Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 17, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 17, 1842 Page 1
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I TH] I. 334.?WW* * . ?O09 _ . NfcW LIN). OK L1V ktli'OOL I'ACKKT* To tail fron New Iforlt th* -Uh, tad Liverpool en the ULh cf each month* 8L m M. M. Vor it Ship ROfrnrs, r .tain lohnr..i!iu?.93th Not. Ship SID DONS, N. 11. Col.b, 96th Dec. Ship SHERID A N. < taiu K. A. IJepeyiter, i3th Jan. SIup GAKRJCK, < ..'I 1 Win. sk 1 lay, 15th Keb. h ROM I.f TCBPVOt.. hip SHERIDAN.l -1 III" E. A Lkpey?ter, 13lh Not. Ship l.ARKICK.l apuun Wm. SLi.ldy, 13th Dec. Ship KOSCIU3, Capttui Joliu Collin., ISth Jan. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. ll.Cobh, I3kh Keb. Thee' *hip# are all of the first ..Ian* upward* of 1000 ton*,built In the city of New York, with each inprovcotf nt* a* combine graatepeed with .mutual comfort for paeariiKrr*. Every rare baabeen taken in the arrancrui'ntoftheir accommodation*. The price of pawageh' n. - 1. MOO for which ample atoree mil be prornl 1 d T3ae?>- ahipa are nninouided by eiperieoced master*, who will make every tiertiou to gire general latui'ae lion. Neither the raptain* or ownere oflheae *hipt will be reeponei We for any lett- ee, parcel* or parkageiiieut by them, uule** re gular bill, ol lading are*iK?< o therefor. The ?lii;<e ol tliia line will hereafter *0 armed, and their pecu areoaetr-ictinu ttiveetlieiu aecurity aotpoaaeued by any other botveseela t>l war. ^or freighter p leeage.apply to E. K. CULI.Tns fc CO. S? South at . New York, orto WM It JAS. BROWN * to., LtverpiSl Letter* by thepack-t* will be charged l'i| ceute per .mil* abeet: SOcent* peToatiri. and oewipaper* 1 cent each. fa y ron NKW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AN1J NKW YORK LINK OF PACKETS ! ^ m m M Iyorth^Ielter acuniihio<ntion o^hippers, it islntended to despatch aship from litis port on the lut.fth, IDth.lSth. -iOth and 35th of eirh mouth. eociine icing the 10th October, and sootinumg until May, when regular days \rill be appointed lot the remainder of the year, whereby great delay* and duap nointment* will be prevented during the summer month*. The following ah it* will co nmenre true arrangement Ship YAZOO,("apt. Cornell, 18th Oct. 1841. Sup OCONEE. Capt. Jackson, 15th Oct. Ship MlSSISSIPPl.Capt. Hilhard.SothOct. Ship LOLMSVILLE. Capt. Hunt, tilth Oct. Ship SHAKSPEARE, (.apt. Miner, la t November. Ship OAS TON. C apt Latham,Sth Nor. Ship HUNTSVILLE, Capt. Mumford, toth Nov. Ship OCMULOEK, Capt l.earitt, 15th Nov. Slip NA^H V ILLE, Capt. Dickinson.-loth Nov. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt. Knight, 45th Nov. Ship LOUISA, Cant. Mulford. l?t Oecember. These ahipa were all built in the city of New York, expressly for packet* are of a light draft of water, have recently been newly coppered and put in splendid order, with accommodation# for puaeogera unequalled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced roaster*, who will make every exertion to give general eatialaction. . 1 hey will at all time* be towed up and own the Mississippi by ateamhoaU. Neither the ownera or capjtaina of theae ahipa will be reaponaihlsfor jewelry,bullion.precioits stones, silver, orpiat-ed ware, or fft any lettera,parcel or package, sent by or put on board of Bern, unleae regular hills of lading are taken for the same, and vavalua thereon expressed. for freightor passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS k CO. M Souths'.,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. The ships of this line are warranted to sail niuictuaf ly as ad] jertaaed, and great care will be takeu to hare the goods correct W measured. j31y NEW YOHK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (FECONL LINE.) life ^ TheiiiiMof thii line will nereancr leave ricw 1st ud Hun on the '8th of each month a* follow*. " f\<rm Ne* r*rk. FtomMtun*. Xho new ship ONEIDA. I let March (16th April TO Kf > ut Ju|y < i6tl. Anpat It...Bunch. flit November ( l?th December Ship BALTIMORE. ( }?? April C 18th M*r Cart \ August < 16th Septcmoer Edward Funk. ( lit December f 18th January flbk> UTICA, . t let May tilth June r,.it \ ut September < 16th October Fmd*k Hewitt. f lit January {16th February Jf?w ahip &T.NICOLAS,i lit June X 18th July C?JJl tlit October < 16th November j B Tell. ( lit February ( 16th March The accommodation! of three ihipe aiw not rarpaiMd, com mine all that may be required for comfort. The pnee of ca85i5aseiure i?$100* Passengers will be supplied with srsr? tsauisite. with the exception of wines and liquors. ttoodi intended for theie veaieli will be forwarded by the idbiri ill nil, free from any other than the evpetuei aetvul.yi nearred on them. For freighter A ^ 0 I Tontine Building*. NEW YORK AND NEW ARE. 6SfflL?SS.jBfcsl5l rare reduced to as cents. From the foot of Courtlandt itreet, New York. (Everyday?Sunday* excepted.) Leave N?w Yim. Leave Newark. At t A.M. Atir.M. At 8 A.M. At It P.M. It *e 4 do ? Ai H do 41 do lot de 8 do V * de It de ON SUNBAYB. From the feot of Liberty rtreet .tSihlX. yf^CTBTOWfe.aAi.^AV AND Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty itreet.daMY. Leave New York. Leer# New Bronjwick. At ?TM: OMERVfLLE itarei connect with theae lioti each war. l^b^wmnNewTorkutd^rvOle^ Eahwir, 80 cent*. Kksabethtowa, ? ? Ueenta. The fan in the TJ A. M. train from New Branawi?k, Md 4| . ? V. train from New York, hai been reduced between New York and New Brunawick to 80 centg. " and Haliway U 8Tt The Fniladelpbia mail I me \mt*m through New iek for ffcw York every evening at to clock. <? On Sunday* the T| A.M. trtpfrom New Bruniwickti omit rMMngererrhn procure their ticket*at the nedve ferry ticket gratia. Tickotearc received by theconduetor cSvon the day when purchaaed. nl l ~~ BTATEN 181.AND FKHKlr. Foot of Whitehall ^^^^jSteamer 3TATEN ISLANDER Mm Leave* SUten lelaad Leave* Whitehall At 8 o'clock a.m. At 3 o'clock a m. "tc " " "U " " " i " r.u. " ? ? r.M. *1 H ? ?? |1 ?. U ? 