Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 9, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 9, 1842 Page 1
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ITHI Vol. fll^lo. 3d? ?Whdt Ms 1M1 fTKW LINK~0h Z7V KKI'OOL rsCKa.l'S ? salfronNew Yo.k on Id- X.?:h, and Liverpool u the 13th / "ich month. SKy M M. I^. M Vrw v^rrfcinROSOlUS, in lohn Collins. #*lh No*. Hup IIIHH) .,11. t. B. Cobb. *t\? Dee. upffiKKIDAN Captain V. A. D< p?> star, xsth Jon. Sup CJAURK- K., apUui Win. SkiiUly.Jfilh Feb. F iiot I.ivKurueL. Slip SHRR ID A N, ( .ptaui F". A. Drpeyater, I9?h No*. liupOARRICh rM'ii Win. Hki,Wy, 13th Dec. Hup ROHrir;*. < .t.u:n loliu Collins. mh Jen. ttiip SIDDOAS. Captaiu B. B.Cokb. I JHi K?H. riiee#ships -ur ?U o< lb- fimtcla.-is,upwarilsof IOCOtons,built die city of New Y ork, with euch unproi ciiruu a* r.i';.! .. et.iiw. J with uuiuu 1 comfort for pawn-nge- ?*re i been liken in I he arrangement of the .raec,'i;.'?od?tK>ns. T he eieTpuxV!1 > lor which ample store* will he ividim. Th??t voips are commanded by experienced inas*, who will make e??iy exertion to give general satialac Cither the captains or owners oflhese ships will be retponsi for any laKets, parcels W packages sent by theio, unless re ar bills of lading ?resigned therefor. Phe ships of this 11 or will hereafter gs armed, and their pecn couStruction givesthem security not possessed by any other vessels of war. 'oe freight or p.uijm: -.r.prlylo JC. K. COLIjNS it CO. SI South St.. New York,orto WM St JAS. BROWN It CO., Liverpool, .etters by the tickets will be charged l?| cents per singlr it Sn< ents oeroonee. anil newspapers 1 crnt each. fay SOU NKW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AN1> NKW YORK LINK OF FACKET8 n i i i For the better tcc.nnii">'UUou of it it intended to despatch a stop fnon 'bit i?ort on the 1 it, Slh, loth. 13'It, 201 It ad 'i"th of eat h to" it'-, couime icing the '#'h Oetohei, and OOtinains uut. M y " hen retler daft will be appointed fot the romaitHee of ilir year, wh-reby great delays and disap Doiutmenu will 1)' pmveuted during the summer months. The folio winy ships 'till continence tin- arrangemt ut Ship YAZOO. Cant. Corn. 11,10th Oet.lftl. Ship OCONEE. apt l?> hson, IWh Oet. ShipMlSSISSiri'L'Mpt. Milliard, 20thOct, Ship LOUISVILLE <ajit. Hunt.28th Oet. ShipSHA.KSPF.AltE, Copt, \liurr, In l November. Ship OAS'J'ON. C .pi L tthatn, 5th No*. Shut HUNTS VTLLE. Capt. Mumford. 10th No*. Ship OCMULUK"'.' ?pt Leavitt, 15lh No*. Ship NASHVILLE, Capt. Dickinson 90ih No*. Ship MEMPHIS,Cap'. Knight, 25th No*. Ship LOUISA. Cam. Mu foril. let December. Theee ship* were all built in the city of New York, etprraiIf for parketa are of a lialit draft of water, ha*e recently been ewly copier*! oulp'il in a leiidnl order, with accuratnoual iotn lor pass-ngen nue,. ..I'hd for co nfort. Thry re commanded by experienced mute re, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. They will it all timee be towed up and down the VIistissipp'by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of lliesr ships will be responsible forje vt dry, Kill ion., nx-rtona stones, silver, or plated ware, or far any letter.-,parcel i.r package, sent by or put on board of them, unless regular bill- of 'ading are taken fortheaame, and tie value thereon evprrssed. For Ireightorpassage.apply to K. K. COLLINS it CO. 5fi South ?'.,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orison,who will prnlhptly forward all goods to hie address. The snips of this line are warranted to sail ponctui-'ly as ad eertisrd, and great care will be taken to hare the goodi correct M measured. j3ly NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (.SECOND LINEJ m ilk M m Th^hip^>f this line will hereanerleare NewYor^n.ths let and Havre on the i8Ut of each month as follows : FYdm Srw York. Ft ma Havrt. The new ship ONEIDA, 11st March C 18th April Capt. < 1st July < 11th August James Fuuck. f 1st Norember ( nth December hip BALTIMORE, t 1st April fmliMay Cert. < 1st August < 16th September Edward Funk. f let December ( lbih January ShipUTICA, I let May (KlhJuae Capt. 11st September < 16th October Pred"k Hewitt. f 1st January f 18th February New ship iT.NICOLAS,( 1st June f 18th July Cant. < 1st October < tsth Norember J. B.Tell. f 1st February f ISth March The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, com btaingall that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is $10U, Passengers will be supplied with ersr7 requisite, with the exception of wines and liquors. Goods intended fur these vessels will be forwarded by the abaclibers, free from any other than the expenses aeti'al'yt tared on tSem. For freight or passage apply to BOYD h HINCKEN, Azents, _MI t Tontiue Buildings. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. ^1, lil 3Hg3W"if ??L Ir'urt L'ciiuccd tu Aft ecu la. from the Toot of Courtlacdt street, New York. (Every Jay?Sundays sieepted.) Leave Naw Yoi*. Leave Newark. At 9 A.M. its r.M. At 8 A.M. Atll P.M. 11 do 4 do I da l| do H Jo lot do a do t j# li da ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty atreet. i Leave New York. Leave Newark. #? A.M.and <> r.M. At 1 P. M. and It P. M. ,yfy?5sw<!?sah,'ai "d h are reduced. Farmlne foot of Libvrtyeuact,daily. Leave New Veefc. Letre New Brunswick. At t A. M. At TJ A. M. r* 4<p.m i P.M. S9MER VI LI. E a tayee connect w kh theae liaea each way. "7.v?" ss Rah way, M cents. El.jsabethtowu. . ? * ceota. TVw fare m the T| A. M. tr .in from New Brunswick, and 4| f Id. train from New York, hae l>een reduced between New York aud New Brunswick to SO canto. " .mil KJivay la ITi " TYia PliiUJel; l ie ,i,aill rue ,>:ieiee through New Brunlwiekfor New York ever.' eveuingatto'clack. On Stinda/s the TiA.M. tripfrom New Brunawick iaomit|m, ... Passengers who procur-: their ticketa at the ticket oScr,rotates a ferry tickctgratis To lie* rare received by thteoudueiot niv ob the day when n.irch wed. nil " STATEN ISLAND KERRY. Yool of Whitehall street ^^^^S^eamer 8TATEN ISLAND K-H Leaves Htutou Island Leaves Wlutehall At 3 o'clock ax. At 9 o'clock a.m. "10 " " u 11 " " " i " p. m. "a " r.m. ' H " * " H " " 4 w , u On Souday there will be two boat* to run. The last boat leaves S La leu Island aiSo'clock, r. m. nS STARL.1NE FOR NEW ORLEANS! m & m ' The subscribers U^Heave to r-turn tHrir thank^iiTnr pa trooaye you have hitherto est' ndrd towards the Star Line, and aaltcit a cunluiuMiou of :? portion of your freight to New Orleans, in this tits'", which will be taken at the very lowest rates in the following ships, which will cucceedeach other an J earl Weekly v? SOLQN.Captain Gco.Buckman, RUSsEL GLOVER,aptain JnbezHowea, ECHO, Lenta'n A. I. Wood, WINDSOR CASTLE,CaptainS.G.Glover, and other ships of the same class, to follow each uthrr in (]uick aucceeeicn. Kor lurlher particulars, apply on board al Pine treet wharf, or to OLOVER k McMURRAY, alt 100 Plnest. cor. South. NEW YOKE AND LIVERPOOL COMMERCIAL LINE op packets. m"to jflil lIol OLD F.STAHLISMED PASSAGE OFFICE, No 61 S->u'h street, New York. PpHF. subscriber , ill arm uneing t ia ar'an*rnients fur the year A 184-2. appear* before hi- frhnds with sentimeuia of sincere rested, fur tin able support lit has received for many years '*He like* ise wiehes to enll the attention of thoee intending to send for tbrir fr ruJs in England, Ireland, Srot and. and Wales, that they can at all times t-e aicntamodared b> litis hue. by Wetkly nppori unities from Liverionl. as wellsthy all uie well known di IT. rent Ires of parket shiie sailing to nd from 1. iterpool. on the lit,7th, |3lh, Itth, andtUth of each tnrrth, throughout lie year. It hai always been the study of the subscriber to have the atnigranti shown civility, aud d'.petched without delay, an I those wh i m;ud fir iheir friends may rial tnat * eery Miaand ditipent utrUion will b? girra by Ini LtterpoM Agai.ta to U.o.e >eiit for, ;i< will as nil who may embark with tliem; and should auy of tli-we, whose jiaea ige has ie-rn paid, Mteinbaik, ih- money will be rerunded Without any charge. Tb.