Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 4, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 4, 1842 Page 3
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?- gggg^?? Arcadian Ciacua, ioo UiiRCker aireet, U doing e treinendoua buaioeea. Ik* company eouiiiu of many eminent performer*?the unrivalled Mr. 0- R Stone and un approa: ha ble George Sweet,the juvenile Roecine,Maa ter Steven*,Matter Reed, late of the London thoatrea, who ie a beautiful comic eiuger, wi'h the whole company,ap pear thi* eveuiug ia a variety of different acta The low price* of admiaaion ensure auocea*. Come and apend a ahUling. Ctjh Bewaav ArtrHiTHasTaa.? Thi* ia the laat night butuue oi thia unequalled troupe prior to their departure for England Thia ia. beyond doubt, the moatakilful company in America, and they richly deaerve the im men** patronage which they nightly receive. The attraction* advertiaed to night outvie in aplendor and variety any thing before offered thia aeason. 0&- CaimiM Thkatrk ?Diamond and Whitloak make their laat appearance at thia lh*atra to-aight, on which ocoaaion they preaeot a aplondid variety of entertainment* for their benefit Banjo playing, Negro ainging, dancing, and all the peculiaritie* of the Ethiopean character, are offered in variona way*, and the aplondid drama of the Mechanic aud the <(ueen ia aloo performed, with the maetcal farce of the Swiaa Cottage, the admired farce af the Adopted Child, Scott in hit celebrated character of Michael, and the Negro extraganzaof the Serenade, hy Whitloch and Sooth. PcTcatnuac, Va.f an. 37, IU1 OQK Dkar Sia?Itie with much pleaaure I inform you thai the Cough. Worm, and Cordial Loxeugea which you aent me have already 'become the rage hare; and aecured the entire confidence of the public. Doubtlea* the celebrity of your name, a* connected with your Vegetable Pilla, contributed to thi* reault ; for amy medicine emanating from your laboratory ia aureol a ready eale in nil the Southern Stater , but now, even apart from thi*. 1 feel convinced that their own intrinaic virtue will carry them triumphant over all oppeoition, for, brief aa * ? ? I mnniunil am ?> awnnlu aeUi.. and verbal testimonials in their favor are pouring in on me from all quarter*. I need acarcely toil you that your oumerour friend* of the faculty were among my firat cuatomer*. " What ! Mkdicatid Locemmm it Da. PsTa**," raid they ; "then they nuit be good P* And accordingly they paichaaed a number of boxer of the varioua eerta, and many have returned and aaaured me that they regard them a* an invaluable discovery. By the way, medicated lozenge* were becoming a drug here, owing to the fact that thoae which I heretofore aold, had not given much Mtiefaction. Indeed the complainta agaiaet them were so numerous, that 1 had made up my miod to discontinue dealing in them, for in many case* they acted harshly?in others, perfectly ineffective, and in mot a few, to my great alarm,they Miuoeled the patients. However, ! hear nothingof yours but eulogy ; and have reoeived mere compliment for thrm in one day than for the others since I began selling them. I'lease send me without delay (for i am run down with custoaMrs) to great Cough and Worm Lozenges; 40 do Cordial Lozenges, and 10 do of Cathartic. As soon as I reach Norfolh I will send you a draft for seven hundred dollar*, and an order to send me a larger supply to meet me at Washington, N. C. Very respectfully, GEO. W. BURN Dr Peter's princip aloffice* are 459 Broadway, N.Yorh, and 90 North Sixth street, Philadelphia. QtJ- Boz is a great writer and to it Bulwer, but Wash ington Irving will live longer than either. And all this it the eftect of genius; and people say that genius comes from heaven, which certainly used to be the way of k; but now a mode it discovered by which any man may be saade a genius at the expense of twenty.five cents, that being the price of a box of Peters'* celebiatid Cordial Lozenges, an article which so uncloud* the brain, wakens up the understanding, and sublimes the whele sy* tern that any man may write good poetry under their operation; or do any thing else well that requires a steady mind and a clear head. Aootb- r thing to lie mentioned is that no man ean have on* wt those Lozenges in hit mouth and a pain in his head at one and the tame time. Dr. Pktkbs's principal office 459 Broadway. Thk UntvcatAL Vaukbb Nation?Is truly "the largest paper in all creation." It keeps up its popularity well, and merits the liberal patronage which it is receiving. The present number contains a filie view*of the Merchants' Exchange, Boston; Popular tales of the day; Lucille, or the French Harpiste; Terrible story of Oalvanism; A Highland Anecdote: Poetry?The Napoleon Wilk woTransplanted, Machine Poetry, he. ?c. Bold at 41 Ann streoL Price 61 cents. J. A. TUTTLE, Agent. flty- Thk Rainkbs.?It will be aeen on reference to our b lvertisinr columns, that those aunerior vocalists intnnit giving their first Concert at the Rutgers' lmtitute thii evening. We have only to say to our subscribers In that part of the city, that thait Concert* on thia aide have baoai filled to overflowing, and that all the praiee bestowed ota their performance* ha* been Justly merited, and hope they will not let thiq opportunity of hearing them past unnoticed, lor not to have liatened to the soul atirring melodiea of the Rain era, i* conaidered aa wanting muaical t n*t?. Without fear of hazarding any thing we can guarantee a pleaaant entertainment to every one who may attend. (&- Pksso* a-. Rcsctv?Among the moat valuable attrihute* ?f beauty, whether aa conducive to manly purity and grace of aapeet,oraa auxiliary to feminine lovell net*, a beautiful aetof teeth must ever rank among the most important eleaneat* of a favorable peraonal appear ance. The embellishment and preaervation of the teeth ' and rum* havetherefore ever been rogaided witl^ peculiar interest, and among the mas* of preparation* aug grated for tbeae deoirable purposes, we couid particular ite Sherman* Orris Tooth Paste, aa unrivalled far ita excellence in paritying, embellishing end preserving thrae important and attractive objects. Dr.Chilton, the able Chemist-, Dr. Ceatle, the distinguished Dentist, M7 . Broadway, and all who have ever need it, give it the preference over all other articles-Sold at the warehouse, IOC Nassau street, and by agenta, aa per advertisements. 0(7* Oaesv Sale or Eshliih Pbixts asd Esosirnni Never in thia city haa there been congregated together st au auction tale,so many persons aa have aatembied during the two last evenings, at the large and magnificent roams of Messrs. Riell and Aiculariut, corner of Bread war and Dunne street, to witness the sale af Mrv Hay ward's splendid cnller.tionof Engraving* and Prinla, just imported fiom England. Speculators, amateurs, artlsta, virtuosos, and wealthy patrons of the Fine Arts, mingled together in one huge and heterogeneous mass, for the purpose of competing for the rich and rare Chinches which wore offered them,of procuring, at low prices, the compositions of the beat and moat elebrated artist*. A Repsrter, who attended the aale for the special purpose of noticing the incidents, bargain*, Ac, has made out along, graphic, and interesting sketch, which, in consequence of the present crowded state of our columns, is unavoidably deferred. It will, however^he in good season the close of the sale, which terminates this evening, thus affording to those who have not attended, an opportunity ofontaining, at a more nominal cost, some of the most valuabl.