Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1842 Page 3
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POS TSC K i T. ; 1r> We received oo papers last nigltt south ot 1 S'orfolk. I Washington. IC otTt fpoadmM of tlx H?r*Rl Washington, Feb. 9, 1812. I Senate. The Senate?The Cabinet?The Pipelavera? ' New Yobe PosTOrnct. I In the Senate to-day, Mr. Tallmndge presented a < remonstrance from Missouri against the repeal or i postponement of the Bankrupt Law, upon which < some discussion arose between him and Mr. Linn. < After the presentation of petitions, and the recep- t tion of reports from committees, the Senate took up I the joint resolution of Mr. King, fixing the 20th day < of May for the adjournment of thia session of Con- | gress sine die; and after a few remarks by Mr. Kino in favor of the resolution, and showing that all ' the public business conld be transacted by that time, and by Mr. Clay in opposition to it, its considers- | tion was postponed till Monday next. < The Senate then proceeded to the consideration i of the three joint resolutions introduced by Mr. I Clay, to amend the constitution of the United ' : States. i Mr. Annua took the floor, and apoke until the I * Senate adjourned. He argued both for and against < the veto, and with about equal effect, but finally I came to a conclusion by stating that if Mr. Clay's \ proposition to abolish the veto power should come t to a vote, he would move ao to modify it, that a bill j vetoed shall not he decided on till the session suc 1; ? ,u* ? it wai vetoed. and that a ' ctrcuimg iuv vbv ? ttw? ? ? . ?, ( majority of both Houses shall then be competent to pass it into a law. Mr. Clay rone and gave the Senator from Virginia (Mr. Archer) assurances that it was his intention to press the resolutions to final action; and before the time came round, he would give the proposed amendment t f the Senator due consideration. Mr. Mosxhcad expressed a wish to make some remarks upon the resolutions, and with that view, on his motion, their further consideration was postponed until Monday next, and the Senate adjourned. There has been a good deal of talk here for the last two or three days oi contemplated ch angea in the Cabinet, and some of the rumors havs been put into reasonable shapes, but they are all without fcundation No change is now expected or desired, either by the President or any of his Cabinet. What may take place in the course of the next six weeks, it is impossible to say. Certain allegations are said o be in preparation against one of the Secretaries, which, if supported by adequate proof, will cause both impeachment and removal. The charges may not be susceptible cf proof?possibly they are without foundation; but if they are true, and the fact can be demonstrated, the fall of Aaron Bur or ' Nicholas Biddle was a joke compared to that which awaits the distinguished Secretary. The pipe-layers are making every effort in their power to get influence here, as their last resort. They have been driven from Albany by the oppoaition party, and by the iudifferenee of the whigs, who, rather than be ruled by such a corrupt digue, suffered the election to go by default last fall. They were next driven from their influence in the city by a general la'ly of the people, in the various wards, who turned out every man on the committees who waa suspected of the least degree of pipe-laying. The contempt was not more general in one pa rty than in the other. Foiled in their own strong hold, they turned their attention to Washington, where they supposed their character was aot known. Here they represent their influence at home as unbounded, and claim all the oflices and appointments as their property. No office was filled at Albany but by consent of the New York pipe-layers, and in a large majority of cases these oflices were paid for at a given price. One of the pipe-layers offered an office to a member of the Assembly from the city of New York, while standing in the office of Gov. Seward, at Albany, for a certain sum of money; and the offices in the State have been sold out for money as a general things It is believed, however, that their schemes will not be successful here. They may find a coadjutor in the Cabinet, but the integrity and independence of the President precludes the idea of their generel success. They may deceive him in single cases, and procure the occasional appointment of an incompetent, corrupt, or unsuitable person ; but no apprehension need be entertained that they can ever establish a permanent influence at the seat of government. These people are now making desperate exertions to prevent the appointment of Mr. Bloodgood to the New York post office, and to procure the selection of one of their own kidney. But it is all in vain- It seems to be understood here that Mr. Bloodgood is to have the office, and that it is now only a question of time. House of Represent atlves. The Navv?The Committee on Foreion Relations?The Tariff1?Appropriation Bills. The House ot Representatives has made a commencement of the work of Legislation, a great portion to-day having been consumed with the reception of reports from the Standing and Select Committees, and their reference to the committee of the whole House, which afford evidence that the committees .have been | industrious, if the House has trifled with it* legitimate duties. Amongst other bills thus reported, were two by Mr. Wise, chairman of the Committee oa Naval Affairs, one to appoint r Board for the establishment of rules and regulations for the government of the United States Navy, and the other for the re-organization of the Navy. Mr. CLirroao, from the same committee introduced a bill to regulate the remuneration of pursers and warrant officers. The resignation of the majority of the committee on Foreign affairs, whicii was^ anticipated yesterday, took place this mnrn Uf* Mr I *11 urn AU? ftf thp nraaani erf to the Hoiute the following document: ? Fussi/ast 9,1342, The undersigned, members of the Committee on Foreign Affiiri, respectfully ask the House to excuse them from further service en that Committee. Recent occurrences induce them to doubt whether the removal of the present chairman of tha committee would meet the applanation of tho House, and they are unwilling to serve with a chairman whs has avowbd opinions, and persevered in a system of conduct, which in the estimation of the undersigned, have shown him to bo an unsafa depository of the public trust, or of that conftdtncejwhich is necessary to the relations between a chairman and the members of such o committee. THOS W.OlLMKRR MT.HUNTKR. R. BARNEWEU. RHETT. OEOROK H PROFFI IT. To the Honorable the Speaker of tho House of Representative#, lie alao dcoircd the Clerk to read the following letter from Mr- W. c- Johnaon: Tcssdst Meastno. Feb. 9,1911. Deis Sia,? Indisposition will prevent my attending the meeting of the committee on Foreign Affsira this morning: but if it should be of the slightest importance to know what woulJ ba my coarse upon the vote for re electing a chsirman, after the remarks of Mr. Adams in the House, and after his coarse in the committee, in himself urging a member to move an election of chairman, and the manner of his disclosing and using the minnirs of the committee, I will say, that for me to vote for him would be, after thesa circumstances, te endorse his sentiments. and to sanction hia conduit, which I cannot do. Therefore I should be bound in my sense of public duty to vote for some other person as chairman. It s onld have been agree thle to m? feelings if I conld haw been relieved from serving on the commltee for sever jI weeks post. Ton are at liberty to make known the contents of this aommuaieation. Very respectfully youra, (Signed) W. COST JOHNSON. Hov. T. W. OitNta. The font gentlemen, whoae written application *t? made to the House, were excused from further service on the Committee, and then Mr. Johnaon, who has returned to hie poat of duty, made a similar personal application, and was alao excused No debate aroae on the queation, which appeared to have b*aa disponed af aaa matter of oourae; but when the Committee on Foreign Relations waa called upon for Reports, Mr. Aeua, its Chairman, rose with the most .st Y- . ?t uniting n< n^nalaucf, and rnovec that the vacai ties be supplied which were ereat *d ia the commitre by the resignations of the fire gentle.nen, whs tad just been excused. Tne Spbaksb assured the honorable gentleman hat the vacancies should be supplied at as early a jetiodas possible, and thus the matter dropped. Mr. Wood then resumed his speech sn the resoution of the Chairman of the Committee on Manuhcturee, for permission to collect evidence on the lubject ot tariff laws, and their operations. He con:inued his argument, which was intercepted yeateriay, against power being given to the Committee >n Commerce to collect the information required; ind he objected also to the resolution on the ground .hat there was not time at the present session to :omplete the investigation. The subject was then passed over informally. The House next proceeded to the third reading of bills. The first bill taken up was a bill making an appropriation for the relief and protection of American seamen in foreign countries. The sum appropriated is $15,000. The usual appropriation is about ?30JOO, and that is the estimate for the present year, of which sum this bill appropriates a part to meet present urgent necessities, which are thus set forth in a letter from the Secretary of State to the Chairman 3f the Committee on Ways and Means =? " Aiunnl of the ennreDriatioBI of the pail y ear, tub cet to the direction of this Department, ere exhausted, ind other* nearly *0,1 deem it proper to invite your at ntioo to the fact,and to inform you, a* 1 have the honor odo, that the Department i* consequently without nean* to meat the public eng ogentente. "Thi* i* particularly to be regretted in relation to the ippropriation for tha relief and protection of American teamen in foreign countries. ' The consuls of the United,State* are. bv law (Law* LT. 8. voL 3, page 537) required to provide tor the mariner* and aoamen of the United State*, who may be found Institute within their districts, respectively, sufficieat labaiatence and paasagea to some port in the United States. To do this, no advance of publie meney being aiade to them, thoy must apply their own funds, and, for their reimbursement,draw upon this Department-? Drafc* for this purpoee aro now lying unpaid, for want ?f an appropriation; and others may be expected every day. To suffer them to be protested and returned to the drawers will be productive of series* injury, not only to the agents of the United States, but to the character and credit of the Government, and may create a necessity of placing funds ia advance in the hand* of the consul* to meet the disbursement* directed by law. This alternative, from the number of consulates, and the want of knowledge of the amount of relief that might be required at each, in any given period, wonld require an dvauce of funds te a greater amount than would probably be in all case* expended, and would, of course, call Tor a larger annual appropriation. 'Under these circumstances, l.havethe honor to sug gest te the committee the propriety end necessity of an immediate appropriation of fifteen thousand dollart for the relief and protection of American teamen in foreign eountriee, to enable thie Department to pay the draite ilroady presented, and those which are expected to ap!>ear, previous to the passage of the general appropriation bill." 1 a The bill was read u third time and pawed. The aext was the Pension Bill, which appropriates for revolutionary pensions, under the act of the 18th of March, 1818, in addition to a probable balance at the end of the year 1841, of $183,799, $88,261. For invalid pensions, under various acts, $200,275, for pensions to widows and orphans, per the act ot tha 4th of July, 1836, in addition to a probable balance at the end of the year 1811, of $30,000, 8242,240; for five years' pensions to widows, per act of 7th of July, 1888, $200,000. This bill was based upon estimates from theCommisiioner of 'Pensions, and it differs materially from the appropriations of 1811. In the year 18-11, the amount appropriated for Revolutionary pensions 1 ' * ** *- ?oto JbOii nfui. under me act 01 marcn i?, 1010, was gjn.uw, this year it is#88,261, a reductioa of #225,739. Ia 1811, Invalid pensions were #107,800; in the present year, they are #200,275, being an increase of #98,275. In 1811, the pensions to widows and orphans, per the act of 4th of July, 1896, were #418,241 for the present year, they are #212,240, or a reductioa of #206,001. In 1841, the five years' pensions to widows, under the act of (he 7ih of July, 1838, were #168,314; in the present year, they are #200,000, being an increase of #31,686. In 1811. the arrearages payable through the second and third auditor's offices, were respectively #600, and #1,000, while this year there are no such arrearages. The total then for 1811, was #1,044,155; and for the present year, #730,776; being a total reduction oi #313,379. Having disposed of this business, the House adjourned. Baltimore. [Correspondence of the Herald.J Baltimore, Feb. 10,1842. Mr. CniToa:? Four individuals have been taken up on suspiciox of having perpetrated the late outrageous robberj on young Nicholson. They have been committee for further hearing. It is thought however that the greedy polite have got the wrosg pigs by the tail The reward for the recovery of the money and the villians has been increased to two tkua^aad dollars The whole affair of the assault and robbery wai most outrageous The seoundrels smashed the nose of their victim flat with his face aad broke his jan in two plates. Y*ur police would do well te be ot the look eut for them. Exchange on New York to-day ia 3 prem ; Philadelphia, 3 discount; Virginia 6 a 7 disceunt, and the bank of Virginia 8 a 9 discount, getting better Railroad orders 12 disceunt. Flour kss improved to #5,62^. There is not much doing in grain, and ao variation in prices. The weather is clear end cold?prospects for ice. Philadelphia. [Correepondenee'of the Herald ] Great Excitement?Probable Pat cage of the Retump lion Bill?Great Depreciation of the Relief luuet? Speut brmightfrom New York. Philadelphia, Feb. 10,1812We are to-day again in the midat of confusion am great excitement on the subjeot of the currency ThingB hourly grow more gloomy, and it appears t< me, must now approach very nearly a crisis. Th< mail which left Harrisburg yesterday morning brought word that the Resumption Bill had pasuet the Assembly, by a vote of a:xty-three to twenty five. This created much sensation here last even ing, although the matter was confidently expectec before. The mail that left the Capital at one o'clock and reached here at rquinignt, brought letter stating that the bill had passed the Senate on i brat reading without amendment, and that a mo Hon to suspend the rules for a second reading o the bill instanter, (which requires the consent o two thirds of the Senate,) was lost, 17 yeas, It nays. From these indications there would seen to be a decided majority ia favor of the immediati passage of the bill; and probably ere this, it is ii the handa of the Governor for hia approval. Th< consequences among the banks for the next few days moat be atartling. The boaiurea at the stock board was te a" fail extent, bat at a farther falling off in all prices- Al bank stocks declined, and state fives fell ftlfc P? share ninee yesterday, selling at 48J, in currency equal to about -13 in specie. The rate of discos n on Girard notes has also ran up largely, being 31 to 10 per cent belew currency. United Statei Bank notes 50 to 55; Pennsylvania Bank notes ' to 10. The " Relief Issues" are at a discoun of from 25 to 80 per cent at the broken*, and an almost wholly refused at any price by the busmen portion of the community. The excitement in am about our streets is very great, yet from alrnee every mouth is heard the cry. " give us immediati resumption. Let's pass the Rubicon at once." Exchange on New York is about 8 percent., an* the brokers sell specie at 10 to 12 per cent. Unde this condition of things n Isrge amount of specie i dnily brought iroravour city and the brokers pock et a handsome profit from the operation. Not I em than ^ 10 ),000 in coin has been brought from Ne? York withia a week. This induction of specie int oar currency is purifying it ju.