Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 8, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 8, 1842 Page 3
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'^rfBOBiibitrd thf candidate- There waa a gre,i< deal of refitting, *> ma y be eeen by the bellow t? IlilT Jgae* Car II, jr. 74 Am Clark*. 19 mm Mtakar, 4* Hornoa PiimIm, " ttnkn CUrk, 47 T. B. Lengwortbr, ? O. W.LhtU, 47 J. McCellnm. 9 BreJ. Eom, 77 John BtUlweU, 4 B?ri4 Hmillra, 7* W C Bonck, 4 AMCkmdkr 87 r O Jewett, mm) W. Jooee, 31 R H OilUtt, 4 Menee Warren, 37 Wm B*ker, 4 Jabs Tim*. 17 A S Steven*, * D. P RiM*ll, 17 WW. O. Angel, 7 M.S. Benton, 18 JoeohOmM, 9 O.W.Cnyler, 31 1.1. Skinner, Lyman Corel), 17 CUrk, J R-l. Miller. If S Cheerer, 9 J. B. Skinner, 31 0. W.f.r J Jaeeph Sibley, 17 Theme* MaxweU, C.C Brodheai, 17 Oerret Wlleen, I Peter J Hone, II Jaeoo Clark, 1 Jeal Turrill, 11 , , . Joaee Ear!!. Jr. of Oaondaga, waa declared duly nominated Four more 6*1 leu were had,when ine following was the reault. On motion oI Mr Bochon? Resolved, That Jon*a Eakla. jr. of Oaondaga, Jnua Hook en, of Duichee*. D- i Bnanu., ofLivingatoa, g. W. Littlb, of O eego. Ban j amis hoof, ofMali.on, nod Srsracii Clakk. of New York, be the Democratic candidates for Canal ComnuiioBOae rote waa taet for William H. Seward, and CW for Thnrlow Weed. Cava Uiciecna. General ItulOM, Before the Recorder, J edge Lynch, end Aldermen PeUeck end Baylies. Ebb. 7th ?The following ie the liat of ceeea pieced en the eelendnr, for the present term : Assault, N with intent to kill 3; abandoning child, 2; R&pe 1; Areon 1: Fora-ry 4 ; Burglary 10 ; Orend JareenJ10 l Petit Larceny 2 ; Embecslemeat 1; Riot 1 wTthl, 35 The oa*s?, from the laat term, ere ie-dieted U s dieerderly persons 2 ; convicted 2; witneaeaea W?'Total on celender, 56. The naaeeo of the neraena, selected aa Grand Jarera, being called, bat eleren ana we red to their aames,and they were therefore diamiaaed until thia aaorning. Of the petit jurora, 37 answered to their names, and Are were fined for aon-attendance, aa alee fire grand jurora. Jonaa B. Phillips, Eaq. appeared aa acting Diataint Attorney, en account of the abaence of Mr. Whiting, in the Court of Oyer and Terminer. Bit a Pitet out of kit Cheek.? John Hurley Was tried for committing a grass aaaaalt on Thomaa P. Murphy, on the 2lih of June last. Murphy stated taat Hurley came to the distillery, where be Worked, on theabere day, and after taken a drink of whiskey, that area at ren to him, he assaulted sad beat him, and during the affray, bit a piece out of one of his cheeks. The jury, in consideration of the fear, that Hurley/got drunk on the premises where the assault was committed, returned u verdict of not guilty, although the evidence of the assault and battery was fully proved. Stole IValeh.?A colored man named Peter Jackaeu, was put upon his trial, for the second time, | on a charge of stealing a watch, with steel chain and golc key and seal, a piece of carpeting and a towel, from the premises of Claus Shepherd, No. 1 Elisabeth street, on the 28th of October last. The carpeting was found in ihe room rented and occupied by Jackson, at No. 15 Orange street, but the watch has aat been restored. It was also shown that a woman who litres with Jackson had been in the habit of workingat the honseof Mrs- Shepherd ami that on the same day she stole seventy-fire cents from the premises. Jackson stated that this woman brought the carpeting aud tawel to his room; which statement with the previous fact of bar dishonesty, immn ut jar j m return a vetaict 01 not guiuy. A Wift ruing her Hutimnd for Petit Laateny. ?A yeung man named James Henna war charged oy a woman named Eliza Dagnan, with ataaling a pur**; eontiniog aeren dnllarr. She stated that Haeon war her hoabead, hat that siaee leaving her he had married another woman. Upon making this assertion the court told her she could not aypeer ar a witness against her husband, and consequently the jury found a verdict of net guilty. Baaoa denied the sort impeachment of the fair Eliza, althousrh she stuck to it like wax. Her only remedy for satisfaction is to ha ve a suit commenced against him for bigamy. The 0eurt theu adjourned to eleven o'clock this maiming. Welcome to Charles IMeltens. QGh Tee Boa Ball !?To tazc vlaos or thc Foes vaanTM or Puuist at tub Pack Theatus Csrds of Admission for the Bill to be given to Mr. Chasi.ii Dicsres and Last, may he hod of any of the following named gentlemen, er of the Committee nt the Aetor House. Room No. 14. every day between the hours of 10 etolock in the seomieg.and 7 o'clock iu the evening. A booh of the Programme of the Bell, the rules end re. ulaMeiia, he. obtained na above. Chert H Morris John W Francis J B Nicholson George P Morris Phillip Hons Duncan C Pell Henry Brevooit Hugh Me been Valentino Mott Guard H Comer W. . ruxWoR John 8 Bertlott David Graham Ctiarlea P Clinch JMbefl NT Webb WiUtem Turner Alan. W Bradford Moses H Grinaell AB Donne W Starr Miller 1 Dsyekinck John In men Denial B Tallaeedge Vfe Kent JohnC Cheoaomsu Beverley Robinson, jr. Henry lumen Robert J Dillon AM Cos sens Wm HApuleton W B Dean 8 Draper, joe. J M Smith, jus. rw Edmonds Thornee J Oskley 8mU Hunt vurm uuuarai n u bmddui wi I) Morris Augti FUaiif PM Wotmore Francis L WacMcQ JFrescottHall Wm Grand In E Coots j Char las A Clinton WKWerthaU Joseph Hudson Charles W Saadford Charles M Lsupp M M Nosh J W Gerard F A Tallmadge R C NTel more Wharton Griffith P S Tewneend Edward 8 Ooold Win L Shuttle worth NOOgden C C Caabrelang 8 C Colder Andrew Warner J W Bdmonds Ssml Jonas Mumford J Phillips Phsanix Alexander Hsaailton, Jr Dudley 8 Gregory Alfred A Smith John O Sergeant Marshall O Roberts Theodore E To si Lin sen Jasses R Whiting A G Stout Joseph Oslllerd, Jr Goo 8 Doughty CorneUus R bar are CAStetson John D Von Bnren Charles A Davia Edmund simpeon RFapsrwesther Samuel P Lyman Martin Hoffman J R Livingston. Jr James Fkalen J Beekmaa Fish Thomas 8. Cunnings. Tickets, odmiltlag a lady aod gentleman, to be $?. Any ontteman whoso party may exceed more than one lady, be furnished with extra tickets, net to exceed two, at Gentlemen applying for tickets, will please to give the amoo of their iodise, in order that the sons may be written on the sards of invitation. The name of every person who takes a ticket will be registered in a book provided for that especial purpose. lack member of the Cemaeittee issuing tickets, will endorse his own asms on the back of the cards. An early application for cards of admission will bo ne eeesarv, aa no aaoro persona will be admitted to the fete than tne ball mom can conveniently accommodate. All other particulars are published in a' pamphlet, capias of which may be procured at the Committee Room, Aster Hooao, No. 14 to* Ctnviasat THmirs.?The now drama of the " Gamester of Milan," which wee performed for the trvt time lost evening, is repented to-night, with the drama of * Jacob Faithful," ard an origiual farce, entitled the " Black Ghost" written by a popalar author in London, an |S si sly for Mr. John Smith, in which ho sustsins the part of Jim Along Joeey, with original songs and dsnrea, assisted by his pnpM Msstrr t'olt-msn8?" Bowxav Assviiithkatu ?Joe Peatlsad. the inimiteble Tanhoo clown take* a benefit to sight, previous to his departure far Europe. Pentland is naturally a WSRi be ia the Grimaldi of America. Most of his Jokes am original?all of them are good, and many are made on Uta spur of tha mom- nt Ho is withal a good comic singer, a first rate Jnggler, wire walker, kc , and off the stage he is a gentleman. His Mil to-night embraces a variety of novelties unequalled this season, a number of MUI#Et DArforilffri Htvinw vnliavttuuwsolV amAiif mtiom Matter Diamond, Whitiock, Pelhatn, an.l pupil, and I number af gentlemen who give a grand display ot the art af self-defence. Let Pe.ntitnd have a roarer to night. 