-and superb p^ductions ufthc present age. OCh E ?tvili?iird P?rro?au axo Cocoh Msoicmr.? I Passes' Horfhouvd Csxor.?This valuable prrpirtion is administered for the relief of irrltatire cough, and uch m attends tubernacular diseases of the lungs, consumption, lie. It possesses slightly sodativa, balsamic and tonic qualities, extolled by the leading members of all professions, both in London, Paris, New York, and the entire continent of America, as one of tb* most effectual and grateful cough medicines which has been introduced into modern practice. This oandy allays the cough, which occurs during the night, depriving the patient of sleep, and causing a free expectoration in the ' morning of the tough phlegm which accnmnlates during i the night. It ia esp cially recommended to asthmatic and consumptive patients May he administered te in fsnts with perfect safety, and Is now universally recom- ' mended by the faculty of all nations. To be had at Peaeelc i Sons, 45 Dvision street?Agejits, Redding, No. 8 State St. , Boston; Zieber, 87 Dock st, Philadelphia ; 110 Baltimore at, Baltimore ; Rawla k Co, 07 State st, Albany. (XT- The Whooping Cengh is now carrying to the grave hundreds of the Children of this city, whose lives might be saved by the use of | roner remedies. The Hygeine More hound Candy is jntl tno thing wanted. One stick s day will give quiet to this distressing disease, and be th? means of saving many lives that might be an ornament to society. This valuable, compound is uo.surpassed in pleasantness of li a vor and taste, and acts like a charm in coring hoarseness, sore throat, conghs, li?. To be had of the proprietor, 431 Broadway. ' - =. AIOWFY MA.RKBT. Thnrsdsy, Kelt, 3-0 P. W. The sales at the stock board to day were moderate, tnd prices-resented no meterial alteration. Indians bonds rose 1 per cent ; Illinois } ; Harlem declined J ; Mo hawk I percent; Long Island 1 per cent. Sales of bills oo Philadelphia A}; Baltimore 3} ; Mobile 10 a |,"> The butint-aa of the State Bank of New York ha* been removed from the banking bouse formerly occupied by the U. S.Branch No i7 Wall street, in const quenre ?f the opening ol a street from Wall to Pine street, next t? the Custom Hiuse. For this purpose fifteen feet -ire to betaken off of the bank building. The op .'ration ii at the expense of the general government. Since the resigsution of Samuel Brooks, Efq. as Piesident of th" H irlem Rail R tad Co., T. A. Eamrtt, Esq. Vice President, has presided. A eommitteeof five hove been investigating the affairs of the company, and report satisfactorily Mr. Brooks resigned,being unwilling to encounter any longer the opposition from Wall / Vigorous wfArw are punned to reduce the expenao* el the company ; among other itenia cut elf it that of 400 paid annually to the Wall atrect printa. A tueleta outlay it thna aaved to the atockholdera. The Plaidh Bank hat declared a *?mi-annttal dividend of four per cent, ptyable on demand ; the Bank of rougbkeepaie, a aemi annual dividend of fjur and a half, payable on Jem and ; the American Inaarance Company of B iliimore, a dividend of twelve dollar* per ahare, payable the 10 h inat. fltme falea of real eatate took place to-day, the detail* of Which will he found nn ler the head of "dtate of Troile." The application* fur diarharg* from debt tinder the banfcrtiirt law, bare commenced with great rigor. Ureat baate ia made to pooh through the form* of the law and obtain a diacl.arge ? apeedily aa putaible.for frar Congreoainay yet pnetpoue the o|e-rati->n of the low, which Weill 1 haee the < fleet of atay ng all proceeding* under it Mi perfected. Tuoae in whoae In-half notice to cred i'.orato alow cauae una made public to day, c innot receive their certifi-ate# under 7# day a. In the meantime the? Htikript w ill a' all fhnea be *u?ject to examination , orally .or upon writtau lutai rogatories, before the court >d sath, in all matters relating lo bia bankruptcy, which arc necessary for the purposes of Juatioe. If in any caa? 9 of bankruptcy, a majority, in naalter and value, of the j. creditors who shall have proved their debts, ahall at the q time of hearing of the petition for a discharge, Jilt their " written diaaent to the allowance of a discharge and certi- ^ Hnate, to the bankrupt, or if, upon hearing, a discbarge ahall not be decreed to him, he may demand a trial by c jury, upon a proper issue to be directed by the court, or * he may appeal from that decision to the Circuit Court. ^ And, if, upon n full hearing, it shall be found by the court or the jury, that the bankrupt has, in all things, complied with the requisitions of this act, the coutt ^ shall decree his discharge. 1 Very many of thoae who apply fcr a discharge are living in a atyle of aplendor Car above that which it * within the aaeana of their creditor!. Theae ahould c promptly and v^prouily combine, and lift out the real connection of the bankrupt with the property which r anrrounda him. K is the only chance for tha creditors, a against whoa the taw i? arrayed, to protect their rights, *' Under the late Banking system,the credits created by 2 trusting these people were celled property. Banks and individuals that held their paper considered it as good property. The amount of that property represented by those who applied tordischarge yesterday in this city, 1 is estimated at *6,000,000. This, by the operation of tha " law, will be annihilated. The hope heretofore entertained of being able to realixeeemething from those debts has kept alive the hopeofbeteg able to pay other debts. That chance is now destroyed, and the probability of ^ creating many other Bankrupts is increased, who, in their turn will apply for a discharge, and contribute to * pulldown aevne other* in their tarn. The avalanche ' is now hewing over the head* of thouaanda who little t dream thotthey are in danger of being crashed in the rail. ( What dfctle property ie possessed or will be dis* j gorged by the bankrupts will be put upon the market, and will greatly affect tka value of other property? 1 This will, ne denbt, mostly consist of real estate, bonds " and Mortgagaa, he. ho. and it is precisely this descrip tion of psaperty in which tha greatest decline mav j hereafter be expected. The losaes in this description of property snust fall on the landers. As an instance of the 1 extent eft be loans, we give the following comparative table of the affairs of the New York Life and Trust Co., which umtitution is considered one of the bast, if not * tha very best, stock in the State. The mortgages hare J no doubt keen looked after,nod changed from time to * time with due skill and caution. The returns are those of 194:2 and 1841, and tha laading features of Chose of 16X7. j New Yalta Lirx Tkujt Courtur, Jamcasvt 1841 1 AND 4849. c Jan-tail. Jan 1848. Inc. Dtr. * Capital $1.soo.ooe $l,ooo,oso ? _ J Deposits in trust 3 T88 SOS 8,538,751 ? 159.857 . Trust of aceamulat'n 480,175 380, 93 ? 91,888 Guardianship acc't 1,374 9 905 1,497 ? c Life Insurance 953,703 974,784 91,081 ? * Annul y granted, 148,745 139,50* ? 14,158 [ Unclaimed dividends 1,371 367 ? 804 D Cromtnelinh don's J account, 19,089 694 ? i30.388 3 Magoisc, Smiih-k Co. ? 15 717 15.T17 ? 1 Premium account 4.748 8,473 4,795 ? * Receivership account 147 9,000 1,883 ? 1 Surplus profits in June * 30 ill, 1840, 901 097 '900,741 984 - ] $8,883 865 $8,553.88) 1 Which i* to be accounted for by the 1..Mowing amount iuTe*?e8,ott Bond and mortgage 4,233.118 $1,088427 ? 1)7,188 Bonda 145401 127796 ? 18,10o Bill* receivable 3 3 852 287471 - 76,161 Stock loan* 405.148 348484 ? 124,808 Real e.tale 214,838 840,188 35,513 block* owned by the Company 320 444 454478 128,531 Treasury Note* 117,00) - - 117,008 Inaurance acc*t hood and mortgage 2442 3,784 (44 Aunuiiy purcha>ed 478 ? ? 478 Caah due frdm country 78,787 77458 482 Letter* of credit 8,882 42,101 35,318 Exchange on Lon Ion 35,648 ? ? ?5.648 Balance in Manaattau Bank 83.088 3,172 ? 18,814 Balance in Bk of Cam. 1,337 ? ? 1,337 $5453,303 $5413,408 The following are the leading item* a* compared with 1837 :? 1837. 1441. 1843. Capital $1,000,000 1.000,008 1,000,088 l)<po*ita in Truat 4.213487 . 3,788.808 3 488 751 ' Loani on bond* and mortgage*. 