Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1842 Page 3
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m^jessasgmsBssasssaasammemmBamm Before Judge Kin. Feb. !i.?Cale't Moodj vt. I I'm. Reed.?In tbe year 1838 the defendant shipped on board the Sou viab, commanded by plaintiff, 820 bbls. of Roman cement, consigned to the hnaae of Poole Sl Co. at New Orleans. The consignees found that the cement would not sell far sufficient to pay the freight, and they refused to receive it. The property was placed in store, and, to use a mercantile phrase, " eat itself up " The present action is brought to recover freight, interest, &,e. The delivery of the property at New Orleans was lolly prored, and the jurv gave a verdict in favor of tbe plaintiff for B867 63c. Fur plaintiff, Mr. W. Muloek?Mr. Lewis Benton for defendants. Coort of Com us on Pleae. Before Judge Ingraham. Feb 5 ? Toombt ?te Wil'ingtem vt. Paul R Hodge? Thedefendant contracted to build a fire steamengine for certain insuranee companies, to be finished in four months, for which he was to receive nearly $5000 Being desirous of an advance in order to proceed with the work, be madeappliotioa fer such to the extent of $1800. Tbe insurance companies were willing t# let him have the money, provided he gave security that it should be returned in the event of his not fulfilling his contraet. The plaintiffs were at that time in rood business as hatters, but had aibce stopped, and encountered all sorts of irouiie?cue loving me omen uay aariy, ana ? forth, ud so forth et cetera, and are at present v among the missing They went security for the safcy of the $1800, and were to receive from defendant (who (are a wiitten agreement to effect,) the mm of $300 a? a bona* fordoing so ? The work was finiehed, gave eatisfaetion, and Mr. Hodge received hie money; hut conceiving it to have been rather a hard bargain, he refuaed to pay the $300. Action waa brought, when the defendant contended that uaury had been practiced,aaaerting that a man could txerciae auch by loaning hia credit at an exorbitant rat-*, equally aa if he had loaned money. The plea waa allowed, and the jury found for defendant. Application waa then made for a new trial, and granted, and issue ia new jeined.? Judge Ingraham, in hia charge to the jury, ataled that they were bound to receive the law aa laid down by the Court, and not aa atated to them by counsel. A full bench had decided that a contract of thia kind, where a person hazards various contingencies, is not like a mere premise to pay money, and therefore dees not come under the statute of usury. If they believe the agreement to have been fairly entered into, they were bound to find far plaintiff. Verdict accordingly, in the sum of $800 damages, andaix cents costs. Decisions.?John D. Ackley vs Jot. F. AturiU?The defendant, in July, 1840, gave a check to H. P. Htideman on the Merchants' Exchange Bank, for $100, which was endorsed by Heideman and paid to Mr. Beach, broker, Broadway, for lottery tickets, and by him transferred to the plaintiff The check was not presented at the Bank till December, nor protested till aome time afterwards.? Action was brought to recover the amount, and a verdict found for plaintiff. Motion waa then made for a new trial, on the ground, first, that the protest should have been made forthwith, and secondly, that the cheek having been given for lottery tickets, was not valid, the transaction itself being illegal. The Court, ia its decision, stated tluit they were averse to requiring the presentment of a check the same as a bill of exchange or bank note. The abjection, as regarded the lottery tickets appeared to be well founded. New trial granted, with costs to abide the event. William Benjamin Jr. and Vobuy Guam vs. Mat thia* J Coelt?This was aa action on a note given by defendants to J. D. Withers k. Son?, dated 7th September, 1841, at four months. Action was brought and a demurrer put in by Mr. P. J. Joaehimssen, attorney for defendant, contending the matter principally on the ground that the declaration stated that the defendant "were" indebted, Jr? A matin, waa wil, iL. J friro'nns. Motion for frivoloasness of demnrrti (ranted. Court Calendar? Monday. SvrtnioaCooaT.?Noa. 1, 9, 3, 4, A, A, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 19, IS, 14, 15. CiacoiT Coust ?Nos. 915, A3, 934, 935, 338, 338, 339, 340, 341, 349, 343, 944, 915, 9a, 947, 348, 949, 350, 351. Oorir or CiHHOf riui.-fitt l.atlO o'clock, A. M. before Judge Inglis?Nos. 139,37,81, 77,1M, 181, 165, 167,64, 91, 153,98, 313,47,81, 97,139,319, 31, 89,131, 14, 108, 133, 919, 330. Part 3, at 4o'clock, P. M., before Jndge Ingraham No*. A3 US, 134. IM, 170, 138. 186, 308, 308, 910, 919, 314, 316, 318, 933, 934. {X/- The aecoud concert lor tko benefit of the poor of Brooklyn, bytbe associated choirs, came off on Thuriday evening laat, and aotwithsUnding the threatening aapect of the weather, the houae Was well filled by the elite of our sister city. The number of performers were about eighty, of which the axgjority were ladios. Oar notice was particularly attracted to one of the young ladies, who sang in several of the duetts, the sweetness of whoso voice rivals that of the nightiogale. As for the gentlemen (there was a considerable oimisoUoa of skirt collar so observable at the previous concert), they well sustained their reepr. tive parts. The choruaaoa ware geu* erally wall aaecnted, especially those ef "Assign to Jehovah,"-'Salvation," and "Jerusalem my happy home." The duett in "Installation," as performed by two young ladies, was in moat excellent taste. "Bath and Naomi" needs no commendation: it was well done. The opening duett in "Time is winging ns away." was anng with taste rarely excelled. 8olo by Mr. Holt, was given in that gentleman's usual felicitous style. The solo of the "Marvellous Works" was aung in a manner becoming tko sweet voice and winning countenance ef the young lady, whom our friend of the Aurora, in his resnras upon tho previous concert, infers was married, which we beg to contradict. Th u performances closed with a dox ology, in which the audience participated. In ear opinion,it is objectionable to connect sacred words with the sirs of secular melodies. (J ih c-Wi wonder if the lamon market has not consequence of the quantity dhmolishcd by seme of the gentlemen. (X^-Chusch Gorno people should provide themselves with some of Sherman's Lozenges before going to charch, so as to prevent coughing and annoying the congregation. They are sold at the agencies, 77 East Broadway, 188 Bowery, 8d William street, 110 and 373 Broadway, and 337 Hudson at. 59- American Muskum.?The new manager has fully succeeded in r< ndering this one of the most popular and fashionable places of public resort in the city. The extraordinary attractiona put forth here, and the expense necessary in procuring them, r? fleet great credit on the energy and liberality of the manager,and ws are glad to obsi rv e by the large and select audience* which nightly attend this establishment, that the public fully appreciate hi* determination to do all in ni* power to gratify them. By- Bowebv AstrHiTMRATSs.?Owing to the detention of the vessel in which this company had taken passage for Europe, they will remain one weak mors, and positively no longer, aa thoy will sat sail oa tha 14th instant. Oreat and unusual attractions are offered this week. Welcome to CHstrlos Dickens. Ths Boz Ball'.?To taex ruxca on tub Foub tmsth or Febsuabv at the Pabb Thsatbe ?Cards of Admission for the Bail to he given to Mr. Chables Diceens and Ladv, may be had of any of tho following named gentlemen, or of the Committee at the Aator House. Room No. 14, every day between the houis of 10 o'clock in the morning,and 7 o'clock in tko evening. A book of the Programme of the Ball, tho rulas and re. gulatiens, he. obtained aa above. Robert H Morris John W Francis J B Nicholson George P Morris Phillip Hone Danean C Pell Henry Brevoort Hugh McLean Valentine Mntt O .r?rd H C.nmtee W. H. t'axwell John 8 Bartlett David Graham Charlea P Clinch Jamra W Webb William Turner Ale* W Bradford Mnaea H Grinnnll A 8 Doane W 9tarr MiUer R D-irckinck John toman Da iff B Tallmadge Wm Kent JohnC Cbeeaeman Beverley Rohinaao, jr. Henry Uman R'hert J Dillon w m H Applet on W B Doom 8 Draper, jun. J M Smith,Jun. f w fcdmonda Thomna J Oiklcy Saml. I Hunt Charlea Delaforeat H O Btebbioa 3*" t Morria Angta Flaming P M Wetmore Francia L Waddell J Preacott Hall Wm ?randin ii"!?