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February 13, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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* "pOBTSCftlpf AVublngtm. ICorrMpoadcnac of the Herald.] Waihi.votoe,Feb. II. Rejection or Majou Babscr?Po?t Masteu at New Yobk?Focal Aornt?The People. No business of much importance wee transact*, d by the Senate in open session to-day. A long executive session was held, during which the nomination of Major Barker, as First Comptroller of the Treasury, was rejected. This rejection partakes too much of vindictiveaess, many think, for the honor of the Senate. Perhaps they acted on the ground laid down by Hudibras? " As justice while she winks at crimee Stumbles en innoeence sometimes." So the Senate, indignant perhaps at the nomination of Washington Irving?determined to sacrifice Major Barksr as an atonement to their feelings. Of one thing, however, he is certain; he was called to the office after having been ditmimed by General Harrison because of the able manner in which he had fulfilled its duties. Summoned by Locofoooiiin of the worst kind during the reign of Martin Van Bnren, he dared to brave and did brave the tide of corruption. It is said here, on the best of authority, that shortly after the appointment of Hoyt to office, he began to write the most insolent letters imaginable to the Secretary of the Treasury. Major Barker ' proposed to Mr. Woodbury to dismiss him promptly for his insolence. Had this advice been followed the Government would have stved nearly half a million dollars, Mr. Forward parts with him with much regret. His long experience in the office has enabled him to settle the thousand questions which incessantly arise on the subject of the Tariff laws, with a promptitude which no successor, however able, will acquire for a long time. Ons of the greatest evils in our Government,is that the moment men have been in their isata long enough to be perfectly mfait in their duties, party-spirit dismisses them, so that we have nothing but a succession of learners in office. Mr. Barker was formerly,.* Jacksonjman but has sot taken an active part in the politics of the day far a long time past. When Mayor of Phildelphia he refused to obey the call of a Locofo committee to turn out a great number of |whigs in office, for which he was publicly denounced by the press of that party. The appointment of Poet Master for your city is yet unmade, ewiag to the folly, perhaps, of those who would rather see a Locofoco remain in office than a good Whig, who has not the stamp of a certain clique. The pipe layers have been on here in force- It is very singular that these friends of the President, who love him so much, should acquiesce in his preferences onee in a while. It rather makes against their devotion, so loudly professed, and leads to suspicions in the minds of those who ealmly look on. The ground of non-residence so much insisted on, amounts to nothing. Mr. B. has been for the last seven months constantly in the city,and has a place of business there. Besides, why did not the pipe layers object to Colonel Webb and Charles King on that ground 1 Why not object to Mr. Roberts, who was made collector at Philadelphia?the living in the interior of Pennsylvania 1 Mr. Bailey, Mr. Governeur's predecessor, was imported from Dutchess County, being at the time of his appointment in Congress from that county. The truth is, the most eminent Whigs in the state are in favor of Mr. B., end have so written. His appointment will do as much to strengthen the administration as any other in the State of New York. Mr. Bioodgood's influence, standing services, claims and talents, are fally appreciated here. The press is beginning to take gronnd for him, in the State and out of the State, and wc have no doubt that the matter is fully settled. It is by such appointments that the President will gather strength, and th# nrlminiatr*tinn hp frinmnhanflv niwUinarl The Committee od Finance of the House of Representatives, will report early next week, and as fax as can be ascertained, many important amendments and modifications will be engrafted on the plan as it came from the Treasury. The committee discarding every thing like personal predilections, and private feeling, have, looking only to the public good and popular sentiment, labored intently to pre. sent a scheme upon which the patriotic and disinterested of all parties can rally, and in a spirit of noble compromise, settle far the time being, at least, the question which of all others has tended so injuriously to vex and harass the public mindIt will be the duty of the people, on receiving the report and bill, to express their sentiments upon it by that potent and influential republican weapon, "popular assemblies." When we say the people, we mean the real people?the honest merchants?-the farmers?the mechanics?they who really suffer from the present deranged system?let them assemble without distinction of parties?without notice from leaders?regardless of whom it may please or displease, or of what party efiects it may prodnce- Let the people speak as they were wont to do in the days when ths people's voice was something more than a mere whisper of recommendation?let them assert their rights?let them teach Congress that neither loud professions of patriotism, unmeaning protestations, nor the dazzling guard and fence of political gladiators can longer deceive them into supineness and heartless apathy?let them assemble in thousands, and express their sentiments, and see who dare thwart their willIf upon consultation they deem this plan a sure and safe corrective of the evils now so lament, ably palpable, say so. They will be obey. ?d- If they disapprove, the Executive and his cabinet, and the true friends of the people in Congress will, obeying their instructions, immediately proceed to concoct some other scheme to provide for the safe keeping and disbursement of the public money and regnlation of the Exchanges anJ Currency. But again we repeat, let the people assemble from Maine te Louisiana. The thunder of their voice will purify the political atmosphere. Htwe of llcpreienUtiyei. Washihgtoh, Feb. 11. Private Bill Dat. After the reception of some few unimportant re" ports and resvlutioas, and a debate on a r?e?l?tion to give the Committee on Manufact*-'8 authority to employ a Clerk, which was House of Represeatatives devo"** I'1's to private bills. Friday and Sato*"*-/ ?f e8ch we*k "e private bill daya, but Lrtnf'to the Hoase haa disregarded the which the rules of this branch of legislative doty have had upon them; nor have the members now much xest for 6uch business, for at half-past three the Committee rose for want of a quorum, and the 11 suae adjourned. Baltimore^ {Correspondence of ths HortJd.j Baltimore, Feb. 12,1842. The Green eyed Marnier, |-c. Mr. Editor:? The " green-eyed monster" has, it is now reduced to a certainty, been prowling in the high places e state, creating discord where tonnubial harmony should have reigned, under the letter guidance ol gray hairs and matured wisdom- That he did take the old man's daughter, is most true.but that he kepi her is not true. Othello's occupation's gone, and Deademona haa retired from her liegt lord ia disgust. Oh! the green-eyed monster, that he should so dethrone the better judgment of exalted function aries, and lead them into errors at which modesty blushes, innocence stands aghast, and the demo, cracy been"*-' ashamed. If (he eye of pity his on? tear i?