-t as fast as it coi rupts that of New l'ork. Look out?bf??k' rs ate ahead. ISDi.tira.?Tke L gi-lsttire of the State of Iadis na adjsarned on the 31 a all Among the acts pai sed, besides the act to provide for the rontiauanc of the construction oi all and any of the publi works of the Stales by private coojo uios. was a act to prevent farther sale or hypotheemion of lr diaaa Stat* bonds by any Fund Commissioner o other agent of the Sutc. The joint resold,ion wlii' h has passed (he Srnati instructing the Senators and requesting the llepri tentative* of that State in Congress to vote f" r repeal of tke Bankrupt Law, w is lost 11 the Hous ?Ayes 87, noes 48?JVai Int., /V6 10 iTTBMprnD InaunnacTion in Poec", (P. R )Captain Pieree, of tke sckr. Pearl, arrived st thi port on Saturday last, from Ponee, (P. R ) iafcrur that tke negroes of tkat Island contemplated a r< volt which woe to have taken place en Chiittnu night. The iaUation of tho lasnrreetioaists ni discovered previous to that night, and a number < them were arrested. They have been tried, aa three were shot, and several received two handrc lashes mad ware seat tetbejehain galleys for lif oa the day previous to the departure of Captai i Pierce.?Norfolk Beacon. Genera! Se. alonl. Before ku Honor the Recorder, Judge* Nonh and Lynch/and Aldermen Pollock and Balis. James R. Whiting, Esq., District Attorney. Fa a. 10,.?I'll ailed Guilty?Pe'er Flanagan pleaded guilty to an a^anlt and battery ou Jame* Rote, of No. 861 Cherry atreet, and was lined ten dollar* for his coinbativeaes* Ariolhn Penitent.?Jacob Wilson entered a plea of guilty to three several indictments for assaults and batteries committed on Cornelius Vanderhelt, Alexander Melville and Philip T. Mosiar, by himself and several boys on the 25th of December last. The riot occurred at a public house in the Ninth Ward, and the ahere persons were severely beat and the windows and door of the house broken and injured. Mr W ilson presented several witnesses j in order to mitigate the sentence of the Court, hut, they put such an appearance to the matter as to compel the court to sentence him to ten day* imprisonment in the city prison on each indictment, making thirty days in all. He was then escorted into the Tombs, to meditate on the evil results of rowdyism prodneed bv intempeiate habits. Another fionfeition.? John Bradley alias Bradley i D..a a. ~ I -J r J L 11* 1. i/oitc, mu uiu lugur, couiesieu nil gniu in p???iu? ' a tan dollar counterfeit note, oo Jerr-miah I^ambert, < No. 523 Gteeawiel^street, on tke 8th of December last, and was remanded far sentence. Robbtry at Emma FiatikHn't.?A young man named John Walker, alias Williams, teas put upon his trial a second time, lor aa alleged robbery of Mr. William W. Parker, of Broad street, while he was at the bouse of iniquity, kept by Emma Franklin, in Chureh street, on the 4th of December last. Parker stated that he went to bed with one of the Cyprians of the establishment on the a bo re night, and in the morning the sum of ?90 was missing from his pocket. Officer Cockefair was told by the girl that Parker slept with her, that Walker had the money, and he arrested him the day following, and found it on his person. The prisener proved a good character, and also that he received the money from the girl for safe keeping, and the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. M. H Van Hovenberg counsel for prisoner. Highway Robbtry.?Three voung men named John Lord, William Maher and William Parks, im* pleaded with Manning Kelly, were tried for an assault and battery and high wag robbery on Daniel Bewighouse, on the 1st of January last, at 18 t! Bowery. Bewighouse, is the proprietor of an exhibition of deformed animals at the above place, and in his evidence, he stated that his room was entered on the above named evening by a number of young men, who broke the door down,and after severely beating him with clubs and fis's, and robbing him of a pocket book containing ?70, that he had previously placed in the side pocket of his coat, they left him senseless. lie could not identify either Cf the prisoners on trial. A man named j Wm. P. Stock well, who officiated as plaveron the : drum for the exhibition on the night in'question, 1 confirmed the statement of Bewigkouse, end identi- * fled the prisoner as present and concerned in the 1 affray-. John Phillips, the doer keeper, made a t similar statement, but could not recognize ths pri- I soners. The defence proved that the prisoners had 5 been previously of good character, and the jury , finally returned a verdict of guilty of an aggravated assault and battery, but not of the robbery. ' Manning Kelly, who was also indicted for the < same offence, was then allowed to enters plea of I guilty ef assault and battery, and remanded for 1 sentence. j Forfeited Recognizance*.?The following persons charged with offences, not appearing In court, their 1 recognizances were declhred forfeitedNicholas 1 Willoughby, for cruelly striking a horse belonging i to John Fagan, with a shovel, in such a manner as , to nearly cause his death; John Brady for an as- , sanlt and battery on Charles Yivgan ; Win. Bohn, for grand larceny, in stealing a ease of dentist's instruments, gold bracelet, ice. from Moses Maynard, jr. No. 40 Union Place: Wm. Mitchell, a witness in the case of Elbert Totten, indicted for selling lottery policies; Wm. Poole and Smith Ackermas, for an assault and battery ou Alexander Melville. Cases Settled.?In the suits of Patrick Tempany and Bartholomew Turaey against Michael Walsh, for an alleged assault and battery committed some months rinee at a political meeting in the Sixth Ward, the plaintiffs appeared in ceuit, and stated that they were disposed to withdraw all further proceedings in the indictments. The costs were ordered to be paid by the parties and the suits thus terminated. New Chobch i.v Buffalo.?A new brick church forty by sixty-live feet, to contain sixty pews, is to be immediately erected on the corner of Eagle and Ellicott streets, by the Dutch Reformed congregation, now under the pastoral charge of the Rev. MrJohn Beattie. Coal $2,100 ?Beejfmlo Com Feb. 8. ftp Chatham Thkateb.?The performances to-night at tnis house are chssts, varied, and attractive, consisting of Knowles's b eautilul play of William Tall, Kirby, enacting the hero, Jshnaon the tyrant Oesler, Stevens and C. Mestsyer Melctal and Michael, and Miss Mcats j er Albert. To the above is added the drama of The Dumb Oirl of Gensa, in which Messrs. Johnson and Kirby perform the celebrated drnaken combat ; John Smith and his pupil appear in their negro eccentricities, and tho nautical drama of Paul Jones, in which Mr. i Scott appears as Long Tom Cotfin, and Mrs. Thome as f Kate Plow den, combine to render this bill tho best that has been offered this season. I , (ftp- The Priests of Mexico hold the wealth fof their country, and Dr. Sherman, el IOC Nassau street, holds the secret of making the Lozenges that curs so