- J MWMVI > Cwtton Trade. Tkit market hat exhibited a fair amaunt of limine#*, ??. hesoever, continu illy falling ratea, which may now be from { to } ct leta than at the cloae of Oecemtrer. k mameutary reaction took place on the reoeipt of the late newa, which wea, however, toon again loat.and the market returned ill downward tendency- Intheaouth era porta there haa been a fair amount of biuinea* done, not, however, of a healthy character. The depreciation of the local currencies cause a high apparent rate of exchange, ri/. jo per cent on England and Id on N.York, and cotton la retorted to at a mode of remittance. At Mobile, the agent of the home of Baringt bought 3700 bale# in one lot. At our lateat datea, however, the tendency of pricet and exchange waa again downward, and foreign order*being limited, are mostly withdrawn. The following'!* a table of the tranaactiona at the dif ferent porta, for the weekt previout to the datea attixed : 8TOCII,'BIIII, riKiiitp KR.makxs AT TIIC Bttttit Poart Stock SaUt Prtt't Ktinorki. 0? York, Jan. 31. If.uto 4.000 7)h7. , Orltaua, Ian. 30. 1*3 433 37,300 7iat 11 fading Mobile, jan. 30. ti Tin 6,310 7 *11; >'o Auguata. J?n 30. 33 371 l.oofl 6 at; firm. Coluinbut, Jan. 30, a,?41 Savannah, Jan. 33, 11.833 4.831 S sO falling Charleston, Jan. 33, 10.748 6,(00 3 il| firm The receipt* continue to exceed export*, and atocko are accumulating, notwithstanding that the export! ex* ceed thoae of laat year.? The following it a table of the receiDta. atooka and exnorta : Hcctini, Bioci iiid E?miti nr Coito<i in the Uxitad Stats#. Receipts. Ex to G H. To Ertmce. Total Ex. Stock 184* t,3i.VH 88C.88I 118 41* 373 *77 438 164 1*41 386,171 1*6,764 31 370 89g.4'<8 '.W 367 Increase, 1*8,417 83,575 *6.878 *3,819 3*888 The greet est excess in expert thus far is to France, but #f late the purchases on English account have been the most active. The ad' ates of a short crop account for the increase in receipts oy alleging that the wantofmonoy causes cotton to be hurried forward to realise as soon as possible. On the other hand, the advocates of bank suspension state that the produce cannot come forward for the want of bank facilities, arising from the attempts to make them resume. Between the two arguments, we may arrive at the conclusion that the less bank credit* there are in existence, the more labor is bestowed on producing the real wealth of the country, which is rendered available as soon a* possible. Hence the crop of the present yesr promises to be large. The following is .a table of prices, Liverpool classification:? Pricks or Cotton.?LirtRrooL Classification. York. N. Orleans. Mobile. Sai annak. Ordinary, 7iaB 6J a 7 71a 71 6 a 6 Middling, Bf a 9{ 71 a S si a 8j 61 a 7.J Midd. fair, Si a 9 81 a 9 ej a 9} 7, a 9 Fair, 9} a 9] 91 a 10 ?a 10 ? a 81 Good fair, 10 a lul 10j all 11 a Hi h? a Sf " and line, II a llj 18 a 13 none Corn Trade. There still continues more firmness in the Aour market, and prices of canal now range from aix dollars to six dollars and an eighth a barrel. Thia shows no change from Saturday, and we believe there hat been none in any |other description ol breadstuff#, manufactured or Pricea of flour throughout the country, range from five to aix and a half dollars, and auch will probably be the ratea till navigation is open.and produce again moves to market. We ero of opinion, trom what data wo have, that prices muat decline when that takea place, lay byMay Ver) small shipments abroad have been made lately? too amall almost to notice. Several thousand barrela hence and a few thousand from New Orleans ouly have been bought lor England, at pricea ranging from $6 AO to $0 a barrel. According to our last advices from the ether side of the Atlantic we cannot expect any demand thence of consequence, and taking into view, therefore, the fact that there are imakense quantities in (he weatarn States ready for shipment, wa csn come to no other conclusion than that we shall have low prices in the spring. And even grain is much lower than it was two months ago, as the follow ingahows : ? Market. H7i eat. Corn. Market. IFArot. Corn. Chicago, 88 31 Adriau, 73 '36 St. Joseph, 84 ? Clinton, 7ft 04 Mich.City, 80 00 Ypeilanti, 7ft Oft Niles, 60 J 00 Detroit, 8ft 37} Jackson, 68 05 We conclude , therefo e, that flour at five dollars a barrel, and wheat at seventy five cents a bushel will be the price next spring and summer. Cattle Market. "* Arrivals of cattle have been amall within the last week. Altogether there were aot more than eight hundred beeves, nine hundred sheep and lambs, and fifty cows and calves. Not all of them were sold. There are a few beeves left, and about ten cows and calves. The demand has been very dull. The prices tor breves range from $4 fid to >7 05 a hundred weight, for sheep from (1 76 to $5 00 each, for lambs from $1 60 to $3 00? and for cows and calves, from %21 00 to $35 00 each, being a decline. Married. On Thursday, 30th January, at Bloominghurgh, Sullivan County, N. Y-, by the Rev. H. Connelly, Ma. Thomas Stewiius to Elica, eldeat daughter of Stephen Belknap, Eiqr., of that village. On the 36'.h ult. by the Rev. Mr. Starr, Ma. Michael McKvon to Miss Eliza, daughter of Michuel Rigney, Esq., all of this city. Died On Wednesday morning, Jan. 36th, Joh* B. Aiufsioz, of this city, aged 3t years. Paaaengrra Arrived, Post Laos, Florida?Brig Billow?Mr and Mt^ Oirardin and child, Jo. a 13 O'Couneli.aud I'auI Bunzy. Fsrslgn Importations. Loitnox?Ship Welliuston?17 cases Patton k Stewart?33 hhdaB rstow feco?44 ck< ti C l'horburn?.7 cues Stone A co?90 cks Sea wodge A cola cks C C Ha?eu? t >ale< Ptraoufc co 10 Hughs, Ward fc co?4 J J Strwsrt keo | 7 J W Brill? 