Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1842 Page 3
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to^t-rs-q dipt. Alhufi fCofre?pooilcacc of the Herald.) Albany, Monday', Jan 31, 1842. The legiah'ure lute at last turned their attenfior to busine.-* again, and sufe *d the unprofitable die eaesions, that have bem going on for the past week, ta drop, at least for the present. The third Ilouae, Of lobby, too, has been unusually busy. The mem bers of this btdy, are far more indefatigable iu iheii attention to business than eithtr of the other*. Among the moat prominent among them are son e of the members of the previoui Legislatures, who corns here to lobby for favorite measures, and the office seekers, or their friends. From yonr city, 1 perceive Col. Stevenson, Col. Storms, and James Conner, all after the offici of Commissary General. In the Senate, Mr. Deniubton presented a petition, which, he remarked, wa? bnt the first series, praying forth* incorporation of a company with a capital of 91,500,009, o - other me tas, to construct a railroad from the city of Albany, to connect with the New York aud Erie Ratlroid at Goshen. Mr. L>. aid if the citizens of New York, and of the State, - - f ? j r a it desire the construction 01 a rauroan irom rvioaay 10 New York, this was the surest and most effective meaaa of ensuring it. Gen. Root said he desired to call for the considrrttion of his resolutions, otfeied on Saturday, but if Mr. Foster desired further delay he would waive his call. Mr. Foste* said lie should prefer that it should lie on the table for another day. Gen R. then inquired if the journal contained his resolution nt length reciting the Governor's mes sage. The I'keiheut replying in the affimative, he said he would wait, with pleasure, the movements of the Senator from the Fifth, (Mr. Foster.) The Senate then went into committee on the bill to change the manner of appointing Bank Commia sioners. and to reduce the number thereof. On motion of Mr. Hustek the bill was so amended as to have the first electiou of Commissioners on the 21st of March next. Mr. Faulekeb moved to amend the third section, which requires that the free . banks shall pay one fourth of the salaries of the bank commissioner?, so that they shall pay but one eighth. This was about the proposition of the capital ' of the free banks to the others Mr. Fostcb objected on the ground that it was not the amount of capital ( bat the number of banks that produced the laborAfter some further debate the committee rose and reported. The Senate took np the bill relative to the New York and Albany rail road company. Mr. Dsksistoi* remarked that as no answer had as yet been made by the company to the resolution of inquiry, submitted bv Mr. Dickinson, the Senate cannot as yet act understandingly in the matter. He therefore moved that the committee rite and report, which was agreed to. The bill to amend the inspection laws relating to the inspection of sole leather, was agreed to with amendment. The bill to repeal the New York Criminal Coart Bill was taken up, but the committee rose and reported without taning the question. The joint resolution for the election of a Regent of the University in place of James King, deceased, was then adopted, and the election accordingly takes plaee at twelve o'clock to morrow. The Senate then went into the consideration of Executive business. In the Assembly, a petition was presented by Mr. Mac lav, from J Sherman Brownell,and one hundred Ad nine other citizens of New Yoik, for anch alteration in the common school system of that citv as will effectually secure to the neglected and indigent children therein the blessings of education. Mr. Udall presented a remonstrance from citizens of Williatmburgh against the recharter of the North River bank. A very large number of petitions were received to-day. Mr. M'Mvrrav, from the committee on the petition of aliens, submittm a long report upon the petitions of the several persons claiming to be the heirs of John G. Leake, deceased, and also the petition of the Trusteesjof the Leake ane Watts Orphan Asylum. The report sums up the different statements made by the respective petitioners, and recapitulates the dects'ons made from time to time. The committee, without deciding upon the claims, believe the will to be sufficient, nnd reported a bill for the relief of the Asylum It waa ordered printed. A bill was raported by Mr. Keelv, for the relief of the Thomsenian practitioners, allowing them to collect pay for their services, fee , which was ordered printed. The Senate sent for concurrence the resolutions passed by them in relation to the Bankrupt Law, which were referred to the Committee of the Whole. They can be of but little service now, as now* has heen received to-night of the loss of the repeal hill in the United States Senate by on* vote. Mr. Tambli* culled up the consideration of the resolutions iatroduced by him relative to the appointment and removal of State officers. Mr. C*arL offered an amendment, that the election should take place on Friday, the 4th of February, which was rejected. On a call for a division on each section of Uio resolution, the clause in relation to the election of Secretary of State, waa adopted. On the Section coming up for the removal of Comptroller, r. HorrxA.v said as yet there had been no answer received to the resolutions asking for a liquidation account. Perh aps there had not been sufficient time. When sttflkient time had elapsed he would move a resolution requiring them to report instanter When that hitorm ttion d d ecm*, ha would be as ready as any one to etfeet the change proposed. Mr. Tambus was of opinion there might purpose* ly be a delay, if a < h inge depended on the answer to ssentia. He n.iughtthe gentleman from Herkimer "could use the tomahawk" w ithout such information After some further debate the resolution was laid on the table The House rejected the resolution, proposing to bold an afternoon session for the consideration of the bill abolishing capital punishment, aod adjourned Cave Ulcucar. Washington. [Correspondence of the Herald ] WAiniMior, Feb. 1, WI2. faaeral of Blr. Dixon?Board of Sxeheqaer. The Senate met at 12 o'clock, Tor the pnrpoee of attending the funeral ceremonies of Mr. Dixon, late a Senator from Rhode Inland. The Committee of Arrangements, pall-bearers, aad members,attended at Mr. Clement's, on Capitol Hill, the late residence o( the deceased, at 11 o'clock, A- M , at which time the corpse was removed, in ? charge of the Coma it tee of Arrangements, attended by the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate, to the Senate , Chamber, where Divine service was performed at ptecisely 12 o'clock. The Chaplain to the House of Representatives, the Rev. Mr Madit, performed the service, and the Rev. Mr. Tuston, Chaplain of the Senate, preached a mott appropriate, eloquent, and touching sermon, from Isaisk lxiv, 6?" But we are nil ah unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are M filthy rags, and we all do fade as a leaf, aid our feiquitiee, likn the wind, have taken us uway." The funeral procession was then lormed, and it moved from the Senate Chamber to the raifroad depot oa lVnnsyivr.mii avenue, where the body was delivered to the relatives of the deceased, nt their special request, to be transported for interment to the place of his late residence, in the State of Rhode Inland, in the following order:? The Chap) tins of both Houses. Physicians who attended the deceased. Committee of Arrangements: Mr. WeoDBaiDoe, I Mr. Mahocm, Mr. nusruoiToT, | Mr Duetto**, Mr. Wsiuut. rail-Bearers: Mr. Cut, | Mr. Ki*n, Mr. Ct-ATtoii, Mr. Bkikiks, Mr. Svumkok, I Mr. raa.iiist, The Family an I Fiiends of the deceased. ' The Ueuater and Urpreeentativei from the State ol ItUode Ulanl and