quickly. > Use them once if you have a cold, cough, consumption. wuouping cgugo, neauacno. paipiiauon, or aea-aicxneis, , and our word ior it, you will lay they are the beat medi, eine in the world. ' 0GKTHE BILLB of the followirg Bank* are Redeemed by the ALBANY CITY BANK, it j of 1 per ceat discount. Jaa 94. l(4t. Oneida Beak. . Bank of lltiea, I Utiea Branch Bank. Ontario Bank, I Ontario Branch Bank, . Vatea County Bank, Tompkine County Bank, I HerkunerCouut) Baak, Oaaoaeo County Baak, r ort Plain Bank, Agricultural Bank of Herkimer, Bank of Brock port. Bank of Silrer Creek. ; 000 beautlfml Green and Hot Ilouoe Plant*. fcj- We would invite the attention of floral intteura to e splendid collection of Oreen and Hot Hooae Planta, all in bloem, to be aold at anctien. Thia MORNING at 10J o'clock,by Meaara. RIELL tc ARCVLARIU8, 1 in their large aalea room 3J4 Broadway, corner Duenc atreet The tale will afford an opportunity to thoie who admire fine flowen, anl who are there who do not 1 to } decorate their window* at a cheap rate. The sale will . be poeitire without reserve, and in amall lota to auit purehaaers. J QCJ- Amebic** Ml-ibcm ?No work of art hai ever . been brought to thia coun ry, which elicited auch univeraal and deserved econiuma at the model of the city of '. Dublin now exhibiting here. There liea the whole city 1 aa perfect and at plain aa if you were viewing the orlgi. L nal from a beloon two hundred feet above the earth. It 9 ia not a painting, but a model, the city in miniature, ?o I perfect in all its parti, that any perion who haa bern in Dublin.can point ont the very street and home in which f ho lived, with the yard and outhouses attacked,retemf bling in color and lorra the oiiginala, with an enactneae j perfectly incredible. Every building in the eity, from theCmiona hooae, Old Parliament Houie, Postofliee, and ' St. Patrick's Cathedral, down to the moat lowly and 5 humble thatehed roof cortege, is found in the model. The I closer it i* examined, the more ia the visitor artoniahod ? to loarn that it was all made by one individual in twelve r year*. It look* like the work of an age. Of the half million other curiosities, and the great improvement*, r her* we have not time or apace to write. All must go and vieit thia eatabliahment. E rtry Saturday uftarnoon, a splendid day performance takaa place here. Families r and schools should remember tbi* It-morrow. t (ff- Bowfst Ammiithhatbs?Thia ia the last night 5 but one previous to the Company's departure for I Europe. The whole of tho talented performers who J make up the "English company" appear to night in the t moat splendid and diversified Arena Novelties over pro . duced at one establishment in America, probably in the " world. To morrow night Mr. Derioui takes a benifit, | and this company take a long farewell of America. [ OCT- ii.trr in rhi DarAoruL aid Coutaoious Dht iirr. or PutiiLirii Small Poi ?Every perron, who haa witneaaed the revager ol thia fatal and loathaome diai eaae, which now prevail! eo generally through the city, r mnat have been aenaibleof the burning fever that aca companiea it?the dry and difficult eougn, theahrivelled akin, the parched lipa, the raging thirat, the diaturbed ' aleep, and the antipathy to every liquid, offered to alleviate any of theeeay mptomt. But lor all theae an effectual and perfectly safe remedy ia fonnd in Teaae'i Hore" hoand Candy, which at once aoftena and aubduea all irti- 1 tation of the lungaor atomach, aaaiata perapiration.'coela the burning tongue and di(finer a refreshing impulae through the agonizing frame. Let the afflicted try one package of reaae'a Candy and relief will beat instant aneoua a* it will be eflectnaL To he had at 4* Divieion atreet and of Re Iding, a State atreet, Boa ton , Ziaber, 87 Dock alreet, Philadelphia ; * Hobinaon, 110 Baltimore atreet, Baltimore, Md.; Rawls c It Co. .'>7 State atreet, Albeny, N. Y.j DnvaJl, ilt Broad n atreef, Newark, N J. aw?i^^?a?wa?aay? r MONEY MARKET. Thssredny, Feb. lO?? P. IT, At the Board af Brokara thia morning roaolntiona were a pMsed nnthoriaing the Preeident to addrcaa a letter of inf vitatiou to the Urand Jery to attend a sitting of the Board to witneaa the tranaactloaa and manner of doing b'lamese. This was rlioited by the late charge of the ~ Recorder to that body, denouncing the Board of Brokere , as the a rate of the general discredit which exists in ret latino to all paper securities. Whan the United States IS Bink failed, the New York Courier and kindred printa " aactibad the mitfbrtanato a conspiracy. The same plea '"J has burn set up by every ahinplaater bank tkat haa ex. j pto fed ainee. When the utter rottenneoe of the bank bea, case helf-i vU?nt, its downfall was ascribed to "incen in diary publirationa," aa U announcing the feet of failure wat the cause of it. The MlM at the BouJ this vrmug w> r? la I fair as- | <nt, at a general fall in rate*. Delaware and HadK n c lecliaed 1 per cent; Indiana a'* } per eent; Illinois 6'r < I; Kamrn' Trust J; Mehrwk I per cent; Ohieal: ? -ong Island roae J. Sale* of billa on Philadelphia 7J a i 'J; Baltimore 3]; Mobile 11 a 13; New Orleana 6 a6. The bill compelling immediate resumption in Pen nay 1- I rania passed the lower bouse to its third reading on ' rttesday, by a vote of 66 to 9*. We subjoin the two first ! aragraphs ef the bill, which contain ita material pro- ] risions, as follows:? Act to provide for the resumption of Specie Pay- J mentsby the Banks of this Commonwealth, and ior j other purposes. Section 1. Beit enmtted bp lit Senate mud Hmuee oj He 1 trnrnlmtUee of the CemmonweeUh of Pemtutflvawa in Grneiml Jleeembly met, end it te he teby mac ted Ig'.aulhori , y "J the eamc. That the banks, filety fund and taviuga j inatitutiona of this commonwealth, from and after the j passage of this act, shall redeem all their nates, depo- 1 utes and other Mobilities, in gold end silver coin, upon > lemaiid; lieing made at their mual plane ef doing busi-. less, of the president, cashier, or other officers, and a re fatal or failure to pay ia gold ""I silver, aa aforeaaid j hall be deemed and taken to be aa abaolute forfeiture j >f their reijiectire chart era ; and aaid banks may be pro- 1 seeded againat in the manner hereinafter provided. Section d. After the passage ofthia act, the atate treetureror auditor general, ahall not re iasue any of the antes issued under to act of fourth of May, one thousand a fight hundred and forty one, by the banks accepting the ] provisions thereof, but ahall receive the same for tolls, 4 axes and debts due tothe commonwealth ; and when so a received into the treasury, shall be marked by the audior geneial cancelled, and an account of the amount' ind banks issuing the same, shall be kept, so as to rna>ie the said bank or banks to settle with the department, iccording to the provisions of the said act. 1 This bill, in all probability, will pass the Senate and * >ecome a law, when it may be hailed as the dawn of bet. c er times in that baok ridden State. The speculators J ind bank borrowers are in an testacy of fear. They beg c isurd in their organs, both in this city and in Philadelphia j or an extension of a few months more. These har- c lies have now for three years preyed without cessaion upon thevital.softhecommunity. They haveruind the trade of Philadelphia,taxed the inhabitants grieve- c usly, and brought the State itself to insolvency ; and 'et they have the assurance still to clamor for a renew- " d lease of dishonesty. The prospects are, however' hat it will uot be granted,but banks that in three years 1 Ime have been unable to prepare for resumption, must ( e wound up withodt eeremony. f The New Orleans papers are Ailed with long letters ddressed ts the Hon. Henry Clay on the subject of bank 4 iispemiont and t he solvency of the State of Louisiana, ? y S. J. Peters on one side, and E. J. Forstall on the oth. h r, both of them suspended bank Presidents. Mr. Peters * of opinion that the banks and brokers have got and ost in speculation all they ean get out of the public? hat the banks can never pay?and that the State in con equence is unable to pay the $30,000,003 of outstaadiog mnds for which it is responsible for bank capital bor. j owed in Europe and lost in wild speculations. Mr. 