- aubrrriber fei la a pleasure in raakiur kiluwu the d ffrrent by which his passengers came out during the last year, *l?li has aitriu grneral a .tiaf iction, aid that i.ehaa eensidrrah'y extended and coueluiled nu arrangements lor the year The following ii a liat of ship* Ship Scotland lln' wmn Ship Oarer la Childe b'airfield Wiltm " 9l Cloud Kmera- n Frankfort Russell * New Vork Niven " Rnasell fiover H wea " Waraaw Qriflitha Hibtrni* Wilson " Oawrgo Wood J Allred Clwerer " Ore in Wetland cafton lug-rsoll - Talbot Story " Ukktille Allen * N. Hampshire Harding Sobtcaki Emerson * Pant lie a Uoodwanton _ Alabamiaii Law " Robt liaac Tree man irenUca Hopkins " Virginia Eaton Tyrone ^jwar " Europe Batch Ider o^_ale*, Witts " S.Jenkins 8ry tnour Westchester Krrria The abort ahipa, and their respective captains, are all well MM farorahly known mthe trad* A free passage from the difareet porta of Ireland and Scotland ran alao be secured, awl drafts furnished for any amount, pay a l>i* at the .National and Pruvincial Banks of Ireland, ant their respectire br an. li?*, and alan on Mrase. J. fc W Robta OU, I irerpoul whieh are paid, free of any ebarg*. throughout Ik* I'nited Kingd m ^ For further paiticu'ars aptly t* . JV'IN.H5'<PMA^-,I South street, J. k W. IIOBlNd^N, 1* (Jnree Piairae, d>0 and No. 1 N-p'uneei WHiertoo f), r|,.Lie,rpool. lSo TWO FOUR WHEEL CABS, 50 CENTS PF.R HOUR, MUSh Ih* CORNER if HUDSON It BEACH1 CT8 Residence 60 Laujht Street. second rcooa. TOR SALE---A two wheel French Oab, open hi frvtk Apply a* altOT*. JK Im MUVSICT A PIANIST weald rest*, l/ully inform ftbaw poMie, that be will p ay at private parties on the penot etc all fV skbraled cotillious and w altar a. Vaguer* at Its. IS Walks ?h?et. JM1>* 5 NE1 NEW Opening of the Spring Triule?Advertlelng The Spring trade for th* year 1S-I2 is beginning to open about these days, in this commercial metropolis, on a new and important footing. The auspices ere highly favorable?the prospects cheerful. From all the events taking place around us,and from the re narkubls facts developed relative to the annnal productions of this remarkable country, it is very evident, that m cvtry species of wealth and industry, this noble country is richer, healthier, happier, than the moot sanguine imagined. The applications for getting rid of their debts, under the new Bankrupt Law, seem to be utt< rly insignificant in point of numbers, influence, or character. Not two hundred persons, in all our large cities, have yet applied, and those are just such persons as never add any thing to natural wealth or naturnl industry. It is true the debts of some of the States appear largo and very heavy, amounting to about $200,000,000?but wnen it is known that the surplus wealth of this country, for one year, with economy and prudence, is capable of paying up one half of the debt, who should be frightened, or talk of repudiation about the interest! With an annual produce, in agriculture, fisheries, mines, forests, and manufactures, equal to 1600 millions of dollars, if would seem to be very easy to reorganize anew the state and general government finances?to manage the currency?and to complete all really useful public works, be they railroads or canals. Why then should not trade revive, and public and private credit be invigorated, by pursuing a right and honest course of policy! There is no obstruction, but what we find in the clamors of a few paltry speculators out of Congress and State Legislatures?and the folly and squabbling of many foolish legislators in both such public bodies. Under this general aspect of affairs, there is every prospect that the trade of 1812 will revive?that public and private credit will come up again?that the country will go on to prosper, by pursuing right principles. The first thing to be done, is, for Congress at once to stop their squabbles, and to settle the currency and other questions. The next thing is, for all the suspended banks that can resume, to resume at once ?and to compel the rotten banks to wind up? dismiss their incompetent or dishonest officers?and make them farmers, to gain a livelihood. Too many 1 have crowded the commercial and financial ranks of life.and too few have turned their attention to agriculture and honorable labor, which will always return an equivalent, equal to human comfort and suste- n nance. In this city, the prospect of real business has not been better since 1836. It is true Wall street is down,and.many of the speculators there are in agony ?but Wall street is not NewYork?nor is New York the State?nor is the State the whole Union. There is a vast quantity of healty business doing here, very quietly, on the right principles? cash or short credits; and if Philadelphia, Baltimore,Mobile, New Orleans and all the other large cities, would close up their ratten bank?, and compel their good banks to resume specie payments, all would be as merry as a church bell in a spring morning. Take an instance?Buffalo, in this State, is without a bank?all are gone?yet we ar? Informed that the prospects for 1S42 in Buffalo, far a good sound business, were never better. In Pittsburgh, they ha*re on the stocks for this year, about 20 new steamers. This is a eample of all the great inland commercial tnwns. With these general views,based on unquestionable facts, we are positive that the trade fori*:32, will be better than that for any year since 1835, provided the commercial and financial classes, make the start on right principles?such as cash anil short credits?a paper currcpry invariably payalJe on demand in specie?and the resuscitation of public credit, by the imposition of taxes, by Con grist and the States, to pay their expenses honestly?and to meet the interest on their public debts. Let us not be any longer the sport of rascally politicians?President manufacturers, dishonest financiers, or bankrupt speculatorsIt is time, therefore, for our commercial men to begin moving?and the first