* shed, let it fall for the youthful maidei whe gives?aye blindly gives?her hand and heart to i jealous oldbachelor. It is said that " oonsernst makes co'ards of ua all," but it haa aba been dbco veied tha jealonsy can transform even .Governor! into fools- Not many dsjrs since, a disconsolate old man, bearing ths evidence of same fitly winters upon his brow, was seen at one of our principal hotels, soon after he was heard of in the vicinity ot Frederick, then again in Baltimore, then at Anapotie, and lastly at Washington- Upon instituting an inquiry as to the cause of his eratic course, or wildgoose chace, it was ascertained that he was, not like Celebs in search of a maiden of whom to make a wile, but like a grass widower, run mad in pursuit of bis once adorable and affectionate bosom partner. It is rumored that tbe orator of South Carolina, and the great mint drop of the west, being somewhat (by consanguinity) interested in the affair, have put their heads together for the purpose of waging war against the " green monster," and if possible, to again put the balls of state in motion. Thus far, however, success has not crowned their efforts. 1 shall probably take cognizance of these high matters in a future communication. Exchange on New York I quote at 3 premium ; Philadelphia funds are getting in rather worse repute. 1 quote at 51 discount, and Virginia 6discount; Railroad Orders 14 a 15 discount?worse. Specie 3 premium. There was nothing of importance done yesterday at Annapolis. The reward for the recovery of the rogues and the money, $10,000, taken from ysung Nicholson a law nights since, has been increased to 02,000. There were only three applicants lor the Bankrupt Law yesterday, and two the day before, vizDr. Barnum, Samuel D. Toy, Andrew Riley, Samuel JSimmons, and M. Trail. The weather contin ties pleasant. No ice has been put up yet. Yours, Roncaica. Philadelphia. [Cerrer-peadencs of the Herald.] Philadelphia, Feb. 11, 1842. 7he Resumption BUI?Ruse of the Brokers?Move to Abolish ths Cout t of General Sessions. Deae Beseett,? The weather is remarkably pleasant and springlike to-day, and our city more quiet on the exciting subject of tbe currency than it has been for four or five days. The news from Harrisburgh by the midnight mail is, that the Resumption Bill is still in the hands of the committee, to which the Senate referred it for amendment, and it was thought would not be reported to that body before Monday. Of course the public mind is still filled with the same doubt and uncertainty as before; and while those profes sing 10 Know inc seniunenis ui me committee, ae clare that the bill will undergo no material amendment at its hands, the holders of the Relief issues and the brokers seem to think differently, and today they are bought and sold at a discount of from 12 to 15 per cent- about half of yesterday's rate of discount. This, some think, is a mere rust of the brokers to get rid of the large amounts which they had previously purchased, at a discount three ana four times as great as that for which they are new selling them. By the time the next panie comes there will be nearly as much as ever of these bills in the hands of the community, from which the brokers can reap as large a profit as before. My own impression is, that the bill will become a law much. as it passed the Assembly?theJRelief issues may be made to bear a larger interest, which will bring them more nearly up to par; but the bill, so far as it relates to Resumption and the Banks, I think will not undergo any essential alteration. The tone of the great mass of the community is too unequivocally in favor of immediate resumption to be neglected. A movement has been made in the Legislature to abolish our Criminal or General Sessions, as it is termed. The ground alleged for this movement is economy?it being asserted that the present Court costs the county thirty thousand dollars more than under the old formation and arrangement, as it existed before it first assumed apolitical shape.? The whigs and antimasons legislated it into existence for the purpose of providing expectants with office; and when their opponents obtained power, as the only mode of reaching their places, they were legislated out, and officers, commanding no more respect, put in at higher salaries. Although economy is the cause now made promenent for abolishing the Court, 1 have been informed, (and if those concerned did not before know it they may now, and prepare to meet it,) that the real causes are of a more personal nature?touching some concerned in it, not only as regards their characters as men and sober citizens, but involving matter little if any thing short of an impeachable nature. The opponents ofthe court say they have new the concurrence of the Governor, and that he will sign any bill that may be passed respecting it that looks to retrenchment and reform. une 01 me juages 01 me is puouciy bruited, has incurred the execalives displeasure. Of these movements and sayings I know no more than is stated in one of the petitions that fell under my eye, and the information communicated by the person who bore it. A town, or public meeting he informed me was to be held in a few day9 on the subject. Yours. Sec. Wmav. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Herald.1 Philadelphia, Feb. 12,1842. We have comparative quiet in our currency circles to-day. Nothing farther from Harrisburgh. But little business is transpiring, aad nothing new or novel in the news way. Currency is about the same as yesterday, as compared with speeie. Relief issues are 10 to 12 per cent better than yesterday. At the stock board there was a medium baaintss to-day, at prices much the same as yesterdayState Fives were j per cent better, and Mechanics' Bank Girard, Pennsylvania,(and United States Band notes are unchanged in price. The aew tragedy of Sferza is enacting at the Chestnut Street Theatre ; the principal characters by Mrs. Seymeur, Riehiags and Wood. The lady you know is pretty, and ia the more animated parts of the performance, is very excellent. She takes a benefit on Monday evening, and ought, as 1 hope she will, haven geod house. I have not yet seen Flynn's mongrel circa* and theatre, but am told that it is well patronised. Another attampted rape ease has been enacted ia our moral, Quaker city, which, on Wednesday last, resulted in binding over the rude ene, a Mr. Chalklev Shee, ia the sum of $1000, by Alderman Tnompscn, to answer ike ehsrge. The accutatien is that on the evening previous, he committed nn assault and battsry npon Mrs. M'Ewe n, wife of n machinist in Broad street, at the boarding house of bar and her husband, ia Girard street, with the intent to commit n rape. It appears that Sbee had been at the lodgings of Mr. M , by his invitation, on two previous occasions, and had spent ike evenings in friendly conversation with him and his wife. Oa Wednesday evening Mr. M. was ont, when Shee made another visit, and soon proceeded to take improper liberties with Mrs. M-, which she resisted and repulsed. He persisted in his advances, and was erily deterred from his diabolical purpose by the resistance and shrieks of the lady. At the instance of her father a sail was iastituted against Shee, nod the proceeding as recited had on the case. The faet that the husband did not take the matter before a judicial officer is a matter of severe reflection among persons acquainted with the circumstances. Fkom J?m ?variety of Jamaica papers lo the 21 t of January. The Provincial Legislature bad ad journed, without accomplishing the object for which it wns called together, viz : providing a sufficient revenue for the support of the Government. A law was passed depriving the eity authorities of Kingston of their police power, and organizing the militin instead, as a punishment for the late tiots. There was some leri.latinn amends tory on the immigration ichree, which wa* acknowledged to he a complete failnre aa it had been conducted- The tameconfession ia made mere reluctantly in the Demara'a papers. There ia very little of interact beyond thia?