* Charlea A Clinton W 1C Northall Joaeph Hndaon Charlea W Saadford Charlea M Leupp M M Noah J W Gerard F A Tallmadge R c Wet mora Wharton Onlhth P 8 Townaend Edward 8 OouH Wm L Shuttlewarth N U Oaden C C Cambreleng DC Colder Andrew -Warner J W F.dmonda 8aml Jonei Mnmford J Phiilipa Phrrnix Alexander Hamilton, Jr Dudley 8 Gregory Alfred A Smith John O Sergeant Marahall O Roberta Theodore F, Tomlinrcn J imeo F Whiting A O Stout Joaeph Galllard, Jr Geo 8 Doughty Corneliua R Savage C A Strtaon John D Van Bureu Chartra A Davia Edmund Stmpaon R Fererweether Samuel P Lyman Martin Halfman J R Livingaton Jr Jamea Phalen J Beehman Fiah Thomaa 9. Cumminga. Ticketa, admi 1 ng a Hdy and gentleman, to be K. Any gentleman what* party m'ny exceed more than otmlady. to he furnithed with txtra ticketa,not to exceed J each 0?ntl?men applying for ticketa. will pirate to giro the name* ot their ladiea, in order that tha aame may be written on the carde of Invitation. Tie name cf ey?ry perai n whatakea a ticket A ill be regivtered in a hook p-o*i.lcd for that twpeelal puroaae. Each member f the ?"<.remittee iaatiing tickem, will endnraehia own nam-on 'he h?ck of the carde. I An early applltati. n fo? t arda nfadmfaainn Orllrhe no eaaaarv, a? no m ire ;.er?on' * ill he admitted to the fete tlmn ihe hall room can conveniently accommodate. AH oiher particular* are puliliaiied in a' pamphlet, copiea of which may tie proeui <-<1 at the Committee Rcowi, Aator Houae, No. 14 i ?_ UU.kM> MAutt.a.1'. Saturday, Feb. 5?0 P. The aalua at the Stuck Board to-day hare been to a fair extent, and prioea have ganerally given way. De lawsre k Hudson fell 1| per cent, Utinoif 6'sj, Harlem j Indiana 6'a roae i, Mohawk lj, Long laland J. Sale* of billa on Philadelphia 6J a ; Baltimore S, Mobile 14 ? United Statea 6 per cent Treaaary Notes, { a 1J par cent discount. A meeting of the creditor* of the Commercial Bank ia to be held on the 14th inat, when a dividend of 30 per ct. will be made on allclaima again*t the institution. The march of eventa in New Orleana ia aueh aa to lead to the belief that the late acenea in Cincinnati are about to be re-enacted in that city. Bank corruption baa reached a degree of audacity that it ia to be feared will not much longer be tolerated by the people. Hitherto the community haa looked with anxioua expectation for oome movement on the part of the Legialature to render them juatke. It i* however becoming too evident that the debts due by the Legislators themselves to the Banks are too large to permit of any action contrary to the will of the bauka. If the Legialature adjourn without compelling a resumption, an out-burst of popiflar in j dignation mar be expected. Immense failures have re. teuuj iucu pnua m n?w v?auu wi? !??? riting from the greet Cell in the prioee ef weetern prodace, which have earned the bankruptcy of one half of the commission merchants, by leaving uncovered their advancea to the weatern dealer* and planter*. The President of tho Commercial Bank and one half of the director* have gone down among numerou* other houtea, followed by thoae in most of the river cities. The losses by these failures fall upon the banks and are concealed under the cloak of suspension. Tho cliques of individuals that control the institutions alone derive any benefit from them. Tho Merohaats' Bank is an instance. That institution baa for two years not discounted one dollar, except lor E. Yorke and J. Minturne. That institution, it will bo remembered, was sold by the United States Bank, under the direction of Llppincott ft Cj , to E. Yorkc, nephew of Lippincott, and J. Minturne for 76,000. The bank had in its vault, at tho Mme of sale, $383,000 in specie, according to the I terms of its charter, which prescribe that the institution shall always have on hand one-third ot its capital in specie. This specie was pledged with the institution for loans wherewith to pay for the purchase. Among the assets were 9300 shares of the Canal Bank of New Orleans. These were pledged with the Canal Bank, for a loan at 60 cents on the dellar^mounting to $116,000. The balance was drawn on two Cincinnati banks. The drafts were drawn by Taylor, Gardner It Co., endorsed by Adams k Whitall, and b y Charles A. Jacob. Adams is the President of the Union Bank, and Jacobs is one of the directors, and that institution discounted the bill* which have been and will be renewed ?d infinitum. These means of raising money to buj the Merchants' Bank may be summed up as follows : Discounted by Merchants' Bank on pledge of specie in its ewn vaults $333 000 ? " Canal Bank on pledge of its ' own stoca,33,uu snares lift 000 u " Union Bank, Cincinnati, drafts 137,000 ToUl purchase money $675,000 The discount* at theee banks are renewed and renewable every 00 days, by paying the interest. The Merchants' Bank issues no notes, and discounts all its deposites to Yorke and Minturne. This is a pretty good sample of banking in New Orleans. The City Bank, under the direction of Samuel J. Fetors, who has well earned tho s?u*rijuei of theBiddle of the South," has Issued an edict forbidding any stockholder or eran directsr of the institution from seeing the stock book in New Orleans or in this city. We apprehend that it is high time for tho stockholders to hold a meeting and intimate to tho u Southern Biddle" that His time for him to resume or evacuate. New Orleans being tho head quarters of tho great staple, cotton, it is of the highest importance to the ' whole Union that Bnaneial affair* in that quarter be conducted at least with comsson honesty. The following is the return of the Treasury Department to the 1st insL, showing the asMunt of Treasury I Notes redeemed and outstanding Kstvbii or Tacssuav Note* ok Febboabt 1,1841 as com- , rABED WITH JaUUaBV I, AND UCCXMBEB 8, 1841. Amount 01 treasury notes issued under the provision of act* of Coogrtt* of ISth Oe- | tober, 1837, May 13tn. 1888, Dec. 8. Jen I. Fei. 1. 1 teand Martha, 1839-1817. SM^il.337 M.S8I 337 18.881,137 ufthi* am't he* been redaain*aSS,103 >71 8S 3*1,873 8ft,SM,44S Total oulitindiaf old issues, 1,577,71* Mi 8.(13 *65 888 Issue* under actoi Feb. 15,1841 8 084,888 8 388,8*4 *,*84,088 Kedeeoied of thai issue, 445,880 777,1*7 1,387 880 t,Sftl.0St ft 881.038 6,***,188 Grand total ooUtandinu, 7*8*,837 *,310,723 8 6*8.818 From this return it appears that there ha* been redeemed and returned upon the treasury, during the month of January,the following amount of note* :? Old iseuea $393,771 issues of Feb., 1841 480,7417 Total returned $814 934 New note* paid out 646,830 Increase outstanding Treasury Notes $349 ,704 The unpaid claims upon the Government may bo estimated as follows Ths monthly expenses are 33,600 000; the Treasury Notes paid out have been mostly in redemption for other* falling dne. On the 1st of January, 1043, there was adeficienoy of $400,000. The account will then stand as follows:? Deficit. J an. 1 $400 000 Monthly expense 3,600,000 $3,100 00# Paid by Treasury Note* 150,000 Total unpaid claims upon the Government Feb. 1st $3,960,000 A large portion of these tlaims were paid on the 1st issues of the newly authorized emiasion of Treasury Notes, to which we referred yesterday, but which do not make their appearance in the retnrn nntil the 1st of neat month. The unpaid claims, included in the amount coneist only of the current expenses, such as the bills of the beef and pork and other contractors,that have been several months over due, the pay of Congress, government officers, army and navy, Ac., which are all in arrears, and likely to continue so, from ths present appearance of affairs in Congress. It is an undisguised fact, that bote iti revenue. It therefore become* of the highest importance to increase the one, and to redhce the other. Thus far, however, instead of reducing the expense, the only anxiety seems to be new to increese it At the ex tra session oflast year, held