Providence Plantslion*, ai mourners. The Sergeant at aims ol the Senata of the United States. The Senate of the United States, preceded by the Pressdeut pro-tenipore, sod their Secretary. The Sergeant-at a urn ot the Hauaeet Representatives The House of Representatives, preceded by thrir Speaker cod Cleik. Th? President of the Uoited States Mr. W/iii?? ou his tight hand, and Mr. Branca* on his laft Mr. Ur in a and Mr. Wicaurrc. Chief Justice and Arsocla'e Justices of the Supreme Pouit, and its officers. Citizens and Stranger*. It ia understood that the Select Committee of the tliasa. aa ,xf I'SnfPiiOnfaf! VPS o ro #a teMa* ? Lilt C w. ..v?.v .v icpvn ? viii ior a scheme of liiaace thi? week. The precise feeture* of the bill have not transpired, but it ia seid that the provision for dealing in exchanges ia stricken out? that the authority f?r issuing three dollars of paper for one of specie, is so changed as to limit it to dollar for dollar?and that the number of sub agencies is prescribed at ten. If thia shall be the character of the bill, it will probably be carried The whig#, a part of them, at least, will take it as the beat thing they can get, and many of the democrate will support it on the same principle. arroiktmnst ti tiic Prestocst ? Jsmes OwfB, Naval Otlijer, Wilmington, N. C., vice Daniel Sher wCx), wboae commirston will expire oa the tbih of >h' present month. WaahtaglM. iCoirrafoudeuce of the Herald.) '' WAkMiRoron, Feb. % " The Funeral of ilte Han. IV F. Dlaan.?Things d Theatrical. u The House sf Representatives assembled this J morsing to join the funeral servises, performed in e the Senate Chamber, over the remains sf ihs Hon h N F. Dixon, Senator from Rhode (hand and Prov:- J deuce Plantations. No business, exsept qualifying c the recently elected members for Georgia, was j1 transacted. The membeis departed from the lloute ? is processor, headed by the Sergeant at Arms, the h Clerk, and the Speaker, who were distinguished by ri white scarfs. 11 The inimitable Yankee Hill has arrived in Waah- * ingtou to fulfil an engagement wiih Mr. Ward, the ti lessee of the Washington Theatre. Theatrical re- " presentations have leng since lost the popular favor b here ; but the present testes appears to combine as- 1 aidu'ty with an intimate acquaintance with his pro- j, fessional duties, and aided by the best company ii which has trod these boards for several years? J ihosgn 'tis not in mortals to command success, be r C seems determined to deserve it. K r BalUMt*. ii [CormpouimM of IMIW1 0 Baltimore. Feb. 2,1*2- ?j Mr. Editor :? It is not my purpose to trouble you with a long c communication, lor there is nothing particularly new. It is rendered pretty certain that the reautnp* c tion bill will not pass the Senate as it passed the House. The most knowing at Anoapoli\ say that r it will be so modified as to postpone the time of re- m uming until August or September next. Rail Road ai orders have improved very materially?they are now at 12 discount. The lecture of David Paul cl Brown, last night, was a'tended by probably two J thousand persons. It was a capital affair. lie did both himself and his subject ample justice. I have now some gossip intelligence on hand, touching an affair of honor, which you shall have Bhortly. Also, a good joke about Loid Morpeth. m The bank excitement has subsided. The pee pie tt seem to be well pleased at the recent improvement hi of the Railroad orders. The last sales of flour were ft made at $5,50; and of wheat at 115 a 120 cents- P" From Rio Grakde.?The following ia an extract ? of a letter lately received in this city, from the di house of John C. Pedriek, Esq., American Consul at Rio Grande. ci Rio Grande, December 10,1841. h Business is dull,** is usual at this season. The last saleol Flour was of 1000 bbls. new Baltimore, to net $7.29. Richmond City Mills is preferred, after wbieh .V Richmond country Flour ranks next. The former it worth (9, the latter $9. Philadelphia brands are un- t) saleable at all times. We quote 97 inch Domestic* at 0J C cents ; 80 and 33inch ditto 7 cents ; 87 iaeh ditto 0' cent*. ? Osuaburgs 9 cents ; brown drills U|; blue IJ a 8J cents b Lumber $30 33 per 1000; cane seat chairs $19 'Jo, a woedea $8 00. Codlish, per drum ef 128 lbs. $4,41. D Butter 23 cents ; lard 14); soap 5$ cents. ts Jerked Beef costs on board 23 33 n $2.00 oar 100 lbs. (' Light Hide* are sought after for the United State* and P urope, and eoit on hotru li cent* ; heavy are neglected 1 and are worth $9? a 9| cent*. Wool Scents per lb. Ex- P change on Rio do Janeiro 6 per cent premium. " It Is probable that some time may el*pee ere our po o litioal disturbance* are quieted, but these do not In the least interfere with the safety of property, as our bust- " nes* i* all in the city. The weather continues delightful?warm almost a as mid-summer. Barton and Miss Clifton open n the Holliday street Theatre to-night. ? Yours, Twist. , s Philadelphia. c {Corrcepoedence of ths Herald.] T Philadelphia, Feb. 2d, 1842. All here to-day is quiet. There is no run, but a S great lack of confidence in all descriptions of paper ? currency circulating among aa. No one holds it a moment longer than he can in any useful way get rid of it. The practice of paying debit, so long in disuse, is becoming somewhat fashionable, for the d fear entertained by holders, that the Bank will break. Large amountB have been paid for this H reason, that creditors had long given ap as loot. The " league" of City and Cooaty Banks is believed to be nearly or qaiie perfected, and, it io announced, will go into operation on Monday. Each Bank contributes $75,000 to the Safety Fund. The following Banks have selected each its Trustee as follows:? Bank of North America, John Richardson : Philadelphia, Samuel F. Smith; Commercial, James Dundas; Mechanics', J. B, Mitchell; Penn Township, D B Hiaman ; Southwark, Thos. Sparks; Western, J. Patterson ; Farmers' and Mechanics', J. P. Hutchinson ; No: them Liberties, David Kirkpatrick ; Manufacturers' and Mechanics', Thomas H. Craig; Moyamenting, Joseph Solons. Nothing is said upon the subject of the payment of the State Interest, and the matter is in more doubt now, and apparently more remote, than it was six months ago. The Bank has beyond all doubt ,.?Arl minoK nf t? fA nuV if S AtVfl rlnkla >?J 1 umu uiuvu vi ?? r-j w"m mu mr rcsources of the State Treasury are in no conditio* ' to make it up. Governor Porter has returned to Harrisburg. The transactions in Stocks to-day are to a medium amount, at a considerable falling off in the price of all bank stocks City and State Funds have advanced?the latter to day is worth $50 on the hundred?the former ? 