-a brooding diaaatia1 faetion, the reanlt of decaying wealth and eonatont aoeial contention, with aome aymptoma of fear that they have not yet aeen the werat of their great experiment? theae form the character of the newspapera, of the legislative discu-aion* and the proceedinge of public meeting), in the oneo rich, joy. eua, frolicksomr laland of Jamaica. Naval.?The U. 8. frigata Macedonian, bearing the broad pennant of Commodore Wilkinaon, baa arrived at Peaiacola. ' Milk ?From Jan. 1,1811, to Jan 1,1842,13%722J gallon* of milk went into Boaton on the Woi ' ceater Railroad. , '' 0(7- CHuacH Go ion Prone will do well to provide ! themselves with aome of Or. Sharmaa'a Dozengea before going to church, and then they will prevent all the [ annoyance from ooughiagao common theae day a. They I are aold at Raahton 4- Aapin wall's three atorea; Send*, J7J Broadway, end 77 Eaat Broadway, and 198 Bowery. ' OQNTHK BILLS of the following Ba-ika e-e Redeemfd hy the ALBANY CITY BANK, at 1 of 1 per cent die count. Jan 14, 1141. Oneida Bank. Bank of Utica, lTtiea Branch Bank. Ontario Bank, Ontario Branch Bank, I Yalea County Bank, Agricultural Bank of Htrkiner, Buk or Broekpnrt. I Bttk of Itlrir Creek. at ON ICY NAHKKT. Saturday, f?k, IS?? P.*. The tale* of the itock board to-day were to ? W' " | tent, and price* generally gave way. Indiana Soad* at ? the board iaproved { per cent, but afterward* fell off *e to ye*terday'? price*. Delaware and Hudaoa fell 14" s Stonington Caaton improved J. Sale* of bill* on Phi. ladelphia, a months, 11J; New Orlean*.ljThe resolution of Mr. Sharswood, for an investigation of the Vnited State* Bank ha*;pa**ed the Senate of Pen?* sylranis, without debate. The state of affair* in Pennsylvania 1* one of very great anxiety, and no opportunity 1* left unturned by the W?ll street print* to misrepresent the state ef affaire. The bill authorising immediate resumption passed the Lower g House on Friday, and was sent to the Senate, where It O was referred to a Select Committee, and ha* not yet boon acted upon notwithstanding this well known fact. The N New York Courier and Eaquirer, in its moaey article * of this morning, had tha following paragraph:? O The bill to compel the banks in Pennsylvania to resuma specie payments, la> yiori both Horn? of Me Lf _ giatature, and now only want* Mr *tfeature of the Governor t\ become a law. It is strongly doubted that it will receive his sanation; meantime, the whole currency is in a state of confusion?soma of the banks very wisely *> re!use to receive deposits, and some merchants are pay- lb ing their notes before they are due, to save the risk of * depositing with any. There are no reflecting men ,( among us, who have notviewadtho approach olthese ^ embarrassments of our Philadelphia neighbouis with the utmost concern. We know that the blow will bo severely felt here, yet distracted as they have been by locofeco legislation, the general opinion seems to be, that A it would be best for their monied institutions, at one* to nut Ipffilblinn at ^nAawnn eni la? Iff slaw tin msnoa* Thia false ana absurd artiale ia from a paper pretend- jj| ing to give not only the facta in relation to the daily n events in the llnancial world, but pretenda to give the ~ state of public feeling on matters which exisU merely in ita own imagination. Thia is a fair instance of the manner in whieh public opposition to the rights of tha peo- to pie is manufactured by venal prints. The Philadelphia G papers teem with the saa^e baseless and absurd statements, in order te prevent the passage of the aalutar^ Resumption Bill. Y It will be remembered that on the 1st Jan. last, the to bonds ef the State of Mississippi issued to the Planters' *' Bank, and endorsed by Richard Alsop, were protested m for non payment in this city. Tha people of Mississippi ( have decided that ifthose bonds are ever paid, it must be Y by the bank. The following statement will show what ? prospect of payment there is from that quarter:? STaTBMEirr or thb PLAVTeas' Bits or Mississirri, Ds- X cnsBsa is, last. f* Reiourcit. LialriliHei. 10 Discounts, 1.485.071 Capital, 4.M1.0CO . " in suit, 1,180,441 I ntereat, ke., 88,478 Exchange, 117,483 Profit and Loss, 8*3,873 n, Pestxnded debt, 9,031,488 U. States. 58.018 n Rent Estate, 8732184 Bonds payable. 1,104,888 ? BanktStock, 688,94 Circulation, 801,891 Stnte Bonds, 140 0t/0 Depoaites, 83,188 <r Due from bank*, 891 17S Bids and Checks,* Notes of ' 90J.081 Other liabilities, 305,243 Other resources, 80,164 Due banks, 119,838 11 Specie, .S,e9l Total, $8,847,187 $8,847,137 Ulj The Vicksburg Sentinel, fi on knowledge of the facts, to puts down ms worthies $6,934,666, other assets leaving a balance of $1,063 783 that may be collected in thecourse often years. The aceoaat then stands thus Amount of liabilities, 9.847,137 Deduct capital, 4,761,008 ire " Profit auil Loss, 883,9" . 3,194,979 ! Balance liabilities, 3,312,268 Ores* amount of assetsj 647,:: ? or Deduct worthless assets ? l Bank Stork, sj- .139 nu State Bond.', 140,080 ? Brandon B. ak?, 201,87 4 ? m. GrandUiiU md Miss.Union, 4,0'jo ? I Collateral Security, 601.408 ? to Nut' - >f otlirr Beaks, 90J ?S6 ? Lob. ou lit 7 items, 3.M6J97 ? I 4 55 $1,688,798 M ?? if i Deficit, $ 1,888,686 Nl This is the result of b banking protec- J ted by the State for "the rel ' I bolster ed, and assisted by the fixan ,u. The (fairs in Pennsylvania ere new anting ar' the same state of things, and nothing .ire the people {*' ef that State from the horrible disasters which prevails au in Mississippi, but the enforcement of immediate resump- 1 tion by .those baahs that are able, and the winding up of R those that are unable. The clamor raised in Phila- Kl phia by corrupt prints^uborneil by insolvent banks in order to frighten the Legislature from their fpurpose, is Si the iboldest deception ever practised upon a peo- be pie. If the banks can ever resume it is at this moment, 1 when the spring trade is about to throw money into the ?j Philadelphia markets, and furnish real relief to the mer- ' chants. It is sincerely to be hoped that bank corruption will not again prevail at Harrisburgh, and the people be ri< exposed to fraud for a renewed term. On the tirst of next month ths banks of ;the District of Columbia are prohibi- 1? ted by their charters from "paying out or lending out, ?' the nous of suspended banks, or any piper currency not equivalent to gold or silver." This will be (tantamount, vt in ths present state of suspension of all ths adjacent fr banks, to an entire suspension of all speculation and il- *i legal issues, and a commencement of relief by psying Jj; just debts to honest creditors, instesd of defrauding them in (order to lend the money to unprincipled specula. Cl tars. BsUoa at tlx* Stock Exchange. ? <300# N Y S's, 18S9 81 400 Farmers' Loan to ft ?1000 do bl II 71 do slO IS] $1000 Kentucky S'a.ld7l 77 (oo do ?so 20 R UMO Cor Bods, 1843 84 to Ohio L Ir T Co (80 60 0 (l 080 Illinois Bds 80 10 N Y Ins Co 101] , <5000 do 1*1 30 NK Ins Co 87 11 <7000 do 101 18 N Y St Erie Railroad It <9000 do 1> 7SBoskPrev siO 80 $9000 do 181 60 do 80 $9000 Indiana Bds Ml ? do 8H A $1000 do 90 ooCnnlonCo 18] SIMM'S do 904 88 do I84 lii Siooo do taw 9i<] t5 do HO 10 N $1000 do saw to 15 Mohawk Railroad 48| a <9000 do to] 95 do 481 C <500# do 010 98 78 Harlem RR 9. 60 aha Mech Bk , Sms (0 00 do (30 6 to Butch k Drov Bk sOO 00 95 do 0 la 10# Delfc Hudson s4ms SO SO do s30 8i SO do 804 so L Maud R R slS S3] It 1SS do WW 80 to N Jeraey R R 58 H 50 do 00} IS do 60 do SO] 109 do t4m* 00 N IS do bow 10| 125 do 58 95 do baw 8I4 98 Btoningtoa 134 d< 95 F oomers' Loan 91 Second Board. Is !tooo Indiana Bds st to $9000 Indiana Bds sis 104 ? 