4 " * "I " " Oa Sunday there will be two boat* to run. The lait boat StaUa Ielaud at I o'clock. r.M. of FOR SHREWSBURY?FALL AhCgMS*RANOEM ENT-The eteamboat OSIRIS, 3BEe3SSE?Ca(>t. J. C. Allaire, will commence running on ntardnr, Sept 36th, a* follower?leave Knlton Market clip, bet River, every Saturday at 10 o'clock A.M., Tueeday, iKdeeaiday, and b riday at 8 o'clock A.M. Returning. leave* Red Bank every Monday morning: at 10 o^etoek^A. SV j Tueeday.Wedneaday, and Friday, at haif-paet The boat will run a* above until further notice, navigation -tad weather permitting. oaim* T. TOW ELL k CU.'S LINE. iMBSS.J?R NEWBURGH, landing at CALD KUMStWELlI, WEST POINT AND COLD aEZaSQE-SPRlNU?The eteamboat HIGHLANDER CupLRobert Wardrop, will leave the foot of Warren etreet Ptaw York, every Monday. Ttvi ?d*y and Saturday aftcrnoou'e id 4 o'clock. Returning, the Htgh.anuer will ? ? .vewburgh ft Monday morning at* o'clock, an i l'ueeday and Friday nooa at ( o'clock. r freight or paeeage.apply to the Captain en board. A AH baggage and freight of every deecription, bank orepecie, put on board thia boat, muet be at the riek of tha lei thereof, unleee a bill of lading ovreeeiptie eigned for fcaaaaae aii STARLINE FOR NEW ORLEANS. JSt. 8k * Ta^mmrcriber* bereave to returt^heir Ihenh^bMht pa Sraangtyou have hitherto extended towarde the Star Line, and eM a eentinuedieu of a portion of your freight to New Or Mne, in thie line, which will be taken at the very loweet rate*, the following ihipe< which will aucceedeaeh other and eaii Weekly SOLON, Captain Geo. Buekman, RU8SEL GLOVER, Captain JabexHowee, ECHO, Captain A. A. Wood, WINDSOR CASTLE, Captain S. G. Glover, siiwr akiiM of fits iurp plana In lollnw aarh othar in pitiirk CMMMO- Vor farther particular!, apply on board at Pin* jteeet wharf, or to CLOVER k Me MURRAY. n]4 100 Pine?t. cor. South. HKW YOka a.VR LIVKwpoOL COMMERCIAL LINfe OP PACKETS. ? m satCTnoto aniHtidm Liverpool weekly. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, No it South street, N?w York. ?PHI eubeenber, in announcing tin arrangement! forthe rear A IMS, mini be Co re hii frirnda with aentimenti of sincere fact forth* able support be baa reeeirad for many yenra Mkewioe wiehea to call the attention of thoae intending in aend for tbeir frieade in England, Ireland, Scotland. ann Walee, that they can at all timaa ha accommodated by Ihia weekly opportaaitiea from Liverpool, ea wall aa by W Urn wall known dike rant lines of packet ahipn aailing to ad from Liverpool, on the lit.Tth, llth, ltth, aodwtk of each Math, throughout ihe year. It haa aJway! keen the etudy of the anbeeriher ta hare the nigranti showncivility. and diapatched without delay; and {nee who aend for their rrienda may real satisfied that erery 8t and dihgeot attention will be given by the Liverpool mta to thoee eent for.? well te all who may embark with n; and should any of.thoee, whose paeeage haa bean paid, not am berk, the money will be refunded without any charge. The anhreriber fee la a plaanan in making known Km different fa by which hie paaeengeAi came eat daring (he laet yew, which naa given general avtiefaetion, and I hat he haa considerate/ extended and concluded hie errangementa for the year Wlowiat is ? list ?f (kip* Tfcffi "^gj ??2S Rum?U<>otu Howes " Winiw OrifliC " ^TJ0 WcUaod TjrroiM Rpmr Europe pitiMMfr Wslss Waits 8. Jmkimm gejrmsor Vittchcfltff W&tTtM jz^r&^hvrur^ A hi nmp from th? tihml ports sf Irslaad sa4 8?ot^ssirN-m-r? #i2iK2.'5 isa^s - E NE1 NEW Trans- 1 (Corrv*[Mmtl<uce?f Uie Herald.| Slate of Affairs in Ttrat? Arrival of Central Ham- c ilton , Houston, Tex vs, Jan. 28, 1842. \ Dear Benxett : ? j Wc hare much excitement here at present about t the fate or probable iesult of the Sante Fe Exprdi- r tion. The last news by way of San Antonio, indu- r ces us to believe that the individuals of that unror- " tunate expedition will be treated as all prisoners of a war should be. It is reported here thai they reached the city of Mexico on the 10th of December Jj last, and some of them were at liberty to go where j they pleased in thn city, on their parol of honor, j It was rumored here soma time since, that George 1 W. Kendall of the New Orleans Picayune, was put to death, but it is now ascertained by letters from Chihuahua, that he was in the number of those who A*;ll a aa iko lam/4 r\f t ho li vinff (fPTlDrtl I,Oft list Comb* of Ky. had a son in the expedition. Comb* he* been here for some time, trying to ascertain the fate of bis son. The citizens of Texas are eery much enraged at the course pursued by President Lamar in sending out] the expedition. I think he should be highly censured for it. An army of six or eight thousand men could be rai-etUiere. in two weeks time to invade Mexico, and the citizens of Texas hare every reason to b lieve that if the members of the unfortunate Saute Fe Expedition are consigned to the mines of Mexico, that the assistance from the United States would be immense. 1 have no doubt myself that there could be raised in the valley of the Mississippi some twenty thousand man in two weeks time, who would be willing and anxious to assist Texas m a war against MexicoWith twenty thousand roldiers from the United States, and five thousand Texan soldiers, Mexico would, in four m nths t me, be laid low to the land We the people -jf Texas, are impressed with the belief that the United States will take some active steps in reiHiiuu iv iue iuui?*iiiy uhcicu in uic nuic* rican Consul atSanta Fe by the unprincipled Mcxi- < cans. The whole race of Mexicans are of the same class, for you can put no confidence in any cf them, from the lowest pion to the President Santa Ana, for they are alltraitors, and most of them hare a sneaking, cowardly look about them. 1 hare been acquainted with the Mexican race for some four years, and I have never seen half a dozen that conld look anhouect man in the face. Our President, Sam. Houston, has sent in a war message to our Congress. As soon as I can learn what our Congress will do in relation to the matter, 1 will inform you of the particulars. Congress has passed a law deing away with the Texas Treasury notes, bo far as custom house dues and direct taxes are concerned. All duties are now, from and after the first of February, payable in good money. The duties are about 30 per eent. The holders of the Texas Treasury notes hare the right to fund them, and receive 8 per cent interest, or they can receive lands at o?ve dollar and twenty-fire cents per acre, and get patents for it forthwith. 1 consider this mode of selling the Texas liabilities a very judicious one,for the holders of the Texas liabilities have not paid more than 25 per cent on the dollar for it, which will make land cheap at one dollar twenty-five cents per acre, if the holdersare disposed to receive lands at those rules for their Texaa liabilities. I have seen several large holders of the Texas liabilities in the last few days, and most of them appear to be delighted with the chance of receiving lands at $1,25 per acre for their Texas funds, A'e. Congress has resolved to issue $300,000 in exchequer bills, for the purpose of carrying on the wheels of our government for this year. It is to be hoped that the exchequer bills will gn at par, as they are to be redeemed by the funds received from the customs and direct taxes?and they are receivable and payable into the custom heuse, which l.think will nave a tendency to keep them at par.