movement to be made, is to advertise liberally and largely in those newspapers that advocate sound Gocirines in trade, and have a general circulation over the whole country among the best and soundest businessmen. Among the first of this class is the New Yetuc Herald, which has a circulation of nearly thirty thousand, throughout the Union, smong the cash and short p credit men of business. A word to the wise is enough. Let us take the first step aright, and all uritl ?nrt rinlit ! lew York Lancet No. VI, The number of this popular medical Journal, published laet Saturday, contain* :? A Lecture on Tic Douloureux,by Professor Mott. Remarkable cases of Disease ol the Spinal Marrow, by Professor Reverb. Rktiews of M. M. Devour snd Fi unis's recent work on the mode* of detecting Arsenical Poisoning. Professor P* ires Materia Medica. Dr. Coxe of Philadelphia, on a new kind of Ink. Professor Durolisor's Practice of Medicine ; and a number of other recent medical publications. Retorts of the Crosby street Clinifue?Pennsylvania Hospital?Interesting case by Dr. A. C. Post of New Vork? Dr. Wheeler of Providence, on a new remedy for Worms?Cure for Crooked Noses, by DRirrERBRtE? Dr. Jules Guerir, ef Taris, on Curvertures of the Spine? Hubert M*vo,of London, on wounds reeeived in dis secting. Together with the Annual Report of the Inspectors of charitable inatitutiona in the Firat Senatorial District of this State, and a variety of professional intelligence. The Lanttt is the cheapest and best medical Journal in this country. It places within the reach of every prac- * titioner throughout the Union, the means of keeping pace with tho progress of his profession. It will in time eradicate quackery, by circulating sound, practical me dical information throughout the community. Price $3 per annum, paid in advance?single copies 0} cents. The back numbers supplied. Office 31 Ann street, New York. rett t t/v \t ."-1 t-vv n f 1Y11L.L.IU UlEi \ That shkrm aivm i oz^.n<ie? would cum, nil who v ever uaed them aa know. The Rev. Dariue Antho'.y, of the Oneida Conference,? no <i?ea up as incurable, belie? , d to be ou tbc tern* of the arjte fr jm consumption, Without H t le hope of relief, till he tri?l th*?? Letenges They relieved |i him immediately, and in a few weeka restored Him to health, r an that he could reanme hie dutie* u a minuter of the foe pel. He reeoirmeivla thrm to all who are coneumptire or htee ? ail)' derangement of their lunge at the grrateet medicine in 1 the koown world. He hai witue?#ej their effects on several n then, and always -with the h?ppie?l reiulU. He aajre ao B great v remedy, hroughthe bleeeincs of Divine Providence aliou'd be the common pro; rty of all, and in eeery lamily on V the 'ace of the earth. The Her Ur. Kaatmond, of thin city, fare a few to a lady, a fnend t f hia. who had been gieei, ?p by her physician ana friends u in the laet stage of conaun-ption The firat Lozenge pave hrreoneiderable relief, ao that ahe was encouraged to perarvere in their uae ; and through the bleating of tind they w rentored her to cierfeet health. I Mr. James VT Hale. No 5 Tantiae Buildings. Wall street, f, gave aoina lea friend who hid nal enjoyed a night's eleipfor several netk<, b?wg every few aiinutea attacked with auch 11 diatrrsi ng cough at almovt to take away hia life. The Lo- a (eugej made him raiae < aay. and enabled him t-i aleep well all ft nigh' He had tried every thing he heard of. and nothing ., eia: afforded the leaat relief?-another inetance ol taving a fef 11 low being ft am an untimely grave.' H Mr. E. (J Ptary, mahogany dealer, M Wooater alreet, had g been afflicted w ith a aevere cough for air months ; nothing he could getgivr any relief (although he had the beat phyaieiana) i ill he tried Sherman'a Cough Locengea, one boa or which en- C tirely cured him. J Rev. Mr.Handcoek. tt7 Pearl atrvet. baa uaed them in hia . family with invariable tneecaa, and rccommanda them to all " wha are afflicted with cougha, calda, or any affection of the t ?lfe. M. E.Martin, the fashionable merchant tailor, Iff Wil- J Ham street. suffered several week* with a distressing cough, which nothing relieved till he tried th-ee Locengea, which t cwre I hem in a few bourn. I Warehoiwe IM Naaiaj atreet. Agenta?Charoh'a, I* Bow ?"SKlTT ** *' Broadway; corner >u and Ppeinf ?ta J M a^jist^Miltcnat^Broekl) iij Keddiag and State ata, Beaton ' |i EkiTTTANCRtito all parts o? Engl md, Iralint and Scot I " ? ?"??,'" * El?, ill, ?,?. to any amotmt.payHkW ?l '"anient 8 J. SYLVESTER'S, J* M Wall at.and I? Bromlway. , I jwcurkewt MuRET , of all kind* nurchMrdon the naont | U fcennd.1? 8 J SYLTKSTER'* , i ft fl> Wall at. and 111 Brcadw ay. ' f N YO YORK, WEDNESDAY fi Banktupt Lilt. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK" NEW YORK, lenry S. Raymond, Merchant, Now York, May 11. luhn J?y Swift, do do May 11 iumupl Shaw Clark, Jo March a ?z?kiclK Kiuch, Jo Jo Match 6 IhwrL. Ely, Jo Jo March 5 *aik Benjamin. Editor. Jo March 6 Cliaa T Aldrick, Merchant, Jo March * daniel Behrm in, Jo Jo Muy 31 ?li Lenritt, Botanic Physician, Jo March 6 >tviJ Donaldson,Gentleman, do March* aterT.Cbaiii Berlin, Carpenter, Jo March 5 Archibald SJThoraas, Clerk. Jo March S olhan Clark Meekar, Merchant, Jo March* Fohu M. Quackeuboa, Jo Jo March* 'utriek McQnade, Jo da March S lantuel I. Tobias, do Jo April 18 ;?rlos P. Houghton, Jo Jo March * iVarren Kimball, Jo do March 3 ^.ileitis Field, Commission Morchant, Brooklyn March j s'athuniel R. Bunco, Clerk, New York, ' March 30 drnnie Say re. Broker, do March 5 ianiusl Morehouan. Clerk, Brooklyn, April 23 Vm. Anderson Burtis, Morocco Diesser,;N. Y. March a lichard TownstnJ MudJart, Teacher, Jo Morch & io?n h. By-ram, Tailor, or Flushing, April 16 Vm. Lewi* Booth, Broker, New York, Aprils Charles John Bullus, Merchant, <lo March S lirorge E. Cook, Broker, Brooklyn, March 5 Juorge B nnett, Shoemaker, New York, March 6 sear- Mix, Jr. Cairingi: Maker, do April 16 lamu< 1 Hohinaon, Clerk, do March 26 araei D.vldion, Bourding House, March b li i j.imu F. Keen: (and as one of the firm of Reeve it Sherwood,) Clerk, Now Yark, Marcli b foroce Plimpton, Merchant. Brooklyn, March A iathani?l B. Frost, Mason, Brooklyn, March A. Irown King, Accountant New York, March 6 DISTRICT OF MARYLAND, ,yman Reed, Baltimore, Feb. 26 ameaCobouro, do Feb 20 lose* Starbucb, do " Feb 46 Vhi. H. H. Hay ward, do Feb. 06 leorge Moasop, do Feb. 06 :harlea C. Hamilton do Feb. 06 imbroie Dalliman, do Feb. 20 ohn Hickman, da Hatter, March I 'hom? Pennington, do Trader. March I obn H O'Donnell, do Merchant, March 1 'ornclin* L L Leary, do Hatter, March 1 oseph Guthrie, do March 1 WESTERN DISTRICT OK PENNSYLVANIA, 'homas A Hillyer, Pittsliurgh, Feb. OS lavid Blair, jr. do Feb. OS lobert'Harnon Palmer, Alleghany Co. Feb. 04 'urtiaB M. Smith, Pittsburgh, Feb. 08 lenry Sproul, do Feb. 08 Idmond (freer, do Feb. 04 am. a McKrehan, do Feb. OS ,ewi* J. Chomberlaiu, do Tailor, Feb. 04 t. E. Seller*, do Feb. OS klexander Richardson,do Feb 08 Vm. J. Totten, Alleghany Co. Feb. 24 Sipreme Court Decision* ?At the January rerna, 1812, held in the cityof Albany. XfO trial denied ami judgment far defendant on verHel.?1The Judges of Oneida C. P. ra. Palmer impl'd rith Savage, et al. New trial granted, cost abide event.?The Truateca f Hamilton College vs. Steward; Gaston ad. Miler; Walters ads. Ostrander; Smith & Warner vs. iirong; Carr ads. Jack way: Root vs. Smith; Gray d* Bank of Rochester; Carpenter ve. Weeks: ici'z vs. Luce; Jitel vs. Chamberlin & Moore; Schuyler ads. Sherry, infant, &c.; Slxtverman vs tames; Durant et al ads. ihompson; Thomas, 'resident & *. rs Gould fc Could; the Sacketts larbor Bank vs. Keith et al; Karil it. Kellogg ads. 