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February 11, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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rnrri 1 111 VA TO^HN. 3*8 ?WM? mm. 1999 THEW LINK OF LIVIiHPOOL. PACKETS To Mil from New York on the tath, and Liverpool ra the lllh c/eecA motUMt & M From New Yoan.. .. up ROSCrus, Captain John Collins. Mth Nov. Ship SIDDON'S, Captain K. B. Cobh.fflth Dec. ShipSHERI DAN. Captain F. A. Depeyster, Wth Jan. ShjpOARRlCK, C^iani W'tn. Saidily, tttk b cb. su Shut BOSCICS, OapUia John Collins, ISth Jan. Ship S1DDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, lSbti, Feb. These tbipsarc all or the fimt c last,upwar<ls of 1000 tons, built in the city or New York,witl> aueh improveeneuta aa cainbio* great speed with oauaual comfort for passengers. Every car* I ma been takes io the arraagrmea t of the ir accommodations. The price ofpassagehrnee ia $100, for which ample stores will be pro ride*. These ship* are commanded bp experienced master*, who will make every exertion to give general ealisfae "Neither the captains or owner* oflheae ships will be respond U* for any lettens.partele or packages sent by them, nnlcsa ra gmlar bills of laifine are signed therefor. The ship# of this line wJM hareafter go armed, aad their pect ? ?.itM them security notpoaattMd by any other M South st. New York, or to WM. fc JAS. BUOWN k Co, Liverpool. Letter* by the packet* will be charged 18) cent* per siugli I: M cent* oeronnce. and newspaper* I Cent etch. ('ty rOR NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YOKE LINK OF PACKETS ft ft & ? For the better accommodation of shipper*. it i* intended to de*p*tch ?ship Trow this port nu the 1st, 5th, IMh.lSth. 90th and 95th of each month. com me icing the 10'h October, and continuing until Mayvwhta regular day* will be appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby great delay* and disap Kintinent* will be prevented during the rummer month*. Tb? I lowing (hip* will commence this arrangement Ship TA.ZOO. Capt. Coruell, 1Mb Oct. 1141. Phip OCONEE. Cant. Jackson, 15th Oct. Ship MI9Sl99tPPI,C*Bt. HilharJ,loth Oct. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt, 38th OcL Ship SHAKSPEARK, Capt. Miner, HtNorember. Ship (iA^TO.N.Capt. Latham,6th Nov. Ship HU.VTSV1LLE. Capt. .Uumford, 10th Nov. Ship OCMULOEE, <-apt Leavitt. 15th Nov. Ship NASHVILLE, Ca;>t. Diekin*nn.90th Nov. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt. Knight, 96th Nov. Skip LOUISA. Cant. Mu'ford. lit December. There ?hip? w*rc all built in the city of New York, evpreaely for packet*, are of a licht draft of water, have recently been aewly ooppered and pot <* splendid order, with accommodation* for passengers untquallsd lor cn nfort. Tbey are commanded by experienced muter*, who will make every exertion to give general latiitaction. They will at all time* be towed up and down Ike Mississippi by steamboat*. Neither the owners or captain* ofthe*e?hip? will be responsible for jewelry,bullionjirsciou* stones, silver, orplated ware,or far say letters, parcel or package, sent by or put on board *f them, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the same, and therein* thereon expressed. JAMES K. WOODRUFF, A,eu. ia N,w Orleans, who willpromplly forward all goods to his address. The snips of this line are warranted to sail punctually as ad vtrtiaed, and great car* will he taken to Wave the goods correct far measured. j3ly NEW TORE AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND UN El & mAh. * 1 n.?f|fu? tSg--^ I JlIM|TMnR? t lit April i?g| geptembw 1 lui?U ig5gg ?|br If?*. ?*?*?$&& Jlfe I J.jlwU ^.tioes of WfififlUt Tbe price of c*" I hBPMW bJjS exception of w'??'51 be forwarded W f*f I | ssBKs 1 ?? ^wTohk a^Vni^^ _ aSHSSp I From theg^CC^hfflfc , M. I WirESS- 4,|V' A i ? 1 *'.!AJ- !.,4i ? * ;. I I r>?? CS. "37f > u I I fffiait * lift I L?VM A . P. M. I I ^ ? OMKRVILLE stapes connect wish these lines each way. ialahetween Ntw Vork and -iqinsrnllc, K cents. ' D^ VI rWTBnwswiek, 78cents R B_L Jit CiDtl. liiwifi ^1 cents A. M. train from New Brunswick, and4| I M-train from New York, hue been reduced between * New York and New Brunswick to * rents. and fUhway to fit Xke Fkiladelphia mail I rue i .asset through New ickfov "kss^'wcv' n.. Passcigttrs who procure their tickets at the ticketaSec.rneetva a ferry ticketpratis. Ticket ear* receired by tbeconducter only oa the day when purchased. nil _ BTATKN ISLAND KERRY. dfiS^qS* Foot Of Whitehall street ^^^^MTeiner STATES ISLANDER Leans States Island Leaves Whitehall At t o'clock a.m. A' 9 o'clock a.m. "it " " 11 - " " 1 " f.M. 44 S " P.M. " 9? * " H " k I u a ? | e M On Sunday there will he two* to run. The last boat leaves Stolen Island at? o'clock, v. as og JMMJL KOA 8 H RE WSBURY?FALL ARRANUE, M h N 1'?The aieamboat OSIRIS. SC3CC.Ci|>t.J C.AHaiir. will co'iimeuce running en Blurt!ty. Sept. tttb, aa foil iw.<:?Hue button Market ilip. st Riser, every Saturday v to o'clock A.M., Tueoday, edneaday, and k riday at 8 o'chu-k A M. Returning, leaves Red Bank every Mon la" morning; nt 10 o'clock A. M.; Tuesday, Wednesday. and Kiid ?y, at half-pact It o'clock P.M. The be At will ruo as above unto further route, navieatlon and weather permittinp. cram* T. rowiii.L. 3c cu ;8 ljn?T JMtn st WOtl NKWBURiJH. u?d.i.p at OALD CTWQffiXL'H. WF.hT POINT AND COLD . ??? ft)QHLANDER Cap*. Robert wardrop. will ir*+* thr fb<t of Warren vtreet New York,every Monday. Ttv lay tod 3 iturdav jfternooo'a t 4 o'clock. Returning, the lltea > i er will mti .aewburyh every Monday morning at t o'cW.b .ut.i 1 uesday and bnday oAercooa at 8o'clock. For frciuht or passage, arply to i he Captain en board. If. B. AH baggage and Treipht nl , rery description, bank balla or specie, inlon board this boat, most be at the risk of the earner* thereof.ualeea a bill ofladt-tr erreceiptia sipoed for Eaaaame 1 .... mas STAR LINE h'CH NEW ORLEANS. ?& m. iik m ' TH^ubacriber* beg leave to rrluro lieir thanksTirlne pa trotnge you have hithert" estt nded tnw.rde the Star Line,and solicit a ceutinumioM of a portion ol your !> ipht t? Naw Urbane, iu IhU line, which Will be t.ihri .it ih- very lowest rates, m the fottowingships, which will tt?. ceed each other and sail weekly SOLON, Captain (Im. B..k nan RU8SEL OLOVIiK.c av.n n J ibetHowea, ECHO. Capta u A. A. W jv ! WINDBOTl CASTLE. I.,t.t <ia 3. tf. Olover, and other shins of the tame dae-. o low each other in quick ancccMion. Vor further pvrti, iltr*. apply on hoard at Pine street wharf, or to OLOVER A MeMURRAV. al4 1001'tnest enr. South. NEW YORK AND LI VEKl't it in OvfMr.KdAL LINE Ul? FAl IIMP. sdh. paTltnT* to anij v,.ir i.Tvnipr?oL wJfEIEy. old established cassathc office, No fl Sou h etrert, New York. THE subscriber, in UNi ar'aiwrimnts f irthr veer l*tt. spi, ,arsbe%r* lib with sentiment* of sincere r*sp*< . for fee isle support he ha* irr'Wtd for men) vea/s nr. ikewww wlihee to cell the attention of Ihow iBlrndinr I to iiwl f"r their fr end* in Kn?lan<t, I re land. Scotland. md WilHi lhet they cen et ell times t>e xcunn idsted by thie line, by w'ekly fnt">rtuniti*i from Liverpool, as well u or ell the well known ililti rei t licre of |?cket shiie sailing to end from Lierryool.oo the ut.Tth, tJth. l?ln, udtsth of tech month, Ihrougbent the yeer. it hue always been th? study n< ?,, sntnenber ?oha?e the tmifranie shownei*itiiF,?bd d pe'ehed without delay; and tkoee who Nkd for their fris-ids n.?. rr?t tab J mat srary ear* and difV*nt ait*iition w|!l i*. given by tli# Liverpool Agents to thovf ?