14X1- y. S. Dank notes are at a discount ofotf per cent on coin; Girard 25 to 30 ; Pennsylvania 10 to 15; Tow&nda is not worth more than 25 cents on the dollar. The President of the Philadelphia Bank to-day resigned his place, and Samuel F- Smith was elected to fill it. There is an old adage that " rats will desert a sinking ship." It is to be hoped that it does not apply in this case, though I confess I have my fears w Read, unlike some other bank officers, has a character to lose, and evidently dees not wish to risk it in presiding over a broken bank. A string ef two or three hundred persons have r to day been parading through our principal street*, drawing after them a beautifnl fire engine, intended for the Kinstngton Fire Company. This moraieg, through the ieterveation of A De ' Kalb Law, Esq , the subscribers' judgment, creditor* of the Hank of Pennsylvania, presented the fallowing petition to the Judges of the Supreaae Court It is thought that the atep will stop tha appointment of a Receiver. To Tits HosoaiBLE Judos* of the Scpbsmb Corsr ar the Common wealth or Febsstltawia. Thepatition of the undersigned citizens, residing within the City sod County of Philadelphia, respectfully sets forth : That we are Judgment creditors of the Bank of Pennsylvania tu an amount in the aggregate ef not quite five hundred dollara, and we observe, by the public papers, that an injunction upon thnt Bank has been issued by your Hanoi*, and that you are about to appoint a Hrcriver to take eharge of its property and effects. We would, with dne respect say to your Honora, that, according to existing laws, we hare s priority over other creditor*, and the proceedings you are about to make, being unprecedented in this Commonwealth, we are not aware ot it* consequences, and ar* tearful that it 1 will impair our legal rights. And we would also with dne respect sey te yeer Honors, that thoegk we are humble individuals, tnd our claims small yet we are as muck entitled tejour protection as mote prominent persons with larger claims, and while we will I ow with respect to tke msudnt so your Honorable Court, whatever they may bo, wo hum My hope that nothing will bo done by you to unaettleor disturb existing legal rights, or to retard the operation of existing laws. , PHtunrLrMi*. Feb. 2, IM1. Signed, ANDREW MILLER, WILLIAM C. PARKER. ALEXANDER BROWNE. THOMAS BROMLET. Ob the presentation of this pvtitim te the Conrt, is ? r-moki-il frnm the Ht-uk. thai aava wrna'at be tehee that no legal interest er claim wai com promised by any action of theira. The motion te appoint a Recti rer to take charge oftheaiaetta of the Bank wn postponed to next Monday. Hcsitmptioi* Bill.?We hate information from Aonnpoli*, from n source on which we hate full reliance, that the Committee of the Senate to whom was referred the Resumption Bill from the House, have conclude to report the Bill to the Senate with material modifications The leading one is, that the period named for the resumption of apecie payments will be (he l"> li ol January or the 1-t of February next, or at any earlier day that the Vir trinia Ban! a may resume. In the meantime the Btaka to be allowed to i*tue notes betweea one and five dollara, redeemable in specie ? Bait Am. Raii.*<|a!> Ounce* ?An improvement in the value of these ord- a took place yesterday, the rate of discount having been reduced to 124 a 13 per Oenf. The improvement is no doobt attributable to ihe pn;a?e through b.ih branches of the Ciy C *n*i? JtJ Priding for the withdrawal by the city of ' 9" W.KXi-.f ike ordera When the bill is appr?.ve?j i y the Mayor, and baa practical effect, there ia n# dtobt that the orders wi| roe materially in value ? Hmlhmort Amnion, Ftb 2. S? '>? ?? JfHl roa VtvittLr, and |*r urh?n ?u a.rfully satisfied.?" Having interested mjeatf_or >auy ymnuitfrri imug Imwiu( say relitioi to '" ? | athologv of the pile use system, and receiving ivory' ay a great number of visits, I have hoen naturally led > make many new onset ration* upon the hair. No OB', | erbapa, will r< ad without internal the report of a caaa . a?y Cimmon in thia country. For easmple? 1 aa? often oasulted about children who have had the roolaef their >J air more or lea* destroyed by the acab, which hoe beou 1 tit too long upon the head. Cons< qurntly the roaull t i, that the matter which remaiu* below theae ?caba ul rates the root*, weakens the vitality of the menranea; very often prevents the reproduction of the hair I have occupied myself much in the traatment of this < laladr, which nearly always indicates its fnstapproach ^ y little places about the sire of a two shilling ptecr,aud ' ? ? ?? i ?_ - . or ?fl^nla I hlVP I ? uajtarij cuncu ringworm, cpou ???" ? imirktJ these dry places without inflammation, anil f ley are found thu* mora commonly upon the hmda of dulta, and are very tanacioul and difficult to cure, often , erring it* lituation, and that during several ycerf, un- j 1 the heed become* bald, in a very lingular manner, alii, leaving not the ihadow of a (ingle root perceptible. I have arm upon many patient* the hair grow again, ut all white, or in auch a manner a* to give it the ap earance of being irregularly spotted. The meeni rhiot I employed for the cure of this affection are near f the same which have always ?n*ceeded in reproduc ig the hair on heidt entirely bald, viz,: a limpl treat lent, and the r< gular use of Grandjeau's Composition. I e-animated the laint vitality of the epidermis and the eta, and rekindled, thua to (peak, the latter and the orresponding tubea. I revive, by thia means, the aecret acuity of theae organ*, ard con?e<iu#ntly produce the epullation. 1 think 1 ought to recommend to mother* ever to neglect thia kind of little acabby diaeaaea, far flea they are, or become very dangeroua, and laat sevoal yeara?the feeble hair* are dried up, and are somoImaa of different color* upon the aame head' Children ahould very leklotn have the head ahaved ; 1 lb convince those that are deairona of cenaulting me, hat thia can, in moat cases, be avoided. A. GRANDJKAN appreciates and combjnea with elr inspection, all the prescriptions given in the beat suitors,giving no preference to his own remedies except rhere the case requires it, and where, moreover, expoienceforso many years confirms its efficacy. The principal remedies are?1st, Paste, the use of rhich guarantees the infallible cure ol " X rotriaia,' nd the temporary or permanent fall of the hair ; all cu ineeus eiuptioosof the scalp of a tetter nature?that 'hich is moat generally met with on the heads af young hildren. 21. Odoriferous Liquid, thu employment of 'hich, in a short time, cure* " Hydrotrosla." And, nally, prescription* according to the diiferent case* nd constitutions. Consultations every day at No. 1 Barclay atreet. Letters on business must be post paid. An Intimate Acquaintance. (ftp* la any one acquainted with a friend who two omhs since possessed a head truly disgusting We are, lis is a description. 'Twas from lever. The top of his rod was bald, the sides were covered with dry, rusty, tddish hair, and filled with dsndritf This was quickly lling off. Well, he has now a splendid bead of hair, srfvetly beautiful. Thia was caused by using Junta' jil of Coral Circasaia. Beside, theae persona certify lis made their hair grow, prevented falling out, cured indriff. Mr. John BurnM>2 King street. New York, ad many others. This is sold at 82 Chatham street? iind,the number is 82?ask for Jones' Oil of Coral Cirstaia?buy no other?mind?see that the label is signed i hand writing?T. Jones. WiiHisiiTOs, (D. C.) January 6,18U. [etsrs. Px*?k b Sons, 45 Division street : ? I tove little to add to m} former communication beyond to absolute fact, that I am completely aground of your andy. 1 could not believe it |>ossible, that 1 could have >ld such a quantity ,'in one week. My store is besieged y the members of Congress, and yesterday, my stock 'as totolly exhausted. The Horehound Candy of 45 iviuou street, is so far superior to all attempts of imiition, that the only difficulty I have, is in producing which I ean do) testimonials of its superior excellence, or the sake of the Union,send me an immediate supply, 'here is no medicine here, that can compare with ease's Horehound Bandy, for one moment end lor tee ike of your acknowledged reputation, supply quickly ur wants. Yours,be. FRANK TAYLOR. Agents?Redding, No. 8 State street, Boston ; Robinin, No. 110 Baltimore street, Baltimore, Mi. Jhy? Cold, Couch, Coffin, as the boy said, when ' sked the comparative and superlative degree of cold, t is too often the case, that a cotfin follows a cough, or { ommon cold, unless a timely use is made of Sherman's ozengfcs. They certainly cure such cases sooner than ' ny thing we know of?and now he has some for'.see i ickness, that completely prevents that annoying acompanimt nt to a sea voyage. No matter what ails ou, go to Sherman's Warehouse, 106 Nassau street, and ? will give you some of his Lozeug es. that