1000 do 104 $1000 do as is] J 9000 do 10} sMiOO Illinois Bds s3 to Jr 1000 do 19 j do 181 ri 1000 do 10] 50 L island KR 53] rj $8U00 ds sl? 1*0 State of Trade. N Aims!.?The transactions in pott since Saturday last ir will probably make the sales of the week amount to about 100 barrels, with ths exception of thote noted par \V ticularly above, all small lots at $7, and we do not know Ai of any that can be purchased now at less than that price, ae Of pearls, about 100 barrels have been taken during the * week at $6 70. The stock of ashes in the inspection J1 warehouse is now 09 barrels more than it was on this day wsek, that of pearls being 14 lees, and of pots 1C6 y more than it was at that time. Cottox?There has been a fair business in cotten during the week; the tales O amounted to something over 5,380 bales, of which 3,160 . were Upland, at 6} a9] eeats; 1,300 Mobile,7s 10; 660 *r' New Orleans, 7?I0(; end 166 Texas, 100 at 8 cents, short ,cj price, the balance at a price not transpired. The arri do vats duriag the same period amounted to 6,963 bales, ba There!* no noticeable change io the pricet:]f*ir Upl and at 8] a Hi; good and fine 0} a 0] cents; New Orleans, v| fair, 9} i 6]; good foir, 10 a 10} cents. Floi-b axd Gsain ^ ?Tha market has been dull throughout the week, aad ,,, the transactions, with the exception of about 1,000 bar- M rels of southern sold for export, confined to lots for the 111 rii? iri3i and in aunolv the small demand for the east* A ward, tbe price of canal being now too high for egport. The itock of flour in the city it (mall, ana holders are r? quite firm, and notwithAtandinr the geaeral dullnei* J of the trade, prices are to the full as high a* |they ware tia on this day week. We quote Oeneasee at $6 37}; Ohio, ri $d a $6 M; and Howard street and Georgetown at f6 a J 96 12j. Of wheat there hare been seme considerable to sales during the week. tJMO bushels oi prime Illinois, * as mentioned yesterday, were taken at flift, for milling L" purposes. Safes of Long Island for export bare been 1. made at 91 33, and of Ohio and Michigan at 91 34 a $1 34- t| Corn is dull at 49 cts. weight ci Philadelphia Cattle Market. _ Fhidat, Feb. 11 ?Beef Cattle? MO at market?sales 4$ Ij a 0 ets; extra sold at B; the offering was all sold. Cows and Calves?911 at market?sales $90 to 37 for fair to ?! good) extra brought fS0a33: springers $11 a 17; dry f, cows 99 a 11. Calves same aa last report. Hogs?360 at ot market?sales 4} a S ots, all sold. Sheep?3340 at mar- bj kot?sales 91.36 a 9,75; extra $4- jj Blwrrled. At Harrison, Westchester county, tha 8th instant, by the Rer. Kdward Wright, Mr. Josiah S. Mitchkll, of m White Plains, to Mist Elisabeth Amasson, of Harri- ~ ton. i INtd. V On tha 13th instant, Catharina Keeff, wife of Mr. Louis Nouweilen, aged 28 years. *> Her friends and acquaintances, and the members of p New York Lodge No. 10 (I. O. of O. F.) and the order in geaersl, are respectfully invited to attend her fuueral at * 3 o'clock, this afternoon, from her late residence, No. 4A Mulberry street. S On the Uth instant, Mias Krai*, at Arista, in tha 48th year of her age. 1 Foreign Importations, C Rio OtAirna?Brig Dirtd B Crane?1444 hides 14#0boras 4* bales wool Dow ley K Dtmarest?4J hides W Bergen?two do S000 thin booet 1400 horns B Kichards?04M boras I ba'es hair SS00 hidfttoi rder . Bklizc, Houd?Brig Pa'sey B Blonat-40 rcroons indtgo 1 I b* I pkg tpeei* B Blanco?10 toaa logwood Labouiasa. Ari?'ATr<?Brig Aanawan?I h I I bos turtle hall MS bags codas 17 000 lbs logwood A C Kostitra? 300 b?gs coffee ? W J Lewie?14 J B Laaala?Ii* F. B Sacket-M O R UMkirSil-tM 7, d >9 hii segars H fc W Delafield-lll hags coffee O Lelaad-M h do 1 [kg turtle shall T Marina. j Domestic Import at Ism a. i CH?aL??Toe-Br.f pimoD-114 bbla riea IT bales cotton J J Jeaaaerette It e?31?do Smith, Mills k eo-la bbla nee Dub- ? kink Uimoo-13 do C ll Skertacod?I bo* Morgan kro?I J a T Tbiyer? ctraoa* in dig?J W Jeunkge-i bbla lo order. , | MARITIME HERALD. POUT or NEW YORK, FEBRrAR V 13 4t i mm $41 KM JO A3 Oipaitu* mt thi AtUntli iimmh, riOM liiiimol. rtOH mitm Caledonia Feb. 4 M?r I Acadia- Mer 4 April t Columbia April 5 May 1 Bntoauia April 19 Mar H Caledonia May 4 June I An* die May II June 14 Columbia June 4 July a Paekeu tm Arrlrt, Packati to Depart. LOieDOK. lonnor witearland, Smith, Jan 9 Quebec I lebard, Feb 80 nurio, DradieS. Jen. 10 1 hiladclphnt, Huvey, Mar. 1 LiTcarooi.. LivaarooL. letteld. Allen. Jan. a (J. State*. Britten, Feb. 14 . America, l.ewbrr, Jan 7 England, Wait*. Feb. 19 ueciue, Colltua, Jan. 11 Oefurd, Rethione, Mar l mavis. Haiti, need*. Funk, Sully, Tlionipeon, Feb It rgo, Anthony, Dee 30 town, Pell. Feb. 14 raneia let, AanaworQi. Jan. 1 Oneida, Funk, Mar. 1 To Kaeteri of VmmII. Commander* of veeeele will confer a favor by hating a Iiat ' their eaifoee, peeeeugere, and a report of reaoola left at e port whence they eailed, and the veaoela apokon, ready i their arrival her* for Commodore BaeezTT, of ear float new* echooaere. He will board then immediately en air arrival. Cleared. Ship* United State*, Britton,Liverpool, R Kermit: Saladin, cnley. do, E Bartlett; Mary Barbara, (Britieh) Marmood, *>"be'K, Schmidt k Balrlieu; Garonne, Sagory, NOrleme, PElweU ?Brige Gent Marion, bliffem.St John*, PR. M'aon Thooipeon; 4,'yrua,Currier. Mat ana i?, F GThuiatou; Zeand.Coomba, Antigua. Neemitli St Leede; Homiuraj,Horjiin*, obaaco, do do; Gaulle, (Britieh) Veeey, Demarara, 11 W ewtnan: Savannah, bhapler. Savannah, Sturgee St C'carman. 8chre Naeeau, Dearborn, Richmond; John Clark, Kollina, uladelphia. Arrlwod. Brig David B Crane, Northam. 47 daya from Rio Grande, dee^nc. to A C Roeeiere. Left briga Buenoa Ayrea, Lake, rNYeik line day; Franco Ann, wig cargo. 8.b inat. let 4, Ion 73 50, epoke bark Mary Stanton, fm Liverpool lor the T1#?? y??k? ?," B Blount, Howes, from Belis?,Hon<*araa, Jan 27, dtgn.lic to B Blanco. Left bug Monaco, for N York.2 da; hr 4?the only Americana. Schr Namahoiig, lor N ork.aailed Jan 20. Bn? Amman. J nkina, 19 daya from Aui Cayes coffee, lie. A C Roaaicrr. L'ft brif Oe? Henry, Bingham, for NY oik, tie; tchra David Pratt, NOrleana 8; Rcdwiiii, dot. Brig H*q? v M?rriimu, it daya from Mataucaa, with 242 hda olaas'a to V O Thuretmi Brig Freighter. Blaochird, II daya from Ouayama, PR. ran ?I, to K (JThuratoii Left briffi br?nklif? (I asa.laticr fnr M orb, 10th mat; Balkan. Emery. do do; Jane. Hafford. do 3ith; linv, Lockwood, do s.h; Jaa McCobk, Balcbelder, fin Newm,NC. diac. Brig Ortnnii. Dwi?, IS daya from Poaee, PR. Lord. Let brtga Beujitmn, Lunt.for NYork, Id inat; Deloa, ekfclJt Philadelphi?. 3 da; Elia<btlh,of NYnrk. diag; athra, dieg: UrruU, i'o Brig George, Hull T daya from Charlealon, cotton and rice. GTlulhlcy. Brig Dnaca, Robinann, 6 day a from Charleston. cotton, to unhaan It Dunon. 7th init. let 23, Ion 73, spoke bark Inca, of tltimore, for Charlaaton; 1th, Fry ing Pan Shoal W is mika, aaed brig Cervantes. from t harleaton for Boaton, andachr Inenae, Savannah for Philadelphia. Brig Malta, Forbra, It days from St Mtrka, cotton, to lha utar. lat inat. lat at 45 Ion St 5. spoke ship Jainea Edward, daya from .NYork for Apal ichicola; tth, lat 18 St. Ion 71 47, seed b<rk Mexican Packet, of Livrrp >ol, steering N. Biig John Hancock, Otia, 9 daya from Norfolk, with ship nber for the nary yard. Rchr Don Juan, Pepper. S daya from Baracca, with 700 bale a baccoTO bhla mo'aaaea 5 do honey 8S t.OOU aeg <ra to tl L Wilrd. Left achr Edward, for Saranail>laoon?the ouly Atne:an. 8chr Ursula, CUpp.35 dart fr irn Maraeaibo, fuetie, Ac- to later. Left brigs Lmmt. Tarr,for NYoik, aooa; Union,do, la; ??, of Boatou, lor NYork, uuc. Srhr Lady Clinton. , S daya from Flarre de Grace, pig >u, to Cataell A Murd.ick. Schr Rubicon, , from Waahiigtou, NC. naral atorea, order. Schr Syren, Darling, from Wilinn.g'on, NC. navnt atorea, to ilrr. *chr Planet, Terry, S daya from Petarabarg, with cotton, to tater. Schr Union, ce, from Plymouth, NC. nnval atorea, to tater. achr Richmond, Cheater, 4 daya from Richmond, with flout, maater. General Record. Paennr aHir UittTKO Statu, for Liverpool, will aail on ordiy. liar regular day. Packet ahip Wellington, for London, detained until Tuesday the 16th. Letter bags at Gilpin's iwiRaoms. Bsio Enter.?The iteamer Hercules Psa been aant to Rockray to tow up the brtg Emily, aaltore off tknt place. Stair Suvtah aaHone ?The Suviali, Moody,from NYork