ostensibly to relieve the financial difficulties of the country, the expense* were increased $ft 600,000, and instead of raising money legitimately, the proceed* af the public lands were given away with one hand, and with the other was authorised a loan of $1*1,000,000, which the Executive was enable to paifect. The Treasury is now Bankrupt in every part and branch without prespect of renovation, even by the poor expedient of borrowing. It ia evident that the credit cf the country require# three measures to be adopted without cavil or delay ; first, to eail back tha land revenues, second, to reduce expense, and third te levy duties sufficient to make up the dciieiency, end to discharge existing debts. The two first we opprehend can meet with no apposition from any peraon of integrity. The lest is equally requisite, but requires mere deliberation iu the details. The value of goods im* ported must for the future be very much reduced from the average of former years, principally from the state of the currency and credit, which will not permit of any goods being purchased end consumed without the mt-ansof paying for them. The mean# of purchase con tist iu the sales of produce from the aggregate of which most be d ducted the amount of interest and principal doe abroad yearly t# holders of our Blocks, State end Corporate. In former years the proceeds of loans made in Europe were received in thie country iu the shape ef foreign goods, from which the gevernment derived u | large revenue. That proceaa is now ravcrsed, and the amount of goods imported in return for sals* ef et ports will be reduced to the mount of debt* yearly paid abroad aay from 10to 1ft million*. The progress of resumption and by consequence a reduction in the inability to sell goods in this country, wlllhavea great effect upon the revenue, end will render increased duties neceta. ry, and it suould be promptly attended to. Males at tfes Meek Eiehsngs. $1 toot N r '*, IM-l 7S 11 Li Ither Maouf. Bank M MOO. Illinois Bonds 111 ITS D?L Is Hud. MJ fseso do at M do ssw Ml isno do Ml as do haw n jjeeo d. ssjios do ? itaot do toi as do ?hw M| ftaaoe do snw to at North River las. Co. ST do *is ao as Utica h kehes'r tat JJ0*' ?, do t*K| M mus Co. ! ) J3 0* HI noa M'V B >Dda aa SO Mohawk H R divoff M floats Indiana Bonds <11 IS do die off *11 J**;? ?J? nw aai im Harlem R R do Mi im do I Ji $to*s do sqw aa H do nw s, i jveo do ttt im do s $ oeo do n| HO do (N y,?uo do envta( se Lous Ulsnd R R ' ftj 50 Am. La.Bi.-k tins* V do M| ft*'and Board. U f.ot g Island R M H| IS* Mohawk R R 51) Phlladelpliln Cattle Market, kiidiv. Fr* 4th ? flsLSi or CsvTlt rou thi win? 6'<0 head if C ittln were ntf.-red, principally weiteiU ' bet res. Sales from $4 60 to $< 40 per owt.?16 unsold. I'Jo U?i ao.i Cairo.? $3u a $39; extra, >30 a>4Jprinter*. >18 a $18. dry cowl $3 a $13. 480 u >t??Sale*. $4 50 a $5 per cwt.?all aold. 3.370 Sheep?Sale* at $1 AO a $3 46 per head. Thcialeioi Cattle tbi* week, Hull. The mild, damp feather haa had tome effect upon the price and demand. Foreign murk eta. St. Thoma* Market, J.?n. 34.?The market continue* very doll, and ia abundantly aupplled with American produce, and in the ahaence of any demand it ia almoat imnuaaible to effect aalea. Flour haa been aald at $8 75 per bbl and iaaot quick at that low price. Small retail aalea are made at $7. Corn Meal ia nominal at $18 a $19 ner puncheon?bbla at $3 a >3 36. Rice $1 CO. Pork $9 a $9 50. Codfi?h3 cent* Beef, Black Eyed Peaa,Tobacco, Ac , no aalea. Coffee ia going forward to Europefrom May ague* , and maintains it* price, $10, fold. Several cargoes have been shipped. Some new crop Sugar haa been aold iu Porto Rico at 3$ for prime; aome holder* are expecting to get 4. Theformer rate it ia thought will he the opening prices. Exchange! we quote 90 day* on London 480$ a 486, and 00 day* on New York at 3 a 3 discount Babb*i<ok* mabbet,Jan. 18.?The market ia oweratoeked with all description* of American produce?every thing very dull -no aalea. Tho nominal pricea areCorn Meal $16 a $17 per puncheon?in bbla $4 08. Corn $1 80 per bag; Butter 16 ceuta; Lard 13; Cheeae 11; Cracker* $4 76; Rice $4 a $4 40 per 100 lbf. Married. I Oa Thursday evening. $4 inat., by the Rev. Dr. Kreba, I Mr N Paver Bents, to Miaa Emma V. McMilla*, all of this oity. Died. 8th inat., after a abort but aevere illneaa, Jaux, wife of Thomas R. Eagleaon. in thr S2d year ot her age. i Toe relative. an it friends of the family, and thoae of her brothers in-law, William and Charles Eagleaon, and of her anelea, Isaac Smith and William Webb, are reapectlully invited to attend her funeral this afternoon, at s o'clock, from her late residence, No. 143 Monroe atreet, without fiirther invitation 6th inat.. MiiatssT, wife of John (J vodsman, of Edinburg, Scotland, of consumption, aged '49 years. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from 183 Division atreet, this afternoon atdo'olock. New York Poet Office. Tost Office opens at o'clock, a. M " " closes at 7 " Open ae Sundays from I to 10 a. St., and M| to W ' > btfaannu or thi mails. dotes Northern Mail ' a Eastern Steamboat Mail,daily, except Sundays 8 p.m. Eastern Sle?inooat Mail, via New Htvca, Hartford. to B stou. daily, except Sundays ( A.m. And I he mail on the above r?u e is aloscd at 8 o'c'k on Saturdays, and despatched at 1 o'tlk on Senday morning, by l-nd. Eastern land mail, via Stamford and Noiwalk, to New Haveo. daily,cttept Sunday ..- 7 am. Southern Mail daifv 81 a m. An extra Viail for Philadelphia, daily at t a as. Southern Way Mail, via Jersey City, Newark, kc > 8 a is, kr. to Philadelphia, daily, except euuday I 8 V. M. , All ether oflces in New Jersey are supplied with mail* diverging from thin route. , Mails on th- west aids of the North River, via H ickiuuk, New burg, Calakill, kc. te Albany, daily , 6 am. MstiU oo tho rait side af Noitn Hirer, via Yonkera 8mg Siug, Poughkeepeie, Hudron, he. to Albeny daily ' And despatched with the North Mail. LaUU Advices ucnrm at the sis tott usual? ornci Africa- Nor.ia Math is Mar. 88 AuxCajras Jaa- SO Manilla - Sept. 88 Antigua Dec. 18 Monte rideo Dee. I Bombay -Nor. t Maranham-- Dte. 18 Bataria Oct. 3t Matansaa Jan. IT Bermuda- Jn. IS May agues, P. R Jan. 13 Buenos Ayrea No*. 18 Maracaibo Jan. S Bahia Aug. 94 Mat*moral Dec. 1 Belise.Hon Dec. II Neuritas- Dee. 81 Barbados! Jan. 31 Oalm, 8. 1. Sept. 30 Bogota Oct. 10 Paris Jan. 8 Berbice Sept. 3T Partau Prints Jan. 14 Cuaacoa Dec. 18 Para Jan. 8 '"ienfurpoe Jan. 8 Pemambuco Jan. 1 Carthagena Dec. 14 Panama- June 18 Cararcai No*. 38 Rio de Janeiro Dec 1 asFr-V.'::::'.:";" Calcutta Oct II St. Helens Dec. rnjml Oct 38 St. Thomas Jan. 8B Oioraltar Dee. 13 St. Barts Jan. Ouayauia.P.H Sept. 80 St. Jago de Cuba Jan. IS Gonaivaa -Jan. I St. Johns,P.R Oct. ST Oalrestsn Jan 18 St. Croix No*. 18 Hariri Dec. 31 St. Martha Dee. 8 Havana Jan. S3 Surinam Dee. 14 ff-l-V Jan. 30 Tampiso Dec. SI Jerenue Jan. It Tobasco Dee. 88 Kingston, Ja. Jan. 14 Tuyka laland Jan. IS Louden Jau. 8 Trinidad de Cuba-... Jan. IT Liverpool Jan. 4 Vera Crux Dee. 84 La Unarm Jan 10 Valparaiso Oct. 18 Lisas- Dee. 18 Yucatan Dec. 88 kiacae Oct. 4 Zansibar Oct. *0 Foreign Importations. Rotterdam?Bark Oral Harrison?1S8 ppa gin E 8 terras on ?SO Boon*nOra*rah eo?lo CM nine Prime, Ward h Klig?T ck? wine I do brandy H Weill?I hi I ei 1 ckDeluxe h Volaa? 33 tixi W Kcbbc?30 eke madder O Meyer it ton?108 base oof fee Nrlt-niua h Pareuetedt?4 ca Brue lei > h Koop? IC TC Send?18 W D Cuthbertron?35 ppa g n Pfeiler h Wies . ann? 100 bdli ateel J Bohtrn?I box P A Hamfurd?4 balea Maoterah Marhoe?lira D 8 Colrill?to O.illard h k-m-ury?3 pkga J Lohman? 