*ni tor, et well ae .11 who tuay embark with Ukd; end ahould any of those, we,os* psa# !e ha* hern paid, eat embark, th* aoa?y will ha reload* f wiihout any charge To* fcubrtrtberfeeleapleaa-ir- mm duo* ka >wu the different hiye by which hi* yaaeaytriconr i,r, during the I eat year whkh ha* siren aenertl *itufa*Lion, aad ihel i.a ha* considerably eitended and concluded hu -trranc menu for the year ^*The following in a list of ehip* Ship Scotland Hohnwoa Ship Osceola Child* " Fait field Wdeon " St. < loud Emerson - Frankfort R.Jiwll " New vork y,rell " Hnasell Dover H iwrs " Warsaw Griffith* M Hibtrnia Wilson " Otwcgo Wood " Alfred ( herrer '' tb-ein Wrlland " Clifton Ineersoll " Talhot Story " Louisville Allen " N Hampehir* Harding * Sobieaki Emerson ' F.uthea I food w an so n M Alabmnian Law " HobL leane Trre-nan " rrentic* Hopku* " Virginia Eaton " J/|WN Jjpemr " Europe Bitrhrldrr " Wsleg Walts " S .'rnkma Seymour " Wsstahasler Feriiv The sbars shipn, aud their letpectiye cnytams, are ail well and farornbly known in the trade A Iree passage from the different porta of Ireland and Sectland ran also besenired, end dr.fts furnished for say emoiint, payable at the National and Prnviniial Banks of lrel?nd, and their respective branches. aad alao on Messrs J. k W. Rohmsoo, Liverpool, whicn are pud. free of any chare*, throughout the United Kingdom For further particulars aptly Is J I N?. i Neptune si. Waterloo Dock,Liverpool, 5 N E ^ NEV Albany. i [Correspondence ?f the H?raU.| I Alb in v, February 6th, 1842. The mild weather and the late heavy raias have ) burst the icy fetters that have bound the Hudson and i its tributaries. Front the West we have accounts ? of the moat disastrous and extraordinary freshet. On ' the Mohawk, bridges are injured or swept awny, t dams burst, and aqueducts damaged. The Hudson 1 too, has been wry high, the lower streets of the J town being completely under water, to the great in- 1 jury of the stores in that neighborhood. The river, i always noble, now presents a most majestic specta- \ cle, as swollen beyond its bounds, it flows on with an < almost resistless current, to its mouth. The Tele 1 graph, from New York, made her appearance this , morning, another boat is expected to-morrow. The I weather still continues very mild, and there is not 1 much chance of its closing again this season. This ' will kill the business that bus been doing on the ] Rial^rn nilnuHii in thn WAV of New York nnau>n gers. The freshets have caused a derangement in the made, especially between? this city and New ' York. The Bteainhoata will effect the usual regularity. lu aay letter of Saturday, I noticed briefly the pret vailing sentiment in regard to the recent nominations for Siate officers, as far as my observation ej- J tended. There are some who are most wofullv disappointed and chagrined. These are those Whigs who have been predicting dissensions and discord to arise from this subject in the ranks of their oppo- a nents, which they fondly hoped would benefit them, s But, as {{predicted, the democrats have passed the v ordeal unecathed and untouched, aye, even purified and tempered by the fire. Of the candidates, they b may be considered as being friendly to ihat clique, y whilome known as the "Albany Regency," although v not strongly (with one or two exceptions,) identified ,i wi h them Of the candidate for Comptroller, Azariah C. v Flago, who was nominated almost unanimously, he I is too well known to need exhibition of his merits 0 here. His sound judgment and common sense,clear, calculating head, and great financial accumen ana . experience, rendered him the most capable man ii that could have been Selected. The Secretary of State, Samuel Young, or "Old Sam," as he is fumi- ji liarly called, in as equally well known. Itwasgiven f out some weeks since that Col. Young declined be- c ing a candidate. He was nominated, however, and *] at the wish of his friends, will accept the nomina- a tion. Tne Colonel has always been firm, inflexible i and independent in hie political course, which has ever been very ultra. Opposed he is to the present <j system observed in the prosecution of our works of c internal improvement, and he has been charged by \ his opponents tts being the originator of the repudia- c tion scheme. He is, doubtless, somewhat visionary a in many of his opinions, but he is a.talented man, and will make an able Secretary. George P. Barker, the Attorney General, so popular and so especial a favorite as he is at the west, is an able and talented man. lie was a member of the Legislature from Erie county some yeats 1 since, elected. Although the county was overwhelmingly whig, on account of his merits and personal < popularity, or as others say, to get a bank chartered. The Treasurer, Thomas faraisaron, Esq has for r two or three sessions represented the county of Tio- , ga. While there he never displayed any very great talent, but waj an unyielding party man, and gene- * rally raiea oy tne dictates oI common sense, in his course. Of the Commissary General and Surveyor General I cannot say anything, not being acquainted with their previous history. The Commissary General, however, is the only nomination in regard to which I have heard any dissatisfaction expressed> To morrow, in joint ballot, the Legislature will elect these candidates, and on the next day the Canal Commissioners, when doubtless the work of " reform" will speedily be commenced. You will see by a reference to my last, that Mr. Huffman, the chairman of ways and means, intimates an intention to bring in a bill to impose a direct tax to pay the interest on the State debt. Should such a measure be introduced, it will go through. Cave Ulciscar. Albany, Wednesday, Feb. 9.b, 18-12 In the Aastmbly to-day, a large number of petitions were presented. Among them no less than'ten in relation to the Mew York and Erie Railroad Company; aome of them asking that further aid might be extended; others, that the company might not be allowed to locate their road along the Delaware, nor in Pennsylvania. The private report of the investigating committee in the affairs of this eompany was laid on the members' tables today. A petition was presented from 94 citizens of Otsego county, praying that the citizens of that county be relieved from the expense incurred by the libel suits of Jas. Fcnimore Cooper vs. James Wats6n Webb, in the Montgomery County Circuit Court. A petition was preienied, praying for the repeal of the charter of the Dutchess County Bank. The ladies bare at last found nn advocate in Admiral Hoffman. In presenting a petition for the suppression of licentiousness, he expressed a hope s that the prayer of these petitioners might be c granted. ( A bill iras reported to incorporate the American f Baptist Home Mission Society. The committee to j whom was referred the bill in relation to the dietri- t bution of the literary fund, reported the same with- ( out amendment. The bill to incorporate the vil- ? lage of Chiltenango was passed, and thus finally < disposed of. t A long debate then ensned on" a resolution sub- ? mitted by Mr. CSuLtiVAw, proposing to set apart c wo days in each week, to be devoted in going into j a Committee of the W hole on the bills on the gene- a ral orders. The object was to facilitate business, v and to prevent logrolling and favoritism. 