r NOrleaua, via St Joarph, want ashore on Britton [aland on > 34th ult. The captain, nnd part of the crew and paseengcra rived at New Orleant on the lat inat. When the i-aptalnlefl r vrasel ahe waa full ol water. The chief part of her cargo d been landed at Bt Joarph, Paaaengara;?Lapt II 11 Wood d fantilv, and Miaa Moara. Bann Bnunawtcn.? Abatk witli painted porta, and no topllaut maata, waa a*en aahote ou ths Hon* tthoe Bhoalr. ipa Cod,on the nth iust supposed to ba the Btunawtek, from ngalou Ja. for St Andrews. Spoken. Martha F.litabatb, Turka lalandlor Baltimore, Jan SI, lat 97 , Ion 73 30. Po, IS daya from Norfolk for Jamaica, Jan SO, Caps Maine ariog NNE. George Aahton, from St Domingo for Boston; Jan 31, lit 31, a 75. altar for NOrleans, Jan 0, off Madeira. Cathtrwood, standing W, Jan 13, lat 94 54, Ion 43 10. Foreign Porta. MaTanus, Fab 1?In port, Caail la. for Boston, soon; Claisa, of muoewick Ma unrertn; Tib-rinj, from Boaton, diaanting; Ontario, from nnd for Portland, do; Frnncia. from d for Warren, waiting cargo; William, from nnd for Button, tdtng; Laurel, from aud for Providence, waitiug cargo; aaket, do, do; Emerald, do, do; Agnea, from Portland, unc, tg freight; ltenrict a, from Haraua for Portland, loading, alen, (or Portland, ldg; Susan Jane, for Portland, loading; 'nrner, tor do, do; Cttixen, Irotn Pentacoia, untold, uncer; f athmgtou, from and for Philadelphia, ldg cargo; Selma, Otm w IKWII, lie. irom diukiii, tlijctig; Ceutuos, fiom Portland, Id* ; Harriet, frour Portiaod.disclig; Houi, from do, via Havana, do; Clio, do do; Auguala, from Boatn.diachg; Caapar Hauaer, Adami, from N; Pilot, fm or Hand, do; Mary, do do; Mrnumeut, juat arr (rum Portland: ,GriAi'g, for KYotk.ldg. ' Porto Cabrllo, Jan Si? In port, Hcbcr, for Baltimore, wtg ir.o; Rauaom, for Boaton, tame day. La tiuaraa, J inM?lapoit. Bevia, for NPork; Rowrna, for hiladelphla. wlgfrt; l'el| h>JorNVoik. The Oraud laland, n St Tnomaa, aid for Porto ILco 33th. HaMARAKG, Oct St?'a port, Alciope.f >r Boaton, ids. Manilla,about Oct 5?In poat, Naplea, and Ktiaaell, from oaton; Jeaaore, Putnam, I'm N York. Whamtoa, Oct 13?U port, Calumet, Lucaa, for Boaton, abt Ih. No American Taaaela oa the Coaat of Sumatra, Sept 33. United States Porta. Pobtlard, Feb 3?Arr Oenl Scott, Cienfuego*. Cld 8th, Ikert, l aba. Boston, Feb II?Arr Sarah Ripley, RapDahanaock; Cornell, Stimaon, NYork. Below, Joe AUina, tin Jerrmie; Kocaet, Urleana. Cld Tcllur.Bt Thomaa; Creacent, Wilmington D. rr loti .Karwell, (n?w, 728 tone) Nenburypor , to load for alcutta. . Plymouth.Feb t?Sid Volant,Philadelphia. He hnk, b ?b 8? Arr Page, Hallet, Boaton lor NYork; Hern Kraxer. Fiederrckaburg fer Bolton. Holmci Hour, Feb t?Arr Arenel, Boaton for York River; ith. Black Hawk. Norfolk for Boaton. In port 10 a m, Black awk.aud Aventl. TARrAVLtn Corn, Feb3?Arr Geo It Henry, Plymouth for orfulk. Paorinsnck, Feb 10? Arr Chaae, Norfolk. Sid Champion, >; I'andora. NCaroiina. PHiLAniLrHiA, Feb 13?Cld Palm, Boaton; Anlarea, do; Combia, Kingatou Ja. Baltimorr, Feb 11?Arr Com Warrington, Porto Cabello: ararro,Charlaetou; Millicenl, NYork; Sun, Boaton. Clu tlankc, Halifax; Roe, NYoik; h A Slerena, do. Bid Queen, evidence. Alcxardxia, DC. Feb I?Sid Coiner, New Y'ork; Henry lay. do. koaroix, Fab 8?Arr Margaret Balfoor. Belfaat; Virginivn, York Cld 8:b, Ann It Lean, Weat ludiea; Leader, Porto ieo. The I.aba la, for Liverpool, and Eliaabeth Maria, for Uerdam, went to aeayeaterJay. I. HvaLxaroR, FebT?Arr Chi i, Havana. Cld Daniel Webreb>ter, Weat Itdiea; New Cnion, Mararitli. Air 8th, uu Hall, Loudon; Enterpriee, Liverpool, Richmond, Marillee; Rob Roy. Kingston Ja; Harriet, Havana; Thamee. do; bigailk Kl,xa,Turks laiand. In the olfiog, Apollo, Brialol ng. Cld Macao, Liverpool; R.ger Stewart, Ortenock; 11 ifen, Wilaon, NYork. (iaaacETOwn, Bt'. Feb 5?Arr Fanny Coit, Baker, from N ark. Pavaiyitah, Feb 7?Sid Tamerlane, Havre; Hope, Lirtrpl; rtenl, (Br) Jamaica. Mobilr. Feb l?Arr Johu Denniton, Greenock Cld Cra'on, Irerpool; Nrcholaa Brown, Havana; Col Hraaon, Ualreaton. rr 3d, John C.dmua, Portland; Shannon, Liverpool; Rodrrk Uhir, Prorid-uce; Lioden, Livrrmore, N York; Challenge, >; F A Seward, Kiugitun Ja; Joe Brown, Havana. Sid Alama. NYork. New OaLRARH, F?b I?Arr Henry, Vera Crux; Lamport, Jmluo; Columbia, do: Oneco, butler, N t o k; faldaui, Bt arka. Cld Paulina, Havre: \ all tut, Bordeaut; Q teea Livpool: 1 hernia,do; Noble. Boatou; America, do; Echo, Kiugot>; Elian, Henry, NYo'k. Cld3J,Maryland,Bremen; Lord aidatonc, Liverpool; Ilvuuah Spr-gue do; Kegulua, Cowea idainkt; Saratoga, ltuaaell, NVoik; Mary Clark, Bweit,do. rrJefferroa Thomaaou. puk ruuUiSjET Female " ""HESK far-famed and celebrated pills, from Portugal, ar< - we perceive, to be obtained in thia country Bee advertenveul oa the last eolnmnof fourth page. frt im'it ^HOHt-sON 8t HsTlEK, watch >jakrra ami Jewel lere, - euccea.ora to Samuel Brown, 371 Pearl ? eel. New Yotk. tveoa hand, aud are ronetaully receiving gold and ailrer atcbea, jewelry, fine ailwr and plated wareol every draeripou; gold watt bet, from $18 to $180 ; ailrer do, from $8 to tO ; a'ao told guard and lob chaina, diamond ringa and pine, antel clack*. fcc. ; w a tehee, clock*, mimical box** and Jewry of every deecrtp ion, repair*tl in the nealaat manner; alao tan paid fot old go.d and ailrer. AV.OB R. THOMPSON, fUlra* RICHARD FISHER. Jr. fERTlLl/INO rWWDERS, for FUiwari, Plant*. Viua* and Agricultural Purpntea. may b? had at 130 Naaiau at > ataira. The fertiiiiiug prcptrtiea of thia preparaliou, ar* >t ?|aalled by any othar material naed >n thia country aa a rlilixcr. lit*free Com all toul aeeda or offeneiv* ador.and icbuahrl taeelimated by ripenencad practical farmera. to tequal, in fertiiixiug properiiei, to fourteen orsixteea btiaha af good Ulile mauur*. It may be trnugported iu barrel* or it-a. (ffjfo OaDtna m?y alto be left at the nmi place for the relevel of the content) of aeapoola an I ainka an J tt e work will e done in a manner iruch Icaa oflemiva than the ordinary >ode at an eanta per foot. f 11 at wm. T6 LfcT 6k Lea?k. ? 1 ke au'xrior brick houae, i Iff '" Broadway, ? few doora below Wall atreet. The two ILtoor atory atorra 5 and 7 Mew atreet. two doora from Fail atrial, new oecu.urd by Mtaara. Hiffkeu, Ironaide fc Co. The two atory brick atore on <he eaatrrly aida or Cherry ad - Pike atreeta The two atory hotiaa (I Monroe atr jet, the ftrat houae abore ike atreet. The three atory brick houee 34 Wa kerat., between Broadray and Church atreet The re w four atory heaae l( fourteenth at., between the ih *nd nth avenu-a. The brick atore 84 Pearl atreet, a<joining the Pearl Street louae. Tlie atore M Water atreet. near Old alip ..... The brick houae 318 .Nineteenth at., occupied by Mr. John Irapaer. , . A part of (ha abere properly will be aold or ttrhanged. Alae, KOR MALE, Lou on Broadwav. near Union Square. Lota on Heventh avenue, near 18ih atreet. Lo<a on 118,118, IW, and l?3i atreeta, bouodiof on Harlem tivtr. Apply to MR. DKLAPLAINE. C8 Wall atreet. Office, lo. * f il-lm* Ihlft REWaRD. ?n.l no q-iealioiia nahed.