17 do Si bale, J Ellitoh?a eks Rock well kco?Sci Wilt jr kco 4 J M Opetahr inter fc co?8 J K Herrick- f O Meyer h ion? 5 cs 2 hhds J Weeks?4 bales J Sl its k co?3 cks P A Meatier ?3 C A Ahreoieldl?8 cj L) Appleton fc co?38C8 bis fhel|o, Dodge k ro?V cs 80 botes J kD Samuel?49 b-gs to chests Wkhelhauten keo?33 cases J Vyet?? cs 100 tegs J Harvry ?7t do 8 Alley k son? ft do I bale J 1> WiigM?S eke k Gardner-Sci Bei jamiu keo?It do C Coruiii*-2t i>kgt Moltz k PalUe?4 do O M llay ward fc co?7kegs O Link?3 do Btcnie k arotheas?is do J J Lulien?27 do Oaaton fc c->?ado Ne ins kco?St J J Beats kco?3S W B llrnd fc co?33 A A Law ?S4J H Be,I?7 J vieCallfc co?SSUihou fc Co?3 Wright fc co?3 J C Howe?S H Farnham kco?3 Ro*e kO?tn-U A K Stodjaid?Sft B k fc English?IS K B Delano?3 Ward fcco? 34casksH W fc s Barstow kco?Sft caseait bags J nwertzrr ?1 bdl 1 cate S Van Bickl. k Vau H >rn?35 cat B KlUats? lft do Wood kco?3 cases J I lint k co?8 chain cabhs 4 anchor* Tyson fc Jndsb?l case O B Moor wood k co?| M?iz fc co?l S Adaius?1 do Yean* k nuiith? 1 I'eet k iliicbcoca?| A B Gorton? I rate C N itobmson?8 Slooe fc co?1 Wight, Slur get fcco? I J W Ray moid-1 Kev I'yne?i J 81 e tie?i bo* M RacktU?1 do Waller fc Wooleey?I W Tapacoit?|(,g ftlnoma chain coble 1448 tone iron 123 c.eet Iftyltgi 60 baekeie to order. _ nm-ShipSiilly?2 twf R fc O Btulard??doG B K Oweo?17 (11 k'l'B Ingliah?13 W B Draper?13H Delano? 30 t T hlitllcu k co-tO Gmunt fc ro-80 1' C Hi??h eo? 8 G V?n Brureu?II C L Maillard?4 A Barbirr?8 tl Kabre uitM< Filek Mare-4 Uorkii D??iu h c?-4 Hiuji, Wiilum kco-3AfcGKenaallkco-3ei|?*la ttrme A K.ulei?175 I' A H Heaniildk co?IS Bebcntbd fc 1 h?beld-U M Oilman k co-S K Gebhardfc Co?1 8 Hoir-8 Bpiea < ntiit k co? l Letti k Levering?1 Boiceau k Kairh?d 1H Mytra? lOOfl burr lout* Mctrackau k Liaitgeton? I ci J I Rice?14 Beukurd k Huttoa?30 C Geecouifcce?i W A k A M White?3 eatre T It kH Mahler?1 Dt Poiter-3 Bcuarri k to-8 T Tejfleia k Oilmen?aC Boltoa. Fui kLivii'fitou?8 lira (out k Br - II K Duprt?8 R K thereat?8 G Ror.?t?8 Hy De Bey I at d?8 B i'te fcWnrd?8t Peyan kco?4 1" Helred-4 D B.dl-l F Melly?? B leermol.kc< -8 I Ufc H M ?e,l.i?8 W A Bne. thorpkco?8 K L.abrotle - I L Pridanee? I Bi.hoi- kco?I Beaard k ee?I B linhain fc Baldwin?I W X Leff-nug?10 H Heuoi quiafc Co?8 T D Bamucl-U Moran kco-a Tl otuael -8 FMelay-1 Beylardji?IC >?}?S A Caaeella?I Mi nun k Beoard-BHeppenbent kco?5 J toltenet-7 terf Brer k Mat?M Adams, Peine fc co?a Ueitchen?a II Y Bodwrr-5 T Otpealbimer?loobaAtU aiae b W Schmidt k co?lie do E Fielder?8 caaee Meukhard k Hatten- Cla.k k to-ja Nollemur fc Pnaenetadt?38 G Dj male?dsbokela wine Rmgay kCrookg?84caaet T A Voiem kco?a > Goideehmidtk co?a Schleginacr k Heuechen-s Megeri k She. ly- 4 Gjdtrey We b-rkc ?IH Wiener?8 I H AI here k b rot he re?I A k K Warbera?3 Arthur k Dambmgm.?1 K Duboi?-| Duboef. Towe keo-5 H Biraim r-SPouteafc fillawa> t-| C telle ?7 A Dc|Oti" I Dcnumei * Bninrd-l A Pluiik? t?74 An* b?rm? 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Oto D utl fi-|4 d ?cm h 901 ccrooaa dm ni h9'-0 hi ie? 9960 hf do 300 or do 1 a ni? . a urn P J Friocii?T bi I# i?d kf<4 I uo wiue I Ac '4 H Wiuitow ?ao barrel* ol bird?e*d II half buie* ol raiaiua is p<>.? grtpea to order- ^ DWiMtlc Importation* Toar Lroa, Fa?Brif Billow?lit b tin citron Canter It co; 13 Smith, W right, Liou k?o; *J Bryan k Maitland; 7a Hoibrook. Naif n ku. M itmilh. Mill* k e?; W Hnheit k William*; 35 Tarlor fc Rich- 3 bo\*t toharro k. Ellin'; I do eijar. Parkin*.Hopbine k WluU.iLtt melt- J N tli W tilo.1 *Nfcw OaLiaiao?Ship Yaioo-ege pig* Irod k taker k How*; M bkl* ca?tor oil Bitcbell kDr)ton; clover *e>d A Kiac; 11 lih I* pork LU Irviu; aarru I.Im tollou Smith k Uta?a* | T NMa wheat < do I .rti 3 do oil M krg* lard I bbl IV-rk k Sayre; thhda tobacc* Tucker it Co; It ewi cl rver need K Irvin?140 keg* 5 bbl* lard r Uk dam k BUdruaburg?17 i.hda tobacco Boorman Johaoloa k Co? 597 bbl* wl.iakay 41 d Hoar A H ?iant .rk Son?So* do pork 14 h'ld* baem, JIBoy d k Co-11 bhd* J H M.oaaogtr-44 w(a I bbla J hf do laid Barc ap fcLirow-om-l* caek* Sea ae.d C I C|,pbt* &'K'tnttA'kc^ l1^-^ kf^ra^SV^tSafal twVl.>JkVee"o*T H Maavngar-S haioajoao* H S ail k B.ol # #?1#? boa no I a ra W fc, Maaker?3# baJaa rouon A Ararill k co?I* bbl* lhl|ow 7 do pork 3* bag* lard KkT P -ppo? 3?57 aaaka Wlteat tahhd. tallow r Mag* k ton?*3 hhda bacon ?5? bbla floor it bale* cotl"" to ordor. ?jn> 1 ?mm-SS p Britannia? ?i1* p-'g* <?,j Baiter* ft ????S7 tirli lard W()Jull-*t# lack* wh-m 10 beta X> Brown ft Den laon?0*?k#f*l?rtl R-b-rw ft WiUU'ni?JO do A Awiili ft ?? " kip* do J H Brnm-IH do (Irrrown ft He mrjr - >? hh<U lofaaMO tf bale* roUon T Tucker ft co-*M r.|? 11 >?r He** k PnwtK 1*4 do pork 90 do If J U4d i ig* lead 1* hi an ft Hob?Jt baled cotloa R Kuualaud? ?o Newbold ft CrTri-to L Pa'iond New 0?it?wi-Bark H?nrr newmj-aim pip* lead c H RiWrra ft I o-t-0 brl* pork M??'?rtft Via koa-ifiO hr moln?*e* rU:k kco?tOO pip* lead llun on k U own?5 n-'r*cotton <1 K Hewitt?* Uiw Mlk, till'* ft to?n H foil ft #*> ? Ipn br'd litde* A B*bp?it b?la* Mow. drown ft Potter?1? A R*nkm?n t * R*?*??d R* brr ft Willi im*?f* bale* cott? t ?rtnn ft Dtnmnrll?**do R Kitigdai t], new Oblh***?B?>k l.udwm-7 . hide* ICO lr? ?t* in I* mo I* - Hniier * ft Iki tlxna. Itn*'m Brtf l?*b*tl?- !W hhdo molaated II b*l*?A| g Cli*uoe?F. ?r M*a** -ttriR t-ym? ? * I b l ero'tott C ?litre ft e ?