will cere ou as soon as you could desiie. Agents?Burgess, 39 auth Third street, Philadelphia; Redding, 8 State street, loston. HONEY HARKET. WccLnesdny, Feb. 3?6 P. HI* The business at the stock board has been small teay. Prices have not materially altered. Delaware nd Hudson rose 1 per cent ; Indiana bonds J per cent; larlem J; Long Island declined 4 ; Mohawk If. Sales f bills on Philadelphia 8 per oent; Biltimore Molie 14 ; New Orleans 7|; St. Louis Id. Now that buiness is so heavy in the stock market, jobbers are more adestrioua than ever circulating false reports, in order meet their own views. These reports find piece in he venal prints of Wall street daily. A short time since be Eapresa had an elaborate puff for Delaware aud ludson Canaljludtcrously false in its statements. This ifternoon the Naw York American has another pniffor he same stock, headed "stock jobbing," full of affected terror at the atrocity of making false representations in irder to deceive the ianocent public,and closing with an mqualifiad endorsement of one of the mast mismsnaged lorporatious in the country. There is yet no csihier appointed to the Manhattan Jsnk,and effort* are again making by a notorious bouse tot directly concerned in the Bauk, but who are entrustsd with procure the appointment of theirown nan againat the interests and wishes of the tone fid* itockholders. The banksof Philadelphia do not any longer receive he bAs of country banks on deposits. The folio wing s the state of the currency in that city :? Discount on current notes for specie, 8 a lOperct. Notes of the United States Bank, W per cent dis. " Girard Bank, 3ft " " Pennsylvania, 6 to 15 " Exchange on New York, ( to 7\ pressA sals of teas took place to-day, the details or whieh vill be found under the bead of u State of Trade." The ittendanee was good, hut pricas ware upon the whole ower than at the last sale. The Banks of Pennsylvania, in grand conclave, are mac ting a solemn farce. They have agreed to act ndependently, to pay out their own note* only, to settle mlancea promptly in specie funds, and to prepare for reinmption as speedily as pmsible. This is right, and ihould havebeen aiopted four years ago. in which esse ha financial difficulties of Philadelphia would long tinea lave terminated. In the very moment of adopting theaa he only judicious meaiurea that have bean hit npon in roara, howerar, they are, aa if poteeued of the vary lemon of hnmbug,forming what the) call a 'Safety-fund lor the protection of the weak baaka thereby ooun. erecting their other movement*, and again linking their iateto the irretrievably inaolvrnt inetituliena. There ire no beaks in Philadelphia, scarcely in New York, to itraog aa not to dread the future, supported by all the -esources, skill and prudence that thay can muster; and ;et they not only have the presumption to entertain he Idea I helping other banks, but they are actually pretending "to devise means" to pay >1,00# ,000 for the ttate interest ; as if this procesi of plundering the puMie, >y loaning, and borrowing Irredeemable paper and aeeunulating*drbts,had not alread y|leated loofvoough. If the fttate should be able to borrow sufficient money to pajt its Interest, it would not benefit its eredit one iota under 'he,circumstances; on the contrary it would be an injury. This fact may be seen in the case of the State a( Illinois, which stock fell to 31, last stimm *r, although it had never fallen in its payments up te that time. The holders of Pennsylvania stock at home aad abroad,would no doubt much prefer passing the present dirjdenJ.if the State would imraivlintely Uka * igorons meesuree to raise from legitimate sources sufficient funds to meat the demands upon it hereafter, and in order to enable the people to pay those to relieve them from the burden of bank oppression, by compelling ni* only resumption, but cou tinu?n ?P?CK paymmw. Ono means of raiting money to rriWm the Stale credit hw been propoaed in a tux of M cinti per ton on coal, forth* supply of which article Pennsylvania enjoy* an onclutive monopoly. Mo ?ooner wil thi* propoaed than the|adTOcates of high tariflt,irredeemable book paper,and oppression of every kind, denounced it, with a peculiar acetimoay- The Courier of tki oily, a penny paper^ ar.d oth< r< that have been the moat elanioroua ngainat the State, f? r its delinquency, ate moat virul?nt againat any attempt it make* to raiao money. Of all tsxe* that tke State can impoae, an import per ton npon oil cool mined within the Stoto, la the most Jndieiout and peculiarly ep;mrtnne at tha prevent moment. All tho coal now need, with the exception orthe aanell quantity imported, cornea from Pennaylvanlo. The following to o table showing the comparative supply and consumption for aerie* of yeora. Ri rri.rjar Co?l on thi. VtUivric Boanvn. Iter. Mined. Stork. Domtilic AVf /? Total Oan.ttonf It/. Contained. potli. turned 1037 ??l,47l 51,038 ?>0.4U ISi.Mn lUt 958,1170 7t4.H0 ll*.l?fl SSO.V.# |*W S ?,?7 90S M ?87,0<i0 178 300 I.MI.MII 1040 848,414 117493 *73,134 1*7 90* 1.130 Ml 1041 toft*** *#A? M0 000 140,0*0 tp?* O00 This table gtre* 0 complete view of the consumption pen tho Atlantic border. From the imp >rtt |hav* barn deducted the export* of for ign eovl ofeach year. Not w thitanding the low dutiaa th<wh*le'incr*a*o in anpply haoboen fiom Pmnaylvonio. Tho foreign cool comesmortly In uao f,? bol'oo . and Ho pric* to comparotiv 9 I bat o imoll object h to, thorvfore, that a tan i f Me?uU ton would not decrease the com urn |Hon of cool one bushel, but would put Into the Treasur) of tbo State MOO,000. and would be paid by whom 1 The consu M? ut other States, who w ill be exceedingly willing to pay that small tax, la order to wipe out the national dis trace of a State, rioh in the greatest abundance, and ret unwilling to pay its debts. The present movement peculiarly feliait jus fur the imposition of this tax, for wo reasons?ooe is that Pennsylvania now tnjoya the nonopoly of supply, which w ill no longer be the ease as won as the Maryland C-jnal taps the great Alleghany teal beda; the other is that on the 11 of June naxt a reluetion of 30 cents per ton tskes plac* in the duty.which nay in soma degree lower the price. The following is rom the Miners Journal on this point:? Soi vo tim Alum.?The present duty on foreign .oal ir about *1 >6 per ton. On the 30th of June next, r Brill Kb raJnriuJ I., nt./int Alt! 1MIT toll. lltakinK 0 eduction ofElOHTY SIX CENTS. about the present iversgc price of mining a ton of cool in thi? region. To :omp?? a auoceaafully with the foreign article, a i*ducion of nearly one dollar per ton, mutt take place in our taple?which on 676,000 tone of Coal, would amount to ibout tix hundred thousand dollar* per nunum, neirly ill of which wild be drawn from the wagea of labor, ind loat to the region. Minert and laborera, ar* you irepared for thia disastrous atate of allaira 7 From tfaiaadmiaaion of the.organ of the Miner*, it ?pteara that the preaent excessive duty kaepa up the price >f coal $1 per ton, which ia paid by the poor conaumera or tho exclusive benefit of the priri legod cUia of Miner*, vithout one cent benefit to the State Treaaury. Why hould the Minera lery thia contribution of $600,000 ipon their fellow citizena, while the State in it* necetdties ia debarred from any beueflt 7 By the operation ef ha preaent tariff the iron minufacturer* have to pay he Minera a tax of $1 per ton on the coal they conaume n making iron, and then they in their turn aak to have he conaumera ofirou taxed in order to enable them to >ay the coal tax. Thia fully illuatrates the principle of irotection. A alngle iron eatabliahment in Pennay Walk ceniuaea 15 000 tonaofcoal per annum, on which, icoording to the admiaaionof the Miner*' journal, a tax if $19,000 has to he paid. Aboliah thia tax by