3484.3)2 4 223.118 4.085,827 Billaaud etorkl 451.451 779 008 578.210 Stock owned by Co. 183 oro 328,414 451,476 Real ratale " 84,840 214438 24U.1I8 The folio wing ore the eountie* in which the principal loans ere made New York, $877 810 Monro.e $324,833 NrwOrh-tn*, 363,321 Niagara, 316,SlB Erie, 838436 Geneeer, 3>T,I91 . in order to ,aho w tho practical operation of eloting tip the loan* on mortgage* we annex from the Comptroller's re]Mrt the result of the forecloaurea of the mortgagee belonging to the United State* Depotite Fund, from 183$ to 1861, incUalre Btatcmcxt or MoKTOant* ertowcixn to tiif ITurTro Statu Dkp >*itc Fvhd. roer.ei.o?rn r*o>i 1833 to :8II 1 IMCLt'llTg, Ol WHICH TIIB PRKMI*K* WXXt fOLD. Countir*. Hhtnild. VI turn due. Aimm't, .Im'thd. Cayuga, 1841 $6 5 $6* $soa Dulcbea*. 1341 201 250 208 E ie, 163* 589 600 208 * 1841 582 ? iOO - 1841 2,441 ? 1.200 - 1841 1,844 ? 500 El*ex, 1840 288 80 23 Jrffereon, 1841 1,118 1.2(0 500 Niagara. 1838 804 530 Fro ~ 1?38 708 123 115 " 1341 "20 8?0 S New York, 1840 4472 6,480 -400 1840 5,258 4,?oo 90* ? 1810 4472 4401 5030 ' 1810 1.722 1,2"0 HOo ' 1840 1,722 1.275 800 " 1640 2,748 2^300 1 000 " 1840 5,712 5,|(M 4400 " 1640 6,862 6.000 3,000 1648 64 2 3 500 1.760 1840 6 407 3 400 1 600 ' 1610 6.006 3 40 1 2.100 1810 6.712 3400 3 000 1840 1.152 1 400 *1)0 ' 1610 8,71-2 3,503 3*0 Oneida. 1840 a.90? 1,645 1.645 UxweKO. 1841 8 JlT 825 -220 ' 1941 1.153 <40 100 i Schoharie, 1419 l.ihl 1 350 1.100 |, Suffolk, 1940 5-4 350 300 - ] 641 037 150 00 a " 1*41 3 434 2.450 l.i00 " 1641 295 191 80 Westchester. 1841 ? ? ? I " 18*1 3,454 3,200 1.310 j Vlsler, l?n 483 ? 478 f $89,478 844319 $44 883 ' From this it appear* that the amount bid wa* not one ( half on the amount laaned, notwithstanding that very * mall portion* only were put upon the market. In New York eity the property waa appraiaed at scarcely more ! than 50 per cent, of the amount loaned on it. The re* ' cent aalea of improved property that have been made in ? thia city have exhibited an immenie falling off in pricoa, *j and the future holds out i*o prospect of eny let up in p rete*. While moat all other descriptioni of property J have (men pressed upon the market the nominal value of u thi* description of property has been kept up, from the 0 fact that but a email portion of the property has been put B upon the market. h The summary method of closing up indebtedness now ? to be pursued nader the new, law will, produce a vast ? change, and annihilate a rati amount of assets composed (i of thut description of property. *lra at the Stock ichangs. p $ "8? N Y a's, im-1 74 76 Mohawk Railroad beo i-4i | fcwoo N Ys's, ihss 75 9- do l?oo wj J? iiaoo Keutueky < a. 73 75 do 51 " faroo Water Loui, 1610 75 too do 511 j |MW. Illinois 21* 9t do 5t d' f,l)00..., d> '3 11 *00 Lot* island R R St; 7 iiotio Illinois Hi (Bonds ? ISO- do 54| $10.0(1 Indiana Bonds fo do 59 ?' $<>oo do tuw 224 ]50 do sol 8 $30041 do hlO 99) 50 do blO 54) J* $*40oo do HO Ml loSlnninctoa 15 $ 10">? *) ?1 94 Del ft Hudson Sis 84 * $4000 do 93 SO do .1* 04 D 10 shares Mrr Ck 1 eo ISO do #1 01 7*. en>nnll' b20 To 25 i*o 044 lsFul'onBk lei 25 do sis oa; M Mrch Bkt Ass 55 25 do sIS VJ 25'>hio Life h Trns* ?*0 60 150 do 04) r> 123 2> do alt 03) m 85 Mohawk Railroad ''2 25 do slO 84 II *5 do 521 ? CO Ml . ?6 do nsr 54 So do sTds 841 Hseoad Board. $1000 N Y Pta'et's. IMi 78 50 Hatfsm h3 8| $10410 Illinois S's ??? 21 100 Lor* lllan I b40 S3 $50O'i do h.10 21 I State ssf TraU*. ? Sales of real estate took place a? auction to-day, with ?> the following results I? 3 No*. 4W and 4d0 rearl street The flrat named la 13j br 87 bet?the second 34 by HAJ feet, old lor flh OO# No. 87 Heron I street, two story attic biiek horns and lot 16} feet front, 60 feet deep on one S'de 57 on the other 3, <60 No. 339 Fourth street, three etoij house, 34 by AO feet, lot 34 by 100 feet, sohl for 10,500 _ Two story brick front honse end lot of grottnd No. 115 Sullivan street, on the east side, between Spring and Prince streets, lot 35 feet front end rear, and 100 feet deep? ' house 33 feet by 34 feet 6 inches, sold tt for S 67ft ci of gronnd comer of Amity and Thompsen ?l streets, 35 feet front, 37 feet reer, by 160 feet ih on each atde, sold for 4,650 dnb^taeee generally bat little It doing. Ashes?A " II lotof put here Won token at *7, and ano hero' j, jSirlsat g57i. Cotton?The tales of cotton were mode * ifrtiidst. Floor and grain?There ate bnt few rellers |) of Canal dour at $6 35.aud ecoerdingly but lilt 1? can lie b lif'let that price, ae the largest hellers do not Oder to ' ..til St preset.t. Good brands of Ohio, in gool order. ? bring**. Southern flour f6 a 6.141 There is * gord I?*l of corp sflest, and the market heavy. Sab* narr i>a. ii made at 59 cents p?r .16 pounds ; hut that price can lilt be commanded There j? no whet' here. K 9sasBssa?9B?aassa9 Brighton Cnttle Market. Jt?. 31 ?Market?At market 470 Beef Cattle, 1730 beep and 90 Swine. 30 Beef Cattle untold. Prices? Beef Cattle?The pricas obtaiued laat week >r a like quality were not tuitained, aad we reduce our notations, a eery few probably were sold for aorof-thina tore than our highest quotations. We quote first qualir $">,30; second quality $173 a 3,00; third quality $3,30 4.30. Sheep- Dull; several lota were sold for lets than they oat in the country. We quote lots $1,30, 1,91, 130 a 4 30. Swine?No lota were sold to peddle. A few were retiled from 3} to 3c. foreign Marietta. Rio dc JiHiitn, Not. 30.1941 ?Stock of flour 30 to 40,Ml barrela, of which 13.000 barrels are in first hands, 'here ij little doing in it to-day. Richmond is held at tblOOO, net $? 30; Baltimore, some if held at 14IJ300, net 6 39, and aoaie at 10|| a It*, net $7 14 and $8 30. #00 arrets Gallrgo were sold yesterday at shout 191:300, ash. to several dealers. Bakers offer only 1$, for Richload.on lour months. There it no export demand. Coffee?Selected 3||900, net $9 93 per 100 lhf; low supe' ior 3-|300 a 3U700, net $8 31 a $8 71; regular to firsts Sfl-JOO 3 1430. net $7 89 a $8 1#. fine qualities are Karce, and here is now a demand let- Sweden. exchange on London 30} n 30}. Patriot Doubloons 811300 ta purchase. Harried. On the 34 instant, %y the Rev. Dr. Mihior, William low taw Hiik, offhis city, to M?? L. Pkali.. young t daughter of the lata Samuel Dealt, Jr. ol'Rye, Westheater-county, N. V. Died. On the Sd i net art. Mr. Gxonua W. Mills, (deaf and umnt-of consumption, aged 87 year*, 0 months and 9 lays. The -relatives amd friends of the family are respectfully equeeted to attend the funeral from the residence of his irother.Zophar Mills. 867 Pearl street, this morning at 0 o'clock precisely?from whence his remains will be akealo Staten'leland for interment. On the 8d instant, Joh* Hsnmr Tvlrm, aged 3d years. Hiafi lends and acquaintances are invited'to attend his uneral this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from his late resilence. 38 Dominick street. OntheSlst ultimo, Ssbah, wife of Joseph Packard, in he Mth year of her ago. Passengers Arrived, I'tTts-Hhip Iowa?H W Livingston. H C Livingston, A amr?. F W 8-Coolidge, Louis Se gnie. F De Foe. Livcaeeas.?Ship Patrick Henry?Lady Ncsbilt, Miss J L lolgite, H K Tradwell?75 in t' e st<erage. Canyon?Ship P. oh us?C F Howe. Cnqcmao?Brig Philip Hons?Jdha Powers, of Philadelphia -3 in the steer-ape. Harant?Ship VrrJi*?O Vom Bear. D McDonnll, 8'ephen 'uguet, F Gingi, Thoa Lenney, Capt M J Leber Capt George aeon. AraLACHicoLA?Bark / Hing?J Locke, C Ryder?10 in the tee rage. foreign Importations. Canton??h?p Probus?SIS chte 5001 lib bxe 906 SU> do h] son H14 hf chin 5*0 4 3lb bxe young hyson IS9 chta liyson skin SSS if chta SIS tslb b*? 35o Sib do 75 caunisters gunpowder I7S half hta 330 151b bsa ISO Olb do St caunisteri imperial 18S hf ih-?U luchoog IMdo uiogyongpouchong 106 bxa souchona I bx grass loth 13*9 rolls malting 140 pictuis caisi- 500 bxt fire cracSers ahdlarattan D P Parker,of Buatou?45eSla 500 13ib bx? 300 >lb dohyaooMJchts 31 IS hf do 60013 b bxe young hys-o 900 hf hta (50 lllb bxe 3b0db do 75 cannisiers gunpowder W6 hf ehca 170 hf chta 850 3ili his 350 Olb do 05 cannialere impeal IS# hfchte iiiagyongpou h ng 104 do souchong UW rolls netting lit piculs cassia W 8 Wetinore?It cheats 318 half do oucx hyson 51 doguupowder 53 do imperial 400 do pou-liong so ch s you ig pondi >ug 16 cs silks G Howe, of Boat >u? s do Jrrgtrson St co, of do?195 chests 097 hfdo young hytou 19 do :unpnwder II do imperial W Wilson k too, Bailimote?40 cs i!ba J P Bucklialt E Cunning!,ojr?9 boxes china w-rr II do wtelmoata 1 do llowar seed 7 do tea 9 hdla bamboo sticks 8 bxs c mil ion 4 docaaaiaoil Capi furaner, of Roalot?31 eniki u|n;?ji umwru a ? >iuai a i'H nrciuicaig title CIWIU ottnf hvMD i?? to order. Ha<?