**.] > I H d' ro-ik, Nil oufteo-IU i# Waiint ft H ?? i j* do (i ?.lluJ?HI d.' 1 Mel -Wdo II'> aal ft Vailaad - M .1 W<d-4.. I Tftt L Mniil.ud-Id do At mar ft ao?tea. Uobertj ft Wil aft*? i. do Bolton rot ft Li?lug?too. MARITIME HERALD. POKT OF HEW YORK, FlfBttUAM Y 1 :n ataae 7 i itli inom I K IITI i |? ! HON 0 47 To JHaatrra of VriMli. Commander* of vreeele will confer a favor *?jr harmy a lir f their ciuioea, paeeenyrro, aud a report of reueli loft at ifi iwrt whence they vailed, and the rreiela epoken. read) >n their arrival here for Commodore Bifirrr, of our fleet if newt irliooaera. He will board them immediately ot> oair antvtl. OlOWd. iBhiia South Amtrie- Kieher. LiverpooLC H Marahall; Ht Nicho a., fell. Havre, Boyd Ik Hi"keii; Mogul. flail, v, Ha?an-i Or ? I. Meaeham; Ca'hvrine, M) ere, Charleston, ti button; I iwii C <e. Hawley. Port Leon, Fla, Stuige* fc Clearin an; hark Kennebec, Smith. Port Leon, via Key VVeat, W W Pratt; hrige Eacel, I.adieu. Savannah. Sturgre k Clorman; St Patiiclt. Hitler, Boeton H Hanland: J D No ce. A abbey, 8t itlarke, via Port Leon and Key Wet, F. D Hurl but k Co. ARlTta. Packet (hip Wellington. Chadwick, from I.ond>n, and D .......I. tail. It.. .III. ... ?... In .t,l? Mil,. turu k Co. Packet tliip SuUv. Thompeon. from Havre, 17th Drr with mdrr. to B >ltou, Fux .iud Li-ingsion. Sai.rdtnco with Iowa, Prll.for NYi ik E?i>criroeed at-re re weather en Iter paisag e, prung her foiemait. carried away het fore yard, lnat aaili, and conaiderablr damage done to the rigging. ko. Oj the lit mat in a gale, loot overboard Wm Br wn,teaman. 18th imt. lout Richard A Jama, erarnrn, both ol Button. Phip Yazoo. New Orlea'.i.aud 11 dt fin the Bailee with cotton,to KK ColllnakCo. Ship Bri'annia, Cook, fm New G 1-ana. and IV da from the Bahz-, with cotton, to J H Howlaud It Co. Bark Iir-nry Newell. M-irt-n. 18 dt ftn New Orleaut. with cotton, to order. iJJintt. off Sand Key, tpoke Jotephiue, fut NOrtcanifwr Philad. Bark Ludwig, Lermon-I, It dt fm New Orleant, with molar- i tea. kc to Robertt It William#. B-rk Empress. Ilartthoro, fm Malay i and Gibraltar, Utc 37, with Iruit, toP J Krancia. t Brig Tappanndv, Oodorieh. i of New Haven) fm St Vincent, i Jaul(,in bdlift, to W WUehonet St Co. Left, echr Capi- . tal. of and fm Ntw'aern NC.jntt arr. , Brig Sterliug, Fierce, 19 dt fut Franklin. Li. with oak tim- , her. to Taylor k Rich 3#th. I it 39 Ion 791, Lafay ette, tode fm NOrleana for Philad. Biig Billow, (of Girdiuer.) Lawreuce, Port Leon, Kla. Jan ' 17th, Key Wilt.33d, with cotton.kc. to the matter. Left biig Motto.Forhet; brigt Tirnobern.Shin; dutquihaona. Bancroft, loading for N York; b <rk Mo awk. Baker. fr..m Boitun; Prig i Lawr-nce arr fin N York; achr Bottou Packet, fei Ke> Wett Br>g Kr,ciaau. Storer, lift Key Wett 33d Jau for lSotton. I'ante J. two brigt outride the bar, hound in. i Brig liaoeltr,, McKee.U da fin New Or'eant. with molatie>, I kc. lo AI?op k chiuncey. Bid inco with bark Mary, lor l<al- \ tioiorr. 38thintt. lal 3350; Ion 78 40, tpoke brig tier-rud?, fin i Trinidad oe Cuba,for BoiIod. t Brig Lelaud, Conmln, 17 d,ya fm New Orleant, with molai- | let,Sic. to HarcnakCo. Brig Cyrut, Curiit, It dt fm St Markt, with cotlon, to the i matter. 98th nut. lat 36 to. Ion 73 10. echr Warrior, I Oa fin Providence, for Elizibeth City, NC, Biig Pedrata, Hu chiut n, 13 da im Porto Cabello, with cotfee, to P Harmtuy k Co Left tchr Rautom, Baker, for j Bottou, inlSdayt; Com Warren,u-ic?the only Am vein-It in port. . Brig Sophia, Hmt. 34 dt fm St Atnei' ban, with pimento, to ' J k J Lowrie Left no Ami. Hchr Exile, Scout, t day# fm Wilmington, Del. with etude tperin Altenk Pavton . Schr Kochtitcr, Hatki 1, fm Georgia, with lumber, to J Peter* k Co. Schr Edgar Lmg. Turnir.fra Swaotboro, NC. with naTal itorra, to C Ringlet Schr Mary hrancit.frim Jacracl, with nidic. Below. 1 thip, supposed to be one of the New Orleant packr It. Oenertal Record. Mulct Paisaoi:?Ship Newark. Merwlo, hence arrived at Savannah in 84 hourtpaatage. SHir Buildijiu?There were four ehipa. fifteen barkt, fifteen brigt. twelve tehoonere, and four smaller veeeelt built in the Ditliictol Wnidubnro, Mc , in Ihe year 1811. Baik I.'iivmw, Cu.hiuy, from Cadir., lllh ult. cyme into the Bay ftt Boston, ou Saturday, tod proceeded to Marble bead. Bain Chablk* Miller, of Portland, which dragged aahorr at the inou'h of the Kennebec, w a total Icea LKtTKR Bane r i Einorc.?Tlte Lond m. Hatre, and Liverpool packet* will aul to-day. Their letter bag* are at Gilpine, in Ike Exchange. Spoken. 301ta. off Baraegat, echr rroridence, 8 d>ye, for Norfolk. Forelfn Porta. St Jai.o, Cuet. J an 11 ?In port. Olatieea. of Portland, tine llaidec. hi da fm Philad; Aurora, Trinidad, eoon; Ellm, f-tr HI Domingo. iu a few daya; L' Uaagor.juat arr; Mary Chilton, for Boetoa eoon; Elleu Gray. uac. United Steitcs Porta. M| PoaTLARD, Jan 18-*Arr RC Cutter Morria. from aeruiec; kae on hoard the mate ?nd crew of the Che Miller, wrecked near the mouth of U.c Kennebec river, Sid lTlli, C aeco, Havana. PoRTiMOUTH.Jan 97?Below, Kmpreae, from Norfolk for Boaton. MtTTtroiiKTr, Jan IT?Arr, Bcld Commander, Wine, fia New York. PlvMwUTH, Jan 22?Arr Louie*,Baltimore. BiLraeT, Jan 82? Cld Tonquin. Havana, Ci-tlkr,Jan 18?Arr Iole, Wooeler, from Eaatport for N York, WticaeeRT, Jan 97?SldJulia k Mertha. Trinidad, Cuba. PLraiat'TN, Jan 98? Sid Chatlea, Norfolk. Kcntvaai'ivn, Jan99?Cld Ponce, Pouee. HoLMta'a Hols. Jan 97?Arr Sarah Williante, Gleufnegne, 8th inat. for Boaton Left. Gen Scott, for . 18 or 20 daya Noot"reil, (of Fa'rbaveo, euppoard fui Georgetown, BC) dia; JceW?rreB,fm Boaton, arr 8lh. Iu roct.l PM.8 Williama, Splendid fm Boaton for NYork; Cat bridge,Hall, NYork for Bxton, Francia. Norfolk.Im Portsmouth Botrov, Jan. 29th.?Ar, Levant, ('ape Cood Hop? Dedal? Pernrnnbuco let inat. Le't at firmer Ninui.of Lt on; andllert'.d.tif Fairhaveu?A*? ef the crew of the latt?r mutinie and wereb ought h-re by the Lev .nt. Samuel k Thomae St Hei.n i; Sarah Williama Ctenfu'gni; American. Trinid d. 7 h iuat,;apokefoiu( in. Tibertan. 