removing he duty, andy>e operation willbe the aame aa a bounty ipon iron to the aame extent. The Stat* ia heavily in lebt, dishonored, and it* atock sella at 49 to 46 per sent. Some mean* must bo resorted to, and thatimmeliately to meet the demands upon it. Why then should iot the article ofcoal pay its quota 7 As to continuing he borrowing ry stem it cannot be done. The Banks o' Philadelphia are drained to their last dollar, and their itmost resources must be strained to snatain themwive*. The Bank of Pennsylvania broke dawn under it* efforts to help the State and the United Statea Bank, and has been closed under an injunction, it is alleged, with the fund* of the State in it* vaults. That matter ia rery questionable, however,and the affair should be probed into. Ifthefund*are actually there,they canlot be got out to be made available, although it ia rumorsd that J. Ridgw&y, E?q. offeret his responaibilitr for :he Bank,provided the injunction should be removed. The Safety Fund arrangement, as it is facetiously sailed, 1*thus, the Banks are to deposit $79,000, to form a oommon fund to bo placed in the hand* of trustees, who have been named a* follows North America?John Richardson Philadelphia?Samuel F. Smith. Commercial?James Dundas. Mechanic*'?J. B. Mitchell. Penn Township? D. B. Hinman. Bouthwark?Thomas Spark*. Woatsrn?J. Patterson. Farmers' and Mechauica'?I. P. Hutchinson. Northern Libertiei?David Kirkpatrick. Manufacturers' and Mechanics'?Thoa. H. Craige. Mopamenaing?Joseph Solmn*. Tha above sum to be in specie, Treasury notes, or equally satisfactory security. On the default of any Bank,tha Trustees to have power to convert the security to such an extent as to pay the defalcation ; and the defaulting bank to be thereafter excluded from the arrangement. Bales at the Stock Kxehanga. lltto Illinois Bone's, 00 '6* Hirlem Kailrond Si $0000 do sl 9 1*1 US do s{ tSiNO do 19) I US do ti $sooo do sis i?* us* do h] $1000 do (10 191 so do (10 S fiooo do so) loo Lorg island llaiiroad ss $0000 lodi ina Bonds U2 Co do US 53 U000 do *15 -21 * SO do bSO 53) $30t0 do Ihw 41) ICO do (3d 64) ftwOO do *tf ICO., do bi* s?t $1000 do aSO *1 40 Mechanics' Bank SI fssoo do >?* Uli ]* Uui >0 Bank 100 $>000 do slhw 44) 40 Seventh Ward Bk bl 75 SdotO V Y S P?r Cent. ISSU 78 41 d 1 75 $1000 N V 5) Per Cent, "SI 74 SO Bk of Corn (scrip) a*t $40 0 N Va's. 1858 75 M lilies and Schn'v 1U3 $7100 Ohio *'(. 1850 <S 14 Auhir u an 1 Mvracust 81) $3000 Cor portion S's, 1B43 M 75 Del and Hudson 95 a* Boston si Pros M IS do *15 94) 35 Mohawk Kai r:ad SI 75 da nw 93 50 da S3) 43 do $41 ta do S3 73 do s!0 94) ?S do 64, SO do Ihw 94) 75 do S* 4* do lust SB) Secand Board. $l1)eo Illinois Bonds c 40 to Mohawk S3 54 $1000 do si* 191 100 do alS 64| $9000 ndiana Bonds slO 4l( SS do S4i $9000 do slO 4i) 95 Harlem (3 gi 50 aha Lone Island B1 85 Del & Hud 93, to do btt S3) State of Trsssle. The principal transaction to day baa been the sale of teas, which were disposed of at declining prices, as follows:? Yotrnn Hrso.w. 44 hf Cheat* O'l w?uui).cin*u 11 so do ?? I" *" 84 It do 84 80 do 44 u do 44 49 do so It do 70 90 do 54 hq Ait 03 70 dn 03 100 do is 00 do 4") >00 do 41}a4? 10 d) 00 rs do T3i 14 do or 10 do 6m 50 do 04 30 do " 41 do S? ltd do 4^ 44 do M 117 do 3Tl 7-1 do 40? 100 do 3li 37 do OD IM do J"i >4 cbeito Sll,(|i,SS?57l lOOlOlbbu 41 HTMII, 30 chetta 57 too lalb bio St Hrion Bam. 70rV?t? Ot 40 cheats 30 S4 do 33} 35 do 3* 50 do 31 ST do 40 44 do 371 14 Ho 34 ?T do 384 04 do 30 M do 39{ 91 do S3 31 do 351 Mtpoh Took it. 14 hi*cheats 44| 40 hf cheats 44 Gvjpswdeb. 4 hf cheats osj itbfchesU 04 4 da 71 100 do 67 100 do M 00 do 4I| 97 do 04) 44 do 44 4 do 40 iMOBBItL. 0 bf eheete 70) 45 bf ci.eitt 54 4 do 75 14 do SS 70 do 54 43 dn 54 7 d? 74 140 41b bu 43 14 do , 71 PoVCHftKO. Mhfehri-a 34 70uleUeft? 51 Boochoro. 1014 bf cheats 3T| 10 hrchrttf 30) 14 do 30 lOchesU 47 040 do 37) 000 io*U ( and it) ; 1,704 boloi Ceyleut inuamou 17. Thio sale 1s o shade lower than the lait. Corn Trade. We notice another improrement in Canal Flour. Baled to-day at $6,12 a *? 23 .We hare heard of no c^OBg^n^oiitheni^jOhio^Hil?^at<$?61_'o_$6>^_^__ Btarrled. On the lit initant. at the Brick Church, by the Rir. Dr. Spring, Mr Gidbot L. K.i*rr to Mies Avacirt Sr'.mt. all otthia city. Ou (he 30th ull. by the Rev. W. W. Wallace, Mr. Brw s?mi* T*vlo* to Mrs Cavtiaainit Adimi, both of thla cit y. ' Died. On the II initant, after a ihort illoeM, Am, eldeal daughter of Patrick and Margaret Bigoy, in the 90th yeai at her age. The funeral will takejilare thje afternoon,at (o'clock from At White street. The frirndi and acquaintances o the family are rcipectfolly invited to attendOn the Stat ult. at Cralgvlllc, Orange County. Mr Hacvoa Casio, late Surveyor of the Port of New York On the 31?t ult ,Mrs. ELiraaaTH U. llronaaT, aged 3; years, wile of Benjamin O HuJ.ltut, perlutacr, 43 Liber tv street, lately of Baltimore, and formerly of Stockton England. Alao, the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Hud dsn. Latest Adflcte ID'SITRI AT THK "*W VOl * HIKALB Orrjia Africa Nnr. it Maih Mar. 1 Anv Capes lea a Manilla Sept j Aatiaua Dee. la MonUrjdeo Dee. Bombay Nov. 1 Mann! ...Die. I tt Oe\ Tt Mataaane Jan. I Bermuda J n IS Mayagutt, P. R Jan 1 Bueaoa Ayree Nov. IS Maracmbo Jan. iaMa-;; Aug. >1 Matamor.-s Dec. Belive.Hoe Dee. II Neuritaa Dee. I arhadaea Jan. 5 Oahu, 8.1. Sept. I Bogota Oct. 10 Paria Jan. I Berbu-e Sept. 87 Port au Prim Jan. < Dec. IS Para J*"Cieufriegoa Jan. S Pegaainboco {*? Onrthagawa Dee. 14 Panama, J * JJ Cera re aa Nov. 3* Rso de Janeiro Nov. J( ChagTea July 1 flin|apoee- *? ? CaJlao July ? Bylnev. N8W i?if" a C alee Us Oct. II St. Helens J EfcSv.r-.Sf* 8 UStKT!r?-;.v;.v:::te. i? &&" ". ?:te ! Havana Jaa I* 8 on nam Dae. It juMha {*? ** tXSoo - . n? ? IfTiwTl'ia' Vl** I* faHiatalaii Dec. 11 S23E2V ..... -Ja" ? Tnmdad da Cuba- Jaa. 1 i it. . >'" * zt*um i)?e.?' cl lWrn ' 3 Valparaiso Oct. It MMtiiaym- J# YumU|| IHa. y I^L. Sept IT Ziaiimr 0?'.. Pnaeenga ra, ffrwOii ra,*""? Mitp Jubr\ Minturn? H MiiIUmkI till h ?t?raf*. " Bar AjrwtM?B'1f #enwh-Mw W A CMimiiTM-Inf Mb L A#uk? Vmet L iokm V Butt, Philr leek J<?beH L~kwood. PaMtngn* Sailed. <1 aitd Lira trout-Strainrr IlilJW*.??iMI ?korLarr |?>ei: A 4) tngaloiir.of Boalon. bearer uf deap?tjf nV'oou Mmiaier at Ln> doe; <;kar'ra Koorre, "f Boateo; i ( Hkm. of Si?' iv j?|,? Couani, John Ca?H, John Co"nah, o? ,V", k4" Barrie' lVladcladi:|; M.ra Hwiwj ?' WmiIWIb, J?? G R VI H?rn?on, Win Mar t all, J?ka Robert -on. <Ko f'Mil.olm-Ch^? Grdda. 'ai?? a ?? Key. J A McDonald. Thon Wilu,. Thoa CorbtU Win 'Jarkt. J (Irreaabiclda. J C? noc'l. J CrBpi. Wm Mcinloah, 'if01** Monro. Andrew Kaatnn. D Mark-j-. Thoa Kerr J?hnBle?kwood,Canada. Por Halifai: Brni R*u<Ih". J J Go* b. Boalou; Mt^ra Nobla. Pertain tut*; J T < Init hriliu. Mire Kidd.Chae H Waljurd, <. anode; M Dyelt. Royal N?vv ; A H T-) lor. Geo i ArrbtK-alH, Berj <miu Weir, Mua tlariH gioo. and J A Barry, I of Hnlifea. i Foreign I lujioitul Ion a. St r?.TKnaBi an?Hlnp Hater CIbj ?3449 yea enl tlolh 4M4 < do reran tlu-k 100* do tl* ma 939 lulre enah I Jilolxaip ;t do ropea #34 coila cordage 3 likga II Prckfcto-Jo balra aherting l 30 do diaitar 3i>0 do ria-h V. It T Poppt?IU0 do averting to do I rreah Bohleu A Boli'ia?S3 da lirinii Tucker. Cooler Si to-II | l?r caska briallre P I Karnkaiii k cr?353 b? ee in Jut < it iituell, j Minium Ik co?1041 Newbold k<"r?ft?71 do 380coilacordage J , McCall fc au?30 balea tltma T. Ktedier?300 balra fraikere Meyrr. Seltone & co?4 firkine b Ittrr 8 hfga pn?otoen R Soule i . l, a ii ?. i? - ?-' - -*t ? -'? 1 -t 330 ball" do duck 134 b .let raven 335 package* 313 b.lee indte te order. Domestic Importations. New Om.KAKt?Ship Jolm Miuturn?xao bblt flour George Doiiglat*?8?0 Sntfnid, Klurhing (It co?300 Craig k Heyderk*r ?T53 bblt p?ik 71 k'K> I >r?l Small. Wiliiamtk eo?71 do 110 libit pork Kietain, Stonek co?1*3 bMt floor Bxbcoikkeo? 