80 bdli otecl C Vexm?SI ppo giu SO dia madder 50 do c ore* 38 pkgt to order. MARITIME HERALD. PORT OF RBW TURK, FEBRUARY *. aCTIV Bllll o a a ana ana e.ol fitf 1 linON oaa 4 SO I WW enTi?.?? 3 '? I ni.n 3 18 PMk*tl M AnrtT*. Packau Co Bapart. LONOOW. LONDOU Philadelphia, Hover, Dec. 33 Wellington, Chadwick, Feb 10 Switaatlawd, Smith, Jan. 3 Qu- bee Heberd, Feb so Ontario, B radian, Jan. 10 i hiladelphia, Horey, Mar. 1 LirearooL. ujvaarooi Sheffield, Alien Jan. 3 G Wa hiiialn. Burrowe, Febr N. America, Lewber, Jan. 7 U. Stelae, Brit too, Feb. 13 Ruociua, Colline, Jan.13 England, Waile. Feb, 10 Haven. Hem. Oneida. Funk, Dec. 10 La Durheeee d'Orlcano. Feb 0 Alga, Anihanr, Dee 30 Bully. Thompeou, Feb 10 Francie let, Ameworth Jan. I Iowa, Pell. Feb. 81 Oeportara of CM* AUantlo Itaoaotn. nut LtvnnrooL. moo aoerow Caledonia Feb. 4 Mae. 1 Acadia Mar. 4 April 8 Columbia* . ...April 0 Mar 1 Brvtaauia April 10 Mar M Caledonia Mar ? June 1 Aeadia Mar 10 Jane 10 Columbia June 4 ........July % To MonCnra of Vcnonin. Commander* of veaeela will confer a Ibvor br having a liot of their cargoeo, paeeengera, and a report of eeeoelo left of the port whence they tailed, and (he veaeela epoken, reedy en their arrival litre for Commodore Biuitt, of our fleet of newt tchoonera. lie will board them immediately ee their arriraL Cleared. Miipe George Waahinet'D, Burrowe, Lirerpool, Grinnell, Mini' rnltCo; Bcotland. Kubinvn do. H A 0 S Dyaon; Ague*, Cemeeoe Antierdtm, Pfel er It Vt^earoann. Aub,m?, Bunker. NOrleana. Wm Ne eon; Harriet Ho- k*r!l, Braid, do, 8 H 8n-.?Bertre Princeaaa Joe-phi a, (Swid .h) Muller, Hi tlerHam. Wm Weiieer; Ove-rdo, Nieho'e, Matanue, hetmith A I Leede; M.arpra. Smith, NOele.ine, Johreon A i.omdea.? Brig Ann Klin, Mallory, Apalackicnie, via Kev Weet, K U Hurlbill A Co ? 3ehr? Purveyor, Tr.wogr, Pone?, PR. R P Beck; F. Bnckmen. Bowen, Baltimore; Cornelia, Stimeon, Boetea; A M Hole, Beerie do. Arrived. Ship Auburn, Durfey, U daye from New Orlcane. JohnenuAL-wden. Bark Genl Harriion, Bueh, 43 daye from Rotterdam, (in, Ac. to muter. Jtuati a berk Theodore Hendrickr. Paulaon, 70 dare from Barn' e Ayre?, with (S3 balee wool 145 hidee to W VV Dt Forrai A Co. Veeeelv I- ft b f >rr repor d. Brig Cancaeian. 8pmgu?, 40 daye fr -m Bordeaux. wine and hrvndfr, to V Baraalou Bailed in to. with berk Fairfield, for NYoA. Brig Geo Marion,? da hn Pence,Porto Rico. Brig Cumberland, from Aralacnicola. Below. One brig. Wind NW. Sailed. Shi;* Ornl Parkl ill, Liverpool; Ttlumah, Montevideo; bark Bar ah Footer, Mmtanaae, and o here. General Record, Bai? Emilt, Sherwood, from Ckarlre'on before reported a-hore on Ruckaway Shoaln, keloure to Dunham A Dtmnn'e lin* and ie loaded with c<>lton and rie; to eundry cuaeif aeee.? We learn frtm a paaaeagrr who left her ?n Fiiday morning, thai ike remained light at I hat tin e, but if th- wind continued enuiherlg it waa thought the would not be g >t of. and a* it Mew a gale from Ihit qi >r4er all Fritvy ught. ihare la re aeon tofe rehewil! be a total I hi Ineurei h mie eity. Captain Mherwrnd atd ere-e remaned no bo?-?l after tin paiaengrri wire'tl'iir ff, determine-! to it. < terry rurirm to nte the vrie?l We pub ialt the following card relatire to her:? We, ihr under* ignrd, who Were paat- ng-r* ill the paekat hrif Rrailv.Captain Sherwood. k und from i.harleatnu to NYorfc. which in adeo-efeg on the night of the 3d iuet. *n driers a. d rtrended upon Rrrinway fte*rh, adopt tbn method ef rem-ine our regard and al.nira'ion lor the R-ntltm nljr conduct and pr.-feaau oal (kill that Caj tain 8 at mat cri'iral juncture gare ua eriden" or p"-? ' i c .111 ? e deem it do ful ome praiac to aver, that no onr < . .., mi circnm-taoeat hare commended with more itc it tli*u huuirlf. W?h ee alio toretura our lhaaba to the capfan and dew of the Life Boat, which boarded ua on ihe an r iing oI the Ith, and through whoaehuaiaaa and weieeworthy esertacur at were aafeiy laaded at Bojkiway. Higmd, Jowph H. Reew eraad lad , John Peine, Juliua Bradaoalein, J tlunoy, Arte W, J, hn V. Lyon, L B. Reed, H.C. Hvhbe I. But Ciiawccllob, Doty, from New York for Baeaoa Ayrea, a fe w day a alter leu* ai ha port etperleaced -heary weather, aad pat tale Cape de Verde about t? b Oea, M daya out. Paiti'ul?ra not an nto or.d Bain Paul Jowea, frnta Cadit for NOrleaaa, waa totally loot on (h* lalaad of Hi Do a, logo, aooQt Utli ult. Captaiuaod crew tared. Ipafcta. O'org ana, I daya from Uoetoo for Calif, rhia, Jan M. lat M, I.tic aa,"from Boa ton far Charlaatoa, February I, lot MM, Ion 70 17 Yorr-a'rr, foot Wi'mingtoa NC. for Oonairea, Jan id. Plotform Ift* hy h It milr*. Hairdo, from B aton for NOrlrant, Frbl, Cope Cod WW by N M mile a leotbc, frrm M 'bile for Uleogow, Jan M, lat M. londT M. feralgn Port*. Haunt, Jan 73-Are Readr Rhiao. Holmea, NYork. 1 auaiOAO nc Cuoa, Jan 17?In M>it. Aun Eliaa L. Hkaa'a, fir N Voik, a> at day; Adiltid . fo Boat m, 3; Old Colooy, do 3 >r 4; N.plu-e,wlg ear* ,\1ar> P? ae, Jtoatoa, ldg;K<acfinr. Jordan, lor NVork, do Tioailua, do. Kaaad going D, Brutiia M da? a fm Port and , . %IV i Api Cign, Jao 10?la pore, Annawan. Jenhino, forNYorb, iO; Oeo Henry, do,?. Keiwitg, NOritmj, M. I'nar ah aioca, Jia II?In iort 3 a i held. Smith. Ikn New Yo k, Uotbmun to diag; Maria, fm d-lpoia, arr U*: Betty. Howee. for > Yo a.ddija; Cj aocl, Nwkerapw do.unc 8r ThuM JinM-Air l>e?p?tch. I i.d?n, flfPb.Ud, from T.iuidni, Pott Hpain; Alphonao.from .Norfolk tot Porto Poo To CaaBLi.o, Ian 13-Are Km ly Kllicolt. La (Ida) rain port,Co a Warn-gtoo of Hal iinorr; Raneom, of Boaioo; II htr.ol -ndfm Mine ai.aatlitg itnc i?i*?it it" to* t-nrts. ro?tla?t>, Kb *? "*IJ B irm?h, Hat ins; Eugene, Porlo Hi a ti. orniur, Jan 37-Ar Cleeelsiail. <an Tor * e?Ynrk. In .-oil <1-1, abigatl, Kecd, Juluk Mar: ha; f?W, Union. Unl- I to*: Mary; Wa-e. j M*aaLanaAb, Kcb l??IJ Er e, 8t Thomaa aui a mkt. ] H? b i ?bm 04i*-lie.C?yei nr. UofcTow, Feb 3?Arr Mt Vernon. \l Tirana* Nantilnt, irnt Canton, Chvlei'oD-cO'jiii jr inh th? hmbir ihi? mnrniug. RoWt Cunningham, aea*? an, of StvcMtb M". fell from *!oil v? hoard.and wa* drnwnrd; Hetl'liii.f-hKfMoai Brother*, NOr'eaUa; (vertniri'*, Ttiiii'J-Ml; Sr.i E>-f?e, P??rt au Prince; Freeman, St Ma'ke; ^eri'tor, neanaali; PatapfO, and D ver. Baltimore; UniUd Statei, N1 meat nil a " t4? ull?'left, a brif arr night pre*, name unknown, Creicent, Warning*on It. Suroal for a brig. CUDxmxrhcotla, NOrie tm; Fmcy. How*#, New York. Arr 2d, Lucy, Nf*rleau#; Viola, do. Arr 4*h. Riga. N Orl^nij Ea:'|r, Palermo; Stranger, N'pv*brrn Nl ; f oral, Richmond. Telegraphed. * bbv Baker. Cld Stephen rhiHin*, Havana; Effort, StJohm PR; Cyclop*, IIau .ua. Arr ?d, Daoiibe. AllsCayei. Naktvcbct,.fan 2t? Anr Copy. NYork The Light Boat from (>? ? Kip wai towed in to-day. hy tie tea** boat, having anchor nud chain, whic h wm hacked night of aTfh. Holuks Hole, fan 31?Arr Coiat, Richmond for Bnetow? 'ailed fm Tarpailin fare, Pa'm. fm Boeton for Philadelphia: Effort, Newbury {inrt for Btltim rr; Eagle. Robbinaton for N York; Nae< Icm, Portl.ui I for Richmoi.d; Moraiaua, and Bi!* low. N Bedford for NCarolina; Hen')*, Boiton for do: Brenda. Prorincetown for Rappahannock. Arr at do 29th, Splendid, Bo*ton for NYork. Arr at II H, Feb 1. Garland. Salem for N York; Stracger. Newbero f?r Boa on; E'len, Baltimore for Portland bid Triumih. Robert Bruce, Lewi* Bruce; T?i t*. Norfolk for Thomaaton, and probably went into Edgia'owu. SM 2d, the above. No vcaeel in pert It a in imhiuiji.i, una-Air t-iiainpion, r reuericasnurg; vv m Penn Rappahaunock: Victory. NYo>li. Phican*rrHiJt. Feb t-Arr Antares, Bo?ton. Below, mikip off Deep Water Point PORTUGUESE FEMALE FILLS. riESE far-lamed arm c-lebratei! mils. Iroin Portugal, are tee perceive, to be obtained in this country Pes adv?rtisemet.l or, the laal tolunpof fourth i-age. d? Im'te PARTNER WAN TED.?Tlie rubetriber a m>w engaged in the upper pari of the city in a rci y profitable msuufac luring busine's, and haa the concern titled up with every thing necrsaary for carrying on the buiiueaa?he i? desirous ot ennaeeti'x h.niatlf with a respectable buaiueaeinan. whoeoukl furui-h Irom 100 totSMd* lara, who would take charge of the outdoor business- The rubeciiber ci n satisfy any peraon wiabing >o engage in the above business, that it wiil (ay a profit of over $200 per week, with proper attention. A Hue addreaae to X at ihe office of the Herald, stating wh-re an interview may be he had, will be attended to, nud alio the preinieea and hu-i"es? may he esamined, lb 3t? GRAND FANCY DRXsfiTBALL,. a la Muaard. by sobcription, at!the Caffe d?a Miile Colonnra, 307 Broadway,? J. PINTEUX haa the honor to inform hia friends and nations, that on Shrove Tuesday, the 8th of February, a Orand Fancy Drees B II will he given at his brilliant