-Ship Iowa?1 pkg md* Bolton. For It Lmngitnn?i )rThomu How?l Young, emiihfc Co?4 K W Sc, midl k ',o? 193 Baiker fc co?78 P A H Haunuld fc co? 4 C H L.acorn be -9 B Irernoit?3 JRkH Mahler? 5 Vl Bey lard?43 U Cotliet?1 T Melljr fc co?1 Gelateu, Ladd fc co?IS Moranfclee ia?SO J O Si I?IS Schmidt k Andrea?4 U Thorburn?14 loutaafc Pillevuj t? Boiceau k Ruth?t F 8 Tenth* ul-4 O irilli-1?7 E Alboa fc co?3 Kuaecli,, M.tiiion kTaylor?F tordniuia?I J C MulUr?II Dentilhnn k cm3 Little k Irowa? J H Abeel?3 t tianard?9 J KkH o.abler?JT liaper?IS Ward,File fc Thoaapeon?5 Bailay, Ward fc co? H Babad?IS Jac<iueliuk Alirr? #0 Pagau kco?18 H l)a Itrnais?I Dubois, J?cot k co?I Oelrich k Kruget?7 W Brewr?4 F Thurapeckeo?I Harrlaonkco?3 F ALoahe?11 Mort> k. Bcbelei?9 V X Lifferii ( k co?3 H Dcraiamea?3 Bout kHainer? 3 E Boasaoge? I# Umber " D -mbnunu?9 Marian k Benitd?19 C Dord?6 Malmatet k Smith?9 H kilter?II Boouen Unvn fc co?11 Heautquiuk co? 8? 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A 41ra-1* k Victor? 'MX Virlnrk uekwiu?110 li ' hchuiaalrr?tft Hri cucnk UiiAurl?110 to riltr. Domntle Importation*. ArtLtcHtcoLa? Ba k Z King?3 halrr m??? M Jo c itlon O oltiua?I4t do Brnwu Brvt(r-ciik c.?? 60 H Cnit?it J H Tnili ia?44 tUratow It Pojie?to log ildrbj, Uoincaii k ro?till J lolfurd?15 ? Davit. MARITIME HERALD* PORT OR IBW YORK, FKBRb'AHV I "tutu iH.aoo* 3 4 5 2 I ! ?*!> a i? Oipvtan ml tka AtianU* luaiaara. rao* ao.ra. fa. I Mar. 1 Acadia. Mar. 4 April t Columbia........ April I 1 Britannia April I* Mar 1* '-aivdoaia May I J?nr , Acadia- May i? Uoluakia ..June 4 ........J?1y g Ta Ma?era mf Vcaaaia. ~ Uommandera of naill will eaafrr a favor bp having * (tot r thair raifoa, paaMogera, aad a report of vaaaala left at -* port whcae* they ailed. aad Ik* raaaal* apokea, ready ! i thair arrival liar* far CataawtJora ItutTT, of oar ft act ] I oawa arheoaara. Ha ?rUI board them imjaed<*teJy or. ia<r arrivaL Clan rail BhipTrlumaJi (eliddea. Montevideo and Rn*a*? At rn. Uta Baldoiu ? H rk? Inadorr, Speii'grr, Matai tea. 8 Unoui. F? a ?r, do, Toofcer It l.o ? Bi>y? Mam, |*rj, H*mkaiv, II Itnh n?.Bi Nahai.kanU. Bakir, Norfolk, Brett k V'-...; rrli It- Hanlltoa, Savanna1 If cot t It Morr Tl: A im. f) c t .! Dinhara IkDiinou ?Bc'tra Blaa. Ho?m. Wv t lorn, N'? niio a l.eeda; Peru, Uich-ir', at Ai-ro.-i r ??d Jfc edavilla, Il-.tidt, Brail It Vo.r; Juliette, Wo?liun. Pi lory. Anrtvad. racket rhip ln? a Pell, froir ' ?tr?. D.e tft, indaa. to Boyd St in, ken On Ir- lit tit in a gde of atod Ir-nr 8R. Pet a | "I* " t i lit ; an ! on t le 31, i?l ol the Bull a, loat an Inert mt of Mil# l'*trt kit' Patrick Henry, Delano, from Lirrrcol, Dec 24 ndar, to Grinne'l, Mm urn k Co. Dec 27. "If Lirnaa. xch iigvd aigiia]* i* ilh ahjo litderrnjracr, Nye. herce bound a. Krtim the Ith to lfth J-n. and from loo JO to S?, the P H hud violent galea of wii .1 from \V. Ship Pi oboe, Sumner, from Macao.Oct I ?rd AijierNo*3 apn a full ea ga of tea* tod alike. to W a Wetinore. No* ST. el 27 H, |(m (7 2o( earke bark Valnaraiao. Lo Lwond, from Mar act VI It, tad Anjier No* 4?htd lott mini aud nvien lopmiiU, fiirr topgallant miat. a tuit of aatlt, fee in a hurricane .in 'be ft l, hi lat 23 3e A, Ion 46 K. I'ar r I romp ny D?e I. lit 34 SV1on23 E. Dec II. lat 34 33 ft, lou Jl 3 K, *poVc Zeuoyia, I'u'4 am from Macao Oct I, and Anjcr No* I. Jhi|> Nonra. Marlon, fr. m Hat a m, J?n 23. eugar. lie to M TayVir. Sailnl in ra. with echr Virfina, Burrongha. for ffe|ailr*ino. 9ioke off tlit Maro, kouud in, balk Rapid, Ward, ^ai NYo'k. 11 re aim bark Paroliu?, Volkm?n, frrg* Brrmea. No* Sd.ptaiid Dover Dec II. uidre. to iVo'temua fit Pavine'rdt. Swedi-h bark CU , Uber, M d?ye froia Stockholm, with 401 tone iron lo Boormao. 'ohuatou 4a Co Bark '/. Kmc, Roat, from Ap ilaciiicola, Jan 24, cotton, to J It O Ewtng. Brig Plmip Hone, Perry. 78 data Iron* Cotjnimbo. mder. lo , How land k Aapiwell Nov 24. otf Juan keraandrz, tpoke whale ehiuCa'awba, of Nantucket 21 mot oat, 1100 bbla luemi , I'll?reported having tpcketi from lat to 1Mb Nov. ahipa l.ion. of Pruvideoce, I mot o<it, too bbla; John Walla, of Newark, 4 ( ma, iiinil; Robert Edwarda. 4 rnoe.ltt) sp; aabellj, of fair havio. 4 mo*. 40 bbla; Canton, Net* Bdf.nil, 36 inoa, 2130 ap; Henry Clav, Nantucket, 21 inna. 1700ao; Nn-y. New bury pert, , 18 mot. 1000 bbla 30a ap. Bark ltoualdeon, Lyona arrived at t Valpar.aiao IT'liOct, lltdayalrom VYork and tailed 20thfor Mwzttlnn. The Lauaanne, Spaulding, from NYork. 122 daya , arrived Oct 29 Dec 8, Cape Horn bearing Wrat. dietwvt to milra.apckealiip Tarrauiatta, of London, bound to Velparaiao. D< c 8, lat 7 9, loa 84 30, patted a eleame r altering South. MchrCod Hook, Clay. 13 da> a from Banco*, Cuba, willi 434 bah a tobacco 18 8t>0 coooa nuta to B Ay mar fe Co. LeK achr Don Juan lor N York, aooo. ] General Record, Slave OciegnaL Pa*KHiLL, Hoy t, will nil to-day lor Liter- , pool. I Sietr rioiii ? A Philadelphia coireipoudent write* that the . "aliap;Tioga, before alluded to and reported aa below at that uoiL, >a not in Ilia liver, nor ia it believed any auch veaaal baa < been ou the coat-. Tke-e ia every probability the rrpctrd cap- , lain u?o uopoa'er." We thought aa much. We know uf no ( .nipoi mat name oeiru nig to liiii port. I St hi i.'Htiuii M THoiirim, which miW ou Saturday for j NYork. hox returned in conxaiiuencr of hxvit g bien rur foul , of while lyim at anchor above Bombay Hook by the bark Joxrphiue, of thia part, with Ion of bowaurit. jiblpum, jihatar, , billet head, cutwater, and eame oti er damage.?[Philadelphia Uarrtte. , Iw.iia 1'awTAi.oow, Wehxter,of Ballimore,bound from Port au Prince to Baltimore, with a cargo of logwood, w ?a wrecked near Caatle Mauri oo the 23 h Ilec. The caplaiu1* wife on boa id, quilr liefe. but all ant oo ihore. A part of the logwood wit laved and taken to N?i**u, N P. Baiio CvunaaLawu, of Philadelphia,Captain Thuiber, from 8t Jago. bound to Philadelphia, pur inta Naaiau, NP- in di.treax < outha lMtli uli. iu ch rge of wrrckere.having exnemnced bad | weather and leaking badly, with moat of liar tarla blown to pieoet, and a good deal alraint d Cargo, coffee, augar. 'urn and ' lohareo; Ih- grcuud tier, cmiautiugof xugar and coffee, eon- 1 iderahly injured. I Spoken. Adigaildt Elka, for Turki Ialand, January 1 Bill, 1 at '21 33. Ion i M 3a. Sea,of Warren, II dayafrom forTriaatc, Jan?, Iat33 li.loti 82 to. j Portlgn Porta. Macao, Sapt 14?Arr Geo Waalii nylon, (BretnrD) Singapore. Oct 1? In port. Lcma, Kudicxit; Calumet. Lucax. for Button, 1 Idg; Delhi. Crocker. I6r Wliainpo*4 Cynthia. Jilhnaon. line; * Niaotie. Hepbmn: Va'paraiao, Lock wood; Mary Helen,Heard; Vtnire, Perrit; Henry Pratt, from Booton; Caroline,do. Sid [ lat, Zanobia, Pu'uaan, NYork. ' HavartA.Jaiitl? In port. Jamaa Ca'der, frtorehtr; Adelaide, . da; Odaialtar, uo; John Hale, do; York, for Matauzax. 25th; ' Averou, wig Irt, Wyandot, Portland, toon: Oxford, Cmter. > NYork, do; Louixe. Boston, do; Platina, dodo; Jatob 8 Walu, iidc; Rapid, fit orclitr.; Atlantic,NOrleaua.neai week; Samuel, 1 diag; Wil Tallmaa, for Apatacbicnla, cleared; Gazelle, Irt cr ' chtr; Lima, do; Catharine, Philadelphia via Mntanzax, 93d; 1 Cordelia, di'g;; AriamauMu ituur; Daniel Wehitir, > Cliarleaton. 23 1; Proxy,unc; Franklin. E b?, PenaacoU, Mot'o, I Lincoln, t.allio. Bulah. vcLdlan, ditg; Kowae, P.otulriico, next week; Chi i, arr 21 at fni Chaiieitou; Belxey, arr Slat fm Bath; A K u c; Unr.aa, NOrleana, c'eired; Joe Blown, Mobile. 