69* Arsenica* Mmica At oo place in America can tha lover of natural hiatoiy find a twentieth part of the pealmeos which are collected here. They have been m canrae of collection nearljbforty y eara, and All to their utmost capacity Ave spacious halla, each one handred feet in length. Every thing cariena and wondevfal ever yet diacovered in earth, air, oreee, ia found here. The performancea era highly amusing, yet entirely eheate and rational. The model of Doblin, Ralls of Niagara, and Puematic rail road, are exhibited day aad evening, witheut extra charge. The mneenaa will ba splendidly Uhuninated throughout, to night. OQt-SHcaMvn'a Loa.-votti.?Uo whara yen will, Ita Sherman'a Loreages; we believe they ere la every fami ly. They have gat a good name far earing aooner and raaier than any thing else, caagh, cold. heidachs, fcc ? The Doctor ia doing a big busineaa in a little atore at IM Nassau atrcet. But for the convenience of the putdie he haaageata at 198 Bowery; 77 Kent Bread way; 371 Broad way i 3*7 Hud van street; Rnahton h Avpinwall, three mere*. New Torh; largess, 3t Benth 14 etreet, Phi la |Tjphli gqp- It m bow universally admitted, that far year a fast, the city of New York was never mote the prey of Sickness and disease than the present eensea. variable from damp, close, atmospheric heat, to dry, cold, aad gnrehiog win J, penetrating the body, exposing the vital ergant to all the vicissitudes of the conttHuUea, it may boaahed, what eetild resist it? It ia fruitless ?e regard the security of the body on the feet a* an antidote; all aueh preceutieaa are memeateriiy useful; but it ie only wham yon are driven to the laot revert that you leeh flat Paniih Horahawad Candy. There la the comforter in early symptom", the toother in atlfut sorrows?the ever watchful nurse that guards the conch of sickness and watt* with patient care the progress ofdi-eeseceesumieg the vitals, and raatorea the ptlint tn jgahh and aladiotty at mind sndhody, from aaughaand oshtsand oath maa and aaaiemptiwn, to the free txerataa of the fane ttarna af nature. wMimat pete, and with asms and sold Mehst *?*?. To he had at 41 Pfaiataa street,and flhl Mate *raot? testa* , ' Tkeaale* at the Stock Board te-day.ware vary oaaalt * and not earj ??eh. Dtkww* and Hudeoo t r*M ^percent; IllinoiaO'a. j; Canton 4ttlln?J J. Bala* of Mil* on Thltodelphia 6\*1\ Kabila ISalSj-, New Or- I Uui 0a7j Baltimore I. At the Second Board price* wera < m hear 7 loai atki af (ho Commercial luk, ?*fety | fond,efthia oity, were made at filj par ahare. Ilia ra- < aarad tkat not only will tkara nothing remain *a Iba ateckholdar* of tkU inalit otion, but tkat aot more than ?0 ( par cant af tha dapoaitaa will be paid. Soma certificate* bar a bora aold at 36 par ceat dlacount. The Jefl'erioa Ioauraace Company ha* thi* day declar- ] ad a ami-annual dividend of B per cant, payable on the ' 1Mb inatant, after leaving a eorplua af near >60,000? it ia gratifying, when all moneyed corporation* are ] earning!y going to wrack around w, to turn to one aa I praapereaa, and which, uadar iu praaaot akilful manege- { oat, promltea to eantlnue to. The New Hope and Delaware Bridge Bank, af New ' Jeroey, and alto tha Camden Bank, are in bad edeur ? Tha bill* of the farmer inatitution an not taken in it* immediate neighborhood at all. Thi* inatitution haa long I bean on object af auapicien. 1 The Lehigh Call Company knee Issued a batch of poet MtN, in order to rake the wind to make the necessary repair* previous to the opening ef the (priaf trade. Broker* will net bay them. The program of resumption i* ef ale w me* am ant aenth, but th* process of curtailment ia aueh aa to held eat a gloomy proapaet for the next M day*, to thoae dealer* in thia city, and at the eaat ward, who have open account* ia the auapcnded aoctiena. They hare yet to feel the evils ariaing from autpenaire policy ef th* aenth. Our merchant* have to learn by practical experience, that these aoctiena of the country which tolerate suspension of the beaks are not to be trusted under any circumstances, however tempting the large nominal anticipa ted profit may be. The specie in the Bank efthe United States en the 1st December, 1841, was $88 88 Circulation notes, 3,893 to* 80 " Post notes, 498,388 34 The Governor of Pennsylvania In a massage to th* House .en the 18th Feb, stated that the Treasurer by his advice, and by the authority ef the Supreme Court, and other arrangements, the State Treasurer, had possession of the Bank of Pennsylvania, and the, th* following assets werataken to secura th* funds of the State, and pay the interest ef the debt. Stat* funds in th* Bank, about $840,800 Taken by Treasurer, specie, 8384,008 " " Bank funds, 110,088 ' " Bills receivable, 150,000 Available funds, 8h4,M Note* discounted, more than 350,000 $840,000 The Senate of Maryland has agrsod upon the 1st of November nexl at tha day of resumption. The resumption bill in Ohio he* been reported in the Hiuse of fiepresentativee with many amendments, but the fourth of March is still retained as the dey on which the baaks will be required to resume. That day, It to said, will be fixed on. The Senate has already passed Abe bill with that day named ia it. We have received the report of the Committee ef Ways and Means to th* Indiana IJoua* of Representative*. It is clearly and concisely written, it meet* the financial difficulties of tho State with boldness, and I shows with great decision that the face of the debts of ] that State will never be paid. Tha current receipts and ] expenditures of tho State for 18U, aaeaa follows: \ Finances or Inaiana. j 1841. Estimate 184$. On hand Jan. 1, ? 61,933 Receipts, 448 815 400,000 . Kspeudituraa, 891,Ml 80608$ Balance en hand, 801933 8181,933 These receipts and balances will consist mostly of the I uv? ?>??>uu<ug * I CMUI j u? IMKBigw 1 for public due*. The aggregate of the State debt it aa 1 follow*:? | Total debt Jan. 1.184] *16,836,133 , Amount on which iatereat i* netipeid by tho State 3,406,844 , Total bearing interest *13,961,378 Amount of inteleat paid at the Treaaurjr anau* t ally 740,133 < Mean* provided ether than by taxation.... 13*737 Deficit *613,306 t There are no meani;to meet thia but by direct taxation 1 and the report goea to ahow that auch a reaouroe ia im ' practicable. We make earn* extract* a* follow* : I The recommendation* of the Executive* of the State ' who adeiaod and Influenced the adoption of the ay atom j ' the report of Engineer*, who aurveyed and estimated * tho varfoaa works, and the report# of the oemmittfe* 1 of both braaoheeof the Legialatnre in regard to their coat of conatruction, were alike vlaionary and deceptive, and the people, in aupporting the ayatem,ao for aa it ever received their aa notion, were indue ed to do ae by < ! erreneou* representationa and falae report*, and K ia uet reaaonable to aappoae, that while then acting under the 1 influence of there falae and deceptive repreaentationa, (which then preaented all aa fair nod aafe) they evar ia- 1 tended, and iu the opinion of the committee, they will * not new oonaent to the impoaitloo of e tax ae for beyond 1 the amount ever anticipated by thorn, and ae for too, be- i yond the amount which many of our public men stand solemnly pledged to the country that It should net exI cred It would, therefore,he both nnnaaeaaary and uaJuat to levy a tax at thia time sufficient to meet the late- ' reet on the internal improvement lean*. Unnecessary, because in the present oonditiem 0t the 1 country, it could not be paid, and unjust because to its ' present enormous extent, it has nevar received either Ike positive orjaapiied sanction of the people. I The eeaaaaittee, than, ncting under this view of the 1 object,have mad* a# itry lapayaay ptrtitn *f Ik* tultretl oa fli Miniai iwrMnsMi In*. Tkie alternative hat net 1 been decided npea without due deliberation and reflection, wKh regard to ell ita consequence#. When the * question was presented t# the cammittaa ia its true light, and narrowed down to the simple alternative of into for* I bie oppression upoa the people, or a neglect t* nay the interest upoa a debt which never received their sane- ' tian, bat on* opinion could