Saloon. The orchestra wiil eieeipe, on the oceaair u a I the quadrilles ami walisee originally performed attlic " Bale Muaard*1 at Paris, and will be led by Mr. Meat mer, pupil ami member of (he Ce>arrvatoire ol Music at Paris, ami tirsl |ierformer on the Valve Trumpet at tlie " Bale tt Coucerts Muaard " Nothing will be neglected, ou the pert of Mr Pointens, to reuder this ball one of the most b tillwnt ever given tu this eitr. A superb nsrorlmeut of new costumes and rich fancy dresses cau be hired of Mr. P at re as- n ible terms. The ball will commence at twelte o'clock, P. M., pre elselr. Subscribers most provide themselvee with tickets beroreh<nd, which can be obiuiurd at the bar ofthr Cafe. Tickets One Dollar, to admit a Uentleman and Ladr. OGP- Private Saloon will be reserve I for the Itdi's use eielusively, where eve'P accommodation they can desireCuring the ball * il be provided N. B?The best of rrfreshmen's of mil kinds can be obtained also at the establishment. f5 it* 5kt \TrtTICE~is nerebv giaen, that Ihe NEW YOHK AND IN ERIE KA II.RO \D COMPANY, will sprly lo the Legisiiturw of the State of New Yo-k, for permission in constructs portion of their Road in ihe State of i'ennsylva nit, to wit: from a point at or near Saw null Hift, ia Orange county. acioss ihe De'aware river, thence westward on the south bank o( said river through I'ike countv, Pennsylvania, forabout 16) miles,to apoint near Cedar Falls, and there ic cross the Delaware titer into the coun'y 0f Sullivan, in lh ? Stale Ala t. for permission to construct another portion of their Road in the State of Pennsylvania. to wit: from a point at omeirwhete tlie Cascade Brook cros. es the Stale line, in ihe county of Broome.a'd thence around th - neat heud of th? husiiuehanuah liver, fur* distance of about 16 miles through Susquehanuah county, P< , to a point at or near where Ike 8uequenannah river lecrocees tutu the State cf New York, in the county of Broome Application will alto be made for aneTteaaion of one rear in completing one fourth part of said Railroad ? _ . ,L . JAMES BOWEN,President. New York. 13th January, 1842. ii4 6w pAPfcH WAREHoUsk.?pkksAfe. * btiouKn, no. a. } Liberty street, offer for aale the following aaaortmast of Paper on the meat reasonable tarma: too retina 28*42 1 fOOOraama 94x34 tOO to 9fx38j 1 iy,_ - J tOO do 94x34 400 do 91x17 | "?w,P*P?v J mo do 99x34 fit do 94x17 J 1900 do 91x99 _ too reoma 19x94, Book. Tngether with a fine aoaortineut of WntiagandtWrappag Triuting Paper of aav "aixe or duality made to order at rk art MILLIONS DIE rpHAT SHERMAN'S LOZENGES would curt, an who A ever uaed them aa know. The Rot. Dariut Authory, of theOueidaConference, was given up aa incurable, believ d to be on tl.e verge of tbe grave from cooaumption, without t w hope of relief, Itll he trie! theae Lozenges Thny rehered him immediately, and in a few weeka restored him to health, ae that he could resume his duties as a minister of the gospel. He recommenia them to all wno are conaumptire or hart any derangement of their lungs, aa the greatest medicine in the known world. He haa witnessed their effects on several other t, and a!wars with the h-ppiest results. Ha says to great t remedy, krough the blessiags of Dirine Providence hou'd ho the eoaamoo property of all, and in erery lamily on Si Raa of the earth. J he Mar. nr. Eaataond, of this city, rare a few to a lady, a friend c f his. who had been given up by her phyaiciau and friends a* in the last stage of consumption. The first Lozenge pave her considerable relief, so that she was encouraged to persevere in their nae ; and through the blessing of Uod they restored her to perfect health. Mr. James WTHale. No STsntiae Building!. Wall street, gave soma t?a friend who had not enjoyed a night's sleep for several weeks, being every few minutes attacked with euoh a distress no tough as almost to take away hia life. Tbe Loxengea made him raise easy, and enabled him to sleep well all% nigh' He had tried every thing he heard of, anil nothing else afforded the least relief-anoiher instance of aariug a fel low being from an untimely grave. Mr. K.U 8tacy, mahogany dealer, IS Wooater atrert, haa bees afflicted with a severe cough for six months; nothing ha snaM gel gars any relief (eUheugh he kUlha heat physicians) till he tried Bherman'sCough Lozenges, one box of which entirely cured him Her. Mr. Ifandeock, 497 Pearl street, has need them in hia family wi'h invariable success, and recommends them to all who are afflicted wiih coughs, colds, or any affection of the "T:m . E.Martin, the feshionablt merchant tailor, 197 William street, suffered several weexs with a distreasiag cough, which nothing relieved till he tried these Lozenges, which cu'e l him in a few hour*. Warehouse 104 Nasiau street Agents?Church's, IRS Bow ery; Bande.TT East B-oa'way; corner lludsou and Spring sta 39 aad 139 Fulton at. Brookl) n; Redding and State ate, Beaton A. R.Jeukim. Washington < - It jr. s9: SHERMAN'S POOR MAN'S PLASTER. 1Q1 cents only, and warranted the best Plaster in 1?9 use for pain or weakness in the back, loins, aide breast or say part of the hodv aleo. RHUEMATIsM AND LUMBAGO. It affords im nediaie and e?toul,hing relief and all who have ever ooc, of them never wear any other, they are ao easy aad pleasant and curs so soon See that the signature of A. Sherman, M.D., with printed directions for use is on the back of each, and buy none other, as erme peiseas hare bean base earugh to palm upon the public a worthless immitation, those who cell them will hat* their names published unless ihey do sist, repeated complaints have heen made by persons who have thus been imposed upon. Warehouse 104 Nssaan street; mieols, 18* Bowery, 77 East B oadwav. 12 Hleecker. 927 Hudson street. Rush ton It Aspiu wall,and 199 Fulton street. Brook Ivn o?l LIVERPOOL AND NE* YtlRn REOI LAK COM ME&C1AL LINE OF PACKETS. M. TOIND FROr^TIEABOVE PORTS WEEKLY. Persons sending lor their frieuda reeiding ia Great Britain ud Ireland, can hare them brought nut with del natch ner the above ine on Tory moderate Itrmi. Agente oTthe firel rea wettability bare lately been engaged to aee that the etnigaaut ia forwarded without delay .and imill dra.'ta given ia their fa?or promptly paid. Orkera from all part* ol the country will he pomptly attended to, and inch attention will be Riven to all nrancheeof the buaineaa a a to auarautee the further patronage of tlioae who who will favor the underaigned with their ordera and mi all uii where the paa?engrra do not embark the paaaage monev will be refunded to thoae peraona from whom it waa re reived. In dditton to draft* given on onr numerotia agenta through out the different parte of England. IrvlaatauJ Scotland, who give every facility to the emigrant whoeepMaeage may be engaged oy we here, th?y can be furnie r?*vi k draft*,large or email amoante, pay aMe at eight, aa folio we fcsftn ESE3S, ass,Ballina Dowapatnck Monet mora Bally mena Dungarvna Oma?k Banian Eoala Par?<im??w? Bally ahannoa Euroekillea Sir. ban BrVfaat . (ialway glff Sr?1 K' -sue Cavaa Limerick Wmt,r4 Coleraia Lurgaa TM.bal Cahil. On the National Bank and ita braaehea? Athlon* Eimia New Horn Ballinaeloa Eniuacortky Newry Balliaa Fenn<iy ??*re* Boyle Gal way Roechmmoa Carnckoneuir Kilkenny STiro Clonmell Kiaraey Tallow Caahel Kdlrueh If*!?? Cork Kenturk Thurlee Ceatleran Lieaerid Tuame &SF S3 SS5 Dunkirk Mitcheletown Wcat^ort Lfunuarreo FMrMkw 1<? "WCTT * 1T? RWOLANll.ffidLA.VBTSCOT vMVWLAND AND WALKS.?Persona drsiroua of sendftUHfetng money In their friends in any part of Ihr old Snontry. can be supplied wilh drafts ?l fight. payable at the National and Provincial Bank* of Ireland an' Branches. Messrs- James Bult. Ban A Co., London, end Etchings anil Discooat Bnuk. Liverpool, which ?r? paid on demand, in all tko principal towns in the United Kingdom. For term., fcc., apply to W. ft J. T. TAPBCOTT, General Passage Ofllca, 4f South street, is 7A?SAGE FROM ENGLAND, SCOTLAND ^H^WAND WALES.kjr Unit Spring ships.?The subscriMNHbhersare prepared to make arrangements ft? bringing ool pan stagers from London. Liverpool. Bristol and Greenock, in IIrat class Americanpaeket ships,toiailfrometeh ofthe shore ports the irrt of the Spring. Persons wishing to sand for their Meads to any part nl Great Britain, aan make ssssssary sr TAfflCOTT. 