* The late Secretary of State, Mr. Magfield, in a street fight, at Austin, some few days unci, shot the late Speaker, Kaufman, of the House of Representatives. Kaufman is now recovering, but was very Korllw wtAiind sari M IPflfl f Knilffllf tax ka i ? mt > Aekle in so doing- Our city i* still last improving; we i have this fall completed a very fiae Presbyterian Church, one that will do honor to any new ulace. The Catholics are building a church. Religion is somewhat below par here at present, but 1 think, when the churches are all finished, it will be one or two per cent premium. Our Texas money is now going at 15 for one. The emigration to Texas has been four times as large this fall and winter as ever it was. And the emigrants who come to Texas now, are men of wealth and integrity, inch a" will do an honor to any country. Houston has advantages over any place in Texas; for a small town, its commercial advantages are great. The merchants will this next se:\son ship some thirty thousand bags of cotton from this place, lit my next, 1 will give you the advantages for farming in this country, and the kind of articles which produce best in this climate. The weather has been very fine here for the last three weeks- The thermometer has stood at about 60 and 65. Vegetation is putting forth, and the farmers are about planting corn. What will the New Yorkers think of this! P. S. Since writing the aboue, the steamer Ed. Burleson arrived at this place with the following distinguished personages on board: ?Gen. James Hamilton, our French Minister, and the Belgian Minister; and also Ex-President Lamar and Gen. A. L. Johnson, whieh has made quite a bustle in our eity, in the way of tendering complimentary dinners. General Hamilton appears to be very much cut. 1 mean he is all in the downs. The Belgium Minister is verymueh delighted; he is a man six feet tall, good looking, and quite an export. The only objection 1 have to him, is the moustachies. They look rather savage; but I think he will have them taken off?upon the whole, I think hs is a perfect gentleman ana a scholar. AH business is dull to-day?all hands are gazing at the above mentioned personages, and pasaiag the compliments ef the day, 6ce , in the Texas way, which, upon the whole, is quite decent and interesting to a stranger in our Republic, and especially if not use to our customs ana manner of deing things. Yours, as ever, Texas. Louisville. (Correspondence of the Herald.) Louisvili.e, Feb. 3,1a12. /' Z%_ f. It* #A- IV.rf_I/?U? ' and Gaiety in Louisville? Young Mm'* Reading ( Room?The Herald in IjauitviUt? The Medical Quarrel. J Mr. Jambs Gordo* Be** : . Dear Sir :? I During s short sojourn in this city, and being I somewhat idle, 1 determined to giro yon a few y items. I am no stranger here, having made this my re- 1 sidenee fer several years, though sometime back. 1 I wish very much it was in my power to give a j more favorable account of this goodly city, but at present the community is laboring under the great- * est embarrassments consequent upon the eommer- J eial crisis and monetary revulsions which have, in a manner, just overtaken the West. This is the b most important commercial point in the West? It is true, ia some respects, we yield the palm to * Cincinnati, butwhen we consider the great staples of produce, and the amount of trade generally, we e claim precedence. The currency is the great complaint at present. Illinois and Indiana money, a which have always none at par, are now at a die- n count of from ten to thirty per eent, and a large v * -i *au U a u- j: j ^#.a .it?. _ amuum ui ciiovr cuuiu nut or anpuim ui *i bii 10 g broken. It ku been an exenae, and indeed a c tome what planaible one, for aome to let tkelr bank tl engagement* go to proteat. Some of oar largeat hornet have failed and a great many taaall fry a< have gone by the board, ana indeed there it no- J thing to cheer one except in the aecial circle. Oar city hat been one teeae of aautoal gaiety thia I winter; a general apathy hat auceeedcd; the fet- a tivitiea of the aeaaoa have eloaed with a magnifl- e cent fete given by ear miUiammirt Ben. Smith. Eaq., who by the way naa a moat aeeomp'.ithed dangh- p ter. She hat a moot winning and affable manner, n which added to the graeet of intelleet whieh the poeeeaaet, maket herqaitea alar in onr faahioaa- c ble circle; bat let net thia he apekon in diaparage- a meat of the reel of ear city beileo-aa for beaati- a fnjaad attraetive ladiee, I will back Loaiaville t i agaiaat any city in the naiverae. with edda. The voang mm of thin eitv have, with a trnly v landabfe enterpriae cotabHeheSa Commercial Bead- a iag Room and Library, whieh hat been carried eat very oveeeoefnllf ae far, and opeaka aaaeh for the t W YO YORK. THURSDAY MOE iberali'y of our citizans to say that in addition to ti urge donations of books, ?ix thousand dollars in 01 has been subscribed to aid this praiseworthy ai indertaking. Tliey hare now quite a fine colletion of books, and their reading room is graced y villi the choice papers and periodicals of the v Jaton. and conspicuous among tliein 1 notice the cl *few York Hrrald?It was with difficulty 1 could ;et it to read any evening whilst ther;*?it is so T nuch sought after here. Indeed it is becoming h nore popular every day, and our merchants are iwakening to its importance, more particularly in s] 'Cgard to money articles, and the earliegt and most LUthentic news from Washington. ? The fracas between oar medical gentry and the listinguished neurologist is somewnst subsiding, vt Hie parties are cooling off, though the weather tas not been particularly adapted to that opera- S ion, having been almost as warm as May for the c ast six days. Publics. n .Washington. f, [Corrsspondetice ol the HeraM.l ^ Washuvotow, Feb. 12, l!i!2 ^ The Party at Dlrs. Kennedy's. &i The fertility of resources, possessed by the good #] itationary society of Washingt on, from certain pe- r, 'iedical and almost every day intercourse, with he distinguished, enlightened bon Ion of our own ^ tnd foreign countries, renders it necessarily deli- y :ate and hazardous for one who may he tn paseanl, s< o venture opinion concerning the merits, characer and hospitality of the frequent entertainments ^ hat are offered. To make undue preferences or inceptions, is equally irksome to a mind pretend ngto proper and honorable sensibility; and though el istidious nicety, occasionally attempting to