1 Mr. Hoffmav was opposed to the resolution; he r thought if gentlemen would only sgr^e to disregard d the claims of mere brute nature, the want of din- s ner? he believed, if gentlemen would agree to sit f from ten to seven, which he did not consider too I would be adequate to nil the facilitation of l business required. c Mr. Humphrey supported the resolution. He r thought (hat the people did net demand snch n sa- 1 cri fie.' of their health and comfort a* [going without C their dinners would involve. He was ready to ex- v claim with Sancho Pansa, " Blessed bo the man k who invented sleeping"?he would say '* Blessed be the man who invented eating" (Laughter.) b He was opposed to sitting here for seven hours, It going hoaee with increased appetites, eating large a dinners, aad then suffering with the nightmare all o night, and getting np with a burning tongue in the t< morning. He hoped the experiment proposed by f? the resolution would atlcaet ?e tried. a Mr. Hoffmai* replied that he did not believe p any suffering would he experienced from the adop- w tion of his suggestion. lie would almost be wil* d ling to get btil ihnt it would not, although he sop v posed that he ought never to do eo again. [Mr. H. tl was the bail of the defaulting cashier of the Com tl rnercial Bank of this city (Birrow) some years since,by whose absconding he was almost rained ] a Mr. VVniR opposed the resolution. He thought p. that t>o much special legsilatien as prevailed, wee b the cause ef the great delay in the pnblie be-iaess. tl He thought thai if a m .re general course wan pur- m sued, such a resolution would be wholly uaneces- z< sary. bi Dr. Tarcon opposed both propositions; he 01 th ntiffhl if fff>nll*m^n nrouIJ aitlv ff.fiint h?r* I n? mined to facilitate putiRcTusinssi by every meant ui in their power, no tuch retolution ae tbatprcpoied e< by Mr. O'd would bo r< quiied At a medical man, n< he gave it at hit opinion, tbat by adopting the tug- ai geition of Mr. Hoffman, breaking in at it would at upon the ertablitbed habita of the members, cenld tli nit prove otheiwite than delnteriout to their health, tli After much debate to the tame purport, Mr. O'Sul pi livan't retolution wat adopted. is Letieri were reeeived from Mrttr>. A. C. Flagg, tli the Comptroller, and Thomat Farrington the Trea- ol surer, returning their acknowledgmeate for the honor conferred on them, and that they had entered M into the discharge of iheirdutine. la The bill reported by Mr. Caattrn, in relation to n< elections, wat made a tpecinl order of the day for F 1'uetday next. The Houte ihen took np ike gene- ai rtl order, and weet into committee ofthe whole on bi a number of private and local billt, which were w gone through with, and the Honaeadjourned. a! The Seoate were most of the day in Executive " tettion, and thcrefere did hot Utile ef eonttqeence. The weather hat tuddenly beeome extremely m cold again, aad the river U covered with floating ai ice made latt aight. bkeald it eoetiaee at cold to ol night at it hat been during the day, I ibould set he tt v ro: V YORK, FRIDAY MORf inrprised to find the rirer fast bound again to no or- a ow in ita iej fetters. * The great temperance anniversary eame off tolay, and the different societies moved in proces- o lion, with banners, Ac. through our principal ti itreets. It was large, though not quite to numer- 1 ms u was expected, owing to the inclemency of fl he weather. j< It appears that I was misinformed in relation to ii he " innocent diversion" of some members of the tl Legislature, noticed in my letter of the 2J inst. h Although with the party the fore part of the eve- o ling, Mr D. R F. J. and the Messrs. U's, I am in- ti ormed, were act with them when they had become tl misy, and in a state to " shock the nerves of our ii temperance men " If this is so, and I am assured >t is, it is oertainly due to those gentlemen that c hey be exculpated from the odium. 8 The change of living from what they have been c lecustomed does not appear to agree with all our P egislators. A certain gentleman, member from * Four city, aitnsell a physician, wa? anacaea a aay e ?r two f ince, by the eholic. He aseribed it to hia " rant #f aecustemed exercise, and gsnoral change 11 if habit*. The reliant gentleman might hare pro- * rided himself with the requisites b fore be start- r' td. Cats Ulciscar. Hairlaburgb. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Hamusbi'sch, Feb 8,1842- 5 "aeeag* of tke Bank BUI?Probability of a Veto? llrtul Rt rival of Religion?The Weather, 4-c. 1 hasten to inform you that the Bank Bill passed is i final reading this morning ia the House, and was e; ent to the Senate for concurrence. Several attempts m irere made to go into committee to amend the bill, m ut they all failed, and contrary to my expectation esterday, the bill passed without much debate,by a a ote of 63 to 25- A number of gentlemen defined (c heir positions, and stated briefly their reasons for A oting for the bill, but its merits were not discussed, th send you a copy of the bill as passed, that you may U bserve its impolitic features- The Governor is said c< d be opposed to its passage, and will veto it unless t is modified in the Senate. ^ There has been something of a revival of religion in n the M- E. Church of this place within the last ,e ew days. The nightly meetings are crowded to exess.and the alter generally thronged with mourners ,] ["his is something that has been much needed here, ;nd in view of the advantages that may result from Dl t, we say "let the good woik progress." y The weather has again changed, and we have to- , lay been blessed witn some of the stoutest breezes t> if modern times. These sudden changes in the veather have operated deleterioudy upon tha health r( >f our citizens, and fears are entertained that we . ire to have a sickly season. H. Louisville. p (Correspondence of the Herald.) Louis villi, Jan. 31,1812- c Phrenology ? Jfesmeriem? Failure*?Religion? A/o- 1* rah, 4-c. J Jear Bcitivett p Since the tide of public opinion has turned against leurology, it was supposed nothing more would be & aid concerning it. 