-Loal,"* t .reen Jllv Haif Bag. containing 8 Booka. with Billa and Papera, I nil up to the Flouae of Refuge. Apply at Mahlon Oax'a, *4 Pearl atreet, or a*, the loatilulioo, 38d atreet, near tail liver. ft* IV hJOTICE -ROBERT CHRISTIE, v native of the Pariah -A Raya, Aberdeenahira, Scotland. will reeaiva information v*pl giona for him, by applying tn ALEXANDER OKAY. I Wilkaabtrre. Lu"ri)e Coua y, Pa. ALEX. GRAY. fllR* AMttoB IklM. ?r THOMM BCl-*, (H?ftiif?i.Wdfcii staff III MhmlwHi.) MONDAY. A' |M o'clock iu Um Kultun (tract store. Eilre >n<i Putilitt S ?le of HCiMtt hkut Mid M" pianofortes ?10 *rry ruuenur second hand and new pianofortes,by various spprov.daud celebrated maker*. bom ol Europe and this city, jiicludiau a iklruilid grand action uutrumeat, with silver biases. plat*, Also, aquanuty uf splendid new and second hand furnUurt. ? TUESDAY. Oraat sals of 100 splendid European Paistinf*. atlOi o'clock, at the Apollo Aaci.ciatiou Gallery, corner of Broadway end Ihamtwr street*. where t' ?y arc now eih biting, adoiiaaion rre. Tine large aud beautifm eihibitio- is rum posed of choice ancient and modern picturia, elected from a large cumber brought to the country'by a grntkmaa travelling in Europe, and now first exhibited. Cala'ogncs and furtto r particular* in time. The intention is to sell without reserve and will afford an opportunity rarely met with to the lover* of truly valuable paintings. ff the whole cannot be dMooted of in the forenoon, the talc will be continued in iht alleruoou. fa WEDNESDAY. Large at >ekof groceries, wiuet. liquor*, ke , at to', o'clock, at No. IN F'ulton it, the entire valuable assortment af family rtoceries. The owner changing hi* business, comprising a fi le stock of choice old wines and liquors in wood, demi) 'hns,and bottles; Ja?a coffee, sugars, teas, Hsvaaa and Princi,es?g?r?, foreign f ails, sweet oil, preserves, pickles, but ler, Cheshire cheese, candles, spices, and ihs usual variety ol articles of superior quality in the line; also the stands, ensks. fitturea. balance, auu a platlorin, scales, weights, counters, desks, THUR9DAY. At 10} o'clock, in th- salsa roam. Large sale of rite ant furutiare by catalogue, commencing with kitchen utensils, bedr ioui furniture of all deecriptiona, aad drawing room fuixiture; Brussels sod other carpels; Urge looking glasses, splendid pianofortes, richlaatral and mantel lamps, lustres, girandoles, clocks, vases, ornau cnls; China cut glmi and plated ware? bhenff's 9a.e?Also, a splendid variety of household furfiiture, removed for convenience of sale, by virtue of a Laud* ord'a wan-sat. DOR SALE, or exchange, sr to rent?Lend in Lycoming D county, Penne. title good? Also, ten lots in Bergen county, N J? half a mile from Newark?Also to sent, a Farm in Elisabeth town, N J.. cousi?lin? ot 4 acres, barn, and gooJ -.rater, rent only $130 ; 1 hour* ride from New York. For particular* .n*l.t/ U U' \TD V UMITU o M ..-A fsw T?AKM FOR 8ALE.-^f he subscribers. II coinwusiouers. I will offer for sal* at vendue, at William L, 8chuck?' tavern,at the Croat roada in the county ol Middlesex, New Jeraty,ou Mouduy the ttat iusUnt, at twelve o'clock at soon, the farm, late of Dorick Grinaa. draersed, containing about one huudred and twenty-five acrta. suitably divided into aiable, meadow, and wood laad, and well watered, 'i'hia'artn II beautifully aituated, ten miles from New Brunswick, and three from the New Jerary Railroad, containing a good appleo ohard and a peach-orchard. ju?t coming to perfection. The toil ia a - u J v loam and well adapted to gardening and the culture of fruit treee. The buildtuga art capaciously convenieut and in good ret air. 8TAATZ VAN DEEUSER, PETER COSTLKYAU, JOHN 8. CRUSER. February 12, lJt2, Cms..roads, fiblSTl* aMQ 03A PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALBANY.-T he flLTi TVTJ"' ROCHESTER. SOUTH AME W 'kT* and NORTH AMERICA.of the Peepie's Line, will be in readineu to commence running between New York and Albany, and intermediate placet, aa toon aa the navigation ia free fro.n ice. Paeeage One Dollar. fig lm RED BIkD line TO ALBAN V, en the Enat aide of the river, having better stages KDSCXini teams?making no higlier fare.?Office, Howard Hotel, ITS Broadway ?Passengers will be forwarded by Stage to Albany by the line from any point on the East aide of the river where the boate may be compelled by ice to atop. Agents will be on board eacb of the mail boat* to girt assistance and information. Thia line extends to Montreal, touching atAlbanr, (office under the Mufeum) and embraces s very direct and commodious route thither. The stages and horses of thia line will be found really the beat on the Albany route,and no deception. The strictest attention will be paid to the comfort, convenience and ape-?l of all who may give us the preference. When the river shall he shut up entirely. Red Bird will run ail through from New York city to Albany. M. H?BAXTER, 1 A?*nU I. V. BAKER. Proprietor. ?.* 1 n ' a)H- FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana aud New tJrfafW York Line?Regu'ar Packet of 20th instant.?The WKiplmdiil fast sailing packet ship GA8TON, Cipt Latham, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freignt or passage,having splendid furnished accommodations, apply on buard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. M South sc Groat cm will be taken to have the goods by this line correctly measured. Agent in New Orleans, Jag. O. Woodruff^ who will prompt ly forward all goods to hie address The packet ship OCONEE, ('apt Jacksos, will succeed the Gas*on.and sail the 1st March, her regular day. f li FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line-Regular Picket ot 2 >th February?The splendid packet ship OAKJhHbbRICK,Captain Was. 8kiddy,of 1000 tons, will sail as above, net regular day. Forf rei<ht or passage .navingaecomraodationa trn equalled for extend or or comfort,apply on hoard.itOrleaaa wharf,foet of aH at.,or to ^ K.COLLINS k CO. I* Sonthstroot. Pries of paisage ttov. The packet ship RO?CIU?, Captain John Collins, of 1100 tons, will succesd the Garrick, and sail 25th March, her regular day. Passengers may rely upon the ships of this line sailing punctnsdlr seaitvertiaed. lid Idas FORI LIVERPOOL?The splendid real sail log (Mffk packet ship YAZOO, Oapt. B. J. H. Trask, having JNBB&the greater | art of her cargo engaged, will have luimemate despatch. For freight or passage, having splendid fu-nished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall it. ?rt? E. K. COLLINS k CO. flltf to Mouth at SlAUR silk' k'All |r|{rir itPf\lll lT"j? tflR ?Packet of the 15th February.?The splendid, weli JmiJmm known, feet tailing Packet'Ship KOCHESTER, ('apt. Woedh use. sails pou ively as above,her regular day. Having splendid accommodations Tor cabin^econd cabin and ateeragc passengers. For paiaage early applicalioa ahould be made on board, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, 4* South street. rll Peck slip. Persons wishing to vend Tor their frieada can have them brought out in tliia ehip, or any other of the regular line, on favorable term*, and drafta for any amount, payable in all the priucipal towna of the.Umted Kingdom, by apply ing as above, fit It FOR COLUMBIA RlVEK, Oregon Terrritory, ICjHPy touching at Valparaiso and the Sandwich Islands. jSfiMCaaTlir fast sailing copper fastentd aud coppered packet Ship VICTORIA, John H Spring, master, will sail as above on the 30th Fe' ruiry. For freight or passage, having good accommodations, apply to A. O. St A, W. BENSON, f8 3w* 31 Old Slip, 3 doors from Soatli at. OL.nT17lNE OF LIVbHrOOL PAckE'lB? adnWW Regular Packet of the 19th Frhruary.?1'he favorite B?Bmm very fast sailing packet skip ENGLAND, Capt B. L. Waite will sail positively on Saturday, the 19th of Feb. her regular day. ' The accommodations of this liae for cabin, 3d cahin and steerage passengers, are well known to be superior to any othee, and those arout to embark should maku early applidhtion on board, foot of Berk man street, or to ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. 