2* daya from Wiacneeei?had prune a leak 6 daya out. and Inat deck load Ella. Phil'delpuia; rulti k Helen,and Volt ire N York; Tellue, JacntelSh met. left Ja? FranriePaine, foe NYork 3 or < dvye Potomac. Petrenbur*, Vaj Cambridge. Hall, N York, signal for a brig. Cld, Franklin, rrin dad de Cuba; Sliawmut. Rio Janeiro; Annavtau Martinique and market; Pa'm) ra, NOrleana: Lueae, Charleaton; Uxardo.N Or*eaoe; Almeta, Baltimore; Wellington. (Jhvrlertoa; Sun. Baltimore iWolcott, N York 28'h, arr. Leone I'lel Palermo; Cordelia, Tiiaidad Cuba 8th inat; I'd Adelaide, f. rdo 7; Gertrude for do 10; Old '"olony, for do Ida, Ann Ffiia L fm St Th< maa, aeaboul lit. doing nothieg 30th, Nile,Palermo, Nov M; Wm Hehrorder, Maygu-r, I3thinai; left Sydney fm Norfolk, wtg ft; Either, do; Hideout. b?nc?, iuet ar; General Marion Bliff a, for NYo k Sored.; Gallant Marv. Baltimore 7; Hope, wtg ft; George It William eld 18th for Wilmington, NC. Ntw Bedford, Jan 25 ?Arr Chvmpion. St Mary'e Oa >.. t.? u_?m sm.rtfi-1,1 i*h,ri,iii.i. ur_ nvii Vlidcleii.ii, NC; 8u an. North Carolina; Ariun. NYcrh; Jae Lmwpheer, d"; MHilrrnnran," o. Alkiahdiiia. D C, Jan 28-Arr Vietorr, Pei fleld, NYork. KliiAni.Til Citt. JanSS?Sid Jane. WJr.lice Wii.Mi.mTOJi.CN. Jan 30?AirJoho, Martinique. Relit, N York; Ueiiera, Mar'ini .ue; Aurora, do; C appeil. Grenada; Rnwena StThnmaa; George It William. Mayagui z; Cha le?. HtCroiT; Cbarlea E Thorn. NYork; Sterling. do; Slra ger dotIon. Old Ereli'r. Ponce. PR;; Ceaicedony. Anliana. Mechanic. St Louie, Echo, Hav-uu;; Nracaat e, Martinique; Paran, Brrbice; Monaco MaUmi; ua | ra|i kSman. do; Kevelala, St J-go; l.lewrllju. Guadalnupe; Lien, do; O nrge, (Juayann; Glide, Nfork; Two Sitter*. do, 1 Emery, St Domingo; H Wraicott. NOrlrana; Henry. i orto Rico;; Robert fc Rowland, St Pierre; Friend*. Boatr.n; Julia. NYork; Pim*? (iKOKRCTowe.SC.Jaa 14?CM Ohio,Harana. ISJiMento, .NH?itl,rd;<h?L Vote, Barbadoee. i'liiaLcaTo.w Jan37?Ait Jupiter, Portland; CaaildA. Bulla ??n. We; Corntlia, NLondon. <'Id Nile, London; Joiephine, Liverpool. Bid Merchant,do; Roclielle, do; Troy, do; Mozelle. Itavic; C?bot,do; Racine, (Fr) do; Poutiac. do; Erneat. i (Fr) do; Chandler Priee, Trieete; Flauua. N of Europe; Htrri-t k Julia. Antwerp; Cami la, Hamburg; v'r reliant, do; tilobe. do; Canton, floaton; Elin Kirkbnd*. (Br) Loudon: (Jn'oorc, Weat Indaaa; Moeea, New York; Carthage, Portanouth. mav*!?j?ah, Jan 3d?Art Helen Mar, (Fr) Lircrpool; New- j ark, Merwio. New Yoik; O 0 I una', Saancrman, do; An- ( puta, ?h?rwjod. do. Cld Tnerilou Koruer, (Hreni) dowre k ( in >inel; Heree lie, Beaton. Arm' iiicola, Jan ??Arr Lncaa, Latham, NYork; Rio , Cneneiie. do fc; Ritcou (Br) Santa Martha. fclli Ve- , aria (Br) Jamaica; Saratoga. Cedar Keye 10; 4'eliato, do; Dime, Boetoo <; el'd Wiueaor, St Stephcne 7. Rowan, do; Virginia I'-ckot, Roeton, t; Fennoaa,Crawfoid,Havre, O ire k El>za. St Jooepht II; arr Portlend, C lough. NYork. 13ih. Hubert Walt. L'pooi II; el'd Mcigey, L'pool; llarteuae. Buck wan, NYoik 15th. In port?Martha Waeliiiiatea. Id'* for N I l'ork; B Aymar,Id'g for L'pool; Canton, Id'ir for New York; Aud. Charleston, wlgfr't; Illinois.Id'* for Trieste: Marianne. Cm NYork, wtg; Flrridiau, from Mobile, wt'g; Uncae. N York, fr't; Veuelin, (Br) fm Jamaica: Robert Watt, fm Lircrpool, die"*; Mary k Jane. Pdf foe liar re; Alloth. from Boa I<V, wtg, Etna In N*oct.wlg;;c Hiug, load it, r for ,N*ork; hi Clair, fna dordeaut, dif'g; Calitto. Im Cedar Krye. fr'ght; Rio Grand*.fa? NYork; wig; Strafford.Tin NYoik do; do. do; Portland, fa do, la; Florida, fm do. dia'g; Pacanon !d'g lor FroiiJen-e; Riral. fm Boatoo. fr I; Thoe P Hart, fm NYork, fr'l; Moree, fm do, do; Saratoga, Ini Cedar Kna, wig; Kilion, fm Santa Martha. dii'i: Lion, fm NOrla. div g; Hue, ? do, do; Ifloridiaa. fm ht Mark*, dia'g . Wellington,fm B aton,dia'g; Heoatv, fin NOrleuila, dia'g; Diaua, f.n; Magnet, fm NOrleana, lightering: Company. finiN Bedford,do; rlumc, fan Ktjr Went,do: I rudenre.fiom ilarana. Mohilk, Janil?Cld Mobil* Rialty, NYoik, Indianr, Ball,?ta* Oblraw*. Jan 90?Cld Ulindown, Apaltetiirola; Wal Kalln. Mantilla*; T?ruma?h, Boetca; Ooaviua, Liverpool; |)iinb*r.on,do; Alnander Touaain. Havre; Tom rayoe.New Y-irk. Arr i'antkra, Uoodmanaon, New York; UabvlU, Antikui PORTUiM'KSK FEMALE PILLS THK fK far-famed ana i-lobnled pilla, from Portugal, nra w? perceive, to be obtained in thin country Sea advartaaemeid oo Hm laat etlumnof fourth page. df* Im'rn it5i:AL IX)N?:eMt B7~THlt RaIvRKv, or T) rulcae V MinatrcU. at the .New York Society Library. Th' Raimn respectfully announce that tln-v win have the holier toreoeat lhairleucifl. at the New York Society Liiirary. on TUESDAY EVKNlMt. P*tirnary I.IHtf, when they will appear in tb*ir much admired Winter coalmne. The Hvaer* have lh* plea*are to anuounre tliat Mr. Timm will pre de at the PiinoTort*. PROGRAMME. Pear I. 1-Ranadaa V?eh?* 9-1'hercianohome Itke my own Malibran 3?The Kr*o Coualry? Momtette?,hy dieiet) Mniner |_Wr beve been eviry where?Oueit ai d Cliorui Kainera 3?(trend March of the Rainer* Reiner Part II. I?Long, long ago?a Ballad > y TV ma* llaf tea Rayler 7?Tti* tJilVr'a Maid?Tenor, Solo and Choriia Rninern 3?Oh, ii waanoi my owntutivc l?ud? Bee* *"lo. with aeeompaaimeat on the Piano fort* h, Mr. Tnnm Erojgh ??The Swim Nith-uil Soug 5?The Germnn Drinking Song Reiner Pabi HI. I?Stocking lo*t, with EcKo by tiw barn amger, ,Mr. Simon Kaincr 7?Rocked in the crndlo'of the deep?Tenor aolo with accompaniment on the Piano Forte by Mr. , ??latin and Margaret-I)o?l> ?wl rhorua tUiaerj 4?1 Hear them apeak of toy K*thrr hand-a celeb'at?4 Tyrolean.with trconi|'ii.ini n( on the Pia no Forte by Mr. Ti?m J Burnett -Tht Sweelhe .?-D?ll With I Horn*, (I., drain) IL.iner ramrhlete roatainiiM the trerman auni:' traiulaUd. mnbt ooiniiied of the 4o?' li<*|?r. Tlfkm SO ranta? Tob? had at the Maaic 81 o.fa, aul il Ik' door on m|, < niwwn to comntawecat halfpeH T oV'ocli. f| ' C';l( W| IlKWAiU) ! I CMuWf afaCitlt HlJl/i UK ' 'yy f* tha euro of delicate die.