'oorhees et nl. Aeu? trial panted on itayment of cast* ?Dunlop ds. Jones; Simpson &. Simpson ad. Rudd. AVw trial granted and proceedings remitted back. ? /urlis ads. People. A'ftr trial granted, cost* abide event, plaintiff" has 'resbyterian Society of Mentz vg. Hougbtaling. Judgment Jor Plaintiff on demurrer, leave to amend >n usual term* ?Davis vs. Anabie Sl Eild-r: Gates 's. Wheeler; Oikleyads Mogii; V,In ads. Moss; ieldridge & wife ads. Watson; Wilmoiilh vs. Babock Sc Crary; Bowers & wife ads. Smith; Fushuy s. Ricbi. Judgment for Plaintiff" on demurrer.?Hoyt vs. Illen et al. Judgment for Defendant on demurrer, leave to oitml on usual term ?Beach ads. Bi-arh &, wife teach wife ads Beach & wife; J. Sl Z.Titus fs. Follett ; Harris ads Griswold; Fisher et al. 's. Pond; Merrill ads Bank of Orleans; Willard rs. Tillman; the Bank of Kentucky ads. J. &, E. ) Little. Judgmmit'affirmed?Mercien vs. Suiilh et al; Constantino vs. Van Winkle; Suyde.m et al vs. 'atriotic B-ink of Washington; Ne?:le vs. Van slyck; Blassford Sl Field vs. West; Reynolds vs. Watermire; Hawks vs Musger; Webster et al ids, the People; Barthalcmi et al vs. the People; Cleveland vs. Fay; Hay vs. Joseph Sl Cumnaiiigs; Cochran vs. Jones. Judgment teverted, and judgment for plaintiff in rror im demurrer ?Walker Vi. Cruickshank. Judgment reverted-?Johnson vs. Burrcll. Judgment reverted and venire ele novo ordered.? lye Tt Sl Clclland vs. Bacon; the People vs fail. Judgment of common pleat reversed and that of testier affirmed.?Mills vs Root & Clark. Judgment of Manor't court reverted and that of uttice affirmed-?Haskel et al vs Lee. Judgment reversed unless deft , in error amend and toy costs of writ of error, in that case judgment affirmd.?Carpenter vs. Wager. Conviction reversed.?The People vs. Howell. ht-aigument ordered-? Neith River Bank vs. Lynaan Judgment for defendants.?Schemerhorn vs. Nc;us, The Commercial Bank of Buffalo vs. The 'henix Bank Proceedings rimitted |to oyer and terminer with !ii ret ion to jrrocred and render judgment.?The ?topie vs. Bedell Judgtru at off, med, proceedings remitted to oyer and erminer, with direction s to proceed and rentier judgwii/.?The People vs Baker. Motion in arrest of ju/lgment denied.?Gardner rs. J. & S Cruickshank. lienor t of referees set aside ?Denny, G rifle a et al. id. Manhattan Company. Report of reftrees set aside, costs abide erent-?Van ?ppt, vs. iVlcDuffie and Wright. Repoit of referees set aside, costs abide event, with rave todefendant to'amend- Leavenworth, If- The? M Y. *nd Shawangunk Mining 0?. Motion! to set aside, nport of referees denied.? faqua ads. Downing; Van Epps and Shatiuck adj. yea A McCarty; Johnson et al. ads. Ives A Mccarty; Ilo 'ee ada. Pierce; Bailey ads. R. &, S Vakeman; Morrison et al. ada. Cothcal et al Smith et al. ads. Williams ex'r. &o. New trial granted aa to deft. Preston, cost* abide event. Reports of teferees id aside, costs a bub event, and ule to refer vacated?Kelchum ads. Ketcuum adrbe. iVmc trials denied?Vandeaburgh ads. Sherwood; raylor ad*. Strong; Van Slyck and Leapada. Itrnng; Betta ada. Wilson and wife; Cansjibarie nd Catakill R. R. Co. va. Tan Vechten; Sheldon a: Sheldon ex'r. et al } B ach and hi* wife ra. Unney and wife; Bak-r rj. Cloghe* and Johnson; Irewkter va Dixon et al ; Wright aJa. Lister; ticblcy adn Dederick et al.: Christie ads. Chapin nd Pliee; No.ton and Toll ada. Root; Macomb da Waldron and wife; Macomb ad*. WiLon and rife; Reynolds ads. Saillenger; Hermance vs. Vetherell; I*ham impl. &c. ads Ilotehkiaa ; Vright et al. ad*. Caryl; ^eward ad*. Wood and Vood; Cole ads. Slower; Borst ad* Howe; Lee et 1 ads. Barber et al ; Bennett and Stor* ads Mott; Irockwayad*. Leavenworth; Mattison va Beardtay; Priest ad'r fce. et al. ve. Watkina, Udall ada. )avis; Wheeler et al ads. Adam* ad'x Ac ; Presott vs. Gray et al.; Aaderson vs. Dyckman; 'homas vs. Johnson; Oagoud ada. Harp; Gates ads. Inrke. AVu? trial denied xctth costs to be jeaid by plaintiff-? Vilmoth vs. Babccck & Carey. Court of Common Plena. Before Judge Ingraham. Alei. A- Willard ve. David linker-?This was an ctien for slander, the damage* leid at #3,000 ? 'he plaintiff was a shoe dealer, and hired of de ndant store No. 131 Chatham street. Previous i the 1st Aug last, he removed his stock and clord the store, but tba defendant broke it open. ruuu ?"'V ?u uw *? ?;, nm nn* aisu j??i? ?? Le co inter, when he proclaimed theplainlin to be thief, placed a bill on the door offering reward o any carman who would giro information of there the atock h ?d been removed to, and aleo declaring Mr. Willard had etolen hi* counter, le went round to permni with whom the latter lealt, and apoke to the aame effect. It appeared hat the enanler had been etored in t he cellar of the tiiilding, not being warned by Mr W, and waa ub-eq lently four,a there by defendant. Theeo' n iel for plaii.tiff irged that Mr (taker waa a rich an, and aheuld be made to Buffer for etich contact The jury gave a verdict ia favor of plaintiff 'or $15) damagca, and 6 cnnta eotta Forplain'iff, Meaara. J B HcoleaandW J Hav lett; for defeadant, Mr. 8 H Kemaine. Ftan at Tainno.?The coal botMte belonging to he r?herg Parnaoe Company, together with 76 000 boahela of aoel, were coaaomexl by fir# on Thandny Outam. RJK H ilORNING, FEBRUARY 9 Vlee rhnurellor'a Court. Present?Vici* Chancellor McCoun. Feb 8?U'UJiam ticai* vs. Je.-,tup and others? This an application to atncud a decree of tho Assistant Vice Chancellor, so far as to allow one of the Mr Jo-sups personally to ho examined. It whs objee ed toon the ground, that the Vice Chawce'lor had not authority to exercise such jurisdiction over tho Assistant Vice Chancellor s eouit Ohjcctiou, declared to be incorrect. Ordered, that either of the defendant may be examined before a master, each party to pay its own costs. John IVoodxrard vs. Timothy Htdfces, guardian, i5*r.?This was an application for leave to sue the guardian on a dispute relative to some property. The Vice Chancellor stated that this ea?o had been disposed of some time since, and there ia no cause to change the bill. Petition denied, with cosls, without prejudice to the right of complainant to bring any suit he may choose in a court of law. John Jacob Autor vs. M Jitnaey and others.?Mr. A-tor had loaned $11,(.