99 Fulton st. neat door to the Fulton Bank. Persons desirous of sending to the old country, for their friends, can have them brought out in the ENGLAND, ailing/rom Liverpool on the Ttb of April, or m any of Ike hips comprising (he old line, sailing from there punetnatiy oa the 7tb and 19th of every nienth. For paeeage apply as above. fS J. PEASE & SON'S CHRIF1ED ESSENCE OF HOARHOUND CANDY. THIS pleasant mediciue is lormed by a combination of 3, diff-rent ingredients, all celi-brattd for the cure of colds coughs, and pulmonary complaints, and by its combination, if eee of these articles should he used scpirately aud afford no relief, in thiaeatract of Ho, rhonud Candy they are so amalgamated that the benefit of the whole is experienced in one compound. READ THE FOLLOWING TESTIMONIALS. T" Merer!. Peaec It 8cna : Yr.ur valuable preparation of Hoarhound deserves a few remarks from my own ex| erieoce, being in the habit of addressing frequently large meetings, and mv constitution render ad ustepuble of cold, I found my strength au l health gradually decaying, my spirits sicking, my lungs failing, and my voice faltering f st; in faet I hadlostall hopes aud every hour fear fill of bursting a blood v< esel. whin your Hoarhound Candy and the cure it had effected reached me, I believe I look but ene package, when every unfavorable symptom disappeared, and my general health improved. Yours, res|*clfnlly P. WELCH, 144 Goldst. Bro klyn, A gm: for the Brooklyn Temperance Society, WHoorme I'ouoii.?I can recommend Peas-.' Hoa<hound Candy for ti is dangerous complaint?my < tnId was dangerously afflicted with it and 1'eaae'e Candy sftotded immediate relief. J PA'I TEN, lsd t 'edaret. DaTr.eir, Oct. 14th, 1841. Messrs. Pcsse fc Sons t? Dear Sirs Be eo good as to send me I wenty of vour large packages of Hoarhound Candy?I was somewhat of a scepuc as t? its value, as I saw its cures recorded in the Public press? but I muit, it j mice aay, that use has convinced mecf my error. I am, witligreal rrspect, H. REDFIELD. hf D. I have uaed Peace '< Ilearhound Candy in my family for coughs, colds and lioarstnese, wph good va'isfart.on, feOLoMON GENNER, 59 Henry st. Dr. Ri gers retyieets us to say, that he has practiced medicine as a physician for thirty years ; during this long period of his practice he hai made u ye of various kiuls of remedies for colds, hoa' 1 (ha* distressing complaint the whooping cough, and he believes with ss good aucce.s as physicians in general, and after all he finds none M successful as 1'ea.e's Hoarhound Card*. and he recommends it to he used. TESTIMONIAL OF CLERGYMEN. The undersigned h<v? the compound extract of Hoarhound Candy, made by J. Pease si Sen, and freely recommend it to thoee afflicted with cougl s, colds and consumption complaints as an excellent remedy in those casee. and for the use ot the voice profeetionally nothing cm equal it?we recomn.end if to our brethren throughout the Union. | Signed) Elder Knapp Rev Mr Linilsey, Pastor of M E Church, Second st. Rev Mr Kellogg, recent Pastor M K Church. Willett st. Rev Mr Crawlurd, Pastor of the M E Church. Foray Diet. Rev Mr Luckey. r C New York Conference. . Rev Mr Whitaker, Pastor of P Church, corner of Csthenne "Rev M'rGriffln, Pastor of M C Church,Bedford st. Rsv Mr Hart, Pastor of B < :huvch. Gold st. Rev MrGibbe.ltI Third Avenue. Rev Mr Berry, Paster of Weilej an MetlioJiet Cliurcli, corner Grand and Chrystie ste. v . Rev Mr Lyon, Pastor M h. Church, York. Pa. As it reg'ris the effi '.acy of Peaee s H luhcund Candy. mnueh has beiit said?thous inds of cr.iltcalea*hed, and 5XW5 believe the above, neither Would he be be I litrp, (houKh on# momu ir? m ???^ ?'*u. fff>- Pedlar# wc C#?f#eti?mer# tr# not appoints Agent#. I Kich envelop# ?f th# Genuine Pe*##'# Hoftrhwuml C%ndy it aigi.ed J. Pen#e * L>ivi#io? #1. of wkom it cu> be obtained, whol?#iJe nod retail. Country ortU.s puuetua ly attended to. TtruM iD??ritbljr Cuh. All'altera muat be poet paid. AO K N PH? Ruihlon k Aipiowill, 110 Uro.idway, It Aator Houae, and gl William*!. Tbompaon,eor ralbMiiadWillumali. Sand*. 70 t ullon at., and Oraaita Huililinga. cor. or Brcatwar and Chambers at; orar No 3 Sialh Arauue., The foil" wing are our Bute ngeo'e Mrti W tleddiag, No S dtaie at, Boetaa. Maaa. MrOB Zieber, No. IT Dock at, Philadclirfiia, Pa. Raw)* k Co 57 State at Albany. At J Robartaoa, No. no Baltimora at, Baltimore, Md. Meaara Uukoiaa It Co. Mobile, AlaMraara J V Cuiaa It Co. No. 13 Kichaaga Plata, Naw Or leana. La. Re* MrDoeall Ml Broad at, Newark, N J. Mr W N Ha.ldewian, Loniarllla. Ky. Mr Pierc?y Teller. Detroit, Mteh. f H TAB. ADAMiAUte Caitursc oa certain Uieenan, in rarieykea yj lately ?m?td and taken Ma n eidenee at 101 Canal anvet. below Church atreet, whtre ha furea the agjree.ted eaaaa of onadiaeaat, aueh aaulrrr*. awalledor rotten boaea, obauaata licet, railing of relate, infrelion of thewkola ayatemi alao mircuriaJ affection, and debi'ilr produced by I be nee or b?learn eanari*, fc', all of which he guarnateoa to 'ure. wi'k' ul anr feilnre. and at a moder la rate T ha n.oat raapeetana n ference will be fiean if required. , .... , S. B. DR. AUtMl baa r>o?;ht In Parlt I ha paten* right of tha K reach Had Drop* a mild and eafe remedy for a'pur, whirh hat ait h. deleter kmc etleela of the common red dm jw Piica one poller per bottle. 113 im MMiawu. 'I'titA I'Kt ? lhe manager raapeci fully laforma the inblic I tk?t nnmtien hift bet* 4-iupouleil it tk-lrnvrct?MW if vie.'lug the Rot Ball, eo MoliIi)' evevivg Feb. Ulh. it ?ill b- repealed,with all ia ilecorationa oud tableaux t leant. uu Wedutaday fell j? iug, uudcr tb? direction of a coaapatent profa Mar. Adiniation for I gentleman and 'ady' $1 00 [Jo gentlemen alone, 2 00 Do eitra lad jr. I 00 The Theatiewill be re-epaacd for peiformance ci Monday, Fell-nan- -11 ,t. Ol CHATHAM THIATHB, A CARD-J H hIRRV'S B EXE FIT pRlDAY EVENING, Feb. It, Ull-J. H. KIKBY re' poetlully anuciincea to hie Irienda tut a the public ingoneral. ihat hie Benefit will tibe place on the abore ueuti-ned evening, and he trneti the epleudid varietc cf enteitaintnente he preeente will meet with the approb?tinn and pntroaage tlMf baa hitherto been to liberally cttrnded lo'irJi him. The performancta will commrnee with th? tragedy of . ^ JULIUS CJESAF, * With the following powciful caat: Mr. 9. Smith, (who hat kindly volunteered) a> Brutua. J. K Scott, Mara Antony. J. H. Kirby, C?t ina. Tborue, OtUvia* C nar. After which the Bret act af bUKOEOff OF FAR18. Tiarre Bellnrd, (lha Surgeon, lot time) J R. Scott. MaJelen, .... . Thorne. THE CARFICN Tl?R OF BYVUEN Martaau. Mr. J. H. Ktrbjr, Which will be auceeeded by the >-1 net of OTHELLO. Othello, J. R. Scott 14go. J. H. Kirby. The performance will tenninntc with the laatnetof the , ? BIX DKGHER8 OF CRIME. ? ? v Julio Doiw,rliy, J H. Kirhgr. . With other euUrtainatcnta, particular* of which will be due ly announced. The Boa Booh ia now open. f II BWRTfc AttblUbAh ttblKUM, " Comrr Broadway and Ann ilrrei. Under the Management of Mr. P. T. Birauo Ornnd Extra Novcltiea?The New HaO openeJ?FnSb at Niagara?City of Dublin ! ! La Petita Carito, Maater Henry, Mn Taylor, nod T. O . Booth New Songa, New D-iette, New Dancea. Entire Change off Grand i oamora Vtewa, wwh detailed printed deacriptioaw of each view. Fiiat time in America of the Ballet DU BUCHERON, by La Petite Ceiito, and Matter Henry. EVERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WEEK, The Manager hua at great etp-uae effected a ahort engaga; meut with Mr. J II. HOLBHOOKF., to eihihit hit ekegMt* and intereetiug MODEL OF THE CITY OK DUBLIN The Urand and Sublime Exhibition of the aiupeudoM FALLS OF NIAGARA! The wonderful Exhibition af The PNEUMATIC RAILROAD, the graateet invemion iff the age, ie in conetant operation. To conclude with a popular Extraragmnxa and Breafcdowu. ty Mr. BOOTH The Albiuo Ladr ia here every evening. Aleoeibbitiug Fancy Qlue Working, and Orond Coimn urn*. Admittance to the Muaenm and all the entertainments, M enU. Children under 10 years or ace half price. fltflf- Performance to commence at half paat 7 o'clock, at Phicb time a Bell will be run*. ft lI/mucMME TO CHARLES OlCKK.N.t-TlTK"BO35 ? BALL.?The Ball to be given to Mr. Charles Uickeim ndjludy, under the direction of a Committee of Citizen* of