'Tis true a public discussion,hon- d irably commenced, has been abandoned, yet our P laily papers teem each day with experiments and ? ipinionsof neurologists. The public, however, con- 0 iderit no longer among the catalogue of the scien. :es ; nevertheless, to supply its place, animal mag. tetism, or its more classical appellation, mesaoei* j, sm, has occupied the public mind, and Ailed the A leople with astonishment. ^ The cause of this is the recent experiments cf t ?rof. N of this city ; and a hook, lately issned J rom the press on this subject, by the ulyjij of the e nedical college, *' him of the big feet and tnagestic ? :raniutn." His book, of one hundred and sixty odd j, >ages, is principally taken op with a defence of the & icienee and experiments performed by Dr. C. him- {] (elf, and a Mr. S , "an excellent mesmerist." Mr. A V 19 a measurer of tape and calicoes of course; his j qualifications are undeniable, and his aspiring am- V >ition great?at least the great ulysia says so, and ? t would be folly to deny him. u Professor late experiment is truly astonishing, p tnd elairfoyance, fully vindicated. A respectable ady was the subject of the mesmerist. Professors B. ? tnd II. were invited; both were unbelievers till he denouement of Professor N's experiment. Prof. T J. requested that the mesmerised should be con- E( 'eyed to his house, who, on being asked what she J< iaw, replied, ** she saw a cradle, in which lay a ^ :hild crying dreadfully. What a cruel mother,'' & he remarked, " it must be, to let the child cry so." J( )a being asked if she saw any thing more, she said, H ' yes, the nurse or black girl was asleep before the 5 ire." She was then conveyed to another room, and w n being questioned as to what she saw, replied, "I ee a gentleman and two ladies, ona of them has a r ap on, the other is receiving a good scolding from ^ ha gentleman." Prof. B. said it most be all a he ax, y or his wife aever wore a cap in all her life. Prof. I. now requested that the lady might be conveyed o his school-room, which was accordingly done. )n being asked what she saw, replied rs followsjD 'j-I see something .very large and black! a slate." til She then began to spell something which was writen on the slate, which was Amen. She then a*ked, le ' do they pray here 1 ah ' what is this 1" she ex- fr ilaimed, " I do not understand thia?v-o u-s, spel- 'e ing } I can't make it out." Shortly afterwards she twoke. Professor B. then requested that Prof. II. v< rouid go home with him, and see if what he had |y ieard was true. When he arrived at his house, he it ung the bell, his wife came to the door, " rnirabile to lictu,"shehad a capon, and had been wearing it th ince supper. The nusband was thunder-struck?he ai ottnd that all had transpired as he had been told, ti, fot yet fully convinced, they instantly repaired to tc he school-house, notwithstanding it was nine o*- th lock at night. Having provided themselves with a ra and le and matches, they entered the school-room. yf rh?ir hair stood on end with amassment.? hi )nthe black-board was written "Amen and roue, a rhich Professor If. declared was done without his he nowledge. . he This was truly astonishing, and almost incredible; ut being from men ot undoubted veracity, it is no os true. Neurology, phrenology, and mesmerism of re all the go at present. What will turn up next no hs ne can tell. Dr. C. tavs, " there is but little honor eK t be gained in establishing mesmerism opon a firm th< jundation, for not one-half the exertion is required Dt ? was in establishing phrenology. 1 had great op- cd noition." savs the Doctor, " to contend against th 'h-n I first declared for the science; bnt the case is (|c ifferent as regards mesmerism, for none but the low, iu ulgar, and illiterate >neer stat. Rut, alas ! when th try sneer, the object that most deserves a sneer is teir own ignorance." ??] If New York can boast of a Ilays, our city ean of Iso boast of a Bridges ani a Turner, both very ex- (,? ert men of observation and experience in the police j0! ueinc fls- They arrested the robbers who broke into nf tejewellry store tome time since, and left it minus jyj, >me seven thousand dollars. Through the untiring ?n ?al of Bridget a great many felons have been 0p rought toiustiee. Among the most conspicuous is le o.imei Lucas, by profession a dog stealer, but ?? ] ow coiner of counterfeit dimes. Ills profession ha ?t proving as lucrative a was anticipate*), he turn- o'c 1 his hand to making false coin. He, however, is aC( jw in jail awaiting his trial, lie once stole a dog, py id sold him to a very respectable merchant for S)0; tni ole him again, and went to New Orleans, and sold pe ie same dog for $100; but, accidentally meeting ?u ie former owner, he was obliged to refund $50, the .n ice that had formerly been paid for him. Lucua rc| a great rogue, and deserves a private apartment in J ie Penitentiary as richly a> any dog stealer or felon ^ ' any other description. t t Failures of every description are daily taking place. w? [ail failures, bank failures, merchant failures, and atr ilures of ail kinds are transpiring. Phillips Key- ch |d-< takes the van?then follow in quick succession itch and Chambers, F. T. Seawell Sc Co.. Paul ] id Martin Kimbard, and R- K Smith, all have py( irsted and blown up, or made assignments. Who pr| iH go next no one can tell. Strange rumors are y, tread, whether they are trne or not I cannot asy Nont vtmmt'' Dr. Sim is dtlivering n coarse of lectures on phre- 1 ologv, which are well sttended by tfce fashionable De id e.'iie of th* city. He, nndoubledly, is s master eoi 7 his subject, and delivers sn interesting and in- AH ructive lecture- He 9 " * * P???f?us ? RE H HNG, FEBRUARY 11, 1 bother certain phrenologist he re, consequently he vill succeed better. The Rev. Mr. Humphreys has, tor the last three r four ^undaye, been delivering a course of lecores, addressed to the young men of Louisville. 7he church each evening has been " filled to overlowing." Great good will be the result of these rcturet, for he fails not to leave a deep and lusting mpreesion on the minds of his hearers; and should hey abide his advice, and profit by the warnings he >as given them, by drawing the most fearful pictures f vice and crime, to which all voungjnien are liable ? be plunged into. 1 have no hesitation in saying hat quite a reiormation will take place in this most mportanl class of the community. _ Our Legislature has parsed a hill, authorising the ity to erect water-works; thus you see Kentucky till goes ahead A meeting is to be held at the ourt-houae this evening, to take tha sense of the ?ople upon the right of the city of issuing a scrip, or mail municipality notes ; the revenue and city proerty to be liable for their redemption. Little or no ppoeition is anticipated- A moderate sum of this ind of money would, perhaps, be beneficial, but if large circulation be allowed, total tuin will be the tsull. Lowiivillk. Florida. IComifxmiWncr uf tb? Herald.] Tallahaieb, Flo hi da, Jan. 29, 1842. late of thinm Florida?Litigation?Union Bank ? Trade. I arrived here on Sunday night lest. The Court sitting here, and has been for t-ix weeks, and ia cpected to continue till 1 e: April. We have judg tent against the bank, but the money cannot be lade until after the Court ailjot rns.