de- |)( lounce general publication. Yet all the while eeling no pang when its own paeans are sang, may, mder the garb or only an assumed starched pro- ^ rriety, begin to scowl down such crude and undi- h< jested obsei vasions as these. We feel ;,o terror ai u the controversy, in point of rectitude, jj1 lor blush a: the matter contained in the subject ? jp Custom and habit has deemed and judged all this ti requisite, and when the arguments of rouged and ^ rhalked prudes can demonstrate a contrary, pro- ' ring its correctness from their own acknowledged 0, experience of live and twenty revolutions, then,and I then only, will our iguorance and infirmity be confessed. j The peculiarity and organization of life (as it is c cs#ed) in our metropolis, like that of London, Pa- " ris, Brussels, and through the Continent, very ma *j terially inclines the distant mass to expect the his- i, tory of fashionable events, through the press, and tl though full developments, from the very nature of thines. now and then, must and will disconcert c some, we appiehendthatin a majority of instances, I they are both available nnd advantageous- The p:ess prepares, nay often farms the public mind, ^ and though much too often, an impartant consequence is arrogated by and yielded to its dicta- a. lion, ethics and reasoning are wanting, to decry its universal benefit. The fact that evil sometimes re- ti suits from a great principle or measure, would bwt f-ebly sustain one contending against its other advantageous consequences. Promulgate such theo- a ry as this, and legislation will be bowed to the t< block ef phrenzied denunciation, the wheels of government looked, and society tortured with "hooks a ?f steel." II Such discursive dissertation is no doubt mal it rjiropoi to our object; but the same opportunity, ^ which grants to a gadding, long-eared, and opensouthed, little, prying, mischief making and harm- g penning clique found in all communities. The w Tieans for seesaw, black tea scandal, gives us the j, trivilege nnd scope to place these stereotyped edi- c, ions ol formality on the shelf best adapted to their h incient and worn out aohriety. Solemn satins, catch th Batches, formal orgnettes, and curtaids a la mode, pi ire, or ought to be, ia these days, displaced by truly muslin*, love, matrimony, sparkling eyes, . tnd an honest ehake of the hand. Away with your >lden.humbug of fine ceremony?can't go to Al- t, sacks till ten?dancing is really tiresome?never waltz in public?how horribly these foreign cooks j lo dress chicken salad?am quite fatigued, must be a! laid up for a week?what horrid things balU are," q, See. I bis pretence to style ought not to be patroni- tl red by ear bright, vigorous, clean ancled Yankee d prls?abroad if may answer. "We'll have none jt >fit." So, excuse lor bolting being granted, rrcr- s tons a no* menton*. t( Ths construction of transcient society, or more u jroperly that existing during the sittings of Con- a, fress, is not generally or thoroughly understood j( nuch beyond the environs of the capital. Bring e( xamined, there is abundant material to recomnend it, for convenience and comfort. Members w rom the varisus sections of the Union, intending o domesticate, with their families for a session, in tl id vance, arrange what is technically called a "mess." j( lenerallr speaking theso are formed of persons .1 irofessiag the same politics, having an identity if interest, and whoae associations byedueation, 8' limate, &.c. hare become assimilated in feeling T[ nd aspiration. Very frequently friends, not M. J's, arc admitted into these coteries; thus for a m line, affording all the appearance and ease of home ife. But few Congressionals hare the means or lisposition to form permanent establishments, y md the uncertainty or human affairs, very often tl ind properly adrises against such policy?thereore to rceiprocate the kind hospitalities of the 3tntionary,Soeiety, these 'Mess" Parties are retorted to as a necessary expedient. So much for D( he cause ?Now for the effect. The Mess at Mrs. Kennedy's is composed of old w md young?Congressionals and not Congressionals ?Nominally the "Party," was given by the young nj adies, though all uniting in the entertainment, a| nrere allowed the same proportion ol invitations. h rhe cards were issued fir eight o'clock on Tues- uj lay evening, the 1st instant. From the opening of :he season by M r. Bodisco's ''grand affair," through f( ill the brilliant noirftt and r?-uaions, we have not |j witnessed any thing at all comparing with the style, nanneraud heart exhibited,on this occasion. With>ut the parade of illumination or tinsel livery, 1( here was all the substantial eleganee that ever narks the reception given by an American gentlenan and his family. No gaudy unnecessary pomp, ' ind yet the qniet order that gives tone to such ai neetings. _ The company commenced assembling at an early w lour. Being ushered in, and name announced, yon _ ire greeted with a cordial welcome by Mrs. Linn j [of Missouri) and Mrs. General Gaines, who ma- ^ roniseferthe ceremeaial?the kind inquiry?the . isppy, natural smile, the desire to please, by these aaies, thaws the chill of formality, and we feel lerfectly at home. Come my good fellows let us ouage on the sofa and witness the "paying of reelects" in the rrception chamber. ? It is now near nine, and but few have arrived? fffhat's the matter 1" H ".nave you oeen living in i.ipiano, or talcing a 01 weaty year's nap with Mr. Rip Vu Winkle!? fo )on't you know this is the regular levee evening in t the Captain's, and that the bride, his daughter, ? s receiving visits." A " True?by the way, I did hear something of sneh cooccurrence?I do feel drowsy, hut yon bright aoyant figure just entering, is enough to wake a ~ sllow from the grave?Who is she 1 to " Vbat is the graceful, brilliant Miss M- How fr< ewitchmgly she leans on the arm of Buchanan ; br nd then that turn ef the head,the arch expression, pr he look They mu-t be discussing Clay's amend* bu sent to the constitutionlit " 1 suppose so, or some other. The best she ould propose would be an amendment to that eenrased batehelorship of that fine PennsyIranian. loi " Look, and see King of Alabama approach Buck* on nan and his sylph. B- and K. are called the Sia- on lese twins. They eat together, drink together, co ate together, visit together, say pretty things to- ed ether: I believe they don't sleep together, but eh ertainly will die single together, anomalous as wi he idea is." Ki " Here comes Tom Allen, that was of the Madi- bo on ian, and Miss R. from Missouri. What think of on of her and him V mi " She is a neat, tidy, plump, pretty little person, to like that tiara and neeklaee of diamonds. It is up stoaishing hew beautiful, to a poor saan, these At teetera* make a woman appear." " Oh, you selfish deg ! Where's your sentiment, eatry, soul. Talk ef jewels and dollars, when wo- m, ian is before you !" no " All very true. I like the romanee of love in a to ottage. Iron spoons and a (faction, beef broth M ad matrimony ; but the reality. It is a pretty H< ubjeet to flourish words on. hut the practice?the iractice I don't believe in. " Just like yon?never uttered an idea in your f?| rkele life that the pounds, shillings and peaee Al rove net aaseeiated with. Talk of a splendid, Mostie, showy belle?' has she any men ay V is up he first question. Shew yen a bleeuaiag, iatellee- Pa RK E LNING, FEBRUARY 17, 1.1I wiHntr?4 I )id he leiivr liar anv thiiifr V and so I ii, until 1 have dete.-inini d to cut y...ur acquaintnee "