3 or 4 da; Leonidix, Sav <nnah, next week; Bauurr, Lady ol the Like. Texaer. uo, ; Allyue, NOrleana, 2"lh; War- ' cam vw Ma'anr.ia, 23 h; Thorn, for aale; Al ibama, Apalachi- i cola, xoou; Leouidax. dixg. , Miiintii Jan Hi?Arr Tiberiua, Boaton. Cld 1811a, Oil- , bert, Hamburg. St Dom woo Cjtt, Jan II?Sid Hubert Trial, for Frankfort Me. ; Power. PR Jan 15?In port, Overmaa. Davie, f ,r NewYork; ? Delna, Philadelphia; Benjamin, wtg frt; Morning Star, dodo; Pearl, lor Norfolk. United States Ports. I Hal via, Feb t?Sid Oaxellc. Cayenne. " Box row, Feb 2?Arr I) A 8omer?, Richmond. Telegraphed, Violx, aud Lucy, fm NOr eeua. Old John Fehrman, Kingi'on f Ja; Win Schroder.Ncwburypo'l; Homer. NOrleana; Charlex 'J loaeph. Savannah Arr lit, Harreat, Richmond; Oak Hill, N ] Y" lie. Hv.wnia, Jan 31?in port, Horace, and B Bigelow, Boiton J. Car NYork. 1 Holmkx Hole, Jan 81?Arr Coun-il, Richmond for Nantucket; Kobt Bruce, and Lewix Bruce, Prcvincctown for Nor- * folk. 1 P an?Id nnrt, the above. Pnonorwcz. K b I?Arr Shave, Orient 1.1 I Renroi . Jau 30?ArrCxnlhia Ann. Providence, to lo id for i NYoik; list, Elizabeth, Noifnlk. A brig (Smithfield Provi- a deuce f'rCharleetou) caini down the liver 10th, >u chorid be* low and s?i rd this motaing ? Nswr.'BT Jul 31?Arr BiHow N Bedford for Newbern NC. Sid Pilot ; Piincedr Joitirille, Havana; Oen Cobb, N York, and a large lleet of coasters. Philadelphia. Feb 3-B-low, Sus<iuehannah, Liverpool.? Cld Navarre, P?rnamhuco. ' Baltimore. Feb 1? Arr Allen. St Domingo Oily; J Power, n Naieiu Mi'; Ex'ra. New Yoik. Cld UADtlTa, Liverpool. Sid * Eli-r, Bremen: O'Kelly, Kingston Ja. Richmo-xd, Jin30?Ait Lynchburg, NYork; 3?.h.Frederic, Thomxston. _ I Nobfolk, Jan 31? Arr Willie Putnam. Ponce PR. la Ham;- J ton Roads, Sarah k Mary, Franklin La. 31th?The Douglass, d from J<mei RiverfnrRin, went to aeaon Thuradav evening.? a Ar 49.h. Sea Drift, Boatou. Bid WiInter, At Kilta: 38th, p Oro Thomas, Province town. Cld Mentor,VYeat ladies; Coral, o Boa ton. Wilwpvgiow NC. Jan 19?Arr Valiant, *arvi?. New York; Ju'ia; 40th. Eliza Maria, Tompkins, do; Tho? It Nancy. 8imm*,do;3i*t, Star, Kelly,do;34th, Auacuii- h dado. Below 31th. ?iar; i . Smith. Cld 431, l hoe Wynne, f Cre.lle, NYoik; Caroline, W Indie a; Raleigh, (new i do; 41th, f Myera, Yow'er, Vew York; 43 h I'ainplico, Weat Indie*; ygih, Ju'ia Ann NawL -ndon; Brilliant, Williaina,NYork; Valiant, J irvie, fhiladetphia. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. rpHESE far-funed and olebrated pills, fioin Portugal, are L we perceive, to be obtained in this country. Bra advarliaemeiit on the last columuof fourth page. d3t Ira'ia 1TNITED STATIC* HOTEL.?The uuder-ignednires ao U lice to the public that the United Sta'ee Hotel, lormerlyt keptby David Dormice. Esci aod whieh ha* been closed lor upwards of two "ontha. has neeu piat in complete order, every part of the eileuaive building having been eipoaed to thorough examination, and no cipeuse haa been apnred to makeevery roo*'such as would be agreeable to the most fastidious. The hall haa been laid in luiiae marble. The furpiturc ant fix lure* of the house are entirely new?carpets,chairs, bedsteads, he. aid are of a kiud suited to the high character that is iu- ' teur ed this favorite houee should sustain. The arrangctnrnt* ere tucli that famlliee or sing'e persona may have accommoda- * tions e<jual to those in a privu'e house The services of one oi the best cooks io the eouutry has been secured. The sigipy of J I lie larder shall be omplete, and the general arrsngeineuls of , the esiablishment suih as to compete wi h those o| any hotel , >n the United Statre. wilhoul exception. , I am happy to announce lhat I have male an arrangtment with Mr. Alouzo Reed, the late well known proprietor of the , Waverly House, New York, to aid aud assist iu the managemei t of the house, whose unlivided attention, with that of u r- , self, will be devoted to the m .iutenance of the high reepeetabil ' ily f this estaolishment. 7 The Uni ed 8 ales Hotel will be open for the 'recaption of [' visiters and boarders, on Monday, the lOlh lust. THOMAS C. RE A. " Having disposed of my iitrrest in tlie Wavetlr House, New , Yoik, sn I haviig made arraugemeuU with Mr Ilea, to aid and as-isl hm ia the. management of the above Hold I beg leave < to solicit the i-atronage < f my friends and the public generally I to this e<tahlislimfiit,-auuring them at the same time, that | nothing shall he left undone to rrndirlhe house worthy of that die'inguished p-.tronage which has evir been betlowrd upon the venous eats* IhluntnU with which I h vr heretofoie I been connected. ' ALONZO REED, a Late Proi rlelor of Wavciley Houee, N. York* a f hil mJi I, hi*. Jaa 38.1844 jlOlm* THE CLIMAX HA LOON?Entrant No. II Ann sfeet, ind IS* Kul.on ? I he abort establishment ha'in/under. ( goo* rrm il rab'e alteration*. aodemt>?lliili'd in a superb ami Igant inauuer. Concert* a la Mutanl, will be |i?tn eteiy ereuing. co I'mrncmg at seren o'clock. Admsision free a Refreshments of every di script on aerrcd up in the fi-i , alv'?,?l 'he liiwclt prte s ft I ? MECHANICAL LAMP IVA RE-HOUSE, , No. 337 Brnsdway, between Anthony and Leonard alrret. PRESH Importation of Mechanical Lamp*. The lubsriber " ri-spectfuliy announces that he has just received from Pari* t the molt complete and eplcndid areoctmeeit of the e unrivalled Lamp* ever imported io thia country, embracing, the lauit and inott,fashionable pattern! now in uae inl Pane?togrthcr with a beau'itnl rariely of Olaai (Robes. Fancy Pnrcel .inaml . Paper Shade*. Tape e,It-.. kc.. all which may now be tea [ miiwd at hie itorc. No. 137 B-oadway. The superiority of the Mechanical Lamp, combining!lege nee in appearance, economy in the conaiinptiou of Oil. with tie moet bnliant aud regular diffusion ot light, ia eetabliabed by general approbation I hr'price*are 10 reduced, that they do not much eveerd the ] coal or the common la up. ? Samp* and Luetrei loauei for balls aad parh ? fes. U. BAA 1 Vila. a ?u crnor to A. Dure*, f4 |m* 3)7 Broadway. TJAt'KErHHiP OAHHICK, from Liverpool, w ill rom- 1 1 menctdi chatging. tinder general erdcr, to-morrow, the S.h ioe<, Consignees will pleaseaend their p-imit* or board, nt Orleana wharf fiet of Wall atieet, immed aicly, ft ? _ J1 VOCAL CO ?CERT, by the RAINKHH, or Tyro|*,e a V Miualr Is. at the Rmger insulate.?T* e Kainere rmp-et. f fully announce that ti.ey will hart lh* hmor to repeat iheir e Concert at lb* ItuUtr Institute, an Friday evrninr. Feb. ttlt, S IMJ when they will ap|>ear in tbair much admiied Winter Co.tun.e, PP. OO RAM ME. J P* ?i I. r I ?Rin! d?? Vacliee . , > 1 ?The fair Maid? Quintette in a etj lenf a Walla. Rauier i 3?The Free Country -Quintette, by diene-.' Kaimr f 1?Tbe laise Fidelit ? Due'te and ehoina Hainer t 4?(iraiid March of the Kaim Itainer I'anr II. c t? The Tymlete W tr Him*.enmpoaed and tungby tlw Tyrol* a-, at th; Battle between the French, under the commaud of Napoleon, and : T> rol i( u d ir the rommand of Holer. ] ??The 'I'ravtllei'e Song?Tenor Solo Koruer ' 3?The Tyroleae in America" ? 4?The Sprit g Time?Duett aud chorus Sulci " 5? j he liermau Urinhmg Soi.g?Comic,with laugh- I lugchoiiH Rainrr Pa?t llf. c 1?The F.ehrr and bi? W fe- Duett ard chorua. | with echo on the Stage, to/ .V.r Simon, the ' Rut (tinner. g?"" lie Miller'* Maid?Tenor tolo and choni?... Riiorr r 3?The Sne-xing Song?Comic Hamer y?The Weiidiug (Liiigonth* Alps?Duett Vchoru* Rainer 0 Pamphlets containing the Uerinau loeg. translated,cau be ? ohlan.eii oi the doorkeeper. Tithe's. 50 cents, to be hsdat tke Music Scores, and at ihe floor en .he evening. i ..: r-rl to commence el half pi. t aerm a'clnch. fill* 1 ?i;0i.o(U?*?Co-..-* employier if und |t?^ ??yr?, j, |i (iirU who in demand cottifiDi flowtre >11 * tii|*rtor ? tyle?none inhere Ifed apjilr. lt Oreitite luild.ny, eorner Ch?mt>er< 'Iffl , an 1 Dm el way. 31 atory ' t, ^OTIi The A ami I ?n lii |i i>l li.e M.n at 'Iff ? la Amen in Patent t notion Match Co. for the rnoicr of f ntflrrrf. mid I <e (ratitaeln n of hiMiin??. will h? held ;it the ? ' ump aCl War* home. corner of Union a id HUctlt'iia > o'l lie |*?t Wrdeetaav or hrbru.rf nejt at I oVo h, n A. M. GKO- (ilWDWI.V, See-alary. , ||oiiiia. J.a:||.iiti. ft ?