<10 on some lots fr. nting on 17 h street, a (tore from which extended to lC:ii street. He foreclosed and the piopcrty was put up at auction. Mr. Astor prevailed upon the Master in Chancery to sell it in one lot, instead of in f!i!Vj>rf*iir iinru Thppp wj? PAncfnui?nllr vorv little competition, and Mr An tor bought it him self, giving only between #5.000 and $t>.000 for it, and still leaving the parties indebted to bitn on their bond for over $8 <MK>. Mr. M'Jimscy complained, and stated that the property would have Drought mote bad it been divided?and that the owner* of lots on 16ih street would have giv-n ?1500 additional for the gore, and asking a resale he Vice Chancellor declared that the Muster had done wrong. Uetale ordered in different lots, unlets Mr Astor agrees to pay ?1500 more, in which case each party to pay bis own cosls. lu case of a resale, costs to be | aid by Mr A Cornelius V. ft. RooseveU vs. George //. Siemon.? This was a motion to appoint a receiver on mortgaged property. The application was aot made by the mortgagee. Motion denied, with cods. Edward Fret and others vs. The IVusties of ll'illitmJwgh.?This was a motion for an injunction to preveut the sale of c rtain ( roperty advertised far the puyinent of aisessm n's. The Vice Chancellors ated that the Court of Errors, in the Hionklyu case of Messcrole and others, had Settled the question, that bowevcr irregular the proceedings may be 'he Court ot Chancery has no right to interfere, unless it could be shown that irreparable injury would accrue to parties, such as a Court of Jusiice would be unable to repair. Under this decision the Chancellor had been obliged to dissolve about twenty five injunctions in this city in cases equally serious as this. Motion for injnnction denied, or if one hasb en granted, it must be dissolved. James 1 Vatt vs. Archibald IVatt. ?This was a motion to appoint a receiver on mortgaged property at Harlem, con?it>ling of several hundred lots ?the mortgage amounting to something like $100,000. Motion grunted, except so far as it relates to the mansion house, garden, and fields in the actual occupation of defendant- Costs to abide the suit P. A. Curtis vs. EngeJ, wife and others?This was n motion for leave to examine witnesses. After the examination of complainant's witnesses had been finished one ordefrndants' witnesses wss examined for twen'y-fivc hours, the master's charge for which was $80 A list of sixty witnesses was then handed his defend ints' counsel, but returned informal under the rules. The places of abode are not attached Motion denied, with costs, after payment of which cause may be shown, Si.c. General Session*. Before the Recorder, Judges L, nch and Noah, and A'dermen Pollock and Bniis. Fsn 8 h-?The following gentlemen were swern a? grand jurors :?Levi D. Slumm, foreman, Jarcd \V. Bell, Moses Y. B ach, John L. Brown, James Avery, John Cnrl,jr , John Culver, David I). Crnne, John Fowler, James B. Garrctson, Joseph Hew- | leu, isaa: a. ituton, jomitnan tnnrne. Hubert M. Patrick, John V. Coon, Jacob M. Vrctland, Muilins and Gilbert F. Evcrson. After the grand jury bad been aworn the Recorder informed them ot iheir special duties, and the particular brfcnchee of crime that at the present ti ne called for their close attention. He poin ed out the violation of the laws relative to the erection of wvoden buildings within the fire limits ol the city ; the continued sale of lottery tickets contrary to recent statutes ; the laws relative te usury an j tU- alective franchise, aud concluded by calling the immediate and earnest attention of the urand inquest to tbe practises in Wall street in the business of stock jobbing. He commenced by an allusion to the calendar of the court on which would be found the uame of one, who from the evils of tho present system had been induct d to commit a crime ihat would id all probability send him to the State Prison tor ? series of years, ?nd thcref-re conceived it his duty to recommend them to make application te the present Legislature fer an enactment calculated to improve the present method o( making sales of stock at the Board of Brokers. It was the system, be contended, that was fraught with so much evil, of which we had to camp sin, and not of the men u ho took advantage ol the system . He then alluded to the Board of Brof ers, at a self-constituted association, whose whole p oce> dings were conducted in secret, save to those who may have passed the ordeal of aJmission and paid their fee for a aeat within its councils. That till i s transactions were kept within the breasts of those concerned, save that portion which they felt disposed to prcsentto the public That the very records were not even msde public, nor could any citizen, however niueh interest he might h.ivt in any public stock, claim a right to see nrcxamine whether the sales published to the world as bona fide, were transactions in which the parties had acted in good filth or not. He then illustrated the practice under which many of these sales were made. For instance?a broker agrees to buy h certain stock at a fixed time, and in order to snake all that is possible irom the tran-actjnn, he olkrs, through another person, a certain amount of this stock at a reduced price on the succeeding day, at the Board, and by the aid of a third, who makes the purchase, an impression i.< created that the afriAlr Kaa ftiliiiu Sm its valuo nnd fhti<a inriiviilimla holding said stock arc induecd to ?rll at what ii then termed the market price, according ( the report* of the Hoard. Thua, by a fictitious sale-,many an hoaeat man,ignorant of the*e transactions,holding stock in trust for widowa, orphans and troat estate* ha* been induced to dispose of it at lost,either anticipiting a farther depression in the market or from otncr causes fie stated that these transaction! had become so public, so well known to our courts of Justice, that be had b -en recently infornrd that the Judges of the Superior Court of this city had positively refused to receive the rates of sales a* entered ib the Hoard of Hrokera, as evidence ofthe true value of public stocks, unless confirmed aliunde He considered the whole system as now practised a perfect conspiracy to affect trade and com, rnerce, and as sui h it should b* controlled by some legi lat ve enactment. He contrasted the severity ol thu laws relative to the sale of lottery tickets with the practices at the Heard of Brokers,and eon'ended that the gambling in lotteries, which was a penitentiary offence, was less a crime in a moral sense than the present mode of gambling in stocks. That the man who fought a lottery ticket could bear the lo?