" Welt, let's get through this aff iir first, and then nu may cut and come again. All these high chialric notions won't, or shan't shake you oil' as my haperon " " Just behave as you ought and I am satisfied, 'hat certainly is a match. They say he draws a alf million prize " " Then, Tom Allen is a gentleman. 1 shall repect him for his means " " There you are again. But our f. iend, Tom, got ut of that Madisouian scrape pretty cutf ly." " Yes, and will, and about the same laurels he ion in other contests " " He took care of No. 1., got Spencer appointed ecretary of War against his own inclination, seured some fat appointments for his friends, and ow says gond bye to the captain.'' "That airy light figure in white is Mies F , 'nm the west end How compl tcent, how smooth, ow intelligent. Her reputation is high at the Virinia Springs. The best wnltz-r, the best dancer, ad among the kindest hearts of the visitants." "Come my friend, we've sauntered here beyond a hour. Let's on high, view the apartments and efreih with what offers.'' "Agreed. Let the toast be in champaign*, and for ear woman. They say the wine room isaboic " "Come on, (ascending a flight.) It must be in this icinity, for there sits at. Clair Clarke, und dccendinga high staircase comqs Cost Johnson." "They are connoisseurs,and trust me the vintage oiu ana goon, or tneir society wouiu soon oc :arce." "lest aside, the wine is good " "They are dancing in the adjoining room, let's iter." "What a jam. The President's leree are nil ere " "There appears a great accession within the ouse." "If there lie spirit in yon, rouse und look nt that ,iry vision, upon whom every eye is turned. See I er, like a thing of another sphere, dazzling all round. 1 here is no rush of admiration, no exclttatioii for her beauty, in s lent contemplation the nniage is paid Flow young, innocent, gay, beainig is she. No furrow of sorrow?all life, springme, e.onirnt ; and she is the b< lie of Washiug;< u, liis D of Louisiana. Are you in a stupor my oy 1' "1 have nrvcr beheld a being so lowely. With ut art or < (Fort, she storms, and our fortress falls, must *t.ell, or yield my castle." "Fwr your ?;ke, I'll deny mc thu feast. My a in i at your service. The quadrills arc crowded. 'here are ihe D s, Jdisplaviig as usual No hanga has came over the spirit of their dreamtill lit up with hope,still fresh and beautiful They re charming cr.-aturea. The next vis a vis is of he E family, from Maine. That younger one i pretty, the other accomplished. How tne moler smiles at the engagement. Well, it looks nasral. It is a relief in ttie"beartlcss vortex of cirumstance, and we apptociate the rare antidote." "Why, the whole heau monde must be present, scarcely miss a face.' "For Heaven's sake, let us get into the fresh air elow. I am overcome." "No wonder. Who would not be 1" "Down, down, say I, for the first floor and a trie tele with gome fair one, with room to breathe." "1 hope you are at last satisfied. Here we are, ransplanted from the tropics to the north pole. iir and influenza enough hete, gracious knows." "By Heavens ! Who is that Venus leaning on the rm of the FahricianGeneral, and just curtseying J JUTS. IJ "Well done ! Aha ! ha !! been in the Capital ten aji and can't recognize the first and last subject on he tapis, of beau, belle, married or single. Why, ; ia Miss M \V , the farand wide celebrated rldow." "And that is the "observed of all observers." he certainly merits all I've heard. What a form? 'hat a bust?what a woman. She is more like asephine in statue, elegance, finish, and touch of sloiing, than any of her sex I've ever beheld, ow proud and stately, yet bland and winning. See tat majestic grace of Juno, blending with the hapiest naivete of childhood " "They say she is highly gifted in intelligence and ewiua Senators, Cabinet and members, are all at er shrine, and gone have vanquished her yet. She as wit and talent for them all " "As usual, her party is collecting. There is allmadge, White, c-vans, Linn, and a host flocking round, and see with what gentle warfare she leets and prostrates them all. Whenever she visits tese entertainments, (but seldom, for she is in eep mourning. )the talent oithe assembly is rivited i a knot, which she commands for the evening, he is a most sxtraordinary being, loved by all, estemed by all, and envied by none ; peculiar tact id julgmsnt has given her the commanding sway, nd strange to nay, here,where beauty has always a saleus eye to regard it, hers is admitted and prais1 by tho-ie foremost in the competition." "Indeed, you surprize me. How long is she a idow." "Not more than six er eight months, llcr life lough, as you perceive, still quite youthful, has it said, been one of vicissitude and trial. Once again le is free, how long think you she will remain so." "That's hard to tell. They say she has declined ready a score of petitioners. She wants to tract, and likes liberty." "I should like tobiad her in the silken chains of atrimony." "Go and try, 'faint heart,'you know, &c." I'm afraid the odds are too fearful. Tbey tell me , 'six feet and all,' lost the odd card in the ktne." "I'm told she don't admire iron hairs-" "Who can we get to introduce!" in., .r <k. i..a;>. ? w..? i > i .J.:.. ..... i. nstpone, and call at her lodgings." " I'll be advised for once; but talk to her I I list." ' Vender conies that lazy and eloquent Carol!ian P., with his wife, one of the most polished id delicate ladies of America. What a contrast? jrperion to a satyr. How tenderly she alings to im. What ripples are her words." " She is the most devoted of hsr sex?'food, afsctionate, and never seen with a frown. They are ke children, plav fellows." " How sprightly, even now, late in the