41 eke flour teed W k I' Jamet?10U0 pigt lead 000 pure# logwo.ul J Fonlk k a id?343 bblt dour ?50 do whitkey J K Dolly ?39 bblt II bit to order. Savannah?Brig PInlura?37 balet eollon Win book?4# do Boomian k Arret-to do Ptrmlee, Kilborn k Roger*- 37 <lo T Wood?8 hhd# t Macco 133 bale# do Ilackint k L'tali?I box Dunham k Diau'ii - 3 do Si urge# k Hae?3 do L N bowler?I (i>k wax G Co'tner?I bo* \V Giteuri. 3 do F G k D Lvlirop; lenklbri Ski' Waring k Co? ltSbalit coll u ISMplum't mot* order. Savannah?Dug Sav aunah?.'>7 bale* c>.tlou c Colliue?30 btlet Buck kco?48 do U De Forrtt kco?33 do H Cob k oo ??S d i J Simnnanu 4*. eo? d->n0 let lice J S Sb'ptt'-IN tt rice Hrckth?rk Cottar?I cask CCtrvil'?S3 bilet cotton order?a quantity of nrdinnce >toritU S Q Matter?45 brlii cider M McMahon?7 catkt 3block* 5 bagt nail* Settle Morrill? I bill (iav k Johmon?t bag W, Buig?r?3 boie* Robinton fc Ward?| cue and I bill J Mack?13 lionet K tt k II I athrop?t roll* leather C Peck? 19bo*et B D Godfrey. Chaki.viton?Brig Motet?38 bale* cnltou Geo Bulklev? 131 do 80 ca-kt i ice Smith. Millt k co?I0U cult rice Muo n, Ma'koe k en?*3 balet cotton 53ca>kt t lia'fdo rice Cr?uh, IIeydeckerk CO?81 babt cotton Sorague Kobiutou k -o? S put Wetwore, Benedict kco?1 brl G H Kuapp?2 bxt Jm Huili'en?I brl A N W?yma??1 tc J B Manlef?1 box Tliot Barnard?7 bag* wool Tow mend k Uro litre?1 bhd Kinauuel, Son k co? cert John Ctrrow?I catc 8 N I*ike k Brother*? 3 caooo k dward Borack?1 tc Greeuway. Hrury k co?I catc W P Miller. _* MARITIME HERALD" PORT OF HEW YORK, FEBRUARY 3 tun 6 5* I noon mot 3 I W* !?** 6 llsita 3 15 | Dipartart oftba Atlantic Buamtrt. rtou urrarooL. from ioiton Caledonia Feb. 4 Mar. 1 I Acadia Mar. 4 April 8 Columbia- April 5 , May I Britannia April It May It Caledonia May 4 June t Acadia May 1# June It Columbia June 4 July 8 Pockets to Arrive. I Pocket*to Utpari, i.amiiai. i ?amnnn Philadelphia, Hovey, Dee. 25 I Wellington, Chad**iek, Feb 10 Bwitnerland, Smith, Jiu * I Qu>bec. Hebard, Feb 20 Ontario, Bradi* i, Jan. 10 I rhtiadelphia. Hovey, Mar. 1 LivsarooL. I Liverpool P. Henry, D- lano. Dee. 38 [ O. Waliiugtn. Burrows, Feb7 rihcflUid, Allen, Jen. 3 I U. Suite, Britlou, Feb. 13 N. America, Lewber, Jan. 7 England, Waiie. Feb. 12 luria. Heenr. |n*a,itil. Dec. IT J La Durh-sse d'Orlcans. Feb 8 1 Oo? lie. J unk, Dec. IS I Sully. Thompson, Feb 10 1 Amo, Anthony, Dec. 301 Iowa, Pell, Feb. 2t 1 To Huton of VoHtio, Co mm ami era of eeeeele will confer n fnror by baring a lint of their cargoes, peseengere, end a report of eeeeele left el the pert whence they sailed, end the vessels ?pok?n, ready en their arrival here for Commodore Basset t, ef our fleet 1 ef news schooners. He will board them immediately on their arrival. Oleared. Bark Catharine, Rundman, Bremen, Borrman. Johnson k Co. ?Brit,. Dan I Kilby, Curtie, Bauiender. Hjmiu. (I W Thalcbei; I Honrrr,Corning nlaranhsm and Para, E Corning A Son: Oeil Marion, Sylvester,Ooknirer, Neemiih St Leeds; Homer. Prince, Kirgtton Jam Nesmiih k Leeds; Ceear, (Veneziilrin) Wakefield, Angostura, AynsarltCn; Calvin, Parsons, WMuiir gum, IMC EBailJeti: Selma, bmiih. Mob Ic, Hlunres 5c clear mm; Moon. Hayes Charleston ?Hchis rxsso, Coates. Havant, ( E Cook; Allred F Thorn, Sanford, Wilmington,NC;Compliance, Bparrow, Boston. vilrau. Ship Henry Clay, Schriver, from St Pitersburg, via Elrinorn M deyr, mdse. to Nolteuius It Pavenatrdt Hrig (Serene, ol and tor Roetun, sailed in co Irorn St P. D, r 25 I >1 n. Ion '10 In a heavy gale, lost overtroard James Anderrou, teaman?,tovc bulwark! andwaeotherwieedimaged. chip John Minturn, Stark, from New Orleana, and 13 days from the Bar, floor he. to Joliniou Ik Lowden. Brig New Or eane. Old- n, II days from New Orleans, wiih 334 lends molasses to De Pe) ater k Wkitmarah. Brig Hocliet, 01 sad for Boaton, wee to eail esxt d> y 33J ult. off Tori ugas, aw abrg showing a red signal with the Ictiere A 8 in it. Brig Mores, Loveland.S days fe rn Charleston, cotton, to O Bulkity. 30tn ult. Ul 35 40, lun74 40, pasa.d ship button, hence for Charleston. Brig Bavannah. Bhapter, I daye from Sarannali, cotton, lo Bturgea k Clearman. '. Brig Philurt, Donne, ( daye from Savannah, cotton, to Dunbam It Dimon? 6 paeaengrra. Bchr Emblem,res ct, Fork River. General Record. Sitir MAairost.of 3.7 tons burtheu.built in Kingston. Mess, in 1S33,coppered and copper fsstene ', and repairiU at great 11penee in Bermuda, in May, 1841, was sold on Monday last for geiou a vomica Puir \iiiobk ?we learn from Key West that on the tasrning 1 f lh; aFicaehahipwaadiecovrrrdasnorr on the ipr.tksaiids. about tw niy miles In the l-eward of that place by afiehing emack; ihry immediately boarded her .iud lound she was from New Oileans, I ouud to a port in France, | with a t-arro of cotton, and tallow in e.aks As the su.ack e >uld be of no service to the snip, lice c iptain t w flit best lo throw ovrrbnsrd cargo, which be did 1 retty much all day?the mack picked up 5J Pales cotton and some I j or 1 h bols tallow. Othc r vessels immediately left for Ikes', ill, but she was n-t lo be found?a fresh breesehad spru; g up Iroin the uorthwaid during the night and proceeded on her voyage. 'I he name of the ship if not mown, as the ?rew of the.mack had forgotten it. V *1K BB1H bvcmut ? lilB B'lUVI, ITOttl Cl.<ai, am VI O ( Hifani 181b ull. wiih five patifLgers and thrre of the craw 01 tti* Luc uda, of aad for New lork. wrecked Nona, cu her pea* age from Cam peachy CouMkicK or Boston.?Arrival* during the month of Jan. 1843 ? Shire. Bark*. Brig*. 8c ri. Sloop*. Total. COMIWU*. 7 1U 30 113 1 III Forego, 7 11 34 IN 0 40 Of Mir foreign arrival*, t brig S iehrt were British ; I berk Sicilian. Clear Met: Ship*. Barks. Brigs. Schrs. Stoops. Total. Coas wise, U 11 30 74 0 13> Foreign, 11 8 34 15 0 (8 Of the foreign c'earances. 1 baik, 3 brig* aad 7 schrs were British. The Royal Mail steamer Columbia cleared and failed on the tat, 'I he Britannia arrived on the 331, after a boisterous passage of II daya. Tbe revenue cutter Hamiltoa returned from an? tlier aeecre on the 14th. Spoken. Lowell. Boeton for Maoills, Jan 3. lat 38 34, loa 37 33. Orion, Phila<kl|ihM for Barbadocs, 3 days out, lat 35 7, loa 78 38. Clarion,of Ellsworth,Me. from NYork for NOrltana, Jan 18. lat 381, Ion 73 *4. Oen Washington, of Al undria. from NOrlsans for Liverpool. Jan 31, Long Key bearing N 30 mile*. Mount Vernon, of Bath,from NOilcans for Boston, 18 day* out, JaoSi. Ial38 14, lonTf 38. , Amos Pattoa. ol and fur Boston, 13 days from NOilsans.Jan g7. lat 18 30, Ion 74 30. .... merlins, of and for NFork, 15 days from Attakapas. Jan 33, lat 33 30, loa 78 30. Foreign Porta. Ponto Ctsiuo. Jan 18?In port. Cr.m Warrington, of Baltimore, wtg. Kauetim,of Boeton, ilo. Hid Sth Aii'tia, B?st<.n; l)ec 38 Oeo AnJrrson, (Dutch) NUrieanr; 3?th, Rieun, .MaraC* fJfAvna, about Jan 4?Arr Emily Ellicvt, Baltimore: John Ltrew,- NVork: ??. (Veneiulisu) (probably the LI Carador, Michelener) NVork. Mtnscstno no da e?In port, John Du-.lap, of Provincttown, for Boston, <J alt Montrvioco, about Dee I?Arr Wm Peon, Coleuiaa, B.I timore. United Stntea Porte. roaTi-aiSD, Jan 31?Arr rresideal, Baltimorr. Cld Eugeae, Porio Rico. t'oBTSMui-TH. Jaa 38?Arr Kranci s, N wf?dk. bah 1-* Mna/rival (hit m ( 111 Rritnmiifl (el Liverpool via Halifax; L.poeiv, Mataina;, (urw, of Kiugaton.lOO loua) (Jilvealon, T?ih>. Air Jan il.tJrrcmn, Cli ??*. NYork. Nv.w BfcDVoan, Jan 31? Arr Albert Vinvl. Qeerpelnwn SC ?minima of Jilin. in H heavy hiubI, carried away fun-ami, main tnpoiaal, ?ume apart a <1 aaila. Hoi lira Hoi.r. Jan U-Arr Palip, B >aton for Philadelphia; Co icera, do for KJiCibelh City; Hoi* 81 Simii. Norfolk tor Nautueket; Hnaltna, do fin- kuigatou; Bahama, N Vnrk for Bangor;Copy, ?to for Nan ucket. Arr Mils llarlr t, liichmond i for Button; Nap-l?