be arrived at. The people must be protected. Ooereus taxation caanet b* to fori- J | ted and liberty preserved. To tabmit to oppressive tax ? ation woald be to become slave* by our own consent, because ia ail countries .whether despotic or republicaa, c it is by taxation alone that the people can be oppressed ; 3 andjuatin proportion t* tbe amouui *f taxation are the liberties of the people graduated. T* have imposed s tax sufficient t* pay the interest t on the public debt, would piece burdens upon oar citizens vqatl t* these imposed upon the serf) or Ruasis. and place them upon an t quality with tka peasantry *f Eag land or francs. I The repart then gees an t* aay that the friends of the j improvement system when kx the zenith of their power, ? did net dare to levy taxes t* support their borrowing * schemes, but pledged themselves that the people ebon Id ? not be taxed. The committee urge open the Legist*. J lure the necessity of doing s way at once with the belief that the eitixena will be au^jectod to oneroae taxation, J1 because it discourage* that inhabitant*, and turn* fro as the herders al Indiana the tide of immigration, without ' which her fertile fields will never he brought into eulti- 4 ration. The committee then propoae to raise money in C order to buy up the Stato bonds at as great a discount as * possible,as follows:? * Our bends, it is belit red, from the rapid depreciation of State stocks during the pest year, will in n short poriod 7 be down as low si ten ei nts en the dollar. Now sup- ! pose oar debt* to be fillJNM, it Would require a fand af g fit,000,0#b to redeem all our outstanding bonds, and re- lease our citizens from all the apprehensions of State insolreacy and oppressive taxation. Bat are there any means within the reach pf the Stato that nay be applied ( to this purpose 1 The proceeds of the ceuel lends, estisautod et 9 are pointed out es one mean. The debt to be ebeorbed as follows Proceeds of csnsl lands fiii,S3fi, to purchase bends, fid.110,000 Repudiated suspended debt, a.lM;000 { Sale of public works in exchange Cor bonds, a l say 2,000,0*0 - Otaer means oi aDaorptton, 1,444 000 c Total, OIS^OO.UOO < Thi? report, showing the true eteU of public tpliioD hi 1 Indiana, In regard to the State debt, waa rend a Mrat end ( second times, and committed almost unanimously to the j committee of the whole, and 0000 copies ordered to he t printed. Here, then, we have the question of repndia- } tion in a tangible shape, in Indiana. It assumes a bread- 1 or and bolder front than even in Mississippi, because it cornea not from the Eaecutive, bat from the popular ? branch of the Legislature. The facts laid down in rela- j tion to the means used to eentreetthe debt, ere literally ' true. That the people were deceived and " humbug- j ged," to use a current and espreastve phraae, is a traises j that will dad a response in the breeat of every men acquainted with the facts. It is nevsrthelsss true that the * obligation of the State ie unconditionally upon the face I of tls issued bonds, and therefore lis honor is bound tor | thoir fuldllasant. It is also equally true that tha Stale < la tat Ms infancy, that it haa vast tracks of Is ad which can { hoessao populated oaly through tha moaua of immigmUna,to which aaasaua, psaapsatlro aad interminable j taves will ho an insaperablo bar. It is arguodoa tha I onehsadthat discredit will 1 uia tha property already j Osisting thera?eu the ether, that noma wUIvolua<arily in rem money la laadastityoot to sach taxes, whan ] in the aatghtorhoodhoaaa ohtoia load equally as gaid, free from taxation tor the paymoat of debts (row Wfctok , 00 boa-Stkaa over boon dsotvod. TW peemnl necesHUee ef the State to* carreat espsmasO, oddad t? those* f j vast* of tb* Moral girrernmeat, praaeat claim* *a*agb J - 1- ft- fiiaa foam papUg maaay tbat baa , maa squaMared la apacalatlaB. ] Wa bar* roc aired Uatiatie* of tk? amaalaatttM* ol , Lowell, MaaaacbwaaUa, and bar* compared tham ailk tailor return* mad* up la 1*41. TUa raaalU ahow a i treat increaa* In buataeaa, aa fallawa itaii.tic* ?r M*nvr*ctu*e* ia Lewrn., Mam, lUt, awd , . , Jma lit* Jmn 1*4*. lucre*** aj.ttal.tock, 10,400,MO lO^M.OU* ? lumber of Mill*, a* M ? " ofS|.ta*le*. 1MM4 1M?7* M.JW " of Loom., S,l?* ?,*! ? * " Yard* and*pr week l,l?o,4i* 1,414,4*0 ?? l*l*? ofi oitaauMd " M( I.I4J ?? ^b*,.if Wool " rr* m tat.aa* *T.<aa If da of dr*d aad priatad, *6 00* BM.M* !?.* " of Clolk per aaao**, **,0*3,40* TMM.4** 15 5M 0*0 ?ba. Cattoau*cd - b*,t*?*ai mo**w krrrat* wage* urmoatb, !** *?* IT* ON l*.*a* land* tmptiycd, *** t.TIT *.' *? Itareh mw per aaa-m lb*. m0.m0 mm* *i*,*?* riour, - - - -kt* s.oo* 4,*a* i.a* :h*ieo*l," " " buah. Horn **u,*oa 1*0*00 ).h?r work* employ capurn). soomo *aa* auaao : " * hands, *?* 5*0 8t# Har* we hove the i ncoutro v ertible evidence ?f the pest prosperity of the manufacturing interests ??d?r he opermtioe of reduced prices, ud e felling tariff; ully corroborating the geuerel truth of the testimony idduced before the perliomontory committee, to the elect that without protection aenufoeturea are the meat iroiporoao. Contrasting the ft eta of affair* exhibited in he above tahle with that which axiat* under tho proactive influence eft ritioh tariff la wo, leave* net a peg e hang a protective argument apon. We obacrve in the able incrrmed production, inereaoed conaumption of the J aw material, with inaraaoed employment for hand*, md consequent Increased aggmgate amount of wagaa mid. Thaae are th* natural and inevitable result* ef a ( taedy dear currency, and a reduced tariff From th* ( i Ac lei eensus returns w* gather th* value ef demeetic , aaaufactarve in this country, th# aggregate ef which 1 s $305,000,000. TPs may compare the principal article# 1 vith the quantity ef similar artiale* Imported in the < ame year,a# follows j loawiTic Maavcicniic amp 'wreav* or Caarna Aariclss is ism?'m. flqerM Manufactured. Importtd Foreign. DetuHit. Jetton (bupds is, OS 909 tfiui Mi l.tss.soo S,M*,tar Voollen ^ XI ,000.000 OdXi.UO *17,000 .?aUier " 00 0*0,008 imoil li lts 9*0,587 lardware, I.9W.II IMa 70,000 *41*08 roe. 99,000,000 3 *00 ? ? 9*3,000 (pifits, 10,90# 000 lK.000 tit,000 383,000 . Mass, 1,000 0 4 309.000 10000 0MV4 " 'aper, 8,130 000 70,100 *t,000 70,075 In this we perceive that two thirds of tho imported slue of cotton goods is re-exported. The valne ef th* ? mpoTt* is very nearly correct while that of tho menu- ? actures is much abort of tho truth. Tho value is un- ? loubtedly near $50,000,000, leaving $45,000 000 of domso- ' ic monuiooture consumed in the country and $0,000/100 1 inly ofimported goods or about 10 per cent, of tho conumptfen, notwithstanding that the cry ia that foreign j ompetitien ruins our domestic industry. Nearly tho j amo feotnre is apparent in every other article. In j eothcr there is no foreign competition whatever. In 1 ron it is merely nominal, and yet with those facta taring them la the face, the 700,000 peraoaa engaged , n foreign trade and manufactures ask the remainag 4,000/KM) engaged ia agricultureo and other purults, to submit to eneroos taxes, on tho whole con sump- 1 ion for thsir particular beaefib I Sulea at Use stock Mxetanmgw. [3000 N ? '?, 1803 78f io Com oasutel Bank If ] LA- DO Ma wo an FV_I k U S mm" (3000 do lOila TS too do l?Odt 00 1 1600 0W*o Si sen, ISM TO W do stSds Ml ktoov Illinois Booda 90) w HUnoi- Bank 111 I liooo do 91 *0 Bo*h? k Pro*. 07 ] MObO do 90) SO IWIACo. IS) 1 UOOO do 901 80 do 10) I 9Sabtrta Am. Ex. Bank iM ivo Loot islandRK ki) 83 I IS do t.4 m? 56) 98 do 89) ; Socond Board. (030 Del. fcHudsrn * 00 to SO Long Island . 