*#e?. W. (.irfiniloat . '{"fktak rrcnaaiweadritone Mdeceira tIre public, II t ie '"? di^ibcarc* not apeak far itMlfnnnne ehall apeak IJ<r II. "ur nli * 11? loaotifv wham it can aa hod, *od that ?lta profiletin tW-enaew aatagleaaaa afrroanl dieeaar U> be hr >?wl.t ?n eii Mia muttw* will not ilf tlaripnl fu" a?d?e . fnrtei tar* of V>*0 F"f l)r. W. H Mllnot'e. dr-ifniet, It] 1 lli'Mwiy, New Vorfc; J J oner, -V. fc. eiirh?r of Ch' taut all it T1I1 nrae', C, iladelpiua , foe At. tu.illi, 'it Waeluaatoo a', B' a ???: K<>k<-rta It At'iiu niri,corn?' of Ifaacaaeatnl Markit ri-itit B I lienor. ; A. l)..tIpanMnaa,liana! at. New Orleai.r. fllmd* f' h'f'UMrsiTyti rua 1< > ? ??.? ... , ? i...,* , V' loeini.i, mat that ,tv trarpa'eh Port wi'| (to , ' twmon H0>O*Tiaaa'. the ah n1 Krtirn rp. .The It tu rt'O wtoey he arm at ftw Pnari, ..I , ff, ?, Mo. M Willi m line' nliiio ihrilim rargrUintti ted A Jon ptete lie' of rt* t -ana' flftora w?| be a !? r4in?d ia a r*wf>T' nw MIM >!*? 1 ' KV THUMAH JtjCLL. <H AnnmndMk ruUontlTttU.) Tt fc-UAV. Vale nf Dry (r,Kvli, ( loihtuK. Jewelry. \rlir'??of all J. ion., ?t lip! o'clock, >n Ihcliltrwrni Alio*1 HoHici in F ultnn street torr. 10 ?|>lru<li I l lano fence, b> the heat maker*, all lu fine order 4L<1 IllOtl' of tllCin'M J|h 4 v% *rr?I)t't. A l?o. tin* complete tnole of a liu ?*oi<k. a variety of err*'!" ciI toole, turning lath- nt ,Ilrut, WEDNESDAY. *! I'l n ciof i ig ihcii?rnnm. Vj.lendnl euruitare, Sir?An utiniivi auJ mnertor iukii iiiriit ol ??cond hand aid m? furniture ul all dealrii>li<nj Iroui family* removcg tec. Alio, a large I 'I of addition;. 1 wn.od lia'il furniture.* eii'eidid stock of new city made do, and by virtue of au aingn mrot. l*>ofa*. 8 piannfnr e?, t marble toy t bice, and auodiy other arl idea of cabinet wn't. Aleo the yaluaplc fn nitur* removed from Biookltn. and the lialaacc ol the h-<u>ekiep rg arlirlt Iroin Haumritler at, forming ?a dee.rub'e an aaaortwcbt aa h.a be?n offered at pui licAale foriooir tiuir. ALu. ft variety ( f fluff 11#lit furniture from ttnuik vr *.?! ebewhcre. A UTTION NoTICK.-Br WELL* Ah? ULAUIUmZ Tliie Morning, at ;l o'clock?Choice White, Liquore, Havana 8 egara and Olan Ware?A largr invoice, including dim of thechoicret bhrrrr- Port, Madeira. Maltnaev, favorite brand*: Cbctringne and Hock winr. brandy. (in and whitkey. Prinripe and Rrgalia e-gaie?toarther with a fine apartment of cut tlaaa ware, he. 9tc, To ne told to pav advancra _ fl It* ! iAC? KOtt LIVERPOOL?The ?U|*rior first el use idrMy sailing ahip SCOTLAND. Rot in on, Mastea, will JKBS&have immediate diapatch for the above port Having epleudid accommodation# for cv bin, nrcond cahio, and elneragr paeeeogers. Prraoue about embarking iliould make early application to GLOVER fc McMURRtV. 100 Pine atreet. corner of Kouth. P. P.?Para na wiahing to tend for their fneu?* ruidiug in the old cuntry. can hnve them brought out by the abive ahip, lo leave Liverpool ou the 10th March, nnd provided wiih pro. viaiom b< her, if reeju red, on the m?at moderate terme, by pitlying ae above (if bv let erpoet paid.) I EC id RE?CAI'I I'AL PUNISHMENT?Bv .peciatreL nueei of the Committee of Management, Dr. WEST will Jelivrr Tbia Evening.Kelt 1*1. hi* third free Lecture, in the Laight atreet Preoby teriaa Church. corner L isht ard Varick Itrreia, and will renly to a aerm :n delivered on laat Sabbath evening, in tlie Allen atreet Prrebytenan Church. by tbe Rev. Glemge B. I'hacver. H. C. PECK, <ec'ry. fl It' SIXTY MILES SHORTER THAN ANY OTHER ROUTE dm the most expeditious route g. .WAv3?TO ALBANY, via BRIDOEPORT-Fare ? Ml w through $ .to The ateamnoat CHO PON or the NIMROD. leavea Cathadue Market elip, Eael River fide, for Bridgeport,every morotic except Snndav, at 7 o'clock. Prom Bridgeport, paaeengcre will be forwarded by the Houaatouic Railroad to North Onman. thence to We*t Stockbrtdge (90 milca) by ataee. and hence to Albany (ae. milca) by Hiailruud. Thia care are well uriiiehed and warmed. OCT" Porpaeeagt or freight apply on board of the boat, or it the York Houae. No. 6 Coiirtlannt atreet. jSun P??R LIVERPOOL? Poaitivelv oil the ad I vCMVThe augerier firat claaa fut tailing packet ahip GEN. MNmLpaRKHILL. Captain Hoit. will be Jet patched for Liverpool aa above. Thia aplendid ahip haa uneurpneard acEouimodationa for cabin, aecund cahin, and atarnijit poteen* l*ra, who will be taken at a moderate rate. A; ply rn board hip, at pier 13 Eaet River, or to JOHN HKRDMAN.31 South afreet. N B'? Arrranaementa can, aeuaHtl. be. made with the ?ublevilxfor postage from Liverpool, of thoae who may be rent for by their fiienda here. Drafla can alao be furniahed for any amount, payable throughout Great Britain and Ireland, on applying aa above fl PAbsAGf. FltR LIOr.ll' OOL-I'aoket l.t Feb Mfk ruin?A aplendid fnat railing packet ahip will lie HUttEwdiepatchcdand aail poaitive'y aa above, herregular day. Having aplendid abcommodationa for cabin, tecoud cabin and aleerage pnaai ngera For paaaage,early app'icalion ahould be nndv ou board, or to W. k J. T. TAPHCUTT, 4* bouth atrert, fl _ corner Omivrrncur lane, or 43 feck ilSL. FOfc NEWf OttLbANH. LgI'IMaNA. Albll wyffkN'KW YORK LINK.? Poaitively the lal Regular - NkBe.Packet?To receive frr ght till III o'clock, mud rail at 1 P. M. Thie Day.?The aplendio faat aailing Packet Hhip HUNT8V1LLK, CapL C.R. Mumford, will poei'ively aail aa above. For freight or poaavge, having aplendid furniahed acrommudatlooa, apply on board, *1 Orleaua wharf, foot of Wail afreet, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. 5g South atreet. Paa engirt by biaihipwil! Iraee he on board nt Orl'anr wkarf foot of Wall atreet. to-morrow (lat Feb.) at It o'clnrk, at which time the alrambont Hrrculea will lake the ahip to ML .... Shipper# will pleaaeaend in Iheir billaiadi glhlamarniug Agent in New Orleaoe, Jamea C. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all gwda to hit addrraa. The packet (hip OfMULOKB, C>|il. Lenvitt.will filtered tW- (IiuMjvflle, and nail the 10th February, her regu ar day. im*' WE coll the attention of the public to the iale of i*3^^.lhe ihiti" MARlPuBA" tint day. at 10 o'clock, at t%fMB?the Auction Room of William H. Franklin, IS Broad atrart. ft tt? AjflF PASiXBTIFOR ITiVERPOOL?The (plead hi Jntvy faft -ailing Packet Ship SCOTLAND, Cat t. RobinJHMKason. if now loading,and will meet with immediate deepatcn Thin thin hai tpleudid accoinraodationa for cnbin, eeond cabin anil ateeragc pnteeogeri. For paetege early application aliould be made on board, Pier o^potite t9 South ft, r ? W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, 4? South ttree' it 3 Peel fit.