Life and Trust notes will not pass at all here, and meeting has been held l>y the merchants and others idetermine whether they will take Union at all. committee waited on Col Gamble, and he said ie bank would not put out any more bills. The nion Post notes now falling due in New York >me back protested. News has just been received that the marshal at t. Josephs hsi gone off with 30 negroes, and $50,000 i debt?money collectsd on executions. The long expected disbursement by the pavmasr has not yet taken place, and, I am fearful, will >t for some lime to come. Cotton sells for 1U t(' II Union money; 7 cents for Georgia rag-, which re 12 per cent below specie, but the cotton i? all nor, some of which would not fetch $1 in New ork. I cannot move a dollar out of these people. . German gentleman from Baltimore has be en here vo months to collect two claims on good houses, nd had to take Union notes at 25 per cent disconnt >r his debts,and will probably nett him about $(>0 n the amount of his claims. Mr. W. has conveyed all his land, and 30 negroes, sc. to his son, a young man, who never had, or srned $10 in his life. If this bank is permitted to remain in it3 present ondition, it will utterly ruin every merchant and lamer in this section of the territory. Men who rere a short time Bince undoubtedly wealthy, have ecome doubtful, and the doubtful are bad- The lace is retrogtading, both as to wealth and morals. Business very dull at Apalachicola; cotton scarce nd interior. The weather i? extremely fine. I have lost eonfience in the place. I have no confidence in any lace where the banks belong to the State, or ate ased on real estateMoat ol the people are enzaged in Court aa jurors r parties concerned. Roads bad. Bankrupt List. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK NEW TORK. oha B Reboot, Clerk, New York, April 33 lex J Bocart, Merchant, do March 7 IW Brinckerhotf, Produce Broker, Brooklyn, do 39 laac B Craft, Physician, New York do 7 bomu J Wilcox, Meichant, do do 33 fm J Willettr, Broker, Brooklyn, April 33 lartin Morae, Lumber Merchant, New York, March 8 MK' *> *> ? 'homes Greene, Leather Dealer, New York. do 6 nines A ldrich, Editor, do do 8 amuel D Crane, Merchant, do do 8 oaiinicui J Strykar, Merchant, Brooklyn, do 8 itaa Greene, Poysicun, New York, do 8 ,very Green, Hatter, do do 8 Ifrigkt Pearsal), Clerk, do do 8 am?s C Paratlls, Clerk, do do 8 /m Wheeler, do Brooklyn, do 8 ohn E Hunt, Inspector ol Customs, New York, do 8 leorge W Gray, Clork, do do 8 eorge C Bogardnr, Merchant, do do 8 < And as one of the eter Pigeon, Merchant, ^ tirrn ol Plat It Pid(goon, New York, do 8 ( Olthe firm of awara u iieuiy, ao < v iteiuy K iTaggsrt, do do 8 horaas Whit*. Senior, G -ntleman, Brooklyn, do 8 >hn O Vandenberg, Clerk, New Yors, <lo 8 benezer Young, Counsellor at Lair, do do 19 >hnB Olover, Auctioneer, do April 6 harlea H Delatran, Cl^rh, do March 8 brabana Blum. Merchant, do do 30 muel Bcall Mott, Tailor, do do 8 bat lea Johnion, Hatter, do do 8 rsse Cady, Merchant, da do 30 omer Fr'anklio, Bookseller, do do 30 tephen T Bkillman, Merchant, do do 8 arret Brown, Butcher, do do 8 rm B Hatch, Merchant, da da 8 lyerChriateller, do do do 8 y. L Van Kleak, Hotel Keeper, Foughkcepsie. do 39 tchard C Southwiek, Clerk, do do a tm C Southwiek, do do do 8 lark Cornell, Grocer, do do 8 iram Golder, Shoemaker, do do 8 Another Fatal Wedding.?AJforeigner of very sntlemanly appearance, and of gieat nreten i nnt, by Inlse representations ingratiated himself to the affections of a young orphan girl of 17, be*iT' ful, accomplished, and an heiress- Her step laler required references from him,and sent to France r certificates of his character. A package of letre came, all of which spoke highly ofhim; but om this pcckage, it was afterwards discovered, tiers from an eminent American, then in France, id been abstracted, which would, if they had been ceived, have placed him in such a light as to pre nt the unhappy coneequeace to her and her fami They were inariied, aad in four or five months was discover.-d that he had committed a forgery a large amount He fled to New Orleans, and enoe to France in the forecastle of a ship; thm miag a deadly blow at the happiness of his aflVcjnate wife and her unborn child- And it was afrward discovered frora^ letter* in his apartmeits at he had come fram Fiance engaged in a conspicy to perpetrate forgeries to a large amount. Two ars have passed, and nothing has been heard from irr. And this divorce was sought and eranted (by vote of 35 to 9.) to prevent any claim by him Trailer to 'he property of his wife or the person of r child.?AYiearA AdcerliterThe Late Weather.?The Wisconsin E quirer the 17th ult discourses thus.?"Thus far this t been the moat delightful winter we have ever perienced, exceeding far the ordinarily fine weaer ef the Wisconsin region. Up to the 15th of icember last, we hardly had what might be calln Cold day. Since then we have had two or ree slight falls of snew, enough to make good sighing, and five-sixths of the lime, nought bat a ecession of clear, cloudless, brilliant days, the ermomcter ranging at about zero." The Lacon, Illinois Gazette,of January 21, say*: i has, we think, rarely happened in the history the oldest inhabitant in this latitude, that they vc witnessed weather in mid winter coriesponu; in warmth aud appearance, with the do > days summer. Nearly tueh wae the fact on Sunday, onday and Tuesday last. Evary fragment of ,iw quickly disappeared, and the river openad poMto our tewn. l'he Rochester Evening Post of the 5th says: ["he changes of weather since noon yesterday, ve been very remarkable. Last evening about 9 Jock W ' bail a tr>-m*?doin storm of rain and hail cnmpaniad by severe wind, which ./as followed light snow, and aahange of temperature aince en has given this morning more of a wintry aact than has been experienoeJ for eome days. The rm of la(t night, it is generally remarked, was e of the most violent ever experienced in this tion." ft jrt-iv have we aeea at any aeaion, a higher flood the Genesee than la now rolling ita turbid wi- < i through Rochester. The quantifier of drift od indicatea a general aad sudden rise of the aaraa falling into tha Genesee. The faila in Rif I aatcr are now might worth seeing." VIlMiMirri lUvxa.?Nefer since the memorable rrflow of 1?29, was the Mississippi so full at this ridd of the year as it is at the present lime, my of our oldest inhabitants jntie pate an ovei- 1 w thia year ? VUk?t>WK SfMintt, January 25. f?w Post Orvicna have bi*en established by the ptitm'at in this state? at South Athol, Warren m'y; Lewfutthrk, WevtcheetVT county, Bethlehem, topi county; fleutb Dick^neen, Franklm county, i ftiver Side, Water county. [era: .842. Ktrltw of New Booki, Aic. Remembrancer, Nos. 1 and 2 ? GWxrt tf Co.,95 Nauau ati ffl.? One ol those thousand and one periodicals with Which the country is flooded about these days. It contains gome good things. Dream on the School Question ?Camtily.? Contains much nonsense, and a litt'e sense. Bacon's Works, No. 13?Post, 8* Bowtry ?This commences the 2d volume of this splendid work Wn