001 IS do iJli M II Latayalte Beak 97) ' W0Indiana Bonds no 99) 70 Harlem RK 0) Cattle Market. Market dull to day. Few cattle in for immedi ate sale, j Mot more than eight beeves, nine hundred sheep and 1 laaabe,aud fifiy cows and calves. Bales of beerceet pri- I mo ranging from ft 80 to $7 93 a hundred weight?ot (heap from $* to $8 a head?of lambs from $1 80 to $3 1 lltto, and of eowa and calves from 990 to $J5. Late in the after noon the supply of sheep and lambs a as considerably increased by the arrival of two steammat lo.ds from up the river. Ae the slaughter of hogs at this season is important to he denier, wo give the wHewing from the Cincinnati 3axette -? . We learn from J W Coleman, Esq. who carries on the irincipsl slaughtering house, that at hia establishment, here have been killed this year, 83MI hogs against ibeut 109 000 lAt year. At the other principal houses icer this, there here been killed about 11,000. At Coriogton we learn that about 0000 hara been killed. ..est year Mr. Coleman killed about 99,000 from Imueky, and thlt year about 1909- The pester number if hogs hare come this year from Indians. The number if hogs pocked this year, wiil fail short of that last year ibout 38 or 30,000. L. , " .. - ?L - . . ! Mows lag. On the 3d instant, by the Rev. John A.VanDoseu, bui Da Witt, eldest eon of the late Professor Do Witt, if Rutgsrs' College, New Brunswick, N. J., to Ma six Louur, only daughter of Dr. O. Van Doxnn, of tbiscity. At Tonkere, Westchester county, on 31 Inst, by the iter. Mr. Btorrs. Mr. B. F. Coahc, of the firm of B F. ?rane fit Co., of New York, to Miss Emmine Smith, roungest daughter of the Hon. Caleb Smith, of the for < ner place. DIoM. On Monday morning, of a lingering illness. Louisa. . rife of Eraetna Wotmore, in the 24th yoer of her age. The ralaiiroa and fricude ef the bail; are invited to ittend her funeral thia afttraooa, at 3 o'clock, from No. 1 Elizabeth afreet. j On Monday Morning, the Rev. Hobabt M. Baktlictt. Ila relatives and friends are invited to attend hie fane- i -al thia afternoon, at 44 o'clock, from hia lata reaidence, ; IBS Daana at rent. 1 On Sunday, fth inat., of amall pox, Maj >r AacmaaLD , Fade Hamilton, in the Hat year of hit aye. , On the fth Inat , of coneuMptlou, Mra. Lbtitia How- | .an. wife of Bamual Howard, in her 45th year. I On Sunday, fth inat., CnaaLM Abchbb, aged a boot 10 'ear*. ' On tho 4th iaa^'of a abort but aovere Ulneaa, John , Yaliace.Io the llth tear of hia age. Ol Monday, 7.h inat., of dropay in tho brain, Louie*, j onngeat daughter of J. M. Bovoa, in tho 90th Month ol t ler age. I On Monday aflernoon, 7th inat., of the croup, Alida ' Iatheuiku, daughter of Henry Y. and Anna Allien,aged ! 3 Mentha. , Weekly Report of Intel Monro the City ano County of Ntw York, from tht 2tth day ef Jan. ' lilt to the 5th day of F- b., 1142 M Mrr?IS Women?:a Bo> a?fa Oirla. Total 171. I Pnojit-Avapnv t, A th.aa 8; Aai.hyiy a: Abaiaea I; I lieeiium 9; Bleeding from etnumch a; Blcedine from luaea2 turned or ecaldad I; Caeualtiea I; Cholera Iiifaatiim I; Cholera i lorhuaa;Cinrara; Colic 0; ConaumptioaMtCenvulaiooa14. 1 Iroupor Hivra 1; Debility a; Delirium inauu l; DUbctea 3-. ] Hantma 1; Death from PowouO; Dropay 44 Dropay ia head i Dropay in the cheat I; Drowned 1; Dyaentery J; krv?iprlae ( ; Eftlrpey ; Fever t; do. ecarlet 0: do typhoid a; do. |wurp<- i al I; do. ramattrntt; .to.biliou* a. do.iuflamaaatory ?;<tu iota- 1 ultrat 0i liravaia; Hip Diaaaar 0; intemperance It loltamlation t; do. o4 liear I; do of womb 0; do. of brain 11 do. of I toraachO; do of cheat 0: do of lunga I; dn.of bowelei; do of argot I; Jaundice 0; Killed er murdered I, Locked Jaw ; Luaa venerea, Mortification a; Maiformatioa ?; Maratmu , 1 Maaalea 1; Old age I; Organic diaaaer ef heart ; Paiey I; 1 llwumatiani 0; Spinal dia-aae 0; Seirrhua 0; Suicide ft Sprue , I Small Poa Si Scrofula at Teething Ij Tuaaar 0; Unknown . ; Uloeration ol threat a; Ulcere t| Variutoxi ; Whaapiaa 1 Ough St Woraaa a . An at?Of 1 year and under. M; between I and i, ! :? and (, 1 I; S 1 la and M.t; Maud M til M aad 40, li; 40 and , tilHutaij; aaand Te.4; Trend 10.i;00andM 11 Maud 1 to, *: too aad upward*,ii uakauwn. a. , Place* or Naiitit*?United Suae*198:IrelandM: England J .liL"?* wtei'dHj* j woden 0; win 0: Alma 0; Spain 0; Ruauia 1; Italy It 8 , .moriea a; Unkaownt. J Pamaaytra Arrived. 1 Loui.on?ahip Ihiladcl^hii?M Lmau.of New York; Edw I ldw?rda L ad a. HiMarao? Slop Ste haai? Anguat Bt .hi and lady, Ileraaana Itahl, A Ohlaeu, w Jano* u?3? m the lerrne*. NawOai.nna?Ship (tenure?Jr Wmdharroek. J Beckett ' 11 ia ihoaleengr. ^ Foreign ImapwrtattoM. 1 Loki'OV?ab'i. ft il?de1|hi? Wit bar* iron H L Roufh?07 kevPiakertonkHan-Ml* Dori-ta I* W T h H Mali?11 t WB Btnd-a 8 nee k c???11 Waal, Mil h T"i>mtaoo?2 Rich da, liaoell h to?2 Bowe?,J?ue?fceo?tHabf ehaw ftjonea u -t Lealefc Fair nan?taPun k tMt* art?I J Mort-mer lr k * o?IT U May< r It wo?li tVm Yijo ?? Bruatleia. K-mp It eo -a C M Samptou?P" K Fiedler- 2 O C Th?rbun?-td O K e > aiot?7 Wl annh Bwwu? ? Ifcj Stewart kro?? N L nnig _ 1 eo?IJ Hor??v?II Wi nter k Ooo^U?It I. I Cohea-s r ["Keren, Rockwell keo?24 A k R Wnl er?it (J M Haywood . Lc i?4 D Ap'.leton k co?3 Koaarrt k Willi-mt?it II T ' ihnpaea^-4 Bewarkeo- tW 'cKcefcc?-lWi| y k Mo rt m -J l i nnpii-i wiif? i u> nm? v r Dvawin?* i nines I to?t Oartaa H-eftree ft ro?t M I bheriaia k rn?i I T?ot Iwaia a A fidmkw-ll WiaM. hhsw?5 Hot* e ( Own? I Ptaboih Ki**? k o- 4 ? il Bi .?1 Neeintfcc.iJ 5 J Brats k en?W A * k 1? Rnbers-41 J ftlliww,~4 A A 1 rfw-M I) HUM k -n i-M 0?<raiM, Johust.ii k en?14 liffbia. lrta?>*-? k an?M U ki.C?mai?(kc<i-ll W Bru in Irkeo?I i UK M<|iakc ?* Clarb. WoinaikaUn*rtw?>*. Til?m ken?44 J Horary?32 A V Snxllard? MS hers una Orlaasll, Miutam k to?t i-k|> DrlaArlrf k ?o?1 > A De'san?I You %. * mith k c??I HkV Tobiae-I J ?iiioa-1 R Baaar" k >??I L ronb k < ?>?I HdW Blunt?I I Brliwin? I ( H Banbsr?I B He-t?t Barllait fc Walfort?I I Wheeler?I1> i-4??>-l P* ?1 n Seymour?1 J I) iVriaht?I R *"? ft < ?? l ? k eo?I Friers k on-aar ' WsOraaaBlJi Ikn-tW.lf II ?4 rtatfor* ssrr'l ? . ?? O rt (Ha one?J C 1/ W til 4 W V. rw reft*-l HrrOLiy-4 Boieraa ll Kusch?? c H *aad -T T7 bars sprier Fhrlpa, Do<a k f?I k Je? HerHnf? H D >11 _ei-? M K siaef ft e -1 J K Oral,h_l r ll K H ?l??4 JB ftbaA a h c<v-T H-ehferti? I A ft E Wa-bntj?I M W raMistir?U ( hka Mailer?s J W ttxrl fh'r.'laia 4 1IF I. ?im?I C Z eh irt ?1 J lllwfc-t J M [JeeenlwTVft c0? P'?*b r,e,M ft UM-ll Wo MA Mr urn a r ATotaJ>?m?.-? JC H?'ek , ?-* F * SafeawU ft m_i 1 It Hall *>a -41 Aft ft Wa borj,-1 |a o?an ft Ha aaa-l 4ahane*?r ft%ai'*w?I ' AkeeolrMi? Ml it l ay ft ?aea< ag~ i F Dtfr*?I Joim Brown?4 Nusntsc, K sl" ft an?* E*smril < /ewTk-fJ F ???a-10 V" k L ?? asers?3 ft Back k -n-7 I ||a?? k Folli a? ila'h r.iftji'avrr?l I II'naiun?t F lai tfalter?*H UfrsiHrt-l 1 On<ftrWftkl -J CulUr ?r U CialiSH-l leofk. "tai f r* ft an-1 Baku*. Fas ft LbI (?> ? I **ar Baa ft I Mr- ktehe k <*oa*ei? II t Abrokf Ik?< E vl*> afcr?I IM On* ftheim ft en?4 Bar lay ft ft> rftat11 ** l O aasaibai?4a Ma> er, Leas ft sa?T C H Baa* I* k Uat?n~i C Hedg* >7 M m k ?m7cTi?-? We1 ft k W>5S^.tWffKSr*Stt-98 uTiuJt k oo-O WAS. tu k eo?itio ktfi epeltor l to fV|i to StrRiLLi-lvk Akiuiw T< (Hkl brandy E Mtttn k lw Hi Mmln-N ct m lmi?r k w-45 D CMtolba?so I Durapd M? A Bug?It*?looO Wee-eight?-It A Btama|uktt-ll Betwodk do?00 do 1M caalto orider Dwatttk baporutloni. NkW Oat-atiee?Ship ?i?n W M< M ln;4n. Bege k co?100 bbta |mrfc Id* keg* lard i* Unda ahouliler. JjiJIoi 4 k co?000 kt|t lard ? lltodlar?10* tack* tnru Oeo W Tread rell-t hhdc tobacco T A H Mn*ni?c-4e?ki liaaard oik W E Lawrence?Tl bhle carter nil Brrhtej V Dreyrr?1 be* tad) bbi Paean an Jaha Hy4 -p? IM bhl* flour Baford. Ma*'Ion* k e>?lit bbt* pork Jaa Bp. 4 k co? ?r? * *< lar J J Boyd k ro-JObble factor oil H Kield?70 bale* cot too 14 draper, jr? 65b^lt cloverseed Wk J Jimw?S8 t K? bacon XoJrcw Carrigaa? 1 William M E Wat;?ISO k g< lard W B Burnett VciCaa dry good* Praatioa. 1 hurt k co?It ?bl? clortraced R Imo?70 Hbd* >ugir tUbert* It William ? IIS bale* t baceo to order?.8 bb!* clover! b*l"0 (bother* iu irdtr?44 bbl* evtup Maetor* Varkoe aodco?00 hhd* h.mmd ehoulder* 8rath It eo?til bb*e pork Idratk k CO?iIS lid. J and T 8 Window? l boa mdxa Oay I ueeae k Noel - It fealoo eottoa 4 do wool 4 Draper jno?1 aruak* dry good* IV P Ditoe?170 bbl* molaaoe* W ? Mockor-SM bale* cotoa Br wn Brotbero k eo. ... Mobile -Ship Alahamiaa? IS bale* cotton Wood, j. hoion k Barrel 1?05 O T Trimb*ll-I7 Kly, Hip ilk k Or oho-It l?MM A Knee end?IS dheeeard k Howe?ITS Hoi bom. Nel we k eo?U L Pi raen?4 BpoCord k Tileotoa?74 J H Talla*n?IU K D Hurl but k co?St B W (Jraut?1 bo* Brovra, S'ake fcco-S Root k Wheeler? 