evening, loves about Mrs. G. Her desire and pleasure is > gratify all; that done her own satisfaction is oaaplete. Public prejudice has [improperly set gainst her on aeeount of her lectures. It is the nthusiasm of a noble and generous heart, and her censers are guilty of gross injustice. Hut few ?men are better calculated to adorn and dignify >ciety than Mrs. G. Amiable, high-spirited, 'ell-educated ; she has all the characteristics to ive position and elevation to her countrywomen. /ith many such, we might justly claim superiory over most nations." ? " I'm tired to death and must go borne." " Allons. Good night all. Au revoir." A Spectator. (.ran- James Hamii.ton.?We learn that General amilton has three aeveral times taken a berth in ie of the steamers for this city, and has each time rfeited the passage money. He last took passage i the Columbia, on her last trip, and left that vessel ith the piiot, in the English Channel?Bunker HUl urora Avothes Accident on the Wusteeis Railroad. On Saturday afternoon, the train from Greenbuah Springfield was suddenly arrested about 22 miles >m the former place by the breaking down of a idge. The engine, tender and baggage cars were eeinitated into the stream, a distance of'At feet I it the passenger can were fortunately stopped- No ' en loet. ( < Six Lives Lorr.?A fishing boat, believed to be- r hk to this place, was loat during the heavy blow 1 i Tuesday eveninc last, about sixty miles below 1 the Potomac. Shs was seen from the shore to ntain a'crew sf six men. all of whom were drown- . . The bady of one of toe men, a black, who had ' ng to the boat until he perished, drifted on shore 7 th the boat, on the Virginia side of the river, in . ng George county. It is supposed to be a fishing at belonging to Mr. Brown, of this place, in charge . Robert Pagan, and manned by five free colored rn, who were on their way from near Cedar Point Potomac Creek, with a load of fish to be brought by the steamboat from that place ? Otorgelotcn i?. m. ? e The Globs informs the psblie that the threat of " r Dawson of La to Mr Arnold, that, "if ha did . t behave bettor he would cat bis throat from ear " ear," was "merely to preserve order aad decorum , d crew ont of a regard for the dignity of the J; snso" !! '.?Jlkimndria GmstU*. ^ Passanosns "Booked Thsoosh.''-. Wo had the " I lowing somewhat singular announcement in the booy Argue rbo eobsoription books for the Cemetery, are 1 need at Urn bookstores of W.C. Little aad K. H. > use. < IER A 1842. Albany. ICorrenpotuStuce of the Hriald ] Albany, Tuesday, Feb. 15, 1-12. The "Herald" of Sunday elates that a democratic caucus had resolved to submit the luw in relation to the New York Public Schools to the people. Tti itis .1 mistake, as there has been no caucus except amon? the city deleaation, and Mr- Baker's proposed reference of the mutter to the people was voted down almost by acclamation yesterday. In the Assembly, a large number of petitions were presented, flemonstranoes against the abolition of capital punishment are beginning to come in numerously <-nd respectably signed from every section of the State?" hear both sides." A petition was presented from Francis B. Cutting and George Gria wold, and others, merchants of the city of New York, praying for the incorporntiou of the Alliance Insurance Company. Mr. D. K. F. Joxrs presented a petition from John J. Anthon, and some 230 others, lawyers in the city of New York, praying for the repeal of the law of 1841, in relation to costs and fees. A petition was presented from Jamaica and South Hempstead, L.I., praying for the renewal of the charter of the North liiver Bank. A petition was presented (rem the county of Ulster, praying for the incorporation of a company with a capital of $1,500,000 for the construction of a railroad from Albany to the New York and Erie railroad at Goshen. A eommur.i lation was r ceivedfrom the Clerk in Chancery of the Second Circuit, stating that the number of bills filed from the 1st of Jan. 1841 to the 1st of Jan. 1842, was 277. Mr. Weir, from the standing committee on State Prisons, reported the bill heretofore introduced by hm in] relat.oti to a charge of the syit-m, with amendments, accompanied by a long wt 11 argued aud conclusive repo t. The bill was referred to the same Committee of the Whole, having in chatge Mr. Jjoomia's resolution, proposing certain amendments to the constitution of the State, and ordered to fce printed. The hour of 12 having arrived, the House took up for consideration the special order of the day, being Mr. Cromer's Bill in relation to a one day election throughout the State. The abolitionists did not make any demonstration, although a line opportunity was ottered them, when the second section in relation to the qualilicattons of colored voters was under consideration. Several unimportant amendments in the phraseology in the two first sections, were adopted. In the third section in relation to the voter on the day of election being exempted from all legal process, it was objected by Mr. Stetson whether the bill, as it now stood, did not allow distress warrants to be served on that day. Mr. Baker ottered an amendment, covering the whole ground, as he did not believe that the polls should be made a resort for deputy sheriffs, ?Src. on the day of election. Considerable debate was had on this question. Mr. Stetiom was in favor of having the day of election a day of freedom. He was opposed to allowing the Courts any claim on a voter on that day; any man who was acquainted with the action of our judiciary system, could not but be aware of the i power which one man might bring to bear against nnnlhop Amomlmonfa WfTP nflVrPfi bv VHlTAUa Seutlemen so to cause the section to read, " ihat no eclaratien, process, nor anything in the shape of a process, should be served on thai day, nor any civil proceeding be had in the Courts. The proposition was debated, as all concurred in the proposition in the wording of the seciion, so as best to secure this object, by Messrs. Stetson, Davesuc, Simmons, Humphrey, and others. This debate developed in the strongest manner the quibbling and nicety in legal technicality necessary to accomplish the moat ample object. The last clause was objected to by Mr. Loomis, as it might prevent naturalization, suspend the habeas ci rpus, Jtc. Mr. Smith concurred with Mr. L. If all these pro positions should prevail, it would be throwing open (he day to riot, tumult, and bloodshed, while the hands of the magistrates would be tied. Mr. CiiATFict.Dsaid the inspectors under the election law had a right to is?ue warrants, Arc , and to suppress riots about