*,evi-n ife heated, but ihn-e who gambled in stocks loo often brought rum upon themselves a* Wi 11 as their friends and families. He said that these conspiracies among individuals to raise and depress the price of tsncks was clearly a misd- meanor; but the grand jury should so present the ease to the legislature as to induce them to cnaet law* to ahangc the practice now in operation daily in Wall street. He then recommended a remedy, requiring the names of the seller as well ae the pnichaser to be entered on the hooks of the Clerk of the Boa.d, in all cascs.and that these books should be subject to inspection by the community; and also that a state duty of one per cent should be imposed on hII sales, the same as the anction duties. The letter system he contended would prevent the continued fluctuations in the market, and also the fictitious sal**, s* the ezpense* attendant thereon woul 1 bu calculated to reduce these practices, fie concluded by urging the immediate attention of the Grind Jury to this subject, tru-ting they would prepare a presentment thxt would induce action by that body at their present session. The Dietsict Attorney appeared in Court, and the first C:ise called wa'the following :? Fight hf'trren two ll'omtn.?Mary Mullen appeared in Court, and undertook to p.ore an assault and battery on her person by John Marston and Ann Drropsey, in the month of Mareh la?t- Ann and Mary were fellow servants in the employ of Ms. Maiatoa,aud getting into a fight, he undertook to seperate them, and she undertook in the end to convict them beth. The jury returned a verdict >4 not guilty, aud John Marston was dischargedFight in a Ball Room ?Mr. John Miller went to a danec at a house in Eighteenth street, m-er sheSiath Avenue, on the 1* is ?f D eeml er last, and there met Robert Ha-aett who was on the ioor with u young woman about te daaoe A raw was kicked ap ky somebody, and a muss followed, when Miller ret the worst of it, but was preset red from being eel up by Wm. Lambert, whe raited a l E ft A j i, 1342. party and saved bios from destruction At the time Lambert came to hit aid, two women as w> 11 ' hs four men, were devouring hiin without ;uli ' llo retired from the fluid with one tremendous I black eye, ami uumrrnus other raaika <>f a dance house row-de-dow. >1r Iienjamiu Sm th, a good t looking young man, with Van /.milt pant , swore e that Johnay Miller came off second lie t, but he could not swear positively who struck first. lUr r nett, it appeared, had swelled considerably that > night, and not room to dance on the fl or, oil' coat and jsrkat, and undertook to clear the ' room, which commenced the rumpus. Mi'ler < sung ' J m-alonjj-losiy," and one witness swore ' that he also struck and kicked Burnett at the aame time. Misa Alary Mctlee, stat d that she was * struck by mine on" of t.h.-. j.artt, unci in return she ? mud a poker in sell defence, like a true daughter I of the Kineiald Isle. The jury returned a verdict s uf not guil y. ? Forfeited Itetognizanre*.?'The name of Arthur L. Maginnis, Esq indicted f?r an assault, wai called, but not appearing on account of his thrcuce at * Washington, the District Attorney stated I hat the t security entered for the appearance of Mr. Ma- 1 Sinn is was very responsible, very respon-ible in- ? ced. It was no inorr nor less than Colonel .lames t Wat.-on Webb,and he, therefore asked the court, ' whether he should order the clerk to forfeit (he bond, or let it remain until Mr M returned. The ' Court, for reasons best known to themselves, concluded that it was better to run the risk of Mr. Maifiuuis's reiurn thaaTorfeit the bond, and, there- n fore, ordered that the suit stand until Ins arrival z in this city. 1 The folio wine bonds were also forfeited :? A Adam Snider, for an assiiult and battery oil Ja- ? cob Degraw, and Uenge K'nchrr fnr the same ou tl Jobu Habcmehl; Rosetta Jackson for k< eping a p disorderly house at -t'J'j Howard street. tl The C< urt then adjourned to this morning at c elcven o'clock. Special Hessians. O Before Judge Noah and Aldermen Baylis and Pol- b lock* F Frn. 8 ?Sain. Smith, a negro, stole a ham from 11 White, and was sent up for sixty days. 111 Mary Ann Smi.h, wife of John Smith, far an as- ?' sault and battery on Margaret Beerman and James . ilostin, the officer who arrested him, was scot up for sixty days. James McGlone beat his wife, and ? lue court sent mm up lor six months. Francis Gee, | alias Ernst us Maury, for robbing clothes line of Ca- | % thvriue Siraontcn, was sent up for three months '' James Stevens stole a pair of pantaloons from 'i Joshua OrJway, but the evidence being insufficient he was discharged. Cory Willision, mate of the bark Eugene, beat John Winland on the 25th of January,and was fined {(5 William Heustis, alias Frendi n, stole a pair of leading harness from the stable of David B. Leavenworth, of Bleecker street, E but the evidence being rather deubtful, be was dis- A charged. Harriot Wniiaros, a coloied woman, was u tried for striking, biting, and stabbing another of her gender and color, named Sarah Desha. The quarrel originated from the influence of the green jc eyed monster, the parties having laid claim to one < of the masculine genus. The Court sent her to q John Brown's wash house for six months John * Blancy stole twenty-five feet of chain cable from P Weaver Ac Gant, 159 South street, and was for- rt warded to the island for sixty days. James Morrison, a smart intelligent little boy, about ten years old, stole a box of raisins, but was discharged. K' John Hunt, alias Williams, stole an overcoat ftom * John Brown, and was locked up iu the eity prison t( for sixty days. ? The Court then adjourned to Friday morning at E 10 o'clock. a! City Intelligence. 81 The L?st Scheme o? Financiering.?The readera of the Herald, on Monday last, were informed m of the arrest, in New Orleans, of one of the finan- *' ciersen the new system, named Darwin Gibson.? i? He was charged with negotiating with a broker if " that city, two certificates of deposite on the Bank of Troy, in this state, for $5,250, whioh were n?t 0 supposed to be genuine; and also another certifi- e cate for $1000 oh the Commercial Bank of this city. J* Within the past few wesks, drafts have been received in this city, amounting to batwean 20 and u, $30,000, drawn upon various ind:viJuals, with the g signature of tliia Gibson as drawer. The firms on * whom they were drawn, have refused to pay them, and time will develope who are the sufferers in New Orleans, and who have negotiated them. The last Speculation ?Since the wulkers on time have discovered that Mr. Stevens has not ' agreed to give $4000 to tiny man whs will walk or Cl stand 48 consecutive hours without sleep or rest, 5 tliey liave started the pi ice of admi-sion to see the* animals, at 6J cents each Mat. Hammond, who y commenced on Monday morning at 7 o'clock, in ' Centre street, fainted and fell yerterday at about 10, having stood up 27 hours. A man by the name oi Reynolds, one of the survivors of the steam ship . Savannah, commenced on Mondny in Chatham p street, under Colton's auction store, and another, *, named Richard Mofiatt, a typo, started at 12 o'clock ! yesterday at Barton's Terrapin Lunch, corner of . Broadway and Ann streets. Dixon, we understand, at the Broadway Cottage, is still on his legs, although