1 J H HUl-tt bale* cotton iV D Mather?OS to order. MARITIME HERALD. PORT or 1IBW YORK, PXBROiRY ?. ot f i mm i) i v* tXT% s rlnnwira bib PmRbUI* AirtTB, PMfetUtoDtpan. LORDM. LOrtPOH IwidaerUnd, Smith, Ju.t WelliigtoB, Chadw iek, Feb iS Jotario, Bradjon, Jam. la Qu bee Hchard, Feb M . utmmm. Philadelphia, H?r?, Mar. 1 HwSeld. A Ilea Jul urmmrool! J. Amrrn. Lewbar, Jam 1 U. Stater, Brrtton, Fab, 11 Interne, Col line, Jaa.II Koglaad, Waiie. Fab. II Harm*. Harms. Jaeida. k'anh, Dee. II La Daeh?aaa d*Orteaiia. Feb. I Vrgo, Aaihomy, Dee II Selljr Thomnoa, Feb II frmocia lit, AMeworth, Jam. I Iowa, Pall, Feb. If Oapartmra of lha AUamtll Kmhwi. _ . . iMummi. rmoM aairam. CiMwe Fab. 4 Mar. 1 Aaelia Mar. 4 April a Columbia Aprils .......Mar 1 Britannia AprilII Mar H Caledonia Map 4 June l Alalia Mar 1> June n Cula?i.bia Jane 4 "Jly a 1% M?larm of VmtH. r?aamiaailan of Tteeela will eomrar m Ihror by hieing a Jill 4 Iheir aarfoaa, paaaanfiri. ami a report t raaaala left at be port wbeooa tbey railed, ami the reeaela apokan, ready a tbair mriml bare for Commodore Baiiett, of emr Baal 4 nawa achoomora. Ha wiB board then immediately am hair anient. Olearad. Shipe Duehraae d'Orleina. Rirhardeoa. Harre. W Wbitlocb, I'i New, Buiitiur, Cnirleiioii, Hiebe a Co; Auaoe, Bmekmaa, .hailraloa G o Button.?Baik Falmoub, Davie, MiUuua. V J T.uraton k Co.?Brim .uctmnora, Aally, Havana, G L Heacham.?Fchra TherfJeul, Willie, Baltimore; Mary Jame, McMetb, Norfolk; F.I trim, Dodge. Boetou. Arrlvaa. Picket aliip Tiiladi lphia, Horey, frooa London and Porten< Bill. Dee IT, milie, to John Griewold. H .mburg ehip Ateihani, Flor, from Hambjrg. No* 15, mdte, ;o fchmidifcBalcnru. Ship Oconee, daya from New Orleama, cotton, to ?colt fc Norrell 1'he I i. iu coming up the Bay, on Sunday ivtaina, went aahoie rn Homer. The attamcra Samaou and llcrenlee went to ber aaaietance, and the waa got off witnont eceliirg any damage. on>p iniMui .n, l.iuc, 11 rays nora jugoui, cotton, to r. u Hurlkut i Co. French b?ik Alnindre, Bilard, from Rochelle, Jan 1, wine ind fruit. In A 8'igi.ette. Baik VaUiarhieo, L- ckwood, from ranion, Oct Itth, with a Full cargo of teaa tud ailka, to Booth It Edgar. Not 34, off the [ale of Fraeee tireucnccd a severe hurricane, loat topmast, ? >atr, bulwarks, ki Nov t, tat It S3, ion ti 47, palled ship Coucord.of Bui too; Dee 11, Ut 35 31, Ion 3330, ipoke Br bark Hataiil. n R. n; I3ttt lat 3( 29, lun 21 90 exel auged signals with ship OeW tlariiion; 23d ult lat 2.', Ion 50, ipoke ich Mare Hill. I7d yi from Oe< rgetown 80. for Ant gut; tOih.Ut S3 30, Ion 73 45, exchanged aiguala with ahip Alexandria, In AlexanIria, steering ENC. Brig Ann e.lixi L, Skaati, from Trio dad de Cuba, Jan IT, with 10# hkdi 4 ici molasses 130 bxe sugar to Chaitelain It Poorer t. Ce't biigr A'l.Uico, f.r Uoiion, next dry; Mary I me, Portland, log; Old Colony, do 3; Orb. from do. arr 14th; Esseline, Jord-n, fin it Jagnde Cuba for NYork.ldg; Neptune,for Boston disg; iclirTii.iliu'.Uorv, NYork.ldg. 30th ult. lat30, ton 10 43, ipoke biuk Alabama, frem Mobile for Boston. fchr OcbI i.obb IL-mmoud, || days front St Domingo, Tin Newport, mahagau), to J F. ulke It Son. BeiOW. A sh'r> said to be the Vieksburg. Barn Oiliteo, - f Augusta, from NOrleane. hwedi-h brig H-matin, to D H Robertson. Also,three briga u..known. nrino Correnponaence. Ht Thnui, J in. 25. In pert?Wm It John, An Bveton for Monterideo, put in in lis'reti eecond time,ou the 2<Lin?t. co'demoed, to l>esold 37th: kdnatie, (rem Reeton, diet ice: Id*, fm do for La Gutyra S it, lisg ice; Joe Cewperiliwitt. ai g; Violet, I'm Bwrbadoee, wig > i Pen Oiore*. fm Tiinided, dug; 8t Mai hi, Williams, iroiu YYerk.uue do; llde'ense, fur sale, frt or ehtr: A pubis, do, ??g frt; Commerce. Tri liiltd PS. do; Despatch, fm I riuidad, irr*lit,'di?g; Jae Munroe, from WmC Miter A f. lea, with So bole oil; Li grange, from a cruia-, 300 bb'i oil. put in for an I Utes m.e day on a cruise; Ciuton, im Marblelead, wtg At; Martht Elisabeth, Baltimore, do; Alicia, (hi, lug, Cyrus, rMhltlpliii, do; Af n-a, Antigua, do: arah jane, lo. wtg frt; Aieo>, Barbed in, do; Galena, Guadeloupe, do; Architect, Sarbadoei for NOriatne, same d iy; Cora, Philadelphia for Marac.ioo, dug; George wax bound to rhitadelphii, Ct in in dietrtee. con 'rn n-d, a> d wax fold I lib; Edw Biahe. i GumLiIo ipr, up for frt; Grand Turk,for Porto Rico Fab i; Mag iolia for do, up for fr?; Tuscan, tm Ber ice for Wilmington day; Norria Stanley, from 8t f'roix, dug part of :argo; Creels, fm Mar ioique. up for frt; J H Wilmington NC.for Porrn Mtco. called in for iaformet'on: T Hat ward, fm Marti uq e, op for frt; Grrc an. fm St Vincent, up for fetor cktr; Noim .n, Gualaloupr, do lo; Ai|ioe,do far WilmingtonNC.unc; Adalinv,Martinique for do. to sail next lay. General Raeerd, PacncT iittr Or.o. Wsihinctoiv, Burrows, for Liverpool, d. turned. 8k? will mil Hrr Utter U|i era at [Jilpm's, in the Exchange. piclct iHir Dvchkvsc n"oa tkaivs,Richardson, for Hsrre, rill mil to-day. Her Utter bags are at C>il pin's New# Roome, n the Exchange. in BaovHUS.?The bark which taob a Viaeyard pilot lilt lilt, and was supposed to be from India, bound to N York, vis the Brothers, that arrirtd at Boston (ram New Orleans, act wetk >IM Aatoata ?The ketone, of Portland, Mitchell, from VO lean", vt b^nee ?he sailed 1* h ult. with a cargo of molesles.fl rur and whiskey, bound to NTorh, struck on the Round Iboal, south ot Cape Hetieria, on Saturday night Mlh ult. at I 'stock, and a ton after beat i.rer the breakers, and at ta sunk. The -sprain. crew and passengers wsie ?ll eared,and ariired at Saiftilk 3d met. IarrsaraNT to Pmr Owsxxi ?In a recent caas before Judge ilotjr, in the U B Circuit Court at Boston, his hoaor, in chargsg the jury, remarked as foils wi" And I desire to say. tbat t may be fc matter of great doubt,nhether,if the master (of a reeaei)sets ?ail on a rayags wiih a crew is each a state at inrtiratu n asdieabUs them at the ume from the properperfurnaiiceol the ship's duty, and any disaster ariaia therefrom, my loss from that disaster would be recoverable from the anlerwi iters uadar our tt mmoa policies of insurance. Thesbip inder ruth circumstances, could scarcely be deemed, in the ease of the Uw, seaworthy for the Toy age." rnrstgn Porta, Macao, Oct I?Ait Hear* Piatt, flayers, Philadelphia. Igth -In part, ''a'amet. Lucas try nth a. Jthnon, Delhi, Crocket; -ems. Eudicott; Niantic. Doty; Henry Pratt, Rogers; Tcuiee, Mvralftas. JaJi ?5?Sid Wm Kales, fer Bristol, RI; Washnyton, for Portland; Wm Hcaiy, and New Columbia, f r VarreuKl. Arr Ceutuiion, Portland; Win , Frank rert I. BraMi os, Jan II?The Elisabeth, of NTorh,from Portland or the We<l Indies, struck on the rocks to the mrlh of these stands on the nigh: of Tuesday last, butgot sff at high water, in I not having sustained au> injury, proceeded cn her voyage. Br (IsuXQsS. Brrmuda. Jan tt?An Alexander,New York; era, W.lmiag ion NC. Cnltsd Mats* Porta. Philadelphia, Fsb ?Arr Plato, Matinees. CM Treaty, ilamhurg; Lafaye'ie, Boston. Osoaoaroww, DC. Feb 4?tt'd Hushsmore, NYorlt. Richmond. Feb a?Hid Herd, Boston. Arr 4th, Alaekaman, Vfork. PaKncatctifntrsG. Feb 4?Arr Atlantic, Bostoa. Cld Helen ' _ _ PlosroL*. K?bt?'n Hampton Roads. President,fm Port 1 sad, round up lbs hoy. Cld 3d. HuJson, Wes India; Mary, de. Wilh ifivov, NO. Fab t?Arr Anaswao, Pi tat PetreOuad; r'.lixs trills. Barbadses: Friends, Demurer*: Will, Bt Berts; iVslliee, Jamaica: Osceola, Martinique; Hellespont,do; Bsrine, Providence; rales'ins, do; Orbit, Bermuda. Cld Lion, rutdali up ; Mary Jan-, Martinique: Bailie,do; America,dot Ji m-rid Berbedoea: t"uxan Km/, Bt Lucu. Sarah Louisa, 'uba; Martha Wood, Porta Rice; Grandee, do; C ? Thorn, N fork Bt Msass. junto?Arr Mohawk, Breton; Signal, do. C.'d ^Rinss,do; Cyrus, NYoik. DnuTllrtiriruP PVMiI.E WI.T.Q pHISK lar-famed >M ? lrbnt?l pills, from Portugel, in 1 wi perceive, to b? obtained ii this conn try Rm ndveri?mod n? the hat eolnmaof fourth mt. d? lm?m JtfKCCOMK TO CHAHLK8 DICKENS?1HK BOZ tV BALL. ? Th* Ball to ba given to Mr. iharlea Pickens nd2lady. under lla dinciim of Committee of Ci'iitsi of ' lew York, will take ??1 -c at the Park theatre, on Monday, I le 14th na?t. The M lowing rules at 4 regulations to be ot>srved on the kcuioo t? Tie doorr lo bcoprnat half-past ?errn, and lite danriog to omiaenca at nine o'clock. The Commitiae to appear ia full Ball Prime, and wear Beetles, with anpropri'te designs. Military and Naval OAcera to appear ia their respective uniK*. All fancy dreaaaa to bt p eitirely eselodad, eaeept anch an re admittednoder the <lw*et ioa o< the Committee. An ample supply of Kefreehmeat* to be provided for the ompaay. CI?