'orstall.on the other hand, contends that the State and mople can stand a good deal mora imposition yet; and 0 prove it, values the mass of suspended paper held by he banki at its face, and with great gravity talks about he surplus of banks tkat have not paid their debts for , three years. The shortest way for Mr. Forstall to con- * rince the public of the solvency of tha banka and State ;s to put the Citixen's Bank, over whick he presides, in 1 condition to pay its debts. Such a movement would have more effect than all the letter* that could be written ?n the subject. The real atate of affairs in Louisiana is justly described by the Hon. Chaii man of the Senate Finance Committee, and for mm time a colleague of Mr. Forstall on the same committee, as follows : "By the effects of the suspension of 1837, of specie payments,the banks hsve gradually brought the whole J commercial, agricultural and industrial indebtedness of ' the State to the same pay day, or nearly so. There is { no country in the world, however wealthy it may be, that could resist such a atate of things. " Hunt estate has declined 50 to 60 per cent. Produce | has been accumulating these last two months, without flndiog pvrchasers. Every branch of industry has been prostrated, and yet we have not been visited by war or pestilence. Our soil is as fertile as ever; our crops have never been more abundant; our interior commerce never larger. Indeed our State now presents the strange anomaly of a country actually perishing under ihe weight of its own national wealth. For such evil no partial legislation can be of any avail. Tha disease pervades the ayhole community?the remedy, belt what it may, must apply to the whole community." The James River and Kanawha Company, of Virginia, have applied to the Legislature for means to enable thrm to redeem certain lands of the State, issued in their favor, and pledged by their agent, Oen. Hamilton, of Texas, with Morrisseo kCt.el Leaden. It appears that Hamilton, in 1840, was entrusted by the company with $500 000 ef the bends, te raise money in London. He succeeded in obtaining of the Morrissons ?100,000, on pledge of $470 000 of the bonds; the remaining $80,000 of bonds he pledged with a Dutch house, and used the money for his own purposes. The loan of the Morrissors has now fallen due, and the company cannot take them up for the want of the money due from Hamilton, which he cannot pay. Hence the application for re. lief. We published, a short time since, the official aggregates both of the Safety Fund and Free Banks of this State. We are now enabled to give the leading features of the City Banks, in detail, as compared with last y ear as follows;? Basks or the Citv or Nrw Yobk. 1811. 1842. Leant. Sptcir. Leant. $i*cir Bank of America, 1,717.247 49l,<57 2,079.001 428,928 Mechanics' Back, 2 50t.2*4 328 813 1.940 504 418.483 Bk of Stale of N Y, 2.140 939 838,*39 2 509 934 271,183 ftcenll B-uk, 1,019 289 260.507 1.262.247 192,'88 Merchants'Bank, 2.3)0,040 478,497 1,713,659 350.018 Bank of New York, l,828,?90 888.027 1,806 917 324 923 Union Bulk, 1 895 065 304,432 1,004.721 988 018 National Bank, 1,856.392 197.735 1,162,*68 143,855 Merchant!'Kb. 1,164,451 188,731 1,043 975 171,389 Cily Bank, 1,300,550 310 5 1 1,040 369 i9t,-3i Leather Maiufs. 1,(M8 07I 190 347 901 864 149.563 Commercial Bank, 776,308 55,164 LafajetteBank, 883 359 51817 478 941 51,038 Buelih h Droreri' 1,026,781 59 66 1 966,381 91,780 Seventh Ward, 574,841 43 361 077,498 46 148 Tradesmen's 787,088 79,787 681,001 71,392 Me< h's * Traders', 319 993 45,897 317,058 82,873 Greenwich, .156,851 46,506 290,452 32,538 Manhattan Co. 1,316,935 236,240 1.916,955 423 490 Kul tin Bank, 1,081.021 117,278 754.718 1 00,720 North Riv.r, 917.788 78,101 780,178 72,402 ckemienl, 770,439 92,383 890,928 91,311 ToUl 92 Banks 20.74 S 730 4,278.187 24 13?,075 3 843,351 _ , Circ. Drp. Circ. licp. Bank of Americs, 408,391 1,US.its 380304 1,036 219 Mechanics'Back, 164.789 989 287 380 585 834352 B 1 nk of the State, 289 220 7 82,907 262 469 7I0 745 rtxeuif, 324 570 650 263 241,623 678,000 Merchant-'Bank, 362.210 1,570 711 288.854 1,338,314 Bank of New hoik, 552,341 1,108,IS8 505 346 060,488 Unian, 348,800 7i'J,Ot0 350 749 676 021 National, 154,690 524,801 186.843 517,191 Merc hints'Eschang*, 135 564 364,261 158 330 314 830 City Bank, 216.37 1 333 637 210.136 306,387 Leather Mannf?, 183,320 454,577 3113103 422,030 Commercial, 121,870 129.352 Lafai ette Bank, 84.834 1<7,I*I 71 878 18 179 s. n -> ewtirfiT 41a sal 250.475 350 744 Sevrnlh Ward, 247Jt? 108,094 140 701 Tr?d<-*inan'a, 131.(38 407,127,589 KiUI Meeh'i k Trad'*, in.801 301331 iei.373 m.iss (iretnwieh, 77,75* 138048 78.877 83.517 Manhattan, 233.1(3 531,051 533,381 ?32 051 kaltoa. 211,757 3*2 710 217.850 347.142 North Hirer, 2.8,773 380,387 175,7*5 307,7*4 Cheaiical, 143.970 323,3(4 248,417 141,303 Total S3 Bank*, 4,819,397 12,287,817 4,75 1 421 10,3M,t*8 The aggravate, by recaptulation, give# the following roault New Yoaa Citt Baaaa. Jon 1841, Jan 1842. Increase Decrease. ' Loeof. 28,788.7211 24 1 88,575 ? 2 580,045 Specie. 4,278.187 3,983 351 308.708 Circulation, 4 854,387 4 754.(21 203.*78 Daputitta, 12 287*17 18.385.(88 1,083,18* Decrease in Decrease in City Hanks. Country Hassks. .Igtrsgate. Loan*, 3 5 38.045 ( 87 774 4,113,8 8 Specie, 31/8.708 313.307 510,311 I ireulalion, 203,078 1,734 838 1,(38 013 Dapotite*. 1*93,128 8,387 1,(98,128 The following are the lending (eat-iree of four free Banka of the city, aa compared with lait year : 1841. 1841 loans. Specie. loans. Sprite Am El. Bank, 914,177 lsK.371 1,008,I61 183,848 BtakorComaaerce, 2,?l4,38t 328,7il 2.533,184 275,183 Mech'a- Bank. Ass. 371 244 84 837 (88,314 73,827 N. Y. Banking Co., 14 1.885 11,003 110*7) 111 j 3,4(3,071 440 931 4 231,334 5 4,803 Citt. Dtp. Cite. Dep. Am Ea. Bu k, 2(9 210 ti 8,0*7 *4*03 354.4(3 j Bank of Com 1 erce, 120.938 830 ?o 5 171,(85 1,132 4(8 .vier n a dim. mi m.m *?>-? ? ...... N. *.Banking Co. fu.MI 171 Mi 4*.340 18,874 885,740 1 80:. 258 4*7,(14 1,838,888 The following ii a table of all the chartered and free Banha in the city, on the lat Jan. 1&41 and 184J B?**? or Tiir Citv or Nrw Voaa. 18U. fount. fpttit Cirr.. Dep. t h trtered Bantu, **,788 7t* 4 170,1(7 4.968 8*7 1 8 187 817 MM do 4 *81,811 1,17( 480 707,770 9,408,788 81,8(8,131 8,148.887 8,668,1(7 14,870,(03 1848. Chartered Bankf, 81,133,(76 3,(13 151 4 714,4J! 10,368,888 1 Tim do 4,3S4,Sjt 614,8u3 4 07.(14 1,838,883 83,3(1,(18 4.478,184 8,1*3 033 18,931,373 Thia gives the true change in the cerrcncy of the city, and hat been caused mostly by the failure and winding npof aereral banks, of which three are free end one aafety fund. The (tatiaties famithed by the report* ef the Baek Cemmiitienora, are all that are of any rale* in their return*. Their report throws no llght whatsrer npen the condition oi the remaining banha, bet ia calculated to miilead the public. In the report of Jan. 1611, the condition of the banht m at much praiaed, and or try mean* taken to ineretta public confidence in them. The Cummiatioearteapraeaieg that" greet cauae lor turprlae at well a* gratification rsiata at the found condition ef the Banks,'and they new repert the feller* of twenty free bank* and five relety fund.whoae condition cautcd tech gratification at the date of their laat report. What confidence can be placed in inch a atementiT Oi the Safety Kund Banht that have failed '? Sifety Fund ku been charged with (300,000 fur clrulatinf alone that which appeared in their raturna.? rhii amount the aound bank* will have to pa/,and yet ho Cemmiaaien-ra receive (6,000 per annum to gnard igainat inch occurrence*. ales at Uao Stock Bzehanga. t3Soo Ohio '*, ia*o, <? I73II rlem MR ? iiSi? V f? t '!?