can add nothing to the praise we hare already bestowed upon it. The Covenant?TYeaJwttt, National Hall, N. Y ?We hare before recommended this work to the patronage of all odd fellows. Theiu's French Revolution?Post, 88 Boxcrry ?This is a plate number of this valuable work and a very beautiful one it is. No one should b.' with uc mi*, me no?i aumentic recora 01 one 01 me most important events in the history of nations. Youuo People's Book.?Curry Q Co, 167 Broadway-?This work improves fast. The present number contains some very beautiful engravings and is printed in n very superior manner. Scott's Wouk, No- 5?Pott, 88 Boretry ?This capital and cheap edition of the works of the "Win. ard of the North" is the only complete one ever yetipubliahed in thia country. It contains the whole of his prose and poetical works including Luckhart's Life, all the, biographies, &,c. Ch arles O'Malley, Nos. 1anl>2?Curry <$ Co j 167 Broadway.?This is a new edition,or uew issue , of this unrivalled work, and very superior to the i former one; it is also much cheaper. . Bostoi* iMiscellahv, No 2 ?Bradbury Sod en. , ?This number is a very great improvement on the i former one; the engravings are rather too still', but 1 they are also well done in other respects. The , printing of this work cannot be excelled. < People's Libkauy, No. B.?J'ort, SiBoictry ? f This is a reprint of the best novels of the day, with ? beautiful illustrations at the cheapest possible rate. The present number contains that unrivalled tale, ] " Harry Lorrequer." , . Musical Miscellanv, No. 1.?A'ing, 199 Broad- ? way?A praiswoithy plan to furnish all the best J music, and all the new airs, song*, waltzes, &e , in a handsome form, at a low price. It will be ex- I tensively patronized. ) Otis Mess, Nos. 1 arc 2-?Curry tf Co-, 167 1 Broadway. ?This, after all, will b the crack tale I of the day- It is by the author of'* Charles O'Mal ley," and will be graphically illuatrated throughout. Cooper's Sea Tales No 5 ?Curry, 167 Broad toat/i?1This is the best edition of these popular works ever published. < Dickers' Complete Works, No. 5 ?All who ' wish to procure the best printed, and the cheapest edition of the works of the everlasting " B?a," < healdl without delay, go and get the numbers. 1 Only 25 cents a week. J Erovclofedia Americana, No. 5.?Curry 4* i Co , 167 Uroadwuy ?This number commences the < letter B of this iiivsluable'work. Every .one should ' embrace this opportunity to procure this work, > which the; can do for 2i cents a week. 1 Jasob's Greek Reabeh..?Dean, 2 Ann itrert , ?This work has b.-cn wanted for a long time. It is printed in a most excellent manner; has been most faithfully translated by P. S. Casserly, and is adapted to all the editions printed in America. It also contains c pious notes, and is illustrated with numerous parallel passages, aad apposite quotations from the Greek and Latin, Fiench, Spanish, English and Italian languages; besides containing a complete parsing index, elucidated by references to the most popular Greek Grammars extant It is a work that should be in the possession of every school, college, and private learner in the country. New Music.?We have received the following pieces of new music from Millet, 829 Broedway :? " It was a Dream of Perfect Bliss:"'and "Autumn Leaves." From Dabois, 285 Broadway, " lnspruck Waltr;" ?* Gallrnberg's Waltz;" "My bather's Home;" "My Naiive Woodland Dells;' " Beautiful Valley;" and " Lea Echos;" "In the Days whau we went Gipseyinr," arranged as a Rondo for the piano, by Miss A Browne. And from Christman, 404 Pearl atrect, "The English Boquet," consisting of several popular English airs; the variations, &e , by Miss A. Brown. Court Calendar?This Day. Circuit Court?Nos. M, U7, 180,170, 179, 183,|911, 338. 373, 373, 374, 3T6, 193, 378, 113, 136, 103, 300, to *308 inclusive. SrrcRioa Court.?Nos. 3, 60, 61, 67, 76, 71, 73. 198, 77, 73, 80, 300, 81 to 88, inclusive, 90, 91, 94 to 100, in- | ml.later.. ID9 ?a 1IA (..? , *vv fcV I IV, IIJVtUliTG. I Coort or Commor Pleas?Part 1, at 10, o'clock.? < Nos. 01,77, 1S?, 101, 165, 107, S5, 153,09, 313,91.07, 130 ' 21. 131, 13, 1(8, 193, 210, 220 75 4*. 321,93 pan 9, 4 o'clock ? Noa 143, 144, '774, 109, 103. 23], 231, ' 990, 299, 900, 203, 300, 309, 304, 314, 820, 822. I i t Kullet-i* extra ?We learn that a amall and 1 very suspicious looking package, weighing several f ounces, was received by mail atthis post office a few * days cince, directed to (he address of the caaliierof * the Merchanla bank. It waa postmarked at New t| York, and taxed with postage according <? >' * weight, in a fee of something leas thin live dollars Vanoua surmises were entertained as to the profcu- r bit nature of its contents, until at at length, wi'ti all t due precaution,the parcel waa opened - and disclosed a bullet-mould, together with several leaden bullets, accompanied with a brief note, stating that it bo t longed with the patent revolving pistol, which in the recent unsuccessful attempt to rob the Merchants r bank, in this town, had been left in the banking t room of that institution; and which, we understand, * has since been retained by the officers of the bank. f -The note appeared to be in the handwriting of Thompson, of celebrity in the police aunals in New J York, and who is suspected as having been Hn ac- i, complice in the attempt at robbery above alluded e to.?JVetc Bedford Mercury. * Mexicav Reward* ok Valor.?Ths official it gazette of Mexico of ths 24th October, states that ? President Hants Anna had directed a cross of perso* bl nal distioetira to he prepared at the public expen-e p fer General Aro jo, with the following inscription: "j "He saved in New Mexico the integrity of the na- ? tional (errit. ty " To the chief)', officers ami troops who partook in the capture of the Texian vanguard was also awarded the privilege of w taring upon their left arm a shield, in which,on a green ground, *1 was to be seen a national er.glc with nut-stretched r wing*, bound with gold cord for ilie chiefs and i> officers, and with yellow S;lk for the other troops, p the following inscription appearing on tiio ground 11 of the shields of both. "Intrepidl y and valor in drfenceofthe Mexican territory." E*traordi!?ary Fast S vili.'o.?The following ? extract of a letter received tn Hoston relative to the speed of the clipper schooner Ariel may be in 1 teresiing to our nautical leaders. The Ariel is , hound from Boston to Canton lhave already advised you of the progress of the ichr. . Ariel a* far as lat. 32 4 degrees South, long. 22 d.grees West, in 45days, and I have no w the pleasure to inform , you that she arrived oil' Jars Head in 88 day* from this port. k. The first 42 d^ys the averaged 181 per day, *' and 39 do do do 109 do and 6 do do do 232 do I ui her smallest dat s work beinr 61 miles and her I ?f 315 I mile*. ' " ?