<k and retiring rorrnt to he set start for the sccommodaion of theladic, and euiiahle a isndaets to be in waiting. An awning to be erected in the front of tha Theatre. Car* iagra will rone inio liae with Ilia botaee' hands tew at da , 'hathem street, and take up la the opposite directum. (lea ii* me it are re<) tested to dismiat their earring* s onermag at the doer, and to take the one nppoaite loglie entrance H fiieir dtpirtuil. The >a;ierinlenilant of carriages will be ia attendance to ! reserve regularity, and to ate that no impose ion be pre: I lead upon the company, through earslee mess, estra charges ir otherwise. . AoeBhient po'iee has bten engaged to seeoro order, ia the irrival and departutr of the e;impaoy. _ _ _ . .. No more person* w-l> be ad mf'ed to the fete than the Bail ?om e:m conveniently accommodate. j d- Whslf of the Commute.^'H"^ORRli, ! Chairman. ?: c.Patr'N ___ j pmftkii anNI'ol bALCol the'rturiTTKMinfo I KaNCK A-fOl.lA HON will take 'f tlie Society, corner of Broadway and Uraod etceet, on Secretary of the Hope r?Mwrat>ra fltMiitr ( hlf cAtt* ll?Or?nti llnf! Of ftt Ifit owing Committee.?_ ... . C. N.TblivTa, *11 * $ Committee. {* mh^BreWc at Warine at I If THOMAS lUL (fHr?lAf.HJM Mi I |>MiHhA.I Wk DUftsoir! HailmiyiiniSw. mrthikSWlllsnitM oral Market, the eatire raiaaMe faraitare ?f a |nU;aaa ay hwatlmjin, enmpeiaiBf raaeeU, ia>raia other ear* p"?e. Iai?e Krai eh plate look lea (1 eeee. Kreach chain, aaar ble lop t hire, eoiae, aiai.tle e?eea, cloche aai nneaat*a'e. a valuak e prano fete aiaie bp Oeik aoi Walker, beiro a> lurrr'd'ar' aieaaiia aaiatker honeikaepeaa artickaia food a-a a a . . THL'BSBAY. Splendid FaTiilnre-Atio| eVook la the aaM reeeie. lar*e houeek reuo? "*" focailwre, fr?ee faaaiKre airing up Alio a email etock of choice dry roode. 4 Lrunke of clothing "lI" ut'4,r meehaniee toula. S quarter Piper Freoch brandv, Mbesre ?l leaare, 37 b.iee eoap pat up for family u<e, a epleadld work boi, a heel rale aoMlrrer walnSTIhree gold ehaine ta o dt .mood piue, and a rarielr ?f cu-ioue >ad rali'iible arlic'oe. nune, hardware. lu. ~Z~ Sy tUCrlalr fc AKCULARftl'sr' Tkia aaaraioK. at ia o'clock, al ike A ctioaroom.Mt Broad *'? caraer of Uuaae (treat.-I.arge rale of wiure, liquore Haraoa argute. he . inrludinc braudv aod cia ? h?ir r?JK? St. Croil, Old Port, Sherry, Star. Arrow, and O'her lavnrite brand.; ( ';*ne, St Julieu aud L.A ItCliret, Marseilles and Canar, : Coin, Ivor, Principe, IIitim and Regalia segais old and Am AI?>,Mtiril caaka of wine by oedrrof aMarahal. Kornitu'O? Alan, tome aicalleat new and Mtotf hand furlilar , including two sofas, I aofa bedstead. French and hall Fitacli mahog.ay chaica. table*, bade aad bedding, lookiug giaaaes. nifi aud muff bnxa*. atock a d ahirt boxea. far*, kt. ho. Besides ai|uautit/ of glaao war*, China, kitchen furui tuff. ItCa lie. 8ATUHDAY EVENING, At half |?tl *ix o'clce'c, A larg* and beam ful assortment of ancient and aiedera fniwiaga f? ? POR SALIC, or exchange. *r to rant?Land in Lycoming r county, Penna. lit I* good?Ala*. Uu Iota in Baixw cimuiy. N J., half a mile from Newark?Ala*t* lent, a MvminEUsahatlitnwn. N J? eomjjling 01 i aaran, barn, aad good \m?er, rant only MM ; I hooractdefrom Now Tors. Tor pnrtieainre apply to HENRY SMITH,3 Nassau at. JMla* >in mT MAIL LINK FOR ALBANY andlnterr_ . iWLlji m?diate Flacra.?The aplendid Steamboat K^SCLtELIKIKAi'H, will If are the loot ?f Courtlaailt rivet, thia (Tuesday) afternoon. Feb Sth, at (o'clock. The ate tmer Uliea. t apt. A. H. Srhullx, will lrarofur Albany, on Wednesday ev.uiug, at 8 o'clock. For paaaage or freight, apply on board, or to P?C. SCHl'LTZ, fait at the Whaif. - ? FOR HATANA?With Dcapateh?The /fifipBltua bark 'LARlUN.Capt K Duua. h,ving nearly all ol her cargo eng*g-d will hare i nmedlale deapatch for the tbore port.? RBRI^wofraiilil 'aken at the low cat rata* and i aaaaga mouev rrduoad 10 $Ij. The accommodation* of thia boautilalaleam.r isuaaurpa-aad, aid the great advantage ah* ha* arcr all ether a ailing reaorU in calm and light wind, alIM Pioo. corner of South, o lo UBORUE K. COOKY, fa T eoraar t>? Front and Wall it*. XJtg- FOR LIVERPOOL ?Tha rery fast sailing |H^ pocket >hip I'd ZOO, B J. H. Traak, having JBS&Mmest of her cargo on board, will hare im Mediate For fraught or f asaage. having splendid fu-niahod aceammodaiiona, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at. E. K. COLLINS k CO. f( It M South at. lO FOK COLUMBlA RIVER, Oragon Terminer, touching at Valparaiso aud the Sandwich*. JSHNaiThc feat tailing copper fastened and conparad picket (hip VICTORIA, John H Spring, mat tar, will anil aa above on the Mlh Fr ru iry. For freight or paaaage, baring geod aceommodatioua, ap1-740 A. f?. k A. W. BENSON, fltw* SI Old Slip, S doora from S,mill at. PASBAITkTOR BKld l OL- l h* aplau?ml nil JBhet brig NORTHERNER. Capt Hiee, mill hare in flMAmediala despslcbfor the above port, h.ring aupcrior Xmaodatiau lor a few e ibiu, and aeaond cabin paaaangers. ih wili b* taken at moderate rate*, il early application ia Ma to W.kJ. T. TAPSlfOTT, II Sou'h atrect, Paroons dcairouaol tending for their friends to come oat from i he above port, can make the atcaaotry arrangameut. by applying aa abotc. JIT a*a- OLD LINE OF~nVERFOOL PACKETS ? MnVlLHrgular Packet of the 19th February.?The favorite UK very faat sailing parket ah| ENGLAND. Capt. B. L. Waite will sail positively on Saltlday, tba Itik of Fab. bar regular day. The accommodation* of thia lias for cabia, li eahia aad ataerag* paaarngrra, ara wail known to be rupcrior to any oihta, and Ihoae aroat t* embark should maku early application on board, foot of Beekman street, or to ROCHE, BROTHERS R CO. M Fulton at. next door to the Fulton Bank. Persona dcairoua of aendiog to ihc old country, for their friods, can Kara th-m brought out in tha KNULAND. ailing .from Liverpool on the 7th of April, or in nay of the hip* comprising the old line, aaling fV<>m there punctually on the 7 th and Mth of every month. For paw age apply u above. II REMITTANCES TO AND t'ASMAOlL KKOM URKAl BRITAIN AND IRELAND, BY THJC A fit fa M. OLD LINE UVERPOOLFJCKjin Persons wishing to wad to the old. country for their frianda. Ml make the neternary arrangeaente rith the snhaenhew. ind hare them eome out in thii euperior line of packet*, aniline 9mm Liverpool on tha 7th and IMJt of trery month. They win aloo have a tret rete claw of American transient ships sailin* very listh day, thereby affording a weekly coenaaunieaUoc from that port. One of the Aria. Mr. Jam s D. Roche, is thwe and will recaaia during the year IHt,tone that all the person* mhose pwiagei have been paid hete are forwarded with ewe munal Jfg|^||ch Should the part loo agreed for hot come out the money wtt ho returned to thoee who paid it herrwithout any deduction. YORK, " CAMBRIDGE. - COLUMBUS. - EUROPE, M SOUTH AMERICA, M ENGLAND " NORTH AMERICA Draft* at eight, for any amount, on the Kqval Bank of Ire te s:*" J",u" ?ot,sFi'iio"wi'A'i ssr? )00 00 Pidtonat..aevt door to the Fulton Bank. N. T \ RED BIRD LINK TO ALBANY, on the NWWh,, BKiet aide of the rirer, having better lepra ?"J teams?asking no higher tare.?Offer, Howard'* Hotel. ITS Broanway ? Passengers will be forward ed by Stwc to Albany by th * line from any point oo the Emt tide af Mm river where the boat* may be compelled by ice to will be on hoard each of the mail boat* to give astiatance an! information. Thi< line extend* to Montreal, touching at Albany, (offer ruder the Museum) and embrace* a very direct and eommo dioua rout* thither. TheaiaRetaon h.irwsof this line will be fonnd really the veet on the Albauv route,aed-oo d< ception. The strictest attention will be puui to the comfort, conve iieae* and spa-d of all who may give ue the prsfeme*. when the river shell be shut up entirely. Red Bird will tun ail thr* jgh from New York city to AJoaay. M. H?j&XTER, j AY,bU I. T BAKER. Proprietor. AbI CHEAP AND GOOD-Ladies' Gaiters At ft aod ? t5 par pair; French But kins and Willii Ri hh >r? $1 ?nd It} Per pair;Ueiitlemia' water P&s-'Biw'irs.HaffJw jr. r,.1- rin proportion. Then there in atmit th-?p fXgtwir MruT!