* 18 50 do hew 8 J300J K-ntueky St 77 7S do t3? 81 t?2S! i^IS?M!; m#> 75 50 Loa* Uland HR ?? Mooo Illin<>it Bond# l?> iso a , 53) do 18 1 350 do *1#?31 W'O'J do I* IK) do 531 Winto do *3 18{ 300 do tltSlj MOOOO do atoll 60 New Jerojr RK 4 n <0 wo#? do 1st at Stonnwtoo *io 14 J <040 do 181 IU5 Del. M ll.d*oo. Ml Isooo do i? ia? do at Moto Indiana Bond* *10 n at do all 011 33000 do *3 I at 55 do 0 10 W??0 do iloi?t 50 Farmer*'Loan *3 WOW do 19; 60 do tn? -.a* MoOd do *30 18 to Auburn Si Byracut* ki >6008 do I8| as Ho*l Hi Pr<i> *6?85| iaoau do tnw iiij *S Pkeuit Bank bi0 70 00 Methauic*' Bank sod* S8 Strand Board. >3000 Indiana Bond* 111 (|0*9 do IS >3000 do 110 II (1000 do 18 11000 do 18 Foreign Markets. Siwuaporh, Oct. 9? Market well supplied with Sugsr, it $3 50 a $4 AO; Coffee, ?7 4 $800; Pepper, $4 90 a $5 16 rin, $10 AO: Rice, $1 a $1 95 per picul. Bill* on London >s6d, very dull. American article* plenty end unsalable. BbrrlMl. 10th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Bnrch, John A- Mollman, rom Germany, te Mr*. Ll-cikda E. Dsumuold, daughter if the late John Batcheloe, of thi* oity. 7th in*t.,by the Rer. Bernard Caraher,of St. Joseph'* ihurch, Mr. Charms Waters, to Mi** Maria Uresa In* Lamb, daughter of Francis Lamb, Esq., all of thi* lity. 6th in?t., by the Rev. Mr. Caraher, Dr. Daniel Elihu ii'nr-.KRKoBD, to Mi*a Evelina Dk la Viieba, of thi* "y Died. 9th inst., after a short illness, Clarence. youngest son if John Furnace, aged S year* and 4 month*. Funeral this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from No. 64 Oliver treat. The friend* of the family are respectfully invied to attend. 10th inst., Mabt, the infant daughter of Mary andWiliam Armstrong. Their friend* and acquaintances are requested to atend the funeral,this afternoon, at 3 o'clock precisely, rom corner ot 19th street and 10th Avenue. 10th inst., after a severe illness, Wm. S. Lewis,aged 0 years. His friends, and those of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Mary Itory, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from lis late resiJence.No. 4 Oak street,to morrow afternoon, t 4 o'clock, without further invitation. Foreign Iisiportatloiaa. Stockholm?Bark Amelia?250 tons iron Boorman, Johnton Ac co. Porto Cabkllo?Sclir John Drew?300 bags coffee 350 bbl* near O WVtaker, Oonaites?Sehr Lucy?311 logs mahogany 15,000 ibs logwood daitlabd, Keunedy Ac co. " maritime herald. POUT OF NEW YORK, FEBRUARY II. trie 6 CO | moon sets A 58 un sets 10 i Ilea rates 9 38 Dspartar* *f tbe Atlsintla Staemers. rnoM usrarooL. raois boston. Caledonia Feb. 4 Mar. 1 Acadia Mar. 4 April 9 Columbia-- .- -April 3 May 1 Britaauia April 19 May la Caledonia-- ->lay 4 June t Aeadia May II June If Columbia June 4 July a Vaoksti ta Arrlva. Paacknta to Oapssrt. LONDON. LONDON, twitserland, Smith, Jan. 8 Quebec. Hebard, Feb ao Jntario, Bradish, Jan. 10 PhiladelplMa, Hovry, Mar. 1 LIVERPOOL. liverpool. Sheffield, Allen. Jan. 3 U. States, Britten, Feb. 13 N. America, Lawber, Jan. 7 England, Waite. Feb. 19 Roacius, Collins, Jan.13 Osford, Rithtone, Mar l mavbe. MAvaa. Oneida. Funk, Dee. IS Sully, Thompson, Feb 16 Argo, Anthony, Dee 30 iown. Pell. Feb. 34 Francis 1st, Aiuaworth, Jan. I Oneida, Funk, Mar. 1 To Hstatera of Vasaals. Commandsrs of vsaasla will confer a favor by having a list af their cargoes, passengers, and a report of vessels left at the pert whence they sailed, and the vessels spokai, ready so their arrival here for Commodore Bassktt, ef our fleet of news schooners. He will board them immediately on their arrival. Olaaraffi. Shipe Ocmulgev Peet, NCrlean', E K Collins Ac Co; Hector, Spencer,Mobile, E D Hurlhut It Co.? Brigs Androdua, Rilchie, Knr.hclle, B 1 rticboll; B. U wolte,, Ueuoa, A Brown k Cw; Coqunnilaii Hull, Small. Oporto, G t Coil; Waahtngton'* Bnra*. App'eton, Para and a market, Allen fc Parson; Peter DemilJ, Lewis, Daiieu, Ua. H M Demill.?Schr Jaapar, Nlckerson, Boston. Arrirad. Swedish bark Amelia. Boreiaaon, 71 daya from Stockholm, with iron, to Buorman, Johnston k Co Schr John Drew, Aldan, 16 diya from Porto Caballo, coffee aad sugar, to Geo Whitlaker. Lef, brigs Lion. Mayhew, for Braton 10; Henrietta, Fennel, unc; schr Emily Ellicott, Schr Lucy, Meuia, 34 daya from Omaivea, St Domingo, logwood and mahogiuy, to Maitland, Kennedy k Co. Le t brigs Norman. Pratt, uoc; Pandora, for N York, Ida. ifllh ult. lat 28 to, Ion 75. apoke bug Ab >a, of Baltimore, 5 daya from ^hr HuXion, Cooley, 3 daya from Baltimore, mdae, to Sturgea St Cleannan. ... Kchr Mary Emer. Craft, with cotton from the wreck of brig Emily, ashore on Rockaway. . 8cbr Chi M Thouipaon, Seeley, 1 daya from Philadelphia, with molaaaea, to Cooley k Co. , Hrhr Antl, 3 dtra from Baltimore, with mdr.e, to matter. 81 M>p Swallow, Pieraall, with cotton from the wreck of brig Emily. BELOW?One ahip. Spoken. Congreaa, (1 daya fm Harre for NOrlesnr, Jan 28, lat 21 N, Ion 57. Foreign Porto. Nanati. NP. Jan 18? Arr Mary Ann, Charleaton; Cumberland, at Jago da Cuba for Phi'adelphia?pat in in dietrea t, eery leaky, baring atrained much from haary weather. Arr 25th, Jane, Porto Rico; 26th. Geo giant, Baltimore. Unltod IUUi Porta. FRinaroar.Febt?Sid Spartan, MaLnzat. BooTHHtt, Feb 8?Arr Patriot, Norfolk for Frankfort. HoLtirVa Hot.!., Feb 7'h? Arr Borneo, fm Analaboo.West Coaet of Sumatra, Sept 28, for Salem. Ppoka. Sept 2*tn, U S ahip Constellation, Com Kearney, in co with (loop of war Boaton, Capt Long fiom Joahinua, 23 days, for Chiua, via Sumatra and Singapore?officera and crew all wall?one man had died on board the Boaton, being the only death since leariog the Uniieu SlaieS. Active, 88 us fin Acre, Africa, for Salvia Left, 6:h Dec Splendid, of Providence, for River Sabine,5 er 7 daya. At h-lmira, 8th Dee, Mary 'Pauline, far Cape Palm as. I2ih: Ganges, of Cape Palmaa, bound to leeward, few daya Passed by and anna into Elgartown, Lima, Luce, Pacific Ocaan. Talcakuaaa,t7 day a. with I7i>0 bl* ap oil.far Nantackat. Report", Aug tat*. Aruahoet, K.irhaven,4SBbla Touched at Talcuahana, Oct so:h, Nantucket. Nantucket, titan. tbld fin;di a??h, Levi. Heard from on Off Short Ground,in Auguat. Milo,N Bedford. sioo; Phcun,Nanlucket. 100; Spartan, do 1100; Hector, .NBe Iford, noo. Spoke off Talcehuana, Macon, Holmea'aHole, 14oo wh and TOOapm? would eruiaa en Coaat ( hili. Sih?Hid Evetioe, for SCarolin?; Triumph, for Rappahannock; Volant, for Pliilad, In port, at 10 AM, Borneo and Active. Km-tKroar, Kcb 4th?Sid.Spartan. Matanzia. Boaion, Keb??Below, Jacob Penn I. fm NOrlaana; Virginia Packet, and Eagle. Apalachicola. CM Gardiner. Ma'anz a; Klariiaa Aadrewa, nOrleana; Buaan Jane, (iiew,?Jtoiu) London; Mary Stanton. Baltimore; Creacmt, Mobile New BaoroaD. Feb. 7?Arr iMentnr. Georgetown, 8'".? Spoke, off Georgetoun, latinat.Geo Waa hingion, liom Kail Rieerfor t harleaton Eucia row.v, Jab. I?Arr Tezaa, fm Norfolk for Boa ton ? Sd?aid Texaa- 3 I?No veaae: in port but Energy, for Boatoa. FiittHivan, Feb 7?Arr Venlor <1 orcetown HC Pnnrioa.eea, Feb t?No arrirale. Hid Katie, Yorktown; Midaa, Rienzi, Mediteiran'an. and Hope, N York. Arr 7th, Pandora, Saraanah; Eliaa Hand, Mctamora, and J la Lamphier. NYorfc. BaieroL. Feb 7?Art Mope, rroridence, to load for NYork. CM Moro Can tie, Havana. Sid Fancy, Bay of Mtaico, ria N York. Nawronx, Feb 7?Arr Erie, Winn, Ware ham for NYork, Colin, Mtaterver, Salem for do; Eagle, Clark, Kaatport for do; Abel Hoyt, Nantucket fordo. PHiLiDRLrHia, Feb 10?Cld Emily, St Jego de Cuba; Oenl Warren, Pernaaahuco. BiLTiMoar, Feb 8? Arr Nimble, Montevideo?teft, beeidei thoee before reported by the Marion) Kaj'elaa. I m Boaton.unc. * here bound, ditg. 8;oke 4th alt. lat 18 8, Ion 38 33, Potomac, St dayafm >?ntu<k-t for Pacific Ocean, with Su bbla ep oil.? Cld Tangier, Boa'on. Sid America, and Humphrey, Bremi n; Iiad Jerry, NOrte na; Celt ale, Johueon, NYork. Riliimosd. Feb (?Arr Sea Drift, lioetoo. Sid RichmoLd, NYork; Gardiner H Wright, do Air ftli. Albion da. Ncwntnte, NC. Jan 80?Arr M B Kobinaon, Antigua. SAraiteaH, Fab 0?Arr Lturel, (Br) Liverpool; Cliulou Lyon. N Yotk, Emma, ( Br) Naaeau NP. Cld 4th, Hope, Mr rpoole AriLicHicoL*. Jan 18?Arr John OJlin, Mobile; 17th, J H Chauey, Tampa Bay Cld B Ayma'.Caiver. Liverpool C"d 18 h. Maiy k Jane, Havre. Arr 8l?t. Andrea Seoll. Cld St Clair. NOrleane; Rival, Boaton. Arr 71<i, HepoWie, N Orleaaa AUnia port, Martha W-aViipgloo, Ida for NYork; Canton, d? do: Ann, Ida for Liverpool; jllitiut. ! * NYnrfc Idg forTrieate; Marianne, fm NYoik, wtg; llnena do, Irt, Mobile. wtg; Vanalia, (Br) Jam?Ka; Aatoleon. iff,fur Lireipool: Bobt Wall, fm -to, wta; Atioth. Idg forBoctoo; for fl Pork; Caliato, f-Cederr?;, NoVKi!" fm NVcrk, wtg; StriffurJ, do. Idg; llepui?'