<J r# Impohtaxt Decisions ?In the cur in the So rrvme Court, between Lewi* Ottioelli.Jr brought ?h y hit father, against the Hs-toa sad Worcester ' Railroad Co. for damage sustained by the firmer th in cotmetjuenee of the cars coming in colliiina on n the 17th of June, 1M0, the jury this morning ren- Ki dered a rerliet in faror of the p'aiatifT, of $12,000 damages. _ ,. _ tie tn the case of Lewis Oitinetli rs. Roaloa and ? Woroester Railn ad Co , the Jury returned a rer- *' diet in faror of plaistiff of $1000 ? Coiton Dtm> ,( erat FtMt At* Aloiriw* Fanirr. ?-The United States schooner Fanny EUsler, huilt in Algiers, was to ** lea re -Vew Orleans for the G ilf of Mexico, January 28th. J* Ptramid or Pork.?According to the census o? of Michigan there are on the peninm'a, one million ot hogs. j MeaTALrrT n? PnoeiDEiscn ?There wz-re bnt jft forty-fire deaths in Providence in the month of January. hy Wr.ATM? at Alb?mv ?The weather laat lues- "hj lay night wh* very cold. The therrnonieter the (text snorning marked two degrees above zto Trie ,? Canal basin is coverd with ice t>" Imi ' > ii RnLioiors RavirALS ?The spirit of religion# f reritais item te be adrsneieg in enr town. The "i Rer. Mr. Deeeher has been in this plaee for some days. Greet nenshers, we understand, are press- >K ing forward, aed btsoaiaf of the Chereh ? ftrri Hmtt (/?i ) Com VihuU. , i * I I LD. Mr* Two Coats SUPERFINE DRESS COATS or TMK BEST (JCALITY. both aa to workmanship Hid materiHlt.fur TWFNTT-F0U1 DOI.I.AKS; alao I'autalonna Ten Liullara. at PillL.1!'?' (aafc Tailoring embliahanent, 145 Broadway. N. B ?The abore jarmeii'a arc guaran'trd tab* eqial to every reapect to tho?e made by Ike moot cipenarre houaea hi the aity Tliit i*oo rmiitr guarautec. but,ore (hat the advertiaer plerigta liiinaclf to fulfil. Oarmeuia of aecjudary quality jri por'iooablv lower. )lg | MUSIC. A PIANIST would rerpeetfully inform 'the public. Mini be rill play at private parti** on Uw pianoforte all S* eclebraled eotilliuaa and waluet. Eat'orc at No. ! Walk** atroef. jnctn* pOMEHOY k CO.'g Ali.m 4-0 Bt.rraLO Par Kaon a Eararsa aiao Aria vtv-Kor tlie Trtua{v>rtatiou of Specie. Bauk Note*. Hmvll Ptckagra. Sample llocda, YaluabW TarccU., mtoauieiinu with Meitra. Harden kCo.-fpos* New York aud A'hanv to Buffalo, via Sclienectady, Uric a, Syracuse, Auburn, Scoaea Falla, (Seoera, <411:1 iciaiaua, R* cheater, Batavia kc. Mrtirs. Pomcroy It Co. will attend to the Collecting, or P?r log Notea, Druita, Bill*, A-ceptancea, kr , and Iruiiaaet all and auy aueh buatnea* na ahall be committed to their charga in flan abort namad piacaa, with promplucaa. Rrrr.atsni: Era.tu* Corning. Eaq , Preaidaat Albany City Bank Tnoanaa W. Olc.ll, fcai-, " Mechanic au i karucra'B A. D. Patctuo, ]??q , Caahter N. Y. State Wi?n r-ee, " - Albany Etcbouge Bui* atti Sherman, " " Albany City Uuiil< Jkma Taylor, " Commercial Banc TneoJoreOltott," * Canal Bank Erra P. Prentice " J aim Taylor, " Otter No,.I VVall Creel, Now York. POMEnOY It CO., Office No. I Dourr'a Bu'Jinu, Cortifr State and Market streets, Albany. Albany. Nor. ITtli. 1MI. nl? 'FHELIKK BOAT ASSOCIATION,?The tbore aasodi 1 liou are prepared to reteive order* at thnr warehouse, ll'i Broadway f..r Francis' L.fe Boa's. Tie Life Boat him been sufficiently tested ir the Naoal. Rerenue. a id Merchant errice. aa well a' by foreign government!, and ltt reputation a now I'nlly established The Life Beat ia built alrietly in accordance with Krancm' ait put u(?cumbinii g all hia lite improvement!, and wit out .hue Improvement!, aa teited by scientific men. a parfact Life Boat cannot be built. The aaiccialton have 1,ug sinco ibandeiiiit evert other applir ationo! power ?s unsafe. A Lffe B >ad ia offered to the public?and the association, trailing tnemselvea of the faci.'it lea < ouferrr.J by the Moulding 'o? pauy, a e able to fin uish the Life Boat at a diacoant of ifty per ctnt?lome of the bo<ta con be built aa low aa thirty loitar*. warehouse, ik broaoway, feb ?at aw 3w Opposite the City Hotel. V/f ERCANTILE AOENCY.?The nnderaigurd bega learn Lvl. to submit to the Merchant! of New York, a plan for aa ntablUhmeul with the above title, embracing, such broaches if business as are now undertaken by an other individual, ind which he beltevea of sufficient importance to the aercaa* lie community to receive and intrit their palrouime. Merchants are often at a loee, in the hurry ofbusinest to mow where to apply for the assistance the> need. It ia the >bjeetof tlua establishment toaffsid them ua little,or ar much it they may require. 1 he business of this establishment will include til negoti* lioua which merchant* aid other! may deaire to hare coufilentiallv conducted, and w ill include Procuring Partner*. Negotiating with Manufacturer*. Supplying Merchant* wi h Clerk*, Comt rointaing with Creditor*, Effecting Maiine and Kire Insurance, Drawing Commercial Contracts, Ac. Ac. ind for the purpose of providing temporary occupation foa Jlerka who are out of employment. II kinds of writii g, bookkeeping collecting, Ac, The plan of providing mean* by which prrsoua deairona of lonnectiue themselves in buaincaa, may harn something of the lature of the basincis proposed, before names arc given, or tfco turtles introduced hra advantages which can never be obtained iron a n.wapaper in the common mode of applying for wrtnem. The sub*criber who liar had much cajwnencc is radc. and was educated a merchant, feels assured tint he in :ompeteut to eouduct this part ol the business to ' he satisfacton ol'the parties interested, sad will lie eiu'ilrJ to procur* >art tiers in almost every branch ol business, which will jhit 'aw remuneration for rink and tue ol'capital. Mamtfreturere and men. haul a froin the country who hire Mtiaeu to tranaactio the city, will find at tin* agency means, it all timer, of obtaining introduction to merchant* of good ilandinc. Whs e reipooaible agenta or partners are wantad. irery facility will be afforded at tear than they will neur for board and leaanf time, while atte Anting to carry out he negotiation UumMtea. The propoaitton to give tempor?ay employment to clerto rho are out of place, ai it will riiaele them to earn a aub*iaeoc* until permanent aiiua iona can be procured, (thus con inuing their regular buainen habita. 