^eSt".,iiriri7BToh A. KNOX It no. ^&m;,oLu,ht'B4v* " flcate, in the rreecnce of two other wiidm.m ihi^e*.rt'?rs5S::is?;M ?. need, at that nau ber in the fT *" vear*or more after Or. Taylora niiam Jf I *? fi,re Brat intreduced to the pub te-Signad DuUl' SSSSH "* Bow err. Ae to Mr. J mee H Pi-TW M?j?hell, ?J mihliehed by me. etgned ia hie name, ae infertJjw*' tcrtieement in O ia paper. ' ,D'*rr,d "> ?drer Areata?J'. Allen,roraerof Rjrinctoa and . nleo at IWEeeex-.r, < Kirin,ton eL 7j l?ou.|J? .. iT**'*! Pii4?lcorMrHu(f?'Nifl(; M A. Niwiob J? v. it, ijanie' and 590 Broou-e .t; t? O,amiVt;,JS: f ? ** lit Bleeckr at; l?l and IT! Grand at: 3)0 Thled angina at; ?t Oeaauaey at; Ul Madiera .iVYTj!' ? ?'r" Madiaonalj Ml Pearl a'; 10 Blocker at: mi' ill muCin."?' " Ire at; ?? Chatham at: ttf William at* b vililrt otFronbfort and William .la; aleu, aa Wi liam *? ?^4' !?. " Agentr, T* and 1*1 Fulton at and 31 Main at tin tLl *2 .line'. .ewe.k; alao M Walnut at. ",",B ?? Broad Ubaerre Ihc price ae tollmen?Laree bolt I.. a>. _ . 9l; mall liieMuati. " ,>ol,,?, ?; ne?t a u r\B. JOtfKPH HP I-1._ a . aJ riadaoa. may be coaaulted ae ueual 'la^lt^^*18* which to ollenb-ffle the ekill of many' p?r afc???^lit?* Ikia head may be named eeeoudarj or L rmar ? l. jL:ii r matter how (ena agararated aa lone aa ih. ..VL-V ^ BO aw allow the mefdeioe. a perf," e 4 i. ,w* ? w.ll pay for the *ow of (We ta tha Ur rewrimd by the Dr. will bn retnmed. " money Pcrofalout duN*a<e? of Ui? ?kj0. di?*??m. _ children, Lirvr covipUiQta, Urap?M|m JS**1*11 tn. Tl ciiff rent kiiin. of WeAt{oi,!|,cL.-J J*.,*1 *B,'*d Keel, btammeriag, Ae.. wifl ?.^ ^fomrt .? Cl"h Canal etreet. .F-riormed at hia oflfae. tat to I* r iTha'tPNo ?? t>rett.*Break""XftP " GHdrAl WaMUSu ma itil AuaTZV*?H**rzrM~~ JOHN VaIL will comnence thifl rwdii h if i* it eight o'?lock. at the Ut-ion Stage Houre comet ofCoTunf' I kia and Houaton atreeU-U con inuc waUioe ? l nl,.r ,? Tort* hoore, ?it:?ut ,?t or .utp f ?* B <,';^','.rw Otrtcr or Jtrraneoie Inet a.erc Co ,> ?? . __ IJaw roan, hebruarj Tin. tatj. f IE BOARH of iilHKCTORB of thia Comraay hiee thia ray. declared a ae<. i annual t'i.idciid or Eteht ner Cant, pey utile to the Stockholder*, or their legel rcpreteuta ti ^r, on and after the 14 h inet Trenefer booke cloaed fiotn 19th lo Itth inet. tncluiire 1*3' IIKO. r H.rry. UermteW T'HE KAlfSr.Hn here llie honor to announce bittuif IrhZi! I end the pobli; in general, the* they * i|| .jTa , Or^nrf Vocal Concert, on W*dweda> evening, at the New Vork?C etety Library, wheu eeeeral new pieree will be bewejjit* Ticket* only Meeol*. to be haa at the Muaic Rtore. .,..1 .tfUted^. Concert to eommanca at half pw mm^Clt AMiAin.*. uttl aooni tmny/cl 1 grnlecl addrree. wwhea to be emplnrad >e m a rcrpect.blc family. nhc i, . goW .tJW.t"- ^?K' "\ed lo iadruct young clu drcn in lh" flfinrnUrv k?Jlr h i BagliataiidMuric, id aba .n,!*1 prtvate board'"g hou.a, ia eoaaectimi with a rrap^lab/TliLw A *UC NU .U Aol Pfaetici' bueja*..'habile," ,ud l*n?icn oiK'Hryfr, ?itni w prvrure iiiuminq lohMbaencmyUitdiaaereral titenairt Dry food JoSbiiir mdCowrai aioatlouMi in rbPodriphia for the l?al in year > Book-kwpar, can apeak lb* Orrm-n language,he. h? M willing to acetpt of any rtapcalabta employ mrul, mi <1 ?l >ra hia arrrl-ta tor a eary moderate torn pry* a'ion, ami th moil aaliefactory reference* pro luted A lituation in a Co,, . mwainn or Importing Houm would be p ilirod. A nolr addI to A. B.,tnd loft at Uiin, will man With n-owu)' aMratinw. __________ " itaMinaH HA.iiau.-'iiaNlii.r.Mr it now A ia the upper ran of th* city la a rory prod labia maiula urtng buiinc a, and haa lb* conorrn Mtfd np with rr?r thing a* denary 'or earn lag on (he bnainrr*?he ia denro > o cnnacetii a h.maalf with a raapretahla huaineeaman. wb?">?l forai.h Irom t?t to lira Hollar*, who would laht chart* of it. outdoor bu.mee* Iba Misaoiibor ? n rali'fy aay perdu wiakiag o engage la tha abora bnainara. thai it will ia> a pi? s?iCWrsh^Twe srTu-. ?... BiU THKATJ*~ttL L1IMU ,*U rarsaxs t MM at BaatM. fi? I. THE IOILAR iriTIM, Mi Tiaaafi iat DnMaia af HmPliMtta Man, HaHm an* Batata, frva ordinal Aral* it* fa ky Sir J oka Hi (achat Tka MOD KEN METHOD** PH TSICAL EEBEAECH Past III. THE MOON. Tkia part will ka illuatr .laS bjr a Ti iai|iiMl Ban f*a| lioa al tka Maoa eoterinf a tutftttal a baaIM i|Mia faat of l%>- AJiwioion 5ta-al?. ft d CIUTHAE TEEATNE. THIS EVENING. Kak k-Tka ptrfbraaata arfll mm mm a ilk OAME#TbK Or MH-AN. Or, t D?u?ht?r'? k'aitk. Couat AAreoehi, J E Bcatt | Krkkft'l# Kirkf" Amhi, Mii. Tlonc After which Tkc Kxtraragaaxa of tb? BLACK UHOBT. Mr Wick, H'rWrt | Jim AUaf Jaeey. BoaiHn Mia* Julia Nick, Mi fa Flyaa, To cawMi with JACOB FAITHFUL, _ Or, Tbe Liff af a Thame* WMiaa*. Old To- Beaxley, J R.Scott | Young Tarn. M?rv Ptapletoa. MaTWw Sarah Drummoud, Mia* Mntiftr ax** :nn ink ?d tiaaoMt Pit 1* 1%. .1 HT Pnrtain nana at T? pvaafaiw _ olthfw thbatbb TH1B EVENING, F*b I-TV. ymftrmaaaa wM mw meere with u _ . . MANFRED. M*a-Frad, MitchellI City Ch?rlaf. Mg? Sluitff.*t*a. a .. . .A,,,r which StilSOTfS! Extravagant*. anMtlad bTAKB AT THE A9TORJove. H rneaatl* I v*r*. TUliblHH Apollo, J Mereury, iSwST , MnTiaa. SMODEUBYn*'"?K& YORK. Or, the povilh Dawy Aamodaaa, MilchtUI I Albert Blank, KAmta Mr* Blank, Mn fka To aooelad* with 1 ^ THE HAPPT MAN. Ram Raati, Mr. Graham. Rkt-lii, Mr. Baioatt. Ko-Ket, Mix Bin*I.too Ad?i?if-Dreaa.irela RraMi. Vpper haeaa M a?h. W tsjr eauta. Private bora* |h ">AAf1l i^BW Mhalfuaat Hx. Curtain rtaaa at aevea ~ BUWliHY AMPIilTHRATRB, Ifo 97 Bci'try. la eooaeqot nee of Hit detention of tbe fear at, tbia Oanpua will remain her* thia war k. Farewell benefit ol Jo* Ptktlaad. the Yankee Clown. R W Palbaat. M.ater Diamond, Billy Whit lock and Pclkam have roluntve ed. A eat-to artpiova Fight by* Ward. WaUaoe, Brotra^. McClaakay, Kernoldi and Bob IreUad THIS EVENING Feb. 8-Th* nilii ItHai nil vBm menca with AMAZON ENTREE. By tbe male aad female Equaatriaaa. Comic Boa*. Mr Peuliaod - Horeemaiiahip by Maaler Buckley. The World ropey Turvy. by MuterTRirere. Mr Buckley a. the Yaakee Bailor. The River* Family in thair graceful aad aadaaiabdag feat* of Gyraux i.e. Mr. Gardner aa lb* ladiaa Warrior. Negro ExtravagauxM. Intendiaeion of Aftaea minute*. t .. ? . The aecond part will commeaaa wttl Mr Denou* labia Metamorthoae*. Every man for hiiuatlf by tb* w hole company. Bcatch Ring, Matter Burklty. M.trinorpoaaoaa the rlack.Mr C Rivera. Mr J Buckley in hia principal Act of Hortewianehip. Banjo Sena* and Breakdown*, Diamond and WhiUoek. The whole to conclu.'e with the AKT OF SELF DEFENCE. Doom open at H?performance commcncea at T. Bare* M cent*. Pit M eenta. The animal* belonging to tho Zoological Iaatrtnk, wtD b* epaa for emhibitioa during the holiday*. Eatrane* No. IT. m Ctrvitint Adaiwaion M erala AH Kill CAN MUSK CM, Corner Broadway and Ann akwt. Under tb* Management of Mr. P. T. Baraum'. Orand Extra Noviltira?The N w Hall oprned?Fall* of Niagara?City of DubKa I! La Ntita Carito, Matter Heary, Baa Tartar, aad T. O . Booth. Now Ronga, New Duetta. New D arret. Entire Chang* *f