the polls. Mr StronoJ thought that the object would be accomplished, if the election day should be put precisely on the same footing as Sunday, except so far as regards the naturalization ff foreigners. Pending the discussion, a motion was made that the committee rise and report progress, which was agreed to. A? a motion to adjourn was about to be submitted to the Honse, the chair announced the repetition of the Comptroller's report. It is a long document, written in Mr- Fl&gg's peculiar forcible style, and embraces a most extended view of the whole subject of the State finances, and presents their condition in an entirely different aspect than the late Comptroller- The bout leaves at three o'clock, and I have not time to give you an abstract of the report. It, however, recommends the immediate levying of a mill tax, to meet the more pressing and immediate demands of the State, and a general direct tax to meet the State debt. It affirms that nothing'will restore the State credit, but a resort to the paying system. The pressing debt for which immediate provision must oe made, is stated at $799,829 40. In the Senate, there was but little of general interest transacted. Mr. Forma* made a long speech on the Repudiation resolution, which bid lair to be as interminable as the minutes question. The weather has become suddenly very cold lonin witla a nntfimr Iraon nnrfli u-aatov Tlioru i j considerable floating ice in the river this morning, and blue lips and red noses, are quite prevaleht about town to-day. Great weather this for the doctors and undertakers- Cave Ulciscar. Caxal CommissiOxers.?At a meeting of the board of C&aal Commissioners, at the Canai Department.on the 12th February, 1842, Jonas Earll, Jun. was chosen President, ana George W. Lilile, Secretary. Jonas Earll, Jun. Benjamin linos, George W. Little and Daniel P. Biesefl, were designated sanding Canal Commissioners. To George Wv Little was assigned in special charge the Erie Canal from Albany to the head of the locks at Little Falls, the CharupJain Canal and [he Glen's Falls Feeder. To Benjamin Rnos, the Erie Canal from the head )f the locks at Little Falls to the west side of the area' bridge in the village of Canastota?the Chenan;o Canal, the Oneida Lake Canal and feeder, and he Black River CanalTo Jonas Earll, Jun- the Erie Canal from the west lide of the west bridge in the village of Canastota, o Carter's basin, at the west end of the Irondequoit mbankment?the Oswego Canal?the Cayuga and Seneca Canal?the Chemung Canal?the Crooked Lake Canal?the improvement of Cayuga Inlet? he Seaeea River improvement from Mudleck to Baldwineville, aad the improvement of the Oneida River. To Daniel P. Bissell. the Erie Canal from Carter's ?asin, at the west end of the Irondequoit embanknent to Buffalo?the Genesee Valley Canal and the mprovement of the Tonewandaana Ellicot Creeks inder the act of April 18th, 1833.?Albany Argm, Frb. 14. Baxkrupt Act iis Nova Scotia.?The bankrupt ict which was introduced into the Aaaambly, and ecommended bv the Governor, was defeated by a najority in the House of Assembly. The Recorder >f the 5th says s?" There is a storm brewing, and its eeult may be disastrous to the state of order aad mprovement which the country has for a little vbile enjoyed." sceseme Covbtop the Urited 8tates?Feb. 2?No 33. Wm. H. Williams, plaintiff in error, a. James Ash. This canse was argued by Mr. Marurry for the plaintiff in error, aa?T by Mr. Bradley >r the defendant in error. m jmmer Koaen, piainun in error,vs. Dull W Ha line*. The argument of this cauie waa ommcnced by Mr. Breat for the plaintiff in error. Narrow Esc vr* ?While Mr. Wm B. Bnlloeh's mage was passing down Broaghton street U*t vening, jaet before sua-dowa, a horae came dashing p Ball street with a Jersey wagon attached to it, nd drove one of the shafts into one of the carriage loraea, ripping oat his entrails in the most shocking nanner, and of eonrse killing him dead en the spot , tome of the ladies of the fanuly were in the carnage, j tat providentially the hone was killed so dead that j le eoold make bat a single plunge before he expired, j -Smmmnh AspaWiesa, 9tk hut. Almortb. forsasrly Soeretary of ?*a<s J?* Mexieo, Aii d? Cases to goats Aaaa, Spy ** T"f *l' mi Miaistar to ag&ad. has beeiWshed from Aa ally of ?salsa LD. ; ' Fric i Two Cull llu it It i iijit Lint. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK NEW YORK. James II Anner, New York, to be declared bankrupt : Maicli 15; Joseph J Bingham, March 30; Kumutl Burnett, March 1ft; Edwin; Julrn It Bartlctt. do; i Sylvirtpr JlComstock, do; Robert Cha; man. do, Cheater Child*, do; Pliineas Freeman, do ; Alph< us tubes, | Brooklyn, March id; Tlios W Oainiss, New York, April I .'3; Bmoui H Howell, Jr. 3; Sidney A Holly, March Ift; I Morns Jacobs, April ?; Ebeui zer Jtsnp, Jr. 3; Chiisto1 pher H Lippitt, March l&; Daniel 8 Mercein, do; Lambert Mornnge, do; Deluveigae St Nutting, do; William I T Porter, Meriih 31; Isaac Cireen Pearson, March 1ft; Jaw M Pinckney,do; Max Schwcria, March 14; William A Swain, Match'12; Henry A Sail!, March 13; Charles F Swain. Btook'.yn, March 33; W.ETajlor. A Wat Wyvill, April 33: Samuel S Tiffany, New York. March Ift; John Wooilw ard. do; John Henry Coster, New Yoik, April 30; Melville Kelscy, Biouklyn, March 16; Moritz Kornioher. otherwise call. d Mark Montr. It Hirach Pinnor New York, May 11; Olis or I'ew lett, Huntington, March 16; Edward Isham, New York,do; Chan <J; Solon Parsens, New llochelle, do; <ieoB Blodgett, New York, do; Rowland Davics, do; Ahrain Hart I'oughkecpsie, do; Loyal 8 Pond, New York. April S. NORTHERN DISTRICT OK NEW YORK. 118 Benedict, of Troy , to be declared bankrupt March 14; Joseph 8 Boon, Berlin, do; Harry Bennett, Syracuse, March IS; Wm Kluskey, Rome, March 13; Wm L Kesender;, Syracuse, March Ift; Peter B Oage, l.edyard,March 14; ML Huntington,Troy, March 9; Jota W Hatch, of Rocheiter. March 14; Henry O Hamlin, De Witt, March 1ft; Wm Hall, Arcaeia. March 16; B 8 Joilin, Fayetteville, March IS; John E Lyon. Screba, March II; MeMaster, Auburn, March 17; Wm Stevenson, Jr. Jackson March 16, Allau N Smith, Uiica, March 17; Wm Wtllt, Troy, March#. DISTRICT OK CONNECTICUT. Nclaon Allen, Hartford, to show cause at Hartford, March IS; Burrall Sage, do; Jeremy W Bins dn h?. maston Chopin, do: Roland WincheH, (Jo; Gto'w Win cheater,do; FerdinanJ D Hughes, do; Auatiti Hull, East Hartford; Cheater Loper, Windsor; George A Mack, do; Klias Holt, Meriden; Henry Tenent, do; Elias Ingraham, Bristol; Knos Alvord, Colvbrook; Henry Webb, Wetbersfield; John 8 Doty, East Windaor; Timothy E Munsell, do; Edwin