-. Ferrona wiehing to tend for their fiieuda can hare mem brought out in thin thip, or any other of the regular line, tailing from Liverpool ev. ry week, on very (aaorabletteima. and drafU for any amount can be had. pa) able on demand iu .11 the ptiocipal toani of the United Kingdom, by tpplying aa above ]?' nf)>- PASSAGE FOR LONDON -Packi t let Februv JjVWry?Ihe vpleadid packet thip MEDIATOR, Captain Choi wick, stilt pofitteely at ab ??, lur regular day. Having fplendid accomir.oil.nona for cabin tecood cabin and tteerage naiteoge rs. Early apoliration thould be made oo board,or to. w. tc J. T. TaPSCOTT. 48 South ttr-et, or 43 Peek Slip. Pertonadeairoua of tending fir their friendt can hart them brought out by thlf favorite thip. or any ether line, tailing from Livarpeol weekly arcd on favorable terma. Draftt Kir ami '.mnnni MM Km 11 Uil f)?f lllllt ran ittmktiil in call the mnanmannl town* nl ihe United Kingdom, b> applying aa above. ri9 fg- FOR MARREicLES-Rrgular Packet*.?The tlNy ?ub*erihera purpose dispatching a Rhip for Marseilles JpaSaKa inttctiia'lv on the lit of each month diring the yenr, The ship COURIER, Capt Duggan will anil ru the lit March, frood* *eut t* the tu ?cribe>a for f rvt' ding will be d'ep.ticheo free of a y other than the charge* actually paid.? For freight or passage, applv to BOYD It BINCKEN, Agent*. in l ontine Bmlding*. ffg. Ft?K LIV LIirOOL?New Line?Regular Packet Mj^trW the 23th Fehruuv.?Tne ijdeDdid fait aai'iog packet JwajtgKaa aliip tJARRlCK. Capt. William SkiJdy, of 1000 tone, will *aii a* above,her regular dap. h'?r freight or puesagr, having accommodation* unequalled for (nleodor or comfort, apiJr on hoatd at 'Menu wharf, foot of Wail *t. or to fc. K. COLLINS fc CO., M South alreet. Price of pannage #100. The packet ahip Koaciiu. C*pt. Ji hn Collin*. of 1*00 tone will auceeedthe tJarnci, aird Mul on the 251b March, her re[ular day. ... raaaenger* may rely upon Ihe ahip* of thi* line railing pune inn; ? Mwnww. jit Kg. NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL REGULAR JWLcOMMERCIAL LlNfc OF PACKETS-Sailing MNMKaWeekly?Pasaagc from Great Britain and Ireland, iv* Liverpool?The euhacribera continue to bring out put CDtan who may be engaged by tlieir fnenda here, on rtry modertU term*, for firat claaaebipa nailing from Liverpool weekly ? DralU for any amount can alio be furiiiake<(. payable throughout the United Kingdom. Fer further particular! apply, ifpy latter poet paid,to oW JOHN HKRDMAN.dl Houthat > <* TO THE HUMANE AND FRIENDS TO jlgr>M|SFOHTIINE-Thi col. braird Tiottin; Marr, f \ > -FANCY. will be ra/Bed for an Monday treiung. Jiat laaiMryVatieren o'rle. h prrci?ely, at the Bowery Cottage, IM Bowery?eigVt yeare old?can trot a mile in three lainutea, ind ia warrant! a round >nd kind. She ii thua diapoaed of, io coneeriurnce of the praaent owner nreting with the mil fortune or leaiad hia light. Alio on the. lam* evening. a light Iruiliagharmaaa. j3l It* MEDICAL AID. A PHYSICIAN long aeruatomed to nreecribe f r di'eaiea of a uriratr nature, reaidea at 34 Molt atreet. He bar liceo familiar with thiae complninta many yeara, and bar. iog been a particular and cloae obaerrer af eauae and t fleet, he haa obtained a thorough practical knowledge ol taia branch of hie profeaaion, which haa ena'iled him In introduce aome valuable imprarumecta inio hia praetiee. He doea not bonot of making rapid and haotr eurra. bat hia aatia'aeti. n ia to perform thorough and radical eurea, and in aa ahort a pare of time aa it cm poaaibly be dona with advantage and airly to thepatieiiL And, generally apeakiog, it ie not ne reaoarv for the patient to obaeive any charge in liuaineaa per a ilia. Ilaaty. and cuoo'<|uetitly imperfect curra. are the aou-ca trom whence reanlt ji many diatreraing eaaea ol couaaeutive oreecoudary aymptoaia ; and the like rrenlt fn.pien'ly fullowe theu*e ol many adrertlaad remedieafor thie niacin ; that ?oy medicin-, ho ever good in the ftrrt or p. imary atagea u| the complain', cannot he auppoeed lo eaert the aamr imwrr and influence over the human at a nn when ita admuiiatraliou haa beenlor-gcontinued, and thua whila the patient if awallowiag uedieiwa from day to day,hia diae iae, if nut chaugmg to a chronic forra.toaay the leaat.ia very likely to terminate in a perman>nt debility, or perhara a uneD int aa lor ioataai. a alriclure?how many liuudrrd there may be at thia very time taking medicine under eircnmatamia that apt ear diacouraging.wheu if the real facta of the caee were known, tlic die'?e nt'ght prove to he a atricture. and hnuld Una lw <he I eaee it ia important for the patient to know that one medicine I alone uever ilid. nor never rati cure a a-rieture. It i< a well I known fact thai the pali'Dt may hare a atrtrlnrr many month* or erea year*, without know ledge, and with oil any effect eirept loincttaae the I m? required to make a cure. Thoar v.etima nfinditr.retion or miafortuue wt.o are about la arlect a medie?l aa viarr wctt'd ao well lo rail and obtain a little book treating entirely on three com Inula ; it i? a ainail Cket rolutr.e, r n'atning touch ralnablr inlnrination ; i'a JC'iage ta rety plain aud anaily unJrratooo. Price So reuta. Ilr Urrgwe)'* teridrucr ia at 31 Molt (treat, about too yard# frotivChalhant cinare nearly opjr aite Ot-ehuirh Mr do-? Bt limit hi? attendance to a few houra. but mnv tr found at me at any hour ol day or ni?h , (nbrerre that No M ia n t a drug etnrc) 1 hia to una are ?rll arranged for the reception ol patienlr, and hia charge* moderate. The book uiay a'aobe had at the (nllowing dug torea? 