New YoJk, will take phc at the Park Theatre, on Monday, theltlh met. The following rule* aid regulation* to be ok served on the occaaion The doore to be open at half-pact seven, and the dancing to commence at nine o'clock. The Coinngttee to appear in full Ball Dresses, and w?w rosette*, with appropriate designs. Military and Naval Officers to appear in their respective uniform*. All fancy dresses to be positively excluded, except such ao are admitted under the direction of the Committee. An ample supply of Refreshment* to be provided for thn company. . Cloek and retiring room* to be set apart for the accommodation of the ladies, and suitable attrudauta to be in waiting. An awning to be erected in the front of the Theatre. Car riagra will come loto line with the hnreea' haada lowaidb Chatham street, and take up in the opposite direction. .Geutlemen are requested to diamin their carriages on arriving at the doar, and to take the one oppeeite tojthe entrance on their departure. No person, lady orgrn'leman can be admitted to the Then Ire, onjthe t renins ol the Box Ball, without a ticket. The superintendent of carriage* will be in attendance to freserve regularity, aod to see that no impoei'ion be prac leed upon the company, tlirough carclesincss, extra charge* r otherwise. An etticieat po'ice ha* been engaged ta secure order, in thn arrival and departure of the company. No more pertou* will be admitted to the fete than Ik* Ball room can conveniently accommodate. du behalf of the Committee of Citixens, ROBERT H. MORRIS. ChairmMk D. 8. COLDF!*, ) 1). C. P?m? t Secretaries? fll pt 'I'lte. utttAl' bOZ HALL.?Ladies who intend to gracn 1 thia Splendid Kcte. will find it to their advantage, to engage the servlct* of Stuart, Laiiea' Hair Drceeer, No 34* Oietnwich street, near Murray. He will tdorn according la the latest fashion, and at the very low price of 75 ceatr, being 35 ccnta below his usual price. Ordera punctually attended to. f 104t? FfiHIS I'LL BALL.?'1 he Managers of the 1 histle Beat to1 lent Association respectfully announce that their 8?I'ONO BALL for thre eeaaon will take place at Tammanw Hall, rn FHI?AY EVENINO, Feb. Id. 1813. To the numernna friends who on previous oaeasions bar* attended these Balls, thsy deem it superfluous to say more tliau that with the same object in view, no exertion on their part will be spared to make this one of the best Assemblies of the season ; and If possible, more worthy of the very liberal patronage which ageneioua public has always bsetewed am their former efforts. The order of Dancing according to Programme. Mr. J. PARKER ha* rtutrouely volunteered ki* valuable service* in directing the Floor. Mr. W allace's rxcellant Band has bttn engaged for the occasion. Two Bagpipers will promenade the reum. playing National Airs, previous to the conimtnccmeut and during the intermission at Dancing. ....... Doors open at 7. and Dancing will commence precisely at* o'clsck. The termination of the Bail will be known by thn Band playing " Quid night, and joy be wi' you a'. Tickets $1, to admit a Oe-.tlemaa and two Ladie?-to be had of the Board of Managers, viz : Robert Wharp. <5 Hudson *t. President. Jsmes Douglaa,318 Pearl it Vire President. William Leggat. 38 Baraw at. Treasurer. William M'Laughlin, 115 F.llxvbethat. James Harrison. 71 Courtlandt *L H. Kerr, cor. West Broadway and North Moor* sL James Cnrr. cor. Canal and Hudson it*. W. Richardson, err. Peny tnd Oreeawich sts Cheeks not transferable. WM. STUART, Sec'rjr. f!8 it end* 15 OZ BALL TICKET, Np. 117. has been sloltnjrom the JJOCIPl OI me owner, renting ?r? ciuiiubcu aiun wuj idc it. ue it will not be taken at thedoor on Monday <T?. If tlic loan who haa it wilt be contented with the money, ha would much oblige the own or, by sanding the ticket anil poBrra contaiaed is the pocket book, to Mr. A TWILL. Atwill'a alnon. 301 Broadway. f!3 at* I. O. of O. F. "FIRST Celebration ot ENTERPRISE LODGE. No. 3C. " 1 O. of O. F.. will beheld oa Friday evening, Feb. I8tb, at the Broadway Tabernacle. Principal Vocal Perfonnera: Mrs Strong. Mr Prareon, jaa. Miss Pearaon, Mr Pearaon Who har? moat kindly volnaUered their service#. Conductor Mr Pearaon. Leader Mr Jamieeon. Organist Mr 8. P Taylor. With a full and efficient orehaatra and choir. Oauca or Eitar iaai. lat?Grand Oeertara Fnll Orehratrn ad-Ode By the Choir S<1?Prayer 4th?Recitation and rong?" Angela ever bright and fair," Mra Strong 5lh? Addrcaa by Rev. Broih-r Simons-, n 8 th?OJe By the Choir 7th?Oration, Rev. P.U.J D Williamaon. 8th?Mela, " Mo when an angel by divine command |Mr Pearaon 8i h?rrayer. i Olh?Original Ode, written by Mra Sawyer for the ncraaiuo By Choir lllh?Grand autioual Overture Full Orcheatra Ticket*, twenty-five cents. to bo had at E. A. Knti, lata Water street; Hales News Rrom.lWall atiaet ; Claries G. Chriatmana, 404 Pearl street ; Win. A. Couant, WO < Irani street ; Frederick R. Lee, 348 Bowtry ; T K. Downing, 183 Houilon atroet; Isaac Taylor, corner oftClinton and Rir.agtonstreet* ; Tice, t Bowery ; offlcesofthe Union, ISO Fa ton street, R*ir>b <w, 107 Fulton, and Remeir.bianee, lit Fulton street i Brooklyn, at Robert Mtory ; Sharp It Pturger, Fulton street- Alao, at thedoor on the ever ins of performance. A. E. HOVKY, Secretary of f 11 7t* f'omininittee of Arrangements. NOTICE.? The Copartnership heretofore dieting batwsan the subscribers under ths-nnnof JOHN MORTON It CO hi* this day dissolved by mutual consent. JOHN MOR TON will settle up i he husirers of the firm. [Signed 1 JOHN MORTON. ROBERT MORTON. New York, Feb. I, 1843. , I > H N MOliTON will conliouv the b us I seas at lbs oli stand, lit Canal street, the corner of West Broadway. I It 81" _ UEo 2E4U2ial??0 TWO FOUR WHEEL (IBS, 50 CENT9 PER HOUR. STANDS on the CORNER of HUDSON k BlACffFT8; Residence 60 Laight Street. SECOND FI.OOK. TOR SALE?A two wheal French Oab, open In fruit Apply M ebore. ]IK la Orricu or JKrrs.nsoiv irivnei c toMnerTl Naw Yoaa, February 7th, 1843. f AT u election for Directors nf this liia'ituticn, for As emit suing year, held at theircffice, 47 Wall at. this day, the follow Ina pernios were elected such Direr tore : Thomas W. Thorns hlishaRiggs Thomas T-Woodruff Arson Baker, Be"}. R. Ro^srn, hlartlu Hnffoiae. John K Dtviaon, Joseph Allen. John H ., Joseph Drake, Franeia P Mage, Samuel UnderhM, C Tunis, James R. Whiting. Thomae Price, JohnP" Moore, Moses Tuek'r, WmK Thorn, John C Merrii', James K Holmes. At a subsequent meetirg of ihe Board, THOMAS W. THORNE, Esq. was unanimously re-elected Prrodert of SH'd Company for the eusuing year. ftlw OEO. T. HOPE, Se?V. _ ptOLLECTIONM.?The Mubscribsrs will collect Noise, w llrsf's, Acceptances, Ceriificstee of Deposit* he {through Messrs. Ham den A Co from N. V. te Albany) upon any of the following pi tees, ?nd girarentee returns to the eity of New Vork. in from six UrigM d?y?. . Ulica, Caesedaigua. Syracuse, Rochester, Auburn, Genera, Buffalo. RtriKirn : Kraioiu* Cominf, 1 ho? kTo. I Willi atreet. New York, f% Corner State end Market ate. Albany. rir jfSTlD-A ro'iai men from II to 11 f?m old, wbl rm W be well reeon uvuded. end who tanatieu the Preach 10 ^^,LA?AArC",T leh ft I tew 3w* 171 Front atreet / iLrtfcl' Kuit t?.*K L?oi,l,All-Bucn m the rflcaay of 1 IJr. Thoru'i Hpeeifi; Pilla, that thee are warranted to elfrel a perniaoenl end eprrdy care in all diaeaneeof one clean. 1 tie unqualifiedaueecaa they have met with in the moot difkrult caeee. at once gn- them a claim to the attention of all ,hire who may need the uee of a eimiler mcdi ine For aaie >t t7? Broadway, cor. Chamberet.; 7? and 100 Fulton at .77 F.??t Broadway; Byrne, 11 Bowerr. Price St fitlm ~~ MUSIC. A PI A VI ST 'wonld reapertlnlly inform |the nubile... thnt ho will plan at private pnrtreo on the panorwwjjfJ"* e'ebr.led eotiUione and wdtue. F.n^ ute at !** i treat.

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