Graud loamora Viawa, with detailed printed deecriptieaa of each view. Firat time in America of the Ballr t DU BUCHERON, by L* Petit* Ce.ito, aad . !a#terH#?ry. EVERY DAY AND EVENING 1 Hli WEEK, Tbe Manager ha* at treat rxpeuae, affected a abort engage; ment with Mr. J II. exhibit bia atagaa* and internaliaf MODEL OF THE CITY OF DUBLIN. The Orand aud Sublime Exhibition of the atupendoaa FALLS OF NIAGARA! The woodrrful Exhibition of TV. DklfNTU ATIC D All DABIt iL. L.. AM .a in* (iibf nAtiv naiunvavt in>|tm'm aiTnaM OS the igr, if in coottant operation. To conclude with t popular Ettravagaiiza and Breakdown. bjr~Mr. BOOTH. jl The Albino Lady it litre every treainj. Aleoetbisiting Fancy Olatt Working, and Orood Cocaorum a Admittance to tha Muteun and all the inlailtlinaH. M watt. < bildraa under 10 yeart of age half price. QQf* Performance to commence at half paat T o'clock.nt whnb time a Bell will be rung. It GRAND Fancy DRESB BALL,-* la Musa-d, by eb? t liptioa, at" the Caffe ile? Mlllc Colonma, tin Broad way,? J. fin1 El' X hat thehouorlo iufora hit frienda ud patioio, that o-i Bhrnra Tuetday. the hth ol February, A Grand Faiiey Dreat B <11 will be given at hit brilliant Saloon. The orcheftra will ciecme, on Ike occmh a a i the quadullet and walix*t originally performed all he " Bait Muaard'* at 1'arie. and will be led by Mr. Maaa mar, pupil and member of (he Co- e?r?aioire of Miiaie at Pane, and Lrat performer on the Valve Trumpet at tlia " Bala et Coucertf vtueard Nothing will be neglected, on the p-irt of Mr roiateUT* to reader (hit ball one of ihe moot beifliaat erer given in than eity. A aaperh aaortmmt of new eoetumee and neh fancy dreaaca can be bire<l of Mr. P. at raaa.uable terma. The hall will commence at twelve o'clock, P. N., pre claely. bubaciib-rt meat provide tl.eaitalvit with tiekett beforeb ud, which can be obiained at the bar of thr Cafe. Ticketa One Dollar, to admit a lienllema i aad Lady. 3(7- Private Saloon will be rtaerve I fur the l:dl<-a ute etrlueively, where ev**T accommodation they can dt aire during the ball w U> be provided. W. B ?The beat uf rrfrrehmca'a of all kiadt can be oktaiaed alio at the ealabliakment. ft H* Ski NIBLO k iiUSI.Al* would reapecilully ial rm the Indian of New Yoik and itf vicinitv >hat Ihieir Conaervatory W da ly open f r , heir inaiaction, whe they will be happy tm are ihein.aad where ran b - obtained pirate of every atiadc tad hue on (be inont rtaauuable terma. auch aa cam lira or Japan rote in earn lira, rluidodetidnae, < Inne.e acalrat, aeoeiaa. lauraaliona, Pitt aporume catena. turheiaa e icaa, prtm-oaee. bul-a and glaaaee. gold hah an<l globea. birda and cafe, fruit and ornament.) treo< and aheuka, gavita aeedr, fct, o 'angora pvartieea. ihe enoimoua fruit of wlichcanbe eeuattheirea labliahmcat; bt uqueU to pleate tke moot fa.lidioiat at varioan peioea ft IW T'HE VL,l.tvJ\X nACuiuN? Kairaict u Anna Ireland tin 1 Kol'on. The above eitablohineu. having uoderg <ae eoatiderable alteration. end embelli.hcd ia a cuparb and elegant mioarr, hat been rented ef Mr. Beaeford fi r the pnmoae of giring Coi<cerU a la Muta'd. tvery cvraieg. (irnnettlag daoni..tiun*riredupiathc fiat a t la, MU ? loweet prieea. Eminem Vu?al ud Instrumental teleat K< tumcd. ft !?' GUl'nii; it\LL (talc Mwiiit) BHOADWAT.-Mr. JOldN COTTER. Wle of WaahiagtoB Hotel, respectfully aiionunciti to hi< friend* iwl th- public, thit he ha* become the Manager i.f the a ore E'ttblUhincat, and that be U now prepared to treat with parttea, for Ball*. Dinner*. Supl>er?, Club Roo ma, Committee R >oma. kr. Of the anteriority of the Room* connected with thif raUbliahment, Mr.C. thinha it not weaaary >o nam*. He hazard* nothing, howerer.ia laying ihit the Ball and SupperRo ima.n* wain* the llatiriuc and Clo Wing Room*. -re n?t infariar to the a* af any other Katabliihinent in the Union. N.B ? ' he Grand Re opening Ball will laba place rn Friday E'eningiezt. under Ihedirectlonof Mr P iker. Bit PUBLISHED THH OA Y-THE BACHELORS'GUIDE r AN l? WIDOWS' MANUAL, e mainiug throa Ih.tuaaod one hundred and eighty aim name* of Widow La iae, Howe keener* in theOiti*- ofNew York and Brooklyn. It haabe.neatia.ated b; one of the I'tiUat yriloaooherr. that in cooacquence ol'he pubLcatioa uf thi* litt>a book, no lea* than fire hundred and thirty one uuor worth ea* Bachedoro will become raapeelablc men by uniting m honorable mirri fe with tlx mm* numbi rof raate ruble Wi low Ladi-a. iai tourae of the prea nl year, who will once more be atadajiaiw jwrhapo lor the Scroti , Third, tourth. Fifth, Biz in and etc > rath time. Piicela bound ndaualin. lead, and with a Map < IheCily. la Aiford'a N?wa Olllce, lfl Bow ry bold wbok. sale by A G.fowdl, i'rmtcr. 3k Aaaatreel, i?ar, upatain. fT at' TTTTLDEk'S PATEN i baL am I hu m SAFE. VV Theae Safe* are made of 'lout Wrought Bar aad Plate lion, rieeied together in the aao t aubataaitlal manner, and lined with a the ical prepare .ion, whien ie a noo-aoodartor 04 heat, and cannot b? deetmyad by ?re ;mrar tea'*i h ire beeu made in furnace* with 04hcr?if>*. and in burning buildi-g< ; sud in a<t inetane- hare the* fa led to prae-ree ihe content* uninjured, while ??f a or other makoea hie* been aettnt ed by the bum heat. All btba-abf nadim mad* by Wilder, and aold by lha a ibacnber wil- be raual to aay tbat htu betn t(*M. A gntfill MBortiBfBt ?* Of AMI to Agrnt, .nwatwdrah ii niubi Kivra, ibddt ihu YofttJCANlF ERIE RtlLkO iU COMPANY. wi l aptly to tha Loeiale'ure of the *Ute of New Yo-k, for perntaakoa la rVumucl a portion of I heir Road in ike Blaie of I'mMplraui< to wit: (ami mint at or Bear Saw mill Bift. in Orange i o ja'T. accoaa "he Dc'aware rirer, ihrnce weal ward on tho auuth bank ol ?*nl rirer ihrougb 1'ikc oouaiy, Penuat 1 ranla. for-boui Id. mile*, t" a point urnr Lrdnr Fall*, aad there is fnmt Ihe DiLw*reii>? into the coun'y of BuHiraa, m Ihia Ale i. for permieaion lo cnalruct anoll er pnrOoo of their Road ia the Sia-eif Pruueylcaota. to wit : from a point at oinoirwbeie lha Caacade brook eroa. en tha bt?te line, in the eoenty nl Broome a a ihaucr around th gitit bead of the buageehaauah n?er, fora diaUnca of about It mien through ftiaq irhanuuh county, Pc , ton point at or ua*r w fere tha bnaguebaaaah rirer itcroaaaa tutu lha State of New York, m ihe county of Broome Appiir ctioti w ll nl?o be ma-V (or anen-aaian of one year ik completing one fourth part of amd Railroad JAMES BOWEN rraaidint. N.w York. l?th laaaanr. IMt. jitfw SUPERFINE DRESS COATS or TH* BEST QUALITY. both ** to workmanahip and n. aieriala.'or TWENTY-FOUR I DOLLARS; alio r.mtlauni Tan Dollaia, at PHILIPS' Caah Tailoring aalakliahanaat. 145 Broadway. ei a TL. .L......M...I. .. ..,|,I..J IA he ,.nl !* every reaper to tho#e made by tl.e meet < ipeaeire h<?oee m the eity ia an >mptr guaraalee. but eee that the edrertiaer pledgee himeell to fulfil (HiIrene of aecoadery <jaaypf piotrt'kmahlv inerr. _ _ jld pivBt lire i,-1 > hi.*-- ? ulttiiirn .r i .mm ,w< li.ruwU mm etide from their wardrobe artirlra of wtartrg apparel nxldeeiring ti turn the aume ialo eaah.taaobtmnfrow >hp mbrcribrr M ,ar acat mora then aay other pareaa *ul H. L VVtTT, T? Broedw.y. oAre No. lift Neraaaet, uproeite Cltu ?a Hail. N T. Fam Ilea m* geallrmea attaadof at their reataenrae bf ij. ooiutmmt. and all ordria lef at either p'eee, Pf ?*?? threap the POat OAre, wiH r ciir. prompt atteuijoa. N. R-t.adiea'. apparel ?ad Faoep Bell Dreeeee alee par ^,,,,1 Pta' BHKrAW7Jf.hOHIK.Trm HAi nil- euetgrnet wOt oleaae Ware tbetr i erBitte. at the * Air af taeaaa am iaa. i ?o%D It HINCKKN. |g#. 9 TMMM All Iioil aat permitted by tl.e Iflth inataa>, ail be Irel to the tublx itoree. llll r o ef o.T.- he Mi.M111.Ke of Hm jEFVkkipOA I. LOIHJfc, Ne 4(. I. O. of O. r m?at ed to meet at tie r Lodge Rota. At Hoerrry .at letatteh, InW afiemoea( fu ad ?) te pay the Het tilbota ol nap all tm ear latr brother Daeul IHaaan. 1W w?beet ef Aw order giaarollrare iy Had It attend. JOHrJ rV.TTlORRW, M. O. fill" L. K oa ion > ??. ?i

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