7t Kultau. corner of Ostdot; corner b utton and IVitliam atreata. aud coram t bainber at. and Broad way, both oorrca. Corrrapondeo'a from any part of lb* country. (|>oat paid) ordering the hor.k and covet tag (I. will receive u h? mail, neat paid, in return. Timor tviehing penonal advieo and a? dtcino. mutt remit a ft* It inaure a I tea ton. Uireet t? j* Mott atrrot. New Ynrfc. 0 ! * CHIP BT. Nl< OLAP -Tha t aajrug.,. will embark at, trr ^ No. 3 N K at i o clock.*' M_ ao day. The tnatl will Cloar at the Poat Uffico "?? ' ?tUr" w u"?" from ?hr Mtadmg at I n clock r. M. f | niCKKT f IIIPl V ^ m N.W O.lean., ouch ,7? I ante at Orleawa wharf, foot of Wall atnrt (roiru-ra nil | leaar attcad to the raecipt of Ihetrgooda immrdtatrly. II DTKAM "1 V}m V'*oK n^VANA.-JTJ e> aignera of Mrrehandtre by thi? r.arrl wit* clear- arm) ikotntinniUflnniarf. foot of Jon**'* lir.r, or to lb* ? ifir- ? f tit# uWnbrrf, ? *11 nnf i*rfi)ttt?*4 in fir? diyt irutt nnii?iiid?t>lr ** ,n f*e PuWir tnrr. T, C??tOVRK k M??UHR?V lMt,n .? sHfekkAlM ORRIS TOOTH PASTE. rIK k??l 4?ntifrir. in th? WorliLwarraaUd tuil to injur. IK* tr.lh.but to ai.aaan and brautitY tlirm. hanl.a th? I'lint. iworten llwbmaili, and k.aji th. l?.0? from aching. Dr. ' I'llIon, om of tit. ihlr.t rhr-tmala in America, WM it it th? kwl irtrle .*er off.ird to tK* pnhlir. Dr R. C. (ItaTLa.WT Bro-.'lw?jr, a dentist of lb. nnit rticntiir iTrnctic.andof r?iuit"ttnn, rrimrwadi it m a'l thin could b* rl-.wod no a irl.aaant and .Hir-arimia d.ntifrtr.*. Dr. Km.iott tit. dlat ingui ab*d orwliat. rorn.r of Broadway and Warrrn ?tr.ot. kaonond it lor twojraora, and conaidrra M th. br?t article known. IVof. WaUD, U? Chamber* at reel, aoaa no olbar articl* for iii.1r.tb. IIima^ M. fan.. K?rj. No. I# Firat Ar.tin., ik>? nart any ot!?r JjjtfiliK', iu! rtronr.nienda it aa alt Mlly auperinr ail|plr^? ijol. Jj|,.Htia?-?,IM Majd.n lane, recommend* it a* aa eie?ljrr,tofcV.?i"u? r.|ual to IL WhjWr ami flail, ISO ?lr?.t Af.nta, Chur.h, IPO BiAOJVVr; Hrudr TT Ko?t Broadway Mealy, ftl Bleceberet. * and l*? VUt s of. Brooklyn, and I Stato ?t- Botlon ,yM it?'?!? ? . PAKK TH KATHK. n AHK THEATRE.?Mr. ABBOTT ha# the honor reaotet' fUly to aniHtiiiife. th .t oo Tnuradey r? mnr Feb 34 be ri tf.<r au F.LOOUTloMAKV LECTl'KE, with Km blue ltcuiunrem > ?t the fink Ttimtre. PROGRAMME RiMtRH* >m> The Hr? Dr Churning' y> opoaition for gitiug H<- u.iln>i? inetendol the Drama Mi*. Siddorn'tfuren C itbarnie?Dr Johueou. V r Kemb'e'a I Midiua Wliohei . I i itaiion?" Farewell, * long f* ?w?ll to all ir 3 grant urea." hrinh'e'a Retirement, anil Ihr public honor# [>ntd mhm Ode hy (Jamibell. Death of Kemble in Switzerland?I)f?< rii>li"0 jl t iat < otmt ry hy Shcri an Kuowlea. Anecdote of Lie tun? A Umeral Renew of Drmne'ie R?|?r? entationa. O|nai'>u*ol Martin Luther. Sir Walter Wcott?Kecoller ticna of Ahboteford. Me, Ration?" Lady of the Lake." D aeertntion won the French and Kneliah Stage? Talma?Ma damoieelle Mare? Amnion- ol Lafond? Sketch of the character of Shylo'k. IDrjotinn?" The guaiily <<f mercy ia not ttrainrd " Krcita ion?' Q-tem M?h." Scene from Mario*'# Fanetii# F.i tract from an unpubliehed Tracedr called " (arieeida," founded itpoua Legend?adopted hy Prtrai'h, Doc cacao, and liaucer?Fdwin|Forrr?t?Coaciuiiou. Do > # Will open at half-peat aereu?the Le -'.ure will cw? r,K"' O'rlock preciarl). j? i n,"i 5? rem*?Oeitlemeiia' lieketa fur tail Multeity. 50eruta? ntne ladie.'tickata 15 ceatt jsi tiii? rhkatlur ' NINO, htbruary I?The paiforai,u?cr? ?"?ll mm* ',,i>. nwi.ra with MM HA NIC AND THK QUEEN, Mary''' Jehneew, Diu.ood and Whitk^k'will *ppe? !7-hlu'wU br.teil N??ro Carw^^S^^ Thera.e, M,3 T,0I?, ^oatac.*. To conclude wit,, Sir HurlbrauJ, K.rby | Oyhlm, Johnaou Undwr, v , i loaea Idtieratl. Pit lit nr., .ry it. n'?riMrn *: Curtain riaea at T) (racier!, niTOHKLL't UL.l?Piv lllllAlH. THIS EVE-NINO, Primary I-Tha periermaeoe wi'l w nr.*we with ' 19 4 id 11 Mr Crnmmltf, Mite lull | 1, dtc K h*?i? K""ty' T i r ii j . M.-wTiwa * 1 o l?r fullow rd by THE ('ARSON'S NOSE Mr Bubb, Mitchell | Dr ClnlleoJeu Nm krawr Mandaliue, Mm Alter which SAM PARK: With the Hr<l ComteJim: Saul Parr, Mi ch< II | Kilter. Horn, title Mra Rittrr, M.<e8i'.,'lrtixi. To conclude THE MIDDLE TEMPLE, BrieflcM. Homeaatle | Hairbruio. Roberta Julia, Miaa Singleton, Adtniaaion? Drear circle >0 cant a. Opuer hot-a aa sttca. A. II) ceuta. Private boiea $5. ""*? at half naat ?it. Curtain riaea at aceoo AUrHITHEAJllE. AO. .17 fiotrrrv RIM'L'IT DC Mil rricnvi u For thin Night Only, Mr. Ot'OROE SWEET ou the Twhx Rope ! Latt Weekof Ihij extraordinary Company before their Departure fer Europe?Immrntt Attraction ! ! THIS EVENING kebruiry I?The eatertaintnciit* wdtmm utruce with Krai a on the Tight Rope by Mr. (i. Sweet, who .? acltiwtwltiV''d to hive no auperior in An nice, liorarmai shiphv Mae i r Ay uiar. Principal Art of Horeemaneliip, by Mr. J. Bachlry. leaping oier (tartcre. t aiivaee, fcc. Mr Gardner in h>e admired act ae the Flying iadua Intcrmiaeion of fifteen minute*. The eecoiid part will commence wnii Mr Band* will perform on two itoiarr. The Hirer* Family in their feata of Oymnajit PoiPuiogin Prelection. Mr. Conuover will apjienr iu hie wonder'ij iwifwiwame of Elatticitv. ... _ ..... Mr. U. Bucklty will Deuce the High'and Ming. Horaeinanahip by Mailer (Jardurr. The whole to conclude with a lLat .liable Alterydeen catted OLU,UAMK TROTf Door* open at 6}?performance commence at 7. Bote* SO ceula. Pit S5 cent*. The animal* belongirg to the Zoological luatitute, will b? open for exhibition during the holiday*, Entrance No. IT. * Chrv*tie-al. Adirnaeimi McenU. AMKKICAN IHIISBVM. Corner Broadway and Ann ntrtet. Manager and Director, Mr. P T. Barnuea Uraud Ottla Week?The New Hall opened?FalU of Niana ra?City of Dublin ! La Petite Cerito, Matter Henry, Mn Taylor, and T. UL KVRV EVENING THIS WEEK. Commencing Monday, Jan. 3l?t The Manager ha* great i ieaiure in anuouociug that a new, tpaciou* and tplrndid Hall, one hundred ftet in length, ha* be it added to ihie immeuee eetabliehuieul. and though it tontain* two of the moat ttupewdnu* and majr.ficeot w oiks of ait ever exhibited in thi* country. The I'nieof Admi*?