? 1r?' ' V-lSliZ' *!*? Liurtf* Charleston, do; PortlnnW, Yo?h. do.'diaz; T> oa PHlrl, for Iliieton, m* """ Mores fin do, frt: Ritaon (Br) i ?'"?* / of*' , fur Charleston, M*; HwaJlow. from Mobile, diay; Lion, New 0fj^6tTL?SV,ff.,S,Jw XaSili.. L-r.yo 1; Ohio. do; OaiSr??J TrVVaere; Norf. Ik, Boat..: Mkfdleaei. do; Ba haw, do; Shakapeare. Winer, New York; Vandalis, Wa'1. do, Miriafina- Ballard,<*o; Blentor. Hull; llo|t, Charterer); Hiand.H&X. Arr Megumicn A Camda. Hhtw, (oaten: Bar mil Srratae, Nafebn far Bo#ton, Tyn.?, ft Coupee fordc; Pan', Malaga PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS THCUfc. far-fam<d ana c? labratad inlla, tram Porta|tl, a* we pereaire. t? be obtained in thi* country See adrerlieemaiit on tbelart eolumnef fourth pa?c. f. 4 im'it ANTEU.?By a healthy young marned w nan, a child to wtt nn. ae, Ihe beet of ca-a taken of the child by a tamprranz* woman, food refi renJe (teen. Ei quire at No I leBerann atreet, New York. fll tt 'pHfc Artillery and Infauliy of Ike city and county ol New 1 York, are req.ealed to attend a meeiii g at the Artillciy Raoma orer Centre Market, on Saturday veaiag the l?h inalant, at o'clock, to mak' armngemrula for a Complimentary B all to Colonel ffa.W TOM P KINB. fll I.* THfc New Dry Oooda Latab'ia m* n', 141 lirtoT atreet? k New (koode)uat opened Calicoa, MiuIim, Bilks, Shawls, and Iota of l)-laiuea Cheaper lit in ever BROWN It I RQIJHAIir, New Store, III (Ja?Dd fll St* a1 ree'. formerly Vanu'e. TO i.e'f-st JOHNshaLL From Urat May neat-TWi f wr'l km wn House, SI. Johr.'e Hall No i Krankfoi I atreet, with large ace rinmadalicas fir a Hotel and Boarding House Apply to D. BOVStiN. fit |w* No. 4? K rank fori atreet. VIOTlCK.-ItTBOivK ?fct7f>Ili.H, rvsid~injFfrrroer y wfih IN John I). Mil tr, efCanaj iharie, at Kort riain, Monigoma. y County, N. Y? ia requested hy hia family, al ItotWy. ne?r Saatoa. to Inform thetn of hl? preaeuf place of reaidenca, as tkey bare bee. wl hail arwtlrma him fur aeve al veara. HENRY ESCHER, 51 Bearer at. New York, llth Feb. IIM 111 It* ?m. t-MluAk. l?i n'cIo?k. ia the ra'c raoii Ptlc of looking gU?.e?, i>unti>g<, togrtviajra. iu:.? " V -r ?? superior spring RHU cvmioi Nit * !M and *oU 22 linkup ?U?d>?*, various a set, and 100 beautiful eegraviags ?nd valuable ptinljDgV, various tabAlso, a valuable invoice of cutlery. ju.t received front ShePfi Id, comprising jnucipally hue pcnkwives iu dozens mod on cants, which will bt sold in lots to suit purchasers, and all of the heat de.erii itiou. Also thereiiimunig fire splendid pianofortes two trunk* of clothing, muriial e1'1 *? watch. Iu. At 10] o'clock, iu lb- lain roi m hup aalaof elegant furuitnre by catah<u?". commencing with ki'chra utensils, bedr,om duruiture or all descriptions, and drawing room furniture; Bruaaela and oh-i carpels; lirge looking glasses. splendid pianofortes, rich astral and mintrl lamps, lustres, girandoles, clocka, raaea, ornaii mU; China cut gl?*s and plated wara. hlierifl 'a Sale?Also. a splendid variety of licusihold furniture, re moved for ecurtaieaee of sale, by virtue of a Landlord a warrmt. TUESDAY. (treat iMe of 100 splendid European Paintings, at 10) o'clock, at the Apollo Aa? ciation Gallery, comer or Broadway and t hautler atrreta, where t> ey ase now rxhbitug, aiuuaeioo free. This largaand beautifw exh.bitio- ia eompoard of choice ancient and n.oderu picturie, selected from a large number brought to the country by a gentleman travelliug to Europe, and now brat ubihiied. Catalogues and farthsr particulars id time. The iiitentioa is to sell without reserve, and will anord an opportunity rarely met with to the lovers of truly valu <b.e painniiKa. If the w hole cannot be disposed of in the forenoon, the salt will be rontiuti?d in the afternoon. ($ WEDNESDAY. Large at rkof groceries, wines, liijuora, See . at 101 o'c'oclf. at No. 139 r ulton at, the entire valuable assortment of family groceries. Tie owner changing bii business, comprising a file stock of choice olil ?inn auil liquors iu wood, demij ?lm?,and bottles; J?v? coffee,sugars teat, Havana an* Pri?ci^acgarv, foreign f uiU. sweet oil, preserves, pickles, but ter, Cheshire cheese, candles, spice*, aud the usual v ariety of articles of a superior quality in the line; also the stands, casks, futures, balance, and a platform, scales, weights, counter#, desks, kr.fkc. UCTION NOJ ICE.?CAnlNEl H KMTUkE.-T. This day,at Id o'clock, at No. 31? Broadway?The stock of cabinet maker, by order ul Aeetgnets? thr articles are warrantid. and sold to close a couecro, consisting ol elegant Ottomans and divans, sofas aud pillows, marble top dressing and plain bureau', tgyptian and white marble top centre and pier tiblcs. de was stands, wardrobes, I* and claw tn tables, diniog labl's, card tables, candle stands. Ftanth mahogany bedsteads, French and half French mahr gany chsi's do r.ckers, bureaus, bookcases.seeretariis, s'debonr. , inaible tops, be. Terms, cash. I Catalogues on the mornin r ofsal*: fit It* 8. P. INORAHAM, Auctioneer. IJOtt BALE, or exchange, or to rent?Laud in Lycoming " county, Penna.title good?Also, ten lots in Bergen county, N J., hall am tie from Newark?Alno to sent, a Farm inEftxabetlitown, N J . consigUng ot 4 acres, barn, aud good .rarer, rent only $130 ; I hours ride fioin New York. For particulars aoplyto HENRY SMITH.1 Naseau at. JI Sim* ?. RED BIRD LINE TOALBAN*, on tha /SHjwdf (> East aide of the river, having better (Ugea Uh1 'vJCW and teams?ashing no higher fare.?Office, Howard's HoteL 178 Broadway ?Passengers will be forwarded by Stage to Albany by ths line from any point oa the Eact aide of the river where the boats may be compelled by ice to flop. Agents will be on board each of the mail boats to give assistance and information. This Imi* extends to Montreal, touching at Albany, (ofice under the Museum) and embraces a very direct and commodious route thither. The stages and horses of line will be found really ths beat on the Albany route,and no deception. The strictest attention will be paid to the comfort, oonrsoieuee and spetd of all who may give us the preference. When the river shall be shut up entirely. Red Bird will run all through from New York city to Albany. B. HOLT, ( Annl, M.H. BAXTER, iA?