there are slanderous reports about town that J be look a snooze on Mondav nieht so as to be fresh *' yesterday morning The u mpemnce folks must start a man, and thus draw off the crowds that as- p Mmbte at ihe above places of resort. Any food ui temperance man of long standing, with ordinury nerve and muscle, will prtlorm the feat Let one Jj* of them start. There is a Canadian in this city, who can he seen A at Thurston's, in Itted street, comer of Republican I Alley, who is ready to wager $1(XX) that he can li( accomplish the task. Who wants to be accommo- ai dated 1 -< The whole affair, as now commenced, is a hoax, {?j a humbug, and has no doubt been prompted by the n. keepers of the several places where the men are ? walking, in order to replenish their coders from the w recent effects of the temperance sociem s, the operations of which have made great reductions of late in the rent and profits of corner buildings- H The Market Monopoly?Tiie city authorities Were defeated on Friday in several suits commenced tj by them against individuals who conceive the present market laws to be a violation of all law, both human and divine. Particulars to morrow. Grabd Labcewv.?Two men, named Edward Mvrick and Shaw, were arrested yesterday on k< a oharge of entering the room of Edward liyman, . No 351 Pearl street, corner?f Frankfort, on the 29th |, of January last, and robbing it of three silver w watches, valued at 815, four bren*t pins a> pi") 50, w and $ith) in bank notes and specie. They were ",! seen to go to the room lie oceiipit d by a woman p who resided on thu premises. They were both * locked up for further examination. Tried to Cut his Thboat.?A man named Pat- t rick Jerry was found by otic of the city watchmen ' on Monday night in l>aurcns street, with his throat * cut. He staled that he had performed the jnh him- m self, and wasonly sorry that it was not moreeHectu- > al. \)t lloe was called to attend linn. and alter JJ sewing up his throat he was lorwarded to Blackw ell's lsiand to die or recover. The wound was ct not very dangerous. {, ] Attempt to Stab?-John Brown ^attempted to < ' stab Patrick Looney on Monday night with a knile, fo and was locked la the Tombs yesterday, to uinwer . for it. Robbebv.?A man named Andrew Dougherty robbed Giffnrd Ji>hneon,r.f No. 32 Laightstreet, on Monday night, of fify dollars and a watch-?Com- co tutted. Attempted Bcholabt.?On Monday morning, cr about four o'clock, watchman John I human was informed that there were several colored persons in it, front of the store of Samuel L. Sniffen, 82 Division or street, as was supnosed with an intent to en'er the building by force. He immediately proceeded to the premises, and succeeded in arresting one ot the h< four rogues, who, upon appearing ut the watch lh house, gave his name John Thomas. The rogues had forced one of the window shu'teis open, but hud not succeeded in getting any thing f rom the premises. sj A prornsskr Rocux asp ab avowed named Ellis Thayer was arraigned at the lower police yesterday, on a charge of steal ingone pair of black cloth paatalooDs, valued at i, SIO, one pair of buckskin eh* *8, a pair of buckskin gloves, and a cotton shirt, the property o( Levi ^ I'eck.No 40 Bowery. He was iri n to enter th> hsusc and g? up stairs about the time the clothes t* were missing. Upon being called up for examinn- ^ t ion, he made the fnllovdifex eta'em- n; " I am 23 Q years of age, wat born in Bo?tns, State of Ma??a- rf| chusietts, and lived at No 40 Bowery. I f ll?w ?' bo busineee, am a gentleman, practice gambling for ?" a living, and aleep at he. 4# Hewery. aad est at tnndry ether plane* " There are few gentlemen I who follow gambling at a nrofe?s*nn who woul | hi JJJ so frank in confessing it, if charged with the crime j of larceny before n Peline magistrate. eh LD. FriM Two Con*a .'fi'rxifMt CoriT or the Uniteb Statmb. ? \?b 5?So 24 Jane* S. Hrander ct al. ps. Vl'm. 2. Phillips at al. in error to the Circuit Court ef he L'uited^tates for Alabaiua. Mr. Ju-fi e McLean delivered the opinion of hit> Court, uflirmiug the judgment of the laid CJr iit C<>urt in ihia cause, with cotU. No 7. 15 njamiu Long; r* G union Smith, in ewor to the Cireuit Court of the b'i ited States for i lab am a Mr Judice Thompson delivered the OLum'on of taw O urt, iidinning the judgment of saitT Circuit 'ourt in this canoe, wilh costs, and damages at the ate of si\ per re, t ..a per annum. No. " I.uarlea Patterson, appellant, t>*. Edutind 1' < ,ine?, et ux. The moliou of Mr. HenI, r*on to dismiss this appeal, wa? argued by ' Henderson and tore ia oappart of tba aim-, and oppuaad by Messrs. Robert J. Brent md Key. Tempkhaiicis i* Tennessee?A letter to tbw dltora of tbeNational Intelligencer, from a genleman residing in Virginia, ,le4r ,ile Tennessee me, glutei that in Sullivan county, Teuneniee, uore than one thousand per?on? bare adopted the otal abstinence pleilge; and that at two meeting* eeently held in Jonetborough, two hundred and eveuteen persons farmed themselves into a society. The Dead Speaking.?The Norfolk, Maw , Denocra'. gays-?The will of the late Benjamin Buzey, of Koabury, was presented tor probate on 'ueaday last, fie has left an immense estate, ifter providing handsomely lor Ins immediate decendantH, he has given one half of Ins property lot ie establishment of an Agricultural School, on the lace where he lived in Koxhury?one quarter to ie Law School, and one quarter to the Theologial School connected with Harvard University. The Mails.?No southern mail was received here n Saturday. The navigation of the Sound was roken in upon by the had weather on Fridav and itday night, ?rid the steamboats of both the Sioniginn uud Norwich lines failed to reach New York i season to return <>n Friday or Saturday. The ispcnuers which left liere on Saturday for New ork.via Norwich, found no boat to receive them on leir arrival at the latter place, and relumed to the ity early last evening The train stopped at Wormier u nu took on board the two southern mails due esierduy and the day before, which had reached lere alter the only train which leaves Worcester n Sunday, had started for Boston ?Button Courier p. eb. 7. Rhode Island Senator.?The Legislature of ^hoide Island has made choice of the Hon. W. prague to be Senator in Congress, in place of Mr. lixon, deceased lie had 44 votes, Mr. Arnold 34, lr- Potter, the democratic caudidate, 10, and there -ere 2 scattering. Supposed Smitoulino.?A quantity of valuable welry, the property of Mr. U. Lecazctte, was ;izeU in Charleston, on Tuesday last, in conseuence of its having bsen brought into the eity ia iolation of the revenue laws. The general ioareasion is, that the owner acted through ignoince of the laws regulating importations. Strides or the West ?Eight years ago Chican was a wilderness, with only a military garrison, ept up by the United States to serve as a check ) the aboiigines. The following extract from a mnlorial addressed to Congrrs* by the Commoa ouncil of Chicago, shows what it is now:? " The last census rates the inhsbitants of this county lone at nearly II 000. The city contains between Ave i,l six thousand. Our average import trad* ia over 1.600,000 amiMillv, while that of our exports has reach I, within the present year, $344 3t>>,und' the fact that a onthly average of oun hundred ana titty vessels,of all lasses," regularly eater and leave our harbor during ie. navigable at uson, show us olready the centre of a irge and growing trade, and will well attest our pre nt commercial character." Fire at Si awr woolen factory f Durastui Kellogg, at this village, was dratrojd by fire on Thu sday or Friday last. The loss f th factory and the mutt rial* for manufacture i estimated at ?