'and guarding them rom the rail temptation* of idleneae) will no doubt meet th* ippronat ion of those engaged in active biiaiiieiia, and receive and ecure fromlllie m at a body, euch encouragement and support ta will enable the subscriber to giva the plan a lair trial upoat U merit*. A register willbe kept at the McrcantHc Agency where :lerks who are in waat of employment can enrol th'ir nam**, if*, qualification*, rtreaidence, names of former employer*, eferences, and such other information at isldesirabie; whicb will beeahibited to merchant* wanting assistants, and proper neaourra will be taken to obtain ailuatioc* for them with aM wasonrble detpatah. The advanlag' afforded to merchant e at all time* to em nine, free of charge, a register containing thi* in! rmation will readily be seen and appreciated by them. The merchant hading ?liaraeter,reference*, and all other tliinga satisfactory, :au be introduced 'o the clerk, and m .be hie own bargain. To the clerk this offers great facilities?it mikes hie want if aaitiution known to the p*reon wanting a clerk, and the fee required fur registering will not excer d the ripen** of an jrdinary advertisement iu one uenspaper. (while th* nu nb< r of is wipaprrt in the city is so great that ? clerk who attempt* to idvertiseinsH, wilj pay a largesuin, and not then be certain >f reaching the individual who withe* to give hiin einploynett, at the same time if he desires to adieitiae, he can do so hrough the Mercantile, Agent, pw ithout publishing l is name, ind thuseuaure a more certain application than if he required tuau'wer addressed to any letter of the alphabet,?bus iu the xwt office, or ficl itioue aiguature. Connected with tint branch of It a buaineia, it is proposed to fninis > temporary emph ymeist to clerks whe arc out ol bu lines*, and to this end it is requested of merchants w ho have titra writing or who need extra liclpduring the busuuss seaion, or who wiih their bocks examined, written up. posted, baanced, accounts made out and collected, at any season ol the rear, to apply at the Merc entile Agency. fersonal attention will be given to submitting pmpoeitiona oeredi'ors for settling insolvent estate*. The undersigned will endeavor togive satisfaction to all the a* who may confide ns department of brume." to his care Marine and Kir* assurance will be effected. The subscriber eels confident that his kuow ledge of this branch ofbiismaas rill bc.of great ralt.e to those requiring Insurance, and he enites employ meat as a m ney saving operation. Hi* falsiiarity with the business will tn-ble him to procur* risks at Ire lowest r?'e?. Hr will dso give his attention to preparing tatementa of end adjnstiog an i collecting claims for locoes All kinds r,f mercantile contracts and agreements will b* nrelully dnwuon application, under vhe adrice'of an expoienccd legal gentleman,'inbncing every variety'of trausacIms> Atteiitioo will also be given to examining and simplifying omplica.ed accounts. At* ing administrator*, partners and debtors' accounts, lancing merchant's books, making ba'ante sheets and taten.eiit* for upeni-ic new seta of books, a neglect on vHieh is oft<-ii the cause of much unrasintss, while the contraV enthlts the merchant at all limes to speak confidently of he correctness ol his hooks, a gratification which may bo lieaply purchased. Many ox reheat* tre too much engaged o do tnis tli* itstelres .ml are unwilling to trust it to incomolotil naswiina u'Iia erro '. ? aimn!a orena j hiass. ?.??wc.l Error* will be detect*) i.i ae'* ol l oin wlierder made ta nlionally ?r througo carei /??? > r ignorance Fraud uleat trora ma le by one pub > c 'ode< eiee *>. other, or by a fraudta nl dtbior (odrecite hi? rr. .litor, will be *earched after and xpoaed. Sutemonti of d< biora' accounta made, and diriend* proioaed for eetlli men;* w ilh creditor* Conndnutial loin* for merchant* will be negotiated A aaaio4 i? here ?u;ignted to li e merthanf, who ihould at all mea be jealou* of hi* credit, to obtain money upon anyemer?ccy with-ut appearu g a parly to the traLiaclimi. The airlerngi rj p-njore* al?o to attend to ny other hnnorale branch ol bu* ik * requiring the mtervantion of a third irty, the nature o. wtoth i, too pr- mi?ciinu* to be pjrti.-u'.ar.ed. All matlera en'mated to hi* cart will he treated c m#intially and arranged with pruini>litudr. ftp/- Relereuce* i changed. W. A. WOOOWaiID. Mercantile \gmtaad Negotiator No sEichange Place,corner ol Hauorer etreet. j7 Iwatawh fiH _ _ PtMBKJi KOU THE U !?. IJKY DOCK. BHOOKbVN, L iSr.alMM' -poiaW * ill M received at Ihetiflice of the Nav Airnt.K* Yn k.'Ii.lil the let (ley af A pril. f .r ' orniihgat the V. H. Navy Vyd, Brooklyn.the f< llowin* tnobc lauk fur the fo nidation* of the Dry I) ck, via r? CO ?prace pile* of leneth renin; ro-1 3t Io30 r.rer age not le** than 33 feet; and I > be uoi l??? lhau II and tn average at le??t 13 inch,* in diar.eter, t fett Irom llie butt, e?clu?ive ol the brrh. , . 3 ooti liueal leel while piae timber, font *<ju*re fur floor ti?; km I i.oou lineal feel white pin* do, I foot by I fool 3 inche* (guar* for Hweir limber*. , ft *00 fed board inr i* ire of J if f h while pine plank for floor s'too feel board ineiture of 3 iueh yellow pine plank for aheet jinKi# ahoee limber and plunk to be of perfectly found and urabl* quality The epfuee pile* t* lie a* *triiii"tt ** can he procured, ami in II refuel* prr| ared for tharpeuing at id dnriug. The whl'e pine limlier to be fee from ahake* aud '?r*a B(,U? to lie owed ftraight an?l v]uare edc?d to the dme-iti<>a* wruitai, aud of the following length*, vi* : one hilfoO ich lot to he i.i alieka 31,3*. 33 aud 31 t< at lung The remaia ghatfol each lot in Hick* 31, 17, 40 and 43 feet long,?tha imber af lineal lert of each length to be nearly the tame The white pine plank lo In entirely fr?e from large knot*-* uare < dged?in length* cf 31. 34 37.38. 31 or 34 feel?to are ge Dot Ira* ihan 37 leet.and in widthi Irom 10 to IS, to are g* not In* than 13. Tli# yeHow pine plank lihealrtieV ^n>l ?qtnre e.lgej, ?uitde for driviag at iheet pilmc lu leug hj el 13 or 34 lael. and wilthfrom 10 to 13 inchei?to average no. le?e than 13 in; ?e All the above timber ?nd plank to be deliver*k on ?ueh wb irf wharf* within the Nary Van) a* may he draignttedby the neineer of Ihr ilrr llieb iukiari f? lU ,u,uilnn *eil Tnf euch perann a? ha IM)' itlecl. Ttw f*il' to benrluered in ?urh qoanlitiee and ilnifkhnff Inrin the lat day of July * id the ISthday of October ae ?f be required by the Niry pinng notleaa th in re to not ice I'ha white pine timber to be delivered between the let day Heptrmber and 31 ! day of <)c < ber, ano The white and yellow uiue plank between the lat Octobee d SOth November. , , . The pr ipoanle will atate the price per alirkfwthe pilei? r cu lie font for the white piu? timber, nod per foot bol d near*, (or the Sand S pine plauk. The riihl I* reaerved to aaaicn |e?? than the while quantity each kind of timber ti env one bidjrr?and after? wilt be Rired (or any |<,rtieo of either kind. oiomIjio bo 'odnrae.l, tVopoeale for Timber, for llrg ?eh, Brooklyn " If Ainl'toiire, New York, fa .3d. tail. MOB&RTC. WKTMOHfi,Norp Agewt 3 StawtAlat 2 Ann HKWAFII will be paid for tb< arreat and cow ,UUU rietion of MAUKICE flTCHKR. and the re eery of Thulren Thoueanrt k iv? Hund-ed Dollar*. obtained hmi from aondry bank* in thia rity on forged rheeka, or te tbouaand dnllara on hie conviction and tine thouauad for i money, <>r in proportion for any |wrt thereof, laid PiLher te about IP yeara of are, I feet 6 or T no We# high, I a florid rinppleiion and raddiai hair, tore or luflaaned oy eat i face much eoaered with pimplea or hlolehee It ia probable it be w aeoompained by a younger brother of nearly ibeatona wht, about it yeareof age, dark complex ion, dark eyaa. ami 1% <i jhy Wmr. t W aacertained that Maurica fitrher purchased of J. rider. ia New York, a Bill drawn by him an J. Bnlt. Boo it Louden. for ililrtl atei tint. to the order of Maoriee Vaniciaart,the payment of which bao Ooen aleeeed end toe pwfc -M-Uw> VMft'dPVco. tjT.

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