41 Sooth at. con?erGoerersearlane. gbaoH thepnrtiaa scat fordeelmeeoming.tbe passage raourr srtiptl ||Q^ xdijr-yASSAi)t ffBQM LQNDON. UtiiTtiL A\R JWhORkKMOCK, DIRECT.?Persons wishing to send jSVkBfafor their fiends to t o,re out froin ritherof Ine abote ports, ran make arrangements with the subscribers on very fa rnrasls terms. and.hsre them brooghl ont in (Let rlsm racket ships. And those wishing to send money to theirfnends.ean hare dr-fls for any smouut. payable in all the principal towns of,*. Umu^.ogdoV^.PId,e.L.mThcr.^, Ht rorner Gonveraenr lane, o* 43 Peck slip. PAHaAtihTPTtR OAVANNAH?FirSt rackJjWWet ?The iplendid packet brig EX ACT, Captain JBpafeJnhnooa tails positively as above. This eesssi his splendid areomenodaiions for eabtg, second tibia and steerage passengers. For passage, eariytapplies tics should be made to _ W. kJ.T. TAPBCOTT.W Boathstkret. jg 4S Peigi ,t p. FA SAAW. ffillB MJSl OL-Tbe s^enoUpM rtj^it bug NORTlir.R ? EH. Caps Kwe, agllkave im JjSaLmsdiale deep itch for tlun abore port, hiring tapeiior AC'> f .r ? fe* r bin. and seoond cat in p,mergers, which wni be taken at mod trite rwtww, it early application m mace to W. ft J. T. TAPBfforT. 4S Month gtrcr t Persons Jislrci'is of i endo.g for the,r f, i< mil to ?Im' oat fr in he abore port, tan mike tlir ueccterry arranjriiii nt. by . . , log a< shore J17 I < ft m l' i'ANCRB to all p?'ti of Engl <ud, treUn and de >t ' land, in sums o; ES Jl'lo, A'15, ? 0, to any imoutit, i ayab ? . e c'-t. For >alt at s /. nVI.VK.S I'a, j!5 W Will ft BP^ 'w t Pol.lSHiNO t l.o i ti IfBF iBBiOlt NHl.ltdittiftff. .Vf |4? by PEKSSK ft BROOK8,?t Libertyst. AMtloa ?*U*?. bv x ho.viA* utui.c. < -dtin anil 11* FuUnntlrttlt-i . . , . TUESlMk. t t Sale of iplrnpid Pim,o',. at 10| o'clock, in the ealm mow, ciii.tlhi,; to, new a id aecoud hand lualrumeula t>> the brat maktae. Alao, aome chniec furniture. by order of a R< eeircr? and a liar collection of p. in t <fe a and ri era* iuca i.i ? WKUNt'>bAV. J"(.leudid r uuilure?At t#| oV'i.rk, in the aale room*. Imrge *alr of accost) liaud Had new furniture, trout families giving up houaeketping. BY K. H. LUDLOW. " SATURDAY. Feb.8. At the Merchant*' tv change, at l3o'rl<ck Valuable Heal Eatate?At audi,.a,on Saiurdtv, Feb. Sth.'al 13 o'clock, at the Merchant*' E?changr, that 3 atnry brick h?u*>. No. in Cnambera afreet, corner of Church e'reet with the leaee of the lot. 3S feet front on (Amber* afreet aud in ihr rear, and 87 feet ( iacne* in depth, boendrdon Church atreet? leaac haa ten jreaie to run. fram the 38th of March ue*l, at a ground rent of $16*. payable annually In St. Oorgr'e church. Alan, the baeeincnt hooar, No 33 Wmren alrtel, ornrr of Church atreel, in the rear ol the above, with the lot in fee aim pie, 38 feet frouton Warren atreet and inlhe rear, and 87 irrt ( inchea in depth on Church atreet. Ihia and the above are replete with everv eonreuiru<e for a genteel family and lit* a front baae meot office for a profi aaioual gemlemau. Full partieular* ?t timeof aalr. 31* A UCTION NO i ICK-VAT 17 A HTSTKEAL ESTATEi\ v u i tiai nur > i' ...H .... ?i... p.i. %.u ... o' ?sc Meichaute' Excnaugr, the following valuable proiienv, vix:? The double frame houte ?n<l two Iota of ground on the northwest corner of 18th atreet and fth Avenue. The lower part divided into two atoriea. Each lot measuring 24 feet tinchis by 100 feet. Also, that 2story brick dwelling houae No. M 14th atreet, firat liouae w?toi * h Avenue, in good order, having recmlly been painted throughout. Lot as by 100 feet. Alan, that brick trout houae on theanuth-weat corner af 10th Avenue and Itth street, known a* tlx "Wallace House " having finished rooms in the attic. Theie is a good stable in the rear of the lot. Lot OS by 100 fret. Also, that Smith's Shop, and lot adjoining, on the rear of the above on the a <uth aide of 10th street Lot 25 by 22 feet more or lass. Also, two houses, o"e brick ard the other frame, mud the lot on the south side of IMh atreet, adjoining ti.e above. Lot 25 by 22 feet,more or leas. A large part of tlx money e?n remain on bond aad mortgage. For terms andoiker iiifonuatiou, apply at No. 11 Broad street, at the dice of E. H Ludlow. (131! OOK MALE. or exchange, or to reut?Land iu Lycoming 1 county, Peuua. title good?Alan, ten lota in Bergen county. N J., hall a in lie from Newark?Also to sent, a Farm io Elixabetlitown. N J., couaietrng oi 4 acres. barn, and gooJ '.rater, rent only (120 : 1 hoursTide from New York. For partifulara anplytn HENRY SMITH.3 Nassau at. JlSlm" piitiCuLAti?HENKY E. KIELL and JaCoIT8! aHv CULARIUS, beg rtstw-rtju'ly to inform their ftienda, ltd the public generally, that having entered into partnership for the lr?n action of a general auction and COMMISSION BUSINESS, will coutiuue iu lilt well known and comirodioue store, 304 Broadway, coiner of Dtiane strict, and are now prepared to receive conaign nenta of Fancy and Staple goods Fainlinzs, Engravings, Books. Works or Art, and every other description of property, iu the disposal of which an unremitting attention to the intereati of their employers will ever be kept in view. Their a.le room is large?lot feel it depth?and well lighted, the location one of the beit iu the city for such purpoa a, with other aupeiior advantages; and by the assurance of a promr' setttlemaul of sales they solicit and truat to receive a share of r ublic favor N. B.?Sales olHousehold Furniture and Real Estate attended to in person. Advance! made on cot ligaments when required. RCPRBCKCBS. Hon Robert H Morris Hon Aaron 'Hark Hon c W Lawrence HouJohn I Morgan Hon Campbell P White Hon James Monroe Hen P H Dickenson, Putter- Hon M Van Schalck erson, N J Stephen Cambrel eng. Esq. Robert Lovett, Esq Messrs Hensclxn It Unkarl Joseph F At wall Esq hgbert Benson, Esq Messrs O Cobb It Co Messrs 8 H 8 St F A WoodM M Noah, Esq worth Mesais Pen i k Co D iniel ? Tyler. Esq Andrew H Mickie, Esq Messrs L Toqu-t kCo John Tech, Esq J B Hehoielxel. E'q ?it Glrim, Esq Usrrit Sterm. Esq I Coddington, Esq Samuel 8 Parker, Esq M Werkmeister, Esq Richard Whiley, Esq George Ireland, Esq George Arculariua, Esq 1. tie I.. IW.ll t.i of fs?i* - fcn? Havana-w.7iT~n..~..n--ri^ /SSBiittiin bark CLARION, Capt. E. Dunn, /ZsffJW^CjL^kh.iviiigiiiosi of her cargo engaged will hare inainliile despatch. Pertain desirous of ^^^^^^" tcsuring freight or ptaaage.'by ihia rptendid nod beautifully uranged vessel. should w ake early application on beard, at foot ol Jouet's lane, or to OLOVEK It McMURBAY. flit 100 Pine at. corner of South. .MM 0Ot KOR NEW BRUNSWICK?From Pier P- J&WdaNo. I, North Rirer?Fare to New Brune10 ceuta?The Steamer WAVK ,Capt. Vauderbilt, wrdll commence cunuiog on Monday next. Feb ?ih, between New York and New Brunewick, etoppiug at Am boy, Ruaeville,Tuft's Lauding. Chelsea. Port Richmond, and New Brighton, learicg New York every day (Sunday excepted) at two o'clock,;P. 51., and returning erery morning at eeren o'clock. The elearn heat Wave has been furnished with new boilers, so that she affords not only a cheap and easy communication between the above places, bat alio a very aafe and speedy one. Fare to Amhoy. Rosville, and Tuft's Landing, as cents? Oth r Leadings 12). 