Wolcott, do; Koawell B; Artemua E Halt,Berlin; Walter B Eddy, do; Georga H Stannard, do; Nelso Alvord, Litchfield; T Kilborn t Wm fee. do; Ralph Cheney, Manchester; Francia tv'oo'lbridge,uo; San ford Squire, Stafford; Horatio Ledoyt, do; Jamei Hazard, Sulheld; Andrew Ayrts, New Canaan. |NEW JERSEY. Henry Cook,Mercer county, cause to be shown at NewBrunswick, March 8; Wm S Hutchinson, do; Auguatua Green,do; Edward W Bradley, Essex county; John Q Smith,do; Samuel Chapman, Gloucester county; Ephr. G Courseu, Warren; J as Jennings, Hudson county; Michael O B irry, do; Henry A Booracm, do; LobbeuaChapman, do; Jabez B Hubbard, do; Wm Murphy, do; MahlonP Green, do; Edgar Olcatt, do. EASTERN DISTRICT OF VIRGINIA. John Sarvey, Richmond, to show cause March 33; Geo Phippen,do, Francis lleynault do; Uennis M Dennison, do; John Batley,do; John M I.?cknane, do; Thomas W Cleland,do; James Gallagher, do; Henry W; W A Dandridge, do; 11 & J; Fleming M Green, do; Ezekiel Child, do: Jonathan Leslie, do; Joseph F Bailey, do; Martin Hollins, d i: John G; Chaa T Botts, do; Edmund Brown, do; John Earley, do; O<o V Scott, Petersburg; Joseph L Moore, do; Wm 8 Scott, Goochland county: Ruisell W Allen, Henrico county; Albert Michaels, Manchester; Wm D Selden,Richmond; WmA Matthews, do; Daniel Rogers, do; Thomas Duke, do; Christopher Walthall, do; John Fallen, do; Richard D Sanxay, do; Thomas H Drew, do; Alex H Dabney .do; Henry M Stewart, do; John 8 Jones, do; David Coulling, do; Philip M Tabb, do; D W Moore, do. ILLINOIS. Horace Butfurn, cause to be shown at Springfield, February 36; Samuel Pitts, do; Lawriston Ribbons, do; John T Henry. Feb 35; Joseph K Lewis. Feb 31; Benj V Teel, Feb33; David Clendeniu, Jr. do; Isaac G Israel,do; Napoleon Koscialowski, do; Henry K Lathy.Feb M; Jacob Rader,do; Samuel L Miller, do- John Higham, do; Russell Scamtt, do; Charles E Dodge, do; Ambrose C Hankinson, do; Benj Clifford, Jr. do; Edward C FifleM, [ do; Richard Henry, March 3; Labou Hicks, do; Hashii Thomas, do; Robert Breden, do; Benj Kellogg, Jr. do; Edward White, do; John'T Sigler,Feb 34; Linus Brooks, Feb 3d; Jas P Langferd. Feb 31; Henry P Bundle, Feb 36- Henry Belk,do; Mark Pierson, do; Jas E Starr, do; Jan Johnson, Feb >i; Elislia Hallo well, FebJd; Hiram Sterns, do; Wm Clark, Jr. da. J. PEASE & SON'S CLARIFIED ESSENCE OF HOARHOUND CANDY. THIS pleasant medicine is formed by a combination of 38 I ingredients. all relrSrst. d for the cure of colds coughs, anJ pulmimary eomplaiuM. and by its combination, ti* ear <>f ihese articles should he Used sepirately and afford us relief, in this extract of Ho.rboand Candy they art so ainalgam neil that the benefit of the whole is experienced in one com'"""head the followinu testimonials. Wiiooritu I'ovoh ? I can recommend Pest 'i Hoarhound Cnndy for this dangerous complaint?my child was d angerotnlv afflicted with it and Pease's Candy aftoided immeditU leiief. j. l'Al TEN, 198 Cedarat. Dktkoit, Oct. 14th, 1841. Messrs. Pease fc Sons Dear Sirs Be so good as to send me twenty of your large packages of Hoarhound Candy?1 was somewhat or a sceptic as to its value, ai I taw its currt recorded in t he Public press? but I mutt, in justi e say, that use has convinced me of ray error. I am. with great respect, H. REDFIELD, M R I bare used P< as '* Hearliouad Candy in my family for cougtw, colds and hoarteness, wrh rood sa'isfaction. M>L').MON OENNER. 58 Henry st. Dr. R> gert roquet's ui to say, that he has practiced medicine as a physician for thirty years ; during this long period of his practice he hat m idr u<e of varjAus kinds of remedies for colds, i that distressing complaint the whooping cough,and he believes, with ss good sucee-a at physicians in K ureal, and after all he finds non- as successful as Prise's oarhi/UudCsndv. and be recommends it to he used. TESTIMONIAL OK CLERGYMEN. The undeisignrd hare the r.ompouu<l extract of Hoarhound Candy, made by J. Tease <s M-iu.'and Irrely recommeod it to those atnieted with roughs, coldr and eoasumption complaints ?a an excellent icmedy iii those cases, suid for ths useol the rolee professionally nothing can equal it?we recommend it t? our brethren throughout the Union. | Sigued] Elder Knapp Her Mr Lindaey, Paator of M E Church, Record st. Rrr Mr Kellogg, rec-ot Pastor M K C.hurch VVuiett st Her Mr Crawford, Pastor of ihe M E Church. Forsyth st. Her Mr Luckry, PC New York Coofs'eues. Hrr Mr Whitaksr, Pastoral' P Church, corner of Catksrinn and Madisonsfs. Rc* Mr Griffin, Past vr of MC Church, Bedford ?t. Ker Mr Hart, Pastor of B Cl.uich, Gold St. Rev MrOibhe, III Third Avenue. Rev Mr Berry, P.iet?r of Wealeytui MethoJiet Church, corner (irand and Chryattc id. Rtv Mr Lyon, Taator M K Ch'treh. York. Pa. Aa it mgvrle the cffi-acjr of Praav'a Hoarhonnd Candy, enough liua bet n eaid? thouainde of ccriiAcatee publitbed. aiul who >o would not beliere the above, neither would be be believe. though one ahonld riae fr m the dead. CJ7- Prdlam ant Conferlnnere are not appointed Acenta. Each enrelope of the (h umor Teaae'* Hoaahound Candy ia aigned J. Praee fc Hon.t'i Divieion it. of whom it can be obtainei, wholeaale and retail. Country nrde.a punctua'ly attended to. Terma invariably Caah. All letterimuat be poaCMid. AGENTS. Rnahton k Aapinwnll, 110 Broadway, 10 Aator Houee, and 81 William at. Thomrann, eor Fulton and William ate. Sand*. TO V niton at., and Onuiite Building", cor. of Broadway anil Cham here at; over No 3 Siitli Avenue. The foil' wing are our State agru'e MrthW Redding No 8 Stale at, Boaton. Maaa. M r (i B Zieber, No. 87 Dock at, Philadelpnik, Pa. RawlabCo 57 State at Albany. rlr J RoOertfon, No. 110 Baltimore at, Baltimore, Md. Meaara Duboiee fcC'o. Mobile, Ala Meaara J K Curna It Co. No. II Exchange Place, New Or> leane. La. Rev Mr Duvall. 993 Broad at. Newark, N J. Mr W N Hi Ideman. Lomeville. Ky. Mr Piereey Teller. Detroit, Mirh. |g NOTICK-?The Coparlnenhin heretofore exiatiag between the auhaeribera uoder the firm of JOHN MORTON h CO ha* tin* d?y diaeolved by mutual eonaent. JOHN MOR fO.N will aettle up the buaincaa of the firm. [Signed] JOHN MORTON. ROBERT MORTON. : New York, Feb 8, 18(9 J''HN MORTON will continne the buaiaete at the old eland. III Canal afreet, the comtr of Went Broadway. f 13 If _ ' PUBLIC NOTICE-IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES ? Enviowe reputation eee me to ay ra ad in ronarquence of mj eaah ayatena and immense rodurtion in pricet; (till familiee may dapenl apo i yunetuility aad deapatch. and at aoJh unheard of pel re a a* n.nit aatnnieh Ibe beholder Mock Turtle Roup, par quart 78 centa. 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