*' W\NT? U.Oown town, a rnronr with two bedroom* | " rolfr.. i? the monniiia*. f" tour gentlemen. A||Ay al?t r Wi li <m elreel. an OT?ir?. ? H* 0"lI'aIN I'l.Mt ' *? "?".. ''T he.*?. mi ea firday evening, at ha'T-iirat lit o tieel, a eollec ion of Old .'hfiag. well ?m erf for Cher id* or 'nl rin, wnh man mi l r.i | ktarei.deto vint aome teuti >ii, no* lead) fore* | *1 inn fi 14*1' , IlK fPO.tTWiii' wan i ofcli. i> i'ttT O jtj it imhI b im Tall I el .'tl Irani afreet Tor g Of"a fflnlt Pc told to raiet Bo rter. M-fio mb?r HP. Oram! tlrt rt. ft J ' | * actio* ?! ?. IV THOMAb VICLL. . ( Ann and I It FuUantIrttU.) h ttiL) ck. _ At 1H o'clock iu tlx Sa'ee Room. i.i ' *K?f valuable dry loodf, eloih ujr. jewelry ?ii pledged viicUi, groecri-e, hardware, fce. waichegt-eiahi ttlvrr ever.detached aud .ktirion. do do. Alao fiue Iriah Liuen*. ailke aatina,c?lico?e, louilmt. giuf hama,'vvea abawU, rihboua, and a variety of valuable a exit of rarioua icarnp'tuiie. Ala**, a -ju-iility ei Theatrical and oilier clothing, brlmrla brent plana, he he. Alao, 50 buiea aeg. rr, a; rrniaceti tan dice, prune*.prrerrvee he. Alao. the following atliclea taken out of tlie In urea ol pawnbroker*, via: three aplenilid walchea, three gold eliaina, two beautiful diamond pina. , , SATURDAY. ^At lO^ o'clock, in the Salea Room?S.lend id Furniture.? Cou?illing of carpe U, ruge, oilclilli. cbaira, tablea. bureau*, lookiug glaaar a. aofaa. beda, bedateada, bediliug. china, gtaaa. and plated ware, kurhen utenaila. lie. Alio, an en'ire alock ofapieodid new city made cabinet furniture in the brat oider Alao, at li( o'clock, pretiaely, aaupvrb pianoforte, by order of the aheritf. Alao,a iiuanlity of jailvcr table and dcaaert apoona, foika, TUESDAY. Sale of ap'anpid Pianofortee. at I0| o'clock, in the aalra roon r, enmpriamg ten new and aecoud baud inalrumenta by tnr heat maker*. Alao, tonne choice furniture, by order of a Receiver?and I fine collactiou of p intiuga ami engraving* BY E H. LUDLOW. SATURDAY. Feb. 4, At the Merehauta'Kvchange, at It o'clock. Valuable Heal Eatate?At auction,ou Salurdiy, Feb 5lhx at 14 o'clock, at the Mcrchanla' Evchaoge, that 3 atoey brick Itouae, No. I?4 Cuainbera atrcet. corner of Church vtrect. with the leaac of ihe lot. 4J feel fron' on Cuambera atreet and in the rear, and 97 feet incnea in depth, hounded on Church atraet? leaac haa ten tea a to run, from lha 49th of March neat, at a (round reut of $IM, payable enoually to St. Geurgr'c church. Alao, the baarmcot houar, No 34 Waireu atreet, renter of L>iiurcn ai'eei, in uic rear 01 me ilKiir, wun uie 101 in lee aim>le, 3) Tret front on Warren afreet ami Infhe rear,and 87 leet I inehea in depth oo Church atreet. Thia and the above are replete willi eaerv cot>reoifn<e for a gcuticl family, and haa a riout baaement office for a |>rof(aaional gentleman. Full pert';u:ar* at time of aale. 31* R. If. TIMPSON. Auctioneer. EMRBT SPRING HARDWARE SALE. JACOB 8. " PLATT will aell thia day, at 10 o'c'ock, at the a*ore No. II Piatt atreet.300 packagee. ca<e? and lota of EaMih, tiernan and French Hard ?are, Ac For fbrtner pa-tictifara aee -d rcrtiaeinant in Journal of Commerce and Courier and Enluirtr. ft It* A UCTIOV NO . H K-V AI-UA JOI RSAL ^TATEP fl K. H. LUDLOW will aell on Monday. Feb. 7th, at 13 >'olock,at tne Meicbante' Kichattge, the lollowing valuable iroperty, via 1 he double frame hnuae and two lota of ground < u Ihe uortl.iveat corner of inili atreet and Oth Arenue. The lower part dtI'ltul into two atoriea. Each lot measuring 21 feel Siuctna by 100 fret. Alao, that 3atory brick dwelling hnuae No. <8 1 Oth atreet, ir?t liouaa weatoi I h Avenue, in good order, having rec< ully >een painted Mir lUghout. Lot 38 by 100 feat. Alan, that brick Trout houae on the aolith-west Corner ?f 10th Avenue and lOthaarcet, known aa lite "Wallace Houaa " havug finiahcd room* in tne attic. Thete ia a good alable in the peer of the lot. I,ot 37 by 100 fret. Ala i, that Siailh'e 8' on. and lot adjoining, on the rear of the tbote on the a >uth aide of 13th atreet Lot 35 by 33 feet more irlcae. Alao. two houtea, o-e brick aid the other frame, and the lot in the aouth li c of 19th atree', adjoining ti.e above. Lot 37 >y 33 feel,more or leee. A large part of the mouey can remain on bond and moitgage. 'or term* ando'her infomiat on, apply at N a. II Broad *'reet, it thee Hire of E. H Ludlow. ft 3t. POR BALK, or exchange, or to rent?Land in Lycoming " County, Penns. title good?Alao, ten lutein Bergen county. V J., hall a mile from Newark?Aleo to .tent, a Farm in Eli tahrtlitnwn, N J., couajjfiug ot 4 acree.baru, and good .rater, cat only (130; I liouriride from New York. For particular* apply to HENRY 8MITH.J Naeaan at. JtSlm* FOK HAVANA.? Ptie a tea in tmfk OLA I /wUmHHIiiN ii hourly expe ted, and will meet trtry poeaible deapatcfa. having part ol her cargo already ei gagrd. Thoae de ^^^^^^ nroue of accnriiig freight or paaaage. bylhit iplem id aud beautifully arranged vttec-l, ahould make early tpplicalion to GLOVER A Me.MUHRAY, J33 100 Pine ft. SIXTY MILES SHORTEN. THAN ANY OTHER ROUTE. .Mft -THE MOST EXPEDITIOUS ROUTE 11 ^^3*TO ALBANY, via BRIUGErORT-Fare V iff ^-through $ ,50 The ateamroat CRO TON or the NfMROD. leave* Cathaine Mackct alio, Eaat Rirar aide, for Bridgeport, every mornng evecp* Sunday, at 7 o'clock. From Bridgeport, paaaeugeri vim d<! i or warned ny (lis Hnoaatouic Railroad to North Cawon. thence to We<il Mlockbridge (20 mil") by atage. and hence to Albany (3* mil") by Railroad. Tift ear* arc will urnialied anil warmed. (Xf~ Kor peaiage or freight awly on board of the boat, or illhe York Himr. No. 0 C'oiirllanidt ?lnrt )4im PASSAGE KOR LIVf.Ki OOc-racact loth KeuKJWW bruiry?The apleudd Taut tailing packet chip Ko filfaCHKSTICR. Cajii. Wooilhonae, aula poeilively aa itnvc her regular day. Thia thip haa pieudid aaconunodaiona for cabin, aecoud cabin and ateerage paaeengara, at mo. lerve ratrai Kor paaatge. early app'ication ahould be mide id board, foot of Burling Slip, or to W. It J. f. Ta I'KCOTT, 49 South atraet, comer Uouverucur lane, *r 43 Peck a lip. Prraoiu wialiing to aiud for ibrir friend* can have them iraughtout in ll.iathip.ur any other of the regular line.on the aoat farorable terma, ami drafta for any amount, pat able in II the piiuctpal towna of the Ucited Kingdom, by applying at bore. 1? 4 AdKg- PASSAGE r'OK LIVEKPOOL? lite ap'endid jnWriat 'ailing Packet bhip SCOTLAND, I'apt. Robin Mfaion. ia now loading,and will meet with immediate repatcn. Hue chip hat apicudid accoinmodatiooa for cabin, ecoud cabin and tlceragr paeeengere. Kor pataage early apliceiios aliould he made on board. Pier o. panic 49 South at, T tO W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, 49 South atrre?. rt 9 Feck clip. Prraona wiahing toaeml for their frieada can have thein irought out in thiaahip, or any oilier of the tegular line, on at or able lei ma. aud drafta for any amount, pay able in all the irincipal Ion in of the United Kingdom, by applying aa abort. <t KOll SALK?A firtt rtir Soirtl HORSE, ?i<.Lnak^lrcn Imnda l<iy,li. ahou' eight yeata old. warrauied ' J f t il an I kind in any harnrat. A raluable horae lor i Inu aiciaii or leuiily. ia gcuileaud a good traveller. Ala*, (a roof licit waycmi. l-alhtr too. Iiai-darme aleigli, harnctt, obr, bella, lie. Tlie whole w ill be mid low. Apply at the Diuj Store, Mo. 114 Canal alraet, o ipoeite IVeit I Sroadwar. f 4 31* I STEAM BARK CL.*KIUM, KKOM ma,1V AMA.?I a.u aignree of Mere handier by thia viaael veil' pleaae aeud ihrir permitaonbiard. font ot Jnnet'e lane, or to Ihc office of lie aubrcrihrre. aa all goodt nut permitted in lite diye inuat in*voidably be aent to the public etore. II OKOVKtt ?t McMURRAY. 199 fine at. PACKET SHIP OAIIMJCK ftom Liverpool -4;o-.?ignera v ill pleaae aand their pcrmita onboard, at Ot ieana wharf, bot of Wall atrect A!I (ooda not permitled in fire dijg. muat unavoidably be >ent to public ctorc 18 DATENT PRESERVED MEATS. A NO SOUPS-VVar ' ranted to keep for any leng'h ol lime in any climafe.? 