*oU I. V. BAKER.Proprietor. csein * ""iwfiS rABSAtii, FOR LilFEKPUOLf? Uuited Lane JWk ?"acketofthe 18th February ? The splendid, wtll 5M2&. known, fast tailing Packet'Ship ROCHESTER, Cant. Woedh me, sails pod frsly as above, her regular day. Having splendid sccommoostions for cabin Recond cabin and steerage passengers. For passage early application should be made ou koard, or to W. te J. T. TAfSCOTT, 41 South street, er4l fhek slip. Persons wishing to send for their friends can hare thent brought out in this ship, or any other of ths regular line, oa favorable tcima. aad drafts for any amount, payable ia all the principal towns of ths United KiDgdom, by vpply ing as above. f,l ISP FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisinus and New York Line?Regular Packet ?f 20th KtbrutryJ?The Vgfilnmspleiidid fast sailing packet ship GASTON,.CapL Latham, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage.having splendid furnished accommodation*, apply on board, al Orleans wharr, foot of Wall atrest. orto E. K. COLLINS It CO. 51 Southst Great care will be taken to kare the goods by this line correctly measured. Agent iu New Orleans. Jas. O Woodruff, who will prompt ly forward all goods to his address The packetship OCONEE, Capt. Latham, will succeed the Oaston, and sail ths 1st March, her regular day. fit It _ . t-iin i"Tv P.RPiiOl.?(Positivelr to sail on 14Lh iMVy February)?The superior faat sat'ing ship SOLON jMMftfeCapt Buckman, will positively sail u above, and can handsomely aeccnimovate few cabin, 2d cal'in and steerage paatciigrre at moderate ratea,if early application U made to JOHN HERbMAN,61 South it. The luhacriber continual to bring out passenger* who may be e uk aged by their I lie tide here, on very uiodciat* termi.per first class shlpe sail ng from Liverpool weekly ; Dr, f'i for any amount can ala? be furnished, ptyable throughout the United Kingdom. For further particular*, apply ifby letter, po?t paid, ae above. flOlt IJOP- FOK LIVERPOOL?The very tan mime lIMh packet eliip VA'ZOO, Oapt. B J. H. Trask, having jyU wwlufJur serge an board, will have immediate deli nitch. hor Height or | aaaage. having iplcndid funiihed aecommodatiouf, apply on board atOrleani wharf, foot of Wall at. 0rt? E. K. COLLINS It CO. fg it 66 South at. |{b FOK COUCmBTa RlVEC Oregon Terrrltorr" |H|K touching at Yalparaiao and the Sandwich Islands. jBUnaaThe faat tailing copper faatened and coppered picket Ship VICTORIA, Johu H Spring, matter, will tail at abive on the Mtli Fe'ruiry. For freight or patiage, liav ing good accommodation!, apply to ? A. O. It A, W. BENSON, fglw* 31 Old Slip. 3 doore from South at. "nafcn- old line of livelil'ool fackets.? WllffWRegular Packet ol the 19th February ? t he favorite rery faat tailing packet ihip ENGLAND, Cape, B. L. Waite will tail positively on Saturday, the 19th of Feb. ^The^accomniudatione of tliie liae for ea'win, 3d cabin and teerage passenger*. are wall known to be luperior to any othes, mn thoee arout to embark iboutd maku early application on board, foot of Bc-hmau etreei, or to ROCHE, BROTHERS * CO. M Fulton it. neat door lo the Fulton Bank. Frrioni deeiroua of tending to the old country, tor tlieir friend*, can hare th*m brought out in the ENGLAND, sailing/rom Liverpool on the Tlh of April, or in any of the ships comprising the old liae, sa.ling from there punctually on the 7th and Iftb of awry month. For passage apply a* above. f9 ?Tl CARRIAGE HORSE* FGK BAI.E.?a pair JjufNil fine large grey* the property of a gentliman about f Itavicii fo' EoiCrC-warrantbd ?"UBd "l?d free from vice. Ehuuirc at 63 Front at , front (.Wee, up nalrl flld:*" TO LET or LEASE.?TheHouie No 3t7 Broadway, fiRl known aa the ATHENEUM HOI F.L. The houae M contains about liity rooini, acd i* luilable lor a Hotel or Boirding Home?it is elvgently furatshed ihroughout, aud the furniture will be aoldlow, to any one renting U>e prtmiiee. Apply to J. How I and, No. I New street, corner Wall, be-' twecn 10 and 13 o'clock, f? 3'aw Iu.* Jnd FOR SALE?A Farm coulaunag 150acre*.on-mi'e Hlunth of Foughkeepsi*. on the east bank of the Hudson;. aTTf* nr. the premises are a large well finished Hour, (commanding a line view ?f the River) two barns, com crio. root cellar, ice home, (hi txJJIfi. gardes, fruit trces.fcc. ; also a double i wo (tory brick house ana lot ; also a frame liouse, standing on a lot 110 feet front?bo'.k homes sod lo s in Market street,Pourhkerptie E. K. JAMES. _Poughkeeosie, N. If. Feb. S.1663, f6 7t? RICH AND POOR ARE alike beaelitted by Shermaa's Lotenges. They ilmd high among all. and need no puffing to make them known. envv and malice have induced some to make attempts to psalm off worthless articles in place rf Sherman's Lozenges, which have done so much good, and cure so many. MILLIONS in fact, have experieLced happy and beneficial effects in Coughs, Worms, HeshUehss, Colds, Whooping Cough, Asthma, Oonsumplion, Palpitation, and all Nervous diseases. and never an ius'ance luiown of faiiiug to do all that M claimed. GREAT AND BMALL, high and low, unite in recommending them to all whs orej a safe and salutary mediciua. CLERGYMEN have annoiiLcrd their virtues Iron their pulpits, and amidst their congregation*. PHYSICIANS t have recommended them lo their patients, wbea iheir skill had failed to give relief. _ old age . h softened to boyhood, and their decliuing yearn male comfortable and happy, by usiog Sherman's Loseoges?alw yt ask for Sherman's Lozenges, and its that you get I htm?they alone will cure you. Afr. Sherman's Warehouse is at 166 Naa"ai? n f-11o and 273 Broadway, |gg Bowerr; 77 East Broadwav* H7 HuJ?oo at; 89 Willurn New York; 38 aad |39 i'ulton ttmt, Brooklyn ; K'Mibk, 9 kilt# it, Bo*to?; Burgos. 39 3e*u h Third sires', ITiiLdelphia. fit llf alking aGaT.s iT i i me*?There is an ludiaa walk- I VV iug egiinst lime at 336 Second street (Unien House) whrse face ou one side ha actually turnedivrhite. He has willed out but half his time, 4 o'clock A M. He a ?o walk 46 houri, nd he says " he wilt de it or die " He not egpear lo b: inilie least fatigued; bat the singular uduiascouuUbl* fact of his tuiniog while oahis right cheek, is arid die to he unraref ei by the medical faculty. fit It* '\<Hi ftATNERSb.eelb. pleas are to announce tha | they I A twill hvve the honor of repeating iheir Grant Vocal Concert, at the Rufgei's Inati i ta, tins evening, Feb. II, whes th-y will atag (by eaire) ?om- of ihnr old aoi^a trer a;au* and ring a variety or new pi tee* in their national eeatume Tiebrt* only 50 cant*, to be Kan at the Mufie Store*, and t the door, Concert to cowmen** at Ixif p**t lereoo'clock. J JI I t* First Cei.b-?i.ou of kn!kkpikisk lodge. No.*. I O. of O. will be heId on Kriitj arming, Fah. ttlh, at the Broadway Tabernacle. Solo Amcnac. Mr* Strong. Mr IVaraoo. jn\ Ml** Poaraon, Mr Pearaon Who bar* moat kindly rolantrerrd tbalr aerrwe.. Conductor Mr Praraon. Leader Mr Jatmevon. Oriiniat Mi S. P Taylor. With a full and efficient orekaatra and choir. Orukk Of Ertatuai. let?Grrnd Oecrtnrc FuH Orwhowlra B) the Choir .hi?Prayer . . tth?Reritalioo and tone?* Angela erar bright and fair." , Mrr 9lr<*R 5th?Addrea* by R?y. Broib-r Simon*, n. ..... th -Ode . By the Choir Tih -O.alion, R?r. T.O. I D Williamaon. 5th?Solo, Bo when an an**I by dirina com IMr f una ?th?rrayer. .... . lOih?<lr i?iral Ode, written by Mr* Sawyer for I the Oceanian By Choir lllli?UraLd valinnal Or*rtur? Full Orrheatr* Ticket*, twenty-lire cantf. lo b? had at It. A. Kurt*, lj? W?l*r Ureal , ll.lra New* Room, Wall *t?*et ; Oarlea G. I li'ittmaa*. tor Peart atreet ; wm. A. Cohant, 859 Grand atreet ; Plumb. 199 B >w?ry ; Fredariek R. Leo, *45 Bowary ; T. K.Downing. > * H?u ton atreet ; i*n*e Taylor, coiner of t;)iuton aud lli> n.t -n *Ua?U ; Tree, Bowary ; office* if the Union, ll* Ku ton atreet. Runb >w, 117 Fulton, nnd Remornbratic*. ll* Fultnn atreet , Ilrouhlyn, at Robert Story; Sharp k MuiRee, Fulton atreet. Alao, at lb*door on the reading of pi rformnncc. A E. HOVEY, Secrntnrr of f II f.' Cvemaiillee V ?e". I HI "jlAARHtirt l.r*.A.-1'OMua ..iwau - <" I chare d from thai* debt# under thia law are melted ndrelt on the tubeeribar, who wild get than* dinnhnrged win deopntc nd on ?h? nogt reasonable term* , , W SKIDMORK, dMorwey at C?". fllJt ,yj Vaa**? *trert. ,

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