'fs 81* tUXTY MILES SHORTER THAN AJSf OTHER ROUTE. s0| THE MOST EXPEDITIOUS ROUTE ffrTri isSh^TO ALBANY, via BHIDOEPORT-Fare SC^JCK-through 9,60 The steamooat CRO 1'OiN or the NIMROD. Isares Catharine Market slip, East River side, for Bridgeport, every morning except Sunday, at T o'clock. From Bridgeport, paasrngera will bs forwarded by the Housatonie Railroad to North Canaan. thence lo Weal Stockbridge (20 miles) by stage, and thence to Albany (M miles) by Railroad. The ears are well furnished and warmed. <W\ For paMflge or freight adpIf on botrd of the bout, or ; it the York House. No. 5 I'mirtlamH strict. jftim BToISErrT PEaRl and WatEU ft ifcbr.ts Sill TO LET?The itores kuownas 14 and 86 Peal atirret, EiilLedjoinirg ths l'earl street House, are now occupied as jobbing stores,for which they have ihelvee and counters, kc. Also to Let, the four story lice proof store, 62 Water street. The above wijj be rented on reason?ble terms. Apply to W. A. CARTER at Messrs A. Arnold k Co'a f Hi* _ 63 Canal street. ?TV _ FOR HALE?A first rate Sorrel HORSE, sis1-alNw." hands high, abou' eight years old, warranted f \ ^"i aoui d and kind in any Varucss. A valuable horse for a Pti) sician or family, it senile and a g"0(i traveller. Alao. |a good light Waggon, leather top. handsome sleigh, harness, robe, bells, ke. The whole will be sold low. Apair at the Diug Stors, No. 114 Caual street, ooposite West Broad war. f 4 8t* V/i6il .... w.r.a. IN 0f the Desii'tute in the Manufacturing Districts ef Scotlend. . At a meeting held within thr City Hotel Broadway, in term* of a nonce preriouely published preparatory to org ? Dicing altubecriplion in behalf of the deetiluie in the menufeeturiogdiotricte of Scotland. It waa Reeolred, That, from etatemente aubmitted to the meeting. it appeara that the amount of eufferiag premium among the operative* in the nunufactnnug dialricteof Scot' land, ie unprecedented, and calla for the eympaihy and benerolent interference of hie countrymen whererer eituated. It waa further Reeolred, That a Public Meeting of Scotchmen, and olhere intereeted. to be held within the Lecture Room of the Society Library. Broadway, rhureday. ihe toth of February, at half put 7 o'clock, I'. M , with the riew oldeeiain^ mama for the r-lief of lb" mffcreri. )i It* TO COLORKRS.?Conetant employment and good wagee, to airlawho undeietand coloring llowere in a aupenot atyle-none othera need apphr. Grauite Builduif, corner Chamber# etreet and Broadway,3detory. _ ? f 33 Wall it. and 111 Broadway. jsk M M & Theebipaof thit Un^ilT hereajterleare New York on. the Ut mm .? u.. MB H-~. iw?jaoNcmA, jjiSy Jamee Fuaek. {lit November ( l?th December 8Mb BALTIMORE, ( let April ( llth May * Cart \ 1" *'>gu.t < llth September Kdward Funk. I let December f Hth January vn. uxICA. \ Ht May i110% June *V;11J4_ 1 lit September < llth October ra?d'kHewitt. ( tat Jaminry f llth February New ahipftT. NICOLAS, t lit June ( 11th July C?ut. 1 lit October < Hth November j paH. \ lit February (llth March The ac corn modetioni of the?e ehtpe are not jntrpaaeed, com biniua all that may be required for comfort The price of cabin meeiwe ia $too, Faeeengere will be aupplied with erer7 requieite, with the eiception of winei and liqoort. Good! WUIKKII I or intw Trwew wm uc iurw?rueu ? f mw mbtcribtri free from tur other thsui the eipenaet acti**J,)ri ?"* a *, gg _ _ Tontine Btiildlpyn. W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT*S GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE, tfit. 41 Ptck flip. a"d 4> South afreet, ATem York. m. m m: j&l Arratwemente can at allti .cibemnde at either of the abore ofteea. lor bringing out paaaeacen on the moat farorable lerma, from >tl part a of England, Ireland, Scotland and Walaa.ia Aral claaa American packet nhi pa,sailing fram Lirarpoolarary weak, thereby presenting unneceaaarjr detention. A free paeesKcfrom the rarioueseaporta of Irelaadnnd Seot| land to Liverpool iaguaraulerned and draft# for the necoirmodatioaiof naaarngera.paretic!hroaahowt t treat Britain and Ira| and. All lettera muet ne poat paid. _*I_ REMITTANCES TO AND PABbAOE FROM Oft RAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, BY THE^ Paraona wishing to#??d to tl? old ?" '[? f^Umij friaaig. mala (V# gnftfyirT irr/i)ff?wrt?tl ran wm WMCnitlf, 2 hire tkern eoma to tf.ia aupericr line of pneketw sailing 2a brttnoni on tha Ttl. awl l?th of every month. Tier Wfl! SSThara^mt rate cla#a of American transient (Hipa sailing thereby affording a weekly communication 21^2 rtOne ef the lirin. Mr. Jam a f>. Roche. la there and will remain during the year IMS, taaee that all theperaona juUtoy pnntrr har? beta p*i?i bete art forwarded Willi cart "RhouuTthe parties agreed for not come out the money will ha returned to thoee who paid it here without any deduction. Thaahipeeompnaingthialinc are: OXFORD^ The NEW TORE, " CAMBRIDGE. - COLUMBUS. ? EUROPE, w BOUTH AMERICA, " ENGLAND " NORTH AMERICA Drafts at eight, for nuy amount, on the Royal Bank of Ira land, and on rreeoolt, CI rote, Amea k Co., Bankers, Lowdoo which will ha paid on demand, free of discount, in all the prin 'piss! r- ^ j)0 a* Ftiltoait..arat door la the^Tiittoii Bank, N Y_ ~ ?? ""?? IfOHK AND LIVERPOOL HEOI'IAB l|HfkCOMMERCIAL LltfE OF PAi KETS-eS.ifin. JBBIoWeekJy?Paaaage from Great Britain and Ireland, r.? Lieerpool?"nve aahacribera continue to bring out paeansman who may be engaged by their friends here, on rer* moderate trrme, for IWat cites ahipe sailing from Liecrpool wc?Wy DrnAs forany amonntean ?l#o be furuuhe^. jay-able through ont the United Kingdom. Far further particnlarn apply,if b? ^Se p*tp"i,t" IQHN HFKDMAN.dt S?fthat PASSAGE r.ROM HAMBURG, GERMANYr'lRK DIRECT ?Tl?e jubaeribern hare a rryiilag ?? * lyJuSfceion of first claaa I# leafing Hainbargtwicea month. Pi raon# wiahing lo send for their f'i'nd# tmirhaf m iiv i?wrf of Otrmttf.ewirul ihmwUefwtlwj ,.rafui for any amount car alee h? lonweheg, pay ahle pa Ham 11 f. For further particulars. ai^dy lif by letter poet paid t, MF.RuM A N A KEF NAN. ?1 South ?t. ,l? WILLIAM GIHhGN. Y ?j , tpn' at Ffsmbi* CJi COtaTKAVD IRON -A'F*. in goodonier, Sir ante, S rery low . at the Iron Che#. Waretou.aof Hf,?R|No I, l? tVxtrr etraat. .IV ffnwFVfNU P\> "" r.csJteJi OMreami - brown a'taw wrap, " warr of # ret r A'? 4*"J A* t ? ? ' in 10iM to t lit purciaMcrs, bf FA.KMK I^BROtlKS^ a HasH-H-H-ssBSSSBsasssasm?!' iia-J-PAKk Vi^KAHRR.?MH. ABBOTl^B Ant Lecture haaieg l?en ircneed with miwh ar[>lauer >-u Tl ui *Uy trciiK g, Mill be repealed on Monday evenine, V t bruar) , Ttk. ELOCU I lOr.AKV LECTURE, i With Rambling Kimmbctci. at the Park Theatre. PROGRAMME : Remark* upon the Rev Or ( banning' propoeitio# for firing Heritatioiie ioetia<lof the Performance ol the Drama? Mm Siddona'Queen Catharine?Itr Jnheeon ? Mr. Ketnble'e Cardinal Wooleey?Recitation. " K-rewell a Long ? art we II to all my grratneta"?Kcmbli' Retirement, ami the aablic iiunora paid to him?Ode by Cam) bell?Dtaih of Kerobell ia Switzerland?Diicriptmo of that touutey f Sheridan if now let?Anecdote of Lialoa?General View of Dramatic Her reeentationi?Opioinne of Mai tin Luther?Sir Waiter Scott? R? eel lection of Alboteford? Recitation, " Lady of the Like"? l)i?i'rtatioa upon the Krei'th and K ngliah Stage? Talma?Mad'lle. Mara?Anecdote of La/ond?Sketch of the Chaiacter of Shy loch?Recitation. " The quality of Mercy > ?.. alr>,,,?sl"_Beeit?ll,,n " Uuen Mab"?Scene from Mu luw'a Kaualua?Edwin Forrest?Couc'ueioe. Door* will be opened at half paet eeven o'clock. The Leetu' wi'l cemmewcr a' eirbt. i reciaely, (>?ntlemeti'i ii kei|,64centp : Ueitltrowi I tickctf for Mflf mulUdy, 50 ; Kvtr* LiHiw' I 6 m pAIt K fir EA FhE.-DR. LaRDNF.K will deliver, at r tin. Theatre, on Weduead"* evening ueit. one of the LECTURES which haa recently attracted auci. large *dieucri at Button. Past I. . , _ THE BOLAR SYSTEM, with Treuaparent Drawing* of the Planete Mara, Japiter ami Sali,in, from original draw ioga bv Bar John HtracheJ. The MODERN METHo'u'of'lHY8ICAL RESEARCH. Pact III. . ... . THE MOON. , Tlua part will be illiiatr.ted by a Trauaparent of ?he Moon covering a turfact of abont 6f aguare feet of cauvaaa. Admittioa to cents. fl at UHATHAR THKATRB. MONDAY EVENING, heW 7?The performances wiU com* incur. with .