-on, Portland for ltirhinuud Jlal?No arrival; Ha m. no rraeel in port. Kat.1. Rirca, Jau 3-t?Ait Wankinro, Baltimore. Pnoviiiam k, Jan 31?Arr 8equ?l,York Mirer, Tremneeh. " York; Hienai.dn. f Wacacn. Jan ?~?Cld Duty, Mataniia. rnu.tDCl.rMi4, Pah 1?Arr Cyputt, Pair rmo. Bilow, Tioga, Rio. Cld MonoucancU, Llver.ool. _ , . Baltimoki-. K.d I?Arr Keyler.(Bremen) Bt Fbea; Jualiaa, Mlo (Jraudr; Cnrimh. Newiairt. W?|ra l.ld tJ Kelly, kinyI ?lo? Ja; Chicl, Vau Name, NYoik, ?ia York Hirer ( hiki midv Jan a??Air Kan-iy, (Br) l '"r- ine I. nAiar, Ketiieve. V'ana, NYoik. CM Uroii-,(awed) Belgium; L Viet rine. (Fr) Nauti; t'ejign. NOihaoa. ' M4f4BS4M.>Ma*-i;U Oawi?o. Liverpool. Bio How land. Havre; fcjiYVhitmy. I i-eet-ool, Kobt A r.ike, do,; f Hereeln, Boelon; senator do. VLmiir Ju.33?CM At tiamian. I.aae, Newi ork; Virginia, Al?in.Vie.vla; Jo 'pha Liverpool. Uoalon. vf m in.i can, Jaa ?*??-l?J \ i?-o*?,(Br) Liverpool; How aril Boetou; Chwloite. do; Nimrod, do; P.rdinnet, Huola, N a york-Oconee. J elieon, ?to; Oaliltu. r ii ,i?r. no; K .retire, (Bren?) Bremen; Znmpa, (k'r) Nam*. Arr Lil ina, Kincaton ja; Pandora. D-maiaia. t FORI UcilTESE FEMALE FILLS. THE JiWar-taiued and c. lebrated pilla, fiorn Portugal, art we pin iv?, 10 bo obtained in thia country Hei adrer premei.l oa tha I art r.otumnof fourth nace. dM Im'w W' HO WAN I B TO 8k.Ll. A s'flX K UK liOtjUBIToaiil oreachang. 3000 ar ic? i f good I irmmg I nd.whicli ' i? peculiarly adapted 10 the giowih of wh- t It ia luc iieii in I a health) aacli. ii of the Stale of iVtiehip -tt. Ill a coutigiii.iia to I the baaki ol (lie lartia-nai igable rive in ibe alate, and i< the I i icii-ity of eiteuaita llouring milla. The Ian Ii are well wa to ed?WI r tr|.-< ted wilh n fi t i tlieir p-c iliar lor alum I ?are in I- it ill.Hn, a ol 333 ?crre. . nil w il make fi'teea good faCna. It ia rifle el in quaitiuer to ruit puiclia*era ; or ihe I wrhole wi'l be i ?el?iw?u f m a ?toek of Bo nla or le -I e,ta e hi I New York or Biooklyn Tka leraia will be made r?ey, aud >1 l nfa'i induce media io t'ie eulcri nriug to inrr.t ill ir tn-a- a I an h it by in'u i?ry they may g-in a romp H nrr for life I P a' a ami ina|w. logetl er with a mure oar irnlar description | Ot Ihe I end, mav lie t-ad liy e-a'li-C ?' ttt > -I a're.I. I. 3" i rPHK H AlNr.MB have Hie Imjooi io a ,n? mo , thai ih.y f * will gira a O awn Vocal I one>i< at Boarot'i ) it.tte, on . Fnday at* ling, Etb I. tit J, w he' ihey will mug ? ear el, if i ?oL?, d irta, and rorli line ' f the Alpe, and appear in Mm ir nr.. tire CO.lume ol the Tyrol. Tiekeia M centa?To be had at the Mnatc Btmea, aad at II e I dor r. Concert to ooinmeixe at half imrt T n'c'ncb 'n ' '"POBACl O-M balea, t? t,h la ?iim u i 1 ?n*cco, i*iw land k tag frw-w ably Y AsUO,'rata New etrla.nt, fi r -ale by ' K. K. COM.iNB la Cd. H ilN .'tkalMl, IT THOMAS BELL. ( fierce jr??.W.?M? mad > ? AJlMitrafe.) rZIZV At m o'clock, ill 111* Sa'ti Poom Eitra Pal* of raluable dry rood*, clothinr. >??? lry Mid pUdged artirlee. gioeeriee. hardware. Ac. Wnttbn-right ailver ever.detaelied and akelrlon. do do Alan fin* Iriah LiS*. eilka ialna,calico**. mufline. ginrliaun, ln.*i. r>, glnare. w la, ribbon*, aiid a variety of valuable giode ol tarious rriptiou*. Alen,a <|uantity i Theatrical and oilier clothing, helmet*, beeact pi am a, fee.Ac. Alao, >0 boxei vrgara, epermaceli I an die*, pruuef, prrai rvra, Ac. ,, , Saturday. At loj o rlui k. in the Halm Room?drlendid Furniture-? Conaieting of car|a-l?, ruga, oil (loth, chaira, Ublr*. bu crane, looking glim'a aofaa bed', hriliteade, bedding, chine, glaee. Mil plated w are, kuclieu ulrn?jl*. Ar. Alio, aarn'irr dork oftpli-tidid utw city made cabinet farliture in lb* brat oider Ala*, at I j o'clock, prectacly, a enperb pianoforte, by order >f the alter iff. POR BALE, or evrhangr, or to rent?I.and m Lycoming " County, Peiina. title good?Alio, ten Iota in Be rem county. > J. hall milt I rum IN-wark?Aleo to lent. a Kirm in ILMubetlitown. N j., cou*i?lmg ol 4 acre*. bani, aixl good .rater, *ut only *fiO ; I hour*ndefrom New York. For purt-cnlara *"P'y to Hn'.NRV sMtTH.3 et. Iltim* sixty miles shorter than any other route * aMQ Mt THIS MOST KXPKOmolTR ROUTJC fin I j*|73-TT1 ALBANY, via BRIDUKPORT-Fmw through $,M. The eUamcoat <KO I ON or the NIMROD. leare. Catherine Mirtit Iiv>, K?l River )i4t. for Bridgrpcrt. every mormSimduy ?t 1 o'clock. From Bridgeport, peeaenggrs will befurwarlrd by the Houeatome Railroad to NortiiCanoan. theme to Weet Stockbri.lre (M mile*) by aUge. and thence to Albany (M iiuUa) by Railroad. The care aae ^tO lurtw.hed and warmed. ^"P*e??*r or freight apply beerd of the boat, or at the > nrk Houae. No. g T-,nurt1a:idt rtriet fclm T A fSl.U'l'f li K% KHALI'A its elf ?* Ik'FlOK FOR MMMJE KKOM AN? REMITTANCE |TO CHEAT BRITAIN ASD IRELAND. an By the New and United Line, of Liverpool Packet!. " jfjf The eiib.crlben begt,, inf.,, ,h?r fr ende nod the MiwV public, that they to makr arraiurranenie for bringing out of piutengcr* on rery favorable termi, from all puita of England. Irrlmd. -and hcntiai il and Wale, hi Aral claee American pa'hrt ilupe, . mii aud.-d bi experienced eaptiine. and will fail from Liverpool rrery ei> day* throughout the year 1841 Thankful for the liberal patronise they hare hitherto reeeired. the atibeetibeia hope by their continuiott t? U fl| promptly, and with eatiafaction. all their engagrroeut*. aud by the er.tenrive arrangement* thry hare made in their bonne.., to retain that po| ularity thev h?re hitherto ci j yed. Peraoa. lending for their friend, in ay lely that ihe mine ?,teu>ion will be paid to the comfort of pain tiger* whith haa inrariably been e.tended lo all wh' ae plunger hare beeu engaged al llii* office, and in all caaea when lho,r *eut for decline co ning. the piunage money will be rifuuded to the partiei who paid it bee. without any deduction Tlioae wiahing to eend money to their frienda. can be *?pplied with arafta at light. uayaS'e ou deuianrf, in all the principal towaiof the United Kingdom, and at the following oaaka, tia lu England?Meura. Jamei Bnlt, Son It Co., Binkeri, London; F.?i hinge and biacount Bank, LiverpoolIn Inland?The National and Proriucial Banka ami Branchea In Scotland?The Baak of Scotland and Branrhee. The aubeenbera hare aleo a regular aucceaalon of fira' elate packa'a. tailing to Loadou three timet every uu-nth. to Liverpool Ave timet, to New Orleana ai? timet, to Mobile. Saraaitahand Charleaton weekly, by which paaeagee can,lie at dl lime, aacured on very favorable ternu. The public wdl pieaae take notice tkat the on yahipe cornpot trg the arw Tine of Liverpool packet* arc? The Roeciua, t olllna, The Sheridan, Depeyater, Siddoni.Cobb, tiarrick. Skidd). The Uaitrd Line of Liverpool Packrta are? Tlie. llocheater, Woodhnu*e, Tnc Weelchealer.Ferria, Scotland, Kobiaeon, Trolinta, Smith, Southerner, I'm'mer. llibernie. Wilton, Republic. Thompaon, Carroll of Carrotllcm, Cornelia, French, Ilud.ou, T-ge, St akatiere. Miner, Creat Britain, Trent, Memphie Knight. Hntlitgutr.Crabtire, New Yark. Niren, Pan'hta, tinodoianaon, Talbat, Stcrey. Brooklyn. KirhnriUoa, Diadem, Bar.tow, Oceaa, Willard N Carolina. Lrummood, N. Diddle. Trueman, Lancaahire, Lyon, Kut.w, Rocket t. The above ahipa are too well known to retjuirr comment. The ?ubicriberg truat that vitl their auperior arrangement* Tor the accommatiou of prraon* wiahing to atnd fur their friend*, ir who wi*li to n mil them money, thai* about making such igareraenle will not fall laobaerre the advantage. Wert offerMi thrm. For lurtherp'rtirulara, apply (if by letter poet paid) to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, 48 South atreet. and 48 Peck Slip. fj eor Oouremeau Laue New York. t-A??ACiK tKO ?l NEW~OHI.EAINI?, MtT lilt k' I'uam ,'.Tnv ?...! aiViMwiti_n? rigular line of Pickett.?Peraoni wiibiug to aetul lor their ftUntla to come from cither of the above porta, can make the naetaaary arrangement a. by applying to W It /. t. TATPSCOTT, ? 