>on to the whole will remain at SSerala. The Manager ha* at great expanse. effected n abort engag*; ment with Mr. J R. HOLBHOOKE, to eahibit hie elegant and interesting MODEL OF THE ClfrY OI DUBLIN. The manager ha* al?o engaged ror a ihort period the Grand end Sublime Exhibition ol the (lupeudoue FALLS OF NL AO AHA '. , c- l v The wonderful Eihibitioo if The PNEUMATIC RAILROAD, the greate*t mrMAn ok the age. i? in conetant operation. The Albino Lady 1* here every evening. Faecy Olate Blowing every evening. The grand Cotmoramic View* are all cJuogid. For the convenience of families?nd children, there will hereafter be a PAY PERFORMANCE, evtry Sato, dug nltcrn??>n. commencing at ?hie? o clock. Priu< i|?ala ot School* and their i?urili *i*i Had oa lateral termfl. .. ?... Admittance to the Museum an* a. I the ?u'j*rUuiMli, m jenU. linger 10 year* of ;?pr Kwif t>ncc. Nhw iuhK BA? ithaii iVilJHlx* MH i?.TV ?L thfi on Mntic* hjr JA.MK8 F. WAHNK.R, Fai'j , of Bmlon, at the Tabernacle. on '1 uofday Keening. Feb. I, in rocjaactioit. with *h?ch the Society will leiform lemal [>opular piece* of Music, with the aid ol an rifle met orthrttri. Mm Strong Hai kindly roluutctrt d her ?*1 aaWe **r*it** for the^ M ? (, Orr?i.i?t Mr 1> H Hameeta. PROURAMMK. Chortle, Kalher. we adore tliee, (Oratorio of J'uk.i) Hay 4a Air, O <?oi,t thou hut gireti to Uitm a Ba..crr, Mu Htro r, Htrdu Chortle, Aruir, (fjudah. Ha) A. LECTURE. Chorua l,o, beromelh.Ticlorioiia Rmd Mia rt Solo? Mr VV b.Comta. 801 It?I I fcpow thai >)' Redeemer Ueeth, Mr?. IImule t * Huatal Chorua?The arm ol the Lord it upon them,- Had) a In order to aira to all an opporlunity to hear a Popular Lee tu e on I ha inhject o Sacred Mueie, the |tice of idaiaaaai will be Morula only, Titkete foreale at the netial place, and at the door Per oimaurr 11 commence at 7| o'jock jSt St' pAl Kt'.r SHIP CARSICK fnim ITirervool,?Contigaaae I by. t-iaahio will plraaeecnd their friend* on board, at loot of Jouc'a Lane, Pier 14 K. R. A'l gooda ndl permitted in fire dayt, m a' -u ifotdably be acul to P b'ie Store. )9i la* i?Ajnsm?2 TWO FOUR WHEEL CABS, 50 CENTS PER IIOl'R JJANDS in die CORNER of HUDSON' i DUMB1 ? Resilience 60 Laight Street. nEtO'ST) FT>H>lt. FOR.SALE---A two wheel FrenchC<b. open taftvit. Api Ijr naabwre. jM la MUSIC. An AV'IST'wauld reapectfully inform j* ,>obiir, Itaal he will plav at prieate paitiea on Ilia puui<T?rtt aR tha celebrated cotilliuna and waltiea. Enquire at No. I* Walker at reel. JM laa' SUPERFINE DRESS COATS n m.. - - tctfc > to woekiaanaWr'yd rnatfnala/fnr IWrPTTW fOCl lOLI.AHS ; >l*o, Pantaloon#Tea Tailoring aatafcliahiaeDt, 141 Broadway. If. B?The abeysgarmenta areguarantaad11 b* m|k?I no an. if raapeet to thore mad* by tbo mott e*pen#i?t hoi)? * IW t'ty. This i* no empty rjnaranfee, but aba that die itft? hinaolftofuiti. Garment ao fie* rood try Tialityoe*?OM '.ionabl- low* f. _ CiOAL VAftD WANTYit)?Wauted to hnmlhaftet / of March. a well Atti ft up and coi?e n>rot ,ai Yard. U? cation CD the North Hirer, i-mrwhei* below Kianklin *, Apply to Caawell h Liale. 31 C?<lar afreet, i[> atmira. Ut'ltNlTrftK-KfcbccKi) FUSTS r wli I intend lo cr.nipete with th* piea'iit low jn-iee* of for i.itur.. muat undoubtedly obtain their mw material Id bit lunula ami at the Inweat nricra Tlw amber * now rr-reir114 a lar*e .piaoinr ' f * Kt jrlieh b-nraenti f and heat aofc ? < n*'; I* >"rh hair rloth, plain, 37 rente; fgnrad 30 eenfn par y ard, o?d other ??*ei in proportion? belt Weight ?*h aprmga 69 truijt p* * t Inirand ?ofa maken will omult Ih'ir o? i internet by (illinsoml judging for tbemaelrea, before r.oaii* llair pw JOHN A. NKWBOULD. jet St* _ _ 74 .lohr. nnarlMl. AMhi. HiaH OK ItAlrt?may ocri naiy maiMl be the head bald or the hair diaaeaed. at laaat iheeo (anaai eerlif, eo: ?W. Tomklot. W King at N. Y.; 4 l.iwjr, araan. Brooklyn?by the uae of Jooea' Oil of Coral CfreMHt. Ii dia pel. the d.iufniff preven'a lie hair fulling out, enuaea if to rrnw.ttven whiakera) aad girea light red lr ir?y hair aire dark look. ?na puhltc are aaaura* ihia ii puffed nnttroa. hut il they get ikrg-uuinc ami girc il a fa:r tint, it will do all it i? lepnMiHaL Sold at W-kt eery turetul of the rigkt number?a-J Chatham at. Mind. none (tragi laaane unlrna aigard ' " 'online T. Jooea. Agent in BriaiDlyn, 31 K.ltm at JJ1JY MOinti* M A>?u MuunON itAlbbU.M) i taotfANVt? A eeminnmiat dividend of theee per rent ?the Capita* Btrek of I Ilia Company baa beet declared pit ohla at the Me rhtaiea'Haak, in thie city of New York, <m tr ifleewth day ol February peat. DrS'iie. tady. Jin. la h.HtL j-11 3w THOMAS fAI.Mt.t, BtuLPitaay. TRK BANKHCPT I.AW?l'?r?u a la'aouig t* be 'Harlia'lrd from their dehta under ihie Un ire incited toea)! no th aubacriber, who will get them d?aeh<ry;?l ?iih denpatei. and on ihe inoatrean"fable Irrma. n. ninunuii'.,AUnmrr U flljt ? > N ??wm ?'?>< KOR uiv *r?V? luL-rtJ-tofr '** _Afri_ r 11 in i ) *r" *.}" ,J,,? *oi.or?. EHMr.pi. t'tawwr, wni fo'in^'r ?? ? ? vt/mtagsirsstA. M R Th? lit'.*. BARKHll.l. ?? < pa?itiT*?r nr ?d Fafc. ??d ???e?o???? *?* ??"? MM* WwaT^iiVonTXV^::^ WMZ .hot., h r regular il*v. !* < ?Mp* Rr<H>mm>MlallmM for ?*!.??, r*tWn rod .ttiUMp"'"*'- , *r- not l> ?tij- r.o.o| ? ~r. ....', iwiilit r?n K? OnMrflrrtiU v?f?s by MnYrb"-' mi k .trd.iik Orl.itnt Tw r loot M W .1 ?f ^ WLOVt.K * SI-vll WHAT. . . ,, . . If# Pll*M "nr PuidHrf r,d ,Vi?,7? "'"' Ol hwpock. t*? . "--r.r. .11* wioM?f tfi ??nd for th-ir frt* l? rr?.dArt ~ I.. .. I c/wnliy, tM hin li.mkr,,,!., mut m ,i? ..... ?? ?* of thr nvultr ri-Hnj r?? '-* <nr by *>)>?? w J ?/ l-<w.- o?? ** )*>

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