<> 000, upon which there is but a wall insurance of about ?8,000. The flouring nil of K Hogg & D long, was destroyed. The rea'er portion of the grain in the mill was seed. Tha loss ia estimated at $"20,000 - 6,500 insutnoe. Some small buildings attached were also estroyed, of which we have no particulars. A* Awrur. Supdeiv Death.?A death of a suden character took plico at St. Joseph's church estcrday morning, about 8 o'cltek The debated was John Cestello, a geni't man about 60 ears of age. He intended to racc'tve tlic comma ion, and the clergyman at the time vra<i udminis ring tha sacrament to those aronnd the altarIr C. was first discovered in a dying state, in hia ni pew, the aceond from the altar: and in n few inutci the vital spark fled fr<<m nis frail frame, id he died without an apparent struggle. Apoexy is supposed to have been the C iUse 1 he :ene was n<limn and awful. Mr. C was a native 'Dublin, but bad resided in this city foranumirof years. It is probable, however, that had e good old man selactrd bis own mode and place disease, that ha would hare choaen th? House of ml. and the period of Divine worship ? Phi/a. /ruff rb.T. ?? i l SINGLE LADV n't,nut liiir y.'ofgnol rdun'ion, and k g, nUel a hlri as wishes to be employed as houst keeper h reaoech-b'rfiinii'y She i< a pood eamslr-ss, a.idi|uaHd to instruct young ehi dr-niu the lein'ntar; branch * of nclis < aud vturic, and ?h? would like to c induct a g< nt-el -.vair hoarding housr, in coH irei iun with a risprr.tablc lady, messing'lie i''i]ui?itr miaiu'o furiiiah Site es.abli*hui"'it. Cdrrrs Sirs, S. I', No 391 Hudson slreet 19 Iw* rlffll/N i At AN! ofpractir.' bmuiess'h tints, and ill <1 pcrienrel lter,,?r. wishes to procure s situation ; that be nem.deved i i several ritmsire Dry (In el Jobbing id Commission Hourei in Philadelphia for the list si? years i Unokk-n per. ran speak tlu Oerm n lang uage .So-, lie would willing to accept of any respectable employ meat, and <>frs hi* seivicco tor a eery mode ate coiupeiiaa'ion. ami the o,t sat sfnetory references pro luC'd. A situ.uoii iu a Coin, union or Importing House would be p efere*d. A notesildrrs?e I to A. B., ind lsft at tnis O tier, will meet itli prompt attention. fT 31* Oiricr. or JeirrRson iui'iim r m.,i Nr* York, bebruary Tlh, 1948. ) HHE BOAU't o( LlIllCC I OKH of this t'onjuiiy litre, L tint >,ay, dec I-red a sen i anuual i.iiidri J of Ki<hl per rut, payable to llie Stockholders, or tlmr legal rrpresruta' e<, on *u I after the 14 h inn Trau,f?r books cloud liorn tOtfe 4o 14ill inst. inrlutire. 14 3t (?r'.O I'. H-il'E, Scc-etary. tills DAY-THKB v 1 Mi MiViM.'liJli ANU WIDOWS' MANUAL, r n!ninir.? ihre thuuiuwd :e hun lrH aiiJ r?;?hfv hi \ ?.l' W..l<?.v Lh ir.f, 1Ijij?cp?p< ri id Ihe (!ili<r< ol'.Vtw Yoik Brooklyn. Ii t? ?* bt* u ?f ior*atttl by on* of the i?re*te*t pn'ohoy kerf, i it in eoosi quence ot the plMiatiou of this lilt e book, so rs than five hundred and tnir'y one poor worihies* Bscnrwrg ill become respectable mm by uniting inhonorablr marrt *g? th tl e nameiniinb, rof reeii'.ctable Wi'ow L idi a iu couran : the pies- nt year, who mi I once more be made n tppi _pcrmipg rlheSeiou , Third, Kourlh, k'ltth.B'Sth ami heviah time. ice la U uaJ iri'jnuslin. t?M, and wiiba M ip 0' he .itr, i Asford's Vewi um IU It w r> Sold whole, ilehy A O.Powell Printer W .tun itrret, rear, up stxira. jD'WWimn^iter,,..'i Phjsr aii.lorimrlr ir<>in set ) Hudson, may he cono led as usual, in all complauU liirh so o4ten b ffl- the skill of many Pht *i< i u?. Uuder ii heu I mar he named seeoudirj or pnmsry syphilis no alinrkirw Mug staur i f or agtrarnted as long as the pa'litis able toswatl'? nuideinn ayrrfict cur* is warii.i.d nr ihe Dr. Milt pay for 'lie loer of timr to ihe patient, 13 ill moony received by th? Or will be retrrned. Perofuloos diseases of the fhin, of wnm*n and iil lren. I.">'r complaints, IJ) sprp.ia fee. will be .tt mlcd The dill' r*ul kiiK of "seruti' us. ?ueh ?a tMuiulinc, Club el. Stammiriag, k:., will t,e performed at Ins office. 1W hi i! stieel N 11. Tin D r rrni 'Tb' raniulledin the rrenin.' from It f. V| at No 19 Kul'oi s're-t. W-n ihl n I* I 'a* f (iTflifc. is TisreUv gireu Jhal ^i_i>tW Y'J'.lffi _ AtlJJ ERIE MILW4U l (JMI'VMV, wi'i appiV " ,n* gialaiura of toe Stale ol" Ntw Yo-k, for pirmiaaton to mtiu't i portion of their Ro.dni'h" ntvc ol l>on?yl?ni. to wit lr> m a point at or iu.*r Ha ?mill Hifl. Orange only. arrr.*e he Dt 'aware river, t)i nor wr? ward mi thr nlh hank ol mu I rtver through Pikr count*. Pemia Ivanla, r altoui If. it'ilra,l'i apoiat lirat Cedar Kallt. eud th?rrio ne.i Ilia D?1 iwarr rivet into tha conn')' of Sullivan, in llna air Ala^-forprrmiaaioa lo conatrucl anothrr portion of their i?a>l ia thr Hint* uf Penney Irani*. to wit; fmm a point at ne ir where Ilia Canonic Brook rroitfa ihe SI trlin- in themit? nf Broom*, a -d thenr* around ih get hand of the iaq>i?liano'li liar', f.>r < diataarr ol n'Jout If m Ira ihrotiuh i-y.r'i ui...ih coon y, Pi , to a |> lint at or tir?r w era the t?n 'cf'aiwnh n*rr rt. . oaartltilo ihr Stale uf Nrta t con it, of Br nimc App'trtli in w ll i,|.n brma 'r fir an attention of ona year ia mp'tiiua oat fourth part ol aaid Railroad JVtfCS BOtVEV PrtcW. Now Yark. |3>H January. Ittl. _ i1 * *'T UPERFINK DRESS "Ci>A or Tiir PFST QUALITY tn aa lo vTorkmanahii and n iteriala.fnr TWK.NTY-VOVR JLLA fl"; alto Pantaloon* 1'ro Doilarr, at PHI -<Ii A Laah Coring iftabiiahmtul. I ti Broadway. S". B?The aborr rar in u't arr f laraatrad to be tqml in rrv rra|?e-fothoaama-la bythf moat eipenskre h-ioaaa la city Thil i#no rm.itr guarantee, but our. thit the Mirer r pledge himee-l' to fuifll (.lament* of aeciitdtry qnv r prnpor'inuahlv lowar. Jit lART OH' t l.o f HIX-?.?'>< utlroaea or f lowiet tnraw 10/ arid* from fkrir wardrobe articl a of wearing appaind drawing to turn tha aama iotn e<eb,ean obtain frem 'ha vrcribar Uf ,ar aaut mora than any oilier peraon will H. LEVITT, Thi Broadway. N v I jn Y?naa at. up.ouitr Clio itM ol. Pi Y. fum-lie* and g-ntlrman aittmAad at their nstdcnaaa by ap ntnuip and *lj arArra lef at eithtr p'aer, or iim UuVm/la m i Po-tl'IB-r, wil" rttkt- prompt attention a. U. - Lading' a rear* I and Eaacy Ball Draur* alt* ptr w * fl tart*

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