^1 gamester o" mm an Or. a n..u?lllai a h alth. Count Adrcacln, J It Scuti | Fritltpi ic. Kirby Anniua, Mi.. Thome During the Drama, New Quadrille" by the characters. After which John Smith will appear in hie celebrated NrgroMelodiaa and Dan era. To be followed bv THE MECHANIC AND THE QUEEN, Or, Tbe Tc wer al' London. Gilbert, Hirby I Lord Kabiano. Jehanon Mary, Mra Lewie | Jane. Miaa Meatayer Alt?r wliich OLIVER TWIST, Or. tlie Paiiah Boy'a Piogreaa. Oliver Twiat, Miaa Miitayer | Bill Suea. ktrby Nancy, Mr* Blake To conrltide with NIGGER PECULIARITIES, ? By Joha Smi b, and Master Coleman. Boxes Mceuia tea Mid ?d titrate, Tit lit .Oallary IU y winnen at di: Curtainriaaa at 71 preejaelr dflTCIJKIela'S OLYMPIC THKATRB. MONDAY BTENINO, Feb 7?Tbe psrferinaace will *oan ma ore will* THE TWO FIGAROS. Count Almaviva. Edwin | Senor Peralloria, MiteheM 1 he Counteaa Mra Watta Alter which An entirely original Eitravaganxa. entitled STARS AT THE AgTOR. Jove. Horncaatle I Mara, Nickeaaoa Apollo, Mitchell | Mercury, Edwin Juno, Mra Tinim. To be fuHowed by ASMODEUS IN NEw YORK. Or. the Devil's Diary. Aamodeua. Mitchell | Albert Blauk, Edwin Mra Blank, Mra.Time To conclude with THE OMNIBUS. Pat Roeney. Nickicaon | Bobbe, Clark* Julia Ledger, Mi.a Singleton Miaa Lain per, Miaa Roberta. Admission?Drsta eirela It centa. Upper bosea M oeats P IM cents. Private boxes If Hnmp ooew at half peat an. CartaiD nana at aevan BOWERY AEPUITHBATRE, iVb. 87 Boi?ery. in consequence of the detention of the veaael. thia Company will remain here one week moie. MONDAY EVENING Peb. 7-The entertainments w? ssbmence with THE WALTZ AND STAR ENTREE. By taa whole Company. Mr WiU'amv will introduce hie learned Dog. Horaemauahip by Master Smith. Matter Rivera on hi; Magic Ladder. Me Ma.avWlm* BE tllE VafillP# ttailflP. 5p'ori? ui'th? Hiiif. or the Clown's Delight. The Kit ere Family in their graceful and aaton'shit* feat* of Gymn ies iB|asmldsta? of Aft era minutes. The second part will commence with Mr Gardner will introduce the F'eat of Throwing Somerset* on the Howe. Cocoanut Dance by the R ivera Family. Mr Counsver ae the Whale rone Man Mr Decamp will introduce hit Indian Pony. Mr Dctrwillaptc?r with hie pupil, and go through hie per formance on the Carpet. Mr J Buckley in his principal Act nf Horeemanehip. ?? The whole to conclude with the THE GERMAN FAKMEK. Farmer. Mr D?rr? Barber, Prntlamd Deeae open at Si?performance commences at 7. Boxes 80 cents. Pit M cents. The animals belonging to the Zoological Institute, wit 1 he epeu for exhibition during the holidays. Entrance No. IT, a Ckirystie-st. Admiesiou M c.nls. AASbKlCAN tUlttkUM, Corner Broadway and Ann sfrrsf Manager and Director, Mr. P. T. Barms Grand Gala Week?The Nrw Hall opened?Falls of Nuga ta?Citr of Dublin 1! La Petite Ccrlto, Master Henry, Misa Taylor, and T. O . Booth. EVFUY EVENING THIS WEEK. Commencing Monday, Jan. Slat. The Manager has great pleasure in announcing that a new, spacious and splendid Hall, one bundled frit in length, bao bem added to this immense establishment, and though it contains two of the most stupendous and magnificent works ofart erer exhitiled in thia country. The Price of Admission t? the whole will remain at SSceata. The Manager has at great exp-?n?e. elfected a short engagn; meat with Mr. J K. HOLBltOOKK, to exhibit hie elegant and interest it* MODEL OK THK ClVY OF DUBLINThe manager has also engaged lor a short period the Cbaad and Sublime Exhibitionol the stupendous FALLS OF NIAGARA! , . , ? . . . The wonderful r.xh bition sf The PNEUMATIC RAILROAD, the greatest invention ad Ihe age. is in couetant operation. The Albino Lady m here every ereuiug. Fancy Glass Blowing every evening. The graud Cuamoramic V tews are all changed. For the courenience of familire end children, theirs wdl berea'ler be a DAY PERFORMANCE, every Batuinay aftemaon,commencing at three o'clock. Principals of Schools and their pupils admitted on Liberal '^Admittance to ths Museum and all the entertainments, lewis, ^hjldrea under 10 years of age half pries. THE BANKRUPT LAW.?Persons about to avail (hem selves of the benefit of this law.sod who are not previously encaged, art respectfully invited to apply to the subscriber ; who, Irora having had considerable praetirs, under the English Bankrupt Law ; and its similarity to that, which haa just coins into operation, is enabled to piomiee a prompt tad taithfnl attention to the interests of those who may favor him with their business THOMAS WARNER, Attorney and Couaaollnr at Law; Solicitor in Chancery, and Proctor and Advocate in the United State Circuit and District Court. f?-?'i?* TO Doanc street. v?w York. IB CO St DUN LAP would respectfully ml rm the ladies of New York and its vicinitv that their Conserve!cry is dn'ly open fir iheir inspection, whe s they will be happy to see them, and where can a: obtained plents of every shade and hue on the most reasonable terms, such as cany Ilia at Japan rose in rari'liee, rhododendrons, Chinese axaleas, acacias, laurustious, nitt sporume. ealeas. fuchsias. ericas, prim-naes, bukt and glasses, gold fish and globes, birds ana c?g. s. fruit and ornaments! trres and shrubs, garden seeds, he. u'angora piear trees. ik> enormous fruit of which can Ife -een at their ra ablishineat; bouquets to pirate the meat fastidious at vari >ap prices. f 1 tw IEo ffiiiJSIEIESO TWO FOUR WHEEL diliS, 50 CENTS PER HOUR. STANDS on the CORNER of HUDSON k BEACH 218 Residence 60 Laight Street SECOND FLOOR. FOR SALE?A two wheal French Oab, open in front. Apply as above. JSBlsn^ MiTsir: AriAMH? wauld reepactlully inform 'the public. Mm* he will play at prirete parr.ea on the pianoforte all Am eicbraled eotilliona end waltaea. Ku-puta at No. It V/alkvt pORN.-m' saekt, now lending from ahtp( YAZOO, fraan New Orlcuna,,for eelc bjr .. E. K. COLLINS k CO. fj _ ft* South alreat /NijLLt.tflO *<8 on all parte of the United SUici mufTas, L/ the moil fgforable tirmj, by S J. SYLVESTER. IS* MWall ?l end 13 Broadway. TO Ca PITALIbTh.?Apian, to b? piUBinklorou eree dine the poldie wheele in eteam nee gauon.Vitliout laea offered,eimplifying the engine. greatly lureming ite power, diminishing the wear, tear and coat,one tinting the inachiaenr cut 01 the teach of ahot, bed eti her. and other calamities ft would be invaluable on rioere an t finale, and may be affiled lo commercial venele to work in nad nut < f porta, chat nele, and iliitiou c-lme, at a tricing ripenae and little occupati n1 or apnea Ad trean H I). Herald office. fS3l*" qniE CLIMAX SALOON?Entrance t( Annetre-t and l*t 1 E niton. Theabore eatahlnbmen- haeiog uudergme eoneidernble alteration and embellished in n cuparb Mid elegant manner, hnabcen rented of Mr. Sate ford for the puru tee of firing Concert! a la Mnaa'd. terry eeemng. renimrneing at aeeeno'clock. Admm ton ftea Refreaomenta of aeary deeci i pi ion ae< red up in the H-et a t ie. at ti e loner I pricao. Eminent Vocal and Instrumental teleat ara aagaged. 667flftA^b i.UhM-u.k VA>>'a-SAOyK /L\" 1 k tlRt|UH ART fake neat lire in announcing 10 the 1 public that they here purchased of Mr. Venn hie in tleil'rnetee Dry (Jooaaeelabliibuieisl, No. 1*1 (iiaml atieet, and they beg to inform the foi mrr friends of thin well known time that Iher ere now receieinf an tinm.nae yanaty nf desirable gooMI the !totk u being rrplei in.ied 111 nrery department,5nd tya are uaiug eeery election to make this e.tak liahment aecen 1 tonoae in 'hie eity aan mairt for the sale nf u? fni sod cheap good#. We pledge ouraeletato the pnklic to candoft eureelvea on the eyatem of one price, and hare eecured tha aaaiat.nca nf young men who will pay the I ntmoit attention lo riaitora, purtbagtcg or pricing K\Ve will open on Saturday, ?th Feb IfM. and will comment by eirint our firot en.tamora aome extraordinary hnrgaina. All goode will he found marked in pta'u ftgur a, no mystery aod sonde win on any arcouht be told lor lata or morn than tbe i-rire an marked. . , We trnat ell who deal with ua once will be [leaned to berome regular euatomeie. ... - . .. mitltn, thawla. De Lsluee. Calicos*, Mn'line, Lmena. Iloaa, Dluv.a, I ace (looda. Habernmher ,b lannele, BUnketa, (Jurtta ?nd t'omfortahlra, Merino , he he. will be offarsdit prices 10 .mi theworat timea,and we hope no one that culls will go away dienp,einteI. SROWN k ORQllHART, a Wt Urend atieet. Ti e at wa f d.?! Catha-ita etreet to be kt, poasewaoa cam he had imoet nta f. Agpl, on the pramiaaa. ar at Wl Oaand at ?e?. ftd * t 1 At?T OVE I Litl'HIN O nil -men or fanriliaa throwy ' aig aei-le IVoni their wer.'roba gruel-a of wearing df* rs l and ileatring ts? turn iha in'o c .ahcanobiamfrooi'he anhecriher to /r acnt mora than an/ e User perron wwi I ,,V" H ,V VETT, m "'ffjr'Z- V OfT'-e No. ISO Naranu at o, ' SetoiiHJR. N * _w Fa o lies and gentle men attende'? ihe-rie p.., t ii-11* uid all orders lefi el either P ace^ or Mit th.oa?. th? P wt 1 ITice. will recelre or >*> '*}?' m ?,,? ,,?e N. t.-Ladlid'kU Vrel end f??l 'ft l*? haaed.

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