'reaervd lobrti ra. halliW. aalmon liei f aouji, mock turtle oop. chicken arnip. mullon broih inutton veiu. lamb, beef, u-key. duek.chick' n. ge.eee. rlome.o) a'e a, milk, tomaloa.kc hcae proviaiom poaaeee great advantage! ortr every o'.her eet'ip'ion of aeaatore. They a'e a valuable auhctiiute for ive at;ck. which with ite provender and Ireih water, occupy o much room on long rovagea.ia auhject to die/aae, and re mm no triirh c are in bad weather. I hey are always realy nr use, may ho calm cold, < r if preferred, warnvil in tftw ninutvs. then fore require very litiI- fuel, and no cn>li n|. and (Turd indulgilice in a number of luxuries at aca that no care >r eipenoe evuldiu any other nay procure. Apply 101 Wiljam vfc f 2 3" ^lOAL YARD TO LEASE?The Clinton Conl Yard, No. 159 Monro* atreet Apply at the Coal Office of Wil iame It Fetguann, corner M.diaon and Jefferson ittrel*. fl 3t" PtHKAT DRV GOODS !!?At No. 5U]Caih>rine street ? Lv BltOWN k URQUHART have jual re vived, at their itrrr, arveral leu of drrirable New Uoodi, winch they offer it extraordinary low pricea. flood Monvaeline dv Laine, new atr Ira, la 0d, 3a and k 6d, French do warmntrd all wo >1. 2< (<l an I 3a. Somh verr pretty email pallet na, in blue, pink and lilac,salable for children. 2a <d per yard. Mi.urnitg de Leinea neat aiylea, 2e per yard. BILKS.?Several tip uiaud yardf ol figured, chime *< d plain nlka, being purl of a bankrupt atoek, aelling considertb.y u ler oiimnaleoet I li Broche Shawle earl nttre aliaw a.atlk ilnwla, dainaak aalin hawle, end velvet lory nod point anawla?the heat aaaortmeut o be found at any retail etore in New V. rk. aid very cheap ! An tntirely new aaaortmentofahilliog ealtcoea, I art :olara md i uperivr ay lee. . Domestic# ofall ktnda. ?t greatly reduced fives. Wo alee offer all our Winter Goods at coat, being deeiroui 0 c'.ar litem off. ,0 m to ** One Thee Store, No so C-lliarne at, (ij a|v Corner o< Madiv<>>, "lORS -i'i; nocki. now landing f!-.<m thTp Ya^OO, irum ^ New Ort-ana, for eale by E. K. COLLINS k CO f3 _ _ 3d South e'reft IMPOKTANT NOTICE PvRY (100D8 tf'lit g a grtal a orifice. 30,fo? dot 1 f tare worth of ireimld* Dry Clou 'a, receive I last evening t J?l Grand etreet, to be ao'd off al qhnoet any price na moey moat be bid Now i- the liuie ftrli.iyt nr. Any i|iituityof Dry Uooda rial) l ie cash. Obirrve, 201 Graudat. j!2t' VTOTICEiahevfbv giien. that lli- NF.W YORK AND N KRlE HAILKOaD COMPANY, will apjly to the .egiaiatiire of the ntate t.f Ntw Yo k, for ptruiiasioo to uatiuct a portion of ibeir ftoad in ihr Stale of I'ennaylva ii?, to wit: fr< m a po'iit at or nt ar Sawnnll Rift, in Oratiyr oun'y. actt aa ihr Dr aware river, tIt lice westward ou the cuth bank n( vai l nvvr through Pik? couolv. IVnnai Irani*, hrabout l?) miles, to a p tinl uear t,?dar Falle, mid thete te rtwa thr Delaware lite.' into the county of Sullivan, in thw Hate A'at.forperm aaiou to oneiric' anult-er portion ol then II nr ?r where lha Caacade Brook crew ti the Mate line, in ihr nuntv of Bmnin'.n rt Ilirnr r around tli Ricar hi imI of Ihr |||?|IH liaauah liter, I'ur* di.taner o' about It in. 1- 4 Ihroaitii luo'iueliawmii eiHini>. Pi , tin paint ,?t nr near w'ere lie )iio<|iieti?nnah rirrr n i roarer tutu the Mat* of New York, in In county of Brnnm< Apptic tliou w II i.|.r br in*"'* fur on raieiioioa of oar year to oaiprtim ofci fourth pari ol oaul _ J A UKS BOW?N Prrontrni. N> w Ymk Ulk lanaaT, l?<t. iHlw QILLIAHOS-OTI* riELD will I; happy n a rail Irow D hi* frirndo at Baoaforu'o Billiard Room i, ore. the CKmat balmi ilonar. where art e-fhl opltndld labl't, Willi olatr ami naibU krdo. India nibbrr clolli. ami *priu? atrrl cuoliioM? ron and atakiffativ fiamro. Kutraoc ill pulloaotraet, and l| Aun'atrrcl. Tahlea and 1.1 ho for pal*. _ _ J? lat' [1mTURRf.N I MiraKI, of ?n, ainda, pjo.cnka. .1 tht i. boot maikrtral'o, by H j-aiLVKfTKII, jt* _ W Wall at. and i3 Broadway. I'HimXSKHI FT f.A |V.?Prroooa ?Uwio? lu ba .IJ7 I fmin rh?ir debto under th'O law arr in'i'ed In rail n ih' oul.orrihrr.wh>> willyrt them diachatKr.| wn|, dropatrS r?l on thr noil rfTiP n*Wle trrn \V. ftKll>MOflvo, Attorney at Law, fl HI 7H Sf tPtmi itrrpf, ITHOWANfu TO mllL. A Tin N ul 1 txJvu* ? Too. II orrethanf(r MM icre* of *nnd faria'n; I -nil,which pern tarly adapted ihr frowih of "he t |. |,.r^i.d healthy o-rtl n the Male of Mtehif n I o cnnHm tie to IT bank* nt llir lar?i * nariyaldr nr. in the elate, and in the k'laltp of ritraaira it u-.nji milla. Thr Undo arr wr<| wa i ed?w ere aelrrtr I with rrhrrre" to thrir p*eiltor Ine.lino arr ill lot* of 10. Ita ilr"ll.frn. inilail makr fi txa yo .1 Mi.o li hi nffr r i in qna ,t|t?r* to Pint pnrrhtaeo ; or ihr I olr wiM hr i v.i u ii it ii f r a ?'"rk of an alo or real rrta r in i. w Ymk'ir Bi.M.kv n The trnra Will Im mid ' r ay .u.l.i ' a in the r*if*tprlalnjtta inre.t tli ir mea- o i h thy industry hn may e in a amap irpor f<?. life P a* o and map*. oyril c nub a innr* in?r irnlar de.rrrpf i"n f tin I <nd. mat I. in^ In- ra'li"" ?' tt' o.t'1 ?i?r'. '1 1 ' f't IB At t 11 ? at baito. 1* libit* > i.oi a i I a'atei, now l?n* in* lYom oliip YAKuO, fr??ia New I if'raaa, f? r ale hy &. K. COLLiNB it l ?. If.l i ftaath Itreet. Il.l7? OK I M II W.I. " n a I' pari I Ki.flaml.'lrrl.nd , w ml Broil tn*. in *nniO ul i.'!t ?f*. ? t ? ? f * .'* W 1 he aai-oro 7b .t * i. h f L Vk.HTh-M i uca li W. I.' i.jd M_go.adwaT. _ atft.lhMINO U.iii H r . ? m.r a.- a .an l-rr ro lor oar j w by PV.RBHr *0ROOKS,? i.rbertyat. 1 imiMOMCHATHAM THJCATH*. THIS EVENING, February 4?The pcrfnimaji'ri -dl com inrao with THK MECHANIC AND THK Ql'EEN, Or, 1 lie T< *i-r el Lowdou. Gilbert, Kirhy I Lord Fabuuo Jalmaoo Mary, Mi> Le? u I J iter. Alide Meetayer After whfck Diamond and Whitlrrk ? ill appctr 10 'their eeltbrated Negro Melodic* cod Daucre. All r wliirti TIIK SWISS COTTAGE. Corporal Mat. Mentayrr | Nat* Tieih. ( Meetayer Luetic. Mra Theme After whirh THE ADOPTED CHILD. Michael, . J R Scott | Record Herbert Lady Clara Mra B/JieA To conclude with (THE SERENADE. Or, You cut com* in Nigger. orte HeeatlM and ad tier*t?. Pit ttt ,dail?ry in " Itreoren at II: Curtaiprior* at Tj rreeieelv fllTCHELL'! OLYMPIC TIlKATKf THIS EVENING, February 4?The perferma.rce w JI cob merer r wilu THE HAPrr MAN. Ram Rueli, Mr. Graham, Shi hi. Mr. Baraett. Ko K*t. Mue Singleton To ! ? fuBowedhr n. . THE TURNED HEAD. D,c't Mitchell | Damplry, Graham A lir wlicit ASMODEUS IN *KW TOKi\. Or, IU Urvil'< Di?tr. Aemodeu*. Mitrhi M | Albert Bunk, kdwtn Mr* Blank, Mr? Tunni To ennrlude with o . H?wTO PA* THE RENT Morgan Rattler, Nickiutm, | Mr. Miller, Roberta Conec letter, Mn. Watta Admiaaioa?Dreaa circle Sareuta. Upper boxea 'it eenta- Plr IUudIi. Privateboiae (a. nooroopon at half pan aix^ rurtiin riita at sevao BUWKKY AMPli ITH EAT 11*.. iVr> 87 flotffry. Laat night but nBa of thie extraordinary Comiwny beforw their Departure for Europe?linn,true Attraction! ! THIS EVENING February t ?The eutertainnieMn will con iitrnce with BADOUIN ARABS Mr Williarai will introduce hi? learned Dos Hnrtemanehip by M-. O Buckley. Uroaupand Lolty Tumbling. Mr J Buckley iu hie Equnlrian / et of tl e Reape-. Mr Derioua on the Spauiah Trance. Mr Gardner aa the Ely lug Indian. The Rivera Faulty in their graceful aid h-go', finished featejuf Oy mitaaia. Interniigmon of fifteen minute*. The aecond tmrt will ronimruce with AMAZON EN FREE. Th* World To-wy I Matter River* Peaaant'e Frolic by Mr Gaidner. _ Potlurinfi by Mr< onuover. m Mr Sand# in hia Daring Act on two Hortca. Mr De will inlrodurt hia Indian Pony. Principal Aet of Horaemanahip, by Mr. J. Buckley, leaping aver Oartera, Cianae, kc. Tire whole to conclude with n Laughable A/t'rpirce called COBBLER'S FROLIC. Doora open at }?performance commencet at T. Boxea SO cente. Ptt aa cent*. ... The animala belonging to the Zoological luatlt'ita, will bp open for exhibition during the bolidaye. Entrance No. IT, at Chrvalie-at. Admieeinn ? eenta. ASIWRICAN Comer Broadtray and Ann itreet. Manager and Director, Mr. P. T. Barauaa. Orand tiula