41 South itieft. or 43 Pe-k Slip. t**- PA8SAOE FOR NEW ORLEANS?Ouly Kell!iBVt".lw Line ?The I plead id tut failing racket alnp XftMKnALABAM A, Capt. Buukar.'aaila poailively on the ith February, her regular day. Th; ihip< of this Itue aail eeery lire day*, orpaaaege free, having aolendid accommodatima for aabin. aecood cabin. and ateerwga 1 paaaengera. Knr ptneage, early application Mould be made on board, foot of Wall at. or to W. k J. T. TAP8C.OTT, 41 tli uth atreet.or 43 Peek Klip. The packet ahip OOMllLtJEE will aoccted U.e Alabama, anil aatl na the t?;h February. ft aMr WOK LIVERPOOL? The auperior firat class ailing fhip SCOTLAND. Robitaon, Maatea. will JHRMmhavr Immediate diapatch lor the above port Having Splendid uccoramodatione for c hin, reeond cabin, and aterrage paaaengrrs. Pcraoua about embarking thould make earlg application to GLOVER A McMURRAT, 10? Pine itrect. corner ot South, r. Persens wiahing to Mod for their frteima rraidii g in the old cunlry. can have th-m bioueht out by the above tnip, to leave Liverpool on the Ibtli March,and provided wiih provision! b? he-, if required, on the meat modertls Uraaa, by apolt ing aa ahoee (if bv let'ar poat paid.) OTEAM BARK CLARION, FROM HAVANA.?Con O aigaeca of Mrrchandiaa by thia naael mil plea*- aend their i-ermita on board, foot ol Jooea'a lane, or to the office of the aub'rr>brra. aa aJI good* n?t permitted in fire day a muat unavoidably be a*nt <o the public -tare, ft OKOVEH k Me vlCRRAY. too fine at. PACKET Still' OaKHICKT liom Liverpoolitinera ill uleaar aand their ptrmita onboard, at Oiieau* wharf, foot of Wall ?tr< et A'l gooda not permitted in fire daya muat unavoidably be aent to public atorr ft patent PRESERVED mkatk aNl> SOUPS-War l rantrd to keep for any Irng'h ol lime it any choiitc? Prrarrv-d lobaUra, halliSat, aalmon hr< f aoup. mock turtle roup, chicken aonn. multon broth mutton veal lamb, beet, geeaa.rlania.osa'ri*. milk, t matin,Ste. 'I here proviaiom poa?rai great ad taut agea our rvery othar * leadIpiion of aeaatore. They are a valuable luboli.ute for live et-ek, which with tie provender an I tre-h water, occupy m tuuch room ou long vo? agea. la rubied to dia-aie, and re?uir>aao n urh c ire in ba I weather They are always ready or uae, may be eaten eold, or if preferred, warmed in a few minuter. therefore require rery lit |e fuel, and no e v>kuig. and afford indulge tier in a number of luiuriea at aea that no rare or aipenae csulJ in any oilier way procure. Apply tut William aL ft 3 ' Coal VARd"T0 lease -The Clinton Coal Yard, No. IM Monroe atreet Apply at the Coal (Jffirr ol Wil.ian.s h Kerguaou, earner Madiaon and Jefferson atrreta. fi ?t? CHEAP DRV ()()OI)8!!-At No. 5*;Calh>rtna atreat ? BROWN k URklL'HART have jual rs.eired. at lh?ir tore, aeveiat kui of dertrable New Crouds, which ibey offer at rvtraordioary low prtcca. flood Mottaaeline da Laiue, new styles, latd, ktwllild, Kreneh do warranted all wo-d. i? 4d nnj 3a. Some very pretty small patterns, in blue, piDk and luac, luitable for ehildren. 2i ?d per yard. Mogroir(<le Lame* neat sly les, 2e per yard. SILKS.?Several th-u.and yardeot figured, ehinie ard plain tike, being part of a bankrupt Lock, tilling coneiderabl) aider oriental e< at ! I! Brochc Shawls each mere ahawle.eilk eliavrla, daraaek salon hawle, and velvet lorg and point ahawla?the beet aaaorlment to be found at any retail elore in N*w V. tk. and very eheap ! An entirely new aeoortmeutof ebilling calicoes, fast color* and mprrinre irlee. Dnmietle* of all kinds, at greatly reduced prtrea. We aloooffer all our Winter Uoode at coet. being deeiroua to clear thera off, to m Ac room for the i ew stock. BROWN It IKttL'HlRlM On* Price Store, No SO Catherine r|, ft St' f or-er oi Mwliao". tl/HRAT.?ltd Sack*, now la ding iron, aii.p kA/OO, " from New Orleans. for sit* by fa K. K. I OLLINS ItCO SO s. ?i>, ,t. pOlN.-IIIJ nacka. now lauding from ehip k A/.UO, troea Ve* New Orl-ant, for otic by E. K. COLLINS It CO. fS 50 Sentli street. _ THIS DAY tUBLISIIEtsN?Bcutley'i Miocellany ana X Blackwood'* Migat'nr, rpr January, Itfl JEMIMA M. MASON, Pufc'isher. _f3 It* Baoemmrt. corner Pine ; nd Broadway. I Metal io last superseding Coppor,'or sheathing snd bolt* of mercantile resists. It co?u leei, laete twice ? Itng and ia making tho Patentro an irrmenoe fortune, 'the Admiral'.jr. auaionelora auperrvr quality. wrote to the auhoe ibcr lor epreimeno. If* under-lands the noting ami roilint of every kind i f metal, and would no objection to unite with a Capetalistin establishing tlieabove profitable business by paient. Addre.s 4. M., No *4 wirh it ft U* C 1'1'Y Vis PAt'uit I'OS l.? Tne Public is reaieotiuiiy formed, tliat the City Oeepafeh Post wiU go into operation on MONDAY nevr, the 7th of February. Tk- U-gukstions may he se*n at tho Printipal office, No. 40 William street where fr-estami# may be porch wed. A complete list ol the Branch offices will br advertised in n few days. _ ft 3t* OA DDL It AND HARNESS MANlTACTOuV, No. t? id Broadway, coiner of Park Placr, N. V.?Oeorge takes ih s ' ethod to return thaaki to hie frirnda and the public. for the li'ieral cscougement beliao rtccirrd in his line, and hegsto remind them, thai Iw still continues at hie i-ld stand, where hs manufacture* taddlss and haruese of rvrry de?? ription, at reduced, *i* , iwsuty-five |cr cent less than formerly. He alt* b-gs laavo to stale.that he has just received a few boot Khafto London mede Saddles, with titugbsn, which ho ran sell very low for cash. All aitulos msnuf.ituied br him w arranted to be of that beet m .? rial and superior workman, hip. N B?Horses cart fully mea-ured and filled by himself, film* ' TO THE flllLlll - a sorrow of hes-t and ag .uy ol .'"'jH,I lit compelled y imperi >ut duty and i ec-t sit, to '"* my vfHV, Mrs. Jane Kali field, obtaining a y Int ire ?iiWi,nr'" to my ' Poems and Prose Writings " ? she has abandoned \* famile, for*eiteilmy eo fijene# and affeel ion, -nd utmost "a* cri find the welfare of all who tr i*!rd h-r but I o bo betr*J ?J?All persons, therefore, ure warned not to sub?rnbe to In* w rke abovet named a? I hare issued a legal onihib'ii u sgaintt the delieery '<> ih; anil all wi-n ln*r auhemhed. withoot paying arroniinK to lt>?< ?ft fwbiiW'n to make ?n? wilhnut my -wrntraaiilli -rily, a*. ''u'ing wo yrarapaei, Mra. K. hat ?ppro|.nt'?il iha irwtry ilir hw (ollaciiil ? / rfiplione to my to her own prraoiial, ?litrl|?t llM'lWHt. fill' AITMNEA LINCOLN "AIurifc"LO. UAt'tlTKu Rm tT I'r. riHtlnAl I'D Ua>n m iBiiUlft I ?i j I at BUTLLR'Aroome, No T( Bowei y,corner of IMrleion tirret. luetrue n? eiem n Hie arl Apparalne for tek'Bg likr> n km with dn?ei in a that will enaMa a person u( ordinary capi'ily afierthcir crueat In owmlt iha Aral time with caoa tie e niC"<i.ri"(H? packed lor IraiMpeilt tioe, ami lor eale hy It r mat ufaeiurer I' <iee ?n I pia'eeuf aeuperior quality- ceneUatly on hand. _ OH' AM OA (I. HULL It CO. 4 Vote* afreet, Ae tor Home, Mr mwde comwuxhoue chanfea la their MttUUHMkl fat tha t ale am) ro,i^{{^gl.g AND 8UrTURYRRB. They here now an aoeae tmitjwlA iiprrile entrance, cachert?h? ^tore forth? ?le ofTnMmaad Burream'lpiti uuimta. and for mercantile huainaee, ia entirely dtatmet from the roemn wr the charge of tha Bar(aoafor the epptitttioeiof Trw? The Burgeon reeeiaeene otherpatiente then thfae eeette Men hy the reefaelfatally forroHoffrom Ruplure.Varieetaie.tjJe \t OHAWK A.NDHUURON K AILHOAO CO^fANV^- M '* A mi umuei dtM-leudof three par ernt cm the J *P<t*t ttnek of tluaCem.eiy hue kae t declared ptveMojllbe ** 'ktewe' Bank, in tha city of New York, oe lk? MLceUi df

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