Week?The New Hall opened?Fall# jf Niaga 4 it?City of Dublin ! ! La Tetite Cerilo, Maatcr "en(^>'? *lM,b Taylor, end T. O. EVHY EVENINU THIS WEEK. Commencing Monday, Jan. Slat. The Manager tree great i lea> ure in announcing tliat a ?ew, rpaciouaaud tp'eudid Hall, one bundled fret in length, baa been added to th:a immenxe eatahliahinar-t, and though it contain* two of the moat aud magnificent work* ofart aver exhibited in thia country. The Price of Admittion tu the whole will rrm-iinat 2S eenta. The Manager hue at great expense, effected ? short engage; ment with Mr. J H. HOLBItOOKK, tn exhihit liii cb|U' and interesting MO0BL OK THE CITY OF DUBLIN Tlie manager lias al?i engaged for a short period the Grand and Sublime Exhibition of tlie slupeuilona FALLS OF* NlAOAHA! The wonderful Exhibition of The PN.EUMATIC RAILROAD, the greatest uieention o! the age. ia in cnugtaut operation. The Albino Lady is here exert* erebing. Fancy Glass Blowing exery earning. The grand Coamoraimc Views ate all ehaugrd. F?r the convenience of families and children, there will herea'ter be a UAY I'EKFOlt.MANCE, every liatuTdag afternoon,ccmmenciag at three o'clock. Principals of Schools and their pupils admitted on liber* 'erina. Admittance to the Mnaenm and all the entertainments M tents, '"hilitrea under to years of age half price. ' UOUTHtHN LlTEHAhY MtSSENGEltrfor January IC4J,just r-meto kand.?This work will be found at the roomx of the National Society,let Broadway. Orimoixs or nir Miutaura. Opinion of Judge Story, L'htcl Juitirc of the United States ? ? _. Csasnainor., Nov. 96.1841. Mr Dear Sir? I have been, r?you well know, a constant reader of the Literary Mrssrn'er for a -umber of yrars lust p<et. I hare always dremed it cue of our most valuable psriodir ul pukli ations forthe variety < f its contents, ihe literary ability of its it adiug articles, and ihe good Huts, enui d o use, and excellent judgment which hare distinguished hem. Th> re hxre been not aft w articles of great brilliancy slid alrikiog interest; and the tack of the editorship lias been accomplished with signal ism cess and unostentatious, and. at the same lime, indefatigable diligence and sagacity. The pubic faror with which rt has Wen received is a proof of ita merits; and I ranno* hut be lie re that it ie d?alined in future to icceive a mors large and ant raxed patronage. Bcliet e mr, with the highest rerpect Truly ) ours. JOSEPH D. STORY. Ihumaa W. White, K?.|. Otiu:oo of William H. Pieacoit, R,o.. author of The History of Ferdinand . nd leaht lis." Bo?ion,Not. tf, 1941. Dear Sir? I a n happy to beat my t< stirr ony? qunntiim lalrat?to the ixcrlleuee of yi ur pe-,odic it. I liav sua1 more or feai ol' the numbere, roinewhat cur-orily indie I. for the last twelve month*, and have been struck with ihe richness and variety of their comtruta. Instead of bring linutid to the u-aal light range of mugs vines,'here is no uumh-r, I believe, which doos not coutain evidence ol labori n. invest nation in ths higher brand e> ofaperulatiou anil ciiln ism. The de aylaaent or voted to elegant literature, ofti n shows contributions, both in prose, fiction and poetry, r? m pra. used and end ally highly accomplished writers, making a va'u-b'e addition tc ourato ee of original fancy. In the political i ill critical d.scnssHQe, I have found occasional grounds ol dissent; but much oftener hare hat reus n to admire ihe ability with which they bare been imoaged; .he industrious co'lection of lacts for illustration, and the very liberal and pa'ii' tic tone ol thrs/nlimenta. It ia much, now a days, fur a periodical to bv so conducted aa not lodebiuch the lat e or moiala of the reader. You*s asay la<* claim, i am persuaded, to the highest praise of advancing tne interests of both, 1 am, dear lir, V* y truly yours, WM. H PRBBf'dTT* T. W. White, F.Jg. Opinion of Dr. Ruachenberftr. Su peon United States Nary. I'HILSDELPHIA, D?C (, I 811. MyDearBir? I hive for a long time been in the habit of trading the Soul term Literarv Meateng- r, and have always been favorably impressed with the ability and hoc t ate of the editor. The woth adiralea a great drriie to p'ease ; a gen-rone ariiil and a troug American feeling; a ispueitiou to foster American Itt return; to crrale and sustain a high atxudaid ot < xcsllence ia it. st the riik, pes ib'j, of a louuf patronage*, for su'hors generally sre an irritable r?ce, and,no matlsr with how much eourtesr it may lie done, thsy rauoul h ar to be publicly told of their f.ulta. If I should be asked whst iethe best htsrsry msgarine in ihe United States, I sh uld unhe abating I. say the "8. Ulhern Litsrary Messenger " But I may be somewhat influences iu this opinion, by t-e lib ia! nil dment of its psgaelo the iatcraeie of ihe Na< y. H ill there te faalt ta the Mieset.ger, r hich is, thai there is utmost in erery number 1oi large an smount of matter for the t ubsciintion price, wb eh has a tendency of cheupen literary ah-r, the value of which to too neetnr liar iin/twrratesl itt tiiia AAHIsirtf W. 8. W. AUSCHENBKROKR. T. W. While, E?q. Opinion oI W?hii|l?a Irving. M-"tvietoic CoTTvai. Occ. ?, IMl. Deer Sir? I beg toeoagratalete fori upon the writ llltUDo popularity umllhi rntitinnally inrrrajnig inrrit ef yeur wo h. which, Ihovgli Southern in il? titlr. and hijhlv cnmltblr to Southern literature,* mbran t ia it aubjecta and contiibtiti ?na from all part* of the Union. Vtry retneetfuliir. ) our obedient tervant. WASHINGTON IHVINO. T. W. While. Et,| I'rolraeei Amhnn'a Opiai u OoLi'Vait CoitwoK, New Yoi*-,T).c 1, 1*41. Deir Sir? The Southern Literary Mii fiipr if, in my opinion, the (fat monthly peri nliral in the oounlrv, ?.(1 I alwayedtrire Irom ita tayra a Ury? amont of li ,e literary zralifca'ioa. t.llAKLr.S ANTHoN. T. W. White. Kia. Hf Till iirihrrriptiou purr ol the Me*e?i,grr ? J.R per an niun, payable in adtaaer. ft It II1IAIK iiuMi.ap woiihl r**p* ctfull)' ml ma tha lefiail of New York nnd ita rieim'r ihat th?ir OHiarrratory ia dady oprn f rihrir inat'rtion. whe e they will he heap) to are ihein.aad w litre ran b ohtatned pl/n't ol even ahaoe and hue on the u.oat rratonahlc trrmi. aueh at can*-Ilia or Japan rote in vart'tiet, ihrdortrndn na, Chine** axaleat, aeaeiae, laiirntiHint, oil! tpornint ealeai, fur haiaa e . ji t r motea. but a and glaaara, gold fob and a loin a.bud' and "ag*a. fruit, and ornanirtital trera -in I thrnba. aardtn aerdt. kr. li'nngora prartieea. ili? rnoimona of whieh ran lu--era at theirea ahliahinral; In u.|iieta to pirate t' e moat lattidioua at vaiivun prirra. _ fSlw lHo TBATyTufffiaffl TWO FOUR WHEEL MBS, r>0 CENTS PER HOCR. STANDS on the CORNER ol HUDSON k SSACH'BW . Residence CO Laiyht Street. srrosn rt.orift. rOH SALE---A two wheel Trench Cab. opot. .n frc at. Apply aaabora. JM It music: A PIANIST would reapertfnlly iafiinii the public, that K# '- ill ni'tv nt ftiivfttp Mftiffl on Ihr ii-mi'tf<All lS? ertrbr?l*<i nuliiliooi'?nil ??lti-*. Ki>.;"ir?'iitToo. 10 W*lk?r ifwl. >801m* SUPERKINK DRESS COATS. r th? BKBT qiTAMTV k >?h In wnrkmonahipMHi it.atrrnli.liir T*V> > rV-bOl R HOLLAR*; ?I?o r?iilol.MHM Tm llnilirr, ?l PHI'.If* C??k 'l'?i iirtnn irtrh nhmtnt. I M Brrtorlwajr. N. B ?Th* ?bor?K?rmritt, ,r? |.nr.alii l ol'?ti|H*l :? rirry rrjfrr In Ikn r m iA* hy th. innml r t|*nat?* .too*** in thr riljr Thli it tm i mptj ?ti*r *!?*. bit* ?" ' ' Ik* ?? ?1.0 r |.|rilc Inmoel' in ft, Al. (hiMWl of *<-on?l?r|r ijn* ill l.tniKir'tnimltlr molar. jl* PRlT>T.-fit'nmb*rkt:i*nam>.h?u'lrt*p tt*4 f<o* lift. v?M with* r'til? p irf? of fr-m. P?r# n? A off>?r* rTm?MTj rIU V, fa m Ptar affaf, "^^RtSwit* AND AHrN>HTKllH. lh*f h??e?ow*?*??ortr*?il,a#.tAf??r?l? rnj iHrf.ncn ilutivlf/rr U<hf*. Tb* blur* for lie. MUofTrnm.tkCi! Ann?totu'lD?lrt?Ok*LU Mtt fnrmrrr:?nin??)inin?M. Ufn'ir?lT il;?tim I from ".t m?lr? ?^#r lUUw'geeflke *?r*?oefei lb* a^kirboa f Trofi i l"h? !ot. r/ton rtcntn no gUirrMliiilatlnii tko?liaa|ill? ki? If Ik* maAictlfaanlty for r* Mffrom Rnplurf ,VaTita?*l*.P?* 4li tot t* A

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